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Today on the show we opened up the phone lines for our listeners to get a chance to humble the personalities with "Slander the Breakfast Club". Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a young man who is seeking cosmetic procedure to look like his selfie filters and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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Allow me to read out the most prominent when you asked earlier. More broadly drama was younger people showing people whose money you add: Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, yo yeah. There might indeed be minus They may welcome back. Please did a planet guess what day it is. Just one day
Ah good morning as we have vacation It was really a vacation. My daughter had urged chilean competition in Orlando Florida or Flora. Things called the deed to summit in Vienna Orlando Florida is at Disney, my God, laser? Medication from I became very tiring may and if not, how many world tyrants Crespo didn't you? The most have music place on earth, accuse the most Cresswell place in the world for parents it just is addictive. Ninety degree than Orlando a hundred degrees like you, knowing everything Don't get hot, nothing about it. Now I was young to when I was young. I used to run around outside all day in South Carolina, drink water from the holes NATO, Lord again they don't get died and it'll get out, and you really
the pulled him away from the part in them. I might not have been read numb these books, cod kingdom, keeper than kingdom keepers of the bodies Katy did play at Disney after dark. I think I know not only me just tell it took them what I was doing. I think I can keep pace yet so she's been Disney four, but after reading these books, but she knows every single ride as she's tall enough to ride need right now, as she has no fear in her heart. What so everywhere you have to go and live in? No, I do not now John was annulled, pay people gaming in now only right I went on that I enjoyed was the virtual reality ride the passage flight at a passage peasant. Like about? Yes, why didn't you wouldn't go on anything when you ride and bans you know of not less than normal limitation than ours, and still I back on any re nope, you know begins. Free replacing to six legs. Every always utilise those moves.
Flagging. I may not give me your dizzy. I can't believe you present day like today have thy grownups Gary. Rather please air space, mountain is escalating, you are is scary in general. Is that guy's not scared the stairs? They called it our air? that way whence amateurism what's Disney land, and anything scary there there's ve got minions right or something is nothing I know many Disneyland it s exciting. Did you gonna, but a part? no snow know a about than ever. When I was still ever whereby upward I'm only nuclear war upon nothing. Does again, oh what a bug see world yet again well in a guy in a watermark knows that you all have a water policy mechanism Disney, but they have because it not just business deal is Disney, is universal
What are you Billy areas that is working the moral of the story? The newly oh? Yes, Disney will definitely do that's right. It's a shall make him back to be late or you are completely treasure. Having only like ok he's a zombie was yes, personal traffic this morning. I am shut up a cave in to say not sure what didn't die with low, say forty eight in New York, New Caledonia fares. Are you long, yellow Photoshop these play in your jerseys, so this year's Cairo, Kevin in Zaire, and now thy is faded away like on back to the future, like body was back in the past and he didn't get his job done so now designs just faded away. So now it's just Katie. Inquiry are holding on home forward. I don't have any is really whacked out. They do that. I mean the last place. Team should get the first pick may assets in every sport.
What happens you the last place to you? How do you for absolute way, while you just gotta, watch member DR lottery of you, think that's how it works or less outwards, nor the other sports, but ass? I was to work towards a basketball haven't worked like then the lottery and tat matches. I wanted to come to the next. The movie I did it not at all necessary when he claims he said well. You comes at an economically Bozrah South Carolina kid, I'm all right! did in New Orleans pelicans. Nicole have New York is demanding the way it is everybody. I write everyone why nobody ever come to shut up it's the middle of May. It is forty seven degrees. They won't take a bunch of your money on taxes gave, though that is a terrible owner who was the company of wood a new window at the next weeded out after that happened my day with the number three picking I hand it's time to take the few Jesse that stupid ass well, ass, we got the joy its work, not just like. I said. We believe that we should have the egg is. Yes, we gotta go
he is a place of all our know. How to hockey teams, though it had arranged order, is happy over island is nowhere. It was many. Is that ok, so David, the next to be treated the Rangers and they said ranges, tweeted outlet without our sat at the latter? We now it's your turn. Next stop Chauvelin relax where we have Joseph Cora ended. Sorry, no enjoined us low later hour there from the army tat power will kick it with them in it we got from pages we suddenly. We are going to talk about, Alabama identity have passed a near total abortion ban hooker that will get it. When we come back, you locked the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody's deed, I envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was given some front page news last it was the NBA lottery governs the number one pick was a normal pelicans dig at the play.
And in a more impacting on it gets thou came out of those I whimsy number to pick was the Memphis grizzlies number three pick was in New York. Knicks number four pick was the LOS Angeles Lakers number five pick? the Cleveland Cavalier Haiti's and expand the head trying to convince me that you gotta be in and was seen to be a basketball superstar who said I easy, I just words is about involve us in that As I see it would be, a big established is a huge and being any would be a big starfleet. Please help me or New York Soup was dive bit anyway. Back above lately, I've been substantive priority, of which one New York is created at all you, Jeremy Lin. My sat, remember what Jeremy Lin reviewed he was borne out and got that huge shift from use. I accepted the tears if you play, for boy that, like they wouldn't get deadening allocated only written a year. Yes, he would have been only reason it seem like german limited sudatta, you can use any of you know people exit the League
better. When the Knicks open, that'd be asked, the Knicks have sought toward a path twenty years and the league has been through. They made a couple of other than that in the last decade whether jobs is gonna, be at the back funny about that? Damn draft you from behind the scenes. I am very happy that name they'll get number three nights when the goals they wars be deportment, notably the last May one. Sixteen. Ninety four: why don't we took my well? Let's, about these bans on abortion and Alabama. The Senate pass a near total abortion ban and the only Options are, if you have to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child, mother and the unborn child as a leader anomaly. Now they were not exempt. Rape and incest, victims does Curs so argued, rave dogs, you know she's, my cousin arcade omnivores enough and if you're a doctor who performs an abortion, you could get life in prison.
Yeah. That's definitely a near bandit. I tried to actually overturn rovers his weight of the leaves the state begin. Abortion can one abortion. Basically, you have to travel. So if you have money no problem. However, he would have an abortion and you don't have the funds. Are them? to travel some arouse. Then you know it's just another the legislation, not only now people care about so much like what I may be a way about exactly. Why do you care less ability? Policies are not going to stand by the women. Do I go good Ladys with regular whereas in Britain now enjoys a year they originate winterbourne now enjoy to the governor, there has postponed a chip to allay because Hollywood is pro. Has thing there: abortion lawyer, they have that whole heart beat abortion law where, once your six weeks into a pregnancy around six weeks, then
You can't performing a poison in a lot of women S. Six. We don't even know their pregnant, get some food, the arduous gotta. Do such Gregg Elisha mulatto ass foolish. Don't you think? Yes, why would punish myself and what was your penance? Why would you pilots, man, who might be actually cause, not everybody's huh been is against there's some people actually on the women side, not only by our House of data from six got hurt the government bodies, Why would the governing their hair view, while the government now or later, but I think that went through was supposed to downright as yet rampage news page news, get it off my chest: eight hundred five, eight five one, if you're one of your to vent divinities up right now maybe you had a great night, eight hundred
It out. Watch of mice in men on Showtime do think land, I very wise man, God or major obstacle, but would think land greatest tied at Anna were there may gather where everything here anyway in Poland is tat. You can go today by right, we'll get it off. He chooses to breakfast locomotives in the beginning or the scripture the Bible written down for all the red now. Reading your Bible has never been easier. Let us read it to you in the new podcast that the Bible. We start each day with a passage from the word of God within the EU. We have a single year. We will work our way through the entire book from front to back genesis deregulation, so you can experience at all. Follow and listen to the daily Bible. Now one Spotify.
