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Troy Ave discusses why his album only sold 4,500 copies and how he is able to profit as an independent artists.

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Boil celebrity real some joint yesterday morning everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club Spress, you guess. Building to avoid shows. As the last thing I know, I'm gonna do this in well made cyber girl. I'm glad you need to get here casino going nuts last week like I will you sold forty five hundred records elite as these thirty physical copies? Why now little number that Europe really was actually knows I think billboard Lego article at the about what exactly Abbe, as you know, has really offers some go sellers stuff, like that of its army, Look silly down a pity for self twelve hours. In the day I put it out, you know, for free or allow mix is dead.
Whatever, but this is the first, some awaiting did it full out illegally copied thus bar wherever Having was a job the Friday usually album job on Tuesday in on the physical copies, wasn't posit Camacho Tuesday, you for me so we're having was between Friday, the Monday against South gains reported from Friday to Monday of Friday. Monday. I so like forty three hundred or what under forty funny in meaning those two days or whatever and then know not was on Tuesday. Thirty copies. That was so. It was so legally, they argue. There's a legally goes, my music out a base. We would like the mom and pop stars Adam and if people came acts from earlier, which is given him- and it was it is one one star in banks. No mean assorted, thirty gobs was shouted only gamma music gunning chubby. If forty five wanted record sold a flop for independent artist, for as we know how
you think they got. I see everything going in a row and all that any set us up. What he found an irregular way. If we get ninety five Cinema Bray in within a week from Friday to do it wasn't fulfilling that I mean Friday to Sadie whatever a Meda Twenty Baines? You fill me between the register between Thirty thousand singles between you your hosting. So I going you independent. And you really sell me to South Independent and it don't matter it don't matter, you gotta get the slow growth, the reasonable. Thou garlic, no sanely eagle, your lady, any keeping up and taken up and picking up at the end of the day, a Meda make money are made to give the people and now I'm staying with Jesse member. Can you really magic triple planned, modest bookmark, but will only a single gone? Go AGA, really magic platinum bodies, but by but we're not even a single Congo. If some, because what usually happens is always tell you to do and irregular deal, they give fitting the of every dollar.
A low more. If they have no say in there with me, I'm gonna if I was similarly Dalzell Evolved, is gate fitting to settle every day a million singles or whatever they posted, be oh honey, fifty thousand but delay will have spent two fifty three hundred to make them. So really weapons. If they spend two, fifty the oddest over a hundred thousand back to delay. Will you from would show you have don't call me, nothing remained, allow Montgomery produces I got no art graphic design. Your baby ridges now got you got respect when he You coming up any sea like you'd. Avoiding won't do doubt the strength or saying we are in all save us he's my movie. I would do that out. The loving I buy you see only last year. We reckon with you which need or shoot me beg feature whatever you know. Satellite judges have found me is your would have you me really thanks, I pulleys So our saying is light it. But if I turn
in our so a honey. Reggie. So whatever they give more money then somebody, you won't platinum, you know, say I'm so most singles singles remove everything we have. We get off that coming, of course, go sell more affordable handed over time round with. Why have we get over that? Forty five on offer we get. We get ninety five of saint. You know focusing go! No! Ninety percent, Robinson, go to my lawyer, my lawyer and percent go to the, but so did. I negotiated a where I unease. Did the ship pay two point five of my lawyer was set up, it up to boycott is all about. And having a leverage main do you want to do and apple of easy, easy but independent artists at its true for meaning he doesn't hello rate. Do a radio doesn't have helped do everything comes out. His own policy pays for radio promotion. He pays for tour. He pays for everything, usually when, when odyssey, they dependent. They get a little help from a label any only get up the gallows secretly. Developing rail is some day. You know
is so ill. I look look. How came you your member one offers? Studies are you'll go so to allay who saw user YO. How long would have whatever in another stay in us. Instead, it says it's a stay focused on what I was going do so just some Obama Mobile You crave gimme robbery and would do Amadou this thing in Japan. You know saying I don't get me wrong. I still want to go to a major bears joint venture. I'm going to do it. A ragged, filet alone we murder ink. We would bear boylike note, as you have to do the other fifteen, or do you really mean that I mean it puts What means are universally by AUS have you so always result. Weeping. Baghdad does does Mama frame. So if I'm Sloan on a honey, blacks and are making a day and ass, if they would have so making two thousand hours a day of one black, now record label put me on a thousand blacks, but they won't take fifty percent. I chirping there still moment I gotta give up have, but I'm gettin moment you steady, begin thousand miles
I'm getting was a thousand self thought what fallen down. Fifty thousand would have it I'm still give more money in it ended they mean greedy and have never had a lotta jokes after they they put out there with the sails and every day at a meeting your lot of things. They were even creation dilemma in a lot of people coming home. It don't effect like what you are come from me. Do I come up, from I'm so made himself pay. I can say that enough. The rude things that affect many jobs in order that don't affect needed to meet us like asylum, Jackie Robinson, erases Fain, you know me, but whatever my good Jonah, we seem put his hand up any Samina crowd Would it don't matter it ended they? If you look a bit the skull bottom still, winning if I broke off, I was if I have to show started slower Napo. I just gave my I'm dead. Tired
you don't mean, but I know I gotta work at this big platform. I gotta be nonsense. I just came from my aim my malaysian crazy, like crazy with them what they are legal, but you had your confidence. Without that they take on Frankly Barnard Catch, I seen some mighty say Joanne, because some coffee encyclopedia I seem to Kaji bows IP wedding was my say to company domain of cynicism, ashes other people's insecurities, does my a spotlight on it because of my confidence, no saying and is making them is secure. I don't What happens is each other? Like you shouted to joy, then, if you look at the people has written stuff is either a people that I came in contact and for whatever reason, eight then a liking for personal reasons? So it's a bite you know I mean or whatever you call it. They call you Troy average Joe.
