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Today we had T.I and The Hustle Gang join the show where they talked about younger generation vs. the older generation when it comes to music, new music and more. Also, they had a chance to talk to Grammy award winner and now 6 time nominator for this years Grammy Awards, Bruno Mars where he spoke about his CBS special at the Apollo come on tonight. Moreover, Charlamgane gave a double Donkey to Chanel West Coast and Ben Gordon. Also, Angela helped some listeners out with Ask Yee. 

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In the past few months. The notion of home is no longer just a place we drop into at the end of the day, especially when our homes have become our workplace, school and full service restaurant. Well, here something good. For today we spoke to Morgan Brochure, scientific communications manager at Pee, Angie about how cleaning can foster a sense of calm and control. You can start with an easier way to clean thanks to DAWN power wash display, so you can spend less time scrubbing and soaking dishes and you can get back to the things you love visit, Don Dish, dot com forgotten is in Newport cost about hundreds of young women who have disappeared and end up dead in horrors, Mexico right across the border from El Paso Texas, it is doing about borders, migration and corruption. We talk the victims, families, FBI, agents, and a former? U S ambassador, to understand why? these crimes have remained unsolved, listen
two forgotten women, farmers on the radio at all. What have you got your put costs Even so we must treat this morning is usually day and everybody says, and I ve been going to review the wrong way was a rabbi.
Mind you yo YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mining Charlemagne. Good morning I usually get word. There is just one day: and again, with their bright eyed embrace. It is out of all bright eyed and wish to examine Lodi, but I am here on time drop. One include bombs, celebrate what I'm supposed to do now now always say you shouldn't celebrate, which is supposed to have a care mackey, exact, Reno, celebrate people like that you supposed to new ground counterpart to be here on time, but I am here we're all. I love the service live, less and less evident. I've lays great they went to live longer than anticipated by. It was really guy. You know, other has again came through twelve of them so mad and having a conversation with poor women in twelve members of hassle
at what was going on here this morning and we don't have enough shared and we will have in the microphone too. I think that we should only accommodate five. I guarantee you. Some of them are going to make it anyway this morning after last night or have good, because twelve people and its very not an ok tacit from power, came through you'll, get drunk on Basel II was coming and see a blessing came through after she finished filming power for these promises it was suicidal, viable, adding season. Five machinery is boiling. I asked every some and her answer: was I live I'm alive valves. Let me that is more deaf. Cohabiting diseases, which means their power, is coming to a close me very sick. It was really just saying, I'm filming so I'm alive. I can't give you any information. Basically, so she made she was alive. Jargon is allowed to you. I was ass. She was like I can't you anything more than that, so she's still filming she's still alive
we had a couple of other women who joined us. One of them was a girl. You guys talked about me on the breakfast club. Before can aim is television channels, yes tell our becoming next year and she's a day, Michael Phelps, this women living swimmer, but she is no more she's. Intersects was their me so member, when you get to do you, I got hold over that's when the whole story came out about them, deigning to them you she was born with both a penis animate jangle hermaphrodite. Presently, the Gothenburg Ahmad that's a decisive now automatic. Those are friends of yeah. Come on. Man started nonstop, where the fruits of handbook. How was it, this around about a rise in the dictionary the word yeah, but into sex. I guess it's different was the Roman autonomously Well, when you dominated words would while about sex, we used to call it a hermaphrodite play that zone. I guess there's something else, but don't save offensive. I just don't know
anyways. You lazy around seven a lot of celebrity, so she actually name the names of different athletes and Pino entertainers that you ve been with her but as he says, he has been used to tell people at first. She was married six times only, alas has been you wanna get now I'm confused. I goodwill, wouldn't you know it of the atom interim understand and I don't want on those again. I learn about all that I lay at Amazon. Atlanta level is also a guess. Last night method should examine orbit. A bunch of millennials and made jumping on the alcoholism but you don't learn later. Jesus Christ does not arrive bags. Asylum gives the wrong thing about since Don't know. I know that all of them are all I know is. I know I've got it anymore. I noted call attempts at it. Now you got from pays newcomers
but have a gang is joining us this morning, so that a b t I young drug trade, a truthful, be here as well as Tokyo Jackson? Strangely, I think that's a nice time, five out of the thirty five hour today. What we yet as anything you'll, be the six may well be, will be gone forever. The time that we are going to talk about the slave trade in Libya and the thought about his August one day, just one show in this young lady nominated foretold. Grammy's cod is based reference made man, it's not like I Graham, is valid, made anything because always tell you what I'll go with the flow, the adjutant love and it's like don't go with demesne cream. We are the screen, but it feels good to see I'd, be nominated for till Grammy awards. Ok, but dont think Grammy's dead. You know, cardy is any hullo, because your nominated Yaller cooler, because our nominated a right is the difference
you. U front page news, yes, talk to me. Let's talk about the slave trade in Libya. This has become actually quite attending topic. These past couple of days is now at these pictures have emerged and there was also a scene and investigation. Their produce footage of West Africa is being sold at slave markets in November. According to reports, what happens is people are trying to flee from several african countries? They fled war, They fled poverty there fleeing unemployment in their countries and they have to go through the desert and they have pace smugglers to get to Libya to try to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Now the problem in Libya is that their system has failed it. I dont have a real government right now, and it's very considering it a failed state of a war back in twenty four teams
ugh Obama, Hillary Clinton for bodily, but latte on right. So what happens? Is these people are getting to Libya? There's no type of registration process for the tens of thousands of refugees and the detention centres are unsupervised in some parts of Libya, their story, the torture, rape, forced labour. When the centres are getting too crowded, people leaden allegedly sold off like goods in an open market itself. What people are doing? Is it they're using smart phones to connect with smuggling to get to Libya costs and then that's where they are being saw being held to ransom are being forced into labor. I would really like to see with President Obama and how to reclaim not to say about this, because this is pretty much, therefore, because under pressure
George Bush in three. The US negotiated an agreement with Kadafi in the deal with that he would give up his weapons of mass destruction peacefully in the US. Wouldn't try to depose them for whatever reason to feel bumpy. Ministration didn't take that deal and then wouldn't Olivia and overthrew Qaddafi number. I said that was the worst mistake of his presidency because they failed to prepare for the aftermath of Alkanes Gaddafi. I got him out of here with no new government, a regime took charge, so chaos and civil war broke out which ultimately lead to people being enslaved. Really awful foot is information it. Something like this is happening today. So I guess right now the France's impasse it into the? U N is urging that they impose sanctions on the people involved in Libya slave TAT. So we don't even know that's going to really anything I must. Let's talk about, their belies, YO and armed Robbery held up the poker case at the Palacio, hotel and casinos, as happened yesterday afternoon around three forty five p m.
