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MON 10/17 - First things first: R.I.P. to Trinity Gay and prayers up for Tyson Gay and his family... The Breakfast Club is joined by Boosie Badazz to talk about his recent battle with cancer, keeping up with his health, how he was ahead of curve in talking about police-citizen relations and what he plans to do with his frozen sperm! Then we discuss the Azealia Banks/Russell Crowe/RZA fiasco and ask the question, "Has your +1 ever embarrassed you?"

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Challenges like a mega forty. I just took all the point this press brown. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some other visitors, USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO morning age. We gave them on his shoulder mean a guy presented. A plan is minded. Why are you so happy?
have you got a thing called life that we get in joy? We wake up. We thank God. We shall gratitude for life and in we come the work we have great careers began grateful What did they now can be happy about me? I shall question yes, we're in New York City today can be like a higher seventy six. What's that got to do with me, you have a scar, a higher eighty. You have a scar foreign, a jacket. You lay a little blue writing. But he doesn't have a scarf on in a jacket. Is gonna be out about a foot? I gotta know each of my throat and my daughter got a little cold, so you know I don't want to get six armed is preparing just in case you know the load, Chile, when I woke up this morning, but its strategy I did the Grandma Dallas Cowboys, Doktor Carr Dallas Cowboys scarf, and just though it ought to have nothing to do with the fact that, where five in one right now and has nothing to do with that, nothing do it at all. Can trust me eighty degrees, got a cowboy scarf on a cattle one of his kids. Didn't I don't want to get sick.
And it is called now control in the studio is called in the studio. I thought my dog, I look what I wanna get a locality, that's a little something to my throat. I've decided the bundle of just a little bit too small to compare long, as they do in fact were five and one going into a byword. So, for the next two weeks were five in one method has nothing to do with them. Nothing do that at a package you, let them go only that you can always borne women and if he does nothing to develop this one win packers much dogma. My goodness I got Well we're back Prestham nevertheless raised today, but it what's revolt, music conference that was fun ladder people I mean, let's how many mixed. If you come back with a good listener, people haven't Stepanida, that is the hard rise and stare at about fifty hard drives and maybe about ninety makes tapes lassie. You love at all in the hotel rooms, a housekeeper, Gus, independent, music, small, and I'm sure A lot of arises cause you know to business cards with usb drive it's connected to it, a guideline in my good.
I congratulate the migrant we didn't noise packing That was really hard cash out to Nora elicited. It was Lastly, we ignore their veto, the best part of much it was actually to flight home, like it's best to Steve, stairs the best Patagonia Amity, Steve Stout Next to me on a flight you just been able to get three hours of knowledge from Steve's doubt he'd have resigned, you brought me. They want on the other side. They listened Maggie. Get yes, so much now is a man has been an industry for so long and rogue so many careers and his changed. So many people lives will from music to advertise and still does so much out.
Listen. I really say much love interrupting thousand defeat is weak and I was speaking at a millennium weak and I told him not wanted a tips when it comes to the network and light like communicate with people. Tat you normally wooden communicate would appear budget that you have nothing in common witten. I used the plane is an example. When you sit down at the somebody on a flight, you never know we're gonna compensation could ever I don't, I just say, was up even if you don't know represent rise, you have those chatty patty Would I like to talk to you? I was like a thief that they have now, but it within the knowledge gap. In my eyes I was it was enjoyable use that would have left the whole flight, but I was able to cutting, will kick it with Sousa was. It was great as though so boozy bad ass will be joining us this morning, Personally, I find it next to boosting. Now so we got to say was that so I knew family member in Portland Portland real participation. We ninety six three the morning guy got a whole nine likely that birthday appointment, Portland seventy one plus markets, but whose countenance?
God got have good cause to sort out. This debate is a great low. Get, alas, showed for whatever reason people enjoy. Let me get out of here. Doesn't given, or you know your man now yeah tell them I'm sending over the chair. They did. I did communicate okay. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna post for different chairs on Instagram and people get to pick why they get the pickle where we sit, which tears we should get cathartic. You guys have been very helpful as far as deciding on shoeprints zoom explosives, pensive too expensive, and this led the rugged show Kevin Heart got his chair. Before I heard, and we ve been asking I artful by two His job include bombs. We haven't high daily appreciates K, height media about. I would ask you to show package for prisoners. Are we talking about man really sad story? What said about the three men who were arrested for the death of Thyssen Gaze at daughter, also girls freed from bunco her ram that are reunited with their Please that's great door. I will get it all that when we come back, his drake is one day as the breakfast locomotive. Where backlash
not at all morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club asking some front page news now in sports, the Patriots B D bangles the bills with forty, and is the Redskins beat the Eagles Titans b to browse the joys kill the Ravens saints beat the Panthers. Yeah me too, beers lies beat the rams. Dolphins beat the Steelers, the cheese beat, the rate is to Seahawks, beat the Falcons to Texas feet. The colts in The time I in Monday night Football, ok I'll pay, you could act like my Dallas cowboys, you know, are live in wine and we didn't want to Green Bay. Pack is thirty. Two. Sixteen yesterday draw political advantage, Metallica where you can act like that, didn't happen all you want, but you haven't got a blow it up. Just because you act like you not aware of it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Sir, and I humbly say five and one going into a by weeks over the next two weeks were fine one. Let's just keep that in mind and the play the jets. Monday night football analysis by these three men getting arrested, yeah
This is a tragic story that happened enticing gangs wanna an olympian track. Star has fifteen year old daughter, Trinity was killed. I believe that these shots were fired outside the cookout restaurant and lessons contact you. She was basically caught in the crossfire father and son, Cesare Taylor, whose thirty eight and a Marquis old sailor who was nineteen were charged with want an engagement for their role. The father and son, yes or no My plainest me again, the Father and son was shooting yeah. Imitative inquires occur, they were together and there was, of course, via these two men were. Where when's that got quite natural dream. Yoga sapphire I'll do negro, no, never get out you re ever an advantage. Middle bucks was also arrested. They believe he's the one that actually fired the shots, so it seems like the father and son were together and then to volunteer Milburgh. Also, was
the person in the other car last privatize? Indeed, one in our nordic member, a deficit of prayer from this morning's, I would not wish tat on anybody nodded annually Ottawa laughed at his daughter out. There was a high school sprinter. She was following in her fathers splits. Then she had when numerous international met and Crazy mine and our business echo gout, enjoy. Who Did you negro than I am off there, Sir TE cooks eunuch? I ll have a milkshake relax. Now it's about these girls me a free. Yes, there were twenty one girls. You are rescued last week after week after they were kidnapped Bible. Tell her. I am more than two years ago and they were reunited with their families. They were among more than two hundred students who were taken from the school and the north the nigerian town- and that was when the bring back our girls social media campaign, happy in Rome, that's very fortune. I would tell you over the book up in his reading this over the weekend. Happened is meeting this book about the girl who escaped ices. She told her story when I tell you that was
really difficult story to read. She was only nineteen years old. This is like two years ago and she was living in northern Iraq and that's when ices came and invaded their town it would could see them kind of moving in and they thought like. Oh here they gonna spare us, then they came and kidnapped all the girls, so them into slavery, rises, soldiers and awful offices. These young girls is getting. Rape and then, while two different all were first was you try to escape so many times and she thought and they were beat them so bad like where they almost would die and she could barely work, but she did manage to escape. I wanna give away the ending of the book in case. Anybody wants to read it, but we know she escaped, but you gotta revisit was a really interesting because it actually educate you and what goes on and how horrible ISIS cuz there's a regular ordinary people in Iraq and Syria live in their normal lives and then ISIS comes in and buys their town kidnapped and killed. All the men take the women
young girls in slavery. Out after, like such oxymoron living, a normal life and my wreck, because everybody up high devices, that also, you can live a normal life. Their legs, like always the threat of something something happened right now. If you read the beginning, the bag, she had a father, her brother is going to school, really smart girl. Came to internal, so when everybody did that bring back our growled campaigning of about a girl but no semi these girls, I just got return Summum discovered here and there still. I think this particular faction of vulgar around they so have, I think, thirty, eight more girls so the girl that I'm just wondering if the girls just got returned. Why did people over the age of eighty three, my trousers faction, The girls just got returned. Why do people stop doing it campaign moving on to the next thing on social media, for they are seen in though she added, I think, to get these women, these young girls, This will be an ongoing, wealthy people. Moved on from the outset, it was a big thing associated with nobody than they moved on to Michel, a movie or somethin absolute Gotcha Dhaka arrival s front page.
