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Friday 7/20- Today on the show we opened up the phone lines to see what was the dumbest thing they ever brought a date to impress him/her after Music Scott Storch stopped by and told us how he brought a yacht to impress a girl. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a rapper that gets a longer prison term fro bragging about gang violence online. Moreover, after a clip from our interview with Wiz Khalifa speaking about the proper way to eat a banana went viral, we opened up the phone lines to see if our listerner's agreed? 

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It's time for our politicians to answer to the people, and that means you sent look on your questions for our panel enjoyed as weekly for political ends hit podcast how the hell are we gonna get along I'm hosts Clayton and each week I'll put your questions to a new batch of your favorite comics politicians and pundits, but they have what it takes to get us there. Twenty twenty one find out. First, with new episodes, listen to political, how the hell are we gonna get along on the eye, hard, radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever you get your podcast,
so I shall again like a mega. Forty I just took all points, must press round. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some other visitors, you you'll, do you usually yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, moaning angel YE manages Andy Charlemagne God, please did a planet in France, as is broader. Yes, it is finally Friday man now some drink, I'm a drain since Monday, but whatever the others want to say a few to Angela YE web glad nice. Angela YE orders shoes in bags to my house. Sometimes she doesn't have to pay taxes, and yet
today when I got home there was a box, that's six! It was six feet in height and I had to bring it here. So I headed carried out box here we're out at all. Appreciate. Take it all that, and I left a downstairs. I was, I won't be nice, I'm alive downstairs and we should give you should just on a car to like normal. You know. That's all. I'm takin issues out who deal carried out box around four walls or me. Some people are data, carry boxes for living. They call you PS, Informatics workers, you don't care about your rich people. Problems are ok, you re was an inexpensive ass using bag, the houses and bringing the work to save money on taxes? Actually, smart, nobody cares, s actually spoils cries. I appreciated Things were Brandon back to where you ok, you know, it's funny says Associate asked me she said. Would you like me to senator? As you know, it doesn't zombies house, because we, both at the same stores as his then its enemies, ass cause. I know somebody will be there to get the package is the, whereas, when you try to get a pack is delivered in a year at home and they send a bag with senator they do these things called like a pickup point, now:
of this ever happened to you guys, but you have to go to like now pick up points. Where in the neighborhood, sometimes it's a little fire and go there and they show you, and sometimes it doesn't come for like two more days implemented view Pierre structures, parks and, like all on a corner, you gotta get your stuff now as a pick up where they drop it off like say: there's a store, five blocks away so, if you are not on the assembly's designated as pick up points so that they get to that store, and so now I have to go to a store or it is well known. We deplore the journal chose to reward. You ruin your neighbors. Have you know where I live? I live in best I gotta see rallies and which was that people in Britain that there's no way there's no way to leave it. They were to leave it outside understand, I don't think that's my thing to do in your box, one of your books, sometime packages, king, it delivered Scipio boxes. Today is national five, where a fortune cookie Dave you guys care. I love waiting cookies than today's, also national lollipop day, because now I love a good while about the leg lopes lifecycle of thing
I'm. Talking to you know it's a! U go, I'm uncomfortable imo. Me too. I, let's get to show cracker four pages where we talk about. Let's talk about just so you know, Is there a place that if you want to go, get a salad, don't get salad from here, because you could get sick girl? Re will talk about that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive right morning, everybody's d, J, envy, Angela YE charlemagne- God we are the breakfast club or forget, sell him. Are you mad if you're upset need event is up right now or if you feel blasphemy lives a wide open. The right now asking so front page news, mellow guides tat of all those borders it took up. Carmelo Anthony looks like he has been traded and it looks like he's, gonna be traded to Atlanta Hawks and then released so you'll be a free. You know, you'll get it this, I would seem he wants to play for which I'm Thinkin Houston Robbie youth around maybe more what legally still decided last. Look there last minute money
exactly twenty four main familiar like that. They paid off their contract in full and annual signed a new contract for whatever it s about dropping bombs, com, eleven evasion agreed ages, great age and he got out We talk about you from page where this was breaking news, that bug capsized and sank, and this was during a severe than to storm in Missouri at least eleven people were killed. Some of them are children's double as a boat that I was above land and water allotted to all your age. Cities, acts of world WAR two in boats where a common cycles, it harbours, that's how they were now. During this term at least eleven people were killed and they sing at least five people. And accounted for and seven others were injured. So they said it was caused by the weather. You could see they had video of the, but there were to duck both there were rocking and tilting to decide the had massive waves, and so the boat was carrying thirty one people. One of the boats like we said they were to have on one of them, made a back fine and save the other one. Actually capsize. There were alive jack, it's a boy,
the boat, but they don't know whether now people were wearing them jobless They don't have my one is storms like David, can't, gonna work carried out and necessarily really real boat Saudi, where I think originally there was not an assembly was as if you see that It was some rippling in the lake, but then thunderstorms massive waves. Now, how body check the foreground forty decided to go out there. I think, in the same to me, I just crazy, checked before going on to go to the beach lamentably, one on a boat, but really tragic situations are really sad, so hopefully, in other do find those people that are unaccounted for ok, but also of money, or am I pity, officers in the air gonna case are going to face an internal trials. Are there's gonna, be a process regarding those two officers who are involved officer, Daniele Patsy LEO and Sizing Kisyak Dan is that those them internal trials will start in the coming days, sounder me with an internal draw
means within the LAPD they're gonna actually had this. So listen, amateur you what it is, one of them their cases press. What about the civilian Complaint Review Board now? Remember I told you I, when I had a cop, that I had an incident and I go online and I filed a complaint with the civilian Complaint Review Board. That board actually reviews the police. Their server officer has too many complaints against down. They do since up a mediation, and they could be since happened, discipline but Boyd is gonna, be the ones I gotta be prosecuting officers Daniel Patsy, LEO against allegations of misconduct, so we'll see what friends, but the family does, when the officers to be held accountable. Of course, so it is an internal trial is like other authorities, young people. There unfair, if I think, is internal affairs so that, like the police, their police, the police, have you have an issue? You have to be able to complain somewhere right. I don't know. I have faith in that system at all. Me when I did it, but it was a wooden that nowhere near the fire door. It was it well if it was a classroom to get fired, but it was
