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Monday 7/17- Today on the show Sevyn Streeter stopped by to talk about her first album “Girl Disrupted”, dealing with depression, and trying to stop Charlamagne from shooting his shot with her mother. Speaking of "Shoot your Shot", we had a listener call up to shoot his shot with his ex, and he tried to shoot with this quote “Time heals all wounds” but the wound he was talking about was Chlamydia! Also, Charlamagne gave “Donkey of the Day” to former pop star Aaron Carter for getting arrested for DUI and marijuana possession.

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Love! You. Sam rats rather sit out the most prominent. When you ask your girl in a mortal blow data, which will you be able to join a man whose business
good morning, USA, Georgia, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go go: go, go, go go good morning. Easily get mining designed Charlemagne guidelines to the planet is Mondo. Yes, it's Monday back to the work which has opened up all my mail from the weaken our no weakened. As we go, I'm weak. It was amazing you gotta watch can withdraw now. I don't got his game withdraws its back everybody you last night, I keep a Cuban. Nobody talks about some game come on. Sunday may only be a good game. Thrones mazes, amazing somebody's merited a brother or sister or something. dad and somebody s kids with their brother. Ana knew almost kids died by boat.
amazing. Everyone can happily mindless boil a girl that happen Eliza lashes again last night, they started last night, but amazing episode. If you have it, why did you gotta watch its at an all out? People said that the age be? Oh, I just to get the FBI streaming went out last night. This in a website went out last night. If you the chairs, watching what an amazing should not only will know what is going on. If you try to just start watching now. Now you gotta start from the beginning. You gotta stop receives one. This is this is not the last he's in next year's last, these innocent gonna be short seas and only seven episodes at the next year too. Sobbing dam of our game terms, while fifty got power you'll need to stop now the remit of achieving like. I know I love you. I love you. Gotta comes out at the same time or funding at at at at at at at. I gave in particular that he was going to be seen ass, your man, he said, ok, you should be Dvr game, thrones and watching power in real time. That's should be doing I wanted what game withdraw last night and I will watch power. Today. Did you ask about causes
We already had the press where episodes way in a man s right. She already show me LAO sat thus now point of watching them, otherwise it would arrange our development law allows does. We talk a lot about. What do you think about laugh at other May? But that's not the point. The point is this: you have to do that. She doesn't she's multimillionaire like Europe there. What do you say that you have two short, I dont like them onto you lie to me ass, requesting their say. Your wife wanted to be an actor now it wasn't have gone well away to be. Ok, can I know my way to allow got our own money? No with point. No. No. That was now now is easy, but you know what that is big deal over the weekend at everybody, watching whatever their show is unknown. This was our last night too, not you know that is easy to them. in Asia. Yes, a little boy excited about their show us our arrival.
The show cracking Odo forgets, seven will be joining the seventh street. Ariane is vague and who have em out and say seven likes you Madonna, beyond seven haven't you think the number seven greater think that is Streeter seventh street will be joining us a little bit later and we got from patients. Are we talking about? Yes, viagra? talk about, why passengers were forced off of a plain in the airport and rally and ten days of horror, what happen. In Pennsylvania, we told you about the man who got arrested or to men persons arrested for killing for people Boca we'll get into all. When we come back, keep latticed breakfast locomotive, we are the breakfast club was cancelled, page news. Let's talk about what happened. In Pennsylvania right so until Lifeward seem to cousins were charged with homicide and other crimes they found for MRS Mann's bodies. They were mutilated and buried on farm land and bugs county The two men who were charged are denied
He has a history of mental illness, Cosmo Maldonado use twenty years old and his cousin as well Sean cracks so apparently they were pretended to do. I guess drug deal, Sally Marijuana and so on and so forth, and they actually picked up for different people. Different occasions and ended up, shooting them killing them in bearing them on this farmlands. Did anyone or money they're gonna, kill at well yes, mental illness. They said they actually cause. Maldonado was hospitalized in a mental institution. Unwillingly involuntarily again, Tis well now at first he try to say had nothing to do with it, but then he later did after ten days confess and they officially filed charges against another and cracks are accusing them of multiple count. of homicide, a robbery and abuse of a corpse among other charges, a mental illnesses that the biggest ever any ok gringamore would do the laboured plans on how to queue up human and come up with good lie or why they didn't. Do it blandly mental? If you re what happened, it didn't seem like a very well thought out elaborate plan at all like. Basically,
it seemed one trying to be a drug dealer. Laura a moon worry way really did cell drugs, but I guess what happened was he was supposed to eight thousand dollars with America, the guy they met up. He only at eight hundred dollars so decided to kill him, and then in another instance, it seems like it was very last minute decision. like I was about to citizens rights, but instead I just kill, do and then use hold one of those abstracted things to bury them, and the farmer Well, divergences in about me and I'm a guy got very quickly and have them the barium do I mean Mammy on it took about these. Well this flight by this flight? Actually they had everybody. get off his American airlines playing yesterday afternoon or passengers were forced off the plane, because somebody pass gas which me but if I had it in order to work on a people we would have fallen on, planes are no regard for, like which passengers got ill and noises.
