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Friday 1/19 - Today on the show we had writer/ journalist Toure stop by the show where he spoke on the memorable interview with R.Kelly in the early 2000's, the MeToo movement and more. Also, since it is Friday, and how people have been reacting to these high- tech sex dolls it was only right to open up the phone lines to discuss it for a "Freaky Freaky Friday" topic. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Kodak Black for getting arrested on 7 charges. 

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Here's something good is a new show from Seneca women, and I heart radio, it's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. In times like these, we may find ourselves worrying that even the simplest tasks will have a negative consequence, but here something good. We spoke to marry Johnson scientists from tied a detergent. We relied on four seventy five years in this episode. She shares valuable tips for how to do laundry in the time of corona. One last thing to worry about four: more tips and a coupon from tied go to tide dot. Com slush pod casts the twenty seven clubs, podcast famous musicians, who died prematurely and sometimes mysteriously, each seven. This park, This hosted by me. Jake Brennan creator and hosted the award winning music, untrue crime podcast this disgrace seasons features, twelve episodes of life and death to Mars the doors and the twenty seven. Could contains adult content and explicit language you can list.
To the twenty seven club on the Iheart Radio, Apple podcast or every like us. Ladies and gentlemen. The draft of a bracket rates in the voice of the culture Wash lightnings is one of my baby shows just because I always keep in mind that there are quite aware on paper there. You know their listening further back than at present
good morning, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, good morning, AIDS, Luigi Mining today and the Charlemagne Prize that fraud is it's Friday every you just told me that if people down would sign that a protest on something No, you know I do like a low shimmy, shake did twists, spin and going to build and so on. Its army cinema was already too late, but I busiest scientists at breakfast club someone they want. The haulage- let us all be what I may, but they will soon move because to trail, is in front of the rate of theirs rising. Nobody would know side in size and there lay power to the people and then is there. We jump from San Francisco related approach
you never got him down early. Second, before you did Brodie go tell them my granted. We already see anybody and I walked right into the Roma who, every day the same did say that take the same path? Did I took a positive side? Maybe I have only got all that, but preferably resistance right. I know everybody here did you and me anyway? If nobody would know side that they know breadth violence into pure gonna. Stop now I walked in thirty seconds. Avoid neighbour there you go. You gotta start looking around you surrounded by what I pray you to do so Sudan, Irena there is actually to people. One monotonously, one that innocent people. Do you like? Hey these people ass, they don't give yellow had that about. What's going on outside, I gotta go this morning. We is more about our about stuff, like that. I'm listening to my
open is one element in the more for Miss. You, Unama, my uptown reckon playlist going. Ok, today is Friday. I feel, good, I'm givin operated God, I think, by no drop. Today is national tenderness. There are no other man is tending towards existence. I discontinue out even more dynamic yesterday, which many the poor day I'd even mentioned when Germany and I wonder how it assured on a no drug, all day long dogma about where climate, so will you do about it? My goodness right, well these days. Somebody's nudes nude leaked this week and I went over this is person tonight but bro. Hey out. If I don't get no bigger, like you painted, I didn't no bigger
Now, if you hadn't guidelines, I found, I walked in Nairobi, says no birds and there was a person. I do believe you know this person, all I'm Tellin, you, my people might say Charlemagne got. A picture of this vote is look ass. There's gotta be worded as small as penis is unbelievable, monsieur also, but I wanted to see you guys, I'm leaving you just wanted to say I would much rather be short, would win. It would an average sized penis like I am then be tall with dead low microbes. Many many more able than any. Even now I want to sell. It means friends. On last week's episode lives every day he actually tat empty awake to his penis every day, a more responsible and try to stress that in the end, up getting
hernia dare to enable the went on with the weight on it would at least have these pills in the back of the soil and the way they did no denying awake. When will the exercises you do when you take the pill of physical magnetic step, would be penis, enlarger bills and exercised woven? Your penis was flattered grab the tip of it and you stretch it for as far as I can go fight to do something like that is what kind of weight to it. That's enough level? Listen. We are trying to better Assize Free Rudy. I'm glad you no good at all right well to array will be joining us. This morning this story carries a journalist, is a journalist. Anything off areas, a few books out as Emma Bucks, these instruments, for that everything with our Kelly, if you remember to interview, would actually where our Kelly was my what it would obviously be said. He hasn't been living like teenage girl, narghilehs that what you mean by teenage he's also implement. The interview, J, the them yet a shell enemy MSNBC. Yes, it did a lot of cover stories for rolling stock, provide a lot of people,
he's in jail cell in any veto. Can withdraw snitching right, yeah Paradise. I really want it before the arena, how to drink the Kool aid, We we address ourselves as a collection of her face area from patients. Are we talking about? We are going to be talking about a potentially well. You know I listened Weathers Typepad challenges. We haven't even addressed this, yet that's how you were so stupid. You haven't heard about this type pie, talons thinker, dude, I will discuss what you tube is doing now to try to assist, nor I will get into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast club the morning his cheesy tomorrow morning everybody is the
envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are. The breakfast club was getting some front page news now of use toward forebore play off this weekend pages verse, jaguars eagles, verse, the vikings I let's talk about this time, part challenges so stupid out, even though they were the first to say that. Let me try this very thing right now: the Hashtag Typepad towns, if you want to think about it, you can look at that, has tat has exploded and there they have issued an alert from the American Association, a poison control centres, because it so dangerous is tied up with a lot of you
would eat the tide paths cause. I don't you guys, you are in your cause, illicit candy, so little kids would ingest Lloyd, dual Herbert one another's how it all started, but now kids were teenagers, are actually doing this time and even younger doing this type. I challenge on purpose and the first fifteen days of this year there saying they receive the same number of cause about intentional exposures to these largely packets among teenagers, as it did in the hall of twenty sixteen. So, just in the first couple of weeks, more than it did in a whole entire year, so kids are ingesting them and videotaping them thousand them posting it on video sharing websites, social media and a blogging platform. So now why'd they will start. I care for good or bad. Is it is yours, you, sick, it's dangerous. You end up going to the hospital or keeps
man is generation, is morally and intellectually corrupt. We supposed to be smarter, causes the information age, but actually make it a number, but as the stoop it doesn't make the kids I just make you sick. Did he die now, and they don't know that Muslim, deserved who clearly guys so right now you too have is removing all of those dangerous videos, and you will get a strike on your Youtube's up inside, oppose that, and they see that on their they gonna, remove it and natural. Spread the word clear gave of gas work Obviously, not one video mad one, nine zero. When damages, thereby on eleven say it is those of caucasian dissent that are participating in his game s. I think you're right. I have seen any black minority or any other. It's been five eight.
