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Friday 9/29 Today on the show we had our good friend Tank come by. And you know when Tank shows up some type of freaky discussion is bound to come up, perfect for Freaky Friday. This time around we definitely needed him to clear up a statement that definitely had people question his sexuality. Also, we had comedian TK Kirkland come by to promote his comedy show this week. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a girl that got purple ink injected in her eye.

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This is your wake a whole day, child region, the annually Charlemagne girl on the planet is respected. Show because this is a voices aside zones in a J W morning, so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest Yo Yo Yo, YO, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Celimene good morning. Aids. Will you please did a planet. God given is one
Well, maybe Levin! Maybe a long winded, maybe fatigue, but we made it a job on cluster bombs. On Friday, some people say that you should pay day. It is really didn't my brother's breathing, happy birthday to members the brain. We wondered your brother my days, Brady's over me, growth is right around the corner. Oh so Ali are lobbyists who know what to do? the input upon whom we already know the Louvre right. Ok, right! retinue dammit array catering could be doing a couple days. I know right now is no less I shall I mean when I was good. I do know the sleep but death death a good night to me, I'm a table. What made me feel good. Let me know I love target tee shirts, mostly maltese, urging you know they were discontinued. Oh, oh, oh! I did well I just haven't been going to the t shirt section at target, but I wouldn't need a t shirt section yesterday and they got these t. Shirts called good for
I got one alright million fellow yes, the movie, I guess, but I know what they feel comfortable I will say mosey mole yet would they Brookfield feel pretty good? All my skin The problem is here today is normally what am I gonna brand new teaching and I could tell the low lying from where was folded. Yes, you looks super wrinkled. Oh, that's good. I had it sitting in a bag all day. I don't be caring enough and I just throw it on, but it feel comfortable though I feel good, so I'm just letting you know, very by Adele was on mostly you're dead target. They got it. Branch. All good fellows is pretty Ok, my guys in July to well. Yesterday I did my pie cast. Joscelyn came by loving about here from Levin had happened, he K Kirkland was there also and if you watch, basketball, wives,
Cynthia came through. Also it was their acts of pack night for me, ok, here very active. So what do we got? A very active show this morning, as we know, Mr Tiki cargo also be here because he's gonna be a car lives on Broadway tomorrow night, seven thirty intend thirty. If you're in New York and look over something is hosted by the breakfast club, also, I'm gonna do. I must start by it as is hosted by you and envy Billina to Geneva Homey Sabena together, homey my you'd, my name for certain things every now and then, but I must start by ok right in be it is also tank would be. It is more than the last time things here. Thank you, today, leg in it ass. He then our media take out. Yes, then suddenly, the headline on media take out with a tank says even saw. Campaigners for twenty years are not the way penis. They bring. You're gonna play replay, Logan and then Erasmus is. This will only take man. He will leave you over that. Yes, but he said we need to get it. Automatically got into out. Mr today call Savage and
for the young and are we got it? This is what they think they are, design. Nobody said, yet he can't figure it out when comes la Mon, ok, you got a new Marcos, savage and even you and learning me, That and a buggy will be here this morning that he would do very the ass. He got much that is more today to God, to bigger artists, We talk and although the individual, this morning, action packed, show impact, show and most important people are here and as you listen don't go anywhere. It's the world's most dangerous morning, breakfast car was song. Is this Kendrick Lamar Lloyd Inquiry, I answer. Yes, as is well known, dangerous Minnesota Breakfast Club Charlemagne got annually Deja envious in Africa right. Yes, I oppose it a couple hours ago that he had just landed after travelling for twenty hours
But the thing is, I see no pictures. No Africa Andy gave you know that we have just got there and then he put a video from the airport could have been any airport could of mercury in Greece Busby in South Africa. Ok, we'll talk prisoners yea without we talk must address. Watson has decided to donate his first and game, checked to cafeteria workers and please, if you that dealing with severe losses after Hurricane Harvey here is what to Sean Watson has to say with all due for us, and I would require a crucial job. So I wonder, offers danger check to y'all allowed some other way. This, I wasn't a youth and taxes. Travel include by their backing for dollar cafeteria worded, as my grandmother would eventually I am growing. We love the legislature from us
The greek government to are ready to be most gonna circular. Now the starry breaks my heart. This is really sad and eighteen year old has been accused of stabbing his classmate in the Bronx to death. And seriously entering another sitting was hanging on for his life because he was being bullied for his quote: flamboyant personality now able to Dana plugged plunge that's, which played into fifteen year old Matthew, Mccrae Killer. And his last area in LA boy, leaving him in critical condition that was at public at the public Urban Assembly School for wildlife conservation. They were harassing him and that's when he did what he did said. One of his, and they said he was it normally. A very good Katie's, not aggressive, everybody loves him, but unfortunately they said that Now he was being harassed since the first day of school yeah, so novaya stories like at all. We think there could have been me for that deathly was dead person. I was on these cases as tee. The gnome harassing deftly paused a lot of people to the brink, known as that answer
but there are many came to school one day with a knife and, as you know, every single being harassed, harassed, rest, but now someone's dead and another student, in our view, is like bless them and deadly got attack before I gotta take, but is Katy was on using the slow class. Is the leg teaism everyday. Anything is how I used to go to the kingdom Homey on Sundays, or you would literally see me like six six data. Secondly, we can, I will give tee t them. He would never say never, never say nothing when the eldest walk in the class, let tee the misuse of the term a bag. He put me in a joke or what I thought it was a well. You know I thought was over. I thought a sea and white lie about it, no more at him! No more guess! What will you, let me go to check. All S. Low do does walked off delays, delay say nothing still didn't make a sound, The bad thing is imagine if he had a knife or some believe that gotta Panada re United Area, it is important to have this conversation. School is back in session about bullying whether yours, how this, being bullied or your child is a bully? It is important that those conversations early people Moma yet yes, shut
man, you do without you from now on and this every time you bought it. Somebody array endlessly that point, we go right now, just still nine days after Hurricane Maria has hit Puerto Rico, Still, there has been a lot of delays and as far as key men first responders, getting their data. Chum tweeted female first responders are doing a great job importer ego, massive of food and water, delivered dogs and electric grid dead. Local trying really hard to help the many. As their homes. Military is now insight site, and I will be there Tuesday day, the press we treat early on budget border regard. Also over? U a territory Una yeah, you know: half the population has no drinking water. Ninety seven percent of people have no power still employing illegal hospitals, are struggling to stay open and a different thing going on so she's gotta make
We do whatever we care right now supported we go. I know a cruise ship just got there yesterday and we told you before pebble was doing whatever He could. He has his own jetsam. He was flying patients back to the mainland so that they can get chemo refreshing on any Martina them have organised a private jet who it? gone around now, because the government is not being very helpful as far as getting supplies over there Why? Don't you and neglected flint? You know America does that it of its territory is struggling to close powerfully mission. Don't worry. I re where that is your front. Page news. Yes, we gotta get it off my chest. Yes, wanting your father. If I want to find one of you want to vent about anything, I know what you may possibly be pissed off about this morning. It's Friday, as you might feel blessed, black and highly fate, would you might just want to celebrate, live just wanna whatever it is called. Is right now get it off your chest
I'm real dangers monitor the breadth of club. The breakfast got wake up manner black we want to hear from you: mining, Invest Nicole, burst from here they're Virginia What's that mean Meloth, why you are the last more advantage of fine? How are you will ask her what I like to call the Charlemagne with their talk to me, got out this autumn guy. I love him to pieces. I love you too. I, like his tell it like it if I use deposits that gives me for once ass by telling me how it is- and I would respectfully but I'll just tell it like it is evident that we finally have a wonderful day after death or have your book. I love it
Solomon Effective off. Well, I've loved you got my lucky, they got every morning. I wanted doorway yeah man, you gotta, see men of his own use, fear just let it go do a guy. I want you to do, implies anything It's? U Odin gives you call again now of ya know that in that way, thank you my right good job. I love you. I love you too. Combining this. I'm only cerebral, Shannon Brown tell us where you illusion of your session and brown Ok, well, good one or two you annually, gig without Charlemagne. God was something I know my mother, I'm good above They are the right man for the phone upon the Red One. You know where we're going over complicated. I work in terms of fifty go, oh, but I prefer to say our bless because my Father
twenty one years ago yesterday of the lot of egg, if they could be got your side, they live on. My side is a book worm he's going to universal artist. I had no business. Though he might even thinking about not sure what you mean to tell me that boy, twenty one is only taken is grow to Vegas. You think that he ate, but thinking about no pauper. You know my browser girl took him to Vegas All the more reason you got know what you mean Nobody will protect yourself. You know the idea of anywhere he's gonna Mayo and also our global myself, because I don't mind a job on the secretary Workable, accompanied Gaza top relate to save these. Are you out there? I have wonderful. I gotta be aware to send the clog up in about four o clock. You gotta come also five manifesto all right now, wouldn't allow refer levels. I watch lower I'm in town I didn't opium.
