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Trey Songz stops through to discuss his tour with Chris Brown, Slow Motion becoming the 4th 1 single of his current album, crazy things his fans have done and much more with The Breakfast Club.

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Boil celebrity: we'll sell joint existed there more than everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the Breton whose club Spress guess in a building this morning. Mrs try, your girl we are currently working in the early dogma They were good on you, like you, wanna hear one on now. Is that works for you give a girl. Your shaved tell her. She look good in them, but after she want them. I really like my as you know, the give away girl it seeing you unaware man you. I did want all kind of the apparently moves in down below
it's, what is a lot of paddling oozing building new cases caused the war, I believe now is beating about uniforms and ethics deal and how much you in and how much you increase the amount of cases that they so when you signed on asset. So that's good for you. I guess you figure, you have a bit of mistaken this now, so most definitely only partner in light of the Brons been around for some EU. So just my involvement in this disease, alone is like increase. Their way further than in projections were innocent is smart and I really love it in actual out for me, you know cause I say our bottoms of two reasons I drink in Athens. I'll make those our days a window of opportunity came along to coincide with the branches
this energy legally on. Look at you looked about using this. Had no idea is actually a woman's body really like of algae stir of across the legs like so you can occur, You know way that is actually Charlemagne color of his skin Does the gap to learning? the nigger you use the Visa dermatologists group to tell us. Why do you have a drink? God negro and was gone negro eggs facts in Sudan is black man than ever
this is now being as they did. I do my very tricky, but it made a drink from our people. Always straight road grower, wife, never find you. I can shoutings disappointed. He said trade, this Dana the headlines. A lot lately West GO anomaly. Far much like a we make up about trade for guide, I may add a million less for what I did for music. You know, for the most part, is this what I do this my profession, I think is born, is burned. Good ten years for me to stay out INA out of our way of negativity. I think, I got a lot of my negativity in that crazy videos, people you know before the phenomenon of as the groom and all that it came along. You know when I had breeds inertia. We just actually safer format, the big so at the jail in Detroit great job there
like we would say a late last year to doing all the usual me so much less, you will talk the Jews. Were there like a lousy, show tour. Nah. I see I would offer some were my lay house which is actually like that were not, as I may also have been a banana twice this year. An a tone of private eight days would have good of you, gonna pay for the house, so illegal organ, I'm deathly working my gown. Should we load it? You know it's right here. For me, I'm coming, is where one or two hours Phoebe went all Nicky been Africa Day, auto birthday birthday. Excuse me,
about dates for Lando Universal. Some we ve been doing for a while ass. His first commoner s x is part of the alcohol brain. So it is all about you know. Working on and expand in a brain aid has got to lose a slow motions number one. The edge is right now got a news that has to be our reality. Earnest of the fourth number one of sugar salt. Guess so my love would allow that's incredible. Making this album dollar genera I was used. You know we had. We had a couple days, you know I'm plan for a couple. Cancellations like push back, but altogether. If you look at the entire area, what it was a lot of money, we grow snare. You look at a fan, experience How we would like it do it without any complications. We still friends.
Because tour in money and all that I can get in the way of friendships and business in blood content, though make sometimes, but is a blessing these ever get to that end and still beat success, will still be friends, and you know two possibilities actually day even for more to happen again because it was a fruitful you nothin as a friend you ever have to tell him like Chris and up the money bro like come on. I mean I've had many conversations with him about. You know the money about. You know his personal. Well being all that, you know a Chris gargoyle occurs, Chris gotta figure out. No, no matter who talk to my mother and I think it's beautiful man aegis being five and his daughter life right to come about aware eyes is, though, is is a price Chris I pray for all my friends, you know, and I think he on the ladder scrutiny in his is very heart, is the difficulty makers. I tell me by the time at Christmas, fittingly we start out as twenty size. It was different. Chris went straight up to pop charts.
