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When Love In The Club Goes Wrong


The Breakfast Club asks listeners if they've ever found real love in the club...and then they ask if they would confront someone who gave them an STD... Hopefully those 2 questions are unrelated. Or you found more than love in that club.

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I gotta get back like a mega voyages, took all we ve got this press round about visually, join a breakfast club say some minor. You yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo. Ninety Charlemagne morning, usually you name, you know what you know. You can't work alone when you come to work when you don't believe that, All always that you can always
when somebody with citizens see to some people, always say anything playing. My wife, my address, can feel my seat is extremely low this morning and I don't know how to lifted up just quite yet. You don't wanna live to see that traffic all go up. I d say anything on vacation and take a look at where he is. Yes, he has done on vacation, let he had to discuss it, in other words, because you never been coordinating outfits every day. Now this is really cute and I guess he had to explain what happened. So he put up a picture vacation is going gray. I'm sure glad I bought my style is along with me a k, my wife wasn't radiation with good intentions are good simply because when you got vacation You realise that the warlike man I gotta, continue to work hard and continue to put my foot in whatever career job that I have in order to take more vacation, so drive when include bombs vacation. I can't wait to take mine. Walmart involve kind of South Carolina not alive. Now we guileless anything gate. They did a great job of
where did the family in the clothing and looked like a great vacation? I can't afford this kind of stuff, but it looks like it cannot afford. Is gonna stop when you got about thirty two, it of the finest peruvian, peruvian milk. You breathe, resilience ruby embodies somalian weave in your hair. I thank you to her important elements are easier than from take care of my hair. Now you don't normally. I don't wear weave that long, but I did at the Braves yesterday and then I took the braids out and now is just wavy. I don't feel anything to it. Look all the girls out there with their natural wavy, weave, ok and emphasise that bananas. The milky way don't wave up like that. Do is sheds, and I very, and neither is actually very protective sad haven't been having to do anything No, he know nothing you at home at all. Basically, when I take this off, my hair should be allowed healthier or they
and so it for you, for you, Friday, break a break in bad front. Page news coming to mental dogma, you well, let's at about prince, they did find out what caused his death and so will tell you what that is, and let us talk about Donald Trump. Now we have two. There were. None of you saw all of these points Tis, but a guy really Van and probably the most violent rallies ever after a trumpet gang and Jolly right in San Jose. Damn right, you talk crazy about next kindling bones: rejoined Maxie, would you things go happened right, they were burning hot. I mean it was crazy, but we'll talk about it so dramatically. Bottlenecks condemn no, which are supposed to do? Why not the world dangerous. Montessori replica. We are baby, don't go anywhere Why do we start to show off? My modem lanes was the main tory lilies in Milton
tat night. No way I gave going with rises, the Tories, it's a Milton coming so trust me ass, a Milton my uncle's names had to uncle nothing now withdraw Sophronia. Knows the warriors to gain. One beatnik have one for eighty nine game to Sunday made on ABC architecture, it will be much of a fairies or is in five. Ok, I its debts You put money on it and I don't domini You know gamble, nobody takes my sports, knowledge serious simply because I'm a Dallas cowboys and I understand, negated nor do I have a year you do. They were gonna winnable or at least you're gonna. Only with the only team in a world of any sport I have motion and attachment to. So when you make emotional decision, you know make the decision or is in fact well princes. That's actually got leaky live now. Like they did release a one page report on what happened and what they are saying. Is that He died as a result of fence and toxicity or girl. It's a painkiller obviate obesity,
but they ve been saying all along with an overdose, so they think that something that is even more is stronger than morphine, even and that's what they give to people when you cannot develop a tolerance to other kinds of painkillers, so is for people with severe pain. It's for pain after surgery is for people well chronic pain, and who just can't take the regular opiates any more normal while they did to the particulars once in my life, but I really did enjoy them for a brief period of my life, I got into a car accident once I'm your bank alone exactly with the heavy on a boy, don't think, maybe is in its very dangerous to clearly I had to take them. When I got my wisdom seat remove mothers yoga, they do, but it also maintain that able to do much. I feel I can do anything I wanted to do was I was too out of it sex for a long time on painkillers want. Shit shit I myself will now trot protesters it discreet in San Jose mayor. Listen, I got a little
crazy. This is probably the most violent incident. Ass had ever Donald Trump Valley ever now. What happened was protesters where way, mexican flags. One was burning in american flag, one was but a burning trumps make Amerika great hat, and some people were chanting. F, Donald Trump. Now chump supporters we're leaving Allie protesters started yelling and felt at them, accuse them of being races and that's when riot police showed up and started pushing pushing them back and they should be allowed protest if they once Isles. I'd probably was nothing you now so for one member, namely that the process is instead its haunting the protesters, that's when she got cornered and they begged her who alone in Mexico.
No, they egg the women who was actually made it through the protesters, issues making fun all got your years while is always good on a hateful bigots. That's Philip was broke out is that one man was sacrificed and not to the ground, and please directed the person who attacked him and another instance that demonstrate is closed in on a chump supporter and they started putting him in the face and a chump protein to try to protect the man, and that's when others support is moved through the crisis. Guy crazy rattler below were standing on cars and officer they said, was assaulted. There was no significant. In property damage, but it was crazy. The imo magruin violence and we are hearing eight beget hate. Like you know, we can't chastised Trump supporters for the environment in turn around and be violent towards unless there's gonna be allowed to protest peacefully outside, and I think I mean and when this support is a Donald Trump left. That's when the real clash started, because they are very physical to social. Today, the trunk supporters
art all decisions and makes, I think, if I were the riot police with air, pushing people back, adding has gets everything inflamed instead of just leave me. The MILAN, just walk out, keep moving or drop. One include bombs. Remarks can be an actor vodrey, I'm over with their knowledge of the said, a lot inflammatory environment the Mexican want to stand up and have a little revolt going on? I have no problem with that whatsoever, but I don't have the eleven applicant. While I write I agree with the violence on the level. That is your front page news. That's right! Tell him what you matter the next one hundred forty five five one of you pissed off this morning for any reason mandated the house. Bigger Ryan is endorsing tramp now also how do you know the house be green is when you said how big it out looking around the room where we got how speaking out on autonomous only has begun. No, the big ol speak. They used to come with us go back and made deeply takes in rags whether there has been another matter that you and I have a weapon.
