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Today on the show we had Chelsea Handler stop by for the second time around and this time she spoke about her new book " Life Will Be the Death of Me", doing drugs, and more. Also you know what Uncle Charla always says the craziest people are from the Bronx and all of Florida, and for his "Donkey of the Day" he gave it to a Bronx man that that strangled his girlfriend because he was insecure. Moreover, after Nipsey's Memorial we thought it was only right to pay respect to the great Nipsey Hussle by opening up the phone lines for listeners to express their grief. 

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Angela Charlemagne, the Gaza the bracket web page? The voice of the culture Wash lightnings is one of my baby shows just because I always keep in mind that there are quite aware on paper there. You know their listening through the back door. You're a mining morning easily. You fill in his mind. Do it all right? It is fresh day. Yes, it's Friday, I was you did yesterday what you do anything we're out do a couple: a pack has upset his beliefs.
It's ok, and let me tell you what I did that I've never done before was that when I went to sleep ass it at all. Ours, is a daily possess. Did I fell asleep like around, maybe before eight clock, maximum forty five and intend to other life downstairs and everything better fell asleep and if our guide, I woke up this morning- and I like it- that does good. Sometimes you just neither their sweet and never happened to me. So you know it's crazy. I've been is, my pack has like around six allows. Having homeowners, I gotta have anything to do and then, as I maybe I should call one of my friends is, If anybody wants to go out and do something and then is it as an embryo at home, this girl's better me. I will need area towards enjoy issues of Finnish, I'm Joe no just enjoy the fact that for once again at our dodge, cause? Well, you got at those. You got more for Visa year left his sick, so you really get omit eight. You really slip regulatory predetermined, cautiously ever and I can't let him have been asleep etiquette, regular soccer.
Right, well horrible horrible horrible day yesterday for myself, just watching everything, Nixy Hustle, watching the funeral. Everybody speak in future, each had avoided, Pinocchio just don't eat, I don't I just I hate fuel and I know everybody said a hate. You know, but I really just his life and was I dont like go and sort of fact it you seen always just Souci had an idea and brought evidently was low and lend its beak unless the family come up on his days in the case in saying I thought that was beautiful from should see the whole family together and ultimately held herself together shadow July in London. What I said. I see I thought brackets. Burma wrote a letter for October, more or less in case of a reader letter. Will you have other that for you this morning snooping it was. It was just a minute so serve as a good. Bravo, you know pass away so young and there was so much for the community. Let's get to show cracking Chelsea here will be
it is this morning. Ok, I was here last time. Jesse handling came on. The show near will not like Josiana there like her sense of humour. Their issues is a stranger to human, but will kick it, which also get a load of Charlemagne, and there we go for opinions will be talking about where we are going to send whenever he hasn't celebrating his life. The memorial that took place yesterday, but at the same time, will be talking about other things like what school has voted in favour of paying reparation give you that whole story durability. That's all I did. I can pay reparations and we'll get internet next, keep it lacked. The breakfast locomotives warning everybody's dj envy? Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast cloudless Ginsu front, page news where we start me well, let's that everyone, if he has on his memorial procession as well as his funeral. Yesterday, a lot of people are watching. This live streaming it I was allotted eclipse afterwards and one thing there really
has me was watching Loin London speak. She read allow some of the text messages between her and never see very beautiful. Did you see that part of an airport? Our aid and the children were on stage, and here is somewhat lower in London, had to say much truth is this: I'm never gonna give up on you, my love. My devotion is to you and I sent the January twenty first, two thousand and nineteen we Lawson and credible soul, and we will ever be the same, but in hustles words busy you saw always save is the game is gonna test. You never foul stay tint down is not on. You is in you and was any they can't take away and he's in all of us A lazy is detained, how's, dial, tropical above Lauren
Then she s got a tattoo, which is a tribute to nip see how so which was posted as well yesterday, and it has real love, never dies and it's a picture of his face on her arm. So in addition to that, I learned London had this to say about The other area is the love of my life. You know, It is great, is the final act of love my heart hears? You feel you everywhere. I am so grateful that I had you. I love you beyond and until we meet again the maritime. Jeanne Uniform this. In its view of them together. Have you ever had the pleasure of being above their company as he and how they relate the actual each other is amazing. I remember I saw them in the Bahamas and they were having a whole discussion about who try to talk to who first and whose leader, whose dm, but clearly there, both so in love with each other. So, just
We know that the of the other situation- you know we always say God. The plan is so is very easy for me to accept deaf when it's like a Ellen is even like a car in the Sunday morning. Somebody takes somebody leverage it feels like, would cheated and they short whether was our such France, new dog and mighty. Stevie wonderful, sire embodied sought. Am I right now? Let's talk about reparations Georgetown students have voted in favour of paying reparations through the descendants of slaves, not in the commonalities. Due to most, let me finish where this is going and that support does university actually wouldn't be here if it was wasn't for the Maryland society Jesuits who oversaw the schools two hundred and seventy two slaves, though the slaves actually other people that that that
sold is the reason why that's cool exists because they were able to pay off the dead and sustained school financially. They said that amount is about five hundred thousand dollars today from the revenue from the eighteen, thirty, eight sale of those two hundred and seventy two slaves. So what they are going to do is Institute of Reparations Fund for the descendants of those slaves who were sold. So that's the g. You Georgetown University to seventy two. Becky advocacy team. So what they're doing as they are creating a new fee as well for every semester for all Georgetown undergrad that fears about twenty seven dollars and twenty cents and Effie is gonna, go towards reconciliation fund which would be overseen by a border students and the descendants of the two hundred and seventy two.
Please also to schools, pain, reparations to get the aid to be reminded of this land. They should be able to do that. You give them. The citizens live free to which we should let him I'm sure they can figure out how things as well as they should get education free twitter, but they said that fund would generate more than four hundred thousand dollars a year and will be allocated for charitable purposes, directly, benefiting the descendants of the EU to seventy towards positive, meta, member dumping. It was in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about our reparation for slavery as Michel for decades. What is on the table for the twenty twenty election, but they say candidates, backing of the proposal for research shifted, after sentence a camel hair is disgusted. We radio whole Charlemagne God on his low show, called the breadth club nuthin major man there they say if it ever since you ve been on the show eighty, Eighty eight percent of those mentions came ever after her radio appears in the topic of reparations, asleep.
We had been search more google than at any time in the past decade, but you know this is a little lower radio show her breath, but this I really love that You have my page with an average of you want to look at look at a few Rita gonna catch up on its use. You might think I'm making us up my right daily the resource. Not me, alright! Well, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you got to get something off your chest into something right now, you had a bad night or bad morning or maybe want to spread some positivity eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest into something out Breakfast locomotive the breakfast club. Go away, go mad or black. We want to hear you go morning. Came out, came very good chance care, they're gonna forget about
I got you do ya. I thought you might get north. I found out that result. I've been doing gate. I give you a signal by ridiculous shows dogs at six. Six of what we know is that the clock is only a few minutes galley. Despite shall maybe five minute traders are good. In any case, I'm calling again because I give to wanted to bring a suggestion for the club I like to hear you guys a bullet This is just a little bit more. Oh you know here a new year. You gotta be new here hello. My name is remember a little bit of club everyday. I don't love you, but ass. She once more had a particularly with more cause. You got really helped me late.
The black economy. Would you say that you want a shot out your business? Was your business will actually do not currently have a big? What a lot of other black businesses. I feel a lot here and get love programme specifically bring life. Have you ever heard of we by black, no real shut up as you have anyway, by black. What the website there's is a website all about the owner of the company there also about for you there. Way to start a supermarket in ITALY at her called both food markets have united unheard of that there are no killer magazine, pushing a very, very heavily yeah yeah. I think the guy, couple of a grand already regulated go for me too. I think they got a couple. Had a grain of any right, yeah, they very close to be their own, get the puts a down payment onto the market with a single market that is going to basically provide black platter.
