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Today on the show we had Tearra Mari stop by, who broke down the whole money drama between her and 50 cent, in which she admits she don't have it. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to yet another Floridian, and this time to White members of a Florida gang that thought they were punishing a black member of their gang when they attempted to forcibly tattoo him with what they thought was a racial slur... too bad they don't know how to spell. Moreover, we had our political pundit Angela Rye stop by and give us the update of whats going on politically.

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages took all we got? No point has praised round about recently joined a breakfast club, say some USA Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo to ease our showed me was properties did well to yes. It's too. There was an unknown in fine Tuesday morning. How loud enough for me
Unless you with the Med gala last name, data met, Gala was last night, there was a call, a rich people's Halloween, ok and average, because although we now have a big Holloway, embody would have just in the middle of may need to have a huge theme gala every year the money goes to a good cause done it. I think, so I never anything about any Geraghty with God, damn it I already, and I'm sure I dug, but I do not know anything about it, but there is always a theme in celebrities dress. Up to that thing. Last night thing was camping camp gap. Our camp, When I beg camp, I'm thinking my camp ring, you know tat what I was thinking. You know, starting fires and small is right.
That will no doubt the same camp? I don't know, that's all Lena. We ve had a juggler, they drag ways and drag queens invented camp, so they left me alone or to Hell Camp is here. I don't know what a salient away shout to lean awaken tropical baffling we have enjoyed for her being Cati, be she added a phenomenal outfit or see body representing a blood red flamed up they met gallop cod caught he looked over was that I see, I think, Kim Kardashian Canyon West as the economy. Looking data regular drop, what kind of looking dead regular beside the best way to stand out of the Med Gallagher? Look their regular here on the dickie, so that's it no we're gonna use the care about version I'll bet you Jack, that's lagging own designing nowadays, or maybe that was, as I don't know, what I'm saying out the best way to find out the Med gallo Sid dressed ragged.
And if the theme is camp- and you don't really know what camp is than you think is camping, when you add zoonotic Amman trip people like be rolling value, got the memo that it was bought champing. Last night you see Odell nine They'll have to attacks on many at the sleeves off of cut the knees off, he had ass out like this bag invades go too far, would be his thing always go too far. Less well. Angela right will be joining us this morning. Yes, looking We Angela Rye and today is also childhood depression awareness day I think that is important because it is meant to have win, is love and when you notice, you see a lot of the young kids committing suicide nowadays. That today is a good day to have these conversations with children. Ok! What today is also national teachers day,
Nicholas by volatility in a public school teaching alkaline of over thirty pledges. Ok, I have a special place in my heart for teaches Ray is also national rose leg of landing. Ok and then, if I gonna Rostrum Lamb is wanted nothing, nobody gave them now. I know why do they do this? While we have, these have been realised. I dont who celebrated the bad on everyday. I'm gonna come in and I would in name what holiday it is, and I won't be able to call up and tell me if they celebrate any of these things is national rules. Leg Landy talk to me. Have you roasting lamb? Illegal land this morning, all right, what we got front page news next, all by left planning a strike, will tell you all about it. You don't move is to breakfast club penguin. Dj J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. Let's get some front page news for last night, a sports two bucks beat the Celtics one, thirteen one hundred one. They lead to serious three two one in Iraq
kids they golden state one, twelve one or eight they tie series to to I don't see that game actually fell asleep. Are you at in Wesco games? Be too late for all that, like me, and I was out last night for a little bit when I got in the House the third quarter. Boston ass, though They say hard, it was really Bosnia last night, but I, like I said, Hoddan but Jab. Let my age town drop uncle Marvel. Iraq is them that have an unlimited DEC on relations with the Mediterranean. I am given to admit, but I would have your president download from awarded Gulf a tiger woods. The nations high civilian on Monday describe him a true legend, the eyes little body, battled battle tried it I try to hang in there and have tried to come back and play in Amazing masters six parasite had a few weeks ago. Five, the highlight of one of one of a carbon
so far my life to have that. The type of experience in the Miller come out. Happen and win As you know, by reporting that yesterday you was all on Tiger D. A few weeks ago, when he came back from adversity, the wind math is now He paused there may, when the president has given him his metal of freedom. While I do want to rebuild their big you their reason. No, their particular reason is because a man was behind him. Why are you trying to make the man that's about him? Now we have to talk game of the row as its confirmed that they did make a mistake in wanting to go back and produces on issue. This to say I can, Believe me, are you know people in decorators, so
show honour about and prevent I just honestly can't life is that Europe is now a days. You can't believe what you think of people can put things into it. I went to a photo about really doesn't exist, but I guess maybe it was there and not sure we're sorry with something I don't know, that's the worst thing that their finding were you good shape closing down what game. Yes, of all your game withdrawn, hated idea, yes, is gave it throws that whack this either dead, a Starbucks CUP is still Knowledge thunder from an episode is not that whack, I would say, but I mean people who really really watch dissected and they seen in whatever happens only showed a gun this exactly how the aim of the initial proposal, from sixty minutes to a bow. But our half ok. So our have episode correct as the only thing he will get a dogma from this Anti Semitism,
only then can we gotta talk about from this Monday? I meant a lot to talk about that, but I've doesn't say what are you hiding behind on his cup? I didn't see it can see to come and tell you. You know in that high would like all without look like Starbucks our work so that with the dragon die and yet the as you know, something I think about the week before I want to show them Jack and this we nomes and we'd before the epic fighting. Are you kill? Somebody killed a White Walker yesterday. I wish you the only reason. I know that if consortia media correct right so I'm saying this week. What was the thing other than to Starbucks CUP? dragging that are to go to war next week. Navigator, bargain also never gonna get about puff, demanded, drag, Irma, goodness and lastly looks like all live. Drivers are planning a strike, and now this is Wednesday. It's a two hour strike its the companies go and for their ip o n. They want more money, they are upset with the labour practices, the way they get paid and all other stuff, so their expected to do two hours strike, the drivers, what more money they wanna be paid right. They want to be
well to decide if they want to take customers places, so they gonna be strong for two hours tomorrow. So far, they say, will log off from seven a m to nine a m obviate worker. I think- and I know that effectively the money, the baby on which our left there would always live. My jaw lobby at my ass be right in his studio from seventy ninety miles off there will live elbow guys, arouse right, well, ass, front, page news, get it off your chest. Ada eight thousand five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five on, if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night horrible night or a horrible morning or maybe just want to spread some positivity number again. Eight hundred made five, one o five one call is right now is to breakfast locomotive your adventurous, inquisitive and open to try new things. Your curious about astrology, but dont know how to take the first step if this sum
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The breakfast club got wake up s manner, black we want to hear from you allows this was today, everyone must have regular features. Rough Charlemagne, please king! I you out. There is once again we can make the current debate about not a whit, magua gang. How come. I was just talking about you last week when I was on a magazine media when I was beaten egg go so we can get out and stay out wanted a brother. There is that to have we often he said he wanted to start upon Casper for four x, felons and other damn Mcgowan, convicted feminist outwardly. What they call umbrella allows. This is easy, was broken up it s wise or easy easy getting,
