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The Breakfast Club is joined by the man who got the ball rolling on "Black Lives Matter", Mr. DeRay McKesson. He speaks on everything from the movement's end goal and current police-citizen relations to Beyonce following him on twitter and how he only drinks WHITE wine! (Did someone just say "All wines matter"?!?)

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I love you. Samarang rather sit out the most prominent you do. Some early morning, birthday Tommy was able showing people whose busier there's no one knew the bank, you that's our produce, accused. We are now Mps on vacation as beyond. We ve been watching him and his family travel across the world and matching outfits use
These are the to be here by now, but unfortunately he's running away. But late. So I'm here I so how was your day yesterday? Angela was great they left here. I'm not gonna. Let my house is the biggest methods ever been in my life and I need some help I too many. I know a young Lady Helen who works here, keeps on volunteering to come over and help me certain things, and I want to get rid of a whole bunch establishing never shows up, or I shall call me and say, hey in a combined today. By only have twenty minutes before I have to be somewhere else, but, as you know, I just got back from memorial weekend I was working. I was simply to con. I was hosting level a guy. During a monologue monologue. Here was today there is danger. They don't like there. They in baby lying so citing society it gave away at sea
there were. Thank you, I'm know. Did I didn't put our motion? Good, I would walk in and I look down on my head like K. Why jelly like some in the corner of my eye. There. You have did so ass in the corner my hand, I was I damn drive, so I like to be moisturize you I share. Nobody wants to be ass. He lived, I lived Missy. I was about twenty eight years life is, as you negro and to be ass. You may you not big. You say you have massive classy, some that as you know, mom very boys derived individual have inherited a a real Zani like this, like stepped silent. Somebody brings them out it well. Well, it's time for, the new movie, the shining cried sailor. Man they get Charlemagne on the signing of a polish this morning. You definitely pal is worth. You very much. I appreciate that now today. So we have a man Doree Irena Catherine, yes lacking matter? Yes very loud and very powerful voice out here in the street. I really like their guide
we here at seven o clock, we don't forget, she was in front page knows we are going to let you see, I lay pseudo. What happened yesterday. Jesus yes on campus, also talk about a middle school teacher who had to turn herself endless how you I saw it Why do you sound like turned on by that? I was never that look you and why more lucky. You lucky she was gonna do they just want a sort of rapid club, but abruptly club Charlemagne Gaudy annually envious, reckon around the world and have a drink when danced by the way is now show was a spur ways alone front page news, travelling to war is the night and nine Eastern on ABC tonight startle a bronze trick who, in five in the NBA Finals Diana his track. Yes, I know you Lebron James derided. Can't can't can't cannot want that outcome, but hey
A lot of things you don't one is where we have to accept the harsh reality is gonna happen. But it was a murder shooting suicide. You see. Ella yesterday was a set of is great and that's when he stormed into the campus. Building and fatally sat his engineering professor command, then he killed himself. They saw him on surveillance. Video stocking through the camp is here long fire, any sacrifice of William Club, around seven, a m does not. I am yet his works good. Is it the whole campuses started running? Everybody was very confused. Professor club was merry with two young children with a surfer. He took it Emily Ellie the games all the time and that's it the twenty one year old student met marriage can of an he was out of I was coming to twenty. When you is twenty one euro through was there. He was hiding library? He told everybody was going on at that time, so you want to die a loser. You gonna die or failure your manager grave. So instead it almost would do enough said it degrades, go study and do better.
Nay kill your preferred left a note to we don't know within that. Not yet they have been released. The contents of bank notes grade the temporary right. You can always like just study harder. Take the test over They had already clamp over. You do realize the end of the world, not the ended a world that nowadays we now does view could you're dead and you took some other people which you like best is ridiculous. If not I any it is works had now a teaches pregnant by thirteen year old student, I don't think she's pregnant anymore, but it's when point twenty four year old teacher was having sex with a thirteen year old. Who, with her students, she was having sex with him about every day. For nine months he told neighbours well knows it was her brother and she was sometimes have as many as five teenage boys. We're one time. What's union driver in order to teach us pull down, we don't know that when neighbors said they were drinking in the front of the yard, they would find bear bottles, beer cans on his side of the line, a ladder them routine
It is that in the college, in high school now, according to court documents, the teacher Alexandria Vera said that she and the victim love each other they had sex all the time they met in summer school and she actually says that she was introduced to the victim's parents as his girlfriend and its parents were accepting of their relationship. They were very excited when she got pregnant. She would show up to family gatherings, but Chap protective services showed up at this. What a question bear the question a victim and she said she got nervous and later on had an abortion. I always use you look young boy. Twenty four! When I looked at us, you will get your Currie are they going to avoid these run on everything she's, a teacher that you can have sex with a thirteen year old boy, Abidjan gives a great listen is still wrong. Matter, whether you know those wrongs, irregularities or less thought, and a child abuse of a minor abuse of a minor affection, anti still young boys, we're gonna, be ok,
thirteen years ago now matter, no man is where there is nothing except above twenty four year old women having sex with a thirteen year old. Sorry is no good way to spend this, but anyway she is now under arrest sees a ban has been set at one hundred thousand dollars he's in custody. So, even if this consensual- because you know it is the young man at thirteen- have been sexually twenty four you anyway, yes would you know the great other father you like, while you wanna go a little crazy of thirteen year old teacher with having sex with them, but not of this world does ignorant. Anyway. That is your front page news that we are told why you mad coming out of my sex, your children. You say that all the time protection That's what I'm saying! Eliza little blurred now I ve known as a thirteen year old boy Oh boy was gonna, get some action anyway and he's found sexually twenty, for you I mean is wrong as a teacher, but she generally took advantage of a a young man.
What am I mad when you and your father? If I want to five one, why you pissed off this morning, you have raised again up low syphilis drip, maybe five b, case, alchemy, writings, low shiny, you know, you know, powder mean allowed I'll do butter anyway. Here you can't anyway, after everything that happened with Jackson, injustice gradual job, another bottle, I'd say about it up here I hear about this now. Tell me I am you look it up. I want to give us information at table Combating the world, Moldavia, Montessori Breakfast Club, the breakfast yoga,
we're gonna get a day one day, while yoga girl, you ve, got all suddenly brought up. Allow third night like girls going off for me, like I'm, aided, applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on the breadth of global, real, combining tell us where you man was this a running sore, make court Import Newport all knows you see a situation that you guys you brought yeah thought me. Bureau opera, like everything Columbine, lay out the light. Tat was the origins of all these people, representing all that relate to end up in starting right Charlemagne for not doing like. We have to take your all life's steadily other behind autonomy, you all night. Either you didn't kill anybody know if you are going to kill you, professor near you, professor another one of them.
