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Thursday 10/3- Today on the show we had future Florida Governor Andrew Gillum stop by, where he gave us the updates on his campaign and more. Also, we had king of the south T.I pull up on us, where he spoke about his new album, curating trap music, and did you know he skipped out on signing Drake? Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to yet another Florida Man who tried to buy someone's daughter at Walmart and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should, say home to lower the risk for every one more info, it on a virus stock of. Let's all do our part because we're all Tad alone, together brought to you by the odd council, allow this rambert and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect. Guess what my part gases back and that's a win for everyone if you're a long time, listen to the show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light anytime. I contain multitudes find the wrong burgundy bar gas on the eye, hard radio, app apple pie.
Guess or where ever you get your pride ass. Well ass, the mother during the captain, I only want to remain vigilant Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO good morning, easily mining these Andy Charlemagne. Yes, it's
they good morning I need ended a week already man. What am I gonna do where, but I need, I need a weekend you on Monday this week, I'm thinkin about ended. He is already October. It is the way to the weighty fly by next. We gotta be things, give it and then it will be present inevitably new year than they'll, be back it no one at all over this all creeping up escaping a pretty nice, I meet every single last vacation day toward I've got a lot going on. Mobile comes out October. Twenty third millennium, bookshop went anxiety. Playing tricks on me a lot of tv show them producing things very nature, so I'm gonna any bank egg. I waited, but I'm gonna enjoyed a vacation. After all, that is it allows hurricane it. That's good for you cuz that my hurricane doesn't stop by. So I got so much going on, but it's a good thing I'm excited about it. I'm excited about my first car show, which is something that's amazing. I didn't think it was this much work. I just think you got you just get the venue and just get some cars, but I'm realizing. It doesn't work like that, so
So I go alone, but it's gonna be a lot of fun. If you want to see your favorite celebrities, Dr Cardy, be fifty see it. I believe now does swiss beads Rick Laws is so many people are gonna, be involved. We got junkies forget this can be a dope family base. If you get a chance kitchen tickets, have it right that com its November third in New Jersey, it's an indoor arenas, so you'll have to worry about rain. You don't worry about whether we can have a lot of fun there. D Charlemagne hasn't give me his call yet so here is in its ultra. I gotta to the other four catalogue of Calais with three Didn't ninety nine thousand two hundred and seventy six miles on it. Ok, don't drug it'll, be ok, no say loves it, and why you mean you can't take a breath. You could take a break. You gotta take meets Hombre. Everybody has to take me to himself.
Is very important to write your absolute right out of our hard work and you gotta takes obvious, but the problem is as after all the stuff tat I do, then you got a guy five kids and I got one kid S into football. So it's always for policies and, if he's out of a bomb, take him to a game that I get the kids at play fly football. I wondered Axel, it's always moving Watson. I enjoyed on that complaint. I join is out of it. Yeah me too would have they work, you nothing, I'm just being daddy and airport. I gotta do I do it s going to be a little wood overdrive has, as its show up on the pearls. Who drive for a ragged bullies you? It was a mortgage. Put us all new dogs movies, Easy Hagen Mining Emmi, which should have a blackened approaches of black and approaches. Oh yes, I did. I black enterprises pie CAS, and that was with Africa means you near. We were just talking about budgeting when how important that is in a black enterprise. The fairy SAM I talked about being in crazy, serious debt and how I got out of it and actually started learning had to invest with it can be intimidating for people if they have a huge amount of debt looming over them.
Bright, but you gotta confronted pace on, and then I was saying- and I were black youngster yesterday again. Well, he did the package already literary, so he was with us as though we dollars as well so shouts everybody. You know how to find out what the next day is open at the juice. Finally, did wealth wednesdays, but I want to bring one into the people. Are the real estate with adjusted talk about real estate and had a got started, how they got in it with no money to some nice for the people had any gray, we are gonna, be doing everything Wednesday. Let's get you wanna aka our internal agitated juice bottle to seventy seven Malcolm X, Bolivia in Brooklyn Nokia, and if they get a juice and any Ma Ma, I call it my my cleansers juicy. It was called the one I like so much. The Greeks is going to do to you. Juice admiration due to my favorite. Hence our I will ask it to show crack in this morning edge Gilad will be joining us. Yes, Andrew Guillaume, you, the democratic nominee for governor. Any data Florio bitter first black governing state of Florida ever less right on. In his look
really good for him? No, when in november- and you know we ve been support and Andrew, Ah, yes, last Abner, absolutely and all oh see, I will be in a building around this. Come about this Friday to unofficial governor of georgian enthusiasms should be the official governor of Georgia next next month. Is the king itself is the king in his right? So what can one of the kings of vague us? I will give you a two year as well as the show crack in front page knows what we talked about once a day is the day brat cabin. I will find out what is going to happen as his fate will be on the line about this. Her sexual assault. Situation, but Cassim Glassy boy was how you? What will you do me? Let what we're gonna be look appointed. I d write em, we gotta talk about them yeah. I gazed with Cuba locked the breakfast locomotor. Everybody is D, J, envy age, Lee Charlemagne Guy, we are, the breakfast club was gained. Some front page news: now: congratulations: three Yankees! The Yankees led the S last night. Seventy two way of lump there. They moved to play off. They play the Red Sox tomorrow,
night. Many one, seventh of congratulations to all the Yankees Yankee Fans for Africa, daughter? Lamentably, alligators awhile correspond to make to make sure that they can move tax rounds. I watch baseball it. We can tell I told Ya- gonna die out of Alabama. I enjoy baseball our more whereby those on steroids thousand great game Judge Judge cracked, one whose great patient it was. It was built game, so hopefully reverse Boston Ass the morning now in birthright for last night, the call to take all the New England Patriot so forcing a lot going on. Next ambrady our, nor do the real video, but him in his son was dancing the code. I black on Instagram, now someone The day I looked real. Could he was saying? Yes, we played there. They now we gotta get the three into and code. I blackened flame, Antonov Tom Ready, listen in the corridor black for rail, but it really look good on video laugh. What else is ultimately Emma happy birthday tissue ratio? She's listening to, right now in her eye. Radio app is her birthday. Today goes right. Let's talk about what happened in South Carolina,
said Terence Caraway was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead after an hour, along stand off ass, they were actually responding to what was happening at someone's home and the officers went there. Not knowing the fire power that the suspect had and when they showed up. There was a stand off that started when they tied to execute a search warrant. One police officer was killed off his attentions caraway and six others were wounded during that stand off. They have yet determined what was happening? Why you open fire and right now? don't know the conditions of all of the other officers who were wounded after guns will legal or if they were illegal, grocery no managers. They haven't mentioned any of that, yet they have never released the suspects name at it. The continued saw he might be wasting the need to alive. Yes, he's dead,
barricaded himself in the home. If they haven't got it yet yeah, they have to get all the wounded officers to safety, and all of that, so I Donald Trump tweeted out. My thoughts and prayers are with inside with the Florence County Sheriff's office and the Florence Police Department. Tonight in South Carolina. We are forever gave a way out for what our law enforcement officers rest in peace to the middle fallen, cops cobble cups. It, was one, can we gotta run as wounded publisher improves, our candidate was killed. All carved, though, would the guy was shot. Him had to be whiter there, leave? The name is dollar. We don't know the raised by an translated about, we don't know the race, but you know is I ain't got no one knew him being called a large one would accept it. We had not taken by everyone that would simplify power just assume, but I'm gonna take these battles as they do that bet non immature big wheedle, bogey bread. What does is only now, let's discuss Cavanaugh considerate.