I drew away, leads outlays about revolt. Now, there's nobody urge some work etc. You know I solemnly peculiarly you because I wrote about dialogue, rail, but are you my baby? I want to say congratulations to you in your book. I believe I want to congratulate you D day you up South Africa where you a lot to be ass. They also makes twenty years may I got no doubt that's gonna, but that I shall not do wonderful. They are right by these any yes, there now get it off. Each has wanting on your father five one or five one. If you want to wait, if you wanted to celebrate life, callers If the world more dangers monitor breakfast club, the breakfast club
Is your job to get it off your just whether your man, what we want to hear from you on the breadth of the mining, you can get it up it s right now is this: this is from this assembly. Would have them, as am at a crucial ever gonna. You know it back hope. Back are you at right after the breakfast Club and Ali Charlamagne, THA God, even though dj envy is in the motherland man, I'm feeling I'm feeling good man, I'm alive and well my family and I'm getting rate is very much a big job, illegal drugs and one other thing out after the show. Yesterday, Madam, has still not been dowser restored man they do have their? How could I delivered? The ones are really got a lot of the girl hours late. I mean I don't know about that. I mean they bade smartphone together into urban yeah yeah. You know, you'll get your not two year who you're all right.
How about a dollar general, but when you will you tell him to show, I was actually unload the truck, an alibi. Man don't make no alone, but in the midst of the county, jail mandatory to walk up and come back, so it s like the major steadied where'd you not a guy security in all. I ask the especially MRS Zimmer without dogmatism EU especially knew how to keep negroes captive. Well, it is great to be driving down the applicant prior to do you know the guy in the car. He read the newspapers. Are you guys, but I made out there out here Mississippi, like you know madam you're right it get out or deny got six months. I have been a runaway gods. You got your I'm a brother will even have my bank India enjoy. Have a blind man might get it up. You guess who's this major Dobbin abroad, when I'm feelin blood there for a broad mercury, be women will be deserted,
I'm feeling their young guy boogie on his shoulders, Monet, Buckingham beyond abruptly clubs, monument vampire email, I hope a guitar tambo, If new, I'm the big art thou not overcome these merited killin, all vice land, with their tv show, gave it up, but about how you and I don't want them all- a creative people in Amerika from flawed in all branches. Even though these America TV show, I saw marrow out yesterday, tagging if the nineties, he had a good spray can in everything we do tat. I reckon mine is that is on your man? Are you bless you mad mad as one in the morning then, why you, why you mammal it
Finally a word you from ginger, I am going to all Brooklyn love them all. But when you look at China they Serena guy, my God, you ok man, swore what I'm mad about you. The way social media has so far. You have the death. I he did something greater for America, were all. Is everybody to have the same energy one Bill Cosby, all Kelly? I just have the same anti people I will be on your daily. I thought about a Europe without actually amicable, visual somebody. And I would like I go to weed out no rest, and please do you know about it? but dad about you have known you, the LAO God bless them. Other people, both in all these deep quote. Now that you have to say that he was, he was illegal camp in America, I don't like it when he went away. I think that you have. Nothing is a weird situation because some people feel like it was a start,
sexual revolution and playboy with groundbreaking when it came out, I'm sure whereby the sole applause Muddy give naval should oppose. Would you have me- big Gregory and said you have no glass on spoken of civil rights, activism. Like really I just use actually sexes and he went against and he women's rights, but has started to go the whole playboy enterprise a long time ago, world bless! You have no right to have left them in a god. Bless the young lady who woke up this morning. Have you shouldn't? Let us look at all wrinkle, bald Mamma. I write and I do love you just barely. One on your body by one of our when we do that every morning may leave room report coming up. Yes, and many just confirmed that pregnancy, rumours votes are you who is have in another baby. Also we told you bad you back. Her family is now suing their cats who killed her cousin, have you an update on the situation around and don't forget, we got take coming up
next, our gas, its regular, give rinki brighter. Take his deadly poison to be her well, Moldavia is modest, would represent a breakfast club now I know gaining new. I do love you do. You know all the work you do. Those have indicated during its workload, dangers, modest or breadth of Club Charlemagne got ITALY idea, envious in Africa, the room report coming up and as you can, we talk about the report at the point of reference. Congratulations to toy around right, ok, rapporteur to love you what having a baby real sinking, Magaziner Maisie, actually data but promo with her daughter, originate and hears what it looked like a logo.