He's doing his job pass? You value should be there, but I repeat irrational anyway, so you are clearly. It is in the wrong with this guy does one leg on people's they prefer. There's failed them. No, you failed yourself as they have a more thank you for your input. Good morning time? Are you mad tell us why you're mad this morning, this you're goin on No MA am Anthony was good in a year ago. I met a young obligated. Third, since all when you- yes, sir, you often paid attention sorted urban closet and all that's why you see how the whole story We have started. You know I'm not one single, nay, the whatever you know the whole hip hop familiar again affected by the Nazi now shows,
can can go and then you know you're, not a black love matter. People today I see, do you know they do in a view they talk about a path and everything they talk about, how innocent people gotcha when they were doing a you know, don't again to thing in the streets in order I feel like we need of shame these do job, because all I heard the to tell a story about how little girl got shot in the building was shooting netting exactly I didn't you see what happened here. You know, do got you here and have the window how to take out his interrupted her down on the normal pockets. Things like that member states do not want to be your shoe renewal. Thought of MECCA your life better lives, lean against that of low value.
Failure, cool, tell stories hip hop in all that we know. What do we do? If that's what you're saying I feel like bombing so many different similar with listen, we gotta start, we gotta, stop respecting the shooting stars, shame and issued. We gotta start in a nightingale. Still Bobby an idea in the streets and taken penitentiary? Chances could are you gonna? Do the new jail a day? Was gangster provided for your family protectively of family gineral job going to school that's what games to write? You know a gangster is resolving periods but without having to try to kill somebody word exactly my left trades were members were gone, you know what I did last night, I was having dinner with very vein. It shut in a form of baseball player, Lenny dogs dream a main eaten Sugarman at the heightened for his club. What I want my life to be about where workers are real friends as well.
Real man. That's all Americans always seeking an amendment, and you know it all you get a shot. Innocent bystanders began shopping, bearing I agree with when you around that crowd right. Don't they they look at stuff like urban planning like it's unbelievable, like they can't believe, message, weighted average you'll be run, you do know they act like a normal. We all have the we're going further about what happened. We are acting on the bed. You Brian, we appreciate you got as tell him well, you may call us up eight hundred five. If I wonder if I weren't, let us know what you're mad about this morning are no more than what we all got her bees we want to hear about. Anyway. Listen it's time for you to vans and you can move on which a day and have a great restive here, there's day this right is the breakfast club, the breakfast club.
A young about a young man was the matter ass. They mass the angry ass, bad ass. They passed off. Why you, man was blob of Go Gomorrah. Nato is very mad. Also, in view of the bill was gay, were good luck in jail mail would jeopardize our friends Montana posted a or usually when you can be described. As what happens here, you lie? We boy well. I made a basque and envy, never said a moment ago they case him and his family right now, and let me clarify if you live, that life in Europe from their life and you about their life. Yes, I like, when you continue to do. Do you think I don't like these guys way from net at all, who are just pretending to be bad for profit network. To me, where I work going on here, the product of yours, coda black eyed nodes
It is even a bee Arap moi Bug wanted to lead. The men become, make Illinois Dakota Black. No note a guy book salute him. He has given me I have heard, and you ever it is music. You like correct way. I got mine who use this, tell us what you meant London. Madame I'm caliber used, and I want to tell ya man more imaginative, London and you never been to the uk- man a man about their due to a the obscene they get a car. Go to London for graduation. What do car now using you. I know that makes an Asian went to London. London homage momentum, Airdrop Walmart YE I need, man told me brother. I need a drink intervention while you like drink, I ain't Jake, where he's encourage new album and an I'm starved.
Like it, I'm. What I'm saying please give me time to, and now you ve got your life is another Odessa. Man Shopman, I'm a dark skin darkness melanin brother. I should not be singing Drake in a truck people, We'll get me all criteria. Are you in love? that's why you like Drake Azure in Latvia, happier and the great feeling more all you got to lose. All you gotta do is keep it to yourself now. Next, you gotta may say you listen to the abbey. I say lemonade implies that too. The knife three days, the Obama. Do you know a drink, is drinking Guys now would marry J oblige used to beat a women's when he thinks he is
guys now a marriage oblige used to be led the amount which a man like and Jake you gotta have a sound trifling you're in love. Bro hung drink, provides that and I give you a long, slow wines, Simitar songs. Ok, I just don't like the new, but I don't like one drink kinds and it's a lot of things. The motto like you mean like a like it. Do you? Let me do you think you like you, didn't you hear that you said you got a girl? Do you want to do it like you, I'm in a drawer dollars into it? Maybe a trans light. Skin The trains beige individual. Maybe it's a bad man living inside you now, not me! You try and argues night you trained bays, grow less economies Maybe I'm do some mistakes made
we men right now is that redemption retention, Yama, that's your identity lying is a light, came answer. Will bathroom? Will you use less day so don't try to say no peace, it a planet. After that right where there is still a well, you mad. You know we do this every single morning. Yes, indeed, now, usually you are rumours comin up. Oh Lord, let the work is well known. To tell you to do that now, with the natural radio transition Carnero to hear your, not him move makes you scared me right. What's like about make men are, you know, he's supposed to be a house arrest, but something happened more and I will tell you what would they said he now has to have its house arrest extended and we'll talk about snoop, dog and roots. Ok, at some words about them. Make a routes. Would tell you what he said. I must tell you who fired back Adam,
and we re coming. Next, I would the re Mckinnis and Right Mcafee Moccasined, while these are out of work, I'll call him dear dear MECCA, be re MCA, no democracy will be here next I'll is black lives matter, YAP Reference Club, the breakfast Club The report is the Reul report libretto club, where a lot of people have been weighing in on the history channels, remake of routes, and I want it. I haven't seen you have it yet by asthma, grow lorry ass. He actually hit me yesterday as he was ago. I know a lot of people are mad about it, but it's really good. Still. The acting is great and she's been watching it some and make sure I check it out, but Snoop Dogg has an issue with black people. Doing all these slavery movies and is showing misery pressing, here's what he had to say degradation.
