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Throwback Thursday: Juvenile


Today on the show we had to do a throw back Thursday with Juvenile as a special guest! He spoke on his joint album with Birdman, his early days with Cash Money records and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the News team in Toledo Ohio for trying to act young at an old age and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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Together, like a mega voyages trouble when we got no point his prayers round about visually, join a breakfast club say some Muddle USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO morning age. We ve got my disease, Andy Charlemagne. The guy who's did learn. Yes, it's Thursday LULU today is a big day. While I got my lip service. Lads, United Carolines nice- some excited about that. But you know a lot of work and effort. There goes and opponents of the night his eyes. So it's a lot going on today. There were due to show you the issue for Tom Caroline here last time. On a couple of times, a hell, I'm bar room.
I gotta Carolines on time, but this is my first time actually do and lives every act. Our, but it is one of my favorite Van used to go to a New York S table place our goes, who even when I don't have to be there for any particular reason because they had the best comedians come Caroline Garlands comedy global here in New York City for everybody, listening to us throughout the rest of the country. We have allowed I'm up here that are going to like that are Carolines for them. Ghana believe High David he's coming up here and he'll, be Carolines. This weekend also end he'll be on my life, so as well. Ok, but I will. Play tonight. What time? What time tonight at seven hundred and thirty tonight, I need to go to Caroline's come and get tickets. If your last chance to come, hang Alright, I'm does happy their revolt cameras. I here today because I just pulled out so
was crossed my mind. Nor did the shower exposure to shout is little nobody. What am I saying? Nobody wants to? Freeze Belgium, youngest, I gotta have S holistic, skin care products, courtesy a doctor, Natasha Sand. Maybe I think I just had a chemical pill. Last week to summon up my post peel week, so Murphy's sparkling But food I've got a bunch of cross out of my left eye. How it happened, someday well, juvenile will be joining us a more direct thursday I'll be here to be out of today's. The exact date with this year is the twentieth anniversary of the negroes. Mutual called Baghdad? And yes, it is ok to song that all your odds and anti turned up to the wedding reception that that record. Ok taken over and I live in two thousand that one that that negroes
where'd you have been bringing of joy for twenty plus years, so join your aunt and uncle disappointing. As we celebrate the monument is occasion. Would you when I should have taken, was asked his birthday two days ago? Shouted uv? I was one of the first DJ plays records on the east who's the how remix, though, with J unemployed by itself, and because it had juvy anything that ever do before he always came through other was the club where the air, when I was working on it when I was with wherever was he always came to you is remembered, ass, a function of the Pyrenees, the thing I J C verses. Why we talked about that? Darnay and if you like, a lot of people, especially in the New Orleans area in even down south, they thought the Jaycees verse was actually whack like Israeli. We debated now to this day. If fat verse was We are thereby actually enjoy diverse personally we're. Given how many mix, if you haven't heard adverse, we don't play dead, how remix into many mixer? Who get that I enemy?
from patients when we talk about you were. Did anybody in here, when the power by Africa to play day we're going labelling No you just below it gave me just like giving away being about to happen. My right will last next keeping toiler is to breakfast locomotive eyes every other night. Another movie game, yes, not means if you want to be as if you want to link up believing taboo the morning but a morning to your morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne God we are. Your breakfast club overload sickle in my throat really never eventually regional forum, Shalmaneser plankton. Let me deal with I like flew like symptoms all week, long arms, air, but I'll get me thinking an arrow mystic. Three. We three to seek ways in front
age news when you took my use their power by Jack past seven hundred and sixty eight million dollars. This is a single ticket winner. That person is in a whisper. And so in this room was concerned. You are not the winner arising. With one single ticket. So now you have the cash acts in a four hundred and seventy seven million dollars or are you The choice of Anne S made it. Seven hundred sixty eight point: four million dollar pay out and thirty payments over twenty nine years sent out. Let me give you do a lump sum measure does, of course, and governmental, whiskers, stupid question that,
we ve got out and it was cantonal, walk you, the first station, that's indicated the breakfast global case law to be one of your party. Lulli render walk, you would have got all about drug when I thought about it at all about the walking raise has reached home, they love no war a whole week and I've been a medicine with confidence here, ok size, but what comes out of the windows of abandoned the sides, but you did a holy like a whole kind whatsoever to was a data. We got there when I shot catfish back catfish stated in a hundred holter, while the Pierre with cancer and try to find the person and hope that their family member, I right of veto is God's interactive minded person in this, and I am referring to from my good right now. Women Sandia lessons were taken about pregnancy. Finally got her child support payment from her ex has been you now along its where to get her payment hello hello. Fifty years what you need to four years old what he owes money. I mean it wasn't even a lot of money that he had to pay in child support. First, he has paid to
in ten dollars a month for the first two and a half years and energy, down to one hundred and sixty dollars a month, and so they are child turned eighteen. I guess how much he pay never No, I guess it's never too, you all the money that was alive, and maybe I did we re now and she was basically living check to check and she said you. I have a lot of abandonment issues. She had to raise a child herself. They were married for two years and they had a three year old daughter and he does never paid any child support it on. Then he went to Canada with his girlfriend, had two more kids and just completely disappeared. She had Google found out of them living out pretty great life with a big house? He has a boat all of those things which is never pay tax. But not now, she's finally got the a hundred and fifty thousand dollars altogether that he owes that also has a ten percent interest rate over the body. The guardian, affordable, affordable by not just for those after fifty years, has gradually away any longer and ten darling where they should allow us to move towards a candidate. I don't know, but I think that
raising for your ways- and I are that you don't take care you kid at all and you can't even paid squandered. I was a month. We don't know you didn't get a good, he wasn't she had ever seen. Dammit, I mean it appeared. How can you not around he needed to give maybe was is, and we thought about it, we're married and they had a kid in. He claimed his kid and had to pay out support. So now he is actually paying. I write and sad story, South Carolina, fifth greater who got injured when a I pointed out in her classroom actually ended up passing away when I write so rest in peace to renew you're right and our condolences to your family. They said she was a wonderful student. She loved to write, spend time with their friends. You play basketball. He was a big sister very actively. Bob did her. Charity was a junior. I share their. They said they would The incident was found unconscious in the schools and urge the schooner station and right. Now they are going to perform an autopsy to find out what happened. The design of my cousin can't ease of police officers and shouts cycle that is trying to forget his situation. As you hey about scuffles and fights,