These meetings. Doktor Stevenson is a pleasure to meet you both so resonate. What seems to be the problem trouble school communication to pregnancy. That's not me, that's her! and then she showed her baby bump. So they did a hole in time or tv show them. I know, is that from over a new book and she made it into other. Her pregnancy, announcement or drop one called love. A man who shot somebody club toy right at night. Clubs should have united always want me. I know a little person without any right to re, write and by low per annum. Immeasurable images not politically correct, and I entirely just alike, to her daughter. I never noticed and killed. So congratulations to have, our I now teabag is looking for it. Just as she said, her family is taking legal action against the police department for his shooting her and killing mentally ill cousin
have you remember she put a whole incident, would have any. She said my cousin was shot eighteen times, including face and back of his head. He harm no one. Ever he had mental health issues and the cops They haven't even gave my cousin the respect of trying to call and explain what happened in detail to her child. He needs Just this now what happened was Eddie Russell Your had allegedly been caught on camera. Robbing a bank just got out. Mental Institution and according to reporters, and what is go said. Father had tried to as please to let him inside a touch his son, and they just said trust us next thing. You know they Laura let off seventeen to twenty rounds at Eddie. Here is: what's he bad say what you spoke to him. My cousin Anita John said his mother she's, going to do that. These department period Police Department, because this unjust, this child had a non violent record, never hurt anyone ever in his life. He was
Italy is the police are equipped to deal with mentally ill patients? They didn't way for the person to show up and calm and the fact that is just so many different stories alive and then you only this be somebody's life was taken, but eighteen No one deserves. Aren't you gonna forget it is a story is not getting a lot of attention, but I guess is the fact that he was a bank, a leisure. Allegedly was Robin yeah. We don't know what happened. I guess he was in the house in this whole thing could have been prevented annually and mental health issues for you. That is how you will become authority, like come another bank Ryanair. They took the value. Let me go in and talk to him, then ok, mortal enemy lied and the police said trust does in. I don't know no the entire details, because we just know her said the police haven't really spoken on it. So we don't know what happened. Out there were not given to the point. This country was something like that have been normal lives on what it does not even know. I write Steven Spielberg they're doing a documentary
Spielberg, that's gonna premier, on Toby Seventh on be. Oh now was again do Steven Spielberg from because he did a lad of movies right in his fifty year. Eleven catalogue, BT back to the future. Now yes said that he doesn't. What any of his movies is. Only one movie of his that he made that here what's calibre and see, if you can guess what that is now just so, you guys can get updated, he did jaws, he did close encounters of their kind. He did eighty. Poltergeist twilight Zone, Gremlins Indiana Jones back to the future. The color the unique impulsively declining forest when you black, but we're doing it in order of chronological order right here Let him of his empire, the son who framed badger, rabbit the lamp. Time, closing classics, latin classics. Okay, so if you can guess what the unwilling to Cape Fair Jurassic Park, Schindler's lead, just one! I don't want you want you, so only when a western color horrible nope, the only one who watches easy and that's because he said he will show his grandkids for the first
time. He said I left sitting next to them and telling them that he doesn't really die, and it's only scary. A little while and you gotta let himself. Why have you been to eat you when I was younger than you are a man man, it was. Our movie is good. It makes me cry now, but back then I think it was always but the comfortable around the corner. We live in a thought. How can we live in a single hour? Trailers, my rooms, I write what a kitchen and economic role oversee the kitchen, so I could see everybody we're gonna do are always thought eating commander when he was hidden with stuff animals law and have the bathroom admitted I re will eventually- and that is your room- a report. Yes, and we come up. We come back. We have to think you know it is free gift. You, Friday, I think a tank who has a new album outclassed average tit, as in last time tables here, take talk to us about our love of university and now take it. Was all media take out this week and he said,
This places clip well come on guys. You can't say that a headline says the Tags, even sucking in law. Those aren't. You can play it, but you give it find out exactly what he said. When we come back again in the world, will dangers Minnesota Breakfast Club? He added the world more data, Minnesota, Breathin clubs I mean got annually DJ is actually in Africa. We got a special guessing the mills in a manner. We actually started the call on the phone yesterday, yeah we almost the Amsterdam be right. Now, name is take, don't yeah I'll call you take because our media take out yesterday. The video media. Take out in the headlines says: take there was something boy ignited magnet? I would make. Is that what you really think? I know what you really stable. We want you to hear that would take. Please
waiter. Could they got avoided any of the tongue? I want the job is that there are hundreds of years, idiotic, just avoid borders. More have listened to within the context of war. I would say we got all around. They had all been adopted in everything and if there are no miracle does make play it played in tandem with almost a year ago we are holding blade old thing on it. All they put on the agenda at all. They know this guy in dense employ aids. Second, You like the dead boom is indeed
then for using say that work is so many times before. Take care that the crowded club, they say that on a funds, you wait accentuate the word amendment. Ninety eight fifty What about that, and I got it- didn't, inform and stuck it so bright. When I was making around this couple. People hit me about about big. You know was gone, I commodity, dance and boy. I got another terminology. What are you here and now you ve been here, miss confusion. Come there it I don't want I know, would ever one by one Now we all you gotta, believe today that is
No, you, wouldn't you lookin, but you can imagine they were the only body weight of rather rude, know on what they are social media controls that can, when you read the headline automatically, I know him I, what do you know? Why don't you take a lot of media? They don't want you to be gaze on, as the only thing I dont know runs out. What about you like this? By the way? I don't I don't know. I know you don't know me. And I don't know what the I don't know what the gay thing is about. You know successful black man, why? The first thing that we turn to all who migrate? Oh he's, this
Is that you don't owe me audio luminosity visited Illuminati. Never again, I rise to watch a spider because they so watch it. You know, I see what you gonna well boot aim and I'll give you back his angle. I well for you this morning right, he writes vidame. If our ok, I got you dig damages are allowed to listen. I'm saying! Ok, I got a little like. I know this guy every day, when my best, when did you have the do this when he had time to be gay carbon off its humanitarian and I'd like to let you know what is just a guess for some reason: issues what it is we ve done that I don't I don't like it. I can't fight everybody.
Girls than people saying on business, and on that I know what I want ya to meet again it I've w glanced at it. About me as many of our interview, you know when you say you and me we're never gonna tell you started. We know all about the day when you said you like. Guinea has now that I like money, do so that with that that system as far as we are not by each other on this, but I will have got- is tackling started with the boy naked basketball rooms. He blamed. Megabytes decided. I remain in of Lebanon. That won't even know no no no man is bigger best. Well, if anything were happy, there tank has said down, because you are a woman either back in the day. It was not too happy about the way you get her. Everything has allowed. Doesn't that does constitute womanizing the means that are provided
Ok, well, you being women, we being honest with you, gentlemen, unless you got a bunch of different girls, ok, like the writing, is on while making the writing is on the law on the wall. You welcome heights. I didn't think I broken hearts because I think I think in this day in time we need. We need some some good examples, but I mean like ten years ago you gave me broke some heights. You know, I'm quite so being where you are today becoming Amanda too wise woman on route from rivers, man, so the odds were still in order to be able to be here comes a time forty one, but you weren't there. They still relatively young you'd, still dear Emma of Mfa, but you know from the time where your time has the means of the hall.
Not to resort back into savage mode. Yeah yeah, it's difficult because you know, if you see, if you know my Ipad, I sell not even sell. I I provide you know what I mean the vehicle or, sexual activity cell sex, basically on when we hear that song is all about, is all about the aggressive moment, Europe's Andrew and sexual process, where you know things you get a little. You know you're sweating orange example, so when you on the road and you out, nor any show these women expect tanked immediate sexual creature, sex all around sexual energy everywhere, back an older woman. You know like that marine doesn't it is. As though you know what I've done is of my phone say, I got a few tabs that of my favorite site. You know same Brayley and- and I keep myself involve our place- you can pay stain.
