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Today on the show we had Winston Duke stop by who is known as M'Baku from Black Panther, but now one of the star's the movie "Us". He spoke about getting robbed in Brooklyn, what the movie "Us" represents and more. Also, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Mark Gomez, the man in the viral video  that attacked an elderly woman on the train. We also, opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners would step in and defend her if it happened in front of them. 

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Social distancing, slows the spread of corona virus, so stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home. If you can more info run a virus stock of. Let's all, do our part because we're all tad alone together brought to you by the odd council. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back. Outside the Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself. Does nation were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true listen to somebody on the eye. Heart, radio, apple podcast. Wherever you get your party casts
ladies and gentlemen, the garb of a rapid forbade, the voice of a culture wash like news media is one of my baby shows just because I always keep your young, but there were a bear on paper there. You know their listening through the back door.
Body, do ass usual Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning Angel Ye Mining is Andy Charlemagne, the guy who's due to plan and is more it's one day back to work. We thought of another work we was have was comin organised over the weekend. I lost my president is that I was exciting for me. I would I say what an impertinent juices, so I had this company gods ring fresh juice and pressed I'm on natural, like, for instance, avenues right here that is about a mile and apple pineapple that we all share yeah uh by some men on coal. Yes, miss not just a matter the phrase, so there's a green vans when this explains that we launched with Simon Runnin around with these apple lemon juice, apple, cucumber, grieve ridge about in the region,
on Wednesday. I bring another debate tomorrow. Adding went to overwhelm anyone Wilson. As one was the most held. These wonders thought of my day. I only have a green beds if you want to get your vegetables. Migration produces reports yet it has meanwhile Brigham escape exactly where girls. One is therefore as illogical watermelon. Why? Of course you would look. The problem would Dominicans is like the map and always when they try to admitting like they do all the stereo typical. Doesn't it is ready for the widest like water memory, not voted on that anyway and shouts everybody. They came out to Atlantic City. Over the weekend we had over a thousand people. We did a similar I'm talking about real estate and I don't think we talked about real estate. We actually brought the people to you that you would need for real estate. So if you had bad credit, some people said I can't do it cuz. I have bad credit, but we had somebody there to fix your credit if you you know what well They get alone. I can't get Linden. We actually brought people they had, can get you loans with low credit score
only three percent down when you try to buy? Probably then people would say well, I don't know what to do. I can't find a property is what we do with alarming cities. We looked up with the council and of aligning city and we actually boy before close property, as we brought the city own property list. Two people the can actually see so you can purchase crib some twenty thousand dollars and think about it. Only three percent is what to three thousand dollars, so we brought that list for people to actually be able to purchase property so the great event shouts killer might kill him. I came out the leaning city to to join, in India helped talk about real estate, shouted Dc Young fly they bindings in Atlantic city. Also people were the bidding is this weekend, but ok, only people are within the necessary similar would know what is bidding and how would he bidding so you got a kind of like a edge by go into seminars, and I see the properties before you bet I mean you have to do. Is you can goes here, properties, sometimes of auctions? You can't really know you know you can actually do what we also there was. We took a picture of all the properties, so people can actually see the outside
inside the house is so, but we also need to address the issue of people can go bad air and sea to properties so shouts everybody Emma was that it was an amazing, a vet against. Thank you to kill him. I think it a diesel flash stop until we just trying to teach people inform people about headache, investing money in it. I have some more. Our goals and small term financing for themselves and their family. I had a very eventful weakened. I demanded at my daughter, chilean competition and I walked into despite a very small group of late without delay man into despite a verse, was made that I use your daughter's cheerily because it because I really don't know that I was very Phronsie adults and why I'm here that despite a resolution so good, I am so mad. My fellow model, complicated, outdated, didn't tell me that biodiversity is amazing. I made a I may not want to ask, but you know Kosovo, the one who is great. I write yeah. Definitely what it is and by the way, the embargo on others up as well and we'll be discussing that this morning, because Winston Duke will be here on the bus,
club this morning came at this weekend as well, and we'll talk about that rumours about the record breaking numbers from the movie ass, an you know, George employers in the movie. He was get out of nine. Isn't it I went what I must greener. Last week I told you, I loved us and no doubt a lot of monsieur you with me. Personally, I loved it. The embargo is up, so you haven't seen it as we again sorry on business. While he have dire aunt Izzie again I over seventy million. We got down to be keeping things ourselves, no more right. How right now we got front page news happening was Nixy. Let's talk about you president and the investigation into collusion. Did he conspire with Russia? Where will tell you what these findings have then that's fire all right, we'll get into all at next. Keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive and envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast cloudless can some front page news now, knowing the patriots rob when gauss key for type Grinch housekeeper
after nine years of play with the patriots he has retired, he is only twenty nine years old, so he decided though a great career, three Seville rings- and you know you got such a huge in hollywood- do and organise the middle. The old some before new, unanimous playing football, so congratulations to him and have a retirement and he'll make more, not absolutely, and what have we got you and I see Lebruns not gonna, make lay off a moment ago, you late when you got there. Ray tragic. Rajiv arrived in even make play off this year as his parents time in year. I right now: let's Eyeglass pressure and so rapid Mullay, they found a download chums campaign and his associates. Didn't conspire with Russia. According to this investigation, whether or not damage and committed obstruction of justice, we don't know whether and had committed a crime, but they said he's us and that what they think you didn't, but it also did not exonerate him as well
Yeah Donald Trump is saying he is exonerated here's what he had to say after a long investigation. It was just announced there was no collusion with Russia, the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, and it was a complete and total exoneration. It's a shame that our country had to go through this. To be honest, it's a shame that your president has had to go through this for before I even got elected and it began and legally no collusion! I don't know what this they may. Camphire collusion with ETA exonerate means, but I do know damn we'll have to give him out the old fashioned way hit the ground. Do the work Delhi, american people? Would you go do for him and twenty twenty and get him above all now they absolutely quoted. Now the point where it says that it does not exonerate him, but I love the datum said, and he was completely totally
exonerating there would only be, nor does statement means that you can say no conclusion illegal. That did not honour. I was that use with sound like somebody who is, who shouted someone and missed This is how much you will bear. You would look for something you didn't find it would. You does no one day lead right now, this ain't that he did not commit crimes. I guess by now they're not under threat of something happening like that. Fog and use it as an environment where the company that I guess there's other things that could have happened at work. If I was the Trump administration, I would want freedom, the put the whole report out there just approved it really cleaned, if, indeed, I am rightly sought on the white output, no reward. Another Democrats asking for that to happen salvation. They should. Once again. I have to have to do, though fashioned we hit the ground. Do the work tell the American what you going to do for twenty and get him and rationally I right now. This is a A student who has not been publicly identified has committed suicide. Now that student is one of these, students from the Marjorie Abdomen, Douglas Highschool, shooting at happens, and that student is actually the second part