schools, but out of a fifth greater, get into a fighting in the day airlifted to the hospital, I should like now to threaten rating and format. It could be anything you could be. Somebody swung she tripped. She hid ahead. Emily was unconscious l, yet she could at him she had ahead some out somewhere. They on. She died two days after suffering from those injury. Yes, you gotta go find me for the young lady for the funeral by the way, when you buy them to contribute to that. While this may show we post that me, so people can see maybe actually right we write right? He s has been. I write our right, That is front page news, get it off it eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now. Maybe the bad night or bad morning. You just need to vent or maybe feel blessed whatever it may be- phone onto wide open, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest at the breakfast club good morning. The breakfast club
a pounding down your dominated garbage man, you wanna breakfast laughing, but as a relatively new day, come on get features. Mama governing fell dead, he sat up. Everybody that went they your wine duty on is the grandmother without any about those involved, Graham people really want report. You gotta give them, though, that good ok, yeah in Vienna. I in Vienna, he'll kill. You go to hear me out and look at what I've been here and tell me what you think I murmured the Americans. While you a married man, it is mostly I would ask the house you since you first I'm looking at an hour individual negative picture of what I'm they soon respects. No, she respects me so that a problem Ok, we're gonna get us a comment. You and I was a music yeah you do. You know you think. Ok, I'm a writer I visited the? U yours
wine, beauty formula, you being targeted on yeah, That makes envy you know what it is. Ok, you did a few months ago. A man. Ok, liability. Ok, you figured it is I who is our knowledge on everybody? No one on the radio nodded locally, that my culture is operating, grants pretty nice guy. Who did Ebby, who produce that, Let me move mantra where you from but you assign I'm not sure what you ve done differently. But the old sir, and a lot of people dont, you Haven, T been. I did you get it online. I they pay the b I on contact in line with my pride,
were about one believe, but of course it angle, mainstream on a radio. You gonna tell me for like a crazy amount, but that's fine I'll will go mobile. Our ideas that I hear the other two, but that one I as good will have listened thank yous down when you die working. People find you may want to listen online yeah, first While you can go to your by beauty on the ground and definitely click the link it my boy, I go on users be every bit all the music that I come out with phone. I write but other artists. Well, so yeah the bed for you. I think debt were frightened. That means you can be noted with Jos. Sometimes you can make a lot of quick money just sell in those. I don't reckon you got radio on a larger than we wait to get your maybe you could just sell it to. Somebody was already bobbin absolutely Finally, I have felt that, like everyone you write, any body is not for you you. I owe you know we're document. Record is divided up into the air, but that was out no thank you. I love you,
blown blondie, with the compromise this morning allows. There is one area, to promote a patchwork of each s. First, all by just one Alice. You got a long time, and I appreciate everything I do. Yeah, a lady. They called him like last, where, are they brought back. I remembered you talk about how these dad don't never do not further I am one of those bad there I do as much as I can. I think I do have a great job as a father for my phone, I coaches basketball team as baseball team. I getting ready for school for the next day I make you got a shower. I flew by clean. Here, the house. I do all that stuff and I don't think it's fair achieved because she had a bad experiences that you think about me. And say that we don't do enough or whatever we do. What we think is enough and we try to make sure that their take care of all our kids a girl who wanted the boy or girl whatever we do, try our best it might now.
Be right in her eyes or whatever, but some, Do you will have to be done? raise. She had a bad experience herself out. I got If you had a bad experiences- and you say you had a bad experience- all try to stay, while all man right, because there are good I'll, do it that isn't get me a variety of all of those things. We just need a story about a guy who never page has appointed his life, which you will go Bravo minimal drinking minutes ago hours they kept in cages. But if that's what you got his share responsibility writer. Thank all doubt whether it wants to do being a father like applaud people for their daily supposed to do. You know if you just eight hundred five, eight five one or five one if you need to visit us up right now, is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast.
GO wake up mad or black. We want to hear from you tell. I was as Kyoto manage to teach What a brother get it off. Each S wanted caring for my niece lands were first time me watch and showed a week. Well see right now fully pray forward. You take it to one hospital, the dogs, Our vote today. We join the shooting of sexual assaults. There's no way Philo sounded national soldier, gods, Vanessa, temperature Y know Thirdly, the she's she's by running high we should check the sea water temperatures. Temperature is I've, got you, To tell you one of the framework as you a terrible babies, you should you should check a temperature people, call rival, cubicle rag on her forehead. How old is she now she dream
Oh I wish you could take some tat loves. You need to break their fever, but deathly keep an eye on about. Why would you by israeli state her their merchandise. Those pull yourself. You take care of his knees. Bright demanded his business only thinking They also like any one of us running up. The goddamn foreign goods are going to meet and makes it easier to have even less rate. Monastic pneumonia allows is on August? Very tat was broken off Chester, they are the more agreed by the apparent, I might almost say: listen, Is there a young woman of your Mamma, the cops quaint becoming So if the earth s story We all know that there have been those kind of common, my day, job every other nothin, I would disappear from our side who sent me an hour. Like my anxiety, everytime you work on my door. Are you scared,
I mean I have that anxiety for the foot for a year and a half done alone, with my daughter got to go to college, I'm having anxiety now just sitting here. Everything is going on and seeing everything that's going on. That's what's scaring. If you don't know the story, the younger brother was a trucker They found him. I guess on the side of the road. They said he committed suicide, but everybody thinks he was a possibly could have been launched. Something- and I wanted to that. My view is on this. The mahogany shot struck and I believe he was listed. I believe he committed suicide nicety at everything. Going was no stress. He had a family, it was like there was those aren't areas and in so doing lawyer the thing I keep trying to tell your man and not allow room enough foul play at all, but we also care rules The fact that a lot of was a dealer with some serious mental health issues and as much as we think we know what's going on in people's minds, we don't allowed, if you would have, we think, got it all together, really suffering when they were alone. So you know We can't rule that out either. We can just be so quick to point and say hey. It could be the actor file play when the matter is. It could be some type of mental health issue.