The visa, and then I had to face diagnosis. You got do that three sixty value at Rome knows me the ended in Bavaria. That is what will you because you even him out there? Maybe you Kate, Jonah, who can't Thank you as you know, a good money on that do clerk. Is that because first person to now, I forgot that to haven't. Yeah. Ok, we have more would think comin up next we're gonna talk about the state of harm be music to you, MRS De was you was the way it was or discuss and more coming up. Next, the breakfast club.
I'm a dangerous one, sort of rapid clubs, Charlemagne God annually dj and be in Africa. Today, though, he is not here, but we have taken a building now in new avenues, cod that doesn't sound like are beyond my. It is Shouldn. Ok issue, just sound like some mighty do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of That is what is happening with the Bible New revised. Ok, you got a board of value, only dangers, they don't know it when you love it and would reduce it originally called big. Good people would have not gone his doin. I say to him: big data can have a job. Don't Jesse decided that then I think, then that would end up with open up their own imagination. But, as you know, is it's it's our fight, like Army has to believe
Sal are being on the emotional and the lover of the universe and on the sexual, and so you know we ve gotta, guys who are me or from where I from they ve got to settle in to what it is that they do and they haven't stepped into a space to where they want to compete and have their this. Aren't we have our armies, then next to everything else is gone all right. It's not the army, as diet is that people like us are complete you know the problem, it is negative alarm, yapping Army might they might be. Only the army have gotten into space word and not being organic anymore. Nobody making the record they want to make it seem like they making deregulating the radio, play. I like this formula like. Why would I break through altogether usually do their own thing like them again anthem bag? It just
Fans are how you look at it, because you know right until her to me is telling his troop away he away. He knows, I might add another one air, her he's telling her true the way she knows how to tell us. Anna visit says a feller and we came up in a different era, because the arrow was moving slower in families. We was. We will pop game a little longer like we were we more patient with it with women are all night. You know that we talk to him for a week. If we had a then, there are the number song on the hot one hundred back there was I'll make love to you by a boy from in Arizona, but we have to. We have the figure. I'm beast, move and put up is not now. We don't have time so it No society knows that the women's, ok, ok, everything's, just moving labour rights. I think that we have a hundred and four
better, faster, valid everybody, get a look at the impulse to novel next day. Now you posted a picture every hour night, every two hours trying to keep people. You no valid. Everybody get a look at the impulse to novel next. They now you posted a picture every hour, every two hours trying to keep you stimulated and more they did to stay on your chance. Everything moves that way. So when it comes to the love making process or even the music love making process, we gotta figure out a way to insert love to wear move just as fast as everything else they like. We got it. Catch up and we're not catching up like the artist union elements impact. I love my gear up those guys, but we still need that those emotional moments, those therapies the grass moments, those I feel a guy. In the moment I feel Miguel makes doth No, it might be too Beth Army recorded a path leg. Ten years is, it is the love now, of course,
but mostly by dawn, is a grey record. A compliment I may like Anthony Hamlet in Gaza you say about Urban Hamilton ends up with a top ten may. Record. Now we're talking about some brain now words, talking about an emotional stripped down all school RO bag lover without a record from his heart and soul, and so doing what he's doing in the space. He knows how to do it it, but in order to deliver it to the people who need it now, like, I want to inspire the next generation army. Art is. How do I do I gotta meet him with Do you have to know absolute, but I hear rapid say the same thing to like videos of introducing you wanna be reckoned for now and calmly. Wee wee wee, wee
Audio grow. You plan to do not about you. Oh ok, I'm also this is dismantling borders is the statement from you. You can't you can't. Even you can't even understand what I'm saying right now, because you have been condition you terms there from where we're from the cap, the kid this twelve does does burn out all over me, burn out on when he here our bee record a better, somewhat coincide. In some kind of way with what his mind is already running water. But I mean why. Why are you, the Forty Komio guy catering to him? What I'm telling you know he is ISM, Dauntlessness told a word cater out. Well, when you just allowing my natural evolution to table. You have the web as songwriter as former Lockwood all the dislike about. What would I
my view is on a musical didn't like this is out of my life. I know I'm not mad at any homage raise workers round one day and then I'm at the amphitheatre, with whoever did background where the worlds like I am the bridge. So it's not me trying to escape us. Well, big motley downloading Marvin Gaye, a Teddy allude to within the studio, led wondering what I told you that Dayton haven't. They didn't need to write they didn't need to like. I also do Miss Bydel them a label on you, don't van. So when I go back them up under that Atlantic record some of it has to make sense on the business level. They just be all my own does not in the heart of my love, love. Don't they so we can make our meals Agora, please. Let me know some things. I just won't, do grads others, just not me she's, not organic gadget zones there, but the things that are
you don't say pebbles only going to get a result directly linking our brought with men here. It makes sense for me or Anthony habits. They may we gotta do his record that may phantom Mary, I'm not I'm not in the box, and I fought hard to not be in there. I think there s a great thing, because it shows that you still have your foundation but you also have to blossom from that. Do you have to be able to grow on the same artist? I was in ninety seven. Then I've done myself annual deserve not learn nothing. I learned nothing wrong. I have met at Madame. And artists who have not grown. We see where they are. There's a difference like there's a difference, Amy being able to come up here and talk to you guys about this savage album and somebody else's whose outcome is dropping and you don't even know who they are. You used to know, but you don't get a visit appear
come up here to another debate there. They, maybe maybe a ride arrived without more would take coming up. Next fell a state to take his more school you on how to proper we orally pleasure? The poem is free for you Friday. Ok, we're going into we can, you might need, hinted duskily coming up. Next represent the world Moldavia is modest, rapid, gloves Charlemagne got annually DJ envies out on business in Africa, but we are taking to build them so request you with the proper way to a good, didn't always voyage magazine. Give the young boys and have their living in right now, Meda, given our young out in front of you know how I had a friend. I got me a book called ultimate Keith. You probably know that some of you give a young boy can tip from Oh gee, Army Legend, like yourself, what would you tell ok stop?
wanted to so many other areas. Thought of focused on the one hand, cathartic little start right now in focusing on the polluters,
you have to understand that every woman could cause is designed differently, ok there's some, they can take it like snowflake. There are, so there are some that can take the wreck stimulation as in you can pull back and get right to it, and then there are some that can somehow got electoral wrapper for you. As a matter of fact, you forget that you have to understand that there could be tricked you don't lie ahead of us is gonna, be, does not get enough stimulation, so you have to be able to listen, it's hard to say hey what does it say? It tells you. We were you when you were you doing right there and they said that women moves. That can be one of two things he loves. The oil is uncomfortable, ok,
Now you gotta work on its hunger, now mean I've up. Ups born dragon. Do all that it here, you know, is really bad when people do them in and out. In actual fact, they can live it by some people, like that, tells me of my trunk. Really, you should look at you, and you say that, and I looked at her first I'll, give you an example: suddenly, they drank movement and any latitude. An ogre got you out there. They are welcome, use they man, ass, neat, Don't you think going beyond the union regrets? Ok, so you laugh and all my colleagues which my own area in so you have them. You have yet to figure out Europe, your tongue placement, a movement in advance, and then you got a practice. A gentle like a gentle. It may make it Roma microbrewery. Sometimes you have to inform you have the strong terms and I'm your view, soft Europe's air, and sometimes you
It is always very. What's a directive? Ninety you find a woman, deprived dishonesty and as it is, you got Oakley fruit. Maybe it's twit! No! You can't run through the practice on the woman and you need a woman to tell you like ice the price to pay and ask questions gods. I say has, as you know, however, that no gas Mackay cannot deny or even whether school, but I wonder if you imagine you know there are you in the end. You happen to go to a discovery process and then, Eventually you figure out your thing and you in your rhythm and in how you do and so you have your you have your go to of how you rock, but is still about listening. You have to listen to that woman and in what she needs at the time. I was feeling our bodies she's react and they all those things that you have the link to commit to completion right, You can save you can't. Yes, when I was very good explanation, very good examples of Honey Qatar murder.
