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WED 11/16 - Is "posse" a negative term? Racist? The Breakfast Club discusses LeBron & Maverick Carter's reaction to Phil Jackson's comments. A big hee-haw goes to whoever thought warrants for overdue library books were a good idea. And Ask Yee tackles the question, "Thanksgiving with your girlfriend or with your family?"

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Make a whole day one's job region. The Angela Charlemagne girl cell on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day the coveted morning, so gagged and culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous more to share with you a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more easily, yea figure body. Put you listen,
Mighty Charlemagne again presented a plan in just one day. Just one day, ha ha ha ha ha ha two more days until things given great trouble include bombs, Paul funds, Yes, I had no idea. We are in a way your vacation, the normal. Where chess me I'm not I'm, whereas you catch on a bus and sleep and they d get some sleep, never gets a wise tv show I'll, get to be at home on the gold. Emily omelette avoid doing nothing. Ok, sorry, when are you gonna open? Any battle? Vacation is just like everybody else. Doesn't Christmas gift of people, given that we have. No, that was needed in the area
anyway. I don't wanna, go Barbicane civil them again. You notice the blow. You ain't even got away, but I will name I d like to share with you a name. I d like to flow uncharitable decay of love. Ok, we'll get they work places we get off me. Let me just say: yesterday I had a great day yesterday I worked our day and then it Hennessy with nice enough to do a toll for means and so on. I've been working so hard and us and they did in the most Hennessy LAO, my writers, which is a beautiful place, will be afforded you. I wasn't come anywhere on earth. But we now have it. I would say that we have that I wouldn't come just because I would come, but I wouldn't come because no pounding going away Morgan. Every people, muslim people always ready, but I wasn't I invited where my friends don't show up to certain things too many times to stop by
Please now it again. I like it better. We wouldn't want to buy me with their pressure on uniting, come if you know me by Karin Civil decompose. I appreciate her for that matter. People say my guy might Keyser then who told you my guy lotta people that I've known for one of my friends in high school, Gmail, she's a lawyer and we ve been friends for ever. She was actually there it's that it was necessary to have a wide variety of people. People I started lip service where they were. There is a lot of people daughter, they came through. Just follow quick tells us. There was quickly with some food from Evelyn kitchen, some nice Hennessy always play about, isn't a quick you to invite us. It was only like for you I welcome any way advocating a little one where we may account working or some people Cecil. Yes, airports, people, this memory, they can it. Oh yeah you're right, a bride the need, on the one hand it is, but you didn't devils undue MTV inadequate, will leave you to actually didn t she did
Who knows it and what was that? It was good rules, madam, but what it was nobody, but what it was like nice people involved with the tax, those who did Joe Biden slaughter we already know who s there. Big lady has a bit out yesterday to begin mechanic and his turban Cameron who, as we all sycamores, Mamma said before the end of our epoch, neighbourly right behind, like trap, God, while you having already other epic ANA Miranda from double like so those goods. Can we dump measly already know about it oh yeah me. Nobody would know. So, let's get to show cracking like four pages that we talk about. Yes, that's how about that West Virginia mayor? That's! that Michelle Obama Bedroom towards egg an ape in Jerry Resign. Will we're gonna get right into then front page news. All right, we'll show logic go
It will do reliably as close to jump to play with the little be added Christ. The purpose locomotor breakfast club is concerned. Page NEWS Mademoiselle demoiselle. The mayor resigns after Apenny heels come well, let's be clear about everything that happened for sufferers, PAMELA, Ramsay Taylor who ass he worked as the clay counties. Development Corp, director Jude, bare Legged, sort of eggs. You got don't you to day yesterday season when oppose it, it will be so refreshing have classy beautiful, dignified. First, lady back in the White House, I'm tired of seeing an eighth and heels and online petition called for her to lose her jobs. He was removed from her power as direct their sugar land like a spam account would a tool for a for her friend had commented just made my Dana she was the West Virginia. Ere she got dont you today as little as a guide dog in the day and that only that he has resigned from imposed. Beverly wailing is no longer the West Virginia mayor,
monocles bombed for price pressure, paid a high price pressure saying that she was in a racist and you didn't get her comment was raised. That was referring to my day being made for a change in the White House. I am truly sorry for any hard this may have caused. Those who know me know that I'm not in any way racist, but are also at the mayor anymore. So that's that Even if you didn't think something was raises its there was a very offensive com there. If his end by the way it is also raises because deter monkey is youth is herbaceous their toward ip address. I think you might have to know that every night West Virginia decision- I didn't get common sense. I mean how you calling a black women. An ape in hills might be alive, its like bullying, civilian, Georgia may Adona ever, even if it's not a razor sargassum dummy monkey, liquid fuel use that term crazily Daniel. They love for what, for
the even call Michel Apron Hills disgusted absolute. I firstly wish you look the way she look and write a mayor and that's the president's wife. I sounds crazy, about three mba teams banning truck hotels were at least three mba teams are no longer going to stay down a chump branded hotels, the seas or dreams. They don't want to have any association with the new President elect the Milwaukee backs, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks. They say that there is teams all together so far and they're not going to identify all those teams just because they don't want to publicly talk about where they'll be staying on this season's trips for games against the Knicks nets are the Chicago Bulls, but they don't want to say any Trump I'll tell you know it's interesting when I was watching the news went after term one, they said the properties that he owns where people own thy condos. Instead, those buildings are actually worth more and people are investing more into that in paying more for those properties, but a lot of people
are not staying at those I'll. Tell you what happens when you got a president who wants to build in a war instead, abridged right. Ok, we welcome too divided of American. Ladies and gentlemen, velocity also, they say yes, it has actually taken the Trump name of somebody: hotels, a summit of buildings with people. Don't wanna stay there, so you had taken a names offset in its numbers. So in our people can start on buying into those properties against all you'll use. Tossing her name's come down this in the next couple of days. Right now front page news that seller, why you mad eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one if you're upset you need event, call us right, Now, maybe you pissed off, maybe you had a bad morning whatever it? Maybe you would have been eight hundred and five. Eighty five thousand one hundred and five What's up right now is to breakfast locomotives the breakfast club.