You should all agreed. As you said, your legs virtually would be by sunlight by so much ground we highschool to shape in Asia. Well, what is rather like an hour. How were we call him? Dost thou, my pet girl. You are you, I M not soon by almost all useful protective unlikely. I don't understand why doing today, provided you have to be like a notably to do, was to eighty China, which is on the Each year, though, has all types of crazy: Is that a scale to issue a? U so you don't want friends. Do you want to give him in its annoying that he has? Meanwhile, let me stay. I go now, but as we will be conceded, you no other here the gardener killed people getting shot and stabbed you can handle manoeuvring. Ok,
You can tell who'd you don't listen! A front page news anytime want to break through that. That is a american medical facilities and even worse, now, by now my invite me I'm up my black eyed each other one I gotta go great joy was cool. Is you go into the more was cool? Is you go to you? Gonna? Do ok Regulation above you play basketball year S admiring right! Well, congratulations! I beg the apple. What did you get it all future? eight hundred five, a five one. Five one of you need of it. You can hit us up now. You ve got rooms on away. Yes, will give you an answer. What's going on with Wendy Williams, that's like she's gonna have to take a little break. You think all right, we'll get So, although we now Kelvin who did you Kelvin when talking of carbon hunter? Get it off my chest. Rumours up next juvenile makes our lot going over to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club,
with Angela has his club, you ready a sex intensity, follow up now and cod. Is there still sex in the city? That's Candice bushels of coming back and they also developing developing it as a tv series. It's gonna focus on dating sex and friendship in New York City. After fifty with six in the cities Pienaar stuff, and we can't even get a girlfriend Moon, Canada, one girlfriends movie that government, but I got lad, let it is administratively zoo, nobleman instructions, you know, assessing the city is a excellently Rancho aromatic things that people can only offer, you shall add a winning limits, homey, Mario baby. So yes- and they said at once- according to candid, she said at one time fifty cent they met the beginning of retirement working less. More time on your happy with your friends who looked like you were sliding into a much more leisurely lifestyle in short retirement age? Folks, wear it
to do much of anything but get older and a bit heavier. They were expected to exercise start new business benches, moved to a difference have casual sex with strangers. As Start again, but this is exactly what the lives of a ladder fifty and sixty something women look like today and I'm thrilled to be reflecting the complexity. The reality on the page and now on the screen, Let s call, but how does he not think and always open up a budget for some sex in the cities of the can open up a budget for girlfriends movie? I mean closure array. Well, you know that a married man, she has a certain amount of money that he says he wants to get in order to be able to do it and hopefully we'll get Dandan at some point. I write Nick can and presents while it out got a ninety episode Noah, while Romania was in June, the thirteenth even premier is happening this summer, but it's gonna be extended through fifteen fees in big Gregory landlady. Yes, his show is the one extremely was growing number one cable series. Last year on Friday night with men, twelve to twenty four and eight scenes, its went or as well, and they also have strong growth in the digital arena, specifically on Youtube
The number one have happened attainments Anna on you too, while with four point two million subscribe got big, big old, Nick Canada Reagan of them young boys. Accordingly, did she go beans to Carlos Mill of diesel? Young flies gave their show a whole new life. Ok Lydia, love showed loves you every every Turley gold sales outlets does the eighty parts out Sholto made of ourselves the all out. They all You got a pocket money unaware as a shared again out single mindedly pose a problem I give us they send out of any new happy there's a lot of energy is a big deal for us of Mosquitos. Two weeks of congratulations now, Wendy William says he's taking a break from her show. It was planned to break you had to say during her Wendy, so we have a planned break coming up negative. I know what I am now, but we're back with live shows on April a gotTa Wendy show DOT com
because the tickets are free and I would love for you to be one of my co host. Ok, ok, how do you know showed me a pre planned break them any use to have new about until yesterday, a pre planned breakneck of unity comes out to report to you being found drunk because calvinist arena Nicky allegedly had a baby, obviously, as a measure has been well go right and he said when you play with the money of twenty eight years married for twenty five, we know that my best friend he's my lover. He saw this and he's on as you say that a couple with their first thing in their back at so see their wing. Her wings, you still being seen out and about with her husband, can have any real. Now here's what she said when seems he approached her to ask about. What's going on reviewing what a wonderful I just can't Why are you doing on the land with the ring that I, when they have a wonderful guy, always how does it feel to address your views in France? They want you to feel good, getting something off your trust. Will you be seeing the baby Wendy and has found me does agreed question come on? I don't know
suffer. Remit is to Dublin eighteen. We are an age of transparency. We can see to all as we like. You says, you suffer decisions in a terrible place, physically emotionally mentally, and it's all because a bomb abusive. He owed height bees, husband hours, allow higher and cabinets and worth about in New York, city and here is what happens when the apparatus by them together is still too much business reserve? Yes, do ya! and people business Gallo, Meda, for years more than other people's business. Don't do that job if cameras Where fifty, though any idea, what the Scullion Aluminium bigger website head of a bait play imo yesterday, a big I've, Babe Scully, It has been in all their money on baby and Supreme Calvin. Please please, by Wendy anew
All right, you see tat. The earth is yet another court. Beside the more glad you did. I urge you to vote in favour of color was. I was the binary code. I know I say there are valued and by others in a big, serene omitted in obtaining a bit his mistress, no way to think every day, right, ok and you can be seen in its the print coat over and over when your husband is a man who cheat O Connell. Cheetah cheetah. You did it Gunnar, I'm just say so. Not bad I'm Angela Year, that we all need the market, but I think you need to go see their visitor brook and one zero more keeping me the early session. I re well, that was the elderly. Those three Charlemagne that's been with the end of November in Charlemagne. Call in it. You have to go see a lot of therapy you broke out with J D with tee are we for newcomers had actually along its old man like about Corey, Berger and his town hall will give you some take away from what happened at the town hall. We'll get internet, Nevsky blocked the breakfast club component.
A social distancing Tipp, while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging, her shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink you sign language, salute smile, give peace, I throw open air high five do jazz hands. Remember stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home. If you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part, because we're all hashtag alone, together brought to you by the council. First class your morning. So now would be the same any superpower. What would it be able to say the word is, am and you'll find out. She them is the ultimate ways: fulfilment moved me about it it. May Billy Batson, who transformed into a superhero with just one word she's an empty. It is April, fit. Morning, everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne to God we are. The breakfast club was gained some front page news
We cannot sit back quite bugger. He had his town hall last night and a lot of things that he talked about, including him saying that he can defeat Donald Trump and twenty twenty and not have to resort to the Republicans tactics. He also talks about gun laws. I am frustrated with politicians who all the best they can muster is to give forts employers. Gone owners and ongoing owners agree that we need to have universal backroom closed, so many these loopholes. If I'm your president, we but to bring the fight to the end or re who wants to represent corporate gun owners, covert, gun corporations. This action more than they want to represent the people, because this is what they're doing to Americans, they are defending loopholes. Things This guy was the rabbit mother, investigation, Algae BT, Q Rights faith. He talked about just small Eddie, was questioned about that and say that he needed to get all the details
we are going to come out. He was also questioned about reparations and he is, but he had to say I will do I supported, but I have legislation that actually does. In fact, I got the only legislation. I think an entire congress there The university says would virtually eliminate the racial wealth gap in our country is something called baby bonds, which means that every child born in America would get it bond when their birth, two thousand always placed in it in During the time. Every year of the life, depending on their families income, they have more money placed in the lowest income Americans. Time they reach eighteen years old would have upwards of fifty thousand. Real wealth to stake in our economy to I'm going to school or education starting a business buying a home the reason I added I ll blithely vanities. Everybody else now reparations is car is not about. You know the foreign disenfranchised by doing something specifically for the african distant
of slaves. You know those people who went to slavery in his country and Jim Crow segregation in math incarceration. It was suspicious of specific saying it. Nothing to do with separate specific set of systemic circumstances that happen to black peoples will contain a specific set of circumstances. The gate, but out of this situation that they were put it, there was systemically put net situation. We have to be systemically taken out. Nay said everybody he's still enough that you know right now. I have a lift fall boats. Rhetoric not win Blimey will both got a hole in the UK. Now, let's talk about since we are talking about money them our bog, Pat seven hundred and sixty eight, million dollar jackpot does have a winner. That person is from Wisconsin, it's a Wisconsin rest. Who got all the winning numbers. It was one single tickets sold at an open, with people that wine, because you know sometimes you have to office pool. I just an individual, but we do know is one single ticket that was so now you have the option of a cash apt enough.
