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Tuesday 6/12- Today on the show we had Jason Mitchell and Trevor Jackson stop by to speak on their new movie "Superfly" and lets just say things got interesting when talk about marriage came up. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to A Memphis grandmother who was letting children out of a pet kennels in the back of an SUV. Also, we had listeners call up for "Shoot Your Shot" and lets just say kids were involved. 

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These are unprecedented times, but together we are ready to get through. This
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gradually and shall remain the God of the rapid, forbids the voice of the culture wash like. Maybe one of my baby shows just because I always keep your young real, but there were a bear on paper there. You know their listenin to back this morning, you as a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO agencies working in shallow May was proud and whose data plan it is to use day. Yes, it is man, is discredited, just get not below bid was uneasy. Evacuees
Will you back? How was your day off yesterday when I was working this whole? We Ghana actually went to bed rooms Louisiana and sets out a young boy, MBA added great conversation with him. He went about ruse events in New Orleans, then I flatter Detroit and I'm working with these women in Detroit, a shadow tunisian Shea, an iraqi bad, so at a very active, weaken digital embryo Bobo belongs woman wages. Allegedly we discuss, everything. Yes, but you know yes, unease can't leave area right now, because he has his upcoming court date, that he has to deal with so in I discuss is all about so as soon as they are ready for this interview to come out your parent I would say, since mid shoe, intrepid Jackson will be joining us this morning. It lay little left up to the society Ladys Moist this morning.
Ok, all right, ladies, like those two young men like drove a genuinely like Jason Mitchell, when I posted up the video last night, sanity will go beyond showed. The allotted Ladys were very excited Dhaka, also clearly, as I have already called guys to when you actually Sudan, how conversations with them their very high working young men. Nobody not looking to settle down no timezone Ladys in order to incited my goodness. Now your presidency, like you, did some good up over. We always yesterday. Ours was in his present good morning of what was going on. It he's yeah. What's up about in front page news near when abiding who mistake as he's been eyes, he we are mourning press conference interrupted everything brokering also I have while they did change. That aim. Is that done yet will find that when we come back as is still does that make sense? Also
but they keep allowed from patients next, the breakfast level. More morning everybody is D. J Envy, Angela YE shall remain a girl. We oughta breakfast Club Blueskins front Page NEWS, Donald Shrub. What would you do yesterday here this morning as waiting his press conference all over the new interrupted the news as to why stand a chance press conference alive and he had five hours of unprecedented and surreal talks with North Korea's Kim Jong. So all of that ended this morning. They are now- I guess, friends and also, according to Donald Trump, be said the boy both going. We both want to do something we're both goin to do something and we have developed a very special bond check it out. I want to learn german offers all morning on your first point around and the leader of my meeting with German was caused direct knowledge, allow confined and we're running between our nations
Beg diplomacy way: ordinaries beggar toward Obese, so I have no problem with that. Yes They came jungle and had already made a commitment to do nuclear at Vienna. If this is the real word by DE nuclear arise, but they did reaffirm his firm and unwavering commitment to complete the nuclear relation of the korean Peninsula, it comes at a key mankind, dashing young on a variant of the Kim's dismal vocation. Look said little cabin is less fuel we can get. Netherfield came to trail, Dennis arrive in commented on CNN as well are broken down here, Dennis Badman talking about how he has been running this to happen. For some time any also even wanted former President Barack Obama, to be the person to This meeting- and I try to do that to Obama and abolished in ever- gave me the time of day. So I have something to say from your career. He does bless me off, but that
tell me I still can't get born, but I kept going back. I kept going back and I said to everyone: the door will open its reason when I those things. What I said. stamp is when I went back home, sorry bill threats and I believe that all real I couldn't go out. Thirty days amen Kim Jong, IL dinners robberies Bay, cried thing Kim Jong unhappy birthday. One time did is robbing really loves. No career, Emmy Kim Jong got them. Forget things. Nano now Dennis admin ass. I had on a make Amerika great again have as well as he was. Again,
I have been keys, were one views about this about. I have changing their name too. I have it's not really happening, but the bee does stand for burgers their temporarily changing so international house of burgers. They said, assist a marketing campaign so that really going down like at this. It was still definite gonna, be I have, but we want to convey that we are taking our burgers as seriously as our pancakes sorted out your journey. Now then I really taking it as their marketing campaign, as somebody added Wendy's. So at Wendy's you just gonna. Let I have so Burg is on your blog thought. She would Oji and Wendy's responded on Twitter, not really. if it had the barriers in the place that decided pancakes we're too hard, I felt obliged to sue. I because you know I was using a lotta gang lingo yesterday and it was treating all appeased bees. Russia, like the blows, the shoe I have in some way before, plus the blows having duet like a lousy. Anything like I m sure, no direct
all right well as front page news. This open up the four lines: eight hundred five, a five one, o five one. Now Donald Trump has released, a woman was serving life. After came car dashing came visitor and talked about, and talk about that also, I went over emit. Would North Korea do you look at Donald from any differently now? Stop it manages to somebody. Does something good for you as a mean they're good for Latin America, asking you yet amassing a people out there, oh. Nobody feels different five, eight five, one o five one. Do you feel any different about trot laughed at ease able to court on coal Have this open door policy would know Korea, maybe a peace treaty, also release in people s been imprisoned document be even beaten army to whole for love. You and then you take me to nice data now. Those are you two peoples to be good, again: staff it on my marriage, aiming at a calling eight hundred five, eight five one o five one it is up now is to breakfast locomotive
the breakfast club that was reached a kid with no freeze a morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club now asking you about Donald Trump: do you look it downloads from any differently? He went over North Korea met with King John and add a conversation about I guess, of peace in and not use nuclear weapons. Also, he has released people only one, lady from prison that we believe was as unjust in their. So I can do you look at him any differently. Charlemont know, first of all, the midterms this year Republicans want to hold on to the House and the Senate. So everything you see this shit smoking, marriage, I'm I'm happy! I was Marie Jonathan Gus, free of our love diplomacy saw glad I'm glad to see him and Kim Jong on sit now each but not a look out of any different, because just as someone does something good for you that a mean a day good for you, you can't beat made a whole first year, marriage in and take me on to good date in the number, We, like you could say
man. Now he's such a nice guy. Now, what about you? You and me listen. I can appreciate good acts right, so I can appreciate these good acts, but I can't take away from other work that still has to be done and the divisive things- and he has said and done as was a you still have a lot of work to do for me to even feel like, I think, the good things that he does not come from a good place. I can't necessarily believe in him or even say, ok. Well, that's a good job. I think it's dormant he's doin. It like Charlemagne said he knows. Are election is coming back around the couple years, these or meat terms at all, necessarily think he's doing for
reasons I can certainly look. I let them immigration reform. Let's do some equal rights, equal pay. Let's do sound some real worldly integrity, ledges reform of those things from a latter day, yogurt was mad, restore gonna. Throw me dvd. Some good things were. Aren't we believe, like our negative verdict, that you all that the negative popping up progress in setting the woman bear political know about it or not about a grandma, I mean the other private. You didn't go back verbally. I looked at it like the barber bar or like the period for the logs me. I got a friend early bird here thought though I may I will get a private I get a man like you can't be defeated pacify my brain. I mean Jesus Christ. Lessons opinion allows this to do Poohpooh due to you. Do you do? What do you think about that of look at him? Any different? No downloads are now all the legislative changes do so myself. A blue may rightly boa was sober them.