Is the day that they will determine whether or not he will go on to the Supreme Court or an that's. So his fate will be on the line again today, as they are doing how background check and revealing what we got from that that was compiled by the FBI and that's after Christine Glassy Fort accused him of sexual assaults another. Then that's gonna be an issue as on Anderson Cooper, one of his former yell roommates James rose actually said, The cabinet was lying now, according to his former roommate, you said we were in a room together. I bet with ten feet apart for a couple of months, and what struck me and made me more interest and speaking out about is not only did I know that he was in telling you know the truth. I knew that he knew tat. He was in telling the truth and that, in regard to the extent, of his drinking, so the main thing is they have to figure out whether or not he lied under oath.
You want to take this bed was the bet they're Cavanaugh goods. In a dozen get it was with which wanted to get in the union and absolutely could you got you a tough line, because three of the Republicans I not decide a you know what I'm gonna do. I think is going to depend on what's in these reports on the FBI, and we haven't heard data on all move forward That is an election year. It is so they put him in they noted is gonna affect the Republicans during its election cycle. So I don't know. I really don't think debating it in. I would, I forbid, gives why people at this point mullah Lemme period, an atmosphere, swing the other way and say you know what you're gonna be my interest, Protein Shakespeare, Roger, I beg of you- I mean you know, Madam President, and president, his back and tat of Meda having the president may each make things out under Union in Dhaka, a job better produce it right? Well, that is your front page news. Now, when we come back at you
we'll be joining as governor of Florida. Yes, he you have run up a governor of lorry other geographers black governor of Florida ever an election. Somebody? Suddenly, yes, but you can actually see the new early ballast neighbourhood you're ready to devote talk a lot. I saw kick him when we come back door. Is to breakfast club the morning the breakfast envy, Angela YE shall amend God, we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess into building that one in four gun and are you the democratic nominee for governing data floor and you didn't eggs govern all their own Mansour respect, madrigal on edge appreciate their solemn? You not think is that Hampton hate, nobody around since these values whole coming week.
It's all good, that down there, but I think that that is not my. My temper arrive mail would let you have a go mornin, Lady Angela? How are you gonna mining area? You I'm excellent. Eighty four November six Surely you know what I'm ready now, because yesterday over two million ballots were mailed into homes all across the state of Florida. Election day is a myth, is like election moth, we're we're stump and all across state Laura, you know you will remember this from when we were here previously. I was little, They had no money, retailing, my way, all across the state of Florida, as a little e games if it was said in Paypal, fire people, twenty People we were, there is grown a lobbyist since that time, but it was that kind of hustle that I think made it possible for us to win or did Andrew, given you right now to make his campaign shrunk ran right now I've got to tell you, we need your votes and now they're been what eight or nine poles are conducted in.
Data flora. Since I won the nomination we ve been leading in every way. Tell them, and I died. I've seen its share on social media and talk to get them got this. That kind of thing listen, the only that matters is the one on election day as a right, and so, if you are a Floridians, you got until October nine to register to vote every body if you are legally allowable in its unfortunate my state about one point: seven million can't vote because have felony convictions, but we try to work on repealing that, but you, if your Billy allowable you have to October ninety get Register, Devoe beyond that, I would say if, if you got five ten twenty five hundred dollars a so into the campaign, a visit us an answer, give him to come and make a contribution. We can't run these races, the Republicans already put in You know this weekend alone. They had an event that raise four million dollars right for their for their guy. They put.
In million already on television, all in negative attack adds against me Cistus, I see a bronze is experiencing the same thing down a Georgia against our opponent. I met at the same is true for been jealous up in Maryland, and so in order for us to be able to fight back in order for us to define ourselves before they define us, we have to have the resources to go about. Television. Do Digital! Do radio, and all the others that I only this campaign overtime and let you have absolutely- and I will tell you mad pollys more powerful, come from Ya'Ll as a challenge. Right, like democracy is not a spectator sport, you can't get out. Wrap about and talk about an tweet about all of these issues at a confirming our communities, wage inequality, as are less than many people, can vote. That's right at another thing ray and so
if you one of those one point, seven billion in my stay who were unable to vote and you got a family member, a relative, a cousin, you gotta vote for them. We gotta get. We gotta landed system better, so that we get the outcomes that we want. We all want safer, more secure communities, but we also want to make sure that folks had the ability to earn a wage where they can t get themselves and their families. So They don't need a it'll make that choice to go back into a life of criminality handled it anyway. I can't work. What am I gonna do to get money? Well, I added almost do something illegal cause. I can't work well if people are dry with this. Is that the point which is we got of reduce the opportunity for people to make that choice, and I think part of reducing them,
opportunity, assaying, look as I did as Mayor Tallahassee. We banned the bags. We don't ask about your criminal background history unless answering, yes is disqualified for the position. So what we said is don't ask the question on the application measure the person by their merit. Are they qualify? Can they do the work? Do they possess? The scales, if so, welcome in our government of what we ve observed, is that these are some of the hardworking people that we get one. For us. I we got more, would Andrew dilemma. We come back, don't move to breakfast locomotive the breakfast morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast Club Andrew Guillemots, into building showing governor Guillaume measure course now received that parliament are you prepared for all the dirt that is about to be thrown on your name the next couple of well, it's already started, I mean you will know this that the day after I won my nomination in my opponent wins nomination. He went on Fox NEWS and basically said to the people of the state of Florida. Don't monkey the state of
the monkey. No don't like this data voting. You know four four from me and it's only Ino gotten yet a worse since the nomination of messages that all of it I mean that the NEO Nazis did dub Robo calls into the state with jungle music. In the background me, listen we're not going to let the race for Governor one of the most diverse states in America, the third largest taking all of America become about the color of my skin become a divisive tool that you weapon eyes, race and my cautionary point to my opponent has. Is that when you do that, while you may have some reason, a logic, you know a your minds, their people out there were. Your followers were willing to take these things than they
level we saw, and and and and and and Charlottesville the weapon easing of race and how that can impact communities and a real dangers. Violent sense right, and so you running for governor, let's less compete off the merits of what our ideas are, but the problem is he ain't offering any and therefore they are you get a result to name calling erase baiting as a way to compete in this and in this election and would not interested in that the people of floated deserve better Donald Trump, though a shadowy. Don't get plenty of new retweet issue. It is not only did congressmen round Santos easily windy republican primary. What his opponent November's his biggest dream of failed Socialist marinate Andrew kill him
