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FRI 10/14 - DJ Envy and Angela Yee hit Miami for the Revolt Music Conference while Charlamagne holds down the base in NYC. Shawn Prez from the Global Spin Awards joins the show to talk about honoring and respecting the art of the DJ. A former baseball star gets a HUGE hee-haw for trying to defend Trump's comments to the 10 year old girl. We survey our live audience on the question, "Should you give gifts back after you breakup with someone?"

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I love you more than rats ratchet sit out from the most prominent for when you some early this morning, but it was a real european people's choice of people whose bridges dj envy enjoy Ye Charlemagne. God we oughta breakfast club will lab in Miami Revolt, use a conference. It is people out. He allows legged man now now to government that is reliable in order me LISA Dollar Revolt everywhere. Vote employed in the lobby and said: hey come out here and say that it would have you got breakfast and drinks Indiana people- I am a kind of early people having a guy like you know how it is that was gonna.
And again set out to Noriega. He has a drink, Champs package. We will at last night sleep my guy, nor it goes up today anyway. Lay- and now I can thing don't be late- is now rapid time. I was on time in that we were standing ass. I lay in four or five minutes late and in upholding connachar that are probably have a picture, as they applauded, but a yellow press, ok dry loaded with his arms. What a yellow pre is lousy, right, yellow pretend not to gear rabbi. You Miami Cabinet, lowly, absolutely Loki! So I dunno even after I want a finger licking, shout to call it. If you get a chance to go to a finger licking amazing food fry broccoli, fried lobster mess up, you died, it is worth shouted dj, cattle but it s not about army is equally lessening unhealthy food. Every single it get to anything you, your fried. You can get grilled right right right right now, you ve got room is coming up what we talked about. Yes, imagine you beggar, my german and then he is in the parking lot given away. All of you This is where words hell yeah exactly. I wish it well.
Not give it away. You he's gonna sell you marry a present as dad I'll break. I know not where governments Bobo I'm taking everything that I gotcha area within a listen to both sides. It is still Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back a will lie. Revolt music offers makes a noise at no yeah. Yeah right is You spoke about the breakfast we urgently need. A lot of people were of seventh way may whether over some comments that he made an interview where he talked about our lives matter. If you don't remember here's what he said. Ah mayors our lives matter, you know a lot of ties we get stuck and we are working
hours. When you do your lovers in black lives, matters or blue lies matters or large man. What I learned from box in which everyone to take a real life is follow, directions. Follow order is not right. What's goin on within this on both sides, I think we need to communicate better. I think we need to follow direction is the regulations to everything yeah, they deserved a going on employment, whether union neither realised that we and free now. What's the point having all that money. If you still gonna talk like a cow, and you act like following directions: to stop people from getting shot people, I again shower the hand that you will get shot lay on the ground, so does not act like is as simple as just following directions: lotta people had things is eighty. I actually posted opposed to fly may well, you know, they ve had their issues in the past. If we recall the fight that they had also framework is, he said Lily may, whether all our past personal differences in opinions have each other aside. This is socially irresponsible. Inconsiderate and insensitive
Mary delusional oblivion and away, only brainwashing tactics can achieve so. He said this undermines and discredits the movements that fight for the plight of our I'm glad you glad the told the reader before May, whether conventional sure for himself- and you know it I don't know, but I believe you know it out before me whether he tell people that their all followers within its own. Very. Why do they just need to be following directions? go away. Also had some things to say on her instagram. She said well well. Well, let me whether vitalized matter tell me why you like to take those red. It has been on the women you're in a relationship with your a coward and no one's champ. I feel bad for every young black kid that has ever looked up to you of the fact what a rugged all alive, no matter of black Laszlo men and we live in a country with a black people or more are three times more likely to be shot than a white person. Maybe that's why they have a b l, a movement to begin with. I am any of you guys. A flight to get here to Miami today
Lotta people flew out here. Well, one person ass. He got kicked off of a plane or because but she had on a man. Stevens is a freelance journalists and we started to apply from Chicago an audition I go now. The problem was that she had on a t shirt. It was in Asia. It's easier to have the American fly black and white, and it was upside down and a black panther hat from marble, and you know they kicked off the plane for that you should be able to what are those that clothing was Missus Sanders terrorist inoffensive offensive pilot had an issue didn't feel comfortable and that's why she was addicted from the flights yellow This is. United. Airlines with the United was united. They do realise that model is doing to blackmail the movies like Manna, Stevens tweeted, the pilot phase uncomfortable at United. I didn't know yes, look at me. While he flies, I feel
people having a racist pilot, while a woman against gender transgender journalists store continue on well arranged. Here the story, I know we're gonna have a difference of opinion on. Let us talk about British Williams from basketball, wives allay and her husband Lorenzo Gordon. I guess there relationship aren't they were made engaged out of every got Mary did ever get married monsieur le anyway. They I they broke up and part of the reason for their break up had to do with soldier boy. Now, I guess he as though Dwayne positive picture with her, which delete any put that way. There's a little there lie are things I appreciate that and you didn't like that. So he said Otto Effort, British Williams, no more that soldier, Boyd Chick. Got allotted to accept my sleeves, enjoy the show any posted. This video, which is on Instagram, worries us throughout the process.