I do so. I was invited from joy average. Well, let me tell you bought the average to define what would you say, I'm soaking two to four new homes. On average, any Anna had down on average, every saw get down on average and my doubts about eighty one: carrots will you play winos? It don't effect you you'd think when these people say down choice of a slight. Who else do we got from the city as Doin it this way? you'd say you ain't gonna, tell me you, China, surroundings, reaching the people you want to Molina found somebody else. You want them to be jug attics or you demand represent ambition. I represent. Learning come come off in a battle. Will people tell you you can't do not you can't now you and computers, are you ain't gonna beat it got all went to the same shovel platform, each other you from Saint by everybody came from but he saw envy added Jerry Trade. So what I M saying people got more private money in an unwilling to take
I put my pride to the side. I put my money where my mouth is. I put my work at think. I sacrifice to be where I'm at sofas. Had he shouted seemed dance enemy is thy name you like mine. Slavery, like you know, say, relate to the point: they say on here. You know what joy outdoor too much he's not like a homo. Law at cyber- oh, yes, both typing, you know saying so. We He did say, and do you not mean that consumers have the Malcolm momentum, but then they told us, they told him there were you do any of the jagged rather than of Michael Jordan. Can I see you bet you do you sell, didn't grace if you want to be great, but do you think part of it is comments you made about other artists who, in the past- because have been, we deal effects. Are we doing I? Even I Kendrick, Lamar, aware to an end. I know you clear eyes: are you I've been Kintchuk laws will minimise when model at the end of the day at the beginning, and every day when you independent- and you like, I am adamant. Nobody built me up. So can nobody Timmy down
Our unable to distinguish changes. Autism, major, who might not be able to say something because they all net label with their person or they might need this person for features Let me dance around you and be politically correct. I got just didn't facts with small you shall have a dusky does in fact I think it may you can give me my fourth point news devastate conjugal. More was why he may whack music you set out- is that you thinkin newcomers widow, I see a widow, and that was it, I say the militias way is idle chaired any day. You could be a widow, Algeria, which you are as those don't affect me, a man. I don't care about that. That's the only reason slander and you to wait a year, even though that is not a sign of each item down, because I represent everything it. They know in a more in my my confidence that makes them become in secure, because if you got people like me who ain't afraid to say
men, which form the boss he's he's going to see the best in the world. It was uproar why you can't say that microbes was just saying he think you should have said that everybody, I bid, you should allow other people to speak for you, you can't you can't, because what have they don't speak for you in woody would if they don't before you know, what does that mean? Not you not about you, like you, gotta put you. To put it out, they will lead away, was saying he d best. In a word or a best rap allow minus daisy being alive if even say that it would have been thinking. A new web elude away and begin a became the best rapid, a lot of people. Saints themselves. You can't we for somebody to give you just do it. Take it home. You worked when you got the actions behind the prove you got it. You gotta keep work, you can decide, Edward, you got you got out of work at the balloon. You know when you know it, you won't be you do that you put it out there. So good? To me, sad shouting, Mc Mood, I'm talking to me and my gun
We saw the Matthews Rob was saying when she chugs, through whatever they allow so go buy now got in an arm. Was I e on you be took my having ferrari or lame again robbed me of you suddenly. I may I remind you that outside I was that you I'll be right. There it. I may angle front I do but desk, as I knew I was gonna get it Who else can beat? I knew I was gonna have it I was talking about coming in you put it out in the universe and if you go out and get out, three is going through a lot of other artists to show you respect and have been working with. You wanted to with your real name. Was you yeah bed for semi? I don't know why you are so vocal, like I go online and began This is covered attitude, which is what is because I want to turn the clock is deaf nationalists and you will not cadmium Kaufman I I'm not saying that I could do nothing, but I can't do that. I haven't been due to everybody. When we started feeling in my city. I did that
less out alone are not like the NEO liberal out of you from New York. Feel that you didn't. I would have you done to restore. What have I done did, I say: go generation of people from being jug ericsson. Turning up in wind type pays. You feel like they gotta. They can't be. They care Home Tom Tom, proud, What I do I look in a cell like you, and I We want all the way through Estonian and all it out in an majority argued a majority. Support should, as wine of chubby, you know sandy to save you from wearing Typepad, you got a man, you got to lose. If you start His family was Next Caitlin engine I think we're having all about you. I am scared that his son, might you gay. There are even have assumed that lies. I would say what you are doing.