The way more excited by talking about now in yes, someone the commission. Now I wouldn't put in some places like tat about the fact that no one would be glad if more in depth the now yeah you're right, I'm a savage like a welcoming German. Like me, I'm thinking we are, we able women emulated, lay on the floor with you to put. It is no use of all our job. We're gonna go ahead. Movement that I think that you know you you have to. You have to listen to people and I'm glad we were able to tell people that Now let me ask you this, given our Kelly's issues that he's having now with all these women coming forward, saying that he had this sex called, they were parliament's call. Nay escaped in. You know just things that he does not affect how you look at him as
I daresay or whether or not you would work with him were just his music to you in general. Be careful the question of any limit this labour as a writer as an aid is, I can never take away what his music has meant to me in my career. I was shaped and moulded. You don't owe me by our Kelly by babysit me. Nobody, an army has done. Work is done it is in many ways in Sierra Leone conflicted. Maybe I am neither of them conflicted, because, because I also have daughters, You're not a mean- and I do know that you know a young lady at the age of eighteen or nineteen, although you I'll do mature fasten. You grown you, you learn you better than I do know that body with more wisdom in I'm San somebody.
More games. Somebody who's been around longer can steal, you know, manipulate an event. What that means in age and I'll kill you, girls, bodily it be younger than eighteen Okcupid were even yet even you know, even worse again, you know answered in, and I know you know their ultimate who prey on that. Who can also is tough for me. I can't validate that bad behaviour in I can't say I dont condone it by no means freedom. It I had to learn that would be great fast. He do it was. I would actually he wants to do. A number of number now that won't you and tv, but it's a bang it s on you, want to do as they like love art of Gaza, not love our Kelly archaeologist. Still, the king of arbiter of them was the type of home. Under my comments, until I have accomplished with our Kelly, has come in music. I can be no king,
so the king is gone. He still here, but I gotta be my four dollars you have then, if my daughter's asked the question to me about as the question the main like Tom Daddy, what is this thing? Would our Kelly Van den you just do song with you know? How do I have to be But to answer that question could doggedly sexy coming back only amount of time comes. I gonna, listen almighty! You don't get everything yes, but then the time and Agatha you can you please come back I'm Tellin you coming back in a minute, then offer out away. It will be tough me to go back and have that conversation with my daughter's ever at that which will save. You say you are feeding or savage he's not on that,
that's a similar answer. Fetnah! You know you have a try, thongs looter! Ladies and gentlemen, we turn them around the earth layaway, because when I dropped a drastic paint too, but that of course elude looking for you. Ok programming, dog, calmly, Ludovic man and tear you man. Album me and my wife bang in his album. You dated you're the guy right now. If I were you I'd come right back. No, we know two years, don't do nothing. Can the EU do tank come right back while you got it, Eluder told you that you're, the guy in army at the moment can combat. Do you think diaries knows about this, and I am sure that the local authorities and tell him to say thing about you. I'm sure you under the issue is how we have in common a minute assuring us it at that.
Come after you every as surgery when I give Europe a but among transplants on, like that, You know there is always make my view by living illegally, their diet for two hours later, if that was brought back so so glad to be here when we get what haven't blogger com- and I was there and I want to check on macao- I'm going to have to pick up the avenue from. I think he blog numerous. Do you really think that being so? I come on. I felt like you guys we get into it and then make up we we always do. We always do, but honestly, don't know what's going on, so we might be wicked up haven't told them in another. There will be no dvd, really not right now, man, through our not looking meals
look the music that what you said earlier that we take our ok. What does that make you make sure the every man for material or avoid? Thank you said it grew. We can at Salazar right now that you ve become him, Furthermore, if the one will they didn't want rapid club, the breakfast club, one more thing. Just motives or breakfast Club Charlemagne Gun easily DJ envies in Africa. We can easily report coming up next to you. We have now come on
maybe I'm talkin talking about Rob, Kardashian and colleagues and assuming black China, oh with Angela his club, I re were detailed. You rob Kardashian entirely dinner. I swing black China and that's because Rob Kardashian said that she tried to strangle him with an Iphone charger after having lots of drugs and alcohol according to Rob. This took place last December and he is doing for damages, withdrawals, gurgle nook a black tanager to strangle Rob Kardashian with hunger of Iphone charger girl good mood. Well, it's her house now, I'm a gets it apart take, as they were, staying inventing the house from Cairo Jenner. So he also says that Black China had taken his gun and was with his gun, not knowing if they was loaded or if the safety was on and at one point even pointed the gun at the camera whole Rob Kardashian's friends not to mess around as they were on face time. Then he said that she lunged tour
The commission's very tha? I don't, I guess it's perfect- did she was playing? with gun, not knowing whether or not it was loaded. Now according to Rob Kardashian Black China, then trash the house Kylie Jenner, owns and which Rob was renting, and that's why she's also listed on that law suit and assuming for a hundred thousand dollars worth of damages that she cause when she trusts a house now, Colleen and Rob also said the black China repeatedly told highly should be tested for Stds because of Tiger and that China only got pregnant as one of her dil, where it actions to cash in on the car dashi in Spain, where China would note or what, if he sounded voice that he has a nasty. And I saw them. I did you give you know the gratitude baby daddy, so you might wanna go get tested. Pasadena sounded by that would take her in my view, should I get tested basic, attested anyway, harry you, no one is concerned that Cotonou, as around our national borders, they ensure excitement the bicycle turned mother. Why some people?
