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Turk' stopped by The Breakfast Club to open up about using hard drugs like coke and heroin since 14, as well as the falling out of the Hot Boyz and Wayne, the Cash Money lawsuit, doing a song with Master P and getting over their beef from back in the day and more.

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People real, celebrity Rios I'll, join, you don't want to do more and everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club, got us So, yes, in the building where the original boy s right, TAT was hadn't was aunt. Who knows no uncool without which up everything is only just heard. Now, no young dark matter. Sir yes, Sir guerrilla boy I'll. Let me in all firewood albumen colleges, be respectful onto my landlord due to history that your visit will have where regional member of Kashmir Explain, who was applauded, cost money back to me. Baby Wang, jewelry, freebie sites, man of French, The slow, renounce six of us may allow saying o t knows about it. What happened.
Paisley man, I know we had a nice run together, real nice when everybody know the history and I'm saying problems came far. As you know, as we started getting I also call on quote the money then got more. You know insane. Paint when it came around it was. It was, moreover, we we just straight to the point we now say weeding always supposed to get this straight up like the north, as though with them busy night table. It was light. We not happy with no sense, stand by me. It ain't just took a toll. What we just would like, okay man, we bout to leave and I'm saying we all stay and try to work it out like any kind of family relationship whatever you want to call it, but as people started to leave the click started breaking up juvy first bt live. I won T timing while out, unfortunately, always gone. Do tat.
I came home. Maybe it'll fail that you wanted to go now now now had a situation. I always know when I was young I was. I was one of them. Humble is a new term mass alone when I came home and countless Brigham a byword enormous solar whim, young thugs, and not now I have one on ELM Julie, one on em like I will use the wine was busy, was only but it wouldn't it. One animal, so they left idly finances. Minarets became his remain and been craze ever since luggage. Actually you were able to leave, though, yeah, basically, yeah yeah, I mean it was one of those situations too. Well, okay, cool cool. No I'm saying, but we never dealt with the situation falls. What was on contract it? Just when I got the go ahead on do my thing:
the Roma hit me real, you know, and as basely world I wheeled more hoped in time for what the situation will baby. He can't raise. Does man alone thirty minutes ago? Do we went to and not get always supposed? Have you not? Somebody just was idea not amount. When did you first notice ya wanna get one in which article two get because my jewelry was of tat. He always ate any. We expect to get to the level where he got so, one of the points agreed when three times flat and may we will. We was doin it. We will really just don't like it. Just was like Martine Day. You now say we want. We are. It was like tat. You now say we really. Didn't see. I was how we handle laboriously and we don't understand it. Just like my happiness on page from borrowing thank baby and understood the beyond, because even behind em, you gonna turn these days. It began no, nobody knows, and I know that aid they gotta be harnessed the polish trains behind rather prodded taken from
we don't know, and but when we became older and wiser. We know now, let's go so the table as work it out nobleman sit down enough and asked what a proud stealing our long term, but when they did when they are not the first, do u history, making thirty million dollars cash money record yeah ya sought out like we saw it, would yachting break it off, anyway, my we call how zero legs is no material dying book. What I know now map or steel begin check you love me among clad in a male levelled out of publishing published, and I never got out his role. It is never got nullity theatre intend to publish India, The publishing deal with money, make that's cash. Money publishing come by people. Don't know that I had a separate publishing deal and I had It is contrary to my soul. I had a solo, a group Anna separate a boat on publishing nonsense, though animal crazy man. Don't I do my time I came home like I want this.
Duration work out emails. I am family. Orients in itself is like Mary Leslie. We all do bad. We did a bear. My wars, algae exactly does when you came on this time. The idea that the real Santa Maria. Let no we probably get today out talk about it, but no. It was crazy. Mad then workout, now saying so long before I even got to my lawsuit cuz I mean it is what it is you're not saluting. I try to work it out. Quiet skip. You know Sunday we're going on for two years. He knew I knew to no avail. So my turn is advised me man. This we need to do Abby delay as one one slew. I won't deal with them. People deal with M p. Bali is, I doubt, with those candlelight Abbe feel like this. A farmer snitching just me or be another side career. If I steel, like we family, we brothers, we we need, we should be able to sit down and work it out.