I am delighted at the lab they wipe out a day. Why back Magdalen on the problem- and it was so many girls in your Bulgaria? We leave any other browser, but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl, but it does have gone away. Wielded guys go, go away, talk about exactly why you were the boreal nightmare from all grounds, but I dont three was Michael lag: might celebrated airline where the border areas right about Americans they have killed. Bakers turns away from a pragmatic There is a key factor: repair bearded, landscape mobility. Maybe I'll, tell me. How did you do with the undercutting use them? Mary. They become like microscopes, Our people write it down there with all relevant gonna. Give you couldn't you propose Let me as your question, we dig would win and ahead. War, Nino Brown and
cash money cartel are eligible and he's got a job riding clothes. Haven't I ve met hello. This is bad fronty. Try, more bad bay. I misery. I boy asylum, Islam, Doin girl, how ya doin green. I bought my facebook, firemen and I see a lot of people are dealing with this election and how people voted in others want people to be clear that our ancestors and die for us to both they die. First, they have the choice to vote. It is your choice whether you decide to vote or not. You cannot be matters somewhat.
Rather they voted are now who day body force is a personal choice like you gave me mad about their Norma. Desmond on behalf, does not hold on to know about you, but you have to understand each other. May some people from their lives don't matter people are getting going down in the street if they don't care about your life, What makes you think I care about? You evolve Obama. When no, my fare, you have the respect that by the way you eat you are correct, but guess what? If I had to choose we not only Hilary company caring about my life. I think I would go inhaler, allow this innovative. What about familiar, I will have you wrap this mornin young girls, our knowing you young, your draft, a beggar, I'm calling for did. I haven't been included I've been calling the lie in a lot of you will be asked me about job. Maybe I'm gonna feel young maiden gradually. Even do not let you get two on purpose. Now we have a website Yang. Just what you gave us this morning. No Earl
chosen the wider Europe I'm turning on television in the body guileless. Here they asked how are always blue ass. They now asked how many times by being through some people, live in the lab I gotta live with the true reminiscent of days I used to live in a cool, I'm talkin back, which are the main downplay. My dream, though I had the fall back, is starting to my dream. Has a nobody, but I'm here to see the America give it back our black credibly plead the revocation. Where would I painted the latter dockers doing american heritage? I come into play and I had committed vanished like never came it if they got a guinea. My breakfast, the three thousand all era gotta take up much with undertakings them about like any. Second, the world's most dangerous show like DR and sixty eight and you'd like him, you when you are Thank you I'll be yet every spend one am I reckon elements that I said what I just said that the person he did not know I never gone for too long. I did hold Charlemagne that, where an thong John did user Euro nest of rum
You may ask me, I might envy Andy Day. Every two years did did nothing for your life. Have you know you're not gonna did nothing for your career. You need to get a job yeah jazz, a blessed Alice had the lad. I was not our minds that young man encourage him to go. Get a tree habitat. Tell why you man, ain't your father, five little fire. One of your obsession need event. Call us now is to breakfast locomotive The breakfast club that was sorry Leon Say morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club was another encircled me like my Instagram, my Yahoo com and pickles you, yes, a positive preacher. Cares when she was on the breakfast club, and somebody left a comment on my page and say Karen Civil is the only haitian I would. Rather I don't know what that meant. Funny, I'm gonna races like rather rings made, everything now reads like where Haitian
you wouldn't do any other Haitians without, like my white it was an attitude will, even though it cover to present what their posted. That's what if it was a black person, but immigration, Otobu Asia, they allow you jump zeal raises its preference riding data me, I didn't take it out. We had thought it was funny that death would somebody on prosperity has insulting, but innovation upset. It carry a three. She laughed now the care, a civil we needed some headphones currency, as you gotta be next day, council the plug taking care she will forever be to plug. Can she does God? ordained her to be to plug downright longside policy when we baby I rooms and we were well. It's like they could be a sex tape on the way ok, ads are you who made this x tape? That's why you don't and we're on vacation me somebody and smash. You never know what may happen from that. Also talk about Prince his record label. Is now suing J C. I will get it all that when we come back, keep it the breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club with Angela his club. Well, let's see if this sex tape comes out, it turns out that Van Miller from the Denver Broncos was on vacation. He was in Coon met, a woman ended a sex tape with her. This woman is named Elizabeth Ruiz. She actually filmed it on her cell phone and he told her keep a private cant do anything with it. He then says he reached out to her after the trip and acid to destroy the recording, and she said gotcha shortly after she tried to sell that video to Tansy intimacy has said No, then, the woman gathered together a team and she's trying to sell that video back to Van Miller for two point: five million dollars, which is extortion, and the judge had now issued a temporary restraining order for that
If a girl to record you, I haven't exit each other, you not hidden hard enough. You need to dig deeper and guide summit, set it up. Ok, I want to set the camera, but is the following. I found any. He know about this. As you might have saved my life, she hole in the form of an online by setting up a sky. Maybe she was holding it. I don't know one million has been drunk out his my lad and allay wait. A minute, vagabond, negotiate and now negotiate network recalled me have sex with you. I write that means that we have indeed such great job now prince his label is now suing J C. If you recall titles, the only streaming service either here or these prints records right well, it turns out tat: Prince had made a deal for resignation to stream through title that last album. He did hit and run phase one, but he didn't do a deal for his whole catalogue
was prince, passed away according to his estate, the saying that title started streaming all of his music they had. I want to be a lover, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine little Red Corvette cream Purple rain controversy pop life, all of those songs. So what they're saying There are a lot of money now they are doing because they never gave permission for those songs to be stream. Just that No album, I remembered didn't, do it do their bit in over. I guess they are looking for a solution. Where does not show any no check kite so and then at this all studies trimming after he passed away also so now they're looking for that money in their suing for copyright infringement and they want to block any contain dreaming up his music outside of that final apple, who got the raised. The point is that you know that, don't you couldn't find oil and other know his brothers and sisters, abacha care. Finally, also all his brother s that brother stepsister, they all got to split the ass everybody with come aboard, like I'm tired princes, rather I'm here.