the bad of afar is in that bad about the body you not supposed to vote on a plane rolex. Certain things does not supposed to do when you got that when you go up on a plane playing music. Is you look ass though it gives you logos? Oh give me no guide Anna plain before I have very wrong. I think this is actually an event, though. So Miss Maylie circulated details away. A big does not think it would have fallen on plain, have no real, for life. I cannot answer for six hours and I've been thrown out of oil and by the way a day for you guys, member, the younger Madison Co? Fourteen years old, I was electrocuted texting in the bathtub found out what exactly happened. She die from touching a part of the extension court that had that was frayed had water in its bomb was never actually in the bad said. I guess you test the extension cord and they are at the last message that she sent out, she sent a picture of her phones, charger plugged into an extension card, and she sent it to her friend when you use. extension courts have you can plug your phone and, while you're in the bathroom to she said for an opinion, murder whip
basically only much. Well, that was a very positive tell why you read What about other? There is a worthy. Nowhere is usually barons are parents as things they want to make sure that this has happened to other people. So they put this act as a warning if you're in the bathtub, whatever you do just leave the phone away from you. Don't even know you don't trust me birth. We know not the police mission, Gordon Abaft, until we do want to make it out of the younger and maybe not a ten year old girl view clear that extension called plugins was not being the bath obviously ladder who don't know so well right last front page news get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight five one or five one of your up such need event is up right now, certain piss you off or over the weekend if you feel bless following a wide open again eight hundred five, eight five one thousand five one hit us up right now is to breakfast Logan the breakfast club
a pounding down? You're gonna get it on the agenda. You wanna breakfast laughing, but Emily was Jane. Now you filibusters morning wuerzburger job of beautiful girl. They were together for five years and I gave up there. just celebrated my grandparents. Ninety burst Berberisca America. Sixty three year was congratulations, Madam President, as a former everything, that's real go, thereby dont of our relationship go! That's real goal. Relation goes right that allow this. Hairs from Alabama was terrors man. You feel good about it or why? How are you might know? Ma Am black. Where were you This won't abrupt, lad, watch tv birthday. To day I'd, ask you. I've got a very beautiful, wide weigh up the shots at the whole idea of her the baby, and
to get our to celebrate one day, Nager monotonous life may maybe I'll show you keep the go wherever Ratibor keys. Hurrah. What's up, what matters most to give our man. Oh god, I don't want apart. They want their body. You know I work at a warehouse, Bloke Albert Faint Party at night. You think guardian aboard everybody here, her couldn't Barton conformity. and is made up of what we call a pallet dinner. They get better That is job, because the boxes I'm all men are. We in fact need Bobo's letters I worry about the somebody have they could do. Boxes have to give the bosses have to be fair. We may we let the boxes tell of the body empowered about how they can pass on all right that I could ok, so many of the good man nor a job. Why don't? I know they will probably be no ha ha ha ha ha boxes on Friday
Nobody would you would you problem, which is lagging mounted the guy for cutting above the daily acts as a matter of the gospel come about MCA Battle, because, breaking down the bought out there like I don't I don't pay about people oh no, you say my brother says you Adam was always aware you a woman. Is there a moment what a woman no you're, not you're failure. Woman ever want love. They got there. Despite say some everybody out about not working, but you better, not gonna borrow your man alone on the are you a man or woman service, your agenda, cause. I followed my monotonous, but none of the elevated purple nightmare made a fundamental em. Again it s grant all God, gentlemen, why are we thought you were? The woman is the problem that we had I'm so decay disciple, whose a man in a log out locally he's married you're, the here they're going to read on. He was delighted and use greed. It be amiss.
It's always all that I'm a moment to see as it did in the Yahoo account transgender view that killed
features, wonder why they should just matter what you have said that you need to be called, as you feel glad goal, as is the breathless love about it. The breakfast is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you, what do you do you mass, embodies, tell you debit card bosom airplanes. It has brought yesterday thought or twelve hundred dollars were fired. Ticket gotta learn all my debit card, but I'm still blood retorted. You know what that should be easy to China, as won't their information from their idea beyond those plane tickets. Why they bear the airport couldn't tell me anything worth the Arctic. Yet I couldn't tell me anything about the part that personal information just for use your staff for the airport. They gonna try again, whose tell you carried in user information I'll, be called what I said the only thing they could do it. I have a call my bank. There must be a policy to be sought for me now. I will tell you there's whenever I buy flights as I go. Look on the information they tax information, a man count on a kind. It is how you the names on the tickets. Even contact is bank, it he's gonna. Get it again sounds easy about. Yours, you set up is a person who just corner and tell him where he met a good. Many sound correctness allows is married, and why are you mad cow? I'm not mad on blood, may tell us what a black I've got a good job, Mcdole care about the poorly I started, taking care of a performer savage and they big other Balkan grab a lot of people taking no to it following the way. There's one block all right, that's what it is both allows is well with good. Is more familiar, what you bear for unblest, actually onto them alive and well being is good, not say the Charlemagne comments, which you know, I'm a man, but just about this point, I had your book for a while. Now man and I really wanted to get it- ought to go about it even start reading a year, because I want you to order granted. Is there anyway? I can you don't think it's just sing showed up shop. So what are you mad about the way to get my figure to define these non blazing have resigned? Oh I'm, not in another place Charlemagne. You have you always talking about gas and a foreigner. Stop the awfulness of your crazy man died. Tat left, let me go alone, and you always tell them
get mad at people by far anywhere, not I know I'll give you a ride, not don't find Michael's foreign on flights chess, eighty, five, eighty five one or five one. If you're upset you need event, UK citizens or you could tell a mighty blessed. I know you ve got rooms runaway. Yes, I set about Drake and a new venture that he has going on. Also, let's just about these liquors situations, I guess fifty cent and an f in vodka have part it. We will give you more information on that as well. All right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast about due to report regularly on the breakfast club. Where did he sent with Anna Jimmy came? I am wondering if they did on the show ways. Have them go out on the street? The statement, MRS asking people what they thought about fifty cent where he rings in comparison to other wrappers.