It took me a cool for years even see an amount of sex success. He had initially set amount of data and I was trying to analyze the amount of such a Christmas. Have so much lazo. Would you know for me? I was already you know a man per se happen in any slower escalation of success. You know got me to read my mind about what it is. You know, but will you you actually becoming a part figuring out who you are in front of people, and then you have something. You know crazy happened in your life and you know what people build you all the way up to try to tell you down. I can only imagine what it's like
daddy bug it man. I was three already now how about the moon Susan before night, you could even imagine I got arrays, altruism or family life. You, know my younger brother. He twenty is old. Just had his first shall unanimously. He was a chap like I used Bert parent changes that were to burp him change his diaper. So now you got a baby like there, some like for me now I made for you Charlemagne rather better than when I tell you. I think that risk is wanted. Commonwealth look back. There is more to it than that. I would like to believe it now, but I won't be his own family other member. In our men arrested to do it, because people think that's what it should be happening in my life. What I don't need gaze at my mama, been begged me for grant baby or in any it asshole make sure it is the right decision and other point. You said I gotta lotta girl, think that only happened that em like us. They get old. If you'd, like all you got,
have a baby. Now you got everybody my whole family. Every time I come on now I got a nephew, so this is definitely want me to have a baby like six months from now like they trying to so we are very concerned about who you have a baby with Iceland. I not too much at this point what I saw like I just version talking about our member couple years: glass. You like I had to go to competition. Apple. May I noticed ahead should like this type stuff, I keep out media unison. Girl was not got toward. It one good doing noise is like a couple accusations throughout my careers happened a few times, but it is so fraudulent added it don't make it and you still keep taking it Are you take it? You take a one time level, but I remember like my mama went with me and my mom is cool like I don't know this girl like she like, but if
it is your aunt gotta see it for a blessing in disguise. Be no is now know who is present in the house, so people after taking you to current making you take up. Some do I learn spent more money. May you know the to offer at last the tremendous efforts at last, you know. I see Rita lashes. I got a couple more Olga noon tomorrow, now, when the men I recently replanting, get married the summer that a rumour nosedive, ok, just checking those of us who made a science bribery, pregnant. You think I'm gonna would You add- and I might say with whether or not it out or to image like she was like married and wife double baby. Could you wanna example out you made that can only go for so long as men.
Person I've for a long time. Let you know public perception and who I am like. My Brandon Vt Univita leading force in my life like make a decision about women about children about all that stuff. I think I'm at the point where I put it in you know enough time was so I could go. You know that my life for my fans are still be happy, but I still, I still think very seriously about doing it for the right reasons and make sure it's the right person and not get caught You break so many girls heart split vote. The girl, you data wife. What could not have to do is to grant them grown all I would kill you haven. T shrink enough here we have an act that you did have a girlfriend, have a girl by so many that you consider speciality
Definitely I mean the only reason we not with one of the reasons just because of what you saying like it did take a lot for people to deal with that. You know. I know what it's like to be scrutinized to talk crazy to online all day, but when, when you know you take a picture with somebody and it they just draw their own conclusions and make life a living hell for in its content, deters them away from what the real thing was. I think when you to bill with somebody in in China actually become some special. Kind of really figure out what it is between the two of you before you share it with the world is kind of hard. When people take pictures everywhere, you go, you know if people want to be appreciated, if you want to be known that they they love and you won't be shown, and it it is just it's it's complicated, you know, but I'm trying to figure it out.