who had allowed crime and many other problems to flourish in his city is not. Will Florida want man will listen you due notice. He did not at me in that too many and at times they put it out there, but where they want to come for me. Well, the president once again is demonstrating delusion the mayor of the city. There right now is experiencing a five year low in our crime rate, and we also accomplish that by arresting fewer people. What do you think about damage and saying that he scared where the men because of this need to movement S incredible, and I don't mean that in a good way. You know this is when being Donald Trump as president of the United States becomes really dangerous, because there are people out there, sexual assault, victims and other wise who take on you know real trauma when they hear the sitting press of the United States. Basically say I'm worried but the boys
you know in his household, then some of the really are for in it and more than that violent treatment that comes towards women. Atmosphere. Now, I'm not asking for any other processes to be truncated. I think everybody has served deserves their fair hearing on, but what we can do is excuse really bad behavior. What we want for our boys is to be better boys. What we want from our girls are to be the best they can be, and we will support it as a father too. Daughter and as a dad to two sons, I'm not raising my kids to be violent actors. S not behaviour that I consider to be acceptable and certainly not excusable. The presence of the United States is supposed to help to put a mirror to the country and in some ways be. A more companies are present is in the gutter, he's an impasse
this may not just to himself but to the rest of the nation that open a given. We know you gotta go so ready condoning when alone, if they found it anything going on behind the scenes that we don't know about like dirt. On your life, bread, when your family, like we see you standing here looking strong and poised would have everything everything is good. My we note thank, thankfully, a prayer for person near my wife and I pray Lastly, in unceasingly over our family that all will be well, we have had to increase security because of some of the income. They don't tell me most of these things. I just notice that everywhere I go there a lot more law enforcement officers and I notice that their patrols out of my house and am hopeful that those of just precautionary things, have to happen, because you know we're running for governor of the third biggest eighth note in all of America and run is thirty. Five days are going to be extremely challenging days, and I won't recognize myself after all the commercials that they were about me and my family in the things that they spread, but I'm really cool
that the way that, with the reasoning that doing all these things that their terrify that they are about to lose their stranglehold on power. If we keep pace with what we are doing it, people keep showing up. People keep boating. I people participate in the process. We will win this race and will not put the state of floating on the trajectory of changing this nation I'm twenty twenty as radical change that crazy ass data. Flawed, oh, come on man and govern again what I say: go donate their campaign crazies yoke of coming now Joe. I love new Yorkers. Then another biogas covenant state on the website again Andrew Yolanda com. That's Andrew G, L, L, you in Dakar, plutonium with Alan; that's right! It descends whatever whatever you gotta go. Do every bit helps you all right less. When we take you for joining us again, my honour Andrew girl is the breakfast locomotive, reckless club,
This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. I rather Babby smote his mother says that he will be released by November. One needs when he said that was also the year that they said he would be expected to be eligible for parole. Instead of initially it was twenty twenty two. He was an originally sentence for six to seven years, but because of the days Eddie Sir, prior to the centre, thing, that's how it will be twenty twenty, so four November twenty twenty years can be election time presidential election to come. I run into you run into them off what a time right now get under way, while at election stuff our right now designer I got into an exchange with one of her heckler. I don't have any sort of fact, as he wasn't the show, but then he was also heckling. Him now see if you can hear, What happens in this exchange?
I can hear what? So my legs alleged future yosemites kept calling him a future rip off all during the show with reliable and that's when designers swung on him. What we want to make, as you do, sell a huge line, is our future egoism review with a design it? What is the zip was a future of design a show of Future Shoah who show he was always performing well, he had learned, or was it is opening out. I just know was his show our narrow stage, not throughout the shell. The person kept calling him a future reports, I don't know design is on my shoe John. Every regularly deadly sounded like shoe job head and I guess it yet performing and having a good time and somebody's is ten alike to harass you and echo you Anna mom showed a sort of yours, I'm sure. That's the only issue I write,
now. Let's talk about Damon away and you guys, like a lethal weapon. Well looks like he's not doing their show anymore, so won't matter to you is what he had to say. I'm going to be quitting the show in December after finish, the initial thirteen. So I really don't know what they are planning, but that's what I'm planning did? I say that working sixteen days, God They re their way out of this shows over, but I know I'm Heath guided We have got law money, never where money is oh Jimmy, and I think that is now having fine like doing this. Guy's remember: there's been all kinds of issues, his former coastal Clank, Rafferty and issues with him. He said that he had to stand TAT made him get an injured, and he said that he was mean and intimidating onset and that he liked to make women cry and that staffers word refer to Crawford as an emotional terror
with a man? Retirement age? Is a income island and Dame away from four gauges? Oh no, a diabetic Morgan, sixteen other day for what I derive cake. Why wraps it my ad nauseam with now? Let's flashed back to a story that happened at Machine Gun Kelly, that is When allegedly machine gun, Kelly's bodyguards beat up and Acting Gabriel G Ride Rodriguez, if you guys remember, he earned rebooted it now, it all started in Atlanta. They said that machine gun, Kelly and and people with him were in a bar when the actor came up to him with his phone out and started, recording and saying that, while his body and I must say that it has to be said. He earned it here, and you know that media was the wrong, so he was upset with machine gun Kelly for his people. Eminem and bearing in mind I enjoy and basically what he said was your vagina for family Talkin about wrote, machine Gun, Kelly, addressing Eminem daughter, then two hours later accordingly,
He rightly said he was walking toward a Hampton in right by the by That's when he noticed Machine gun Kelly and his crew hanging outside they tore a bus and according to G ride, he says that they then jumped him. Oh that's what his claims? I will now they were alone had believed they have released at surveillance, video where they do so one bodyguard guide whose actually slamming him, and then everybody does Japan is our punting and kicking they might want just like that. Nobody, Oliver, yesterday's, please I now investigating the or no and he says they dropped the lawsuit, though, if we both sign waivers and me an active on and go man to man without whom or weapons. So do I says I'm not gonna sue you if we can go in there, Take that you want to roll balmy com. You vagina my faith and lamentable. Madame la business had nothing to do with you. You won't take this law. Twenty six. Forty lot, apology, bs, clean energy, came to go on with brown Elsie noise. You here is, of course, education, bread by gay area.