they didn't know was that the descent was right there here is how it went like music on various buyer, my bid him, I think I think been yeah. I prefer loads Jackson over the current state of big many back, and are you not listen? I'm sure I don't tell me man tell him: how do we deal with some of the youngsters now revenue? greater digest just name. Fifty cent, the greatest wrapper of all time, really not sure about that. His face. How do you feel now, maybe that by number one Why am I got out as they manage you there's nothing wrong when avenant opinion about we dig the greatest robber bottom of your think is fifty. You can stand by. That figure knuckle slap you should now. Fifty cent has announced that is new. Album is coming at the end of the year as well. Streaking immortals, been five years originally was supposed to come out back in two thousand twelveth and pushed back pushed back. He put out his hand,
ambition album and now he said this is gonna happen. I will say one thing above Idumea itself: damn good at the end of every power episode, whenever they would have a power goes off and ably one of fifty. So let me like what is Daniel Nepotism, apparently no longer is working with F in vodka. In case you haven't noticed, he has been. Posting is hashtags FM, backup, Evan Mab. Now it turns out. I guess he actually agreed to sell his minority stake in his contracts as lead spokesmen, so yea soldiers, They can accompany about a problem about a month ago, more than ever they would have been all over the world and he wasn't even a majority on ice. he sent me a lot of money as a minority on with puff is majorian as Iraq. I have now been goin, but he was like there was slander and each other hard body, although vodka owed fifty later no or fifty scene over sixty may now sums by allegedly deceit it. Ok, so another minority on minority article, forty percent, less still as large state level of accompanied? I was already created, where it is still a great.
Who is he got himself in absolute? My story? Is you ve slander and your brother daddy over something that you haven't even old, and I do not deny that was his brother? Maybe it s a bad man. Caddy Siena up document interracial people a bottom up black. I don't think they really see. Not bothering me everyday doesn't get along with each other, and so it is what it is the competition I right now Drake also has his liquor coming his Virginia black any acts. He has an ad with his father check it out. You like to know who's, not worried about the most interesting man in the world, the real estate ever was, Why do I I'll, be right, Virginia Black One, sir,
I didn't get it without this path of like the most interesting man. Yes, I know that you gotta see it add that I want to do. Is we got? There was plenty of limited with movement. I did he congratulated Drake. He said another man of color owning their own. Is big for all of us it's time to start supporting us, congratulate Hashtag black, ask excellence, says, ease kg, relating Jake phrases to meantime, Drakes House. Actually, another person ended up on drugs, property uninvited. A man was arrested for hiking into his back yard. They said the intruder ended, becoming very aggressive when a security guard patrolling the site noticed him and ordered him to leave, he told her tat. He was there to meet drink. He had no weapons, he was his books for trespassing. So not the first time. Happened to him and that's gonna be last, I'm sure answer Owens wants to join the big three league he's asking ice cube. Can you please put
down his wits. Heroines had to say you guys know. I do. Let me come on a live with. You guys are doing their island, become other man displace almost eels and is looking for some players over the best there at the guy. I will be one of those exceptions to the rule as far as guidance that can play a bigger three men, I've inter ethnic applied, but you get. Do you get former football player than let em play basketball they really gonna get enough. As far as I found the ancient Romans during ACC Sebastian game at the Barclays lashes makeup, legal Emmy is ethos. No, you can't really bored. I can't download time out, but I found a shadow area. I want to be mad as the entire, always in the big three. Well, ok, Angela YE, and that is your rumour report all right. Thank you. Miss e up next front page news. We talk about how we are going to talk about that taxes. Team will give you an update. She actually electric gotta secluded and died while he was in the bathtub because she had her phone on an extension court DORA in
seven street it will be joining us next hours of the morning. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club as Galicia, national I've dreamed. I, although yesterday of yesterday my was murdered. I will look into the front page news now: listen this young girl she was electrocuted out we ve talked about it. Are we asking is only points she was only fighting is our Madison CO and apparently they said They found out that she died from touching afraid part of the extension cord. They had water in while she was in the bats, she had plug your phone in and she was in the bathtub. They us veiled? What her last message that you sent out where she sent a message to our friend it was a picture of her phones, charger plugged into an extension cord and she said when you use an extension course or you can plug your phone and while you're in the bath. That's how captions that photo set up They say they want to make sure that the story gets out there, because they want to make sure that awareness around the dangers of texting while in the bathtub organs we do,
people aware that especially kid, but as in the truth of the matter- and you should cotton known at the pudding plugged in extent and coordination are after but at least it is now a keystone of thirteen. You should know that I mean Jesus Christ. They tell you not to talk, not no! I don't do a radio in them from anymore. The radio could fall out of hand ass. He didn't have the following: wasn't because the farmers in the tub and phone never touch the tab, it was because of the alleged earlier. Did you hear what I call attention code radio, reader, I'll, kill you you couldn't following the terrible Kosovo's plugged into the wall there, but you can tell us is that it may not know that demanded, though what a luxurious belongs in radio recipe. I was listening to you on the phone. I write at less discuss. Teen vulgar people. I furious at seen Volga, lad appearance right now because of a recent article that the maggots and publish the article is titled anal sex. What you need to know now, elaborate sustained. They think it's disgusting that they will have an article
that a one mother, Amy Baker has two Tina sent. You thought I was completely disgusted that this would be acceptable for teen vote to print, I'm not easily offended or sacked. Yet this just for me absolutely technical and shameful, nor probably discussing what walkin in on a complicated drawn having sexual. Nobody knows what the biggest isn T involves, or twelve euro my readers. They might not. I had to talk with the child. I gotta make kids aware of extension cause you gotta make em awareness like. According to another mother, Jenny walked and she has I've ever seen year old Son and she said that same sex. If I type this discussion for parents, health class not what amounts to a fashion and gossip rag, I'm grateful. My son knows you can ask me about: thing, but that there are repercussions was seventeen. Is he's already experienced a thank you very heard about it already, but a twelve year old, I don't know I was eight- is too young to be talking about anal sex, ok out tomorrow, even for experience regular put a year sodomizing, you know what you re about it.