Is there and that's why you gotta have all ask me before you die mail. Just leave a mess. Ok, unless you got kids, did we get kids go directly against Saddam Kodak are all kid they determine of given the apparent fortunes just because their market issue on Steve Armies talk. So yesterday he have the original kings of comedy on and they were honouring their late most I Bernie MAC trouble to cool Basel Bernie make them they did a whole Chipewyan got very emotional check it out with Cyprus, Birdie MAX School on the south is made with love Bernie met. We got the press waters, Oh there's this guy, let him know how we go about seventy fifth anniversary and to support our wonderful alone. That association we like to re, nay, this auditorium the Bernie
MAC. Auditory. Now is my gaps, who appeared via satellite and they also had a Bernie MAX high schools. We heart Rhonda there as well they were at the school in Chicago last, no matter that it also Bernie MAC Recipes trouble include both very much suits de hobby and congratulations there. I got the re Shermer they had the number one song with black You know that's right. He will tell you guys know that even Paul Macartney joined in a mannequin challenge. It is only a video. He's from the Beatles a little of french yesterday to everybody, saying that song palmed off simply because american talent cuz. I remember when they were here on the breakfast club and they said they turned the album in late cuz. They was weight a verse from Gucci vote is song. Said they no longer hit call blackbeetles. I remember I like what people call things and then they actually happened, but if their first number one is it well, that's a big over them. So congratulations also shut up to number one.
From number nine have anything that is the biggest jump since Taylor, swift, bad blood feature in Kenya. The record of dope, and even if you wanted to say the mannequin challenge is what their reckoned a pop up. They knew that record. Regular, nay record and the crazy thing about direct isnt? It sounds stupid, it's normal, a wreck it, but it's not at the peak yet like you can tell what to reconcile the peak. It's not there. Yet it's grow like crazy in a we never went for awhile is, which is new rightly every hour now. Data we have is that we have oh you ever thought of night every hour now, natural zombie, play it at hoped would, as I said, is nobler no at all no inner. What now that normal allocate them on it, but it will also vary so a drama good moderation, roman Magua MIKE, will. Those guys I'm Angela yeah. That's your room of importance. All right! Think Missy when we come back with our front page news would say what NBA teams are not staying at the Trump Taos when I keep elected to represent one.
Morning Is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast cry asking some balance has breakfasted ass a year. We do have reckless we're. Not the rubber covered, a breath of passengers more stable is given for a page news was talking about the mayor resigning after the ape in here, bills come yes, the West Virginia mayor has resigned. I will give you the whole low down. You actually gave them Zaki of the day. Yesterday, Charlemagne as well PAMELA Mamsie Taylor had put up opposed. It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first, lady back in the White House, I'm tired of seeing an ape in here. Now the women who wrote that PAMELA Ramsay Taylor. Actually I've got let go from her position and now The West Virginia man was her friend who left a comment on that original post, saying that just made her day has resigned from her position as
you're, damn right, Ding Dong. Would you d drop. One include bomb threat to an egg. There was an online petition. For both women to lose their jobs and, according to the West Virginia mayors, ceasing saying her name is barely wailing. She said I was referring to my Davy made for change in the White House. I am truly sorry for any hard feelings may have caused. Those who know me know that I'm not in any way Ray Oh shut up, listen! The funny thing is even if she didn't mean it in a racial way. She say that to say it or I didn't mean it in a racist way. You still called a woman at eighth and hills. The mayor eggs tablet.
Dignified first lady back in the White House, this thing or the other ones before that we always read this one is the only one that wasn't dignified, not compare people to know if you compare intimacies. Let us talk about these three teams that banning the trip, hotels, or at least three mba teams, and no longer going to stay down a chap branded hotels. This season, they don't wanna, have any association with the new President Elect. That's the Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks according to the European they, according to ESPN, there's eighteens in total that are not being publicly identify right now, that's a they will not be thing. Any chump branded hotels, also okra. What's the problem, they don't have any association, Madonna Normalcy from facing haven't benign animals. Whether as what happens when you have a president who wants to build walls instead of bridges? Ok! Well, when I went to support you, divided face of American out is what it is now vital to decide. As they should also a lot of people are taking.
A lot of those buildings and taken the Trump sign now, because it just want no problems. They want people to come there, not think of anything about tromp, so it taken a trump sat down and below those buildings, but also about abroad. In his manner. Well, yes, Lebron James is upset about some comments that were made, and this is by Phil Jackson. We have those kind of the current year and we don't have. It somebody's unify, delicate, opting out or why they act like we don't have a show going on. Ok tell him, even though we are a breakfast Patsy show some respect, get off the FAO Hazy down the hall I gotta get up far too low in the middle of a show, and you still sitting on a fire. You got about he's after five years at the fire. I let's go past the earth. There has been a lot of talk that his unhappy how little the team is using it, and he said no, that's not it. I want when they do use. I want them the music correctly and I think his hope within York Knicks is to get them back to playing the game the right way and that sound simple, but it really is
back to basics, and then you know I love. You too have borne. Second, why he was a man. He thought to know what it is and what the hell you answer. Yearners mentality, suppressing Taylor wondered what is that? with the end of the year and everybody just saying you know what efforts they ve given Brigham next week. But what was that? What did that have to do what Have you thought him, but we have the bronze age say where he met about. We have. I will hopefully that go beyond that point, so you that labour, the definition of what is now a bill overboard now. Let us therefore now stands for a believer visiting their work is not surprising, says it all.