Yeah. I see no like agriculture with love tat. I fear to bring back the light, fell people golf course. I found a good and I'm going to donate again go go, go on I to be a lot more people only. Could I wanna thieves? come to fruition. When I tell you, I would your mom and I will drive the Atlantic without shop at that grocery. Thought I rang again. I want to be a problem. Have you know if you I've heard of the crown yeah. Well, you know, and I know you friends will be duty as well. Yes, eleven our love but super super to shall to your ass. He knew I lived there is here: as you will be. I cannot wait I'll I have been following her thin. Keep Goin story, Talbot Sober and what I tell you he used the crew We haven't come a long way. That may millions of dollars offer her beg you would we appreciate all your suggestions, even though we know about all of them in and
I've gotta say don't you ever disrespect doesn't say we also poor black Africa. I don't let them. You know how many people have probably just when we buy blacked out combine. As a matter of fact, you just inspired me it is now my present uses only by black. Some filling out amended form. Many. Now we Bagua air, we bent on above crayons. They have to do condones scholars. Air we breathe What suits Magua gentleman so most of the women are we highly. We talked about so many different Belinda's that african american attorneys in Marrakech. Investigate was the cupcake got a bit of a couple of turned black or that reason Kate began. Miss the town of that. I am happy Birds, Yolanda away from cream blends. The poor, Lady Harriet Zenith every don't talk about. He says he wants us to talk about it more whom laggard house, whose book, whose blood Mozilla on a national level and thus goddammit arrive. We are pretty black, get it off eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you beat us up right now with the breakfast club good morning,
Breakfast club go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you mail Grove Chairs Mount, give it all applauded toward a bad man upon their logout man, my wife, you turn around and go to have paid some dignity now. Would you gotta pay? The big dick would come up with a good turn around and come up with what they do. Is they put a book for us all, because aside comes up that well, wouldn't human way that you go back inside they jogged? Thirdly, wouldn't Madam president, I am happy with them how maybe God craved value in a straight line that a reverse glad that a workable-
I mean. That's your problem around place. Where demand that you want to pay the tickets, they ve never said that she would be boarded, are anything to actually go inside the paper taken Well, what do you remember where you go back inside the day? We have a debate now payment. Now Let me now I'm sorry wrong. I hate down when they get their Bhutto Nigger. I now I get boots all the time. Invariably Amanda yeah bitter average, as Amanda Matter. My bed and I need be people without movement around back tonight that killed your fear is a thing called immunity. We will need to look at the reasons everybody doesn t mean, above all, the guys is because so many people are vaccinated again indeed, that they have a home, the live aid and grow with a threat to other people that they make. You had to go back to bed
Are you a breadth of care people? A lot of you would like to give vaccinations, though, because they they don't trust. This is wicked. System in Yemen words are glued being put into the then. If they were happy now is amuses outbreak, because one student, but the measles, to everybody exactly because you don't want it, attracts evident in you if you're not as thirteen you're, not an expert on. Thirdly, if you're not a doctor, you're, not an expert on better to know how to treat this is why do people voted for sixty eight years and taken path and that a methodology for they can always and better than we can an esprit embracing full and do not make yourself with a red better stop diet in our backing. Don't cry TAT is, if you know how many now alone, I don't know, he's Doin out there, because it could. I have heard people say: did you notice, guided vaccinations which refer to children and children are shown
besides about environmental aid, does why there's a thing called correlation does not apply, causing injury caused to happen at the same time does not mean that one gave cause other anyway. The point is your children baby pick us off the floor, put their hands in their mouth. There is both the practical millions of them every day. The little bee of something that in the vaccine is like my in your body, be the answer to what has before it has to take the time to call for your body key thought passed through the door. There is, as you get yourself, God, don't listen for somebody told you. I want you to do our homework and garden. I beg you. Remember your futures, eight hundred five, a five one, five one of you having you for us up right now. Now you ve got rooms on away. Yes, we are going to talk about, Wendy Williams turns out, she has pathway divorce, but tell you: have those papers were served and seven some other circumstances
surrounding this whole divorce lawyer mercy care by the big deep into his mid life crisis. Closet Kelly tell me my always: everybody dig deep into his mid life crisis, closet our right, we'll get internet, let's keep it because the breakfast locomotive breakfast Club Everybody is dj. Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club riding Ontario guys out. This means a jerk. I am not a jerk, you you're lying, I'm advocated, started laughing, now, because it reduces came in his ball cry and a you know years, the type that gives crest out all the word. I guess he's inside their pensions, the wall. Yes, I will ensure that was wrong. He's Grethel the workings acknowledge them. Dixie hustle cliff what he meant it like. He sat there could. Neither mixing glibly here was Vall ever hear nuclear lads but we thought he was upset. I know what it was inevitable:
laugh it didn't Charlemagne had started. The dial package has accommodated eyes. He got his who had already so that is not a major donor. Ball lab among your major ran out, so people are rather limited mahogany Maggie below the right. Well, let's get to the Romans. Listen Wendy Williams, well anyway, I'm has officially Powerpoint abhors after almost twenty two year, How long would do him she had to get as a security? Just in case there has been cabin hunter. Who does work with her answer Their mass negro culminated effigy allowing direct causing trouble causing here. I've got an raised, but I think that everything was pretty com there still working together on said, and it was awkward, but they were cordial to eat. Other now does not at it was irreconcilable differences that led to the end of their marriage. They said
the breakdown of the marriage over a period of the last six months, at least Bush? Wouldn't you in view of our various levels. For years now, you finally free in herself according to size, is close to the couple. They said that he actually had to confess everything to her, because he has a baby now, though, by his mistress. So that's what caused her release recently, in addition to that, according to the daily mail he's been living with his mistress, Serena Hudson and a secret hideaway, Dorothy Raw when you learn has been struggling with heretics. Softer line is also how secret is. Is it even by those who I guess it was eager for a long time? Ok, and now everyone knows they said that he was seen driving up and new roles, whereas convertible at all arranged Renew Wendy money. Still our right to pick up. Sabena had since it take her out to dinner. This was just on Saturday outrage that he did as so clearly here Doesn't even care and went about the cut, allow us go and
Serena has a brand new, fifty two hundred dollars now purse was pushed presence. She also got a gold Ferrari port of Fino, wash private investor. He gave it to her if the veritable for our models, they would you mind all this that when you bought arena to push for others, continually deaf arise that set a base price have two hundred and fifteen thousand down the basic winners. Here, that's the best, the lowest model of robbery that you could buy wasn't. When did you have. Do you ve, gotta fight our food from all business ridges airdrop, is lasting, ok, good, nobody refer Do you miss Hannah? Unless you tell him to aren't you when you have their name is worth multimedia and nobody care by no damn honey. In fact, your Ex wife Kelvin you ve got himself. Mr Whims, we all care bundle. Highness, no deadline is no burn. Hunters. No, while behind is separate self mines NASA, but believe that he is not going to just take this laying down a. He will contest their split because he is an executive producer on her tb shouted. He also has told his mistress arena that he could not afford to spend
for many, because he pays are the bills Georgia and you're gonna. None of that is all I saw was won by what is it exactly producer to show doesn't get out of it and after all, these airports about all of this is you go get have when these money- and indeed oh he's, he's he's the problem? Well, you know in New Jersey parties can Firefox are no false. Self fought means that a judge Kansas alimony, based on the seriousness of whatever your expenses, which could include adultery abandonment, physical, emotional abuse, alter and alcohol and drug abuse. The Arabic, you get no money could are you gonna to have been all their money on design and brands from third world countries, as you know, when he learned team, when the championship needed in all emerge would alleviate deluding team. There are well countries, they are. Sadly, he gives all the dinosaur from my gun other people in the world who have those trash s supreme outfits. They Kelvin Junta got me in Mozambique and Alfred Cab you and people in Haiti using the start by the owning aware leaders need fewer, would it s actually feel bad Wendy by it once you free right. I really know her, but I can see this is going to allow me, as you bought the interviewer like twice in the ocean