Hundred seventy seven million dollars. You can just cash out that's before taxes or you can take their seven and sixty eight. Four million and get twenty nine years of payment. I woke up this morning. I saw it. I went back down forty million at the damn I forgot to play so I went to go the power by numbers to make sure that it wasn't my usual numbers did play was no today hurt. You know you got one set a number of monopoly. All the times of you forget the plane in old numbers pop up easy, like aim, but there when I Then I saw a where my numbers I felt a little better, but then I said to myself: damn it could have been the luck of the draw somebody could take. Those could have been the number that I got right. Quick fix, I was like I just said: you know, God bless, God bless. No, what's got into one arab love. Well, You can't wait to see that mandolin blessed, that's front page news. I, where we come in you stole back Thursday yesterday them of our back this year, the twenty year anniversary of juveniles, Baghdad ass. I want you to join all your honor,
Aren't you this morning on the breakfast club, as we celebrate this monument is occasion with demand himself. How right juvenile will we come back is throwback. Thursday is the breakfast club morning when you do that you elevated effective out of it. I found every boy David squeeze in his room and that China sounds more voice values. You don't look Nold No look no reason given that american life now let s go down because you're going to do about coming you. Why now I did project now. I think it was meaning never worked together. You know, do now Frazier, you know we re really build our friends, your back up over the last couple years, hanging stuff. That thing is the lack of time than I've been away for a minute. I will come back out meet up with me with a solo album you're. Not I need to get my feet wet first. How do you avoid like not being in the same situation? You was in the past, so cuz, I you know it like
money, financial situation. Where money I mean I've done things already financed lumber made a few move out really annoying. I don't brag about what I do outside and use bins, but I'm doing a few things out of a stable, but not just there asked a busy when it comes down to be book. I'm one of the few Chasms, a book right back then add some twenty. It all deserve our keeping the creation of the key book. It isn't really were to go, see now be angle. Nervous dazzling did you think director would be so time was when you first recorded it, not you mean beyond man when you make songs like that, any blew up, maybe they're big,
The biggest challenges are devastating know, nobody can plan at all and I am going to try to do that. They goes while you could try to do that. As time is banned, the people really make their decision. There is one in themselves that they play when receptions. You know, I think, when we got to the point- and I heard all peoples ya like capacities, we got to the point I feel like you know. I think really me aren't you don't want to make their record originally now, because you know why, because I came from MECCA News about music, was she a she'll terrorists? most the whole scene in one and I just then we'll get sucked day like everybody else. I was trying to avoid that as much as possible will be local of you did at a really my fainted
when we originally done it, that's what it was for New Orleans, but it went somewhere else so now you know it got to the point where I got to feed everybody with the same kind of music and it's kind of hard to make another bag. That is impossible for me. Represent way man and you hear people trying to take their sound now and that unless the music and your leg, This call me lemme, give it to me I'll, be ok with me. If you don't put, on its own and demagogy. What was ignore me, I mean if you, if you make a new all espousal use my version in our genetic I know you seen all the means everyone run into their low in Baghdad back hand. I saw Chris Bow. Someone in their Chris Brown concert before he got on stage and was all like all women that I don't know what it really was and they played it was going on
So how did he do? We actually are those days before it was no name out of all of the valuable, as well as their reaction ever get all data. That no one could get. No one is a guess funding. When I see some might up an aged, do it, how do you do we open age so mad talk about sixty one like that. I mean paddler Bill told me this: is this inspiration. She like workin out to it There does have added humor paddies pay more Europe, and a big lions out. We don't you have done very liberal Maintop Bell barrier, Paddy beggar born you can you I don't know- and I know you re going to see- do you violently does because Pakistan already had to tell you.
Call as soon as any man. I ain't. Do nothing and I love your money. Man can I buy you some? you are buying sincerely stone is desired. All of you guys were they Angela Bath in ample labelling, Baxter bathroom, a married man. Without more ado, As you know, there was a call back that IRAN one. Why wait there may be handling this guy you're, not gonna. Do would have all made no contact with the main cause. It's gotta be a low space between our dog. Was somebody from the one is arguable man he from New Orleans login him about Jaycees verse on her
They knew only thereby was I manage whack now I d on former like day I don't know what he was doing. It was due to park in October economy. People in one is now like daisies, India, nobody, not now was a daisy, fair but went to pack all this is a step towards everybody. People felt like they had to choose you like you got Packer out as everywhere food. All apart, One is full a paragraph of day when God listen adjacent or that want to delete. Do let himself with it the job to data that he didn't want either of you. When you are like everybody else, I am audio rarely and then do you know of course Uni being so sleek. Would they business days they hurry up? put the remix on our mad. A couple song took one off and made it put it on album record sales where were you when you are, it would have Wirthin Problem cars money off office when he first bladed summit on my way
Could you know I was the real jazzy famine me away. We listen adjacent hot air body else. Wasn't a single report. We wish you hadn't when you hit is turning on. If you like the votes as they see, ok about ways a line of did so when I first heard the first time I didn't kill woody say hourly: am I was decided, but about a fag. Some mighty there are really like it assume, then I feel like now go to New York and get that their real love, because I was coming up. Here it was like we like this. Are we or the signal to something else? No, it was high and I was it not a fact. When I came up to the tunnel flexible, me, why not flags when a guy's, Benghazi? Look if you just her, only it'll boots, You don't wanna. Do you room telling you say? No one saw us all so hot Rita around try Hilda.
Dolly the Red high return. We got What juvenile, when we come back manufacturers get into a mini mix, is the breakfast locomotive I that was a juvenile many mix morning. Everybody is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club juveniles here he fell analysis ass far ass. It is album that you and bury man put together how to even come about ahead of the conversations there were major decided. Do this. How long did it take really love, also two weeks an accomplice, really wasn't a conversation us they managed to mix tape, you know, and I would add, that we got two like phone. I'm a fool start listening to alight, look where we could keep north online this we gotta fill do album and I really think We could do a hell of a lot of people is called. We saw an unexpected languages, popped up or Yoda single and all the am coming up. I think it's just is shocking biogas dating. Thank me of all people will be done. We Burma's people tat, we may France.
As we raise money. The minutes I have you use Yahoo. I don't know why. I want to exert lads. I'm ok me I'd tourism. We call I'm not sure but older may they want to come up here with you now why Google dissolves, nor did he doesn't- want to go I got here from what I've heard I wish you would carry. No must now never would have been great you're doing any Roma together. We have made an I'm goin me with him the next hours so he's here easier Evidently I mean I'm a bright. They were led up. It would have been real strange if you add a fake where you and I had a few things- one
features on the project. That'll barbarous. Now I'm shellfish wrong on her novelties and what it has widened, because I don't have a clue what he may at about. I beg you now you are aiming away. We may be recorded a couple, so I just don't know the our north. They felt them like no sound of the daylight them who is they give you what you know billion were made, the choices can also be priority right there, lyrical. God did James you, as you are all a baseball One thing our really: I not take pride in the lower the lyrical content so base our body. You talk about the exact way like you're circle, Gian rather arrow there. Yet did grove room enough. There still are still give you stores alike. Tell a story: the scenario of the habit of my life, I'm a light touch thunderstorm, do have a question. Old lyrics Leslie in this airy blanks devices data.