Definitely I've got everything thrown out and it goes down on their record ya- know how many times you could get fired. There are too many people complain. You could give us that I always say if you have an issue with the police officer, just me So you get their information. Their bows number go online and filed a complaint. Look all right best front page news. Now get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now or if you feel blessed. To spread some positivity call us up right now is to breakfast club bemoaning. The breakfast is your job to get an obvious ass, whether your man, but I've been. We want to hear from you wanna bread, which allows as background
the key to balloon was Mama morning key to blue. Finally, I'm April to contact you got up and final contact out of my way. We appreciate the term who area nobody believes you very what's up, though, even by my fellow member has already described that up my child. My present blood money, but from informing my thought is tat. You know but I will get all his money for her letter. I wonder what it those females be got like six like the still all the time. The whirlpool, my child, ass, he didn't mean, is gradually I will. You could be obvious game, you know, but you know that lower limit at length a moment for my money. I enjoy better, allows theirs
right grove. May I adore re cause was eyebrow, amen, asylum? May I say you truly our data that the radio talk so hose may be they do they make me crack of annually annually you're you're beautiful their merit gotta give them off my chest, Mortimer, don't ask us for money to complement and has now become known. I at Renault Money, I'm mad that allow, I grabbed the newgate on better than muttered a liar. I admire you wanna biological, now do I'll, try, I gotta have fancy yourself but my great grandfather, male Facebook. I have made you, don't you better get it amusing exert don't you know,
city is reeling in any villa with mold killers in caterpillar legs for skillful. I can stand on the pillow and eggs and not break it and not crack it. I won't take it I'm back at it. The battle rap crack addict. I stashed Mattox inside a police, a static. Tell me that fast average I'm spazmatics Sadly fly. We know wings home and balance the big MAC your last valid climate. Real y'all boys to act, Dallas, I'm tired of being arrested and sleeping on flat, pallets baby swearing that neighborhood them. Boys is at Calais, but my sister just married a jeep, and if Again. It too heavy then beaten. Every devilmoss ensued, a heavy. There would be he'd, never scare promise using Bobby irony, but if I ever I'm gonna run around. I know I just love. Your relationship with your brother in law is pretty nice man go on this matter. I can't even call you when I will call you know what you know go. We should favour. I would have an emblem now.
No Louise Mcvay, Rubberin outlining the alibi, go the metaphor, the USA, but cannot get somebody to follow. My pays, my my paid with paid my right round now. I'm sure you do somebody to do. We will be made on that. Don't do it you about you, you, yes, I will you got one put your page. It is re, proud, a wise e r o as America covers. May I got married. I don't give a brother age. You wanted to go figure. My getting off your chest. I find a five one o five one. If you need to visit us up right now, is to breakfast locomotive breakfast your time to get it off your chair of the young man, you wanna breakfast on your mind, was something it often says: good aborted reward, but black, but envy your. Why we never did not know.
None of the new not be applied on a radio play. Com sat a key player in a mix. All data. Now, if I were you're, right, you're, the girl, one able you, along with the law or anthology dream, not long like coffee static, it s, a single ass, the one they work and we saw her mom support now that cop strategy, like by you, do but does not really me radio place our common going on We shall also. Need to bring a little bit of it back on the magic wasn't. Do you have a title? Are you have apple? Yes, I do. I have ok. So you can pull up incomplete, cops Chad to keep on your radio right now we want the right. I went to less than two hours. I respect Dublin by everyone your mother, you brother, amicable, good, another Drake Greco just for you, stupid, hello, there is added them. M J would have doggerel features off your chest. Trying to do you start out to out Detroit. We this a thing like that,
from do yeah, yeah yeah, I was automatically around he sent me a broken man like it. I love my writing and allow this out and what up our It was the man graph it s got that no airline me, daughter, Ed other than wipe level of meat plasma. Our comfort them at will make them feel like there. That alone ya now, together that he knows you're not alone lies with the deaf that way, but you don't want to get in the way I get in the way of people too much when they agree remanded veto for him the same way you would be any other town or try to do anything extra. I get it. Allows this. My name is Maria Amory again
if it s a good thing that it is true, When did you investigation? You actually called internal affairs. They are really at the castle, your uncle we'll go through ok. So you did you turn on the rails. Gooding, it's obvious. Was police to police, desperate, disposed to do here, alike, shouted laying down data Turner Gonna help because I'm actually in Africa, and they do go after us and at UNESCO. You need the checks and balances in some ideas and then- and it happens too many times in there's a lot of incidents than as Daphne some rare flower. You know I've always comply with the police officers, though you know, guy, whose release in the police force which are living on the phases as a unit and again together, make sure the cops are doing the right thing, not taking bribes, not doing anything illegal, attribute the job and adviser plan. I behalf wasn't they happened to go ahead and father reporting, absolutely days of an internal affairs between harbour, Gialluta Hurt, busy. I can't get away, would allow screens thinks it s only internally get it off. Each has eight
five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent hit us up right now, we got rooms anyway, yes and then has been very vocal about his battles with depression, while he's talking about how he actually fought it and beat it. Into all that when we come back, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive breakfast, please all about play that song every morning for two years so, in other words, in the media that goes out. You know the melody and rule I don't. Even I don't know one word Anessa baby morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. Let's get to these rumors. Let's talk, surprise marriage. Feeling that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, where yesterday we tell you about Baby Evans and Stevie Daytime than that and their surprise wedding, while jail in rose and Molly Carom have
I got married secretly, Molly converted from yes a as fellow ESPN hosts millionaires girl. Everybody knew to be followed and the people Lionel Longtime, gradually the jailer mega married in New York City and then they actually went to tax and king Gos and had a great time there is celebrating cell congratulations to them. Santa Rosa a guy, so called by the jailer old migrated, absolutely exceptional human being I write Pat Mc Grath, less discuss her unhappy don't know Mcgrath name, then you don't care about make up, but she is an undeniable force in the world of make up. We told you about Highly Genesis: undercover Forbes theirs, that her Kiley cosmetics is valued at a hundred million dollars, while Pat Mcgrath allow as is now valued at over a billion dollars demographic. There was a majority to argue Jamaican. He and his family and she's funding
Kay, I heard my yeah congratulates diploma excellent idea that I make up eighty sounded dean as he's Andrew DNA Germane. To my mind, wildlife, goblet, oddities it and she's a yard. He does you bitch and sharing loud, is under vertebrates odors. We blow respect those caused medics. Everything sounds ass. He does are these surprise drops and as soon as they come out everything so that he's in safari. So she said next steps. He is gonna. Actually spandex and Ninetys the foresters right now he's in fifty four of them continue to release merchant and stay focused on their surprise. Product drops How does it make a business evaluation? We could somebody devaluing husbands and wives. Scientist sixty million dollar idea This is not really that, as for a company to become a minority shareholders and Pat Mcgrath Grath LAB, so that kind of brings evaluation that makes your company worth more more. Internal funding, all of that dialogue only arrest is out there look as a force of forest stay pack, I mean from Essen lower than it was before.