News tell him: are you mad eight hundred five, eight five one or five one? If you're upset you need event, you can call right now we'll put you live on air and you can be a little bit I'd again: eight hundred five, eight five one or viable Call us right now and you would be mad about his mind, of your Dallas cowboys. Flawless up right now is to breakfast cloacam on. The breakfast club. Good morning every day, one day, while yoga girl you ve, got a little. I brought up allow third night, like four girls go an awful we might like me. I'm aided applaud that, and I need you to tell me why you why you met on purpose. Global real everywhere were Orlando Day was abroad, solemnly met really mad or a day and I'm awake now? I watch referred back to the amended member. What you did was not about that Nor do I know that you ve never gonna, be for another black net, again yup after
no way man because, like you said the man who declares that it basically tat slavery and ours, Lillian averted tiered watching me, don't lie while I, while we challenge- by each other. We gonna Hunan, no, not a whole system against us fight over collar call. Each of you got over The amendment only that all airlines, otherwise thirteen for Netflix as a great documentary scary thing The document is revenge, says was next after you go to slavery, desegregation do, math incarceration like what's next. Could you knows can be something next allows this guy you the sub item I met a man had now address the fact that a lil Yachty said he was better than Drake, while allowing drank address that? Well, you ve got better, have got one.
Drink, have to do a little yachting Sarah Maud Tuba, so you went right to come out and say I'm not better than Pat on the back. How are you ever see such like here? I can't, I don't know. I don't know every day is hello. This is true. No was abroad. Seldom met manner make my family don't gunnels portmanteau So what are these body germanic got? Plenty welfare salamander currently live in Detroit. Now he even ten pairs brother like these key fifteen years, even if only start work never been guy and somehow he passed away in Syria get here a brain machine. I get it to work longer, prepared to show you how to decide could occur. They don't know nobody to bear you they they could go Fermi paid out at exactly right. Where you got fifty five out of my people
This year we are trying to say to go. Find me link over to radios and people can donate money. You better hurry at Omar FEAR about Craig measures. And while the others would have been ass, crazy because the three different story they pay a bit before thirty another Pakistani, did it during another back a bit. It happened after the thirty uneasy because our boys are for your laws. Brow appreciated that China help occurred last Then there are the link, so we can reposted tell them all eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent call. Us now is the breakfast club good morning. That was Rihanna with needed me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club and shouts everybody. That was,
M as you over the weekend. I was there for your home. Come in Michigan State University had a great time amiss. You shouted Michigan, thereby Detroit was adopted. The doktor there also bossi, bad ass will be joining us next. Our foes, the bad ass. The woozy are the pleasure of losing everything as everything at here tomorrow, completely yours family in Dc. Many bought me out. The millennium we is, we can t, seem to talk to Millennials about branding which is the way question for me, because What the hell a brand is now something even thought about, inter maybe the past year and a half, ready you re here for you to explain its Adam, because his pretty fairly recent something you had never thought about previously. I think when you have a brand of they backing kind of mess you up, though, because I think that you, because you're always be trying to be what you think, people think your brain, do this, that it is truly being yourself, may I think, is also being yourself and make you show your name in it yourself in whatever you represent, stays relevant, apps,
about how it is always about. Relevancy to I do think is laid all isabel, your brain, your brain, random, lego justice, be you just do you think you'll be perfectly valid biggest part of not doing things just for money? By doing things are benefiting? Who you represent right? Sometimes people to be like hell. I want you to put this on instagram. Ok, if you give me many dollars it that does in representing a brain who I am the das, exactly what I mean. No I'm the guy person. I don't know what I'm going to do until presented what an opportunity like a lot of tat. We put ourselves in boxes because of our brain, has opposed this flat, semi tee, How do you know? I don't I do know which oppose this or that goes against your bank as you don't use, it doesn't on things and there are others while they want you to do a cigarette legs and type of smoking, candid, regional and world. We would. Finally, but you say so: that's not your brand as not who you are not which you represent, and they asked me to post something it with ingredients, use
bacon, pork, I'm not gonna pose accusation when we right. I don't know that as a small part of it, but that's part of what it is like not doing things are going who you are and what you represent personally and what you stand for. Out of, don't like using the term ran for human beings for products and stuff cool before you, as a person of this don't sell right. Our Moran Roca. Well, we got room is unaware you? Yes, we are going to talk about the Michel, a movie that was my lifetime over the weekend. Signature and enlargement actually wisely last night cause. I was in Miami signing, get a chance to see it when it came out, but I stayed up last night, a war, someone and wasted so think about what we thought about Daniel with DR bought aware, bow and arrow per this trial. Is it as Magala? She did a good job lay Michel lay in a movie at though she did not leave the door open the trash or have I talk about? Who has a new document carry on the way as well, based off of their best selling memoir poker or will get into all that makes in, like we said, Lucy bad as beyond this mix, I was to keep him locked to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club with his cloak always of you. What's surviving vibrant, the second half of it. However allow I was hoping last night was allowed. People were talking about it on my time. In April of this year we ve been talking about it. I know Jack DJ was actually China's Sue lifetime and Michel lay for this movie did not come out because of retrain him as Save me shall I was up here to one or two years ago I was an infinite and we would like is Macedonia, but about two years ago, and the boy was crazy. A lot of people are going, an elected that today's comments in it were going crazy on handling or dog of these borders. Hurtful to s attitude that is well Charlemagne. So here's the thing, wait, you don't see that Odyssey LE. Where do you think of it? Shall me
these social media, the strange place when you're Oda, because you watch in all these cases discover things that have been out there for years and you sit back and Wendy. Damn you out his trip on his now, but like these stories about dray weapon ass would be women that they knew why we had a divine story. She was a journalist back on a show cop hampered out there and he actually had a settlement with her hand. It kind of beating her up and she told her story that was left out straight out. A continent Michel was left at a straight out accounting. Now he had After stayed out, accounting came out, he did kind of given apology and the New York Times. He said twenty five years, I was a young man drinking too much and an over my head with no real structure in my life. However, none of this is an excuse for what I did. I been married for nineteen years and everyday I'm. To be a better man for my family seeking guidance along the way, I'm doing everything I can so I never was that man again, I apologise to the women I've hurt. I deeply regret what I did and now that it has forever impact at all of our lives.