the kids worryin about anal sex, it aged well too complicated. If I'm a virgin. Hey most excellent way too complicated right after I figured it out now We have not only like that, I'm not it. Ok, Education is a front page news arrival begging angel, he died a lotta hold on a woman. I, like the movement. Breeders name is laudable, but MRS get go a lot in that it is our right. Ok, here's admit that the market will say what the button of J O Rights nuclear owner. All right, we'll brigades leave front page news, each other May for your news. When we come back seventh street or will be joining us, I will kick with seventy two. She has a new out right now, so don't move as the Brooks curve. Comport boiling everybody is,
J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in about it. I've been scored, Gomorrah back amnesia, how valuable I'm so good. A middle God gave me this is your first out, because, if it does, I get ahead of us are heard those first album like real I've members that I think it was now man EPA is allowed to repeat them. What are my abs gun up? I've gotta like red, swarthout mighty now we can gradually be Emmy. Listen is working decided now you know, what's happened, would you know it was an Atlantic? It was me ok. It is a bit like my album was completed very very very for me to like you know it's all a module on his our very important where you started off really just talking about things that you are going to. You said you didn't energy, one is called the album girl disrupted. Yes, but then you said your life, really guy disruptive,
happen, gagging disrupted ah years, thereby making personal ok resided. May I have your life and you know I had a thing. Is it wasn't necessarily I'm a man? You know like, as I say, all the time and I write a lot about. You know and when I go through a lover relations now that, but I do want their will. a lot over the last year and a half of my my life. You know I'd silently supper with depression for luck solemn year and a half and Intel anybody mother? What what? What what whistle dolls and is a lot of different things in my life that change? You know one. I lost my grandfather. That was Only I we lost them in a week's or I was really lowrider now. Thank you. We lost my grandfather and a weak. Ah you know I haven't really love you, but I found out that you know my sister. There has been muscle there all my life for thirty years and alas, Chris was that we have different fathers and that the entire time her
the new, the truth, but none of us knew so that was really tough to deal with here than dealing with. You know, as a system is still my sister and I asked the lover, but it was really really tat. Darwin is still a little to deal with you know. Obviously I was in a very public relationship, and so you notice gonna get over that got up the like at the same time as the law a friend I was still a friends of those, so my friend from or diabetes in a flutter of user under rang, like in terms of some images, the lot of different things and you have of animal cancer sensitive. I am, and then, on top of that you know our poor. My everything into my music my career in any time. You know in work in a hundred and twenty percent, an you just bullock is not in a place where you want it's a being. It just takes a tolling. There are so many different things that are. You know that really just got got to me.
You know a couple of people in my life that you know. I need it to you. No kind of gold supper ways from that was really dovetails, though I love it reads out to me saying that they represent you now as management Nana like I've, never known. Seventy have any other managers of Siena Davis and Brittany, That has to be tougher. You clear, though, that was really really tough. I mean are doubly. I love them always about people who Don T Davies's used, workaday James. You failed Chris prayer, visitors, browser sleeping, our real airport as well. I don't know anything, Boise focus bread and was managing seventh street. Is it you got up what we wanted to kill yourself, you it was a year it was alive. And though it all a lot- and it was, it was just a combination of so many things and not through I have a really great family. My mother is amazing, my mother's medicine.
I was a moment of our those Mary statue. Like now, will you ever assist local yellows cyber? Shall I am amazed by now like a mandate bending over thirty years ago, very lucky man, no member, just a number of different things. Gonna mean, like I said, career things. You know love and type of things. You know that I must allow my grandfather this, so many did things that is its army are one thing for once you like them you'll be believes in a flutter of I was given. This man approval the death of a renewed dialogue that he raised me down. For a word I mean you know, valves are his believes in Emma Unitary Shoe
cars shoe to go. I tried it a day. I try. I tried it and our crazy about it. Now you know, but that's a zone is not everybody's, not for me when I was there. You never know what somebody's gonna do cause. You know me. I haven't friends and I had no idea near like every time you see said my aunt she's, very B, Lieve Handsome really fine times, and I never would have guessed that you were gone through the present something you never know It might look like on olives, so we came away. We drink water and got drunk at us. Yet I have done that. Why don't have, but I have of advocates Amateur Arguably lie rabbits, over it. How do you get over honest honestly? You know at today s oh great, Gimme, that on the album yeah you enemy like today up oh great Anum, I'm in a really good space, because so many things up a you know what my triggers, we're gonna mean and plan is very important. I think I will much figures were an arm
Oh, I handled all of them accordingly and dealt with them face them, and you know I have a really great family, like I said, and they were proud of me and when I didn't want to pray for myself saw. You know that always helps a venerable over us. Ok and then you know, a right in writing is super duper there. If you don't like extremely they're beautiful about his avenues, when I listen to it, I know it I could feel like. I know what you're talking about you know. Of course she raised her music, embraced by the people and listening to music, and unlike ok, she's talking about him news going about this issue in less than an hour talk about an all us out. I mean I've put an almighty. Unlike look I'm piling I thought about you. Someplace some I sell all members and is, as is, is very therapeutic beautiful me or we got more than seventy two. When we come back morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, seven street. It is in the building following the deal with color them in the music industry. We sought to NICE ate it.