And it is now a matter of doubt endorsing trunk. No speakers in miles would have endorsed Donna Donald Trump, a lot out of these figures in miles. At the current moment it be, I eliminate them to breakfast club the breakfast club, yeah, you know I'll make you mad with fulfilled, but can have the fact that some of my you may want to breakfast club med, because I mean, if you think about it, why would they have a headache, The protest, the less they already planned on just cause in Iraq. Distant let the supermarket, maybe seven at the supermarket, had a large group of people or just common. I mean whoever everyone before there forever, but
are you a present nominated, get my why you're the shop with Eric? They just want to cause problems is a mere everybody lives because he has all been nominated, but I do agree with you like of your bringing eggs already is low premeditated and you know better than this. American right, it is go and protest mean. Then that, but let the people, however, of what I mean, is that even against each other yet have you had any problem, though, isn't allotted each rallies? gotten very confrontational While we should know whether they are now they're going. I did something could potentially have been yeah, but I wouldn't run. I wouldn't bring eggs as a weapon of banned, but one last look. A little knife nagging support your political party, our farmers Euro American. Allow me to add only going to draw in support of your violin. I don't like, when the Mexicans again bound him toward the transported. I don't agree with violence to protest at all Euro area. You stay, you show a neighbor ass. I was
I appreciate the men of all the thing one in its eyebrow elected just want to make. You feel something I'm like tackles, You don't worry, I you will feel some now go. My entails very mad. Smoking Kurdistan collar shredded Turkey, a mother saw, of course you are goes It is done much. We ain't there right now, I'm in get out you for a minute China beyond this. Now delete. I want to say so. You tweet it about, he said not people's dreams is probably don't say. We did some like this. When I was gonna get a common says he each me down when you bro. You mean to tell me I can't sub in four crystal for Yoshino, while hashtag unconsciousness on commerce and called on the night at eleven p m. When MTV. To reason, I told you Your dreams is because not all crazy to me or social media.
Why do you think that you will get me help? You gets out, there's algorithm your social media, I'm trying to show you first, yeah yeah, I'm gonna, take it now you buddy, you were never going to make any man that doesn't make any sense. Why will and I'm crazy to somebody and then expect them to help you lost? Well, I've, never versatile social new eyes, versatile. Ok, you to plug Angola you to blow I gotta go. I gotta show you that I can do this in order to get all you don't worry pray, you listen, you kids, gotta, realise talking crazy to people on social it is not we'll get you on Skype that we're gonna. Do you have to be very clever? You have to know what you're talking about and so crazy about things that make sense. I've made a big job misconception I talk crazy and ass. I got to where I am sure you are trying to do that. To me, like does not hide, is what are they watching other watching uses like two dozen, when he was one would be willing, and you always did when you know
to try to beat you don't have to be like anybody. I know of no I'm not. I'm not gonna be weighed down this shorn of vital somebody else. He's I'm gonna pay attention, but since we know I am, of course you know, you know why. I'm you got like two million pounds We got a mere light unsolved everybody relevant smoky. Listen. I wanted to give you a word of advice. Ok tell them about pray, arrogate lack Pratt approached airport charges have been different pray. My brother play with. That is telling why you mad you going to call us up right now, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. I let us know what you're mad about get it off your chest, then so you can have a great and The figure figure freaky factor is the breakfast club breakfast.
You know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can't have you that's why you may want to break with mining tat. Is why you MAC abruptly? Please calm down, worries our union poor girl. Now let it be I'll try to my party a pragmatic appears bout this morning. Let me brother, I will tell my medical about today are far more likely by vested live on an issue that, yes, I don't care. I gotta get to do ourselves why bandwagon recovered herself. She said: I'm broke You broke out your guy when she says dollars Wednesday. So this morning she has to look method. The moon at my wallet by review needed as a you. Just tell me boy. Why didn't you gotta call me if that beach, Oh, are you vat Well was late. I'm smiled, you know how much egg swam to send a man at all you,
Oh yeah, you, a smart guy. You fraud is a wireless. You realize you could be to you like that. Ass, Craig, he's really afraid. No, you build new escalate Oceania, hey ourselves, you know it probably go back and worthy private car names you cause you need have? No! No am you never. About how much you Mamma would be mad, how much you broke out war illicit excitement. Time she gives out in the shower, and all that big white flesh is anchored in the bathroom walkin. Aren't they girl, you look like twitter egg. That doesn't that does not solve anything two rounds filmmaker right to probably would only land knows you should never ever be. Do you like that? No matter because you know that our job on now we can see no bread. Reserves are all right. What do you think
we're gonna have damn good day. You have a good day to you, rat bastard. I keep jailers number. If you do. Won't you last else. I didn't have a great day. High cholesterol runs in your frame, our Actually, you got room of next year's said about Gilbert Arenas, verses, lower Gauvain. I guess they were in court and things went more in his favor, so it would tell you what happened with that. Also Alicia Keys with her makeup free campaign with discuss what she's decided to do. Let's see if you're on board Friday. Baby babies dwell Moldavia, Minnesota Breakfast Club the breakfast club. The guy at the Reul report, Libretto Glove, Elisa Keys. Yes, last year, has tat, make up free campaign. She wants to unpack All women to accept their natural beauty. Now what made this happen? Well, she wrote a letter she said everytime, I let the house, I would be worried if I didn't put on make up what is the money went
picture what if they posted it, these were the insecure superficial but honest. Thus I was thinking and all of it one way or another was based too much on what other people thought of me. She said before that in my new album, I wrote a list of all the things that I was sick of and one was, which women are brainwashed and like we have to be skinny or sexy or desirable or perfect. One of the many things I was tired of was the accosted judgment of women. So now she said what made her really decides to go make a frame I walked into one of my first shoes for my new album recently that the issue was front and sensor again, I just come from the gym. She said she had a scarf under her baseball cap and, as you said, she was sacked because she became a little bit nervous and slightly uncomfortable, be photographers ETA. Taking pictures tell the these photos have to be wrong and real. Just like your music dance, she said she went to do a photo shoot and they ve taken for just added taking pictures of her would know make upon and now she's allow more comfortable with it. She said I dont want to cover up anymore, not my
it's not my mind, not my soul, and that my thoughts, not my dreams, that my struggles, not my emotional growth, nothing argue that drop one of clues bombs for Alicia Keys. We live in such a superficial society of people. Don't realize Minnesota about your or it's about your spirits, and you know how you know: Alicia Keys got to go board cuz, you put that picture out with no makeup and she did not become a meme at all. Well, what do you think about women now wearing make up? Does about? you, as you hang on a memory, they were they nowhere at a man you gotta do it makes you feel comfortable legal rigour when patients at them get out. There were no make up coming from the jam. This disposal as oppress objective, is a personal preference right. I write cabin Harrison Tireless work, they ve broken up. Now? What was the reason for that break up here? I've got a new I'm comin out Jimmy momentary. According to one of Taylor, swift friends, you tell people magazine that cabin Harris was intimidated by her success and multiple occasions. He would not.