a boy I used to use the eighty right. I use age Wilbur, but I've listened to and which provides a really look at death. Like I used to do my duty, both Bobo now I did visitor to appreciate and trust me. Let you down in another couple days Michaelis you're my brought out, you can lead none of an unknown. Nobody down you hold out. I thought that was not big enough when I have a number of applicants: Megaphone Africa, that Eu Africa, yet Nigeria nay, my ma am certificate. They gave a nobody use. My Vienna, that was for someone. now they use my neighbour, Russia, and I know this moment aroma that Unite DNA, eight hundred five, a five one, all five one would talk and Donald Trump at these me in with Kim Jong. Do you look at him any
really call us. Now. The breakfast I've won T J, Envy ITALY, Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now we're taking. You calls eight hundred five, a five one, five one asking about Donald from. Do you look at him any differently? That is the question he met with Kim Jong. Men seems like they might have low peace treaty. Also he's a parting people. Now that might have been put to jail unjust, to ask of you that an income car dashing at a big hand, and then I'm Tellin, you may Kim's are a key okay. We need all the kids go, our lead damage on right now, locum came for Came to trail, all against rival is going to fall as hell I was. There is currently a which often don T look at him any differently get Amazon. Therefore, out of date,
a bit about about America, but anyway I positive number. Will you drunk very cool Casper laws, but while the tree, why three well? What I want to see? Thirty now look Asylum Aviation authority. That means that, during which I have been very happy birthday, why should I be low level? I am whack lab at a very early age that I gotta get. Dr Andrea was probably draw tat. I was missing, you don't move! Thank you back about dollar eight substances, how you
How do I get? You bless black and how they were left, and I only know pry love Anita by family being about it. They imply among and he's got a really getting down. Only one up, yonder plant more rapidly in GDP community on an old pride must attach only got a day. You're gonna hold my nodding at the huge next week. Next Sunday well well Philadelphia their bribery busier there there they bought their young you to get on it. Having asked in a pragmatic to everybody at their celebrate, you went ass, much oftener interest rate or funding and the? U s a nice with Al Qaeda centre.
the patient's emigrant both their job of you believe knowledge, but have you gonna send me a patient need oppose the use of the bottom two years ago. Have failure, because you won't tell me what it is again. Do you like two years ago, I can't find it. Everyone keeps you nervous, I'm a give it out at european level. I give it to me now, isn't it out, but, as you know, on the gourd I don't like everything I'll gulags. Here we go getting it in their living. Donald Trump
The lady had been that we get it. That's why I'm my brother, like that, but twenty seven years, though solemnly they drew the library any usually without a job. I remember now. I can't believe that President Mandela TAT fly maybe like bill for burglary, hello, hello, duty, free Rio, but that there, if we are to think about where the community to stop any degree, we need those I'll find anything tat. They about asked why we we keep it is easy to pacify, can have as opinion about the bottom blocked up tat. I really want to have out, though, if he did it to my brother. I know how you feel well, when you buy the dies, your pardon, you burn the idea that the other thing it is doing in a bunch of black people a day. Like was two point now, my ok right there,
in his story and he has the moral of the story is simply this man. It takes many good deed to build a good reputation in only one bad, when the losing Donald Trump has way too many bad deeds and is bound to build a good reputation, and you don't have to do many. Many many many good deeds to build a good reputation derived you re a ruse runaway. Yes, I said capacities in three of Atlanta. What's about to go down ass, I guess who just got engaged after a short period of dating? Oh, my goodness, all right we'll get into that. When we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive breakfast enough talk. It was like a dog morning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We all the breakfast club got us my bad we're getting drunk. I already got rid of your browser. Thank you very much, Mr Guess. Angela easy going to Roma.