Our road at seven p m at a gallop, real molly, say levels constitutes store that IBM argonauts over four british farmers are sir. Then we got this entails the fannys movements, Is there we got more personal. My house met, obviously Your work is: I'm so give away for a good cause. Man is Christmas, come it does get. I was alive, I was there. I might await their gotta know you win rather what he did he blew. He turned into a ripple man, that's what happens. You lies in its report. Did talking to these at two, a dot m and three a dot m on the phone bill? I pay ain't cheating. How would you feel if you're sick Euro grandma closet tell you. She heard a candle at a restaurant where she was its having dinner and a girl tells her friend how you she's meant that weaken with you You were in Atlanta doing a booking. What would you do if YO and where it was at the movies, with a b and the person who saw him described his whole outfit for the day and the time and everything he's been known to be cheating so was all we're going? Do it all a very positive picture with errant put that way
general together. So I guess you got in his feelings cause he was with soldier boy. While we just what are we gloss over four Agnes odor borders? Totally law does abundant four hundred million dollars remedy. Member really is the last time you gave targeted their laws on people gave me Don t. Tell me tat. I was just hey now, just like you. I put that kind of pressure on yourself line a bug in four hundred million dollars right. Well, let that has nothing to do with this story. So, basically, gave way on staff. Now, if you break up with somebody, did I mean all the staff that you gave them you supposed to get back into do whatever you want with? It depends what he broke up. No, it does him she cheated. They must have that legally, as somebody gives you present s married us of your married. Now, that's not to review I married. Even somebody gives you an engagement ring if they gave it to you on a holiday and to give you get to keep it. If they give it to you with their, Mrs getting married, you gets it. How do I know all that is, I don't know
That's why, when you buy stuff for girls you gotta keep to recede, could if you ever do decide to take it back. She can't. I would say that you stole from which you can hardly say he stole from me. Note is mine and undermining he's writing up. If you got a court. Doesn't matter give if you say this is given to me as a gift ass, you are now. Let me give you a gift ass. It talk about. I'm all give our logic is under the pretext that you can be my girlfriend. You Monday loan. You can be faithful as soon as you know, lawyer, unfaithful, no more gimme that back your agenda. We think I've agenda back nope became no get you darling headlines. It gives you can't anatomy. You definitely do that. Right? Well, ass. You can give me right guys that when we come back, we got front page news at table. Ports are some chauvelin, be talking down on her own. At this moment I was often about united flights again and a man one one operated that was arrested for hanging up one somebody's. It don't go anywhere is to breakfast locomotive. Fiji envy Angela Yea Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club asking some front page news. This to support first got knocked out the nationals they played cubs necks
not a charges, the broccoli last there are twenty one, thirteen and thirdly, make football. Now united was gonna, we united, you were, there was a computer glades and they had a lot of flyers ground. It was a widespread computer problem, so they were allowed to delay place. They did apologize for any inconvenience. They couldn't give any information on how bad the delays where and what that might mean for the network where there How do people tweeting how unhappy they work as they were stats now there at three, I am the system issue was resolved. Yet I was the citizens of all kind of casting a spell on United Airlines for kicking a lady, fly for when a black Panther, that that was absolutely necessary. Samson lose an elaborate yes Samsung, actually less over five billion dollars that is because the other problems, yes with the galaxy, no seven they actually have to just dead. It is over where'd. You can't even get that.