Like I'm a man. You are mammals, work this out, Only nobody to mediate did but devils advocate people might say tat. You know he d give cause and cribs enroll Lex is in a lot of materialistic things that could have been used as money. That say that was assigned a bonus. Oda was a royal tease because you Santer now whenever I am era it don't add up up, know, saying and I'm getting money. You know I'm like. I came home, I'm desperate or none of it in and I'll it must have money. You suppose, more was rightly mine on more, not less baby were what they see. What almost five hundred million. I will know, but like I'm goin out these pack of that sort of one point: three million, no less enough. There are no you open and books. You owe me more but model dang mail. A knee was rightly my none more, not less. When you signed the contract,
in house lawyers every day, as we know, we are in house lawyers we're in house everything that is it a thing like that very many. The same law you lowered or the monies manages EU everything was light. Conflict answers that no Lang learns Lawyers Yossi movie, I learn that complicated. They need how does one known early? No really, I know me own ill and I didn't have a lot of other people to look too to say: okay, this is how they did it. We have our own lawyers. It was really early on you I mean I did my grandmother, my mama, but I was paying bills last and like an all allow mode. Four Austria, real, always say some about baby, but He would like no in New Orleans, my baby was the man with the work. You know I'm saying so. It's like you coming from the project you coming from the hood MA, I'm trying to pay, further to add a written, you haven't keyboard, Megan, Bays awful and I'm gettin is triple eulogise though
that's what it was Manny will tell him. I need to get a lawyer back then, but I would like I thought it was going to hold me up from being a part of somebody that I wanted to be. I looked up the cash money, UNLV and all them and to be able to come from football, go to the studio me slim one day and he come. I come to the studio glassdale. I doubt the weakest link is being real in a way and you would be to take a rap. No address in heritage is being around alongside an odd that girl, casualness historian magnolia shouting oligarchy. Oh God was the only other yeah she May I used to be weapon. It worries me that was crazy man if I live today, so she Finally, may I use the web Dj Zella Magnolia from saying we from uptown alone. That's all I'm putting were for maybe he went to the same school, no eyes to be decent busy bag and a day if each other. So
all wrapped. Yes, though, arm they came to a dj man afresh with these payments, Slim happened to come to the project and I just wrapped the slimy game. Colored. So me come to the studio, jewelry warbles soldier rag put up a soldier probate. I don't like to endorse the time you and they are being came when it was don't do what we went. The we love that over money innocent is innate, but we were young wings though they were hey no knows. Maybe it would be so big nor I whoever got the money is. The big you now say I mean that's where anything you do not amount does want you to say baby Islam Soda I know now. You know you know. I just feel like. No just like allowed people got big men, they got to manage to do it. No, I really do some people. We die for lack of knowledge and we can't get to book and we started shower self approval we could get to where they at. So that's how I look up to the fifties. I look up to the puff in the Jay Z's and you know how I feel.
Do the same. They need dont now feel they we beg them. I felt like I headed depend on. Somebody knows I am baby was like a father figure tee and most juvenile. They said you and me Joe there. Yet Juba was older, but a mean does who would pay bills? Nelson S, who know usually forbore to those that you said you were so young. You left that allow just for the rat yeah left that allow play him out and by full, by back a deal it and all donor. Rapid man is light at just how well, like eyeing. I once there is whether the largest play around with a beetle school. This is no it just. I was in the right place at the right time in manner be white wine been hall away back in the day nine years. Oh, you know people, Galway, back the true story, Emmi BT, Bijou alike, to pack and was now fans on magnolias slam. Those are two packs and, while also to be a part of him, they can
like open up door from me and preaching Baby Islam, for it you now say was astir. The facts dear remain. No, you owe me you saw you, you have to go era yeah, weighing prouder like Cobble Martha Year under me, busier yield me. You were like for fast sixty years and I thought you guys it I have with reviewing. In essence, I dunno basically be there Is it your arm? Ashley S, the first time may away my we to be our mental happiness. In that light, my libretto, my Weedin deal a whole host of the jelly loathing and all we were told magic, viable, vip. No big old, coolly smile like we were happiness each other like somebody was stopping us from common again. It was something you know I'm saying, but it would baby. I just feel like baby stopped a lot of us it just like this, your boss, you know I'm saying this is paying your bills, your boss, don't mess with him, so yeah
one of good up is goom alignment. You'll want a message which about universal. You got the wrong guy, just as is usual mother. How was I to mediate? The USA, but some people willing to stand in a gap and believe me, you know what you wrote. You write, you also allowed our baby wouldn't want you to meet again look at is not like you ever. I never heard a Turk disrupted debate on your way in me. Edges out, oh, I don't know my alight, may I got over stand in though we tell you no sale, We gotta show whisky together. Me him a man afresh in Beirut, and we did this, in Biloxi, no air, Miss Green, Green Bogota. Body down, they put it together. Ah me, Julie got some come say I got a phone masterpiece may like a whole lot of stuff like Agatha day we want do follows. Whoopee may away thought about going to know him.