I didn't even have so many road day eyes. I would say what you are doing. A lot of tweets about like ok Yoda, has no within it look, even though my tweets from two thousand and eleven note Cyprus, stoplight is Craig said I said Katy was flowers, and why is dug it up and put it out there? I like. What are they hope they choose I'm telling you don't you decided to enjoy their committing a very dangerous grammar. You gotta decision making a first of all our minds. But that has amidst you so ill is so ill. It don't even know it. I came from knows me, one that out there you can't mix and match brains are put out a you could check. The video is from my three four years ago, but now is certain sneakers. Did you go where you put the came on he's using regular sneakers is serving classic Joyce ISA hearts out air force was a little more money in a low tat. I went due to low tat you for me. Oh sir, in Jordan brand you could do it, I don't want it
flies was moving, you know say, and I sent an cocky way, I'm just Dylan effects. I got people went check page from Adidas, initially from what you say- and this is where I did indeed say, cells of spite, indeed is shag faces. We did it. There would show you a good deal and faxes alike the keeper like the nano they checked, the arm saga, pains pornography, ok Susie. I ain't got. Beware knows angling chug, you like I've been doin it, but the arm disobedient wasn't no! By Wayne, it wasn't a by winning soggy Josie, you foamy in not changed to burn ended up by yeah, you can wear Adidas, wait. We hearts have air force, was witnessed a threat or like Jordan's stuff like that. But you kids, beware, negligible regular Maggie check you can, we imagine, would eat it distracts who now you can't ashes and no does no window. You gotta give cell toes and just keep me call me now hired you empathy and at making a man's casino at first he felt a little bit weary. Like ok disguise, for I ask when you mills the whole thing
Oh, they may be all women and Saint legally dead veiled. You can only raise began when you may be added that come about like how did you empathy and of having a conversation and no nice was to do some data with him passively found the road that song together had finally makes him a man just as it was. Actually I like on a legged Chris Brown Cancer at Barclays, an arm ass was come, outline Gimme, a lowly or whatever the final ass, many so upon. When I get my when you out here and bodies when I get to the spot, I see fitting in any joint in whatever underground job. Whatever it is, job we join in all parts of the popular indoor arena. Nearly I'm its type of Ewing go here late hour, My other probably me it ain't gonna be late, I'm not going
in the same room zone in enough happiness. You know insanely oranges pass. Supposing you from it s pal? You know the reason why I get up against slacks themselves, but I mean I'm coveney whatever so anywhere after the old thing. You know what the with you mean like banks, in whatever you guys, we have felt the whatever any known fit. You said some of Gunnar was us among us, is dumb pulling to decide at a sharpshooter, might really felt. Like you know, sandwiches very dangerously the doing a lot of situations. Armies date is dangerous for some people. Like me, I ain't cower in saying. I know who I am so when our signal light why'd, you say rude so appalling to disarm, and then we kicked Cosette morning. Anything fifty was does does not favour rapid grown up before me. So like fresh tab, there have not fully use, posing embrace me. You foamy, denounced Amy's light. You ignore what you you right,
I his moving around. They happen with that. You now meaning wasn't the energy wasn't directly towards me? Mason S, agnor. What tick monopoly even more would have whatever's I'm going to the airport I hidden. We ended seventh like forty five minutes of forty five minutes, cows asian and up to fifteen thousand I'll check with you. As you know have fifty I only I'm going in a circle: eggs, Lucretia algae since has since you just gotta closure, of opening, it is in no sense Bessie. Was somebody been game that you respect me in an hour? Do any thing you know me so wasn't allotted questioned I'll, just kidding what I'm just regular room, so some of purchasing power, no say language, door, etc, etc. In you know, I just took a new formulation men and boys. I got a being who sissy normative fifty, some bad things for you, whatever It may not cheap all. We re also my guy, whatever he said there, but regards Dana still more favourable, rapper and
allow me to be dog, I'm doin algae knows money. Well anyway, We mean with dinner. Meanwhile dinner women, it's did you beat you mustn't by us by both sides subject: EU goaded by now. Will you be my wife? You, these are go I'll, go to spy in any region say like menacing flashed through whatever my gear say. I just this house shall gratitude in arms singly uniforms whether you realize it and not in directly or whatever, and they got me on where I am now to be done. What I'm doing so, at least I could do, is take you to dinner. We shall end up and we built for me in front of you. You know you know is that when it comes to squander thing out, when I go to add a fourth and if it was or yet