Anymore. They try to get people replacement ones. Those weren't working those blowing out so now is over and done with five billion dollars of is the day I will say what was wrong with the followed by what was inside of all those call them the blow up, not a couldn't figured out. They even try to fix. It knows what sort of loan absorb ages. I guess just discontinued the fall in total because you gotta be something in the phone like, like the phone have to be reacting to something right. Let's make a figure it out. Aid have been able to fix it, and I guess they just thin figure it out. So it is gone. Take off the no seven in the Ottawa, no, no seven, and yet, though, another phone on the market, their products, the same technology that can blow up the least people still them by well. Let's see how this actually affect Samson period. Absolute activists, that's definitely vote and a little the man when one operator arrested is within it Then now this operator, actually my name is Crescendo Williams cushion. She hung a million warnings on equality talking about some ain't, nobody,
set time for this, for real and right, they did investigate hair and it turned out that the majority of her cause we're less than twenty seconds and abnormally large amount of claws. So apparently she just did there's. No, that's not the person, a law that nine, when women's definitely job. She would have been a bad day in the great thing is maintained, or now one day that hasn't got light. It is I'm not the one you're a public servant like you're not allowed to have like any bad language. Nine, when awaiting your job is to save people's lives. You can't is when you're a public service in Europe on the servant. You know you always gotta put people before you some about what you're goin through you cannot just hang above human dismissed them personally, for I won't want Jesus Christ right will ask for it. Snooze that when we come back eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one, if you're in a relationship and you break up with somebody, can you take it it's back. That is a quest
oh yeah, you told me, but I see it as an Ex wife and who, when we broke out, he was like. I want everything back that I have a gave. You gave it all that I'm out of the question at the window of the question is, can you take it back? Yes, should you best requested did you pick it back? Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? We will talk to you guys out there if you're in a relationship and break up with somebody. Should you take your things back? It is much could not do it. It give it the money Why do I say then sneakers you brought me that I wore and given to a new girl packing, why Yarborough doomed to dissolve vision army, not think it depends while you're broke up cheated, yes, Everything on why my leaving you important gives of Eugenie. Why exact Zella beaches on unanimously s past and back to doing about where women, don't by men, present narrowed I mean, if you thereby nearby, must have taken out and we take. It enjoys box. Take our car back out of the car back now it was actually, I think, he'd never finished pay.
It may know very busy gave it back. I want it aircars you gave it back to get you a ban on car. That is, of course, an call us up Now we're lab. I emphasise that my cell slowed down a coke anywhere. The commission can have an early. We do this every day. Could you do this every day? Ok, yeah, right! look, I would wish in any way to ping we'd all the pink pearl bombs that, in your face cup she's going to tears, Jani deserted her. Do you remember your Ramage Eyes is new socio rabble allocation. I want to get your you're going to get much like the bright joint ices arrived at its abruptly oh come on a theme. Morning. Everybody is the
J Envy Angel Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club will live in Miami Revolt, music conference. What I've got an avid bodies waken at the send out. We were out here in the dark and firmness right now. We were just talking about a story in a room with a soldier boy. Not so if you have been highly about the way, it's my about british williams- and I guess now experiencing Lorenzo Gordon exploiting without basketball, wives allay any positive measures. Bouquet together end just keep him They were married spooky because he kept eating and that's why? wouldn't get married okra. So now so the way, a positive picture where the British Williams and he played on the picture that way, and then he deleted it, and I guess the renders, in his feelings any put this up on Instagram Ladys. I still got the purses so warm at seven p m.
Gal of real might say most constant stored at work in order to overcome the british farmers are sir? Then we got this in their families to move its is that we have more powers in my house. Net obviously is odd I'm so giving way for a good cause. It's Christmas common does get Soldier boy really about their live here by back every Perth that he gave away your buyer report that her eggs gave one and a million dollars ass, clear rank amongst our bread Mebby unless the course and eight hundred five eight five one five one of your interrelationship, unbreakable. Somebody should you take your things back, I think, if the if she cheated and you're not married and now what is dated, gimme everything back old, magically, Anita back petty and what have you would cheating, Ferris and then seated.
We now say if he cheated, we save she cheated, ok, ok cheated and I bought or less of a need to choose back the snake is the gum, the candy, the bags, everything back on having a life in general. When you give somebody a present, you said never expect to get it back, no matter what it's a gift. Its present imprisons aren't supposed to come with strings attached. I gave you this because I wanted to do things in a work at it. Give you something I'm never going to ask for a bad period or drovers man hurriedly war. People saw a lot of times when guys are doing things like TAT gives back there only doin, because their heard that the relationship is happening in more. So, if you really really really, you know want to get back into girl. You give it a gift ass. She can't give back a net herpes, Nobody Herpes there actually actually went through this met. I had a boyfriend there when we broke up he's. They give me everything back here, gimme your like great stuff anyway, but it was. I send jewellery sneakers everything, so I think I was
his way of trying to keep in contact with me to keep on harassing me. For so one day he was outside the house. I took everything, put it in a bag. At the window, nothing, I don't communism that all you stepped back home and I gave everything back to like sacks anything anything you ever gave me and I also feel like I don't even want. None of that aiming at it. We broke out refugees. What about you gonna? Let us keep to give, though just watch always have something to remember you buy as they gave it applies, and especially of the the man ass, he didn't. We can afford to do the things that you know. You don't write, so she just gonna. We have all them all bags where we have some people and against some things, say we go into first washing Emma. I wish the names That is why would they around back? There may be about to give you a gave to present. What are you was Abraham Jeff,
you think man are you wanna. Thank you now is banned it will you bought nothing. Do I look like this? If I get married, we know we know pre, not for my younger have anyway, so we must take it back. If we get it, I boy, Whatever you say they get back. We found him. You can flout the kind of thing you don't have enough. Now back laid eyes on. Are you not to have using quick for Bosnia, ITALY, right now, area, visitors, thinking away, you say right, I'm a man, I'm a balanced view every I now make issue, may Maybe so thank you! Some vague broke. Iraq does gave envy deafening Yoda is abolished and every not as the rapporteur, no more I presented the gear backing this around.