A social distancing Tipp, while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging, her shaking hands? There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink you sign language salute smile, give the peace I throw open air high five do jazz hands. Remember stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home if you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part, because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the Council the breakfast club.
You're gonna, get it obvious. Yes, whether your man wore black but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, but I have to get it off my chest. I first I would like to say this arrest, a raw oysters, allegorical flavors, that almost maybe peel myself yesterday what happened? I walked in the flavor. They had to go to the bathroom area unless you as a business, a Wall Street, and he would not. Let me go to the bathroom customer base that I had the buyer. Something right? That's why I bought something for the lady that was, it was like. Oh no, you can just use my receive saucer. I was the call for the other type and a call for a bathroom. They said we had to pay fort. First now mine is a line of ten people way the women, whereas you to pay for here we see note a lady said I can use a receipt to go to the bathroom because you have do you have to have a receipt. That's it. I was the receipt she would. They would like what you have to wait. Ten people in front of us, so I want to pay for the late hour. I look out people working hours and sixty set one up
Fourthly, we painter teen down is about their new, the bathroom yesterday, then, all the way out, the guy written regular. As MRS Hazan, I get a picture after you jobs me, thirteen dollars is sixty said to go to the bathroom room. One should be was the problem governments will customers only. Then you have now customer. Would you gotta know my NATO valet usually use anyone? You probably do you sell it? Wasn't me, God, you don't know who I am I know was not at all. I had to go to the bathroom nation charge people and make people cause I'm rising. Bathrooms focus. Members. Only people all over the bathroom, like you know about that. I want to have somebody but The problem in Ireland is sixty two years about. You know a form of customers only with our package right next door to divest romantic just go in there and use of that, and I would immediately so you mad time to pay for it. Thirteen dollar sixty seven c and go through all that when you could just went next door Hamilton our people. Most of my will do an appealing. As Europeans we gotta go p That is why the EU, our rules and regulations were used over it, correct eyed, and so are you.
Bob. I your rules about rules, uncomplicated, but they can't tell you know. Rostov boxes is aimed at you. I can tell you now that there are things you have ever said: Matthew they have the new law as diabetics new rule is that they cannot. Let you now is about it. You don't have to have it we see as their but ass after that you may plan there. It was first went about appear on himself, but only allows as it was worth it, Super circular features were to have caused more lendal law. The man I took out a black man. They will talk, come home or do we not smile, namely the fact that we really join, and I get that never That is very. Does right, let's not like having kids man, I love or land out in a land of what a path five days Lou day body who listens, does not want a full five to be made these crimes. And young scarlet egg evoke. I am, and I your work quickly questionnaire relay before before,
the whole nearly day. How did you find the will of the deed? Remember that Well, I gotta have details will get everything in it. Just how you ve got left scheduled by AL. You find it before the neighbour boy? You know before the big guy he's gonna wife, my wife held in town, but why was there when we took turns when I would dj at night? I would dj, he was there would link with the baby. Earlier. When I got home I would you know, hold a baby data. How sweet letter rather take your business. Him you know we just switch lab until I was able to afford in any new decided by the courts that outlandish, not all, but do they ask the planet I love a man is tat. You burn out. The people, may I appreciate enjoy. Babies may make a big so fast enjoyment. I met. I doubt we better get it off your chest. Eight hundred five five, one o five one of you need event you gave us up right now, is to breakfast locomotive breakfast
I got wake up my ass man of letters. We want to give you three say: Casey Gineral features I feel I is better, have a dedicated school. They needed no jobs work where best soda gears lightened stubborn commander Jake. Turkey must save awaited the large and got dawning on each one to find another way to scale to from out from having sex. What basically was high. I plan is true of em. You bet you may for about a week. Was they break out the Dutch evaluate all? I want We operate at a be allied shaded available beneath his luggage, whom they member to be on the garage anyways. I got sensitive many grow low, ass glad as glad adapted to ride a game or forty hours, while her out
and then you got a bunch of other guy that'd, be like look homage of be rich and gay anyways. I, whereby no baby Abigail going all the way around this allows. This trial are you threatening aces Charlemagne? was insane asylum. There I gotta go. You Charlemagne, oh yeah, about my own trap guy, are you going? Madam, I beg you idiot and I come across Charlemagne going on his part five, but bad I have a little time You thought I abide by that. Everything is degraded right, worries of all time on his radio any camp near them dogging. Do you take him down here with me?
got a bad news in its fine, my top five personally, that we know that by magic, yeah toward in B B up said, yeah born a basketball, laboriously, ok and whose before does it does a thousand objective top five listen, before the bride. If I have to make it a notable gladly actually operate, Shack number four and pull the brown fire, but if I'm making of Jack of top five list, would it without my biased as an objective top five, then they voted Nobody bothered about. Data ran along on air came down again later. We were worried about the brain drain with their own Amanda Great broke out at once again about it, you don't understand similarities between TIM Duncan ensure coal as people, and I don't think you understand. The greatness of TIM Donkey accurately fish has passed to state again
ready. Bree was gone all of your chest, principally the mortar birth, to everyone. De Mining. I'm gonna marry you on it. I shall make you don't mind. My brother was happening, came to my right on Ebay and the door was absurd right, that's what a pretty first take a good look away from here this morning, I'll, let you know you know without a pole, jobs I just wanted to see. If solemn is actually going ashore, working time. One of them is one Charlemagne on one dollar this morning you gotta keep coming Genji envy the other day. I M excited between what shame or music you're gonna play you mix again today and we try to do. You know how
tat you can play on offer me. You said you wanted Caribbean Bruno ads. You right now brought against advertised on cheap and live more determined. Fame is wrong. You have your various daisy, you know my favorite for breakfast club, I hear that gaudy reality, and that is all it s better than others. A radio show not a radio station. I'm your favorite shown alone it out. They re a little baby. Injury gotta pick those arms, but I get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one five one of you need event. You gave us, at any time you got rooms runaway may afraid, J T we. Are you gonna, Miss Daisy, withdraw to? We thought was about to come out of prison soon, but it looks like it hasn't happened. Quite yet I will get into all that when we come back people like this, the breakfast global moaning,
the breakfast club gap is the world most ages, Monica Breathless Club, Charlemagne God, Angela Ye D J envy and whereby the talk about J T Bridge, I take with Angela his club. Listen. Why lab adjustment delegating the everyday, see. I don't know how to get out of prison early is as easy as it twenty four month prison sentence because of felony identity theft so I've been to users. I may now not been like a year years and change. He asked the Amelia. I think she should be out. She didn't want market were,
she was trying to get out early but and get into a halfway house, but the judge did deny that they did say. That's not gonna happen right now, not affirm was apparently not the her attorney. Try to say you know season city, girls, he's not gonna, do any more economic crimes and you won't hear by any other issues with her and he should get I'll get back to work. She's already served fifteen and a half months as you should be able to get up there did not allow that to happen, so she was denied at attempt to get up early. Unfortunately, lonely widow, Georgia's, had his credit card swipe before I'm not allowed to personal, where he had. The bag. Absolutely with airport us up many d d gone. I re well, let's head by somebody. Who is making some major money? That's Kiley Jenner, she's launching her own baby, businesslike, Kiley baby. So I don't know if anybody I mean, I guess everything that she's been put it out.