Let me I can have the sort of when agrees. I don't think I could. If I was Agnes all right now. I think I will go to the Russian possess now when a man like you, ve, gone odd We are vice. If I'm in a room, would imagine it like a man and will meet and get mine have the right leg. Is it I'm gonna get out? I got it, you think you're late ass. It is, I trust you will lose your opposing blooming note illyricum them so much like members be sitting around and we be questioned in like oh we used the hate I may arrayed I'm wrong mandatory moment. I manage no geometry. What I manage ages given the coat it turn our own liquor
gee rebreathed right now known, as does the old boy beam you guys gonna go onto our, could have on our government doesn't and I'm trying to tell some stuff Nuggets Mare, Missoula, Masion, Omega Mason beginning candlesticks. Lemme GO caused them so nice council what year we goin or total as making a time you have with the mandatory as your own as well the ledge of Southern Europe up that's, to another. One is allegedly here part focused. We not dance out without whose views on it a boy and J, too short, Trina Abdel easier, quit
I can't think of anything else. Together with the women, are not only a vague scarface, exactly thereof, The torment, as I feel I guess it- have an instrument, a documentary made about gentle, because it was real, I mean you know, was crazy. It was a successful too, when we actually did the show but way laughed at a ball Cynthia, council, like all of us over the West Coast, where we didn't make ever make it to the west, goes with it or is one video they always show from national. We always call in women on stage and they all our EU norms. Almah was silent for a meal. They must remain. Do somethin like that I'd gone, I haven't. I ride back now, agree that got him in vain. I flew privateers of those you reward when the dogma that will really you almost you're doing
Let them come up here. What I can do that get out. We told renewal and which I would thing is what you got out: the guy we bid cellular. Did you try the purity of the interview fostering urban legendary began their man himself, mainly because I am you up at night a cameraman everyone is over- is now looking at them.
Does he lies from a because I've been looking for these areas by upright got stores and with Mama juvenile, the Amazon right now, just another gangster? Doesn't that gave you out of your Friday right there Friday, breakfast club a drop of all the HANS and enjoy the German Ireland many mix they learn, many makes where they would, rather than I called my wife. You know tell my daughter. Our logo on the way to school and movement he was singing nothing so much That was your mom Georgia's nicer than dance. Unless you weren't supposed to world mama right there. Eggs now and Muslims to re, write or morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast cloud was happening now shouts all the troops out there. You notice on Friday and actually go to Baron is Verona, Bahrain, how'd you pronounce it. I think. As Bahrain, If I'm not mistaken, in order to send a Middle EAST soldiers,
the eight hour. I am the merits of a race for the troops there. You know they do not have chosen party so Iceland has negro boy, I swear to God. Emoluments Gesine is added to the Middle EAST for day, probably, actually in the air login and I'm actually arise. Law uses Iceland as Negro boy, my god, but you know more about it. But it took some excited about. This is the first time there at it. I don't know what to expect, but they said it was. Very, very nice, very beautiful. If it is a lot of US troops there, so I will go there and support the troops they listen. Every morning. What's what's up Was enough, wasn't that when I was on armed forces network, when a hundred and after a day that armed forces there, what it can do is just numbers the shout to all the troops out there. May we really appreciate you guys sinner I'll, be out. There is Friday night. Now we are managing to win, announced their right, and I also have my lips ever live so tonight with them. Sorcerer sided about. No, you got us all. A bunch of special guesswork were yes, so we do have high Davis come in and he's gonna be here at the company club all weekend, and I will try to get the Pandit
the a ambering aka is our aim of IRAN turned it off, as we were talking about a partner David from Detroit that I do have an artist from Detroit. There's gonna pull up on him, a lifeline, I'm not gonna, say who it is yet or ice vessels I was gonna, do to you than town he's come into what up, though, what I've done, and then we got a band of Carlos Gonna, be there as well also a solution on the shape and, as usual, to reach out, and I go nature and then Jessica to part. You know her as the Real Bb Judy, yes from Kaleidoscope, she'll be there as well as many ok, we'll be It is good that is going to be really fun and it's gonna be somewhere surprises, though, may show you don't miss out, starting big milk, Molly lame. Yesterday on social media, I got a lame near for wet I'm not a former seize on tour with him at his feet at mocha, storms or stuff, a Marathon
Social media are right, will more rooms we Charlemagne back, keep alive. We could see that Europe is close to emigrate to the key They pay Charlemagne Charlemagne, my goodness, no one can we'll go out one person you just can't stand back, that's why that is. Really do I'm sitting right here at all. I'm talking about you, I will look into the room, is less talk, Jordan, Peel, about the war annually on the breakfast. Were joining parents had to the Hollywood reporter and says he doesn't seem so casting a? Why do as a lead in his movie he's, not that I don't like. Why do the, but I've seen that movie already. He said as if it was nice b c and, as I told you get out, is very important to have a black family inventor of horror film. He said, but is also important,
unlike get out is us, is not about race is instead about something that I feel become an undeniable truth, and that is the simple fact that we are own worst enemy. Moon. You see black argues in the rose like movies like us, the genoa gives it gives more lay that gives more dimension. We see white families, an old movies before any of your pal. You do what you want to do. Your appeal, Madame Raffoni, clues, want to join us for years. We didn't have top also has always been stereo typical rules for blackmail. You know why my and why can't we just plan a movie and, like you said that movie is not supposed to be about race and you Explain yourself to nobody, data about how I own worth Edward, and only. Why do you always play when they put why people in every single movie? So why should you have explained?
Now. Let's talk about, I Kelly. One of his accusers has broken down in the tv. Innovation was on C b S news. A name is Le Carter, she's one of the four accuses whose claims led to him getting arrested in Chicago back in February. She said she was his hair breyer for two years and she was assaulted. Eighteen years ago, she said that he tried to force her to give him oral sex and then he masturbated and spit in her face. She did submit her shirt for dna testing. She was twenty four at the time and they told her. It wasn't match, I Kelly, and she said this is all a release for her to finally speak out hears which he said. I was our Kelly's hair brighter for about two years hours, sexually abused by hell, I'll try to pick up the pieces everyday. This is a release I been carryin is
as two thousand and three when I finally realize I don't wanna be, does victim every time. I try to pick myself up again, something on a nose brought me back to what I thought a swept under the world today. As a no more, but he is a monopoly as a pc issue. But my question is how to you: how do you prove that he forced himself because he no, she was of age. He could. He said that it was essential that you pull data. May we all know is the pieces, but how do you prove it? Well, listen! Listen! before you know see depravity influx. He had anything that she could. A lot of women, are in that situation. When somebody does something to them and they're like I don't know how I'm going to prove it, but at least she's able to speak her truth and get rid of that burden, and just let people What happened? She says you gonna. Why winners? Nobody is one of the. Therefore people. There did actually get him a residency. Did you know, go to the prosecutors at that time. Dismay her share for dinner
to tell him what had to be one of the ones you now so there you have it, and she said that has been hard because you'll hear people saying it Here about what they did, but I Kelly they need to leave that man alone who show energies will doubtless she couldn't stand out for herself. So one thing you can talk about me: you can not like I'm saying about your favorite thing about this is my life. This is my two. If I died I know that I told the truth. So that's what it is! You just wanted to tell the truth about what happened to her. Now, let's talk about Chloe Card Dashing and her truth. We never know what keeping up at the carnations, but its regular is out. And the new season is almost here and hears what the trailer sounds like what Chloe card?
asean. I just has to be so public. I'm not just a tv show like this. Is my life and my people ask me wherever dying, he has no respect. However, we just can't seem to catch. A great age is sometimes the world's forgets just to be kind that we're all going through something when a claim to be a little more understanding. Our best browser will do a storage, gonna start talking about the goddamn degraded, and I invite the data I did the longer the New England Patriots.