I gotta. Then we are not. We always talk about yeah I've, has been very vocal about you. I can't speak of ours bears this out in honor like that, but my experiences I've been dealing with, as is that ten years old and every an airing that I have you know been an U Noah. Assail Zalm has not come from a place of arrogance. honesty when you know that you can write a dancer saying this as well as the next person, but you don't get that opportunity because of you know them flow, my son, who the different type away, can sell in oak and sell a record a cell, a group you know better. How'd you get older complexion. Is you honestly? I think You know the young you are that separate. Is the dough, those nice things and my own vibrant. Now you just gotta scenarios of like good positive people, I don't have time for anything else. It is, though, now. Is the situation with Chris Brown now cause you still legs I know what was your situation for a simple: you assigns him. Ok, you still Santa Cruz Brown, I believe,
nobody needs a jerk and see, but I think that I am still Zeinab realise what do like me and I'll be all the way out of the transfer of a love him to death. We haven't together in a very long time. You know- and I hate that that's the case, but you know there are other factors that are at our control. I don't really think that a necessarily has anything to do with our personal in opera flesh. I think they're, just so many different factors, but you know. I love him. I wish him the best. You know he looks. He seems happy as a beautiful daughters, Maybe if I said about his brown as an executive- and I might have not a dizzy- just don't seem like he's all away together to be run and other people's career, I will I will. it is in terms of my career. And put a migraine he's been very instrumental no like us that even what they won't stop. You know him getting on a record him getting on. Don't go to fire like I soon I'll always appreciate that
number was on male number. One saw like you have artists who do this for years and never gets avenant more records are always be appreciative brows. that would seem to day with those women in business and inside Lozada that if someone was a lot, I was crazy. most likely where he was angry. He was very hands. I like barren areas, as you know, I mean I'm, I'm sure the reported on the ground. I am thinking you never know in advance about it. We know where lived in it as a matter to me, I'm some just really in a good place for my own, so I love although my fans are very album and album unnecessarily automaticism, you know why, these are my. Why was it important to put out a out because you put out to appease already was important, because I mean for why my bans deserve it and to await my entire life to put out an album, praying Ibiza, coolly, peace, a fine. I love led up to now right, as opposed to lead us an album so and you You know you have to put our more songs. You can be more creative like on this outcome. I literally got to tell so many different sides of my.
Story. Like I said I got songs about sex. I got songs about. You know me Debating yourself, I have songs about you know I was in love and break up said all that make us all that good stuff. So you just get a dual away: Elmore Freedom, Bergamo. Europe is, of course, a good boy I'm thirty one years old. When did you start Elinor? That's all my mama had sex at sixty one, yeah. I did you dig a meal any other mother. She was a surprisingly. She wasn't angry because of the way that she found out was through a lot of a hating friend a girlfriend. and you just so did not appreciate the way that she found out and she we ve always at a really good relations, and so we sat down We talked about it and unfortunately, though, that it happened for my first thought was not oh it wasn't that great. It was actually really if I'm for me other yes so to boot, nigh wasn't that it was as no really uncomfortable situation. I won't is not you know, rape or anything else
wasn't that, but it was his very uncomfortable when I was in another, not great, you know situation, but my mother is has always been very vocal, very transparent, like a never like Ito, hid anything from you, so we always have the causes which I it. She time initially? Adele is respected when I was leg, probably early early twenties. Oh, she won't kill me. Early toys, but we doubly add a conversation. In any case, we are now activities we are, but like us, as she's, very, like lay at all on its aim will lag when once grown, is like these things are what goes down over the conversation. Work of ours
now like to want it owes when I was a mean, listen, Yan Daily, we all been. We have been able to cause I'm not going to pull form not going. You re a belief your mom evangelizing Montenegro. Give you all the tricks tat you get married, really Five years, you will wait till you get married open up their work as it is. I came for thirty years. I mean I'm a need that many not advise tomorrow, maybe terrifies. Oh you re my mama allow Mama evaluating and dealt with somebody are you not? I want you in your mama, When our like Emma early twenties, you're telling me that sex is about
It's the end point, while a relationship is used by you, two areas in order to give a moment she did not know, it was important that it will media fellatio in that they know nothing, is defined in the bedroom when you're married. So he also you, I told Her- I said you're, probably waiting till she gets married. You were all the tricks, and yet she won't give me all of the major covered, my daddy, but thirty, one years now to veto by third. Do you like the guy seven until they heard her, is, I think she can choose well in Iceland, They just message when he brought up you'll be believed in a flutter Ahmed educated
I just got like you need to go back to the bull. That's not where, as I just think he's missing. When you see Brad do his antics instead of the other. What worry about Zambians on him? Absolutely not because our Chris and his personal life and the things that he has experienced. Never, to her he's always shown her the utmost respect save your notice it. Have you seen him do anything disease? Nothing happened around you're a little. I can honestly say I've never seen him do Abner. Never, no relation love! You boy!