Been doing amazing, so she's gonna be doing strollers car as I more bags swaddling black iranian those things right, but she also has one thing that people have been. Ragging online, and that is a new face. Grab people essay say that face grab that she has both destroy your skin and that's because one, The ingredients is law nets. She set her one. Let's grab is a gentle yet very effective and above the way, you're dead, skin cells and that he uses it like three times a week, but according to people, you never supposed to use any one that on your face, because it can actually cause little micro tears on the surface of your skin, the skin barrier, and, if you have asked me, make it even worse, if your faces sensitive or any of those who love
minutes folliot any dogma dermatologist that Natasha Sandy about that's. What was the dirty walnut and rhetoric rather regulars Felicia. I think it may be too high because EV, even if they say any type of one I can closet with tears, fell endlessly. Let me tell you something: I've had there was one time I had a bad skin issue in. That was because the ex boldly- and I was using on my face- was too high, first, it was causing me to break out and as well because, as you know, was going on, I was over using it even more because I was likewise I base begging, outnumbered. Hardly anyone is a lawyer and I was making it even worse. As someone said dab doing now, then I realized I had to use array of gentle my portfolio, so it is something that can really charity. Scan, devolved Megan include made headline, it would say, colleague, Jan and wants you to pay to put not on your face now, get it get a popular trap, shut up. Pay right now how it's their own tax. To page, say Coca any was talkin about. Basically, I'm some other regrets that he has
Now he said I was an absolute maniac as far as the first couple of decades of his career, he said my narcissism was so strong that I was incapable of appreciating with somebody else might be feeling now. He also says: if you have one of his previous memoirs, private parts or Miss America, he says burn them. He also says that his sense of humour hasn't changed. Much he still far man. He doesn't deny that He has some unfortunate on air encounters from the past, with George Michael Eminem will Pharaoh Kiley, Simon and others, but he says his big regret was interview with Robin Williams. He said he did badger him about having left his wife for his sons ex nanny, so those of some things it says that he does regret, but he did say he studied facing his demons in the late night these by finally seeing at their first. Yes, your touch Maud already read it already three times made me wonder: if it was me who wrote it lay you also talked about a lot of early. If you did on a radio elected, did decree be sexual stuff, you, like all tat, was complete trash.
And he doesn't want to be remembered for that. If I actually wrote this book, we feel that this is his legacy book fatty setting him when I admit that he needed anyway, and that it took him five years to finally cried the psychiatry S and he said he thought it was just incredibly intimidating. So, finally, he said you take a good hard look at yourself, and sometimes you dont, like what you find in that That is a fact that Thou Mary said that number and unreasonable great now, serene and on vacation, ongoing colleges, robbery needed if, as we get a good red and the bokassa has sexiness cod drugs and sobriety, that includes him talking with Bradley Cooper, Miley, Cyrus slabs, I and many others. So he said he's not a Jaguar but he's addicted to people whose addicted to the spotlight he said, he's addicted to getting attention from people and a lot of those things come from being starved in a way of actually surprise and that Obese, because any to fill myself. But I'm feeling myself with people
So he said, is no difference between being a drug attic and alcoholic a gambling attics or people attic. North Africa and China get attention as the air will. You know heavy, which social media absolutely who knew the validation of the drug attention is a drug arrival Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you miss ye now for businesses, which we are going to talk about a Texas police officer who shot and killed the women who says, she was pregnant. All right, we'll get internet mix, keep a locked to breakfast locomotive, precision, medicine doctors, Taylor, prevention and treatment specifically for each patient, may very well be the future of health care I'm bear today, Thursday, and on this episode of spit we're sitting down with Doktor Julie, Johnson, Doktor, Nicholls and author and Doktor Roxana Gay to discuss the role of our dna plays in determining our response to medicine.
You go to your grandmother's or your mother's, your aunt's house, and go in the bathroom and open up the medicine cabinet and all the medicine falls out like taking this and this and this and this now. I gotta take this with, isn't it precision? Medicine is supposed to take us directly to that right. That's gonna, be impact. Actionable important for I have listen to spit, and I heard radio podcast theories on the power of dna testing. When the I hurt radio, apple pie, gas or whatever you yeah, I guess, there's been some front page news. The last night was the twenty nineteen. In draft lottery and number one. What's it pelicans number two grizzlies number three makes them before the Lakers number five. The cavalier are, you said, Yes at the make Vana. You said yes, why? Because I want his iron, why will guide didn't
David. I got didn't wanna sins, I into a place as forty degrees and in May a placed us contains forty to forty five percent of all his tax money, a place that has a terrible terrible owner and James. Don't you don't want to get designing a beautifully was it illegal to say, worries beat the Trailblazers one. Sixteen ninety four I find it very disease by putting people all of a sudden, say things like the golden stay. Lorries can't win without Kevin Terrain, and if the guy they worry, didn't wanna championship without Kevin Serenity, been when as if they didn't when seventy three games For cabin Doran, goddamned irregular season like knock it off at war, is no indices
wouldn't like it carefully go we're. What does a gay man is a really sad story. Now, Texas Police officers shot and killed the women who claim that she was pregnant. Her name is PAMELA Anti Turner according to her family she's, forty four years old and she was in the Houston suburb, obey town. She told police officers and they did know her from previous encounters than she was going to her home and witnesses cell phone video shows her yelling at the police officer. I'm walking Maxie was into my house. We have some of the audio. He did say that she was pregnant now. The reason they step today said
new? They knew her and they knew she had an active misdemeanor warrant for her arrest from port prior interactions and then, as he keeps on trying to arrest her see. That's when she was yelling, I'm pregnant and we did sap the audio there. But you can hear the gunshots. He did shoot at her five times and she did tat. The way I have explained, this won't kill her. There's no way to shoot a shadow. She didn't have a weapon, she was walking away and if she was resisting arrest, but even though she was a resisting arrest, he doesn't deserve to be killed. If you have to do that to a woman, you got some of the issues that you have anything to do with Vienna police officer. You just a natural born scary, asked sucker would other needed police force, Couldn T there, and then he shot a five down. Why you so scared of a woman and according to replace the office, his name has not been released. But he is an eleven euro, a veteran of the department and he's on paid administrative leave. It leave as they investigate what happened now, according to please opposite, among others telling you this according to reports, because of course we don't know how true any of this is. But
these are saying that she was not pregnant, but I don't know what to tell you about what happened. Cuz. A lot of people talk about the fact that she was pregnant, but, according to her family I think that she was schizophrenia as well when a man is messy, shakes, medicine, she's, a mother of two, a grandmother of three and they did kill her. She did not have a weapon as you as be stated. I like that. I don't like stop like many to stop putting things on the victim. I wanna know about their police officer. I want to know his background. You know say what was he about near at hand on the other there are. They would have no reason to shoot. The other thing is, you already know her. You have prior interactions with her life. Did you feel like she was dangerous? gonna. Do something it, how we manage to do those things five times and then try to actually give her cpr in whatever, but it was too late, so unarmed woman would would would will
Misdemeanor warns us just trying to govern who you know there is a dispute killed. Five who you have been lords, who you are familiar with? Ok, soldiers are given your that story, really sad situation and I condemn it is go out to her family, and I thought the old theory of you know. You need police officer there, not a community, because he clearly knew TAT Young lady, but you knew that young lady. Those are far too. Have you lose you wasn't it threaten our love to hear why why why don't it? Now I like it, he has a global What you're trying to say is that see what he tried to taste her and that she was reaching for his taser and got the taser away from him. So that's the account of what it is to try to say, but I don't think that warrants shooting and killing a woman all right now, a farmer in Nebraska had to amputate his own leg with a pocket knife to save his own life Curtis Kaiser. He said he had to act quick because his leg was getting pulled into a machine when he stepped into a hole accidentally.
