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2-21- Today on the show we had heavy weight boxer champ Anthony Joshua, where he spoke about his upcoming fight with Jarrell Miller, dating and more. Moreover, after news broke about Jussie Smollett better known as Jussie Lyon now, being charged with disorderly conduct for filing a false police report, Charlamagne gave him the hee - haw for "Donkey of the Day". Also, Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info, I corona virus stock of. Let's all, do our part, because we're all tad alone together, brought to you by add council My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet back outside of Chicago police station there, What you hear on the news that Courtney got shot. The rolled himself to the station were office's. Did everything they could to help him and then there's the true
Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your broadcasts and even the most dangerous morning in order to pay and everybody businessmen, and it gives me the rainbow rubbing the wrong way ravaged by about bumblebee good body. Do a YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, good might eventually good morning, usually minority Danny Charlemagne. A guide to the planet
it was severely less at Amsterdam and San Francisco am exact, You tie you be when IRAN, assuming the normal budget, things other yeah, yeah yeah, First Samsung, and they just introduced the Galaxy Oh there s ten in a more items yesterday, values in Britain would appear from invariably wherever you're, not sure, ok mix we got out yet you relax. Ok, I haven't. Excuse me. Let's talk about that later in front page news, he was less I'm using a prostitute. Last week Brayley where and how can you haven't seen a prostitute I've, seen a prostitute there's more than one of Charlemagne. Last time I said where no national means that the process with less than a prostitute. Why would I was the abroad to further on that? You just see
to date. I just see what this morning I was at the light they now stay. So from now I was at the letter you look. If I look at a woman of eight of profit to, I was asking a lighted, a guy notion, ecological. I was at a late. Somebody was in front of me had already the time she did say like there. May I say that about both on no, she didn't. Sign on what is like thirty degrees in New York, ripe, shadow on our high yields, a short short, whereas it should show its programme not listen and listen to the story said a short. You're scaring, nor should wipe got a god, but no pain on, so she approached the car in front of me. It's not going to come a police officer, but and while he lifted up her at the back of her skirt and she had no no pain at origin in the car. Did that yes, user you as a european problem? I dont know what she was. A prostitute sounds like the guardian knows you the right to us. The only ones then, when you get to President Prodi told you all of you know the issues about no little detail, except maybe they know its head
I just think she's a loose woman, or maybe it s a woman. I you know, I never can you we will see the loose by that. That is true, walked panties dirty wrong. Maybe we're neighbors gobbling, maybe ass her husband and they were trying to space things. That's good about it, always at six o clock in the morning, one. Ok and he's on move nobody degrees woken up to a car. Would I yield new fields Thirdly, what would you say you now am paeonies? Why did you have a news from the fisherman s original avenues around? They seem totally John know how, notably where dusky man- oh no, no no caves made no Why, anyway, cinnabar servicing one you for ever and disease?
you don't want no doubt abroad to what do you figure was. I think I was here and I have been involved and she said: I'm gonna come up to the Cairo like I'm a prostitute. Five. Fifty in the morning degree weather is freezing velocity roleplaying forty is New York. Poles cover appropriation in New York poses a picture of Jesse Smollett and it says, lie a liar all exaggerated L. I a are Lion Rice, Jesse Quiche right. Well, let's get to show greater for a page news when we talk about how we are going to think about them, sound because they did have this impact than here in San Francisco. That's a front page news. Also, we are going to be talking about a couple who says that somebody confronted them during a baby's photos. You in the hit the balloon. The baby was crying kind of greatly improve all confrontation. They regarded it here. We are arrives, data recorded, it ended now right now,
almost about just now, is not the pull up my phone record deposit to browse like something wrong. I'm gonna rested for these languages. My my biggest did, you know just got by Tunisia area prostitute into. Is you look at it I do know that have anyway from pay. Those is next no forget this morning, Anthony Joshua Age or get a big, acknowledge areas now and now tell it explains, and people who Anthony Joshua answer with a unified heavyweight champion he's from the UK. He holds all the heavyweight boats, the underwater W B C boat, but Anthony Joshua have all so many fighting for the first time in Amerika I jus First Boca Lady love a re some time later on Nobody is the breakfast club promoting a morning. Everybody is dj engine Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club blueskins in front page news, for we talked about you, I ballistic about I am saying now they had their huge unpacked event. Heresy emphasis guy was actually there and they talked about
new devices they have the Galaxy Fold, which is gonna becoming in April April? Twenty six is out of you. I saw that, but it actually is a tablet size devised at folds and have to make it more compact, They had the galaxy and more items as well that are available the Galaxy s templates, which is what I have now. And other devices like forfeited in the white. In order that the Galaxy faith gathers you, what active Oliver Things are arriving on. Might eight and they're gonna have Airbus as well sharp Samsung their cams. Always, though, certainly loosely sends me what we have got there next week. Next we might come, and everything was really amazing about these came in that it has, though, wide angle as an option. Also, so you can after everything, in the room in the pictures that awesome only grow the following is the camera at all: came on, the phone is amazing and I always amazes them is amazing how we get for nowadays. Will we get him for the cameras nothing later, because we were used to carry on actual camera and care.
If only you, wanna, take better places, but the picture then the quality of even the videos are amazing so really all you need is that now you know what I really want shortfall I was now you down you're mad. If you do now and on our promise. You'll want one none of the extra, as is easy. I was even think about it. The other day, like I gotta, stop written my pick out from a full because, right now, all my memories are all my phone. If I lose my follow this problem clad, I don't handles memories them without. Like I have a book anymore, I can go to the picture I gotta start. Pretty speeches have an eye cloud. Is the budget discussions and I recall, cause. There's a lot of people were really like photographer. As you know, I have a professional camera to the now. Barely ever bring it anywhere. I right now. Lestat a couple who has had to press charges on this woman s name is fancy Nellie and they're, calling her sidewalk Sally. So there was in pictures of their one year old baby when fancy actually approach approached them- and
She just went crazy. Here's a video that they recorded on their self one of the women slapping the phone and slapping balloons as they were, taking pictures of their when you're old. She is quite right You have me right up and have a look at what we get. What's it all, I need you. Make them. Then you hit my phone I think I'll wait a minute. You black gloves on your mother, your problem, my property, and I M operating so. This was a jamaican family taking pictures or a one year old and in his lady came round makin moving grand advancing really who, by the way, as associating Houston and she's, the Ex wife of Houston, asked Shows-
owner, Jim craning Jamaica? They would be used to be clearly with machetes, Romania. I am so she got slightly starts MAC Mobility, Martin about pitches, nor let you ran out. I wish everyone goddamn unlikely that we will get the run, fancy nearly case. I walk Sally released, a statement, as you said sorry, I got upset unlit Saturday afternoon putting it in context. However, I saw a three commercial photography issues in a one block at the same time something that happens frequently. When I explain the situation to the first and their groups, they were respectful. The couple whose Photoshop obstructed the walkway was not to remain compose when confronted by shouted threats of lawsuits and false inflammatory accusations. Miser business behind? It was actually a walk way that is public free public use, so they can take those picture, legally, they can do whatever they want. You don't own capital city. Was this isn't using or local? a lucky wasn't. You want to be as follows: she was out there for four hours with my family boy. He is guess I would look D Ladys S thought your model that air
just these Mallette descent, our Gambia shatters coach journeys, molested sincerity, a copy, a shot does mechanism s. Yes, right will that Asia, for whose report I would he ever Gabby shouted Those are Nigerian Jamaica's what're, you talking about you know it. Did it all you whatever you want to be ok, eight hundred for how they found one fact, local fuck, I want the upset you need a vehicle is right now or maybe what has brought some positive begin. Eight hundred five. Five. What or five one is to breakfast club promoting the breakfast hi, I'm larvae under camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast and the author of several time management books I most of them did I hurt areas newest podcast, the new corner office. In this show We share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one where the occasion. An hour's are more flexible than in the past. Listen over there.