Trays done smashed every chicken industry, a maid s heart is that all sides have grass and visionary now meet. Just these repeated dress needed it s. My dress natural you boil, misgave go for these guys are gonna help or her dog like I'm, not gonna beat you use matter. They may have what's don't nobody body when it that, but how I do it is true The annual leave yourself demonic, MRS Doyle, you girls, are you helped deciduous said, a one sided they catch her. Of course. No one knew of girl is what Travis got in Virginia our know. They said he said. I said every songs or the next thing. You know the budget due to break surrounding incapable that's crazy. Had I can't have you got it yet as crazy com they have no known about you. Take data. He pride that you get away with that as trade
b, we have is guided by men and next day. He dear me an apology. I really everybody that allowing for nobody to know, but he will mean he ain't. He ain't dead, Connachar, lighter wide allied to say after is ass, random after a zone, also allowed people I days. Is that what was on his mind satellite traced out- and let me answer- is all good digital Moulinex girl. You are allowed to do. You know
Why are there, but he could honour the boys. Guess around. Is the law and have any say? Did you get? Those called lay a bridesmaid now get all those cars, but so far removed from that man like people like steel. At this point, a mockery associate me worthy and women in our lesson, so my tram, you think some sweet in you know I got a convoluted aside. I am at a point when I don't maddening, you know what people say insults it. Don't worry. Do me any good, it's, like you know, say anything back or Saint guys like what are you anyway, my ankle? Nobody, I already got beat up here. Have you ever had taken a Briton, just sit back and enjoy the fruits.
The label. Could you are young? You analyse, as you said, is that there are new Danbury. I've been workin real high, but alone. I do don't you know alone shows. I would ask you to send you look like you had formerly senior Detroit look. I use really like you enjoyed it I do realise, is none. I rather doing I remember coming. I stayed in Detroit and you know, like my fears,. July. Twenty six this year be ten years, so I'm in the first time I play the big show at did Joe first time I've played allotted these- shows that I'm like staple shows. Cities are big show. So when I go on Thursdays known, I got more than I am a production I got. This is a whole lot different, but for me I got always remains the same stays same. Rina, same dress removes the same hallways on things changed my position in the top right. I wonder by decker, always like gothic lashing out of your show, our garden, and I look at you
build some time and I would try to biggest eyes on him. Why don't? They might need a headline goals are now already user. You pay me enough to do The headline radio show you got to be there when traffic there. You got to hold expectation of a group of people that came to see a group of people when you head lines showing it's your show. You know you are to draw. You know if I can't be to drive for a radio station. Unless you giving me your money, like a whole lot to close a show, our cause, people, no matter where radio show doors open like four or five. You been there call Dave, get to beat eleven in the main actor in with him. You know. So, even if they want to see you, people got things to do tomorrow. People got traffic, they got to be people like So now you didn't mean it leave, and so you really big is act, but only way. People leave a lot to be done. Now. I am always I gonna last, isn't always all its cranked up to be, if not flat rate on my shoulder, he has a different like is, is it is promoted to the radio stations fan base?
You talk about people affairs of all these artists, not one more so than it did you ever Maginnis. When you first sorted out to be the big man, I got dreams of doing away with it. We urge all of you when I did a couple weeks ago, you for you but to make their cross over movies, pop raggedly liking. For so long I mean you noted that don't thing about being owes you a hundred, have Iraqis go TAT, forties out o made my record today in Focus dilemma MIKE. I think it's been so so you're, so much of a blessing to be able to be me on Iraq is in you know they had a success that they do, like I said, is the full of number one in the last year for me. So
even in for me it feels like kind of quietly. You know I mean, but I'm just I'm just all about you know making sure that even at this point in my career, I'm still thriving for the best meat, they're, thriving Abby, Didn't I was yesterday to make wreck is that a real meat may granted at my face can relate to evenness at this point. What about acting and are you pretty foot in their love at but like disuse, Miss O business. A lot of diversely miss. I do the on availability, but definitely want to make sure? I don't leave that world for too long, because you know you got gotta stay president in within net that mercy as it as a creative person to make sure you actually good at it. You take to Muslim away from sentiment. You know you got a stir all the way over which classes which actual presence in awareness, but I love, acting together, aim raw. I direct their authority when they got guts,
a comedian comedy romantic joy alone be action guy? Who lay our jump over cars shoot you know saved girl. What do you want to live your life? This? restless the eyes, while Brigham reliving a lifeless greatly troubled cod issue that we're all roads have been out there that we probably know of that. Did you good bye, I won't say, arose budgets. The films neglect the Bob the sooner. I now urge the being able to even not to sit down with Cuban. I you know overseas,
you get back in us in food production is, is a couple others as well, have done by yeah. We were in a dependent or where the rock, as is their own overdue empires, trace. Ask because that doesn't really do anything. For me, as an actor, you know probably increase my brain within a space to those facts, views that are really aware of was, but at the same time I got properly with some alone, but that's all you thought on Charleston shooting the DE believed, the acid to Haiti. Simply just this red love, I think. Maybe, if you look at the cost of America's history, is been you not things gains shaken up that create change when there's no violently novel
Lee? It's been the speaking about. It has been the gathering of people to say that we have to have phase of say so, and I think it's just a low devastation that these things are happening now and has been swept under the road was, though, You know, young man gets arrested and shot up and they bring up his negative past. They call them fuck. You know gangster this, but you know boy going to church shooting on people and they talking about his broken home, and you know his mental condition. But you know it's mental condition for people, that's in urban environments to dot net. We never get notoriety for that. We never get. We never get DD at the saddest are after you done something crazy like that. They make a note.