When you are trying to transfer some corn from one place to another. He said I didn't know what to do. I don't know how long I will keep my consciousness I gave out I gave up, but then I remembered I have my pocket knife and cut him loose, cut his leg off and he crawled getting out both banks. Chris I need to know about a brand and live. There is a need to buy one right now. You gotta make NATO by brain him, and you can just go to the legal matter illegal in getting away with then cutting, because I felt the funny feeling. Maybe it was attending, I cut you. How do you motoring an oddity? Nor have I gotta artery tat he needed in a moment. I don't know better and if I go, what kind of life, that I needed some package gotta be made out of my brain. What do you think you could catch illegal like is added that are die. What you gonna do about! It will cover the Easy Korea, the sword of Omar, this. How big with dismay vessel UK about gun is great. You could imagine a pang of soaring you're late, man in more detail on the mediaeval detailed? Yes, I know I need to know what kind of name is what, and how did you know you haven't gotten like?
tending artery identified in there. They cut everything, etiquette lego. What does pocketknife? go to boldly at an oh, my goodness bugging. I've came from what kind of theory made his pocket knife. I want now came for game, a throw! That's what came from you. Would you led the way. May a fantasy lamby bed in the blackmail of vanity land area and amendment. That is your front page news now dominican. Alright wild men can slave that a breakfast club, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you want to slander breakfast club, hit us up right now. If they sent me to like about me YE of Charlemagne, eight hundred five, eight five one, five one. You can call up and slander breakfast club right now again. The number eight hundred five, eight five one or five wants to breakfast locomotive- keep the breathless club with slander. The breakfast hate me to love me just use of common sense.
Hello. There is real me elsewhere that a breakfast club, no matter what you call a domestic available, not another dominican, Jimmy's Dominican, he won't claim his errand. It I'm not dominican here when I was a child, The minute gives out. There are not. Are you a diminutive as its outdoor mathematic, India Madame indicated what I meant it can happen daddy from that already not demand, and I made a public family dominate guys down your shot out about regional shop man, this is landed, Brimful, being autonomous regions are met. What a map of me I just take a graveyard me out, you can never get through I'm a beyond, would you I'm in Vienna? We got married
Then again the Meda get it don't be called a visa like somebody's gone girl right. You are dominican and that domestic in commodity, Why won't you cried the mid? It gives him allow not admit against I've loved. You know solemnly very well. We are you guys Mass landed abruptly club, but a mathematical. I obviously another. Maybe you do too much every too lightly indicate very economical, nice gonna be what do you want me to go out will claim it. We need brown representation on this. So we need brown and gay representation. You check boxes of their huge. It would hold back and you fallen to mitigate the normal. We was landed Who is that I don't know Angela Libra do go on earth? Are you ok forget that goes on about they're moving? You did Pegana Purple Color University.
That woman collegiate the movie ever thought about it and make fun of everybody. Nobody says what everybody regular person as its advice in it. That's how I view black women as a loquacious. Look at our you got job right, the eggs, have they realise that would have happened if it was a real that woman in real life named loquacious. You will get the job you normal up. Ok, you know you know it s about them, will equip duck, and I watched a trailer. You know he's mimicking black women. These are reality. Tv wasn't all black woman. He was what reality been able on the argument, and he said if I like, that of the radio job we're like complex matters area like that will happen as worse. Jane Carrey, what's going on, he man how you doing brother what's up bro, you want slander. Follow me. The Gaza you doin monogram, do agree how you any America, where I get globally,
my God, you do abroad, Unblest black unhappy fate. What are you doing, King Arthur about my life? I'm a fraud of beer for slaughter and I've got to have a man like you always have to say about it. With regard to creating. That aid were because he was an Florida and will be proud about aloud No absolutely deftly. While I was in our land of my daughter, Chile, from competition and how they didn't dynamic animal king in the past five days. Would you like to know some of the things I saw while I was down there, I saw a grandmother get a rash. Didn't evolving c b. The oil tbd oil is good for your joints and your muzzle. Nato is old, lady that jail put her in heck of values. Dvd oil also saw somebody driving Did he wouldn't nine millimeter pistol would till cartridges and he goes off forgot. Thenardier above all, it would be a great dominate the great
Lord Rigour, but to no avail saluted young lady who walked up to me as a main got, and I think you know and as you know for an hour. They do. They walked off It was you believe you baby brother, how me above law to be agreed that love Lord would have greatly down its landed and breathless. Eight hundred father, one off I will call us right now is to breakfast global morning. Keep the breathless global was landed. A breakfast hate me love me just use common sense silence was gone only with Brazil. Bro, you want to learn. Now you may I could you be? A third argument will take that up. First, on my home, he called a couple days ago. Could you had a little segment about? Maybe people watching
they're watching you feel, watch video watching leg is being was my legs. If we now, you know, You learn your fate, long story here for you weren't here Charlemagne. Another reason why I would get you write a word about it, a little worried the my boy, my boy, you know by ITALY called up here by YO. I want, above all, my hobby, bread, Euro area is about. If you don't you like you, don't you I don't? U participate, probably some light tat, my love for you. I want to show my brain and argued by back now. Do you think there and all my? What are you gonna? Do you just there? founded on it a couple biting when you bought bordered by you about what are you judge me? May what you want to send our satellite quaint he's Landry you, you got a lot to do it, you gotta butter. That's crazy! You know why you ass price does.
As you know, was you may laugh? Why you all? That was your leg. You feed! You know wash them. I asked me to tell you: stop the eye ass death, for he was absent. Yet another legs, disgusting Jesus you are, for me, my god, and you dominican, Dominica, love the way why D Romeo may gotta be clear of Nottingham stay. Now at the G8 rye, we want to slander bright Solomon. John me, listening you free an american law. That was always you people, logic magazine, baby, I largely argues, always buy. Why I gotta be out anyway, you logic they may I don't have any beef would logic I'll, even though I lodged said what he said on clean water were largely broke. Could I never called larger home afforded by do want to salute the logic logic? cancel eyes, knew your press. This week are easily have said about the donkey today.
Any chance at all is is this week you can never. Whenever you for you today show I ran cancelled law, like our love, like I'm gonna break the by Latvia August it has. After you slept on Burma's level couple done for you for your aunt Martinez. As we go over the years, we can get a lot of because always NEO Press for no reason page. Yes, we want to slander page pale and seven in the Gatt. Ok, go the only reason I want to do it could, while legless do you guys know morning, I knew that every month forward inkling, I hate listening to sharing in the guard and how raises here the black and white people. I think that guy create everyone equal and there is no difference between life. Getting dark skinned dominican that what are you
and added it. God knows that God created us exactly how you say what is your Grandaddy in your gray, Grandaddy Dad made the divide in this country, and I understand that there still segregation our planet. I totally oppose that now, Mary panels, I love people our I'm not received, but I he white supremacy and I hate racism. If you have a problem, there. The mental knowledge is used. My love I understand from the from like us, are not racism that not backing the knowledge is irritating watching you every morning they that white men and black men and white people and yeah yeah yeah. Why supremacy it's there Why dont? Publicized in more than one it already is tell em I go and lies gave the Dominican Zola member make you feel better right. Now you listen to me, I'm with them,
Maybe maybe not? I beg you re going. What is landed? You envy less aggressive you because you too sensitive bra thanks. That may be cut job and you can just let it go for many people move low tend the Bahraini gives a wee bit let them every takes it very. Well, I don't you worry, they go from what I've been on a lot of building either very well Noriega, which one it is, do those measures, other mill gag, build up? Who, knowing goodbye
we want to lay down or where the radio God three ass, the reader. Why, when I listen to the breakfast club a lot of game, shows that you are perpetuating on the air or not you just missed one united we engage holds out is actually a good job on it, and envied put in particular. I think that everyone, it'll Plato, Piper, gave bequeath obeyed at what they think the advocates of the algae.