That was all tat, would do fool ass. She stood grated ETA be every bit we'll be difficult. I ve been a married twenty one years, as is is even worse. You file is too will be difficult to leave. He still go get em. They have been the same thing. We can do a marriage obliged maybe she managed him a manager. So for so many years you won't get what you just said in Jersey. Maybe you won't get any management you don't deserve. I managed to put what twenty years fifteen, but I think there are investigating what he's been spending that ran. Meanwhile, abandoning our serenely ok. Nick ass humans, beavis you know a lot medicines Charlotte Tina De La mercury are not tied it. I do Yelena screamin IRAN S studio, get his bomb ass. I m. Ok, where there was a shadow May Lumumba play eulogy shop. I don't know, is above blow. This guy's me wrong all levels. Ok, so you don't like him,
Grady has earned by software fat love in value and appreciate a lot of brother that here he is not what it may well find medicine we take it about. If I take, it would definitely take that. Ok might make me feel, but maybe, if you feel better whatever my money, all these years, good colleagues in therapy- I had you- you know that gap and unease and children on a regulation as well, a goodness the dumbest couples these, and this is in my life. I m sure I got a couple bucks level via losses to witness the somewhat. When did you know only Disorganizing guideline is guys aerial basic Gazprom,
you bet your disguise gray. God is all good groundwater. Goosebumps would alone arise, Wendy set out I've. Men know how to hunting season efficiently over. You know more heads, they re right than that which is Charlotte tea things. We love you when we got front page news that we deliver a pay noisy. Let me see that we are right will be taken about allergies, maybe even filling the galleys getting them, whereas maybe you never had before, and now you do. I will tell you what our reason may be. All right, we'll get back this guy's grace, the proposal have you My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest here
I've a ladies man, even man, even Wicked Adrienne, his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's referendum in twenty six. He. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago Police Station granted that damage embedded in its the story of mine, urge for the true. This is somebody a co production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty wherever you get your pocket. This is somebody's, try, somebody desires to know why I desire to know what happened. The monk listen to somebody on the Iheart Radio, Apt Apple podcast, wherever you get your broadcasts breadth
your mornings will never be the same elevate. Twenty five years of moving the culture forward at the twenty nineteen Essence Festival presented by Coca COLA, July? Fourth, through the seventh in New Orleans, featuring performances by Miss Eliot marries a oblige knives her among fifty more register for free of antibiotic it at essence, festival, dot com today you show today not good Friday. American Dave, you, like good Friday morning, everybody he's dj envy Angela YE shall of at sea. We are the breakfast club of cancer front page, so we don't make me think about climate change and how that might be making your allergies even worse. If you ve never had allergies before, maybe it wasn't so This being so, many more people now are suffering from allergies nearly twenty million Americans are having these issues according to the? U S, centres for disease control. In this. It's saying gonna be many more robust suffering in the future. They said back in nineteen
any one in ten Americans struggle with allergies would hay fever and then by two thousand it was three and ten people, and they said. Asthma also has been made much worse by exposure to Poland and has become a lot more common as well. So people think that the I'm a temperature increases the level of airborne pallor because the growing season has grown. I believed it because, even with this low twenty while Bulgaria to be getting like our guy who dead is we'd like how do you get so sick for twenty four hours, we just doin up and got diarrhoea crazier than the next day. You feel fine rhetoric. Is it motor looking at it minorities like something right with the earth. We not Treatin earth right in earth is responding. I write and we are all still in mourning over a nip, see hustle. Yesterday they were celebrating his life. The memorial in a funeral procession so that procession did go past his merit clothings door now, at the moment,
Rio? There were some great tributes. They had their performances from Anthony Hamilton from Stevie. Wonder from may I go in addition. Lauren, London, of course, had their children on stage and she spoke here which he had to say: it's in areas, the love of my life. You know, It is great. Is the final act of love my heart hears, you feel you everywhere, I'm so grateful that I have I love you beyond. These are and it so we meet again the marathon can t got a tattoo as well, which we all got to see yesterday on social media, Marge Ambrose is also performed by the way. Now nepalese mothers spoke at the memorial, of course, in his, which he said Son was a great man.
I think that's. The only way to overcome the darkness is to be a light. We have to be the light of change that we want in the world. Now, let's his brother spoke as well about their childhood, and we also money water laws, shovel neighbours in the bag, was cars. Whatever we do, we will hard all day is seen. Nip would just put in ten minutes come back with two three. We can believe in number working twelve hours for fifteen hours and you can hit the blackboard to money. You know he always had a ski. It was always so intelligent careers marrying and, as you can see, the pictures in the sly shows many always had a bright smile on his face even I hate how someone submitted their will to Satan and took to give from God named if see hustle from us. I know it is
is. He reminds me of this lyrics. Nipsey has on on the lowly bases, is always see. Loney says it's a couple inwards. Every generation I wasn't supposed to make it out but Decode Matrix and when you get to speak, is like a coded language, every mine and words of discrimination, stolen, greatness and Nicky was definitely one of those dude far generation I re salvo have more. Are you during the course of the morning would tell you who else spoke during the gypsies memorial, I'm Angela, you, and that is your front page. Is really just reminding us of how strong we can be as agriculture and other community and as men and our great we can be rather Cogia, the community and his men as well as what gives you also served as for me, are an example of just how great wheat we possibly can be. We'll. Take it out front page news. When we come back Chelsea here,
That will be joining Us Olympic. Would comedian Chelsea illicit move never heard of is to breakfast Club, Gomorrah D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the God we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess: inability back we're through this telling us how to disarm people would Jolly Rachel S ranch LE well, go very back. You know that I suppose you're. I remember somebody pulling out their penis sweats yeah. I was here. I'm sorry, I know you are a year. There was a white guy here and he pulled his penis out. I use it was Gregg see what came of our pre me two times up movement. I'm sure you won't be able to anyone who I'm here to press charges. Dr studios right does that's where you weren't video. He has, and I had my buys makeup. Artists at the time was so excited. He was gay and he was like through the window, taking pictures of the guys, Piazzi Latin,
Venus is, it would ask why do I say we I mean anyway, was a great morning way to wake up. So I want to thank you guys for having having gathered, would represent Libya birth with another. Yet I'm fine, I totally get at your mopping Zosimus pornographic asthma. Somebody pulled out like a big penal Yahoo com. Not design. I let our baby put to you now. I, like a bite negative report. Yeah exactly, let's see, let's move on any desire to bring from certain terrible member all relevant to smuggle doors is what a record that's right. Is it true that you have a crucial Robin mullah me? Ass I like him, I like anybody. I come from a father who deadened didn't pay attention to any rules or ethics or standards or moral. So I look at someone like Robert Mauler and on turn on by that Nazi Mary, but just to have fun with for a couple of
Are there any idea, even after the Mulder report came only when I read once I read the report, I don't think he said there was no clues uniting us there's no proof of collusion, but once I read the full report, whenever we get it, then I can decide if I'm still attracted to basing vogler a lot less of a hero demeanor I mean I hereby nail yeah Talking about my lovey conditional, I'm going to wait and see what happens. If I don't want to, let you know, has he tried to contact having you DM probably has I mean I I'm sure he's while he's married, so there's that Herman living matter. You can ignore the matter, because I want to respect married people, but I want a fact that that doesn't that does we and I don't have the feelings I have. I do. I am expressing em to get them out, put a mountain air and so hopefully the vat rate. At some point you know you just gotta puts about there. You would be. This is the wife now now, I'm too I'd I'd ever have the wrong attitude for that is called Bitch is such a terror?