And the movie. When you get a chance to see it or if you get a chance to see it as shows Michel a getting discovered by How did you get it into her so well in the beginning, because of her voice? They will have to make in front of her by them when she could sing. She could really saying and basically easy even Jerry Heller from with this records, try to convince her to leave that to dry, but she wouldn't even her own family, with saying that you just had to take the abuse part of it was saying that he was drinking a lie and that's why he was abusive toward her and, interestingly enough, why did save her was? Should night internist ought to be, and then yes restored a beam exactly m while she was into rehab because you got a digital drugs for she said I just couldn't take it anymore. I, which is medicate mice, and just take the beatings and that's when he went and got engaged to another woman. She didn't find out about the engagement and says he got back from. Rehab was a lot of the vital believe in a movie, especially when she had no power to, but I refuse to believe should may talk to public debt five Michel Egon beat A got her story.
And I mean you know Doc, Andrea, the track record have a nice interesting because he did try to sue and if it's not true, he could sue right. So what her excuse was is that this really happen it is what it is, and we don't know was true was not true. That's what I'm not going to her story does like I'm not going credit dog drive. He says he wasn't abusive. I'm showed a truth lies somewhere in the middle of the night, but, unlike my movie right modulation of defined hers, in some other way, as well as in what she was only divine by beating like legalese site areas baggage owed its you haven't extreme talus, some like something other than we do. She did show her talent, but I did feel The whole story was argued, a vague, rounded enough. As far as they had to be some. No positive builders and doing everything like nothing else. Will you just you your leg? but I wanted. I remember you of the woman S got beat by drain ship, but I will say the actors who play Michel: they did a good job. Sancho said
the great job, origin, whores and a red line as yet, and I tell you as a new document area Underway, Clive Davis, based on his best selling memoir. Dr David has not and another alliance which I actually read. So I don't Sammy Ban, you should direct any us are also put out her letter that he wrote to wit me when he saw her looking frail and they can as back at it. He has a freestyle, outclassed holiday and talks about Their rose in managing her her jaws arouses was way. Wanna get away your family, my just a day when you came with proven management, and that was I will say about a chemist dry when I was celibate and shouldn't sitting here anyway, never savvy, say it's a vague case so what for on again, as Basel
you don't know anything about zero adults. Man, God bless. You gotta play it in Chile. Last summer. The winners common and I love a blood eyeing outside said cell allows cup is reason, is the reason why late night sex is worthwhile we're going to do? waste as a wire, really wineglass. We food Enigma Man, like me in me, a nigger doing something assorted, jaws, outwitted glass, which happen they are another we set about it, not me and a good deal with them in the future that we want and ass real soon, but I'm so glad to heated and talk to me about his regret, guys, you gotta now right name busy. What name is on our abnormal eleven aims. Everything around I have your rap dreams, visas, cry again and dizzy very weakly the studio together like that legal migration
Arrival. Gregg Obama report, I'm Angela YE right. Thank you. You when we combat both bad side, both in London keep rapid is the breakfast local border, now is the answer would sorry morning everybody's d e g in the angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess, inability both who my brother about Lucy both the use of them. About them are vodka, is, are you gonna do their pineapple juice why, where you only late, you freaky Those are my may you day our nobody was then by may move ass, a leader of a really really turns you up. You know engaging in a movie. The major one again that have been used. On a brain. Everything right
you may so much money music? You really need that's. It gets you intermodal Is it an unfailing? No, I'm just saying what it, though I know not only that, let me there's a woman. You give me a man we're dead. Well, we need a Llosa mercury noses. I get up an age, a new low, suddenly to keep me motivated. Angola now boozy that in that little boost anymore, No one wants you to Geneva, Lucy Taboos, Abed God, tat. You know, look shrimps! Little guys come up to me when you know like what up now like a king pay me, you know, I got out of turn it when I was in trouble little boots in them. How about I did only then should we be cow LULU, so I just got his address or I reckon your d. When I came home like magic them whose birth policy as the craziest story, I know, you're doing a boozy move,
in everything we do actually vote the script. I'm I wrote to you about this. Give me out I, Bali donors. Washing it out. Based on my life store, you come up and father. And I have a lot of falls, and I just I just can't get I is making a button vest out of I. Can you come back better every time yeah. You know like lady, like I'll get produced a comeback hard you know like. Diabetes right now you know exercising I'm your personal. Train of things like they're, not you'd, be castle again, a kidney arena, yeah yeah yeah rates of eighty percent of my kid now, but I know casting their mood. All accounts cancer. You take it. I know it wasn't just met if there has been a u from Louisiana know yet grandma Mama, thereby path new stuff, now liar negotiated the surgeon not having Oshea surgeon and a bag get it. I mean, let's help people how you realize that you had cancer live
like all my road use, would have argued fluids I'll, be strong clues. The ivy worthy lots of lagged. If I get on a plane, am I saw we just heard from our side I'd rather limited. I myself am am light men on walking out the hospital. Some say your dog of William, I assume Can you get an mri on my side and Andrew came back and said I had cancer. I said no go back down into another. Happiness, they're gonna, bring as when they saw my carcinoma king sentiments really right, never requested like. I am like me even think it not at all do get all the doors were overtures were what her loudly on even think I need. I am. I right or I'll, never asked what it was like. A shop pain had shaken there. Wasn't I had to go, I handle them to go. The Indians and can be used now,