They don't put routes, are normal more your day out. I want to stand a mere greatest nor to keep shoulder abuse there. We took hundreds and hundreds of years ago, but guess what we taken. The same abuse Donnie success. We have is routes twelve years a slave like that huh, you ain't watching that and I advise you motherfuckers as real. Like myself, television shows based on the day then, as now like watch it anymore. Lay movie show me some other african american stories. I feel that what is more in slavery and civil rights their lastly movie, said we needed was the gnat turn a movie, which I thought we would never see because at the hall, toy story, two, why people, but thanks to Nate Parker, we are getting birth of a nation drop one of clues bombs for that while love to juggle wasn't a volcano is where rolling Martin had to say in response to a snoop dog. You help me you're talking about
How he's a real way go? Well, maybe snoop actually watch route. He will realise that he's, not the inward also. You will never pass them out a Jewish who says you know what, way to amend the holocaust fields. Can we get a move on the floor? little problem. I have as his ear slavery happen. Slavery is real. How many Americans, to deny what took place in this country. What are you also am confused by snoop I'll say as they should be, making this I I m d com, the best success story. He's done is solved First of all rolling got a lot of point with sawdust snoop and let it be clear softly the great movie about a young black on Japan, no haven't opened up, say at an hour player align. Ok, how many black people you know now only airline a lot of people. Little black here, they're, probably would touched in with fan As you know, what I can have my own airline one day, we could ask us openly and publicly
roots is on the history channel. It is, I feel like it is a classic movie. I saw it. When I was growing up so I do before. When is a movie- is terrible vision and done it. I would another animal you tell em guidance. There was no b c and D. Show me some movies, where we aren't always victims. Ok, you can make these with so many other african American is granted we overcame alight in his country. I mean I feel, like any other movies, to contemplate ass. The only movies I want to ban, are now or by air, is whether the dog had to say in response to run the Martin. What good evening I wouldn't know I got know, I won't be fed move? Let you breathe my work speak for me, you haven't they want. They want you to slaves, fight normal. Land tasted, one in the house wanting to feel and knowledge is gone at each other ass. They want snoop, enrolling, ok, we understand each other like amaze. Happy number ten
all right now. Mig mill is supposed to be off of house arrest now, but instead he is you more days. It got an additional eight days of house arrest. That is because he did not complete the right kind of community service. He volunteered at all the wrong places. He was supposed to put in ninety days of work with the homeless habitat for humanity or senior citizens and veterans, but according to mix camp that was never specified. So instead he spent time visiting schools and helping with flints water crisis in delivering motivational speeches. They said he only worked six days per. He did put in some hours at homeless, shelters, but it wasn't enough so they're gonna, evaluate his release date once his volunteer work is maybe he was always be diet that does this ridiculous is levels to this community service. Like this, I guess I'm voluntary my services to the community. They have to pick which community they want. You can't be school We like you home, we shall do stay, gave him a few different options and I guess it was written out for him and he didn't. I don't know, but I'm sorry up I'll, get him to go inside the kids in schools. Regard lists.
Did these hours of my community service was ended? This angle bracelet often get back in these pre summit, this money and I click Adagio, Natty speaking out about their Becum United Buddy saner, dating they were pages of them together, kind and boot up at Drakes Memorial we can party were according to Chloe's on Twitter and said sorry to burst your bubble when a cup drink a little flirting at an invasion of privacy collide things may look crazy, however, this ain't. That emphatically, is so that's her response funny thing: is you put when a couple of drinks people thought she meant when a couple of drinks and seed thought they were a couple instead, couple of genes are also dealt with low drug me, decoy with Caitlin. That's why you ve learned one area That is why a rumour report, I'm Angela Ye Bus, ride it up. Next, we got the re much innocent, Mcafee, recasting, ok, The re hacked into names, the re majestic how many times you get a wrong turn any veto on all new normal slow. We now, let's get into
The breakfast club is the world was dangerous. Minnesota breakfast Club, Solomon God annually dj envious of today and we got a stressful guessing the building and the Watson is mass movement for a long time. Me, a social media than has started translate Emily. I had been television year. We all have dearie is here to be Mccain. Us in writing Catholic says it's a re ideas to the re. Are you I wish, I think, we're all mixed. Your Mama Kelly, Yellow Irish Libya hotel. You're titles dearer though they re array and so on. I ve gotten kept getting through the committee. These been posed to be but they kept book and be re David instead at the right time in the way they look at me. Do you know who give him back there like the comedian, like not enough that the community I go eyes tweets too,
we followed its view summer and activists are right. That goes with protester was recently last nineteen months. You have been a problem because medical men with so many other people, which is focused on ending police violence, but also talking about the structural conditions in America, but make racism dry. And having to do something about it. So had the bad habit of it, it seemed like all of a sudden one day with the re guy on Twitter damages very active in vogue, was almost like you just quit your job and whatever you do like I'm gonna go, do let I'm sure they teaching and public schools, especially in an is New York, unseen, wet students. Island
found. The school system tat, we had a lot to do with that author area, so you now is this: you doctor human capital, many apples, public schools. When MIKE I killed my brother, Kyoto, Semitism all staffing for the school district. It was obvious, sixteenth cinema couches, one o clock in the morning- and I was like I want to go- I wanna go see was happiness. I sought on Twitter Satellite TV and I got the cardinal not ours did know anybody in Saint Louis ended up there, and that was that was started to begin over me second announcing Lucifer site that I got to your guest and that like changed everything it was just like this is not the american people should have to grow up in and live in, and I, like so many other people our lives danger. I think about twitter is the friend that's always awake enough and I needed Anita delicate displaying what was going on and, unlike that became real from beside a hundred followers in oxygen
Tina by bringing a thousand now make that his we we view social media is awaited like mobilise and organise and tell the story, for you just said a tribute to teach and I'm gonna go to grower and not forget working in school systems, but it was so much of my work had been making sure the kids every teachers every day and every kid gets create occasion, and then it was a moment of like you have to be alive. To learn right that, like MIKE, will never know cause professor to Mere will never know. High school teacher. You know like there's. Some is so fundamental about the conditions in this country that we need to address with regard to stay balance as out change, my work- Why do you think people don't like to hear about black issue? This, like everybody else, can talk about the problem that went on in their community besotted. We start speaking up, then it's a issue. You guys needs its outcome Stop complaining your raised body had everything in front of you, you re more I've heard people say things that I have heard people get upset when you say black, as matter and as they are lives matter, including for those countries always struggle disinterring of blackness and black struggle
Even though we know that black is with cool in America that were black people decide to talk about, is I got the country dogs about unless it's about justice? We also know that the privilege of whiteness means at why is seen as normal in this country and right that link from Bay indeed said to Barbie dolls and everything else that why has its normal function in the blackness becomes a deviation from from that, I think people also like afraid of what the of the outcome of the gases conversation write them. If we actually talk about recent racism and that should lead to real action to change the conditions in this country for black people having some people benefit. So a lot of you will benefit from the status quo in don't want that threaten letting the movement is, threatens the status quo in a way that people
nay, anticipate. You know people weren't critiquing the police a year ago now, like the media, everybody, so to say you make this, isn't okay and natural power. Now, let's have a baby, I'm saying oh super by now the fall out from that now also follows you. She does well Musa now say that cats are actually boycotting her consequence. And now going to protect area than agony. Make shabby answer is safe. What do you think about things identity by her performance and how pleased I was binding and has some people are saying? Oh she's, anti police here you know so art is a powerful reflection, what's happening in also cannabis. Imagine new possibilities. I think formation did a really is risky for her and I think that he serves as a powerful entrance rather an attack. Mrs haven't you can talk about tough topics. You can talk about raising. She stood on top of a police car sinking in the ground. You, like you, know nobody that she do, that she did it, and that is a risk, but that was also reiterate that, like people across
hundred you know. The police have killed nearly three people every day and twenty sixteen the police killed. Somebody was delighted with blood. He will people not why don't they are. Why more America, that red white- as you know, one of a king genius at an injustice anyway, the burnt, the gently everywhere- isn't pulls the abbot esteemed so adding this. She rightly was recognising the crisis. I was happening using her Arctic to talk about it. Bianti will survive these police boycotts and I am hopeful that her image will help. Oh she's done will help other entertainer sacking use. My art to talk about is this: is it planning their people got the wrong messages? I following they gather message.