what I mean is to be the only bag, it is easy, have Mary was late in the evening. I broke up good features. I wanted the double back to that. I can go without saying: ok, how's yesterday would carry on its absolute impossible. I was then a bit and job. The map, Thank you for your fellow guided below heavily satellite allows there. Now
maybe I'm day isn't bad thereof eyes he divided and setting out he loved the idealism feel every morning rather ass. I was, I believe we have your block the Magyar baby. I appreciate you guys are founded on the values we love you now. I was your day all right to reside in a battle now that he wanted a dog eat. I let him know you guys, don't don't hand on the false and does not abandon good. You don't open was white. First, may I remind you that that you wanted you spoke this morning. We already did a lab onwards
that's good news raises. It was more than could be like that James, what I'm gonna do day everywhere. What about dollar man, God our EU objectives ravaging greater ban laughing at the real dangers ready rhetoric Lee Harvey there above all week Wanna, give it a shot out. School bus drivers who get enough go enough? Sleep go save when you're bad ya, Wanna go abominably. What is involved is anybody honestly, I If you want to be rich, you can't be hidden. Eight hours is led by day, and I think that we as a thing are you not a fool, but there's a lot of people who drive
people. I've met hand then need at a week day, and you think I don't wanna be rich. I agree with you I found out. I fundamentally disagree with the notion that you don't need aid. I was asleep. I think one of the biggest misconceptions we told our coaches, their sleep is causing death and hustlers, never sleep and sleep when you dead. No, if you don't get enough rush, you will die your way. You will die if you don't work out right, you will die and I'm one of those that speak coffee in the mail with six problem was three hundred and seventy, and I always down the two hundred and forty five. So, yes, all of that needs to be done, and some of that stuff that people say about being rich needs to be ignored, find your own way. Damn it all right. I have my alarm actually at eight every night and reminds me to be in bed by eight hundred and twenty two
to get aid. I was asleep the I can do no eight twenty, but I try Maud his bed, get it off. You chess eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you need event you gave us up right now, is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna breadth allows is Nathan failure. California major features I just wanna how about the movie A group called AMC, a list shadow people know you get to AMC a list. You get three movies a week. It's great! I love it, but there's a amc. A list chatter there always going in on black movies. Honestly,
lack, Panther overrated been deserving. After worse marvel of you of all time intruder YE ogre. They went in a little a thirteen year old girl. They went in a little under five, but what black movie? Do you like them on our? How about you stay out of that shit about that about us and was negative AMC? My life is, I'm life, a group because I like to know what's going on with the means of something like whenever they lack movies. Are my you have nothing positive to day lousy? Why do we care about the valid vision in those conclusions in our group I don't know, do you like little? Do you like little? learning. I bet you Armenia. More impressed that Cuba dirtier of rural their produce the movie ever my finger at her and ass, all our man. That's all that matters is all that matters. I beg you will call her Mamma every day. Gomorrah model.
Finally, we pulled over this morning now lies with the other day. I will come about where I live and Billy the weapon. You know after you get off the very bad, no light. Toby lay ties in like a regular laying great That's what I did I got into the regular lane, but then it while that turn it back into the HOV Lane. So I know this and I'm like all. Let me get out, get out sand lane and I ride past the state trooper. He weigh am like I get a, but now then he wiser coming behind me and it can be made, No, I'm not even you know from New York again. I really didn t do anything wrong. Basically word he feel gave me two. He gave you three figures given directly for the same thing, but word, as you know, a little bit different moves. Last. What's a goose butler was dirty before anyone like
I'm always begged, to be borne by the west. Against his love led by anything like it was a diamond in a row that tell you. When do I get it? Baby was the way he could allow me to remind you pay, there is the risk that airport approval you from prepare be Rob was up here yesterday you telling us what people want. Really people from that. A tragic bought you from and thirdly, and I'm deadly Nigeria nicer nor fully limousine of lilies in value could drag you. I know I don't believe: ok, ok, a bigger norville other your journey down, yeah way round. There all grow ISA Rudy say was trash uptown down can dress was uptown then what me or lie. You ask unroll people law get lucky
I don't know, but anyway, here death if they are Burma, peace that dominate. Hey what's happening. What's up bro get off I just want to get off my chest. Man. I just want to apologize to my girl man. I was running a little late for work, you know and she was still before I got it. I tried to give her a kid you know, but I had a young man. That's my peeping also allowed. You know. Why would you do that out in that area that there were three in the morning? And I mean it, I'm? U any representative at all. When you left the house, you nasty basket, now or you don't they ate them back and be like that you're not going to go what is targeted to persons who pays broke out together? Oh, my god, you are going to hire you work at the hospital and you walk around the hospital with stink. Breath know. That was the first thing I did before What budget? If I do you lie. May use elegant gums errors, and you know why I really like down like that, and you got Kay.
You re a browser. Come you typed. Now why she chicken, now we definitely wash in the jacket no I would then be doing goodbye, Madame Pebble blood, these Thankee mouth get off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one and five one of you need event. You gave us up at any time now. When we come back, we got rumours. We gotta talk more about the met gala, somebody outrageous outfits, costumes, ya, know anyone who uses a mighty out who was outrageous. Ever again, you got a sign so. What does that mean that terrorism without radar sounds crazy outrage? I was all right: what's he gonna you? I don't know, but just take it. So I have no idea was outrageous, say we'll talk about somebody outfits. When we come back the outrageous outfielders row, outrageous outrageous acted out of sight in vehicles, a fabulous I could say the same different ITALY, that, aside from one of them
we have here is a way that we represent. No will the outfits were outrageous boots automatically become back the breakfast, let alone the breakfast club importing everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall domain the guy we oughta breakfast club, kids, rumours! Let's talk the mid gala feeling that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club never met. Gala was last night's, are the two thousand and eighty met gala, it's kind of like a Halloween party in me. That's exactly what it is and I would ask those of his wrists people's Halloween everybody dressing up. I've seen French Montana twenty one savage. He was dressed up in dapper Dan chronicled bond between ones that regional on my blood, you dumb question Sometimes you gotta give us more data, twenty one savage.
Twenty one I was his first met gas right, correct and will wipe one said him out of issues like she was submitted in black. Well, whatever look asiatic. What are you expecting on inside it'll? Never know I've never been his advocates. Oh you dramatically. Nevermind example common sense, like Lord Montfort Miguel out of Hell ample. Do you know what the hell was that I was pretty forty two I Katy Perry. She had a couple, a costume changes. She was a chandelier like just about a bene. Second outfit change was change was a burger was a cheeseburger now, but she was just the best burger pretty much human eyes, had a pink dress on look fabulous. I dunno. In other words to say. I m tired, and I want you to try to know what are the words out of sight, another where's that might be listening. Com save ii was dresses of fabulous COD Ii B. I just as fabulous out of me with lame duck. Draw political above car was kind, go about marriage aloe.
Going Gang, Odell Becum had a tuxedo, but he cut off the sleeves across the knees, any at all, on some Does that not missing as TAT One s picture diplomacy, no download shoot ass, o dell Cute ass right there you should have. Could I like crazy? You know I really shouted down earlier. You know I did you just gotta make another man you know like for you shut up MR fabulous dresses as outrageous fabulous outrageous that outrage right. You can't God ass. She had an caddy west, they care they were they as well came out like a wet look like you just got out the war she didn't when him by his lower annually. Please come back. If not what this looked. Neglect like you do, came adoption, but ass. She says you can look. If I read I actually heard of you, she said I was looking for the wet when went out of it. What did you read that in a magazine cosmopolitan? Maybe what did you read that change, came ass, big.