Man wearing a mask quietly, walked over to the cage. He had a gun and demanded an unspecified amount of money that the same place where they found oceans eleven by the way they are therefore elaborate scheme, and this guy just walked up with a gun, doesn't really want their money. We want an early times new ocean worn where he got away with it. Raised really tellers stay calm, given the cash you still at large is still trying to find him now the actor James words was inside the ballade your when this happen any tweeted about it, he says there were playing poker at the ballade you in a guy walks up at the gun and robs the cage thirty feet from us ten minutes ago belies YO, staffer fantastic. They surrounded the money quietly. So no customers but get hurt. Nobody even realized. It was happening. Filling staff core under pressure of James, would call now one before you decided to tweet. They did. Did you call for any type of assistance for finance added to tweet about the event? Was your first thought, the tweet about you? I don't know he said an inner. They did everything so quietly. I don't know if you knew about it after he wasted happen, but that's
and my nose residents in Vegas are looking for a silver Chevalier crews with Nevada license. Please say that with this aspect is believed to be dragged. What happens if you see something say something you shouldn't be. You see something tweets. James whizzes nagging involve using casino, I get it off. You just come up next, when you and your father five point five one of you wanna vit about anything. Ok, if you want to celebrate life, if you want to tell us how good things going for you, if you want to lose our bad things, go if you, whatever gonna, call call rejected such as winning hundred Bobby five, when five one is one with dangers. Sort of rapid club the breakfast
Is it your time to get it on the agenda? The young man from you wonder breakfast on your lan, reminding them better email mighty married again just this morning. I let me tell you why I took my ex boyfriend due to the cave, become better informed by five yet, and we were very glad you feel like we ain't like bag. I find you but first of all it is your ex boyfriend. Oh yeah. Nowadays, the moment I found out
days under. May you gotta be a real piece of PIG faeces Chino somebody up the Watson, Jesse Apologia beyond the onstage. Ok, I've been NATO air. You can't go air would need a day after Jamie tells you not glared when they now tell me how you and I was eating Mary also, I could put the profile and he came to via added picture when we were debating, though I knew a kind about that's why about a emptied, though, that he didn't your thunder and the know how those photo got up there were. How did your boyfriend when juicy perform. The actual fourfold foresaw come here that lady twenty boring the whole conveyed to Vienna deals with an abandoned their taken back there predatory. Now he wasn't painted to Camelot Danton. Thinking that I give it to you was created to GMO texting is at a booze, probably now
you are daily before before you never want to cheat on your girl. Could J D says is the most difficult saw that have had to perform and it really ass like you, why he's performing and I'm gonna take him back? No, absolutely not just asking why don't we now? You can go, listen to the lemonade and maybe you'll reconsider our right of I beg you to gauge the bag. You get your boyfriend emanate came before wherefore. I forgot to point a golden: go back to listen the lemonade and learn what forgiveness is. Ok, leaving it to get me the answer. I think I did it. Take it back there you go now. We blocking we talk and have a bloody map to know. You gotta see J D before before it's hilarious, sad, he looked so sad is part of the EU, but is the party apology plant? Secondly, monologue India is worked out bid for everyday day. You will get on Thursdays and you will say I apologize over and over during the crab hugging may girls say it. I'm sorry. I was about
Marilla, I didn't I'm not put muzzle legalizing telethon gate of each has one hundred forty five one or five one you want to call us is to breakfast club the breakfast club a pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda. You want a breakfast laughing, but I might have to pay a boy get it up. It says that you matter bless. I'm super blue Moon, LUCA, well oiled, boosting, probably the God. I went to the street nor comparison enough, but the homework that it was a crazy turn up. We ve got about twenty trades, affordable donated to me. The Charlemagne who came out about it dropped me around Streetcher Dog Patterson it
somebody street in Europe and we said the homeless, and it was created colonel measure to blush some members. I did I worked out and ground glad you dream became a reality. Sir. Yes, thank you, Madam President, on a lot of people this week will be handed out closed the homeless and collect clothes and have always get lots of go, give it to the homeless again coach. Anybody who knows you know anywhere where homeless and everybody else extra clothes and think you don't wear it. Don't put all the data even think desolate. They use, it will encourage them to just go handed out the people in Need man, Iraq. Would you many life gives to give a man salute. You, mother, other appreciate your my brother. Yes, it combining this. Never, however, there is a mighty claim, as I get it. Just come on. I everyone I one. Why me why you marry them? maybe I don't call them
the morning while work, he gonna work at six o clock and leave call em at four o clock online MA, Why you gotta ALARM clock bay? We gonna buy pay. Now you can count on me and I'm like to them too and saw he unlike ok, you know we're gonna get up, we do the ban was languidly and he called everyday and I'd be won over by big that my Mamma Mamma. I gotta hold their now. Look you now. You know my dog, you know my dog gotta, get about four o clock. A man could git up any lady prodigal run late man now we can thereby manner by way of the complex early visit is the aid for It has made in the same way as the only here everyday amity, and I and I before twenty we buy will the street and we got Maybe he'll get up, and I call every time you could get a bit earlier, gallows them seven before you go to work
We get that way before we were on getting, and I want to grind of early in the morning. I your Rocco hijacker alone and the more advanced and go get it. Thereby we go get at every moment. Looted for three men are love ya. We do that every morning get it off each other. You won't have been about something if you want to celebrate, live call as one hundred forty five one in five women every morning, you our rule report coming up. No, yes, I do away in a vacuum. Premature conquest. Tell you why he's mad and were also good in that lets? You know West Coast tell you is she at about as well. One of these people are really hate that you're about to turn out with an acute as deadly my cue to mother. They hated his groundwork, but I hate objects We talk about when we come back to rapid Club, the breakfast club libel, dangerous Minnesota, breadth of clubs, Charlemagne God, Angela Ye D, J envious still enjoy Boris Bindon chain for change. Might ok,
legal Romagna coming up, and I shall be talking about this young lady nation, no whiskers with Angela close by snow was goes well yeah. You know West Coast with China again a club and things didn't go where the bouncer wouldn't allow her to tempt the line. He also told that he only lets you of the people with her aunt and she had, I think, like six girls with her. She also is we're apple black eye peace, which is what you ve got a ban on Apple abattoir. You around he tried to get her away from the door like come on, let's go, but she is not trying to stop going in that door. Man. She also got upset because somebody asked if one of the people with her was low pump are right.
What happened? You know what you mean a you know what causes lie. Life, ok, look at our bounds of doing his job, keeping thugs and riffraff out in the club and not always violence on any one which now has caused me to get me to see guides who mad about it. She made two big of a theme with people filming endless
in the value to job security. Go tell of being black man, you wanna be a low wage girl. Listen, you can tell people was never been punched. Interface occasional have never been pointing to face. When you noticed that a stretch of violence, you move different that dummy Thirdly, you when you see people act like that, don't you have. Somebody would laugh, then wonder I hate when people do you know who that, especially when you ain't, nobody gonna view somebody, you gotta say you, somebody listen. If that happened to me, amateurs walk away and that if we want to go in there, I think good night, I got all running me worse than early. I wanted to put an emotional forgot based, I've got a job, Meseemeth bonds. We can't have it here. We don't want to do that arise so you haven't you see the video may show you check it out now cute it's not too happy about not being nominated for the job conquest album at the Grammy's. You know in particular here now because he did go and perform? He said we close your show.
