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Monday 5/14 - Today on the show we had Tammy Rivera stop by where she spoke about her platinum selling song, her singing career, and how she dogged out her husband Waka Flocka after finding out that he cheated. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a woman who wants parents to ask their babies for 'consent' before changing diapers and when we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about it, lets just say you will be surprised by the responses. 

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dreary outside is during my God, man, you said, F sprang up, and I know we naturally syndicated. We gotta liquor sprang. Now we had a little for low, they felt like a low summer. Some spring is bad and it has come from talking to my mom. Is we can immediately these five degrees, you that goes ninety here and solve Caroline wow? Ninety animals must be eighty or weaken after this low nasty day today, so noisy awfully stays in again we have already had a great mothers. They had no idea. Moms came over to the house. I actually did a majority to cooking and we had a great make my head, we made Sikiana May mushrooms and string beans. Brok Lee I mean scowl scallops and what else did I make a macro and she like a two year. So we had a great great great great dinner, mean gear out me, seasonal or lead, but our
when appointing- and I actually made it should make it actually put it in and been took it out. So you put it in the event that they are out of any. Did the cooking Nassau tasted. So I did then she season it all out ass though Brahma, what it actually cooked it. So I definitely ordered dinner last night. You bet it to me. I want you out of what you are from Barton Journey. Call you, a cop stay causing job I may breakfast. I dig it up. A Mig represent had represented from away, not me, and my daughter got up and did it do another from America's we grub job? Would you fell almost there? We need to keep a thing ass, a medical same, and you were right. I hope with wooden is ok. We will celebrate holiday, Mamma to save energy or mobile phone. What are actually at my matter, frantic ass. He actually had to work yesterday, so we went out fat. Anyone out to eat, I gave her present and that was in Dhaka, gray weakened. I will tell me Riviera, will be joining us this morning, of course use from a shuttle, nobody about a moron,
then add on any. They are also ok and, of course, as walk a flock, his wife, so He gave her a little bit later. What else we gotta from paper that we talk about? We are going to be talking about the stairs gonna making there So imagine if you just having a barbecue and somebody cause the police on you, its black family away, because the police and then when the comes yak, Psych, she's, the one being harassed. What,
well we'll talk about an ex keep allotted to breakfast locomotive. Is the J envy ITALY Charlemagne guy? We are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news now. Nba recap: the Celtic speak the calves a yesterday, one o eight, eighty, three blue them out yesterday a man's drop, one of whose Basel Boston Holly impressed by birth and especially the carrier or new, and they got a lottery Pictish believe in God, cavern bonding will be a peaceful. A few years were brought only had a belief, Tina. Eighteen point: it is good at much so we'll see what happens a game to now. Let's talk about this woman, I call the police on a back a black family barbecue. Yes, as happened in opening California. Last month, a white woman called the police on a black family nationally pretty much as hanging around them and harassing them. She had a nasty look on her face the whole time and fortunately, a witness, Nay Michel, Snyder, actually, films, everything now she's.
That you could tell us something was going on and she said it was this. The reasons why she said she stayed to observe the situation. She wasn't part of the people who were barbecuing. She said when the man that was barbecuing on sale was alone sue. This a white woman was being aggressive with him and three. I thought that the police came. The facts could be misconstrued, so she said she as for the woman unfairly, targeted them with those of public law? Yes, a public pike. And so what her reason was for calling the police what she was saying. They were using a charcoal grill said of a non charcoal grill in an area that was not designated for charcoal grills. Now here's what happened.
You have a problem with these gentlemen. Haven't barbecue horribly? What's going on it's illegal to travel around the world here Louis, not outrage at the map. It says this is a designated barbecue area. No, no approach circled round. No charcoal girls are allowed to see it. You must not have looked at. What can we really? Are you not allowed him? Why are you so bent out of shape over them began, causes extra money or further love one? Why people you their privileged to combat prejudice or some other young lady got human jar of home and that without they call the police on old black she was. She does wanted. The slab ribs gas autumn risk no, so good look at her face, but this is not a state as a witness bill. Has you hungry when the police came here?
how the women then reacted? Cardiac. You bet you back of so now she was crying. So the woman said a crying when the Buddha that they were harassing her, when indeed she was the one they were standing there harassing them. I'll tell you, though, none whatever vine away will Mozilla or why we must all crime on the other to the blood mango and jobs are needed, my goodness, what happened did in charge to deploy nobody gonna issued any citation is a bad. Fortunately, this was cut area and this could I went terribly wrong. Imagine the police came and this
when's, crying and saying they were harassing here. Somebody Cunegonde arrested in Oakland re open at all. Why would they did what they called more likely would come to and it had a mega barbecue in the same spot drop one include bomb for old people, and that is a fabulous exit able to legislate right. Oh yes, ass. You re ass right. You know how to do it when people will turn upon a racism. U turn upon your black. They had a huge well because of their religious lie. I've been trying to tell YA dismay whenever people turn upon they, racism return appointed bigotry. U turn upon your goddamn blackness. Ok, you buy more black people are not merely rocking and electric shocks lad. To take a big old school. Do the goddamn run a man data? What have got you forbear? Let's talk about a New York Times did a study and they found that at least twenty people have been killed since two thousand six and forty five others have separate injuries and that because they have those keel as cars, not knowing that they had in turn their vehicles off how many people s
Twenty eight people have died in forty five. Others have suffered injuries since two thousand and six. So you know a lot of times. People who have these keyless cars there's no extras regulations. That can happen if you leave your car running and don't know it, and so people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning because they did not shut off the careless ignition on us. The actual people are, you, into very bad implacable. Doubtless they say it is a wonder. Is one day when I mean life at least twenty eight people dead and forty five others injured sellers. To think about no Mademoiselle elections and we would really paying attention. Jumping, didn't really that may sound like a beeping that happens if you get out of the car- and you have intended of these sums- have a regulation that should be put into place. I gotta compared. I gotta know how many of you would have not happening to you. Not if they haven't. You all know, coolies cars and, if not happening to his thousands compared to twenty eight two other twenty eight smart enough, but the thing is is mostly cause cut off after certain elected bout, maybe
Five, its remit is cut off of your drive it. I thought Does I would never get music? You look. I know I would never come what you got, what you mean you're having a community. Ok, why would I lie to me? That means you dont have to put the candy ignition yet able to me all the time. Not another stage open the card in the cab you going to turn back to break down. They have my domain. Someone them dumpy would have me. I got into the guy. Did my summer right ass, my own Jake, those get it all future has eight hundred five a five one, five one if you're upset. Divinity two sub now is to breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast club pounding down. You're gonna, get it on the agenda. You wanna breakfast laughing, but allows this burden.