And any events where she was being honoured or any awards shows unless he was nominated. Also your career too. You know, Maybe I was desperate dj. Maybe you, hedge Oh there may Taylor like stop it right where a legit Lee cabin areas, sapping for a ring, when Taylor broke it off with him now they said till it is used to being treated a certain way and she didn't feel like the relationship with leading anywhere. He was about to propose. Traveling include bond for carbon as he's about to be amused. Details was next whole level where they are under terms the other, and he has said that in a publicly on twitter and she works very hard for the things that he believes in he's said. She has amazing That is all right. Now there are goods are owed. Dilemma, I'm no he's thirty two hours, each one, ok, we'll have the name or new, I'm twenty six, probably twenty seven. By the time it drops. He's gonna be amused for cabin airs. Airy. Now, let's discuss the Broadway hits Hamilton where's that
the show was nominated for a record, sixteen tony awards ripe and the creator composer, star of that Hitler? Manual Miranda was up for three words from south for the book. The score in his role as leading actor in a musical. Only thing is here, Leaving July ninth will be his last performance and he's going to work on his own other projects. Now he wants to pursue other opportunities, the new idea for another musical odor above lay somebody. I don't know who Morrison's brands, furthermore become draw political, bomb for that, guided by their that golden lottery ticket salute you Bobby, and you know it. So after the movie rights to its first Broadway show in the heights, and he has a starring role in an upcoming Disney sequel to marry path. In so he's got a lap, and so you re going to marry Bob and now, of course, now he could, that guy the maid and I've seen him with and has a lot of things. I get these Mary Patrick. Why not? Why not in his ginger nut ginger gender neutral society like this, Why can't you play Mary pop Angie? I don't think so. The goblet
whereupon I like you, you have to say by far is here why is he to Harry economies spare my hair, shaming? You are because he's a man with a beard and a gouty isn't hookup labour Bob and angry gender neutral word: everybody's gender, fluid Al Jazeera. Why can't Jeremy Lin was a name. The manual landmine Miranda Manual Moran. Why can't you play Mary problem about the way that answer wessling university? We actually both went to the same college. Withdrawal include bombs whether you are right, and that is your room, a report I mean to me bombs or whether you are right in that is your room, a report by means of the union, and I would advise you to go catch Hamilton if you can before July, nay, before Jeremy Lin leaves believes that jail me. Let you know what I mean. God bless. The brother and then relay rumour report, I'm annually now we got from professionals. We come up not only come back, ok and relax. Our I want to talk about love in the club is Friday liable. We club and as we can, can you really find a good relationship in the club we'll talk about it. Didn't breakfast club,
dangerous Minnesota, breakfast Club, solemn Engaddi, annually, vision, envies someone world, though, I've been here. Yes, we are now young front page news going the warriors to gain one beaten calves, one of four nine game to a Sunday night on ABC, already told ya before the theory started, this is going be much series worries and five ok, I'm not here to dispute, which you are married, argued you'd. Just my opinion, worries and live with me. I understand medallic Cowboys, France, you don't take my sports opinion serious, but wars and fire. Ok. Now princes autopsy has been leaked. Yes on title now: it's not now. It turns out that he died from a fence in overdose.