Kids to older women and men likes a forest stays pay as a good investment. I write. Calving gates now did of lag and he uploaded that blood a couple of days ago when he talks about being nervous to perform. Since he got released from prison. Here's what he said. And then I gotta show on possibly perform in a novel and I ain't going to lie. I'm nervous. You can try and super hard, but when you get in that ring just different in a ring you see on people and you could become so open wound was going now, you can forget ever lie, then Eddie I performed, and while we listen care, just don't kick no good in the crowd and you'll be fine. Elysees may vary. And is about what he's going, though in other people might think, is easy to be artist, but it is hard to get an honest AIDS and HIV having the right, though, even turn their performance and shows because of the department of corrections preventing here from leaving their places so does lead to Tripoli behind you, too crowded be happy to see you too promising along and multi awards for you.
Tell him you're nervous you'll, be I write as I am sure that the candidates are right now, let's discuss they carry out of it in his article about him and billboard, and the headline was how kid Cutty found joy after fighting depression and then the court is on the best. I've ever been I read the entire article n, you know it talks about an eight year old daughter and he says to the rider he said, make sure this is good. I want my daughter to read it and he talks about getting his head. I'm getting! His energy rightly he's I've written the dark so well for so long. I wanted to bring the opposite of that amateur place. I was able to do that. It took me so long to get to that place and I was really excited to write from that standpoint when I got there, so it talks about I'm kids egos, of course, that by many said I was to let people know where he's at right now in the world, and he said He I live in fear like that, I'm not that type of individual. I moved away from home at a very young age.
It allowed people never leave home, get the strength to pack up their ass and head out to the unknown. That's why I like to say on the chosen, so he says like a lot of things he doesn't leave. He feels like he's chosen any talks about that Facebook posts that he put up detailing his struggles, and then he said Put it up walked away a couple of hours later he said he saw was all over the news and, Everybody was very supportive of him, so you got that right. Helped a madman lack any did that and people's supported him, and he said that he found out that he was real, good, around his birthday in early January, he said I'm the best I've ever been in my life. I really as I was genuinely happy, there's nothing They going on, in particular, is being thirty four to be still doing what I love taking care. My response Bela these minorities good, my family's good, creating making me happy again he's working on a tv show that is the working on secretly for food, a year than in Jordan Pills Company is actually gonna, be doing a pilot with him food. Could you God to somebody killed. He is, he got not really are drawn. You look, you gotta, get love by the press,
yeah, I'm Tellin ya, my young boys, who were going through some type, some terrible, contrition somebody depression forward at whatever do the door was written in through and they were some cutting a graduate used organs nearest ironical, nobody, Maesia yeah. We need this entire IDA, Cordell Selleth, yeah, big Vienna kick daddy and I enjoyed the kids. She could see Gostar project Colleagues, I was only service are obliged to kids Eagles project Angela here that is, you are rumour reports and all right when we come back, we got front page news. What we talked about, how we are going to be talking about, and I get to do this last time- will be talking about these salads that are making people sick, would tell you what to stay away from also discuss these migrant children and being reunited with their families or not in many cases, and also look so we got told about. Was the dumbest thing you ever board? that comes out of our kind of say she was got. Storage will explain it when we come back as well. I but think about it was the dumbest thing you have a broad front. Page news is next, the breakfast locomotive.
Boot up We will follow me, my brother. I will need annoying on a Friday. Ok love! This morning. Everybody had sexy when you do it at all. The breakfast cloudless gives a front page news now looks like Carmelo athletes will be traded to the Atlanta Hawks and then release. So he will be basically decide what scene was vital with american knowledge got twenty five million dollars for basically nothing region relax if you want to come, but I beg you to do Do the play nature? Yes, he why? Because there was a ship regard as used for I would not like us. I go to use a merry. Mellow never really had a chance to really compete, for example, you ve got abroad and had just the computer championships will move mellow now adding what do you think a chance to compete with a chip night Nellie,
even when the bridle deeply, when the bright magyars tablet legacy of four fifths of the best, maybe snow, sick. This succeed next year at the most, the broadest guy as my colleague derive quota. What else you don't make me down I'll, just be careful if you're gonna eat, they don't get one of the salads right now, as a matter of fact, and about three thousand Does it not having reselling salads in fourteen different states to China contain an outbreak. People are getting sick because of this house are trying to trace where the supply is coming from. Making people six O Clock Illinois, Iowa Indiana was content. Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska Stout to Montana North Dakota to Kentucky was Virginia Missouri, be careful of cruelty to animals. Help you think I'm Mcdonald Menus many people out of all things on me down. There can make you think, God, Damn satellites tell you to be carefully demagogue, artisans and I myself are only two hundred and sixty four of twenty five hundred migrant children have been reunited with their families according to the Trump administration, either it's five years or an older, and so hundreds of kids,
be in limbo. At the health and Human Services Detention centre, the deadline is July, twenty six, these kids to be reunited with their parents issue, More than nine hundred of the Maghreb parents are deemed not eligible to be reunited. How you not both to be reunited reunited with their own kids because of criminal background are because the parent required further evaluation. They also said that of those sixteen always acknowledge appearance eligible to be reunited. Seven hundred final orders of deportation, so they have to decide. Do I bring my child back to my crime? Rabbits community? I do. I went to leave them in the hands of the? U S, government! already told them kid. What to do? Man just thought act and not be as bad as possible: new bad as possible. Your baby sit a cannibal to return you back the apparent yet another. I don't know if for this, but you know they are doing that charms. Immigration policies are making the border a whole lot more dangerous, because criminal groups and smugglers are beings
frank in by the zero tolerance policy. So when people are turned again to this country, they are desperate. There already tried to flee crime from their own, wherever they live or whether they come from so then they here and there is a lot of criminal groups, the very organise, a lot of smugglers that are transnational and they have connections with different groups. So now these people, Being a power I would bring. Now is a good time to be. A criminal is needed in the country could already busy would decayed and finery United repaired like this parliament's policy right, nodded China Major you can't get in, even if it China seek asylum in anything Donald at an hour, they answered the lad of crime now just from these organised crime, so as not to leave as they looking over there on the local. We got a lot of things like that applicants or on the right and wrote a letter to disarm. Imagining Ghana trap is hoping that russian President Vladimir Putin is gonna come to Washington this far, he sent out that invite said inviting him in according to down a chump. They're gonna has some discussions that he's looking forward to implementing certain issues that you say:
they already started. I haven't talked about. It was a problem with this. I mean why, wouldn't you invite the president of the United States of Russia, America, Vladimir Putin, to see his house? That's his house let us build and why should we be allowed? The watered down attempt we did at the summit with Russia was a great success, except what the real enemy of the people, the fake news, media. Technically, let him impunity. Forty four President Donald Trump is of forty five, a sorry relax front, page news now when we come back eight hundred flabby five one o five one was the dumbest thing you ever born to impress somebody now: Scott Storage, we interviews got storage in you talk about some of the dumb things he bought a particular group.