Brandon was submitted on future rough, though, are gonna pay asylum you like, but you had an easy thing, although I wouldn't that made me want to be a dj when a resounding vote that maybe I'd want to better, like an oversight on my girlfriend and already boggley, already mobile phone out, because I never saw good. Would you hurt you gotta, remember, but two things that in his book in a document area was always hard work, so stay? Would it? Thank you, love you! My brother keep guy man! I got a book drop in October to caution Goin anxiety playing tricks on me. One are the only about because I'll we having like mad guide, you love you like that, like mental, one by one, never let them be, but I didn't want much I wonder if you are really their people, like my friends like they all Latin America. Without
What to do? I don't don't talk to your friends about a girl. There are big, it out manner. Level need man away about your friends. What do you want to do you wanna? You said a dj, our debt, get a lot of money, but I really want to be a three day. I'll bet it's my dad we're getting out do because Ireland Nor do we definitely defend what I said in black privilege you can you can you can deal with your reality while still Jason your dreams and sixty eight thousand? We don't quit that good fit exactly the same as they were fed Ex, and if you want a d j D Day on a sad but don't quit, like you that benefits and effective there are very few glossy therapists, three insurance, you right now, brother and have a good to have the wind blows is what was such tat? You re would have this. How do we get you suck anything Rostov it I'll get it?
We get a review and I appeal politically on family way how about how a dead, who is this community, a boy and a girl when they might don't even think about abandoning our vanity, but I've gotta. What have you got out of bed lab in? We went over their related by watching movies, smoking. Airlines again. Well, I'm doing a thought again like a lot of positive or my alma grinder at every binary and right now and now you know it's all this- I know every mail was rising. Ok, so I line dating right using these acts in whatever to date, does, however, make you nervous meaner, Riddler, available about at the moment that it whereby we have our own baby
the gay at and again like you gotta get tender? When I gave a loud you worried about an app when you had real love ass in front of your face, you had a whole previous radio. Anyone at all would be well. I worried about that. Other thing I would like to do it. Did you gonna at area, but I like area Everyone even area, anything you like about the method. You know I'm glad, as happened on his knees or using a high painters, areas with Were you in a day later? But anyway I'm on my phone and I love you know these messages about going on and on well, maybe would want to ask what are you alone nor behold me appeared very briefly.
The boy and I went with joy and no sooner did other do lay with me. You gave you that that is a powerful. I grew up now whether method than anybody lighted added click on the appeal that get yet you ve met no might have been out when you have agreed, is right in your face, you a messy thought, trap and I'm glad you. Indeed, no action is weakened, though you told me, you lay what you believe you don't. You have met the other people, s rights. I would like very well with amendment no body through the phone and three they may every gun out. That's right at me. I told you beat you feed any cheeks. Did you leave the latter, leave. They re really like a baby
they ve got about a lot of valuable Leon of anybody. I know a guy. When will we have a zebra and Bob Combat later got about allows a big bang writer you what it's all about my letter by DR you, please travel Zita Refugee has eight hundred five five little five. What have you upset? You need of it? It is now the breathless locomotive breakfast got. Wake up ass, a man of my allows is all that's all Furthermore, morning guide dog higher area with who do you think, Surely that now man you're falls out actually decent regarded a boomerang snack man was, oh boy too much by guy. You guys are great form, a guy
I tell this morning's nag man, are you and when I was using my grandfather and sliding they are looking for you, they built me a stage Ok, they did good morning I heard on, had you guys, died and so on. I called in- and I walked around with you on speaker and after a while, but I saw it in a crowded out a bus. Stop. Do myself at a bus, stop and Yet so, the next day go check it out. They said it omits digital. It would public side for a woman show no like can make to stop a global looking out, there was no care. Europe was no megatherium. Wiser mechanism me off our own. I can get to the point at all
prison me all my money back, I can't let you hang out here a pencil. I add that was the point of the job you certain of we couldn't there's no way hello. There is no way that was so much now with this vote. The barn man I've been trying to counter this Are you no real jamaican? Many are making to make. You feel better. I want a huge and do not arise, join no more Saint, I'm really upset with him may run around so much to make men making making us look bad make a road to make his like me, look bad one of the manager Megan. Are you gonna tell him not lead you make that he did not want to make a man like that arrive before our raw before in the Bronx fighting a war, practical basis that ain't nobody.
The wild cry enemy, as requested by how much did you lose when you, when you go wrong? How much I love you ve, not above without appointed, but the matter that the fact that matter it will remain a factor our rapporteur, good. Don't we now goes it in act. Like me, arrived is a normal experience. Ass, like ass, not only traumatized where you got it. You got a big tree image to the jungle. Junkies, that that there really gone? I don't think I've ever had a little out of its insofar as acting Tavano a nice guy just going the same way as I would like to add an animal tat. You do sir imitators, we gotta records, you know, God rob you today the body, the gun and put your schaff. What it does have your penis sap may, as indeed it is a far lower a din but well, listen, listen, listen, listen to support our lives,
I now outta the who got down Lebanon's viler. My are really trying to scare me out on the Monday. Alaric item have represent and your recommended that I look into some ossify lyrics, geared off its s. Eight hundred five, a five little firewood. Have you need event? You can hit us up at any time you the government away. Yes, this target performance is over the weekend. You know it was rolling, lad and would tell you who perform their efforts. There's time as since A prison also was hung about young doves performance, and maybe he did onstage alright, we'll get into all that when we come back and often mixed our love in here, at last: it Sammy Rivera will be joining us is to breakfast locomotive breakfast right morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast clouds ago, whether them together reflect them again using or do you much? I can remember I'm a girl. In the background I gotta go back and look at it.
Nah. I was struck by the grunting in the loop. I couldn't hear what the musical Doha will have. Kids, the talk, andred three thousand report, the Reul report, whose identity thousand put out to know songs from mother's day how nice is back and as a rarity. Now the first thing is cod: me and my to bury your parents dedicated that's his mom who passed away and twenty thirteen.
It out and see how happy majesty, I'm sure the cards. Dinners thousand last minute gives our appreciated. But I've learned the best gift opinion could get is to simply no the child is ok awaited the press, everybody on whether the Andre Daubeny already sitting around of certain depressed because you pay John here and he you come put now song they make. You feel exactly how person is feel it in their moment. They rather people, I'm sure they can relate to anti three times sure that if the other song has actually know of course it's called look. Man no hands
this instrument. Seventeen gathers pain the base in the clarinet. Listen, we love you, nobody got time for that. You barely put on music as it is that you don't give us seventeen minutes of just instrumental and call it one of your records. How do we know? That's you playing the horn we don't know simply Aronnax Asian on nothing. I want to keep an eye right now. Vienna was not invited to the re awaiting which, by the way is going down this weekend. I don't know why she would have been invited, neither dish here is what happens when a reporter asked her about whether or not she was going? Why would you think I'm inviting? Ok, you met me. You think you're gonna come into my letter of yours. I mean your guardian than men. Maybe I should feel away then what happens when you?