Yeah a lot more work to do anything. I want to put this. In my view. What is a broader blind? Let me explain what happened? Okay, so apparently near Ex president. Fail Jackson referred to the bronze James Age in his manager. As his quote. Unquote, So he was discussing one of my chips to Cleveland and fell. Jackson was criticising the Bron for trying to alter the travel plans for the heat because you and your mom and your Patsy wants to spend an extra night in Cleveland, while Maverick wasn t, please wilds Jackson, the referring to Lebron James. Team of people around him and have done him major endorsements and have been working with him since the beginning of his career, as just his policy of fishes, were an Lebaron responded to those comments. He said it sucks that now, at this point, having one of the biggest businesses you can have, both on and off the court having a certified agent enrich paw having a certified business partner in Maverick Carter, S den. So many great business deals at the title. For you
african Americans is the word Patsy, so abroad is saying that it was racial continuity that he doesn't think that fails actually know what have use that term if he was doing business with someone else and working with another team or if he was working with anybody in sports that with owning it seemed that wasn't african American. It had a group of guys around him, a material judges, news of duties. Lange. Ok, when referring the young african american many should settle Brontes gang. The broad as it shows that it is run in his mom and is quite easily no mean like did this They just language policies. Could I haven't heard policies and also in your heart, ass, it always to call his house ban. A posse now has re with Maverick Emmett Lebrun in that this is his Yet this is his master, does not just his Hangers business Associates, but Patsy right, it's is as high earners in business in businesses.
We have avoided the FAO because his raise your eyes by because you ve not showing them the respect they deserve as far as what they actually do. I think I think that he feels like its beta because he's not sign and the respect they desire for what they do, because african american normal abroad that a lot of flax or heard of everybody They go to convention away and get the known Agee no manager, or can you got your whole voice that work is cool and did it the remedy it the right way, deadly white devils advocate arise. I weighed down on film Jack them household you said at the occasion that it has been around for a long long time rightly seen different. Very Nations of entourage and a little mad with joy mathematical be Allen Iverson. So he like the mom and is so that's kind of he saw don't we want to do with me like his mom is Patsy S, renovation. I don't think he knows who reads Paul Maverick I'm sure you know the manager is agents. I think he knows he's not in their heads very groundbreaking when everything that happened when the Bron actually using them as
agent and merely to eight hours daily hot, been Probably nothing is ninety. Is these then add another advantage by still using the word plans is one Orang has failed. Jackson referred to other people's managers and agents as there I think you do you suppose. He has said that about other players who have invested any ethnic city or race as their party and that their manager, their agent then not anything wrong with advisory procedure goes. You pause, exhibited posse I will ensure that there is a lot of formats. Eight hundred five only have one will finally get the way. The all reactor daddy got a bunch of groundwater boozy by calling a bronze age, a manager. His policy is that a racial turn, things out David Irving, let a degree of honour their term once before, and you know when I was on a video also when you refer to give have banned the party who uses the word posse
you know why I'm here, the mere my party at me and thousands initiative in Saint Clair Opacity over the aim is rather than your life on the land. Here about the timing we dispense earlier by my guys rule. We are closing down. But without the terrible example, we have a whole bunch of white people. Gotta call Melpomene you you down, They are about to go. As far as I know, you did eight hundred five, a five. What or fire what is passing racial term call is now the breakfast dragging the breakfast There was great, really would say good morning, everybody The jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club Nervy just join us. We're talking about these comments. Phil Jackson made no wonder a comedy welfare Jackson, as discussing what am I trips to Cleveland and he criticised Leubronn for trying to alter the Miami heeds travel plans. He said because you and your mom and your Patsy want to spend an extra night in Cleveland. Well, that was a
them, that Lebron James had a maverick Carter also had with where fields as if to say referring to them as the policy for the broad understood, maverick in a rage being upset that someone referred to them is just members of his entourage. Avatar said it posse entourage whatever when they ought to be behind so much a team leubronn, but that word pass. The outlying fill with being races evening condescending it is even lower demand- is ending magazine original undertone only because Phil jacketed Eighty is owed prize. Our group of life. You please all abroad, mom real mammal might have been there and he Louis Michel, who really know why not, he might have imagined all of them because they wanted to hold Thanksgiving dinner the house, not the hotel. I was the reason why they wanted to guy's. Most definitely do they. We're going to any said. The posse like that some are just some old, outdated slang and fill fill his whole life. Probably like a lot of white executive has been true. To learn how to talk to the players in the Movement MBA, where the majority black, so they brought it
whose awkward, ass, Wang Phyllis. The place for long enough, not no, no, not to use passing, not one cent Wendell you're by word? Ninety poverty would pop in wealthier The report is how bad and this is where the bran said. He said that he went ahead. Who, if he would assess the Brown and his agent, the Brown and his business partners. Nor what have you didn't know? What I was is: ok, Leubronn is frank, true could give a cattle, nor does your agent and biggest born right bottle. Note of adding to wear Patsy was meant to you. It was meant to be used by the manner, is on absolute around and is also the hangers on drift nets to condescending. I don't think I don't know that he was meaning The brown in a bunch black people by he was Leggum so busy now the ball in maverick checking him saying. Look where Just hang around we're not just part of the policy on the hard work, evident achievement and fail to act and still causes a pass at every step, Take they remind you ghetto he quoted Jaycees are. Let me be clear. I am not saying fail. Jackson is races. I'm calling out his disrespect
language, maverick you're, just assuming feel Jackson knows who you are like. He does maybe Dudley has to have. Two main aim has maverick generates PA. They were very good breaking it. What is it you know, I think has been used or is you know all throughout? If you watch? Is he s pen? I would thank you. It may be feel, might have thought of making us at the hotel didn't Hutu how they were at that moment. Maybe I am all me no, it was bad jasmine parallels, even though there is no longer know. What do you think about feel Jackson using the word I see what you think about their word and how we ve been talking about. It is using it in order to deal with the problem. Is it something like the wind and rain abounded in making a big deal about it as we go along, gets away with murder? Even change like don't work within the same agreement ever led the requested that there have been no. I sell abroad and the family
