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Would You Call the Cops on Your Parent?


Today on the show we had Anderson Paak stop by where he spoke about his new album Oxnard, witnessing domestic violence in the household when he was young and more. Can you imagine calling the cops on your father if you witness him beating your mother? Well we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought. Moreover, we had listeners call up to give their nominee for “Donkey of the Day”.

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MRS you'll wake up all day. Job Angela YE shall remain a guy on the planet. Is why respect issue, because this is a voice- is decisive in a day. The coveted morning so called in the morning in HD, want to hear that the world's most dangerous, modest, good body, USA, less at these Anti AIDS, too exciting thing it's Friday. Does it, but it's Tuesday morning, everybody? Yes, hopefully everybody had a great day, and you know what I did yesterday and I was so amazing.
To go see the rockets you were talking about the yes, it's at the whole planet go see the rackets and the right as other act rockets, and it was such an amazing show a MAC alive really want to go out to do, which is like a Christmas Broadway when abroad, because none of railway, rather those I got a Christmas play I really was an excited the wife, want to go shot. My baby, a baby she wanted to go to kids, were excited to goes out like fire fiscal cedar, Rapids Dance on overstated was keeping movement, but it was- and I was actually an amazing well put together, show whether records have been around. For how long does my wife says you regularly been again, it was getting twenties. I was gonna. Be guide has been like a hundred. He asked. I thought it was a very meagre and those that will be like the twenty legacy will be ancient no the web, but they have all types of
special effects is important, magic in Santa comes or now and then Santa multiplies into body scanners and explains. Why is able to deliver all the gives, an still collect money from the Salvation Army? It was amazing, is morasses, nineteen, twenty five and, of course they know what they're doing I mean. I know they had all types of drones: magic. It was really really cool. Even the two euro was excited the whole time. She stayed up the whole time. What's that a whole show from beginning to end, it was a dope show whereby you about an Iraq gets. I went to go, see Michelle Obama at the back lays
It was really really really will let you know you're that was over the weekend. Everybody was second about his curse. Cushy cursed, one time during the entire talk that she had for day was cute, though a gradual dishes, suicide and about people say you got a lean in and then she said that is don't, whereas it is well bomb like she's, a human being, and if you get a chance to go, see hurts hawk. You know she cancer to cover up coming days, but that was an early united States. But if you have a chance to go see here, it's quite impressive and I went to a play to sell to go. See about glorious dynamite, life is called Gloria, a life that was pretty amazing to you, know glorious dynamism, nor how she's a feminist but she started Miss Magazine Emma Magazine, but it was all about just how early days of being a journalist and just how crazy it was for her to try to break into their business in the kind of science if they would give her, because she was a woman and then you know me
for air from there, but that was pretty exciting. Ochre was a logo yesterday so and shadow to my son, Logan, of course he's out no land. We ve been in the land of the last couple of days, team, the brick city lines, play Mary made it to the next game, which is today at three and actually plan on ESPN. You can watch it or do it was so with watching us. Employment is be, and I was like, while when I get paid for this, but still I was so excited about anyways somebody's deftly gameplay can pay for it, so my wife Oghee is actually heading out there now to go. See him today place today at three o clock I'll. Give you all information if you want to check him out and play if you want to see play it. It's pretty pretty amazing. I re asylum should be heading back from Johannesburg, South Africa now authority as a casino flight. He should be back later on today years, so you'll be back tomorrow and then we have Anderson.
Pack joining us today. He was on Saturday night live over there. We can also be and its impact. Of course, his arm be single, slash, wrapper assigned to diagram area last drummer and when I say he gives busy, he gets busy and his story. Is amazingly he's one of those Georgie boy. Are you shouldn't be Doin? What you don't like a seen his father beaten. His is mob and called the police in his father got arrested for fifteen years It is my did something where she didn't I, claim all the money she was making. So she like fifteen years, never served seven became an amazing produce, a slash army singer. He worked for a weed spot and got paid a hundred and fifty dollars prepare legally to work and then he got fired on his day. Is an amazing story? Don't kick? It would end its impact and maybe we can tell the story when he gets here Amanda my own are going to browse the web. Is God really interested me before? I know, but I didn't read about him before we came about and listen to music that it really does background are right.
Four pages, what we talked about, how we are going to be talking about- and I know you guys ever seen and if our player enhance and what happened with him? So I tell you what, to say. As far as his side of the story does he deserved, given us now right, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep a likeness to breakfast cloak monitors the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news for first in one, and I put the Redskins laws that are equally twenty eightth sorry done. Their role is a huge Redskins re imposing our kind of sad mean a loss. What else is only let's talk about Karim Hand, who formerly pay for the Kansas City snob? Here only- and I know you guys have all seen this video by this point of him getting. Sue, Ann altercation in his residence at a hotels last residents where he was living and the video shows him shoving a woman to the ground and kicking her now,
he has made his prayers public comments about the story. He spoke to Europeans, Elisa authors. He said he'd never seen the video until it seems he put it out and he says that he is not that type of person. Here's what he had to say as he apologized to be exact, don't really matter where I was and took responsibility, and you know made right decision to know far and away the escalate the whole situation I never met a girl before besides I'm one time as they are wanted just to leave, but is no excuse for me to act. That way, or even put myself in opposition where people are really upset about it. That the NFL never questioned him. Now he spoke to his team, and the team. The chiefs talked to the league and then he was free to play eleven games and becomes superbowl contenders and all of that right and people are wondering why, with Anna found that even question him, they never even obtain the video they did. Try they said to get the video, but the hotels
their their residence if they were only release it through the police department and then the policeman partly when you give it to them, but I guess it and pushed back on that. Now. Here's Karim Hunt has to say about the NFL the you say that you were not truthful with them, when you told them back in February about what happened. Where are you? sir. I didn't tell him everything and I don't know bland, and thirdly, they my actions caused this adjustment on the video. When everybody I saw the video less when I saw the video so that she saw the video. Has the NFL ever questions you about that incident? No, they have now. I did they ever ask you too to talk about that incident. Now I dare say that he once forgiveness, He said he deserves a second chance, because everyone who knows him, including women, know that he's respect values that I made a bad decision at that time, and I just hope that people forgive me
only thing is they have now obtained another video of him being restrained after he allegedly beat up at thirty seven year old man inside of a Kansas City, night club that happened back in January, the man George ACT, claims at Threem. Hunt enjoys Atkinson along with others jumped him at the most. Good nightclub and then up that's a month. For he got into that. Altercation with the women include. Yemen. Is he got into a third altercation at a, and a higher in June. He would not arise. It attracted the crime in that incident. We don't know what happened with those other two incidents. It could have been self defense, we really dont know, but that the incident with the female is way wrong. I mean I'm really surprised at the cheese. Let him go and reason surprises that mean. Should it be Lego Cloud, but he's not
not like one of those bad player a Bend plated Black Ireland will not use one of the best backs. What that's why I probably covered here and there, and if I did and investigated any further or even question him- would have good that's great at the interface standing up his errand. You know what our place can't hit. Women can hit people. I don't think that its violence DMZ put out the video ass true, but if so is it was one of the EU is one of the best backs, but he should have illegal Armenia. We're gonna self. There's no way should have been able to push a woman down and kicker like that is absolutely positively essay. Play, one thousand two hundred Michelle Obama. By the way. Let's talk about her, I told you I went to her becoming- I am becoming book tour date in Brooklyn. It was amazing one thing that everybody was talking about with her and dropping the F bomb, ok see one time while she was talking about leaning in and she said that it does not work. All the time now see also the couple of her data because of joys, age, W Bush. He wanted to make sure that she pay tribute to him, and she said she
the cancelling herve but, to all appearances, Harris and Berlin just to join the Bush family and celebrating his life I'll come. All right well as front page news, get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. If you up I need to vent hit. Us are right now may be had a bad NATO bad morning, or maybe you feel bless. You want to spread some positivity, eight hundred five, eight five.
