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THU 11/17 - Nick Cannon stops by The Breakfast Club and confirms his baby-on-the-way, explains why he'll never name drop his sexual partners again, gives his reaction to Mariah's availability, elaborates on his "Too Broke to Vote" campaign, talks "King of the Dancehall" movie and his new mixtape "The Gospel of Ike Turn Up"!

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I love you. Sam rather sit out the most prominent when you ask a mortal blow job, it was able to join. The principle was busy. You don't go: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah see
the jump right at a YO, Yo Yo Yo, though nobody DNA to say good morning, USA, let me get and I think what you like and start licit reset it reset Wanta Eirik, put put all put all of what it put the scarce cloudy you ready Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, good morning dj why their capitalist have been here. What it's the morning. Aren't you tired at our vacations thoughts today would have today could be here tomorrow we will have that Long yellow will weaken our cracking. The break is upon us and we are looking forward to our view is not a bag in it.
I going to go out and I'm had they been your assembly before our Lando on Friday. Once Orlando illegal disposal, please Amargosa my arm movement for its causes food moment, o Keefe for mom system. Could Orlando area the sum which were the ideal way? Her name is key. Oh my first cut in various ways Yes now Roger, maybe they like, it may not know Don T lose my birth cousin lived. It keep ok, unknown country, but I'll have a first cousin, nay, nay, nay, my first cousin, I am. I plan to go to Disney where, for the first time that you know it's classic, we can sell em they're there we're one of my family. Beat in Ireland, always glad we get them back. Would they be, would read cause and put rooms on four classic? We can write dynamic,
I've, never been more men and women in the world, while bottom old, goose workers glass, we can probably probably don't even think about it. Ain't got a day by day, A night time piety and alter the only old. I was able to add a time that doesn't work would allow us to vote on tomorrow. We can have a lot of what may be Detroit Friday. Maybe it's Saturday, I think, I'm a b and rally, even if you don't have We can go to Disney where'd. You got all week as we often actually drunk when we are all these things can go forward on. We don't take making, we haven't, we would like to re cases a year and I always go bad about it, and one is one is a one: is it vacation in the summit, a rather all around the holidays. Will you marry me? I gotta check how many vacation days I have left. It doesn't matter at all. Love it better run over by reviewing taken arguing on, but we never go nowhere, but we got some weight is weak and I am looking forward to a damn it
I was riding around listening to tribe, called Quest album in that songs, kids, with Andre three thousand and Q TIP and Audrey say he's there he's chick fil, a nuggets, Spicy, Popeyes, Mcdonald's, french fry thought to myself you? Go? I'm gonna eat all girls. You, ok, I'm gonna eat everything. Then he mentioned Mary, I'm on vacation. You Jimmy and he said he was Papa biscuits? Let us not forget that have either column, Popeye's, Chicken and nigger cookies studies. The inwardly now want to dry land, but aren't you that a reference to somebody adding value that a reference to a biscuit now in power for women out at last night? I was at a window.
Not only would young tiana tail? Yes, he was being honoured. There are a lot of other women making good little him that the icon award ok, very deserved. Yes, Dear SAM's allowed a powerful women behind the scenes in business as well. Yeah Arusha Haiti Foam Blackish, Oliver she's very empowering young women. I love when she speaks where we are which was not is that, as the main one now is to dot the little girl glasses sees only sixteen years, only my life she's really Ok, I guess he's funny jailers she's putting a real live till also Assange. A bland mother was there. She was honoured as well. At any rate, there I was in a vivid Google ass. My father is a variant rather good infringes talk him of his it. Do you Google's drop between display more, but I hope that in the video Google Asthma inhalers point, could I knew spectacle google for the game, you google thoroughly related drop. One includes bond for free things. You know me where is it a matter of urgency,
in Germany's God did the phone case all yeah. I'm amazed, though, that I do not expect that you know Jeremy Scotty's, I mean I'm outta low. Jerry me Scotty's actually hosted a tv show. Jerry's got what about two years ago was certainly do an empty words. Oh certainly Bobby I does indeed is with the Teddy Bears level but they were not on. The agenda will be joining us this morning will kill him. If you love me now all those women in Mumbai, I'm sure you have not done apple gap, it will do everything within their empowering women and ass your coming. Canada is a lot of vagina little lad, and then you got a lot more sense. You put that damn terminal. Does that make him a whole? Yes, absolutely we know, can, as we know, all of its ultimate cannon, an front page news. No go anywhere is reckless locomotive.