A black pressing, always no goddamn detergent. Video Mamma would feel at this time. Ok tied. It's meant of his help. Worthwhile union will get no time. You'll need to store brain thing. That's like type type pod, whatever it is. Ok, so you always do good ass tidy you're right, I was actually I used to be scared to use those. I don't know why I'm going to see what the attitude you are you for use them wrong, that you put it directly in the washing machine. You now have the you put the detergent and tapping, and then it comes out. You have to put it directly in them, as is the low padding just inside of the with your clothes and allow the world's largest college geologic constantly
We are talking about. It was like title. Does titles new podcast Amazon? I write an let's talk about the California couple who have held their thirteen children captive in their home. They facing up to life in prison now what they are saying and is more details about what happened with these thirteen. His aged two to twenty nine years old, couple were allegedly chain: the kids beat them and starved them. They were malnourished and they had both physical and mental impairment impairments, their pleading not guilty David, Alan turbans. Fifty seven and his wife, Louise Anna Turpin, there being charged with multiple counts of torture, of use of dependent adults, child abuse and false imprisonment. Now I know I love you asked about it. They just escaped sooner because it took one of the kids escaping in letting everybody. No, what happened for all of us to get exposed, but it's because they were scare they set at one point two of the kid had escaped together, but got nervous and turn.
Around. My parents would force them to sleep during the day stay awake at night. They never saw dentists and they were allowed to shower more than once a year, so they only where thou to shower once a year. As an example of how malnourished children were one of the kids who was twelve years old, is the weight of an average seven year old. The twenty nine year old, female victim ways, only eighty two pounds, so the parents who pays their kids frequently by beating them even strangulation. At times they will be tied up one point: one of them was tied up in high tide and then, when the victim escapes, they started using padlocks in chains to make sure the kids could not escape. They weren't even released to use the bathroom while they were tied up in the one thing they did have, though they were allowed to write, in the journal, so they have retrieve hundreds of journalist. I guess we'll get a lot of information or your government's you'll get your movie. I'm stories fire somebody turn into a movie right. Now, I'm sorry, sir! When Katy did they get the seventeen you ever did escapes? He said she was working. I escaped plan Fritz who, year
while yet it doesn't make any movie out of that is traded people being held captive, Gettin beat starve to death me while you free needn't, I bought my favorite labourer less front page news contagious. Releasing avenue pick of UK advised ok right well. Beyond that I am going to look at it. I said I didn't. Immediately redeem prizes, eight hundred families, One last word: Farrakhan Foggy firewater, firewood git, it obvious if you're upset The debate is that, right now, at last night, from making a manual audited, maybe what is present positivity, eight hundred five, a five one o five. What while Chris Rock like is the breakfast global morning the breakfast club a pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda.
You want a breakfast blessing, but they will allow this both him and even their phones. Nato has them whole family. I write me with my brother. I gotta get off my chest. May not have enough money for my card. My girl cushion But the money there like for eighty four argued that occurs when the devil of my boy, some we break up maybe likelihood later to portuguese Chase and tell chase don't you, like my father, I made my bill like to talk about ass kind of funding. We added. Are you sure you know cursing? I don't know, maybe that's all I care about you gotta call about tobacco boys. Nobody could hear anything travel, I met our raise. Go
measures has not even been well, they weren't they were now. Thank you for calling and let us know what we could do very allow this Jamaica from day. At age and make a theatre of each Jamaica where they MRI O day and was able to get it off each other, delineation of every these guys. How are you going up? I'm all I come alarm that accountable backup man. Now I know for months, will not allow China be together, but it's a long time to be together each day. You know so far More than a very, very good, he liked me every morning before work. On top of me make three to me, and this morning I try to do it. You mean you mad at me from where's my home I get by on the very. I think you will you do
no, they. Let me tell you now, I'm a very honest forested areas where you know we are the heat a conversation China. You know how I shouted encouraged me and tell me: what have you got you being buried? Intelligent I wish you know, bless me up as Dublin Bay now give me knowledge. So you tell me some of our common took the wrong way by beard. He he goes to floods, droughts and think about calling the main man shouted We have got a phone call. My number has thought I might not achieve our cambodian value the Global Europe or argument you, I gotta, go to remain a mere wouldn't you slept lapse as where you get as far as the world's Sunday. When you didn't knowledge from your may, when your mandate, a man at the devil, you don't you listen to him. Ok, that's magazine, lab,
you were married women airborne as you get mad, I mean I don't mind, never gdp and energy that why would you tell me to go to the main men, I've already just dollar and we might all moves little creatures? That's all you! Probably it is mine, felt like the media's males coming over now. Can you back out when he wasn't around it may be. I love the analysing God that's impossible, because we together ninety four ninety percent. Ninety Japan, I work at home and he's whip me, though there is no way to ban the end user handyman believe picked up a ruling out, though, and I am my home, the labelling insecure about you know you can't slap on cohesion, be slapping you. Yes, never gets it at point. It'll be fine! I'll, give you your regular box, the natives Friday get it off. It says eight hundred five, eight five one or five. One of your upset. You need event. It is now If this club bemoaning the breakfast
go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from you allow who, this morning, that he, Charles Buggy from the world, Charles, what I'll get ravages broke tomorrow, to monitor not only the money that was earlier about it gets done all budget, because the bother me for the past year and its indirect and a lot of people have been attached to it with a fact which showed a may. We not stupid substituted doubt better. If you tell us freedom of speech, is censorship is going on into likely it all that we now see is highly and also that we should be talking about because, regardless of how big it it or how wages or house do you, wanna be
these companies to me tell me: what do you want to see and that's why? I'm mad to dig it allows only getting a right of freedom of speech taking farmers would already be really, I think, without focused on those little I will be out of what you brother, I cannot agree with you, but I dont, because social media, because social media people are allowed to speak freely, probably ever have outlived, you followed nobody time. It is true. We could speak this really gotta social media. Ok! So now I say you top is taken up in any had only eighty Artic, oh and also you notice, but other stories gotta take adopting tat battle. Five, the wealth of our culture by inappropriate where they I'm gonna, have community guidelines on these. Two people don't take the right of freedom of stupidity, whether they can every speech ETA places, but they do have community guidelines on Youtube and those community guidance,
and say: they're not gonna have content at that encourages dangerous activities that cause immense globally are fatal. We live as private is a company subsidiary or Google Buzz I agree with a lot of words fabric of our freedom of speech, whipping former heads of right in front of eyes, but when I showed him it was opposed to the age of deprivation appeal webpage, stupors stupid, but just because of things like this stupid is to be done. So I have no problem with these when he's cutting off forms, a communication ETA communicating the wrong message that I won't be home. We have this conversation, but my point is where the dead well, what way the line they said, you know why, if that person stupid, ok, no problem, but you can't get the fuck outta here I think its stability, whereby the oil companies are primarily on the money. They have a right to do that and they had a right to have community guidelines because they
There are now owned by the government in a big you. What do you call it? Listen if they want to go into the people were actually saying things of substance in saying productive things that were actually know. Putting stockings positive, see the people brain that I have a problem with you, man, they couldn't people off will make untie by videos now We had another was not at all. They should be already. What will be a room was distributed ruminant away, you man about COD, Akbar LAD and having some more issues. I was just talking about him. Here yesterday, and I always talented, but somehow his personal life is really affecting his music business and then, as happens. All. I will talk about it when we come back, keep it locked. The breakfast locomotive breakfast
morning. Everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne go away at breakfast club was happening in Friday goddamn and enjoyed a weekend as bad as very well. Let's get two rooms are still Kodak aghast at the reul report. The breakfast Kodak Black Coat. I just quoted both offers a camera. Thank you. Re were low, Kodak Black arrested in Florida. Now his target include
grand theft, a firearm like a stolen surcharges of possession of weapon or ammo by a fell in possession of marijuana over twenty grams neglect child with great bodily harm. What does that mean? I don't know but could be brought yes, because the kids road or those of some of these details are not that clear and add to probation violation charges. So those are the seven charges in total that he was hit with you. Just got released from jail in Germany serve ninety seven days of a year, long sentence, and that's because he did these voluntary life skills course behind bars. So, right now he has a one year house arrest sentence. Any needs put a permission to go anywhere from his probation officer. He Kansas Travel serve. These new charges actually do happen.
