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TraeThaTruth discusses Trae Day in Houston and his upcoming album.

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Real, real, celebrity real. Some joint still existed in mourning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean to go. We are the breakfast clubs best guess in the building. Mr traded drouth willow was right. It my brother abroad, has some movement is by the time again right, most definitely trader trade. And am I right after large. One second is traded July. Twenty four for the item that I would an avowed salute everything ready for it. About eighty three day, of course you know given the made via the man, the city use them, but instead a mechanic the brain for me and make it a day about the the keys, and I can lay schools supplies immunization, sandstorm, HIV tourism backpacks giveaways gay rise, you know just home, is the artist come Ghana performing
you're not bring the whole butter a brutal, but France be with it in over the summer, people out there. We were really realises. Allow people on the store with may never had a money to go to a car. So really only know your face from tv on internet so when they will be able to test the people, you know salmon and be right in Mchugh. What I'm not at that care for a lifetime. I, like you, got back from trading, took Lula Why would he was trying to make it up to see my training would violate the arm in a dynamic that doing it has outlined the year after do you know. That's life. I think I overcome allow. Ask of us will make me me, you know from is, has been almost six years band well, I'm still relevant. So you, these as they are but a day. You know you were you bill and come from the bottom in though you gotta that whatever may be the ideal filled a man army got ninety seven beat me, You know most. Definitely, though, that this bet they are first,
but here you know giddy and though you know it is some use to you? No Sir Marcus If that dominate you know you carry the Duke Car southward meal, you can. You can do with me to tee how even still here we were talking about this would happen if we had a long discussion about it- and I was saying the problem is that there is one radio station in. I now there's no longer just one radio station in Houston that can play a music and I was saying others so many other markets. You could be aimed at his high when Russia back your hometown. You knowing using to such an important market that was made it difficult back then, but a lotta artists have stood by you.
They re most of them in this GonNa Carlos before some. Even with this, because the situation with my really I will go and feet everybody on it, but it is light. It turned out to me have so many difficult brace causes like everybody room for Ms Layer but see me go to so much. Oh, oh it's time, it's I'm gonna stay about big fighting, so let it feel like man. We need to give a set that this one of the castle actually genuinely deserves, so that future policy sign that damn again I am the lad. Did this I actually went on when boost came home, so they came home with them. We win. The war has made him his brow and he added that the personal family event before they do all the media stuff. I wanna first laws. We do now now at shady ourselves me last night, training to try to get an elephant,
Three, the holy man moved me, you know, but you gotta thing is light, but when everything Another cause. You know even the he's no snow like they're, so every day you not bring snow everything she led the way we once they saw me they can make. It is come on, let's get it unless you about a camera this year, a cause. Knock out another camomile on, though, what other animals they got by outside together elevate elephant, the bombing. He was suddenly the so random that they, That's right, the brain, the elephant I wanted it will book so you doesn't so greatly so my bag is we. The time of a low more money, but it was I'd Abigail, so what they say, what we gotta go, another route you can go. We can bring an elephant from all the time we got sword the same price that we going to you the mild
and how long it takes to get those I'll, even though the price, but it was always who, like me about the time I do that will bring some super stab against, though I'm awaits and they ve barometer make something out of the elevator to pay for I will be travelling you know me the way on the get it is thousands of free liquid the train or whatever right at the gate. I thank you, maybe the maybe the five or six that's just to just to bring about the Euro So if you imagine that's what he was taught me imagine with them. Is worse plus that I mean a bad example, That said, I applaud the poor with no Mamma. Usually do they were like this. Sam used to raise port was my first some as they deal with em out on the head of the inner nervous, their racking lay. I hope they be all right with me
you were at the man at the end of the day was the about experience that their holy. Then you know it's gonna, be a good thing, never says. May indeed I am. Who else is coming. Mary TAT. In my last letter I in another nosegay, and I welcome that guy now not to Europe, because others made opposed to my ears Graeme LE. I want to really make it to where people understand this, about making sure those in need, and them kids get there to get what they need to get back in school. At eight and get the the help that they need, as opposed to Let me see who it ass. I scrap all. Let me say I let the home about that food out. You know that but that they they will be more excited when they add the king. They were made these realities, people, parliament, but I will make the knives and unjust prelim. Maybe a week a weaker close prior, but I'd say, is be about ten real important, or at least I can do they call it cost you a lot.