and who has taken their own life and an apparent suicide after that shooting happen. Now the first person Sidney El died last Sunday and took her own life after suffering, from survivors guilt, and being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder according to her mother, her rights right will s front page news now, get it off my chest eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe had a bad night bad weekend, or maybe you feel blessed you with a spread, some positivity, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest into something right now is the breakfast locomotive? The breakfast is your job to get it off your, whether your man, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna breakfast
where's, that the sale of theirs Google, Chrome What did I say more about this? Parliament approved the rope where nobody, you know, it would of course work salad like that. Like that bad, and it's just like any woman out there as well. You should have had accept that and I just feel so bad I feel kind of like you should come and give her a break. About while their about known as the United States, and the thing is the same that you know she can tell everyone I believe, leave their relationship for less, which she acted like As you will know, honourable, when I looked about for her well I'd hate them
until all of it, though, I want my home with her the pop up a couple weeks ago, and I refer you bid on it. Ok, oh it's funny. Check it out this clip on it on my page. I think it's still being edited, but if people just follow me on Instagram at Salem E S, a y a s they're gonna see the video my bio and a couple days, though, nothing had found the issue in a couple more. Do I remember congratulating our guiding our goal allows. There is very good, Eureka get it off jazz. More want to give on positive five more and I've been trying to get them. You guys, but a pad. My and our promise, much about it, We get groaning and you guys got dilemma no doubt music and my name is ready and I thought I saw myself. I have got a chance to get through. I have no doubt that what they thought
This problem is solved, anybody anything because I've been trying to get a visa my mind. We need to talk about a delusion of yours. Do not deny that you think they do. It is music is about to take life, as you said to herself. Invariable wiseguy belie the Y y. You what you get is our view that others have. You haven't, told us anything about me. I'm gonna you why, because sometimes she gives up, though, and I hate, Give up on earth. Does the capital use it gives phenomenal Will you raise in your Bazin her given up all whether not you can get due to the reference to a lonely? I did say whatever. I feel our railways. He blows that this could be our first step, absolutely happily, algae pointy! Three! Ok, I remember a glove fight. You have a black. You know that, By that my shot out our daughter may have it is going to take you what will
the point to call into Leslie Wendy lie whatever whatever motivate them a man. Do you think our allows? Is Courtney Gonna get her features broke out of me to get this off my chest, but that is what they want, but the more they were sad but the region. People who believe that Europe is flat even when this I'm me crazy. I just see them all the time one big football and about it until I joined in that room, just be what the hype was about, how you can't data, but you joined a whole group of earth. Let me tell you why you into gear comedy it makes me laugh they believe I'm like may, while you people are, a different type of decorate. My brother, my brother level, you will see determined that it might be for my brother and his army into Gaza in three years ago. I swore off all flatter now. That's why
Yes, you need to any believe you intervene in any way they did Sambre. Ok, I swore tat I literally Mortimer three years ago. I just have landed at bath, but just I just don't know, I had a really believed but that the not if they want you to be the craziest thing above ladder of negroes? If that they will dispute you years and years of research inside, because what are you two videos? It and it's alright we'll get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent hitting something out with the breakfast club come on. Is it your time to get it off it s? The man from you on the breakfast, that's your last January to get out of here you ready to get out of job. Without that goes without saying
We shall have a shoe to shout at you ever this morning, all ready already the gardener ignoring the already found, and let you know that the day college Roger and then you can make the play of the EU still want to call your mandate, the dignity. James Arap, you know about whenever we call about big old gray with authority, and even that can evolve, there's accomplishment of fortunately lay I've had so many people needed video Prodi. Hollywood lie posted Dana Jake, Olga Faith in Africa. I saw that rumour odyssey jiggle levels in a positive way to Romania, they call by bank all will never be dry like that of badly goddamn right, any deadly. Try to that right, but not at all by recital eleven they go about being a big odium, yeah they chasms. Was he actually there? While would somebody pointed to call in a space in Athens,
Have you looked organism body in intellect like that? If everything go, get a red beard, and in that way you know, you'd be a J whole look alike, but rather whether even looks like him to me, it kind of does look logistical like there. You don't think that's what they call in Africa. But I know you don't you denied already W w yes by Robert but I did we go in my own view, man. I love there like a really moving illegally, given amazing will gums I'm some seconds. I did something about this. By tat. Roger snow alone would love my use. Just ass loop What would it dad did anybody down? Yes, it can be done. We need a quaintly now may thinking about stress Bell would cover situation while you down
It is an issue where badly what Would you what happened? What you think about digital beggar Listen, I'm gonna call with them. I would do to other people and some other person in ways that manufacturers in acquired. At your end, yeah and I'm gonna back or lose. You call your car napoleon now that we are about to give poodle Odo very body going to Jersey, model, audible, leaving out the being kidnapped horrible horrible Charlemagne. Chill Albert limited when we're ok, really interesting Are you a drug dealer? You do use our drugs? No, I didn't know it Nay junior citizen, no law abiding citizens. It is a little bit his mission because I'm into the way you in a guy exactly you note at the drawing of enlarging the Union Colombo and want to the store, would doomed
Then you need to get out the car as our most great harm movie star right. Did he array day, I was good harm movie star. Would you just innocently getting in the car? Not knowing was about to have. Aren't you get the closer you got. The car this ain't? No, do you not tell don't let you out free trade zone don't let you out get now? How do you mean? What am I a forty year, though boy you oughta, be you'd- be allowed being backdated. Somebody combat illegal drugs and arrived and until all the big number let them drawback offered. You Mamma house, please now get out and call. I know, they would Mommy's delusion momentum of aluminum about myself, who don't don't do a Google believe you move by NATO getting out there were I getting out of the car. How much, how much Nikobob it was about a water purity busy pigment hang upon his back.
That meant that about no blood, no cover marcobrunner drove them italian arena uncle Mcgowan drawn Macao, no gun local Mcgowan. That now know about no pc penal law. Let me before I got poured over would a couple a homely. This button ten eleven years ago, are fully new journey and they found to grams will gain in the car, and I know that in the police officer roll call gain there. That's it was only three of us less you, the product of elimination, that's not what, whose name? That is my. Let me see the quantities, mother right here and they better figure it out. Ok, and nobody claimed that we got the jail and didn't do he claimed it had. Although today we all do didn't claimed, go gay and you two point about, I doubt it
I wanted to draw. It was our backing for that's nice knitting, re law, abiding listening, I didn't know about more drugs there. Nobody motor vehicle whose car was it is my personal cocoa, is, if a distribution personal to grant to do it as well the low grade jail we all with the job of electoral granted it out, and fourthly, majority inadvertent Ganem, like I've only play with it. I don't jerk five, eight five one o firewood. We need to get it off your chestnut, you with our rooms on away. Yes, I ve taken aback joint, impair y know, they right into. It will talk about the movie ass from over the weekend and him cameo in the movie, I keep it lacked the breakfast club the breakfast club, the breakfast.