Can guide us about hey duties them with any made me feel awkward dramatically, multiple conduit for looking dead, regular gallo. You know sanguinary a body of law dressed up in fancy. You pull up in a dickie suit. I like it Also, we found out yesterday that Kim Kardashian helped free seventeen inmates in ninety days, reunited with their family, so she's actually ab. Be positively doing our job articles? Barbicane goddamn? If you hate non work, I can call dashing, is doing you absolute sucker marriage. She is using our privileged she's using fame, she's using our money, her connections, they get people free. I don't care what she did in her path. Erect vat is commendable absolutely on the word. Damn well she's in your right now awfully before. She goes back to Kelly. She can start by fully entitled to meet mills. Judge no just missed out on four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He was wont to do it by performance, but the judge wouldn't let him go
so he missed out on a four fifty thousand hours me captain Appertain, to go to do by a few months ago for a conscious per day, he's gonna be paid for him, fifty thousand dollars the judge approved in travel after the concert had already running time. Of course, another it is time to travel. There got approved after the date of doing the concept, so heating didn't get to make. That point fifty thousand hours, which stimulates show me people around him, so everything he needs to do is our control. By his charge. He can't you gonna go to try to last week. He has yet been approved, go to travel, to borrow that nobody can intervene in this situation as well as I like. This judge is clearly shown by, as she clearly aims. I will agree with me. My anxiety would be to the roof. I had somebody like that place. Freedom like this woman has mixed freedom in the palm of her hands. You can violate avert any came home. Anything and that add, at this point, like nobody, can intervene like that. There's gotta be sometimes disguised, be unconstitutional in some ways they perform reach out to kill
you think I'm the one came only all Iraq him could fix. I sought are right, That is your room. A report now will become Africa front Page NEWS, the people out there at this moment I'm Robert Evans hosted behind the bastards and it could happen here. I spent a lot of my career in my time writing about fascism and searching authoritarianism in the world, and I am generally pretty bummed out as a result. So in July of two thousand nineteen, I travelled the world looking for hope and I found it in what you might consider to be an unlikely place. North, strict Syria a place called Rosa,
You heard this place referred to in its people referred to in the news there generally called just the Kurds. What I found in Russia in the summer of two thousand nineteen was somewhat stranger in so much more revolutionary than the story of a group of people valiantly battling against ISIS. Instead, I found the story of the war in Syria that you haven't seen on. The news is the story of an idealistic dream that had the unlikely chance to flower in the dry flame, racked plains of Northeast Syria. I'm murmured Evans, and this is the women's war. Listen The women's war on the eye heart, radio, app apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast
tomorrow morning, you're about illegal e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast square was happening. Buskins front, page news there. Last night, sports are of using a games last night, but the box beat the Celtic one thirteen one or one days there were three one paupers your number at the game. One you prematurely jumped out. The window is dead. You think this theory love after game, one when you sell things, one, not everyone since poppies.
Now. The second dumbest thing you said this year next, there you know you, you had a Mediterranean two way way and I would be more. Do I normally like I don't think, would rather one friend he is a when any use Iraqis beat the warriors or twelve one o eight based tattoo series to two now over live drive, as might be planning a strike. It looks like the plane industry for tomorrow morning from seven a m to nine a m now goobers, I appeal is launched to Morrow and they want a strike. They are saying that they are not mean aid fair to labour practices, a horrible and they want to choose what rights they can take people on, and so they able to do that they are going to protest tomorrow morning from seven eight amateur nine, a m, so you take over into mourning, give yourself a little extra time. Yea! Yes, who do we live in Serbian and I'm gonna be a work tomorrow between several They would all their lives does it affect you so yeah deregulated? That's right now go
what's wrong, you know everybody was talking about game drones yesterday in at Starbucks CUP, I now executor produces spoke about it, and this is what she said. I can believe I read are answered in a proper and decorators. So show on a thousand percent. I just honestly can't life is that Europe is now a days. You can't believe what you think of people can put things into it. I went to a photo about really doesn't exist, but I guess maybe it was there and not sure we're sorry about something. I don't know the worst thing that their finding were or in good shape,
that is the leg defective ages, brushing at off. Like that's a minor thing. This shows of fifteen million dollar per episode. Show correct. Alot of people get paid a lot of money to have continuity on his said is based in a medieval time period. You can answer. I don't know of his medieval brother was mediaeval Mediaeval was saying yesterday that I was right, newsroom medieval like yes, what evil like? medieval man by Medea Medea me was shut up. Man should the electricity, even what mediaeval time. My view is evil. Ebbene Edwin idea is evil times. Is To have a Starbucks cub sitting on the table is death more than just a minor oversight. Bre we nomes ape, like you know, that's the scripts supervisors job to make sure it is continuity on the set black, but that we pass all it old people, but think about policies that Starbucks really did cut em a check for the amount of
Starbucks guy was well worth in in diameter, like some sorry mama, unless dogmas paid for out of his own the whole fifty million, no, no one the work as stupid, now right and lastly, build the plaza. Yo, though, is the may of New York City and looks like he might be drawn is heading four. In the president's twenty twenty two twenty twenty one, twenty Twond Mare Harry MER, the plaza with anybody. Tat is your dive over there? The latter would always nobody time that they will need twenty Emily candidates is now twenty three to twenty two. Twenty three and sixty eight live made by the old mill said this one outward. We are proud old fixing. The city guide him around flow somewhat. Toss, they'll catch folks onto your way right right. Well, I, like I, don't like people at all. I'd be we're running. They don't stand a chance. But we are not a mob here. Yeah. Well, I hope you will stand a chance out the main body of engines, and that is my personal being. But what's the point. These twenty three candidates breath with
Ok, all right will lead is front, page news. Now we have this. Real pronunciation of medieval, say, but many evil now right fate again, many evil. I was right committees maiden then, on the poorer than those that aid, as they too are devastated, make stuff up. So many you better get player evil many will use our many evil mademoiselle mighty evil. In my view, a mighty with mad evil medieval times the medieval too manageable What forget it all right? Well, that is, you. Re resonate with no college degree ass, though, that you got a graduated night school as well thought out there. Now when we come back, Tiara Marie will be joining us. It would Sierra Mary Marino, her from love and hypocrisy, old, fifty cents, a bunch of money. So
we don't like that? You know that girl offered the will to recover it out and out into the one. That's a lot of money, we'll talk about it. When we come back as the breakfast locomotive lording, everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We oughta breakfast club. You get us pursue, guess, inability to Georgia like, yes, you do biology or money. That's rank. I gotta talk to you. A letter came at last month. We really do have You know work, I would of you know was never say. Did your video thirty Grand year, thirty grand and you know he wanted. I think seventy five by the judge. Ramsey Artie, most back a. Why do you owe fifty cent has now is well, he was spread. With my ex who
sex save on my pet age and fifty repulse day and it was this very coincidental. And he was the only celebrity that posted it and he friends with the guy have you got a real friends with just a show handling? They were just associates at the time. I think they came together and my eggs acts and suppose the video or pose the picture, whatever the hell he posted, and I think that he's a fifth eventually thought that in me and my Eggs were in cahoots when, when that, not sure if I don't think they're friends or associate anymore, this does meet. The exit I haven't bother them and aspects of God after the sex tape. We did speak to each other because I wanted to believe he didn't do it. You know you guys were saying that he got hacked. He was saying that his other girl, oh girlfriends, whom I had she is found out about the day before he follows you, don't you
I found out. He was she no name right, so he was making up all these different excuses, and I'm just like. So, eighth card. Is this your ran? Why would he repulsed sex type of your girlfriend? If you're supposed to be finance it It makes sense that the lads it happened. I want you to be charm, enticing magnolia sexy about, but then you also find out that your boyfriend, cheating on you and that's how it happened. We a scene where I ended up, find a now about the girls, and so I saw him like. I don't want anything to do with you. I'm done like drop. My Our key off, like as we were gonna theories, are not. And he said, bag lied. Oh my god, Sierra. I mean instantly, takes me back. Oh my god. Sierra somebody stole my phone with dollar sex types in him,
saw my God was applied immediately, like I know what you out so Zaga man I was passed. I just was light in a rage and then the next day the It was released, and so I just went over his house and just start Boston out his windows and decide goin crazy. I was like I just blacked out with Eric early and Elizabeth. I now hear about it. Wasn't his car to begin with that and now they're in Seville, there we broke up in every day and it was in the news this guy reached out to me like this is my car. He stole me. He has two of my g wagons. These are his cars, so he will fully and fell in at the time all authorities out of fifty. Now what I call windows were gone now, because no one large, if I don't, have to pay as you go system, but I don't have to pay the exactly at the guide in charge me
as all my God was applauded Medium like oh, I know what you out so Zaga man I was passed. I just was light in a rage and then the next day the was released, and so I just went over his house and just third busting out his window. After I busted out the windows, I guess bar because you know I guess he wanted- aim, or whatever their lawyers were year, allow he caught the cameras. I'll walk down stairs cameras are all over and so like this was a real moment. I've never shot a scene like in real time, and so that, yes, they made they cancelled. Another thing I mean this: is that lets you not begging get there and they got there and I walk? There are fears that you see the same, I'm like crazy and they shot it, and I was like I just this Ah, you want unanimous and is a camera time here. What and now I think he has to be filled.