That country is on medication, which is why you gain weight because he's been suffering from depression. A car medication and wider medication, though fattening medication does make you gangway. As I remember when only be was said when he was locked up and they put em all these different drugs and that's why he gained so much weight. So it is one of the side effects, so we don't know what This is going on, but anyway, so now, there's that lawsuit going on. I write beyond and some good NEWS has gone on above and and Willie Williamson me. Hence they re mix and she's raising funds for Hurricane relief, she's, raising funds for Portugal and for Mexico as well. Now here is part of the sun, Those tabling these vehicles is a clear sign that aim with this almost ass. Any real sounds good right. Great, but I will not probably enjoin until I know the house you say,
nothing. The matter sounds good. Ok, see things in English to here it is famine in North Korea, I'm about eleven August. I am alone, you really love. You don't want to think about what a song these big another way. Will you be telling you D Jonah, have let you ride along a bit downs game using among sounds good. There's a lot of time to think along through the just sound good right. You look so good out. You know I've never used to see if they ever heard. You know
Well, all the proceeds from that is goin to relief for Portugal, Mexico and the other affected caribbean and you can go to be answered outcome, slash, relief efforts if you want to help out sizzle differential till you know you ve gotta play now you like them supplies tomorrow or the Duke of drivers and their manner I re sell us may show. We ask go up and show our eyes era. Jessica. Parker is saying that they were going to do a third instalment of sex in a city. Now not a guys in the room, don't care that he is my university where sex in the city, hurl noise, girlfriend cycle guy, said felicity the goose shadow, will any way they were going to do the third instalment, which was like the frequent to the first man, but unfortunately, it's been cancelled because they're saying that came to Charles demands just made it over is done now, according to Saratovsky Parker. She said I am disappointed. We had this beautiful funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very reliable script and story. It's not just disappointing. That we don't get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in
hunting. Another movies are now it's not going down little mood. In the city. Movies was about to make a third and they still haven't made a girlfriend movie to give us girlfriends fans, probable closure, ok I don't know, marry a man, we don't know of Tony and Joan ever got cool again you right now we re a young non euro area that grant a deadly good work on that. Very well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report now Charlemagne. Yes, oh you, given their heads on kids, who, on this Friday, you know did not get a day to day prime example of why you should know permanent decisions based on temporary feelings and the young lady named CAT Gallagher CARE gown yet are needed come in for integration. We like to have a word is more employees. I right, let me come back, we guides I'll give the day we shall remain
The breakfast club, Donkey Devil was dog you today for Friday September, twenty may go to a young twenty four, your lady from Ontario, and at a name cat challenger, Yunkers Charlottesville, all the time that sometimes in life, some one asked to die in order? First sometimes they die figuratively have they die literally in this case, cat died figuratively. I was in new train going on in the streets and that trend is caught her skull era, tattoo think up or nothin I rights, Clara Belle. Let s see l e r Ok, if I remember now than they write another matter, because there is actually no need able for now something you shouldn't do in would never do now. Let me explain what this square attack
who is actually attempting of the whites of the eyes. Yes, these Zadig turning the whites of their eyes to another color using radar magneto. Now cat got purple ink injected. You're right, I guess you got purple ink injected into her right or eyeball. If you watching us all revolt tv see right now, because she wanted the whites of her eyes to turn purple! I don't want no color. In my eyes, I don't want the whites of my I'd turn: yellow red, yellow eyes, tat most thirty seconds. No, I got because they ve been drinkin licking his Morgan, black amounts and the age of eleven hour. We'll call in a wiser my guide, devilish? Don't I don't do pink? I arrived, I get a little. I get guy get a little my urine and put a right. My ok of any of my listen about this offer from think I right now. Next time you will be damaging to you would your urine put it in your eyeballs having medication for that you're! Ok, twenty Thirty six hours, you pink I'll, be gone, trust your uncle
I have allowed you wanta but back to chat she had some one use. I would Dermot needed died a white of her eyes purple when, as you can probably Things were terribly wrong. Tat said that she got to TED in MID September and since then it swelled powerful leaked. Quality is in her vision is permanently damaged. Poor cat have been given as debated beer, Facebook page. Let's see what these young poor choice make. I had to say eyes. The procedure was unless someone who told me that there were serious, it is my fault that I believe that many of us myself, that I gave him a neighbor patent. Billy asked me to do my eye. However, otherwise They should not be convincing people to do things that they are not trying to enable about bringing the training betraying when they are not kids. Nobody can convince you to do something that you don't really want to do. Twenty four you loaded too old, to be found The peer pressure, ok, really thinks she said in a video. Was it was her fault? Somebody me introduced her to procedure, may have introduced her to the procedure.
She's, the one who made the choice to actually it does not now she's regret, and it is why you should never make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings, especially when it comes to things like your body. Now tat is issued. A warning to those are: did thinking about getting the whites of their eyes tinted another color here my site is not coming back. I will never recommended than it ever be known by anyone real and that anyone ever get. This is really really hope. The people take this as a less Somebody gotta die not of one live cat says you should not get a sensitive, You like this done without the proper train. You think you think Chat divided, have detail. People is, me no Armageddon as a point of people at Alvarez. I've at his young lady, one bit again too the nine o clock when it states in its path to bill declaring these square a tattoo
Clear and tat too, though you pronounce it illegal and honestly may need to make them illegal across Amerika, because clearly some people can make problem decisions on their own. Now is yet another story. Well, I don't have to explain in detail what is young lady deserved argue today, because some donkeys just sell it himself, but this is another opportunity to play jazz. Why raised, bringing our young uns our children to play. Here we go We play just what raised it is yesterday. Kindred was a great contesting kindred yesterday about argue today and what race is she thought the dog? One kindred say this. I would say why why people are missing, Oh my god, they are really joy that answer not Ozma the radio and our radio Abbe. I heard her voice, ok, but that means nothing. May or may not be a major clue. Chandra has not heard her voice, I'm not going
ginger here boy, I'm just gonna tell story again and then we'll play guess what racism kindred, listen is young cat gallons. Your had a procedure done on her caught us clear it to have you heard of that? Ok, this clear attached to it. When you get there, whites of your eyes, ten. It ok and vision you got, the whites of her eyes tended purple, and now she has called permanent them. Her eyes. You got an infection, possibly blind, but two may include it is does. She got the whites of her eyes. Tat, it probably never go around the room and media will start which you, what this young woman, I believe the carcass mountains, where she comes from that think. That's a good! ok annually? What do you think this young woman from as cheese, whites. Could it there of eyes, and I thought why Indra what raised you think this woman is awake. Sure whitefish saw well totally. If
gas demand as you have no legal right, young, a while making a terror like once again to all his crime, purple cage permanently sleeve kid don't make permanent decisions based on temporary shillings. Please give chat down The sweet sounded Hamilton, fleece, U r e, yeah The item you guys whites lock up, but you know and lack of they actually had. Episode widow was showing the inmates tattooing, the whites of their eyes the thing most of those guys on lock up are doing life sentences there now. We're coming home. Their lives are completely over, so, yes, they should make these the pen ink tat yeah.