So now pointed out that this then the crybaby than their leaders to disguise from our problem on a platter using the wrong word, because they cannot be determined Anyone know what the election gonna get me outta this job ground advocate is degrading. I think it is degrading, it's the grating because they are more than that. I think is one of you. Just simply do you know who it was what if he's all abroad, he recognized rod mama. Did you a bunch of people, they look alike side or not, for. We all know the lightning allows. This love appoints pay more,
queens. What do you think about feel Jackson using the word posse applicant disrespectful took to the men that that out bill the profits are abroad, saw career from what it is, but I also have to play devil devils. Afghan devils advocate doubles after paragraph everybody tat. What's walk around ourselves, why getting gang anything like that? These people, looking at me like that so can't be convenient for you to want to be looked at as animal memory. I wasn't gonna get ganging. Why did I say I was no Jackson, he just updated solid Brunner thought about tat, quite a lot about tat would have gained advocacy again. Is that it would have been no brow, they would know. Bridal veil Jackson referred the name of the gang,
Don't let me out, I think they wouldn't even married you as the manager and age. Although uses pausing use, it is clear that a lighted that'll, be they men in every haggling guys, can show us where that was said, and I would say okay. This is how we talk about everyone who feel jobs. There would have been like YO celebrating ganging outside the hotel. You think Lorraine and would have met yes. Yes, you want in the magazine. Why does why do using flags on colony dislike him using an outdated term like gang gain, video is missing or Senor Halls House Bay in the name of his band was the posse that's the only person I have argued What year was that night well, I think, Lily Maverick was offended. Leubronn was offended for the reason that they are, I know, has been very difficult for them in the best of it there and by the way, a manager and an agent for one of the top plays in the leg and people were. Set about changes? Real, quick DORA? Always deposit was a group of cowboys right. Did you? Yes, that's what party the party, the group of cowboys who got in enforcing the law? So if I feel abroad- and somebody says his
His name is maverick. Come on man. We're gonna have largely via the boy all my when it. What do you think about feel Jackson using the word Patsy to describes the bronze management team? Call us now, as the breakfast locomotives give it, and I was also it no limit morning- everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, but taken calls right now. Eight hundred forty five one o five. When we talk about some comments, Phil Jackson, me describing the bronze management team and what did he say exactly? I would do in an interview and he was talking about Le Brine, basically We need to stay overnight in Cleveland and altering the he's travel plans. He said because, you and your mom in your Patsy, went to spend an extra night in Cleveland Dolphins, given data was there would have to have things even on a road and hotel rights. As the initiative
a friend, the brine, his friend, lousy, demanding their lives or boy. If you didn't know it was, is managing to data, we keep whipping very arrogant, and just assuming everybody can just look at somebody. They owed ass, rich Paul, DAS Maverick, we know them ran and maverick. Apparently there, like our Jackson, said nobody we gotta go when we talk about Patsy was duly negative. It was never I got my when. Did you ever talk about Bobby when you were a kid in you heard about the less aid somebody's posse jumpin, another pacified, never learn. What on earth are makes a lot of these on Broadway that are not in your report. You have made the Bobby Agamemnon Mario Van People, movie policy. Yes, I'm a loaded and arrest the off. Ok, we're not airliners. Roma people, listen aright ever heard of Povey passing her. It was a negative turn like what you know. If you mess with. We cannot possibly come back. I love our nobody doglike tabled with New York that maybe I never nobody talk like that. Ever Aurora boys, ok,
anyone who, having of ages Billig their positions and all the hard work they have done was debt were dealt with. Play more. I love this european black while a lotta dawn was. I wrote that do not want to comment on the last question that kind of green on both sides. Charlemagne made a point of people by devils. Advocating that you know, maybe you need the breath of limbo economy, but at the same time allotted time, others like men in professional position or a busy setting. We should be treated as a business professional nervous than you know that get that right there was like a get respected were always panic is to let the people we have money, but now we have allowed the kind of minimize by a certain word or terrible thought. We should be urban all the time you noted fairly should be. Above all, though, I think that that would be that the heater
we gotta work do today, because a lot of us accept that always did which we shouldn't and a lot of my people gotta following in take it all day, and I don't think it'll get really worrying railway maverick em in the brain checking him for what he has said that in the future. Think a little bit more. They don't call him a posse. Environmental management, clearly check them and I don't think that they will be mine and went crazy. But as I listen, we have achieved a lot of different things and we we worked away the ground and we ve done a great job in the brain and made him into this. You know power Why are we just the passing there's an immoral and areas of dangerous link is to data sixty. Nobody said Patsy okay, we say ganging miss a squad and let us be clear: Another thing, Donald Trump is about to be a new president, no need the code, any racism are
If you want to refer to a pack of blacks monkeys, do you want to refer to a pack of white people? Is Craig is doing its best to data. Sixteen anything goes baby. I haven T we gotta be subliminal and say things like path it all right. Ok, if you walk of doors the budget. Why we will out, if you feel like the butcher white dove without this area, but we know that there are no. They trump supported, though it out and take all the what it is meant to twenty six to eight even rooms, collective la last, we're going to take a bath layman were there, who is he baby? We now hear that river, which really that person is an ant and he's an elephant. Woe yes, yes, he's giving black MILAN, though we'll talk about who is the sexiest man alive? I know you want to know, his room. I made there is no one in Israel, a rival get it. So when we come back, he believed his breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club the breakfast club play may weather is not happy with these kind of Macgregor comparisons and he's saying they're kind of a Gregor is an ants and flight is an elephant. I right here is what would you get Wait. Let me I leave you and how the dying report I hear everyone's a dog, so bad Good, a fashionable pedigree, dogged the same complexion by the way is well thought out there. I can I Back to my room is ass. She likes you led the vulgar. Yeah, I'm fine! I count em right that may make my day dammit. I re anyway fly to think of these kind of Macgregor comparisons, and here is what he asked.