It's a powerful painkiller, and that is what they are saying now: they're trying to figure out how he might have obtained that drug city even have a prescription, for this thing is more powerful than morphine into a people use when they get physically tolerance of opiates, and they need something that stronger, more powerful people who have chronic pain. They use that itchy peak patients with severe pain or to man is pain after surgery, also by whoever gave him that could potentially be in some big trouble. Obviously, there are also release when he was wearing when everything happened. According to the report, he was discovered fully dressed. Playing a black cat, black sharing gray and a shared black pants, black Faxa briefed and black. That figure is a deadly great guy into a cards. Anyone want some years ago, and I was on something there was an outlook. Octagon was something that I saw was on that in evil. Pain, subsided. I devil got me another refill, but I stop doing that because I don't want it that they as everybody else how much he waved his body was by four three haven't you been Prince wave and
pass enough. The levity whenever you wanted to say about ninety five hundred entire parents is saying yes and I make a flop He was really light on his report, which I think you can call me crazy. I don't want a saudi man levitate with my own eyes, and I took a picture of it in the picture. We blackened less than thirty second necessarily authors and said that they are now going over these any further information. No further comments: I need to hear any more. Don't think I need to be released from friends here on out his music okay. I don't now know nothing about prince of private life. You know why you know nothing about it eleven, you, the large rhetoric that man is deaf and we'll talk about these trump rallies. Now I was in San Jose California, protesters and supporters clash in it was probably one of the most. I guess
combative instances so far to travel around. They were Mexicans outside and other protesters. They were waving mexican flag. One of them was actually burning and american flag. Another person burn Donald chums, make Amerika great had they would chanting F, Donald Trump and damage has got to go outside of the San Jose convention sensor. Now one of the women who was approached who was actually there attending the Trump rally went outside and she actually stood amongst the protesters. Taunting dampening of a middle finger: that's when she got egged and spit on, sounds? Let me for me, as it were, standing on tap acquires a crazy, don't turn into what you despise. You gonna say: I'm not go out there and act like wanted a trump support. As I understand you, u, mexican valid travel talking crazy about you by all means protest scream of trump that you gotta, give violet people in all Barney american flag, you live here, that's like duffer, we goin on revenue. You want. So is it a crime to burn the american flag? Yes, it's a crime is gonna stay
but we live in a way, you'd Mexican. Imagine where Americans agenda today like beat Trump being a hate, a hateful bigot, but they didn't have anything to do it. I would ask an automatic have been based on a they certainly are still deliver regardless. They said it is legal to burn the american flag, really yeah how'd. You want to know if you American, like most appointed, didn't citizenship in pain and american only to burn Fleck. Let me just to my research, tennis that attacked by don't go to the troll rallies and bees. Volatile and stupid is to transport, and I just want to say Charlemagne. Without these anvhar cause he's on vacation with his family, you ve been doing a great job in between genes. Things fell at small craft drove wanna, go bomb. I've been working on it all week. Thank you. You advances made my weak, ok, don't mess up now and we are paying attention. I want this,
Now it's Roddy, ok and a lot of you want me to go into the clubs and stuff tonight. He s very obeyed. Ngos say you know what I mean: what s next, okay, so Friday, lot of a human being club the night the weekend is for clubs. So my thing is: can you find love in the club? Is it possible you find a quality man or woman in the club. You have you ever have I ever yeah. No women like, therefore not come on quality of five, like significant other, your mate wife. In up like somebody, you take serious note some. You take all mismatch in me right for the summer. Cs? I mean a quality woman, something that ends up being a wife and later on the club, and we want to get it for five years. Really we'll talk about it. Ok, we'll talk about a week. Back one hundred forty five point: five one is the world's most dangerous Monaco to Breakfast Club If the world were daydreams, Minnesota Breakfast Gloves Charlemagne regarding annually. I would usher. Daddy was honest.
Genuine at long last to know he's not on their bare baby. Into our mental. Nobody was green freedom as a damn sure he may find it out. I need a girl and you're gonna find out in the club. Maybe doesn't with discussing today is love in the club possible. Can you find quality man or woman in the club is Friday. Everybody can be, tonight now we, a boy up here for an operator the average annual holidays, but Taylor works here. Tell you said you find love in the club of? Oh, yes, we haven't had discovered, Billy S, spies guy, whose key so how I give you approached him? Yes, outlines a girl, I wanna dance gloves
I went up to him started no voice grinding you're setting out, and I had a strange you. How do you do you know it's our seas. Number is a name you redeem for like two years and there are broken off to you if we use measure for two years after that grinds now about running away or even really love? Did you love on you like mother alive? I met my ex boyfriend in the club and we gave a five year. See the low logger five is theories. You grab college in five presidential term But I will say this: I met him in the club and one Friends knew him already yeah, so he was trying to talk to me and then she was a girl. You know, I know him bob last I felt like ok safe. You don't you don't know Pianola crazy when you meet array Him talk for a good legs or minds. Enemy became one heard virtual.
I was six monthly law. You I swear to God. I walked into a mirage and I got a loss in on you. You know what happened. I will let you can pass the very fine blue in the closet. Dog, I angel angel Sneaker plug everybody. I've ever good sneak up love a good doctor, dermatologists denizens Nigger, Plug angel said he met his wife in the club fifteen years ago and they got to she's not a married and amend the club fifteen years that is geared. If I always possible, it is possible, but I am sure that MRS Dead in the club I mean, I know little because the club as such stereotypes to do not say- and I think that a moment ago to the club every week and knocking paid to beat she's just a club You know me and don't you talk to her, she might be GA. I got three four key. You looking at me like that. Why you hey every week, you look was like when I went away, but we have club an immediate end. You meet a guy and he knows everybody. There
at an even there quite a few thought that we should therefore take people who go to the club denies the just in time. Because you see them in the club. You know I can do and clubs who but I like general invasion for general lines of wigwam. What they do you doing yourself in a giant mad at you, and I may be a general evasions, usually on accurate, but you shouldn't have a conversation I got rid of the woman. Tell you she got to educate she's here every week she probably washed away, go and our job in the jail. I know job no career she bought Is this a lot of other factors that go in engaging appearing? Nicolet me trying to talk to a girl she's? They were friends you gotta by everybody during that is fragmented. But if that is present in the crew of the ugliest tourism in the crew a drink and ignore the pretty one message you do now that you get the pretty one either you could find Levin Club novel are you always in a class media grizzly bear you could buy alone must be offered and the club men have been one of the seven.
Why has he been your fiance for seven years as a long time to be any Raymond dating other time? And now that is beyond my my wife, what was planned for these four years before anything very last for a data, my wife relate fitting is well known. We engage wine. Ok, you can't be. If you need to know where we are familiar with a grin and gave for your report, which might be some club. You fear these days, it said, have you stupid man, you know, there's nothing we are certainly be cool brought up. Mining is about this club. Do you think that you could find Leavin the club? Oh, you really think I have covered the? U S. Will you therefore will be in your hair, combed change? like a vast, but our baby web is when I take this approval out on the under whatever like unto me Jimmy
now drew ails. You should these. It is Papuan. What's real right? What's your brain look like? Are you at dirty, Philly, braids, underneath that weave? Maybe I'll see you in the club as remember users and the glamour leaders go make you give her whole crew. Fellatio all is over when not all about women We come back to hear more over man. You gave me the most pressing get when you think about it now rise over domains transition, one hundred, Five, one, five one can you for. I love and club was still taken. You cause you find equality, man or woman in the club. If the breakfast club valleys Drake when dance and that's how you need in the club define love, may be right, but you know one of the procedure the Hennessy in the club guy had ASEAN avail I drink. Did you make bad decisions off Hennessy? Well, let's take a bath and people on Twitter. One person's had your mindset going into a ship come isn't to find love and happiness. Now and hen said industry, a club in that and no normal party club
he's then that, in my opinion, love cannot be found in the club. I moved Bodell only because you can of love anywhere, ok, I don't like generalization so generalizing, someone, bathos, weighty, go it doing yourself. An injustice may have become his birthday family in the color celebrating something, but I understand the stereotype, but has plenty of good women who go to declare plenty. One would degrees twenty one, a wig. Korea and flinging anyone know? Kids, you just gotta talk. Did you want to find out what their story? They know I'm a jog around operating out of once you kid. The new fallback is the same as meetings and by allowing you never know what really going on the moon. I re Wolesi, which you think eight hundred five. If I want to buy one, can you find love in the club? You think thou you found a boyfriend The other day I had been. Are you just wishful thinking now I found an axiom. There were, might have been it'll, be twenty eight years.