Then he's gonna really be serving some serious. Timey also is a waiting to find out about these sexual conduct charges that he got indicted on back in October. That case is ongoing. No mother, I grew to weaken the dispensary mama provision in a far more house arrest, God sexual conduct charge is still ongoing out. There no gun in our founding. I should have no drugs now ass, letting you now especially stolen gotta, go beyond me. I'm not dies greater women dispensary. We don't notice unless somebody, was at the house in his their nuclear. Come around me down the breadwinner. I've got all that is money automobile UK come around me with that definite at my house that in any vehicle that I mean- and if you really love me, you wouldn't come around me- would be unless our in whatever you wanted arousing mandatory and you you ve, got to do the catacombs majority guy right now, you're custom issues yet again low did. He was on the show any as what he had to say about it. He said
video game of eighty was given. You shall actually asking fab two parties going our supply. When you see a birthday may we members, they will weaken them up noble me and you ain't. Never really party knows that. I have fifty about that. He said you did the same thing that you asked me to take him shopping. I thought he needed some clothes. I'm a nice guy I had. No beef will with five. He loves me No, I don't think he loves you alright. Well. Fifty cent responded via Instagram. He posted a picture of himself looking somewhat medicine, and he said the f. You say brother love, you want to buy me some sexy clothes and where it gets your fruity ass out of here, as an punk den of these invaders. I dont know what those two brothers is. Don't like you too. I can't figure it out. They both grimy bulwark, hardy, both loyal to the plan. According to data loves him, listen! Yes,
I'll? Send you the work here and he put the actual definition of the word queer up right, which has where we say tat? at this yesterday, which would weird or whatever whatever so did, he is happy. He spread. Love, writing happy, guy named means happy, so of fifty called did he gay and they ve got himself happy. Loving, right ethnically, neither one of them around there was, but about the where fruity and ensure that a member that delays the definition of fruity I've had some fruity stuff tat day, because you know it was just a little like a fruit roll up and it had fruit on. Above it. It was like I order at an event that just a of it, we met was fruity. Let me see the deficits. Are you like foodstuff? Yes, I do Actually I really do. I love well just fruits next, their amazing to grape ones and describe everyone's yum yum yum, yum yum great stack. I write what I'm Angela YE, and that is you don't have to
it must be the fundamental Hannibal. Three words. Words mean something when he ain t no copyright, our right when we come back with a front page news, if you have it, would say about the tide, pod challenge and more a government shut down which might be happening tonight's right. What Cuba locked the bread with local, more everybody is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are. The breakfast club has given some front page news if you watch in football and your team still playing over weakened we should take on a job was eagles. Take on the vikings. I must offer this tide. Podge hours were people who don't know why I figured it out myself. Well what they're saying right now is- and I know you seen as it has tag Tad pad town. If you go online and take a look at it, kids are putting up video themselves eating those times.
Detergent, pads and Youtube has decided they are going to remove all those dangers. Videos. You will get a strike on your youtube. If you post, one of those that has tag has exploded and the first fifteen days of this year alone, they say they got the same number of cause about intentional exposures to large packets among teenagers, as it did in the hall Entire year of twenty. Sixteen I used to be their kids, would accidentally ingest em cause it like candy, but now he's doing it on purpose. I don't know. I love you poor between tie bonds salary is if they daddy die now, and I added allocated days, I'm gonna choice, somehow about I'm telling you know some of you know something can to you and you still choose to put it in your mouth and swallow it. Aren't you making it so you make. Choice, but you know what they are rather die. You know that at this point in the game, if you know what I pods due to you, you Powerpoint doesn't want you. Someone gave the third.