The body of the Mariposa career ladder ass. They lack the angry as the aid. It has the best offer why you, man was bloodless, Go Delaware, Marlborough Bomber, because only if they are met began painting I've already granted you been all day they'll be thinking. If I compare the ragged thing, you know why you have no right now, and you know that is not the same. Navarre said now. If I said the monkey from a door to explore the eagle was mexican. Did it be issue or caddies aid, and I said I'm used to say what matters now. Is that the same thing- and I understand you blog and abide by that- doesn't mean you offend him and say you don't know a good note. I mean if I have friends embody somebody Jennifer me back.
I say you're in a ring it out aloud mobile, would argue. Offends me allows this boy read very matter bail out upon the was Madame whoever it Mary love one another day right, you Peter Parker, you know like ran away. I went down my dying whatever man and man. May we await you, ain't Delaware. One day, a grown up by our mom apartment, my fellow men, Ippolit life- you don't go over my mama there by a given David, but like but I'm not the Gabriel up. If I find it man, I'm watching so exciting could is not real. Until a man shows up to your parents, house would Thanksgiving dinner. Ok, you wanna know she's not just decide if you want to those used to Turkey and not the stuffing right, but perhaps you happy
governments like where am I murmured paramount bloom, onawandah may re lad. You committed no crimes. Ok, you fool around you get into the family. You wanted in baby. I got you norms Bobby probable that I think I'd better go. There goes you can be upon the family, you wouldn t be a God. So when you get poured over, you can cause then say my family's believes that you bet it am. I sat and be serious about it of you upset you need. The call is right. Now. Is the breakfast led, the breakfast
we must learn. A penis picture has leaked now is chinese, send it to revolt, so they could blurted out and still posted, but it's too big to blur it out, as I couldn't do that, apparently genuine had a private picture leak and twitter wink easy with down of you guys, a genuine trending. Why women low pony borrower, where they do not love, gives no magic might move at a low point? I write a genuine tweeted. Everybody keep talkin about picks it. Ah, so what we are trust people at times that we shouldn't won't say names as of now stay tuned. It's almost all manufacturers. Would you say? Yes, that's always saying they were allotted jokes. I lined with rage bulge one by one person. Payments AIDS weeded out. Is there any more room for me and those genes? Everybody was gone. Crazy. Shall, may you look upset
size, one I would react, will be of my penis pigs leak that bastard I called back, means that local every little crazy black, whether it be a good thing or a bad thing for you for January
I don't have a degree the moment when it is a good thing, I'm seven industry for eight when, as war said, those means of the incredible mean decimate irish failure. Just got in a word for a cheap from geeky magazine. They named her woman of the year in Australia. Now here's what you said when she went up to get her award. I just wanna give a big thank you to g queue for this award. I've won a lot of awards over the last few years, but this one means the absolute merce to me because I can finally say, but I haven't award winning vagina. Thank you. So much yeah, ok nominate tell you what it is that they give you a bit of an awkward moment for her, because she had said before before that
speech that part of the speech she did say that everybody came up there with hilarious beaches and she didn't prepare anything. So I guess I was her attempt tat kind of China be funny. That's what you shouldn't followed a crowd, nor do it everybody else in the little guy do would you feel like you should be doing honesty there's nobody and across the yard out dogs. Just because you to be adjourned.
Then a desert allegedly down, be that you wouldn't than they did you hear about another stick. You always was in LOS Angeles by there were also able to sounded great. Yes. Sometimes it gets a little aka when you got it. Gotta get up there as do underwent the words, and there really good at being on stage in front of people is awkward for me all the time the union average agreed on stage our right now, Mariah carry let's talk about her sediments. Isn't it can is coming up here today? Why not before he gets here? Let's get it started, they did reach a settlement in their divorce and they both have declared their income for twenty fourteen. How much you think they made in twenty forty moroccan here each big made about twelve million Mariah made about twenty three. I write napkin
two point: seven million MA am whale. Mri made six point. Three million is credit, buddies. Opel show how annoying w I would do a vague as and I would urge you to do- a very big rather busy was there before the residency. I think this is where twenty five eighteen or twenty four somebody line academy more than that may well, not only if somebody like well, yes, I have seen a cannon has to put away five thousand dollars a month in trust for the kids varieties, not to put anything in their trust, and neither one of them can allow their children to address a new person as MA am Daddy Mammy. Any of these rules are not only of the pretence settlement has to do with anything you like best. It is the principal, no, not my kid college, some other man daddy, but if the kid, if they, the father, new fathers around over time. Is that no regard known as MR such and such a? No damn daddy? As you talk about