where I was here, am I desire you Spine colonial May. I see a lot of you also give you flag work. They said you haven't lived, what you wrap about. They say the whole dog boy troika is a farce. Evasive farce waited the money come from when I first came on Breakfast Cupboard legs, we get it from IDA, Jesus peace. Will you get it from our javelins say really now whenever he knows it right. We waiting room. What you can't take the money, not as I wanted. I cant figure, I'm good man live their lives. Tat. We saw me she's, don't get me wrong, but we are at the end of the day. I'm Bless abraded go, it was you what you want. Josh I'll, never stop no conflict. I always I'm always going to win cuz. I don't ever start them, but I finished everything. That's a fact, though, so I know I'm bless or whatever would have us they would have. I do
I'm always right in saying that Saint I'm right racism caddy, but oh god, oh Masa, eyeing. All start and I never starry night. Since I was made by your high school, I used to being both storage, Robin Goats, abduction, But out today may right you re moans role now, do you have any idea what these numbers are gonna be like when they come out on Wednesday on an elite? We make that some maybe like maybe like seven, eight thousand and eighty seven all know with the hard copies is because you know I'm in the so we'll ship like how I think using They was my ship. Fifty thousand capua aiding transformed Digital, so we'll need a few mom and pop stars and a few best Basri mighty ship. They mighty ship, six hundred copies all the governments of the whole copies because majority people stream in spite of far a may, apply me at first, whose fits these offer Spotify streaming offered a ragged. Do you know saying so late like the stream, this Israel, this
age, streamlining downloading a row you from and at the end of the day, to be honest, New York City, land use, major without Adieu does Busby makes safe. Ass was again asked was a guest that gives us. Was you get a little bag with others and with others appears, is that it be filled out. They don't ask me why Christmas tree in the phone. You know me a few doubts shrugging I'll, say. Let me get it right. The only reason I Jappy around Christmas. Some was because what I d- no like you, gone as relay at said now at a certain date. You can get it. Items, whatever, so what I like to do is, I usually would put it all items for twelve hours, twelve, a Yemen in twelve p m, you get it download free, so sit down on me and I loved office for the holiday season, and I can put it sells a guy like me
waiting, you know now the whole blaming it don't matter in Galway, foreign is gonna, be taken, we have you any when they get is arguing for riding you. Men present value folly showed like Miss Thompson. You happy when I go so I knew what I would die in white Christmas major without it. Because we white Christmas, I was only pussy, get fifteen twenty back bans for you not to go on a load. Their pay phone lab makes sense, and I just held out in in the May, almost ten times you for me. So this is just not studies, and is is a married thou, not a race alienate the winning is a period of time when they seem like tea. I was going to sign you and he had even said that our in talks and had a verbal agrees, Myanmar and dull, and that didn't work out. So what is your situation now? It's your system. That just still talking about or as big as a whole to ya mugged like any table, I'm alive, pressing so any type of bins, move our make in me. Even if those skills, yeah extended his hand in it like
that would signal for green I'll, kill my gimme a piece of bread when I have nothing out the angle of the bargain, That is why Guttenberg is that these new restaurants NEO Nazis, who found out bus at a rate for years I give you a piece of re when I turn around and see it. I was only he's a bray. I never forget the Enigma loads he fell. So whenever me, a business more amid tribute was up leading US duties whatever in right now, they say it was Sunday get a joint venture. Whatever you know say so we just go. Without no matter which have a business I do on by the you see what Ducas conjugate knowing it is. So it's I've always give money like I'm learning it without one first at dawn, is music out focused on you. I am you know stage and will do some shows on his bed. Chisholm get a nice car get a little
A no measures have money, but I knows look I'd bill boarding in O old throughout o new yoga commotions zone on on TV for Shaw, John, a video pomade in Times square and I'm doin endorsement is with with liquors and in clothing. Means that cause I'm hot, you know saying the heart is always don't always sell them. Most amount Iraqis does affect, though you do. Did you say Oberman IONA major level, yet how you definitely because they would they would spit they play with. Paint envy notice, Keziah Anal are hurting memories of our new. Some thousand mugged autism, immature Actually, it's only right numbers exactness open, they spend money. Them a new art is coming and how much they spend about that marketing could be heard of it. Honey with ease so totally everything that there was a general nowadays me when you did when you ve done a deal could be like I found it does not deal. I give you a hundred thousand of brought me behind a fifty recorded in marketing from