In my life, and I wasn't even really all that attracted to her or even the debate, which is the idea of this girl. Could she was doubtful and I wanted to impress her. I wanted to play this role and you know a member. I had this amazing paid for ninety foot yacht. It will all paid off everything and his girls come to town. I had to get a hundred and thirty four yeah I made all these arrangements went into hot trying to buy this. Eighty million dollar boldness natural, like like the ottoman, wasn't good. You know many vessels algerian download a yacht. Just then as a woman and you had a ninety foot, yet our ear to dump only twenty more feet, my goodness of a country and of having one off what what You ever had bliss the dumbest thing you bought impressement it as the question Charlemagne. Couple years ago, maybe a few years ago, in a body more expensive as genes from bodies in some places,
three thousand dollars, Nanda shiny in which brought about a you damn right up to combat. Doesn't you doing you feel stupid? You you make you make you making mistakes right? Ok, I took them right back a bit by innovation. These are no, but you are not when you knew you were going to go back and every time I go to body not able. I loaded the EU member when you make him him Wimbledon Jesus. I am right. Ok, that's too stupid to use bring your money on pay. Three thousand dollars you. Why would you please witticisms weapons? Everyday trust me? I do it. I think that's a guiding and another by anything to impressive. When I buy things that I like, you not think that we really are dumb purchases alive by clown over. There was a body. That is what I heard awards. So
Let me now you ve got your tv is therefore that we are not going to provide those entities of items imprecise, exact, as it offers a bizarre that guy look stupid. What laws at the airport. If you want to know whether you, Michael Jackson, video alright, go back on the recruitment, eight hundred five, a five one. Oh five, one was the dumbest thing you bought to impress somebody called us now to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast was Drake nice. For what morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club were asking once the dumbest thing. You bore to impress somebody well,
I had a situation of what it must play, will play what has come from Scott Stores came up here. We had a conversation about, as new document recall, still storage. Any talk about some of the things that he's bought to impress somebody particularly girl came home alive, and I wasn't even really all that attracted her even like that, but which is the idea of this girl could use of wood, and I wanted to impress her. I wanted to play this role, and a member had is amazing, paid for ninety foot, yacht low paid off everything and these girls come to town. I had to get a hundred and thirty four yeah I made all these arrangements went into hot trying to buy this. Eighty million dollar bonus natural, like a gentleman, wasn't good. You know some surgery and our money you're, just the impressive woman and you had a ninety foot. Yet our here, like the domes, only twenty more feet. Are you? What are you? Why are you guys? An app here know about the situation that I was in their leave, attire, Stuart and as a nicer confound case, and I think our rescue answered aid.
Get out the case. Put it on my phone, I'm thinkin arranged, maybe a few hundred dollars. You know ass belarussian, crazy on it turned out that it was about fifteen hundred dollars the opinion notifies. Could they do that to me, but I I said: take that case right off. I got five kids and you spend one thousand five hundred were idea and a bang it, and in retrospect it was a great invest. Nor was the version now don't even fiddling while integrated as well, because I am a got a lot of. It was a very special things. I've got a lot of attention in the lot of you beside a lot of investment at a bad thing that increase your money or national attention will make anything into a great investment in my head, yet anything I buy a make. This was a great investment that when I was when I was sworn in, jewelry without engaging in big rock and your rapporteur is fake chain from Canal Street was a bracelet and on a on to everybody and they will not take it all. My whole arm was green because it was fake in and that's that Bobby
when you have twenty showed up Mortify Jane. Do you want my opinion? Davidson drop want to cool, above my God, be dealt with them, a mammoth of law that torpedo PETE. Listen. We don't have to buy real cuban links. Ok, I think me you, you are right. We people, No, we got a low change. Ok, this benefiting Two down thou unafraid cuban links and will be the latter money Bradley, but it will still be, though, is the way out, but I'm just saying there is still a lack of political will has been. I simply does not have a real. That's a lie that wide stupid you re looking to do too even though we spent made a cuban Lynch ain't right and by the way anything you can't pronounced is a stupid purchase or I could I campaign does Bellini AGA genes are bought from whatever man, ok yeah,
but that was wanted another dozen lying about Burma and about money at all. On my mind, boggling of drinks line by line car bomb on this image. We were in a global economy. We wind up is because puppet show me was a I'm a boss, emboldened by about eyes a bottle of it, but he buys about whatever is no wages, heard bottles delay could do wages go back a given that the bill? They almost face new guys. Why is this so like you goddamn right, my guys, my name, you can you closed that back into closer, but don't open a bottle. I was like most of my name is frugal Vondra. Ok, everything aware right now. Somebody gave me an is black Oda rights, loot, Mama Roblee, noted and will make that african Ermengarde lives right, Exuviae yeah! I don't you boy.