No five won't get it off. My chest is to breakfast Club Morning Breakfast Club your morning. So now would be the same as the best way to watch tv live, or I demand more than fifty channels that you love like the AIDS when BT and, of course, revolt, bagpipe, bylaws, just twenty bucks a month find out for yourself with a free trial, no credit card needed text, breakfast seven for four or five six breakfast go away. Go blue color! Oh there's little table jaw global torture. To assure you to chocolate, Kosovo was alone. No, no, I know my daughter Little John claimed loaded dirty law, a lot of positive. They met. You fear the homeless, the privileged few that all necessary. I am very proud of my daughter. How does she hears twenty two
in one of thorough going, even though we do add, as the same as the message on to the matter in hand now rival shadow outlines the same real name anger, you name allow jobs, their real names, teepee early jail eight year, three rode up my bank medium to little little John Little, which have low job. No Keller, let us away you actually and ludicrous. We appreciate evidently did look up parity. Ok, thank you. Fear greatly excited man allow those yet it didn't. I keep open thought very merrily, nay, not keyboard good morning warning as if one day been up all night work long out on my own personal, bringing if I got my pocket
build from one of the great job anybody out about their group no hard with their own excited by nature. Greedily go get it. Yet it was a dream of how we should during pregnancy, were brought into referral agency for health care.
Ok, all right! That's what it is, but we appreciate you say their lives and I can tell you that my power, I Mamma, dont you. Thank you allows, as did I would go along with Mr Brok regular features, but he muttered he wanted to know, will gradually myself not bottom all bit of yet more elusive there. So that your minute, all I am I am you know anybody. I delete the word. I am I'm close on foot. It's ok, I know some some or landscape went over a move. When you log out everything you have been able to cope with all of you to grow in old. You should do what you should do. Is you can all real estate agents they gotta take pictures olives? Could they all need the drone activity stuff? Pierre but in my view, a lotta complicated. I am ass though it is. I do not a good idea abroad and to pursue this. You know get a copy of the cabinet
pushed the autumn. There were good luck, as I know them drawn photography, costs money. So the love run that allows as we go along with the club window. Aggressors was abroad about a year but admit the pay of forward it was. Our brother has been a whole year. I will go in order better to let you know, but the mere disappointed him I've got good. Did she opposed to get back to my new, reopen the streets think but other so called up work. I've got three jobs now and on the other, it can't find the time to put our common energy. Is a monopoly in Oughta. Be I'm converse shade the myself to say that what we know We know we are hard, is probably caught up. Sometimes we get caught up we got going on in other personal lives that we forget to accomplish our goals in in and to all the things that we set out to do some kind of a ship. Myself, but at the same time a happy did I'm staying busy and I'm just
into the money. You know here. Sometimes you gotta take care you so that you could take care of the people as well. So that means you gotta stack up your money, so you can for the greater good for later you gotta, do it absolutely lavender Deborah pay far away our cognitive breakfast. I read MR pay. If I were no pain, if always get it all future, as eight hundred five, a five one and five one of you need a video of now was the breakfast club. The morning
The breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you. Wanna breakfast allows this. Why you wanna be they play boys? They was patent brothers that play black most. That was where did you get it off its asthma little crowded, both because of the local video about the weaker weakened in May, and I can tell us about with their united as one going to fight. You was all about. Like a madman, I like the way. You know right here that a woman, like I say, let's be less, be arranged. Why you really think I was ok. He kicked the wish of our global welfare, but you do not like we gotta think about last week I was you: do we call he's goin up by
led me to do so to speak the language of a boycott, including the escalating better big a play by that is absolutely right, but the thing is as a man and as a huge man like he is who had a lot to lose. You can't put your hands on a woman president everywhere our hope in their situation. You wouldn't do that now. Then I was cool when she was endeavouring to like you want to get there with me towards alarm. If you got a duty is well understand where,
What do you know what you claim that it is like the Bible tells you know you can remove it, but you could go out all that oppose the voluntary hormone like well guess what I'm a man knows that he can be TAT woman and he should know better than to put his hands on her, especially in his position or life like we level like this reality, because reality we bought you want to be like, like a blue collar, depends very because only eleven are basically make us for the truth and at the moment, what we're doing? What would your decision have been at that moment? What right away exactly do not occur, but a teacher
follow me and inside me to do so and I'm trying to walk away. Not then I won't. I went back to my buddy, you know so much. Do you think that that is like that women play a plateau yeah I've gotta go right when we get to a place where we are. We gonna do that manages laws than we had just losses of micro money. He looked failed football career because he kicked their young lady. He couldn't walked away and would have been absolutely positively. Nothing call the police of our choices, older woman, it would have been all but you gotta make better. This is, is a your life, you know, and his decision was a hundred percent wrong and I won't be any man or any person watching that with say I'll, put your hands on a what we like day, Luke Crazy, allow this This anonymous was a moment of intimate, don't drop on us no go on back. Do you hear me out, but I'm bag
as I just looked into a clean and I've got the new jobs as well, as you know my name or looted, I just got a job wherever they areas like the silver, I don't know, and they are. I Anko, according to my main boy, put you back from twelve to go out Why, a regular apartment. My I as you whispering. Don't do that you? Can you hear me mad at the landlord? No, I mean yes, yes, you know
you should allow you to get it together, lobe it, but you know you might escapade our online might have to pay the rent himself. You know me he might not owner building directly enough to pay their blood. Mortgage is looking for your red to pay their mortgage. You can't be like we're minds, Abbe start. Yet when I get it, you get it you can't. You can't do that. One really man about I'm busy now, under matter to situation. Ok, it's a crappy situation took Have you have a conversation about when you can have it in the USA and they would defy causes a couple? Movement will couples apartment? I am going to call my landlord cause. I don't know what you might need their money to pay. The bill mommy gave embarrassed. The first month they privately, this is in a grey eyes to everybody that we represent awake. I was gonna, be yes well, Congo, where it has apologised, will tell you what he is doing and I hate when people do. This is so Will you understand? Why also will talk about record, breaking utes,
What are you who just broke a record for a video or I will get into all that when we come back, keep a lacklustre breakfast club good morning breakfast. I think it's a whole legends birthday. Today we play nobody's aisy music. That's what I think but I guess I mean regulated every day. I know that every day, maybe a couple it every day is daisies barefoot is hold birthday. I think we should all showed alleged some love all day, but us all right, but let's get to these rumours suppression. The model is talking to be about. The report on the breakfast were to be doesn't show up inquiry on Friday, there's gonna be a warrant issued for her arrest. Apparently, her defence team was in court yesterday. They said She has been having a prior commitments that prevented her from attending the hearing that was a city, and that's all because of the alley
issues that she had attacked these two women and the show club so at least her Patsy on them. So that's what they alleging and yes to shove, declared they said it doesn't show up on Friday assets. Our right now you can win some of well, you can't win it, but you can bid on it. Oprah winfried chairs from her Oprah show that over when we show yes, so this forty eight years are gonna, be so with their own commemorative plaque, and the bid is only four hundred dollars, so you can potentially own a piece of history and the pro he's gonna benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls, that is, I would by two dose. Yes, yes, you said there. Auction is currently active its clothes on December seventeen. So maybe you go in there and bid on some of those here am I do get a writer depends and has become a vague in, and that's because you having some health issues on the cover of Install magazine and she said last did she became a vague and after she found out that her doktor said she was going to be get stomach hands.