Well, what would I went out and Nelson causing or popular now, possessing like the plague. Mug, obey county and no simplicity thing is enough to go around with the illegal about a hundred. Fifty no marketing a promo. I solemnly Lomb spending lesson fraction of that. You know saying my return is bigger, so you got think that's why at the major do jack we a three way. We have close all major labels and was so will we will we don't insane in and we lie we go. We all see. Let us wait because now is different when a name me, I ain't communism Agrafena need coming to me. So now got the leverage now been now. Oh, they see that Because she had nothing to make out, he could sell. Is these amounts its enhancing, so Imagine if we put his big spy,
light on whatever you know say, imagine what he could sell and the good thing a body with me is I'm hot in New York City, I'm not high in. In Arizona in Amino or now on their high in Omaha, Nebraska or not it's hot, Ray what everyone I'm high in the air, he's city I'm so when you had hit you really Philly, you ve heard him say so. Lay out could be independent ever only want to make farming does as old, as does my folks, family namby rich. Wherever I am, I never Google broke a fairly good everything, so when you got, I take up, make small goes myself and I've been accomplished, your relevant, maybe I'll, be modified. Non. I know I know so obtain baby boy disarmed me. Adds Milo made to me was what relation like what our Manoel rose, because it was all kind of issue, they said the two don't may I reckon they say he stole a hook in a averse from you know what it is. We we already Ghana,
relationship no saying when I see him up bike in the wedgie you slap some regularly. Now you know say like you, where did you gotta religious? Do what I say: your gear, we ate a regional level. Now, not a lot of you know. It is daily I'm its value to hold an image with day day likes and dislikes, moulding who It was like most so on the widow type of all. You know me and nothing wrong with that. You could be cool with a widow type of eye, but like I'm explain you dynamic of our relationship. I know them in a and eighteen. From selling them cocaine to sniff video sonata luxuries of facto I'm the dealer baby user. You know but you can still to each tsarskoye by God Devices! No prowling you could do you think whatever, but now is like a fiend for no fee might be cool, yeah, yeah yeah silly, white with my tie the geese money for whatever, but a feeling of,
We happy would descend value, foil, Gimme, look more give gimme lobby more by He said again, you hear Reggie no problem make another war. I wish you the best way, so you dare take dishonor at dinner, ticked, solid. All about the boy. A boy to be the sole. Was it the sum of the whole. Another is always the same, wrecking the producer web would be from. He is actually no low wrapped the substrate due to produce it shouted up made the hookah whatever they been. China get a feature, wouldn T Dj, which is Homeboy Mamma. He played a bob whom I guess I jump when that's what I get attic diverse what I was going. Do is use he's joint Ellie and leave him on it or whatever savages plain office. You know better than anyone. Having was put out. Put it out in start playing saucer you would, I do is ok cash world. I leave you leave you wanna hook or whatever and an opportunity you everything you say I beg you. What we need are more willing, but before
there was initially but heard because adding replied to a text messages some nine of a dual maliciously, a guy describing the eggs might sexual. Whatever I wish is busy. You didn't see too many long late, all in but, like I say he this whole for you, as does for a thousand years ago. You found me so if you made a ready made another one- and you do you think up, I gave you to play. A political role, will ever come very big and kill anybody. Been already is it a hit. Rakkeed is again that exists in moving away. If that doesn't go, ragged dinner, guest old man- man, I'm bless I'll, be I wish the best for people in whatever now I was always the best one. I just don't care, I'm door muddling so much yeah, you know I'd go you ride, sewing was used to be or whatever you know I mean. Is it but I'll just be was best for people
just don't kick them door, I'm so much focus on doormat thing me and I got a deal with real life issues. I gotta do it with writers, China. China to me. Do you know sailor you? What is this about? I witness has come from. When a big mouth pay, as you would get the whole thing with vice right. How this complex halves of review about my album and that this, what is called went on? right is supposed to be unbiased eyes? You films there so to have such a barrel and everybody else in with his colleagues. This is crazy. Would all in all there using a game. Anybody whom I am yours is crazy associated is buys witty, but you know I got. I gotta do tat because I represent everything they don't. I stand for everything that they don't like. They want you to be here supposing in just be a fragile and dost thou, almost a move. We Militant, if, if love, don't