this right is treated is out right now, Babo presented become. Thank you. You are desirable good. U S! Nailed married. My girlfriends data is the breathless cloak about breakfast morning. Everybody is Fiji. Envy angel ye shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club. This gets it aromas. Let's talk may whether there has been quite a circus, I've kind of Macgregor versus play, may whether junior are getting ready for their big fight coming up and now everybody's man, if I may, where they junior because of what happened as they were, wrapping up their camp press conference tour. Now we all saw their kind of Macgregor was telling fly dance with me boy, dance, witches herbaceous, lurk boys original fuller when used in a context right- and so here is why may Weathers responds anticipating context? Also, according to what may Weathers Rep, he says that kind, Macgregor cause Floyd a monkey, also here's. What happened was that yesterday, the joke, nobody out all draw ranchers others, as the work is done, that before we get a boy to move up a gear wonderfully floor directly. Yes, you're out of your report, you got me: what do you have report to importers? Who did he dropped? The F word there were only ragged issue will understand. The culture in London is different from the UK. You know, they're dead is their word, is actually a classic british dish traditionally made from pigs, heart, liver and Friday. Belly meet our bacon mixed together. So basically floor will tell them. Eddie was food mufflers net from London to bemoan L being sarcastic for you sloppy granted, because you idiot sound making excuses for Connor last week you nobody said danced boy danced yes, the efforts of the French, even module of cod is actually gay. Ok! Well, that's what's happening now, and this is really taking away from what's going on here. I think they cross the line. Many occasions on both sides away by the Israelis have Ado with any time that honesty and why they have to include homophobic, there's basis. There's all of those things under which law was smart enough to play a social experiment on the media like a few more witty could in London a cigarette is called the F word. Neurons would hag. Okay, so imagine a floor would have said your London on August. Twenty six on smoke, this you know for doubt been interested drowsy. Our media would have reacted, could even in the proper context I right now dear MAX is added Jerry told you before that he got arrested just last week, and that is because of tax evasion. He posted five hundred thousand dollars band after he was charged with that is facing up to forty four years in federal prison if he is convicted for fighting cancer tax evasion. Well, he was performing and hears what he had to say on stage at the Brooklyn hypothetical recent problem include both democratic legitimacy. Taxes still gotta get bagel tax. Gotta give me, I love you prayers above you poems nor laboratories doggedly. While you can work all of that out his definitely, we don't need the annexing Jellia, not at all our planet, of the apes who say that over the we need, the plan of the eighth added array with them will be bought in an estimated fifty six point: five million at the domestic bats office over the weekend it beat the spider man will be, which was, in its second weaken flawless. Trilogy man thoroughly enjoyed all three of the planned that age moose right there at ninety four percent rating by the way for people who saw Accelerate Filmer, might know anything about it when the agenda, without any, I never seen eye origin, the catch of orders, only communist the latter, but in this latest installed ray and trilogy history of brass Ladys is dominant a French. Do you need to see the other ones to see understand with older ones? No, you have to see the wandered, Magua burdensome burn. You don't have to see the one from the sixties whereby the embassy there- and this challenge you to see the first two. Yes, you do so array of live a playing at accuracy to apply a reduced rate grade great movie. I let's talk about MEL, be she has to pay Harris Change has been forty thousand dollars a month. An emergency spouses support a judge, did agree with him, and Eve gave Stephen Elephantine that amount. They said he needs help. Pay for food, housing has fallen amongst other things. Now could have been more back in our forty thousand. They with Eu China get Martinet. So that's what the Jest Ass Aladdin S elaborate. Forty thousand dollars a month ago who get metal maladies estrange, has been Stephen, benefiting the general John men feel comfortable taken over their money from women, but I just don't get it like. I would want spousal support as it may. I say that not also. Let me not a change was being women to feel comfortable unshaken. Forty thousand dollars a month from a man for their expenses. I think that's
they depend whether they are kids here. When we do that and as a month we gotta get more in the household in demanding a magazine. Did men? Do women do a lot? Ok, I dead goes unnoticed and yes, they do deserve sometimes both sport, but out of the one thousand amongst scenes of excessive and authority. How may congested Iranian Willoughby lived their lifestyle at forty thousand many liver lifestyle wishes. Maybe what twenty thirty mania somewhere that twenty mania basis now wait. I wonder how that about a justified I like what am I use? It is money that any money to pay his cell phone bill. I make men broader than anything, to do with the kids. This espouses support ever when you live in a house aid. They want you to keep the lightning downgrading headway, that together any mortal era. When I'm annually and that's your room where the man I couldn't, I am not going to have a case. He must have their predicament, not an undertaker in their struggle, and if you like, you know for our being apparent, therefore, to grant him off no four forty four thousand order for the direct or begging for those whom we shot. I, yes, we even adults do was nearer to Erin Car. No really! Yet we hear the younger brother and nuclear energy. You know little about the boys yeah, ok, where the company for a national level worry that allowed a jug issues derive we'll get into that. When we come back, he loved to breakfast locomotive, donkey, devil dont. You today for Monday July, seventeen called there and caught her. Do you remember where cotterets not really
You do you even know than Odin encouraging a brother of we. We owe our view. Do you know where I got is yes, the other brother, namely blonde hair, from a group called battery. Boys might hurt him yet which easy profits in the nineties early two, thousands ringing, the bell for any other marine above play some songs. If you refresh your memory, this is a record. He had called a how I beat shackles, how'd you get an ogre can afford on ever. Thank you very much. He had another record that was bigoted net, something about candy was hidden on their records? We can't we acknowledge cameo, damn it anyway.