Maybe that age Iraq determinants than you think I'll get well soon got hardly call. You said I waited everything's gonna be ok. Sitting was designed around four swinging, somebody for calling him a knock off you two. Yes, to his bays Norman Orgasm lottery acknowledged ass, that's designer debt and nothing to do with this. Do they had nothing to do with just a troll or Instagram, too felt we had nothing about design of felt offended and he felt like you one rattling on cool. I wouldn't have done and like that, without Vagina Commonwealth Communal by calling you know, I don't know you has nothing to do with you. You just want to give you ok, oh I m m o another levelled at the only thing is that with these ideas than you do, guess and then you do end up spending a lot of money and time is. Industry will have to learn battling to starboard vain people's privacy sub in vain people's praises, something you can talk to anybody, Emmi, O Connor. We would know consequences replica of which you are what we think we live. I write a letter to president came car dash in now her bodyguard that she have ass. You
the Paris, if you guys remember the one that was with her when she got the jewellery stolen in the six point, one million dollars were the jewellery her insurance company had to pay for that were now Kim. Kardashian insurance company is suing that company that the bad guy workforce as well and the body guard, and that's because they said he didn't follow port of call. They were all kinds of things he didn't do. There are a number of security breaches in the hotel. They said the bodyguard did not correct those breaches. Those things included the front gate to the cart courtyard of the hotel with me the laughing intercom, whether what we're gonna do a billion dollar bills and showed a jury they can sue. You would have to have security saying that, with that the body I didn't take the necessary precautions. I should have taken and seeing a hotel. These things have been further, not oddly enough suing the hotel, but they are suing the security company, so they said it were negligent and they cause that robbery to happen. I right I'm Angela yea somewhat did you rugged felt now, look is good, and that is your room. A rebel and good governance is good,
People need learn, minded business. Having a little. Do you gonna concern, Ricky woken up, people you look, you big game differ in words. Have consequence everybody ably awkward stopper. You know how to people in a phase has consequences too and as could be financed, anything sometimes that Morocco line you come up to me. Well, Madame opposite above call me a bunch of a giant names and you expect me to say: ok, I have a nice thing mad or like that life dawdling another where life work that asnore reality. How right? Well, when we come back the king of the south will joining us tee. I we don't kick. You would see eye when we come back, don't own deftly, swung on a few feeble minded, likeable able, eventually able to buy a ways to breakfast global Mona and everybody is D. J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club that espresso guess in abroad and drove away, you know was gone: oh, firstly, by heavy belated birth, a happy man like you. Thank you, sir.
Feel was why the order of the magnitude need resigned to a we would happen as well. By need. Ok, I oh I mean you know. I mean just just to be quite honest with you. It's a distribution deal. You know, I'm saying, and I look at every more so is as a partner who knows, and I compensate them to fulfill. I need in my infrastructure yeah so that will meet at the purpose. Major labels, urban, twenty a market is deadly market marking a radio promo no Isaac called the doctrine is the truth and we see that attract museum. Music, music, that's alters about this museum autonomy, but I wasn't about it what s night, but that's not true. Go you within a late hour by north from sixty man, how they lose their holiday and our nightmare of rules, as we decision is just like. You know those destruction
I loved are allowed in a land of a five hour, admit what you gonna do. Did the arrive governs and then, now that I went over to edge would go in the kitchen barbershop Roquat Elamite was the detractors. It was a dream, tat, music, music revenue, that museum trap musing, as set out in the different we had a ball of those. You know I'm real proud of the reception and it's to celebrate all the the the most significant contributors to the culture. Man- and I mean because we had you- know a lot of back and forth about who did? What was I just felt like you know, it'll be best to just you know, offer the experience in and, and you know, celebrate the culture first come out because he s got a bag of Aarhus diatribe me becomes more open up a museum and show you you know
Brady about Yahoo has evolved. Is where the allotted time we specimens have bickering about the minutiae of things. The big pitches missed by big Tichium, a you know that we all came from Celebrate, indigo and weave turned into some positive changed course: live of our families of ill received the thing that makes trap music at they so so relevant. A Y Y reaches so many people in a way so diverse, because Drugs are synonymous with success in our society may is anonymous. We teach you your first low boost a success as anonymous. We, you know some of that. Things. You engage him when you are success, diagnosis, as always low will have a have irrelevancies aside? There will be a trap and allow the day is a trap that would be trapped, music to some degree.
The biggest drive in the world is America. One able to save himself was the firm, the with the obvious. You know, I heard it may The kid is now it may be areas of Africa and will you leaders. Mother is now introducing drew up to the market to get you out of you, make them Nor do I know you would get a trap in as good as great as good tribute, never really TAT Music museum, Oh man, there everyone has exhibits in in these exhibits kind of suit. The personality of the person I have my own exhibit Jesus has his own. Zip across has his own his gucci. His own is even change. His own is even Ergo. Future me goes Luigi three put their own stuff,
that they wanna put an evil? Some people did contribute artifacts nerves and lose. You gave us a jerry's off if UR video, I think it s. So later we can get a car right who Chang ate a coffin in Sri Lanka. I think, as I gave a Lotta mastiff do you have any our room and if there is a museum they have happy, but I wanna go along. Is we all need to be? There is always it was sustains, says you know, then it will be over. How would you explain it to somebody somebody's it? All your glorifying you known drug deal and celebrated drug coach out, you know when are glorifying, it was celebrating the fact that we survived in the week that week that we overcame it, not one of my favorites on the other, still ain't, forgave myself. I love that. Have you ever have you forgiven yourself for these things that you may have done that directly or indirectly hurt people
were you know what I have done is is may conscious efforts to try to do just as much to do to bring about just as much hope and prosperity is. I have pay their whereabouts block initiative is so be for me in my community has been over says you know I was. There came a memo, Argo. You know nothing at all the infrastructure we daylight, sixty sound, stay home. EL before market Greater Dana was LEO's, is aiming to my premiers was income. You really have to lie. You know tat this out. Would you guys been saying no use early on all at the weekend and opened his arms? I support the point of it was the would build, nice houses were low income families? Absolutely really. Maybe did the poor boy what we started off by a crack how's about ass, started out by how'd, you say a graduate n n n o we breathe
we have a refurbishment and but found his ill. I saw the matter. The two do you have it? I hate bow and totally refurbished was back a crack. Ass internally, candlelight were Deflate M laboulaye. Madam, you know no matter how much you that's. What I do is the Light Disaze, but if you really, you can, you can see who's a near, make sure you do good and if they now get him about it, you do all that man. You can maintain real real, like close eye on them. You could do that for eight hundred dollars a month.