sister wife, but I'm here to talk about my black, like that. I'd like to think that in your book you did talk about messing with guys who wear a lot younger than you, and you have seen, ended up feeling bad when they go from their jobs, and he I've heard a lot about the guy like older man, just typically speaking as I've. My daddy issues I like eyes at our older, but once I'm you know now in my forty, so guys we're getting old, and so have to lower the margin and when I try with young guys it's a disaster because they're not there. Now mature. They don't have any money and that's cute for a little bed, but not for like longer than a month and so I got into some situations where I've had people fired for having sex with me at a resort that they work at. I've had a lot of bad luck in that department, so I'm just going to stay Many many under thirty because they get confused sort of beauty. Relationships is word that person doesn't have you may ass. Well, you have to maturity in the money and they got the young firm, penises, yes, but
twenty eight years old. I really want to deal with somebody like unless they're mature and an adult just for sex at this quite like I've had enough sacks of my life. So now I just have to go into the area of a real relationship with a real person. Be honest about the fact that I want to be in a relationship because I think we're so long with me, especially. I was pretending We want to be in relationship to be tough and be independent and fierce, and after enough therapy, I realize yes, I it's ok to say you wanna, be relationship that doesn't mean here needy, so they treated. So they got five. You cinema, low money like here the severance back in one. That's us our problem, I haven't. I give away a lot of money to people. Why are they? Do you get fire because I feel badly and I and I needed doing man then other risk? Yes baby
You know the rest, but I have very few all they got lost their job. They shouldn't have been cavorting around with me and I want to ameliorate the situation so I'll give somebody. You know. I talk about it in my book. I'm not proud of it, but I have done in a couple of times, given somebody like twenty Grand just knocked me again. Her far away John there's money for the next five years of what you would have an eight or whatever I years I've got it was it was worth their while there are na guys visiting but usually takes place on working, valued down in a skater personal negotiate bill settlements. Exactly I have two guys in, but with no someone signing an impatient away
they're, not handed enviers. Those the worst kind are not even allowed to gamble in the casino than the Bahamas in any and not allowed to go to your room. The your room either known what they are allowed to come into my room, but for a very short amount of time. So that's the problem. You are my guys. I do. I like white guys to thou. I'm not just one thing. I don't like one person now, I'm not into that Georgia, where people are going to pay for I'm ok for black eyed. That's what I mean I haven't. How are you latina, but he turned his bid for you. What looks good ebooks tight? no never I haven't had been with a letter. You know, guy recently ordered asian guy that still on my bucket were stuck hey. What's the writer boatman, as you know why you ve got Chinese in your blood? Yes, I said: are you attracted to asian men momentum in everyday detainees guy because of my dad Agus
good advice, but you have a documentary about white privileged at your working, so I do this book. I gotta have a mental breakdown when tromp was elected and I had a lot of outrage that I needed to harness and make it into something positive, because I was in a state of Rio, she and I wanted to be in a state of action instead of bitching and moaning about him. I wanted to be able to do something about it, and I was just like a spoiled brat like so many people. I didn't think this could happen in our country. I was naive and I wasn't aware, as I am an elite us, I've tried very hard to become one, and so I had to have really have a wake up call dig deep and go to a psychiatrist to bitch about Donald Trot, and I was half perfectly happy doing that and paying somebody to listen. To me talk about him. I would have paid double and after that I was like okay. What kind of work do I really want to do? Don't want us to know? Do I want to be on a talk show, do I want to do documentaries? Do I want and my experience in therapy
made me realize this is important stuff. If I'm going to overshare and make a career out of oversharing, I may as well over show the important stuff. So what he broke down for me was what Donald Trump presented of represents to me and to so many but which is instability and destabilization, and so I have to wake up and feel good. I meditate! Now I you know, I drink a lot less size, Margolotte more, I'm into account of his big time and legalised in California Adobe Legalise everywhere, and that is the way forward for sure I vile mine coming out under the summer. Ah monsieur le goal. I am not where trade marking a right now, I can't say, This summit go and try and screw me over. Probably one of those guys I slept with Latvia and allowed in over valued as late at night bind trademarks about money that I would she have due next. So
Yet now I ve realized how to be a better. I kind of like you know, ally and advocates of the groups that I care about, representing and bringing like a voice to an end, not just cashing paychecks, because I can we more Chelsea here level. We come back, don't move as the breakfast logo morning. We could all use a little structured and positivity. Right now, so six of podcasting castings, most popular, shows, got together to create a playlist of episodes that make a smile. It's called the best of stuff from sense of stuff. You should know like how grass works. Yes, how grass works to stuff? You missed in history class classics like coronary history of spam and it's got unsolved. Trees from stuff. They don't want you to know months, episodes from stuff to blow your mind, our favorite episodes from text of end from my short form, show brain stuff, answering burning Questions about five minutes like why two books smell so good look for the best duff on the heart, radio, up apple pod or wherever you get. Your pod casts
J envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club, was talking to wit, Chelsea Henleigh Charlemagne. I saw your bill motives that reduces their view that your first time one of every ever know, but it was the first time I went to therapy where I was able to get real about what, like, I didn't think I ever had to talk about. My brother died when I was nine years old, I'm not a smarter than that and I also thought if you grow up- I mean it, you have shows it in. You know that have your name in them. You have books with your name and then it feels narcissistic. It feels like. Oh God would go and talk myself so allay and really the truth of the matter is until you figure out your own crap and and fix it you're not going to be of use to anybody else and you're not going to be able to do anything important until you clean out your injuries. So for me that was really hard core and I dont want to cry in front of anyone ever so be going away. Psychiatry being vulnerable and finding out that? That's really what strength is is being vulnerable is able to say yes, I do want to be interrelationship, I'm not tough line. I I have,
and desires and like all the things that feel corny engross when I was twenty, he'll normal now and I you know, I think it's a good message changes to just to share and my, like my experience with my psychiatry, wasn't like nothing. I'd ever expect and so I immediately just started writing down, and then I was like this is what I should be doing: a loved every What did we also realise that hope, you weren't you? Will you have a lot of hurting you and you end of redistributing pain, other people on it matches up here. You're, just your shut off! You know, like I had a scorched earth policy. If somebody piss me off her did something I didn't like. I was done it yet, my life you're, not my friend you're the enemy. You know because it was tough. It was like no there's, no grey areas, rock white and I needed to learn how to forgive people I needed to learn how to talk to people. I don't agree with. Instead of just shutting down, you know, talk to conservatives understand why people,
for trot and just in my regular life being more patient like I had never understood that people like I've, heard about people getting an email and not responding right away, and we have evils there. Write down your side and then read it in the morning I'm like who does that, and I had never even occurred to me as a way to behave so for me to release it back, get into meditation get into Canada. Cannabis allowed me to get to the place where I meditate in our to calm down and often be still so I just I'm really good For that I am, I feel, a lot healthier. Almost you smoke. Do you know what kind of us and the EU should take? Edibles edibles yeah edibles, a tougher me I think, as I don't mind, Argos ones now nothing adjust. It makes everything a little bit less annoying. Now you talked about learning forgiveness right to do reach out to anybody after going to therapy just too many things
Do I have actually ivory connected with a couple of people. That was a very specific question. As I go now like it's almost like a you're like do, I have to go apologised to everyone, but the fact of the matter is what my whereby Dance Eagle, why talk about my book, like to explain to me, is that it's just important to move forward knowing that you are going to not behave that way anymore. You know you don't have to go back and say to everybody hey, because some of the things were hurtful and some of them more painful. You don't have to hold a grudge. Moving forward. I won't end relationships like that. You know I won't say this. Is it you screwed up it's over it's more of a conversation and being honest instead, just. I thought I was my job to defend the worlds and it's like now. It's not China, even with the to that would have now that we have the garage I feel like my job. My load is less light. Would your Volga them or APOLLO?
yeah I have apologised to keep it. Doesn't. Care are first of all the care. What I'm saying about her and Chris I apologize Ducas Chris got upset with new wants Jenner, and so I apologise to her. So yeah that's fine and they deserve it right I mean they deserve an apology before we had got under way. Like you said you'd, rather you also. Would you with your reaction to troll more about what was inside you? it is not. My job is a duty and a lot of it. No no, no, it was what he represented. To me tell me it was. He was like my dad. My dad was a shyster dishonest guy and I grew up with that's for me. It was a trigger to that and when my brother's eye there was a salesman car sales manager. Father though oh no! I have before me. Luckily, might I wasn't a successful? You could have ruined the whole world but died. Was you know that kind of
When my brother died, my dad disappeared and went away, so he was already a little bit sketchy and then he became like withdrawn and completely never recovered. So You know for me they're very similar, Donald Trump and my dad and yeah. You know bad guys know. Morals is basically a larger funds. Ways dad so yeah I'll. I love my dad. I talk, I mean I love my dad a lot, but I didn't like him as a person and at an early with what he did, but I wouldn't want to hurt him. You know, I'm glad he's dead. Because he wasn't really like having the life that you now at a certain age. I think it's more humane for people to just be dead than to be living in a nursing home. So that's a no to you guys to put me down and any good is not for my God, what did your bubble used? You said you was in a bubble of your own frivolous. What did it?
but like I would go home. There are like assistance when I got home cleaning Ladys when I got home everybody taking care of everything, things are labelled in my house, not being self sufficient, not being able to turn on anything in my own house having too many people doing things for me, and so many years of that happening, losing my complete. Identity and self sufficiency, and I was over it. I was over everything. So Yeah I mean I still have all those people about thirty, three, like one less versus like eyes like as an exercise. I want to pick up dog food this year and then alike in May. The like money makes it must bring. No, I have David doing a lot better, I'm still not where I'd like to be, but I You have made an effort and when you make a concentrated effort in any area of your life or going to improve as long as you're, not an idiot. So what about religion? it was now, you also said that you feel like a lot of the problems,
Our relations have does believe back to your brother, saying that he was coming back and then he didn't. So how did you manage to get over that her I know a lot of that was in therapy, but have had a meaningful relationship since then. I have it now, not since I've been a therapy, but since I you know now that I've identified how I you know rather sad I'll, come back I'll, never leave you! I won't. You know it won't, leave you with these people, meaning my parents and when he did, leave and never come back. My nine year old brain took that as rejection. I body left because he found a better sister and about her family, and I didn't have the brain capacity to understand that it was a mistake and it was an accident I was. I was angry. Like an you and men lie, and now my dad is gone too. So I lost two guys. In one year my whole family went into their own pockets of retreat, meant to try and heal from losing a brother and you don't, you know,
then you realise, when a professional you're paying tells you there is a reason why you're not a relationship because you're so scared a man, will leave you and lie to you you're like a hold so obvious, but sometimes you need someone to tell you that That alone is a fever. I liked to pay people now. Are you just run through guy? I guess I got so disposal Woody yeah because I don't believe they can measure up and if they can measure up and make sure that they proved to me that they can, while look a foreign and now for everyone out there listening and are you dating anybody? I'm not dating anybody know, but I'm ready to day. I want somebody's got their act together. You know what I mean: that's not gonna be up in my business. I don't need a silly me to live with someone, but I like to travel and I love to ski and I just kind of one I'd like travel six months of the year and work on projects, I care about six months of the year and not devote my life to my work again, so they have to have a little bit of money with today after yeah they after their act together. I don't care about paying for stuff, but, like you can't be like you know, borrowing money.