I've, grogan young men, better to say: ok, not only our wedding is gonna, be six hundred people and then there will be other people watching on the grounds of Windsor cats. Are there's gonna, be about twenty percent of people there, the broad and even invite her brother and sister, I, U Maggie Michael Myers, reporter was thought scrubbed. They had nothing other than ass. I have been here before us only haven't we once in my life, doesn't amid prince and audacity detail prince without a grub global witness to It had pictures and Venus Prince Harry before they ve met each other, so maybe she felt like she would have been invited. I write meek mail. You performed at the rolling a festival in Miami over the weekend. That was his first performance since he got out of prison was scheduled before marriages is one opens up as you can. It was our first and then he came out and did size and said that it was good to be back and free. Friend, of people's caliber Magog gathered, doesn't really perform. Colleges comes our dealings, everyone
dreams and brings out other people that he has his offers outside the rounding thou festival- and I don't have you guys heard this story by two barristers Duke University- were fired. They were play get paid by young doff while they were working, and I guess somebody I. What are they? They? Somebody from human resources fire than the vice president of student affairs, heard the lyrics to get paid playing over the coffee shop, speaker and You know I like a lot, don't act. In summary, it yeah, I can see why they got fired, was clean version, clearly never clean virtue. Why would you how clever do they know Dj Dimona Radio, when I would have a clear version rice, as some people were screaming out discrimination where young Duff poured out the two people who were fired, break? Brad and Kevin Simmons and hears what happened on states. I know you are familiar with this is was happening to university cover those girls, no satellite, they far to workers from a coffee shop for parliament, but it is still about about ruefully whip
So sickness L, it's a yard, his do jobs the alpha. How do I get sorted out? We are right now, no they d get paid. The young, Daphne I don't, everybody go to their job and try to play, get paid loser. Why personal bribery like a virus? no is doubly faraway? Positive USA pay Young, the GPA. It wasn't my allotted later. I presume lyrics areas just I know I know No, you look like you enjoying it. If you white mist, ok, I know about it and I hope you gotta go levers. Clean Versing data was that you know, Why won't my guy one black guy on black lady Ongar she's, not a black guy? He just pay to maintain down doves in inward. What we
You know what we got to do better to peep. Do just any big over. Do not have that. I don't know a white guy right here, pay a white man and does Data Edward, thereby wouldn't none of us think and animated say said he didn't evaluate- will lead us to look at a song paid young. You pay, you know, you say, give pay your ninja guilty, but he wasn't anything in there. Mozilla YE. That is your room, a report, our, I beg you museum from Pesos Nicky, I, yes, we do. We are going to be second about people dying I'm leaving. They are killers, cars running doctor who can ensure that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast come on? Everybody is the J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club asking some front page news now in the NBA of Cause Recap Celtics, with the calves, one o eight eighty three they balloon calves outlined romantically was above the man of highly oppressed by both in our thinking to realise our good boffin will be for the next map. Slowly of car, urine and gone. Hey would not even plan right, not above engine, they got alive,
reproduce, she had got a lotta caps, Bays Boston, Boston, only talk Braun at of games and ideal. Don't buildings will be that easy to mix couple games, runner fifteen voice. I say without sweated thing, going on about cubby brain being more skilled than the brine you guys that means a memo on record always the same elaborate and one of the greatest ways of autumn, but he's not buried him. I will join you not bedding and Kobe Bryant out. Did you better manage nothing, but don't know those guys so whatever right well tonight, the warriors played Iraq does not look about these cars. We got all these causes. He wasn't recast version that people are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning after leaving on their Keeluk cars. Since two thousand six at least twenty people at least twenty eight people have died in forty five. Other people have suffered injuries, they thought they turned off their vehicles and it turns out that their car was still running. That liberal party to store was left out before we were not side does kill him. You know, why did you do it? Was you just
I was peering out of the car car keys role and have it in a garage? And sometimes I don't turn a car off taking the cars off in the war. Would you still be sitting you gotta alone? because it's in your garage than those in your house here now let me just sitting in a car the whole day, but most acute. Wasn't you cause there. People haven't, even at our own, asked about five minutes, cuts off what is regarded as a team as long as I don't know of mind other now, because my car's part does, as I'm not gonna die from carbon monoxide poisoning anyway, but I do know that I can't termite lock the doors if mark, I still running from outside did happen to me a little over the poor, Dublin Jim Parking Lot, and I knew it my car of what I have here in a car running put. It was the cod next to me to stay was that individual? I wasn't magua in over his oh. What ages bless. You know what they do. It makes it hasn't everything that like, if you get out of the car, that I like beeps babies, my babes after wireless does, b, B, B b b, the law goes off one of my cause of it all too long and it isn't
And to me right now, a white women cod, police on a black family. This was at Lake Merrick on Human John Holmes. Now The reason why at first the boy, if you the video, because there was a way, as they Michel Snyder, who was foaming the hall Entire incident because she saw the women's is looking. I mean face snarling. Basically looking at that Hungary Warner ebb yet looking? is a black man on sale, Abraham who was cooking out and she like something wasn't going to be right and a little was I let me go ahead and pay attention was. You know why she drives look at their bids. You look at the budget, I should go to regional policy. While she got her charge honour phone in the middle of a park, maybe she has it
what about the report, which you know what you're going to call the police chosen by Giorgio phoned duty, and this has noticed that there is to be any other way than she had to stay and observe the whole situation in ferment. She said one and say I was alone the black man who was barbecuing through this white women was being aggressive with him and three. I thought that if the police came in fact could be misconstrued, says he actually went and approached though Women Michel's, night Missus Sherwin Approach. The woman just because you wanted to engage with her and kind to see what was going on. Do you have a problem with these gentlemen? Haven't barbecue here, I believe that's going on it's illegal time now travel around the partner, Louis, not outrageous, that the map it says this is a designated barbecue area. No, no approach, hurtled railed, not charcoal girls are allowed to see it. You must not have looked at. What can we really? Are you not allowed in marine, so bent out of shape over them began, causes extra money?