The report is the Reul report was glad. I river Eminem has denied using gunshot sound effects during his bathroom music festival, said, and that's it to getting backlash from this? how can you deny? Will we actually heard what he said is he's been using this effect, as have hundreds of other artists in his life, so they set a pirate technic concussion, and that the causes that loud burmese generals gunshot years been doing. There's been no complaints for over ten years. So I guess you and think about it. At all period, do not understand the problem with using the gunshot, Emmy moving view use gunshots. All the time I get outta shooting happened at that place. Isn't it
now you're gonna get people aren't edge, though the shootings that have happened with the music festival in Vegas was shooting a happened at the pleased, and I can see will be an appropriate economic. We use gunshot. All driving is appointed rapporteur. Yeah he's been doing this for over a decade, so has been an issue. I'm sure he wasn't thinking. Can we use a sound affect urban using all this time it is legit chop a flood draw wasn't like that Kim Ass has announced a new single now remember she had the don't be tardy for the party back in two thousand nine billion there s a long ago, but she has a new sung and cheap Primo boy previewed a little piece of it on Instagram its cause. My it's called wig.
ok, you guys so are you ready here, is a little clip of my new song called Michael Extra, but, as we draw formal conclude from rumour, please please as gas on Kim's wiggle cake. This elevated, we might away, which does not begin, was gay pride marches Omar, but is abused parade the Sunday
Some does too only Jimmy Judgment and would not drugs is what Robert celery of every other Jim. Could you some dunwood knowledge has now has a wig. So maybe I love this rule. That majority would abolish. Article bottles lie about handy, wrote that that's. Why do what I was told to trouble include Malta towards reported array. Let's get ready for the BT of words that I gonna be happening, I'm excited for that a Maxie be out there for that on June. Twenty fourth now is hosted by Jamie FACTS. As you know, but they're saying these people are presenting, that's gonna be tee. I cabin heart, Chloe and Halley Yvonne Orgy, King Bobby Brown, have a jack synergies and Mitchell, who are to be on the breakfast club this morning. Allow Michael J alive. He would take a blamore, so should be pretty exciting, along with the performers ETA gonna be out there, which includes her, make him a nice amigos, do now, Monet, Ella may and call it has the most nominations with six in total.
What line we will Jamie thoughts were for that special event. He has several I'm sure I can recommend not came May getting any more than I am. I gonna get. I answered, I like others to it yesterday, which. I didn't like it, but you know Eagle SAM eight, and so many no no need for me to talk about we're gonna play for you guys. So don't worry about that. We get that. This morning I had this Gambino says that he believes season three of Atlanta were mirror candies. Graduation album- and he actually spoke about this as M ease F Y. See screening is that Ireland, the seasons, I think to me, Can you records I feel like this is or are gradually. This is probably the most accessible, but also the realist, an honest version of it and I feel like the most enjoyable like that, their it outline should re interest. I can see that because the indices intuitive left to go on, toys are just people boil grow. Even bigger is a rap artists. You know and promised us you some real success, a seamless,
granting Mp Davidson are engaged to draw monocles Basel Treaty be Dammit. You just said it is not a bit like a couple weeks ago right why you judge of evil you gotta dating in May Is this a joke and we live in a fast pace. World baby keep up. Sorry A granite broke up, magma, Lippy Davidson and his long time girlfriend Kazi David broke up, and now she is engaged to pee Davidson already over exodus fast. That's my love me! Listen, you know you. Can you can get into a relationship really really quick in Indonesia Principle Dorothea Life or you may be further for a long time, the engine engaging humane and divorce quick. You never know now this best of luck to the young couple. What had apparently out front for the Roma people which militate parents look like it, wouldn't do give grow. They look like kids, I read on May twenty three and twenty four, but it only area is twenty four may find I'll, be. Ok, it's just an engagement,
it's just an engagement, is just an engaging mainly might not even get married x is married to you if you read actual press releases, as they d look forward to a long engagement that even meet Arabella Mozilla yea, and that is your room, a report and all right. Thank you miss he now, where we come back, a Jason, Machu, intrepid Jackson, of course, Superfly comes out this week and we got right. Daddy's we did everything, we want a major moist sworn monk and it's all right, we'll take it with them. When we come back to breakfast locomotive granary by is D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club, he got his pursue guessing two billion more than two men out of everything in Hollywood right around our homes adopting well, I really would lose those great you drink and Pepsi in coffee this morning you know I'd, try to drink coffee.
What is it knocked on my tail Muslims Dragon, Mr Corbett down either? Look ok where you are really was the adjacent to gauge the out of my way. You during your parents early in the morning champion everyday think, declares that noise is revised. You know, but all you guys have hesitated you high level flat superfly. Let's talk about superfluity that away, they call a coke. A call. The way, a cock, How do you get these has now called tongues of you seem like the Malcolm X movie alone had arrived at all. It was the fact that this is a strange departed. Hairstyle got you get there. You know that was good outcome session. We had Magellan Ex going back and forth into curly earn something else, and although we have those radio is that all
on the one hand, some sort of resume an old window renewable
We now have some resembled, so we ve learned the motto: Outdoor go: go go about invisibly dinner. If I went to see her last radio those accordingly there some detail about civil flatly, kids, it haven't seen the original movie. What is it about? What is based upon supervise about this drug dealer and ways of top his game? Any very dedicated, very methodical, lay back, very organise and then something happens were him and the people around him that he loves or endanger so astronomy. One last courted get out the game for good, because his mood, ok, suggestion somebody's regresses out very, very large, ass, a man all if you're so cruelly availed alive a ladder related movie with such a big deal. I thought it would have ended up. Like you know, in a scream services. Somebody like that the actual roll out, I think, pride anything more than a vague idea had probably the black movie. I heard your eye on it. You know, as he's gonna give a big shot out. They have very great oak. Has everything
I feel I should like to compliment. You stand is because a minute, but I feel like it, it's aged over the the wave firms corner coalblack movies. Honourable members, this is because blogging when it on me to have to be executed on that. Remained an answer I raised and we go see the movies, as we can see by sales backs up the sales. You need to do my blanket, although have young one or two points. hardly, dare we want you to know, I knew I was really a good. I didn't ask her to go. I support those movies as well, because we can't complain about things and they will not go into them very true virtual, but I'm sure you'll find audited movie odd in proceedings will be the rule. That is good. Joseph remain a party. That was a huge use reason for me to do. Vienna Colombians, guided, made seriously matrix lethal weapon, be vendetta saw MIKE what the movie get to work with those Gama losers.