as we do that other web of your mother father, usually replayed? I'm gonna game that obligation, but if you get my gap, fat boy too, such as that of somebody's around on all the time economy. Militant would a goddamn, you call Caitlin Adona Bruce. We have another nowadays we now, but they never caught him dandelions they dad made of is it a day you I am you gotta stay at present in the house, especially after the kid Connachar only met his avarice. Oh it s on islands like when they kids out own. But what? If it's a baby measure such and such? I knew not. What are their fathers not around, It has now does not around and then the person gets remarry. Can the kids call the new powers that appears in and around it doesn't matter you didn't asking on representing zero is what if there are their persons not taking ability for their chill out of your matter that the funds not around to fathers absolutely and the kid life and you decide,
the get remained in the father who had his visitation rights needs to have his custody called other main, MR, such as reduced by forty columned at night. You dad no no area where Maria and make us your custody and the kids are living with hair. Primarily an ethnic does come to visit than she had to pay for his traveling lagging anti US ass, a sign over the title, further, two thousand twelve ferrari. So that's a moment. That's what's up. What's up more about Maria would always offer somebody pressure from our travel we now when they can't get out, but you re in a bag and timidity right, but a bath and love free travel major the year that
a rumour report. I give up my true blue number in s it still better right. When we come back and can it will be joining us, don't go anywhere to breakfast locomotive. There was no limit morning everybody's dj envy, Angela Yea Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast club again, especially guess at about one of the reasons, Donald job within the wine. I, how long would weigh went down again it was a girl. You, people not devolve hours by one really does not only responsible for what I say not for what you understand, solemn every now. What I say is that they don't respect. Our vote clearly is actually happening when I wrote to broke the boat. That was a reflection of what people tell me when I was in these communities when I was in a south, shouted Chicago. When I was a copy I was in Atlantic and I was talking about trying to encourage people to register, to vote there right now. I'm trying to get this check. I tried check no balance, so it's like that. So I gave that reply,
this aid that neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was speaking to our community and that local eyes voting was more important, especially when dealing with the criminal justice reform in everything that we try to do to build this edge It is argued that I was you decided instead arrived in Europe. Did I'm having arrived. I didn't happen. It was always in order to form a moment. Then I had the opportunity to actually speak on many different platforms about their initial. Exactly what happened is what are predicting a say yeah. This is already predetermined, is the lesser of two evils, picking out which three candidates, as I pick now what's going, you want to get shot with Europe,
trouble added yet a chance but need not go when it's the same system pick your oppressor, I don't care, you came all the way out. Our president is this. Is this? Is a systemic issues like a damage unemployed? This anti turn every various row verses away a lot of different ages, it what everybody just healer. We will sneak cheating think about other stuff. They do plan parenthood and all other types of does. That's that type. A stop is to take our community and forget. Ginger, vocation is real, is real genocide miss in like that. For years, this system is not built for us. This is not our land. I appreciate it. I love it wouldn't want to live nowhere else, but this wasn't designed for our people No, I like the guy, like you talk like that cause. You don't have to talk about in, as is done got to win, win win eyes are open to certain situations. I mean I come from.
A long line of community leaders and I've always saw they don't want to give him much. Are you responsible for that? You know much is required, so I use my platform to tell the truth at the end of the day. How many times have you smashed, and I will show how nice Massey note Sylvia now and I'll, have a baby unawares, something I got a song, Miss Hale got baby runaway, they say, you're excavate by this. I don't have any excess. They turn every body into my action where we really nice member Rita. I didn't think it was written. Well, there you go see the special Youngblood S, eggs. I don't have any actually only already azure Ex wife from Mariah or that more I, my last ex everybody else people around no love anti alike, as you please,
I got an event like you couldn't have done. It claimed themselves about Phrase Montana Montana Conference gotta go rather low. Carbon we gotta go Nick got what he only more talk about is morally serene government at Eric about doing that is closed, but that's the thing is, I can t last time I was here and I'm a stick to this. Did you get in oh wanes for talking about yet passed in order that you too, that the hardware What about the girl see Joe first of all to songs about Ok, if you listen to us a cat by the name of time on your street due for a song Hassan Ii Jessica, and if you listen, that way we pointed out is ice.