Can anybody who did what they put a job the too much so you can be a queen from Queens shut up shop may appear unattended utility try to fill book. You try to hold a thing like that of gave there's a big immunity, but I think you do what you. Actually it is stated that you are supporting. It were, but again, I think with everything we are. You say that you a particular need to know the two of you go to the agreed, how disappointed tat a man somewhat used? What are you saying are you? Are you homophobic? You know like gain is the morning I almost forgot all, but I think that all the way through my Bank of Charlemagne, like I said, you guys, you know what you mean an example: What will it mean going to deep thought to, for example, people out there
do we want to bring it out, and you say: ok, I thought you didn't have to give you a date or do you have a great deal of ETA Gates period? It is also apparent in the autumn neither gave gentle does not. Allow me to say anything about the amount of asylum is Eddie Highgate I've. Never having I remember we hear Amadou, would bring a wandering about. It would really don't put our data, because what accept the wool like the right to control. Amazingly again towards not me, you re wrong. I'm cool so you think you know what gains to be socially acceptable, which is eight within you. They knew not homophobic for everyone Megan Innocent wouldn't want to make that a lot of time. It like a bad, also met a fad any day
without an Ebay they trying it out because those would acceptable bro you right now died. You write China. My gimmick is due to make feel better non love, the terrible. I love you my brother, Don Quixote. I love you, don't you like that? You're gonna be a gang of gay. If you're not you're. Now it is what it is that give amid all gonna kill, make them without knocking on the doors guy. I love you done well, you know what you think.
Me all day, long, okay and next time you recite your alphabet, just stop at d and think of me. You know, aid believe C D. I gotta go that far more or less than a bread was glove. Now, goodness gracious to breakfast overboard morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela, Gay Charlemagne got my breakfast hotline ah good morning, move their laugh about, as we know happy to be here to answer in things like. Why is it a big story to totalitarian painted his toenails? My while care who set is obligatory, like on the headlines and different things, and people were asking me like an outrage in Russia will call color. Is it ok, you chose by was wrong with that. You painted. I won't ever get no color to give you a nice little buff. Whenever I in any toenails irons and emphasis off when I got it,
managers, autocracy eyes, asked me to you. One colleague, not one. Damn colleagues mean they flow path that color before have never gonna go. There is somebody asked me the other day to language you? Let your man penis toenails, Emma premise that my man from Painting Estonia he wants to do it, I mean I want you to toenail things. Get you a nice little! Thank you. My lord when you told my nails painter before my daughter did like we haven't, I do not mean a coronary. Now, I'm not going to make me dad I'll, never fire with that, though. You think this in the realm of men, getting it Tonia Rather it is not for me. Won't you shoulda! Why why? Why do people He's a big deal, I'm just curious as an interesting question, because I think it all depends on the color is back in the days you had those and even now had those gothic, you know a guy, would pay their nails black buddy. Nobody cared about that and I know people now I'd, isn't it. I got artists, but they paint any us too.
I study everyone at all. I mean you're, going only with words my attention because people were making headlines out of it. I tied dollar sign Florence is painted Tonia. Does this his prerogative as they have done everything goddamn toenails right? Will you rumours little bundle was not when you gonna go too far down. I wait. Another people do bleach. There's you now, try not colored. Do you call it no, you can't look at EU level blown really you! You did. You remember lifecycle out of you who is single and are ready to mingle, it's how you who's been hanging out of her bachelor met pad right we'll get into that next. He relaxes the breakfast locomotive right everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we heard a breakfast cobblers. Could cities romas? Let's talk, Wendy Williams
the report annually on the breakfast club, Med, there's nothing like finally getting out of toxic relationship and Wendy William seems to be really excited to be back on the scene again now people have seen her own about with some men and here's what you had to say about the latest spotting and by the way I don't have a boyfriend that was web wherever as part of a security detail around here at the Show- and you know I am working on my divorce- pleasantly right now, when I said pleasantly, I mean I I ask of you, please, it's hard to say, give privacy because I dont give privacy when I'm so when the rest of the story- and I now you don't just throw away twenty five years lock, stock and barrel, I gotta tell you something: right now is a mature single, almost single woman. I go a lot, because I have a good time girl I like to have five and I'm really really reclaiming my life globally.
Would whims in other words, you got whole face. You gotta go to obey even been for the past twenty five years in know, she's been religion for the past twenty five years. Now you fifty seven years old, she got to go their own citizens. Obviously, as they were maybe twenty one years, and she said that, even though they're not gonna get back together, they also do have a nineteen year old son together. She also said TAT: support might be an issue in the case, so will see what happens with that obliges us talked about dating again and I don't have a boyfriend, but I must say that I am rediscovering while love of man- and you know, transparency, I do dates and an idea. It's pretty often what web has been to my bachelor at Paris Margo has been so my bachelor at has.
My bag, where the rate of men will continue to cause. I never did anything like what can be managed. What about Charlemagne everybody's advantage that up to what we do with so much emotion, I don't like you use it on a level holbrooke. We need that picture. What I want I'm do. What I tell you everything. I think I on Wendy Williams me, I think, about bill cars with the cave, You didn't have to play a more three with the USA, which is was he resolved because he was bouncing reminding problem, above windows? Live your life ahead of their wise. You have the page. Our support was you already will play a jotapata she's already pay everything for Iceland anyway, members may have Kelvin Linen or X Y woman
I am in love. Why? Because you are we doing too much you from Brown, with my goodness, what are both showed the booth dominant theme, bull array now do what would you gotta do boyfriend and ass the others that EU funds are you done? We both thank you now. Let's talk about Obiang, they have done in collaboration with you. Square, and I, like these squares- oh that's a nice collabo, so they did post something I welcome Ovo and that should be good cellphone wanna get some of that new gear. Tiffany had is Tiffany gonna, be hosting kid.