As I already Zagreb Ii Logan, I give to show more NATO's network. Don't take this the wrong, I can't get it wasn't able finally way where did the monotony of you. Are you playing one about ways? Cambria came right now that is getting so. What do you think? I think if you ask me for the give back, give it back, then I got one day you got to keep independent lack woman. That's what I'm going to bed whatever some really really nice, though, that you really like little, they got it. This is a nice rolex. It you, where every day given noble gaudy back you'll, give back the rolex our give it back. You'll give equable daddy.
I'll give it actually lie. You dare not would then be is on you like you got expensive take back. I mean, if you ask why back you really want to back that bad day when you gave it to me in the first place, you really wasn't gibbeted singing for me within it's amazing, to take it back to God over my head, rising to keep everything New Zealand Girlfriend outright around eight hundred forty five one I travel would take you calls. The question is not taking account I don't think only taking you alive alive, Rizzo K, reactions in a we learnt that girl, but if you had a relationship and break up with somebody, you take things back. Is the breakfast locomotive
the other breakfast club we broadcast live in Miami revolt. Music coverts were asking if you in a relationship, and you break up with somebody, should you take your things, bad, that it was not a petty people on social media right now? What is a saying that they were definitely take a step back and allowed people years that they would take a step back? Also, you mean about Gama gives a lobby with it. I would keep the step you gave me an take years. Does not all gives dodges debris. Gifts like to stuff like bags their cause. A lot of money are jewellery. Cars are a house of like that. I have received a cute, gives them what we ask of you. We have, as I can see, who's if it's a female and male is coming to the supper ourselves with so much about. Was that you get you think I'm gets back
now, here we are a bit Eddie ago. You firm. He does want to do in that respect, but I did hear nothing I can. I can purchase all give it to you write a day, a break up with you or you break up with me. I have a go. That's never give. Does it give it you get me. A present is wrapped up What about, but can you give me their suppress blood? You spend your you diluted by bag. Failure has gradually allowed an alibi, has grown and make your badge already monopoly. That way you gotta get banned. You gotta think I'm buying from buying this girl is still cause. I want her to look good and I want you to look with somebody else. If you gonna go, somebody look good on your own. Is plain emotion award. That's what they say. Vision is the idea which say: you gotta, let her go right. There, you penises trash, ok, no they don't we in almost about you, don't Yoda makes it.
I brought you know: yeah yeah yeah, always yesterday of the bank You got two gagging worthy man. Take it out our eyebrow Why you move from those rare Lord Grey? Was it a Dante from Davy and thought of Georgian? Nor, ok, I wanna take, must not bag could apply. Does really petty my let her go Bertha anyway? You which other bottom that as the there you go you from Lord you gotta worry about your marriage revenue Yarborough. You got that I do I buy you a present, then you lose your best president uniting us not back me right, or will you learn how to another you ve no again to the rapporteur. And about do, give it back is gonna, be cut had been believes absolute. Almost everybody likes does it was that we are now I'm sorry.
Who is a friend and ally in loud and clear eyed. We were Angela. I don't want my guest back. I violate prison again, Philip is: are you with your personality right and if you want to download but it was about you and my girls funny you're, just not bad taken us that back about my answer right, I am not going to take back their babble head. Have you your personal, binding undertakings that have only about the exact figures? Man if it was abroad? I do was gone. I wish my name is. My name is trees on from since Natty Ohio, I raised enacted in their lives moment. Have you I'm on carbon is more like a value is worded, oh good, why you know you I'm scared me personally, but what I do with it May I ask the questions on Morocco workers I gave my girlfriend ex girlfriend uses to hurt.