Wild n out girls named Jessica Wednesday, your who's, the hottest, while I'm out doing their brothers like Jessica and that's how the song started and then from there I talked about a lot of chicks out belt, with name Jessica. She was the one that she took the bait. They thought it was about her and got all emotional ones Times of India. When you talk about two very managerial manner, at bad stuff happens without our being mixed day by the rapporteur was thing. You know what the gospel I'd turn up. That's aliens arrest near the gospel. I turn on my side at a story. Honestly, we dig deep into a, but really when you put in a situation in the media. People choose to tell the story that they want to tail and even dealing with personal situations where there is force babies whatever it is. People just make up the story, and I get to hear and always go back like was
got to do it is one of my favorite sounds nice. Big Brown was amazing, as I turn of a new sort of be bought, the vulnerability out in like yours, I tang they say I turn a dyed heartbreak because you ruined him because they made him availing as they always want to make the guy eyes the villain, as I yell. Let's hear they sat in a story even if they did so horribly wrong way somewhere but only when they are listening. I'm trying to me, ok, because whether we go whether we talk, I'm up my lowbrow Chris, whether we talk about I worthy whoever God we made, they turn these people into view and when they want to allow them to be remorseful, they don't allow them the changing grow as humans. Why don't they get that opportunity? You have you done something horrible. Even in autumn up people were institutionalized and incarcerated. These people for rehabilitation principles becoming better human right, but if you don't allow that person do they do that
person die as a villain as a material. I grew there when I saw a super lawn esa note as we did and he was like. I'm a give trumpet chains and, unlike men have been slander and eighteen months, when we do so quickly get much. I want you to know what our own people at best. What I say I mean do you have that big, you know seek out look on aid, and we want to be you know from the birds. I view is all this being the best human we can. Possibly me, everybody deserve and entities I believe everyone. I congratulate you. Knowledge is ending and we gave our colleague Michael Jackson. A chain is only now me doesn't give our young and another to you now, you know, you know we have a long demons and in his eye,
never going to judge anyone cause I'm out in a place where you kill kids and stuff. Do you came a petty, never forgiven action cause. It's almost like. It says we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. We rush organs, principalities sorrels, principalities, evil, though those things and they can jump on any individual. So when you start to hate individual opposed to the principality, that's where we get confused we got more when they can't it will become back. Keepin laugh is the breakfast local morning there was Drake one day of mourning. Everybody is dj. Envy age Louie Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast club. We got in a cannon inability. No, are you fearful that people will take serious?
some only need economic powers. They fearful not giving up here with you. Why? What you put out the music without saying it's you and get a judgment just from I've done that too, and that actually has worked on the latter, riding and stuff like over two years, maybe known as twenty years just to be that you will put this out to this. Art is almost sign. This already p Maloney Menachem attaching to reform it on me. I won't. We live in an era of tell everybody Rifle though a big boy, girls, you slip, would tell us now we got like angle like I'm, never wrote, no smashing been in the Congo camps early on Euro for Congo envy does it. I knew you'd go to overcome J. Why was there doing gold digger unama? You know I wrote the bar is, we need to start a make black history every day. I don't need a money. That was me, guy, like you stuff like that, so, but does that's why
can you in his movement? Could he knows how to make great news, a great saucy that ego doesn't get into the art form, because you know you have some say some dough, let's get to it and being a part of that process. I've learned so much from him and make us all, because any of us didn't front of making spit bars but to create a song ass, a true town. I never thought about acting up for a second Samuel. I say what I was thinking. I got no s clothes himself. Turn up. You got an. I can see. No have you. There is a song it turn out. There is a song on a mix, tape, cause sweet, Tina, she's, so animals. I Amazon under that fairly queens. What we are doing in queens we're not gonna. Did the king in a desert movies, you know, did you making culture is real, familiar synagogue, so we went out there. The film's been out all the festivals that people been embracing. So I was like yeah. We got a really go out there. You know she was real without
can I go to a real club like forget all this petty stuff? Let's go to queen this year old women. Do you backtrack? Often like girl, you used to smash you, don't I'm not one of them. I'm once we ve been. There was we here where we had a rather embrace me in France, because you had a bad break up. I remember that she had a bare break out with his more is vague again. You know, China be the nice guy, but she she was really upset when ok now what about sallied, as he is a commodity browsing not a word about. No now they re. Why here at last, going to be a good one, that beautiful Parsee probably wanted a swedish most intelligent people. Never but having a chain, Is she still video? These tests are considered as somebody that best as more heart man. She mean so much to me, but I'm not in a place to handle a woman like that as you, you can't play with sudden