You going lace and so happened had any approach you undeclared work. You know the crazy thing if he met my grandmother. Grammar my from Chicago you covering alone agglomerate views you. Yet there was a glad. My grandmother was in the club became offers Chicago's used to go to the travelling to Chicago and he were thin and he was talking to him and he said I'd like you to meet my granddaughter, introduce meeting and from there and see, haven't you ever go zone where you are one of them dirty vibrio grandma's? At times now that we need not mama grandmothers. Ninety one! You, though babe it's what I was doing in the global, do nothing. Anyone now, I think. Maybe what why he within the club back deity was probably about in her late forty, maybe
Fifty that's indebted to Damn old Vienna Club background within Oda. Mackay you, my grandma Nazi hung out with Oda. Cloudy riotous was like any real heavy days and on a boat of a general budget, Grandma Lothar Mile in Baghdad as our game. Would I be let's wait? Twenty eight years it s out of my pocket, they don't play a limit on the argument. I'll get you out of my dog on record, our guy homo any from Haiti left. The fact was gone so far. They may appear monsieur le these those adult now. It's all. You do not
The store I mean I want to tell you. You bought all the bottles, what the grandma MA back into like Deb, whether none as you gave you two. Could you have to four months to cooking? Why were yea away for lead, which you know why good it with good away. My brow lab and I had to immunity, would already well and I'm sticking stay looked in handsome she's beautiful, did you get trapped? Are you really stand? Would love nod and get up I'll? Tell you, though it is that you guys met in the club. Oh yes, I know all a good story anywhere with didn't. We don't play on again. Let them was the one song that you here now I remind you that made you met her in the club where the boom boom boom you'd ever whatever the hell boom, never my Charlemagne, have a good day. My age brother, I'm glad you for our love and club give the wife in the ground
going to kill me. I beg you ever they arrive right. Am I right? Listen the main. Within about nine eleven o clock. It was the moral of the story, the moral of the story. There is a lot of true value and stepping back observing then logic, generally speaking the extremes of what you seek this a lot of extreme stereotypes when it comes to women in the clubs are even meaning the clay, but you ve got to step back from times, have a conversation with some you see what they come from and you can probably find love anywhere. Ok, that's all I'm saying, another all find a low love and clubs. Ludibria they'd have to win it nicely. You are when we welcome it up. Yes, we'll talk about fatty, wipe another controversy about his new wake up, a music video, a high school principle, was placed on leave because of that video also tame eyes. She was almost Eve, Harvey factor which yet say about her new job and getting fired from the real new job already are ready to move things more sort of replica.
The report is the Reul report whose glove came out into the sea Harvey morning so and she talked about what happens when you learn. It despite it was ass. I'm Braxton family values as well yesterday check it out. I was basically there's told me that she told him that out and get along with the cask maids I'll, tell him you don't get along with my friends or are they mop rags? I dont know big others see it. This way ass. He got a big now right, who probably others thereby know that those who can afford? Are we going on? I went with it, went into backs in family values us all about this. It was Timor because I'm a maiden fall. Well, you I'm gonna fall. If not the person radio would ride. She said it s, a Vince Cognitive,
here's to find out about getting there make up dying for s ends you know and what was going off Essence Festival and the producers it either maintenance. You were not going to have her back for the panel is a the executive reduces it'll. Show too I heard I was rumours are Nashua, that's true does grime. If you find, executive producer of the show's wife. Without telling him I'm not sure what that is. Nasty Harvey then announced that she is getting a talk show of her own. That's all courtesy of his production company he said were proud to announce. My production company has just scientific Braxton and produce a talk. Show tv series retain Tamar Braxton. We thinks you make a great game show host. We think she would make a great new talks so how's. We think that she has a reach the millennial space, that's not out there on the superstar lower that she brings. Table so we proudly inactivated Tamer Braxton is already on her feet. Problem calls balls receive all be there must evolve. You love me yet.
Have you got a lot of you claim to be too plugs Lee Harvey you ve plug for real? I right now. Let's talk about fatty, wipe he got into what we got. His high school Some trouble now know how this happened, but apparently he did it. Video, wake up and doing you in school now has led to an investigation about whether procedures were followed and allowing parts of the video at east side. High school district doesn't endorse the content of the yeah. He thought I baseball, but is that where that is good, always embarrassing, when and where he went to by the way, while so yeah, I guess I d say hidden the protocol. I don't know what happened, but there you have it now. The principle has been on leave has been placed on leave since they now fatty has spoken out. He said I went back to my old high school because I love my city. I wanted to show the students a Patterson that someone who walked those same always they walk every day.