Sometime away the he's not involved in the situation any more as its success. It really is not all you don't love me about anymore. I know of no more than for the sake of those. I have you wait a minute, I'm alive you guys. I saw fifty cent to cease and desist. So I porn her in a bunch of the sites but year. It allows us to do a pro. Well, it does cost money this year. For you, The bug, another. Fifty Thou Jerusalem, where If he's not, if we retain a visa, wasn't fifty thousand, they do have a proposal that about a while she did LISA Dear, but I had other authorities to no more than I did a criminal investigation as well and was very worthy fifteen. Eighteen down in writing down over the almost always coffin young tiara thought it now. Let us think about this because you did have an up unless it against advice, but I still we're talking to him at that time because you did still that perhaps he was tell
the two right, but it he will real me- and I was just slide cell vulnerable, unlike is lost and confused at the time. He will real me airline. Oh, I know who did it? I know who did it? I know who did? I got the proof right here so once I me like, I got the proof right here. Am I go, I'm on my way to Vegas and so he's we'll meet me in this parking lot of whatever, I gotta go foe ease, I got the proof, and so I play a worse to meet him in the parking lot and car LISA to come and saw him cause. They couldn't find him to serve him. Sobs, ok, I'm get to the parking lot caught him up and serve. I guess it of Argillite lot. He ambushes need em in this other guy, a guy that I thought as a friend ambush me, and I have on camera, and it was a test and I I failed miserably logical because
are. We are reacting in a star goin crazy, like like, I was ready to fight you not observed. I should just like you know why you got it. Buddy what is the point in taking you? Because he was Betty, sets little and in trying to save him at the time like you know, He was trying to save at the Inn and then get the get. The case drop with the idea that a one nor even when the law. So since I didn't since there that situation happen. Lisa drop the case ass. She was like. I can represent you no more because it just looks. Crazy. What made my word you involve those back together. That's what you say and then looked like around hanging out with each other here right away, wherever right, how argument as it so I wish you'd Robin. With it. Didn't I She said it looks crazy. She just dropped the whole thing. That's I just got a email and I had to come up to her office and I signed up the off okay drop. The case you no longer represent me On top of that, I can get anybody else to pick the case back up, so basically the
it was just Goin fell the general issues like ok, you up, hey you lost you gotta pay him is legal fees. That's why I have to pay for it. Have you build a medical Europe on the fatal? Ah, my pay them fifty cent the other day how'd you check. Now I washed union now as evidence that goes with it was a jug, say, hello, hello. When a case I get. How long do you have to pay the money? Can you work out a payment malware? Listen! I a MAC court date is later this month. I didn't go to the forest. One beat because my grandfather past I was in Detroit and I m attorneys wind and they got me an extension. We got moment Sierra Marie, where we come back no movies to breakfast club pneumonia. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club was so kicking it, which Sierra Marie shortcoming have, you ever tried to reach out to the same to you D on four now for what
Are you for every euro? Now he doesn't. He makes me laugh circles, very large gap, is very Larry'S- is actually actually been bring. It I'm bringing us some of my Hannah of finding size. If you like. You would get more support, though, based off of the whole situation that people would be more sympathetic towards you, because it is difficult when you have simply so personal legal that you didn't wanna. Obviously anybody to see so did you feel like people were not supportive in general, I think people war, supportive but was like, have and have to be honest. You know a lot of women were supportive in a lot of men were just lag, I notice my date that ourselves unanimous then, and not only with pulse or added. Dont pulse regularly to see some do not notice what sport, but I seem like you did, because I like there came out. We see new and outlaw together last like if you'd that mad, that my boyfriend released estate there's nothin.
Talk about what we need today or more in the fact that I was so together to seem like those another loving your pop ear. While we weren't together, we have met up in a cover. Laplace is behind us. When I hear him out, he was angry to release it. He was indeed I had was eaten, went out who did ass a girl making so that of his day. That's why I had a criminal investigation open to wonder whether the criminal prosecution camera with well once. Drop the civil bedrock name in vain gap, but the court no investigation was the so find out where it came from the book and ass. They say you and now, because I know things have to be somewhere fragile, like you did go to rehab and you haven't issues that you are battling than ever so many things happen so publicly on Levin Hiphop. Then people get sick. Berries and then all this happened so mentally. Like what kind of space are you in right. Now, I'm dating myself. You know I can't and straight out we have- and I started dating oh boy-
Anna magazine give myself enough time to get into a routine and Guineansis selfish love all the way, and I use a reality, was Israel for alcohol was if a drone us for our goals. Are you Youtube normal? alone drinking and now now I ask say, you're having drank and especially when their situation was goin. Now I was out of it every day because I just so humiliating I will the Jinni. It is good for you too, they. I think that, and you put not a brave face would go, but I feel, like you, hurt Of course I mean how was humiliated. Do you know four, for the world's z list would be really garnishing alone about drugs now naked I mean I haven't you. Will it or not? Now we're gonna go to court and then I'm gonna see what options I am critical because you want money I yet alive, and I guess I have an idea that Jesus I met this lawyer with an adequate, almost one.
I'm just keep tat. You really China that couldn't try to add as observers war, but I don't think it is worthwhile continue to dream of its like, as is seemed like a taken, a toll on you, like you, bang It is not worth it. I mean now it's not worth this money and I'm coming to the girl yes is, stems from Levin hip, hop cause. They brought him on And then he was friends with fifty and then fifty release this state and then add take my dumb ass back to him and then case give drop, and then I have to pay for these same unanimous antlike. It's just all over them, that people do every day people do freakish behind the scenes unanimously to journalists who you it he wanted me.