Use all fourteen years old? I did notice, listen out now, the house more. Do you have to be denoted? If you swallow die body, wonder is unfortunate in Why aren't you glad illusion audience today when it went embrace kids today I want you to deter bodies, Yet when we die body of what might happen, you're gonna die this aim. They would kids using drug. You know my kid: you drug unit is stupid for using drugs, but if they die lunacy altogether Diana types TAT But, ladies and gentlemen, this is the target is done for the very false equivalency I am starting tonight we could have a government set down. That would be the first time this happened since when thirteen now right now they do have enough votes in the house. Has republican leaders did a deal to get a woman spending bill, but it looks like that might not go through when it gets to the sentence of that does not happen. Then we can have a government shut down. We don't know what
means, but you know damage has been saying. That means that we won't have any military during that time and ass natural, because the president can elect to keep certain things open and usually they to do make sure they keep the military open for that. But among the deals on the floor you know their China make sure they get a deck of bill pass and everything in a trumpet immigration people in Congress what to do with data at a later date. But the Democrats want that bill to include relief for the dreamers in those immigrants at a boy here illegally, as children are protected by Dhaka, they should still continue to be protected with that. Graham, so that's one of the issues on the floor. Why Democrats are in trying to go ahead and extend the budget? How jovial of dont show me the time, but I think that that would be good and clean. His insides also demanded guide all created as
nonsense, the Ipod critical people also contradictory. Why does that get asked? But, alas, it isn't mean they died. I feel like he wouldn't, but nobody should be eating Typepad, but if they do they do they die. They daddy. Thank goodness philosopher, page news merit. When we come back to our re will be joining us, explain to people who Tories. Adds hooray as a journalist is also an author has several books out and when one is built before your book corner compilation essays that you had a drink to collude is undergoing, yet they gave cod. Never drink that never drink then relate yeah. I as a book about events, I would die for you. It was called in any way. Her anxiety because he had a show on MSNBC, be denied or is a musical critic. He was a hostess fuses, hip, hop shop, a lot of different things and its eyes were killed him. When we come back,
Look you lack of anything like me with me. You know how to being from Brooklyn Bow queensberry superfluous locomotive. What a barrel queasy more everybody is the J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special gas in the building. They Ramey. Third regional growing, above all, watched you because you have been on the Indus Mcveigh, memorable enemy language. What maybe J D and not a mean having gazing at odd Camus, niche callin I carry fischler. Web pages would not admit that he like teenage girl now of a glass What you're those Bt Treaty was out of our grandfathers on journalists? Ok, ok, ok! I gotta tell you that
enjoyed. I mean I mean I mean I mean you ve no sort of moments to, and you know it's a big moment. You know before you walk in the door. The culture is gonna, be watching. Our Kelly had just come off of a trial, lazy and not had just come together after a long battle. You know the cultures watching you feel certain pressure think like an athlete going into a play off game like there's a big You know you gotta perform. You know you gotta get out, Davy ignores its flow We agree. You know I mean I was honoured. The whole thing to talk to sway in any drove down the street, talk to me about it and I would like this is an honor, but our Kelly. I thought I didn't get it tell us about that. When I had prepared for them and you don't need it. I thought that I didn't get him saying the thing that I would in him to say let you know those things with kind of import in a way that he tried to evade by radio was awful
and crazy, and maybe in the moment it felt like I didn't get it now when we saw it was like all, and I also thought there were cut that out my father at their feet only here that one. Firstly, our economies, our power was like we're, not gonna rock with you anymore few ere it again. You sat for the interview right. We did an ambush you like sixty minutes. You came to set down. We had a conversation in a hotel, I mean what you don't see is the conversation is devolving just as we go and on it did not end with like a handshake I'll see you later man, you know like. I had the intimate discussion with a man, especially in like oh yeah. Oh he, Canada closer. He remembered the toward the end. I would like your. Can you tell your fans? This will not happen again and that oh yeah, this interview never happen again, but I'm going to go a little girl where we finish like I went that way. He went their way and were lag nevertheless gonna happen, and that any of you I mean you have to say what I think
Those things would come up, I would think, is not repeated the air was play a clip of your right out and people who have an earth. Do you like teenage girls when you say teenage, how we talk in girls who are teenagers, nineteen, nineteen and younger? I have some nineteen, your France, I mean he was there. A crisis manager and in the moment that we're talking about, I asked him. Do you like under age girls, which was just a softball just a just to get into is right. I mean an easy question: a world that of your Romania can ignore
even if you know we're going to Thursday now, let alone a crisis management over there. You can ask him back and he said not to know I got this until then. I work for you. So then he sat down and if you watch closely, I start to say then right, but then I and some in my head authority under age, so my head said, you don't be other slatter that just Thinkin age does go from their walk on when you re borrowed and say what you mean by timid, why you say under age, because I didn't want him to get that out of like no, I don't mess with fourteen thirteen year old girls right. I already intimated Sutton like that and unlike not I'm not having a discussion but fourteen thirteen twelve, could you like fourteen fifteen thick? I mean like allegedly a let it make. You really want to go and allegedly no more, you mean crazy. He still has a career, Yad area. Without these new allegations coming up about him and all these new stories, everybody,
for I am back to that end. We live on a tape. All I did was asking a question that America wanted to ask. How could you not an illegal express any word class mosey partners for the thing too, I was trying to not let him and the crisis manager know that they messed up, and sometimes you have to do that in an interview of like not let the person, no, they displayed themselves right with a view of the enemy or like than there like make sure we cut this now, but the refugees cool. Then they may not realize they just stepped in, and new air and out of the they play so they know we locked away They don't have that kind of leverage. No more we're not gonna come about animals all duty of Europe, though I mean I hope so you know I mean I hope so. The allotted, even when you have situation where you're on a label and there's four five of the people on the label and we might want to get at two three slash four of the people, and if you pick me up with this one-
I can get the that's kind of how some leverage worldly will have gone about not anymore back then. Yes, absolutely that would not have been your little respect for bateato at their time. O absolutely good is absolutely yaller. Choosing this guy over actually leg like getting the word out about theoretical yeah, I mean acting here. His audience are literally people that he is choosing to from Alaska rape. Whatever else you want to call it, so they are choosing to protect. Am I remain a business with em, even though we know that the money We know what he's doing to these young girls yeah. No. I thought that was incredibly wimpy net, like we at once and now we're just gonna, not air it again. This was a mass of success. Then, as a show, you know the whole country was like. Can we see this? You know my Where is both a twin? Now, in my mind, I play landing was entirely humbly.
Remember. Member is unlikely that was years ago. He advanced was an old man. We read my breasts there, but can you took your topic as per second ass tat, of course, as a wing at black is called tourists show it's a bow success. I'm talking I'm having like our long one on one conversation with successful people, mostly successful black people, to deal with. How did you become successful where the attack where the attitudes, what are the things you know they helped you get up the mountain just talk despite glee, its weakest, Patrice Colors, the God Joy, red, common up black thought come out with had Maxwell in Reserve and Nicky Giovanni in ready huddling just like how do you do what you do and you start to see what people are saying to themselves and what they're doing and how they're getting themselves up the mountain? It's really really interested. I was your car with. Everyone differ from all Galva vision that are going on in there.
Pod calves, radio spirit- I mean I don't wanna- have and entertaining fun conversation how's your day, I'm not a comedian I want to have. No, who show people will be Doin it did. He not know no, but I want my conversation to be valuable for the audience gadgets, so you know I wanted to be like. How did you who come up and what do I need to know. I am trying to come within format. You were in a year? I mean, like you, know, look at you. You know you gotta attitude that helps to propel towards success. You think about your project, withdrew a book with expand this that the other you know I may we met when you were help and windy, and now you're, an affront burner and youth did that in just happened. I flew out of it, so I would talk about how did you get from NEO being second, what her to be in the first year? And what did you? What did you do? How'd you get from that radio show to this. One, and so we understand, how did you make those
our moves, the help you move up in your career of categories, begged to process normal- I mean my I wanna talk to like actors about like just gimme a master class on acting. I don't want to talk about. You broke up which a girlfriend your husband, what I don't care about that I'm gonna talk about. What do you know that can help me succeed? We got moments. Norway will we come back is big. Nobody move from That was more money more problems morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, we have to agree in the building he has made to movement and everything that has been going on with that in with the music business with the film industry, because you're a big film, but to what do you think about everything? That's been happening with these women coming forward? Some of these allegations that you read as he's sorry. Well, then, I want to go back, of course, road busies thing, but I wanted to back a little bit
in the meat to history I mean with friends. Russell like I know you are. I know you are a guy. Like I'm frank, he was at my wedding and add, hurt my hard here. That story come out. I mean you know and I can't say is wrong. I met camorra when she was sixteen which is hanging over him. Turning over me the hamptons at a dinner and she's, unlike above seventy, I remember being sixty. Ok, I mean you know an end Neither either way, I think, he's Andy. Louise had our cause, Russia has said they knew each other, but nothing happened dazzling. He sat on another me right, roster, another happen a meme and none of us and nobody said anything wise vessels shown a lunch in the hands of the sixteen year old girl I mean you know, is awaiting anything at an end.