Girl, arrange rather hey, who is this. Girl is white as the Brenner, a border, two thousand making reigns over about dark and big big, because, unlike the big rapid on in all its attention to monitor because my dream, I wanted a legit, I followed with great all online. I bet I was getting about. Isn't gonna go out and get a border remains rover about, showed me the video to come back to the thirty day. Mother do have had a lot to do a job in the car you boy now he was in the car, and I found a fat man like anybody from Mars you. Why did you do you're? U definite that would have like. Does you look like Draco mean you gotta trick like during a hearing are no guarantee that no, I threw her name. Was it a yearning? I put my name, but in light when I gave a car must, like China, Duple studied the popular Norma light of your car girl. But are name to stupid man and all over the internet rang out the good woman at
What's your name, I gotta get you proud of that new products go by monopolies as soon as these new kind Mcguinness only really look, legit, no more You went in a ferrari and crashed it. I hate your tell you: how long will we hates use guy when I'd say you? I hate you table, you got their goal, It also weekends like Miami something food, Red Brick cause. I hate you, talk about it when we come back eight hundred five, five one o five one was the dumbest thing you bought to impress somebody call us up right now and since we are talking about God storage, this play almost got. Storage is biggest wreck excite his bed,
want some beyond say too fat, Joe to Jean it all out. When we come back to breakfast locomotives, go breakfast club. That was a little scared storage. Many make somebody biggest reckons that he's produced. We ask and eight hundred Bobby fifty five one o five one was the dumbest thing. You bore to impress somebody now: Scott Storage was here, what he set. Particular girl came home alive and our
even really all that attracted to her or even like dad, but which is the idea of this girl could use outwood time, and I wanted to impress her. I wanted to play this role, and you know a member had is amazing paid for ninety foot, yacht law paid off everything and these girls come to town. I had to get a hundred and thirty four yeah. I made all these arrangements and went into hot trend by this. Eighty million dollar boldness natural. Like idea, among wasn't good, you know, revisions, algerian Download, a yacht, just impressive woman, and you had a ninety foot yeah yeah like the dumb, only twenty more feet, so we are asking what the dumbest thing you bought somebody and we got more level, some all unused laughed merrily. You wanted a ferrari broke out. Charmer person girl, you know, say chewed up. If not exaggerate, hoping for a little bit better
she had a friend got. It so saw, but I was playing out be sure they do. They must now obtain rendered men, of course, starting out. She said after all, now watch out about the three point. Turn and I went to the garage at a name is how many already called Janusz feel like Cinderella, like the clock, was Gregor midnight. Everything on turned back to appointing listen, I pay for that that allows for a date for a week. Your letter, he's out other fan. How is it tat? You put an accident, the choice, what insurance obviate sheep and I for one would play a really got your priorities arm. Is that not only did you read the call you when you in spring for the extra money when his master and causing still pay national, I'm still pay for them from pay about sixty five a month How much is it altogether when is it pay, because of that knowledge
If you could get you could it is, moreover, are you gonna do not least of Riderhood against they all got away like mountain? We know that it is by now learn the lesson, though you know saying: yes, you need it definitely tiktok roll over me about the controller in homage is full of regular nonsense are you gonna learn at least know a guy hurt jewish dog. I thought you heard we got you Look on the bright side, hello. This is about me, makes out. The other was the dumbest thing you boys impress. Somebody wanted think, though, frame went deep throat spray tell me why I never heard of such luxuries. Asylum law is the law, and I thought you were honestly if they like in this dream. It did not work
and I was there with a heavy bodily grammars was if I may be wrong: Valor young man. I think I'm gonna wait. No! Ok! While having got the like, I was privileged to be doing so. The EU is the broad and deepen of yes, why? What is supposed to do with eyes with a number? Three has only a solemn trailer. Well how about among the other, but I don't think it's the now without the Balkan on. Why are you rob you? Throw you ground? You see what I'm thinking about this. I'm thinking about how women have dad reflex. So I don't think that you can, like Creasy gag reflex. Can you send a bottle of employees, our biology that? Can you say that I pay for employees because of you know me: I throw you product choke on it, because you would know how far you put in it ain't right, you tell us. To control the young lady. He used it, which almost shut the hell up. A little talk. You use it he's crazy. I've gotta get the motto above a mummy lighter
There were who you draw. You did actually gives a marvellous wall. And you gagged anyway, yeah gods? How does she not gay looting? Download, thankfully arrived there Yang by dealing with men who have average sized penises like me, right hooking up in a joke on, ok, have you'd loathsome tenacity and that's what you do, story of dense and allow the story is ya. Gotta, stop doing material things, the impressive, because money has never made any body happy. Nor will it there is nothing in his nature to produce happiness. The morbid one has the more one wants. Ok, Benjamin Franklin D, you know next Alice's we're talking about a little while gag in order to about bananas. If Thou art But what did you do? What, if you don't have a great visual to go, then why are you wearing a banana czar A decent man has not that's, not a banana. Somebody said: Ozma has not Vietnam is on the way he has. I think about react.
And her new album, which I'm excited. I can't wait to hear what this is going to sound like also Wendy Williams. She has a cause and we'll tell you what how that relates to her own personal all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he blocked the breakfast locomotive pouring everybody is DJ envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Let's get to these rumours less. We re: the Reul report, Libretto Club Babby, an avenue album coming out and she's been working on it, which M excited about because it is gonna, be against her. Album was already Somebody at me was light. You nodes: please tell Charlemagne that if Scots doors had a ninety four yeah enable a hundred and thirty foot, yet forty four forty feet, the difference. Yeah ok, was our vote on this point is our boy. They use it
when you eat what you know, I'm still bid. Why why? Why are you talking to me? You know my brain in your arms do about that. I gave them. Thank you very much. Talk about Ryanair, new album is gonna becoming it's gonna, be a dancer. Album says: you're gonna be Hence our roots, she's Beijing, as we all know so they doing for project kind of like that. Only thing is one insider was saying that things. I've been going away. They should have because you're making it up and putting in some pap, so they keep on changing the direction. So if it's gonna be a dancer album, let it be a dance. I haven't dances like one of my favorite Dimas. Amuse exam excited to hear. How was indian do you think drinks accident goods when he talks to react on the phone? very right even more than you re mine, mine, re on mine. At the end of so desire to people from the Caribbean there are absolutely no definite grub. Listen instead, dance on, you know, he's grip language also, but they save according to running star. Vienna's camp has eight.