I voted against it and that's what you call it eagerly to pay for his legal bills. So you do not like sue. You defamation, not return. You know you can't do that because I met you can't do that. How did a single doing that you put the single out because you how much I oppose the just be like fairly and people actually like that have emerged over what have been put to you, because If you can say- and I got an- I got it all his loyalty than all of those opens dog. I am really glad row air, but no, I mean that's all in fun. Did really trademark. I got a raise, I'll be there? I mean I don't care about that where you are going to do nothing, that's what I'm gonna do what is found the couple at leisure to call him they are taught me
CALL Sis man, let me see our talk and try to work this out. This is why I get so point you'll be the point of the confetti Gonna play the petty gay and because our ally, but at first I was in ally, has lagged, drag me for at least like a man and then a Maggie whip. Five men tax at a man was very by many saving. Goodness gracious would fifty fourth positive video. Did you ever think to yourself? If somebody it's easy or you can get a bag? If you super report somebody put them to to the eternal reach out to you. It that one I reached out to One of my attorneys- and he put me with LISA Workers- but he told you legume get a bag and there was a fan like you needs a civilly sue, Ann Kremlin. Leasing of asked what it was.
Yeah dear you're gonna die abuse them. You really need to know the man. You look visibly forever. Lasher devolved me now, because the if you feel that kind of energy- I don't want you to give us tonight- is this something that of funding is something than that, but you look like you need and I feel like I've been crying. Oh, yes said think that things happen. If you could look as people as human beings, either in situations like this, like people joke around, they do so, but you get in here is really definitely. I am a woman on an old man. Yes, and you down to my most intimate moments, was exposed to the world, so he'll hear it affected me Have you ever had your password amabel worm. Do you know
you know. I know there is no question who aware that a year but he's claiming that one of his girls did it. Ok, fine all right ear because this is the day after I found out about history. Tell you what I believe are for about an you. Let him save you, and here That way, is he gonna get on the well known or about you. You know what I think of body I would love to type. Do you won't talk, not become one hundred dollars? Number was origin. Taping made his pieces person with a good walk over to a military power. What an element of mothers? Oh you vanities, Eddie table. I hid him Frosinone replies, I it is men they city saving,
that, if I get a manoeuvre, was the first thing you say now- I don't know either network can be amazing communities. Could you just call images? I just called the mutineers it s about Uganda. Now our lovely alone now be great. You could definitely see. It was mean. Plough really think that one conversation, you would put this by I really believe that I'm sorry I'm so we can get on one alone. I d love to try to squash again address my hand. He got his gagner. We try because the latter round my homework here too, I believe we all have o my lord? I have learned to have empathy over the past few years. Why don't you take him on idea? Fifty knuckling bodies, it with all alike
you like him. Do you don't you? I did not have a law use the like I'm yea as and when he was clown. Everybody has probably left without use. He hates me Now with me. I'm just gonna buy bag. You, but you know otherwise the rugged petty, open task, but I don't say anything unless he says m you Nanos answer his leg leave me alone. I'll pay you your love for these in a man, they're married that you would thank you for having drawn arise here. Was there any positive energy love. Ok, Erlanger you receive it. Is it the air? Marie is the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast clamouring now shouted here Marie for joining us, Damn reserve
We have a video online. Now we know that video am you is trying to do. We can bring people together. I really do Josiah Emory beyond. I do too she was on the brink of of tears. In my opinion, in she was little Attica I think she's going to allied right. Yes, I think so too, an arm. Yeah. I think it's getting too. It's is almost impossible for me to get to it. I'll get what you say you King UK, get, that kind of online slander all the time and in not guilty of ancient absolutely absolutely where we come back. We get the rumours without do some positive, gruesome, some baby. Some babies born. Ok, sure why don't you at night, when we come back, you blocked the breakfast locomotive. The reul report was glad. Now you gotta say: congratulations to Megan imprints Hair Edi welcome their baby. It's a baby boy, seven pair three ounces, no name as of yet
announced that modern and myself have a baby voice has been the most amazing expect, because I can ever possibly imagine how any woman does or better is beyond comprehension, but with an absolutely throws pigment so think about names on no names. Yet any name shall remain at your suggestion and I think it about them. People got no and a healthy baby, but Prince hacking shut. To America's down. Now we gotta congratulate Amy Schuman. She just had how first child the bigger away with her husband risk. Congratulations to their Robin Hood, Bob Ray machines. Congratulations now Kevin Hunter. You know he had a baby a couple of months ago,
they did not have, but my goodness, no, he added with a side she aggitatidly red eyes and say our, namely had a baby the name. Now they are he seeking a boat, of money from her he once alimony and more alimony for their image, raining onawandah ailments, alimony from Wendy Williams, to help for the baby- and I guess all the other stuff that they go into a legend once alimony spouses support it was a man never by two Hannah, Fiji sergeant, all right. You win from eating off Wendy's eating off when you eating off Wendy's value menu, all right supposed to lose the chance, the rapper, forgetting the spicy Novi back on their menu just in time for Calvin hunters breakfast. So I'm not sure how the money thing works, please he's after four alimony asking for help with raising the child inevitable. Other us with eighteen, I thought
he's in college, so out of a job aboard would a grown up young man, maybe this rate of you, I didn't think I mean it is, and where did they go into taking care of him for the past decades? Why would he want that change? At this point? My goodness knows and that's why you never bite there, that feed you side shake my guy right. Right well about Asia, Rumour report, congratulations, Kelvin gradually or what I've been with you, you know as well as no more than you do, don't like a gradualism nailed. Another celebrate play. One what's happened, read a red scale behind his nickname, due to browse right, doing too much amused round the goodness guys. We given your dog you to me, white gang.