Because they re answer please, but it does not even what she was saying. You had a period in her video. Her message was now: ok, we can't stand police officers. It was agreed on condone police officers attacking our people Amoco having people threatened by the power beyond right. The way she has this incredible platform. She did at the Superbowl of all places. You know, she's do talk on Malcolm X, Miriam sixties, Garwood Andrews. I got that threaten people since a confident in the status quo, and I think that that received the backlash tune. I think that, to her credit she's with steady and you say, yeah, she sell em boycott Bianti sure it's like she gets it in its day. I am hopeful that it will be a powerful model for other entertainers ass. She over the aims you now the odds You do not know whether that is the idea, or what do you mean aruji does? It is now alive. Why don't we went to all of US area
Have you no eliminate? Was Robert didn't you know. I know that she is committed to this work and I know that she is used. Our platform to rear message is a risky, historically rescue, but she has a platform to do it, and I I guess it. I'm hopeful that, like other people see the symbolic act marking as some people are like Jesse Williams, eating my Harrison Barnes, I think this powerful. You know the movement has also open up a lot of space. It talk by dint of the complexity of black identity. To talk about sexuality is talk about the Tran Committee to talk about things in public that we have not been easy to talk about before when I think about protest or just at its root. I think is this idea of telling the truth in public that we stood in in streets to use our bodies to tell the truth. I might should be alive and Ricky into Mere and John, and I honor we disruptive where meetings and commissions have a true tat. They might use the institutional power and ways are important to people's eyes, and I think that it also benefits a talk about identity and, I think, that's important. I we got more with the Roma children, we come back. The world will daydreams wanna short breakfast club, not gone away
the breakfast club. Most dangerous morning show the breakfast club that was Rihanna work. We got Deray Mckesson in the building. Only reason I wanted to talk to you to us, because I watch you and you guys gotta be mentally strong, because Did you take on the causes of energy? your own blackness openly. Gay rights so like what's hotter, being black in Amerika are being Gay America and how complicated I'd love s side I dont think in terms of I dont think of in terms like a competition. I E. It is important to me that I get to show up in the fullness of who I am like, where I write it s real. We know that you can see my blackness like when I can't hide it is here, and I want to talk about it, like you experience and adding to their something visceral about that. It just makes indifferent in America right out of Havana, Addresser or a hoodie or whatever, like I'm, a blackened, still bloody something different right, my sexuality, something that
We often have an entrance into railing. We'll talk about it. I would like my love and I think that the space is open up or weaken. There's more a billiard talk about dignity and, like that's powerful, the data came out that I was out in the new ties magazine up. You will call me if it all day from making a nanny empty midnight on like that. Isn't kind or a nice are fine, but I will say it I've seen so many people have conversations of identity and ways they had before. That are the preferred by the trains. Can we not you not worry so much about the bathroom bill, because you will talk like it's not about bathroom flame, is about saying I did it is. We are examining your jet, your gender identity and people. Tat is what are you doin about, because Mercedes and people to people are gonna is pretend to be this instead our, but I've got to worry about that worry about those. Predators, we're gonna, take advantage of that law and pretend landmines. Oh my god, what is happening about you know I keep asking if I wouldn't bathroom, I think three story, since this case happened. It was true. Tat happened.
We are going to gods. Gotta, remember one just happened and I'm like ok, this is sheer mongering order. You have not like when I go in the bathroom. Am I got in the bathroom to him our business and I'm leaving? I guess not a club is not a party is not, and I have a business call. You know it right more people than normal, dear mother sickles, who just want a whole negative, but does not, but it's not fair to attach that to the conversation what he was. I did because easy like real people's eyes. You know This model, for, like local government at federal government, failed people. I feel milk him on a local government failed transcends. Can they shouldn't to target on your back. Let them do it but I was before it is. You have to show no I'd be, and you let them you, we have abandoned their even before, and I think the U S, government did an injustice when they just announced a. U can you would have a bad from you identify live Edmund because it opened a door. For the predators. Not the tragedy is the sick old, like oh words,
before I address all I get is walking ass. They identify the woman. I think that that is what people want us to believe. They want us to believe that this fight for equity is dangerous. It's what people said about the gay community. Canada's rang out back in battle heats up where you like. You know people set about gay people that, if you like gay people adopt it's gonna led to like and that isn't that fearmongering united, like that's, not real, and we have to.
Have these conversations in public, so we can help people think through them differently. Agora, would alarm campaigns zero for campaigns, there's a conference, a platform to employees on this idea. We can actually live in a world where there is zero police killing. Think we believe that eight to ten point plan, it's what we usually Bernie and Hilary were met with Lord luncheon Valerie, chair, imprisoned Obama. In importantly, it saying that it's not any one of these things. So, yes, many independent investigated, just weeny underpinning prosecutors. Yes, we need body, cameras are, but we also need fair policing and contracts. We need is a forest policies explicitly call for the preservation of life. Only all of these things together, I am there. Some interesting things happen in a week later, the first public database a policeman contracts, the first public database of you support policies in you think about body cameras which a lot of people dont want raise some people, because they think that it's gonna be a new for surveillance and black community is right there, like Oleson, if every offers, like a camera walkin around the neighbourhood like that, actually really problematic, and will we would say it?
ways to play protection so that for it, is not used against people who are necessarily ended there. Some interesting research having that is using the audio from the body cameras that what if we could actually test for aggression and officers like if you yelled all day, we could actually like tests up before you killed somebody we needed before, and I think that we are just in the in the beginning, sages, seeing what technology can do to hold. Please also account of one help: many these besides. Why would it be problematic, welcomes the walk around cameras and imagined they just had a camera in assuming the corner, and it is taking continuous footage there would they could do is go back called you the footage and like arrest, you weeks later for any random lingered in a region of Andorra hook. You You all know a problem of you not committing a grant. We also should live in a surveillance state. We do, though, he added world on the other, that it was a man of areas that are then but you're not be. You would not want to live in a world where you have found every moment.
Is it. My being we do live in is gonna well or found that every measure now we're ok aid was then at a time when some people their twenty, but I doubt drew at eighty percent and we will all regard themselves already doing. Crimes gotta go, of the lion on the cameras when the police are about to stab somebody equations money, then being with wired, to turn the mine when he's different ran, like you know, we're Alexander. What's gonna stop, and also from literally you stand on the corner, Rebecca undercut officer in just like videotaping every like a wolf point, do we say, like people actually do have a right to some sort of pride this evening, I think that's like a fair question. I tell people, Eridani Poletti fallen one of accident because you call my one one and help instead of trying to record it, for you, ve never been in the police at the police if people that the police have a lot of integrity across the country, I think This'Ll be different story, but we ve seen cases where the police, like donkey things with integrity and adding that rightly worries people that their
he'd databases, but did you know that guy, like you, but I want to have their fingerprints that I want to? I mean people do want some privacy, we don't I? U can get arrested for wrote. You know They were all the people in producing and arrested for, like refusal to obey rate like what was the crime dating adding Cross street. When you told me to like that's why Dr Weir Thin in jail for in our worthy people, look back in August, twenty four teen and they think that we marched in solidarity with the sixties. Rather, Martin was really cool. It was illegal to stand still in USA. Most was illegal to stand so called the farcical rooted of use. To still for more than five seconds you were arrested by your play, basketball and like a wild ray, I'm gonna arrest, you and then it gets them. Foot is a? U jaywalking brightening. Your india precludes the five second world that they made up. There was deemed unconstitutional later but, like we lived, you know for our scepticism is like a real I agree with everything available. I feel that we record way more Napoleon do it mean it is right for the police to do more. True, We are more dynamic as when we come back to what would they just want a sort of rough club,
the one with dangerous waters of refuge, Club Charlemagne Guardians leading India's on vacation. We got my man to remove Casimir re as a swede about pop culture. Like that, that will keep your mind off everything else. I'm glad you not How do you know daisies was the? Was the doorway remix? Yes, all the way, I feel like nationalism. Eighty years as my fellow now will you boy on railways by Kiki Bomber? Did you see the video keys? I was Jaycees roaming anywhere yet so that's on came out and he is a man who says survival. Above all, you need is put you if you like, they wanna put about rope. You ve got your activists, you can't talk, does makes you can't wait about beyond, say his area. I get that a lot less. Now that I used begin like to re you, you know drink trap, some sign masses.