Not at the time, not the time and I know, drew Dixon, I know no no drew Dixon for a long time. I know she's a hundred percent straight up and down a man like the first name in the New York Times stories drew my friend drew Dixon, Alma, much mother, you know super honest person leg it it hurt. It hurt me to know that was gonna cost. I mean I've rarely worked in an office in my career anyway, so you know You know what was going on and I will do that and I do things that happen in the office to end all year by me. Drew's talking about getting like chased around the office than legs do come into her office than she did tell somebody else like save me from our ball. Slay,
you know it hurt me in, and you know it. I had happened to Russia now because he stepped down from his businesses abc somebody you know. Well, do you think that now his legacy is tardiness and he should not people didn't work with him when he scientist Option He is saying that, but I mean like his legacy is dead, but I want you to go to other. Do I think, is that he, The houses of our oil well well well well, slowdown when our hated the thing, No, no, don't run this bill, your is discrediting the people accused in it, but I'm not good discredit Russell either like like it. What what what happened and due process I mean you know we can have due process in a court of law, but when drew Dick come to me and said not me literally, by renewing instead Russell raped Me- and this is what happened. I'm like I'm, I'm not gonna sell.
I don't I don't need to know anything more, I know drew Dixon. I feel like. I know that she would lie. You, gotta have yes and she's incredible hail and the story on like that have rested. Stemmons says dad didn't happen like that with you, Why why? Why are you really can render account at all that model being I just, I can't imagine, drew em her because you don't even know if she was alone, then it would be like my leg. Is you know ten or fifteen against one and the other ones I don't know. I never heard of that. I am no longer than what am I really good friends came to me and said this is what happened to me. I would believe them leaving the one on the because your friend not becoming anything? You know their inherent here? Would you believe it I like it here and I don't like it: ain't dead legacies dead, I mean. Well, you can't. You can't know it's not wrong.
We are talking about here and there I remember NATO either. I'm I'm your limit note. We have due process in a court of law. You could be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, a wifi, every citizen, the court to public opinion in the court of auditors. As you know, to figure out if somebody comes on Tory rate me in the nineties. We wish to be like up. You know what dismiss story and everything you ve done. I mean that's. What would happen didn't know who you are? I mean you know you are getting at some of the child. Do they were having in this thing bodily with your nine array of were noted. All thing is, I am sorry, but I'm view in general sense of we're talking about this thing, and there is a challenge when one person gets a speak, there's no due process, I'm with you
I wanna, located on a specific aid for its valuable arousal? Ok, who has been with a lot of people apparently there's a lot of people saying he raped them? It's. I didn't want to say that bright moonlight discrediting anywhere on the thing like and I'm glad I was glad when I think they fitted want to pursue leap, pursue criminal charges, media and even a lot of what you pay for even in New York, Times story right, Amanda seals soon another person who have known for a very long time when she was a diva. She took out pretty well an army when she got out there in a meeting Ruslan he's like did. I have sex with you. I am a hundred and ensure I've heard him say that other p, I lied. Order is demeaning. Is it you know like reducing her? Is it like completely ruining a potential busy me? A hundred percent, I mean, like nothing, that's being said, is out of the realm of possibility, but what do we do? It is he
we'll just here in these first Muslim, the when Ali the Wards lose go route and how they work together no man, indeed a man, he met with them women. They went on a day when those you went back to his apartment and they fool around you performed or affected her, and she said She found him. I did on whom right she fat legs. He was coarse and they had a native text. Messages which you posted and she did a blog about. It will throw the Merry he would like I'm uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable. He said it does not find for you then Her again, I mean ends. Will ever you read the story birthday? What prevented her from leaving see as very Bulgaria to me, because, as a woman, I want to feel like ok, but I dont know what nonverbal like you said. Indications are ended ass. He whence he saw TAT. She was uncomfortable. He said you know what, if it's not, she said she wasn't hammer fund is not bumpy was not from for me less. If that would you
You say you know what prevented her from leaving William people hear. You say that it be like why you think them blaming your victims. Shame you know. I know I would never want to be victim blaming or shaming, but I did notice that this story was quickly followed by a big editorial than Times editorial in the Atlantic magazine and actually banned field on headline news. Cnn all saying what the hell this. Yes, but I couldn't see Lee I like. Where is the female agency, where that women, your own women s and tat? Jim women that we respect thing. Why didn't she just walk out? And I am I, aware my blindness as a male, they say why didn't you just walk out A man like you don't understand this, I except that, but when I see grown women, intelligent women who I respect, saying where's the female agency, why don't you here's your clear Nonverbal signal, walk out that door right because he's got out
gated to stay and do any the things that happen and he never was forcing her or holding down against her will route and his head. He probably was. I agree, having a good time as soon as he realized. She was not only good. Ok, we should both be added, went trail. Women work, northward, would conference which will vote no, No, I couldn't I'd arm. I when I had ass, though it had been like that without the meat, but I don't know out Very, no one thing that I think people aren't using the want with my belief, tat people now to make sure they can avoid this type of situation, where I'm going with you tell man, I mean you know, you don't really like to see guys be completely certain that she wants what's happening.
Think eyes, sometimes our aggressive and may not realise. What's going on and Meda I mean like do, women are about clear, nonverbal cues men are not getting, and I think this is they played out. So you, the man's a bill, you understand, Nonverbal youth is, less than a woman ever that my whole Eddie when I was a player play out in these trees, like you, gotta get negative gimme that they need in order to try to give you a meal. The little rhino thing is is making our drugs and Bosnia not sure. Just don't do it? Ok, if somebody says no, it all seems somewhat resistant. Don't do it if your forcing anything ripping her close up. Any of that just don't do it or what we appreciate you for joining us. What did you find your toward him? ass, though, to add on twitter, at Tory till you are on Instagram at Turin, show and check out the package people now writes me- is the breadth of mandatory.