Dude is rather of the people that you coming out the most definitely man. Sat out to being good. Actually, he out right now he donated Louis donated public than Dempsey from World CUP? He actually, though, made it an man. The home is resumed you? Do this shit? Actually, it elderly, a lonely, less stress on me. You know that I usually mainly handle it all this if you will come before, but I really, but liberty, books, ought if licence but I've gotta. Stands out, I was supposed to books. He might. I might as well give her last minute, basically as right and Agatha, stealing gather employee. I gotta get ready pavement of Eu Pavement Assistant to help you book. You have to change the company from avian terrorism. Naga. A busy bee in disguise man,
I got a b. My Mama nonprofit aims of my mates the moment about cycle is new and the truth is started off as a mistake and he resolved into what it will be a double ass. It were to brought up the supermarkets that they fear people attention span is not much better. The go to twenty four song. I was going to go against the grain. You know I'm always going against the grain, but it was a mixtape in and me and Jay Cole's chopping it up and he just felt like Is this a lame for me? People see me vetoed. Also many people think I'm job Stacy and then that the fact them even being able to stay relevant so long. What Allah the gives me, the spotlight people, take them all serious effort. Is this another challenge and I've got I gotta come across Asheville, more negative. While I drive a messy
drugs are ready. I mean I mean I think I think most of his case. You know they used to be worried about, though the outcome in if he's gonna do numbers Edison that, but you know you will you and in the cellar like how we have it in you doing it yourself and those who believe in you, you not really can about the pains of They make it a little more comfortable in over me, that they allow game? I with Zat molecule, fulfil a couple of sale of me in a whatever it is at the end of the day. I feel like my music is going to spray the stuff. You know. Sometimes everything don't don't jump out the gate and blow. Sometimes it takes time, but when the kitchen handle it do what it supposed to do many similar grandma's will be a year. You must definitely, but I'm going in the pin the rout. So as man took em, I will
empire distribution of the West Coast they on they got Troy, have they got a few more people, so you know that they work in doing anything and plus the independent hustle. I mean that's why I stay from so layer by to panic and trying to figure out what the Duke as they say, the people pass a farm and we them all much relationship with China. Most definitely we aces. Burma we got listen, party in that said, we did, they want to. Life, will be to yours I mean you know you re a support about then that a day he cannot lead me, jump the front line you know like as far as the album you know he he heard that there was already turned in, and you know like put together stuff. You know cuz, they support, he feel dislike outfit, Mama got their them. A business
this is where the imo here handler here. So you know when the cumbersome more support in the brother, whatever they got Gaza. I know what I like about you that he working summit with other establish artists, but you have not allowed into welcoming Edith was the man. I was actually thing about the book the other day we were talking about like even who would have imagined when I had this all our more ahead, create on their kindred we'll be, Like a layer by Roma, but I've got to have your business as a low music, and I'm saying when I'm in the zone and them though I'm doing given that element now, you know what I wanted to ask you about. Ma am a friend of mine and if any yours, Julia Beverly should genuinely did a book PNC. Did you have a good day in people? Haven't got it? I ain't ran across it, but I know she is going to be a trade day and she said she's going to be giving them out. So
a backpack looking, seventy billion Bobo together female at their know about mom here the whole. What's it answers, then they saw. I'm only relationship with urgency. Most definitely man in a lot of people. Man within within media and this whole process and people make their way more than what it is. Sally delay. We fellow you got tee what it feels like. I have sometimes with industry and being around people like that people to the fear that, as you know, these people barbicane the baby, and then I will we do if we feel you both Thomas able do, we will give you. I guess I just I just hate de facto Pepsi never got to use social media twitter! Wouldn't let you because you got a thing is so many? people as the grammar toward a there from them do a little things that they could take us out. Exit out,
The law is outside the telling a man nowadays to it in a matter of seconds guinea. The make you of real life because a you know if I should like to quote a public opinion or social media, so you guilty before you can get a chance. We like man at an age, euro and though, because you nobody would never really know the truth. They don't even care. Very we care about them through various go out into the limelight in baby was just talking about Tiger and am these pictures he sent out these penis pictures that election, since you will only words or what these workers, where does that make you feel like with all the social media? Have you gotta be careful to with anything that you send out as far as text messages bomb cause? You never know whose recordings No, I'm not with me cuz. I think anything. I got my phone I stand behind, so I ain't going out. I'm not going even play myself to even put myself in that situation