And they didn't get any nominations because they perform last year shortly after five past and here's what he had to say on social media city up will give us a good deal. Less you go get is no nominee What happened to pollyanna doing all the best, and I got respect for knife in my man- is trying to get me to come out there to vote in the rap category. For some new did they doing. I ain't doing nothing and we don't get I would finally be nice for geopolitical balance regarding good when people from our culture, our celebrated, but the Grammy's don't validate our culture in order. Grammy's have been historically culture with clues for a long time. Something big. You write something big IRAN,
so we got a wrong when it came a tribe conquest. Now some people thought he had issues with. Ninth, wonder Keziah addresses ninth, wonder and he clear is that up as well, and I wondered Shasta name. It was no disrespect me. None it s. Young stop. Investment may talk about mediums, Polly and about what is what is what is what is Jason saying in London duty shots? I love you more about your green gotten. Your money, making the effort is not that the fall of the wall, locked roller bagliani, measured at random, pointed Saint Cloud treason before me: snuff tribe, don't look bad image to Graham is look back like stop. Trying to go. Mainstreaming realised that it Bob coaches, maize, green, we control of Cruel Grammy's, Luke, cooler, nay, embrace us, not the other way around. I re when it means
yeah, and that is your room, a reports. Yes, we got the hustle gain coming up next ass, a gang best. He eyed as young drove us traded truth newcomers. Precisely in Tokyo jets or talk to them right after this is terrific club? today is monitored and rubber club. I mean God annually dj envious and bore the knowledge Jane Money, we re glad weep, they'll, say tat it s not too, but we got. I've got a very humble team in it, okay and even as they did their humble Elizabeth, a hustler lady now the eye young, have thought most records at every by you know. We know too are traded truth put in. Traveling in Tokyo. I often amazed at what are they often not Vienna, which amendment Michael do so clean that is called longer and then doing I may bring about is payable in June. I got out I like you know like maybe you had to go to the polls.
Nuclear for you did take you gotta get anyone. Nobody knew where absolutism where I live. Now, you out a busy drawbacks, monitor unfriendly your jets yeah. How did you feel beyond it has gained from motor? Is our I feel like I'm awake up, I'm dreaming I'm at work when they gonna gonna, let you know Vienna began to be just like black sea are really being so. The Yom our society's new ideas that I find it gets and began to keep on both in things online. Could you never know what could happen from it? Mother always like Iowa. How do I guess I had I get this presence attention? A magyar, gotta work, ya got acknowledged only be out there doing shows posting things. I can't even get discouraging removal. I just one of them you just can't stop light, will be ask me: how do you get our life like I met through a our is like my music guess he handed.
But who ended somebody like more. I am no I'd like you to go further than the one answer is where hired and keep on my report. Things sometimes damages send them a d more eminent posted, I'm on my way back handwork bulk of this kind. Aware version rewards Rosalie, leave our forego. It's already obviated absolutely nothing to do with my domain. You click on them and I believe that that is not true that true really bored com and I went to my videos before idea. They were really to bore licensing. She would go home. She will go as you say, as the you know. Why and expect me to say you like you won. It was sexually orient or even more so the perspective of a feeble. Who who were raised a man, a respect. You know, so I had to pay attention to what I have got the upbringing. Do don't I'll give you my jacket,
We are rejecting Jacksonville little bring an effect. Would you would you talk about? I mean that's what my music come from. All my music is true life. Is It did not seem to have been through. Isn't this a matter around me Ben too, and I would close enough to know every detail. It look towards a lot of credit. Worry you brought. No, he won't take the greatest taken it in front of we won't take the grating around me desert, like you know, when I heard her her delivery her perspective, because it will refreshing It is a sound and I have heard from anything from a female such aloud. I cannot put me in a man like a sudden ie. You know you could say that she has sex appeal. Day wishing opening a door leading. We ignore the answer you gotta respect. It you'd have abilities numa of the push another female out of everyone, naw, man allow him over money off day. Oh I'm gonna get
with the imo make money anyway. Let me for real every individual is responsible for their all action. Every individual be held accountable for their own actions. You take? One individual has done an unhappy situation turned out and apply it to the net now like to see you in tray also very inspiration. I just really out there in the community being an attention through a lot of things. You not, I think you know some artist still gonna wanna get political. I don't wanna buy some do in some doubt, but I do love the fact that you guys genuinely I in the community and care about things and bring attention to it and don't hesitate even with any type a backlash He bore, you know, go back and forth with you might as well and as we know, we need more than an hour community Amy regards we're gonna raising a cover attained at the hour generation as a trade that they we we have the most of the issues, ability to relate to the younger generation and to appeal to the old.
Duration, you know says we write this may in the a we gotta use our boys. That flows from for me is that dawn enough. Good data can allay also Our debate is ideal early on in my life, I made you can't you my dear to see about really the mid term review. May light came through me, nothing GPA Mama really trying to somebody who would I feel I want to do and how we dare we do need a how we bay, we will raise their way. They we gotta take, did forgive excuse my lively, but the owl give of attitude and apply to some positive we will do it. We had an attitude of ours. Is a plan is out of the negative tasted, the horrendous things
He did in the past. So now it is a plan and activity in train. You know uplift community and make it give it a better chance of self sustaining dragon. You focus on this moment, though, because you ve been relieved in government either to make internet is another thing with their situations in our agenda today, Houston he's the sovereign right now really taxes and abused Obama polar. The data. Think of those like me, who have Council Alzheimer thing, everybody who really are supporting even a coup, knew everybody understood that a kind of religion for the music set aside I mean I can't com or self, Mr Houston, ah behold me or the city, and then what was my people suffer for a counter. Really, I need in the studio, must on the one on the get back in it. I got it,
might have been my confidence back up, cuz, I'm so focused on me and Mister Rogers doing. But I just feel right now. It's important that you know. I thought I kind of didn't agree with you cuz. He was just talking to you trying to tell me I got a. I got a bigamist in this way, more bigger than other stuff. I got going on You know it first I'll likely yeah, I'm just you know. I do this from the heart, but you know I love my music, but at the end of the day I get it you know, so I'm trying to do the balance mother at it. Now we are doing I'm the man. You know saying you got it. You got to take what you got to take with the universe. Give you the early universe, give you show you that your colleague is is service. You know servicing the community rather than entertainment there. You know you got it. You gotta get tee service work. You know,
You gotta go Tinto down, forced him here say where you would of Canada, and I feel I don't. In the USA. There really gang allay. You know we light there dressed ass, a huge huge movement with a very significant purpose. You can put that to the sad for some is you know me even though, No matter how successfully made these committees Elam seem trivial, you know. Is so mid. Ams come in at so many people who retain it ain't, but one of you do what you re doing right now in his ill. It just feels like more important work. We got more with the ideas will gain from it. On one more dangerous Minnesota breakfast Club, the breakfast and what sort of breakfast club we got tee. I hustle gang into building now try freighted troops here. Why did you decide to call out J J