I regret that I have Karla he's mandate. We had two he's manage these measures and I wonder if I should go back and take it back. I wonder but a way together. So I will where I think I know where it's easier. This disease by about two thousand is the low twenty dollar airbrush t shirt. You give him the mall, it was, but I think a t shirt did she leave you with their back. Ah, actually is my dream? Is my art is backpack boys images dotted? There was another story guys if you see her weary now he's ninety eight with the next. It s got a heard them all. The more that a story of men give you shoot you should give wholeheartedly. You shouldn't expect anything back. You shouldn't expect any in return, and when you give every man unless you cheats on you That's it now we have always unawares exceeds annually,
It is outrageous that they have no disrespect. What could I do you? Just you just betray my loyalty right. I write. What about room is what we don't. Never we let me talk about and when I saw us yes and whereas Donald Trump situations will tell you what woman one woman had to say. Why does he come forward? Thirty years later, to talk about him groping her on the plane, also Oprah, somebody is accused her of stealing an idea for a show, our right mixed out. We have shown press he's. The founding Greta of the global spinner wars will be joining us only to have no illusions. This operated, as happened in tonight. I think Jesus actually doing those nominations are working. We shall present a little bit slow go anywhere. Is the rapid spoke about it, the breakfast club some bad
This is the route to report annually on the breakfast club lad. Let cyclists vaccines idea worth forty million dollars. You wanna call bonds with God cried Rob damage that Germans remember, Mps have issues because low is rather than have again women. Words were cool wise, sensitive guy. Over a year now, he's gonna die into newsstand asbestos Burnett breaking away, and they did announce that and that jellies where the forty million dollars, so they outbid Amazon, Willow and HBO. For their rights to his newspaper, it is regrettable deserves no absolutely not only do they deserve it. Every word for at TAT think they underpaid, I'm actually to know Chris Rock stand, especially now rare Chris Rognes Data special. We need a man I favour this is ever is bring the paint. Absolutely we need to be present reserved for his own work would draw political bombs, workers rocky them. Absolutely
we watch those. I right now there's somebody who is doing your Mama Charlemagne Oprah when free ass. She say that Oprah still her fix. My life show idea. The women is saying: honeybees oats he saw see Stricklin sees as a carbon copy of a show that she created. That was called the agency back in two thousand eleven. He says you go into a fight with over over a different show, but that some have put our teeth on open radar. She had created, so the agency, which is basically a councillor travelling, as the country going inside the homes of people were big problems. Pretty generic show idea the primarily as in more than one person saying hey. Let's get a councillor fix issues: especially when overspend figs and people's lives since the nineties, how many cars and stuff intrusive over given away to help people with their life like stop it right. Yes out, and I am most, this could possibly stand. That sounds like maybe she s an idea place anyway.
So you have an idea how many people are gonna go and do it through a right the game? He is the judge in his sexual assault case, to make his accusers sexual history fair game. You guys, I remember this situation when Priscilla Rainy, she was doing him. She was on his show. She's got game ownership, member and she said that he put his hand up her skirt and rubbed her vagina envy attacks. I right now games team once hurried to go ahead and basically they reveals as things that is done in the past too, so that she has no, credibility also says that she was a prostitute and that she engage in a promiscuous life when the jury to know that she also spend time in a mental institution. I want that and, of course, no good. I don't understand what a woman sexually, We have to do what you can weigh very habit. It opens up the jury's all alone in a jury feels he's a certain type of female it. You know acres waited your issue have nothing to do with the case. I believe credibility. It hasn't been like. If you have in the past, lied about there.
They re evaluated at all, and I would like that. How much does not use that that is actually has the agreement of all the prostitute. If you didn't pay me to put put Joanna Bus Garden, you Joanna muster. We keep in it. Thank you Wikipedia awry where that is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE all right, mislead us Autobahn, YO or you give it a doll, do men. I can tell you this. We never more comical in the world right now. They Donald Trump supporters boy. We got another one who try to defend Donald Trump comments about red shirt, Netanyahu, girl, no boy, now right, we'll get internet. Where we come back in short prize will be joining us, of course. The founding creator of the global spinner war, then I'll see
well we'll talk to him in a little bit, keep allotted to breakfast locomotive time for Donkey overdue Democrats of being a little bit of a mixed adult club, Britain, I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey at Bay is a new wife. Just knock you today for Friday, until before, taking the form of major league baseball player occurred shilling now I told ya yesterday that absolutely nothing more local in the world right now in trumps. Support is still trying to defend on a trump now couldn't wait to see what chump supporter was go step out there and in comment comments that Donald Trump made about it. A girl is here growing up. There's gonna be dating, earn Danube strategy
one of the red shirt this ten year old girl said he'll be Dana. In ten years have you find that creepy, if you find their behaviour perfectly normal than you are bad decision away from being America's next hour. Pedophile. You are one poor choice away from Heaven: s sign in the front yard. Yadda your whole married danger registered sex offender lives. Here now I love the movie minority report. They bought it back in the tv show last year, when making good and in NAM Movie and tv show it was a specialised police department called Pre crime and they would arrest people based off for I'll is provided by some psyches called freak. So basically, they knew when you would think it about committing a crime. I'm telling you about them, because the programme really existed, hurt shilling would be ended. Right now. I keep telling all you trump supported. It is impossible to defend your boy and not sounds stupid. Just as we heard Betsy Macao hey, she sat, she tried to defend them and sounded dumb. Katrine appears and try to defend them and sounded dumb, and now you can address shilling to that list. Kurt shilling was on fire business.
And they discuss the video Donald Trump thing. You want to register to ten year old girl in charge shilling. Well, he doesn't seem to think as a problem was gonna fuck business. Report, how many times have you looked at a young man of ours is a beautiful young man, while he's a gorgeous young man and that man was twelve. Thirteen fourteen fifteen other areas of beautiful I've seen a lot there's no way you have seen the young somebody else's. That's why he's beautiful while coming I want it again now: now only on this one. But now I'm not on my own on this, because I have both. My youngest son is a gorgeous young man, and I've heard women's while he's a beautiful young boy, can jump to the point where you're insinuating like something like pedophilia molestation is working.