I figured they'd have to do it, and especially after filming it is like as many things we have to do actions into something like a lot of money. pleasure. I play the last word. I think that works no for music video years as it is. This is a huge movie. I leave you, he was very optimistic. open to what we had to offer. You know that, and this bit his first fish available to say you know he was He was gonna learn. You know I mean he was down to do everything that we had in mind, which was great for the tenth, usually as a lot of courage and make it into a small treatment of video. This germ yes to expand the footage. You know right, Lou exactly, but there's a lot more. That comes with a movie than just the people. In our view, you you have the farther performance. You have to put a loud things together: Unita ART
a valued tree. You need a lot of things are coming to Physiognomies America, beg of you. You don't want to be just what the beauty of the inside Romania's slimmed down by the job back into the sky, but also have another fundamental right. After the shy about this guiding Anthony Roblee. He's consider whether Greece, everything to we was born one leg, Let me say here a monetary aggregates athletic body you haven't. Even I am neither yes or no.
You have you know- I gotta go full pact, but I am afraid you got a train of Thought Eden, radio surgery, what you do all that says, like my first words, will deliver real euro nor yet the roadmap, classical really powerful, will guide the main idea behind them at a movie known as we just ass. If you guys did you understand you say? Yes, we did. We did all those times when he was a rather for women,
I was living. My persons learn a lot about Israel, country from being marooned, finds that animals rustling in here right now. You do you work in a day with a view shared off again. In years no noted he handled you yeah. You want but nagging character about any religion once the United States, where the media law to remedy the thing
that will the song is by making love, and I think there's one grisliest where's won't leave to watch it made a bitter. I haven't relationship something's gonna happen like doesn't crazy, but the fact is getting worse through their work, do not mind without how does she have already enabled the problem you call to love now was called, is obeying got about a learned and we all know what they say: ok by weak. God knows that you ve got voted Wanna people's like these men alive to Norway. Where would you
yeah, maybe twenty, let's something that would only made aloud and he made by the arm of his natural. Never my maid voting is one of the intermediate pebble magazine. Man alive agrees with all the new twenties. All go go go to feel the view on another level. Not just what did I don't know why that would be uncomfortable when it actually happened. You know, if you do good legislation works section was the icing on the cake. It that's what's happening. I didn't know you never told not to decide. You know. That is why it is. Our Jason has called, was largely taught me tat. I we are more, which asymmetry than Travel Jack's will become backdoor moves to breakfast locomotive breakfast morning, everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club from the normal we Superfly, which comes out this week. We have Jason Mitchell in Trevor Jackson YE taken. When is this, I am when he set them.
can. You live like a month but we ve been the press we were gonna lie, run aground, but it s like yellow havin fun, at least course I made every way. This is cool, scientists, you, girls, mast another dude when you're broke up, have you ever been in a situation. yeah? I have rarely have what you know. I'd allocated, legislate monogamy is such a taboo situation. Any such monogamy who Madam is overrated maybe maybe they re taboo is both these both. So you don't leave him at last. Your what do we allow fear by
not really already go see Abdul Mary. There are a lot of people down, I mean I've. Seen marriage heard more people than is helping the flame of Logan was what I mean. I've never seen a marriage last ever the receiver Baird's be faithful. I've never seen a marriage, be fruitful. I've never seen a marriage to India that, while I did the same, my father and mother our most of my eyes, the moth? They are minimum Dunham Kitty maybe things you lose, but we gotta get outta here we do, but I dont think it starts with paperwork with a said: hey we're, married I believe that, as I believe, starts with honesty forgot. You I want to marry you right now. You wouldn't do that.
anyone who bears the name of MRS Redi, but you also know ready. So nah. I don't believe it merits, or I will never isn't gonna be so interesting now one I would never in later life after you die. It is absolutely do not emerge those of marriage. Those of great you, though, I feel like you know, to the right for marriage, bear when you commanded a ripe worth in Indonesia like, but I would agree so many ways. You don't owe me, but that still does me that you're monogamist relationship Esto? Doesn't me the truth. Is that our relationship that I have ever have amazement monogamy railing? No, my problem is the fact that ledge how'd you do I'm thirty one you get about. Three years now and I said,
you thought Loi now. There too, I believe, I believe you would somebody you can have a stronger relationship with a piece of paper does from there and what I d, rather than ever. They argue that in a letter that you may see their hearts difficulties when ready is like. anything in life you do when you really do. Oh, my god, That is why I got an idea more year. The while in the new knowledge is, I think marriages is, is this is a sticky situation ultimate sticky, since we want all will be well, because I mean Mamma will be allowed W. As a young guy. You should never think that the thoughts that are you're mine or in a woman's mine, That's just the real I'm! A bee element may be found
now much easier. Your life is Mckenna, monogamous relationship where you have to worry about juggle, indifferent things: man, yeah haven't you worry about these issues and all of those things You can wiring if you'll have central one person at a time that responsible that's a good thing to do, but Mama now. Maybe you'll believe well, I'm here is easy. business is always somebody. I want a heavy God now being Mama's. Well, my kids, a member was had sex with the whole world and nobody else get AIDS. also, you haven't, got a vision about it. Being a conspiracy theory, and even I really died away that guided by a long way. We have you got that told you get you just those Union Shatner We welcome I if I met each other about David.
my baby, I mean like mine. Now, that's me Her career is more important than what we are going and is important. of course, of course, I'm allowed meeting it's already a number more day and is as good as yet a lot of a lot of major rather hope he would The study was you still you like it or not the legacy one in Fatima. Wants you to commit your comments. Are she wanted? The committee would commit Bulgaria. Recovery will be a sort of those covered by war you have been a good money were well what I just said that in the joint own journals nickname forget,
an already value their method to go anywhere. Other Louis, didn't you got like the real thing. They want to do a lot of duty on tobacco growing and let me alone now they wrote a mannequin Skywalker yells frustrated music, valiant Skywalker is pathogenic. Nobody took munitions and my little do we thought he was capable of doing it right down very. Does that mean that we can avoid you directing SAM Peter Mink Prize? I want too badly actually do something. Real passion was right in every video of the Monterrey. Dare devil do so? We need to work. some may say you guys are thinking about you. I like writing and directing black absolutely enormous, because you, like a guy like Absolute said role given save Franco, which, like all, has a wise. You know I mean people who support as fully boy who are so much in the
I'm aware you not, I mean, like dramas, is our session, so we could be fun, We can do our lab, but at the same time we can bring the tears out. You know I mean it would be interesting to see what we can do and what we could bring together as a girl. What what what I should say what direction would you wanna go in your next project, something that outside the box, this not a typical put a whole blackened if any day? right in London after this will be the thing about the avenue lesser one leg way I mean. I think I've asked me for a lot of August. When I say things like this is not about making a black field is not about making a wife We don't want to be like that, like that we wanted to be looked at it like like by art in me, but at the same time we gotta tell you My stories like I'm writing a joint call. The Homeward association ledges moved into a neighborhood, and I have a white neighbours. Although my neighbors for different about me in me, M levies, Eminem hates you.