Caught ass more than the night in the car dashing week would listen. We literally Sadie on his radio and tracing thing happened when it joined was thing happened, ass was civically, say one of the new season in a car dashes coming I'd, like all noses, is really noticed. Really gonna live and work to promote sound in fresh, like it just happened yesterday the drama and join with big get us every single time. We ve figured forward where anything there, with its rather multinational Kim Kardashian Saint economies, planting smooches cargo, and that would be a breaking point for her is wow between breaking point like tat would be it if he moved to Chicago. I guess he wasn't Animo to Chicago he's, not moving this academy. Clearly, I'm letting them out of the car doesn't have any reason you can't be, madam, is because they did they do it to us every time and we fall for every single time. We are their best promo marketing machine. We, the people, have kept them in business would pass decade. I don't watch, know ye
Don't I realise that I am not in the way that this disease- and I don't think I was this whenever wasteful episode of cadets us, we obviously have been absorbed and civil wars What you doing hanging out what I am talking in a mere dealing in that they are really worthwhile they were kind yea and fresh glowing right. What are you doing down could do carry anal classic example, too much goddamn Annie the rifle added our. We need this. These dismiss news. From W p o EL in Toledo, hired a common front, occasionally like that where we have a right, we'll get internet next, keep electors to breakfast locomotive My name is sure Pearl wells. This is the story of my son Courtney. Nobody was critical to dollar. Fifty is the biggest
my life- he was a ladies man even which have anti in his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's for animals in twenty. Sixteen. He wound up with the bullet in his back outside of Chicago police Station, twenty nine boy, diagram of federal government in its the story of my I search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of the invisible Institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty first, wherever you get your pocket, this is some lobbies try somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast bread
close your morning, so noble breeders, we are giving you and your best ban a testament to chapter the essence. Music festival preventable Coca COLA and New Orleans delight that, due to a party at the nightly contacts between performances by Mary, they blinds nice her and more to answer and view rules visit the breakfast club that I hide that com, I was born and raised a donkey gavel breakfast you today for thirty March, twenty eight goals, the two Miller Melissa Andrews Chris Vicars and Stephen Jackson, who are these individuals? They are the news team, W p o
into lead all high or suit. Everyone listens to us on ninety two five kiss fm into legal hydrological bothered him down. Let me tell you something: man, age is a blessing and you should embrace it because every day people wake up dead, youth is a very fleeting thing. I mean you're a teenager for like six seven year, then you know why and you, and what do you think you are young? You are budget once you're, twenty one, basically the main I may realize it, but a lot of things you doing you twenties are really set the foundation for the rescue. I listen to me. You, young twentysomethings. Everything you do today is directly impact in what happens in your life tomorrow and my twenties outwardly. Foundation for a successful radio career about a lot of that We are prepared to hold the morning showed a major market. Now forty I'm here to breakfast club drop, one of whose bombs thank you, God and you have to age gracefully along the way to problem. I have with a lot of adults and they don't want to accept the fact they are adults. Okay, one of the reasons hip hop is starting to a and growth, because a lot of the artist who have got an odour have embraced adulthood. Be married, why
family men is fine. Ok, you can have a eight or nine credit score. Child is very honourable stood at Amsterdam The twentyth anniversary of juveniles, Baghdad, as up you, can still be moved by the negroes virtual. That is lucky you, but put instead of turning up to it at the club it may turn out to. It is pink It is what it is embrace it. Ok, what all Often we have adults who can't let it go. We have adult HU, I told in meeting them that they have to relate to the EU are not realising the most reliable thing on this planet is truth, honesty and authenticity. Okay, we all gravitate towards that with some adults, don't grassdale concept. Some adult still want to be- fifty year old, Hypebeast, that's why you see these grown men, forty plus years old in the street, dressed in the latest Supreme and Bape from head to toe trying to hold on to something that has passed in buying that of embracing who and what they are now just simply being themselves. I just ass the moral of today's donkey. Day owning your true from being itself, because that is exactly what the final team, a dumb
tell em into led Ohio did not do see. Somebody there had too bright I dare to tell a new team to be cool right, be relied upon to key show numbers must have came in. That said, we are pulling into younger devil like we need to. We need more young people watching the news or I don't know who that target them away, but I bet you some executive told them they need to cater to the eighteen to twenty four demo and weenie. Show them that this is what happened good morning. Pps students. It is testing week at a time. All day there will be I fully agree that Gucci reckless got the same finally said that tackling threats, why does entire right Toledo, whether gonna be the legendary tacitly we handle p chances. It says you ve got this kid Steve about their traffic, that we look at all
better than when talking almost won't be an issue, no traffic problems around any Phoebe S goals. They keep you from taking those that what the hell was that can, you form affords up. Eddie you will ask as please what the hell was that Nemseh Minimum Camillo ask as already just now that he's got a man is just got echo. Many a year ago now in case you wondering Melissa and TIM. The anchors, our caucasian The meteorology two thousand occasion and Stephen is the black eye. Of course he is because last name is Jackson. The classic example of somebody putting too much manner than the potato salad show much goddamn. This whole situation, reeks of abuse of man is distorted and a corporate me when it was too much money I'm tellin you. They had his plan since black history. They didn't want want to executed today because they would have come off wrong. Try to article twenty seventeen with the headline research helps double
Theo out dominate Facebook in Toledo. Any reveals out w p O executed a plan based on research and lead to its top to leader those social media that led to it being Toledo's half social media news network, especially on Facebook in fact, a beauty three times many social media actions at its next nears competitor, competitive ladies and gentlemen, what you witnessed here was a grown ass, troll aright corporate Klaus chasing at his finest This is all about overall engagement on social media, and you know what stumbling over my word little baby just dawned on me that White Jesus Christ. He got me they got all of us. This is exactly what they wanted and guided. This video then went so goddamn viral. Ok, we then spread mandate all over his social media sandwich and even though we don't want to manage our Mama's fourth enough to eat it because we made it, you know what I'm not
given w deal. Well. Eleven CBS in Toledo, two biggest Haagen, I'm giving myself to beg. You see how, because I should have known that I smelled demands on his hold you from a mile away and still fell forward. I feel still fell for it. Ok, dolls! this war which you dollar table a w deal well into lead all have the right to be Conny, who give the damn. I was about the lead, cavity, driven and my white work, but I gotta give it to myself, because I fed right into this category full bite out. It is managed keys. I please give me the biggest he because as soon as they came in here with this- and I read that this is all about engagement, and now they're at the top zone, social media, I should have known. This was a corporate control is day for a further fell right for it's ok fan shut up there. You go I am
a good example was lit today, but you do just a weighing good job of Youtube enter it all, I knew did Jack all right all right what they give that gave us out but anyway I agree that there ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of any relationship advice, any type of advice, as key now gone about eight hundred hoddan. What please? What action is that those jamaican worth we got him now ass. You call it. Andrea the biggest. He ha rather one gone now old, Lazard and pool mind. All you can do that is real Caribbeans other drink was. How do you do it? Bayesian dumps eight hundred five, a five