Jane? You realize what you said. You had a dance. Have you have days impel airplane of waste in your head? How did that even come about as a failure and others candlelight was goin to shows you know Eagle, bear stage mean of the hammer. Will you don't after we're, gonna be able to give you go in and, like a five thirty, six thirty Anything- and you know the next dance I was like man did, that happened last night you know saint, and so maybe five or six times of those in a one of them was asking what it is. Residency heads, radio, we had a phenomenal. Even then, I think the last one was the roots pygmy failing,
so during that time you know we going from club to club at a bar to bar. When we go to clubs, you know I'm saying little hole in the wall. Shotgun bar we always played, and am I fancy saw in it. Data Yoda Palaver mood, though about meta name, you know what I want you to calculate. You know put it in perspective. Him, and so he knows his only an excuse to come to an end on one away. He came to the city we locked in the studio in you know their candidacies documented the conversation Ellison very eloquent moments of the day, and I was just a conversation from Ternata. Have you? I looked at him with a voice in you
He says that they are we got more, would see. I will we come back, don't move as the breakfast club component breakfast a J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Tat is in the building bleak. Does him at his person alive affect how you look at their music like we were discussing Congo earlier These statements that he's made on Japan, but savings, but then you laptop on the day before a total level. You put their battle. I talked to him the day before we didn't talk you to think about the whole world. This is a real normal, like I could tell he had been to Chicago. Take you dig Jose. Retorted was back the east I was I was. I was optimistic. We then we got if that form of renewal
the same old trick. Everything, because what is at stake there like when we have you got a common. Are you gonna do something to say something shock and I've got good, everybody talk and enough of it. I think if that were the case, he will see Hamleys. They didn't work before it is all about lather. Let this happen Diana come out, and I anyone who doesn't know thing- and I think that the about the measure of Kenya himself- oh thank those outing, those that didn't suffice in his manner so that, with the case you see this is way you know kept me from achieving kept me from door. What I feel I should have done. This is the only thing they Keller,
tarnish dead. Why would I do that again of my intention was to succeed. It is not a lot of people down there with that, because you know we want cutting aid to be once it is the first time you came, won't courier to be anything, but can you yes, then it and it is those. Can you buy a car you there? You judge the estimate, whether that is which you all to support you do. Sandwiches light will be essential. Just because you want him immediately mean, as dying people thought I was a different person. How do you like back as a card? Does why we're here for Asia? To conclusion, we been Jefferson gloomy, I had no expectations of anybody take. Would they gimme day by day, in that they would you gimme day by day. I would guess our next meeting like like we have waited for you, what time are beginning to see. We unawares like we're gonna do, but I might do some ill
I mean you know, but his son Mamma do even more damage, thereby thank you do to me even though the managers of at this point, as is our cattle road approaches and prepare for anything this boy. How much do you even know how to drive up and down the biggest thing that that would get you in trouble? Tipp would go from zero to sixty something more like a hundred sixty Blake, I mean I think it did that and that's another thing, man that I can kind of see that has changed in me. I kind of like ask myself, I kind of measure the the level of importance of a situation, How long will matter to me? I would add an Ex next year when the matter next month will remember next week. Ok, let's fastened
Do you know you? Obviously you ain't gonna. Do I do so much I stay, bees is going. It's like you know. Some marriage myself in the book is enough that dear to keep you distracted issued a hundred percent, so you gotta stay basis. They focus, but you got. Moments would abide Dignan MASH. Let me in your cousin grant around and get no dear has been debated with. May Muslims who you eat, though jaded Jackson S, room, negative Adele showed enough. You ever do about Bobby. This will not have our backs and champion a national Emmy standouts with police LAPD Inertia in no talking to suicide attempts. Attempts offer them a bit
and I was saying just all that kind of stuff before I put it laid out of crash out of a flipped over car the day after the LA standoff the very next day that next day off of Crenshaw car flipped over in front of my pull delay that Superhero in may be in here have been evangelize as another. Do you ever? Do you have a destructive yourself and timely manner? a white. My brown is men old man. I was a thousand a clean. Eight me clean eight adjustment, and I gave what how to download some nice man, listen man. I was a clean, a clean, they knew the nearby Ladys needs. You unease among a bank of us knew there was a clean me and I want to underline the dismantling of the who'd, genuine everyone,
The thing is about private, nor can invent me snitching internet in it. If I did it, I can't wait to broadcast eight million dollars. Do you think about the money that's not a lost you got about what way more let big about. I was there in the English or no work. In from our lives they made me pay for. You know I had to pee outside service to follow me around and Monica meeting I had I had to pay for round the clock. Security made me build a jail, that really Beale one would actually my hell, and they the pay em they didn't report to me about my comings and goings in whose coming to see me zones are yet to give money back my endorsements, late, hey
ye out again and went to bed. Then everyone attain the deal I'm expecting, which you owe me they will get their money back. That's how does a different kind of paying tax Didn't come all this work, this remedy, as somebody out there, can be no money back the deity and deal with actually, yes, shiver lay at once. He I think about which tat you know that the government of a gun- because it is not going to do about back the way you did I think about it, do you know the underdog door eggs and are going to get to be thought of, as happened in a given is eager to be inadequate, the little girl could get Evanna yet affair awaiting. You knows, as dear maintainer under doorsteps, advocate together. People like the rise like before any like combat there, you go
It is there that I was able to cattle manipulated lower, allow we can present doing for me, you thought was given to curse values. Tabbies often get into bed They were carefully what is careful to do amazing people, I go away limitation period and went away It's a big pullao wait a minute stacked up an amended is old out in combat. I we got more tea. I when we come back. Let's get to many makes a t. Many makes us. The breakfast club complaining that was at sea are many mix morning. Everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast What does it do? I had? The grand has an imprint on Almah was going on in the main low do others. This does allow label knows we just like a really strong supporters of do as family. It is I ain't really to make. No, many of you know I'm having the same giddy around
yeah. You know I think to by wheeled into his life that is the law frankly, I believe that here there's also sell it would now given of is started to get back I mean I feel I guess, there's a blessing decibels deadly. They were talking about. As you said, you said of a deal a bill. What a jewel Addison until he sued, allows go sicilian. Look. It was a long time ago. I didn't little loud, walk out on a date. So if you see by me, be a zoo, obviously em in dispute about women that I owe you did and if I do, You are not feel I owe you and what did you say early enough and I might try to pay you
Can you get them? You know you did some weird and I stopped talking to you. You know I'm saying, but I still owe you what you said, because you say I owe you Macmillan album together by the donor and the lady. I thank you. Thank you. They made me veil air about whoever it would only project. May I have a personal relations Yo Yo Gaddi Young, any Meeks Grandison. I want those another one thing, the freezing cos. That said, I tat dear aunt Ellen. I know how do I don't know. Then? He danger in any other already lost beside me. Don't older, set you! She decided in Missy appears, though a personal dry Drake a lot of people wouldn't new here. What what? What? What you know misleading drink before me,
You know I bet you knows I bear face during diagrams and and Oh, it's just hang out aware in that type of music that sound music. You know the USA, the email, the email sound at that there was a necessarily prevalent at the time. So I didn't see the current. I never thought just like. I can't ask imaging you knows, am I just couldn't see? curve, so they get out them will get them. That's. Why thou you than a landed at a time when he allegedly got Peter and the world will remain to be nominated. What are we doing now? where the land can confirm nor deny any day, let's move on to the next happy, just by the way graduations on their preservation for novel.