I was there. I think all the publicity it yes, they have how many jobs just words, but you know the first is the worst they got it. autonomy above all tat. The word you know can be carried out, an idea which will run for re election, and you thought you know them from sight of you. Your life is worth not managing apparent when a little, please only for my carbon. Loud actually, which is very strange. I gotta Camaro people don't want to see you happy families back on them for every little thing right. all people in Europe, these not reward. You do online and like every time ever able, then I wouldn't be heavy about mutual now, but it feels better. The wise people do stupid things and I feel stupid. After all reason: no movement, governor entirely call in a political licking rises. It was, it was funny to me. Will you know the police came said. You know I'm no resumed. His problem is, but they may they made me.
Like they were, rather than they mounted him later? If God, like look, you know, you noted Gordon he's on. We black Unblock right, not be told me that ok gadget, which was You know me than they were white police officers and men, which is why I got faith in the system. I would talk and adjacent meet you in Trevor Jackson's immortal over to Breakfast Beaumont morning. Everybody. the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club travel Jackson, adjacent misuse. Here they inflict Superfly, which comes out this weekend. Ye have you guys prevent yes thousand I getting caught, there. You know being that your both single and doing it I'm sure going out of doing things. Have you prevent asylum and in upon the black picture, taken a you? Let him put out, alas, germs more. In other words, you just gotta control. Your environment concurs with us and I would get time don't you know, because we are, we all grow bro him. These were one time things in China, but it just about being.
being smart energy by your team. Thankfully man whom we are good people around is that nobody is when for the right reasons, not so that they can be just as they were. Given on one side and the age it better than her. Not to be honest Phil again, so I guess I'm in the they fall any it at me. No one, the lower the Europa already? If you wanna go to fly to see you do you pay for her to get? Do you have to reimburse her talk about an easier way way way way, whether that yes, it if you wanna, come see you have you anything. You want to go to comfort, you are you gonna Firefly, are you gonna, say by flight and our reimburse you or she got to pay for them the other you don't you do you by letting go straight path ahead at the key till it go check it don't even know what can they see she got? Was he had it s best? First, off a crush family guy once the clouds of cars? Are we together cause? I just wanna, see her
I ve been talking and we mediterranean herdsmen who drove. I know, but I want to know about before we have. As you know, what I'm trying to me with no way way way way if I planned blindly using, I met you wait a minute. I have nausea everyone. Does everything I've never had sex to anything? You wanna come see you I set You know you were going to come visit view bad of light. Yeah, I mean yes, you bought a flight, but you don't have people come visit. You are you where'd. You go to sleep at some point, you know a proper nice I'll go yea. Wasn t possibly have. I really like you suppose ago, already beyond their way, but I don't know I don't know about comes. I know the day I was eating. Where this can I want, you must first date, do I have to pay the bill, or did you ask her out? Did you ask her to go here, where's, conjoined idea and the new language,
Grants have been both of us. Was I've got Grahame nineteen, I'm saying that both of us wanted to do. It is hanging out like frank those like a day. If you ask somebody on a date, I do think the first time I would like for a man. take as its gonna be where to me at it. I don't mind paying for myself, but I do feel like at least the first time you should pay and the next, how offered to pay out of a window warning quality would have those of appearing to boot, having become the brilliant. Do not have the man you know at the plan is lay like when the tat comes as you take it. did you just leave it on my right down there, which has brought out I'm with doesn't say, depends gotten, you didn't like hey. Let's go get him any, I'm a paper you could. I ask No, no, I'm a sudden do me who I am, The element that you I mean I just feel like,
thinking? Oh Margaret, I weren't always animal lever to ever bother you if she never offers yell. Yes, enough for me because our guard dislike you. She were on his. Unless can you know contributors both put into the pot grow together, quality logo. When money, why we know why didn t you save your buddy boy, you're, money, boy, you're, not above tricking, though right, good, natured warfare, bearing in mind the girls dove when she wanted. He knows, and HIV and AIDS is bound by the Earl. If you like, I think the kitten can doing. Nobody can like that not quite ready for you do you. Nobody was when you walk
nor should we will I do. I will look good on you by raising eighty nine thousand applicable get there that we hit the right this. Otherwise, you gonna meet me get this when you ask for something I seen his bag alike and then come on. Man you're, not even earlier than those me off. I think we have never had a desk uploaded can attract. Like others, liquids what was the red flag for you guys early on when you meet someone some livery Adam was that you can avoid the agony, that you can give yourself, definitely red flag, However, there is one situation. Is girl told me there she didn't know? I was in amendments like look summed up on your phone and is a Trevor jagged undergoing embarrass. You reject insularity. Network is something like the add on this side, while others, yet Google, you
no, even that even where it why? Why are you being Dublin Summit Agent, China? I can't we just me. you don't go go girls when you meet knowing how to find it I'll. Do the all your decides? What you like this, I just look at you and take you as you are, and we will figure it out, but we try to. You're out back story and make my assumption of yours bs, I hated actual. Eventually, a better way to do it, because then you going with a blank slate, elaborate in her earlier, doesn't even deafness. My excuse, though, not for gizmos name names. They just make you need it my name's mom. You have an idea about me right your name is alive member you base your profile lies before you got with somebody needs to. I don't have no, no, they never raked. Anyone is something you can do. Somebody has to wait a minute. What nobody when others early, if not there might be a somebody's name,
google them. Oh, that's where you about like you're, about to go on a date. Let's say you meet somebody online right name. about you know nothing about them. Don't you feel, like you, should google you should just to make sure youth, make you ever seen a meet. Somebody on your will to me, like I'm, coming Does that still being among the other day, You might be what you don't feel like that Look I've got enriched removal doggedly nowhere river, where criminal ebony over two years and there, the exact chambers and well founded little guy married offer these on ideally says that you can't negate the way they do work. But