Have you ever made three hundred million and one night have you ever made a hundred million and one I have ever? May seventy main one night? So it's ok just to say it is not true legend, never compare as a total disrespect elephant elephant don't be so large. I totally grew flow. We were thus also modicum themes. You call Conall Macgregor, the Floyd. May whether of Mme made us even an accurate comparison in no way she before, namely that you got money, but the fact that fly may well have been undefeated. Twenty years and are not even a big, if I may, with a fan like that of disrespect left lying lies at one point trying to fight kind of Macgregor. If you guys Amber paramilitary pay out. It was talks about that, but it didn't happen now, Jane away from the. U S see said Conall Macgregor. If he touches you, you go to sleep. Floyd puts people to sleep too.
His fighting style, whose firing sides grooves crucified a water not with his hands, and I was a desk out our below bottles for our right now, the world's most handsome man, the sexiest man, live without it, furthermore, fallback that a black eye on me draw political bombs from asking carefully? Wasn't you gotta get black hat is dead Thine is alot lighter, but I'm gonna be gotten from steroids. Using the person we get. Our rap is actually the sexiest man Let us allow, according to people with it, while you did you, certainly Russia, is there? No man ever you haven't written. What would you do? me out in his excellent allowed Maxwell Wall
No, they within loud a true finally comes out new you in order with genuine onto being really what may not want to clean Maxwell envy. No doubt that's what By the way, true story did Maxwell not shut out invaded carver delegate he's right before you wouldn't. Let us almost knocked me a better the fact it did and aren't you going to see him in Detroit on Friday. Am, I guess, I'm listening? which that uses Chapman around following a mature daughters showed, is weakened. Drop bombs were Maxwell, Odo bedroom. Julian envy, I hate my parents. I do not believe we converted there before gay people today, GB tease edited man, Nassau ally. For some reason, Gabrielle Union is back in the news. People are going on her and ass because she was doing in any view and talking about her role as a divorce, and almost Chris
and they asked what it takes to find love again, and this is what she said if your type hasn't work for you have forty years guess what your type sucks time to change. Your type think outside the box may be their younger, maybe they're older. Maybe they don't come in the shape or size or color that you assume they would come about this. So many dough people out there, If you open yourself up and get out of your own way, you're going to have a lotta options, are ripe, hypothetical. And I'm happy that and she went on time. I don't know how is that Gabrielle Union Cuz, I felt like she's very outspoken, and she has a great sunny personality. So she said, if you're only going to use snippets of an interview, I give to incite hostility against me at least let the people know about the whole interview after many failed relationships. I tell my whole truth. If you are interested in my actual truth, it's there. Never offer advice without explaining my whole truth, I'm not that chick eleven like good people. What would we go in all her? She told him. Some people could someone. We do have this list of what
we'll get man and what they want. They may be like. Sometimes you gotta very away from that lose everything has doing way added child outside of their not reopen what works for hard. Ok, you lonely bitches yellow got nobody our right right, right at the heart of! Why? Wouldn't you take a viper somebody who actually gotta me? There's a baby I'm going to miss a baby. Don't you see tat? I knew where may Digital veer away from your list some time to think outside the box. You have a set man in your mind, but that set man in your mind may not be who you end up with it's. Ok, it's ok cream pieces. Me he's been gone. I may well I'm Angela Yea and Asher Roma report. Ok, you're recurring to load dog and legal o dog and an increasing say some sort of people cream. Only if you don't leave have and I can't wait- a big is run so thickly value. They have themselves the chaotic sweetmeat doggie to bear.
You today is going out to North North Carolina Sheriff's office in Johnson County to be exact, ok and color Colleagues, as you like everywhere, with the right we'll get internet when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive, donkey gavel Breakfast Club, yes dog you today for when they know them a sixteenth goes to the sheriff's office in Johnson County North Carolina for a resting, the mother of accurate, teaches them to you all beautiful. Take us some tissues, Kevin Heart woman in right along she player shallow bomb in south side. Would you would you please can do haves and have nots on their own network here that Godiva Chocolate, God is her Mama or my name Geneva, Cuesta thing up anathema right, Polly not and is not.