Dogs and they're. Looking for one more to complete the album and allegedly she's gonna be working on a path album as well says yes to albums he's been working order being would react. All her arms problems could see the huge crossovers thats. All I mean it can be pop, regardless of what John RAP music it is area Wendy, where I am C is attacking that basically has juggles that she's had with her cocaine, addictions he's lost a campaign on addiction and substance abuse. She went and spoke to eighty news, as he expressed a concern for people who also are battling cocaine, Dixon and other addictions and how she wants to help them so she's partnering with the Hunter Foundation to launch the be here, can't NASH. No campaign. Now here's what Wendy had to say. I am not embarrassed about anything. I was a functioning attic report to work on time and lied, walk in and all my co workers, including my voices, would know, but, a firing me, you say,
grab my headphones and arrogantly work in the studio, and even fire me because I was making ratings are functioning. Attic has several alarm Cox your organised Chiesa coworker. So you know to show was way before my time here see When again we lay with the cocaine no animal greedily who called you know the teenagers are. Rose, then this will really crazy. Looking any view now that video has and released, and the end Ask her multiple questions about a video in about the whole Valerie, Jerry Situation and here's what you had to say as her explanation. Jeez attired, I guess of being politically correct about it. I will try and talk about what I'm trying to talk about baron. You ve told me this damsel, my toilets I know you ve explained this literally was tat. I thought them branch was why
I remain the joy when we did not deserve a cocaine and their rights, as I fear there like Mary, oh, my God, we have tried to explain the boy when there are reasons to teach you alive manage any. We look itself in America, no more in disgrace. You think he'd be watching a spin off showed us he's not involve within that I'm not going, our group will be most difficult, of course, at the tv all mad empty bottle, the Jack Daniels everywhere then be lessened. Economy may be aided by any carried at a job with a spoon, so fat could express manners boy. I write well I'm easily and that is your room, a report. How right thank you, Miss YE shall have I. Yes, we give it down to mark you telling your kids things you do online will get you after offline, so we need this. Young man from Dallas goes by the name of nine Israel. But his real name is Nike Campbell. I don't
Frank, I guess we let them that would do that when we come back as the breakfast hegemonic gavel. Yes, don't you today, for Friday July Twentieth, goes to a young robber from Dallas Name, my keys, Earl, cable these twenty years old. The leader of the lion be scratch gang and South Dallas? Now listen scratched gang all want no smoke Okay, I'm just giving your alleged leader the credit you deserve. Being stupid, don't be mad at me. He did it to himself now. You will send it to twelve federal prison all when they have depleting guilty to distributing cocaine, I'm supposed to get sick. She is but a judge. Proved prosecutors, request for an enhanced and because of candles alleged gang activities. Now the Dallas morning, news reports that he wasn't charged in it. Was robbery during which he allegedly shot a man eight times he slept, but to judge Bob Remain told Campbell who had no power
a criminal conviction that our decision to give him an extra situated, relied heavily on words that came out of his mouth and provided a glimpse. Who is thinking process judgment said your bragging about. Shooting a person is vital times tonight every face now. Listen if you are such in several murders, like Dallas police, say Nana on nine is believed in maybe just maybe you shouldn't, apple by killing people. Now no rapid, like to say, is just art. We adjust artists, artists shouldn't be since it. Let me tell you some that find to say, and in theory a correct, but the problem we most wrappers, including nine- is that Ah, you know: say they live with day rap, ok, detective! I said, then nine nasal is adamant, wrapped about this stuff. He live detectable. Without any took nine is loved the streets, the widely and scratching string of violent crimes stopped immediately. Okay, I used a really enjoy what games to rob wrapped about stuff they. Actually
de, but I don't like more rapid rebuttal gangs, as does are still currently doing, because you get doable I you are trying to do some legit and positive, like rather than you can still be indiscreet killing people, because the negative in your life, we'll catch, Do you not Inez will steal fate with his own bragging about dry by shootings in other guy, violence. Now you posted ratings and wrap videos on Youtube. Facebook live about, his violent war would arrival gang. Would you like to hear What caused twenty year old, nine isn T git dj tat. Yes, indeed, any takers
yes, our lives here, like everything my gave us a ran, it don't know you lie about any glancing. Example guy nomads. Montenegro's over my God, I don't gonna love, I think I'm gonna get you now than they were in a bag, and it is the only way we will again have we got a guy I don't know what I just heard. All my goodness. I don't. I don't know what I just heard. I don't know what out what was saved from skin, but I trust the judge. Ok, right, I know when you hate. I reckon you think. What is that? That is what
Tuesday, you're all at home a week. I bet Would you hey and thank God, you're forty and you have a beautiful wife and kids in a nice deck to sit on a drink, some remy and wise two days in your backyard? That is what makes you enjoy a nice little kick back at the house would nineteen, are being defined as a medical marijuana. I'm staying Jitterbugs way. I write Please realise that what you do online have consequences offline. I don't know why. Has happened for you, oughta real. I wonder what has to happen where you ought to realise that when you do something in real life and then Hagen online. It does it make virtual reality. Ok, life is Real in the choices you make in life, a real and the consequences that come with those choices are real. Please give my keys Earl Campbell. The big yah don't feel sorry for the young man. God bless him. Wishing the best Libyans Alice's begin Emmy. Thank you,
that there was that there was in the same way I wanted to do you know any doubt this we're doing a club Saturday, you all are actually on our one and when a second there would like little forget about it, lay on the days are mutilated. Is I desire you get him on your side? It directly hit play God, damn it alone but the way we go to be ready to join him in class. I need very sad. I find nine Oda monarch US dollars negative yearly. These birds monopoly turban, Cambodia. We talk Raymond Media Lama, be it the music hauled on Saturday night. Does everybody come on out to the music, we're we're Kenny Burns and Rick rouse Beacon, To my mind over the lobbying will get you spirit right egg. It must be a right.