The problem is for a person which dogs we just those engaged in this is a sad like windows, two thousand they haven't. I really because I noticed you know I'm from Virginia Bent to the avatar. We just want it when it happened. I literally was I got I'm not surprised, cuz. I think that anything can happen in America nowadays. Anything anywhere, you see more devastating things happen all over that we in the most of the best country. We love our country, you know, but at the same time how is really like wow? I really have no one like it took me, probably took me awhile to put that tweet together, like to even gather my words to be encouraging. Cuz, you don't tell people to pray for people getting killed in church. You don't tell people to have hope, but the people that's trying to be the most positive about life, the people he said it was so nice of you want to kill him like how you
say that you know so like for me is just how do you bring your mind to uplift people and a time like this, and the only thing that you can really do? Is it spread? Love cuz you when you can't change something to hide hate inside you boiling up and hate against. Hate is only going to create more hate, so he's got Creek it awareness and you know, have people saw a loved one another in more ways than in them we have. Are we appreciate? You join us, although you finish Athena, like I said image I'll give you that is cutting. Why you get what you want, you gonna do grandma lets you do I ever you like about his eyes. So you know, I know what it is and has actually you, because in his wife, don't work
they had been under now. I do not look at us crazy. Like Joe, I remember another. I will I've got a crazy back. Nobody is planned, for that was my will remember that those with all the others I was that it was going to have you gotta, be ending up as we review and she gave me look bad. You know so, partly for all dirty. Just quit joy you'd better go right. Now, You can't make me a vat. Is the proposed. The boy would only be girl round me how much it s reputation is true. At this point. Oh, you did you buy a minute egg? Is the thing is when one
actually said that on a regiment, it was a joke. This plan around those before record was even like bottoms up, but if anyone afforded noble part of illicit before the song was written. I said that I do those mislead so lightly actual happen in any of it. At this time, I'm really tried signal about. Nobody. Good thing is when I meet one not as I down about payment or so like you leaving you go to the bathroom and all my papa asked, literally your girl, strong arm. Your joy was a big meta right. It is not that
is over over you that Daphne I found out a lot about about a lot of women's men after effect in like manner it is what I mean. It was a couple situations that are fortunately work come. If you committed suicide because they said tray with method, would they chicks? It was mainly the thing about debt in would have sent me by Isley was really in a crazy place, a Mamma at that time cause took place, somebody's death, somebody somebody else without knowing the demons just based on speculation and based off. You know why
website. He saw a generation to get this room but, like I say of men, the blue light does Rosa. You know where I work with spirits you play. We would now going to death or the situation, because I respect the one we talk about, respect her family and want to top negatively about anything in it in the situation. But it is a sad story. Did anybody loosely life because mean no point blank period either you can be in a monotonous relations. Have everything you do decide to have a baby and fairer than you think it's past about it? Do you think about a step back out of a few steps from this world? You noticed this.