David? I see someone arrested for a crime that I wasn't even familiar with I don't even know you- can get arrested for- would take us something mom Geneva squeezed got arrested for, but she's a retired corrections Office of Geneva, Queen and she was arrested Monday and Johnson County knocking let me read take assumptions tweet, so you know what you got a rather for tickets weeded out. Sure you turn in your library books, North Carolina? My mom was just arrested for having a late. Of ten dollars on a overdue. Library book an overdue books should never result in a worn added, take with them and I agree who knew you could get arrested, but having overdue, Highbury book not teaches that are turn the book in, but it was late in the DA's office took out the warrant. The Johnson County Sheriff's office said that you need to quit that was arrested because he has to cut the check she used to pay the overdue fine of ten dollars
out and she never paid up now. I dont know why a ten dollar checked out. Ok, fat out even know why you'd be writing to check the ten dollars. Okay, we paid all kinds of cap no kind of five in Kashmir. Sometimes you can pay cash. You gotta pay you to check a critical lowood up. He's got the critical, ok, tender, elaborate, was the library would call me talk about overdue charge, the ten dollars. I would go to the library and paid him all in peace, wags on petty, a prayer petty everyday without any of petty penny. I will tell you in any of you call me Tribune about overdue library book now. Denise acoustic was released on five hundred dollars, bail, five hundred dollars for a ten dollar overdue library book in her booking wreckage, our charge is simple worthless check I need to know, was not going on in Johnson County, their police have, serve wars on sixty
Abby old women with overdue charges at the library. This must be. The most safe is county in America that this the crime now Papa Day, nobody selling drugs and Johnson County, no robberies, no gang activity, no path, he's doing home invasions. I need no element in Johnson colony calamity step it up for a day off you more to do because this is ridiculous. Please give the Johnson County Sheriffs Department, India. Has the biggest he hardly an about turn Emma I've. Never ever in my life, I don't even know that was possible. No! No! I got labour books a moment after I in turn, in early always read a lot. He did a book, your programme in red for books. You can, if repeats us, I would always take the books back. The union technicals begging, more books now take the books out what attitude assignment and now it is always good to bring back, and you myself
I've got the card in the back of it that you got here, but I guess I'm just trying to forego. Why do you get arrested for I turn in the library Bulgaria's Tuesday of delegates I know somebody re who recently also radical category I recently got poured over their licence will suspend resources, but it is the transport no say caught with like look. I can read right now, but give you a chance to work it out, but it is not here now now made it ok cool that what does something you take My job got time to be pulling up. Wards go arrest them by when overdue lab the Euphrates would just saying Fraser went to jail, but not badly. Yes, go paid a fine day x. I can stop. It looks far right. Well, thank you for a donkey today, yes, institutional, you friend briefly now, yet
up next to ask a hundred five. If I want to find out what this medium, that approach is probably right now in this free. If you need relationship adviser alone, Yo Ass, vice them down from one hundred, I'm starting to appear, say right now, wouldn't care what a negro they got, which you ok is our civilian Oh right now, all you policies may disturb selling drugs. New neighbourhood. Tell it ok, aggregate ethelbert, angered someone you like TAT. I would but if it affects me there, a girl like you, We are worried by the fire boil five. Why not drop a dime on you ye say? Ok,
I know that you guys you gonna Whitman began containing, although we all goes, they burn the whole. God is coming down, it is old Europe. Can I partly again until you get my time, hello, pray do home with you guys, ADA Paddy viable firewood as GDP is next to the breakfast local boy, That was Mo Money MO problems. Biagi morning, everybody DJ envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now it's time for ask IE. Eight hundred five, a five one: fifty one. If you got a question for hello, my question is well. I just found out that I was pregnant I congratulate my way. I think we are rather not argue baby or the occupation of the work that out like this pillar.
Ok, I'm a bad far less gets who it was the problem. Ok, I will leave, it might have a pretty cool, relate outta. My way through went there, and I told her that I was hardly and she was like all you guys. He was, he was very upset. You don't very disappointed in your own buried. I agree with you, but you are my daughter out what what do you guys? You know don't have it up together on twenty may exceed thirty two worker on cooperation where my billing, administrative authorities,
pretty good money sounds like you guys added together. Yet the only thing is where working organ, that all trade, which is coming up in January and has great thought she sheep, thank you. So she had something negative say about it and he was to sit down and talk again because after we spoke a kind of well, it wasn't bad because the cap went back and forth rebelling code of conduct on about loud tone. He wants us to sit down and talk again, but I don't want to talk to her because the things he said look on the net. Right. Where I was couplings, congratulations agenda. You guys have its again there, so it s a good thing. That is our baby, though, as is his first child. No, he has who other kids and I also have to other kids who, wherever we his previous situation, is it are you the second or third baby mom, I'm on the third? But the thing is he here about this?
the second one lives with their right where he and he takes care of market tool. Well, like he eat more involved and their father. Probably, is feeling a little bit like. Ok, the other two situation didn't wear again. This is a very situation. You know and that but that's his mind, and at the end of the day like if she's she's, it seems I she was negative. But it doesn't seem like she was terrible to you. Like is something that you can't resolve right. I think as a result of all but me and some kind of got it for good arguments and then I started like. I did very well go go back to your mind house with you know they add, and he got up and went to her and you can see the man's mother was called. You run carried out worm back and goals of human How was your day he beckoned hold her round the corner. There tell her what you afraid of our hearts:
What you were saying about? Why why? Why would you do that? Man, you know it was an argument which I had you should in ever told your mom that cause now. Bravo Mobile now I M so now. I doubt not he so now. You think that region, down in TAT happen generally Neva apologized his mother, for what you said are you are you? Are you carried, as you said, and I am sorry that I have gathered by it's like he when I told you about your mom? Was there when I called his mama here? When I told him about it, he kind of bursting out he didn't say and partners. It will be. Ok, you know he kind of Bristol, but I didn't happen what the path to a barrack about what those were heard, because that would be reaction, get undressed. And that completely your feelings are hurt. It does sound like you guys, can have a sit down and fix all of this, I'm sure right now, you're sensitive because you're pregnant to write your emotions. Your hormones are probably all over the place you should.
Said that amount is MA. Am he definition of cloth and put you on the phone like dad? Doesn't that he could have addressed with you, because Am I be summoned as always gonna be in her mind, but you guys do need to sit down and talk, and I, after that you need to explain to her. I was very hard at your reaction when I told you I was pregnant. That's why I say what I said. I should never said that, so I apologise for that. You never know has an obvious leaves. You didn't have to integrate experience. If you know he has to have prime a custody of his other child as living with him. So clearly it is an issue with that. Mother right, yeah, I'm sure that's like a bad taste in her mouth as well as a mother whose protective over her son Andrew said about me out, didn't live with people with them, and I take care of their life out there. You by everything that Nothing is but but listen. Sometimes you got to just sit down and be the bigger person cuz. You want this to be a family. You want to be happy in your pregnancy. If that means you got to sit down and talk to this man's mother because she raised him, she seeing him go through something,
probably has there been. There lay our man, I know, and that's when you had to beg leg, I'm a great ma am I take it both my children, they live with me also, of him and his responsibilities that he has with his other kids, and I just wish you would have had a different type of response. When I told you can we move forward. Ok, that's found by definitely, okay and stab say boy, but just say your part and then that probably make her feel like okay, I didn't in no united and attention It needed they method. Mama gotta, histogram, sale, Gub, Gub, Gub, Latin Facebook, Ok, but, as you are now well Mamma s that re Matthew Nation and tell your mom every little argument you get into a guess there, but where low horror of boy who should be drawn model moment here, not to tell it area who is gay in as IE eight hundred five, a firewall or five. What have you got a course of equal amounts to breakfast locomotive?