trying to write him a check Davis. Like we'll see you in three months or months. I told him. I had ninety six thousand cash for the surgery if they will cut on you and six days one thing: I hate about Amargosa, Emily Jog, you dont, you really mean really how mister bells system in Amerika me yeah. I was like a dangerous, yet I feel sorry for people came, you don't have to have the old days, and I remember people it anyhow he's lying he's vacant can now, as I allow you make something like that, I had not been too. Much I I wasn't gonna stay where people were even think days, grey from it at all, you took your right to social media which are Ojo light would do tat because an energy so negative, more social media and you actually be energy- is pairs up in no time feel like. I need to help. You not just feel like. I need it. I need to prime, and you know, I'm from the south
family as out like maybe over these. Do you know you should be the death penalty uses these days. The aim of a fine ladys. You know facile gray, while I was stressed out so busy Bee have a moment I don't believe that my ye I was just how it is cancer Bro. Let me busy me were in Ireland to agencies and other causes. You may we like they re knows what is he me like this ain't, coy system, this ain't, none lay dead is, is the real deal Are you afraid about defining get it I mean I can tell you Jason no, because even your music think after you got out of jail, is like it's more of a conscious, Lucy both the vanguard middle Way, more, no mad, as have the acknowledges man, I'm a grateful. Nine, more grateful everything, I've gotten more grave for my region. No more grave of alive. You knows there were still some
Www music been kinder than I think about it. Were Ferguson haven't musical desirable for a man, I've been till it man. This has allowed the police or into an unimportant like the poorly. Nice day out of males called me life both in the abbey. Like you know, labour. Been sailor was born on like this been happening. Hesitancy you he's camera, mammies, Carrefour, everybody, gotta it used to be our it against? They were bananas camphor enable it became a thousand times? Is there a matter we're closed No, you got on his hand at the cops. Have the law already to get away with it. The rules on their side is better. Where's, the wine on the symbols in a winning corridor. Monastic, aeronautical yoga comes our rules already like, like a cop, I guess you jus abused every tell you but why hand up EU budget has been ready to do what I thought I d
no a number of them and they were so nervous too, because when we get opposed by the captain, yeah. What did you do this today and you can get a little like? Oh my god, I'm nervous ought to know. What's going on, I will drain and I'm not gonna Mowbray. What was the problem? Is the council afraid when I went to the police again when they pull your, would have shaken you afraid I see dream. Fixy golgi based in our view, a man with a gun and scared. As a Dane Persian aiming to check these people had hoped agenda a doormat do some devoted to. Let him go on like that. He would be afraid. You not only been saw what they saw. A tv will black people, you know that they live in a who see black people got good to you know. I just see it on tv so that they are really afraid of you. You afraid you are is shaken. I we got more bossy, bad, asked anyway, the breakfast club component Breakfast
that was no limit Usher morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club Boosie bad azz, is in the building. Two months ago they kept sending me article the bad as that would Charlemagne and said dead, Gucci men, the common man, I'll. Let you gonna Evanna garlicky zeal the about go. Did you go? We Charlemagne No, it's they pull through pigeon everything right wait a minute now, so you never think the eyes. The goodies is again: oh, no single GS. Ego abs aroused No may issue out of invasive gather, saying crowd of phase that they give the strategy stereo serve. You look like a good when you know that I'm a good for the social media, violently
we ve been using Paypal. Does I gotta above in each other's zoo, real advantage outrageous somewhere, whether I like that is rather late? I'm not a my aren't. You gotta get up Radu yeah, I got bogged about your lover. Lord have mercy on red, its vice mirth. That is about to be crazy. Today anything keeps you from knowing that you want to do you not more smoke chronic lobbying with smoke declining enjoy myself. If you're not going go to other countries and stuff like that, like I gotta be senior our colleague judges before I go somewhere is a big o hit a man over a third of fish marijuana by you see you should be able to smoking Now, though, now rose, I just I just I got tired of blue. I just got. It is out of the way, the radio away. Why you do not oppose me was smoking in Jamaica.
As somebody no alarm enjoy myself. You had a conversation with record at black here, a couple more to avoid when it. What what did you tell him about and I was just tell I think we need to move a landline and get out a floor. And get out of Florida cuz? You know like every time I was handsome he was getting in trouble. I need to come and get them out here. Man and then come back and see your pee cattle a man made it all goes. You know You can't remember me, Is he going to learn from his mistakes? Are going to make them better? You know he got, he got to go, I think the real will unite flouted outlay. You can keep going to say that I was scared me button kid an kid they not letting them kid make the same mistakes, not aid. They debate may see you up the road. They send you away in a rabbit I'll. Be there No have you the charges eager maker, I bought it out only laggard. I met you in a man. These amounts to day the ages.
Child when he was young. Now you you know I can play. Would you not? If you listen citizens rather turn around. You know just stay out. You stay for Russia, you speaking out about it, offers a very shall be entails in our midst of death. Who is on railway agency any member, may talk about. Oh you, When we talk about full year for married or mine, for murder data about for years for murder. Romola were best allowed in all areas. Ever seen a lot of different every state law and they don't keep on Walden? So would the police are powerful, is valuable our view- is gonna get better at all, because you want to keep all ral enough, because all Who did they gotta go to go rather than if they want what they make balancing avenue. May I make the violence even more worrying. Is that no examples they now said? No exact doesn't does what anything as we draw. Dealers does would act of death.
In it than you do any legal? You he don't want any of you. Don't go to jail voice again from what Dela. Goes that if you get caught may work, the goals that have availed you know who bank of victims, No change. Go to ain't will be made about it because you know that, You just leave in the wake of ain't, bad again, convicted So what do we do? I mean: do you like a human right and about police brutality for em? surely mega write another verse. I got an idea, our our one bright eyes. You ok around the guilty and gives you almost into some you glad to eat it. My other do. The latter is called a hazel date. Regular policing is called the Hates ogre in a strictly about Napoleon, and a lot of it? Ah I see it all.