You have to have a Europe that I'm not there have done a very small white peanuts discussion those are really hard to get the rest. You with that towns or light I don't So really. Is that what you want, but about that- and I want to get stretched out, I better, what more we got more would Chelsea here level we come back, don't move is to break with spoken morning. Everybody is d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club was talking to wit, Chelsea handler Charlemagne love. You miss having a late night, show every lechner hole at the last. Now I dont like all of them. I don't like the responsibility that comes with it. Really many people. It was fun for awhile, for there were too many people and staff.
Too many times. You have to have to spend your day watching yourself and that's not how I want to spend the day after what you will be different view. Not because of all the pomp of politics is dotted. You talk about people about social issues that you have more to talk about, yeah. No, I just don't like the being tied to a state like I don't like to be. I think I ought grew being stuck in a studio. I don't want to be. In the same, place every single day, I'd like to be like on a trip and figuring. You know, unlike the end filming at length, When I did I Alaska in Peru, I got to film that for Netflix play let me go all over the world and foam stuff. I much prefer to do that kind of stuff where you talking a real people, then than sitting in a studio. It's just not like low. You just mentioned prudence. But when you did a documentary you own, a drug, I Alaska. Now However, I want to know exactly. Why did you tried it? You don't know what I ask that you get about you, but want to place on the removal of my rosans draw a drug dealer players, its intense. It makes you vomit and you Jeff
eight first of all, while how I want you, why would you want to do that? Because there are things I'll do on television that I will never do it my good. So I will do that too. Kate and experience anything is very unsure where I'm gonna be caught off guard I like so I did not. Definitely Sherman, however, did in his pants. The entire ceremonies are the only thing I smelled was feki whence the entire time outstripping through, but your trip is crazy. You have like a fast forward of like it's like an ipod shuffle of childhood member. Raise and you're. Not in your body. You watching you like us have for me was my sister and me on the bead run
down the beach playing with our dogs b on the kayaks flipping each other over laughing historically, and I saw it all play out before me like. I was in my body really, and so everyone says that experience where you see yourself outside of yourself, so it was pretty. It was pretty awesome. I mean a change, my relationship with my sister for sure it was just about me being told that my sister is, who you know not like me. Don't judge her behind her to her to be sweeter to her. So yes- and it was an actual- it's a plant- those you smoke, it are, you do a shower, they brew sorry they brood into a tea and huge take a shot of it, and then you hallucinate for like five hours. I love him alone. You know how, by probably, actually you programme facebooks you can. Just there are people who do it all over. Like Upstate New York, I'm sure people are doing you need a shaman and like someone who reads the ceremony Somebody knows what they're doing but yards popular lots, but people get sober off a violin
scared they go in and if they have addiction issues or depression issues, it's all basically like micro. Dozing is the thing that everyone's doing so you know my producing suicide, then from mushrooms, which helps old daily? I took some mushrooms yesterday when I was skiing. Like Microsoft, you know you take a little mushrooms and it just makes everything sharper everything up like you're. Just a lark at its on the ground. So everyone who wants to argue about, like natural homeopathic things that are from the ground that just also having to make you a loose who think big, its duration, yeah. I heard darling, though, that I've then- and I am aware that, although you healing does that help, which is doing account, I wasn't part of mine. You be in a good mood when you take em cause if nights a bad experience, you have to set your town always when you take drugs. I think you have to go. Ok, this to be a fine time and I'm not gonna pick out when I'm down, you know like for the thing for girls, rather, I'm coming out with a red line that is gonna eat, laid the teenage cv, hopefully, which is the chemical that decreases your hunger, because we all just get high
These areas are combined in one of the guys down without eating gee. I will just recommend when you got stone, eat right, then so that once you know, namely a high everything here, don't get started in Europe we line without guilt, because you know you have a lot of why people who are profiting from from cannabis. You know the black people are jail for horses from the hour there is going to have to be, there is going to have to be major reconciliation because there are too many people. I mean Coca COLA, talking about putting cannabis and coke. Exert Can I haven't we line while people? Yes, I can move forward with that. Hopefully, that's not the case and that they'll start to address that in our criminal justice system, but I also believe that you can do good things while crappy things are happening and to bring awareness to something like this is so important and it needs to be some proof, somebody who's legitimately. You used it for for good and Anne and some in their life, and I feel, like you know, that's that's me.
So I'm totally firm for the drinking tea. For me to say, I've cut, my drinking and half is like a sentence. I never thought would come out of my mouth ever in a million years. I love drinking, and I haven't you and like a week, I'm dying for one as somebody. I've never heard somebody promote drug use and alcohol use much you a nice way. Nice have you ever spoke just now. Usually I spoke to the man I got through. Always that also he's the bass. Have you ever had a bad experience, though with we'd here or with anything like edibles with any other drug that delay. Now I mean I'm a lie like drugs, you know I should I'm k I take to them nicely. I think it's great I like to think in different ways and when it did so mind opener, you know mean. Sometimes you can just abuse something too much and not really good. Our view can out of it all and all that you cannot have it. So it is good to, like you know,
Do mushrooms are supposed to set an intention. I said to my former risking, unlike always with the southern countries like now. This is just a fun woken up. My good. I want to be like that, Am I do drugs like after today, I'm gonna get pat through now. It's not that serious, but you do have to have like a really good time. I mean we. Wanna have fun. Obviously drugs organic. Have you done anything process like coal crack? Maybe crack. I don't think I've ever done crack. I had a boyfriend, he sold crack and high school, but I dont I did try heroin with him once I snorted heroin and then threw up immediately, and I had ever do that. Logically everything nets now too core your door draw. You need drugs that you can do like it for our duration, not that beginning metal, an end date like cocaine, you can't do after a certain age. It's just not it's not as a tricky walk this legislation, a major drugs will be not drugs or the like of me. But thank you for my next title.
By the way, but also I want to say this, I'm doing a tour since you guys don't have your acts together, odds are for this book to cities like Clearwater Florida too, so I may be hitting a lotta spots and you could buy tickets, elimination com, but I do want to say if you buy a ticket, you get a book to the show to any of my shows across the country. I'm alive nation outcome. You got a book, so if you are coming to a shout. Please now that you already get about Chelsea is really trimmed. Virtually no publicist, no no publishes descent books of his nose licences was two hundred.
The show up today. So she sleeping educate, you're gonna, my train, thank you for joining a livelihood indebted to you guys. It's always nice to see you guys. Is it really the geostrategic ochre? Does he was absent meditating? While she was talking, I work in the drugs that I had some for you know I always wondered otherwise. I have got to muzzle getting something. Ok, well, next time, you'll now you'll. Now you do a whole of your shrewd just. I would like that. I have never once got a glass doors. Everybody needs to be ensured that that is the best way to do that, and I get a little laugh. Your ass off you Brad, definitely I don't care I when I take soon ass, though you might cheeks me, set. My apps are always every day after I take shrooms it's the best. You just laugh your ass off and everything that everyone says is hysterical. So it is fun for radio, but we should do you should start the show sober and take them in the beginning so that you can get.