Going with theirs because he's joking about what would she gets older, I'm gonna data, I mean how do you get from there to being an evolving disgusted? Yet you know I don't look at a young boy insane ten years, I'm gonna data may that I think it so you think, ok and then a day, but I know I have a daughter, my daughter S. Friends. I see my daughter friends, I'm a man while she's a beer, We are waiting. That's all I've jumped and the last thing I well about. What would he be your kids away from this guy has absolutely none of their made. Absolutely no, since you know why, because this is what happens when you come to the defence of love, coercing. Ok. Not only are pursuing astronomer manipulate demanded by repeated over and over you never looked at a child and said that's out of good looking and shouted beautiful. Ass now would damage on, say he said in ten years be dating her. Ok baiting means sex. So you already a thousand
lecturers towards a ten year old in order to make those common programme needs to come grab me last who, along with cards, shilling incursion into trying to turn a wrong into a right, and that's not how any of his words wrong is wrong. No matter how many people are doing platinum, red shirt in ten years is absolutely positively and positively wrong pursuing it has no virtue and tolerating toxic behaviour out even see. Would you shouted defended diamond trolls tries, I don't believe in tolerating the intolerable ok, simply because we lose dignity when we tolerate the intolerable and right now, when it comes to Eu Trump support is trying to defend him. I must say it used to be uncomfortable to watch you or lose your dignity would now was just become unexpected, pointed his presidential campaign that would become uncomfortable with and were very entertained by give Carte shilling the biggest here please right, you can't even attempt to defend now, not at all, Has anybody ever looked at a ten year old and say well and dig them later produce
little baby. Don't get a day. Will we Daniel your friends will be joining us now use the creator in founder of the global spin awards, which acknowledges all auditing Jason every types from Reggie hip hop atm everything smoking. We shall present. We come back at our girl and of our making. I'm nervous know another web Nebraska she's a member is fifteen years. Is sixteen machines a great day I talked with Moscow. Oh she said Nice, you think Why are you gonna have going north thought this dog? I learn with the thing, in my view, Laura legal area was food, Montenegro's area which, as eager, run around Miami. That's why I am asking is those eke out here we go she S. Just us. Thou met your own. He stands out, as you can see, absolutely shows the analyses don't shoot into mass starvation. Sixteen may show present we come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotive.
The other breakfast club, where love in my earlier to revolt music conference, makes a noise. Now we A friend of mine, also creator and founder of the global spin awards friend of a friend of ours, The press is inability given official regime's some sir, Neither the latter disease out here today. So you guys are no Sharm. Press only be juries out here. Make some laws of your dj around couple days. Are you now you have the Goebbels been awarded this year? Is the new year? well, first of all the data of the Alaska guys, let's give it up,
The breakfast gloves only dj NBA gaudy, but the global spin awards explained what the global spin it was does, but a dj accomplishment of words. This is the Grammy's for the dj. This is the highest honoured at any. Dj can ever receive on its with dj work hard year over year too, to be considered and acknowledged by reappears decision did Dj Grammy's, not issue, whereas the award she'll taken place. We make an address in its interest in this. Is one hundred percent breaking news right here we are moving the global spin award for the last four years. We have done it in New York City, fiftieth anniversary. We are moving into new or leave now now, while we are gonna, kick off all star weak in the Thursday before us Weakened globalists, global spin award nor leans, it's gonna, be evaded by every major dj in the country diameter that is dogmatic
Great idea, let that twelve- not tonight you do something special here right right here. Only about music, caverns radio to stay What was going on tonight at this age, you know it is, is it is crazy because you know, but for the last month is so everybody's may hit me when it when you announced in the nominees ones, nominee announcements and we been keeping a really quite because typically we do the the awards in November, but because we were moving to two February and taken a doubts to alter our weak in, we wanted to make a big deal out of it and bring it in and make the nominee announcements right here at the revolt music conference Hilton. Night, six p m or revoke that c b. We will be live streaming from this stage and are given up the nominees
nowadays. When we come back we'll do that now, because you gotta come, we will never become back where we nominated again for anything. No, was anything we're gonna year. What can I have your big envy had this year, people like you could people are worried about. Eight is that we really are just as important as the ass they here shut up for you. Now you have a juicy hosting it today. Yes, GB. Also as easily be it tonight. It was a sixty six p m and you got a special performance right special perform. Last week. We have Zoe dollars performance on live stream if they would kick in right into Linnea TV to revolt. The network, ok and GEO continue hosting for the second half of the hour and performances by Davies, challenge he can I'm listening. I didn't want Anna rub salute them. Opera Browser Bolgie. What's the deal more robust, men ago without and I think in Vienna, greedy. Alas, it is not as good as a challenge.