What then, that there is a lot going on in a city and a lot of people, not certain areas that we touching. You know we ve been other. Almost ninety. Five, almost a hundred they straight easy and when I went about a different approach, are reached out to try to reach out to J D about a tablet discussing, as you know there brother J J arrayed out at minus thirty, two main mainly now has a role in tray. Wooes, rightfully interested in however, where this money going, because you, and if you interested in helping people to really need to be here again it into their homes in the hands of people who need it most, Mister Roger was data day their boots on a growl guinea do so rightly so, RO reached at two earlier. You well know what you get going home. Maybe we can join no join together and get the respectful didn't. I met him when I respect
Why are you know he he on it? In response you not, I fear I will wait a few days. I just want to say that they know they are either we do for the city and the state I'm gonna be all about going genuine anyway. So in a field that you won't be. The winner is back in a written and you know it than that of their food they need to know a little Norway, a restart you they're reads back, so you five, everybody has a fake, like people keep me above on a pedestal out there open the sitting, but I've been away. They know what I'm doing away with him model dangers. If you are, he opened the way you say you helping our rather youth deal with the people to serve. You know says a thematic, and so you so you the ropes was going on. I know my daughter came about
obviously he was gone all day and I hear they ve gone away. Why can keep it be everyday? It's on the youth and connect with you and know that you know it would it were money should go into doubt engaging Washington, very simple matter and even to this day here restart thirty November? They with their, though we need to do that there. They were a baby from what I get from whatever his response it was more like he was deal, relate big big corporation light, the banking. You know that we and we are now from poor Rico, Rome form from Katrine or even far back, you could train or phone from Haivy put people. I famous people, like rain crowds, people that I will be. We steal wonder whether money way. Then, when you deal with evil light, did you know that you can put it raised and tells us cynical thinkers anyway. You know Xilai, ok, wait a minute. What would you do
would any. You know there is already questionable. You know how these funds are being dispersed. If you really interested in getting the materials and resources into the has in the homes of the people who need it. Why not deal with the person you see on tv everyday, see you ain't, no question who is here sincerely working for the purpose? the people ambled than when I wanted to donate money. I think nobody wondering I would put my money no place up. Oh and that's the reason why, people. I may know why why y'all posto much, but at the end of the day I feel people need to two things. People need to see where the money was gone and they also need to feed Is the knee like right now still in the late mister? Rather we may. We may be tapped out, Were we not available? We got the topic, I would ever weaken whatever we can do and a lot of people they'll hear so semitic of this a lotta ill. The p
a lot of document of people. You know that they can even acts were help point blank pico you stay in its hands again, deport they taking your keys from everything. So it's like. We focused on all the people that they can't get the help, so that was the reason why be written out and that a different people? You know some people raise back a lot of to interfere later. Your name is not affect them directly. So an adult What we need to do go is to put in a less together tat people who I reach back in the day. No use in Vienna Mantra put your face in the play. Like you do you, then you know that you bought a thousand chains and drive it. How did me call was somebody knows every Jesse you buy some significance on. They can help. People You like you, broken that never marry them calling. I want the money to good right I feel a bit late, pay lots of money on new needed than that. My way, I just want to help you to understand the way
the use of low more and actually you know what brought him out there. So you see it's a serving its own opinion, though what people do men, I never my light. Bagasse, curiously banal mode, was, I said, the youth, and I must say that we will be sleeping attend some friends. Do you think of it as a first rate, situation can be a bitter ten years at the least worst, even slightly get back on track. You guys became a whose avons coming out bank, I am sure everybody has a gang as may be a maximum. The problem as a whole has again and came out. Who is the hits move ready! Does what This is not a readily this. What we consider an institution of culture Hermes is big challenges. Drappin albums aware that we really will apple something from the most intellectual introspective.
Provoking that bedraggled trays, Lee B, o b to just dropped the upside down Williamson about why many of your body, these are not that we want smoke absolutely ever want to turn the pleased up. Would not. I do know, is there, no one is being is just now. He said recently that it, you don't believe slaves exist, because you know Listen. I got a lot about Gabor. Now, listen, listen! Listen! List can be honest with you, a lot of the day. The Bob speak so is theirs. Bob's opinions and everybody in the world is entitled, if nothing else, to an opinion through. So let him have his opinion. If you disagree, it don't subscribe, but I think all of our theory, using the things we ve been tell everything we ve been everyday, we ve been together. They we learn should be challenged everything
you're, not alyosha. Nobody really me without love that nobody really no! No! I want some of slavery, but the way we know it, Now we have it where it. Problem how many people actually came from Africa versus how many who already here by a lot of things, is so even if the might of you know get low for deep into the water we have presented. The arrays is allowed a healthy dialogue about things within every day we probably wouldn't do discoursing of network through our idea, really where the battle the army and I now believe that it is very rare. Maybe what do people probably were here as well? I think you know that I'm a bad thing
these things are. These things need to be challenged because we ve been tell a budget both the northern that we went out. You, boys, listen man. This is revolve around trying to learn. How are you is that not only does this does all of our collective individual responsibility, for I fear the lad shoes you to find the truth, the spread of their and back to the house that, whereas the fusion of culture and wood s chosen cause, I think that you know the most interesting new international rat through the most ratchet. You know, I guess fine the term. Having read that, then you get has had, Lord alone, we need you notice that a year ago we were the only place, you're gonna get it out. I we got more words. Again coming up a minute. If one was ages wanted or breadfruit clubs.
The God annually delay is on vacation. We got Ti Trae traded truth, young droll translee in Tokyo in build the generational gap affecting hustle game cuz. It seems to be the civil war among the youth in the elders in the game. You feel like it's giving or further to eat are you sure are resistant when you would come up? Nobody yeah may well not me per se K, because how I would differ, I'm also, plus, I grew up in New York, when you could rang like rhetoric me I'd be notice, you know, Durham. During my time. At ten year there there wooes odor, predominantly east coast wrappers there will I yo already southern will, with this Bam, Arap YO, though that was their version of trying to critique us in trade.
Make us more like they were or expecting something more light that they were used to from degeneration. Now. This innovation is not regional, it's more so social. In order there had a dress harry. What they say would do the job, they choose to use. The way their music is is is presented a male. Deanna with you, Jane, no I did see nobody how to have their moment. When I had my moment, can tell me what I should be. Do you could not tell me what to do? This is my moment now word. However, this moment in, when you add your moment, can about it there you are just the same way by two years. We would have time. I don't, but it's plain sight and I don't like it. I won't listen to it. It's not for me to say y'all should be missing. Y'all should be back, that's not my place or real.