At the same class him showed in the video, has become successful model. We are seeing lean army. Worse things have happened in medical, ok, where things have happened in nets golden afraid,. And it is very exciting for the kids they go to school. Every time I was in Paris. In the other day I was at the the Middle School and they I'll, let you know very well when here you know very well when he is those exciting for unemployed principles on leave when choosing school, Sellen crack biological clock came a schoolboy member said I'm from Patterson and I'm proud of his ex his success. But as a parent and a schoolboy member, I think it sends the wrong nobody listened to anyone in any deciding hey. I've heard we got before we got no sound Tibet, but travelling sound do better The actual is delivered right? They division affirm that no ice cream, Patterson Man, people believe in another, look in his by above anyone, regardless of what the cards in that immunity, the near mine Ali noise. Somebody from the hood
and made it out. I can make it out to now. This is a crazy story. Gilbert arenas, verses, Laura, go vine. If you remember Gilbert Arenas sued, Laura Fur defamation, she told the world that he had given her multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases during the course of their relation. Gilbert arenas denied it. The jazz determined that Laura Gauvain was lying. Apparently she had some Stds, but his medical records always came back clear The Romany, as indeed is a man or woman, have to give you before you realize that maybe this is the man or woman for you, multiple std, slow. You now go back then went on social media and started blasting here he said you can call me what you want, but I'm no liar. She had a better chance being deferred. Monkey on the moon, then winning that case hard to prove. I gave you a lcd. If I never had one is another minimal geronimo. I don't believe so. I could be wrong. Then he put up another policy set, my ex we have to work and hoochie burgers every day for one hundred years at twelve bucks an hour with a tent
we shift to pay that judgment off? I guess he's saying that she s pay him three million dollars for girls. Would you burn me he said. Ah, my ex had to do was apologize and tell the public. She lied about me, Father injurious son. I had sex with her sister in two thousand to, but we met in two thousand three and have for kids and the east, giving her aunt s. He d, I guess, looking like a victim to a bunch of Hollywood. Celebs was more important to her. Now she has to pay. My lawyer fees and me and damages around three million. Illiterate has got Instagram thought tendencies like you, re I'll, be man law, long business, a millionaires tags. You did you, never mind? I remained out and led the way. Yet it has tags, been crazy, got Instagram patent do you know the grandpa loved opposed to bunch Aztec, but he did a has taxis donkey of twenty sixteen success, for you know nothing about this.
To his animals are. Did you learn? That is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE. Yes, now Charlemagne, will you given that donkey to today? Listen, we will ask the question in our lives how much this cause. You don't say whenever you see something you want to purchase, you ask yourself that how much does it cost night right night we'll find out for after all, the breakfast club, a you or or don't you time for Don T talk to you today does not discriminate. My now deciding today via the donkey breakfast club. Please don't keep the day today. Dont you today for Friday joint there goes the twenty three year old, Carlin Murphy from Cincinnati. Ok salute everyone who listens to us on one or two three, two beaten
in Cincinnati and I'm wearing chronicles Bob what Mary? But I got a question. What the hell is going on in that ok, Paris, now watching the title is causing guerrillas de Guiche shot and killed. Now comes good old, Carlin Murphy, the in my we great in Cincinnati, is weak. Now we all been in the store online and seen something like something we want to purchase. I do that every day and we all have said how much damage cos. That is a universal response. Before you make any purchase, doesn't matter if you black, white asian Span, is jewish gazed, great, even rich or poor. You still more asked how much that's cost. Ok, Anna was uncursed, while twenty three o, Murphy took this universal phrase way to literally when he walked into Kroger's. Let's go to the N Y Daily NEWS report A drunken Ohio man was arrested after he tried to self check out his poop at Kroger. Let's call Murphy was stumbled
on the food chain in Hyde Park on Sunday slurring his speech and wreaking of booze. They debauchery didn't stop once Murphy encountered a store employee, a twenty three year old, suspect that allegedly stripped naked in front of the programme worker and then pooped on these self check out cask Murphy was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Public and decency and held on a two thousand dollar bond at his arraignment on Monday, the judge ordered him to stay away from the store for itself. I want to give my praise out the little guy a girl was just trying to make a little money for the sum of large clean up on our one now traumatized for life. And I wouldn't be mad at you. You quit on this fight is now worth it, I'm sure pig lucidly at higher. Ok, second, how much does do cause ok, when I got a pool, I have to get negative. Have to Billy. Now have to be an essay space. I wouldn't consider Kroger's safe space have to be somewhere. I feel comfortable. I don't think I'll be comfortable in Kroger's. Ok, I have to be relaxed and I'm damn sure not gonna. Do it in front of a bunch of people. I couldn't do it in front of a boy.
People, I would have performance anxiety if I had to blow mine in front of a bunch of people, I just couldn't do it. Ok, when I'm at work, Boston and grumpy and in somebody comes industry Next to me to build a log. Cabin is have me to drop from friends off at the lake in that situation. So, as a small part of me as impressed, call in my view they would make his ass quaking public setting like a Kroger's. Ok, not only in a crocus. He got neck in Cardiff Code Brown on this self check out key off. That's kind of amazing just give a little more applause. That book just a better he's, a great public figure, because no crowds gives this guy. I wanted the liquid thou go right here. Probably only the Algarve can give. You described the courage to release the chocolate hostage on this health check. Our key Us Acropolis. Look, if not there's nothing else to discuss here. Folks, had nothing left to talk about Collar Murphy decided to start the lake, with Brown Trot on the self check out Fiasco Kroger's,
I'm kind of impressed by your courage, so I'm not gonna, give you two biggest biggest heart. In fact. Give you something to relax your bowels, but next time you take. The brown to the Superbowl up summit is the smooth starlings of Hamilton. Please you: yeah yeah well, I don't know how much did cause the do have to have a bug, overloaded or viewed in order price they independently to eight how much ways and the color of it by the proud poobah path as well. Ok, that was dog you today. Thank you, Charlemagne Bird. You actually no problem. Now we have to talk about something, has early
furthermore, is fridays that you know that means Frankie infringing infringing now earlier. But tell me about girl, but arenas, verses, Largo, vines and accused him of giving Harrison S T eyes right and he never ended up. Having any now If you had sex with a merry and they gave you a sexually transmitted infection, would you tell them someone gave you know where you live and never have sex with them again and get three pillars. Someone gave you a nasty. Would you The millennium. Now, like hey just saying, I went to the doktor, and I have data. Would you tell him? Would you quietly take to pray? Let me just below
they had not been? I don't know, I'm just never met him with his person again depends on the situation. There is nothing to prevent. A situation could have dislike you if it's not your boyfriend, our government, exactly ever somebody you just slept with Airbus, just some random alma quietly take data of knowing me I'd, be artists. Slinging, adore kind of different chicks automobile gave me were in a show. Actually curbing are you had it gave it to tat person? And you know you added. The responsible thing to do is to say: hey, you might wanna go get tested. I just went into debt. Many of us here would have this. Is you can yourself in that is what is the big when HIV Aids, even Herpes you can get rid of yeah you gotta tell tourism is something you can chew. American quietly take data tat. Well, let us know what you think I need to find a violent over. I wonder if you got it de I from somebody. Would you let them know whether your boyfriend, a group of children as young as dvd, like ice, is an idle where they just call it maintains. Did from LCD now. Did you say sexually transmitted infection? Vulgar? Is the world will dangerous, Mona, shorter breakfast club?