Carrying out an amazing candidate avenant valid at an amazing you he has transcended just dj wherever you you go, is the outgoing grave refugees who actually how good you who has had a year? In my opinion, they cover great you tell me what is really happening is self. At a good year self returned into reality shows star on us. Every day broke out somewhat defined. As far as the world has ever seen, there sure did I go Keyser who I see I hear he's out. Your brain early would cause love born holiday holidays. There's more than just came back from the cloud pretty much right. Well, when we come back, you gonna give us a nominees whose nominated today, automobile jays we'll do that when we come back since we talked about it was going to college joint is for free is to breakfast locomotor scope of breakfast club sees guy real hectic, shown, presses inability.
The creator in founder of the global spin awards, which, as they do in a nominations tonight, if you want to see that Tunisia revolts, I'm six gladly vote. That's you reboot, that save II would alive stream tonight. Dj is all over the world. Dj enthusiasts music in revolt that tv tonight six p m to six thirty, then we kicking it over to rowboat tv as six thirty, two seven o clock Yes, m advice and other aspiring artists who, in here, that is something in credit, who attend, because those djs are gonna, be the ones that could potentially have you get on the radio are. The managers I here are: the policies are, the art is, may show you guys come through now. What did you find it important reckon
these because you have you not a desirable, as you were, never dj, never dj! Never did you know I come from a come from from the old school there. Boy of you know the person who got me in a game shall to my maid dj back up in the Bronx. You know when I was eighteen, seventeen eighteen years old. He got me and again so our more? We recognize you know the importance it. A dj, no always felt like the dj was extremely undeserved in unnoticed by your ones, who would break in a refugee unsung heroes of the music business and of entertainment. But nobody you know chose to acknowledge the dj was all you know, and it was had gotten so crazy that it was the riders into produces even had acknowledged, may prove to be a man ass gap in I was I was, was gone or what I d J have the ceremony to be recognised by the industry.
They create and cultivate right. Absolutely. We had a nice conversation yesterday on the drink, chance pie cast about the importance of I told a lot of stories about certain dj. You know, I guess we're instrumental in his career. Certain things that he felt like heard his career when it came the disease glad the waving? What will you do agonizing plan, for you guys had that good relationship right Maoist little about someone about nations, as you gonna, be given away and talking about right now and you can we don't tonight at six o clock what you got some special and right now here we will weaken, announced to two nominations. Really quick. You know just to give a tease just put people who don't know what the global spinner wars are. We try to create categories that encompasses all areas A dj community set of furs domination is celebrity dj of the year a celebrity dj of the year. This year's nominees. Ah, you may do pretty little John DJ, Daddy CAT Erika do
where's love is, was beat, ok, there's examination as itself and that's what makes the global spin awards so special, because we really put all of the world's top dj in let him go head to head in and let the people decide. Now is the next category DJ entrepreneurs a year dj entrepreneurial? This is DJ, who have established in dont really well with businesses outside of the turntables dj cat. Dj Kelly, Hermine Demi, and that makes it hard wanna be dead, Irene again self is pursued nominated they sell shall quitted when do well wealth of selling duchies grinning, DJ drama Stevie Oki in Dj H, rack,
nasty g entrepreneur. Every angle you got some of the negative organizing embody. The juices will live just open next year we have more to do with lively gets. Maybe I should have thought he does. You wouldn't hurt like so many about rap. You have read out any you got. One special award is given to these. You re honorary honorary every year we choose to two on a dj who have really trail blazed in some way in and have been unrecognised up into this point. So this year on a real D J Clark Kent well deserved, ended kid. What I wanna go round the clock, love love each again: well deserved Also DJ spend a relative May I wanna go wrong in the regulations and I want to
shot out, spend a relic because she is offers female, first female to be honoured. Nice at the global the wars have on the other. Lady will soon have an excellent one, including again and what's goin on six o clock tonight. Eight p dot m tonight in the rest of the nominations. Jeezy will be hosting that will be hosting live performances by Dave EAST Zoey Dollaz. Six thousand six hundred and thirty revolt tv, six hundred and thirty seven p dot m. Today network all in a nominees, and then you can go to either revolt that tv or global spend three sixty five. We will have all of the nominations right. The global bent Sixty five dotcom their new Orleans this next he knew all men of everywhere. We sixteen New Orleans. We are chicken or almost all week in New Orleans, give ready
the biggest dj in a war will be invading your town. We will be setting off a normal that he's gonna be down, but MBA ball is, but as we turn it into DJ, weak it down a normal. Now also, we have a panel that you don't revolt music conference. If you down here, I sold out already, can people still get an error? Has that working Sharif and we don't? We don't know what to do about the banana panel, whose things were in adopting for bringing it up tomorrow? This is the first ever panel at the revolt music conference, acknowledging the top ten upper echelons DJ, we have fought Master Lex will be on the panel Dj Drama dj. I read and D J envy: should his flight make it in time, so we look forward to having you envy with.