Hurry up with the idea that the two beds, young artists in the game right now grandly interviewed media. You know you got Roberts whom he drove his ear man. You know and I think we'll go girl for some pretty soon. We sent me records but of your judge burning right now in those our project, just drop bona fide our platform. Go, get it badly and trainers. Leaders put our freedom, some Luddite have not actually project managers who, if somebody everyone my fair, particularly important abruptly my top five absolute as though, as though I feel like you gotta, give add to it and can amuse you know you can actually listened to implement became is too in public,
you going to do about it. I won't get day everyone because day room, I wandered down plan. Some of these people is more than a little, but I have to let people see me without them I think that the universe they are both universal within universal many people, imitators thou, so much out of the euro, is again tell who come from where Fermi knows that goddamn imitation is defined form flatter absolute NOS eighty to say that as a w- and they are very real
allowed music that exists in this in his generation and in in and in the south. This knows anything: did you know this Albert Jacob South? You know also birth, TAT, burned away in a rigorous and also many of us, the inner Scarface devil it with them by the camps, the big boy in me. So many of us there isn't a means of talent. You know that you can put us in a no box, we doing it all. We don't everything bettering you in our meetings. All our thing I hate put. There came a stigma. Southern these refugees is paved the way for music in courts as we know it today. I want to understand it. Didn t make me, do you feel like you didn't do big? I think I can only crazily. Ok, I work
aiming at the other issue, that is an arrogant, allows media. The Yale PTSD wanted to kill you in Atlanta. Every issue. Then I you know I use it was a real. Madison at home of age who alone in a city editor, My name came upon a lease. My name address came up on this. One of the refugees from New Orleans were You know who it is real me and I window it. So in my final question is: what is your wise? We can, if you do me, just pull back there. We're not to say prefer where he ain't do another mountain air pain to another own differentiated figure with an eye he gives us and he has a in order to do so in the bed. It seems very comfortable remains so
They do not have a tv show together, we shoulda we were. We know we don't do live on all go description. Our divisions is necessarily a showed day. What I mean you knows, I like that's what I may I think Kevin is so genuine to himself that he don't really give a fuck about a peas and the the the pockets of people who made frown upon his success. So then continued it s, a lousy key when hey whatever you want to keep of bringing in my house
Germany Brigham do you know about it, so many opinions on people are they doing to did Whitney, but it doesn't even over bringing in my room ass, a point that I think we have to figure out. How to coexist in nearby should be helped, but as a perfect were necessary. Where are we appreciate you for joining us. Man appreciate y'all and y'all do know October. Fifth, is the dime trap date man? You know, I don't know. If I can, you know officially put that I kept it a secret from myself so long right now is the breathless club The breakfast I good morning. Everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast Club announcements Agamemnon
good morning to you, you go all right with this morning. All I listen is out. There are dropping apples bonds, while I listen is out there with Herpes and Chlamydia the morning special top of the morning to you guys. Yes, everybody outbreak good morning. We appreciate you, listen a ship s come on a tedious to our well. Let's get cities, Loma Vista crazy. The reul report, the breakfast club, where less discuss Elliot, was in his crown series he sat down with Lithuania is little Winesburg interviewed since he put out the car to five and he asked and inadequate. Since I haven't had a chance to watch to shed slew them. Unmannerly Wilson Hawaiian was happening now. Lithuania's says that he has not listen to the car to five since it got released, and he said after you heard his mother's emotional introduction. He just couldn't listen again. He said there Mcmahon was the one responsible for the albums track list and for the sequencing, and he also said the cat cancer collaboration
Mona LISA was old song, actually more than one quarter forward. Sinews Nolan they are here now after came out. Now here is whether we had to say about cancer can also how at what point way wanted to quit rap, if you remember, show our approval I feel love like that man, but that's when you going to do things like and you go to think until you sell gas yourself when you're looking around your living room and you see grandma and you see plaques on the wall and you see the house, she and you look at you living room you're. Looking at your driveway and you're. Looking at me, you know your kids are straight and you ask yourself: have you accomplished everything to even? Should you even still be wanting this? I should you want something else, and should you chase something else in the answer was does I wrote about to clearly I right now Jaso add discusses Bergman's apology. Member when buried. Apologise on stays with Lithuania has flashed back to that.
I knew this day was going to come, but I ain't know when it was going to come, but this and I wanted to apologize, those moments by here's, what he told Elliot at the time it was impossible to table genuine a real feelings out of the road, and I was onstage. I was in performance mode. I was trying to think about the words for the next song. I can honestly so and then I had somebody like that to tell me a pilot as Eu States and night, though him made him and I thought about it after it means a lot, but it is a personal failure. Sea gas to keep some sort of communicate across he's a sportsman. I was personally. Arrests are striving to sceptre illegal, steered taxing about something about the game.
Daddy, really love each other, because you owe me dollars. I wish you would call me texted me about some damn yank lady. Bet on a gay like that have had to pay me. The money around me nor now think about a ban on the lake was where more money reaches rather shootin. If he'd obermeieri, let me finish zone where we have re sorry heavy. We are right now led away in disgust. Basically owning young money outright, and I guess not having to deal with cash money anymore, and what does that mean for his art is so You staying out with your money like so your money is all yours right. Yes, you own everything. Yes, how does that affect like Nicki and Drake? For example? Are they still tied with you or they're on their own thing and they still have their own thing and they still with me as well? They've always had their own thing now, it's just that they have the opportunity to. Let me make their own Ensure braided Inez Sea will be, will continue to be involved in Nicosia. My orders so that a study that is still going we're gonna those values underlying away. He held up right and they seem to believe.