I would rather you like me unless you doing I'm afraid that women still I'm still afraid and army and technically we meet people model dynamism, is online evenly avoid allowed people nowadays, that's how they may go to their pay they doing you're talking about who are they were they about? What's gonna story whose falling drag you did someone and you re sure David. You told your connected. We grant away, but I mean to meet our different. You know. Maybe We both on the same level- and you know it- you know that's different like if I meet you in person It's all right, then, in the knowledge you alert us, that's cool were like somebody, random, estranged and Charles late, Thirty's
As we have been aware that way, I don't know anything about lines guiding Charles. What do you do for bodies New Beijing? We appreciate you guys are joining us check our Superfly winner, you're going to live up to the driver. Jackson, Jason Mitchell now ready for breakfast more the breakfast morning, everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning, thus consider it was a sober closeness. With Angela glow. Well, if you guys are keeping up with red table, talk that data picket Smith's show on Facebook that also peaches. Her daughter
Ozma Smith and her mother as well, will Psmith reveal that she did see both in appearance having sex check it out. I introduction to say Why was obviously walking in on you and daddy down the birth introduction when there? How did you won't get allow neighbours in Utah that went no, not Utah Aspen, I was going downstairs, isn't juice and software little moment, and I ran away no, it wasn't like. I was seeing everything the room. It was dark. You know them saying it was. It was silhouetted that happened to me. It is an avenue enemy. Yes, amoeba fast, We had actually happened to you alone averages. We have as a rule that out, how did you have to knock on the door before you walk in and sometimes the kids forget in Logan walked in and it was gay habitat.
Bourbon regularly. Did you screw you now that I've been ordained whack? Why not just lock the door data sets out about how she would use. Toys are the time she said, I think, by your age. I gave myself multiples worth multiple orgasms. I was really into it at one point just cause. I was in an exploration and state, and I was abstaining from men and I went through kind of an addiction. She said she was having five orgasms a day is playing drop, one of whom was data biggest refresher, Nedda, that information and the lid of the best policy. Let us know how she got there. Could you did it was the name of the toy data. Ladys would like to know how do you like enough Charlemagne, jewish Janina, five hey I'm show Ladys would like the Nightingale get five day are empty handed him. Starring in a new project and that's gonna, be on Netflix IE just announced that he has signed up to a major role in beats. It's about an up and coming Chicago Wrapper and a disgrace for music met manager, so draperies.
Maybe in that, as well as to be exciting Dave EAST is gonna, be in its Hale Knocker array? The game is recruiting answer, and so he can finish his album. He said he's looking for two new summer entrance of anybody look for some working with a male and female to help him finish. He said they gonna help him with his day to day schedule and you must be available. Ten to twelve hours a day, have your own vehicle and resume so Israel, cradle their interns, Newberry yeah, I'm not sure, but I think, as an answer and of your reply, but his job you shouldn't expect. You want to use my car my gas and get around the epidemic sparingly. I am a little bit when I, when I was and their deadly wasn't getting paid for anything but would destroy. The game. What would you be getting experience, I guess having on record? his album learning what it takes to be an executive assistant and, though also help amount with- I guess maybe by gangs and all of that you got you know it is a lie.
Exchanging experience. He said- and I hope you not a roll of blood to that's a good little as a good of Europe in terms of your rapids assisted us, a good thing that way as if it is going to choose whether to enter her entrance to become his personal assistant on an ongoing basis. I guess you can gradually from entering to personal assistant doctor. If you got what it takes our I leave. Lampanelli the comedian. She had. A breakdown onstage now fan actually I to give her eyes hundred dollars to shut up in the middle. What's her gig check it out,
we gotta go comedians used to roast audience members who used to try to roles them when you put it on a audience? Nimble, real good, directed audience knows that the message you anymore and you didn't go where there was nothing funny about our I today and Jimmy Ivy and are being For over a hundred million dollars in unpaid royalties- and that is because Stephen Mars and entrepreneur. He says that he actually came up with the idea of celebrity and
phones align anybody back to that. Did you re in two thousand sick? So I thought it was the monster gosh they were really happened was. Me. I ve seen darted re wanted to do a liquor company and Jimmy, I being suggested doing a headphone companies on or know that, if he they ve says he border to die to dray of that, even could be a real, so we don't know what's gonna happen, but they have to present evidence in court. Admittedly, this lesson was denied by a trial judge, but they did revived is back in twenty, sixteen, so we'll see what happened. Zylka array: well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A reporting are, I beg you move you shut up I'll. Yes, sir, we live in it to actually in my donkey to miss Cheeks, Ok, Lemoine, sheiks she's coming find a congregation you like to have a war when our ok, ok, I will do that when we come back people access to breakfast
come on back right now you want it's time, for talking is again don't leave become donkey of the day. The breath club duty- yes, dont, you today for Tuesday Jus twelve goes to a sixty to your grandma from MRS name. La mine sheets. Bite await us an excellent point, name the mind. Cheat I want to close by their name. Again he would have noticed, is arrested. A country is trying to catch up to the standard of crazy that the Bronx in all of Florida has said. I tell you all the time. The craziest people in America come from abroad, not of Florida, and now it seemed like the rest of the country is trying to raise the bar to be x and association. Eight level, a crazy noticed story came across Maya, random acts of
ism radar, because everyone was tweeting me saying you have to give this race- is why women Donkey today fashion was treating the young black cave now. You know I enjoy a random acts of racism, so I went to look and see what had everybody up in arms. Now I can't sit here and say without a shadow of a doubt that this is an act of racism. can't say without a shadow of a doubt, doesn't is an act of stupidity dog you today is all about giving people to credit they deserve being stupid, see grandma cheeks without running errand when our grandkids and that outing going viral. For this reason, let's go to Foster T Mfa report, police members, woman standing by the river car they're holding the door of a dog. Can open as a child crawled out that one it's been charged with child abuse and neglect the Maumee cheeks didn't have much to say before or after she faced a judge.