People like go back to protest, and now I think you know we ve grown more, but I'm all about it, and I think that this is true toward him easy black right of it. We are more than our pay valid man like people want like people to always be heard in damage and upset and like we are correct in frustrating, but we also this deep sense of joy. You know and that that has allowed us to survive and thrive in the most unlikely conditions, and I'm a part of that. Your private Alec were all a part of that together. I think it's important peoples, the leg: unama angry on the man every time we discuss them by their stuff makes me angry, but as an anchor are justified, rage the college justified Ray, I'm just adding this man, I mean we have a lot to eat If we were asking for revenge- and not just in this will be a different army, does an unthinkable. Sometimes people should be thankful democracies much ever leave the revenge justified ray,
makes you want to see just get. This is about justice for people and I didn't get like. We have to start talking about things like we're in a permanent one hour reparations adding the word reparations is like a lightning offer. People, as opposed to say, like this, is by acknowledging and repair ray. We need acknowledging this deep history or trauma Africa to repair, and I think that that is actually more wielding that, like the recent you know, the average savings and retirement for black was zero die and we have to talk about the reality that things like that. You know like people confuse income with wealth, and I made a hundred ten thousand before I wish. I had a high income, no wealth rain again, oh no! I had no real assets like to eat. My people have wealth. They like own lamb and arriving at will have very nervous and do things like investor even discuss it. They think is not for them. I had a discussion with the money the other day and I was talking about stock market and starting businesses, and it was ended.
She was really nervous about unless he never learn abandoned is something that we need to add. You can educate yourself on em at what happens when you don't come from a legacy. People like a family people who dumb writing. You think I know so many why families have they come from like long lines and people on property who started businesses that isn't always either the stories that we have lived or Nor is it you ve heard about you know and we gotta do an identity laser, my family. Will they don't have any type of three with that, I never learn that going up, but we have so much access to information that there is no reasons in that educators. Up on those thing, how do we use performs like just like? Do you think I'm a real I'm a third generation? Peter and my group are Mother- could only sign her name. It means something to not come from like five generations of people who could actually read uncomprehending x. You know that matters when we think about this work.
Are you? Are you get money like just keep going? It's like to be on the road of light than ever, because they will be re steals money. They re the Rafe Mobile steals money like do you, you feel the air? So it's interesting. I ain't allotted things right that I make sponsored by Spotify. That dialogue, and I see that I have been saying in a lot of those things. Morality is that you were savings. Last speak places I'll get like an honorarium and I'm able to keep the costs really low pay for in October, I wear Duenna vessel the boy meagre along got you how I got some not by better us out, isn't it was ninety when I walked in a cool seventy, We are already well. You know I don't have like atomic senses sought on the money. Rumours are interesting. I get a lot of room this rumour that I'm an aluminum Illuminati has a Wikipedia paid if you dont Mount Simon Entry and Illuminati Wiki exit, and I'm really proud of that. So I get their lot of rumours
our people, the movement who garden you no money from foundations and things like that, and that is important for people to sustain their work. That isn't what we ve done, but I do get like an incredible united doves. So borrow your Rembrandt as I use I'd try. This differs publicly taught by this since avenant order, but a treaty one data Deb, so is like analyzing. I either you wash de re. People were like literally like use white soap. You I love you not. It was the dove Sober Tralee for, like fifteen out and it was like this is so I use wipes out so now later they ivory right right now, it's like I just I don't wanna talk about so talk about the brain of motion. I use article labour ice cream because it becomes is like now. I don't know I don't know comma above a nice people give really
I don't know, maybe it's because it is the right moment like they feel like people sold them out, but, like that's, what we're doing him? We have in Ino tried to do all of us up in public me in that there's been an interesting backlash there we go with that. Like the only reason you can criticise. Most things we do ask is like we told you, we did it. From a sneak into the White House. Like I said I was there like a mad sneaky. I think some of them may be jealousy. Did you see that in front of essence magazine your go bear, show you the allotted time their light. We get knowledge. I and we ve been added protests in four years. Well below you know, I'm not gonna hypothesize, where it comes from. I do know that we feel confident we gotta see governor with our integrity intact in any challenges that we have with people we address are. We were open, having conversations with people, we do know that people confuse visited We sometimes with so many things you know like lead. They see, I see the illegal money and you like. No, I'm wrote re like this.
I d be frame, is like Malcolm X. Wasn't, although tv online KGB you or the naughty like an I'm coming here, you know we had. I think we had an important decision about transphobia in the bathroom go right. The link that I'm employees is talking about black youngest uncle maritime, a white privilege on our television ring that it's not, but I'm not doing a thing. The cloak of air, please, your people to follow me on twitter ran again TAT S. How it is, I think, about any time now been with influences celebrities we're talking about a cow. We can be close in the work where they can use your plan.
Till it further conversations about equity injustice. That's renewing you know so one of the blog loud Madame movements, ultimate goal. I think the most basic level it is about addressing, confronting and training stay violence in institutionalizing listing. So I must have Israel manifestation of. As about the police, nice without people on the streets were kept people to show you think about you, not her. Recently, people like downplay protester, they you know and, as you can see Louis, is over a hundred two hundred days of continuous protest. That has not happened in our lifetime. Like it happen there, a police killed ten people. After my there wasn't yeah, you know might be like this continue in Saint Louis and then it is about opening up cease to talk about the complexity of identity, Other ways, state violence, Manifest monolithic, education, housing like it's about all those conditions in changing everything. At the moment I read out much recommend. Thank you right. What are you doing here?
something lighter dark, liver. Hundreds just want to make sure another is the Obama vanillin I'm highly, even if they brown I'm always on excise only three years ago, and I only drink my wine in one go. Is. I know that I didn't among both her painter drug addicts. My other reasons, my mother, three and we were free to drinking and one day Alex somebody get me a glass eye, one, that's all. I am one glass of wine, and, unlike done why? Why does so? I know that you join us money. Your video years, older than government, its terrain, the army on Twitter Instagram. I am doing right. Rapid club, the breakfast club. The report raises the Reul report was glove faintly, dazedly doing a lot of innovative because he has a book coming out her memoirs. There goes my social life from clueless to consent.