the dangers monotone abruptly carbon fridays. Are, you know, damn Eve Reggae, Frankie Frankie, I took an empty. I hear talking but Gilbert arenas who, I think have Instagram thought tendency. The tea tweets. Long Instagram The latter has tat. We lots and lots of word looking into grandfather would haven't seen him in Lord. Whatever name is she had actually accuse him. I've giving her a multiple sd eyes turns out. Daddy Give her any because he was clean ass, he had, he was doing for defamation and actually he one said ass. He has to pit ok sort. Of course you were asking is. If you are given as tv as to your eye by somebody: would you confront them? Let us not your boy arena the cat, husband or wife here. Would you confront them, argues quietly tat me personally out quietly take the arena acquired
take the l, because if I'm having sex with this chick, I'm probably having sex with a whole bunch of other chicks- and I probably don't know where I got to ask ass, the eye from the wall and are really allow myself. I think the problem is this: if you try that person and that's not somebody you're, really close with that? You have something fit. Probably gonna say they don't have even if they do an equally. They don't know where you that a firm and now you are crazy, curable- was there anything like his age be a loving herbie someone you can get rid of yet tell him we're gonna areas that full of clear media keep tat dsl. Nobody got no right now, Darwin Kind and the greatest magazine crabs, epizootic disease. Prevented only need to stop, haven't sent to a girls from the seven grams who pay for what I did the tone bag as t I he be proud
as the eye of sexually transmitted. Insect. Ok is not an invention is not a disease. There is no need to have crabs into doubt. Sixteen up what you gonna pay phone or ok, I call you haven. T done sixty that's disgusting of going to force pay. What would you do? I somebody gave you an essay. I would you tell them about the little know in our favour, fragile wanna, hear haven't person he spread around everybody after which means they, like you know this terrible. You know their effect, which decides on my way to know no, finally, the wider around a whole little girls for me meagre. I name about relocation Do you still want to have a yellow card by much Ado outpost? Do in all tat. I made sure that I will now go away. You know already go get east of Czech validated people must allow people half of it.
Native land in alphabetical order. My all I'll go on like that fulfils an army. I, my brother, did you nice of you, pay good money? Would you tell somebody you found out he was burnt in and they gave you some time, but is not somebody that you're close with our definitely tell them. How would you say it protects JANET, majors, gay, and then what would you say that you are doing something terrible bottle? He gave you clear media wobbly, not about me you got that are everywhere. Both of you tell me talking about you. No you in the Amazon you back, the emerging gondola mastered the Asians, be wearing a surgical. People, promises sinew a bunch it all back, but you will appreciate knowing right now, like onwards memory std, when, as you want them to tell you not of his endurable you wanna with about it, tell you, may man what you know no hurt?
Have you to thank you for calling, I believe, would not be able to note a figure that it go to the dogs in the doktor music. If you go get your HIV Aids is just don't go back, would result in me now when you and your father, five one o five one call Carla's right now, if some he was not just significant other gave you a std as tee. I would you tell him, I would you quietly take to err. Is the World Moldavia, Monaco to breakfast Club more data. Montessori breakfast Club Charlemagne got annually data envious on vacation out my guy fed you up my way the debate is a new Jersey may european, hot or very wide and at school in Pakistan? Ok, he sat high are right. Much worse. Things have happened that ethical we saw lino me now actually the act of Fridays. We know that means it's very frankly regular and we talk about global arenas who had Instagram thought tendencies, and Lord was our name at large.
Ok, now, apparently she lost her case Tammy suited for defamation. She had accused him of giving her ass the eyes according to we said his dagger medical bell, though, is came back clean so now he won. He says he has to pay three million dollars now the question is: if you got an std from somebody, would you tell them in that Not your boyfriend, not your girlfriend at your husband at your wife. Somebody that you were casually sleeping with you felt like is your responsibility to let them know so they can. Checked out. No Mamma do arguably the myself simply because if I was casually happens, I broadly with Africa. Lou secular lot different now, a lot of room. If you wanna tell embodying you, dont want to call them. I had their difficult conversation, you can send them an std, cart some of them. I have not. You called yeah as a guide, you just let them. No one of them says: you're s He was also an you may not want to sit on my couch cause. Nobody said Herbie, she might be,
you might wanna get checked right away. No, yes, there is a crisis. Unless somebody no hey, you know get check that there is no motion Thousands of humor about that. There's no nice way to tell somebody. You gave him Herpes Yo Herpes an incurable birth, but you have given watch and bring up for review, live, slow dollar. Listen is out there who have general towards and regards right by the way I just went inside you that's a myth, because that's actually Agro Michel Hope was this expert. Showgirl Aris, no fancy talk about Herpes and you dont have you might not have. She said it depends on your immune system. Some people gather have outbreak once and never have it again ever some people could have her. In that, even though it could they never get it every dollar lessons that they readily life. We still got Arby's. We see that we see that thing. When you look ahead of Taipei. Now I've got a phone money. Where were you?