Say that Darndest thing arrival on ABC he's, also gonna be executive, producing at SIRI I'll turn such a bee, interacting with the kids I'm so that it be entertaining cause he's pretty funny with the kids in everyday issues, booters loaf, which is very odd childlike demeanor about her. But ass can be great of greek afternoon. It receives, poured important issues. The secular producer previously could say the Dinas things was hosted by bill cars, It no longer boy, didn T run away them has given you the background when you want me to do so. Yes did used to behold, keep asking that one's kiddo I write a manual. That is your room, a report and all right. Thank you. Miss you Charlemagne. We given, I don't get too was a man of war after two hours have a conversation about selfie constitutes ok seriously, as mental health when his mouth and self coaches cause, real mental health issues out here in these streets will talk about. I will get to that next, keep it locked at the breakfast club come on. Don't I know you
it's time for dog. You need to hear don't leave become donkey of today. The breakfast club, pretty damn dog you today for when they may fifteen, goes to Chris Devoe. Now, if you don't know Christopher always, he goes by the name, TUG Z, Instagram and I want everyone outdated noted. The donkey today is being done, would love. Ok, I actually genuinely fuels. I've had a young man of his eye for other people who are in this man's position? Who have this man's minds date, not Cristobal. He makes his living off Instagram. He is a social media influence, sir. And like many people in this era, social media rules everything around him. Ok, I really don't understand why people today, I ve heard into social media, because you don't own social media or social media decided to ban. You are concealed,
for whatever reason yet died out here, not dimension social media is creating this unattainable unreachable goal of physical perfection is simply does not this right social media is everybody's, highlight real and you are comparing a real everyday life to be carefully cultivated, unfiltered world of social media, okay, drama, coups boss, Mommy path, esteem for Turkey as a great sermon on net bite away most cornerstone, but that doesn't stop people like Cristobal from trying to chase the unattainable. Ok, let's go to w C a exceed the Esteve report, police cell. Culture is putting pressure on beauty standards and, according to plastic surgeons, it's driving many young people to seek cosmetic procedures with almost half a million followers. Kai Reese Devoe makes his living through Instagram. We all want to have. Please can we all want to have you no high sheep are, as we all want to have like frozen faith. Is I just wanna path at high risk
at least in our editing, each selfie, I'm gonna be about still living pastoral. Why do you want to look like because adult perfect, I just wanted to live without you Ok, Rees even gets regular cosmetic procedures done to look more like his edited selfies leading plastic surgeon. Doktor Dirk Kramer, says he's noticed his clientele. Younger and younger, most of them come with a phone with with the opponents, show me picture seven, that's how I get most likes and most follow as we do that in reality is concerned, I mean it is middle of awareness morphine. I hear you already Charlemagne. Everything is not a mental health issue. You're right, everything is in a middle of his you would summit is, is, This is exactly why I ordered phone cases for my wife and odious, dotted essay social media, ruined your mental health, because you will never be happy Jack, signalized being told on social media. Ok, you re living your real life livin. In your truth, no infer,
We did the world in people in an art perfect within. You Goin, Graham and see people. You know everybody given the perception of perfection right in, chase dead. What has literally let a in his own tail, you never catch it. Therefore, you never truly be happy and that can lead to body this morphia would, Indeed, a mental health is you would all Islami was here from the experts backed up. You see actually be a three four republic. This obsession with personal appearance that selfie culture encourages, may have darker implications for mental health in those people who have thought psychological fund revelatory convey, particularly concerning they are constantly bombarded with an image of constantly referencing their own image. In a way that was not seen before, and it's nice extreme. This fixation on appearance can manifest in a mental health condition known as body this morphing disorder, more bt ego
manatee and validation is going to be the death of this error. Okay, how can you tell you no kids at their first last and best love of Love NEA being born into a coach. It makes you feel, like you're worth your value, how you think so how you love yourself is in the hands of others, our care. How many likes you gave? Do you like yourself? That was important when you depend on people to build. You have to have the same power Craig. You don't need any body on social media validation to know your worth. How do we get? These kids did not have cycle the vulnerability and build up their confidence. Okay, drew confidence is knowing that you are enough without the need for anyone else, validation. How do you get that through decayed into down the nineteen, when everything is about constant validation crystal ball? My brother stop. Why our aid. Ok, anybody I did. I get him a voice who thinks they have to make permanent plastic surgery decisions based off temporarily social media feelings. Stop right! You can't live in allusion. I focused on things that matter like your spare your present quality? If the world was blind? How many people would you impress hate? Spinning?
all his money to impress you would I don't like you anyway, my men em all those die, stop trying to impress you will stop trying to impress people by being something you're, not a right at the end. You have a bunch of followers who know really care about you and you will lose yourself. Ass was happening in these situations. Cristobal love, yours, the life you say maybe your own, please give Cristobal the biggest here and greatly thing. If I really don't have any solutions to this problem, because I'm really Jonathan, How do you make a generation? A kid realise that their first laugh and best love is self love when they are born into a era that tells them the only way to receive true love is by getting from other people.
I know he so young to be getting all those familiar barrier. What is is difficult because the latter's levities adored at a young age is in these kids. If I was lebanese and not only the celebrities they're watching people on social media would already filled to the new phase, tunes and all his other stuff at anything you realize. Yes, is one thing when you gotta computers leveraging disregards, go, get his money and them away I would now you next door neighbor, looking private. Do my guy trust me man, you know you can go from ugly to be enhanced. Look at me. They're about that, that's what I thought. Nobody will like my tweet, man alone will tell me I'm not in retreat Deborah Ray. Not comes down, and I don't need your well. You ve become are facing earlier, but the problem is how they would you say he is the experts
Maybe the fields of health programme legalese built there was total trade. You. Let me look at your felt. It was cited that I would call a heavy autonomy as our colleague the bitch bleach here, like the gang him felt there to have what is dead. You know when you go I am filled the m, so serve you felt in eternal The gang him felt him. Now you like him. All your damn all right. Well ask is next eight hundred one o five one. If you need relationship adviser any type of advice colony you now eight hundred father, Five major accident, I gotta know eight hundred you now. What did you make him feel to advance the far from doing now, father by word or by words
the breakfast club, pointing everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club it's time for asking. Those days. I that repeatedly Didi what you call a view of youth and what the guy provides that here you ve been waiting for him to level out a better. He felt unusual, but I'm afraid positions. Are you all right? well even by better by without ads. You feel wrong about it. I do because I do love her, but it just like how long can wait for us to have a better for the two of you thought. Even ass, you know, Sometimes it s really frustrating to cause. I don't see how our relationship can work, and I have said this before and I This is a problem. A lot of women are having when you're with somebody does now. Motivated to be better when you are actually in a position where I am moving up your ambitious, I don't you Would it be around people who are motivated area than what my Friends around me to not one benefit themselves, because I feel I dragged me down so amazing.