To one babbler Monday morning, because our citizen captured cheeks with a cell phone bending, her grandchildren out a dog kennels in the back of her truck in White Haven Saturday, the sixty two, your grandmother was arrested the same day according to the police, affidavit cheeks, eight and seven year old grandchildren toll investigators, their grandmother tone the given the candles. A police report explains the children, told investigators. They were in the candles for at least thirty many DR investigated save the children told them they were hot indicates that region ninety boy degree battery investigators. They, along with police Department of Giles Services, is also investigating the incident What makes me sad about this video, though, and I thought I low black girl chlamydia, that dog. Can she didn't look phase it all Ok, not even a little bit was. Let me know she used to. It is not the first time are. Grandma has put her in the back of a dog in so she
go into town. I was a perfectly normal arrive at our logo and nest would Maud morning because raise this young lady doesn't even know she deserves better, because you probably never experience better. Now, what I want to know is grandma cheeks actually has pets. Where does she live derived when she takes them in detail? Ok, is she tree? the great kid like pets. Ok, if she traced, the Gregg is like put this. She treat depend like grandkids ass. She begging cookies, what our pets petitioner grandkids hardest as you taken her. You know our pets to the library but teaching our grandkids. How to fetch. If you play, puzzles and games would her pet but teaching our grandkids tricks like. I need to know I thought process. Why does she think this is ok? Maybe I'm just.
One is that there may be grandma vague and are some kind of animal level, and this is a sick way to teach her kids, love and respect animals by showing in the conditions that animals live in at an on under strand. Since the grandma cheats crazy. Now I was always told a grandmother thinks about her grandchildren day and night. Even if they are not with her and will love them in a way that they will never understand, will file is under loving your grandkids in a way that none of us will never understand. Ok, please give Lemoine cheeks the sweet sounds of you all about e g yeah what happened to the back seat. I was in the bag. It as your. I take you for a donkey.
the day now? Will you man? I want to say how we boarded our guy low. Do vaudeville measures today the laws which fifty second Monday, I happy birthday to be Burgos, vomit, tabby boy, they low do well right. Where we come back, she received a shot tied. If you were to shoot you shot, would somebody may be a co worker friend you gonna take its next level. You call us up eight hundred feet the five one off I wanted to live or a right is the breakfast locomotive establish future shouted suitors outside the breakfast. You want jades, don't method of method. It may have Asia Ollila Asia combining a lot in how you doing this morning. How are you would do a great now? Would you want to shoot you shot with Sean
basically he's no me for years. He knows the bears the worst about me all that he also knows my three kids and he's an exceptional role models about like they love him a bathing guy, though I mean I was like when you make it all neighbours on the backs of power, and whenever about this issue our like hold up, I need to tell you what you do. Do you get rejected this moon noted? Almost no one can happen, but we don't have what's gonna happen busy getting you have. I have one ok only when they arrive, Ok now. Do you like to shore because he's a nice person and you really liked them or the fact that it is a treaty? Kids, good quality I feel it here
call me he would have all interests, but he s an amazing walmart of life that goes hand in hand. If he's a good guy, it is the case or your tracks, but just because he's a Roma matches domain to be a piece of payments that that issue as it should. I'm very attractive noted I mean I weep and run don't you ever flirted with them when, when you come over to the disabled subsidy, kids, you put the dress up a little bit. I mean I'm a solid preventable. Did you can you buy bids? You can't survive from him the meal, and you too, I have codified. He does look at me like you'd, like me by very, like an unfailing refer, respect for life
exactly and wished. He liked me the more our rights could be. Looking at you like men, I know she's gonna be sexy. Right now is a way to get a candy. Are you all right? When we come back, we don't call shown up and we'll let you do you think awfully works out. If you need help, please let us know what's happening, Whammy come it gives you got agree by one guy right, those old or money. I've downloaded it, madam, if you want a ready made family now Dave, you just just add why, and I will call them when we come back, but lack is the breakfast club bemoaning the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We have Asia on Asia. You ready to call I'm right all right. How hello, the model is unable or Asia
yeah. I know- and I don't think I'm going to talk to you today and I think we both know that this battle spot between them. I really like you, I think you're an amazing guy and the kind of man that you are around my kids and my kids. you ve made me look at you and Obama the boil bigger. Basically, what I'm saying is I'm control accidents the further like being more involved with you. What do you think? I'll keep it one hundred cuz the OECD. One hundred I like you know I, like you, you know you have a good energy, convives birth, I can't you kids, you get.
To do too much. They are too much. I reckon they also greatly. I kids ha ha ha ha ha ha, the Iowa jobs die, but the real though it's like they are just monsters. My angel he's been about long enough to know that, like Ireland, there won't you come and live in their market, like I like kicking it with you. You know that we I like it when you lying on a package deal sign, but you would you have your kids like do scream it at me for no reason, even though one of my real throwing the growing everywhere, alright I'll call, you daddy
they don't call me daddy Day day. Don't do that, they call me they call me. Oh you even only little my! U do you merely really be out areas right now, you're all go, but you know what are the way out of poverty. Is a reflection of me for hire me not like my dog of Saint Asia. Your kid you married there make a decent living. A package deal you know is higher and you don't like the whole package right like you're. The reason why the father, though, does a reply was dragging loans with tears. Crawford body blows my good, I'm sorry, Asia. This didn't work out, I'm only with the yugoslav friends in Asia. Whenever way, morale MAC is acting. Like now he's deafening. I feel my kid. I come around her act like who getting a job like that. Alot joke, like wasn't, do brass now, Funny Father Asia, why? Why would you think that's ok,.