Let's move you know, I went overboard with this. I was feeling reign in sailing merely to give any good pulleys other legal Danny by their helped you out along. We had a gag the police out here, you're getting a good bullies, but our trust not because they are too absolutely like near my boys waiting or if somehow, Myanmar Bunting enough Mobile this marathon, as they fifth avenue in just like a game noting I would they game, they go Rudy Railways, so you, I can't watch eyes a whole period. Yeah well you're go rather me if his brain yeah I'll shoot me on down. I don't see a cop was wrong. Shot me now don't go about a protocol they see is even who would valves. It's always afraid of. You knows, as I don't trust the police are likely now put it out assigned it's. You even feel like a little over boy,
to that effect. Parole, lower, ah voting it. You rest hurrah, Give me a give me a rather outbreak, no room I would you gonna do to me like that. I don't break no rose. You know like up, I might take it. My appeal wages lead. I hear you're, not that threatened. Anybody right Britain by, but I'm saying what I would like to see moves. You know Bergen, the history of soda. They don't need a real right right, hey Bodega mercury, but are not allowed to no light beg you make it. Susan, but has always taken a decoy. You have to be Breton sunburn. Unless freedom must be well, we got more, would bossy as we come back, let's get into a little boots in many makes. Let me know your favorite goosey joy at DJ. Envy is to breakfast locomotive. Was a z. Many makes morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, boozy bad air. In the building. I found you answer fragrances coming up.
Framers covered as Romania for now don't smell. It says in things like dazzle, Romania males. Are we looking at lightly to follow our lead. I gotta get are gonna, be valued, you do so our lack of freshness me, I'm going unisex, ok, a clue fresh. They mean a women out of the way You know: I've win win alone: russian women, on a king gos. You got no eight on trying to make two more No, I ain't got a frozen or more, as you can see, as you can see, the first remove future louder, under the law. We keep me right. You know like these is here
we grant Naomi Clavijo, keep you Frankie man. Are you not like the goats and award appalled Willimot a lot on a man night out is forging vulgar and she made music to she robbed make state, I've gone she talented to my youngest prima, so they let you down. With his were now known. Biogas is there on the border. Is anyway you wanted TWAIN's, as I still got most others. I just don't know what to do with your right. Frozen sperm that you can use yeah yeah, I'm still, and I was packed up for five years. You know so I'm ready MA, am ready. You not dish travelling on bringing the way, They found a woman angle say that is, as you know, we haven't babies, you gotta be a does assyrian latterly. I can't we just
girls, you, like the Grand Canyon, some lawyers to granite, airbags and saw your battling deal now, because we- I would only like nobody eyes. The grandma leave a comment got no grey repose year. They report now reporting it. Maybe maybe do you I got all my girl alone to grant you to change a register would want. I may go to find a nice girl, like you, re them to twins you're alive the lottery ticket. She wanted me to move my candle the decision on the radio show me. You know I'm alone they taken too far. It may take. It involved rather talk to calm down. You know: I've been around a blood who sub knock. I can make something right. Girls like they go,
Appeal would all be. Oh, I'm sorry! I got out and deal with accompanying, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay. They did no one heard from my right girls who I'm living. They all know at a hurt you. You know that I'm not pick enough for you re my. You know who do I put a comment on account of limited. You re my subliminal owner, but the hooker you got a gun is all right now are we beg of you chose pray, sound gonna come over right now. Are you break up with a girl like that, they look at you you got you out of. A guy with a slow, so she don't know ray
breaker. What how before Roger fade out. You just fade out that a fate I've always reach by the state or region beg our baby man. I've been on his road and would do it's not fair. You isn't a rocky I can do is no more. I can do is no more check. Email, gas, the minimum My hittaways submit a mayor nor severs baggage vendor bags. Some you notice, calm down? You know you got a calm down. You gotta make a break up with you know Dana Dana Breakin. Ever now a rapid knowledge I was rather they got a moment of words. One knew you know to Mama being Yvonne, you know when they like twin Do you know why you gotTa Molly? I know no matter how may thereby take care? How know that more days ago, ways do get bored taking back?
with five grand and they said you love, we fall gray and I came to me I'll show clue, that's what I was. When you came in here like on my wife Baywatch, revival Rio, my your bottom car bomb com? You can usually all your nipples Kabul, I'm adroit brawler bids you. Nor does it like to see a pretty woman, exposing us, I will be happy with God gave to expose us, but if you count on top I gotta see your woman the EU is: do you like that? I want to know what to do. I don't buy it s like. I can't I'm living alone, everybody make in jail even down handed on how to handle the land, and now it is to be no ever coming up here. Ain't goin is different. I was making shady Brodie those giving cheated
they they drawn on a number of other merriest group would random in lovely one of them did that I must feel club I like that on. I like large. There was too much for his friendship. Ok, you know the coup de cool on his anger, no one- and I was reading about you and Kevin Gates in your coups Ignacio, along with each other. Where does ass Diana, I wouldn't Edinburgh? That was some stuff He was coming out state. I was gonna stay his dj. What move and in time a sudden mob, he would find a hook up some went all you know my peruvian Abu Ghraib, embryonic you know, you're, never got don't come down Yeah baby journal comes out with sometimes they be agent Lawson stage and I'm a blow my thing eyeing Diana was gone. All beggar may happen fast right right who wouldn't then between me and gave
and if they know Europe Road or so you can, you name can be associated another kind of the land at nine escalate canal. Easy. You haven't had a conversation to like this, and you know why. No problems. Oh nine got to localization are lower you got it yeah? I gotta know conversation. I abbe Plato, Abbe, we now have time for people to talk about my father. The people who are low talk about my gorgeous You notice, hear me for no reason if you do that, me you my enemy legacy, all right I'll play it. Who played. I robbed me of it if somebody about me I would even say nothin bag. About a rabble, not a you know. I come up people judges. Fine message, you phenomena as why Abbe fell. When I be seen all Arabas ivy, like you, like, you know worth an area rosier just
Let it go it ain't, nobody going to take it they're like really take it that every time we see each other they going to be gun. Shy Bobby blow. His lady go in most of the Taliban rapidly These are just below all arab DVD need to seize man, because air about making money. No, we got it out to make money. We got to nobody cared to allow lose the red didn't. A different reason. You, your real and all of you. I beg your music so that it is not about whoo hoo pants, they, the haulage, whom god these? Who who talk about these aim? Being these, it's not about their is about who make music credit would abusive use. My ass, Where we appreciate you could know us a ban, as is the breakfast club, the breakfast
This is the route towards Angela eat breakfast well, wrestle row had a party in his suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They said he was playing music about. Ten people came over to have dinner razor who azalea beings just sign to from the voting actually bought azalea banks as his plus. When you know it's a good we're going to go to Russell Crowe, sweet, listen to some music and some drinks have some food, but she went on Facebook and said to recap my night, I went to a party at Russell Crowe Sweet. I wish he called me at Edwards chokes me, throw me out and spat at me
that was one of the hardest nights. Asleep I've had a long time the men in the room allowed it to happen. I feel terrible today and as weak as F men. I went to effing die, I just feel so low. I'm is handled alone and effing depress right now. I wish I had someone to beat him up for me now. She pull out of that on her face, orders have two thousand and five. When I read the story and everybody was saying, I'm not surprised at Russell Crow would do something like this firmly were now. There is a report, and this is saying that that's not what happens, laws on restore right now, here's what they guess, I witness accounts
had to say and resume also did agree with parts of this story. What they are saying happen is that Azalea beings laughed out loud rustles, music selection and called him and another guest boring white men. That's when a female guess jumped in untold zillion things calm down. Instead, they said she made a speech in the red and she said you will love it. If I broke my glass stabbed you guys in the road and blubber squirt everywhere, like some military Tino is then she job. The end word herself and resist said that yes, Azalea beings was the one that use the end word. Also at this point also pro and had to grab her in a bear hug because she had grabbed a glass and was swinging it around and cut it back like she was going to throw it. I guess so that's when he grabbed you in a bear hug. Put her in the hallway and had security com and remove her from the premises. So since then, Azalea beings has deleted her facebook posts and that's it two sides of the story
always three sides, but today's Eyes Russell Side and in its true right right. But then, as I It is true that enemies, allies rivers that have you guys? I will see what happens sides at his door I know my legs, I was in a rustle chrome, choke thou absolute I'd want to delay. It makes about get help. After all, one of the main to do a thing as a bank says a misunderstood person who needs some medical attention from psychiatric was the word what I'm looking for psychiatric evaluation data of running shoes. I now be, I say in them Time has made over two hundred and fifty million dollars during her formations while problem include most of the other. She got her like the other them she says you sell. Two points million tickets, study about twenty seven and achieve basically made about five.