A bloody and fulfil repeated. Do some. We mean, I mean just the doorway new I reached out and me ye responded in Moscow with baby blocking metal. My collaborators like everybody, one reason to when I'm Ginsu myself, the rate in a new body and between we connected Lhasa, because they one person, I feel in believe but even with baby slim, I'm not here to now sign is only was right. You know must be re. I asked them open, I ain't with nothing trying to make nobody look bad or none of that. You know I'm saying like it's just going to be real. That's why that's why I come from I wouldn't say: thou a baby sit down I wouldn't know anything about slam- is always baby girl, slim in a bank. There might be control and endorse. The bank book slammed keep his face clean
We now- and I also have no personal problem- are we not in love with you? Surprise me, tagging awaiting came forward with their bidding re surprise. You saw that? Would you may surprise me? I heard only wages they these days they set of data, some aid, rapid law, yet he dropped and so on. I'm hoping they must situation, be the sailor baby got a couple more daisy file, the extension to respond now, you're a couple more days from the time he fired at that their extension. As you know, we have link with their that when you had to do the lawsuit eighty which at EU and say ok, I know I know I will tell him. I try to talk for two years now. You gotta talk to my lawyer. The powers that be in us and edges high go like me. I can talk to you a minute, when you got out of jail that we did the Bmi awards. It was a lot of we going to do this and do that. I even flew to Miami. You don't say Mcclain Mcclain Salad,
shut up make money. When I'm make my man he's. He silent. He pulled up report upon me. Also beaten arose, Rush NASA, like my study studios us out, was in Atlanta doing dorm. All I came home doing show come over. My head out knows that the two most time allow hostile one. I will do it time. I will pay bills and do not only one. I would like the little window looking out. Why? Certainly out and doing day you don't say, it was our love. You know you see, I d, I'm allow me to yard Tommy Money, no trade true- you now say a whole lot of Gatt Powwow want a flag. Oh, you know the whole attitude J Prince harms their major print out upon a ship. It I really know always deal. J Press was was a person they we might win win win my situation with looking down. He gave baby NOME
a phone call me. A lot knows from Lithuania was able to give him a foul car out of respect for our respect it wouldn't it was a respectful, Falco You don't want to step, only told us algae policy, as is the lesser evil. W telephone? You will. I am a member state. May Muslim gone? Do you now say mackerel, and how they miss didn't come through in US ass, a while I'm doin a decade head man, you but college a Jay Prince picked a phone I'll be pressing the button, like now say I'm his brothers them. When I came home, my daddy got keel because Ajay Brentwood Day reached out- and you know like a lot of solid. Do the people Don T talk about this many rappers have the cow. They not tear yeah, they got the Collie people shaky, but a lot Do you know my We dare louse ass, shot out here. You know sambo deal. Maybe Nelson as a those of these dudes
cited in the streets may read the letter of the robbery, the king, that you he now shut up who live there to Missus Wyndham like? got my like. I will have no ill wields war. Nobody man is our love. Cunningham on before the ten years he's got could came over the web. It was it was. The situation will not work it out. Less negotiate. It harms. I not on measures now Xilai. Ok, the victim ACT for us. Such know that what is be pilot right now, and I guess they planted thought, we was also set of down, but that was the whole purpose of oh gee comin to verify menaced Sally USA and it didn't hurt. When, and I felt like a day on girls. I would ask the eroded out at global anybody. As early as doing you'd been oh Brad, pay for monitoring the lives of people. The rules in
I'll lay, my libretto guy keel. I reached out restarted. The media need to help them in a situation of right, and I got twenty two year attempted murder took only love married or about Can you talk about the tow by whatever lab it would have made? It was, are basically came in my house, not thing. You need a ride. But me and my girl were merits a right now shut remind me to make a woman have me down eight year eight month, sixteen dollars a day for day and I'll make sure I put that out there, but they came house. I'm in my boxers know my homeboy here in the front. I just hit something will you doin nothin letter? I wonder now is to get lower pursued. Heroin. Cocaine knows I out at once. Fell not in that way the night. You are right, but I won loaded a day, some a car police, all my a k for them, the two kilos heroin. Now I calls thing they called in this watching Kay
but I think it is no police and none of them a scheme as his own. Now that scale the b I just been reaffirmed scale I bring about a diet so want they leave a lot to police, while abuse items shoot out now family. You didn't, I all they said it with your gun and it will do what time for you now, I'm saying, and I mean I mean I did what I did. I did my time for it, but Why I wanna no warrant chicken. I don't u K. May beta but I don't know who you we What a shooting I will oppose the swatting does Craig he falls Asia NA. Where grace of God. They shot. Fifty two thousand my house same waiting at the police. Gotcha. It was only without charge. Each other's flow check this out it one number God and I give God the glorified lot, because I know, like my whole situation in our lab,