Pay me on pay myself, I just so the city on a way I'll you, as a factor I hopped out, is sold in your city for far out about eleven thousand Ozma Pocket, but I'll kick them focus and never side of what got me in my ambition in what I want to be a king may be gray. I come here to be a flash in the pan. You from you had the an support have established artist. What about up and coming artists and their might look at you as competition or you may look at them as competition? Do you feel like. You care about competition, Asia submit. I know I do you have people that you are up and coming with you, that you felt like ok, you know I'm cool with them. I'm cool down, I'm cool until we young we. No doubt all legal dogmas, but I mean I received my dog. Please, you re for grass roots to adjust viable
people want is a honey. When you really rock would dump you stay with disabled people me I'll, be without music in she hey you wrap. I wrap this ground hell, no well from we'll just be which us asking to get off Trusting people buy. You be audience just continue does so just because we rat we wrap a union? Oh yeah got of which we brothers Helen, o f. And we must say that I came up with a like chicken. You would have bunch erratic because we all in using business together in our work, Day now somebody come across jingling enough. Could the may we go babbling. I gave you a honey, down gotta hear about you'd shouted kick him. I beg from my from some big therewith. Ever beheld, no satellite coins like that cause. I ain't for college, so I'll be really chicken. It will much much people online I come from the same street aspect of everything like this holiday. Everything went in
Yes, it was up to people to start over. Some forge, a friendship. You don't do that discourage. You were go over your doodad typist frame, foremast agent a whole obey me tell me old time. He bless yo me these! You Alex display work in these coworkers me an online I'm a passionate person. I can't get over it so Leah learn. Working are just a few of the people of a bided. You see oh, my who lay off. Could I put C mere eight in the morning you out and crazy. You know say daylight days is reaching now so Jim love. When I want to ask you, will I will I apply, why don't you like joy, Avonlea, relax I'll catch you later as a set out in a letter to bully like industry people like the right and what is it? You don't have one nobody'd at the rose greet the like you,
We do, however, have a power with me. What rose tree do ever because I'm a sacred thing about rule Streton they respect of ST because no want to be in no values for no reason, because he's only what is, is the cub always going so migrants? The smuggling go to jail, so migrant get hurt, and in any you oh no view heard somebody before, but the feeling of having to be low, key devil. Capsule can give me one of your values. You ve got money for it appeared a you. You'll want to do so real street that respect humanitarian surveying note as stay out of the area, and they were with you. How would want earlier writer s most us? They? Let it be a bunch you nobody there they have some negative to say about me. They have not listened to. My music from our unbiased standpoint. You felt him saying I guess Did you just say my name, you see, you see Polly, eighty five percent.
Will I your of atoms, crazy dogma and in other fifteen percent. We'll be like Yale, Yoni, so x, amount of reckless who would have whatever, but I'm in the opinion dog United States. You not doing effects of my doing effects are, go, always respect the outcome. Would you took my? U doing? Effects are more just by if you say, Maman joy of his jubilee Saint even tool is on several Graham's any you wanted. This- we forget- I only get there do you wanna grants. When I give my bread up whatever but dont say no jumps, you got a deal effects. Vessels about. You see Marconi tweezer. He didn't like me to do said I didn't like Magala Montoni, so started over YO away, joy racks. He knows things though I knew now. Civil right. They museums
Well then, you may for road is. This is vague, because it's a fact, though, when I see people who allegedly eyebrow EVA apologize ozone, issue and I'm always winning come on old, sat as Does all my word as where do I sign out signal out as effective? no abstainers gazelle start enough and users, but you faith time to face when you first now being worked out in work movie, as my lads Abbe are really be working hard. Is me how vain and when you nosing Abbe Burma labs sending out emails, I got it I'll tell you, I didn't envy every other, when you play must be homey after an animal ain't of only like that, you give companies. Do you called the www obsolete I can't get comfortable. I know a guy atta achievements and am blessed to be.