If I'm right now, you know Omri now, because I know it is a good comedy and that, when the lessons that almost twenty five years ago have waving, who she didn't name physically abused here on a regular basis and after she broke up with him, he raped her at gunpoint Her young son from Christopher William slept nearby deal They were Christopher willing debatable. Could yeah one of the original overcome a negro that put off until a negro lonely ass? She fired her gun at her ex boyfriend and Miss, but the chateau. It scared him off when he was raping her and then said she was molested when she was four years old by a fan member, who is sixteen and she started abusing drugs. Also gonna blow those story, the critical way over it will. Now she said son by Christopher Williams, a sleeping, thereby when her ex boyfriend rater garden right ass. He also said that you must have an abortion, but she changed her She said when I got pregnant, I was doing allotted drugs, I didn't want to live
it's a die. I was gonna have an abortion. I was crying and I said to God: please tell me what to do, and God so me keep your son. I replied. The out of my arm- and I said I am keeping my son- was another terrible, tragic story that I would not wish on. Any body especially mean- and I have two daughters- what if he's one for probably won't get sympathy from any at all stores. Stacy death was. He also went on entertainment tonight, Anti US attacks about a passage in her book, which criticising Caitlin Jenner for using women's bathrooms. Here's what she had to say you also yeah. I think that you should saying she wants to go into the woman's bathroom she's, a woman now go into the ones balance, but why do I have to suffer because you can't decide. You wanna be that day. What is it a decision? I? We think so it's your body! So it's your decision. I guess I love you, the transgender community would then say I don't choose to be one way or another. It's who I am okay, then go go to the bushes
I'll tell you, I'm not gonna put my child life at risk because you want to change a law. She's been judged. Caitlin Jenner is putting her child's life at risk. Get that is, it is going bushes, she's crying. Trends: the transit animal, Dr Darling, bushes, animal, to turn of the Dr Dog, going bushes man, oh man, right now, let's discuss prince. He said all kinds of records. According to billboard now for the first sales week following his death on April, twenty first phase of his albums, where billboards TAT, ten, no artists, as ever, had that many houses in the top ten ever in history. He has had ninety, albums and in billboards TAT. Two hundred now before that the record was beetles. They had fourteen albums in the top two hundred now before he died the weak for he died. He sold nineteen thousand avons. Guess how many it was the week after his death, my dream for point. For me We album our want to cool surprise dammit who did gave it's your eyes,
and not have anything other haven't any you say to you, I didn't. I grew up a global witness to each had a make a ban. I understand that he glared at me now, if you don't stop telling people that he float, eleven tat was there. He did not levitate. Ok. If people don't stab twinning, he did he really. The prince Billy levitate with float or law no home. We got annually in Vienna, headed eight you with it, Ya know remembered a picture took a prince, he had a picture, does not look like you would float away in a picture, he had a capable and she was shaking his head. Yes, I mean I've, Healthcare is God big death was the picture that it would be my picture it with my phone for thirty seconds. I showed everybody, and then it went black women because you re resonance Snapchat, listen, we're preacher wasn't my phone, it would just the blacks base. It was a picture of him floating away, the men? Were you don't take unauthorized pictures, they're well, usually sixty seven inches autograph, rapidly
Chin and Blac Chyna have announced plans. They are going to officially do a reality show on eat, it's called Rob and chyna, and it's also going to have a special about the birth of their baby. They're going to executive producer show as It's gonna be one hour. Episodes is going to follow them from their engagement to her pregnancy and everything in between the lot of wholesale shred, south facts, elegances afresh, show disasters of fat show and where's Colleen is suing his former label and ex manager Benjy, Grinberg and Rostrum records. He went at least one million dollars. He said it was a very deceptive three hundred and sixty deal that he signed and they were a lot of snow. Dealing transactions during their ten year run together. He says that benzene, representing him in two thousand, for when he was just sixteen and that he and label induced him to enter into a three sixty agreement and with Khalifa was supposed to be exclusive to arrest him rest and we share in it income streams as a songwriter, touring and merchandising, and with that contract feel disclose. There could have been all turn
The arrangements that would have been more beneficial to him and his daddy was tied to an agreement that reach for more than a decade, and that was virtually every aspect of his professional life. Just a million thank you. It asked for more of the ten year bridge. You got a million bet, it has given a million mister mill. I write that is your room, a report, I'm Angela, you set me up. I so shall I No, we guide dog ate, come and have not given a donkey too. How did you get dog to Charlemagne. Argue today is going to somebody who is celebrating crime and we have to stop the seller. In a crime and a married with only half this someplace his crime should not be in. The classroom is one of what but if we did, our mobile Alabama need jotted tonal care white elephant to Mommy hundred point three, in mobile Alabama talent, thanks Shiela, that's it! cause. You is the world
modest, breadth square, but Don T of a day job Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess like adults, Club Britain, I've been called a lot of my twenty four years been donkey. Other day is a new wife AIDS Army dog you today for their They June second goes to a massive teacher and me Bill Alabama salute everybody. Listen in the US. One hundred point to two beaten mobile now to teach out have been identified by the school, but I'm sure mobility hit me up on social media. To let me know she is because I know you know tell me on Twitter, right now at sea, to God, C D, J G, o D, but Her name has been released, but I do know she's a veteran educator. I do anything
last year before retirement and she clearly doesn't give a damn anymore. She's, like President Barack Obama in Latvia and the White House, Jesse cannot give it you don't The damage is free and, in short, in the senses of drug offenders. Inviting rob was over. He don't care of which our talk about I'm out this bitch and his teacher we'll be Alabama must be feel in the same way because she gave our kids what is being called a gang math tests with. Let me repeat, not tell you. She gave her kid what is being called a gang math tests. Yes, this teacher was teaching the kids a little crook calculus some basic blood math? Yes, the coins in n Daily NEWS demand teacher would put on administrative leave after she handed out a racially charge, math test to her a great students that made gang references by DR by students, prostitution and drugs. I can't make this kind of stuff on people, not that good are apparent.
Burns middle School were outraged to find out their kids and given a ten question quiz with you had to put your gang crew name at the top. On the example I saw somebody put the plug for that, and it had questions like Ramon, has an AK. Forty seven with a thirty round lip usually MRS six out of every ten shots, and he uses thirteen rounds per drive by shooting how many drive by Can Ramon attempt before he asked the steel enough and ammunition in reload. Another question is low. Roy has to us now. Ok in a border Antonia over three hundred and twenty dollars and to grant the wan for eighty five programme. What is discreet value of the rest of his I bet you to answer, though I really love hold up. Ok, My favorite one was Shonda, is a lookout for the game, look who also has a boa constrictor that he's five rat for a week at a cost of five dollars per rent. If Lashonda make seven hundred dollars a week as a.