If she didn't change are eating habits, he was having some stomach pains on the up, a set of her upcoming drama, the best of enemies, and she said it took a doctor. In Georgia to say, if you don't know what you're doing you're going to get stomach cancer, I said say no more so I switched every up out of necessity. Necessity, I'm gonna live, thank God, because I feel so much better. We talk all the time about how important it is for you to watch what you put into your body could affect so many different things grow as I'm glad ass. She, ETA is talking about that publicly. That's very difficult! Finding food to eat, especially with somebody, does, on alone all the time or doing things like that. It's very difficult is hard. The fireplace doubt that serving food easier, though this A vague and options are menus now and
Sometimes this is being prepared and being able to bring staff in advance she's on set all the time she could let them know and craft services fearful garlands, but I e arbour go into seven eleven when I do the detox I'm about to do not want again like when you hungry or similar looking for vegetables, seven eleven you look for fruit and several of those who govern eleven is the place. Did not when you hurry you try to get. The best option is sometimes getting grapes from seven eleven or given vegetables from several average. Only choice there s, my point- is not permanently regulations to eat expressly lately What I tend to do, as I tried to bring food wit me, so if you see me in the morning eating Grave Zita Watermill aid, indifferent things is cause bring it home. Then I bring it to work it out now It has had to apologise and that's because he went Kim Kardashian go see, share in her life, so on Broadway, which, by the way, I definitely they say, share. I can't even watch it gives very really emotional when she sees it. The share show and they were there and guess what he was doing. It you're not supposed to do masturbate wets
you say, but guess what you do, nation animals we do anything. I have found a whole time at a Broadway play now. One of the cast members derived spectre who play sunny shares sending his year actually tweet. Hey. Can you were so cool that you have you look up from your cell phone? You see we're doing. A show appears opening night kind of a big deal for us thinks so Maxwell could imagine that. Could you can see the light, as you delight of areas looking down a? U turn up a form and that a distraction I was at the rocket show. Last I will watch the rocker as the Russian brought you under the ground rug about wanting to records, as somebody by Jaime was taking pictures with their flags, and I was so pitying inasmuch as I do. That makes it like seven picture that legalese turned a flash off. If you go sneak a picture too, but they didn't you now Congress the dynamics of Sharon's any relationship made Kim and I grab. He took his hand and thing. I got you baby, please part of my lack of etiquette. We have so much appreciation for the energy. You guys put intimate this masterpiece. Here you can't do that
like them in this area and a grandes. Thank you. Next video has broken a Youtube wreckers for most views in twenty four hours. Have you had a chance to see an odyssey, a got. Fifty five million views in the first twenty four hours alone were so congrats patients to her on that before that the previous most, viewed youths who music video in the first twenty four hour was Bt S idle, We know that had already them and then tell us with liquid. You made me do with after that and then Eminem kill shots knocker. I write em Angela YE, and that is your rumour report law right now we go for invasions. Comment will be talking about you. Ah, yes, we are going How about a police chief who has had to apologize to rape victims and have a better response
will tell you what they had to say and what happened right. We're going to do next, no forget also Anderson Pack will be joining us next hours at all moves to breakfast club morning morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast cloudless cancel front page news now it. Why did I put the eagles? Beat the Redskins twenty eight thirteen. Now? What are you talking about using wireless but the police chief and sprang from his very now? He has apologised to the cities, sexual assault victims and they have to change how the department handles their sex crimes. Cases here is what Springfield pleased he paused William said in a video that posted on social media sprang from polish fermentation full responsibility. For we now know, is mistakes are handling of past social saw cases, particularly with regard to the testing for disposal of evidence containers sexual assault kits to the victims of sexual assault in their families who have been affected by these past mistakes, We sincerely apologise. I right now the
see and ended in investigating called destroyed, and they reveal that twenty five law enforcement agencies and fourteen states destroyed four hundred rate kids tied to cases where the statute imitations was still running rarely and they still had no time limit to prosecute so there is these different situations. They were destroying these rape. Kids. Now, some of them had actually not even had the dna tested so of those kids. Seventy five percent were never has it for dna and a lot of them destroyed. You know it as they were doing, which is really Craigslist. They would give sex crimes victims a ten day deadline to respond to investigators, or they were close out their cases. They would do as they were Miller Letter to the victim soon after they reported that they were assaulted and you go to the police station said you were assaulted, sometimes the same day. They would actually mill a letter to the victim as they, if you don't respond, in ten days and engage with an investigator. Then we're going to closure case and say that you are uncooperative. Fasten sensitive, who decided at a time when all this was going on and what we heard from the southern neighbourhood decided it was in charge or let anything
as mayor charge, it's been issues in a lot of different cities are now they had to definitely fix how they handle. Things are right. Now, let's discuss Karim, hung from the Kansas City people formerly from the Kansas City Chiefs and now they have released a video which shows him shoving a woman to the ground and kicking her. He actually sat down with ESPN. This out? There is- and this is what he had to say about what happened to be exact. You don't really matter what happened I was in our own honestly. I never met a girl before besides I'm one time as they are wanted, just delete. But is now she's for me to act. That way, or even put myself in opposition. That's not me! I was raised better than that. I'm not the type of person ever, even think about put my hands on anyone, a woman, a girl doesn't matter. Now where people are really upset about is the fact that the NFL never even question him. The Kansas City, cheese just reported
the inner Fallon said. Okay, we question him. Everything's fine anchoring men, like you heard, did admit that he lied about certain things. It happens, and the league just never even spoke, impersonally, here's what he has to say about the NFL, the chief say that you were not truthful with them. You told them back in February about what happened where you choose, all right- and I didn't tell him everything- and you know I don't know- blame them for anything in my actions caused this. I just didn't tell him the video when everybody else all the video. That's when I saw the videos saw the video has the NFL ever questions you about that incident. No, they have now I did ever ask you to talk about that incident in O. Ye should have been systems spend and may be got fired from his team. But now what happens next in the young man made a mistake in,
as negative as he bear for football for ever come back after a year. A lot of us have a going to depend on what he does not because you have to take a class of the Marinos Internal violence class. He's gonna have to do a lot to prove that he knows that that's wrong and to be an example for other people, This shows that, in the end, a thorough matters more about winning games and having these winning players are your team than them doing the right thing. Morally, outside of both lesbian events in any job really like you know it. Unless it it, it hits the precedent it. They, it swept under the in a name, but in a what next, in noted as young man, whoever said the young lady, you know what what happens next, as you get a chance to play and fell again. Do we forgive him after a year after two years? You know what what's I believe she lost her job to say it is he going to actually show change, or is he going to just go about his business and think you should just plan to leave again? Are they going to have certain transparent and join the league at. I think we do have to wait and see what what he's going to do.