First cup of coffee- and I promise you learn something useful, listen to the new. Office. Every week day on the I hurt, radio up apple pie casts or wherever you your pride the pounding down you're gonna get. It all began its view on the breakfast gladly, but as they will allow this three one man knew was that Mama Kilvey Chess Game being Islam, Look fine thanks. You gonna be in sixty six today be birthday Mamma. I want to pay a lesson of the goals set out. My baby you'll go pay because I sat about land, somehow Tyler Love S care. Why earlier I lobbying the US, your girlfriend, you, Charles already her baby Raby your job Maybe the allies.
What did we do a rat or thing now we rapidly thing and we just plan- would go away with choice, can lead and play with toys video you two pages like templates, and they are not against the gulf of spam going. Will you just or two hundred percent of audience whether it was that new toy with idle like I don't need a whole land being they all know what. That was why I warn you that you're aboard a news toy man. I know what you're trying to do, but we gotta you gotta get play with the new toys, even if you got play with it and bring it back like it's. Obviously, above land with us, you know what they were, Let's go let's at any moment here good morning combining our your morning, Andrea everyone. Shining the movie? The more general features moment I wanted. Tell me in all of our work there, Crazy thing is only the wife is Jamaica. Why
very now beautiful area where everyone thinks features the only one back alive. In writing. Oh you're, not a lady. I don't know her of Burma is a photographer. You know that everything area now yea and you're allowed to take pictures. There is neither Maoist public property, hopefully try a public area, so tell Sallies Armada. Your mother- and I beg you Mamma do more, Today we must sub item future, avoiding movie gambling? Having learned was an umbrella Romania is one of their Charlemagne. Think is right in our latest work, but when it should have right now, at the end, users constitute one and I already prejudice my wife and I have been provided for about a month in a week- and I was wondering if you have any therapists gonna do pro bono. Could these therefore thought it would be quite explicit?
oh Yams Otto Army, I personally know need there is dead. Do pro bono work, I wish I could recommend you want, but I mean do you pay for their time, but I'm sure it is on, but I don't know any. I will I do appreciate you guys. Every morning I just made the best of luck and hopefully get my unit back together right by thought, diminish equality of insurance. No sir, ok, she avengers Lothar, Google, are you they actually the website. You use on the Berger psychology today to look ass, a fair bit, but no one amendment dna idea. They do cause, I mean, but you know what did the privilege you call expensive, like opera argued at fifty dollars an hour ago. The week in Korea some that are less than that. Seventy five dollars on may think about the money we spend our smartphone thing about. The money has been on sneakers in Ireland. Food? There There is now truly, though I owed reading that is what our learned variable air. It is pretty effective and it's a lot less expensive squares raises good tax base. That is quite clear. Task raises good looking up
No right good. I appreciate it you, gonna mourners onto my life after another letter, all right get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one you question does the country item of you know? Did the new ways to provide insurers are people? I don't have it. I can't afford it meant a chant when they do they provide used to have to pay neither would it widow Obamacare was a lot less used to have to pay. Thou depends who, for some people had ended up being more expensive for some people with less expensive and other affordable health care for while guaranteeing all right, we'll get it off. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent his now with the breakfast club good morning, you ever seen something you couldn't explain, there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people that report these Experiences that believe they're having interactions are abductions with aliens. Simply that defies logic
scientists haven't found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and yet the mythology is we have them in their coming in their here and they ve been here and there to hear all the time one night in one sixty one on the side of a dark highway, Betty and Barney Hill caught lights in the sky, whether it I dont, believe two years later, they underwear hypnosis to try and recall what happened there, We became internationally known. Some took it as fact other thought it was a fantasy. But what really? happen. That's a timber night in world in Hampshire join me too. Ball for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of Iheart radio and grim and mild from AIR Maggie Stranger rival, sticky? march. Thirty, first listen. I heard deal apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast.
I got? Wake up, man or black. We want to hear from you allows this morning and it is your boy Molly three good Morning, Breton Malaysia. Charlemagne was that man, I just want to say I don't wanna. Pity is a great moment for me. I want a lot of me this morning. I woke up and you have my bank account and I got my good practice anywhere. You rent, didn't, I think any money for me to be here and I feel great things that people are getting a lot less.
The ever yours was gay. I guess I dunno money in about three big big into my pocket, for God knows what I was a kid at one point I know: we'd gone over the fashionable right now got everything back. I'm gonna buy mob rise, amazing what I'm gonna bomb? What about averted mileage automated great black man of racial domain? You will you draw black leather front. It is no bad enough about all that. I bet kings to surrender, though you know blankly plenty, black leather, my life than they need black leather goods. As our rapporteur I have with me, I have a good morning. Those fellows is with the everyday Brad, you do if it let them What are you my house every morning I won't be
but I have what we gotta added, showing deeply right now to block at the lab. I gave a loud voice, an ounce boys of the air we interview. People may have with you. You know behind all gone off with a black Donald and BP, every faraday. You know where that appear, lifelike ass, we were caused by our it's all, listen very little joke about nobody around every alone. Why the hygiene and allowed for that they will be lifted from Canada. Congrats plague yourself allows is no more! the me: what's with every muscle up bro get Why were you have added some new markets? We market the TAC mosque in Delaware market that withdrawing slowly. John DOE Black. But what do you do get only to know was growing. All sorry it with the former mayor of farming. Hang ok, I gotTa Jenna phase out Mister Bennet of authorized out there. That is
is great the wedding, a lot better. The marriage? Was my brother? Congratulations and I congratulate the rapporteur may appear fear. Sooner or later I might not be better to say they are our Emma to us. I, you know your design got any ingenue last night thy whimsical, embalm ass. We could we had on the day of their lives, and I would never, sided deal with Nike aright Adidas somebody now's the time to come in a really offered is mass and money for when you ITALY that I would never as I would like. If you don't know what he saw, my last night, Duke was plain you and see was a big game tickets for going for, like three thousand now is wrong: how low level yea proud about and along with it, the rock was there and with it lasted a minute. He got the ball and his sneak a really exploded. Thirty six seconds in the game, pretty bad of his NEO Cato Oddy, and even about that, I said it minus brain and eyes, bringing them Beata least a week from Zaire.