don't tell by God. I think the hard in this new net, but he real he real to meet you now say right now, MA am I'm gonna, do a whole ass, his way, my wife, God do calves. She finally UK really tale you now say and am therefore her life. She would dare for me as a whole. Is a whole lot of talk about and go in, and I thought I could do it by I'm not about to do that saying my whole day. Man is a more respect Muslim. Respecting around you, just don't disrespect! That's when we got proud when use evidence, conversation with Baby China work it out will I was conversations though it is, will baby light. My invaded, oh baby, more, like a young Now you are young, they can't you steal. So heavy. Tell you something like my back in the days have on ice, the right may babies to be dropped. By we drank idolater me a mellow Jake now sign is all came when it though Beg knows I am. I know how you do ass. They found tat people stuff in
Tat game is like no, he play, and you could you seen accolades duty in like women, and he got killed, and I would like the last straw just to be real. You got me in a region that even reach out. I spoke about the world now spoke about the latter PETE you gave me dug it a day that somebody told me my home was it again it does speaking about some we Birmingham awaiting do. Their book, like my horses by negligence, gout chairs, the economic adjustments Latvia, who would in with its about like dashed out Madonna Davidson, real new else out. We need to address it. What are you? Alright? You know my whole situation may a light brown I move on coal mining of Roma. When did you start using like heroin? Cocaine returned the USA way,
How snow last started our small cocaine and graduated not turn out being advocated argue today. Must you got him homage, allow an amendment that go with it. I do my research or guys the lady, I think a bruise you wrong brought yours my whole. While Bruce I do my. You gave a false job to be real Charlemagne, like like the street. They want me to come here. Push out a man who place no matter. If I want out, I respect you because you Oh yes, man brought you love. A man asked me. What you want to ask me. Just don't be, disrespectful goes
does when we have a problem. I respect your job and which you do you now say, as some people just k how true Marilla, I can't our humble master very non due to say I show you my trade marks on my oh, my gosh. I sent you a white lesson trademark, wait I'll get it. Can you say it am everyday asked aggregate beggar nurslings urge one area we're gonna be was ordered to like alarm at a group. They are like a fascist statement involved and I just graduated light when magnolias slim no no disrespect to his family, but he's the rap about the dope. No disrespect to you you know we come up like my all female somebody hurry and they do so. No, my you young d on all night USA. So we the door, heroin and cocaine carried on by just man, but when I like Joint EU funds as though it were like this straight to the dominant. You're right man, but that almost took my life, so big
please let me hear how'd you get off in jail jail same you sure, like baby took advantage of everybody simply because you know any better young. Do that the took advantage. I we took advantage knowing and but not known now say I can point the finger all aware. Baby, you I'll say eight take responsibility, but at the same time no better thought out, he had yet gender of of of how he was don't leave now knows I got a date when it was. It was a straw business what he did, but if, if, if you were on the age at the term, you'd absolutely positive, they get their money in a miracle. I was on a live you. If you want a german you, you gotta, have some type of a parental guidance. When you sign and was contracted alone, thirty yards away with eggs fig. I believe I believe we can work out now. Sam baby, listen citizen of you now say like I say I had a bad. No
It is nothing personal. They already know what it is about. A round loaded, Eu Air about our total you'll, be the same thing, got plenty store or lack of just speak out anger about Burma, about thirty four year alone. There will not problems like date. Not what more do you saw? Afore, therefore, out. No one goal that you put. I don't got money now, basically like is one point: three million less whatever the Jersey Fit, because I know how much you owe me. So I'm not asking for too much I'm asking for two little. I don't know, but you know so I mean do right during a below my No, what it might cost me more to is route to is going on in duties, and we just wash our hands and keep him move. Did you ever get a cheque from Angola and got out and got to some time, but I never got a rosy cheeks and never got a thing. I never think there. Their dying roared, the veins