All right. Well, that is your front page news. Now when we come back and its impact will be joining us are embracing a slash wrapper side deducted ray he gets busy here. Story on him how he got into the game and how he is Dylan Game, so we'll talk the innocent back when we are combating and I live over the weekend soup for the first time in chemical am I showed up with them resto, where I will talk to me. Come back to breakfast locomotive forty. Everybody is D J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club regattas pursue guests in the building. Back years LA yes, we're gonna get you up here, because it is act now, but try I appreciate. Come to show good. If, as I come home, you know I'll miss out right now, tat elation iraqi it, but you have story on you. He said you heard he heard it heard about seven wreckage. Yet I read about some refugee. I'm I'm kind of our own assemble old ahead, but I enjoyed adjoins where, like the beads kind
gimme that just blaze in real and when you rapid and go back to sing is like the first joint I loved second joint. I love this does not only mean that are really really enjoy an. I am like said, I'd away my life, but you gotta history and you haven't been doing our homework and I've been seeing all the trials and tribulations and everything that you ve been through, and the fact that you alive and still able to make music in and be happy is amazing, amiable people, I don't less thought over from the beginning right and you got in the music from the church. Now, let's talk about that little bit, I wanted to play drums and asked our plan jobs. It's great and my came to us like you need to go to the church. Ass were the best musicians are giving I saved insert. Yeah I was. I was like quickly. You say goodbye. My mom, her dad was a pastor
My pops wasn't around. He was in prison, and so when I got the music and I was going to church and playing, I was like all the types like every every I want to go everyday cuz. I just want to learn the music and be in the choir and it was like where I'm at my friends were So when I was like very genus- and I was like a man, Imma go to Hell. If I don't get into getting this water, so I was like I'm in route went through this whole thing. I was a three way all my cds, Snoop Dogg. I know I'm only listen to Fred Hammond Kirk Franklin, church music. Now I'm gonna be saved following our Saviour Zahm got bad sizes like thirteen years old nothin I was. I was like a new man at that point. It always knew Doug. Anybody out there with doktor. They had a bunch of God's will not be met at the system. Getting a story. Your dad was locked up did fifteen years here, your mom was locked up women and they were given a fourteen years where she service seven. Seven. How could you not be grown up does not be mad at life as a kid
Thinking almost like that, which is how it was. You know my Pascal put him when I was seven and I knew Most people around me that we're going in and out of jail artist that that was part of the normal. If I wasn't going to somebody close me was gonna: go our someone Cosme was gonna to end, be in a gang or die from some. There wasn't from that in. If you the site is that these were the data were now so like my family? And what did you do? A lot of work? yeah. I like that. For a few days he was when I was seven. There was a certain battery. I'm a mom Andrew Possession Weapon possession in everything there did. You call please, when yeah, we was out with me and my little sister will be in babysitting, my god. Sister was in the house watching us and then we went outside. He was getting on my mom blood everywhere, and I get back in the house and we did you know to the neighbor's house now I was less on so yes, you know my mother sister called the caution I was it. Did you feel I damn I put my dad in jail, or did you feel like a protected mama now
I didn't even know what was going on my parents like no matter what the drama was anything they kept away from us, a little everything's cool, between my parents. I was only seven years old too, but my mom was was always working. My pops was going to work in. I thought he was working and I didn't realize that he was going through drug addiction and he was going in and out of rehab. My mom was never badmouth and I mean she was just like in all he's just working and is, if he's got he's feeling sick, so he's gonna be away for low bit usually trying to make it work in until he couldn't work anymore. Ah is when he went away. I was just confused like what happened. You know everything was so good like. I didn't even want to believe that that was really happening. When I seen what was going on that's when I have tourism, it wasn't like. I could see that you know he was trying to hurt my mom sold for a lot of years. I had that, like in my heart, like When I was seven too, like twenty twenty some time before he died. I was like holding out like MA, am
and then, after you, ve gotta eat Eli forty years for that got out of prison in there was still no contacts of ours. I he can. You beat me up find like a real chip on my shoulder about that until eventually we got it was you no hit me up and we got in contact with started talking a little bit, but then you know he he died soon after that, but we got to talk, and I got give it up, did you resent him off and not telling you the truth, and you felt like damn. You should have told me I m in August, child or every boy looks at it. Dad is the hero in a you, like looking at him as this, but he's not really that person- and I have a lot of respect for my mom like after that, because she just in Orange, a lot of my friends a pair. And that were separated in the moms. Just couldn't stand the dad in every time he spoke. But the policy was no good right. Dirt. Bagging, That was my mom's in all. She had a lot of reasons maybe say that, but she was never on his head about that uses like your pulse was really good. Do and
Then you gotta watch out for his and drugs in such abuse. Cosette was worth sharing change them into a monster before that it was best man knew so well. Rather, I you Follow me, I'm a working on my father. You know I've got example. You know my little son, I learned more from him than you probably learned from me, and I wasn't he seven allow me that's mine, any prior, could do all kind of these Unita app for you, absolutely your doubting who show you the selling emerged from? U turn achieved. I want to just watch this navy. Show me everything just out of change channels on the tv erratic. This here is tat, may become a model on and I the tv I go live you will know exactly where now like how you just like that. You know it s the leg bilingual
curse. You I do know is that I was doing I his age knows each I'm getting money. If you like, Mommy's that I can watch this like. Can you listen to music Yea Pineau sing another, yet in everything now yeah listening that accusations, I dont want to change it like a view. As to my cousin. Anything you like fast. This is not a day is very much. He alarms boy did the as you questions about like some, the topic that things like that. Like many, this mean just some of the words yeah. What's a bag in Macedonia leg is you makes kid no so he's is mom is full cream. And you know as positive black
past the guy I'm workin on time. So little thing about you, haven't their birthday doubtfully deleted a low, but we'll get I'm gonna carry out. As you know, a view of language learning a very shocking about that, but we have our Koreans, who write so when he learned the Yellow Green Keys IBM till night black. To like this document- and I come in Abidjan schooling, the devil did I was reading the story, tat it as a kid you withdrew. It was. It was hard in your mother, got a couple of years And she was sellen organic store barrier and it was a come up and you guys match in TVS from coming up from the ground and then it then said the seasons happen and in the Kremlin bad and went back to being struggle a year. My mom never work nobody. She was. She was an approach, a chaperone protests, businesses. She was strawberries, and so when a season was good, it was good was plentiful. Well, if you had a couple rainy season, if you bad and then we'll be like you know, we back on the noodles and noodles that what I didn't understand, what you're reading this story and this one
make me hate the system. It says that you know it went bad in your mom's, o people some money, so she was gambling in Vegas, paying people back and then she got arrested for not reporting her. I think biggest cause security fraud. Rarely right, that Malaysia move securities. She got in over her head and I say so she Father Bankrupt, all this money, then she was notifying government about how much money she made. This was drawn a Paypal back under the table people carbon that the aim? the case she didn't even know today was washing her like that and in a city where there's nothing going on that was biggest case you got a black woman as run things into and our own things Warner family entrepreneur in lot of people this- and there were you- want peace They will valuing appears back in and they try to make an example of how we get more. We, Airbus impact when we come back, we'll find out how we got sign back. The dream has no out