To this end, it is not our role as you will have you said they were using barbecues office. Then a man as soon as you try to tell them that they were trespassing, that they were not welcome as tell them they were gonna, go to jail, yeah right. How about that? So when the cops came, the women who the police on them actually broke down crying, I'm back. You bet you back off. Why not just get a black man like a white woman crime for no goddamn recently, a away almost all crime for no damn rhythm? Ninety that attentively made of going to jail for no damn refer, ok, I'm living! Mr Michel Snyder actually observing the citizen and Tilbury hackers. Who knows what could it have you Louis Michel Snyder for using her privileged to combat prejudice and us
to those beautiful life you home in Oakland, who came back to the same spot the next day and called all a cut in Israel and uncles and all their armies and had a big o barbecue radiologists lies right, Milly Wrong. They was given it in ok, saluted him, I drop will include bomb for that. Haven't you do with them. I turned the money racism. U turn upon your blackness goddammit right, alas, front page news: now we come back from love and Hip Hop Atlanta term, Rivero will be joining us all. Kick your home. We come back. She has a new product is out now so don't move. This level more. The breakfast morning, every body is the envy of Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got his best guess in the building. Turned me Rivera. Morning very welcome here. Whether private entities in platinum, I'd is happening in Palermo, Rivera, really
congratulations, Inky thought just came out or much urban areas like the wind abound. Go. Go, go, go! Remember what you walk a thing it year along how you surrender everything's independent narrative, well, congratulations on that night. If you shot yeah, I was ever devised even for the EPA. There is wrong. It is like the one tat I am just more thankful or by creating a wondering whether people really accepted it it. How did you learn to sing we'll get you into singing everything's without a care like everybody from
high school and everyone from like my home town in the wagon. Thank God you're like singing like shores, singularly airliner devalues the italian people now like I've happy which had a family before, and I just never data so people. How many similar you part about? Why you, and I shall say, and unlike knowledge, is shattered, I'm good path. Lay everything under the sun. Any people on love hip hop so he's taking it like. Why didn't you sing on love, hip, hop, cuz, it's ya! Most people that go on that show would say. Okay,
user soda promote whatever it is it I'm doing, and you didn't even give us an inkling tat. This would have goal of yours. It was because they were able something that I cannot play. All we in that is always was about this about, like one of those weapons view things, but I use it showed up, I'm sure give up my language into made out and then he would you say it was tat. I thought I had a story behind. It was something that it was absolutely right. I was on a plane outside guy came myself present. I got enemy like if you don't do you never going to do it, and I just call my friend Robin whose because why she's been baltimores love and I was like a they recover three- she laughed at issue my work and out. I know I can see her everything in involve an she said. It's a idea. Is he theories EVA here a book every time we use our guy? Do we have either
user growing, mother. No, he was I shot out. Are you gonna lie Loki like Zenos, they You say that you were like you know at the worthy pagodas, I'm crazy. It's time. You know now he's at a point when he like were behind everything, but wait a reason for not telling him efforts. I don't want to, I think, outweigh him, just as I want to be like
a thing road running at all, but I mean, even when you were in the studio when you're, where together and you D, never out of the boy, am I watch him he's, as was the actually Earth Tommy ever reporting it is to use. My second are therefore unable to go, for it have never been here before road. Where do we go say when you came in the studio and he heard you singing in front of him for the first time he was I he was in our view. Such a g is like ours, so scared. Oh, he star Joker. We got me super comfortable either I get another ok and you just like you, gotta do is going ahead and he will make you think it over and over and over so I was in the alliance lope again again and-
Wagner, calmed voyages. It came I inhabit. The first saw he will listen I'll Judith Body language, you gotta. Let me as negative producing new like that abortion. As so you your how AP fate is out, and there is somewhat of a theme on those answer how and why were you in the whole process of writing in choosing the songs and mama I'm very of organisms? Like writing. I'm still, you know, get manage any arm by pretty much every song au fait with something that our experience Do you know that? Because I felt that when I listen to it that you know the topics in the song, a lot of it does have to do with. You know now be entreated away that you felt you deserve to be treated by bringing with somebody annoying. You don't want to leave on bare because I'm regular native careful tat I mean he's always gave no eagerly. Laszlo
now yeah we issues, and actually those reports relate almost a year ago. Like, though, is that the music as those on the whole of his face now, another report is, as I have a lot more using anti number you. It was all a walnut, our relations Eu Calabrian in July. Mozilla guy. You, you stay rambling. Only one people, careful model with you climb back when you gotta observer blade term. Italy is literally, I thought I did home is a matter of fact, even though it is a promising that I don't care is really thy. Even people be thinking. That is something I oh she's bother cause she's added that now sometimes ikebana fly. Why did he kill them by energy. You dont know my guys are really does take some of the energy to do that easy part. Is it like? I give more backlash or work it out? Will my husband then idea for leaving him and is raising laid the title,
we like them, where we are now roused, also told them to his poor. Do you know what you know you post toward bingo here and I'm not perfect? You know I'm not saying that he's on that justify when people ask me and I cannot break it down. I tell people all the time and I dont really talk about it, because people won't understand it on a level that I equally like. It was a spiritual battle. What my eye was, but I know that I was therefore mission for reasons, and he bore Niven understand so for me to try to break them down it. Does it makes things like the further I met? My hasn't, he told me you without you gonna, be my wine. You met you, I got hold me. I gotta be with you and or years I didn't understand where I was appointed by God. Why did you say municipal crazy, like unworthy of our authorities? I was a green and gullible and a guy here in a fix miles. One day you can fix my heating unit in before he left us whenever these God gave you think you're here for yourself attitude for reason is that it is not about you.
You came here to deliver and I never understood that thirty years later to well met now the age of three weeks ago we debated Lou, I can't leave him. I haven't gotten available was rather like unnatural, delivered, whom I am one almighty by no, it's not that. I am sorry that you say when it may farther wife, if I'm getting more so like arm. There were things in our relationship that there I know that is by the way. I'm on my way to tell me you, like years ago, prisoner, he was like you will say much if he's always end up on your wife, I am thing I describe what I would say I was using my where you live with. You were my own, get it, and now I get it in arms sale. I he's a different person. He is growing his learning we both abroad and your daughter was an integral part of you. Staying with workers were she wasn't interpol?
but he's like the glue, maybe not himself? My then you said you could see that yeah she's. He loves her like an even when we were separated. He always off a hey. Can I get Charlie and meet up with Charlie you? When I went as an active life, these, have you got it had of her in the air, and people were actually bashing about as agreed the best about any better than most people a miserable when their relationship is horrible. Nato, not a figure it out. You know figure it out in your relationship and makes it bet it s my love to see relationship in couples who go to problems, work it out because it gives people will go into their probably no one at all to show them that all this can work. I don't have to take the way of everybody telling me to do this. Do you do is best for you, anyone as positive vote jumped to the next wrapper enough of me. I don't know which I want me to do it. I'm sorry if, as some have run away
and I'm learning with the April a matter, but it still always your decision. Ultimately, our even argue would in all areas where you're the only made a call to forgive you know I mean issue I will not give in to her. No single is called loses the breakfast club morning morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have to be reviewed in the bill. Do so and the sign that we just play cod lose. It sounds like you're talking all about your relationship with whacker, most very emotional me air. It is doesn't that reality large. I really do you think. I'm a Emmi start times. You know when they signed the walkway, you no one is worth fighting for you. No one is now and I felt like my marriage was worth fighting for. I knew I know the potential we had to be like when I made the illicit enables this. There was only one thing on the battle is now with Egypt.