I've never to refugees. Now, mom you both yolland eight draft. Our right will, I hope, be, gives a speedy recovery. Because in Armenia, kids, fate of late That is why they're gonna give him only thirty nine o clock, and I was late for me very important to know to time. Since from South Carolina drop, includes bombs of examining the amount of born and bred, and he will be play for the next New York awfully cross. Our fingers cross our tools and everything else. Our right course. I told you get it off you just eight hundred five, eight five, one o five. Whenever our rules on away, I yeah civic it up a Jesse's, Molly justly
Call it a just. The lion cadets would just be Doin. Jesse be lying around will get internet next people access to breakfast locomotive, breakfast club e money, man, a modern everybody- is T J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club good Morning mining happy. There is enough get cities. Rumours are sold, Jesse Smollett Gaza. At the reul report, Libretto club lads ass. His mouth has been indicted for a felony filing a false. Please report any could face one to three years in prison, so they handed down that incitement. Yesterday, after they heard testament and evaluated evidence they also. I saw the brothers store purchasing the items that they purchased in order to fight this whole attack, allegedly against Jesse
that now on his behalf, his attorneys released statement. Is it like any other citizen MRS smile? It enjoys the presumption of innocence, particularly when there has been an investigation like this one, where information both to enforce has been repeatedly leaked. Given these circumstances, we intend to conduct a thorough investigation and amounts. Aggressive defence. I think people who are close to Jesse right now to keep a real. I own Jesse, because I think Jesse is going to attempt suicide do we want to see just go to our attempt to harm himself in some way he just to go to jail idea way some time in reading. I did a whole morning, America Interview not as an allegedly thoughts I wanna see out of jail is not about what you want to see. Just ask: do you wanna see two mangled Adela dessert the paved with his crime, absolutely plain where people's emotion do. Nothin you permanently was arts weapon. I think things like racism, you weapon. I write things like homophobia. Re already live in a very, very tense. Climate climate here in these Greece? Okay, don't stuff like this can causes
a civil war. You re, but I want to see me order Jack you. When I m lose his job on empire die. I want to see being shake up a lobby but go to jail. Previously. Facts had said that he continues to professional onset and they said he is now being written out So, but now, according to variety facts, is considering removing him from production and they're going to figure out whether needs is. They need to suspend him after he was charged. Yesterday, by the wage of planned way, there was advocated a white man who did this? Could this is no different, is the same energy. They got immaterial killed right. Ok, you stuff, like this happens. All the time in these greeted his white present dead. You'd want in wonder. Did you write so He does aim energy when it comes to Jesse lie around you got the same energy when it comes to Jesse lie. I feel bad. I rang out loud look about another report- and this is on someone who guide donkey of the day from Charlemagne yesterday, you know who that is through an in
now there's a new report from daily mail that com where they saying that trust in spend Valentine's day Chloe by Valentines nights. He actually went through a late night, a single party it was at. Georgia is largely normal plays for calves. Anything they with them cavalier play. They are, but it was mostly girls. There was a ratio of about seven to one girls to guy what a rookie move they said. Trysting came at eleven thirty p m and they were asking why that would clearly- and people even asked him hey. What's up a Chloe was closely and he just laughed and So there is a phone video from inside the party with supposedly of him in that grow, they haven't seen this, but according to the daily mail, the footage is blurry, but the whole house was decorated with Wednesday, day, decorations and one person reports. They saw him drinking and taking shots at them. And then he was flirting and exchanging nematode girls who came up to him and that he was actually grabbing but of the girls and went upstairs with two girls and disappeared for about thirty five men.
And then came back down, and they said it look like something then what am I gonna be high is a thing about Valentine. Later people need to remember a day is twenty four hours, so you, New domain shook his day for that whole twenty four hours to set up an eleven thirty pm ride of not his words, you can't you are just during the day our economic if you out at night, for twenty four bre! That's why a whole day to make data. Decidedly I write used not bad at all. You shit, no, no fragment. I shouldn't dodgy well sell. You think he's now no now? Nobody knows what we know about western in his black from Chad. Right is equally important that we have to keep one which would you keep resting, Jesse Body Balkan.
They all about you I take traced in August. Trysted is just the way we ve all. We shall be here together our interest in our interest in enhancing domain name. Again, no I've been a dumb ass, Jane, ass, negro, maybe Negro nuncio, without tee our way as teeth. I right now black, and Georgie boy was role which it appears that they have broken up according to source close to them. They told him their relationship started his kind of get back. It I go is revenge on Tiger, that's where they started dating in the first place. You know Obviously, tigers jet Black China's X, and so the boy and Tiger had a little back and forth issue, but now it says that there is factors involved in them breaking up? They said that soldier boy in China just aren't on the same wavelength. He likes it. Party and hang out with friends. She really would rather just Netflix ensure relax in the house. So as a result, they said the soldier boy just didn't seem ready to.
I'm tired of hearing about black China broken up views. You bring up you every two within she does have learnt a couple. We only eighty, just in Hawaii Messy did. Right. Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report reserves there, as though you were just line on those who was I what I'm telling you every journalist, when the day s. He is today the question. If he thinks the suicide it amount to fix it. You, don't think that other soon, if you attempt suicide correct right, yes, would you believe if you dad come out this week in any attempt suicide? Would you believe? Yes, I think that there is any bonanza razors outlines taking crimes. There is to see what I mean we ve. Let me like, I did listen INA we're looking at other evidence ABC when he very said that that happened to him. I didn't have a reason to think that he would lie about that and now, as article should allow didn't believe so. Those who use the king Made- if he's gay, why didn't you gave the world is Yesterday, with the gate to progress, gave me the king of Naples. You know it
and I remember my point really can't which you today we have replaced the king and I believe they are from pages coming He gathered together with a rapid economic believe it never will be enough to hang up flyers telling people that they want to sell drugs. That's how you we haven't you been gave. Mr Burns was. Mr Rod is don't you do that Mr Rogers around I've seen a document? It was nothing here by Mr Rod. Headed accurate, you're, pretty gonna watch. It was again now average? I really don't know how I knew them. Effectual, alright, alright repay it was an accident. Anthony Joshua will be joining us next hour. So don't move is to breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So now would be to say you don't need now to have an adults. Nobody had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee plan ray sipping on millions of items? If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay
morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain guy. We are the breakfast club lookin some front page news. The last night Zion plays for doing it was a big Dave, do further work on his own, damn it and- within the first minute. I many six of crazy prices. Three thousand hours, four thousand hours for tickets, Barack Obama, was actually in attendance. People really coming. It is game and see this young man play underline a product with Big Box office baby within less than a minute. He is a snake adjust the they is sneak a really just explore fell upon any sprained, his knee, so you only pay played for like thirty seven. Second, so he'll be out for the next week's Earl of for Nike, terrible terrible commercial Pinocchio get big game like that Emma residue boy, president of the United States of America, Morocco, mom in attendance, everybody watching and you'll bomb ass Nikko blows up pretty bad a sneak away that have you seen ass meagre before tat, honour, reload got out biomed what doesn t make breaking knows
this smollett is under arrest. He is in the custody of detail. As he has turned himself in a we show about this? Well detectives, Nigeria Stupid this is the news and they actually posted bed. Felony criminal charges have been approved and they are actually going to have a press briefing at nine, a M educational police headquarters. I can't we should make sure the most shot might be to New Michael Jordan crime. Freaked me, ladies and gentlemen, this might be one of the greatest multilaterally loves me. Ok, I right now. Let's talk about a freshman at the University of Set of California, Santa Cruz he's facing some zero time: Collen Riley Howard, eighteen years old. He actually made an app tat. He cod Nan Plug, and that ab was for selling things like Jerome than methane Cain and Molly and all of those things that are no longer do hook up. Do you know why I guess that's their mass guys. What a bananas and the years something like as though is called banana plugs. I guess he's the plug. Schools is some as I go
whatever they have the you banana their mascot. So anyway, please discover the app because is actually advertising the app on campus, so he had fliers that way you could buy rooms, you could buy Molly and then the Epp and they had undercover officers, go and buy stuff from him for you, I know from his dorm room. Yes, he's me boy, you must be respected, as a maximum of twenty years in prison. It was in a lot of things that people do now a days are actual crimes before whatever reason they think they're legal, I think because they see so much this on so media people doing these criminal activity. That, maybe just maybe do think, is legal. Clearly not me mean you gotta be dumb Fernando. Yes, you do his Samsung has introduced. The galaxy bore the galaxy as ten and other devices as well. They had their and event in San Francisco. If you want to get that New Samson Galaxy as tender as ten pleasant, and e that comes out Mars aid and there are going
these air buds as well, that you can use with those devices along with the Galaxy fit the garlic. We watch active and other variables may say, get that right. Front page news: now, when we come back freshness boxer, many Josh will be joining us. He's fighting went what is by ensuring you fight module for us against job big baby Miller. The deficits Roger? Draw John? I think Jack I'll be with you right now. On June first As regards first time fight in America, he hoped every heavyweight championship belt, except for one, which is the W b C, tired, M M Mandy, Anti waddled and we'll find out why any Joshua's docking all real competition in the heavyweight division sassy ducking we're going to Why do I use dumping all the real competition in the heavy weight? Division? Ok I'll be punching your face. Yeah me too make it twenty may not fight. I would love him. The point Moonface Wilson before you leave the building to market is all right.