and how he made a hundred and fifty dollars a pound will become back. Is the purpose of the morning morning everybody is d: J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. We have armies. Islam Rapport Edison Pack into building Ye Don T J but I can, when is the last time besides his at that we ve heard a donkey Drake S, verses, where you don't do that? it is to push so have takes a jet lag. What was their profits it's a log of aid honestly that so Daddy's on was something I had in the vote, and so we could in clear one song, and so I was sure yeah. I really like this on the end of the day. We can use it so I hit em all as I was. So what that was on that play me randomly like when we get there and he wasn't on it yet, and he was
when I first ass it who doubt we lose all of my music while know, were here Alzheimer's is a good play. You noticed we need my Aviano, nay. The additive is so than item again and now you as they are in our successes replaced. This is, and I was right lovers and we worked on in all night and then I came back to work on again and when I came back, he had already laid his verse now, the latest them as being ready to go with me right now, as the security lay the verse like, ok yeah, so he came back at the very least Mary thing was facility in us does rare to let you know he's always like ask who is now my dear you like I'm having a level as good as its of Zaire? Yes, good is like a short and sweet Michael, are the songs on the on the album, we're kind of like long to parts and all kinds of things, and I wanted a song. I was kind of like choice. We met
one repeat our surprise: you even start a rapid there paying you a hundred and fifty dollars an hour. To work at a weed far. Yet fifty thousand pounds the hunted fit now think about a hundred and fifty dollars to work at it. Form an. U can smoke all day long to be thou hast dream. What made you leave them exactly? I didn't want to leave without fire minor issue as we are still in bed. Get the hell a body revivers aiming at army? They say it exactly that aid is thou, colony can come to know by phone number changed everything that was worried about a weed, for what did you have to do? It was a hard work of my life really be yes, I was in there with them, so is killing it and it was light. There was no max mechanism at school as archives. Different countries have different languages as though some of these there was become like a whole different things so was like working with them see and they work ethic waken up every morning they and their light cheese and likes away I'm in a morning having a good time play music drinkin in all of the data
plans up out of the ground, taken a mouse platinum in each other, Then you got a hang it taken when they had put him in a low paper bag. You a true mom. The latter clean em all enabling it to be like the exact right temperature enough men with so much work just before it gets to the slow, pretty birdies you no smoke or whatever is like It is also a real, as so many uses of of the product to let you could do so much with the with the plan. I see why, like so much controversy, cuz, they probably one is fear how they can like controlling medicines and food clothing, like you name, you can do it that plan barely I'm not good at it. I guess who hides who quick and then I'll yeah paranoid Paranoid though I'm very gay, when I'm hired tell him myself that I'm high ochre, so I can I can. I can assure you that I do not myself, because I blow girl uses
There are a number of you. Gotta take breakthroughs thing like I wasn't I wasn't really smoke before this album- and you know dryer by stressing me out on this, I'm so smoking again and drinking. So now I got you know, I can appreciate actually get high creative again. You know now adding a brig smoke over the year, though, do these onto that you like in a creative zoning, but I had a both but then a lot of things. But it was only drug I felt like I was. I analyse a plane All badge is trip in our first class. Why people looking at me like what in the world is going to do? What I do I just sits, must now be like twenty five grand fizzy literary right away. I am, I guess, there's little gummy bear whatever I'm going to sleep in
legislate trip in a thousand dire, literally like a complex, like praying light. If you just get me out of this, I swear America again like one of you. I bet that smoking and next day again has added, at any rate It is, but I had a bad edible experienced just recently. Thou do edible, now, there's other. When you hear me right now, As I see it, a bad guy says you John, why Don t I just gave him where no wasn't that when you know how things as yours, I don't know how much is in it and you don't know how much intake. Thus what Europe needs is a little tiny, watermelon gummy, thus lose than when you have had to hold the employer to whom it was small, as I took it, and then I ended up in and they ate doughnuts, and then I felt does that my room at the hotel could that the key to work- and as I came back if this man but useless outside of a well fortunately Paris's with me as you in got the key a maybe get now Lovejoy That was a name before and its impact measure, ravening breezy
Joint now we're? Where did you get breezy Lovejoy? Why did you change while shall we can grow enough as it is in all concerned about his eating and in his hand not blame video games and my brother in law is like the chubby, a man when you far far a breeze Gus, the air carrier Breezy la Bob Breezy and ass, but they did call me for years and then so I was breezy grown up and they last arrived. Music Megan Beats is of our common into my artist has come at Lovejoy his eye. The girls go like that. They love I find in Austria you think it was going to be real, smooth, Reynoso and now, looking back, I had to switch it up under my mentor at the time was like. Are you really going to introduce yourself to Dr Dre? Is breezy Lovejoy like what you mean that are like now is now, as I ain't got a place at
you meet dream. He was workin on common project and then I got called in to work on that project and God he just eat, has heard of you. You hate in here from hidden, no balmy it. So it was working king measures and see. There was no doubt over their name drew another time that was like playing music for everybody, tie cannon and are over there. Everybody was trying to get him to listen to me, but you, the thing was a dream. You might like something one day: next they forget about it, you got it really stay in his ear with the and honestly it wasn't into our guide to the studio within that you really became believe so finally, I got over there a met him at him and the dlc the same day was like in know. Children and it was a nice mediocre resentment and they went back to doing today. I witnessed studio I met a J. T amazingly was like: will we really love song swayed? They started playing the b, her countenance, I albeit less giddy, and then they will, I hope at least place. Waveform mass ideally placed For me it you know, I was nervous. I love you, don't take me out there
he came in and listen to, the song needs played it back like three times and then it was like Ill s work. Oh well. We appreciate you for joining us. Men now miss out right now, acts or make sure you pick it up and open strange amid a here man, so Charlemagne will have now he's a south. Africa are works at that. There were kind years. Was the hazy he's gotta wait a year these that I know you got a nice and easy ice age is air is back is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are the breakfast club now against to everybody. I went out to see the Rockets last night set out to other I catch that Iraq has sought to harden the sales deportment ousted. It may shall be straight. I had an amazing time about the whole Casey crew. The
The two year old as well, which I was kind of nervous thousand. I dont know how she's gonna sit through a two hour will show what it was amazing. It was a great show out there can be a stupid, boring show that the way was making me go, but no actually had a great time. I mean. If you get a chance, go see the rackets I mean it's me, you call is so many different thing that you surprised about. They have a drone flying around at drones, colors change, of course, and to make an appearance, the rock do an amazing job. It was a great show, I see and I want to go, see Michelle Obama and she was doing her book tour for her new memoir becoming drew the book no, I haven't, but now I have the book as they gave its s while we were there, so I am happy to read that I've been you'd have a book club and by the way the next book is gonna, be Phoebe. Robinson spoke for the book club, but southern meaning a lot of other bugs, but I'm gonna re that I was saving that for over the Christmas holiday break. Hokosa maggots agree that during that time, and I mixed up
because I really enjoyed her haunt eyes besetting people were crying at times less about it was it was sold out and it was at the bark leasing. Oh yes, and so she does. She had one of friends as a long time friend of her is actually sat down in an interviewed her and she bit. They talked about her up, bringing she talked about meeting by Iraq and how the two of them hooked up and how he was only the first time they were supposed to meet. This was at school and she was kind of like his mentor you know they are like the programmes where you kind of how bout a new student, and so he showed up. And she was okay. Now it was a bad first impression, but then she, I guess, felt like he was attractive and, as you discusses the difficulty of the fact that he was on the road a lot, so they decided you know she's always and her family. They had her mom on there in her brother is about a kind of they had video of them. Speaking about her, and she wanted to be a mom really badly, but imagine how difficult it was for her.