Tell me you, don't look so good! You may I picked his eye if they're gonna be like mag I'd get together for some abroad, shout the gucci you got deleted together, put a thumb and also revolt. Tv is off this week. So if you guys not watching us, Orville is because they are often vacation vacation very by others, not watching as our vote, because they can't find it on the table. But I don't have a lot of my time. I mean I mean that we should demand that all right. Well, let's get to the Romans. The subdued appeal aghast at the reul report of reckless club. Well, congratulations to join and pay for an amazing weekend. Fires movie us now that movie made seventy point: three million dollars in ticket sales over the weekend, removing yes, it's the best opening ever foreign original horror movie and it's a third biggest horror opening of all time now
one. Was it the re make which came out in twenty seventeen it made a hundred and twenty three million not into the primacy of wonder clouds futile to redefine our actually read that book. When I was young and then I saw it on tv and then I watch that movie too in love her Is there I and they lashes, Halloween Siegel actually made seventy six point, two million dollars so congratulate is that him, though, is the first original horror. Movie there, the really late at night, like I don't call him hard work, although we like us, the psychological drew out thoroughly enjoyed it. When I was in a surly scared, I write well Jordan here actually has a cameo in this movie now you know he makes a low cameo and get out as well. So here is talking to fandango about his cameos, communism, both of my thumbs in get out. I was the voice Dear Anne eyes, I am a dying rabbit. You watch it needed,
hear him does a very important road or the rabbit was very symbolic in us, because the ravages of problems, the original test, subjects of the cone in- and you know, more rapid star breeding they get out of control, also the tethered. The rabbit if you are in the while trying to survive, and all you need is rabbit or die amount of Tristan, so that kind of, like a kind of represents the food deserts in the hood, because people eating all these things filling up with the food have no nutritional. I re now can do in his talking about. What's gonna make him a better quarterback. He was on. The lately show a James Court in and here's what he said he's, going to do no bets on in J, worried and carried over then February Vague and yet then markets are given a hope. This is Don't crowd looked like it is no climax. So, for me Do certain things a challenge me in all season there came a surly do so now when it sees and comes raw. It makes my stronger I feel like. If I go back- and I say I did those things are immensely stronger as he married
I beg you remember, and I hear case though right across the board. Nah climax with a saying that, for men, for him admit mentally, makes him stronger. So for the first time in January was no gambling no meat. In February, and now, and in March, is no set learned with minimum inhumane or you want grown out, a return of the well, maybe awake span ecological say I did you should be angry during their labrador and to see that when you should not be drawn and not think of unilateral erected all day long and hard all day long, Gary Owen- and he says his wife was re. Homelike unrolled miles. Why did get on a flight. He said his wife and daughter were from Cincinnati the San Francisco and hears what he said happen. Live and die were flying from Cincinnati Ohio to San Francisco, California, on Delta, the tiller, by line up for first some, a wife, kids in line and the guy Workin the gate, a be twenty once isn't any airport ass, my wife or you first twice a year, and then my wife, Sir, are you
Can I ask your guy behind me and he goes no. His exile feel like it my wife, the black lady, the guy behind her was a why dude and they take an agent was a white dude is happening me before what are all the time- and I did say that there is a lot of amazing employees- undoubtedly has well over two million miles on Delta, but he said that particular person needed to treat people with respect ignoring or yet Adams all the time I loved the letter. That question is asked the most and the second most ass question when you black in in first class, is what do you do? I dunno. What will you do you do you d knows everything
ports are like nobody. No, you don't do spot on the present. Knowledge is ok your practical land because ass for legal, but that will be corrected the outbreak of indefinite. Allow disgrace. You gotta make a big difference. Our right, I almost daily. You had one minute left one minute. Let me tell you, did you says about guide me again locker, Madam President, regardless of the designated urge you to consider? Ok, well, pack, talented envy, Angela, that if you are really report, this guy's crazy, all right when we come back, four pages went on my you, that's why we're gonna be talking about how to cook He's gonna go we're gonna, be there. But a man. It was on a train and is very enviro. He was putting an all too
Although women on the train and economic area and one end eyes had been left that information, I did not already out now we'll get into that next keep elapsed. The breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning so now would be. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started. Trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories, music to lift your mood in preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world on the iron radio, app. The same. We are giving you and your best ban as he has to win a trip to the essence: Music festival presented by Coca COLA in New Orleans July Beth through the a party at the nightly concerts, Peter women's is by Mary, they belides knives,
and more to answer and view rules visit the breakfast club that I hide that com DJ, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club lookin some front page news now are robbed, or now he did say them of unravelling Cowskin. Let us say: gods have drunk well, he has written I already played nine years with the patriots. Any letter he said that it for me made over fifty four million dollars playing football and he decided to retired threesome warring arrive at a great career. The tight in men, young man retiring before turn enough. Congratulations to why not! And what else we talk about you. Let us invest special counsel
Abed Merla. They said they download terms, campaign and associates did not conspire with Russia. They did not find anything that would groomed bring them to that conclusion. Not gonna jump responded to this news. Here's where he said after a long adverse figuration, we're sure spun out. There was no conversion with Russia, your most ridiculous thing. I've ever heard it was complete and total exoneration. It's a shame that our country had to go through this reality, such a shame that your President Santer go through this for before I even got elective began illegally right. So that is where Donald Trump has had to say about this investigation. In the meantime Kirsten Jellyband. You know she is also going to be running for its when he twenty four president and she gave her first ever rally. She was in front, the trumpet and ass in a hotel in New York City and here's which he said that our
a shrine to greed, division and vanity. Our right now you go to say that Donald Trump is a coward president's trump is tearing apart the moral fabric of this country. Our president is a coward, and that is not what we deserve. That is not what you deserve. Americans are making a choice. A choice to resist the backward pole of this administration and pushing us towards a better future, stop with the anti trump rhetoric. Okay, I'm not voting for you just because you're the opposite of Trump. Tell me what you're going to do for me. Tell me what you're going to do for the country, sit around telling me how terrible tromp is an inadequate them got evident. Gonna have to do, is gonna have to, but the old fashioned way hit the ground do towards tell him agri Would you do over him and gave him out and twenty twenty ok? Ok, so now
suck by this video. They went viral over the weekend and was a man kicking a woman on the train in New York City and that man has been found and arrested and charged with a solid was a horrifying video. If you had a chance, I want to get a shot right now, his wife, is actually trying to explain what she was saying. I happened now. She gave a whole incident report where she said that basis please he was on a train, but their daughter and the woman was threatening them. A lady was that seventy, eight years old, seventy to one, was during the G8 seventy eight years old. For how to react like that the man arrested is marked Gomez according to Alicia Coxey said that my Gomes told her eleven, oh grow to sit beside the woman on the train. She said as soon as my door to lay down a lady says: what are you doing? So that's when Mark had their excuse me and he turns it says MA am I'm not bothering you I'm not going to do anything to you were just trying to get home my daughter's trying to sleep, and she said the one. Said: oh, I don't care a pensioner in the head, they said there was a heated
Danes and then they move to a different see, but the woman threatened them and said ah stab you I'll, kill you. Who are you talking in my gomes- is a clown, would have a man put his hands on your daughter, like that, your mom are you, and then you had the nerve and you walk off. The train belie whirls thought at the view some young couches and did above put it thing is even if the lady was threatening nor saying she has obviously something's wrong. What does she didn't chase you from seat to see she was sitting? There were aha, stuffed it? No, woman at all, she deserves to be kicked in the face. Maybe she does the auto oil five. Medical four five six seven times there was no self defense. She wasn't fighting back. Maybe she just woman, I don't give a damn about which you say normal, ok and she's are not right. It is that maybe you mention it. I mean all you do that you sat on a train, a recorded that major intervening, all of which is such as to register that saying that these out was unprovoked at their disputing those claims. F. Why does a freebie? Ok, you,
you be sitting around you? You look edge of all white and he would do stuff like manna was out there. You must always have what that was a free, but you had every right to kick their guys as badly on entering ok S offer. Then everybody just was real filming ever really not doing anything such as my own generation are less customers at the whole generate. That is your front page news that the whole Jean Valjean Originals monitoring data that seventy yield more had to be above fifty about five, ninety aging terribly array like milk, anything no below that is all I can tell you is that you don't let your library was only thirty digital items or you re more citizen produces Jesus. Christ died out, o Lord have mercy goodness gracious rain, but when we come back we have Winston Duke in the bill. In Spain with the Duke is one can do. Is I wanted to start of the new movie us among Lou Peter me, young go in
You have not seen us S on you and made seventy billion dollar this weekend, for the embargo is up. I thought it was a great movie in wasting shall discuss a lot The symbol is enough in the movies. Have you? No one was boy that you might want to turn right now directly, but we'll get internet next capabilities to breakfast locomotive breakfast. But the world both dangerous mornings morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess into building from the movie Us Winston Dope Vermont, Wednesday morning Gunnar and I need to know a joint appeal came to you. This idea of us is crazy ass. I did what
Well, he actually didn't tell me anything about the idea when we first spoke. He got on the phone with me kind of had a fifteen twenty minute conversation with me about who I was like really personal thing, and then he said I have an idea for a project I'm working on something I would love for you to be a part of it. Let me know what you say, Tell me what it is. I don't want to color it, for you just read the script and you let me know cuz, it's a it's a big idea. I don't want to tell you or explain it the wrong way. Just read the script, and you tell me if you want to be a part of it, read that script and pretty much what you saw was there on the paper? Did you understand it? I did you say what the hell is this now I understood it. Ok understood I understood a lot of what was going on and things changed as they always do info. You didn't want to color the experience for the audience by saying this is what it is and in this America doesn't want alike. L,
need any body before they consume it once you consume it? Do what you want, then we can have the conversations any conversation, any tough conversation that come, but I think that's a bit of in all the intention behind this, not calling for anybody, so they can consume it and that it will work. However, let me see fit, I mean I think, has actually brought it and get out because if get out was about, racism is a deadly while classes. So that's that's where I got from the movie is about classes. Essentially, to me while, as an emigrant it read about privilege and essentially for me the big commentary, then I got attached through and I attach my character. True as well was this concept of the american dream bright and essentially how flawed it is and how
and secure? It is indifferent things in the film, in my opinion, had represented that and the characters pretty much trip up over the characters. It doesn't serve them. It doesn't actually help them survive and to me it really spoke to a lot of just constructs that we attack for ourselves to masculinity yet even higher than we would your guard the bear. The myth of the big black made a mess that big black man. I got a myth of the man in general and of the big black man didn't servant. Work like the big black man actually crumbled, because, again what does not reach the myth of the man and the leader now didn't work, because who cares about the page? we argue in a zombie apocalypse when you just trying to survive. We need an ally Is about who really helps you in
I think that's what's powerful about there's this genre in particular, because you get to really old islands up? There are situations like this and blow I'll make it really out their fate as the zombie apocalypse and they could say, If you're worried about this right now, that's just ridiculous, but its analogous for real life we did Yola gave allotted to screen. I can't end of many moments in Latvia. We was yelling I made you know what I am asking is one block one forwarding: would everybody grabs loop breeding in it learn how to allow it to give my day. Go up
your wise words. These supposed to do, you wouldn't know recur, distracted them. Save the coup, got you graduate. This almost judgment brings me on to damage me whether you have people risk you. May you be at this meeting with him now that all the EU, like you now, I want to talk to you about your conversation that you have a Jordan Peele. Could you said he asked a lot of personal questions about you and where you came from so since you're from Trinidad and Tobago, and then you came to Brooklyn as a kid. Let's talk about what areas has been like with the american Dream and how you personally related to a movie like this wow from He was one of my. Something of. Amerika was something that was happening before we even got here, because
lot of your export is your media? before I came here when we were moving here, for you know better and different opportunities, I wouldn't say a better life, but a different opportunity and my sister we moved here cuz my sister wanted to be a doctor and the educational assistance system seems like it would offer better pathway to write, so my dear moving here was like a man is gonna be fresh breadth. It has gone mad. Everything does know you're, Chrome, It's like the ninety got raw immediately, not immediately like our first apartment got broken into. I think you know that was like very jarring. That was in an invasion.