Two million dollars in growth is. The highest grossing stab at the tour was in London by the way. Just so you know well, congratulations to beyond sailboats you. I did effigy deluge in sales during her formation tour de started April. Twenty seventh, making and wrapped up October seven virtual merging everything do yeah problem include both beyond the economically What we know. Of course, that was when I d nothing You know. I love Sierra went buyers me well, legend is Gus Donald Trump. There is some wonders, former apprentice people that has some allegations against Donald Trump. Now little John said they Don T referred to him as an uncle Tom. While he was on celebrity apprentice during an episode season. He dressed up as Uncle SAM
and that's when down a chump kept, calling him uncle tat, maybe just maybe to play devils advocate. Maybe Donald had his uncles mixed up to half its shadow sounded like you and then a mistake. They would, I could have said murder you, MAGIC, maybe no Phil. No, they author, saying according to produce his firm, celebrity apprentice that he was upset. They coy car dashing was on the show he wanted to get rid of her. He called her a piglet and they said what is this. We can't even get the hat when I guess he would rather had come on. Then Chloe's grows Why is my economy was wrongly with this started you're. So nice? Listen when I made the point: why don't ya does give their front wherever the points that are piglets? That would be nice. That knows, and as they are now legally buddy boy you wanted that went on in his mind ploy, whether that way, now. Another form of glory to one now
things? Why you met them ever making a point? Is he a piglet can cooperate on an open too big to put too big to be picked up? A bit more varied ourselves summer: zero votes as a former apprentice contestants guzzlers says that damage and sexually assaulted, her two thousand seven and she actually told one of her friends about it. An Russo check it out came out with your trap to explore job offers. Some are told me that he was a burly physically sexually arrested with her, and she had rebutted advances. So I wasn't fell by this interaction but believe that the time mister I knew it was a mistake and fat. She said that he had given her his private number complimented her and made her feel that he wanted to help further her career, Forgot Adamo job with this gave him all the social media land after, like dollar zone, should be given the way bill. God got it the way. Nepal got their way back to drag out. It is weakened. Why do you not goin on Donald Trump? The same way I have no idea. They are let alone a muddle below data that that's forlorn attack
happening, Donald Trump. Do we have knowledge of Ireland? That is your room, I'm Angela, you are right, MRS Charlemagne. Yes, or even a donkey too, man is stored, Mamma has been almost periods and last night I need three men responsible for the death of fifteen yards. And he gave a common front. The congregation we like to have a word with them. Please, Dhaka, we'll get into that when we come back, keep it lacked is to breakfast locomotive. Thank you. I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now, the song today I got the donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep that age. Headache pages thought of Monday like this would argue today for Monday October. Seventeen goes to the three main responsible for it there for fifteen years, Trinity, gay, who is the daughter of a
I think I'm going to give you a disclaimer footage donkey if you have kids and you suffer from severe parental I like I'd, do turn a radio right now because Story has been on my mind since I heard about it yesterday. I woke up this morning and I said a prayer for Tyson Gay. I never met that man it don't need to, but I would not wish to situation he's going through on anybody Trinity, fifteen load was shot and killed this weekend she was a high school Brenna following in the footsteps of her father, lily ties and gay with the influence in her life. She needed a file The job of the need to ways of his family clearly was dead. Thyssen was influenced in his child right way, but her life was cut short when, Avanti Middle Brooks, believed air fired shots outside cookout restaurant in Lexington Kentucky. Let's go to the UK. Why T Cbs Lexington for the report in them. Twenty four hours since fifteen year old Trinity Gay was killed and she is a room full of people
to make sure we never forget who she was replay, went into the bay. Save me the wicked scare Taylor Middleton says she was right next to gay. When she was shot. He said they were in a parking lot when the round of shots were fired. She and some friends put gay in the cards. Driving to the hospital. She said they couldn't tell she. In short in the neck, Avanti Middle Brooks The sun do all of Chivalry Taylor in Denmark, YO tail. Oh yes, third, age, old, father, a nineteen year old sign will all around in connection with the shooting deaf. I guess they was shooting at each other and ended up killing his young lady, Did he look man when you, when you savage ass, any girl on a shooting each other oral judges meet up in an isolated location. Have a gun. Dew fell back to back, take it in. In turn a fight, each other, I'm talking wide wild West end of Hamilton style, shoot out, shooting each other leave to Seville. Out of it. Ok, ok, the Father,
two daughters. I know for a fact. This is the worst news you can receive. I can get the story of my Beer addition, ladies, then, have Lulli positively. No reason is completely senseless. You three imbecile showed up the cook out to kill each other. Are the wardrobe articles bond Chicago? idea. Forty four notions, my favorite of the banana point, but they have other tasty flames. Such an oral peach, cobbler snickers Cheesecake, the moral of the story, absolutely positively. No reason ever go to cook with the intentions of killing anybody, but yourself because you eaten a bunch of stuff. You got no business benzene. If I'd had welcome. I had a little later. I could not go to cook got autism, has hush poppies and catch each other each other later to somewhere when no civilians IRA. On a what I'm a time he's gotta phasing forgiven Trinity gave a prey to get buried under the jail. I don't want them the embassies, light again that younger Trinity Gay will never get to grow. Her life, so why should they please give me Monte Middle broke. Shes retail in Morocco, tailor the biggest he hardly
the tricky situation. Could I'm assuming somebody shot? First, Brandon somebody was retiring fire correct, but if you would allow me turning via was probably just defending themselves. Tricky tricky tricky situation, but, as you know, they said to me, very sad situation might or might ships go with her young trinity. The way she has no reason to be dead. This morning I write Thank you for the donkey today, certain again our condolences to his family and friends. A brave remains one a day. Pray for days and mental know him. But I dislike that's not what you doin here. I don't know, that's not what you want to hear out of two men here last weekend, she was in Ireland over the Robber New M. Are ready, petrified, suffer from severe board the burden on their severe uniting moderate everywhere,