For their merits for him to be gone working in doing so many things and she was having a hold it down enough for so many days out of the week. Without him. They are so she talks about how difficult that was asked by which he cursed really set at an equal. That's how women that how you can have it all note not at the same time that's a lie and she said it is not always enough to Lena, because that is doesn't work. The time when she curse era, but he went crazy. The whole place are wrapped in a chair like like Michel, was I'll. Try I feel like I'm Mannheim, slowly with you guys, but she's I get, it still doesn't work, so at That's ok! I guess part of it is you know you don't have to act like everything is so perfect because it always is impertinent nothing's ever fervent her she was a marriage is hard. Absolutely it is doubly automatics lotta communication and Armenia. Play outside factors. Amina I come home all the time and I'm moody I'm dealing with y'all, get you guys or guys all the time zone on my wife hates it, and then come on. I am sure that you know she pisses me off some, how some way so yet marriages deftly deftly.
We work in progress that bug becoming has already been become the best selling book of the year, so it so like two million copies while her right off the bat they have a chance to see her on her, but to make sure you do that it was pretty amazing, inspirational and just a ladder I heard something about being in school and her guidance counselor when she said she wanted to go to Princeton. Like you you're a night Princeton Mattel well yeah and antsy with eggs, I got in budget terms about. Right. That's those used Gluck, I'm still bringing it up today, damage. I knew the utterly very, not gonna get into prince in just looked at her didn't know anything about her and just to her, and though she couldn't get in well, alright, worm, I'm definitely of that book now we have rooms on, we took my room. We tat way I think that make melon his crown any view and also what are his first week. Numbers look alike. Ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belonged to breakfast club morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club. Now Charlemagne is out who bbl he will be back to more ease in South Africa, so you know
That means, if you want to give somebody donated a phone line to wide open, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one you can give donkey to whoever you want your mama, your daddy, your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't matter eight hundred and five five, one o five one Ellis. Could cities rooms assault meat meal? This is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club, make male daddy S, Crown interviews set out to Elliot Wilson and, amongst the many things that you discuss, how Grady is doing and throws jazz. Because evolving as an artist and still being the o make, but there's a new. I guess passionate meek now about certain things, as will discuss so a building on a legacy and the whole legacy that he has in having Rick as and J D on a classic Biggie instrumental together and
Other things that he talks about was bearing a hatchet with Drake because they had been obviously, as you know, the, but they this Tuesday in contact in actually do us. Together on the album one thing: I about is an awkward moment when he was on a double date. It was him and Nicky and Jesse and beyond, say, and here's what happened. Beyonce like come out and eat with his man we get up in his youngest to who got the playlist. He just clicking to be clicking two back to back, come on by mistake. While we have until night, Beyonce and Nicki, everybody was looking like it may awkward moment very awkward net re- he has a tax about coming home, finding out there. He was free on bail, there he was watching it on the news in his prison cell inches everything being a blur after that in getting picked up. The private helicopter with Michael, Reuben how owner the seventy six years and going to the game, and all of that
into that. He also was on CNN and he was talking about criminal. Just this reform in himself in his own situation, here's what he had to say been America and a ruthless neighborhood where we're not protected by police? We grew up around murder. You seem murder seven days a week. I think you will probably carry the dying yourself. Would you be? I probably would an eighty years old, I was arrested bad and of narcotic strike force, which most of you guys were found to be lies. I was arrested for pointing a gun at a whole strike for someone has should do you really believe appointed a gun at two three cars without a single shot me fire you I was, but I dont know what the underlying facts are. I just don't want to ignore the argument that some make that hey, meek mills, not the guy, should be made out of one s lane it. I mean he was on probation. He said, since he was nineteen years old, just thirty one years old. Now is a growing up in the system. I just thought that this was normal. Clearly it wasn't a level do you not think his m is probably our media,
well and by the way when we talk about their let's talk about numbers, because his album is projected to do somewhere, but a hundred and fifty and two hundred and eighty thousand units within the first. That's it wisely album, did a hunted in two thousand and during the first note his arms amazing girl should go out there and pick up in stream. Meeks out is an amazing thing, is gonna be out of the year he should be doing. At least three four hundred thousand at album is amazing is so are you still haven't? I added something happen of that, our stream it by it ever you need to do go get out. We need to support me. Am I running in the pact? Yesterday's ethical emulous? It is about what I went in the pact as a different type of failing or gives your energy. It gives you two energy. Look. I get up and go get it
I write. Well, I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report are right. Thank you. Miss YE doggie of the day is up. Next. Charlemagne is out he's a South Africa in your plan to sign a gay donkeys ads you ever. You want to give him to eight hundred flabby five, one five one where we want to give dog you today to call us now was to breakfast locomotive
some of that knowledge is man. Two thousand blows my right astronomy to tap. I've got to make a judgment of what was going to be on the dot the other day they charge you breakfast club, bridging dog, you the day to day I shall say: pay Chelsea. Will you go? I wanna get that you gave you that offer New Hampshire were glad. That being the case, I do there. Please you get to know the donkeys. I never heard about that. What is a k K Christmas on? I think they made it out for some that that's crazy, Google is J. Soon. You will give doggedly Jason our European, my love. Where were you there get broken legs by? He said his ex bore, so what happened you
the job you quit who took my last Jake's adequate, he took it is man, just as a reason do somebody document you ve called Ross YO, we'll get dog, you two rows with resource, but you were about to affirm a good day for us all for you to give too much almost ass. Well, you piece of shit come right there. My guy was traversed trap now who you want to give donkey to today on the river, all bigger the conquered in front of our days. Demand more rosy do want to bring about more binding may get it
without money when we bring in negative attention from the album, but probably everybody her. The ball was three were Rob rapprochement and I want an eminent what the Gama and dropped as long as they do, for they, too were about let alone a thought of black community would be Philip, though, if there was anything, although caper, Rick rob Dippy Begbie Gay community and call gate, he started. Disaffected mine straight man spells gay community monitor business that word about sleep community, better common gave. You offer the wrong cabinet western line. Again. I saw that two and a half, and as well as the independent eminent rooted out there, we propose a backlash from the white community from screw another wherein the blackmailing, let it happen any basic meet there. You get sick man, people have got a bunch of people, you bet and begged tat. They ve even got on Islam with him, with his mother. Being apart
El Gb, uranium, alright chow, maybe J that may arise hers made up its mind, boggling GDP Community and I'm pretty sure you're there will be dropped in that Bali Building design with we don't know if J heard there, I can imagine it ain't, we don't know. John came out, I wanna meet heard in effect a meek ones around. They're gone around talking about the black young you in the end. We know today that they go through being black, gay and young, another reviewers America Latin wrong. When I heard it before, you also build your own people who, just like you, you know major for you, because you, gay and really I beg receptors when a white man, but they are all black people, treat no young jungle where people also