When a partner whose stagnating life is that we all want a wall lobby. Therefore Harold what replied: barely local, your therapy or one better put it to you, feel like you enable him sometimes to a definite. We definitely continue end up. There is kind of resenting somebody because, as a couple you want to grow together, I am growing. You are growing where growing together, I don't want to. I grow you re and if, as you feel like you're our growing him, I felt like this. If a man really wants to be with you just the way you want to be with him, sometimes you do have to leave for them. To level out where I may go down that they have to do better to be with you, because, honestly, like sometimes you stay with him, he's very comfortable. His situation he's got. You he's got his whatever stag
position that he's been in his life in that he's been content with, and it seems like you're, not content and not at all. So I don't think you should have to settle. Ok, but I think individuals, I think, if you do love em, is greater courage, a man. It's a want him to do better, but sometimes you do have to step away and then he's gonna realize he's fearful that he might lose something and he's going to have to pick himself up and do more work of art encouraging upper years know what I'm gonna do were Rocher there were used by what are my we're gonna do about. You still don't know what you want to do with years later, Ramadan Mixers, you put also Boston. I mean I worked very hard on the dear me briefly about your honor market like one another on it, but on the corner of the here. But every year I'm tellin him. Some kind of everything begin do that. I feel that I think, would be a good paper out through the rabble. Now you brought a robber, produces no danger now: ok, ok, wise good at using
potential, but he's got to see his own potential too bad. We arrived beg you Mamma. Good luck, our I bring you to goodness. Gracious ask IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five, one of unique relationship, advice or any type of advice. Call ye now is to breakfast cloak more. Everybody is d J. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We rent for his club in the middle of ask e fragile alive. We go along? I wish, of course, to forever you ye aided Matvey, I've, always the plow, my library, at all, If we let the boy blah blah the whole budget, pretty email but do upon the app alacrity be merged Conway too much. You know unfair to. Finally, I'm trying to get with somebody who mentally is all my level, but he's? Not s pretty longer normally deal with it and now
the sound of those Super Michel, Fred. Well, rounded, up there on ok, you know you ve got beyond my pretty girl, begged will pretty bit Roma. You know there were you when you get to like the more naturally light connect with an she'd, not pretty too now like I'm or her too much as if they were pretty females with me. What I will do, what I told them, access to our markets like that make so to cracking what I'm here for me, you is first of all, I want to say our people have bag. It is not just pretty women have,
It's all people have baggage right, because we all have things that we take with us. That we that have happened in our paths are things that we ve done. So we all have bag. It is not just being a pretty woman. Has baggage, ok, so work as soon as I get worry too much about what other people think like. You are attracted to this woman that your with right, merciless workers about you make her feel like she's, attractive, a bigger, do much room. You make appealed to attractive mega undoing normally it pretty FEMA due to make a deal with the many of them, but I never got a thing to Africa. I don't care how attractive somebody is on the outside. If there is, I is ripe, they could be so ugly to you as so. I think that you know personality wise if you want to be with somebody, I can't be was somebody that on that attracted to their personality, that's really. Where is supposed to start? I understand physically you
somebody and I go k their good looking. But when you get to know somebody what matters more than enough, what I'm saying like the pretty they are up the light at all mentally attract, most of which will now finally brought about about midway attractive where it is not as pretty as to the em. Don't you like? I do you love her after got us putting too much like is overwhelmed her illness That's why I get normal reaction, will normally do December leg, just being normal image has been a relationship tat same as you wish. Anybody else if you want to be with her special and just have a regular religious accepts that worry. So much about looks like you play so much emphasis on it is partly making her feel insecure, argued so that even worrying about badges build your relations. If that thinking about she don't look like
I regret that leg legacy that that it just focus on your relationship and black all that stuff out now, but Robert Luxembourg LAW would withdraw Griffin limit do much about you're like no more because they just do what they saw overwhelming appear like I'm doing. Right now, with somebody who are lonely went away in his life is doing the opposite of what I love. Anybody can just be just be regular. Did she how well this beer, regular person, tuna, really I see how she deserves to be treated. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't bus that thinking about look so much of the alleged always bay. Man is people ed. You know anyway, so, yes, I hope it works out. Looking icelander, I will try to call you to crack at his landowners. Man gotta see what you look like, you're Instagram Let me have you move our. I ask five, a firewall or five one of unification relationship advice at any time.
Advise you can hit ye now governments runaway yes, let's talk about Asia, Curie NASH, you Talkin about her own depression. And what that actually lead to and is something physical or I get internet next, keep unlocked the breakfast good morning. The breakfast club feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. Well, even though that always tag is not doing so well right now, you would invest back in two thousand eleven. You couldn't make quite a bit of money still and according to reports they saying that Bianti made about and a million dollars from her Ober invest while, yes, so that's because we invest it back in two thousand eleven opposition to invest for Diana. I have no idea, but yes, that's according to that great you felt it had always looks after I guess you started. I wish I had invested in last week. We I do, but I'm still and consumer goods may not be too late. I think everybody knows about Biagi. It's not a seat
It is all over everything that is currently like the best IP yo in twenty. No, no, it's not a secret and groundwater bodies in this war was asian. Invest them is that I think you like where we should be aware that when we have allowed a lab hamburger last night from Bear Burger, Marvin provinces locals byword, yes, men and they can even make enough impassable barrier to fail to demand right now. As far as possible, both at the german implausible, burgers, common rules of trust me right now. Let's talk about money, some more or less agree, little noise, eggs and how much money he had before that song, o town road became it only had five dollars and sixty two cents. You know that your little bags, we have to know that as me, your wells for no account for those days like a spread it out, you know I will get like some now and laters every now and then and just go back to the house.
For a moment so imagine that you only have bad allies and sixty two cents. The bank has lived by men. Oliver and you have a huge hit number one song perform it everywhere and new path in Rome never put a dollar twenty five and getting you collect letting coins from January that actual ash, browser. You aren't as trade and have been warning. I love my ass to be delivered. Do you want to change? You know they're getting about eliminating you. I guess, if you don't have many, you don't have to take to drive anywhere. We are used to make my chain yeah, you could buy. You couldn't happen, but I say when I didn't: have a car grown up, so I guess you know being bro, you don't have to buy gas, because you can t say: I'm just take the train or about food you
I'm a girl of Turnover Mcdonald back on a date was then I'll go any data have to pay between Schubert Moonless. Three twenty forward tax may Emma fancies out challenges like how long can we go only having twenty dollars to last for the next two weeks am leads still make a last summer I think, is harder for guys when you're broke. I right now. Let's talk about the last, oh gee, that's how has been picked up for a season. The razor congratulations racy more again, Tiffany had it is still on their show as well as these and three I shouted to my guy marked the above, as he writes for thy show as well. So very exciting that they been picked up for yet another season. I, the Lass Oji launches cables, never window comedy and twenty eighteen in the highest rate of cable company. They view. Since twenty fifteen, it still very successful with the ratings right. I use a curry did an interview with working mother and she said that she actually ended up getting a botched boob job. She said she had the most but boots job on the face of the planet.
She said I didn't realize at the time, but after having Ryan, I was battling a bit opposed partum that lingered for a while. It came in the form of me being depressed about my pat, my body, so I made a rash decision. The intention was just to have them lifted, but I came out with these big boobs I didn't want. I got the most bats boob job on the face of the planet, their worth now than they were before. I would never do anything like that again, but I am an advocate of it. If something make you happy who cares about the judgment? So I guess he was eleventh, oppose partum after having a baby and did something that sea at that time, thought was a good decision. Thought would make her happier and then turned out to not be such a great decision Can't you wait till evidently off to do in abuses of liquid nazis. Apparently Lincoln they used is ammo against staff at games. You do not place, you don't know, wait and see how it is working plus. You don't know when she did that any view. That is very true. They might be Putting it out now highlighting an educated with two months ago that is virtually
legs we'll get it off. I right now. I Kelly is ahead now and his child support these two months ahead of his child support, payments and the only downside of all that he's doing right now as far as finances in his kids as any stop paying is dirty colleagues to wishing you know why he thought that she had dropped out fellow human, with ever greater yeah. How do you not know your daughters in school and you think she dropped out so she said that after he didn't pay the tuition she did end up having to drop out because you too Have any financial support house to pay for their college related expenses until the twenty three years of age, so because of ass she ended up, actually haven't a job. School, because he wasn't paying remedy. Emory does need to do now. I gotta remix, as would evolve needed to go. Thou golly doesn't know that didn't I write Let me Angela YE and that's your rumour reports. Alright shelter. The result was a: U guys tomorrow, everybody else to people's choice, mixes up next speech requesting is to breakfast locomotive. Just a little bit
oh god, I ballplayer bar, but I've got to disability, bombards, bobbing back against a ball and abundant needs to steal bad remaining saw you last night a deep mourning. Body is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club because his best guess in a programme from power we haven't a Tory Norton and Joseph support. Welcome guys this is a landlord, or would you got a whole life? Oh hell, you know we try to keep it fun in interesting. So let's do a recap, because you know has been a minute since we seen Caesar five. What happened at the end is he's a fact that we can figure out what we look forward to a seat and safeguards Ah me killed his own father. Now that was a heavy. I was crying idle. Nine remind everyone in our closure aid observes great episode, kill Sammy, kill the father killed Sammy, so there you go, there was there, was
That there and then we had the trying to kill, goes then shot. Angela. Did you foresee that, coming that you have an ethical, your own, dad while you he broke the rule, in time. Is the referee the streets? If, if you go against those three rules, is this just a price you gotta pay for better or for worse? He wouldn't kill a man, though Eddie rules valiantly round the room if she's Nigeria needs did he do with his own hands? See me he killed highly the one true love Furthermore, I reckon you know now in the Yemeni. I did not even know that that best sellers alkalis yeah that succeeds indiscriminate last season
and that is going on. You guys ready to move over something else. For me, I guess it's a bitter sweet feeling, I kind of like I grew up on the show at a baby and shown a lot in the show is given us all the opportunity to flourish as actors. Size is a little sad, so we just see now announced there were fifty in Vienna. We have fifteen episodes in season, or at least we have more episodes. It's gonna be weird not being called in or thirty a m for called towns is gonna, be we're not leaving running. This said, like I get to sleep in, I have more time on my baby, I'm so excited about them, but I am also a little sad to have shown. I am he is so life will continue. There will be more. What are they spinners do we know here and now in her joy I don't think fifty is announce them, and I don't I don't know what they are but they're going to be. I think that they're going to be probably solidified later on. You're gonna have to see those of us that survived the sea.