Neither white gang idea and guess what it from where file and they had to discipline one of their fellow gang members are right and we come back for it. I'll tell you all about it right now. Don't forget next hour, Angelo rule will be joining us as well said. All this to breakfast locomotive, misery tone was overflowed a mood you have people in America come from the broth and all of you are a donkey Lord, a man had tat an atm for very strange reason, given too much money, Florida banners arrested after the border with home in an attempt to electrocute his private life police arrested, Lando man. Amanda Breakfast Club, which he held the other day, which Charlemagne a guy on the way Oki Menu vitriolic. Well, why don't you today for two they may serve, goes to lose
beyond Evans, Brandon, Hayley, Brett Singleton in Mary Elizabeth Dorm, all Caucasians, all from the great state, afloat and drop includes boss, applauded em, What does yoga shall always tell you about floor, the crazy, if you will come from the Bronx in all a flawed okay, now Fox news list many flavoured mammals is white. Gang members, don't think for one second, that white Supremacist White Nationalist don't be out here gang Ok, you got a bunch of mayonnaise militias out here, get three eleven boy: the aryan nation American front, combat eighteen, cornbread, mafia, dead man incorporated Dixie mafia friend, stand united to hammer skins, the proud boys to pick a woods and, of course, the K K K. I don't ask me about any of them. I don't know he said the cornbread. That is what they are caught: a goddamn whom much goddamn Annie, hurry. What this gang- and I'm talking to my right now is called to see W B, which dance were crazy white boys all who? How
original. Alright, I wonder what they are trying to say with that name: that's a deep! Well, what do you think they're about all right? Let me tell you something: Florida you'll get mad at me because I say all the craziest people come from the Bronx and all the Florida Speedway the claim in it are right, the Oda Crazy white boy than they are proud of. It. Ok well acquainted Amy arrowed. One of the members of these how many wine, is one of these pale face. Doves decided to discipline one of their gang members because the gang member violated gang rules. What are the violation of white gang rules? Thou shall not speak ill of any Taylor. Swift, form. It's a vow shown that put any other condominium. Sandwiches except dukes, real man is in Michael Heart. Get caught watching beyond, saves black ass own coming performance on Netflix. I have no idea what the Deletion of white? Gang rules are, but I do know that my God,
According to my me, Harold told police these individual showed up at his home and by whom I mean trailer aright, they shut the screen door and demand that he go with them to cover his gang. Tattoo are his gang patch out is a serious here. They only want european logo, no moral Kane almost see W b. For you are right. I think they caught him celebrated single denial. That, though,
thing that makes sense. I these guys and gas out, like the type that want to water, be built that he must have caught him with some baronne taken shots of tequila on Sunday and had a fit right at the only thing that makes makes sense. Well, my god is highly in Evans, held him down, while Singleton began, covering his tattoo would, of course make a hard fought back for he knocked him unconscious. What a foreign object now Michael Heart told police that he recalls coming too for a second in hearing. Some would say: I've never done this before and some one replying, it's ok, it doesn't matter or two to really really pay attention to. That line will come and head he later right. I've never done this before and someone replying it's ok, it doesn't matter now assuming when his person said they have never done this before
I'm thinking he meant right are spell look at flawed perfectly possible that a thirty five forty and forty five Yoda never had to write a spell anything especially in Florida. Ok, because no Michael Heart, Michael Heart neck, I d cover of his seed of you beat. I too, they put the F word. Ok, the F word for an occasion under the consent of the king. You know the word when they arrived with puck look and they put a few Niger right, and I d are yes: Niger. They meant to put the racial slur the inward, but instead They put the country in West Africa, but he's bowed the inward wrong. I write you heard me right. I think why a king members from Florida wanted to punish another white Member in the weighty decided to punish him what was by putting a few n word on his neck, what they spelled the inward wrong and put the west african country Niger. Now I know none is makes it
all right when I read it all back no this morning- and I thought maybe I didn't make sense to me- but I thought about it- is flawed, as was not supposed to make sense. But if you put a few Edward in you spell inward right on a white man's neck, this guy Michael Heart, would you beat up damn near everywhere? He goals for the rest of his life. How would you feel see in a white boy would f you Edward on his neck? He would begin have put on by every black burthen. He sees was on his kind, a genius. Ok, if you spoke a word right arrival being that these bout, the inward wrong and he spoke did Niger lonely place? Doesn't work? Is Niger you go. The Niger he's fought a right walkin around two F United TAT to learn if he runs into someone from now America he's food, but I think he can avoid that pretty much now. This is an all the story I wasn't going shared is Dieter
But I want you to keep in mind what I said earlier. What did I tell you earlier? He said that he woke up when he heard somebody say I've never done this before and someone replying it's. Okay, it doesn't matter now. I wasn't going to share this data, but Michael Heart told yes and I'm quoting here from the Miami Harold when he woke up his pants, which, with it what it is but hurt. This is all from the arrest warrant, I'm not making any of this up. Michael hard stated. He was wearing blue jeans and felt something white and his pants. When he looked at his pants, he saw what he believed to be blood. Michael stated. He felt like he'd been sodomized but could not provide any more details. Michael, you have provided enough details. Ok, I think we have more than enough details on this whole situation.
Let Chelsea hand will give Lucy in Evans, ran in highly Brett Singleton and Mary Elizabeth Durham. The biggest ya hear that is wage. You write down, man is, maybe Niger is Michael's middle name, forty sodomize them and put a few Niger. Could guess what happened while you're laughing informed yesterday? Maybe Latvia's Natalie, you believe me try draw. Why did you bring me a lot more of learner,
No you where you put a cars, I wanna be: yes, you sit hedge. Well, ok, can you hear me? What are your mother? My goodness I caused? Yes, you cars, agonies I wouldn't we have to take the train in any other. Take the train- and again I don't remember you dead, you do know. Yes, Ambrose today them as normal we want more minutes, then all you out and auditing I'll. You remember how you remember when we now, technical aid allocated to take? Yes, yes, Niger? No call me nothing. And everybody is D J envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. We got us pressure, guess in Berlin. Angelo rye. Allow welcome back. Thank you know an alarming earlier yesterday, an early today, why? Oh Diana roars, wouldn T say I know she had she. She had a problem. She says you been violated and then I remembered
happened to you as well? I guess I really wish there were some other screening process had really don't want to relieve their trauma. It was like traumatic for long time what to TSA, as that would be having haven't heard anxiety? I was I like, oh my god, and especially in Detroit, possess where it happened to me, but anyway, the queen. We are elected now, two more years. Is that what you say and as my guys fell, but he was half way that appears. Why didn't you barely really crazy when he's may make? It is our role than here's. What happens when you have lag? though Rotarian who's never been subject to any type of discipline in his life had always been able to do it. Every wants to do. I think was fascinating? Is he really got this idea from you fall well. Last Maggie you all know is basically like any van bigger many though each leads they trump should have two years added to his first term admit this: is the quote wrapper I soon
who pay back four times stolen by the corrupt, failed the mother of work I confess to me: I'm leg, we're talking: reparations for Donald Trump, for lying when all the people around him got indicted, and then you once Aguilar reparations into four hundred a year of black. We will be in his country and tribal beautiful black people. Do I mean quite possibly less he already got. Some kind of reparations covers dumb ass, its president's eye, but that's I really feel about it like white privileges, the better. Cotter reparations around. Can you do that, though ground like not assault? Well here that they know? No, He can't do that, but everything else. I've said that he can't do them. How then do it right? What we know constitutionally is that a president can only serve to terms
Ok challenge I have is. There are other things in the constitution right now. I'm trying to give your lead him to ask about about about. There are other things in the constitutional right now that appear to be clear. Violations of of that of the constitution so we impeaching brain is about I now in rows. My mom, problem is the more report is hard to understand, and you know why there wasn't a more concrete finding on obstruction of just I will tell you, is if they can't in GM maize. On the Mahler investigation, I made a list of several other things that are impossible offences to me: Ochre Childs, relation is inhumane, the division, the discord and the dissension he saw in his country and how dangerous that is the fact that he is a national security threat to the country,
back that he has harass and assaulted, allegedly Elise, twenty plus women on the number of lies he's told in office which now go. Our extend beyond sixteen hundred shouting climate, all those laws, Buckingham Washington, Post, there's a regular fact. Checker moral turpitude are just immorality violation of the monuments. As we know, is the fact that he's benefited from being president and his thin heads of state to stay in his properties that's a direct financial benefits, Donald Trump, the abyss of power, which was an events or Nixon the obstruction justice peace, which is an unimpeachable offence for Nixon and then finally, the most Ray something is we're starting to see him not comply with congressional subpoenas. Richard Nixon did not comply with eight, and that was that within the impeachment articles rude. So my thing to you DJ in Vienna,
that all hope should not be lost, and I think that the list will continue to grow, always the best challenges to take him out as a Democrat and Well, I don't know, I think, is really really too early and what you think about your bottomless muslim. Yasser metaphor, bunch from Dubai, must on the shore. I saw some Joe Biden. I think I'm his formidable arm. He knows how to work people I'm. He knows how to come at things from a very decent perspective. He has a charming this amount of as well. Equity in the game he's been, you know in politics and see what he was sitting senator at twenty nine years. All those obligatory George, because it uses rambling, doesn't seem the idea, and another thing I ever saw bustle, but you get excited you don't seem joined by road to ninety four crime. Do yeah he's made. A lot of comments does seem just plain races against black
so I have a lot of white people. There is enough. You did I vote for Joe Biden, but I do have two more learn about his past record them. While wonder wider. Bravo mommy even PIG Joe Biden, as is VP, while for honest, though things have changed a lot since Barack Obama ran in two thousand and twenty two Veronica was asked about reparations and two thousand eight or twenty two of which you are hard. Now it would be a hard. No now you can't get out of a democratic primary with it without a leasing. Acknowledging that black people are. Some types of some type of compensation for all of the free work that was done in this country. So allotted change right since then, It was radical for Morocco. Vomited say that if I it is, then, if you would be driven Martin nerve in all tremor was me and I'm she remarked that type of commentary is like you just supposed to
say that now that was a radical, then so saying all that to say. I think there are a lot of reasons why he picked him in and part of it is. Joe Biden had experience in politics that just from a year's game that Barack Obama did and he was a relational person. Outing Barack Obama would say that his his biggest strength was relationship. Building on our mounted by? That is what we would have. A conversation like when you say began. Bravo bomb is the first major boom African American and his bright articulating com. Oh god, damn we're gonna blow. Was you around like a first one? You? Maybe you can make a list for him of clean and articulate black people. He should sit down with lairs commonly Harris is brilliant. I saw something today on Twitter, this guy posted there. That WAR Angela brand hair is char, have never lost an election in their political careers. Those are the four for the women running bite.