Another thing, I think, is a lotta allowed a kiss the secure man. Maybe they be worried about competition. We saw the care like us, no matter what the next person like. Why were you do a best Zuzu you due regard which go do the worth, so I may we tend to reach out to limit but every body I know I do all kinds of bulgarian them have been one of the fear. They need to be this way or be that way up a movie, but would you gotta do to take here you're lending another? Thank you were people complain about based generation, a rapid. I listen just like you have a twenty one, savage or a low point, Korea, black Menopausal, J coals and came in Trans Louise. I do you got what you right. Look you just gotta find. Would you like it? I, like you, don't exist, you guys do them. The largest variety of you
they're right now for you to choose from the suit your livelier body? Stop complaining about the stuff. You don't like to focus on those. Did you do like a driver? You got me in one of the young in that you don't even like a lot of dysentery I mean I like it, but the generations that China it was born every Don't you remember? The book became at an idea raised, but but I gotta agree what you'd over them from the south so allowed it to stop that. I, like the those hip, hop yours, They give the boughs. But when I came up man you g K enter into a z, may know about it, because you can't you get there
a pale blue or in New York. The South, Africa's on the surgeon Sargassum for I was it'd, be from New York. Also with music was so regional bank of media had been in a net and streaming and all about like we have. Now, though, everything was done on a radio here, what we heard. So we don't get that exposure. I feel like an I do feel like back. Then you know have had started in New York and we were very Let me get its both through a lot of other staff dollar about hundreds of other regions hook up with a really does not know what had just been New York new round about in there now by that, have nothing to solve David feeling like and a welcome room where you are going to move menus, one like Montenegro sometimes solve you know you can't really vied with day. I think people like us and to put real lyrics over five and as these man, you can't beat it out, for you win
there were other smaller now cause. There's people you can't even sell weirder from some time, intimate and use again be people had a certain sound, but now with the internet, and although there is like you, This is kind of more Universal Willoughby Bureaus Z, Lima, for people do nowhere was a net piecemeal where job of seals. In my where is he You know like mad ass, though in a day you know how the lack of intelligence plagues the entertainment, it seems as though privileges I just Didn'T- know these they act like they didn't know. You were there as well then. Why are we so? So or trap me, it is His only deadly go no enemy, they they right now. You just have to: u have defined, which you identify thanks is a ladder dough artist that lets above? Are you coming?
twenty one that will put in- and I wondered architecture trap me to be filled in much with different. We rapid about, fell, indulge in rapid about human rights, but it more promptly to the community sure by a mean, they both exists. Ok, like they, both existing as I've seen numerous times before,
culture. This music is art, form a region aid from us speaking about the conditions of the environment. In order me, so all we are doing is speaking about the conditions of the environment, and, if you don't want nobody to wrap about using drugs and the environment, is the environment cannot consist of people using drugs programme in a mere seven is loud that exists in Europe. By May, it will continue to exist within the music anywhere. So why everybody trying to fix the music to the
about their ok. If we get the list that these in music weakening stapi any of em knows we re or get a stab in the environment, attainable dissipate and amuse navigate disproportionately, and now I dare say I now coming forward talkin about dealing with things like depression and updating is, I feel like so many others have done. Everything that we don't even know about. All tablet go arrow, no mere arms. I sympathise I'm sensitive to boot, God gave every human being. Everything may need to overcome any problem. The earth can through it in his ear and will you get away from that? You forget tat, I think that's what makes you say and I first of all anything I'm here we are. We gonna do no God, given one week Sundays in Africa,
in a bag. I guess I'd better, go Merlin buried the early universe, get Broadway me. I noted the guy due to resources and new relationships. They go and experiences the guy, bless me to get through and have around me. I can get do anything, so I sympathize there, I'm not trying to speed down or anyone else his plight. But I I I can't put myself in the man: how do you want a yard? Where do you find that when you oughta be using the name by Robin abounded in music, heavy What is the applause
unknown manure. RO lie. The man one that going on over. Men angle, never tried to tell you how to speak. Youtube is the authentic now allow right now me why alone was more Romeo movements and engaging in a room. Black Friday. We live rather come up now. Love writing Sarah Maud set on my hotel bill Alabama. Your baby, you feed is don't you get it again. Lonely arena british out objectively Duval, LAD, divide basil Those again are you use the mermaid preceding everybody who do everything it can to help neither can kids is relieved that common aims are by nature that calm. You know with the fight every day the musical become at all from me, so
but right now you know we gotta take here to represent the breakfast club to almost ages, modest or the breadth of club solemnly God annually Dj India's on vacation annually add or remove or coming up next in another man down of the sexual harassment is a bad start. The report annually on the breakfast now Lauer. He just got fired over sexual harassment allegations Jesus Curse according to NBC. Now the embassy President Andrew lack said on Monday night we received the detail complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace by
lower. He said that the allegation against him represented after serious review a clear violation of our companies standards. As a result, we have decided to terminate his employment. Here is man. I was co host Savannah Guthrie, announcing the news on today. On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace by Matt Lauer. As a result, we have decided to terminate hasn't climate. While it is the first complaint about his behaviour in the over twenty years. He has been an embassy news. We were also present and with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incidents. Our highest priority is to create a workplace environment. Everyone feels safe and protected and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values are met with consequences, no matter who they offender. There's a war going on outside ominously, from ok by me to download a complete came in Monday night and by when
this morning, you Arap. I need to know how much investigation is going into these allegations that no sign language of an investigation now cover Savannah got three also said that he was a dear dear friend and she's heartbroken for the brave Kiley who came forward to tell her story, so she said it's part of a national reckoning. She said how do you reconcile your leprosy when with the revelation that they have behaved badly, they are really in investigating these situations of five, and are you guys doing these things fair, but of dozens of people getting five because of his aid? Us not right. Following about other details, yeah, I know, but everybody deserves due process involving us, a fast investigation becoming Monday night. I don't know if they had one lousy. Would they wanted? You gone well what if he hasn't ever evidence video? Sure we don't know- and we now know the details- and I am sure that those are going to come out, but we do know that this investigation studied Monday today he is fired and I guess they did. They said a review
decided Enna he's been, there will be twenty years, I'm sure they did what I'm saying donated unless, if I am but maybe there's some emails, maybe this put is maybe there's messages. If we don't know what they resolve, that definite quickens not say what did you have yet we just don't know could be fully involving Jesus Christ. I Ryan Leslie is going to be losing his higher music. Catalonia is actually a vote. At least temporarily has agreed to give up the right now remember when his laptop got stolen. Africa, one million dollar reward to whoever found it about them. Lawson. Greece have any global food ripe for breeding. That million, a reward offer that he made online after his laptop got returned to him by our Mean Augustine, and so now the jury found him. Liability has to pay one point, one eight million dollars in damages and then realize. If alpha bankruptcy, though this guy's been trying to get his million data reward ever since so now, I guess the deal is that he is entitled to receive up to five hundred there.