we gotta std? If I'm a guy or girl, you were sleeping with. Would you tell them? I will finish the job is to know about my girl a bit more for you to know that you will listen to me. Listen you got. How would you do too, like the palm our baggage fathom ballast movie. I have bad wouldn't bag and found since I've been medication for medication, and I asked about the first out you like Yoda back and gave it to me what his breath like five millions in adapting the familiar to me that this joint or will. I hope you don't mind- we have available, you never had no way. I've never see no saw her, but still maybe we'd about those days were I'm no I'll never got check for help with America by Endeavour outbreak so
Moreover, haven't I love your girl, you bread, you girls, you are you sick. I had another waste, including Russia. Feeding on you brought and she got what he deserved and just like you know nobody dares to because I, like I told you before I send people could have heard these and never ever have outbreak of you'll. Have it if your woman found candles on you what you then she would buy, that we as a union bad. That goes. You found her being medication on your woman, bad. You know you each play me. I told you. It is probably why in the world you got married, we feel that it. I don't know, she's gotta be embarrassed and you don't want to tell you, but that's not right because clearly in a relationship as something that you need to know that you can take whatever preventative measures that you need to a new level. Her presented by about preventative measure by found at that meeting gave me no for discussing as it is
I mean you'll get it. I don't have no sympathy for you, but you were having sex with her for a long time, knowing that she got this medication you be in that box and join that Herpes infected pool pump. So you have a nice day, Sir Call me when you finally get the reward is right. You have to confront her and tell her. Listen if you have something you need to tell me, because, as now, May you took away my right to choose young her view, be cool out any squeeze Yahoo patently about young, her thoughts, young, our vote. They do have cars that you can send that are anonymous to know. Joined in one arm is guarded until your guzzle a medicine. You are right, there was an anonymous roared and anonymous car, letting people know that you might want to go, get checked out. We have to come from you. I have to pull him out, but I see that website here policy, for you guys and without having imposed, have anonymous acres. Tells you to go ahead to get as he has. It could be somebody that you use them: asthma, somewhat.
As we now and they will know who came from, but a leisure, letting them know metamorphosed story of what you don't know won't hurt you. Yes it well. If is curable cupids yourself, you be, I you'll live right now, Tell them I'm about to do actually. The Reul report coming up in the morning, a man I'm never have got him, not only bring about everything they got him about, as did the Roma live man. Thank God, pray home. Ok, We welcome you yes, then day as yet to find her publicist will tell you what happened and apparently there was some racial insensitivity going. Hey. I got matter people for another. Nay wrongs like is your job to tell em anything they had not been there done. That is. Terrific club Breakfast club,
gas at the reul report. Libretto, glove, family and friends think any is back on hard drugs and they actually had to do an intervention and questioned him about crack pipes in his house for its waters. Crack by doubling the house. Did you still smoking crack? Maybe it's now Roger. They say he's been acting very strange lately and a group of his friends went to his house how to get him to go to rehab, but he said he doesn't need any help so another great awaiting the dispensary, but if you used to be a crack aid- and I come to your house and cracked pipes and have you probably still smoking practice crackpot insane- I was baggies and approaches is well. Ok, so you smoking, we doing crack rules are thinking again over the weekend. You bank hurry. Then they had to fire her publicists because she said there were some ratio, insensitivity, nasty
on the cover of cosmopolitan magazine. As you talked about her publicist, one time was telling her. She was complaining, You didn't like her hair and, unlike her make up her purpose, is totally to sit down and hush, because she should be happy that they bother to give a little black girl a chance. She said you should be happy with it. They haven't had a black on the cover since forever, so she fired or publicist over making those remarks on the sooner publishers wasn't blurt. Probably not here I write well. She also is returning to the Disney Channel. She is actually going to star in and produce the upcoming series Casey. Cover one of my daughter favoured, showed what were she said. The only way I was going to come back to the Disney China was if I was in a position of more power, so why she said is very important to have diversity on Rob was killed by a love letter their day like this, and I, like hazy, undercover? Could I get caught a watch me because I'm trying to clean up my daughter, woodwind Wayne, is doing away This could be more than play their father machine drawn here, see they were
in all re, Andrea Constance, Is the women that, as the lawsuit against Bill Cosby her in her mom talk about what happened that night years and years ago now, according to Andrea Constance mother, she said that her daughter was constantly having nightmares and was sometimes scream in her sleep for about a year after Bill Cosby drugs and sexually assaulted her she said she didn't tell her any that she was asking what was wrong and her daughter simply would not answer. Finally, she said on January thirteenth, two thousand five Andrea told her that she had been drugs and such assaulted by bill caused me. She said I had a flashback, as you told the police, what made her finally saw her mom. What happened? Did I called my mom s at any to tell you about something that happened to me and it happened, while back and involve Mr Cassidy, then Andrea's Ma Am Paw bill caused me because he was trying to figure out what pills he gave her daughter and he had promised that he would give her whatever the prescription was. But he never did. That nasty also goes on to talk about
How, though, can be apologized and she told him your pilot? He asked what else can I do for her, and she said your apology is enough right now, in addition to that allegedly- and we know because these help pay for her schooling and everything she said Bell cause be offered to do that for her later on in life, my milk Harvey is two years pass. Do their milk is boiled is two years past. The expiration date we'll garbage died, years ago. God bless them, but if you did it two years ago the slander returned the sympathy. But now you, the die here or Lula live long enough to see yourself becomes real included. Will now he said that the sexual contact was consensual but Angie. I said you know she's gay and she was in a relationship with a woman. At the time, so she said it wasn't, and that was part of the who's that she had as aware or a scale of one rosy, o Donnell. How gauge like no pain is ever she was in a relationship with a woman. She was get right, and that is your room, a report. I'm Angela ye go the people's choice mix comin up next.
No, I envy takes vacation within Liza makes when we have been given a game eggs. A talk saw through it. We ain't mean we know he's not here. We see you in the Maldives and Dubai by in Dad in turn. Musil now we see you over there. Coordinating with the family s dress moves you all you will move now. Why do we felt like haters That is that much more before strawberries Avenue anxiety is used and encourages nowadays Madame Legged, that their movement, Looking about animal welfare, bad timing, within a camera with its radiant youth movement is fragmented. You want everyone to. Envy is muslim now and me went to MECCA and you're going to come back at eight modern gum, hunch mark my words, but he got the people's choice makes common of mixed and what else they bought revolt, hey revolt by peace, God bless YO to choice, mix up next refuge. Club
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