That changed in the way we function as a family unit of to women and the little boy. When I got a middle school. I dig rob like on the street. It was six or seven the grave so as you say that you make a video set video. I was like walking home from from from school and libraries on the ways I had like these video cassettes of the: U S, marshals and like just this, do just popped out from a corners. I was curious eyes like when you package, when you pack and east I like, is going through.
And I kept like just walk him while he was doing it. I'd like to know if that NATO is rather like is nobody's business. So, like I'm walking like half a blog to other dues is like pop out on my eyes and then they go. No was the model you haven't, you haven't. You have a problem with Islam. Are you you have a problem? You know the cassettes, land around these can set out, as does yours, majorities, danish, and then they threw it at my head and like him
no! I don't want him to rob. You realize you. Why? Because you sought a movie about me. You gotta, move against me for Wesley Lydia that now nodded turn back. Change. You with a man, look at each other by these social conscripts, and we have to like yeah you're gonna go to adjust for survival. Did you start dug out a low more? No? No! No! No! No! No! My emigrant mother and sister, just like actually justly nor just like you're, not walk about rude again, you're not doing as having go to school for a week. I just felt us traumatized. I didn't like it by they are on the right, a cap on the right path, but also wasn.
Creating a really good relationship with my surroundings was not really creating a good relationship with Brooklyn. I don't really experienced Brooklyn until like laughed whence alike school in the suburbs and was like man. This is totally different. Yes, wasn't able to really see myself. And then came back till I Brooklyn. I was I oh wow. This is roughly I'm grown as a result of all these different experiences and actually entering so many different spaces and continuing to enter different spaces, especially as my life chain. We get more wisdom. Ducal we come back don't always to breakfast club the morning in this more than cause, I really I don't really the bad news is tat.
See morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club from the movie us in a builder right now, Winston Duke Charlemagne, have you forgive got that Robbie. Empathy has been like my biggest tool through life, so I keep looking at people with lenses of just empathy. I forgave those dudes a long time. I forgave those guys a long time ago, because the more I learned I was like they're coming from spaces of not a lot of opportunities. Understand the systems around a man standing systems around New York, been an inner city, New York and black man in black people, and you, like, I just- was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Would people will go through so the Euro DR needs on one of the empathy governor seed, a movie us right. It I wanted things are
from it was everybody, looks alike, because you should always see yourself and other people. We will be able to empathize with them a little bit more, but are you always had a certain view of deploying disenfranchised them. Show you always what empathy, come from a place where everything's in developed- and I mean I've, seen I'm from Tobago at sixty thousand people. So Really really rich people live near really, really really I mean just poor people, so I got to see a lie, got to see a lot of life but also got to see mixing. I got to see carnival like no matter how rich you are you still wind up in the street. Ah, you eat the same foods. I got to see a lot of people. I had to see him in process than the really beautiful thing about small countries that there really a microcosm for larger countries, because everything is on the server
You get to see it immediately if this corruption, it's like Uncle Joe, is corrupt, and I really like that kind of your that's your cousin and you get to really see it happening and understand how it functions. And then you come to a place like this. Things I got from it with everybody looks alike, because you should always see yourself and other people that we will be able to empathize with them a little bit more muscle. You always had I've seen outside my seat of character in unless I think you know that was the thing of view. Gay by saw gave a soul. Privilege is coming from and existing within some of privilege that it becomes blindness is unable to understand real danger unless it manifests in to some degree of white way of seeing danger.
Is a threat to proper our saw him different true than his double gang or in the way that gave us a husband while the double gangsters that Bulgaria does now along revellers, you can't even see really which forces have to develop different sense of each partner. Is there to service and serve a function for has partner red he's there to make sure the mission works, Michel she's not interrupted, and he's really, the Indians are well was shooting. I found a really hard during those days as the red family to be away from Blue Peter, because of just how attached my character was true. So what was the process like? How did you guys down both sides? Sincere fighting yourself? Basically, it was very practical, so we would shoe one side on one day and we'd have doubles. Where would they were talking to the doubles and joy
people would do our lines on the other side. Sorry, sure if the lines are, in early or in the scene would shoot. Maybe the red family first, have the lines really come out and we play that side fully fully committing to everything and then one where the walls and taken that an while they're talking to us, he would react everything we dared like mimicking us in every. I like really given us something the play too. You have acted the wrong version of the garden. I now they're just so different that you really care like you. Ve game shows up any. Maybe it's real if it changes his function, Gabe plays the archetype of the clown right, which is just a classical archetype that allows you to be funny to be inside the action, but not really defined by its. We could still make comments.
You have a lighter buoyancy pace, it's one of a lot of privilege and fun, but funding in within a circumstance of of extremism, a privilege, also justice speak truth to power in a way that as is the only one classically that function is to be honest, the king, only the clown through comedy and drugs can be honest to the power there, so he gets to do. That is to have a lot of heart and a lot of love. It remains so that's really the function of a game in the script as a character, so leaning into that functions, beg and then his counterpart is functionally like the general I mean really struck tight for literally function
Actually it's to get things done, who'd you like playing! Why I like them both equally, I approach both of them. What a lot empathy sudden judge, either of them, which allowed Wanna get into both of them in a away where I felt I want and playing a bad guy on either side and that's the thing was, I didn't see, either of them as bad guys or good guy. They both had issues, but what both created by their landscape The aim is the product of privilege. Abraham is a product of no proximity to privilege and what that does to the body it making one involved that makes you wanna revolt makes you wonder to revoke but develop different senses for survival, that our strength that our powerful I always thought it was equally as horrific for both of these characters to see each other. They both have. One of you, I never saw them as good or bad or just to individual yeah.