A thousand dollars from Ryan Leslie royalties and if it's after six years he hasn't made at least three hundred thousand than he has those rights until he hits that mark so when's. He is at marked than real as he gets his catalogue back. She Stephanie cases go online and be promising million dollar rewards are right, now adjourn the Meek mill judge, as we all know, Judge Geneva Brinkley, who was sentenced to four years after probation violation. According to new court documents, he was trying to get a higher court to get him out of prison. Now the high accorded refuse to release MC mail, but then they said that the judge has to get on bored and now decide meekness fate without further delay, so he's trying to get a bill hearing and the judge has to do it- s AP movement of applying the judge. Go, get him a route that they have to root out. The put that thing honour put them to prepare on that. Women are ranked Thou playing with illegal for union noise, not now not by the way man
we come on. Man why we owner has put out a new visual, called free, meek and support of meat meal us down a right now he's gonna bring out the way beyond Jennifer hasn't today there are some guy. You go hungry, executive, Jennifer, hunted and David a tender. They have reached a temporary custody agreement. I we told you the two of them have separated and they do have an eight year old son. Together she was China again she got a restraining order, but she did order protection. Draft apparently now David he's gonna, be their sons, primary caregiver, because Jennifer heads and has a lot of travelling to do. She's gonna be doing the voice and you do in the voice UK, so she's going back and forth. So right now he's a primary care give us. I guess he had to jack that order protection in order to make sure that there's Sancho, with the dead groovy always feel like. Both parents should be equally involved. Aren't they went I should have full custody. Scarcely one is the father. What primary care primer, custody? Ok, yeah! I mean she's doing a lot of travelling and he's with the dad the majority.
Time, I'm sure she's still going to see what is it? I know it s. A little bell rang. Ok! Well, I'm Angela yea, and that is your room, a report I right now, let's get into it Charlemagne US a lot of people. Adding you yesterday. I need to give somebody donkey of the day. I don't know if you're going to give it to that person. I don't know who you're giving your donkey to today. Upload donkey come and go. Therefore like taxi. I feel like both of these individuals deserve donkey, one actually, have had a donkey moment. The other is truly a donkey. So I need- I mean I mean Gordon in snow- was close to come in from the Congo and once again, no, but the ordinary day, I'd like to have a world. Both arrival donkey of the day is coming up. On a breakfast club, you don't you
Time for talking today does not discriminate. My now decided today I got the donkey of graphic club. Please don't keep the day to day here today for Wednesday November. Twenty knife is a double donkey, because these two people who need to get the credit they deserve a b and stupid wine is donkey of the day. One is just a donkey. Ok, it's a difference. I let me explain the donkey today's feature that gives people to credit. They deserve being stupid right, but we all have donkey. Mom is protected and make us a total donkey just because you had a donkey moment, but some people are so consistently stupid, but they are actual donkeys in a form of human beings and she West Coast is delayed. Ok, we'll get to her in a second first of all, been Gordon former NBA Player been Gordon, was arrested in early on Monday afternoon. Now, according to tee and z, been goin, allegedly,
double guide in the parliament building and love which several thousand of his money now been Gordon, went to the apartment complex. We used to live in an effort to get his security deposit back. I know that ok. I remember when I moved back to New York in two thousand and ten and out more live in Brooklyn annually, ease yeah right, not put a security, the pilot down on this apartment and in I decided I didn't want to live in Brooklyn, because parking supped, and I didn't feel like I can hide in Brooklyn aware I liked to high arranged. I would try to give my deposit back from that apartment complex and they wasn't haven't into. I definitely acted like I could bring a ruckus where'd. You get this low, tough talking again attic Arabian physically touched. The guy was all verbal, but the moral of the story is when you broke. Given that security, the private banks can be Four deaths which have signed stand been gardener. I've been going allegedly put hands on me for a mandate.
Some of his money back but out the cops, recalled and came to the building been Gordon came back and demanded the rest of insecurity deposit, but instead Gotta rested on the spot for felony robbery. Now, why was this make been Gordon Donkey today? Charlemagne? If you say you want to stand for one even in one reason only he's thirty four years old and he played in ba for about ten or eleven seasons and made more than eighty four dollars during your then be a career, not counting nobody's pockets. What are you thirty? Four years? and made eighty four million dollars in your life. When now you bag living an apartment and beaten up, God get your security deposit back on of one retirees you! Clearly in managing your money, correctly, okay, available as the principles of bananas, the principle, the damn principle you met them, your money been guided by need. You sit right, then fur through
obligation and wait to receive your he hawser. Now, genoa calls on EU constituted a frantic irrigation. I'd like to talk to you for a second ok. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of she now West Coast are right. I feel the way they meet. Mills judge feels about me towards you know what Ok sure now don't text my phone lady and try to explain arrayed, you have a terrible attitude. Young lady I've told you over and over. It is a thin line between confidence. In delusion occasion there were calls you are delusional. I don't know who gas up and told you to do a sum. A celebrity. I don't know who gas you haven't you did you I d dope? I don't think anyone ever told you these things. I just truly Billy Did you hear voices in your head and they are telling you these things,
but let me know right now at voice in your head of the devil and the devil is a white Eliah. Ok, you're, not famous you're infamous, is the difference you and nodded the rapporteur. In fact, you are trash, garbage rubbish, waste debris, junk scraps and would have a synonym day after trash. Doesn't your browser, but I can deal with you in the trash ass rap. But I can't deal GB you, the trash ass, personal came, a gram, always told me, man isn't take you a money, won't she put away. You want to be treated You need to learn these things. Ok, because she now was calls was trying to get into some club and early and about the did his job and didn't let her in because the bounces job to keep all the potential threats at the club, and he must have felt your energy because he didn't let this dog she now where's calls in the club and when she was denied she winced full blown privileged entitled white girl S here
we are now waiting for away the long way the web and wait you get in here with you. Security, loves the holdout, whoever the big head cuz. I insecure about Mimi foreigners! No, causes Lifely, I'd, always violence autonomy, which you know why cause needs you it up or you can tell you who have never been pointing face, Chanel known in point in the face
well when you know it is threats, violence, you move along different. Ok, you can't tell me you don't hate, is warming and not think dsl. Somebody, please slap right. She deserves a light, drags a light. When my thing is this of opposing his hand put on them and they still act integration, no one calls acted with their bound to comply with that. You understand the consequences of our actions. She now to realise our real things can get as why she talking so reckless arising delusional bought her talent, she's delusional, bought her level of fame and she's. Clearly delusional about her gangster. And one good as women would bring her back to reality at least about her next occasion, You realize a bad attitude can literally block love blessings and destiny from finding you are, I'm not dies great awaiting the dispensary, which our attitude and probably one of the reasons you haven't, succeeded outside a ridiculous. Ok, the only true disability in life is about. Attitude and you should know, are spiritually and emotionally disable Arright Chanel about.