How many we can she feed the boa on one. We then come about mortgage rates within the deadline around don't think I'm making this up. I didn't know your daily newspaper report, please a mobile let em about future was put on administrative leave after she handed out a racially charged map test to her a great students that made gang references like DR by shootings, prostitution and dry parents at the burns middle school were outrage to find their kids had been. Given the ten question quays asking them to answer questions about turning tricks Poland, Bmw's and nothing up. Women die to tell you how I lie around. Seek a feed. The bogus Egypt before weak shudder tell your lot is. Ok, Let me raise one more Vaseline did the Tyrol knocked up for, girls in the game. Then for girls. Do I girls in his game and what does the examples?
of the girls Tyrone, not so eight percent? Ok another Dwayne pimps, three oaks, anyhow, okay, and they may ask the students to figure out how many tricks each The hookahs must turn in a day and support the wind crack abbot, emanated deafness. Where did understand you know that met them. Listen man teaches, you know, have to try to be cool This is and was presented these Greece. We shouldn't legitimized gang and could you be a man tat? Make it to see my thesis some honourable professions that a worthy and turned into maverick question how about deal with the reality of the situation and asked his questions like if Tyrone gets caught with forty kilos of gold. Really, who guns and one dead body in a trunk. How many if we get onto the jail, how about, if you make a pulls out a gun in shooting, schoolyard at Arrival Gang member name she quantum but have been issued to twelve year old boy. Hen kills him. How long would add two of your boy be dead and how much time in prison which we could get the answer? If all those questions should be for ever, ok, listen
I wonder what kind of world we live in anymore is bad enough that criminal lifestyle had been commercial music, tv movies and I'm fine with that to a certain extent which now has invaded ass room. Why? What did These images are be implanted in our kids. Heads making to seem like this criminal behaviour is normal would have. None of these is have ever been exposed. The any of this kind of stuff, but now they are in school, was next dignity. How much right should be in every point, a lean in chemistry class. They teach you how to run from Jim Glass o me. As you cook, up how to cook up a nice geological, get light stabbing, don't go chasing trip, calculus, stick to the same order, repetition English you used to please give this teaching in mobile Alabama. The biggest he hardly anybody. I burned middle school and Mobile Alabama. Anybody automobile want to tell me what is the teacher is fill semi does questions. I want to ask: why I want to see my story, you know no math. My must be formed.
Don't know. What's going on in the streets, I still no square with a kilo call came this wherewith Let me ask whereby I do- and I have been at this alone out and I'm so happy, thank God Job one called bombs and money like I'm so far removed from his creatures. So happily be so far these out. What's going on, I don't know what to popular drugs cell to use. I don't know none of that. You David, I know at the jagged. I now, if I show it don't in, thank God I don't. Nor do I want to know you shall never learn how, then I was about to say, there's no, who showed let me July Pie or go well. Thank you, Charlotte Corday, donkey, dated angle. Thank you. Everyone here, ladies and gentlemen, is on vacation. You, the trains. Let me they re doing right now, because you know I mean imposing a lotta picture lay and also for his instagram did little to lodge is taking hold. The war liberty liquid here and devise always travelling to put it right. He said every ball man
Yet there is that of the sentiment of most. Anybody will go age and log in Jackson. I by matching shorts right now on the beach gas bawling. They I have a MAC. It seeks boy my guys, every issue we gotta. He's comin up next, twenty five five. What do you see if you have any questions, were absolutely incredible? I got one. Once you what the hell did? You do not have got the money he had this something's gone yeah good out of you, guys, seventh, eighteen thousand square Foot Private Island villa in the middle of the Indian Ocean and orderly, almost ports, Bob Square France, one trunks payment, both refunds, we'll talk about it. Now we won't look at his hair line, so one day this morning at ease is next. Now was you don't have to call on our appropriate at this time for ask you right now you do have the car
we gonna line. Will then the boy take my army? What I've J was the problem, a MAC up a low predicament of check on offer for about two years now dang nations it up in differing. You tell me to fulfil them home, ok notice of the double of whatever. What recently out of luck, one night- and he knows you, told me, I'm pregnant- you know if he only be home always look if they are mad, when a thing is it almost all down to abortion and I'm ok, I tabled a money for abortion justified out o friend, that's not pregnant. She you boys, the good trick of future tickets drove want to cool Bosnia's smart savvy, young woman. Now I will say this: Are you happy? This he's not pregnant? I myself Are you complaining about
Bilbil wake up club where you you now scared you were when you that decides it was pregnant, does be glad. He had to do was given some money for a fake abortion for some few tickets, you better blessings you could have been pregnant for really had a baby garden, Bridgewater Bottom dollar. I work at all. We have again now. Let that's the back home that you get for cheating on your girl for two years work. Is he should not have to win? you ve got a lot of area. Does Yahoo com? If, where you'd ass, you had to give up some money now what you gonna? Do you still got a messenger to think up a beautiful remote violated you dont that year, devious. You know you put out there Whenever energy you put out there, that's what you get him back, ok, you're, lying at home! Now, yes, I IP lied to you and a mad. You eliah too, what are you mad about islands? There was you mad about the girls now she's not having a baby. You gotta some few two tickets was you out.
Your wife the answer will either be a technical that my day, but would you hold true? I will say this: I hope that you got a nice, a wake up call from this situation. I hope he says he is a man really Dagda bullet. I could add another take out here pregnant. I would have to explain it to my wife. I was so nervous, maybe ask chill out I've everywhere, muffle again a week, many money, was a lesson learned to you and, thank goodness, does not another life involve now really, hey. You know a drink in future. Take as our great consolation prize in order to draw up a few must have the least you could do you don't care about Eliza you lie or the time now you got morals whereby there I write the real. The real question is why you got sidetracked. When you work at all mega people, we will wonder out at loves you for you
now? I was, as you call us up. Eight hundred of these, I would have five were hey, I'm just here to help workers RO matters here we go is the breakfast club is ass. Ye who is on the line. Angela Angela girl, with a request in well, we'll have a my boyfriend will boyfriend? Will you really like I'm like the psychical or whatever but like this for a light years like here and now that a point where light I don't know like I've been like really like having fun doing my thing like I'm about to get my real estate license in like this. Do all the time I've been with him he's never invested any. Any more like the do is doing is thing like he's really like thorn is thing I'll here and, like he's, never like ever invested. Anything in me right as far as I am not going to help me bill bill meets at a point where I need to be the port
He is in no way way way. You have kids were now. Yes, I have kids who gave the buyer and you're this. The aim of an alibi? Little guy, you a full blown ass. His wife know about you, yeah seen all the balmy. Ok, went to the house, stop on the door and let her know the business like. I know it's. Let me know about the kids and everything in like it's just mad. We are just straight and it's and it's like I'm trying to like keep my head focus and straight like I know I could do better than this dude yeah. I know I I've done like a non party with the best that we might have been a New York, Benda Miami I'd, do add new, and even with the knowledge that, like he saw a man, I want a bum bitch, you get the go and not the other little bits of bad. They would get the girl. Could this viewpoint? money out the money. You know you ve been in line with a party with people like there. Why not me and I'm the one with the monk of Rio in you?
not the same as when it. There are a couple of things in well. Maybe I bet you abuse made, how you I'll be kicking, it would seem to fit I dont get there. I mean it is what it is. You have what you have. What I don't get me my I again the limit, less thought for a minute. Ok, it sounds like you got yourself into a situation that you in deep right now, yeah, ok, for some reason, and you were ok would be an aside to God and having kids with this man, and this man has done anything for you and you can make out on the right of property and stuff like that. An audit stuff, like you know, Material bank, but only more than his nails.