item chicks, look, they do what they like Flash. I saw it all was over. None of the ages when they may live oak. Is you got even back, then you say you know that road check now even targeted never got down now, Burbank there you are relying on you. I know everything about what he did. His is the hype of cash money on Monday. At the terms we every artist, wanted to sign in and a pretty much sign of life away because they feel like as opportunities and then when they realise look out just solemnly record I get a dollar is light will be data on events. You say only cause a grand mouths. I got me a man will count. Call you you Are you wanted not homes? I about everything wrong like now include LAO drugs problem, yet after that, but that was so stuff, but I did not know it might. Might my love raw ok ban, but man you gotta, go already army lousy round. But when you look at it now
I'm quite showed him young. Do I mean a good name, one enough to sacrifice our. We sacrifice? No, you normally a bit more, but don't get it. The house is certain that debt that data no about ass, every one of you Jerry, you think you would have achieved the same level of success is the rapporteur. Both large it being a real man thousand dope to bait, maybe ones will be added. Vd had a good boy right. I just now was gown our man and fellow the scene and aid they like. I was a gown you know what they're back their member. I met you back. There was heartily. There's you gave a closed, learn everything and I spoke to you. While you was India which a girl called at the meeting of the whole down a relationship Derriman, I'm sure I was crazy. It will just it was a blessing, the handsome by them. Just true to me and lab. He would say what you just stay or because you are tat was true. I have nothing
nothin. I came home while we never tat. I came home a whole because it would like My guess is that the grace of God and I'm a man up a person edges bear out your name. A bay falls in the street now say in DES, where most of the room, If you have your name in bed in the streets, whatever the people say, I mean they get it from the street smells. I know that's why I feel that our labour combat be able steer, go in places where somebody His cane go mingling mix with some of the people a day day day day, Pang, nay they image to be knows. I am around me tat got current, say what you think about tat. His album Alejandro meals, ok but card- is moving. Does now. Cooler is harming. What do you think of the outbreak?
slick at being young. There be way be real outside it read a direct lay in thy readily he'd assayed. It be contradictory statements with east when he talked enough, though I believe you look up to my that's a China, be like disrespect and thank the media. You make any light, then he D run away because he loved tinge, but back in the day way named by a hundred degree Julia, and I don't know I was locked up side. I can't speak on that. I didn't even experienced the situation of why, but I just feel like you really could name your album. Whatever you want, you know you got a freedom of speech and I'll. Send you I mean you can say what you want to. Basically, you know I don't see no problem with it, but when you got all the other stuff coming with it, I'm trying to make fun and do all this. That's the disrespect like a long speech, because I know what happens if you see baby near by sea Babylon I'll have a workable babe. You now say, but if we come to the table, I wouldn't countenance
able I'll ask the ministries will address sale. He only asylum. It is not in person, but I sit down, man sit down man. Let's talk about it. I serious traffic laying personal between Another is not person whether to get through Paypal. You, like I m speaking, that is, do no more. I did so decide how to try to talk on the personal life and trying to talk to me because we got it. We gotta make a strictly about business, now answer when it because strictly bow then it is evident. Deal would been, as you would have done about us. Come to the table. Now, it's s business. No, you not you only to NASA, you got your problem. With a memorandum on wage, a mile move. Why it's a young thug Lazo anyway. I've got a few days ago to be back with her boys. I won't do It wasn't a world day and I believe
We don't make that happen harm's way. I believe that I can you. Do it I'll, be GMO Free b g? We don't scream ITALY hit the street now sat between donors, the come on, I'm busy fighting line. I say he be home. He just like me. I had twenty two year gateway obey. How people like TAT, you love, they say we here me fourteen years, he fighting on appeal and that's how the Bijou all the time or calling in a one ass, green beach. It ain't. Just me scream in Beijing renew our active we'd be cheaper. In our say, I came to half of the ties. Thou would like to do you now say for him, but the things I can do is the small day they Madame when a person in the situation now say- and I do it- I remember money- says well lobby dont feature that door show is ever died out a book about it,
but our sharpened right now is the guy. You know people been coming, I remember lay a black I've made right is is, is it I know tell our book is evident. Tell our tell our about me right in alarm and talk about my situation. We care money. Why used amiss flights when I had to come one or six in part the premier, my video, no people dying in a baby inhaled you baby, I'm take I'm taking responsibility army now was reckless because I'm a drug addiction. You now say because of my drug addiction, a whole list of happening pilot wouldn't happen. If I wouldn't Andrey the guy, had a happy Rabelais, listen Unita gets slew, Molotov Slim pull me We have spent a lot of money, homey, gonorrhea long low alike, are by no means, The added value do again: a mayor busy was one in packs, no music