Right. The irregular likely six down this none of us. When I got my language, we have only what you got for me. Man go here, your mama grandma about this. Now, let's talk about bananas. I hear you go you aren't you talk about bananas in the nineties, so always cleaving with every talk about bananas. We want to know the proper way of eating a banana may shut up man in it wisely. He just eat the banana yeah where's was up here, and this is what he had to say about a regular deadlines. Dog like I've been if you buy as banana. You says there were hearing that you want to start interview. You in July gonna break the banana pause below you. It's you made payable by no see thing You're gonna break it to pieces, bro, Why is this? The fruit
The internet, o deed on his yesterday amounted is way too far. Ok, but did eight what would automatically hiding agree with glee? The videos collar was gleeful, homophobic and new, while using stuff phrases like toxic masculinity. In you know, I didn't think it was that deep but very little controversy, and here we are you trying to avoid contrary to contribute. Could you stepped right, and we now do. I think, that's very silly, absolutely is just a goddamn fruit, but you know you got a self evident and eat it right, not as a brake diminished. Thirty one wall envy was that man Whoa bruise! You think we have a gamble. Gimme doggies has caused by eight or nine noted any lying. You thought was good, cleanest. What a break the banana wanna acres in old, maybe gotcha,
Riverledge Belly is seen and Billy with a guys. You said you gotta lobby in the bananas or Sweden sloppy gonna mouth ass. I use opposed in a banana value of a break the banana break dependent on our way. If I have a picture of you eating a banana without doing a lot of criticism, we have a particular they would go. You know we register for that's your lying cell. Come in amazement, took about your lies, are eight hundred five, a fire bono. Five one fell, as was the proper way to eat a banana either. It put it in your mouth, invited and pricing
on my integrated eating a banana, and he didn't know you. Can we find a viable found? One fellows, ladies: you to put the banana? Always your mouth amid go to commercial now the brain is gonna. Goddamned reversal boarded a breakfast, and I feel it s how I e to bananas, not because I think, assess the judges don't in order, thereby to address gotta be everywhere. Tv. We have a picture of envy eating a banana. Let me I am here on my mother. I, u can see, while in my hand, being among your holding up the barbarity of the picture of a meeting of indirect you you're sure thing wrote. Call you wanted you to bananas, your business. Ok, I love you want, appeared banana bite into a cool if you want to bring banana fine but don't say a suspect just because somebody chooses disappeared. A banana bite into it is not such a big. We gotta get off. It is
pause. No homo suspects, the truth of the matter, is it's only yea if you're, a gay man ripe what happiness anymore. It's a banana trade is a fruit, not appeal! Is that your whole banana d amato outbreak now? Have you ever hear of gotta banana rang right and you pay a lot. Their yellow skin right and under their yellow skin is a penis right. A man feed is, and you put it in your mouth, we can scream PA was suspect. Ok, but other than that no eye is awkward. Israel year, so as to how to each a banana battle with the man. You ve put everything in your mouth. I if you thought the vitality of
No that's all! I got her answer, no Cecil fundamental job. I get it yes, you're right until I wondered, nor do I know how many committee would like level for years. I love my girl if another guys like me will be liable without an illegal save you don't threaten me what a good time what's up with you, and have been again and know that nice, Malcolm, Would never nanny, ok, lived banana day break the baby, all wet if you bought it to emerge you ve, been very Uganda, always plenty to eat. One might also summer. Whole but Annabel, may you got shot dead and gone mad. You got it all one I can't you eat a banana. All I wanted was Roger gag reflex. Guy
I would ask that we, like you, did their gag reflex, so you don't need a gag reflex, numbs, Braden, Nematode, deep, told them, and now you know what I was looking young man. Well, you learn something new undermine club, everyday waste travelling make to stock would numbs numbs pray for you throw go up today. Allows is loaded with Rob raw man how did you banana rob nearly eighty manner? I think the fact that you put that much door encoded got back at all I agree with you: gonna eat no banana thinking. That is a free. I'm done that thinking about anything of weakness banana allows this. Let my labours girl. May I come in. They love you eventually, Neurology cowboy. Check it out on me now. My dear girl saves a mammal, So we go mad with beggarly financed by a kind of idea to do that. Tell the man always by the banana
man, oh my way, bad as Roma men were They look like you put them in your mouth man, but you are something in your mouth, a banana, but you gotta wear your word. And it like a boy. Why are you about earlier about it? You know about love, light better, make everybody we, This is. The latter is a bigger homophobia which is really too stupid thing I've ever seen in my life. I would derive anything ambiguous savage if you break the banana and any given. You were given your son, a false sense of masculinity, just because you break a banana becoming the banana Domini might not one of us one day. I gotta worry about. Like I don't make, any sense that is to make there was it like ought leg makes virulent whatsoever about way. I wanted to get a gay homes where, when it well No, I will call the trial Dr Drive, you that you call
did you people to college? I want to know how gaming actually eat bananas. Ok, right, good would have game into your Obregon Bananas dude in what did which, although you right, we'll do that when we come back which are defined traverse the breakfast welcome on mine. Everybody is gay envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast clubs there. If you just do it as we talk on bananas and how you eat bananas and adamant that has started from, Khalifa when it came a pity. Other Dallas listen will use ya to break it and had never thought and I've been reviewed review by as banana. You says there with you, because you want to start the interview you inoculate gonna break the banana pause believe it's me agent purely by no see thing that you're gonna break it in pieces broke why this is the first.