It's fine. They have nothing else to do idle. Mine is the White Devil, flagrant right, so they have no choice but to do this kind of things when they are locked up, right, but when you're twenty four year old, who had their whole life ahead of him, you should not be making permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. Ok, ok. Now only come back, The ticket curtain will be in a building because he K Kirkland in Caroline on Broadway, to MILES sadness, climate hosting. Yes, I'll, be there at seven hundred and thirty and one thousand and thirty so don't have TK coming to building to talk to him, some of the things going on in the culture. Why not the world, data Minnesota Breakfast Club, the breakfast club most aided, moisture Club, Solomon God, Angela Ye D, J, envies out the days actually in Africa, we have taken Kirkland and he gave headline Carla tomorrow at seven. Ppm in eighteen, thirty four year. How are you
flower did everyone I'm about to you haven't, even though I was raised right either beautiful like talking to you about number at being I earth current events ass, a guy Kevin hot in Here- caught about there. You know, got it getting started by a young lady. What do you think about the situation? Is so many levels less Amanda as a man one, you don't talk about another man when he used. They now possesses the public figure you had. You gotta give a path and Kevin. Even an undoubtedly comedians you can have the they're gonna make a joke: activate they're gonna have you're gonna, as the urgency live different. I am really down with the females on this one. When men it Mary, they do tat Babylon. They. Why have you got a break? The female offspring of you see here more than one time is just a gentleman thing to do would only about if
CS. I too have treated good. You gotta get a nice car, get a nice apartment house. This is this is the purpose of being a player treating largely ignored at you, Shouldn T bird and the one that don't gotta call in respect of the one. You lot. That's cause you got court, but isn't it yeah, my dad, though sometimes a guy they had their side takes, and then they try break it off right and then they treated haggle, young guy either all that's. What I believe is what I've seen it happen where a man see the ceaseless Isaac so good, and now you don't want to anchor, see things It is just as important a modern will remain. Cambrai golf with a woman was over. He ain't me by my There's no woman gone. Tell me. We will still be together. When I just told you is,
is at an all when they buy Louis. I didn't I got it always do you want to die for you? May God bless you? May you get through the Prodi gates, but they might pose you, but that's why you don't get to some caught up in certain situations about life is to me you stay single, you did. Everybody wanted dating back to my thing, got ass, nobody but demon. You settle down. You truly said about, and that's the way you that life is like is really that simple. I think we do complicated Lord about what we do and make an alarmist they end. You do make a mistake it in, hopefully that the woman that to deal with in his this damaging and your swag just so phenomena that she's. Go anywhere in sometimes your mother's, though law, a woman. No, she ain't. Even imagine something I've been a guy, the girl them. The website is called no enormous. They say is cool.
That means a cheated on you somewhere down. In my view, they got him alive. Lobbying on Gaza was now these women's naked in it too, and if elements needed on you and you, she said she did you really. Well in everything you can forgive that the law of approval my frame of mind. I'm almost a senior citizens now, so everything in my life is com. Walks in the pile algae after decided. It deserves more. You look up. Take our model, You feel you. How would you like me? Are you gonna want gods, we believe as a normal year, but when you get older everything as it is about peace of mind, you treat everybody right. You don't wanna know aggravation knows dress, nay, I could find a nice that young lady to be good to you. We get too, but you don't you Norman or the confusion that count will hardon text in the bathroom. You pick out the door
the sea. Some ways come in or you talk to the home of a minute. I think I hear they weren't gonna be ok. I can call you back or you sleep in your girl and knock your What is in your hands in the girl took it above all, not to hear we'll gentle. Nobody got time for that about away no better freely when you showing your girls them inform you don't get it do not defer before. Let me tell you a story went out young, I was He didn't on a young lady in a month the other young they have their dying messing around and when I pass to the FAO a girl with Tax Davy about how good the thing was, a wow
that's what I'm saying so what I'm Chinatown men and women when you young you got two year trials and tribulations of life, thus which go your life lessons. But as you get older, you made choice. Do I want to deal with this? I want to deal with that and in and when you young, I think you really should go those things, because when you go to it, you will be able to teach other people watching. Gone through because we have gone to anything. You can't think about you heard about the windy way, I'm seven hundred situation. I arrived frontier offering business. I will let you know tat. I made has introduced the girl took had met. I don't know anything that will never do you remember. The thing about can have displayed a play, a principle which I think is bad I think, as fair as say, had a girl around the corner Meanwhile, let me tell you why gases high so for young to
going around the corner. Does your mother? You that's Monseigneur money gotta be right! He's they let you know I've got the wife put want to travel to tell you integrating the tolls is expensive, are calculated of outputs around a corner bring out by. Let me answer, Wendy handle this situation, because you saying it's not true here, just follow. Minister you know you're learning about when reading the purchases that new good, we know care and we're not going to expose domain may I be in denial or Schumacher when he's always been good to me right, but the truth is the true. If she's a boss she'll get through it is now. You might be the one that strong on said. You ain't going anywhere. They know because I think cabin works for her MRI, so she it is our fundamental. He did what he did.
What we do in and if this is gonna be interesting to see you can get better say: ok, yeah I've been dead heat I may and devastated at this has come out. Like me, I think she should do that. No thanks to issue but whatever That makes that contain anything bright enough it and thank as your Wendy. We invite you to be truthful. If you gonna talk about everything We see enterprise, which I agree with, that illegal talk about everybody as an integral fuss, I'm just like when I came on to show you hit me with sudden did at the back and ninety eight to you. Gotta comprise situation to move all fidessa. What she should do she shook affronted either say is true, will say, is not true and move one about the UK has been two minutes on an area that is better than we do now that the idea of any the same thing they decide what you treat everybody else. You gotta do it the same way? I totally agree with that one you have said, but you did they think
If the story is true, you'd areas you'll want to re, run, calling out there. If I would pull that orbit it, it would have been around the corner, but I saw the pitches in enormous looking at it yesterday, the fares is watching Kevin Where I get a private investigator who you think I'd she did it at their fares. Oh, she hide and she knew was gonna. Do how do I know who s the one issue that they even show the down to the point to the ring they show the Women's ring in the ring is needed as big as when these, but three more care. They ve been maybe maybe raining department out later, because you planning some type of who knows. Who knows we are more. Would you we're coming up next replica don't don't. I want the job. Debt were big data domestic pride. The world more dangerous, monitored abruptly Club Charlemagne God annually, DD envies asked me in Africa we gotta get Kirkland Inability to you when you marry
I would love to get man, Dr Unmarried urban and ass, the public, because I am fifty seven. Why should I get married Well, you know men who are married, live longer, there are, many who stay single the to comply have got a shot No, I haven't, even though women say that India will they always want to get married. I guess I'm not in the house it by what happens is some happens to you and I and prepare for gas. On the floor of the house knows all about far down the steps I can crawl and times a mile is liable to five hundred are prepared for us in the EU, pre man you do want to get married. Yes, I do they never be a nice thing to be married. I did what you married somebody on. What would your age some young? It depends on what they? U S, question every day is differ
Sometimes I want somebody my may sometimes I want somebody younger than about somebody young guy. I see how they now prepare because remind marry me. You got at least twenty five thousand thousand by not that I need it. You know you bring in something to the table, because I don't want Eliab liability at this point in my life you know so is That means that you know what I'd like to marry you, but you just think that twenty five thousand bank note that media not qualify. Lotta people not qualify the Vienna related it, but they force the father work anyway to be together, this is where you have a problem and you can't you gotta be qualify the day a man shouldn't. Even say hello to a woman. Unless you got over ten thousand dollars in a bank and that that is a depending on your age, their, but I just want a man to be able to take a woman at dinner. It's a movie. Take a nice trip in
Women need to understand and eleven have sex with a guy at least go out to stay on the dogma, Jersey or Baltimore about go somewhere. Nice, nice hotel, room and exposure female to such nice that investors dost thou, dost, thou always move. Do you think that their whole mentality of guys, then let me for freeing up for free think them at the game of investigation, but that was crazy girl not on that there is no sex is men who accomplices you don't accomplice on. You don't deserve to have said. You know you got. A every day you gotta pay bills and at the end of the day you come home on Friday and you take a girl you got a movie any or you go to a movie in anger.