I can't hold not me. I can't hold a man. I'd like a beautiful were listen I'm, but you know how I can like that's all they have any man who were let em when you, when you may now, when you lay down when this man, you already knew what the situation was right. M M by you, excepting at you it seem like. It was ok, because all the time that you were with him, you never were able to do those things. U S, somebody else's man in your house and now the consequences of that are you have two beautiful kids, but you have a man who can with you and I think, all along you knew he was a good. Am I don't love? You thought he was going to leave his wife and his family and come on up until I arrived, and so I went to him that I wanted to come from him and he's never gonna do that Now it is not even taking care of his kids. Now he ain't he thanked care. Where thing he could do better, but you know what made you decides a good to confront
Why? Because clearly you knew about her. So then you went to go chemical. Listen to me that, like I'm more, do I like it. I like tat a move on, but when I do move on is always life. Is that due to the five people in light and look like they landed property of dumping, move it sound like. I want an omby amby watching that had three candle being enough bill. I wonder it's time for you to think higher of yourself. One benefit azalea out on him like I'm, but about the gold down. She says you put we as the autumn Piazza upon the caravan announcement of the piazza, and I'm I'm I'm not only a map on the baby, I'm from from Pennsylvania, and that means you're from abuse is abusive to you, ass Amy. That being said soon brought my red and brought my spleen almost killed me. If I, whenever within a hospital, I would die like either does a lot, and this able me like where you know I'm thought I'd. This able I'll have
bringing compounded by over again called on them anchors. We gotta finnish ascii, but Amazon you offline is hold on a second among the goblin. They were you talking to a brick wall. You tweet, manuring, I know follows: nobody sees what you say is not listening to your case. You ve lost. It's over now begins acting, had saved you old, ass Jesus job. You like she's deadly, may some poor decisions Boeing on side to her, because this and safety issues involved, as you say, to his physically abused. If he broke her wrists He knows he has. Kids are looking wife, regional borderer refugees more likes, you say we're not going well nigh added judge everything's as he's down, but if she wants to fix her life from here on, That's true, we gotta do is ask E. When again, if you couldn't get through breakfast Club, I'm a gmo dot com is the amount of Yosemite. Am I asked the grandma antidote to virtue of you? Ok, you set me up low levels. Prominent MAX, I saw do no more than a vague about tee. My Braxton. She actually on the episode of Braxton family back
use is talking about what happened on the rails. They get to see that play out kind of old time. Also Mag FC has apologised to Lira Galore Unilever delors, regresses expediency will tell you what happened you boy loads, was involved in this. Also Stewart it is more a sort of breakfast club, the breakfast club gas at the Reul report, Libretto club, that's right as a lawyer is asking for some eye witnesses to come forward and let people know what happened in Irving Plaza. You have to be able to snatch. Now, according to his lawyers, Kiley many Serbia understands that people have a complete lack of chess for law enforcement. Specially am I pity, in the investigations that they conduct based upon that believe, many refuse to cooperate. By of obviously that information could be helpful,
so that the real victims here are banger who died a hero, trying to protect his lifelong friends right ab and try himself who was shot in the leg. So they need to make sure they get a good defense for Troy Ave, because if not, he could go to jail ten years to life. Visa ban on MRS enter at another view, look at social media. All I see as a bunch of people talking right, but nobody something to the police you might as well be the way you talk about social media, Jesus Christ. S lawyer is saying: if anybody has any videos. Pictures are the information from that night. Please forwarded to act with your contact information. They think the video the pictures of the conflict anything could help. I get your ass off little believe normative envy online. I mean they have videos to, but I guess a lot of it. Some something's urges all the pieces of the puzzle. Aren't yet, but only beginning to grant and stuff following shade room and bother learning. Academics are right. Now, let's discuss the wet then, on social media apparently
Lira galore heard twitter got hacked and whoever had to but I was putting out like all the people that were giants to holler at her in her dams, that person also put out make apps I know how the lira galore in kind of women on him and on Twitter and on Instagram, where you goin, also murdered Ronaldo miracle rural below layers of beautiful, Magna well make absent, Miss Band, I'm taking a picture of earlier and say I did this man lie on me. I d is the host rose zero ad in the shy? No one, I thought it was You translate Amerika laws me, yes, lyrical I'll. Look, let no man, my gaps, thou know what you're talking about the very nice because clearly she was hacked re little devolved jumped any said. The bids lying cause, a hosting party gigs a slow and up after not a basic aspect is they make a living like this, and I was just tap supporting these instagram models. Don't even like the patients.
Look at him home. They thought a good for you do what you do, that you will be able to ask them easier because they self esteem love. What well put with dozens of a high level He said he then he goes on to say. I only posted this cuz MIKE's, my n word and he's one of the few street and where to make it in Hollywood, and now they got a new show about the air uncle I refuse to let a hope, its hope we reviewed every day. Well, I don't know words that burden s, that it's ok, ashy, accidently, let a man their Dumbarton? Therefore, actually he was reading verbatim signed it happens. Is that occurs in the end in go. Look me data. My eyes, are you didn't rate? Is not the reason? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Daddy, I radio, yeah we're gonna, keep moving out of their level of knowledge land, but were seated engineering. Are you there and she actually posted a picture email from the poorest in saying: hey, I'm the prisoner hijacked, your twitter, please ill email me back, I'm willing to give it so, but I know she got her glass audit. Let everybody right! So she was like you know she said, is not a publicity stunt, she's, not China, be famous, and she said that she had enough respected. Engage in new disrespecting your women in your relationship? You're welcome Digital Put, Emmy Speckle money. A new wall when, before you comes at a defensive somebody, you gotta make sure you know the whole story. So, ok can you just landed a girlfriend? No damn reason. Ah my he took down. Do I think it dear Emma Gaps apologized. He said I want to personally apologize for this young lady for what said and take responsibility. For my actions as well as her and my fans, I'm not normal, being a comedian. I have a daughter- and I would not want any man to talk to my daughter like that sorry lyrical or in any of you cowards, got something to say to me check my dates and say it to my face.
Let law does not look like a man. Ok, we are in the era of the Trans into transsexual. We know what a man looks like talking That is. Why are you a rumour report am Angela Ye Tat. Ok, not hindrances, there's gonna be a little tricky Agnew. O people's choice makes with DJ envy MR vacation himself. Ok Maybe the removal of the picture is wasted. A mosque Angie. I won't before the club areas is dealing with the culture there and fitting in oh, I oughta people showed with legs what boy What are the white men willing about a revolt o revolt, peace, you'll, be cool. We see ya tomorrow, ok in tracing Morgan's call in exile as well the treaty more dramatically, bother truth modem, I'm glad abroad is doing well. You will be at a time I was here in New York. All night, yes thought in the main you can become an inexhaustible K. One was I just want to sort of breakfast club
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