Buddha judge. Orourke, fenders and Booker have lost at least one, and what That was so fascinating about. That is there's this conversation about elect ability for women right now and especially after it happened with Hilary. So now is like oh Hilary, lass, ok, no woman run, which is like a very ridiculous standard, and so to me I was thinking. Maybe actually having a woman. You know, may help people I feel like any white man who through in a democratic primary, if they do they have to have a woman, is a boyfriend. The problem with black reboot that seem to love Joe Biden Esteem, the love Bernie Santiago by road tonight, if will crumble, burns and his blood gamble, but
when it comes the pillory they gave her the knife criteria and she was the first lady, TAT, yeah and incompetent, and give it would mean a prosecutor doesn't prompt you to do why people are going to come to bind Bernie in what they had to do the crime both like whatever yeah. I think that there is definitely sent enemy saffron. Add I think we talk about how this high, like there's a certain element of slave mentality. Here was civically, when you're talking about canada- and I think with super fascinating to me- is the fact that there are passes there. We go to the other race, but we don't give those same passes, or at least even the compassion understand our own. But anyway, I think that is a formidable. It's gonna be a formidable. Says because his allowed evading the needs to be done, I don't have right now no longer than I did want somebody to be dowager,
I ve, got more Angela right when we come back. Don't move is a breakfast club, the moaning morning, every body as the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club wicked witch Angelo rise. More Charlemagne should be the priority for the first hundred days in office for the next president, too. Celebrate. Net trump is out. I definitely don't think I should even be the priority that was going I know you think found absolutely of Germany's voted out. Areas can be undertaken, celebrate mood to use Celebrate USA for people realigning alike. Then then that Canada is got sweet. Tillier mile am I not have sound wherewithal invites celebrating chart my needs in where you, I think that one of the first things anything happen, especially if it doesn't happen this term is and info structure packaging on there's been a lot of discussion between tromp policy and humor about moving infrastructure impact. Forward, as you all know, bridges and are crumbling everywhere in his really dangerous and infrastructure creation
and rebuilding is a job creators, a huge job creator, especially if we can get some contracting kind set asides built into a bill. That would benefit minority on businesses, something I know you care very very much about now. Don't you don't that he out here do a real estate deals and stuck out drop drop. Ah, but waiting to the point, I think is super important, ensure that we are giving opportunities to contractors of color because they hire in our community
so in infrastructure package? I think on ensuring that minimum wages at least fifty dollars an hour. I think that some of the things they at least legislated on in the first step act to balance out some of the non violent drug offence, issues that we ve seen. I'm actually need to come to fruition. We're gonna see that as increasingly hard under this administration causes a lot of lip service, but when the rubber meets the road there, not really trying to execute on some of that, what else is important reparations? If we don't move that foreign? I think a super important that we don't have a commission, but we also have a process forward. I would love to see real work. Research done on the number of businesses that have benefited from slave labour and those businesses. Also,
being responsible for a racial equity platform that moves us out of poverty as a community to allege afford a good bit is great. Ochre is great, like there's nothing tell me what ever been wrong with understanding the vast impact of something as devastating as the trench links Griselda unusual. I want democratic through her. Yes, I'm for each all forty dominated for actual giving people Rachel you just for the study of well, but this bill isn't just to study. It goes beyond a study, and I think that is the first step we really does is it gives people cover live in districts that may not Stand by Blackie borrowed anything opportunities. They look at all this data I've. Never I will never
understand why more data and more information on something is harmful. Ever one of the things my dad has been pushing for years is having a federal designation for descendants of slaves and what that means is on all of you. All I've ever heard of Alaska native corporations, but Alaska native corporations is a specific business designation for federal contracting work, but why? When that designation, be able to apply for education opportunities on for job opportunities for other agency benefits, including affordable housing and also federal contracting designation? If we could expand that definition to apply to descend into slay the thing we could be a whole lot better off your father, the decision sleuth. Yes, Mr Mann, erosion attorneys and creative way? White Haitian alight nation out straight away that these rules are changed. My Wikipedia Vega, through Europe wide whose but I do have a great grandfather who patient you know. You said Antoine De Mello, shade tenacious slaughterhouses
Hey you talk about the did, not overturning drug addiction. One thing I ve gone into radar is merrily. Mouldy Marylin will be tried to five thousand marijuana convictions overturned and judged denied her Gatt Marylin most be has been defined. The work of the lower and I think that people understand how hard that is, especially when you have the fraternal order, the police, against. U S, really tough, merely Moebius. Truly a modern day David against the Goliath like system merrily megabits That is not her fault, but she tried yeah. So what wouldn't would have what would have made their gone to have a genuine who agree with it sure This is another reason why people need to pay attention to whose appointed as judges and who also we vote in his judges. We also Donald, moment. Ask about the terror of the sea or this morning on a radio daddy's gonna be imposed and terrorism on Asia F, somebody stuff that they bring
how does that affect us? No well, so a tremendously what happens with anything that we get overseas of terror, for terrorists are impose them the value. The cost of the item goes up tremendously, so economy where he's touting how great it is already. You know already know that if America as a whole, we have pneumonia in our community, and so things aren't that great for us. So if you know the price of yourself on goes up or that the price of an electronic inside the volume exponentially twigs, almost there Here you need to think about Voting for trouble, I will be very good to me. That's not. It became very clear right. I just saw a member from work. Policy on and get it we gonna get him anymore drags on him at last. There was a disaster saw you deserve
hearing this the fact that it is really a jerk. Have you seen a commonly bizarre, my instagram pose? No. What is war about Emmi? My first rank Harvey Pitcher like ever, they were like terms We can see the motives is away like this. In the thing parliament, like your is ass. She will know. I was man well good news with their money launderers Llosa really draw me you're, not already ass. You are now under way on alcohol can go there's. You know as I like him eagerly awaited him. You guys down. Ok, were she gonna, throw your release from prison, those really good? They really work now and I'm sorry if they're they're tearing that she works with is someone who is a dear friend in a minute or two me: Sean Chapman, highly mammal showered with you look at our. I got you white Haitians assault Are you
maybe absolutely right. Some I spend my main yes mamma. Would you think of the moon being, as I think that that was a really good for the bombing campaign? I think it speaks volumes about How someone who was the face of Bernie Sanders? Press operation went to Joe Biden so people need to be asking questions about. Why that is think, does very telling I'm so you get out to do things like that all the time? Why? Wouldn't you? Because I want it- for it to me especially this year, and we know that is the four hundred a year. We talk about it all the time. It is an imperative that black people have an agenda we can mobilise around and that all of these candidates are responding to what black people are saying their needs are. It is time out for us to just be giving our votes away without any accountability, and that requires accountability from us. On the other side, we have to stay engaged. If we employ these people, we have to ensure that their performing. So that's my priority.