Attitude is like a flat tire you won't get far and how you change period. Listen to your uncle Charles! You know, I'm telling you what you need not trying to insult you. Okay, one or two things going to happen to you either going to change your attitude and become a better more likeable person won't make you a better rapper. Who cares about being a good rapper? You need to be a good human being. If you don't change your attitude, option will be as watch a video of you on lagging beat up. I preferred option two of you. You think I pray, you choose option. One item, Whilst the moment we see online would probably be about. You are right. Please give been Gordon Ancient know what caused the sweet sound at him don't believe you I e g yeah
as we know, have a girl. No, it will be up to that. When I was about to say something broken, do not anybody. Perhaps I should know West Coast. I wait for someone to go to jail. For a situation where I get in the way of what Gaga plan for Brown do not do that. We will not encourage God, let God do his work. Who are you to be jumping in the way of any way of ours? It? Nobody listen, don't get too self interest. I'll get in the way of a gun at amendment. No seven women in a couple of things. We do not remember those type with the chief do drink I'll when the old now just don't drink. I think that's fine Don't let me do a drink in the direction of a section. The guy over there to whoever wanted to could get it right w they are resident, love a hip, how we have never had a different being. Then I guess I've been ok to bid our reality tv. Now. Actually you have
Oh god, oh god, just Alameda you for a nice subway. Yes, if you need advice when eight hundred five eight five one o five one call us about some people in my dams and are now saying that they need advice desperately. So call us up right now for ask IE is describe the Breakfast Club Elizabeth S, energy is the brain is not, and that was a notorious b. I d, which you see, right now we are doing ascii and we have crystal on the line and you're. Ok, The thing is ok MA am, I may have been gathered for seven years and their merry for three and on he went off at Berkeley one off her about it. When we are about a baby, he worked. When these now he doesn't work and when do you any more, he works now for the government to government the county Dryden Birth, it, but now he wants the work for the government of bankers each job he had of always with good thing. We were made to him with the job application,
everything, but now he wanted Gaza, the county The government job you up. What are you a custom application is very difficult he's looking at me to do the application and I'm trying to find a home, but I cant log application. I don't wanna, do the application and get a walk out, I'm only a woman printed at a hotel, but I dont know how to do that location was does, and I'm only this, I'm only there, ok, because clearly mind. You ve already got into jobs, so don't down Yes, I'm a lot of the way I got a lot of down down your intelligence and they have don't get overwhelmed binding in nature and not good enough to first of all fact. There you been the one holding him down really like those jobs that you got is really what you the earlier you now, even though you an adding amateur it is like anything there. My boy, do. I always try to help amount as much as possible, because I went to write
You think I don't want to do what I do want to do it. I don't want to mess it up and you don't get the job because of me he should be doing it with you, Eddie! Let you go. I said there is the whole thing for him right, is it in doing at which you ve done it with me boy, you he's night, we need somebody out, there would have like. I can't I don't know how to develop legation. I re listened Isabel. I know how difficult it is to have never seen this application. By do you know somebody that can come and help ya, because you know way sometimes what I will help me home. They have we could or whether they have recorded. They tell him about the job in helping with application, and I'm telling you how lucky We quarter a bite. You just want to do it in my not let me hear you. I just want to ensure that you have the best possible chance at getting this giant q and what you need to do is go ahead and clodagh recruited yours health and make it happen goes I the union now go and turn it down when is happening when you like, ok, baby,
go due to his grave fiery, because when I could just that I said ok, I gotta go to the airport yourself at somebody that you have cut them off the thirty like hey. Do you know what I can do to get my lord? He by all make sure you you have cut them not appear here they worker now might but what you gotta pay em off the mark. You don't think I know the difference between the two arms of the life. I think they have now like we're auguring yeah. I think that you guys above gesture that about this opportunity, because obviously you want him to get a really badly. He wants to get it really badly and sometimes we don't talk to each other and treat each other well. When we get a little stressed on nervous about something so as important for you got to have that positive energy and to make sure that you're supportive of him, but for him to also acknowledge the fact that you are going well above and beyond, and I want to ask you something crystal cuz, I don't like how you see what I'm just the room attended? You'll. Do it?
these applications in doing this for him, why don't you do it for yourself too? Oh my darlin, why I wanted to make sure Charlemagne is there, because I read his book and his book literally, I see myself as more, but I'm very self, conscious and I read his book physically and then I will listen to it. While I'm at Work- and I have the audible and his book made me at my job for promotion, political, I will be denied me and they deny me because I wanted at the got emailed you about the data, mainly because the spanish and then I just one and I made my applicant my liver made better for life supervisor position and our money. People via the provision for more gradually ends Thank you. Thank you. Then you know I bet there's nothing wrong with you. Would be enormous, nervous. Ok, sometimes we feel that we should then be, but when we have grave
things happen in our lives and we get the low nervousness. Is there's nothing wrong with that. We all nervous, no matter who you are or no way like. I'm only methanol like a really good for me. Why I messed up and don't be afraid to an open market or anything. In life? Ok, I'm learning, I'm doin it, though I hope someone they have been, hopefully make him listen to a later. I understand it is not that I want to help. If you don't want to mess up- and I want I want the best for both of Us- how cable Whatever is meant to be will be, and you just all you can do is do your best to make things happen. That's all that's all I have so far. Member even use the old man. Even if things don't work out the first time that don't mean is over keep going every bathing gates hall. Yes, the first time everybody to get their job of the fairies time. Ok, here I got it right.
Congratulations to you! No thank you die or tragic, crystal for read my book. Like privilege, Opportunity It also created and go picked it up. Where you buy books now in our where it was still in the middle of asking of you, wanna ASCII anything collar now. When you and your father, five one or five ones, you need a vice about anything. Let me rephrase did not ask her anything from you device about anything right is the reference to back this club, and we are doing ask you now. What do we have underlined? Jasmine jasmine was our growers. Your question to ask you ok so leave and leave me husband, we'd, go right up kid. Might that kid Anna, my door, my son, don't I've been now a lot more in school. Now we ll hurt her mom come and see her and everything that has been bad. Her mama and her about shoe. You, though, opponents had her back and forth between two now she likes that, then, am I question that you ve been acting cushions being error.
And really we shall be sure, because every time she come she disappeared coming up. If you got the keys, why am I here? Well, maybe the lobby and etc Ray and that's a hard thing when you have an apparent that is in and out of the child's life and then when they do show up as exciting for the daughter. But then, when she's gone it makes things even worse than when the mother was there. But I will say that I do think is pour into Chad, as I guess, she's nigh willing to establish notes, hyper routine, and now we we tried endless big money. She doesn't get along with me, though we like acts. Do you want at this end hard? grandmother and you guys meet up like that anything. They tried try not to cause so much of the scene when it had them on Ebay don't shall com and then to be five o ten o clock notion school the next day thought cry and late at night
and then we have to pick up the pieces and she seven. So she knows her mom. She knows. I'm not her birth mom and it's you know, and she knows that you guys love her, but no matter what for a child, you don't know how that can affect them. Those. Of abandonment, those feelings of somebody not do on their promises and Vienna lag. My mom just doesn't want me all you can we do is be as supportive in loving as possible and I'm sorry, your husband is as well, but you see I'm at all, but I I me personally Vienna a woman in a mom round. One heights established there. With my mom is jumping on the hollow the coming up, I don't want her to be. Did the point you around in a marriage, divisional abandon you now yeah, I think. Well, maybe you need to do is, and I do this, is there a girlfriend that had an issue like that as well? Where you know she
a daughter and the Father would always be saying he was gonna, come and see her and bring her presence and never show up at her daughter would be sitting about a window on thy waiting for her dad to show up, and he just went to show up, and he did that like multiple times, but she still kept trying to get it is he. I am sure the mom is now willing to go into any type of counselling or anything parenting counselling or nothing. No sheep, with mine down our previous court, each region painful to build up the depression We had an idea one night by their own yard, and you also know one later in life. Are the man to be like what China see you, but they wouldn't. Let me gleaming you now It is man when the mom is not reliable. You know, maybe not tell your daughter, she's coming and then, if she does show of gray and if he doesn't, she ll never noticed she was supposed to come at all oh great year. I mean I can't I know a sex, but I also agree with you of not wanting to deny them the right to see her daughter, but you don't want your daughter to get her
sat, and all you can do is to her like she's. Almost I'm sure you do already now give the floor. You just be as loving to her as you possibly canopy as understanding. Let her know anything. She must express Yoshida. Always talk to you about a letter, know that not her fault there. Mom acts like this is their mom has issues that has nothing to do with her again. You know by our. Is not tell her and then at the man does show up. Oh my god, surprise, and if she doesn't then you never know she was supposed to be there in the first place here. I am so sorry to hear that, hopefully she could get it together cause. I don't understand how anybody could shoot their child like that, all the hotline really. I don't know the guy and a guy for you yeah. I re there is asking ye now again, you can always call this.