was Drake control of warning everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club we're in the middle of ask allows this draw Nicole, was because, if you guys that my question is evenly my boyfriend? Now, with two year, my twenty bit birthday happened. Bar on Thanksgiving Day this year, I didn't ask for anything from friends or ban leave. What I did want my boyfriend's in the day where's my family, and I know I don't like mad, were work that I haven't ever asked for anything like that You lie,
do you know how it had been so happy in hand bad. My basically had a major problem with it felt like. I was expecting her and said that, because we weren't married, he does not and will not have to compromise and from this all covered basin. It really lead to a lot of turmoil in our relationship, which we never even fright, and this has been a really really big. Problem. I'm trying to figure out how do I communicated him dead into the big bird day? For me, I really want you to be president. You know I want you to be able to save the link to your mom, about the way that I felt the dreadful. Why can't he to his man's. Has an income by yours is. Are you guys that, far apart, while we were given the same day by yeah, I guess the dead felt as if he would be up there too? We eat dinner at about the same time. It would be hard to be about place.
That work will wacky aegis, ban time with you and then God in his house, beginner fell we'd, better talk about this. This was one of our compromise adsense by introducing on his holiday that that either Beckley drives and cooked with his family all day and his mom doesn't live in the day. So when he is born, perhaps it is the key expects that use up at their house at around twelve one o clock. You know why can't you the day before your birthday celebrate, I think about their now after uncompromising you just say his mother's. Not always there they had this family tradition, which I understand it is your birthday, but it's a big deal for you to ask him to break his family tradition and you might have to compromise. Does he can still spend the day before your birthday B, which you a midnight note you. I wish you a new more in a young step on I be argued, and then he could still go see his family. Okay, if you aren't, they make up a man.
Between his family and his girl in a situation like that. That's a tough one! Yeah, I understand you think that I am always his parents. An No, I don't know how bad it got. Four you'd have to apologize, but I do think this is between you and your man, and you tell him. You know wet less compromise the day before. Let's do something special in If he's a good man, oh go out of his way to make sure that he does make an extra special for you right, never know. Maybe a surprise you and drive. You know I his own bad you to celebrate the day before a right. I think I'll. They in you is this unfortunate that it falls on the same day, but if he doesn't get to see, The mammoth man like that any has our family that wants to see home. It is a little selfish, say: ok, forget your family! This! Mama like numbering that girl you shack enough. We owe it to the house to get notoriety. Well knows,
Daphne no yeah Jolly marry you? I lie a ivory, now. You know turgid dinner of your shack him up in a laundry five, a firewall or five. What have you got a course of Fiji call them now that you ve got rooms on away. Yes, we're gonna talk about a sex tape. Big potentially come out also would tell you who just got a residency in Vegas. I felt like you guys, might wanna go see of arrival units about when we come back to breakfast locomotive the report, is the rule of law, the breakfast club, where did the new text tape on the market, and that is the vine Miller Sexty from the Denver Broncos? Apparently he met a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz while he was in Mexico and now is back in June they had sex while they were in
where she filmed it on her cell phone. He then he then later on after attitudes elite that footage- and she said I gotcha- but now she's been China'S- how that videos? Yes, he contacted Tm Z and they shot her down and now you're trying to sell their video back so by Miller for two point: five million loud voice, Milligrams Tiger young, Green doc, move like. Why would you trust a woman? like that in Kivu. VON Miller. You know you too simple and we pay you got all those we deal, lonely seven. The young green duck. How big is right now his heads has issued a temporary restraining order, so she can do anything with it, but I went emancipator. Two point: five million: she still has a copy of it somewhere. I'm sure, then what goggle? My father dies. The USA, which bigger national aid as something a little head moment, Osama he's in a moment he does one get in an issue that left recording. Ok, whatever be the problem.
Finally, I call up the humanitarian, but he took it to know he met her. There emitted a generally very well her I right now, let's discuss vague. As you know, we love going to Vegas for their residence sees a cave the back. She boys have announced, there's that we know Celine the ants been their boys to members layers, Lionel Reggie, J, low pebble rights. Do it. Mariah were now Ricky. Martin has revealed that he will be headline in the park Theater and Monte, Carlo. So anybody that's a big
you might vans, is now that he does have that residency ambiguous any and ass. If, during the Ellen, Degenerous Shalt, when knobs inequality NOS one four trouble so excited about the concert river they sent away, I beg, as is the most complex ago, accounts. It actually take my mom to Vegas to go see as some of these residency should have a good time now slammed dog is upset. He was actually having dinner when people broke into his car, they smashed the window. He was at an Houston's in Houston having dinner and somebody stole an Iphone. How annoying is at this moment break into your car here, the two twenty fifteen Rafe they broke the window. You know how much it costs to fix that window to get a new window. If you, guess- I know em, you might know- level is gonna cost. Thirteen thousand dollars and window has the shattered glass also messed up his leather alter Anna's way, job as well. It wasn't a window, the young Green ducks a break into it.
Reference dude, I formed you will bring it to the re still to write a camera that vigorous value. What I'll just is still the Iphone you don't mind? My asking is that ITALY is that the old days he spoke club, two. Why, and it's always up you can tell it all it carefully. Toby's easily eighties, that, like you with her arms, Google bleeding clearly didn't have a picture. I really didn't disarray area when I'm Angela yeah, that's your room, a report all right. Thank you. Miss ye lighten up next to people's choice makes if you wanna, hear something eight hundred foggy five one. I would also point out to care and civil flute elitism headphone my headphones broke and she sent some up immediately. She carried along Legend, Karen Civil Liberty, Casey right, my girl here and eightys finest in revolt. We'll see you guys Tamara everybody else mixes up. Eventually, here's something at me at Dj Ebby. I got used to breakfast locomotive.
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