Especially like when you like that nobody has across Amerika affordable minded when I googled debt They are now a ribbon ass. I looked at their family different on all who were just revolting We have examined, as was glad of Amerika, regarding gave his point disenfranchised and is oppressing marginalize. Eventually, they will rise up against the system I feel like, but that's the guy resounding. The movie says: that's what's gonna happen, but it's a what, if nay, what, if The real thing were to happen. The thing that is an abandoned the day after it's done, then it's so many things for me. What's got me excited, though I said I wanna be apart. It s yeah, yeah no know get out had a particular conversation. And it allowed me to see me in general. I never really saw myself represented before it allowed me, to understand, and
define some words that come to me, and I never thought of it like justification. I felt get out was a big story by gentrification, but gentrification enacted through human bodies, and I didn't always put together how actually violent and then use the word violent when a soul associated with gentrification biogas, while because its interracial ratio of people its operation of cultural eraser, I it's essentially making people refugees some degree from the only place. They know that violence that there's a does its emotional psychological does a lot of things, and I never thought about that until I thought of it as literally entering new,
body taking your body, but there's a lot of bodies that we exist them all over, but we got more always in ducal. We come back of course, from the movie us at all is to breakfast club. The morning morning everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club from the movie us the number one movie and a country we have Winston Duke into building Charlemagne. I thought with Oda, woman would only both now they will communicate the pain. What do you know what he did for? You can barely hear her out of Some some dough symbol is also will I've found at the end. I time really refreshing to see. Two people were also just created by the landscapes. Don't want good or bad just because we saw them being I don't want to spoil the experience. Nobody really begs the question. Who is the euro and who is really the volunteer right?
and how does want to bet exactly and how they are spaces created them right. There, spaces made them who they are and thus not something that you see very often black listen cinema and these stories really bring black psychology into the conversation that puts it on the table it I'll get out. Did that and really interrogated just were in need aiming something Jordan peels a genius for the sea. Names at them? The sunken play is under way. The sunken places also become this cultural ass. A culturally accepted word were alive as so, and so in the sun complex. I think I'm gonna do that. Look rather located the United States- and I heard him say that yesterday, but had caught that prior and I- and I still like the example of people looking like each other, and you should see yourself of the people that myself and other we ran. Also it's about the constitution,
Tat yourself, too, you can be black lives matter. You could be all these things can be algebra teach. You could be everything right. But if you have bought into a problematic system you bought it new help and a new support it and you live by it to some degree. You are also taking on the sins of that thing, if only argument, if only the right, but all of you and your phone Irving people lose armed legs and things like that. Just get the pieces of minerals for your phone. What? If, All those people showed up at your doors. I want much like no other docu. They like it I'll get it I'm sorry to bother. You would all horses Yorba, no matter How much do you think you're helping if you're really a part of the problem? We are part of the problem and it actually today, many of your problem. It doesn't it does
raise a view from consequence. The day of judgement day, judgement Jeremiah one thousand one hundred and eleven yeah, and it was like no matter what and it's actually I found a paw because it invited us all. I saw it on us, man this man who want to Howard is connected. The blackness is connected community. I communicated, and you know him on his chest say: would you check you done it and he's so as to fight the fight to survive and survival and count that I've given him a path because Thirdly, even abreast: do you know how much of a blessing and this move you could? I was told that the embargo has been hard for you to get roles. People can't see you as that. And buckled. Wasn't that people I see me outside of embargo was just I was reading a lot of this. A similar things there
both things came by that felt interesting, but have the social footprint that I would want in my work, especially early in my career right now, I want to be in conversation with things ending conversation with culture. I want to be in conversation with people I want to be in conversation with who I am, and the war that was available, wasn't doing that and then this just came and it just on a in. Basic way outside of all the other conversations the what, if of it all attracted me so much was repeated already attached to a lucrative, was already a test that help to have done it. I am sure in his error. You will get a lot a backlash, modem role of gave so long. Would you say to people who sell the betraying a black man is weak. I think
I'm portraying a particular black man pulled during an individual gave abides by a lot of respectability politics. Either way. It has been decided by the fact that he wasn't the best at fighting. That is why we believe it I'm going to do about his daughter. Like the new you know, I mean: why does a vigorous either he's a man but he's a particular man influenced by a lot of different things around him? Is it asked himself to a lot of different privileges and things like that and he's a specific individual? I now Dario time on allow everyone s eye and I think a lot of people, no more black man like this, and these
locked man at his father is present, They have been in a situation where people with about what they will do our duty until you get in this situation. If you're not a finer enough to fight every day, I don't care what you sorry, I'm not gonna go find out. You have see, dude does not you have all. How are you gonna do not worry about is that they are really diabolically, but that's. The whole thing is that we are perceptions of masculinity masculinity, just always troms logic. You know we. Ideas of what a black man should be, every black man need to not a fight. Why for what? What he did, what he could do a roast the occasion and they had to survive the encounter? I think it really gives people freedom the kind of bee who they
r and d in the scheme that they're in you know I after any backlash, I am gladly welcome the conversation. That's actually Wyatt, because I'm a big guy and this site is. An collar has made it like that. It's a danger for me not to be overly arctic. I mean in my wasn't. Only articular could be shot in the street, but nothing if I'm just this passion, usually involve a lot of people, I, what will will come down now? Art Indonesia by Jan around cause, you get shot, you getting shot ass, all being overlooked, I know a guy like that, but is like them old thing. I love women conversation I think I'm prepared for comes so anybody who want to pull up full up pull up right.
A man to do. We appreciate you love us personally. I love the conversation that it is gonna start and yeah. Is a pleasure to watch. Congratulations actually movie. I know everybody's going to see that it's going to exceed what they thought. The expectations was going to be in the first place, and I know you have a lot more coming up, so we can't wait to see you in the future as well the dogs to breakfast club morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Let's get to the Roma salt, Wendy Williams, with Angela his club. Well, according to reports, Kevin Hunter, as Mr Serena Hudson has there saying, given birth and baby girl. Now his name, Kevin's name, is not on that birth certificate to use a different aim. While he was at the hospital and they're saying this serene and Kevin paid cash, allegedly for those hassle,
proceedings as well? How do I get all the information we are confident that is against the law. To do give all that information? No sight. You saw it at the Sabre out, ok Don't know if that's true or not, but if it is, I don't understand how Wendy Williams can continue to get on tv everyday and lie to people looking for years, she's got no tv and radio and told women to leave for less and now we're sitting back watching her. Mostly abuse, and she saying nothing. This is well merited, maybe she's, bearing in mind that I dont, even if this is true to know where you can find your way do this week. And I want to reiterate Kevin Honey. The sucker indeed been a sucker. Ok, you ve been a single fishery nights in a k Nicky for a long time. You know at the regional and deal with the height of the animal s. Hearing I get a reason. I don't you introduced of illicit motor either not all deal with Kevin, a windy anymore, because Kevin thought that I was trying to look serene up. We wax back into debt, the nine mind you she like wax, though I had nothing to do with that, but he thought I was trying to make sure enough. The wax and married at this answer when, of course, and that's why you stop dealing with me,