You know, say our technology for granting even being on a breakfast club, you much more lively and crazy. I just left move I came from my aim to parties for parties. Online first party was regular I too am sorry. I flew stray here had a party last night, I was in it in old sellers night and in our king streets at breakfast club, the new one, China be professional? I shall be lightened our celerity ease and was alive as a fact going out new boy who myself about their mother, I'm having known as data is like that when my father told us how no Indians methodology relationship where we go, we good night together. So we street we sharing
no stand. Now. We we go like a mad, they get. It like one of my genes zone? Do somebody get a big as house. I was talking to envy about crabs, I get. A big biggest house of One point: one billion is what I've seen, but at me and was told them like. Maybe I get some seventeen fifty thousand it I'll give you know I stole fix up in any way be worth data whatever in animal mover a move admiral mousing buying. He s house and no giddy Roma mousing living, don't pull! Madam president, I had now brownstone she got money. You know that, but you know scene is like I only a matter of family structures. Then I got my flight as candidate. I just bought marble flows, heated mobile table, You don't think. I'm too shall both my life of Islam say. How did you HIV? The will is going? motivated the figures. You go Haiti and all I do I'm about ambition. I'm about come from bottom by working, hard work and dedication, I'm living proof,
if you work, I dedicate yourself and believe in God you could do anything that older people wrong in May for want of. First, we, for example, We feel it is gonna, be more than forty five zero. By the way I always rather weak. Yea was only today that some forty vonny reducing today's, but it s an amazing, don't tell Oda autism seem like the Gypsy granted just slow ground slower in, Obviously this amount of eggs were bet. You will see me hosting parties move from pay to see me. I even went out you don't clubs. Just now my Amy, I'm doing clubs If I'm Ministry state your city, you come. If you consider club to see me, I'm gonna give you the album. As you can see me, so it caused me because me similar dollar to promote a quick low. A replica city would have a duplicate mother paint. Thirty hours fitted out fitting for table can see me I'll just take from the people
I give back you know say are alike- can be like a stop. I take all of teachers with these people, in our mean, because bs bees to people's brain- and I represent the people- you look, anybody have men game show you have occurs. May you really do I gotta? Stop? Won't you if even I'm going to call a singular, is taken in the world Wisdom and O Connell showed how I got you. Is nothing because out signals. The greatest you live in my dreams, I'm living proof that you can your dreams and feel blessed slight ivy, some sob Wigan ugly day. I feel I feel I must now seller hold everyday. I feel like home how? How could we, by men jointly Basil, Pre, show you To be frank, was going NBA, young call, em off We came in the Lee had his tongue out, like Michael Jones, by debt, but light imagine how it filled want to be like
in a really being legal sums. By now, when I get just by sat fat fat come to flush- oh Tom God cynical I mean it, I'm beginning to get more money hostilities in that year. We are going to party February. Scooby may be seen before me. Home use kidney and I we gain just we gonna club. We got ILO table, we Haven T fitting honeys from sound four thousand we gotta table, but meanwhile walking o the bid. You go from here to look in this way. You know stance and now I'm getting just fly. Wait, I'm come Dawson flat. In a by looking at me, I'm gonna platform and feel good. I can't be frightened, so you don't I pay as gold Clare, I never win. I can't we're skinny jeez. Does my nice don't reminded us that will be put to our early, nor would desirable to bid not now thoroughly hell? No, I I really
You said we say we gotta. Do you relieved early yearly, When I go on a Friday, unlimited out, no middle. Do like that. You know everything. We we not amend opinion sewing holds. It seemed strange allotted labour. Really do a thing you really thrilled me. You wanted to come before somebody yeah. I'm surprised said it was crazy. Yeah yeah. I wanted. I want the job in physical copies. Would it came on Tuesday? I gotta. Do it Obama the job on Sunday night don't Madame still, I'm still so what our so enormously. Get your money and in it and did a data south can is gonna be morning, forty five, but even if I who's going to fifteen thousand hours for is this album right? Let's say I saw two thousand copies. Twenty give it take us. His father sent off as twenty beings are still are still came out on tat. You fill me and at the end of the day, is about
women, it you gotta, look about the scoreboard is about winning. They say how much you won by if it was a blow out during who got the metal. Goddamn is about winning, and I came at a window. You can't is no way you could send out. Show you I love, you. Have you ten on a culture and I'm just me be one black white, Spain. You turned down a culture. You turned down a kid who came from from the streets. China's transitioning changes life and we're gonna be storms zestful an unduly gyp legit, business, you know saying. So how could you hate on make no cybersex rabbit, Troy of his hours outright, namely without major without a deal is read out what a year I tell people are gonna have. I'm in here and is wrapped up If you listen to me, I'm straight through when I say rap alimony. Here I mean rat musically to the Classic Rep Biggie J C, o o