Maybe they're real, I'm Cuba, one hundred kids, it s only a few bids, Asia of humanity by these kids for calling me and who you ok, and I M showing you gotta bring up. The fact that there are five is not in their life may be that as it may need some direction. You know not their fault, angels or asian old, daddy, build on her. You have reminded us that age, I'm sorry, I don't know boredom anywhere, provided that a man at him. He lied to you. I will find anybody, but you can follow somebody delay ever love. You Annie, ok annual cues aside, I will tell you one thing: is you oughta you wanting? you always got a friend in Jesus start, my stop it. Thank you very much. I didn't work out.
Are you I'm sorry? I wasted time anyway, at an inn, great hope, but beyond that workers in the car and unless we added right I'll get you went into camp, but it everyday. Somebody like kids are not well. You know I was a train, but don't have man is, nor that do you still day, because TAT was my family especially be referring to me is who you would indeed going to Mamma Mamma, who this mean. You may remember that one's way Charlemagne was told no way. No Charlemagne, not dissolve nine or move like Eleni at age of aid has been appointed to favour milk immunity for about two three years now. Prior, I believe I will happily married boy was like dad. Can you really a book and what is how they may do? Read my book Nobel, just like Asia's baby daddy, I was a hamburger. It is all right you ve got room was away. Yes, that's hegemonic, menage business and can be got incidental. I ready now cable. Did he get my flash ready to draw goodness gracious words about that when we come back at the breakfast locomotive Osborne and everybody is D, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club, muskets aromas, less talk, Nicky me about the report on the breakfast club by making an avenue sang out. His car, rich Saxon features a little way and in case you, MR here is some of Nicky's various nineteenth and twentieth. Notwithstanding kiss like this Christmas, he think they'd be ebbing taking Paul. I think Chris stratum fallen ass doktor. He don't want to miss this asteroid. Don't panic keep the face. You tell your tragic thing is broken hands down. Red flags are so here is my little wanes various phases. Six ten, I gotta know his name is just as good as it did you like it. You know
people will say: I'm hate nor Nicky monogamous. Whatever reason I swear at all like making, but no at all, I directed at all, you can find on Iraq. I mean, I think it was thereby I love it. I like it is MRS alike. Channeling shine leech only of fire. I lay there wasn't a lad of earlier, but I don't like this rickety then I am sure what what does she call up the barbs be attack and they get and believe me, but I think it is like a wild lawbreakers dislike. Ok, like you know, did you ve been gone for a while. She got a new common on our knowledge, but the most measures on the level it should lead at that their daddy neighbour, thou art on Ebay being afforded ok is yet another single coming out. There is day featuring Ariane, aggrandize Cobb Bed, so maybe I like that, with or without down there will need to be one
I would have won a Nigger Chasen radio records may think he's looking for a smash it. Well, we get that sees us going, I'm through our worthy futurity to announce that I came to see you are on their Nicky Hendricks tore the priest does during June twelve at ten a M local self, and now I don't want to be negative may at sea, but out of dignity. Why wiser closer Deschaux Nicky? Would you really Mickey's clearly to bigger than she everything artist, but few too has the biggest it's. In the last two years,
and if you closed, as shown that use their love racial now, what do I did want to see what I wanted to see me using alternative? That would have been a shock, but you know I may give you two have allowed us all together. Sociopath help should probably come out while he's perform different audiences to know where I hope I become our during her show it does that a word but because they have different audiences like futures audiences from here Nicky's is a lot more cross over, so what hurts, or so he supported her album ochre. So that is why she's gonna headline I'll gonna shoot a huge artist, romanian or Nicky still need you deadline financial area now led away and as in some hot weather, he's being accused of, I guess I hate crime and that's because a white security guards suit him saying that when he, I guess I try to get lithuanian. His answer rise out of hide nightclub. He cause he tell them a few white boys and now their security, guided saying that hate crime and he's doing that awaits you could Sousa body. If somebody is a view, I boy why? Yes, a device that everyone inward me before I do. I glass without olenin his face. Oh you sit up or they have it it's a high as a crime, so I learned was as less to get tough now oceans aid over the weekend. Forty one point: five million dollars so that set a record for an oceans, franchise seal women renders the embassy to our fellow citizens. We drove on a cruise barford, homely, awkward, Phonography, one or two stars of ocean a does my homey. We used to work on girl, cold and guy, called together in the much other stuff man. I'd love to see her prosperous and oceans aid to wish you Sunday was aquifer like water she's, as our rapporteur nerve and at first she rats, yeah jostle, should delay from her. She could enable our feet obscure, I'm sure she got it from those aid W k to say you know who I am actually use, but she's person, Basel my Mama gas once you should use busy imagine a year- and that is your room report- are right. Bank, you monsieur. If you haven't heard the full Nicky Menage Lithuania, Sir we're gonna get their own in the mix. I shall to revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody ought to people shores mixes up. Next. Did you requested? Is the breakfast locomotive? Here's something
it is a new show from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I hurt radio its. great way. To start your day on the positive side of life were so good What a bank of America for supporting here, something good supporting organisations across the country or on the front lines addressing medical response capacity. Food security, still learning and providing support to vulnerable populations. Kim Israeli. Listen to hear something good on the eye heart radioactive apple, podcast. Or were every listen to your favorite, shows you all the June into the forecast candidates talk what one with blue Joe brandy and marking Craig Waterman the pot brothers that law we are the world's number one part cast for everything cannabis now the pot, ass cannabis talk one or one. We all share a passion for entertaining and educating the cannabis community will be guessing the pros and cons of all things cannabis, including new laws and regulations list Canada is talk, wanna, one on the eye, heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.
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