So I don't know what he told windy does why never really be met and when you have to know what he told when you do not like you said Charlemagne draw my side, you go what is Homeboy unanimous that the Wendy. Was I gotta know what's wrong between us: when do I get more phone and all euro certainly bone? That sounds crazy. We know for how did she get information for her, so she called gotta staff numbers of assuming tragical home from north. So maybe screamin avail right now. We have no idea. Why should rejoice to see does have a phone analyses? Add Sweden, everything imposed. Since the grand really never stop. It is essential, It seems to have his tea now question columns, he's gonna be on with you might seen as this morning and he did open up about his mother and I love what he had to say. One thing
everybody telling tony body lay right. When I found out the news I was shot, but I know what to do yo. How could you my whole world start? I was real down and soon as soon as I got my soul of you, better came on a radio now. My yo, like now I know that's her talkin to me, like making sure I know everything's okay, so I just made me feel like it's still fake and now you know I just got to keep pushing, Robin include more critical, ass, a beautiful day, guardian angel now wouldn't wish that nobody, especially a young man. No, I love how he is able to process and say: ok, that was a sign alone, here. Let me them. While you do that data mining to pay them by my ways of Europe, by which makes you look like yours, Nagorno Karabakh, his daddy there. No, no! No! No you don't not. I was Magna. Data will be back in a badly, they did he. I am delighted with glad I liked your eyes, Deborah Christian out
but you ve been in jail for the past fifteen years, just brushing Breton Indue regression, Adieu, regression a direct line You knew about another dramatic situation, Megan Stallion now mother also pass away her mother, highly Holly's actually been up here before and she was alive. Servers are making. This dying came she's always with her, as I am sure this is really, listening to our prayers are with you too, as well Megan stallion. Now she posted we were together. Every highly with my biggest here leader and tap is created. She taught me enough for two lifetimes and if you are blessed to meet her, she taught you something. To my, it is still my records. You posted this video Ma Molly was forever ever since I can remember, she would have me in the waiting room a studio, but I'm might at the door like Miss Moonlight. Ok, as what you say, I am less than a meal. If you dont like them, you bill feel fell off. It was more. I didn't like that feel is
feel her mom was happen, okay, so rest in peace, him, our condolences, cheerfulness. Imagine this die in and she posted not that I owe strangers an explanation. People other internet be sick. A ass, my mother had a brain tumor. There was cancer is for a while now because the people in China, What these alarm Illuminati, rumours, God, I'm real good! Let's do this dossier, as you said, mom for poverty right now have mercy had to respond to. That is the shame they live. I write I'm Angela yea and that's your rumour of legs dying. You gotta ignored as they form as you will be fine. I agree. Every single niece I got every young girl around me loves me to stay on gas and oil. It happened, loved every problem well we given a donkey too May? We need more go mad. The committee for an the we like to have a lot of heat, The schooner yoga was not so old. I thought you were the old lady fake. I thought he would ask you, look like an extra and cream video he's not here is my daddy's. It's alright, we'll get internet next, keep alive. Breakfast locomotive american
and I would invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo, an animal saved, my life there is the most watch, animal storyteller on social and now it's bringing those stories to life in audio. Since I was a kid I rescue some of the most vulnerable animals. Now we're going about animals. We have gone above and beyond to return the favor to the people. They love on this podcast here about animals who have pulled people away from immediate danger or from the throes of addiction. One of my favorite episodes is Amanda Pga in his dog clue when they met they were both recovering from trauma where they found each other. They also found the strength to face anything I had his fear of leaving the house and showing self the real world and here we are sitting on his mountain just celebrating life here about a dog whose untrained, detects. Her moms cancer sooner than a machine can and a people who put herself in between her mom and an oncoming,
brain, listen to an animal, save my life starting on April night on the eye, how radio, app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast breakfast club your morning. So now would be to say any superpower. What would it be on April? Fifth, just say the words his am and you'll find out. She Zahm is the ultimate ways: fulfilment move me about a kidney, Billy Batson transformed into a superhero with just one word: cheesy If it is able to do about right now, you often do not start for Turkey. Don't leave, become donkey of today Club pretty dog eat dog you today for Monday March, twenty five goes to thirty six years: men from New York is New York, nay, more go That is why now marketing,
in terribly. Ladies and gentlemen, if you would have told me this man was thirty six years old, I would have lost their bet, because this man looks every bit of fifty three. I know you care, Help me with ages anymore. More because guide deadly looks like you would have had on Denham Jeez in timberlands forward. You, like, oh god, ok complaining about our resolve now played because all eye, apart from the last four years owing to play, is just too Oh declared Neglect Knighton point the Benjamin's. He loses it by the way I am very The point is seeing someone from Yahoo as aid. This terribly especially have to see how to Mary, J Blige, our agent incredibly dropping the footballs for all of their skin. Alright, amazing, it is, drink, some granges juice, something, but his diet is about to be trash, can be known allotted Kalis things we go and hopefully because if we are all lucky Margo men will be going to jail for a night. Oh period of time because over the weekend of video, we viral of a man who was found kicking said, age old woman repeatedly on the subway in New York was gonna ABC somewhat republish assess fact is increased, today after a woman was brutally attacked on a sum.
Train in the Bronx thirty six year old. Mark Gomes Elise accused him of repeatedly kicking a seventy eight year old woman earlier this month on, a number to train policing, community tip is want to help them break this case, then he's charge with assault as bars. Victim she suffered cuts and bruises, but she is expected to be ok every time I see the video and hated this man is thirty. Six I got some water, please drink more water, now, don't you want to give situation? This initiative. Will listen to hide his went down on the train. Ninety people I whilst the world's daughter so disgusting,
After this woman got attack, she appeared, wipe away, tease ass. She sat in the corn in a bunch of cow, would just said dear filming her, instead of helping her now I am a father has been brother. Oh boy, the black women in the way in Hell, I'm a sinner on a watch grow may do this to any woman, especially a black woman, especially out ok while Gomes on the weekend alive, you play the lead after doing something like this, but you need to burn from sacred plants. Get you some sage, some crystals pray, baptize getting excesses and you have to do everything short a switch embodied. That again, as living underground, get dissolve you ok to find that you did. You have a dog, Another thing doesn't already other daughter and eleven, your daughter. How would you react to someone jumped on your little girl like this? How would you react- someone jumped on your mom like this is what I enjoyed a bottom movie Now we all know this is a movie about classes on board, but what I love the bottom movie, with the fact that they all looked at
because he made you realize you should always see yourself and other people. Ok, we could truly see ourselves another people and we would treat each other differently. You should have looked at their woman like she was your mother, your grandmother, you great ground. The any woman in your life. Did you love? You should have saw her in that woman. If you could truly that is no way in Hell? You would put hands on her. The you did also, all you cowards right who around film and stuff like that. Instead of intervening You know what would really get your social media, let you know what league honor likes retweets retweeting com. If you really want to go viral insane, you would have real content. Few, Media platforms, beat a personal. Jumps in and whipped dude like marks ass, ok, you would become a hero online sensation. You will get interview. People of rally sinew free stuff, celebrities, repulsed you applaud you you'll, keep missing you moments not intervening and jumping on people like my Gomes has become a mug dates. It s seventy age, old woman. He would
any woman in your family that you love. So why are you sit? Marriage is recording him and warning him with the rules and the US all right there. Thing that all woman could have said to you Mark D made you feel threatened, are warranted a kind of threat. A war that kind of attack. Rather whenever com, comes your way? I pray we get to witness in all world star, because these videos slowly does deserving of other oh video for you and since you look like an extra from. Video, are really prayed. You get hit one of those booting tortured tactics, starting when not limited to, one heating up a hanger Dickens within your irish law. Like always, as is with you, please, let me remind you, might go mad the biggest here he, ah you stupid, mother. You dumb and please don't affiliate him a voting at all. He would never be around.