Also when we come back as a breakfast locomotive, but everybody is D, J, envy Angelo Yea Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. We got us pressure, guess in Berlin. Yes, sir, you are from the United Kingdom is a have we champion of the world. Twenty two in all Anthony Joshua welcomes the moon. Think of him who is evident Joshua further, the Americans. I don't know, Sir Guy come into books in when I was eighteen and he used as a route to kind of by myself as a personal smoke drink imply in trying to be something that, as a represent, my community probably in my opinion, so reeboks in healthy sleep him, but this round must offer on different kind of people and actress who I am now just gonna live my positive life root. Sport how'd. You guys was it my cousin took me so I got banned from the air I in a fight into what Will you that Algeria to UK could use a UK ochre? Yes, we were Nigeria Who was younger, screwed, F, Rebecca came back in an area where trouble is that period. When you leave high school and neutral
may that transition to like collegial universe is figuring out what want to do in the real world in those two years going. So big trouble left to our grub whence alone not Genoa, my cousin, and he was book since off. Well, let me the vote in this and am It was mainly the lifestyle game changed my life. What you call a bit of trouble like was, will you use in Greece, the UK quantify. On smart and shall it be. I wouldn't want to be a fog. Is such a thing document that Fog Doug, dog dug up. I know them correctly domino innocent. They finally break the cottage uglier basic Kojak over I'm pretty fast. So I wasn't much talking back as looking for between interim places, yes or in the cell, and draw the really just just connecting the does
If I wanted some drugs emulate Anthony uniting the drugs at the moment of drugs, anything anything anything of tv screens, room, anything anything but went up myself away from sad situation that scientists like myself, that's when it wasn't it him him, oh they want to do, is about me and that's what I fix myself, I'm late, those data with the UK. You re than the UK would you. Nigeria's your route, true story. Yes, my parents, they came to the UK so born in Uk Software, some fresh generation in the UK it the stardom of Anthony Joshua's thought. Could you twenty three? No, you may like twenty million a fight from what I heard. How long you immediately made of it at all and make an twenty five per led to talk about.
You could put him in a phase of dummies, your big star, you, southern region, everytime, you fight, eighty thousand plus people. You know what a fool I come when I first I books in the global financial crisis was in two thousand and eight, so those investment in sport from big corporate company, so what happened is that, as I was progressing went to data, in two thousand and twelve, when they're just thought coming out of the recession right, I made sure that connects with the people. Is it have shown people my fire to show that my Jim TRAIN and saw a built in my brand alongside the economy and then just be myself as well and dedicate myself that's just my strategy and that's how people got invested uninterested I followed my routes from the grass championship them. Whenever love you think about. You really think that you're, just a brain that was created like a good Looking guy you got them. Let this list is lifted. Promote Margaret this guy and create something, but their noble.
You're like a legitimate chain via so unless, whatever they wanted to take the kind of be a champion. Adela is good question I said I feel like dna cause, you are, who you are so that less aid muscles and stopped ashes DNA I said environment, so I placed myself in in the car, author championships all around the world, and I came on top most of the time and apply myself and apply myself and our strategic with all my moose just keep my doubt because this night not but we call S head head Well, that's a good one because it is good. That is that we do so. We got arguing about how the new ways religion does keep my year, another load up and down before my story going to write down before why they are so. They say the solar panels It was a strategy. Just keep my not now keep my head. Thou key focus. No, no bs! No nonsense! Whatever your finger bleed, why
knuckles blow gotta going to look at. Why was, furthermore, even those that are better than on a Europe villages train who had a uterus? This is serious business, no law be baby, push you and you got mad. We thought it was devoted to the public. What I mean, I stress, stress what it may have a lonely. You know you don't know you might have done holder by then. I didn't really be pointed out that we, twenty million, could go why what you stress dress with his lab that would result in this is in the UK. Would do you know all the castle but there are no cause I'm trying to get to the castle, but first and foremost, you guys think your family ok I always thought if you can't bring your family together, how can you bring a community together order or bring the world together? So is this we're to go my family together and understand. Where wound
take them, and what we try to do is to let us know yet. I stress was onto your family split apart, like you of our family. Ok, all coming out added value, and- and I love it- I because without family we got Sondra finer, get him to understand even today. Family does love, but with family we we have to understand economics and power for the future. Some of the types of light Too many material things, because right now, I'm just trying to supply my family with. Audi generation with an easy life cuz they make some mistakes that had a tough. My generation have to walk hard cuz. You still got the energy in the younger generation. I want to make sure they have a good education We got more with any Joshua when we come back. You know he's a boxer he's from Britain any good,
busy lost, no face will told them some mortal over the breakfast club morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have professional boxer, whirl heavyweight champion in a building Anthony Joshua. Charming. Are you scared to lose this life value living by fighting a region knows not so much less thumb livin than outlaws, Are you a final real job and we don't you guys we're gonna get to that doesn't say is good good. This is what we have heard this morning. As you pointed out twenty million of five. Why would you personally has pointed out the area you might get the ethical boy? You insult you amendments, although I do not know if you just look at the steps and effects of outperforms, be embed champions been in a game. Less time changed again and that's what I'm gonna do you guys can compete when women when it comes this, that's it. I just think right now: you have no authority that years ago, fire ice issue.
You have the Ottawa. Why fight big baby Miller at this point you career, if you want to be looked at in one of the only if they look at you with one of the only one off I wanted all agree is a good question is a good question. So it's a perfect moved comes the USA of white light. A fine and energy is from Brooklyn you're, so made since the flight, What's that is established myself here, then we look straight at the loose with visas. If water, future ready, because my strategy was a I water in April, but he was about his one face one name champion, so he was our cold. Water has tempo with an offer of eggs. He wants what about me, but what about biggest stadium by one interested? So now? What we, We come to the states as well to show that if you don't do honour, serve an otter, we can come here. We can vote on yourself as well. So just a power me was whether the passionate move for the love of sport and it was big baby out away if water fury unstuck interested, because I was talking about bloodless them, that are really want meat to be
lead in the package such intensive negotiations, which is where to me, cause. There's enough. I want to eat. Then I can look at straight directly. Louis Ortiz was destined, it's gotta Iphone. Was broken and work in the USA he's a good guy The old man was very nice. Try overtake he's not a loser these titles through a lot of noise, she's right is: what do you think you could beat any of that? Hundred percent a more rigorous, and I know that you can beat any little guy or tease very but as well as Rayner, when you know how long we might find that we look at those forty hours behind your back on top the conversations that was, but one rule is good because they are used to carry HO division alone back by now, good added value at have a big bang myself up in, I have a fixed came because opinions are solid, but now its goods have all out of, can be Wat if it can be fuelling. The division is free.