Half of it and then just deacons. How do we want our shores or they're gonna pair of you would be well, I wouldn't shrewd shrewd, but you can take like micro doesn't go to therapy people like that, and they do have a mean therapy too. You know domain and horse tranquilizer, my friends to all national dialogue about the I'll pass on their work, now indefinitely I have to live with them. We also, as it shows you here, that is the breakfast global morning. Thank you guys nice reporting everybody's D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club. Let's get to the root of this talk. Drink is about This is the war Angela eat Breakfast Club array, realistic about to rake in J color. You excited about them. Making some new music together. Well, drinkers, unease assassination, vacation tour, any Europe yesterday and here as well-
This is for everybody has very small. Always right here is a basic right said Drake and they called it was all working together. So we know the kings in his generation link up. Why must you wanna know? That's gonna, be incredible. Gotta be dope. Now, let's adverse Jesse small Laddies being sued by the city of Chicago and that's because you know they wanted him to reimburse them for a hundred and thirty thousand dollars in overtime alone, but now they, when hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of that cover attorneys visa and additional expenses, and they want the just to multiply that times. Three, So before I got to do is pay the one hundred and thirty, and everything would have been good correct. He should have just paid the one hundred and thirty
That is, they wipe it play. What do people I know he's, then you might not have it. Why do you continue looking at it? He read a figure it out, I'm shake it. We're gonna, pay, The plan there can only be going has now. Am I end of closer you? Half a million dollars remain friends. You already got the keys dismissed and you already noted these people like to let things to the press. Will you got two kids dismissed you kind of clean out here lobby now? What are they just oddly can stuff so did you really really day? Would they said you did when I in Hawaii and he's living it up on vacation s, another reason everybody's magpie, Aloha Management of breeding paradigm on their money. I right now, let's get back to talking about Nixy Hustle and his funeral programme. That was yesterday. Now we told you earlier about his mother speaking about his brother speaking about Lauren London. Well in case you missed it, here's what lower in London to say ass, she spoke at the memorial service. My pain is from until you wrote that Remember how much these damn mirth. This is something that I don't
really understand, but I know they. Amis always used to say that you can't possess people that you experience them and I'm so I'm honored invalid, that I got to experience such a man. I led when she was reading aloud the text messages that she was ending to him about how much she loves him. And all of this I ask why is important and when people are for you to express how much you care? I love. The idea lie, understand God other planet, everything I was for reason was sometimes the reason of their peoples emit. They wanted. A devil. May point choices and has nothing to do with God. He gave us all free I saw God, and if these life, or not in his death, due to kill, initially made a poor choice, and when I saw a family of day cry, all I could think is nifty of dead because of a bomb ass, such ass evil, as do for a second I thought about. You know they should just drop in if she's kill in the middle of a procession and let the wolves am I right now, so let s written by James Hard, Dj A Kendrick, Lamar Leubronn, the game tons of others, including Burma, Obama, here, as Karen Several reading Barack Obama's letter men at sea, but I've heard is
is through my daughters and after passing the chance to learn more about his transformation and his community work while most powerful. The protocol neighborhood, where he grew up and only see gangs, bulletin despair, Nancy saw potential. He saw a community that, even through its laws, saw him so always keep going. He set an example for young people to follow and does it. You see worth of celebration now. The children also had their tributes as well and Laura London son came, Carter. Had this to say on the night of April sacking, I had a dream Allison Today's in his prey in the ocean water. Aramis popped up right behind me, I told my mom about the dream. And I realize that Aramis. Me why having was like. To me. It was Paradise.
In the morning? Areas would say respect at the window. So am a three hour. Everybody to respect three that wasn't a two year old. I was the Ottawa yet ass. It was an learn and sank humankind, yet Demi Demi Visual great. Could I had a dream like now, my grandmother that- and you know just just to hear him say that he saw museum Paradise. I thought that was, I believe, those bulk where why G sickness my brother from other color, you know he gave me to read it like that all night there is a different man. I want to congratulate them boys legacy on people? You touch for a brain, he lamp. Ah, on behalf of the worst calls on, we have laid the streets money. We love you, underground, MU, Shu man alive
I see them back, they why'd you read books, they gotta fill a railway. The next hour will have more for you, including Snoop Doug Speed. By right, now: Mandela, Ye- and that is your room. A report of this doesn't seem through, but one of the greatest lie there were told this wicked ass, worlders fin rest, increasing gypsy has absolutely no I'll get a daily, giving a donkey too. We ve been talking about the fray, male eager for a while now, so, let's continued efforts after our the Bronx? What does your uncle John always they too crazy people, an american company Bronson all the floor. The Bronx stepped up today in a terrible terrible way now may have had address or discuss whether thou by right wing. Rednecks. Keep a lock is the breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning, so now would be to say about twenty five years of moving the culture forward at the twenty nineteen Athens Festival presented by Coca COLA July. Fourth, do this,
and in New Orleans featuring performance is by Miss Eliot marries Oblige Nuys her among fifty more register for free of answer by ticket at essence, Festival, DEC I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now, the song today I got the donkey the dawning of breakfast club. Please don't keep the danger that dog you today, for Friday April eleventh go to a young man in the Bronx name: Angel Esteban Felix Rodriguez he's twenty four years old. What did your uncle shall always tell you too crazy people in a man come from abroad and all the Flora and Data Bronx stepped up to show that they are indeed still wanted the craziest places in America, but this is a issued as affecting people all across the country. To that issue is thing I've been talking to you all about
fragile male ego- and we live in an era where a bunch of young men and women are hurt, people are in pain and when they are in pain, they just redistribute their pain, other people and usually comes in the form of violence, and that's what happened in the abroad this is what we is, why we have to show love one another! Ok, how people, especially brothers, the other brothers, tell each other. We love each other. We value each other. We appreciate each other, I'm down that would every black man on this planet, except for probably to people and Kelvin Hunter Wendy Whims, soon to be ex wife, has wanted him. Ok, we as men have to understand and rejection happens. We have to learn how to deal rejection. We have to learn they were not getting our way and that that, but you know society for years is promoted male supremacy in that mail, supremacy least wasn't of entitlement that often leads to situations like AIDS Rodriguez. Do you want to know why angel of getting donkey the day? Let's go to pixel em for report police twenty one year old in Euro Ramirez Rodriguez, loved fashion and was all
seen dressed up, but that could have caused her life There are twenty three year old boyfriend angel is turbine, Felice Rodriguez was jealous and Wednesday evening. Rodriguez walked into the forty six precinct and allegedly confessed to murder. When police arrived Rivera was found, strangled to death, bathroom floor right now. Runway guess is here and wrongs criminal court, apparently he just faced a judge on murder charges is gonna acute whose Grover, because she stayed out because of the way she dressed like the fragile mail you go when you are highly and secure and you have a lack of self esteem and you have a feeling of despair. You know that deep sense of insecurity makes you think everybody else is the problem we are presently there are underdeveloped and often dangerous. And these men when they feel bad badly, think someone else's fault and as usually because they weren't shown empathy early and their life housing.
Young man, ain't supposed to know empathy if you'd never felt for himself that big ass male ego is sold fragile and making become so dangerous when it comes to keeping our so called power or give is a threat. There is a threat to us being a control. May Angel gaudy own is young, Queen Name Indira, but is lower in London, said yesterday at the celebration of life for the late great nips Jaso, you don't truly have any one. You just experienced them. This is why I am so big on getting a mental health in order, because this is all part of the healing and I'm talking about. We have the first hear he'll ourselves because we are all we do is art others. Many sensitive in high maintenance moody, confusing, never happy all the things we say women are. We ought to We now get our way. If you know you you, you don't you're fragile male ego in check. You will have a team as our aims of Bioenergy temper tantrum net caused him to make her. You know a permanent decision based on temporary feelings in here.
Know what to do with their pay and accept passing some one else. This is why meant to hailing is so important, because when you value yourself you will value, others learn, it reaches self. What kind of self respect and you will treat other kindness and respect, is a process, but it can't be done. Sadly, angels process will start in prison, Please give Angel Rodriguez two biggest here. Said very soon. Very well. Thank you for a donkey to day you wanna, keep things inside moat was keeping these animals must open the former eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Could we haven't? Had this discussion and a kind of wanted, the wait until after the funeral services and everything to have this discussion about Mr Nixy Hustle? Yes, oh yes, it was Nixy. Funeral is celebration. Life celebration of his life was broke. Ass it'll be t e, idle title.