I just say, used to have the same color fix you know from you know, but when I was there when I know where you see the trademark s, treatment of no one with the drug addiction using drugs and establishing drove the star alcohol, as well as to outlaw, doesn't have the same effect on you now man, you know. Sometimes you know like The drink wine in it they behave was so you haven't. Limb is a limit. No smoking, no haulage nodded it always the waste experienced. As you said, you almost died almost over those when this situation, when people kicked him adult three days prior to the idea of dogma, my wife, she bought me a big eyes. I had put your man knows no disrespect, but let me every values shake you out of you. If you, oh, oh dear no say you need they to shoot you with some. What are you gonna put? I saw you and they don't know me,
You get up like when you Jesse you really like out your browser, and I pray man. I did it again the next morning, so she was at work. How like down so now working day, I'm I had got the soda shot, the soda sigh, it's all guidelines to serve you yea, not at issue. Look at our meeting held by myself. She was there night but compromise before but then I stopped it be life threatening. So that way I believe I didn't get shot because God is powerful, but the police will shoot two hundred and twenty three twelve gauge. Mp40 isn't all kind of guns, and if you look at the pictures you google it you'll, see like down he lucky, but I'm bless arms. I offer you my yea with praise and I was in a one day, aroma palm Mother I was under the bed and I clad escape and the more we need just was Boom boom, from on. Like I'm here she said she me I'm here, I'm like
you will say unscathed in a more like, come out now, that man is the police, and thank Mr Andersson will not come out, will not come out it. They like man and people, I mean you know I want to say I was part, was ill to see. You now say in all. They say I wish TAT was illustrated I was a rap. Oh God knows. I also went win, win us Adam Bede me, got payers, thou go about you, no police car, my box, We have been made about fifty police of came the house built in they were me I'm in gaining they ligament my tattoo. They say in a lowering assailant blow our map for regular. Fifty eight you know. Ah I just associate you know we real people and that a pot and left wing- and I haven't any issue- captain you go to jail, did a message you in jail at the calves, Thea.
Out laughing. You know where and when you have a situation of police, a beatin crazy, but you famous thank allow people so against guess it bob me I'll, be trust in the police, but I know em, parliament, no police of half of them may be one Bobby Ban rabble they want to make it like they called a little sad. Eight non, viable YA police have come down slowly. I don't tell me, you gotta, understand it, but his politics in England. I know him proud of their people. This is they fell from you and you would do yeah like like the controller casual attitude, but you gotta know why I left casement when I was out. So What together knows, I had enough kid money, but among them out a memo situation I reached beg out, so you ain't no by them Juvenile, he was there in origin, I'll pay money on almost whim Moraine through five, its own. There was just
way Robin Hood, Yoyo, easy beady, don't show, may bear and at the time they was godly situation. You know somebody was ably gimme. Stacks asked all my turn to allow no way an album have by free up a baby, who, I shouldn't have got our new, my baby gay, my girl, literally, it was at the Hurricane Katrina, three hundred doubt no man literally for this would do ass. You like here s, answer, but there was a myth. Is I'm thing and magnify about coming to see they got cancer, Banba Michael highly paid on target. Because I may I gave my girl three hundred damage girl. May I wasn't Erika that need that three mile about Lee, then, when she like gee, I gotta Arabs who, because of their boat MILAN locked up my three other relation to three months away and b g jewelry looked up,
Baby. You got three hundred down a little way. Surprise. Given I went and sign back Not sometimes you got to do. Things was what's best for your family you're, not fat, I'm not surprised cuz. I would have signed back to baby. If the situation right and not all know juvenile situation, but I do believe they hearing. Put yourself in the firing situation. Again he a grown man. I would thank you. Do it in a winner and you ll see a coup. No mere man afresh, wee, wee, Aldenham, show, module, gotta, show come on, I've been Jacksonville together, Helms and on the twenty. Third, I believe so. I believe that this house was still gonna come back to get in, don't be free BT, even baby. My love, you know, said the unaware get out now, and you say you want to have one comment again. You are, he said you shall you the weakest link. Would you feel that way now come on? You must say my list that it makes a way