Lab rioters, ensuring that a black agenda is responded to is heard is talked about from all these candidates and I don't want to be aligned to any candidate. I really want to get that. I would beg you. Joining us. There's you re always a pleasure. My white agencies to pull my guy you're a race is Angelo raw way. Where were they called Taylor Swift? and may I tell her- and I thought you would be so excited about then how much ado about an Eu Africa Summit, their language and yesterday all Trump supporters who said think what a mile we call a single de, ok I'm done. I do you know about that: right is the bread was glove, arrive breakfast shut up? Will you scream of war?
does enjoyed amuse us through the fields. Are you enjoyed a music? Did you hear every day every ten minutes I gotta be music. I love God. Only Dahomey drop include my body damning climbed up into my ball ass night, ass right. Well, let's get to the root of this talk about the MECCA We actually need is close. Listen I never met. Gala was last night in New York City. If you don't know what the Miguel is, we don t they just this kind of life is Halloween. I mean it's Halloween in May, for Britain, ridged, elitist privilege, people beg us? Fraid Entertainment was somewhat of people had attended french Montana. Was there are twenty one savage lady Gaga Serena Williams was their points out. One of the best answer that night last May. Somebody asked, in my view, is his first met gathered by the weaker NBC. What are you
ACT on the inside, he will now knows my first, her great ass thou not have been in a bright ass. The twenty one Frank Ocean is saying a bit like a valet guy. They suffer then the valleys wonder what he was taking pictures in a valley up. There was no grounds, I wasn't a treat. Is the custodian saying we are trying to see us. I thought it was not busy devaluing the red carpet. I really love for Ngos and you don't need edges, my goodness Odell Becum. He was wearing a tuxedo with no sleeves and that it is short Legged killed, red yeah Drabant include for the young lady S saw on FED on and looks like Odell Becum got some good budget. Appointed Esker shut up, shut up, Katy Perry. She was a chandelier and then she changed our vision and she was a cheeseburger alibis them. Ok, there and there's a guy draftsman as our music. Just address Cati be had on a dope, don't don't go out, you don't even know how to describe images. Dobbs ashamed up, shout the cod II be shout. The car
TB, that's if any had is a stab spoke to her at the red carpet. More girl. In this she said I will be more go this that can provide a baby. She ran, I believe, you're always spell entity. Can you give us an inside? Look I'm what it's like inside the mecca and is not enough foe celebre I got sick and Emma Bear. Did she had chicken and zip black? I was there. I saw people are so about this as you call them what you gonna stay economies, reinforcing the negative stereotypes of black people and is the negative awhile fried chicken. Ok, is no particular race delegated to chicken. Only reason is synonymous with us. Black people is because we could debate is widely would only the washing, as we have just learnt goodness now shout the caddy. Be she was performance in Memphis the other night and she said she should even be there and is the reason why we can move into my love. I wanna get this money money back, socio
liposuction and I guess it's to take it easy, but she was performed in a month washing my taking it easy. Why way? Not listen to that, the Cardiff. Take it easy bow did you know from Amazon what happens going to talk to say if it's a date for the job. That means that now, lithuanian blink one eighty two, a goin on tour together- excited about that now, the North American. Today's starts off in Columbus, Ohio and ends in Houston, Texas, now Rockaway, not doubling when eighty two been washed. What telecom blink, one hundred and eighty two was right. Yeah, you know me well washed. Oh guy, as their questions. Is it not at a point when eighty two have you ever These are not really air, but they got loose all out of them. I have no problem about money when I can say in what Blake, when eighty two, so what you know the wangle get you one and lastly, Nixy hustles marathon store is closing for low bit, but you can still order
of online, so they tell the people go online in order to stuff. I guess it's just too hectic app store right now, but I'm sure still will open back up, but the almost always open twenty four seven eight. So you can get your marathon clothing online and definitely get it? It's supports. Nipsey, his family and all that other good and I'm so that's a lot of a lot of I'm sure, they're backed up and she was mad back orders. Learning already out a few main and orders from what are you so Is your room report now revolt we'll see you guys tomorrow and I got a shot out dad upstairs revolt, today's Dan's birthday upstairs so happy birthday Dan? One of the editors upstairs he comes and goes Academy is everyone's arouse moved. My guy did who's dead, the absolute regarded and also shocked, because Mark is Sullivan. He is but our producer in Houston for a while. Now is what would he had the floods he without inflicting? Let us what was going on my eye, so he's is moving on
you don't know red on the baby that move at all either Christian Hiphop Station out there you go get away from us either way of Malta's secular music. Lock is go, save you saw, it won't be when our eyelids plus anymore than when Christian and when you get over to pray for me. Ok, do you not made so far? We have pray, Valvano Release, I'm trying to leave to go. You gotta go created it back. I'm sorry! I just trying to get us all right does get. This right is all one life that was your room report now when we come back to people's choice, makes each requesting right now, eight hundred five, Five, one o five one is this club kimono morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are. The breakfast club now shouted the armory for joining us this morning pray for GM arena. You know say, like I just feel like she's gone, do more than she's letting all right.
I want to get her and v on the phone. I don't know if that would help, but it I mean start. This is relentless. You know, I'm saying is also a cancer cancers have a heart. You know me Well, I don't know what happened so, but anyway and shouts angel arrive adjoining the two fluted army as Lorraine, my afro caucasian haitian system. Here. What's she says she's Africa occasion, an Asian That is my Avril caucasian agencies of that. I we lose together last day. We are that the Riverside church may I come in handy you got, we're coming up cod on. Let love have the last word Loca, but got I'm coming to me and is is. It was very, very a powerful, out of you would call it a performance, but does it want to performers very probable, powerful performance? And indeed, yes, it is all about a wellness. In new note, self care who know make history
Mental health is a naughty going there be like you know in his is fatherhood like you're, really really doses lose momentum. Shout the common, and I want to say Abbe born data to ginger is ok. I want the Abbe born data. I in turn kindred. You know, she's oscillations, Vanessa fears, nonsense. You got plenty of money about of us for various cause. Daphne I know these causes a real, but I do respect our because one times you dig it a lot of money out of us. She did, you know, bring off, we give it back. She brings. She did obligated member more important. She bought a girl's up here for a future with the girl out, like a rose rat like girls care, managed, like girls of Hair God, damn what my nurse Jane yes, salute the kindred and happy body, the kindred gee. You know she holds morning radio on W Gc eyes. Cowgirl no candidate was foolish. You go to a shudder
Do they have university? I disappeared. I bet that's my family. For a long time we ve been in his radio bins together for well over a decade. You know I've been my friend forward decade and I really appreciate her in love. Her in value her into days are born days, will have you pointy, kindred, cheap raw right when we come back. We got you positive, not everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. They showed me the deposit of local people muslim. As is his middle helpful when his mouth encouraging people to invest in a mental wealth on what we should be doing at all the time. But I want to tell is called from Michel roles and I'll try. Will create change. You don't choose healing is about creating change you to choose?
the new mental wealth and go get some he'll breathless with it. I am Oscar Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to give you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your part guests.
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