Me I'm not alive. If a small thing, that's that's me, a major arise. No is now I didn't realize by law role here on earth in European Research, a movie ever, do it. No, I will not name any day now values. Does the blue card is the big lie, but you gotta put the air engaddi off and I got enough now- you know like nonetheless to work hard to get bad girl. I want, I think I haven't no lover, he upon alone as we have no idea what I am a great, I have a great idea how I was so me out of my mouth. My plea. That's what a bad feeling in the world when you walk in the house and let your wife may look of fit when you was doing it your hard drive immediately. Did you really like? I do
most days, but he get these two ass best backup. I thought I had a united. We like you, ve, taken him about. If we now have that right now, like a baby, my work- I wouldn't that man come on grounds die broader. You! Well you my man. Can you put something people think about your relationship? Every so you pose is sometimes when you there Everything is going wrong, people just ain't, it just means you're about to embark on something great and everybody and to go to that level with you, no matter how much you want them to trust the press at all. For you, Then I thought it was over. Now you see I'm growing in my career. I am growing
when and how people around me, like I'm happy were, would mean that Hizbollah, I admit I am illegals, I'm just loyal by the evil and out he must have Ruth wanna. Let people around me there go hard on care who you were willing to pay. As you go. Hardly believe me. I went around me and our fight for people to go with me and they just now supposed to maybe it'll just be some flukes after their do with some flaws and I'll keep ignore, nay, and in a way that is by you know, your mom always know. Oh Mamma, however, in the beginning, but then, if I M just give me a visit by ok, I gotta, let it go, did you or your mom's about new momentarily cigarettes to grow, walk mama inherit all home thanks of the now is the want of, but she's like. I did have a game after a while. She was I ok, he thinking, but then, and even when he got to the point where he which aren't you back, he was his. Mamma will not I'm sorry, you never even have his mommy. I amplifying going. You know
Mama her ass. She was just I'd sheets on my mom, always some issues. If he be, I was gonna factoring everything on innovation, ship. She say no man and you know who that is all that which you can take only you know when you're tired, though I always think that when we have when I knew I was tired, I was tired, but when I wanted to give up, it was like when I d give up- and I was like when I say I was gone- I was gone like it was can I make it ain't me back when I guess I've allow moving a house. I could you dog Hamas legally? How would you know what I is being me if I ignored this being row Nath Unama plant, I'm gonna, get rid of some of them will be and what is the real name in his room he about early. He was ever wife and I was just boulier. He would- and I wish to other face though he will. He like let me highlight it may sometimes have remained an hour. You did you say
maybe I haven't their eyes wide open guy I'll, show you. Are you taught you to eat argue is involved, is a model of iron thinking that you I mean I was lying, nobody menu. Gayly along you thought you'd be thought you was involved with somebody else. I am thinking that you I mean I was like you. Funny I may have a heart attack. You now have that kind of like the song you did this year, like you did I wanted to be moving as I couldn't go back out in what was a cable sleep with them. I can get you back. The way you got me beg for the only way out into each other, right after a while he started hurry meters. Did you keep hurting
I would like to ask you: love ass. Most people don't understand the fact that he hurt you, but you still care about his feelings, ass. It had below people about the wise, I'm! Ok, if I keep being open and a brilliant like a believer in Namibia, unfilled, hello, there live. How did you ever really did anybody of no video? draft and we have you never get dressed in leader Read it all at that age. Allow, as many people have been you'd, be it will allow a lotta celebrities, yeah away without there being any, with vague, may come into my patient, like adding even our watchword. Coronal Northport dear me, said he was coming out. Like Egypt, Elizabeth Hannah, my amendment, I met my manager defined as an asset
now the body or coming it and how to me? You know you pose. No at the point that people everybody knew that we will. I separated you, don't like everybody like a guy, is I'd loving about episode, aired and even I, the busy we gonna have other baby, you again, I think Hammy a we had used without that they were the celebrity about the working hours, the assistant coats and others who it is. The players on the team is like yell of you introduce. Can you introduce me to tell me- and I was egg if we win this game? Yes, you do, then. Yes, every now and again and again, but I told him, you say you guys this go along with it as we turn Windows game where he was plain to you. I gotta leave the letter that I was sorry. You know when your grandmother, bugaboo sepia me I'm gonna, do we must win by armies, necessarily right he's gonna make me want to work in this way. I just got back again. My eye
Do you live like annoying? You aided do thou terminology, he know ye, but he can't blame them now. I was busy and other allies on the outcome, work is road or people are welcome, though it was not an people We gotta get funny now, of course, I will always have to town and in India among hammer my having robin kicking from an alibi, Latin America, even when we worked together like our like lily, if he was a man that I feel I would briefly like to. You We hear a lot into a guy. Will, though you back learned man, I will get a thirty two dishonest. Funding. Coming from you look ahead, was killing me like you, as I am a thirty two g in I'm so small frame light, but I'm Abbe. Thirty. Three issues, though, is like. I just thought it anyway. I am a mammoth, so obstinate, tee, thou, Dost thou know when you know that
I'm gonna be having placed didn't happen. I believe one of was gonna feel differently, my god, you re free, you think about it. I've always avoided index. Girl, like you were bad hurts really is billion that like it, I tell you it wasn't my fault, you know I don't like it. And no my lemmings up. Nor do I love it. I did have you appearances is these. In Serbia so you just order. Do it anymore, they charge. You know. My contract was over at last is away the jaws of me and I would like the internet my contract. Of course they wanted every eye and in our view, as I did I just not you don't I would you know what it is now a respect. People can say what they want is about. More knows
or to show me you, though crazy you make yourself Locri Bible, you go near. You gotta display yes officer away like be truly yourself like when you got that China echo for my user, you wanna be, there's you aren't you gonna get it he's, gonna show them in I'm saying so when you the goat, Heron up yeah. You know I'm sale, I it is what it is, but I was you know. They're, like someone is business that respect you know, they're your decision, envious, animist of contracts in aid of the enemy S, the game. Go just you learn, you know, so I'm superber from other following up issues. What more can I give you after this light, where we have enough Amy dynamical. We are right now, just now when loved your pop one round in arms sale light is, as I say, that the definite will more. Can I give you an Asia by is no more growth from near so after, like animals
but we are working on our right. Yoga me to flag of commerce. We will draw up. We actually sarcoma may attempt eleven does to monitor this wound, but, as we all know network it, while we have a huge whereas we depend on movement, garden, I do love and not at all. We appreciate you for joint. Thank you for having pick up the new EPA is called fate stream. It downloaded and Miss Taylor. Rivera is the breakfast. Furthermore,
the breakfast club running everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club Happy Monday back to work. Lakers thing to have you mind lately I back we, alas best Roadmap unhappy turbulent. May you got what you wanted one hour I'll ask. Israel was a so called me with Angela. His clothes were azalea. Banks was on the breakfast club in an urgent things to say about cardy, be. I was here that day, but obviously this interview in particular has been for many reasons, for many different things that was set in this interview really gone viral? Now here's what azalea beings I'd say about Carnegie. I just don't understand how we go from like or just not female wrapping, this black women's culture thing. I don't understand how we go from Yanza lemonade,
it's a lot of these like great conversations, lack lives matter. All these conversations to like this. I've never seen that at the forefront of a rap. I didn't know that the standards that at the I would be lowered so much Is, I just feel like it's unfair, so like the real institution of female rat I mean they have had a conversation before I got all the women of color monolithic either like cardio, you don't know their difficult and clearly alot of people, Love Cati, including me so disease opinion as our opinion, but Cati not bother nobody except people by the buyer. Success I write, locality be respected. Every week scenes I may somebody's map. Why was noble? talking about me when I was on love hip hop all of a sudden. I'm the reason why the world is such a terrible place I'll be minding my business. Why is it that male rappers can speak, how they want ask how they went, but people constantly bash me for it. Why do I feel like I apologise for being who I am talking about and being much I'll call ghetto leave me alone, and she said I speak. I speak my mind me.