Voting are inalienable yoke, as they would never do anything they wouldn't have been doing and thereby Beth, but he devil molecular mentally trade environment crew. Now you look at you on a train and bring a baby. Ok, now rather neglected extra from the cream aright Dinah debt. It! Yet absolutely did it all right. Well, less over the form of eight hundred five, a five one in five women. Have you seen as video to video was everywhere? May I take the seventy zero GA woman, eight. Seventy eight seventeen April, a seventy eight year old woman yearned covered a couple of times kicked a couple of times. If you are on a train, would you have
captain. Would you have me? Do you understand the cowardly act of like pull him out your phone like now living marine work? In that way, I don't know I've seen a lot like the girl. I got knocked out spring break. She got knocked out and instead of somebody China, that is what can always crowd on how you feel minute is like I dont get it when the truth of the matter that I just told you out of your really want to get legal really wanted to property, are really wanna. Get attention on you, social media, be the person that intervenes that bought in the debate of the black woman Castilla like six seven times who have fallen. Somebody crimes, films, somebody something wrong and uses Fulminate like the good samaritan land that resistance I don't know, but what would you do it without? You it was the right one, o five one. What would you do if you will answering it. They call us up right now is to breakfast
my breakfast club morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. You just joined us. Giggles overhead gave dog yet a day, two or more Gomes Margo Method, the thirty six year old cow would look like an extra from the cream. Video who beat up seven age old woman on the train here and New yogi from young to bite away, merit a Charlemagne most important, but I'm not used to chow would from your garage August, guys in Gaza very, very thorough about you, didn't you nonsense, I'm used to lax in marriage a black next month, the immense. What may drive Hollywood knows there like? I'm? U love typo guy from while, ok
ask if eight hundred five five one off, I would have you own a tree. Would you? How would you intervene? I E. What would you do me out of active damn lies package? Has I can imagine that I wouldn't adapting a when I found it would have been to remain to do something now can say as a woman. How I would feel if I could beat a mother and not just by, I would definitely have been devastating screaming. I urge people to do something coming. What would you I don't expect more disappointed in the mid on a train that it was a do tape it didn't women. Unama saying I wouldn't expect the woman to intervene, but I do know some thorough women that would have a more of said about the man who sat by and watch somebody who could be their grandmother Toby their mother. They great with grandma you know black men who got daughters like men who guys got girl mothers. It comes a point time work and we don't discipline each other and we will leave it to the to the system to discipline us. Could you
I do not deserve to be disciplined by the system, but in a moment it is already. It is. Ass, kicked magistrates, bidest, Greek and on which it is no accident in watch that I don't think my son could sit, there was fifteen unwatched atmosphere The current sit back and watch that I don't know any man that I'm friends we or that I know could sit and watch the seventy zero is seventy eight zero women get kicked in the face, numerous jobs and just take everyone knows we both entities, gay may gather I gotta there's somebody do that. Then it was crazy to misuse all you see what I was filming guy right. You really want to go. Varro be the person that intervenes, Rita personnel, Johnson and brief mark up, because I will not go into the old lady. I guarantee you over night, you become enemy. Celebrity that would you want right? You doin for retreating you doing as well liked, so you might as well be deprived of even really get it by absolute Felicia moaning more
if he was on a tree, what would you do? Ok, I'm five three and I'm a woman, but I feel like I'm gonna have to travel there be an end to help her. Can away or do some families belied her right. At least I like him from her something back we are pointing. While more are you other guys they go help. You knows that tabled it bore man Lee or after I wouldn't get mad at them through better ran on my return, I pointed ill beg you Mamma. I right bank, you two or three or what would you do if you want to change you we'd have to fulfilled I can hear your voice of a arms. Are you always anyway. That is truly a lab is always wrong. You bring to light the body body. Aren't
the fact that is only women call in abeyance. Tell me everything I know about the urgent and everything I need to know about this Aramis, not this air. Romania. Just a couple of days no man, we as all the time we see a bunch a guide, always standing around, where women are being assaulted, always you're going to first video. We feel like this, and it does it more people are taken out and that I have followed the table, but back and outdated was still. People did the same thing. Maybe he told us a story about how frank and open you would leave us too could appear modern. I would have no woman didn't jump by other women in unison. Second grade may be no more than what is a, maybe not want a women men around and other Mediterranean. I intervene as some wrong red yeah is about.
Do you really being arms are red eye? What would you do it if it was true? Ok that potentially everybody ought appears that I'm a female I wanna watch those ways I wouldn't be able to watch. You met it. However, I just wanna make sure like I want to thank all the main. Sometimes these people got reporting then are recording for the old. An odd came another. You know everybody beaming carry video where'd you! You know these people are on the appropriate word about, don't think it
maybe I'll. Let me report, I believe, obviously got used to the police and the guy got apprehend. They were getting. Oh, no, no! No! No! No delusion. These examples of this also means that the examples of the social media, who I'm not I'm not here for the purpose of the social media and organise a virus but under their my clever tragedies, but believe, obviously, that all of us, like the platte miracle without ok, that's your phone number that black beard up where the Young Ladys Sea, like email, Philip, they abuse. The child and felt that was our polish, my life for the rest of our lives. You got beyond a third area like oh. I do remember that a bustle guide that will you go. I think I think without pay for that to be their punishment plight like those in the euro, and then everybody come down with you like that, rational, because that would have a powerful like a poor, but about them
about the media. Dusting actually can also be a sign of seventy. If I can't even imagine somewhat economic climate, I am, I know what you have. Let me do I got from you. Let me go to New York. I thought that you have forgotten Well, ok, don't live together back all disgrace of. Why is nothing more women call in a period of one year, automotive, our aid grab a five? What oh five one? What would you do if you are on a tree? We talked about the video of the mayor, kicking the seventy eight year old woman in the face. What would you do if you they call us now is to breakfast locomotives morning? Everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club, Navvy just joined us, we're talking about there, but I was circulated over to weaken about the thirty eight year old, manor ethics. Thirty six thirty hours he had his exile, darted east, only thirty things like two chambers and he looked like an extra from the green, really goodness gracious at thirty six year old man a kick the seventy eight ill woman in the face. If you are on a tree, what would you do
nowhere could live with myself, I get off their train, no one at that. May I kicked out woman so many times I live and myself absolutely met with the point of care and a knife which you have not compulsory body when they meet you pull and imagine day. One of those people in a film is screaming not doing anything was whack nitrogen, doesnt anchorage everybody to keep a close eye no I'm saying cuz, you know, New York is not a place where you can walk around with guns nerf. You know when other places that listen to us is open. Carry states like in Georgia think so North Carolina as well. No, this other places where you can carry guns. You can't do that in New York. You know I'm saying so in New York, you got to keep a little something on you and what's the point of having a little Mind you, some maize, arms and brass, no good, some knife. Have you not go user four times like that at a time like this to stab like this? What would you do if you own a train airy or been so bad weight or such like? This happened? Somebody hit an old woman or black leg. Just wait. Never had,
likely now affordably right there you go looking up. It has finally been reached about issues which are not yet fully informed. You think! you're, going to be so as to what you said what have we got a job We bear you. I do now Vera who bear you out how the lowly happily go down. Happily go to jail for it, Zack. Yes, what would you None of you wanna, transact mad Oda block. I would have liked like the point, is that I think are to protect the other ladys. You know you got a you gotta, respect ales when it goes. I begin to day I mean you, gonna put: Europe was Man Ahmad to preserve their light? You gotta hit me parasite order, Does a man at that point of view that all woman doesn't even matter and, as you know, this positive thing in all the guys that will film in what were you fill? Therefore, could you didn't turn it into the police you put? It was those media, they wanted the legs, they wanted the retweet they wanted to get their social media pop.
Like old sure. Look what I got! You know why, because we reward those kind of videos are reposed in Malta. But my thing is this: won't you meet a guy at intervene and been you really become a year olds that doesn't moment along this line. I regret then, a crystal: what would you do if you in a situation? I would actually any similar situation. I live in that island and I was on a train a long time ago and now the man at the other end of the platform. Anyway, he appeared to be handicap and there's a bunch of people like Thick and on an inflation have, and I went down there and I said something on a few other people, the stranger you know they came over there will. I came in others, not cool leave me alone and it turned out that the cave was playing around like you wasn't handicap, and now we call them nature, really can't you that, but I love it.
At an anticipated is ending it. If you don't like it, you ve got up and say something like. There are other good people that old battle joy, you you know it now. You wrote it and I would like your bare guy was mentally handicapped real trigger. For me, a man has been attacked by three mentally handicapped people, big inhabitants, they get avenue, we haven't, got some offers altercation. I have university because at the time these football players will pick an honest do more and I was walking back to my door. And I just Didn'T- help our local leaders, though not of the g come on. I believe, and I believe it is our job denial. This is a fundamental by jumped into hope and forty, a doll, my dorm provided double as it might have wanted to floated into proved to certain programmes of the adult another guy you jumped in picking on it, gave him all of Anna I jumped into hell. We have it was no, it was no fighting advantages. You know they were just pick it up. And I found you know, as could you know we, everybody
Why do you not only are we as a matter? They were just pick it up and I was like you could tell a do wasn't about their life, he wasn't a fighter, you just sit near what it has done and I jumped and I hope to be able to rely on you say I didn't. I didn't like it at all, let alone, as I was saying, I hate them out. I jumped from between ask why the situation and they will, where the patent if I had a big fire. I have met with the football team because you just go without doubt. How are you put the whole by Russia for supporting? It was all too case it. I jumped between an appetite the whole scene. I really hold your hand on the whole body. Having somebody turn to you is that I am we're gonna juice added, ass, good, ass, well, monthly or fairly, that that was a school me shout the radiation. Little short range way.