The breakfast club, the body- is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. Let's get to the bottom of the so called beavers beyond sleep We will always remain unaware. Billboard has said they cardy be. Is the first woman to have five of the top ten spots on the half hour and be hip hop, charts so beyond saying used to hold Rome before now B has surpassed her problem. Could mov regarded me died. Other Abbe citizen uses heard you easy, I'm also the silent Bruno Mars. Finesse also me goes and Nicky Menage Encarta be motor sport. Also Barbier Cardy embodies yellow those. The number ten seven for three and what does a pleasure, the watchman somebody Semi Odin
you gotta be daily unabridged cargoes are for a time of here and ask toad, earn she killed those you don't. We should be making a lot of money, and I would like to hear the gospel salute to call Academy. We can put our motto. This point will clearly be us know. Has a documentary on title is cause. I'm here am effort as Anti talks about coming up in the industry, as she is also highlighting the title tidal Mosquito Party at our Basel back in twenty seventeen. Here's the trailer for that may be further Bogs m, be here in our basil, whereas on the plane I write YO, I have come a long ass way it may be for lake or whether it is a pleasure to work you put out of you gotta be added drug things. It is simple,
drafting of which you will have to be a body of work. Nobody you want, you want food becomes them. Do you do you have to an international body? Has no you don't have to. I waited a nice accomplishment of the artists to put out a great body of work and say that your alum is one of the best albums have albums to open up our first album that, after that, I just keep. It doesn't really matter to differ for example, I too had again I gotta album is supposed to become like putting out a movie which no nobody cares anymore. If they do care now made I'm still a great out people rather by a single they'll stream. Singles street, because I think is not just about the streams is also about how you go down in history. Did he had the highest sell me. That's why it is important to put out an album. You have all these gray songs do well. You wanna have a great album, I would say, as an artist I right now,
Damn car daisy inverse is Lamar. Odom Lamar Odom was on man cave, and he had this to say about how he knew things over between him. Aunt, Chloe Kardashian Nostalgia must surely marrying storm. Initial salami banal for no reason no sailor. I understand what has always seen and wishing, whereas secondary mba ballplayer, What about you is on your second third Craig image like I am advocating. I asked in said on Twitter, when somebody posted that she retweeted it and said, or second or third brought you can in soldier ex wife when you zadig smoking whole Roxbury anyway to China's leave a say and, as she really dated a couple of basque Laplace after me, that's how he knew he could get back in. So why not? If you love you if you feel like you're, does your that what would have like her thin? I can't you back. Would you get used to be a graduate? She Bobby said that,
as you rightly say, that's not what I mean when I got back with their man after they ve been rehabilitation. Is what I'm saying I right now Kim Kardashian. Also said that using a surrogate was so hard for her, she said it's definitely different. Anyone who says he thinks is the easy way out is completely wrong. People assume it's better because you don't have to deal with the physical changes, pain or complicated with delivery, but for me, was so high tat carry my own child, especially after I carried north and saint. So she said: she'd grateful for modern technology and that is even possible, but I she does have an instant connection with the baby. You're gonna matter would open the food. Could log food good, so she still feel like migrants right. My right data packets may have gotten a facebook talk, show and that's gonna, be with her daughter, Willow and also her mother Adrian so she's gonna be wasting her opinions on a number of different issues. She signed that deal already and she's gonna produce it discussed things current souls
and cultural issues is called red table talks, new geopolitical demographers bookings generations should be pretty exciting. I, like I like, when I see people using new new platforms, not going to write regular networks and stuff like that. Now, speaking of regular networks, Tracy Alice Rossi is considering perhaps cutting back on her appearances on black is because of the pay gap between her and Anthony Anderson now she's getting contact negotiations anti Eu China use her role as liberties as a star, blackish and she's saying she might appear and fewer hell it's if she can't get a higher salary that reflects our contribution so sure so delicate I salary, but I assume that you will get paid in which their financing we are he's a producer executive. Do you have developed? A show. Lay like a sort of conversation happened in yesterday. Nobody's gonna, make it like a gender wage gap. Thing would know you gotta, look at the policy.
Wait, I have been developed to show with an executive produce any the stars are better. On Vivere! Better! Now you we look up into three another one in it. They better. Not we, as is, I think she wants to leave. I guess dying away. My contributions will reflect my salary. If I don't get a higher sound, Sorry, I'm sure it's a renegotiation, because you gotta know usually when they do not even deal did three to five. You deal if I'm not mistaken, is like the fifth year black issues and probably on half a contract renegotiation am I see they get a golden glow by Beth Acheson, a comedy for Black s, anti with the first black women to win that awaits is nineteen aid. Two unrelated twisted his all the game for her eyes were like hey it. I'm not gonna make ourselves and Ngos day or cable. Will we want to make you happy? You Sidney need they might I be able for she deserves it. She does, of course, Devil legal get arrays you're, not gonna, go much further than it was. You will get a bug significant raised right. Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report right. Thank you. Miss ye shot at ion. Yes, we given Adele could do
When you called I'd like to come into force the congregation I like that world, the young man tat he can make us to confront the carcase Rayner brother by engaging him now right, we'll get somewhere. We come back, he blackest breakfast local. Is donkey a date. Did you dumbass? You didn't donkey of the day. If you want or Don't do that knowledge is man. Two thousand blood was made available Charlemagne. The tap I've got to make a judgment of the court was gonna, be all right. The other day. Page tells you The breakfast club pity whose donkey data. They dog you today for free. January Nineteenth gold, the young Kodak Black. Ok, I have always enjoyed Kodak, blacks, music. Even though many talks and wraps he sounds like law equipment. He sounded
logical reason on me. I M in area that labyrinth. Ok, I want I've ever registering code argues tunnel vision, because I don't care what aid you all you can relate to that sentiment in that song. I let me a summer that amazing record police oughta be awaited. They want to see you admit it's injury, I d be allowed raving. Although Lizzy I like what I got, you lie code, black music to ok, bye
but I'd like to take his own advice. Ladies and gentlemen, could he's back India let's go to W p Oji ABC fully republish, I'm starved, Kodak blackest back behind bars right here in South Florida BS, so deputies arrested the wrapper whose real name is dice it on tape, wreckage, show the twenty Eurotas now facing charges that include grand theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana and child neglect, and I told her of last year, called Black was indicted in South Carolina after being extradited. Applauded the face. First, a great criminals. Sexual conduct, not listen pact is because everything can be blamed on youth because Coda Black is twenty years old he's been in trouble with law. Before I write, a vacuum serving the one year house arrest in as we needed permission from his probation officer and court before, selling anywhere Kodak Lazo also on sexual conduct. Charges in October in cases ongoing, not imagine a black hole, I'm career, ladies and gentlemen Code. I black was making money audience street. You can't write a song like tunnel vision
you know on how they want to see you in a penitentiary and then do things will be around things that land you back in the penitentiary Let me read, you would Kodak Black got hit with keep in he's on house arrest and he's on probation. Ok, listen to these charges, grant theft of a firearm. That's like a stolen to charges of possession of weapons are ammo by a Phelan, possessed of marijuana over twenty grams child neglect with great bodily harm Do you know what that means into probation violation charges now, I'm not the highest grade of weed in the dispensary. But if I'm on house arrest and probation- and I know they want to see me in the century, then why am I hoping they put me in there are? It is absolutely no excuse for days and hey. If someone says well stuff, they found wasn't even coda: blacks, ok, even still, if you all know, must
situation. All my people around me, your normal Nazareth Genome on probation, don't come around me with guns and drugs because you know disapprobation violation, even if I dont know better. I need you to know better for me. Ok, I'm the breadwinner lily, if I to bring some weed out but that you bring me a patch up a pistol, if you really love me, tell me no yeah made you out his arm now, ragged. Would you no more but I'll come back around eventually, because here's the thing that yes, men seemed not understand it, trying to protect your position by doing everything. This artist wants you to do, but when those things he wants you to do threatened that artists, his freedom, I his life, you have to tell him. No, because guess what, if TAT articles the jail that artists dies. Guess what? Yes man, you don't have a position anymore anyway. Ok, again I'm not going to legislate in SL thinking about all the people around him who told him. No. All the people,
got mad at over a year that was telling him changes ways before he blows everything I bet Kodak is thinking about all those people wishing he would have listened. I wish Kodak Black the best, I like to see any one incarcerated when he made a conscious decision to break the law and he knew what the consequences of his actions would be or maybe did ok. People close to him and Amazon things right now, like God, don't make no mistakes. Everything happens for reason and is, as minor setback for major come back well know. Is that it's not a mindset back? It's me Is there a bag a possible? I may not be home until I mean my forty setback in view, I quote I blacks, team and code. I black save the you. Everything happens for a reason telling. You're right, but sometimes the reason is that you stupid and you make them this Asian, please you could I'd like the biggest problem. Right
man is consequences. The anxiety and these breeds you kid go learn about with no, we fix up all right, we'll take a donkey today now will we come back? Let's talk. Visa sex dolls everybody's been talking about recently how man they had been gone crazy with these sex down. They look re airy, realistic, they look really literally be. I will not list them is the right way is Friday. So you know: freaky, freaky freaky Friday, and also would like to see this guy named cute Abercrombie. He put out a post. He said a dude who will have sex with a sex doll will have sex with an underage. Drunk woman, it doesn't take no for a final answer. Such a dumb ass up at last conjecture, dumb ass, though there were no such thing as a man. If you masturbate Yola another man, jerk you or you can see the answer, may I relax relaxed blindly, relax.