Broken English. My dad speak Spanish and I use a lotta hoods lane does that I will see the rural economy she's very successful. She did her damned thing. She came from the garden she told far. I might even while she was by guess what then place where everything there is space for a conscious, music and airspace by rapid fun music. It is what it is in every la boy, like God, you because you're delivers. A positive message in a wretched way so I asked my baby answer: wasn't bianti the same woman. She was took an issue about and dragging all over, the media and from there. Because because I am I am, I did not choose to be famous people choose me. People follow me on Instagram of the people gave me a platform to introduce my talent. I never asked to be a role model and she goes on and posted another post. She said I read this couple at times with, the appeal is in the bees out. There are women who easily find joy and belittling black women bs area as Guy Jack, Sammy MA, can't try and stand for them because it's convenient did
between me and you. I've never pretended to be or represent someone I'm not. I made it where I am for being myself and staying true to that. I'm not trying to represent nobody, but myself you busy trying to be a voice of reason and a representative for women of color, when you can't even reason with yourself, you can they stand where your insecurities come from a why you're not happy in your own skin. There are a lot of pictures, oh said, a lot to me. Was posted during this time. Failure banks of course responded and she accede did opposed where she said Bell. Callouses give it up. You have a fever and are leaking breast milk everywhere, trying to come up with them, irrefutable combat, suspend twelve hours proofreading matches, while still completely missing the point you and whoever wrote this reply, for you don't have the intelligence to engage in this, not so complex discussion. I spoke about it for of two minutes in an interview- and you respond by calling me unattractive mentioning my bleating, my skin and telling me to suck your ass a meeting, improving yourself to be exactly who I thought you were a bird says. Let us not forget that you look
a big toe with the harmony without all that comes on your face I really nasty, and the thing is that car to be is pregnant right, about to have a baby, and it's very stressful for her and after all, this back and forth. She has since lacked outer instagram account and also hurts. Witness. I guess he's taking a break from all that people close to her a saying the doktor is actually a. This is all getting Tuesday well for her, so What was going on right now would clearly be in Azalea me dizzy. A video of party be forgotten to altercation at the lieutenant. Georgie's inside and somebody That's a yellow hair. I don't know exactly what how we had best for cod. He said in another, but love and lightly, as if they were in a couple of my own ideas, desirable cod How are you going to night ass? She called her. Whatever the names you gotta go as everybody, you had bring it of Oda lemme. Then, if I didn't bring of their logo, your colleagues you didn't ask about, we ask. Beware me to our stated that, as I used to like guided me, she did she talk about that.
But a very says it all the time. Why do you care what she says Who can or should I say, let her talk, I just ignore it could, when you don't ignore, when ye be put more fuel on fire, canning, northeasterly, nobody on the blacklist club, you d want people to ignore what they say, absolutely canning, or an on line at a shell around on oh by the way it was his own above Goggins thought Orlando. What he said on social media after effects and what's really caused the jumble, I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss you, gotta mine, you mean you dog to resume dog. You today is a segment. Then I used to give people a credit. They deserve to be stupid. It's a sexuality, expert, named D on costs and who need to come to the front, and a congregation of this is by far the stupidest thing. I've heard probably this year and that's say in a lad: ok, Athena saying lot I will talk about when we come back. You belong to the breakfast locomotive.
I don't give a day. Job Democrats are being given a little bit of a mixed. Like adults had been called a lot of my twenty four years. The donkey at a day is a new wife, yes dog you today for Monday May fourteen goes to a sexuality, expert navy and causing a donkey. Today's segment that is designed to give people to credit. They deserve be stupid and let me tell you something story right here. By far the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time, and we live in an era of highly stupid things, but I say a lot ok now I have no idea will qualify the end, be a sexuality expert. How am I fool, aren't even notice. Actuality expert does account assuming she's for another and other people's sexuality, animal sexual behaviour likes. You can just look at someone until if their J, R straight or by our path,
in our stir fry sexual whatever, but have you sexuality is the end of an expert at all? I guess I'll know it while the expertise and additives I take that Vienna presented a planet our chair actualities expert is because I hate pieces called you. Pc culture is destroying the world. Every one is trying to be so politically correct to the point that we are all lying to ourselves and we are telling each other what we think we want to hear. Instead of what we need here and sexuality experts, the end is presented something to us that we all want. Nor do we need feed. The aid is giving us parents tips. On how to raise our children specifically outer raised them. The know that consent matters Ok, the aim is stupidly, suggesting that parents ass their infant children for consent. To change their Davis White, I repeat The aim is stupidly, suggesting their parents ass, they infringe children focus to change their diapers. I can't even
This kind of ignorance of I've gotta today show us grave report. Police dice, actually expert claims. Parents must Ask permission before changing my a child's nappy Dan Carson believes. Consents must be given by the child before their dirty nappies removed, hey she's on the ABC suggesting how to go about it. I'm gonna change. Nappy now. Is that ok, of course, a baby's not gonna respond, yes, mam! That's also, but love tat, my nappy changed, but if you leave us space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you letting met child know that their response matters, my cousin defended comments, saying the idea around consent is about empowering children with their rights and protecting them from sexual abuse. This sounds ridiculous Still so did the baby's has now and getting there because they know this, and if we let the wreckage showed his woman began, looks like she has never got her close up.