As a whole, everyone's bring assigned to the table. Not. Why did last? Who fights, though he fought or tease tough fight for fury, tough fight too back to my flight day, aha bail advice and I think he realized tat if he wants to get the respect as a champion. He can't have thirty five forty four about why no credible I think he's realise that you know I wanna be popular in the state I want to hang around with the athletes in the movie stars and to get the respect amongst people him industry? I need to fight people's eyes taken in ten years ago that confidence, which is Fine, but now is here and you are young champion, come we have. Been negotiate in trying to get his five made an m. I'm sure it will happen. Because when the same era same division, there's no reason why caught up in a short time and of which we should, as it were Jude. Always are you frankly goal but me who sent me so lockers and must sixty five took the title defended against dominant Brazil, who out is probably gonna fight next, so slight, why you goin,
which benefit the Fort Brazil Bank than I had man ALARM Bell for, if I say I took another bo, peep Paca took his belt. So now I'm saying of collected everything. That's not lord of the rings of all for water comes to see me if you from your best in the world in the did the vision come a beat me improve it, and then you come out loud and visa. You know negotiate them crazy terms that you're talking about now. What would a great exactly? Why does that? He was willing to come fight it on your turn. Is willing to take less money well with the rum? That's the thing I couldn't, even though you does it April: that's if we had the day set, call really control what were. This is what it does just no say that when he's ready we're ready, whatever he's done in his career, we can surprise then triplet and give him a bare offered any never ever seen before and give him a shot becoming. One of the best buy is in history,
did you hear what he was on the breadth of her love, his interviews, I'm sure our definite listen to it now, but we got about. We got a writer, we got a guy, I had to deal with the Scots ports. They wanted me to come over and accommodate for them and that's all how come on one condition are getting a ring with Josh. At the end of the Naples, and about a couple of days later, your phone call from a manages about that Malaysia, the so we talked about this guy sportsmen I say to those needs play. Someone in the ring author FI is when I signed it, though so I entering with me because we had a deal signed, there is less entering after our win, and now we promoted by saying that they set the fight that water wanted to come signing a contract awake and entering this ain't about building profile was all hype. If you're serious, when again a ring. Let the world know we ve Gulf White, the Nazis,
and you have a sign of white there's no need to gain the ring, because that makes life shall found a Beata, mainly as though you just like signed a contract. Disputed, though, think entering a will announce it awards. Listen the next to champions of fine. Each open is gonna, be one face. By that time we had no deal impress us it don't waste your time, all my time. The fights already big Not only that we have now wait, no problem TAT s what it was so that was that situation. It was my view in a situation like that you're producing this telephone call Joshua talking about openness. Security on me. I heard about restrain orders and say you don't wanna hype to fly. For where, as you know, is in his order. You know now every nonaligned, if you know he's kind of Cuba a restraining order. Some really until I ate up the security wall, common anyway. So am I worried about ministerial just situation which signed the contract? Is a good to promote energy. We can talk. Sort of cows come near by his key point, is seven
five percent right. They want to fight me. I they they all want, if I may just will as a fear of losing- and they know and most dangerous man in his game entails in a most dangerous leninist game really does opinions. Not. I really believe that is a good tell him, but I think is a myth. Aged men in this game the free, an illusion. Of course, this, as our fellow gonna lose money. Does he by small point of a situation where I will stop there? Why love because of their lose it? As I said, if Syria If he was serious had the opportunity to debate a venue said he just went interested and if he listens, I said. Is it does offer fifty million us it s? A really good offer fitted with the idea of today fifty million to cover us it s a really good offer, but we just wanted to see proof of funds That was an available, so he said I coolness. Let's get over in the UK with that ain't made him on offer and then he said they wanted to blacklist mean by Thyssen FEAR, and that was the situation sooner you will find that the best is
more we entity Joshua when we come back, don't move to breakfast work tomorrow morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean the girl we, the breakfast club, we have appeared to be Joshua into building row heavyweight champion from Britain. Show me I know it's a strategy in a building up the brandy, Anthony jostled, anything Eddie Hearns, believes in you. The way said he does, because you all put you in your own, what any of those guys right now I just wanna made the offers, like we made Thyssen fury big over the fire with that safe. He said he was an interested in represent splits, given the flatly really nor was the fight I would go as they really did. They will come. I disciple come in this April, risque does a private gum, reviewer yeah the in a put ever godlike emotions that. So you think, if you will the scared of you at a ball the we think that you're scared of them. I don't think as the high lama there's no
fear, and yet it is a condom. Hand on her is warranted by the word. If I were you son, it is one that I have heard it fully. But none of these guys are scared. By disorder day they one big rewards all but less risk. But again it though that's US My point. Is there now, in his interview, comes out everything oil gotta once a year lie yea. I gotta make a fight with fury louder scared me. While I said make it clear that no one scared, I'm blaming them for anything no more to it, had no more a really sad but a situation and suddenly and thereby chats, I say: let China, may we gonna, give you another Cheshire tat show just. How would you would you go to Sacho so gave you a bigger, far bigger audience based
more territories, and you are now it's always out. Thou with others, and this is the same situation that these guys are in Saunders. Baffled today, why are you interested in kind of taken opportunity prove to the world that Europe has come, beat me and take everything of wealth? If you're serious are you have you adjusted design item in the UK. Would you like a huge superstar and you can add a big argument- would would share and install Missy yeah yeah yeah, I'm at dinner, Zog and clean. I was Andy Audio, not Anthony, and it was like eating. It was highly upset by me saying that they support I support it is politically, then one can support homegrown talent, but would have thought him suffer more internet knows what about the Ladys lady, the good. What do you already are gone, but the new UK there than in all different coaches and women and men wooed thoughts anyway,
I am of a minimum of faithful black men about it. I've able blackmail magazine for yourself and hauled out. I am out of you single immaculately money alone that we all got real deep down. We'll dusty does on trying to settle down. I now focus I wanna leave any woman. I don't need any more in order not to leave any woman on our focus on Hoddan. Everything I do has a sacrifice on my family for twenty Miss been time we're Mama Sano. My knees and has been signed with his woman are met The twenty nine years of my life or not should become the most important thing she s in so I've been building up to this day and if you can kind of accept unappreciated, then because the avenue conversation right now. My main principle with my family and work
Hundreds of women in the UK have heard the same line over an old man, amazing Asia, or make a monopoly. They get aid, they know what I'm gonna do. Almost I'm glad saw them. What I get my story you nosegay you'd, like you know what I did could most times a great man. Downfall is always a woman in some way shape before all Every man needs a good omen. Women about is about my size, a catch. Twenty two eagle finer, I won't- I didn't have the high school I did. But we want to give up so I am going. Thus the desolate lady, I myself with oh, yes, never really kept the high school sweetheart and I feel now relation To me is more of a political decision before us at my kids have to be education based and no one is a kind of be leaders in insight and industry is a size, the breeding. Basically, size reading, taught you like you, have your privilege specimen. Of a woman that you want american women alike like women, black, American wait, american one woman. Unlike the sisters,
My brother ambit of Elite will be happy to know yes devour not only about a yes to be definitely deputy american women, unless you guys are mobile was for me, you got on anybody that use can simply won the other day on the grand limousine. God. Why, oh to show my know, he's a more do she was at the relation launch play, nor none on very heavy lorries if I know how to let the regulation bridge location Loki, the aims yet already knock on data. Why it s less than in the millions of alone here. But you have these well, you know We appreciate you for your nose in favour. This need to worry.