Hey relax like I'm about to touch him us up. The national issues outside of our region towards we, unlike I've, got relax, lags logical jaunt to show me that we have a good two regions. Ward is great. You have to have the money to buy when it is does and how much they run for two great wealth, the ok, you got out and tat. My camera guides only a thriving five one, o five one just requested in areas like every shipping. It comes to twenty two where'd, you buy a sex doll, protrudes away jeep. But you have to work? not at all you? Can you ever forever where you and dirtier out will outline of a basic demand. They were out on a legit. I barely visible depriving our protest. There's not play to see that a large funds be fire. This is eighty five, a firewall or five one. Would you get a sex doll and if you did, what would you wanted to look like?
who would you in ITALY, which can be a trying to give people a punishment? Is we gave Jude, they are run one would you get a sex doll in who? Would you want to look like call us up right now is to breakfast Logan. The breakfast club that was carried out as do the. Why aborting everybody is the G envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club is Fridays. You know what that means for a couple days: everybody when talking about these six dollars. If you seen on social media, is these human sized all that look real now the sand adores calls up to what two to five thousand dollars were asking. Would you get a textile out there and if you did, what celebrity would you want to look like now? You would you can set up? because a different for warming as we can? We don't need the whole doll like
it is the one who says that we need the vibrating bogus everything that we do need a whole. We will need a full doll. Nokias yeah I like to do that is deaf to in UK, needs three holes, immediacy a whole. Many didn't you know, I don't care what whole whores and I believe we should all go you Stein. Why are you still Brown Adam around her Thus, although they would you get a sex, Dolly was little whatsoever. Would you just six dollar? Look like Renoir, not answering a second point: the languor lives in the garden, but if I did, it would be very labelling on if we live know that it would be very limited by the Imperial about centre, ready check you over the show you all you asked me a question. I asked ass. He was very seventy years old Europe it is amazing. Paddies pies must all times
better to be fully global, they put the doll in the kitchen is were displayed a thousand second, I shall end here. We have come a code of ethics dawn creative, which animal feed and Eve I'm not like now marry me. Why do you can get a maximum sex down your wife Maxwell My view is why we are you. Are you the Dodo in a better way, to shut up my tracks, have we ever made are you went on? I don't think I will see the need for the door. I got all our judgment, the delta. I understand what means what pleasure the dobryna for me a you, can have anybody? That's? U one is kind of the thinking of it. You know. Maybe you have done looks like someone you ve always had a crush on my gun and estimated asleep at their native.
Many long law, I think that's what really a lonely person equity, pull a dollar the closet and Black just go in and didn't I gotta beyond imagination, I'm good who cleans up the dollar because Green it at school to differ, hello, who's this Chris Chris, that would you get a sex doll Chris or nothing man. It seems like this is crazy. That's going on in the world are like you got all this stuff like rape and all this stuff going on. I don't know what that's okay, I'm making money for the people from doing that, but that's just big, Laval solemnly the bar, which had no Charlemagne, would not rape is going on in showing that anyone I lied to reward. You got one by one black dog, You know your goddamned Brittany and he was a merry bernice. You would get us eggs. Are we going to be you look like tat, maybe a cry, and I come to be- that I have to pay for my chest night,
Zella may look more says the tiller Ojo millions, for I shall remain there with my all. I'm saying is shot me down the Mars Chestnut Doll may resemble you can do a door right and knows how to say big, Mama ready you, you said you would get a second already. Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh you know. Why would look like why, because ok appointed hour and I will have to cover this- would order Germany's within a female. I go crazy. Barium forget their we'd like to try. If your constantly paper, you know, because this would say, if you permit me so you pay for gratitude before ready. That's what I said. I'd never ever had other lopping, o, noble prostitutes and sex dolls are two different things. I'm sorry, Madame cancer.
I'm sensitive in emotional. I need something to love me back door. Martinique, love, you back! No, it doesn't. I knew you'd want. I got that. May I understand what you mean, as in my mama, who would look like who would look like report? Would it look like a quota of about a thing about the big You re, not criminal assets is thick prostitutes, eight hundred privation what oh five one, would you get a sex die if you did what it looked like all of us now to breakfast locomotive, Could he be bolder? Yellow morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are. The breakfast club. Would talk insects dolls this morning, all the students right is fraud, as you know what that means. Reggie improving working sex dolls. Would you get a sex, though? If you did who would look like Charlemagne?