It's like she has their own children. She sounds like she has their own. Children are guaranteed, as one is never changed by a foreigner life, because no one who has kids, who has washed the child. And change dabble wherever fixed him out to say you have to ask the baby for consent to change. The date was an This is where the logic is so flawed. Listen what she told us grave nine network again with Attention nappy now. Is that ok, of course, a baby's not go to respond? Yes, mam! That's also, but love tat, my nappy changed, but if you like, space and wait. Body language and wait to make eye contact. Then you letting met child know that their response matters so body language in our guns, workers, consumer, you. So you teach a neutron about consent, and you tell him as an apparent he. Of course a baby's not correspond if you leave a space and wait for body language away to make eye contact and you let me child noted their response matters. Will. Let me tell you what I logic is flawed, because which essentially saying that body language, an eye contact, is what got to conceal
Can I eyes an adult used body lay would deny contacted justify consent when I'm with another adult Is it a slippery slope, be aid per hate, big I would just saying this is just apply to influence because, as an adult I know, As media has no means no and not getting an answer, means knows well. Consent is yes, a clear cut body language like the young lady, takes my clothes off rather. Venus and puts it in our ok. All you would no doubt they don't follow the eight definition of consent. I ok. Don't followed the end definition of consent. Okay, we you somebody based on body, language and eye contact. Now, ok, you make a move now right: sounds stupid for adults and a damn sure sounds stupid to ask a child. Now, Mariah Mendez a Phd in psychotherapy, says babies really can understand the concept of consent doll. And she goes on, say I sent required being able to understand a cause and effect relationship that come,
the cognitive development and she says consent is even a low vat for children between the ages of one in two or by the time showed you two years old. They can better process what do in don't like when you say: no, you can absolutely trust. I mean it. My response to that is so Kay, my youngest daughter is too right. Now, if I say to her, come on, let's go change a day. We know, as you said to me most of it I know, but what she'll know any better chance, I'm supposed to let the year and increases pile up simply because her cognitive development scaled haven't fully develop yet the aid? There's only three things to discuss here: ok and that's a Should you shut up? Oh no, not yet a should you shut up, ok I'll be, should you shut the effort I see? Should you shut the effort for ever? Ok, please give the cause and sweet sound inhabitants, belief
You all about e g, so stupid. I don't know. Antonov is Monday on this story, but I really hate people worry people, yet people when I have to look at it. This makes me hate people. I will take you for a donkey today. Are you have you? Kids will continue to do that. I was nine. We wish you anyway to been in jail billion times. My youngest is almost too in no way in the hell. Am I gonna ask, like you said as a kid, if I say Camilla me, Jane Japan, Bonanza that attended like no, Then, why don't ya out is Graham and sail ganglia debate where the adults, ok, kids, a walk around with your and increases the midday will all day long. If you let him lab slowly. So what are we asking me what he would ask people this morning?
Maggie nodded. You got this little bit information being without asking you kids are concerned. To change the divers as one of its one. It though it idea though stored up again no issue here is out. There is a mistake. I want thought up against the wall. Fever is going to pay up against the wall. Safe states, eight hundred five, a five one or fire one. If you have a kid- and I owe you ass, the child hey, do you? divide, changer, Pavel right now you know to get consent to end of huge of joining us, a young, no young person being coffins there that I contact and body language would justify, can sit Don't you forfeit out when it does just having a fire one? Do you ask for consent? If we change
because now the breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall have been the guy. We are the breakfast club now, if he just joined in a shallow man, gave donkey of the day to who shouldering their cars and choose actuality effort. She says that parents should be asking their cave for consent, change their diverse growl cable. Talk about it, eight hundred feet The five one one phone call us now. Now I'm not ask and not try to click first ecologically, I'm gonna. Try Nappy. Now. Is that ok, of course, a baby's not gonna respond, yes, mam! That's also, but love tat. My nappy changed, but if you leave us space and wait body language and wait to make eye contact, then you letting that child know that their response matters I ask you: may travel goose it if you gotta issues paper or open
he pamper, I'm changing the am I mad effect on my. If you all of my daughter's almost to make her go, get the pamper end wipes over law, my God is to which he knew their damaging to your comment, which ended. I wish you say no though, therefore kid don't know what's best for them, especially when it the dirty divers irate number two now not asking for consent. Indiana sounds like somebody. Who's never had her club shot up. She sound like somebody was never changed. She has no idea what it takes to reach out and when you're telling somebody that consent is eye. Contact in body language is a sinner, the wrong definition of consent to adults. Can't use that if a girl would mean he knows you she's? You know, drunk of something in the. Where would kiss it, and she made I contacted me in her body language. Can you there's an excuse that, if that's what you can't, I feel awkward now and I'm babysitting and have to change a diver this? You should feel funny pc, because this our world man, let's go too far,
allows this page open day. You know- and I like that, was you gotta ask who consider ginger parallel you note era, yeah yeah yeah, I'm good at it says the money on paper, not let my care and that a more friendly, very as a you're, getting more trouble for leaving a kid unattended would a dirty diaper first year, allied generous for child neglect. No doubt if we consider the professional does that I gotta pyramidal ban might hear about our no by touch my kid I gotta know yet that is up to you. If you want the mighty them that you you know, I'm fan I, you know there is a way, no one, but you better, not your cue to be distinctly killer school. That's cool, married! All! No matter, you know, listen! Anybody I thought I was gonna. Pay is about his bow and when you get arrested for neglect, you will learn other listen. Why do you know my students
beg out and nobility you gotta, show your writing and with good. You have a two year old. You ask us to do the people know my clear will very advanced and between all glad over eight. However, I'm not gonna allow who either all the possible when you need to be a power of your allowing itself to give consent of both a bit of moving know about the American away from my house is there would like he and pool of good things her pull up, I feel like. I have tabled a military American awaited me. Now I don't wanna be king. It opening up a candle to back in the power of learning. Like they have unfolded view these days there a law. In our opinion, a black eye right, I can mommy the bill now and that the law, you can't do anything about it.