Right now you ate what I called you for. You can do. Ok, there's a, but never never never got so. Much is that you guys know interview I liked as well when you as the ban, would kill my ocular my school through public school and that's it. Parliament. You go I think, he's just ways based on Mikey the community's situation, either saying you have to support your own on the grass roots I sent a private schools is thus being its anti about what we goodbye below you that adding a guy. You know everybody knew reminded everyone that are not covered by this month.
No run in America later. I might now aren't you. I was really the community s message. A message we must now is a big interview and you learn a lot you and why the absolutely have to fight it, because if you don't everybody is gonna, be saying why the US and in India in if a bulky, oughta really be the guy degenerated I'll have to fight it. Even more thought in a fury and anti yeah ya have divided and there's nothing wrong with with with him loose. It was as as crazy sounds like mainstreaming, is that everyone likes a warrior, someone you ve tried and if you can prove that you're giving me oh, but they're, gonna, respect from anywhere fly most of the game with the thunder fees situation here by when you look at undefeated, aimed at last, why Disaze puts it keep it real life is not about that you may lose today by May. Have a lot more mean it down the line of why you food situation. So does, after all, we're losing it happens in life is just how you boss, but unless the message to try to bring to be
like that? Don't worry is always you try the angle ended up already. So when you lose the Ortiz on why, when we remember what you just did not share the view that the situation after all, how and take it so serious violence or anything and I'm gonna lose, I wouldn't really dedicate myself at a game of what. What else can I got this game because gonna win anyway. How important it is to get a knockout versus big, very Yes, no Don Quixote decision tomorrow we will be looking at you like you. Could I say about eight: if any jobs it is all people say he is your right. I've got big, be us on the only democracy, as I need to hear and untidy d They say you are you gonna? Let anybody wrote what would beg you? Thank you. So much arise grandeur when you come to New York mantle of any. There was all on a plank amiable of about one to make one to have not only been a bad guy. Doesn't my goodness, what beg you every Joshua is the breakfast programme,
is plotting everybody's DJ, Angela Ye Charlemagne? Again we are the breakfast club, Musket threes room of the soul, Jesse smell it with his club, where Chicago, please, spokesman, Anthony Googly, o me actually tweeted out. Jesse smile is under threat and in custody of detectives. He has been charged felony disorderly conduct, and that is for allegedly false reports that he made back on JANET, Twenty nine he could face probation are up to three years in prison, if he is convicted and he will be inquired today for a bond hearing in Mostar, bugged be Fido, waving, tat. The leg is competing? New Michael, join cry of phase me lava. If you are you in any way you gotta you go out of fakes ground face. Frankly, I gotta too widely feature on the area of the eggs promptly, but you can't break me: he'll be a toilet,
when thirty today, so right now, they're according to have any acquainted variety empire produces. Are weighing it and whether or not they should suspend him after this. What do you think that these should freeze whatever consequences he deserves to phase, because this situation, eighty put himself in not about what think about what is going on. He's gonna, be consequent gonna feel bad for a little bit. I do casino this good away so wrong. They could have been, but he was always tried to again set up you being hypocritical you the way parliament did is enrolled. Reverse you be Athens dormant into jail, knock it off. I feel There was trouble. Bloggers, don't feel bad for battlefield, therefore, why we should have a grown man who made a decision. What did you say was, as we heard him for a role. Will you went too far, but I am glad to have little bad Venezuela's when you plan in it. I right now we told you earlier, a black China and so boy have allegedly split up after dating for a couple of weeks? Well, soldier boy, reed
we did what seems he wrote in their headline about their break up and said. I just wanted to see what the for Jane I felt like eating. Use where vagina, though, as you can imagine, awaits after some are stopped as they offer me. My guy I right now, let's discuss by Obama. Instead, curry now Barack Obama was actually means, is go right now, so he was out in Oakland when I landed. I think that was the day that he had given. This talk was deaf curry. It was the fifth anniversary, three of his my brother's keeper alliance, and they were talking about challenges that they face in their earlier years. In other things like hip, hop policing of minority communities, discipline in the schools they were talking about male role models about manhood- and this is what Barack Obama had to say about young people, filling pressure to act. A certain way, a lot of reports and rub music is built around
and showing how I got more money than you can disrespect you and you can do nothing about it and, ironically, that actually shows the vulnerability. If you are really confident about your fine actual situation? You probably are not going. We were an eight pounds chain around your neck. If you are very confident about your sexuality, you don't have to have eight women around you twerking. You seem stressed that you got to be acting that way. Cuz I've got one woman who I'm very happy with It will drop articles, Basel, Moroccan, proud, member to favour brain community Adami come around me towards Iraq, basically toll jogger ragged. What I say that wasn't me now amputated the door from its work. It is absolutely right, though I give you gotta, you gotta say you got it. We got ordinary you I'm sorry. We probably do you really just rises is fastened, show very body under the other day, you know what you got,
They got. If you know it, you got your bank on, you can shoulders was once in a while to be called a brutal and confident Irena edges. But is gonna, be hosting Saturday night lie that it be his first time hosting I carefully. That is first time hosting. So, where exotic for that that's gonna be Saturday, Martin, I think I ve gotta, be his first time performing as well on Saturday night live so, for example, promoting his upcoming Netflix comedy series turn up Charlie and that show is based on his second career as a professional dj. So that whole season is gonna come out, I'm March fifteen. If you want to see that, Lee, and that is your room, a report for all right. Thank you. Miss ye shall have I we give it a dog, but you well. I guess it's about that time and I need a Jussie Smollett aka Jessie Line to come to the front of the congregation would like to have a word with him all right, we'll get it at next season. It is a large and is the breakfast locomotive
breakfast club your morning. So never beat us saying if not a haven't adults no day had to Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee passphrase being on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day it's happening on Ebay I don't give a day to being a little bit of a mixed like adults, I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey here today is a new white dog. You today for thirty February twenty first. Go to Jesse Smollett, Agar age, more line from empire, but now for ever known as Jesse Line, siege more line is a character, justice, molested real person and over the past couple of weeks, storyline it
like something only danger could create, has found its way into justice, village, real life, and because of that he is for ever known as Jesse law. Ok now, because on empire, his last name is lying, but simply because we have found out Jesse belie okay, now full disclosure. When I first heard about this situation, I'm talking first day when everyone was posting, Pixie Jesse, sending him up whereas I mean it was people tat were ready to fly to cargo to go to war for Jesse lie. I was, All of this- and I heard the now, if Miss story of him being attacked in around two a m- knows: freezing Chicago Screechin to men so ably John I'm calling him. Empire gay slur in word, doin bleach on him and in throwing a rope around his neck from the beginning, I never believed destroy from the beginning. This story sounded unbelievable, very sketchy. I didn't, feel the need to call bs on his situation because of my feelings. My intuition could be wrong. My instinct
could be often when you have an opinion about someone else's business. When is a serious situation like this? Just now we we take, which should be objective situations and make them good bad, raw, unfair, essential deserved outrageous with our opinions. That's why you have to be very intentional. On what you to have an opinion about. Ok in this situation, I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he's a black man and why wouldn't I believe Black man, who tells me he's been the victim of a crime. I would not believe a gay man who tells me the victim of a crime well, I been, and since I didn't believe and I had no reason not to believe him. I did what is very hard for us to do in this era and that's not have an opinion on the situation. All we live in an era when people choose feelings over facts, going to wait for the fact that amounted to come out. We just grasp water, whatever reconfirmed up ices, whatever narratives. We have about people places in things. If we find situations that prove our points than we pushed him. Ok, Jesse lying knows how we feel about homophobia. He knows how we feel