you know. Is you got to you got those thin man when people used to say what what's in the dark comes to the light? It's always been comes I don't know when is there. Somebody is going to come so prepare your I do not like that relationship with our other used in Addis Ababa. I mean you know I helped a lot of. I have a lot of the up and, coming you know, cuz at the end of the day I feel like I want to see. I want to see. You know I'm salmon even ledges, with Jesse and all this with new orders p like austere, even because to the point where and God and give him game, because you still got Lonsdale that ban stuff I've gone. Oh, if you deal with me, the automatically go Louie out the way in San am. I hate even talking about the situation by mean it is what it is. You know me what about now that things have a life I think a little bit smoother enough for you than they used to be have some of those artist before, because I remember coming to trade. I am like this
in order. That is always. They have been the same romanian though, of course, in a bar support day. Thou support pulled you. You know the other night in old people, already was within the element of the war that came with the two in the law. They won't come on, I'm mad. They will come only non autumn that, but, as a body like when great, let's drink does he used in weak and it seemed like a large amounts of water. But here you are somebody from using in seminars on the menu Ugandan Stanley. When you come on, how we come up with come up is like Sir Sidney that don't even matter man, I a case can't case to the daily aware about, while somebody donors, president laid down for me. You know It is what it is, and it only work with me right with me. I think, would be great if they just pop up this year. I mean I'm just when it their view in their thereby entitled to their own opinion, but thing. I think, though, that the
You stay with me even as far as artisan. Just situation in general, as once I start letting go cuz you got to realize. I had a lot of anger in a lot of animosity with a real big chip on my shoulder, but as I as I let go. You not Attila. The bay will leave a relaxed the leitmotif days away any really worried about that as this with the with the music Leggum amend the place, culpably now ones. Now, I'm just doing me, you know it. I feel that do me sit in America than these can play, while about, as I wouldn't miss I know it does not do for me, I cartoon ice a that only a year, What the funnier the contract was that with that. So right now we just free agents. Percinet we put on the back in the holy land on the network. My affects us, we re all upon globally, love. Somebody me the girl come polemic, assume they dont allowed animated while shouldering, but is
so crazy I've been doing since along an odd is actually they want. Be part like at the end. For twenty was snoop, a riffraff I got the new ever if a coma were maybe I'll, be a hare won't do via effect, How you belong need to do all we can do with a superfluous I'm having a first when I saw was the ozone awaited. Nightgown Larry is allowed throwback wheel those now lower and lower merely deal a welcome. They use the so recently are. For now the on the there oilers that wasn't invited very our man about it. You know I congratulate. I congratulate them doing anything, but I know he was part of it. You know it's good to see him. Trying to do is. Do it As has been, the scene would be as follows: A lot of people be mellow ain't really in the home of girls bows. It was when it was then no mass, now niggers movements. Is this how they have been discussed this about
the family right now. It's funny is at the heart of our the Addis in using I wouldn't care what another radio station thought simply because there's another station in the model, but even bigger than that social media like like Navy, let that one station dictate how they move in, whose aim I, like your wiping out of my response and I, creating mad at them. You know- and I see though- and I see so are thus these beat me there- they view at the age of women family a stop allowing about me. And I decided I love metal, My bad, it looks like if you ain't directly messing with me and my family and stopping what what I'm trying to do a throw out my plans is what it is, where the twenty four it is determined part one to forward the twenty. Second. Of course his trade
you did Andy, I will be there to fly vices expensive. His hair modify some private jet and I get them I might be. Though we may. I can. I say not gonna be mad. You got us, there may have ever lazy. Sibyl sail this home. Go, we go hollow mail at one and the experience you know is differ man like when you get to Seattle Keys. Basis, be lit up me an answer from from the time you started You know, that could say the personal life, and this is Andy's fairest way yet fell away. As my second line no you're, you you got me chose me, you will become about everybody come combat and everybody loves rating is it is. It is a good event where an underdog what actually tell me they got a whole Windsor more wars to give me from the city. Is that what they are I mean, did you got a deal
We got a lot more than that, though I got my gotta get away, crazy for the summit, that there has been a big army at the vote, but I dont do it put it so and never religious or with alarm give that can people don T know if they went to donate? Where can I gotta think to donate. Somebody asked me about the reason the earlier I wouldn't, even though the ragged. Believe me. I need a website sent me. Don't hang onto this actually company name only there said it me ask every otters appear. Four hundred now you can share and aim a hundred to joy, ass game. I hundred it connect game legit you should give up,
the change of you, kids, you should give up on it. I was right now to change to forty. I don't have a hundred alone, you're, not gonna Donnie. I don't have the money on. The second is a no go next. Got pay pal account nope. It is only when the party Its drainage was globally
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