Neither do they not to abandon, though they are not achieved now goddamn divers loggers Debbie. I wish I wish. I d. You know it change own damned Ivan it. Would you don't know that first and that we know, is next eighties. Vegetables know. Yet They had to give consent, said the even consider Majority Aidan, five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one are you going to get consent to change your baby's pamper cause? Now it's breakfast pokemon is dj Envy and Charlamagne tha god we are. The breakfast club join. The Charlemagne gave donkey data who shot oh dear, Carson, she's sexuality expert, who is stupidly suggesting that parents ass their infant children? Ok, to change their divers, I wanna go to lie. One glass was he's effortlessly, honestly, say literally her order. First, I'm gonna change. Happy now. Is that ok, of course, a baby's not gonna respond, yes, mam! That's also, but love tat, my nappy changed, but if you leave us space and wait
body language and wait to make eye contact than you, letting that child know that their response matters. Hello mammals is was name you need Hey Janina, you agree with this lady said I dont really agree waiting at eight I'm a little. You ve got a real moral born it boy. I think what you China convey is their right. Don't they usually occurs within the family nine times out of ten? It occurs within the very end, everybody else out mind it united. Then you need to act as they. Maybe the child, it is under then ok, what he'd, not love me don't is achieved. Not what we do on its own is opening up of a communication. Maybe I'm changing Macgyver donors recourse in view remember ever junior diverging more tangible benefits can say right now: ask if they cannot change table was three, so I mean well. I'm fan is, I'm not saying you keep saying, ok
at my baby, Bergen think of the court, the baby's not gonna refined, but we all learn, like you, nothin learning from a young, a very baby crying because you said we were Mama border areas that is delivered is not a real driver who I was asked to say, I'm trying to understand this but my mommy providing, as you know, in a way that they be stirred showed her. Maybe in a white world ass you want more minor, only raised everywhere world. At the moment, Mama day. Well, we got a tablet world July and white light, and we were alone Nay, you got my world, but they were never mind,
When we talk about saying you, babies paper brought you that you get Cosette and will consider that again in our point out again, odor damned thing to get at them about something that is absolutely begin with a gun. I get them on another day noted Ben is gonna, think diaper they lead painted. I bet make it they know about that, but we heard about we're. Gonna have a decent man. If you have your kid is old enough to tell you know you don't want a diver cheese and depriving only to be Wendy was no more came. My daddy, I told you I interpret denigrating. My daughter's tells me no all the time and, as you have continued, I will, but I notice must now I know from now on my wife ass, we D J, the pair by mobility tribe. Was she told me? No, so you do all you can say you'll give you can single get because any better drop I was more, is to restore there's no more to restore the model, story of the Ankara the need the either a shut up be shut. The f up our seas,
the efforts for ever and lead those of us with kids change. Our kids die was when they need to be changed. Navy had room his own away. Yes, let's talk about counselling, find out what famous siblings had to go to counselling just to deal with this data. All right we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast global warning: everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy we are the breakfast club is monday- is Monday. My do suck this Monday sex. You, a lot of money is incredible man, I'm happy. We get an army for success story. Let's get a room of the talks in an old bob. Did the rumour report annually on the breakfast Latina sat down and talked with Maria Schreiber on Friday to discuss beyond, say and some lines and her parenting skills and
what she had to say about dealing with beyond sais stardom, ahead days that I devoted to on wednesdays. I took off and work, and that was so launches day and she was a lot young in advance. I knows tough because she was fabulous. All do and the answer was this little superstar and are in our city, and so I took them the counselling so that very early, so that the council could help beyond say be more sensitive to salons cause. She couldn't stand for a minute. You know what I were little things last. She was all in a stuff. She was trying to hang around her and her friends talk about vision where Jesus Christ, that's It is excellent, as he had the foresight to say, hey. Let me make Are there my youngest is dealing with this. Ok cause. It can't be easy for a child ass. She had the foresight to maim, are killed by our stance, along with orange origins of those mates economy heard beyond the yours alone before beyond against large array nets
As the rapporteur delivered the commencement speech at Dillard University, and he about the answer in the commitments be tears when he said all of us have responsibility to be greater than the people came before us. We have a responsibility to be now. As good as them or live to their example, but to actually surpass them even want to seem scary. We have to overcome their fear. And be greater than our role miles beyond their performance was better than any performance, Michael Jackson, every day that woman, better than my black woman. Better than MIKE, I said Ah, you know, listen reservoir is pandas a lot of what he without doubt, but to get that apply in thought, but I will not go crazy. He made of it like he came back moving all that didn't give em the maiden with this one up Well, maybe was ready to exit, nobody clapped, nobody apply. I do
We would ask the allowances and inspiration, while the Missouri say to commissioner example related Acrobat surpassing. That's you admire. He was talking about a black woman acts. Lee being the greatest performer, so Philippe moved in a goal should be to be better than no. There came before absolutely necessary. Society was adding at the black women to an audience clearly or they wasn't feeling that they didn't level are right. Now, let's talk about highly degenerate Lisbon, outlines of disrespect for rumours that her bodyguards him Chung. The person who is stormy, father, her daughters, father and actually had to release a statement denying it. He said, I'm a very private person and would normally never answer to gossip in stories that are so ridiculous it they are laughable out of deep respect for cars. Travis, their daughter took their darted together and their families. I would like to set them it straight and say that my interactions with highly and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity. Only there was now
story here and I asked the media no longer include me in any narrative. That is incredibly disrespectful to their families, who noble girl, regional security looks like everybody knows what it is. I never let us impossible is very good. Look at me. I'm not gonna lose yeah whenever it I'm gonna a dagger. Looking guy to answer this Lisbon How do people posting side by side with him in the baby, in saying that the baby has his features and all of that so good? Looking guy. If you ever votes he you can take a look I ride. Draken Amigos are gonna, be going on towards together this summer, the doing of forty one date outing it all kicks off in SALT Lake City on July. Six, if you want to see the armoury the three Amigos tour, Make sure you guys glad about enabled at all S army and I hold granted over the very limited managing is going on sale on? May eighteen fell about the negative may? Well, they all talk you see with due note or with the early artists me goes yard. He
Really how many this I still, I think so, maybe it's what I do know that, but I am and if you have Amex guide, you get early access, starting on Tuesday to Morrow already in the three new goals? Yes, as other horrible boy baby, maybe just a boy. I read They need a video like that. The point, well I'm Angela YE and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss Ski now shall to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody People's choice mixes up next git requesting right now, eight hundred five, a five one or five one is too. First locomotive the information came out that it was an old guy in a young guy like a young guy. The kid whose indoctrinated was under this miss belief that they're gonna have this utopia.
Time. I was thinking well, he should be locked up for ever and ever now, I'd like to come to see whether or not he's really changed now we're dealing with the situation where maybe he will walk the streets again. This is Monst DC snipe. All episodes are available now on the ice, hard radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you listen to pack casts scribe today and bend the entire season hey, I'm morass, gavel: Camper hosts of the trend reporter a new podcast from Iheart Radio. You may know me from tv where I cover any and every thing as Aforetime Emmy, warbling journalist in my new paths the trend reporter I'm footing, reporting skills to work in the world of beauty, and while this I'm talking to since make of art. Influencers health experts and more to find out anything you want to know about the trans. You should know
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