They have you on that panel is supposed to be on a ban on only get an answer. If you lay moment if anybody has not been if anybody has not gone out and see respected, dj up most respected, leading global Spain was present respected, DJ go online, I'll check it out dj envy. You know, I guess you can tell him a little bit about Rochelle respected. These days is to show based on a dj not the dj aspect, also outside the other businesses than with their families. What they do on a daily basis. Are you get the ins and outs being a dj behind the scenes and everything's adoption. I think I did. Indeed Adramiti won T J, AI redid one DJ attract deal John, I forget who else magician where's. I doubted whether a global ban proceeds respected, Deja Railway, don't say we appreciate you for joining us and will say tonight absolute
Coronel here tonight, GC will be hosting, will be a lot of fun there when we come back because more yes, we are going to take. Donald Trump and is one woman who is accusing him groping? Her like over thirty years ago, would tell you which he had to say: ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, don't go anywhere. Where lab in Miami Report move rebel. Please go vote, is the rapid spoke about
the report was the last night difficulties when on Anderson Cooper, show and talked about what happened with downloads ramp over thirty years ago. When me was groping her on a flight, she said it was about fifteen minutes any Testa, wherever he could find a landing spot. She said the guy in the sea to cross the accuracy, and I kept thinking. Maybe this through it is going to come in, has that, but she never came she's now. Seventy four years old sit as happened back when she was thirty, eight years old, and she said that he at one point grabbed her breasts and try to put his hand of her skirt. Here she is on Anderson Cooper. His hands were everywhere, did he say no, and I didn't even he was grabbing my breasts and trying to turn me towards them, and
hissing me and then after a bit, that's when his hands started going, I was wearing skirt and his hands started going towards my knee and up my skirt and that's when I said I don't need this. I would say that just about fifteen minutes long enough right, though people asking why you bringing this out now and she was aimed as he was disgusted when she saw him say that He has never ever done anything like this about his previous remarks when he said that he grabbed when by the vagina We have done that and he and she heard him say then she got disgusted and wanted to tell her story. Of our age over his Donald Trump sexual assault Alex. I need you, gotta get him to paint the way. You're gonna be ok beyond the paint when he had allegations right. You know, like they now really should not affiliated with turning to do right now. Insane and these things ever happen now is
so a new report by the daily bees, and they say that the reform is that members from assent, celebrity apprentice, say they Donald Trump cards. His Marley melon, who is death. He called her retarded. She was a very popular consent on the show and he was a kid of making sexual comments to her, and now this is what three people who are staff members from celebrity apprentice has to say the staff members would have to be the witnesses because Molly We have been able to hear him say that right through now, let's discuss this rapid, our package, they headquarters Brian on the show just produce food Ellie Wilson, and we must always manage area. It was arranged childhood friends, they been friends since they were. Young, and he had a lot of things to say about what's going on where the young money verses cash money records and how he thought there. Perhaps literally would end up getting the money that he's over, which he says is more than fifty million dollars check it out
in a situation where you know I will have the Whereby anything, financial aid when they were greatly checks, lot us up the plan laid out to them. They cut the check what this time you know. What's we put it out, the detective become new home, like feeling Ilsa conversations with, though you know, we don't get it we don't get. Is you know no not known in detail with the joint person white or so which is very successful. At that point, you know I guess they had come forward. We will have it. It had the money. Now he went on I know they did present a plan of let's put out the Carter v. I stream it and he can get his money from that. He presented that to slim and baby. He said they didn't get it at the time they didn't get streaming, they went. Powers that be in the label is against it because they had no control over it and they basically said. Yes, we can put the album out. He said what I had to tell Wayne that he was a what you can't stop me. You can't hold me back.
That was that would have been a good thing, though he would have been able to get his money from streaming Allen and just got reimbursed his money. That way, and they also said they definitely more than fifty million, especially after drink has done so well with his last albums really do not know drink money. Even on making money noted, I wrote a letter to me. I was always limited our partners yesterday and I was thinking to myself. Why would you stop somebody from scream and especially you can pay them rag of it. If you can't paid him the least we should do it. Let them go. Do something to be able to give a right here. Take your albums dream in another. Take another grammar and you get the money from the well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room report. If we have a giant, you should listen to their rapid. Our pack has its a good. It was great golden goes a little like here in Bonn outside Europe, from the brains behind operations, as I can person doing to right we may regret ways now we definitely agree. You guys in revolt and we'll see,
Monday I'll be safe out there. Everybody else everywhere else to people's choice mixes up next to hear something mixes done: Now, here Miami Army hit us up, shout the dj bulletproof, Miami failing. We appreciate you guys as well, is the breakfast locomotive
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