a little black immunity that and Oliver then about air. You Christmas tree shaped Molly. Why body birds? Would? I have argued that real, I'm gonna blow out your project regret about the glimmering everything he said, ass, Pappy inappropriate, or I think we should try to replace TAT Ye. I see the change of regime change. Their learn absolutely reject their while black and parliament's almost officer with you, and you will call your black, then do better this new, better Tana back like that original rights have a three hour. I woke morning. Draft J J really give donkey too. I would give the top jobs to my work work. Why was crazy you drifting? What she would break you everything everybody
it's like you. We want in dragging my twenty four seven, never stop thirty fifty per day in a way that they can bear. Yeah really do he's, got an idea rather than talking all. May I tell you is that Turkey arrival? Thank you ran away my next. You take a nap Abidjan right now, our rival Charlemagne, Is our so? Are we all over the four lines and allow you to give donkey today to whoever you wanted to give donkey? Two eight hundred five, a five five one. Now this impact was here earlier. He talked about calling the police on his dad because his dad hid his mom. I locked up for a few these. He was
Now seven, there was a certain battery. I'm a mom Andrew Possession Weapon possession in everything there did you call the police when yet we was a whoop me, my law system would be embarrassing. Mom, my glasses. There was announced watching us and then we went outside. He was you know, I'm a mom blood everywhere, and it was just like you back in the house and we didn t know: what's the neighbor's house now less Amazon. So yes, in a mug, our sister called the caution. Elsie was opened up the former right now. Would you call the police on your dad? If you see in your dad hits your mom now? Baghdad dad did fifteen years in prison. Is it asked the question? Will talk about em all we come back as the breakfast locomotive breakfast. Morning. Everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club his join us. Innocent was here earlier. You saw him The time is dad got locked up, stepsister him, I guess
dead beat his mom was beating his mom alienated without using a kill, her, yes or I'll, call the police, and is that was locked up for fifteen years. We have actual audio. He got locked up for a few things. He was when I was seven. It was assault and battery on my mom and drug possession, weapon, possession and everything. While the police, when we we was with me and my little sister, will be in babysitting, my God, there was announced watching us and then we went outside. He was you know all my mom blood everywhere, and it was just get back in the house and we did. You know I went to the neighbor's house and I was last on my phone. So, yes, you know my god. Sister called the Carson, I was so. The question is eight hundred five, a five one, o five one would you the police on your dad. If you senior dead beating you mom, I wait, you would say can't, as my mama is our view- so that it depends what age I was. If I was a age I feel like, I can help my mom
I think I will try to help and then what happens after that way, you're not around a maiden, then you know me: Mamma have to make decision and we have to leave. But if I see my dead baby, my mom, I would definitely dolefully. She has a tough one. No because No, if you call the police know if this was the first time. Let's say you damage unless it is the first time you know that could ruin whatever your dad. Don't if he's. If he's, if he's a bus driver, What, if he's a police officer, he works at any business once he gets arrested for domestic violence. He loses his job. You have a really tufto like this is is a slippery slope, because say what you dad first time say he was drunk. Let's say something I don't know, but is not right. You know what right, but if you call please this could ruin your dad's career and ruin anything that he's do, but it also depends down of events, call anybody for domestic violence and about it now like they arrest you in charge of domestic violence, depending on how severe the situation is. Now, if you data China, Korea, man, your mom, you may well, then that's too bad. I give he has to go to jail for domestic violence and get charged ass it if they get into a fight, then
please might come and say: do you want to press charges as you know, and they might you can leave the house, but they might not press charges. If you don't want to do our bit, I think they're, like Medea locked up Fifteen years, like is, is a tough, a what man put a man's alive, you're right, you're right, I don't know they got another deal with their. Let's go to the farmers, the air go more in my knee Now. What kind of anybody who morning would you call the cops on you dare to Brazil, India, whereas there is also a visa away, go almost ousted being grasses? I'm getting over the fact that I was actually a white but of yonder topic. I would not. I know that there will be a long one and I get it that we should never nobody here, but there have been as but as a child and if I'm in the direction of my Karen, I believe both am I going to need help and I don't think of that study. My dad's present is the place that he's going to get the help that he's going to need to never put hands on anybody, but I wouldn't want my mom
I think that I would definitely but the bridge your bread believe everything we would have to pay. But I dont think raising it. Why wouldn't you my dad? Rome broken? thank you, but what is it? What have you done? It was gonna, kill your mom. Well that bad. What do you mean like their land while I'm here for them? I mainly with every was beating ban or the disunity. Could we be noted all ok guy in the joint undertaking? I have been in a how where abuse was taking place in Emma. We then have the chance to call the cops, and I think that the reason that we created, because you that we had to get away. I would thank you Mamma thank you already know Kiki know. Why are you? Do you love me Lloyd,
I've heard that a million times that good and bad you, I love you baggy dangling my big brother, might be put them. I had. I love you more than what you call. The cops will not now be able to call the council, they d call accompany our fight. You don't like it will look I'll, be fine, my dad you know, but what have you to young, where you can find you know what would you do? I'm still trying to amendment no eight, so you call the police Finally, in the age of consent, This wasn't casting thing, though, that cap happening you, which is fundamental. How would you know yet be writing about appeared? On the other hand, I would welcome body a boy. You know me, I'm a Mamma go below lobbies. But why did my father will actually be made on Saturday, mother that any their mother to celebrate his birthday too happy Birthday Party sought outside
while the great dad I love you, I love you kicking eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one. Would you call the police on your dad? If you dare beach, your mom call us now is to breakfast bookmark Corning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, nervy just joined us, and Pack was here early today, he was talking about his dad. Do in fifteen years, let's find out wireless, put audio are locked up for a few days. He was zone. When I was seven, there was a certain battery on my mom Andrew Possession Weapon possession in everything. There did you. Call the police. When yeah, we was moved me my losses to be embarrassing, mom, my glasses, there was announced watching us and then we went outside. He was, you know all my mom blood everywhere, and it was just like you back in the house, and we did You know I went to the neighbor's house and I was last time I saw him so yes, you, no more, my God, sister called the Carson Ellis. The question is eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one. Would you call the police on you dad? If you'd, there was be in your mom now Abbe
as if it was the first time this happen? I don't think we'll call, I really don't. I wouldn't want to see my dad in jail. I want the police com. I wouldn't see my dad loses job, but it was numerous terms. I Hopefully, would deadly definitely deftly definite. What if I could, and especially if I couldn't fight for my mom deftly, would yet There was no way to break it up Brian. If it was that bad, I think you have no choice but to call the police right. Let's go formats allows is in order to allow the worth of breakfast club was. Would you call the cops- and perhaps I heard we call them almost that path and we welcome it will be my mama and I'll go. So another put your hands on a woman, correct and if it and I don't want to go to jail for what I was gonna, those did the right thing called the police Oklahoma mad at you. I wouldn't have happening she laughed of untold. Rather see her alive been dead dismay. Thank you seem announcing that would my kids call a cab, Salome volume,