Jesus chap dad's Yahoo chat, newsy, even O Master the ice. Can we like those streets? That's what brings you right now. Wrap rap his own jumble of music. Where is so bunched up and you don't get to get the sub John was amusing. We're rock you. Class, he growled you get metal rat, you get ass, he rock you grunge right You know saying you get all its different, but rap music ages, bunches bottom line did on separate the conscious. Rapporteur are in rap order, did wrap rapporteur to turn up. You know me stone. Arap is delayed that edges bunches all up in one in here, you'd read rap music that big EDA James either street at you, grew up or or even if you and up honest, I'm giving you the foundation sound foundation and would major without a do. We need city thou. My whole camping was a milestone Philip. Bring it back in New York is back. I did that already know the major without
Do I get to spread my wings, so you here you here, I'm outside now. You know me so now you hear sounds like you got from biggie like boning, Biggie Biggie. You know me or OJ c big pimping in I'm saying so now is how to box and rap alimony you and is gone flourish in me. Even Doin is is goes bankrupt. The so Then, let's talk about the number six months from now they sell about that stick in his bag slow! No, I'm bless people be scared to promote in skid pray, God, duration of itself in a more my guy and I represent the people, you got what you gotta move for choice, Yahoo, for choice of enjoying ruin, the? U S room for the dream, you I know dreams you again of genes. No hopes, no ambition, you kill another hopes you killing. Anybody see ya want open, gonna go to girl good grow, be adopted? I want grubby, wrapper grubby president detain down now. You can't do that
you gotta be home, we gotta be Dasso, you gotta be no. No, I just gotta be great that is, the coms Complex Roy have good when you know how we re no Jackie, Robinson S, language. No. Now, like, though I can- and I don't want anything- he wasn't he's gonna be compare this cell to Malcolm eggs. You know like me, I want be like Malcolm X. He was a great person. Rate may still be some in aid no fancy voted signify, I will be going be nothing away. I wouldn't be flourishing. Believe me on a road. Success, many doesn't use landing face. People go catch, you of gaunt drawer table tyres in every ship banana tools and re shaggy outside and you're gonna get Hades, but don't any by listening, Chowdhury thing, Haiti is nothing but insignificant character in his story of your life. Again,
today is gonna, say, mother teacher substitute, one student Three in is nothing. You know somebody else watching the mother Jane RAM movie. MRS Breyer. I hate, as we all know, RO. We noted aims. We came imaging right at no cost. It was in a movie. I don't matter the aid is used aid you aid yet still flourishing as what as about balanced Google, girls, managing Brown, Listen behave as if living out, we all live in our genes, and we and we are successful. We own key, being successful and just keep Grannie enlarges way by now, you could do the same major without it It got a bunch of jewels in gems, is come with money. Guaranteeing I'm doin it again. It come with the money back Here too you're like down. You gave me singular money on paper would have its finances, but just note at you,
no major without a doze gaunt is gone, Gaeta Motivation and I'm gonna go out and get it. Don't look for no angel. She can't aiming Chester oh baby limit. Our real issues does indeed impunity, but we now have denied or can I can? I don't do it? Don't you? U hundred hours without no are given as an automatic, does need any gauntlet almost eight years ago. May you saw me two hundred hours right as they could see me in reality. Look I remember you might offer. You might be wondering how my joy look out for you. I would say we decided. I regard it as a factor in an undoubted shutting imitate. Didn't you shouldn't. Have someone any aid so that a certain big quality envy you knows they? I will grow Maria. That's right. I mean the way. I do not accept that the big bills what's up
more than a minute, no up with them of small bills on tat, and I had a big in America's I'm knowledge, our friends in nobody, this honey does not fish out of me. This is footing breakfast club at breakfast. They know when I hear that only the presumed that, if I was you know why I had no under broken cyber, does my way that we could have replica you got about breakfast breakfast. You start by give us all. I never gave me. No growth is enough, wondering I leave you enough, Galileo, through thirty thirty of military two new early morning. Take that money up the flooding that we are all I want is now throughout
faggot put. I was also raised these major without it there at the moment you combine breakfast on absolutely whirlpool brother facing this guy means early abuser, Ruby supporting him off of me at a time when the same Somalia, generous about its abandonment, of which you will you not being unite and they face. It would have no say you genetic, two hundred dollars, you know no monopoly was how we gonna lie. Move. He got a news. We come to breakfast club, you got about breakfast cause, you don't know that British never dealt with these. Dana represent a breakfast, we major with outbreaks
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