five one. If you need relationship by examined, advise on you, you most the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club. It's time for. Ask e allows this the morning Martha you names Joanie out yeah yeah, ok, Dounia! What's your question? We had a. We gave a better relationship with our staff, I'm sorry with the community, we live in. We are four we give away free far with its every year on food, as there are less fortunate Elizabeth like the third year of every year. We the week Why won't bother with it? But if I take their company and they want to pay, it is decided that if an of actually donated
already we gotta face. A pale and you'll find it as we have really money, but you have to help me help us get the word out because without want to continue to do it they were indeed no higher right. Now we are lagging neighbourhood, it might paper people. They don't mind donating, but the carbon people or the Craig. They have a problem. With this and though how we can actually get. I guess thanks to donate their without wanting to get paid that no one is getting pay William. It's hard! Sometimes, because you don't know their individual situations of bill that they have. You know to get pay for their services as well. You can do you. You can't expect that the text that work for you to do things all the time or at certain times, and not get pay for it. If you know we have built a day, needs to get pay. So we don't know what people situations are so that the first thing so
great when people can donate their time and when they are in the position to be able to do that, but we can assume that they can. Now, I will say, getting involved in community is more than just giving away you're services, but that also means supporting other people who have businesses in your community as well as any and you know you know like we have a by in Brooklyn and allowed What we do is we have seminars at the juice by that are free for people to come and ten, and we bring indifferent experts who donate their time to come and talk to people. Now studying their own businesses about becoming entrepreneurs, they're kind of Town Hall meetings. We had Google come in and they talked about using Google ad words, so that can help you. Your business, we ve had the small business act. Commissioner Gregg Bishop come in and he talked to the community and had the rv there, so people can upon the spot to get services to set their own businesses. Information is so poor in when it comes to community. So I think is great
We are willing to donate these services, but I also think it is important to be involved in community and helping other people learn how to start their own business and providing information. I totally agree with you on that by one day out of the year, You're gonna be a labour as in other countries, but we, We make sure that the part of all of those back to school sublime oligopoly gray upwards acute if they're here damage but, like I said when they take. By now, all about the thumb alike, on how much are we getting pay entered all before, like maybe hours one day out of a year on me and it's got a bad because the volcanic he is always alley ended. All self esteem I have a big well well for your birthday. Until we do when a make sure that we, if we can help, as many have pointed as we possibly can and legs toward it, they go to school when a backpack with equipment up like that, but is there because it is, I grab a bug.
Yeah, and they should be able to do that for one day at the year, and I think, if you give them advance notice, anything over that day is gonna, be everybody should be prepared. Harangue equal, would you mind light in a bad Iraq? I don't know we'll see. Hopefully this year be better. This is our third year, and maybe you can give you a text a little bonus or some type of incentive or have a dinner for them or something like to show how much you appreciate them giving as well. I definitely agree with that. Ok, the fact that you do in some great things in your community, though- and I hope everybody does- that johnny- I thank you. What's the name of yes, so. People know absolutely a mirror. The line that I r r a age image. I am eighty but why they were engaged in awhile. I write down you. Thank you. So much gave me a bank that development
I ask IE eight hundred five, a firewall or five one. If any relationship advice at any time vice call ye now is to breakfast club. Good morning morning everybody is D. J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club in the middle of ascii or should aims, are one or two divide. I'm psyche take as our bluetooth was, is kind of hard to hear you. Brother was no problem, go, it was, of course, if the Ebro Look question is allowed in situ. Seldom Delaware, years old or suffer from a lot of this mental issues, including bipolar PTSD, depression and I made a mistake and decided that to medicate myself, because I can't afford the meds that they were trying to get me and I can't afford mental health care. I was going to go and get myself some ecstasy to take care of my peach. At the moment is well on the way back on the carpet. That's that's. Gotta was a trap. A long story short. I plan on committed suicide attacks.
My second. Why why? Why? Because I can't afford the attorney said they want the attorney that I need to treat me out of the penitentiary ask me more than I can afford in about walking. Ailment abundantly told me when I want to call it yesterday thing for yesterday that I was looking at twenty eight and a half I'm thirty years old and I have already done seventeen costly. Britain, eleven both dropped. On my thing, I dare not become a good man for twenty eight years too much from a state, and I don't have twenty years left in not enough to give these people. I don't so I decided that I'm take control of Mount Demise and the day before. Second thing, I want to commit suicide, a mirage. If anybody to talk the auditing unused money to help me ok, we're definite gonna help. You accept, then, to present, although what others Yang oil to do- and I really want to call the person I couldn't believe I got through
and then I ll, not irresolute speculators took within after now. Let me call back and see what they got say. Where did I ever we're gonna? Do it, because I feel that this is something requires professional help and I do have The candle jasper almost be thou, so hold on the line. We're gonna, get you his information and we're gonna. Text you guys at we're going to get your information and I'm going to have to Kendall Jasper reached out to you because, like you said, you are stuck fundamental mental issues, you do have PTSD, there's a ladder he's gone. I feat Charlemagne on the ground the longest, but you don't answer the grandma guess beyond onto the abalone addressed the lady, I think that's a mighty handling alone, yet I will give you the same, advised that actually giving you my brother, would pass you off to a professional man. You know Santa only thing I would tell you every statue could only you do a lot of certain issues that deal with you and not going to do, and I go to therapy every Friday. My brother, I got it there be every Friday, because some things are just too.
For one worth unhappily work yesterday. Did you tell him about what you're gonna? Do you tell them? What you're gonna do a bit and what did he say and he told me stop with negative in the air like you're, not gonna handle if you look at this past, us does great advisers and ate it, and it's only by one session that you have so far is it would have run out of touch with him in their last thought. A deal, a normal legal issues are start thought makes, make you not want to commit. Who is a member of I'm not trying to Twenty eight. Now you might have done your best advice about. You have not been sentenced. Nobody knows what they're gonna give me because Mokroe Louis you don't know. For sure the desert. They gonna hear why you don't you to return to my parents. I know where he's gonna have a yes, he can afford to pay the attorney that he wants to get there is no payment plan or anything that you could work out.
They are ass. Ever he saw a you know, somebody legal system, you know you can't walk in certain cases would know and ass. One explain ultronic, though I am trying to understand like there anyway, you can work out like a payment. Flowered, an attorney here. That's it! I get you can't we're gonna came. It ran a camera journeys. I'm Delaware did the best. The best the in the area used to be the journey. He can get me what I need. I give you one. You call from Weaver alone in that bread on call us who say I did not hear a lot of monopolies Would you let him know you're financial situation, and let him put you want some type of payment plan is something I got cancer you give up on all that easy my brother, not. It seems to me that in a solution is, but you need to do in the solution for you as to figure out. How can I get this attorney? That's gonna help me get out of this situation whatever it is, it had to do to get that money together or work out a plan so that he knows get his money is what you need to work on making happen inferior.