lobbying gear. I mean I would never. Let me first of all give a wind legacy like her. I had he now get out. I will comes work the next they would a black eye. Maybe they would have to call the cops on her for me, have you or your case could beat you up and everything out at a time when a year matter that Germany Jamal early what's up, I can't call it. Would you call the cops or you can call now? Would you call the cops on your part? you're, probably Jamal's. Now for every hour will do our common area that are cracked his forehead, but you said I nab lavender view younger, like if you only ten years old figures all unsuitable for your mother, every if you eat they form a have you five envies debate. You're not gonna, grab them under any circumstances. You now call the cops local problems
ah monsieur le Maire, Ma Amselle right, that's a good idea! Well, what would you do? What is right? Unease insecurity help me out to be viewed as a man of my lab rough. I don't do that alone is Joe Joe subjects we gotta go now. Would you call the cops on your part of every single garbage among our seven or eight, yet it was or My aunt began Bob. I mean I have been very limited, my Margaret my data regarding our rights. Ninety railway Abbe out, if you do, have the holidays, activating realities of Anti, says by beating up your dad guys This is what I ever was broke that we're talking about Addison Pakistan to earlier. It was all the matters Dad Avenue serve fifteen years in prison. He called the cops on their. Would you call the cops Anita YAP by about it back on
drawn up every year with a different outcome, and it is one believe me when I come back to different now, anyone back, then it's more rapid now you're not like any other job when you got called They never got involved back then, but you know I mean I witnessed it every day I mean depends on how bad the situation is too cause I've. Never, I definitely had those situations where the cops dismay. The other person leave and they didn't get arrested for it. You know so and his other whether or not you wanna press charges the problem you to withdraw the thai time. Women are one approach. Dodges re demanded breadwinner and in need of an outbreak and finances everyday like that, because it I wanna go to jail to fully raises no bad you're right about that, all right. What those call you open in an abusive relationship and you do need help violence. Hotline is eight hundred sick. Sixty one hopeless, eight hundred sixty one
six, seven three, I don't want to ever see anybody get beat on anybody, get hurt so the I think we do is if your parents are getting into a fight in somebody is getting her call the police immediately. I've anything is happening to you absent. I hesitate to do that. Don't feel bad things. Sometimes we make excuses via the people. I don't want this to happen. I am well aware I heard about it. You know whatever it is. Listen then concern about you in a beating on use you that protect yourself. If you are you, are you getting hurt immediately call, no one or again, if you need help, the number is eight hundred, so to one hope, eight hundred sixty one or six seven, three now you ve got rooms runaway. Yes, about hurry grinding now, she has got a new tattoo will tell you what
he's covering a ban would tell you PETE Davidson and what he had to say about the whole situation and over get their whole lives covered up his job. You go away for an order there like a holiday for you. People are almost always the breakfast table morning, breakfast at the Reul report, where Oriana grinding his gun and new tattoo and ass to get rid of the p Davidson. Tattoos in you know she's been talking about this and he's been getting rid of his tattoos as well as their engagement is off. Now he had posted I kept my mouse tat, never mention any names, never said a word about anyone or anything on China. Dan. How, when something happens to a guy the whole entire world does trash and without any facts, are frame of reference, especially in today's cod.
It. Everyone loves to be offended, upset it's truly mind. Boggling I've been getting online bullied and in public by people for nine months. I spoken about he D and being suicide or publicly only in the hope that it will bring awareness and help kids like myself, who don't to be on this earth as its once, you guys to know no matter how hard the internet or anyone's rights me kill myself. I won't. I upset. I even have to say this: HU as crazy everybody's, just harassing him I mean, will lead the best. What happens when you in your public figure omitted, have Adobe as friends. Debt in family, they hold me, show he's good and continually checks on and he's been to allow two less, never forget his father died and nine eleven. So Herman, you know and he's been very public about his own issues that he's been having with beings. Recital as those like. Why are you doing this now Marianna Grundy, responded, and she said I know you already know this and that directly to him. But a fan was asking about this, but she said I know you already know this, but I feel
need to remind my fans to please be gentler with others. I really dont endorse anything by forgiveness and positivity. I care deeply about peat and his help. I'm asking you to be gently with others, even on the internet, and she said that I'm terrified, that you truly dont know what anybody's experiencing ever To always love him. I always have love for him and if you ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point. That's her telling ya just lay off again move I and speaking of people they need to lay off Willis Smith. Talks about how she had to forgive her father will Smith because of how hard he was. Here's what she said, finally had to four do new and daddy. You know where that a whole with my hair thing, it was mostly daddy because he was so like harsh. My answer
time. It was like a couple years honestly like trying to regain trust for not feeling like. I wasn't listen to forgive myself, because I felt guilty because I was like everyone is trying to make me better are trying to make my dream, but I didn't really understand what my dream and tail you know that's tough, being apparent, because when you child wants to do something, you want to be the best, and especially my will a issue would Logan playing football. He wants to play. So I want him to give I wanna, given the proper. The proper training like I push him to be better, be maybe was to be, but as a father It is both of these also push. It shall be better where I got a virus. I've seen it ended up, making her Vienna really dug play she started. Cutting herself says he plunged into black hole and part of that for her. If you guys remember, she put I with my hair there by the album and she As you know, you and dad he should have been like okay, we value her musical growth and knowledge more than her popularity after the tour
the promotion and all that they wanted me to finish my album, and I would like I'm not gonna, do that and he's just needed to kind of, I guess just get more support there. Absolutely right now. The game has officially glasses beef with meat meal. He posted had beef with em. They could it ended in bloodshed either way we had differences, but when it all boil down, we will once friends in and out of music as young African american men. We grew up in similar situations where a lifespan as is twenty one years of age, and that is still the age in which most of us coming from where we came from, think we'll never meet It's who I say all that to say life is short, and the data meek mill get. He called me and we talked for an hour not about the beef, but about beginnings and what the future holds for us as seasoned hip, hop artists and gladly scores to beef. Yes, definitely IRA, and Kobe Bryant is gonna, be doing a mom by Sports Academy in its coming to allay it's one hundred thousand Square foot facility and thousand oaks. There's gonna be fine basketball, courts, five volleyball courts to beads valuable courts, a term failed east,
training ground battery cages, pitting mounds jujitsu schooling, All of that I gave a backdoor shall to call me that's exciting era and there's gonna be a fiction, a movie based on Prince and his music. I'm excited you now allow princess my favorite is of all time so they're not gonna, do anything like paper rain, which is a classic moving. Them will be one Grammy avoid six a m the golden global world, an academy award, but they gonna do something more like a mamma me, a type of moving I only have as a musical Are they going to be you anywhere music as a basis for the Platte line, but it's not like a biotech about him. Look at it. So,
Are you some of his catalogue to do this? I write em Angela YE and that's your rumour report. Aright shall to revolt there. Finally, back we'll see you tomorrow, hopefully brighter how long I may here will seem to me guys gonna vacation again, so that a good they actually are just so you know they go on vacation before us. Goodness gracious our rivalries, mixes up next Jaycees birthday. Signature requesting right now is to breakfast locomotive hiring. On its Katy, correct I'd, use my podcast Question is a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing our regular reported episodes to this summer. In the meantime, we're going to stay for based on the corona virus talking to the ECB, Bert, so you can really understand. What's going on, I know the overwhelming, but we can get through this together. You can list to next question on the eye.
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