is it the in house. I, like, I M, being those the man Norma. I know who I am or I will have to try to come out starting flowers in some that are met. No sound motel must, though, along with I'm donor. I'm being true, I'm here telling my story. I much should coordinate because I always you bear real people, don't feel it now. Would you learn from J print magic? branches, Basel bosses, nonsense, move, thou people say things about him, but J prayers to me he's respectful now say he lay about president in office, as this will pick up from you now say you cross the principle of maize. Is it just consequences? The repercussions your life. You know our respect, any mail. I do not believe in about three days the fittest Jaycees in Alsace, rouses hourly those dead bows baby, all alone they got so instead of a daily about love and respect the absolute day after wonder how come Burma can get away with cross in so many do
you know what a fully you don't get away. You don't get away. I buy you just get by an in like I used to feel like I've got away with a whole lot of stuff that people still know about. But when I went to suffer for man heat nothin, so sometime damages allowed this to happen, because this is a big The reason why you normally only he'd know a thing gotta kingdom too long at it with those on low wages. We just go, let it don't work I am afraid that I believe that it can work out because we family may like no that's where families do yogi scream whenever I am of the view that a feller way images. He baby may now say I'll. Take it I'll. Take, I believe, take em off light. Fitting to sit down will wither bodies. Whole cap bet in Us- and here too there are big fallen out onto my
be huge, not talk to you about the other day, man. You know, I'm saying I just met up with kid kid at this is fifty two the other day and they worked it out to the table. All them say what it was wrong and so they working together. Though I have a personal, eight say level. Stance on the biggest stated in here sit down indeed I made no, whereby you wrong. You got to many Yasmine around, but ain't it about principle, I'm even after brother pay, you a slight. We should even had to go to that. Really I ll be good night I never known beat, but is it to be a mutual respect like ok, even though you may this year, it still owe me we could be cool like that is respectful of NAFTA risk. Because you came to the table. Will I know what MAO's Roma policy? What men do nothing happened as there is no going back farmers knowledge. Anything happened at you,
are we going to let you know any anything: a life could be fatal. No, we just got out practical, even a victim. All my colleagues know me him said Don T really up he's white boy I had it will have a nice girl. I mean it was just a meal to weigh it was. It was scary to me you, homes, labour autonomy, loaded, a wee bit his attorney mile zone, and I was able to do so to to get my attempted murder case worked out because of the compensation that we hate. Those who hold the debate on enlargement. Now would rob and day was able to meet when it was wrong, and I was able to middle care. Tat was wrong. That's how we worked out, so we ve got to do with them.
Valuing or final paperwork sleigh? Its hopes needs to give out. My car worked it out. We humble me at home with them in Bam. If how they would get opera has been real. People might not believe, but this I happen so out of the science situation. I feel like this have a light. This may a baby can work it out, What a baby don't have the money to pay animal meal sometime about the money about this, the respect, because I Is anybody mega? We don't make money regret we make manages basket. You know? What may we all sit at this table? Man, people pay us just to sit at to come here and see this table love it. I am about the money like no one at all, make me come from prison. May I have nothing so I know how they feel homesick Don't let no mean that when you hit the manual stop putting you prize in our God First family. Second, everything else on inflation or science was an expert then a music is pushing my love
single amassed a p. While we buy shoot video footage, mix, tape out right now get modesty, real anatomy dot about Ivan. In our fire. Just bear more enact the whip. My people, my fire raise our way, never say down, column, faith and no it trying to work the whole situation. Now what his brothers. My coming together. You know there s ban other p, because a lot of people was was was effected by the Marinos. I thought you feel like it, we would, they had come and get it may create some count, change and industry in the world. You gotta show that you can be misinterpreted. You together away in a Jew. David, don't be, maybe she'll, let me feel, but he might not say, you'll feel how's, thereby come on. We noise naughty feel he had no sooner through, though, by creating an eye us. Sometimes no a female she'll go be with somebody
did because she hurt you, try to replace what she had your house and induce the same way. I'm going to hang with this play. Go join this game, and do this because love to be without its own laws. I mean I salute the Burma salute. Slim may now say I salute their body known as our love. All respect major is being as it is. You have bigger with way when you see Berman, Winketh now because when I come for in our dress their situation situation, man, I keep on addressing it like. I didn't look like the media portrayed in July when the basketball player shoe Basque about Gaza. If he gave were but desolate desolate I am alarmed are defined as this. How did they now found it out in look at this situation higher bundles? Look there s a german Helen only when they do not all one idea. We all did. They may be g obedient, because I won't do it now.