Erika was approached by teams the last Monday and asked about Shiela Boss, recent arrests for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct extraction- and he had this child above man. I can't tell if he's out of his gourd or generally speaking, as you know, better than celebrities. Am I getting drunk and I'm gonna? Do you I'd and helping out? So I do not agree with that. I'll get you will catch me. Getting any lies. I don't have any man. Ok, a complete. At one point, I want to be going to be clear on that. We were told teams Yogurt child above man. I can't tell, if he's out of his gourd or a gene visiting you, no good it S. Library is unlike getting drunk gonna. Do you I'd and helping out? So I do not agree with that. I'll get you will catch me getting any lies, nor have any wealth. Will Carter. Last Monday, really he said we'll catch me. Getting any. Do you ass well,
last Saturday this happened: Lakota Casey, our embassy, due for the Republic airing Carter was arrested in Georgia on Saturday night on charges of DUI refusal and possession of marijuana lesson. One ounce Let me get many do you. I owe it to me The Greek tragedy you I'd be. You are refusal a few days later. I to think when you make both statements like this. In the public to the media make sure you don't get it. Do you? ok I'll, even though our people make these kind of proclamations if they aren't capable of standing on them, not a say and life nothing's plants or never say. Never. I don't believe that Certain things I know I can say I will never do and I do them yes, something's audio control, but the EU is now one of those things was the easiest way to ensure you don't get it. Do you don't drink and drive and around it was just that simple. It's not you have some drinks get a cause.
Is call global. Have someone drive? You is only one way to avoid the: u I and that simply don't drive when you influence, especially if you oh DMZ that you all catch me leaning any do you play give Aaron Carter the biggest the obvious, Are you all ye? D. Yeah All right, but thank you for that donkey today now, where we come back, is turf issue you're a shot, eight hundred five, eight five, no five one addresses issued. She shot works. There's somebody that you failing. Maybe you work with, maybe a coworker, maybe somebody you see, on a tray. Maybe somebody you know when you wanna, how are we gonna? Let you do that and to help you out eight hundred five thousand five
no five one shoot you shot is next is to breakfast locomotive it's time to shoot you shoulda due to the breakfast one chance, don't mess it up. Method of some room filled the new aid Ogilvy baby. Now that's cute! There's not you! these rules which you know whether you like it was right that you don't want me you make me feel we energy use is not be shooting. You shall not me. Baby lay baby maybe maybe later ok, I made no easy yeah we broke my egg Jessica man, ok, you're, axiom yeah I mean I ain't master, I beg you cheated
contrary to the treaty, the Jura Minded yeah, yeah yeah, I'm sure he's a calamity. I heard me say yet. Could Namibia did in July? I gotta be real about it. I think I think you would. I can't forgive people given them curable, Stds, a very good one, on the other by the preceding killing me on the cheating part. I mean she's just saying that, but you know as you know, one of you when I gave her something even worse than that. That is true Why are we will have to do that hypothetical scenario? You have two gave a clear media. You had no a guy for her well being in her how employees over he sorry he apologized China need over eight, but my fingers, dont care you may be stronger now, no, no! No! I'm only a couple deal break as in relationships, one of mid when you have a baby. What another girl some women choose to say that's cool, but when you give a girl ass, he d better.
RO like his name. You can do about this situation. Curable agree with is how did you find out? She just was Oliver setting out around. I gotta go media fanning attitude now for smart. She I mean girlfriend and makes them you know it was like wildfire just got back to which our break legos article I wanna go for its own. We go when it was, you know you got a renewed. You're the only person she was sleeping with unfortunately you'd and give her the same as bag limit. As your question, which, when she contrived to committee, will you come to you here, and went to her and using had I shouldn't with the heart I guess I'm a mere man about right now, I'm just ass, a man, and if she came to you- because I let me know the euro, you are only partner, can
She she come to. Why are we JANET Iglesias? He gave her a std emitted. Would they even still journalism I can arrange a little bit a Mickey Spillane girl, I mean this you looking like this. You look healthy class warfare. Did these women look clearly every though it yes here that I thought and that's what made me want to try and give back lacking the current on the train and she said the whole family hate him yeah grown, I'm sure noise No, no don't do it. I'm I'm asking you even know it would warmer called heart they have You call her and have her just curse. You out don't do that.
No, no, let him try, let him she reached. I don't know, do you and I both issues by giving you and she's willing to take you back here? Would you would you were married? I gave you, committees is WWW actually now by nobody. We are to provide a service, he was desirous Eurasia. That's what we're here for you, I'm trying to look out for you dumb ass, but if you want to go for an ever occurs, you're embarrassing for nobody on me now run your life on limiting I'm here. For where we come back as the purposeful morning, everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall meet a guy. We are, the breakfast club is served for shoot your shot. We have NATO,
neat was to shoot he shot, would his ex jessica. So let's call call right now see what happens: hello, hi. How have you yeah. I don't get me and when I hear you, in your cousin on training the day, and I was asking about you and down I'm be speeded up I'm sorry, you know for the past move forward can can I can I see you do look at Europe Grab IP wow. I want my leg
I know you would expect an army com healed, all wounds, I mean ok, maybe you to clear up famous vidalia. The angel ye shall remain for breakfast club Nate I'll call. Does he say wanted to call you needed some back up. We need is a military. How so we we call, would you I will tell you something Jessica. I don't think you should take him back. He gave you calamity dialogue. How long did it take three million to clear this? Is a segment constitute a shot and he went to see if he has a chance to get back together. He just wants to start off with them like. How long did it take vehicle, immediate Unclearable, what It's happening right now, what's happening, you have you have done your committee a treaty, yet it could lead to permanent down productive system. Ok,
yeah. Well, I'm well aware at this point of the impacts of the no thanks to me. So will the job can I help in deadly automated terrible disease? You should be fine. I was being a Catholic ahead, so exhilarating Jessica? You know, needs eighties, Miss Jus he's been taken about you allowed a so apologetic, Sorry for what he's done to you, he just wants another shot. Another chance. It was the thought of was amazed large and see it goes from nail you willing to go to lunch would have dignitaries this thing for them? No, no! I I can't do that They are eager, no, no baby, I made He wasn't your baby when you that their raw dog and other girls who acclimate you have what I was just don't big european defending the weight of the situation. The map is upsetting to me over economic and I- you're, not even know damning, you know lies and the why I don't want to do.