I love him. I haven't heard them complain about little Wayne, a lot of it just seemed like it was financed with things in tied up in all of it. I guess it's high You have young money to pay cash money to pay. Then you had the late well as well the body of a blame, universally rustled parent company, that no one could knowledge of their body habit. I think they could attain gave way to cut it here. They cut the check to cash money, that's very by science, you and then he supposed to a man who were causes an imprint still on them on the distribution labour. I write he also said a lot of people. You know obviously think the Carter V is a long album, but he said it's a short album. And he actually has a whole another albums where the songs ready to go and at one point codified. They discuss making it a forty song album nowhere at an event which off forty songs are in addition to that, Drake isn't on the album. What is the problem,
drake! Well, here's how we answer that he is. I didn't get clear. Yours is mine clearance Trevor when they find out HU. It is when they find out what the sound subject about they like it or not. That represent the names like that Oh my little more rights, either the it You really don't know why they say no it on my desk, why they say. No. I know you think, like that, I write. You went away their homelands, how you being vast on title, shot out, Elliot Wilson and crown I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report, and now I didn't say anything about the budgetary, every dog, anybody, I'm back to be wrong. Do what it could be it or eat it, but I could be mistaken whooping Rumour bought Charlemagne. Yes, you still open a while back there you. I know I've got another
Friday, mother, indefinable lag is hiding a body like any visible support a but even down to four hours for half an hour. I every day to night gives somebody from Florida donkey at a day with every day hates his do something in that. They then makes me back. The shared is what the world flouted our we have yet another floor demand donkey today with this one is very, very appalling, and I'm very disgusting behind us, and I think that you will feel to say, thou right, we'll get internet next keep a lacklustre breakfast club a morning. Don't you have a date? Did you dumb, as you get donkey of the day today, is used for Don't do that knowledge is man to doubt and blow was made available. Charlemagne determining I've got to make a judgment was gonna, be on the dot the other day, the page Algeria, the breakfast club, it's used, argued
day today, while dog you today with thirty October, for with two eighty one young man named helm of call. You know Florida. I try. I sincerely not to give you guys donkey at a day every day, but it's so damned hard. Ok, love Florida! his Andrew, give them, who are probably the next no flawed on the breadth of club this morning. I want you all and floated a vote for Andrew, because that will me no yeah alone as crazy as my donkey days would leave one to believe. Ok, I would much rather give Don Quixote data. Your favorite celebrities, within my spirit, is always moved untouched by the stupidity I see in Florida on a daily basis, because you know what your uncle shall always tells you that crazy, as people in America come from the Bronx and all the florida- and I feel, is my civic duty to let people know this kind of crazy. This now, I'm from the country most corner sulky, and if you are from a small rural town, like me, population a thousand. When I was growing up, then you know is not much to do in those towns and like most people from a small.
RO town of you, Walmart in your area than you understand the holy ground that all Walmart and don't let the Walmart be twenty four hours, my god? Ok, I thank Jesus. I think job twenty four hour Walmart in small towns. Ok, you have not lived until you have wanted the hours with twenty four hours Walmart at one in the morning, because there is simply nothing else to do drop in a foodborne to Walmart dammit. Now, as I have gotten older, I'm more of a target kind of guy, but I still respect the holy ground to Walmart and I can't believe that Hellmuth Kolb would disrespect holy grounds Walmart the way that he did ok what he did in a walmart of is unthinkable. Let's go to Tv Abc Sevenfold Report, police, Tracy, Nigh, is speaking out tonight,
warning parents to be on a lower adapter. Please say: eighty one road, Helmut Kohl, try buying her eight year old daughter, nice is called sat down next to them on a bench inside the store. She says he started asking personal questions before bargaining. A prize for her daughter in the first amount was a hundred thousand dollars is negative: with a hundred and fifty thousand and in the final amount, was two hundred thousand to where I had two then saying no nice ass. She was about to get up when Cold pulled her daughter, grabbing her arms legs and kissing her hand, Nigh told Walmart Security and call police. She also posted to social media. Please sing. Another woman came forward sharing of similar experience and because of that tip and detailed description. Investigators were able to make the connection and make an arrest called essence bonded out of jail. Was very short and we went to his port orange home, claiming he did not know why he was in court. In the first place
what I mean is worth while I am disgusted. I am repulsed. I am appalled I am horrified and extremely outrage behind his story. Home of coal florimond try to buy eight year old girl from her mother for two hundred thousand dollars in Walmart might only present disturbed by this. Very nobody realises how sick this is home. If what the main and I use that term man loosely spend twenty thousand dollars a walmart that defeats the whole purpose of Walmart Walmart, the home of everyday low prices, theirs, Absolutely no reason has been twenty thousand thousand Walmart, and if you do, you should be walking, I would have to start. Have you ever heard a roll back prices, never in a hit? Ray Walmart had a roll back price occurred and has been anywhere near two hundred thousand dollars. Spitting are attempting to Spain.
Thousand dollars a Walmart defeats. The whole purpose we love Walmart because is affordable. Twenty thousand dollars is department store money. I wouldn't dare has been that kind of money at the problem still, but as people do all be no people blow to engine racks and Barneys Gucci Louis for time, Bloomingdale's S leave it or whatever. I can't afford it. So I can't I came for nothing that can afford. Does designer store money? Ok, not Walmart Super Centre money but don't listen to me. Ok ball into me has been denied. The dollar zone gravity shirt at target. Now how much has been charged with simple battery and false imprisonment? And I hope The whole Walmart catalogue down at him out No one would have the catalogue. If not, they should make one and throw it at him. Ok for attempting has been twenty thousand dollars in a walmart. How dare he Please let me we might give home of Cobb the biggest here.
Ah he, ah you stupid mother. Are you dumb disgusting? So wasn't about the kid? What you are you are, you are trying to argue that to him goggly David, I do. Please can her. We bid you, wouldn't you have three daughters and I'm sure terrible tools and even self would shut up while the sheriff so way. Let me get my immediate care for two into battle. Won't! You oppose Instagram four million. I got five and in that one Brooklyn she be acting up now. Mister Hale, notwithstanding the Marquis De Mello babies. Would you spend two hundred thousand dollars in Walmart, though carefully ones to help, how do you know about? Who? Should I thought it was my car, call Walmart alright. Well, thank you for that donkey of the day when we come back, ask eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship,
is any type of advice. Call you right now calling all she'll help you out with all your problems. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five thousand one hundred and five we should act in that alone, as his care I was gonna go LEO was the names last Cleo nine months. Brougham is clearly against the last offensive. Alright, eight hundred five, a viable by one God, but now is the breakfast locomotor breakfast envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. It's for ascii allows there's girl morning, everybody that they share Dreyer Asia Dreyer. How are you wish a course of easy? My question is: how do I tell Mama,
when that I want to have a very good another guy, another girl, another girl. I should have you guys ever discussed this at all now and do you feel like you be weighted cause? You know your husband, I felt like he won't be. Oh, this is what you should have put on a point. That's a threesome point and you guys could be widened it together again, and I believe we should try that and see how he reacts to that. Ok data girls before now ochre jealous person now, and what can we do, is asking you should be good. Now is added being when you do do this threesome. Are you trying to you know you want to bring in the mix or do you guys wanna go out and pick a girl together? She gossamer pop a lobotomy we all know it is a modest, I got a little bit about the little boat, a ball. Because a lot about about a little bit about you ask somebody a member is now anybody. You know very well. I do know share her well, but they always somebody want you met. You