Most mama along this route, we got going up and down the doktor jasper, whose professional a mental health professional and, We can continue. The conversation later. Would Jesus Rice from again. Information we have is information than thus the that's the number that he learn. How God, when I write We got. Those really got to know. One thing: love of your vigorous does about my way: Boma leaving our rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about some new music would tell you some of your favorite, our ambassadors, who I teasing new projects. I will get it right, keep a acted. The breakfast locomotive- the breakfast club, building the day. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where their path of every be. Finally that follow up to confessions. Would you guys be excited to hear that from a shirt?
confessions. Album was amazing, I'm going to always check for Usher, because you know Usher is part of our area and he's giving us great records. Eight thousand seven hundred and one confessions, I'm always check for us What is no press about his is. Is marriages? What does a confession? We know at an hour, but he's been through a lot at first confessions and that abolition if it wasn't even based on his own experiences, allegedly so here's a little snippet of what this could sound like a sound good. Us still got I'm listening do as they no
these are the death. I our want. Either there is, though, also of you governess ordinary. How could you not listen? The confessions point to ESA Chico nomes as though we like them we're coming to Amerika applied to you can watch it be so. Love music is, it sounds great now. Tray songs is also coming out with some new music entities this on his instagram. Here It's more hiding behind him, say a word on the agenda. Yeah, what everybody's put now send me a favor, I be Idas, have new music coming now either we need to stop plants and radio and indeed to stop once nippers on the ground or go away at eleven p S wise a tease buried. I was a man has in his latest issue, an isolated episode, a bucket less his facebook watch series. He would
talking about his bonds with his first born. He had his oldest century, shouted tray. Yet with him at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They were racing. Cars buddy was Finding with him any did make some admissions this budget line was, was never about cars. Only ever about my son central component of our time and attention you can get around spending time. If you want to build something, not fail that most trays life, I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to make enough as well as those east, you know and as a great lesson for other there people out there other dad's out there, who perhaps aren't A children's lives as much as they wish they could be. You know, do as much as you can starting today. Beside the serving, sometimes you think you gotta, provide for viable firewood should be earlier. Does
begin in your sons, lively adored as life, and I want you to be my kid live as much as possible to do everything with their meeting about the monies is about the term. Have you not which include women, young and, You got out, didn't robbed agent. My guiding right now. You can always do better and even talked about getting divorce and starting another fan. He said they had effects on trade that were still healing and overcoming he's. In the last two years, enough wisdom and emotional development to be able to lovingly addressed the issue of loving aright. You out, jaded and Jane Psmith, whence a flint to reveal the water box filtration system that they have it's a revolution, aim revolutionary Mobile water, filtration system and that's all in caught and color raise with five or one c three to reduce leaden other contaminants, eleven affecting residents regarding their current watercress crazy. When he learned seen, and we still have a problem of war of Ill and Flanders is nor let everyone knows about crazy. I right now congratulations
J rag win, win, win win that is now in new areas. We rain as one campaign that's in celebration of new and they'll be season, so it as adult that's the Ngos with anything, is a grave motivational. Thong there's wanted old ones like visa job at all. I do is went like you can shoot a number of occasions and showed of union played in sports arenas throughout the country forever. Yes, no he's having a birthday over the weekend, so at an advance, happy birthday to J wrath are right. Now, let's talk about Kobe Bryant, he was on the late. Late late show What a late late so its aims cordon Annie was, two way and on one of those debates as far as Go Jordan, Lebruns aims and Kobe Bryant. Where do you ring theirs was arguing about Tom Baby I'm going to answer, but I'm not going to answer it. Cuz everybody's going to sit there and debate about it. So I'm just going to take a bite of it.
What does Michael? Second, I suppose, to feel out. Did these appalled to fill out the truth is not what it as I support the veiled. No is actually Michael Jordan. Magic didn't call me when I was there, There are no Almah want him for magic, and now I don't get it magic with it. Now, and a final one, five league every please one in his rookie one or one would HIV defeated. Dad like demand is amazing. Mj deftly number one. I write Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report very firm and ban. Did you hear about health? They release a brand new labour year. You heard their right and I'm not gonna lie its bringing that Coca COLA tastes. You already know and combined with orange vanilla, flavors, that's three times the delicious and its available in orange, vanilla, Coke and our Isabella Coke zero sugar. So there's something for everyone and did I mention it- takes great head over to your clothes.
Retailer and try the New Orleans Vanilla Coke and are as bellicose, zero sugar for yourself. Thanks bam. They people shores mixes up max. You are dead right. It's you right now, I don't you do it like me right. I don't speak frankly why what a viable gets requested is the breakfast locomotor? Let's go morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club good morning now shouts of all its troops there holders their fight for us make sure that was safe out there. I'm actually gods of IRAN broad background, but they re the bahraini Marilla you pronounced verbatim ever heard of before correct crime. Overbearing now they, of course we have a huge ever imagined The air we're all in the armed forces have a huge, but they were called the armed forces network is a hundred and fifty countries do all the AIR Force basis while the world and we're on yes, I'm at an outdated dj for troops. So I look forward to that. So I'm about to happen.
Plain a little bit, I'm actually gonna be in the air. Longer than a maxim gotta be in sight Today, a little longer again, they will give you a piece of bread. You ass back, so I'm a room ass back and I just want to set out TAT data. Can jasper he's on the phone, I know ascii had a lot of people alive. Earlier today, one of our listeners called in and he has been struggling with a mental illness. There is any now has its current court cases pending and he's scared that he's facing twenty eight years in any saying that he will commit suicide before that happens before he gets sentence. Well, data kinda I say is reaching our right now, so we will keep you updated and keep him in our prayers set out to Divine who called in this morning for asking the amount of wheat me up and say that you know especially from the Carolinas their willing to help as much as possible. So I mean I'm sure we can create a for me for a man or a Eddie Is that what a work programme that can help him out on their,
following up and get into information and see how he's progressing, but we will definitely make sure some things you know you really do have to call it an expert, because we were having anything to happen and that isn't somebody somebody train specifically to deal with issues like this, so we, brain derived. I will we combat. We got the positive note or move to Breakfast Club Gomorrah reporting. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club, John. I yes, sir. Europe has no yes, man upon, I've noticed simply. This man is third. They someone alma ATA, remembered, as it is always better to ask questions and to make an assumption, because assumptions set us up for suffering. Preference Vivian clinical yonder, keep in rural New Hampshire on the side of it. Highway, the hills. Witness a light in the sky. The craft hovering above a field that was the end of their story too. Years later, under Hypnosis David Lee
that there is more that night? So what had they forgotten the strange case, a Betty and Barney Hell, this season on strange arrivals cooperatives of my heart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey, listen to strange arrivals on the hard radio, app on apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast I am also Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global and Democrats we are facing. There's a lot of information going around about a virus is spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy, it's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation, so you can keep up to date and make informed decisions, listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your part guests
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