by racism? He knows how we feel about Maggie. Replaited are emotional heartstrings. This is why even those very hard allowed at times Noise we hear on social media is better to say nothing account speaking only for me in life, I have to focus on two things. Gimme me that matter or more importantly, that are in my control: ok! Well yes line was line, and that was not a matter that was in control and I wanted to wait until all the facts came out. So I can speak from a place of facts in that feelings, and the facts are Jesse line. I Jesse smell of authorities call him is going to jail, ok,
it was our good just a couple weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, he was a potential modern day he's a future fellow has been charged with flying the cops Lescaut ABC seven Chicago report lease I think ass. If she can clear, because a trivial offence bald words from the attorney of able and Allah awesome. Darrow brothers, you spend hours talking to prosecutors in a grand jury, they're the same man, police, air in this surveillance photo and its evidence, Jesse Small AT told Robin Roberts shows his attackers. I dont have any doubt in my mind that ass there tonight, the empire actor who told police to mass men beat him yelling racial and homophobic slurs in Chicago street. Urville neighbourhood is now charged with his own alleged crime. There could county states attorney's office, saying small at faces. One felony count
historically, conduct stemming from filing a false police report. Spotlight is expected in bond cord tomorrow afternoon at one thirty or you turned himself in his one. Furthermore, to cargo PD has shown improving. They can solve a crime if they want to all our selves duty that happened in Chicago all unsolved murders that happened in Chicago to navigate, object, idle, PD figured this went out in a couple weeks, but lest they focused Jesse Lion. Ok, just see, I told you on a radio since last week you should shut up. Ok, but you couldn't in reason you couldn't are you. Are you are investing a lot into the attention, a kind of market. Ok, you hijacked, so many people's attention with this force of a story- and we are no attention- is the most addictive drug on the planet. Today, instead of land Oh you decided to go to a later. Do is show which he should not just performed and shut the hell up, but instead you read of no card and told us what your lawyers say. You can't say, let's hear it
just a couple of points that I wanted to make really quick. I was bruise, but my ribs were not cracked broken I went to the doktor immediately Frank S and drove me. I was not hospitalized, both my daughter. Only an Chicago clearly to perform. Besides take care, obviously, and above all, I thought I just want to know why would a man whose victims lawyer by them not to talk loud. You get in trouble is the victim for talking about your victimization of asian in a. Why would a man be reading often note card to describe as victims? nation, you know why he knew Did they know car? Because when you tell one lie, you have to tell a bunch of July the back of your first lie. When you tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you say, but when you lie somewhere You forget that I know the magic question everybody is asking. Is why ok? Why would he may something like this up? He told us why, on that, age. Listen. Yes, he wanted to be the gate open. Gay Jesse line wanted to be a modern
I'd, he wanted to be a symbol of someone who stood up against hate in America. You wanted the same admiration at you, see Capron it getting fatigue. The need for black people. He wanted the attention that meat is getting for standing for the rights of those in prison. Jesse line wanted to beat a gateway. Ok, ambitions of a right. It would be a whole different song if Tupac was gay. But let's stay on topic here. I we all should have known Jesse line was lying when he went on good one in America and was more have set. Their people didn't believe him rather than being upset about the crime that allegedly happened to him. Let's hear it, I'm pissed off the attackers is actors, but is also the attacks in my first. It was a thing like this and if I tell the truth, then Dasset curse is truth, then it became thing like. Oh, how can you doubt that? How do you not believe that its truth and then it became a thing like all? It's, not necessarily that you don't believe that
The truth. You don't even want to see the truth. It was the true Jesse. She had thing racism, Israel, homophobia is room. Crimes, really happen in this country. Every day we knew this already. You did no one any favors. By pulling this stunt and don't try to act like you were doing something for society. Cuz, you weren't all right. You were doing something for person. This is all very self serving. And, yes, you wanted to become a modern and you date he became a modification as wrong with this country and everything that is wrong. With this era. People are willing to do any and every thing for attention don't think about this too deep people. Ok, Jesse line is a cloud chaser, nothing more, nothing less. I write black men in his country have been imprisoned and killed for years because of lad like this are right. You took a play out of your presence. Play bookser. If the roles were reversed and some white mags, the board is made up a lie like this and it caused some black men to get in car.
Ready, we will be riding we'd, be asking the judge, wrote a book at them and we have to keep the same energy with Jesse, because we can't become what we claim to hate, okay and the words Malcolm X on for truth, no matter who tells it and for justice, no matter who is for or against period Jesse. You can not become what you claim to hate. I know you are probably in trying to prove some point about Ray is a normal phobia in America, which he can't teaches what we already know, sir, and you can't solve a problem using the same energy that created the problem. Ok, I really have nothing out more to say: about this matter other than in this attention economy, people cash in on its any on experiencing some type of injustice. Okay, what the difference is. The injustice that happened to common cabinet was real right. The injustice that happened in meat meal was real or injustice was fake. I Jesse you created a whole neighborhood of make believe that does it make you gay Tupac immature gave Mr Rogers O Invest Billy,
it's a man in the jail cell in Chicago right now, waiting for you to be his be my neighbour, please let roomy Mug Jesse Line Acre agencies, Mallette diplomacy. Ah, ah he, ah you stupid mother. Are you dumb? morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club photographer ass. Ye allows this we are not arise over five. Seven wish a question for you. Could I get my rhubarb bay Ambrose, hey they're around a day. I don't know. Maybe like fifty bucks is all I have. I don't know how to make it special cuz. I love him so much and he said here over all alone at almond and think about some things. I mean a lot to him because you know him well right. I think ass was the most important thing. When you pay attention to those
but his needs and once and desires, and what is it that he loves? What is something he's been wanting to do what is his favorite whose whether his favorite anything that you can do, maybe there's a gathering. You can have what you know. Who is friends? Maybe you could surprise him with something at the house or restaurant, where we binding had chip in a good debate, is all about planning. Energy is all about planning and experiences, but because you guys are so busy, that's what makes it even more special because you don't get to do stuff like that. Ok, appreciate it, good morning I appreciate you pick up my call aroma anywhere dates. A young man, give her Roddy ASCII, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one of unique relationship, advice or any type of advice call. You now is to breakfast club bemoaning that's right, we're in the middle of as a ye. Here's the breakfast club good morning, everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne to God,
five, one thousand five one windmill of ass- he lets go to lucky. Number three allows is today the elder morning, oh yeah, that is not the way it was as a favor. About palpably incurred by romancing, ass. I don't need them be like sexual. Like that's fine. I was out of what the romance as leads up to one of our lives light brown that amount. That is why I feel I am bit right now, because you ve got to be and if you do it right now, I need that we think that the man now because I had a problem, lay dead early on my boyfriend and I had to really have a discussion with him about it. You know what I'm times that happens, and we have attitude and guys don't know what we're mad about, but we haven't said anything so they have no idea, and that is why it is important for you to state that they buy. I always feel, like is better to say things in it.