You re, really visualize metal, crazy criminal. Read you brought what's his name like I went ahead. Listen did you Matthew, DJ competition on the part of the room and you didn't lab, but just to see That is our view. Anybody's young, about troubling you have you wanna, be allowed believers, Michael guys. You got no evidence of you put them all here. They re day May day. I went away outweighs everywhere. Always my God, is granted by the story of a great segouin. Rumour report have everything may
is alive. We learned about what happened in college We have been made of the Hall Football Team, Mazzolata Nuffin anymore manzanita. My story, we love you gonna lie populist superman. Ok, we ve ever was the way you have now is it bad people out rooms motivated I want to take this on board. All the bretons detectors The breakfast club allow everybody is, then, might envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club as one say, allowed. People simply must start I believe, a lying again. Nobody believes whereby we just or furthermore you much older than Rigi least continue I would remind you that in college which open you fight offhand for wars of all. I wasn't another region, secondly, that ten years older, radie narrative or look it's aromas. Let's talk big shown it's his birthday too
Did the report annually on the breakfast club, where yes, happy birthday too big shine and is thus very frankly that we have been her birthday, is well today to subside activity, a juvenile directed against those who organise birthday today as well, so happy birthday, nice date for ever an are right. Now, big Sean he's been talking about some difficult periods that he had around his thirty at birth they last year, and he said that he did need some help. Nicety wasn't feeling like himself in IRAN is our last year, Roma birthday, lows, Guph was well from two because I like something was we connect all my energy, and I was a fool myself. Figure out why what idea was a step back they are doing, everything going because as his loss, many things are seventeen years old there housework,
inside you depression on things. I m all right, but it wasn't doing away for this. I knew that this requires special attention. Now he goes on to say that he actually did end up going to bear So what I did was started there be insane. I need clarity lie about? Who is around me what I was doing, you know even a music which is like my happiness, my joy, I was always going to skate. We must start to feel like a bird even are released, my mom was like getting to a point. We wasn't talking like that. I realize that it all started with me and I had to analyze myself. I couldn't point the finger when I start it is by myself reduced just than ever. I I do like skydiving, and in the midst of that I daresay rediscovered myself Therapy is amazing. I mean you got to take those mental health breaks. I mean I deal with anxiety. Depression mood swings all that in the only thing that correct that is unplugging also with Shana saying, is very important, like we look for validation from everyone except ourselves, and sometimes you got to disconnect from all the extra opinions and focus on what matters
wait. Nearly he is feeling better now they must start to give back to making a musical started. You are making the best use of my life I'm sailor starting nurture those relationships that were important given finance ambassador of additional love letter conditional, loves cool. Money, lays the ratification by your foundation? What you stand on everything else goes there unconditional right focus all who and what matters doubling of validation from If you really want God Matter, happy birthday too big. Happy birthday, mad dash d, J posted about his daughter, getting accepted into USC. He said, ah on her own no jail time and is a picture of him in his I know that pack, it in and said a hashtag. I got into USC sticker on their well, people set a go In any event, they did take this posed down and ass because he did donate along with Jimmy. I mean seventy million dollar USC Vatican's you anywhere in and I was to create the Jimmy
in and Andrzej Young Academy for AIDS Technology in the business of innovation. It's a four year programme for undergrad at school. It amazes me how rich older people would experience can be so still Jimmy being adopted, we have a whole academy of the artist school. I'm gonna get their academy two on for that malady in the business of innovation. They played seventy million to you as the nitrate knock it off. I was appointed. Have you forgot? The debts of out of your have all had me named. Have the other USC single letter and our Kelly he was supposedly trying to get permission to go to debate and make some money, but according suits as media up as they said that there has been no request for performance by our Kelly and is not an even values that have been both either. They said he has not been invited by the Dubai Royal Royal family for performance IQ stated well according to our Kelly's people. That's because they have a car. With a legitimate promoter who wants to make sure that our Kelly,
making up available? So that's why they might not have anything, but yet because before they invest in promoting, they want to make sure I'm sure that the down and for rail, has news to now. Collection is on the way out of you. Guys saw him posting about. It has tag Chanel Ferrel. If you want to see what it looks like, he said hard to believe this. Started with writing it in my shoes back in twenty ten, so congratulate to foretell, relax in what does he may riding in issues with, I guess and came into an existing to fruition back in two thousand ten- and it was a it's a great collaborate, and he has some industrial we have weighed ocean. Is its visa clip as well that you can take a look at our right? Well, I feel how do you know what I was about to do I just came out with a brand new flavour yeah. You heard there right now got our in orange, vanilla, coke, zero sugar heads YO closes retailer famine Orange vanilla, Coke and Orange vanilla coexist Jaeger. Today there are right there
LEO confirm that when we come back to people's choice makes shouted Juvenile. This is his birthday today. I shall make sure that we can start the mix up with some juvenile and it's a big show for it. Days I get your request in right now is to breakfast logo morning morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club again shudder to everybody that came out to our real estate seminar. We did it Atlantic City, we had over a thousand people a shout the killer. My again Dc Young fly from pulling up teaching people about realistic, not only teaching people in explaining how we but also bringing those people to you. So people always have their credit is horrible. So he bought a credit. Gotta fix people's credit. They said they can give the lending. So we What both a hard money lender Anna Conventional Linda, explain what it was in told people had it can get lending. We bought an attorney, so people can have an attorney just trying to set people that we even brought before clothes list and the Bank of the city on property, so shouts of Atlantic City model
small and everybody they came out there really supported us. They really want people to stop supporting their own. Munich, ease and they're. Trying to do is as much as possibly cancel so people can actually invest, create some generational well so shouting about it come if you Miscellany City will be out in Miami. This Sunday saw no, we have less than a hundred seats left. So like him, I bow to get all the information. I hope to see you guys there. Yes right now, you meeting, given any of your dried fruit juice I'll, let you in what Emily, when some a brain out whenever you tomorrow only but in three different of city, I bring another three tomorrow, so you can try that when, but yes I did like my drink, fresh juices been, is taken me as a year to get all this with the testing and everything together, but his all Nashua Fruit, juices and vegetables like ice not even just use it's just the fruits and vegetables. So
nothing added to know what are added to it, a lot of times or watered down these produces so that they can make it look like is more, but these are only the fruit and vegetables that you see, listed droughts and on their so there's been a journey, but it's been a good one and I'm excited their product is finally available and you can order it too. If you go to during first used outcome I will not come back. We got you positive. No, don't move is a breakfast club kimono deploying everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the God. We are the breakfast Club NASH out. The Winston Duke for joining us. This morning was the Duke plays gave and Abraham and a new movie us you norm is embarking from the black hand them new norms and sat at eight members unintended added to beg our not sell Brooklyn. I love us man, it's a great movie. People was given in MR use a little while ago, but clearly it They, don't you know any more than is the number one moving account you would over. Seventy may endows me yes and as the highest growth.
Original horror movie first week so far you today still and that their biggest opening ever monsieur le maire. You got a positive note for people. May I just want to say that is a lot of people run erases the date only will want to be in some way and courage you to get out of their lane. Fine your own land and proceed with breathless Vivian Clinical yonder hi, I'm Laura Vander Camp and the host of the before breakfast podcast. And the author of several time management books. I am also the host I heard media newest podcast, the new corner office. In the show we share strategy. Four thriving in the new world of work, one where the location and ours are more flexible than in the past. Listen over that first cup of coffee- and I promise you learn something useful list: to the new corner office. Every week day on the I hurt, radio app apple pie casts or wherever you get. Your podcast is a ghost haunting due role. The food fighters, why does IRAN claimed covered? Nineteen? Is a U s by weapon and then vote
and in our new show strange news daily. We are shedding light on the most bizarre, disturbing and unusual news of the day. Every from the latest exploits of Florida man to the mind, boggling developments in space exploration, Topsecret, government experiments newly reveal stories of the paranormal and more listen to stream, news daily on the eye, radio, app apple pie, gas or wherever You find your favorite shows
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