He has the right now, gradually messy em and tell you this down. When you do a threesome, it is sometimes more difficult with somebody ya know, because in all kinds of things can get messy. So if you guys do do it and you can talk him into it and he's down with it, sometimes it villeins get involved than you gotta see the other person in his awkward than their parents ain't. No, it just be careful when it comes to who you choose Good allies, logical right now, a help. You know I didn't gave whereby is not how to do it every damn. I want to hear what are you mad? I that's really how you could test out the waters just why supplant with a threesome in it, and then you know, make a very sexy and believe that we should try something like that and to see how he reacts. Ok, I write They lag. I hope you get. It happened by just remember what I said. You may be better off with them. Yeah. I don't know like that. Ok, Georgia,
right now. You will call them right. Navvy does ask no China help. Never did I do to shut sorry. I right thank you, buy IE, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. If you need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can call ye right now morning, everybody's J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask any allows this. Where was, I will was, of course, if you were gone over the appointed everybody, my question: if we so low, particularly about it, you know entertaining of use more reasons. We ended in his vision where you, whatever she had a child. I go out already see as being theories, but I can't
please every attached, so yeah you guys are serious but you're a round her child. Already we are what we want. We will phrase like me to friends before, though you ve got a job with almost all we go round vigilant, we will say you're like uncle well away? Ok, it's all right I'll go into like that! Love! All I get is level ever guy. They grew in a single people. I know the feeling of you know you become attached to someone tat you, your mom. Are you thought you know? Maybe you bottle bring around, you know and no hurry tat every
up to now been ordered, never been around re hooligan. Looked at me there, five of EU, I dont, want to let a deal boy. Anything at all. You know you know what I mean with higher well you'd, all very well that you, the where's reason that you should try to be what a woman is, because your attached to her child and because you are concerned about that, that's not the reason that use darter relationship with somebody which you need to do is be very clear to her and said: I don't know where this is going. I really do like Latvia is how the lie by I feel like. I don't want him to get attached to me. If we don't know what's happening, possesses somebody's no life aware, involving somebody I care about you. I care budgets. How but We're gonna get us. I don't want this to be a messy situation, so when we hang out less not hang out with the child in the mix, good idea,
when I see the child to sometimes you were debated, by which I mean a new city of a city edged movie. I saw an earlier, but I, like you, wanted me to raise this issue. We have accommodate our here like a we'll get together. Are you cause? You were there oh they're married my Brayley S. Europe owes you know well, well, you know, I'm in the annex which you were data, guys have kids and been attached to the kids and everything and is fine like when you guys becoming very resilient side is employed. That you always when a child is around to the tower well, but I understand that you can't stay wit, somebody just because they have a child, so just don't be affectionate with his mom in front of the kid right. You have and don't do anything in front of it tat. They were indicate that you guys are in a relationship. So when the time This around ass, your friend here you know uncle well, but when the child is not around ass, when you got get down and dirty, but make
They would give due debated in committee. I go to begin you better that we be down a dirty lay in a good enough I worked out. Another relay availability. I am aware that we do need, though you know you can't blame you can play with her. Emotions is not about. Is that as Hara most What do you want with her? If you don't wanna, be her be very clear on what your intentions are, because you live in a small town, you are going to see her. You said you have mutual friends. If you have no one, hence a being with his women are usually very alone done. Don't act like a boyfriend, They now want to be a boyfriend, should ever go alone. Yeah. I guess you have to respect that legislation that show whereas match our actions to avail of foie as well. Maybe I should go The point I raised here welcome. I even get a of other law. My brother, Caroline they are
as you, eight hundred foggy far one o five. One of unique relationship advise you could always I e that we got rooms and away yes, let's talk about an alleged deadbeat dad find out without this couple was gonna, be together for ever buy things happen and there's all kinds of speculation on was really going down all right, we'll get internet. Cuba lots to breakfast locomotive with his cloak lesser known now make mail is on the cover of the no devil exile window in his absence coming out, but he wrote a letter to his nineteen year old self. He said: are you willing to travel those rocky road towards her throne? Most importantly, are you sure you want this responsibility? He said you will set the rap game on fire. What, if I told you that you will record with Morocco Airy, I bet you buy a ferrari after cabin a rose.
Raise that lie is cool, but you want to know what's hops, it ah mom, never having to worry about money again, because you believe in yourself now he goes on to talk about race relations in the United States. He said I ll be honest. Same is african Americans in this country. Things are about to get both easier and more difficult for you. Over the next decade. You and your people will make major moves. You professionally and black people politically, while all begin to realize that our culture is our most valuable product. Unfortunately, on the streets, not much will change and twenty eighteen black lives won't matter. Much more They do in two thousand six hundred and ninety six, eighty six, seventy six six six budget policy He goes on in re. Use I had the administration didn't care whether we drowned or ended up homeless many times by Hurricane Katrina. He said we could have a black president, indeed still disrespect them like they were just another Edward furnish workers more and just like it will cost you to claim your power. The same goes for our race, as I can see that full letter to himself
nineteen year old self and double exile does Adobe, ah little editorial melded Goodman amazing. I decided to make millions of Europeans that the sitting down would meet me. Am I right? Having gates he sat down with sway and data for part, any view as well, and he talked about actually being innocent by pleading guilty check it out their lives in the light of our other call, would follow your eye of the employer guilty or innocent, but I'll play a gilded at all, because I would like to know a lot of plans need to be told what you kindly derive an apple. I would have said another three four years, despite the jaws I was when I came with the thirty months they sent me below the Guy Atlantic airline should have been thirty six months. Soldier showed me because I have been detained and flora and another jurisdiction Eddie, also talks about the lucky ones. It had only talks about police brutality, allowed a different things. Think about how many people end up leaving guilt. Even though they may not have done an absolutely. I write the dream. He has three new.
Problems on the way, so you should be excited about that new Dream Adams. It on the way, one, two three, so that all the information that we have now about his prize egg, but he did say three albums. So that's how we know it is three albums that he's talking about Eminem. He announced his venom video any shed. The first but that as well here is a piece of that I gotta signs to strong wheeled world gives such stream itself. You know myself free venom. Isn't there is I had a screen of venom last night action. However, I was it not sleepy someone. I got the edges introduced million left here. What you know.
I did get a letter they from the Life Foundation, training Centre and they said that I've been has elected by doktor cotton, Draken, the Life Foundation and take part in an exclusive Cindy item. Ok, I have identified as a possible match and hosting outstanding candidate for the baby to host a symbiotic. Yes, because of my whole capability social engagement inability to connect with others you notice. Mba does not have a symbiotic the thing that makes venom venom black gooey stuff aka. That is all over his face and body, so you gonna pagodas lays down that. Would you say if I can be a symbiotic sure I can't just bitter. Fourthly block you cause great I would thank you for that room a little mind if you get a calamity, does it get rid of that gooey staff? To probably, would allowing rightly said this mba right algae. What array anyway,
Oh, that was your room for people's eyes mixes up next, you requested. Let me know what you want to eight hundred five, eight five one or five. One is to breakfast locomotive, although this rambert and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect. Yes, what my part gases back and that's a win for everyone if you're longtime listened to show, you probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light entertainment. I contain multitudes, find the wrong burgundy by gas on the eye, heart, radio, app apple pie, gas or where ever you get your pride ass. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years I've been trying
figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney, wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him? And then there's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your broadcasts,
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