The question is: how do you eat your banana? It does not matter how you eat your banana. My brother's, please don't fall into this stupid ass discussion. Okay, if you want to just peel your banana and bite into it. If you want to break the banana and eat it, do you all right but please I knew my gay home is the call a big and I wonder how they eat bananas and operated. They timidly like the brig neighbour Nan, is to allow this oh wow, I from or level of this delegation, all my god, I hate and your voice. We don't turn tell the attitude of the bananas cart? down the way I would like our could unconquered gloom about my Matthew. I mean you know, maybe a matter that you will not mind if I couldn't do that if they had all the lower unilaterally Gabert reverent, that, like literally on both by hurriedly, I gotta pull my wife and you got
All jobs is about you out of your masculinity defined by higher eat bananas. I seriously. Because a number of you will then all you gotta do break in and happy go. Lucky MAC, honourable, would no doubt be himself, but you, like you, eat of bananas Naturally it is eighty nine I believe in the way of behaving like mark you do it. Would woe not like monkeys to who arrive easy guys? Would it mean by monkeys, mercury will guide better water, the animal channel under the Y. All right now we will watch tv now message. You have a good day. Girl allows this table The king gave him browser. Man bananas in Brooklyn, borough, bad bad or whether they are just the light emails? I do Brigman
the widow matter, but at the same time the ALA cell crazy but dirty hands on the banana regular below this travel Jersey, trade from Jersey how to either Bananas in Jersey, Jerry? There is no straightaway to eat of bananas. Are no one man, you gotta go land. What a yacht or what browser you mean has no screen what EU banana? If you are a man of Europe's great man. However, you heed of banana is great waiting to banana, but Dana deprecate! You go for it may be to the neighbouring ever get there you evil. How do you want to buy a new one? I reminded you wanna convinced, as you scrapers, you done my deep thrown bananas, but I mean it Even though I must go forward as a deep throat. The banana is that you get it. Voting time. Our baby wool, ok, hello. There is gradually be tolerable. Laddie
Gregory Mary Egypt, billet you banana nations in Edinburgh. We believe that the first person I've heard that enough is, and if a thirty year mandate, just put a pathetic gratitude, it's that banks were really to me. If you don't, you worry about a beta about how you gonna break a brief overview. I think if you don T, you know me, I'm a glass firebug manner to any old mouse, like that, you got a break, it are you eat. I know you bring guide dog, I have to talk about, but I ate the waiter, I'm gonna break it, I'm that would apply strict them So, instead of taking like a big may guide dog, you did want to low, had doggie Numa, Diego that would obviously is actually stupid. Ammo beyond his, which varies now. This is when the term toxic masculinity comes into play. This is actually to produce them or little store that toxic masculinity is wrote in his party that tomorrow restore right. Well,
we got room was under way. Yes, I think about it. And People- words rolling him while he was trying to do his thing was that you who it is also, will talk about Joe Button and loop, a fiasco? I dunno these two at a problem. Many the apple, I thought about it. When we come back, you block to the breakfast look more breakfast morning: everybody has the J envy. Angela ye shall I mean a guy. We are the breakfast club was, gets it aromas. Let's talk about it. A dj tat, was getting trawled. With Angela his club sech a k, a dj diesel was gonna, be dj at the new casino in Atlantic City, the Ocean resort casino, Well, remember we disguises hypnotize about how they actually had to. Build a new digital arose to tell anyone fit in their well. He actually did go and they said that they were
RO, the waving Charles Barclays years, with the number thirty four on it s for a while. He was dealing with every trolling coworkers people are wondering if there is some type, a feud between aims. Against all, because any much more unity between competitive athletes, in fact that what I love the shack always less, I mean I do, namely child. Why would I live for invention has none. Yes, I'm gonna make in Serbia, He ain't got no ring, so that was his mistake as you know, somebody that every day so that everybody trawling him while he was China DJ our idea the Washington and he sat down and that an interview with Jamie fact as part of this off script series, that's on Yahoo, entertainment by Gray goes Annie, talked about One of the movie rose that he wished. He hadn't tearing down here's what he said, how many times, you say no and have you ever said no to something that you wish you had said yes to, I turned out seven.
They wanted me to play the brain bad thought. The script was too demonic. Were in a sort of movie house like Blue seven, Seven several riding he's here we still remaining wrap. It is the one that actually ended up plainer character. He would apply grudge here, but that's a great movie. So. I am happy to this day, nor are they D heard or Denzil residential Avenant move? Now sometimes he said he saw that you know, like you said he saw the script. Wasn't room was a movement in us out? That's a regret. I guess that he has an some people were thinking that Joe, but in a movie fiasco where beefing, I am sure you guys were understand so Joe Button posted a picture and citizen and become greater than I imagine soon you'll understand and then loop responded. This end were sitting on his ultra modern balcony, enjoying a summer breeze with the sacks you staring up into distance looking at when he could be looking at these hands step. Dugan Joe Streets is calling you Well, I've been about street fighter, these astute street fighter. That is, you can go back to gazing into them
clarity whence you catch. These multiple Elles has tax Chicago hashtag hanging in order for the funds by those. I believe I, the aim in in a vote of never come back up here. I don't know, maybe ask what city will become a pay after we got him in trouble, widow of when you, when we said he prayed over the vagina, yes an angel, but when we talk about him sitting on the young Ladys and between a breath system, it is they that he said, nay. But after that, said and I will come back, but they ve been of his sins, but I ain't never gonna, but, as you gonna be fiasco, and he don't have no issues, he saw how every hour of is drawing up a good, almost grew five, because he perhaps tax to fight it. How can we find that it is only by modern videogame? You think they really happy when I'm not the one that upon our biggest beef, but I've been Joe is I've been critical. Alluvion replied is annoying Nobody likes to like the fight by designing a friendly fisticuffs. You know
may not go. Do none when is each other at all, but you know it sounds good on those Wolesi Jirga write anything what videogame Gama Blocker well, he says to fight it at is now I don't know. I re oppose him alone. Says that people thinks that he's ugly and his mouth I rather like an abandoned, has of queer either shooting for the shows very season in Kansas City and allow people were nominating pose him alone for make over answer Carozza. As everyone one pose Maloney beyond the show did he requested and that impose Mamma, said no basis, think I'm ugly and smell lavish, although guys keep crush. About all know. If we actually smells what he looks like he's, my little of Ladys Marian Devereux, they got odor. Our mandate is heavy on many of the points he didn't think up their own. It has been able to twice item Angela YE, and that is your room. A report is the situation as we move resolute. I remember. Remember cigarettes mount ok, cigarette in beer, our
wash out to revolt. We'll see you guys on Monday, everybody else. We can do to make We will do our o r and D Mix Abdel ended that is the blackmail on Twitter, made your picture, his abbe not incident. I tag you just take a look made you his Abbe ass, close ass, it as it is a black man. Let me, let me know you the hour and be jointly the start of its having Campbell. Can we talk and let me know your favorite are and be joint call, Thomas I wish marriage. Blog, be happy with. You wanna hear I got for you this morning. I would go back on a Friday, so we got you with the breakfast locomotive from high. Radio and Tribeca studios. This is fierce upon cast. Right, the incredible women who never made it nor history books and the modern women carrying on their legacies. Today, I'm your host job yachts each week will bring new story of a groundbreaking woman from the past, who made huge contributions to the present his name still as among the tipps of our time, for whatever reason: Chang South
she outclasses ever Other known pirate by every measure, a hue and used to discover success, Phyllis sweetly she published a book when she was most twenty years, all while she was still a slave and the israeli government. Down in for life at the end of each person I'll, be joined by a woman living today who standing on the shoulders of this historical woman, whether she knows it or not, join us for you're so modest expand your world with a few other women who should have been included in your history books, lesson and subscribe to fear. On the Iheart Radio LAB Apple podcast. Or wherever you listen. Apart casts you're looking for new podcast, who isn't these days, if you want real stories about love, commitment, marriage and hope stories that will help get you through the strangest of times. Look no further than season for the committed podcast
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