Currency way rather than in an arm and a mad at you hide away so another. You can be like you know what I love when you do this for we have sex or when we cast our really gets me excited? Because then makes him what to do it because he knows but you love it. You ve told him that by now thank you for that. That, being like my yoga, ok way when I was still nowhere, but I'm free, like it not a gay baby is not a joke. You waiting in Asia They have one thousand without the matter theories. Have they were willing? Company our relationship like a hidell nor be taken here There are no, how aren't you sometimes I who were you with before me that you don't know how to hurry? Things happened. Somebody I train you well knew perfectly well raise do yeah now I like. You have to lead by example, and that also means sometimes a yes. You have to keep on telling him what what
that you like and Philip what you dont like telling what you do like you know them. We have a tendency to be like like when you do desire these this, so annoying is so whack system you do like and if possible, in his head and you make a sexy too. Sometimes it can be you telling him Yes load. I wait a minute. We now do another. You can't put it, and yet you gotta do that we arrive at a gallop, though I like. I was now quite with lots of army. Now I need. There life. I read about them, you gonna, let him know mean either because they like what is needed, then your boy, or that they believe and if I gotta love them so as when you take the lead, though ya gotta switch it up, I may lead them times. You have to show how much you like it may even be you say, ok, we're gonna have a name. I I'm going to say everything that we do in is like. We do want a movie and on the directive
Google wanna whole camera. I got you know camera daylight like we are. We gonna do this in Amity exactly we do, and I just want to know you do what I say, or would you Will you write new rights eat? You say bay right, two things you love about me and two things dislike and you same with him, and then I had a conversation, be leg. Look you really Do uneasy really got me, Dr Mccoy annually, and get some guy that deadline pays them bills. Put you pray, pray, obvious good in fact, never marry you wouldn't even have at their believed by, but they will be ready by handling it. Did it otherwise these is that everything is like a teenage boy. Basically, you are going to do now. Is that you did you get those like us to have a talk ahead back? He had been. Why you don't know you dog alive, what good it most as well. What it was like when I was a boy alone, we need that. Why, right
just be sexy, but you gotta be like how in Zaire Megan is always about a gay even where and when you do is wait a minute, you added, lay authority, tat, girl. Now say we want to do an apple Maybe it would be an egg out we'll let you in making too we by using some crazy stuff like how gate incalculable bark but not, like I said, is give their positive reinforcement and be like leg for this tonight. So the Morrow night. We gonna do what you want to do to night. We do it, how to do it and you got a border every command. I give you a veiled how much I thank you for your work. Around like fun. Asking odor drew up now about away. Let you back, every Waterloo Onawandah were buried. You Mamma asked the eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of unique relationship, advice at any type of advise you could at any time now you ve got rooms and away. He asked Emily gonna talk about the Oscars, find out what twenty eight celebrities are gonna, be throwing a huge askern party
also, who might secretly be hosting all right, we'll get into that, makes people access to breakfast Club Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast cobblers, kids aromas. Let's talk, Capron it s about the report annually eat breakfast. Yes, Thou Nike has revealed a new Carling capping, icon, Jerry's IE, just after he got that host, Parliament with the NFL, with their collusion situation and colleagues, when it positive as well for those two to themselves on and off the fail, proudly unapologetically and against all odds? This is only the beginning, so, according to Nike website that happening, I cancer, as he is a celebration of people who seek truth and they're coming, these and those who remain true to themselves, if you guys saw during the Superbowl early in the monthly Brown was actually wearing that icons heresy. So now you can get one is a hundred and fifty bucks. I got what you got
fine, I Beverly got worse with back. I can't men have remained Why do you keep yellow buzzing random now array Kim Kardashian has by the suit against a myth? Guided USA is an online retailer and the press is that there is an outfit that looks like Herzog. Knock off design is allowed a knock off. Designers, Apparently they actually use came cried ass in her name and her image without her permission to advertise. Those does did they have so they posted the double works high by misguided worked harder? I came cardiology and you. Ve only got a few days before this jobs online swipes swipe, so they used a picture of her wearing something. So there too, the knock off, and then that was that so That's the guy viable lesson allies. You won't be able to win that window. Why can you Copyright on clothing was,
got that using her name and her like, I said she has nothing to do with that. So there's a picture of her up. They added her at haggard and allowed a different things already stoop seven. It looks like she is part of the company well I ride. J D they said is gonna, be throwing an epic Oscars party. They said he's gonna, be no phones allowed at all. And you guys know what they're Agnes imprints was like. So what they are saying is this is gonna, be even more amazing. So if you want to get in that you better start Leinen of now. Maybe there proposal you wanted to J. These ask a party okay and is an you are a member of the Rock nation union, I'm talking, but that in a circle- and I'm pretty sure, remarked, Mariette explain to the people know I don't know, I don't know we were a bitch I'll long, belka underage. I won't tell me where I work could be especially night for someone I write. And a they said would be, Goldberg would secretly be hosting the Oscars, but according to an ABC spokesperson, they said that Rumor is absolutely false by TB.
Had posted that that was the Platte Swiss that could potentially be happening that ceremony, that's gonna be happening February. Twenty fourth, so ready this weekend, jerseys wolves, visible bridges, abilities that he'll beholden ask do Sunday, does any true to his room with borders, have to wait and see Bessie I write I'm Angela Yee and daddy. Do it rumor report all right? Thank you. Missy e revolt will see you tomorrow and before the mix listed on a worldwide exclusive world premiere. What we got lil pump low, but the rapporteur come out. Although Buzzy Darby High Ray you like that, you address legs thing, a Bessie, Bossy, Eu Body, Bossy I plan to remove the way, is we like me, is the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning so now would be to say what would you do to save the life of your child horse chestnut agenda for car,
the star in a thrilling new drama, the enemy within an upper me of the voice. With the news post all called John Ledge. This Monday on NBC morning, body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Is black history move where we do have our people, as amidst did John peeled body? Happy boy did join pill. I think it's only. Right that we celebrate of a place that he created, ok, that we have seen many of our people go to whenever Back Conny, I'm talking the breakfast club presents no black history, man legit and if you can appear, lies to sniff attacking you. Didn't he didn't
sank into before we went away when you're in the second place, and that was another new black history month, Legend courtesy up a breakfast clubbed, our right. Well, it's black used to remain as right, Charlie, John appeal every night and you gonna, walk upon you, people with the camera phony there flashed just make sure. Ok, wisdom is surely not the sunken police law right right. I will we back, we got you positive. No, don't move. Is the breakfast club kimono warning? Everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall I mean to go. We are the breakfast club now Charlotte. You got a positive note for people. Man, furthermore, do want to say I am very disappointed in his Jesse's molested jewish now, really, though, only because I got knew he would be as from the beginning, but I'm just disappointed that we live in an era where people are being. You know us printed ease levels just to get attention
say. I guess why is the thirty six you'll grow main? Even a cape, you know me, he should know better read so from now on is named. Not just relate were combining his names from empire in his real name, names, Jesse, lying Jesse Belie and Lee Cause and low Buffy low I think, with low buzzy bleed caviar, busted boy, a month in July past it low buzzy, upright man for a positive note. It is. Is it is stemming from the Justice Mallette situation? Men always remember, we can't solve robins by using the same kind of thinking we used when reiterated the breathless visit. Your finical yoga is a ghost haunting deep role in the food fighters. Why does IRAN claim covert? Nineteen is a U S, bio weapon and then vote and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day every
from the latest- exploits of Florida man to the mind. Boggling developments in space exploration, topsecret government experience its newly revealed stories of the paranormal and more listened to news daily on the Iheart Radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you find your favorite shows how dare I'm Zack RAP Donna phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and JD on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one episode at a time and put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond, cast fake doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the high heart, radio, up apple podcast and wherever you get your Marcus,
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