now like a stop a bullet, but I just I feel more comfortable around here towards our right and show me, but I don't get it. Do you guys get it out of spirits broker dry when we come back Aidan Jute five five one o five one has your plus one ever embarrassed Turner, goddamn tribal winter. That is, has come. From Azalea banks. The thought about this to relocate a people just tuned in yesterday's airport, her, along with him to wrestle crows, hotel, sweet, Beverly Hills. They were listening to music cabins him dinner and we don't know exactly what happened. She went on Facebook and said that she was assaulted and called the inward by Russell Crowbar according to witnesses who were there it was ass. He the one that said the music with laughing at the music and call them boring white men boring
man right and then allegedly cut back to DORA Glass and threatens is bad them with the glass at their throats moving about plus one right. My plus ones do embarrassing things what they ve, never embarrassed me because people know MA plus one I believe we should also raise around someplace that made it. Maybe they don't know your plus one who had if somebody s summit at you, normally don't go out with a neighbouring state, I will move like that. Our old you out like that Charlemagne embarrass me once I embarrass you, to our club in the sitting. And we were party and did you utter about a nose Let me with low drunk an allegedly. There was somebody dance and on a table Charlemagne light the waited with dancing on a table and a drink might have, who out of Charlemagne Hand and hit the dancer right and avoid but now you elect molecular member
is a main now, a normal Natalie, not Malcolm X, was one of our fundamental sir. I was a change in the USA, the embarrassment outwards. We were children and a club together he got a little drunk Like you didn't like the way this person was. There's no reason for this drink left is. Being right on her face tat autumn everything Mohammedan was Michael little machine. Eighty five, eighty five. What oh five? What we ask it, has your plus one ever embarrassed you we are plus ones in Basle when I was an early, because without a thorough we combat member that you were the wax Gloria man. And yet I was invariably Latona will come when we come back and shouts Louis family members, we ninety six, three what little real had. Perhaps these and we appreciate your gas. Rather, what has no place in a family like seventy two markets, but whose gowns, somewhere in a bad people access to breakfast locomotive? The breakfast club.
That was excuse me, Miss Jane Z morning, everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne to God. We are the breakfast club. Now we're taking a phone calls, hundred five, eight five one o five one were asking: has your plus one ever embarrass you not is comes from a story that Angela YE talked about in a room with Rizzo. Yes, we were talking about azalea bangs, see, was visits plus one to go, listen to some music and have dinner, dress across sweet he's dead. Things went, laugh, we don't know exactly what happened by according to source. Is she I love back you're out I've ever really had no problems. I am, I am glad the Marquis remember some like that have no was willing. We was all and allay Melanie Fee on his birthday party. Does in a few years ago, in wax lied. Angela Ease, Homey Loretto, all our home in Korea? Chris Watches, manage a quarter, a bitch
duty. I don't think she really did not know. I will hold I've never said so. I M talking the Chris budget manager lawyer rode up one of the hand classical you call a page who you call it up and I'm late In a minute about admitting body on my work, all lorry thou relax its aim. Now you got into a best it's in the same night. I got into a buzzing around while maintaining the funny point, which was more embarrassing lorries in wags got into it at all. Leave in the party Gloria lorry over the fact that actually lied honour and we had get out the middle at a highway, as he kicked him out of the car leisure hours ago. Yes, couldn't Billina murmur, deserted street lighting or lorries towards you'll be dead in a moment ass we shall make a stay and, by the way, was his birthday. Remember that not goggled gotten around my guys over my face embarrass me all the time. As we already know you had a budget. That is more many, as this is one time. When am I
and high school. We went to South be tat though she just wanted to go to South beat you wanna go let's go on vacation and I guess she had been spying on her ex boyfriend. She had the code to his phone or some like that, so we got us outbids. He happened to be staying in the same hotel. It s, okay, coincidence, an egg, said a party we were at and she gets into a huge argument with him. She starts pushing him their screaming It had a Demi guy bedraggled out there we go back to the hotel. She goes crazy in a hotel. As he breaks the fallen out of the ward, throws it across the room and we got kicked out what about him called the toilet up and ruin outside. I owe that were gas, embarrassing. My fans are very embarrassing. Add another friend who went A party that I was hosting Indian tell me she was just going cuz, a guy that she liked was gonna, be there and then, when she saw me southern to another girl and she went over and confronting him and called the other girl, a bitch who was my friend also again to a huge altercation, my
as always get into it: wouldn't Charlemagne and bring a plus one one time, and she was very rude and South EAST and South Ossetia. Since he had on em heels and pantyhose at the pool, I don't know. I don't had I known and, as you said, I'll bet it in every bit out here, no more I don't know, I don't know. I have no idea. Amy Amanda, embarrassing is about to say you are gonna couple allows, is happy and offer my aunt yeah Chiana from Miami we're talking about friends that embarrassing, basically laugh or item yet well. I would if I weren't, while I use the internet, someone who are there in a bright, and I was invited to work as an interim back day that the dirty war? As
embody the mighty up with me. Right though he gets there a state with a leap out the road we are. We are only working we're not going to the concept and I specifically fallen everything that a vote that we had to do. We were in a group message: he passed his cell. He did when he found out like when he finally got to see that we really were not what the author impact, as this is a month on professional organisation, I've ever worked or hell we're here back. They do. We have noticed that arises. And then we completely earned my bridges man. Never again, damn it. Man allows is not about that. Monica how's, your plus one ever embarrass you yet bow. I am without a proper for the planned o combat lot around our intermingle. Why
Alibi gave academic black bread, thereby allow you didn't invite them not Mamma. The people, however, in bank infamy go on my bow one What am I gonna? What am I a paragraph b? I get people tolerate, but she did not know what a boy, but if you really want to help me out and gave me I had like you know my little. I like the bourbons super bread they allowed. Though I invite her to come with me. You know he will bow about ok right now, like come penal code. That party, oh, you are things up. A crazy kinda happening put down his old boy at MIT fame. Had he not been tabled at the book was sitting on the burning issue of an he broke open. First of all, we had to split the cause of a figure that wasn't enough. We appoint heard any rapid words or whatever.