and he would end it will look like paddle about matters. I would just like to add that I wouldn't you to sex dollar. If I did you, two sex die would be. It would look like writing bugging price labelling amazing, but I just don't see the need for us exogamy, I'm a cancer I'm sensitive motion. I, like touching alike, I, like you, know affection. I, like Catalan, honey. I can't be, would no doubt as it may be. I get a second I make it look like my boyfriend. So when he's not here, he could to sleep in the bed. Like him and we could cuddle were not looking back and then we can face time him in this kind of cruelty to animals. Good morning, good morning, how are you doing you sound like you'll get a SEC? You sound happy girl, The more I made you now will ever be. I'm just gonna keep every hour no disrespect to the Van anyone can be king,
LE brought your though the broad now. What we have here are no here with their law would look like all gathered. The idea now darlin made enough not realising that the brown you knew. My goodness. Thank you. My lap draw you drive airline anyway, draw your brother drew you wouldn't get at all. Wait I'll get what we were afraid that I would get a door, but right now I wouldn't get a dog. I did not wait to clean up I gotta go you ok, so maybe when it they could place them in their. Like, I M a filter. Seven days removable there, like a cup faster than you can take it out. You know sometimes felt cleaner, more legal bills. That change was too weak. Now, while the design is a great there, already self cleaning out what they even little balls, they don't look at me, He noted the millennium daltonian allowed me right now, that's where there might be allowed, as at all at all sounds like you would get a sex though I do not,
why not look good for you not to fight? I gotta Pee Oda vibrator against my woman, our old woman from people, no sex dog It's not a competition though, and why God or is it a good view of operating my man than a vibrator any day now by being Marie's, but also rail. You know they do not reflect the keeper rail. You know that I got all natural. I want my woman natural, you don't think. That's for sure. At this juncture that can get a woman. That's all you know, you know, tofu proven. What have you got one and have it. You're gonna die. No GMO people will go to the market now ripe? Writing it at my good name of the Adamo conspiracy? There is, I think this is some kind of population control they don't want is the breed breath. I did feel like the way, those you me is making people socially awkward. These dolls will It is all right. Well, what's the moral of the story? There's no more
story very immoral. Actually only yesterday I gotta take a bath. Eighty thin and his new projects have a trailer, Emily, some more information about his new ships, nor I will get into all that when we come back as the breakfast logo on another. You know it's crazy, crazy. I don't want my work I'll be on twitter. Economic turbulence will not work, and I'm going to my time line up. They want to stimulate pictures of women. Look at all these girls and all his team. An all kind of the dolls reflect. You now the area to the male sex does they are not there yet with those men velvet argue Diana Day at a minimum of live like they look very creepy. They look like They, like any other leg, lay a little late. Disease fail, Clayton and cars with their bare testicles. All on account of a very lively for some time that the problem that not a fantasy, that's real life, and this get him up.
Only a hard work and looking down, I don't know about you, work hard, labor grunting. They dragged playing video games, last week the flow and allowed them to harass what, before the day my website Michigan voice. That's ears doesn't get Hermia somewhat. Seemed to float Demi. You need ever done that you know me. Let's get that aromas itself, very bad. This is the route towards Angela eat Breakfast Club, where fifty then executive, producing a new show it to Tv Jama Cloud the oath. Now the oath is exploring gang culture in the lives of corrupt police officers, so they actually debuted the full trailer farther off on crackle. You have the kind of vehicles. I would play it for you, but it's more action he got see what goes down so how many tv shows for a million about ensuring that MR I raise and yet a word of praise
article, one should now have tv show come in thousands seasons. What five four five five, but I'm not sure I quote me. I write and speaking of tv and movies another that Gucci is saying he's gonna do an autobiography of Gucci. May bio, Picky tweeted that out, he said coming to a theatre near you and is also going to be a met. Motley crew by OPEC, motley crew is gonna, have thereby opaque and Netflix and Machine Gun Kelly's gonna beyond their he's. Gonna be playing Tommy Li L, normally crew is no manageress. There are big heavy metal ban from back in the Eightys and Ninetys, and it's gonna be based on Tommy Liese memoir, the dirt. So should I get our eye and yams day went
down. Yesterday was supposed to be celebrating the life of a sap yams, who was one of the co founders of a sat mob, but unfortunately there was some violence, it happen. They were videos posted everywhere line and people are trying to say that to cash ie, six nine was involved in that may lay and he was the one that caused it. While he responded- and this is, He said financial family? Nothing doing so I wasn't no five. I was. I was a stab stop. Making stories have so much respect for Asia. May Rocky spoke, and I was not in the loving on sand His freedom recipes he's Evian, efficacy, Sickness Arap of Brooklyn.
Where'd. You learn, you know I love, nor is it. People always makes his name up with something is the internet and is what comes of fame, but he said this is not about me. This is a day for yams that the beloved and condolences reciprocity. Serbia will do so marked absolute array and, last but not least, any ideas gonna be performing at the twenty Eightth MBA Austin, Half time shows that has to be pretty exciting. If you want to see them perform. Assuming we see reality for their first got real, I don't know, but it would be nice middle Marianna. What about Chad and though the guy was duly streamer movement right remembers. I want to know jolly the notice of the other two more dead long Josie, for it would definitely, if has any, one of these guys they release dissolve well. Thank you. Shouldn't be performing this test ban, gonna hunger as well. To tell you now I use it and Vienna Video HD video, innovative element of it manually. That's your Roma reports all right! Thank you. Miss anybody! What's black,
I revoke yesterday in one black card revoked. That's another great BT shows what to beat him telling Tellin ya. Maybe these put not some good content. I keep Hannah beats he's rain. All would need to be an add on. No, I don't want to stay a while. We now watch and meeting beaches without some great continent as it does a beat black marble visas or yes at him, a gorilla teach it at her fresh out, says, he's really excited and it also by Tony Rock tat black aggregate I, like a game show about blackness, actually have the actual tyres. Ass, a man like the contacts made at a man, sir. I with my friends, blacker, revolt, right, well, shelter, revolt for joining us Was a? U guys on Monday, everybody, as you know, are less half when your Friday we go back a little bit. So let's do this what is more if we want to lay down and let me use Moquin crazy, what we can do is go out little Kim verses.
Even though they had a little shy at all. Had a low spat back enforces the Catalan, your favorite little Kim record your favorite little hours in the little favouring a racket, there's no, what you love the best. Eight hundred five, a firewall or viable, as have forwarded, looks pitcher requesting is to breakfast club component. If you're, not cheating, do not try hard enough said former Cubs first been marked raised. This is true: a new weekly pod gas that deep eyes into some of the craziest attempts at deception and sports. I'm your host about Waxman. Each week, I'll interview, key players and some of the most brazen and bizarre attempts to unravel the playing field, all in the name of women who work powder, my fair and they wear a hat. I had a like, led, Zeppelin T, shirt or something like that and dark glasses, and I gave the signals to my coaches from molluscum trees. That's former met manager, Bobby Valentine, telling me about the
their time he wore disguise. We could manage, after being rejected frauds cheats, scam, artists, thirty year old, to forge birth certificates to play high school basketball. We'll talk to them all, as we attempt to uncover the crazy and dirty tricks trade, listen and follow trick. Duration on the Iheart radio at people bought gases, wherever he listened depart guests. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Duran in the show, listen to us on Kyoto to or anywhere in the world, on the Iheartradio radio, APP.
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