In those of us who are not going to leave off if you gotta, give everybody dies none than ever. They are required to power that they said it keeps surround him out about so that proper united, look at fifty says it's gonna happen is gonna happen, probably probably as regards course into any you guys, all fifty money At all events, I want no part of off debts is money I needed to adopt these laughter key from crimes which are then about my own group. I wish I had social media, one thousand three that we may be able to get my money. I d, like a good technique river by your lunch. Already things is measured at all by large. Birthright is a good course, and I let you have a better there, not that I recommend does not money that he would. He would say, he's back if he buys you never know. Gus abandoned cities, cool you, and now you say where you. If anyone Gary Owen was up here and there,
he gets mistaken for you now say browsing. I gave you wanna get Bulgaria younger on the web. Other little little brother of Hungarian Owens everybody's name wrong that actually guys easily younger, fuller. Criminal. Nano Gary Gary Owen is cool and his comedies hilarious that I'm not I'm a fan out. Just like I wish I was his biggest. But that's what what what was was gone over the fried chicken story. They came
given that now, God you're there thou ever with mirrors, you have about chicken everybody on Onest ETA about you know why not down. Try even though did why little chicken invoke chicken a you know to store. It was either way around. Don't don't come for me who those unkind to sell a recently with here for any design. You don't even one did in episode in my uncensored, which is actually really greatness much more. A lot of people did apparently anyway. What am I I'm remembers, came out and tried to debunk. My stories say that I was lying. Everyone knows I was on one of them. Party around back. In the day, I was in a girl, grew author. W we broke up not because of a fight, a cave sea, because chicken we broke up because the way they were treating me and it wasn't a good, healthy environment and a fight erupted, and yet a truce through some chicken Emmy by adding, though no chicken barely you,
no from through cause. I feel like we came to the radio station allow about you been around voted along about twenty two to celebrate Marbre Day, and I know in as old as I am you up there, but we ve been in his game for eyes. It's been about twenty years for me when it a drum stick or a win You will like it does not have you got to get somewhere in the main. We are you to talk about my mother. She kissed it was dogma. Nippers ran down to where you appropriate labelling to procure a backdoor music. Now exactly you, yes, yes, I'm working on a solo project. He really excited because a lot of people remember three of you and a lot of people. Don't you should withdraw Bobby movement? You should direct the sure. Yes,
you know like they did arm. Would then they do we ideology of why they did different area where we do have a storage yossi, but I have a story: imaginary women again now be brought on a typical story. With many new jobs kicked out of movie. I figured out what happened. What was it? No one is going to be like. I don't really know you to envy you don't like. It would be a great story. We accuse Adrian's on the real power, the other girl. I don't know is it the rail but she's on his girl. I'm really don't grace now so that we can agree on Turkey is IRAN's yes, but that it will be an historic, as you can see, is interesting how you're gonna game doesn't really if they did, they did a record for my our woman in young. We d like there was no money. Downtime unit pay. You remembered problem right there. Now we were going on, we were up it sometimes ass. The thing about artists and mutual aid on one issue just continue to grow, and sometimes you not do things not always about my
You get anything out of it. I got to be on DJ on these. I admire this man, I got looked up special, first came out, we would just tron among come here. You got a private company right now, the earthly I've luxuriate. We always I oh my gosh we get to do enjoy on dj and because you know very well that game a man, and you were a kid at the event, like our colleague everything now that, in your favour, you dont, like them happen as with no way in in radio injuries in New York. I grew up in Eastern. I looked up till you know a lot of the deed, especially envy, so it was cool to be on project.
Give remember nets, you know. So when I need you, you know why. I call you know. I'd like you to allow you come on, don't make me fifty. You owe us now is outright now: oh yeah, the blue rain, or let other good start yet it now. You get it in the sixtys in August, twenty five and we appreciate your gas for Georgia's, I'm sure you gotta be Ben. I would have thought tat. He knows I'm hangs had allowed to bring. Everybody will have to bring the whole crew to tell you is not correct political comment, taxes. What are we gonNA allowing hesitated? I gotta is not on our guy. Ok go outside to comprehend wooden beyond, say Charlemagne. Now, Charlemagne Ire that in view of what adjusting barbecues it I was there. You gotta be in here. As long as no other got their brands and alarm cyclists go say had to be in Jane. Am I really so we go at anybody? Sepia words. We walk over in the mid over break, I'm talking to be answered by our babies being a month parkers. Her twins and my daughter was born, like literally mother.
I'm just excited me to the queen and thin Amari comes leans in you, as he was talkin to J and gives her kiss it was the most simple I was in a mean. Vs went back to cut it wasn't like. Oh, that was inappropriate. Jays eat anything, they made it so huge, but a miser loving, I? He just embraces, peas, isn't it as we did a double kiss, but it wasn't Amy issues you came out of the her was critical rules. Where are you well, you know some, that's why you don't mess with you and you re there, your guard, but let the cheek Mew lean and riding clothes, but that was available. She tried to have. We got all sides at me. My hope is that he has Herpes said them, like might have a look forget ago, yoga, Thank you. I d really gets what and is about to be courageous z. That's all I can say ya, gotta be caught up in Herpes.
I'm done, and how do you have a very dates will maintain a renewed is Joseph, the core of the breakfast locomotive. You can get a big man I can install. It gave in June that it's about morning, everybody the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we all the breakfast club- yes, oh and I had to give a happy birthday shot out to Bradley Jinx and his name on Twitter is at Sir RACK Jones. Twenty four has been making sure that I had to give him a birthday shadow today for days now so happy birthday, temporarily jinx you guys, overgrazing shall to Joseph, so Cora Tori Knowledge or Norton for joining us this morning you could check him on power. To fit season of power was a fit the sixties and not a fit season is outright now or DVD may come sixties and will be out in August site. So thank you for coming. You got a positive, no sentiment
yeah man, it something I said earlier during donkey today, and I just want to reiterate it man I'll stop, trying to impress people by being something you're, not at the end of the day. You only have a bunch of people who don't really care about you and you will end up losing yourself. Reverend PA busied Clinical Yonder is a ghost haunting de Berulle in the food fighters. Why does IRAN claim covered? Nineteen? Is a? U S, bio weapon, I'm Benbow and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every from the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind boggling developments in space exploration, topsecret government experience Its newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listened to
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