I see and getting into one of my wife. They were Elinor like a chill out and he is fighting her. Oh, are you guys? I will be on the who'd you out, o Lord? How do you use now that you ve already mentioned hooker and duties movie? Did he's gonna? Be there right now, not least by eight hundred five, a viable firewood. Has your plus one ever embarrass. You call us now is the breakfast locomotive, that was draped control a morning everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club, we ask and has your plus one ever embarrass you not historic, from the razor yes and from all of our lives, as we Bob and embarrassed that apparently Brasilia banks as his plus one so Russell Cross, we in Beverly Hills and some type of. The kitchen happening. She ended up, getting kicked out and escorted out, but you also forty
who act like they don't know their friends like you know how I got my own. You know you can bring where you know the potential that some are. Your friends have to show they ass Netteke, the kids at a dj name is Mon. I knew you were gonna, bring him even birth Mon, always the type when he gets drug is gonna bearing down junk in case it was so bad. I had not not the time to take him. A phased out was embarrassed and remember that we together have to hit me sound. I know what was going on, but there was one such aid to kick, though you look those offers frank, no go to find out the measures you. I never forget that not at the time we were in a club was we were fabulous, shout the families who have fabulous table. We all that his table and we want a club in a city and prince, was actually perform in man. Mono jobs or fabs table knows even our table Joseph FAB table not all as bottles and liquors over table rise out of this latter got out a I sort of ass hot ass. I know fab converted upstairs ethical, Jimmy
we'll go get your man well, most embarrassing of. I have when you go out when you go out you autumn, any of the fence. He is painful. Diane Bread struggle. I was not so bad when are we not in a badge is double Wilbur prince broke? My good moment allows is heading for a charity as yet plus one ever embarrass Duma. Yet one day I'll check it out other advocated an then guy, like the advantages or afraid of it. I got that far yet He has been donor. Billy blogging, it's over southern brownie said this: taking our home waits who are females cook Chinese tells her brothers go watch cow you're as bad as day was abroad,
your plus. Whenever bears you yes, what time for my job we had a holiday for I bought a plus one. It was a girl in the gradual, like up a fright, and I said the good Auditing party and she got job and on the party, but on the way back from the reporting she started, making our Michael Workers family member, that's about road. Any word here was really bad thing. Everybody talks about. The next day that we spoke for years now we had so many embarrassing moments. I was just thinking about it. What am I in turn to a dinner at someone's has, as you could die with me, and she went outside of smoke we'd with the guys and came back again and passed out on the kitchen floor, and to get eyes and try to revive her and she started. Haven't like a seizure on the floor in the kitchen as member there was a boy.
Two people in there and you lose a browser you for another medical smug. We with a guy that you shouldn't, even though it out to be cool as my weeded out here that Europe seems fine, but it had a bare reactions: ITALY, where that is. They don't have to be cool. Was the moral of the story girl more? is that where I sat back and let you know no, your friends, ok, you know you bring where so many of us embarrass you based off somewhere. You bought them. As your fault, Charlemagne threw up on himself and went to my birthday parties layaway. I know you got a baby, would probably language barriers in the letter back that through a form of Ocean and I don't want any real gi- would do in a situation. Pour me another drink. You let's go right where we got room was unaware you, yes, that's like about Tony Blair, since you ve been having a lot of issues with their health, would tell you what happen. Also easy. His daughter, what is she raising money for would tell you? Why does everyone it maybe donate poker? Will you do all that we combat keep unlocked the breakfast programme on
the breakfast club the report whose glove that's funny vaccine has been back in the hospital did a complication lupus. She was hospitalized steadily increasing and she said it was a minor sat back and her accounts. It was postponed, but she sang this will not affect the rest of her tore. They said she will be performed she performed in Kansas City in Cuba, where a man out but she's been saying that for dealing with that, so you know we confuse the issue in a hospital or she got out. Oh she got out. Ok here you gotta, there has been an essential went back and she has been having a lie issues. Lucas cries of her. I was good health when everybody, my yes, of course, are only given, as in the meantime, had a chance to meet Lauren Hell backstage at the title concert and she had an outer body. Experience check out what she said.
No, I'm in love with you. And everything about you. You got any their good looking very about who I think we can all pay homage to the fourth before Devil preamble D learn an absolutely. I write and anti us while she was onstage talked about Donald Trump and millennia. Champ check it out. You know how that we look at an audio and video toward him, Ass Clayton. Audio of that, you couldn't have club. You heard it. Have you listen we're Nicky all week, men on others, yeah, that's it!
we are now she d say she was antagonist women, men and she say we ve been hoping to get stuck with millennia, in other words as hope it down a chump does in Wales MILAN Yogi note, I shame because you was once the court has ok browser while she let us draw breezy launchers. Ok, I right now easy ease. Daughter is raising money. She wants to make a documentary that investigates his death as a murder, so she's raising money for that. So so far she has a kick start, a campaign to China Rays to agenda two thousand doubts, but she had only raise about two
thousand so fire. So I don't that's gonna happen because he was only a couple hours left at that point, but she wants to investigate and people do feel like easy was murdered. And you know you know, like twenty of heresy, bear you ass. He went to investigate the shooting. Somebody actually gave him the virus in Seattle How do you figure it out now, after twenty policies? I am not sure how that works about. You does have her Kickstarter campaign array answer pack, a golden diamond pendant that he wore when he was shot and nineteen. Eighty four is for sale and the price is a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. You can see that its dented by a bullet. If you have revolt, you should be able to see a picture of that change by the team. Dented by a bullet, and it can be yours for maybe you can alter the vulgar. Why would I want there like? Why would you want something? I got energy on my? Why, because was toolbox dont care like. Why was there was two point, two tupac fanatics, anything to one out bye, bye them into bugs music. I write you know,
but by the outcome of item of the title answer I am is going to have to wait until next month is eve. His bill conditions will be losing by a judge and his lawyer thing has been difficult for him. He hasn't been able to make any money and he struggling he's barely able to get by touring is where drives everything house and it's hard to release music. If you can't perform it and promote it with live a performance zone imagine a difficult situation, but at least not in jail. I don't want to see what a treat rob was auditory rap like is not like a regular job when you're on probation you're all parodi wants you to work right. So if that's my job why don't you allow me to work agri? I write well I'm Angela YE and asked your room. A report big money, all right, well shouts of our family at revolt, we'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody out to people show pictures of next want to hear something. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one at dj envy hit us up. We got you it's breakfast pokemon
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