Broadcast? I didn't know a lot of you guys seen it seen some of the clips some of the snippets. What did you guys think that's open up the phone. So let's talk about how do you feel how do we feel Eight hundred five. I have one o five one so brightly dealings, people. Let's talk about it now to breakfast locomotive breakfast everybody's d, J. Envy Angela Yee, Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club, so we're opening up the phone lines. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one asking how you feel about Nipsey Hussle know yesterday was his funeral and celebration of life. It was, broadcasting on Title B, T on was Roca, title BT and IE eight from what I was told that has had a link to stream it as well. The opening up the phone lines it just asking. You know how do you feel after he got killed? To be honest with you, I couldn't sleep. I still really haven't. Rate since he passed a number. One reason is because they had happened. It would describe to be in great detail in somebody
it is a veil, is video, but I do know what it was all washed it in. It was literally well described me and I can't get a kick. He delivered to deep sea. To my mind, but I have never seen a kind of hey they're kind of evil. For apart from evil upstream in one day- and I can't live to stand guard at the plan and everything out before reason was sometimes or even there, the summit. They wanted a devil and make for choices and have nothing to do a guiding it was free was was a part of me that you know feels like Missy got cheated just because due to kill and if she made a porch- so when I saw his family of decrying as all big lives you day because of a bomb ass, he will need evil negro. So, yes, I'm still. I guess I have peace, because his family have peace. Pardon me that it still has a lot of confusion is very, very not understood. And will to me why? Mrs Hautala, no longer it for myself out, of course, and got a request in God's plan on a course of a God hasn't store. I may not say it is much nip sees influence that he's past has been,
on a level that that I've never seen in a long time the way that he's encouraging people to do better. The way he's encouraging people to be positive. The way he's encouraging people to invest in his old community. The way he's encouraging a lot of the gangs to chill out and not fight each other like. I said, Otto Coursing Gosplan, you know when it happened. I was sad enough to see any over die in any umbrella passports, Lena Awake, but now to see what is effect on it on his world. Maybe ass gods player, maybe it's a bigger planned and all of us could ever imagine a think of you. I know what I led the bandits. He was the fact that he was so actively involved in the community, but even for himself. Personally, I seen him practice forgiveness for allotted on a lot of different occasions, where he's had issues with people than unresolved those issues and he's I've been hesitant to speak up about what he believed in and what he felt and he's been a real family man and Nazism his family. So, president speaking on Nancy and his life, you can see where the love surrounding him that he was giving comes from
so God in this is life, but not in his death, and I guess that's what got me confused too cuz. I do believe God does have a plan for everything, but man, man, when I see somebody submit they, will the Satan the way that that man committed to Satan and killed Nipsey Hussle. I see the absence of God and that's what got me confused with like He probably has a bigger plan, his death and I- and I definitely thinks I don't question what what God has in Store Cassandra Good Morning good morning, did they envy good morning, Salamanca, Mona Angela Mining? I felt so fair yesterday because, like them, others I don't know maybe, but I have heard him into would you guys on the radio last year and I quote the programme out here in north and so on. It is every day have been saying for years in full said the watch, the mothers when they dropped to the ground when they lose their kids. And what Furthermore, there is because a lot of time, the perpetrated in the big boat, we cover the same community, we know each other and that the horrible, why
love to see one day be they envy you, Charlemagne, Jane the meat milk with increasing the only hope that you are doing the whole reentry. I would love to see you a war with you know everybody. They know who the main leader bar with the a minute men just the minute and talk about you don't have siblings, to sit talk about how important it is. Cuz love Did you guys you married you and your kid's life and into grow up go out of their behaviour, because this is very bad. You know the alarm and mother bad there, even though your dad, you know he was not, you don't be physically weighing on them who is a bed in his child wife than ever community. We have to get back to them did they envy Charlemagne as what we had to find a way to give back to that, and I will love you guys. Do a man to man talk with you the thou here about
point them growing up in going out of this behaviour. Now you guys want so big fundamental aspect that I feel like an hour if he were a few women, we gotta he'll ourselves. If we don't Conky redistribute Nepi from from brother brother no, sometimes all we know is violence near and in which you it in. I gotta have a lot. Conversations. You know a lot of young brothers come up to me, especially with the whole real estate. In the end, they see the cars and they asked me to inquire about it, and I really try to push him into ownership in n out We try to push him and tell him that, in accordance with the role of having a wounded, out of it. You know a lot of my friends that took the rope half an hour longer here or are in jail. Such are to encourage them to do something positive and in an really give back to the community in and pull it brought up if they, yeah, and even if you can't be an automated dealing with that trauma that you got going on inside of you dealing with that hurt dealing with that pain. But you don't read this. Did the other people just because you see somebody who is owner somebody who do because I'm somebody who is due imbedded in you just said so so you see them. Don't you
gelatin. India's I didn't want to hurt them correct eight hundred five, a five one, oh father, would talk and Gypsy Hustling morning yesterday was his funeral. We just asking: how do you feel call a sub nails to breakfast locomotion body is the J, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us, we're talking nip see hustle yesterday was his funeral and which is, as a liberation alike, were asking decided, fill in order to open up the farmers will take some cause. Just really asses know. How do you feel Latisha come on morning? Where do they call you that's easy. Can I call you the teacher, and what do they have the t shown at the moment
Big terminology anyway, and I am now labor was somewhere. What do you feel about is a group of one day were usually allowed? It is not about a girl. You know he gave us a new way to clear. You know it now be given is a continuous progress? Do you know any liability so that if there was an example, I use the word that the whole world with you at a blue flag and on our listen, I'm out not no. I don't need to have a blue flag because even bigger in decrypting Nicky was a black may initially certain information, a symbol for the possibilities of blackmail he's just another example.
In a long line of black men who have showed us what we really should be doing in our communities as food at global level, family now, but I'm a curve of Bobo's data used interactive, so bad, you know now I never knew you know, and this Burg Mademoiselle, given an emerald phase it down in the black communities, they won't rotate the dollar a day. Like thirty days, I mean a ban as well before the gear, a? U right, my mother and I think, but I want you to pick up a book, to dig out an important message to the black man. Biologic Mohammed and you will see where Aladdin Disease Hustle due for self mentality came from Breyer. Hey Damone embryo
in a moment of the former is asking you: how do you feel that next year, the situation while I do more, as happens with beautiful everybody, came out and spoke, the truth, and I was so you know encouraged by the air strength, but I, struggling with which billions of anger in and also absolutism bad. You know people will not only continue the marathon but also learn some unfortunate and valuable. Lessons are one thing there. I want everybody to do when you have something to do when you are building in your computer, and you know that there are, unfortunately you some horrible people walked blocking amongst us invest insecurity. I believe a mindset remember right strongly, and I also believe in you don't power your circle them giving your friends job, maybe give much off like a driver of silence or something like that. But security detail in my opinion, needs to be trained professionals, either police ex military sharpshooter. They have that anything to watch or back. When I saw the video.
Is murder. I would make a big fat that waste of flesh was able to walk up on that. Great man might bear no you're right any data security, but they said he spontaneously went to the store to bring a friend who I just got an attitude to go, get some clothes at an alert in his security was, was I you know, definitely amiss tat, but only when it has carried out Would you agree with GM into finger looking in Miami, so full of in the popular feeling, looking at my army, its arms security or two at the park? Unless we, even if it is true that way to get a legacy the eyes acuity, securing that all script. I do as in the European left all them in, and I really hope that more people keep that in mind, and you know some people have felony. If that's what you got here before, you know, you can't have it. I know you have. You need to hire somebody. Knowledge is a lot of people, you security, especially when as professionals a very expensive. So a lot of people tried to four different, because people really can't afford it. You know what you mean you talking about of duty officer,
the train for personal. You know: you're talking about five hundred dollars a day and you know just to walk around is very expensive. That's my allotted time: people in a war, Hyalaea Homey and until a home and get a gun laces and things like that, because it too, cheap will have them get a dyed, enables and get a job, but I know a securities very expensive in innovators, walkin around and you're not getting paid. If you go into a showed us something different because we should getting some type of money, but if I'm just going out to the moral of I'm just hanging in the securities, very expensive. Without the idea was you say, on a neighborhood like that and for food at a stab me yeah should have been a little bit more security, but, as Democrats me, the hidden within us didn't s in hindsight, I was smaller story gas. I mean a more or less thought from me. Man that Indonesia also serve as an inspiration you know, assemble in over the possibilities of what blackmail could and should be no initially set on loaded basis. We see lowers the couple dude every generation I wasn't supposed to make it out with decode the matrix him when they get to speak, is like a coded language reminds us of our scrimp and all of us, stolen, greatness and Nicky was deafening
and I also at the level of lamb, continue to be an inspiration and what that means is for us to continue to do positive. Things are few. Have events so positive? There may show you make that change now and do something great for somebody. Anybody could be a stranger Anyone know ones on articles back to people, flowers, Wada, here you know, and I love them- the love for nip see, and I wish you would have seen a lot of that love so was like some of those people who do Ralph was in a woman. Adapt was whether it's you can MIKE's David Wayne David Banner, yet he eyes we gotta show those brothers allow love and a ladder, respect right now why they here, because they are fighting force in and even the people are inspired as vote. For me, as is germane to pre and J C battles, people are really help so a lot of those people, those flowers Regner Ministry. That line is to draw up an absolute and you know another. What are they to brother? Who called up talking about talking? You know either Turkey's life that led him to prison, but it's better to look at two gives life toward the end of his prison cynicism.