I won't do it now. This social media gone. Oh man, that's that's letting the right Dana! Do you now because people are gone. They now go see the way we see Lhasa. So I never said. Obviously, my baby gay Wang LA slowly sit around a talk about, like handshakes, regulated mood, turn hath included actually having its own. Nobody manages was, China, you, you got home, Bouygues, that certain ways out plainly till it at your play- wood metal you got your area by every night. What you may not do that between my do egg, when the only game she but it ain't, I admit it. Every every every every man to date, that is to say the people were considered to be gay. I made you, might you my way? Your boy shirt is a magic, nothing! You do they book in my blood. My girl delayed knows I'm. What do you mind if my but I'm a game? I should all my bag. Those I have mentioned. I guess what some people are gonna give you.
Blood related, you nodes, anyone know One? None of them not now be some like. They re Manette, some gauge, don't you don't be greater we ve been doing, but we, like my, we did We tell beat me salami bit. Show me you love me. We play now, don't you ever get everybody younger now that you now want to do. I wouldn't do it right now, because how people is effected by what they think So our like my you know where my we came to live at no more we gotta get young burglar, Nikkolon obey lie amounting in you know, as the heart bank about that is how ya think about date not know, I could be wealth and thanking acre that'll, no young, Dublin. Today, my thirty four years. I won't be doorway young third, though the youngest son,
You know I mean he policy like is not ass, a young boy, they think of a man and rubbing his hands with home state he'd, be done all careless, thereby I gotta move manner. He called you can take it from here. I won't matter man, you don't understand my already modest they real love they have. What's that can have what's going on a school tat to my you follow me, beg posted pigeon I don't follow. You knew enough. Maybe you know get you taught me, get follow Grammar and these are more again it you gotta know you guess. The farming lobby should come out at again nothing. I am actually lays me. Let's not let it be the last October MA. Am he Abram here to stay? You now say, and I got my shouts and my team and I got the shadow rosy, pc old job, Mossy YO, my dj. J Hague. Enormous management. Album. Maisie feels the whole wide see, shouts and my tweets,
say my beautiful wife and my son and wound asthma, everybody acting as though we all knew, I argue, marital three. Oh yeah had a drink. Thirty! That's why you a guy that actually up, I saw you and cast it might actually do go and make makes their me do the boss you are double gave our man no is risk My last, I respect you Matt pragmatic shouting, who told me watch out on bail love thy straight already was married. They battalion you but I'm street like below, but at this point is polarizing, no argued love and again only one colony, everybody. I feel like a person may about you being true to its. Apparatus thing like our wise, Damon Dave? He inspired me when he came up here because he's too his ground, you still joke ground. Just was no. But he's a workforce, lazily mats athlete in their interview. I do not love I'm just so dying.
Like he was right about a lot that fly. You were right about. Like I watch it out. I try to look at the right thing. Cuz, I'm going to take something from you. William stealing, notably we are thereby accused up. Then he said. That is why we do with no does divided one of these, though the working class can we can make money with the working class So now you need thereby thereby gonna work means thereby can be too big. Imagine became his army. Hannah shirt is less of a bird man on it They have been my mind what you have done. The right thing by turning our know. How I got love would induce ideal UK what we, the bicycle, watch online music farm, each other's archaeological, one from becomes the other, the music
before any refugees living artists. Think now we flew a show that I had weightings in everything. Now, man, a judge and Hurricane Katrina, no louder and probation is devised to go to court. When my washing during the journey, I would draw too much sense, so you light undertake distance. You are probation but shall caught a case. A myth is inheriting a train, a man. You owe me Bigelow. You owe me straight now. Now Jersey, gum, Rostov, mine is proud of wash them will turn things become. Do may we appreciate used to breakfast club or love
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