This lifestyle is not one of regular proportionately, everything is extreme. Nor can you yes, I will not lower levels of single pulls up later. I just gotta, be out of you. Gotta, be a point. Well, um, I'm ready to separate truly which resources from who I am as a person and buried it like figure out the line between name my life and about us it at right. An avenue a long time about us is very hard to find. You knows, I honestly, like will you go somewhere in you know our eyes on you and when women like men, treat a sexy girl ass, our girls by me, as I gotta see me, I do know you see a girl. She you, like them as I am like me like, so once you get past that infatuation phase, you gotta really figure westward and if
Go all over. Anything is accessible. Legacies take a whole another type of self discipline to really like best, even without It has even like what do. I know you won't be here for The do whatever I want to do, you believe was the cry out if no commitment to you baggages, git stress above me back to my day my and deal with you. I would about this another. This girl is Turkey's tweet disturbed by then you ve never see hear about it later, because their social media Ivan only true barber. It was the creating a fan is done because I mean it They teach you the all over you and I had no to in the enroll. Actually once a scandal, it is a tricky low room like you got one,
you got to those behind the door. But it's the same so somehow, when I came out one or two doors and alone, I got open a door so if the door, I believe this is people right here like three. In the corner, but had never been there for hours there like. I know that I was leaving how does a sleeping over in the hotel, I see a fan telling me. How can I try to get all day? I yield a balcony, she could have lost their life good that you gotta, give our hanging a kiss. Carlos days the near you, gotta be able to get a restraining order now you gotta be. Would so my per day life engage in your establishment as across the Iraqi, at a restraining order against anyone I haven't can put his person noted that I got it like I'm trying fine find give it talk about it, but I want to put a strange to put to gig:
you got a crazy once the antenna talk about it is that I want to give attention to it the jury. Dont metamorphosed, our rewrite, managed, novels connections got a freak about is gonna, get is a double standard. People being men know have talk with you, but you're you're, objectified auditor actually objective on the other. We go back on the rails, sexually outside of the cloud in the areas. I really wants to be a bit of a piece of meat. Lots of good practice that it seems, I thought that you had gotten into the little break up phase and had gone back together with it. No one woman in that you really care about, so does it feel, like maybe you I something, and then you realize what you lost and wanted to get her back put it. I really do is a break up. Another
best thing by looking from the outside. Looking in you just going to paint your own picture for what it is and like any relationship, any friendship you going to work through this that and the other, if you care about somebody and try to, get out like I was saying everything early is just difficult turner. You know better foundation or try to find something real with somebody went and everybody so quick to try to tear it apart. You know what I mean so I'm blessed like I've been doing this a very long time and I've been blessed like not have most of my relationships or, like everybody, know me trying to steal your girl get the girls sex, this sex that but my business ain't been in the street for the most part I like so you know when you get a woman, and you know my reputation I got to. I got to make sure she know she loved. I got too and I got to do that without you know. Really
Relying on social media to do that, I gotta do that, would make a show she noted in her heart I gotta dude. I will make sure you know it can't be torn apart by what people say. Ah unpleasant president, because you trace out and you gotta do like. The extra spent are beast of hair by candles and flower. What is in Us Hezbollah, shipping habits high you in some when you girls, horny, if you trace you can you can now arose? Was you make a mistake? You can't you know, everything is, is a very high level of from a woman. It knows her worth less extra special thing you ve done now. Would you say ah Don Loris was really talk about that we have had a very good. I thought I saw you Eddie, corn and coins. Yeah, those fire lift a galley had a headline. Is that homophobia singer Trace Campione, Andy Cohen,
I gotta be that they wonder drapery go go from I don't know what they want me to do. They want me to keep girl. They want me to want me to hate the gays. I don't know what to do with it. I got this legal. My legs might make. Berlin is booze. I gotcha reload is slow motion of why right now about coming next man is the breath is backed by a great day and everything about you, boy, dj of his son.
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