The man he became while in prison, because you don't have to go to jail to become there may took you to go to prison, it become them it I'm sorry, but you can learn from the mistakes of others and become you know, upstanding citizen. Why you still audio? That's wouldn't have seen the absolute number and dismiss you know Turkey, because Turkey became a change man in print shouted above him. I saw it as well. Mizar absolute now you ve got rooms runaway yes, we'll be taken about Wendy Williams. He looks like she needs a change of scenery He would tell you what's happening it. I'm gonna, Carolinas, mid life crisis closet. I wouldn't want to wake up to see At every day, the arrival I'm saying oh stairwell, Supreme everywhere, Abbot Naomi, who wants to see that we'll get Cyril was next to breakfast. Welcome The breakfast club day ever lied about gladly songs liar during your show. You don't want to an ethical code. I black knew that don't be a punk. Well, I know what I want to play. That right. After that conversation, we just had witnessed the abundance bs. How about it?
did I gotta get hold of it out, but I wasn't me added my makes this coming up in about five minutes. It. That's all me this other stuff. I would know what can we do? We must allow the storms building the day. This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, less Nevadas. I spoke at Nepalese Memorial service. Any tax about meeting see in getting music from tipsy the first armor I see the analytical bought a week later see in other cities or roll up a blood in the banks. You, too calm city opened his duty. Only now, so I took this video publicity and caused a long story
what we need are collected, waited on making music together, we'll make it a brother who we ended up. Clearly we created something of a special rights, gotta love it and less talk about Tina Turner, so bad biographical musical is gonna becoming too Broadway, which Amex had if I'm just going to see that as COD Tina, the Tina Turner. Oh it's gonna, start October, twelve and then November seventh suggest. Its preview performances Toby taught in November seventh, its officially opening on Broadway. I know you want to see those I want to take my mom seated temptations. Joint teams in Amsterdam amount that my modest holding their height is inspired by Tina Turner. I can see that matters. You said that are actually was low, got to do it. It was the first sign as a kid I ever knew to wear it randomly. I cannot watch was logo to do it and it would add, whenever I put you Jimmy
No, I did read my book is pretty guide us in our biogas about the book on over supersonic come as the only any of you. I am things he did for the by two. I right now Disney has prevailed when there who streaming services, gonna lines launch and that video, MRS launching November its wealth, is gonna class. Six. Ninety nine a monopoly on the right, only cable, by one able and carefully Hulu, but on the brutal back when old, anxious thought, but I'm keeping Netflix and abusing their Disney server. Could they got on his? How Mister Waller have landed at us say like about in cable Lex, if you have hullo than you had Disney than you have tighter than you have apple music? then you have gone out than you happier. Dora was so many different thing. So, my dear it apple and just keep title of the scabbard, I got rid of my apple women had arranged, I thought boy has been arrested in that's on probation violation after does ruled that he violating his probation by having things like
munition in the house. They found emulate ammunition. They were searching his house and he's on probation for weapons case forbade twenty four had seen since giving how, without building capacity until he has his hearing, which is gonna, be April? Thirty bullets, no love your probation feller! You are right now, re day in the meantime, is looking for. Whoever stole their dog has been quite some lousy arouses boogie body has been missing and offering twenty thousand dollars my dog was lost, but now somebody has taken my dog put him in a car and drove off. So please We find that was taken in a dodged charger. It was like a young waikiki it. I think it was around nineteen twenty decades. Listen and please be a year of. Please be a girl, parsing bring my dog back so say I'm not a hero? Outcast. Do you dog? You bring her back and you call me a hero to slid it's good beef when its age heart. I let him and tells and get the dog and brings it back
the hero, you're right now learn as eggs. Oh tat, road that song is doing crazy meaning a number one on the high one hundred s crew and what they are saying is that that song has shattered Drake single week streaming record Drake actually had gods plan would tell the previous occurred at sixty nine million in a week when old town roads is shattered. That, with eighty million streams in a week, beating out gods plant was easy to see solidarity. I don't know where you sign where's, the girl Jim, who ever do those of spouses more Sonic Railway, Billy, re Cyrus as posted, is it was so obviously me after hearing the scientist one time I was thinking but not country, What's the rudimentary element of a country and western song, then I thought its honest, humble and has an infectious hug and a banjo. What the? How much do you need or any suitable horses when a clue, Barcelona that I guess it is countries without one. I raise our congratulations to learn assets.
I'm Angela Year. That is your room, a report, every sort of Colombia record, so well, congratulations. It allows us more saw. How am I to the new flavors of irons, vanilla, Coke and Orange Manila comes zero, stagger year, you're their right, and I have to tell you it's a great combination of coke. Aren't vanilla labor had your closest retailer today and try him out definitive yes MA am I wrong? we'll see you next week, everybody else people's choice mixes up next, you know it all. Back on a Friday get you requested, let's go to breakfast club kimono morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us, router about Windy, Whimsie, less MOB Davy. Yes, many Williams is looking for her own apartment. Now in the city it looks like she wants to get out of there. Eddie. How does she shared with her husband, soon be Ex husband, Kevin Hunter or you, need a change of scenery. Two of you had to wake up looking Calvin until MID life crisis closet everyday. I we sought to do that,
any longer, he didn't know you wanted to go to the german a maiden made in America I said we told you earlier that he did get there, but those divorce papers at work. They actually had extra security cuz, they didn't know if he was going to flip out and get upset, but they said he took the news in stride and I still work with her on their show. So even though has been awkward, they said they been very cordial to each other, but not wanting to others. There is not only team at Wendy Show is so excited fancies. Finally, leaving him, when you can have a bath until she got a fight at food from all business ventures and drop his last name if you're going to sever ties several times, because that man has done nothing but ruin your his ruin. Your brain are branded been rooted in truth and authenticity Yes, you ve been line covering four for that will cut him off completely and that by mercury, what away. Non YO involve those employers who complained by middle class action lawsuit. Seventy ties- what that has been hipster Kelvin Hunter right, not dimension the hour when you would feel safe without abuse of EV dude and building the hokey poky with death nonsense. Going worry I'll, be out back of his design a brand from there.
While countries- and you know ship moth did he say- hokey poky, you Jane people. He would have been him yourself around. Do you want to turn years over? I wouldn't like Kelvin onto that's right. Alabama has what is in the election of how he thinks all right he's a grown up boy had he been grown, have boy and now mommy kick it about the house. Gobio man Calvin Racket in preference to read too much into God. Damn that's! You got a deal with him. Twenty four, seven, three six, Why bother yell indiscriminate my way? He was a man so comfortable being decide all twelve. You decided now your pieces ruined. Welcomes these Kelvin. His crimes have Abbe weaken. When we come back, we got the positive, no, don't move, MR breathlessly, you ve J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club a shot out. Dj Louie Vienna behaviour with him in North Carolina is weakened, add stats and then Sunday
I'll be at shelter. Chris's birthday I'll be there for his day party before I head back home, so shout to Dj Louis V, shout to Chris will see you sad in North Carolina in Sunday in South Carolina, I've lost Solomon. You got apposite yeah I just want to say it doesn't matter where you are. You are nowhere compared to where you can go. You gotta believe that you can get there and understand it. Your life does not give better by chance. It gets better. By change forever rivers clinical yoga, either from Zagreb and I'm Donal phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing faked life, best friends, Turk and GDP on the sitcoms grubs, twenty years later, we decided to we watch the series one episode at a time and put our memory into a podcast. You can listen to it home we're gonna get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about
by the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond, cast fake doctors, real friends with second, I called on the high heart radio up apple podcast and wherever you get your blog cas, although this rambert and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect as what my PA gases back and that's a wind for everyone. If you're a long time, listen to the show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light entertainment. I contain multitudes vine thereon, burgundy, biogas on the eye, hard radio, app apple pie, guess or where ever you get your pockets.
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