We need to know if we got a man has done some when you go to the top in the movie data. That means we get on. Given one kid: that's what go onto the back near. I just think people need to understand the etiquette. When you see a copper go to the back at our whole rose empty, new or past. Seats, and you see me up there. You mustn't when I'm about to try to gotta know what I'm doing you gotta know what I'm doing so, please go back there. The amendment deals with a chinese girl and I was really about to do nothing but some apple. American girl saw media. They came once on a girl stand upright this together for no reason came on the same roaming and jumped up and now make sure we knew she was so much money. And I was really but the hasnt by EU does an away. Almost Excuse me, who always do One thing you know: maybe Britain
he is a girl. Yes, you know you that you don't care who stand in next to you. You know you want if I get some lessons, but as you get older energy conservative about her the image and everything is completely and I got in public beer, you know you know just what you just want a very respectful about how you move it. Have you seen affordable, Gylingden ass? The video wait Erika Baidu, who s son and I'm gonna kill. You got my, but here's the thing about that right is some seductive about that one out alone. My mom are have learned. The main amicable do is Mary hypnotic era by certain about my eyes or whatever. When had not actually hypnotic is the word more because when I was watching the video she mean ah, but it was. I will gather, are you it's who raised what have you done would be in your day. I'm not gonna do yeah. I know who I am not that way. I believe me
gentlemen. These two things you can do you can either pay direct boy. Are you gonna pay indirectly? I rather pay indirectly about it. Take you to a movie take his shop in taking on a trip, because that's what to me from my error? That's what men are supposed to do today. Nobody wants to have a conversation. They just walk about. How much did ass. He earns its intentions in the past. No, I believe in treatment, woman the way, a woman, because when you treat a woman at way that thing betrayed legs marinate more? extremely more juicy, and you could feel the difference when you later on operating in nibble in the air and kissing you and you talk to me as it is a big difference. Compared to just pay is data. It is do the work or would you young kids were got? Is how does it do so adoption? Is that more as a power? Thank you I'll tell you know, and we put in a night, her legs.
Behind a net is they have allowed. The dinner is called their rabies. Well, then, allows us as the dossier. I can tell you now idea about, but I use the words. The dots in Bosnia came net choke, we re when I use the word seduce. I thought about you. They could, I saw affordable, be challenged and do what I do and then what is I'll wash it the new clean. Does a lingering would always tell women out of probably wipe them away. I think they're so important that women wipe these. As well may issue that you know your odor well, because as we had a meeting with the mayor yesterday, and area of New York, gonna try stay area. The Oda has risen at a three percent, since January got away and they said to UK when you go on the breakfast club borrowed candy talks in a very critical about SAM
Terry and listen to me. Ladies, if you have a problem, sofa water doesn't do it, you have to go to the doktor and you have to get flageolets doktor cycling and you get a ticket. At times a day, seven days a week to get rid of that back to infection. My mouth no logo The other is pills the details to clean the bacteria just as other, but since we all family in the breakfast room, people listen I'll run a word on give you gain if you think that you have over and you gonna have sex, which a man and I take your shoes or first you think it beats. Thank do take issues offers many workers are not just a piece tag There will be a colossal saddening, got seven thirty show and attain their amazonian go easy to get right. Now take us right now told you I told you for a whole month. It was gonna sell out soon. Juliet is announcement, knew better
we'll get a cousins, don't be a rat tamper, Florida October where's tell Lando Improv October forth into the Bathsheba me in the great too short. I want to say thank you, Mr Charlemagne. The God MRS annually e today and to the people hold the camera. So the man with no czech German that you have used my hair, everybody real, solid people here and major paying be champagne. Thank you guys. Everything appreciate ticket Garcons, the breakfast club the breakfast club, hello one day, breakfast with its own legal morning. How are you embassies in South Africa right now that we have been in here in business? the working, because we understand that the forces Sunday think everybody they need to understand that the first his Sunday, Some of you know exactly what to do. For you know: penises imports films. We don't have a clue what to do for the rich and happy verbatim
Rather, today's member, the brains birthday, now be more on average mine do whatever it is. No I'll pay. You rent, bye, bye, our challenge for this month or more years of our United Europe, a mortgage by yourself dismal challenge. Meaning all call me and asked me for nothing. Calling you worry about, had arrived at noon, yellow for these alleged if we lower low for poor whom challenge this? you bet I have some for rain on Sunday, known, comic, rack right,
Now, let me welcome the value yourself into didn't work. I am you know her. Yes, from recycling cap n, staring about annually on the breakfast work filing cabinet still having issues getting a job in the NFL but Mamma the Museum of modern art. It wants to put his uniform on display for the rest of the year, so there should be nice now. It's the items is fashion, modern exit, in that exhibit reportedly open at the moment on October furs and will be on display until January of twenty eighteen Ramona. Both Magog, like college cabinets thing, is big end. Well, all right. Now, a purpose. Bigoted football at the moment are right. Now that charity they pay. And you have that they feel like that will open. Discussion on how a particular sportswear can be symbol.
Beyond representing a person's favorite team, so his jersey is very soon I think a lot about the journey is about the man in the journey. There are many jar, the change of many things that are less and less about the team, its symbolic someone. I right now in the meantime, this US who petitioned for Re Louis statute to be removed from the Ravens Stadium, thereby that's why you got down all me because he was trying to appease both sides. If you don't want to preserve those people right, you want We already have that out to say I no one in protest at the Robinson you know she is heard a memorable array, what she's a choreographer, an I'm sure. A lot of people have seen her work, and they are now going to see it on facts. They ve done an hour. Long hip, hop dance, John, it's been approved inspired by her life and her career. Now they got that whole thing, because the person who is gonna be writing. It did the new edition story, so that should be exciting she's very urgent choreographed for my
Jackson, Elite Fergie Farewell and she was also the person behind Hendricks twenty sixteen Grammy performance, as well as the present world. The new additions add it's to be written by Abdul, William, ok, Oh they're doin unloaded slew them, and are you idiot? for ten years now. If you don't know she was before she's a choreographer. Know. She is, isn't you gonna enjoy watching her story array Let's discuss J Pharaoh and Jamie facts. They were Ellen and she had them, do different impersonations and for every impersonation that they did she donated. Thousand dollars per Jamie faxes. Charity now here is J Pharaoh and any facts. As jazzy an opera selling cookies, your body
cookies. Everyone gets forgotten about the upper when the daisy went down again, do doesn't like obesity, sorta. I can you alive, you would enjoy it I re well I'm Angela YE and that, as you are a rumour reports,
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