The committee is curable him. He would think of the terrible is not a big deal Jessica. You single right now, our actually so maybe this could be an opportunity of justice to sit down and see where your heads- and maybe you guys, were little younger couple years. I am. I endorse the idea of the thing by his or her own head of that. Via that great you. Could you check your committee about the meeting you kid? I'm me did you forget? our law dog. hey, you know what the girl we will calling the thank you free, but mining alone Call me baby, I'm not your baby. I don't know what you're not you you project, you know you never died out, add weight.
Told you mean up, and now she didn't mean nothing for me I mean you didn't you know, you know my eyes are held a gig that EU jeopardize made up now was on your judge mad. At me. whereby the coming down on me now that it's kind of flipped on here When I leave you now, our highly brass, you reduce the risk of getting clear media being in long term, mutual monogamous relationships with partners, not name Nate, ok, a right that found good yet sounds like a really bad idea, very good woman. So well I'm sorry. I don't know. I really I really appreciate I really appreciate being called a really good woman. You didn t know those actions want. You know why, a year, go up marginally yeah. They were doing there in you made ever do with this. They know that the ass night right sat is open, the ass night,
Kay EM call. Your name was your name man over and again the rat. I write Jessica God, let's see you may help, you find him he's gonna teach you write by NATO. You now who is around ran having rap condoms. You didn't wear want grenadier gave it to her: ok, ok, it's all who die, we highlighted they'll be here I won't let you go away, good any rules on the way the requisite of now. We The breakfast club less gives aromas, less talk, It's only with Angela, his club with chinese breaking into celebrates ye. I went his way out to Saint Lucia to celebrate now you suppose it s a bit of a mess for hurries and happy my beautiful lovely little lab math argumentative know it all. Is kicking cap ass outside partner at tiny, he said is a cup.
We have experienced some of the greatest moment in our lives together and burnt a hall and that's a big bag of money in some of the most beautiful places in the world. He said what I may have f type. to have so many more efforts in me on so many levels. One thing: that's, never gonna change as how I consider you are had been and always will be one of the best friends I have handled world, so there a really long methods, but he goes on to talk about doing time. A pipe lags back in showing the world how cool raising it could be on family hustle and he set up you million people more in their business and they would have liked, but they have something that's unconditional so by the way it be very hard to ease wanted him to move on, because when you look at China, you thank tee. I, when you look it to ya, you think tat. nor any above note, age are the sole may, so it's like who could be actually really be winning given two percent, while they were having a great time laid out together, know laying on her lap she stroking his head. They know each other
more than they always love each other. I also stems in it parole. Hearing will be televised if you guys are excited to see that that's gonna happen. on Thursday, from Nevada here be broadcast and he's seventy know by now, by the way, what is it oj that the medial of exploit I don't care about it now seems history. Quite well. Is it's incredible that everybody they'll fascinated by only two years, a maiden in a black man killed two why people in American and got away with it, but I don't care about improving. I can old news. Yeah thousand vat was amazing with the Pro Europe while I care are not symbol in has accepted the beat battle, talent and swears beats. If you guys the excited for that Swiss had said simply want to talk, is Timberline. Wanna talk is so everybody at its heart symbol and we can have a battle. We can better. We can do whatever he wants. Whenever he wants to so simple,
has now accepted that a loss was moment for more money on similar in that region and put my money on Timberline, because leg from from what I remember from the latter would jump, laziness was. It was like a party atmosphere during ten, more run that you think so the LULU, some God Crazy Party, regular links with got a boycott, a register which is no doubt that the data voice, where I guess the scene at the time is on yellow disputing at all This has a good chance to make more to re. Engage these far for four album is his fourteenth number one on the billboards two hundred try. So congratulations to him. A hundred and seventy four thousand for traditional album feels so altogether. It was two hundred and sixty two thousand, including streaming in every thing now Badge Aisy more number, one number. One albums of all time the solar, the other most no one outside of the solar Muslim one on money so long ass. Ever I saw congratulations to J and also for the twins. He's gonna live.
Or might now entirely Perry has signed answer I come he is leaving over his own network, so he has a deal in place now at a star and twenty nineteen and that'll be when his commitment to own is over so that deal that he's with Viacom, we'll be from twenty nineteen until twenty twenty where animals Alan Pain, Viacom Sue, I right, I mean a year, and that is your rumour report. A right bank. You miss ye now shall to revolt. We'll see you guys, tomorrow, everybody else People's choice mix is up next. Let me know what you want to hear on this Monday at DJ envy on Instagram or twitter, or get your request known as the breakfast club good morning.
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