We do this every Wednesday and Thursday or you could always email me help me. Ye a Gmail dotcom. Now you are removal community, yes, and we have a surprise gas calling ends that prize anymore, but Bruno Myers is gonna, be on the phone with ass. Any has a big. Inasmuch ass, a nice big night for him, I'm not excited about the failure by the brutal must never border lasted a breakfast club, so I don't give a damn bundle funky ass phone- hopefully he was somebody would arise, beast We're busy. I care lies. Oh you privy to lay the odds are not even though you are ever have seen Bruno more than this building in Vienna in the lobby of this building coming to visit somebody out what am I right, Burnham eyes, but I guess you will be held while this morning, but we're still, I talked to him right. I guess I went to his first show every New York City, the first time ever performed anyway. He's disagree, perform words. I was a girl, never been reference clear. That's it right,
breakfast Kaboom eyes up next for Roma Report Breakfast, mining is the breakfast club. We got Bruno Mars on the line. Bruno Moon, Do you wanna balls boost mobile manufacturers out our will you go out there and surely right now openly, You don't have to show off and tell us where you as the moment me through the night. We know you get money, that's allude to all your Grammy nominations. Tools are created, the Eureka about they're gonna, stop at this point at our work on the tab on the fact people conference showed nominated he. He also one fives soldiering towards better Romeo, one of the essential not only in the leg into another. You know what we know: damage Rob Bruno criterion of a visitor breathless.
A bulgarian even very early in two five, and I haven't had a week off over years, my pool. And every night down there and oh by the way you don't need no introduction your Bruno MOSS around going anyway. There was a nice big names addiction. Now. What are you Bruno? I've always wondered at our Norway Matthew. That would you come you boys, your nationality, you could I googled it goodwill that every time I go a little bit, only then that comes up with the Shoney's Mass got back. Congratulations often, I love that
you came to the polar bear to do your first television special Bobo spokeswoman. Although our group was ultimately Paolo, abandoned before American Idol economic competition, you don't feel proud of your father and agitated girl. You know I had the materiality of were greeted him. I bear them and in life with confidence, where'd, you go there. If you kill it filled the Harlem audience. Will let you know what he's got a blow it you get there. Why don't you give us a new damn right very, and and it's gonna wanna want, and it would be much easier for me to decide that they want to be able to perform I wanted to be something new and special and hopefully make a little more internet, for you was at home and your policy.
The old man who goes I walked in the building of the man who had to be major rubbed along absolute were not Bruno, be out of which you man, I will have you did you call from Chile, but I'm not going on his only like, like I want to talk to you. Gonna rather talked you face to face. I hate phone calls good I'll, be out? I'm happy, you call what I'm I'm like. I don't wanna talk them over the phone. When I say I'm excited to watch special. You are definitely- and I can't when no hesitation, I think, unanimously people with one of the greatest entertain is that we have right now. The art thou know he buried in Amarian, which you good I'll. Do it The japanese ourselves, you always their brutal, not by library either. Well, three then performer concluded that you're better than my girl bono, Arabic, all tell you guys
Bruno. Did that you better Miguel I'm not a man on the wonderful yes, because I don't like all of you what I'm up there, but I wouldn't go what about them he's. Gonna, there are millions on about me ass. It pays I'll, kill you Bruno by now have a good day? Ok, I'm tired of talking you under the war in Iraq, and we do see when you come back to New York and anyone know let everyone knows about special lighted, the APOLLO ten o clock on Libya. Pbs are there you go as we know you getting money when you get on the White Network like CBS, was music special, congratulations, You Rona uprooted textile, my brother I don't have interest in talking to people who never been to the show when Bruno come to the show to me, and him can have a real conversation, giving us a little funky phone call.
I write were an update for you about Matt Lauer. Now we told you earlier that he was five from the today show were now we have more news about it from page six now the sources told pay six that he sexually allegedly sexually assaulted. Athena embassy staffer during the Olympics. The staff has not yet been named. She does wish to remain anonymous, but you complain to her buses and that's what prompted them to move fast and fire? Him said there were rumours about that, having affairs with subordinates at NBC for years, but those are believed to be consensual. This incident in Rio was not that was according to the source would make sense. Only sit in NEO Times was a room Adobe putting on article about him sooner. Yet they actually said they were several outlets that have all kinds of information. About him that they were planning to put out as sometime soon there were numerous
More is news outlets working on stories about his alleged sexual ms kind? I have no problem with the long investigation is thorough job, a good that a thorough investigation, because the way it was reported initially was really know anything about the complaint came in Monday night Wednesday morning, filer lagged, we I'm glad to know that they actually that a thorough investigation by apparently they bemoaning knowing about it type of misconduct. For some time now- and I guess this just kind of put the icing on the cake bank will see, as you can see it throughout the day, I'm sure more updates vote. A man of whose I've all you do that their achieved, I hope to chalk. It was keeping your nose clean. If you didn't buy by an amount of the latest, isn't gonna change the culture of that end. Revolvah die via Wax Menezes uprising there, all the things that women have to deal with, I always say like people act like is so equal, but women really deal with a lap that sometimes the only must on and efficacy allotted
women. That was deaf a decade the music industry is like. That is what is known as our guide all day. You read them necessary delegation and resolute copied. All we want them saying, as already stated is gonna be Edison. There has been a lot of aid is about to happen. Allay reap too is going of yours timing. I re well is your room, a report and again thanks to Bruno Mars for colonies. That may show ya check him out to night. I CBS I'm his dress at the APOLLO everybody Rebecca by we're not going We demand that we will be back I'm right envious comin up next to people's tradesmen's? Alvin envy should be allowed to make money goes on the gang listen. I got all women and men will die during its ITALY. Talk learnt anything whatever we all your bobo. I, for one will dated Mozart abruptly club illustrates mix up make now
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