suddenly multimillionaires. Seismic now did when you say it's almost like the women like when you see them women at church and he come in and they got it all together and you just all your sins, be like YO. I can't even approach her like she's, so right with God that I would feel like. I will be recording myself and the rest of the world at this service to even try that that type of one I've king, like I, don't even want to step into that because he is so powerful for Europe masses. What you tell a man come on now, and I told you I would never again everywhere, say who I have had intercourse. My lord I have to do is wait. What happened like they were? They all came into the back. They may like, as it indicates everybody startup body, and I really realized that you know I try to be respectful. I try to be honest and open, but when you actually are speaking on someone else's, especially cuz, I feel like women are internal beans and we talked about entering a woman
so like that you knew crossing a lie right there when it is not even conversation you're really be here. Now we talk about how much I love this programme, which I respect him. How much I admire their beauty and sexuality year. But when we start talking about actual clinical intercourse dust at nice, would you married a mirage Erica by due account today s heir of our two guys available again. If you keep, you know better than I do not know better than you so stop it being gave me felt it was good day. I thought there was working it now. As you say you just really just like we do you don T tell you anything. I'm gonna need no basis what not with my kids, a good. I see that we gaze, we had such a g. We fly kids, I want to know none had ever done. Anything I haven't, got fired you
I believe in the bag, and we we gotta go about the year. I mean if it gets to that point like we had those conversations, but after that I really need to be able to show you profitability a billion played a clip food Nick when Maria was, as you said, of your baggage limbo billion yachting play, but he says I remember when you say that this is a mere. I told you that always out there. She always with data. Every time we would give you like, I can be when a billion at the end
the argument about. I was out. Yet it was now the boy. What did you say? I can have things at all. Why did she make you wait to sleep it off before marriage? Absolute, and I think we were both when I say pages I was in a space where I was being celebrated. And I think that one of the ways that we bonded I mean the first time that we actually set down emit No, it was an awesome. Spiritual staff lie. We pray in all it had. Typist have another well out anymore. More. I had decided in a lot of people on olive oil she's, a good girl and conservative in when it comes to tat in deep into the Bible and holiday, and people just wouldn't think about that, so that we had that connection and then from there that's that's usually. Have you keep Mary so fast? We like you on the same wavelength, spirits,
and you trying to get what you trying to get to loot Pheromones is jump in his w. I will win last sex before we get married so called past and less did it and that's gonna how things you know move a lot. It is putting someone as someone as like. Being Christian all my life. I think there has been a lot in the church young people get married right away, so they married Mariah, just as excellent you gotta do is really a garage You got a guy, you know what am I mounted? at that meeting I having sex. If you haven't saying I don't I dont go into it trying to have sex. I don't meet like I used to be like on prow proud. Now I'm rather have a real connection at bay.
Happens? You happened, but I'm not looking too to have sex with anybody, and in that sense I will we got the candidate to build. A mad effect was get the sultan of the mixed. Take this one is feature in Kwairyo located is the breakfast. Furthermore, that wasn't it can't creature, vow wanting everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast Club Jeremiah honour as well now do orders have a hard time those holes which you could you got. Oh George Amigos people don't necessarily take seriously the rapid knows about em all its out. That's why I made. I beat Jake I'd like it. That's a big when it comes to being a musician, got a credit cats like break Bryce and all that stuff to be able late. They open it up for me, cuz. I was singing and stuff back in the day for a long time, but it wasn't cool to be able to do both. So I was like, Now I can stay. I can sing these bars like a thing, my emotions, and that actually gives you another level of How do I think I know he had a bill? You do that.
The main yo. His flow was where I wanna hear again a rebel Monday. Twenty one serves understand and we want to happen so bad a majority, because I don't live that lifestyle. I told him hammers and I talk about noon. Work like understand why people like it is this energy and I'm never going give their energy. So if I could come from a place, where is more sulphur in thinking about it? That was the approach nothing once told every artist that they, racked with me, doing us all We kwairyo, you know China turn up in talk about moving. Briggs was look ridiculous by saying let yo! I'm in love with this girl. I know you got a girl like we can make us all together on an errand Oriana, Zags Wade. Nick so may there thou on over there thou hours, we re my shot cars by
in others. I wish you'd Marcel ok, I wish you and you know that it achieves you liked it on the grounds that we would do well worded is now what about what about Chris Brown lagging addresses acts there they listen! That's my low broke up bill. Some stuff an known them before they were together. So a mug. If I knew your girl before she was young girl. Technically, I add a personal relationship Rihanna before eighty. So the fact that if we get is pick up on me, like That's nice girl! I daresay they react affairs since they are dated her. Knowing somebody about, arguably, must take the high school. Ok and we were all in the ninth grade together, but it's an they dating the tent gray. When we eleven greatest of members. We have limited Emily closer that were indeed anybody. They data period,
little Rhine Lama data, my Daddy Brother code. Did you know about befallen up never fall now we just can't. You know we grew apart remedied, showed you pay for the show. Idea, that's kind of insights about you and me with you. I had a different concept which she should do originally also to show to MTV were Amber. Am black China? and they were together and at its base daddy. You know we're. Beings Indiana? As you know, this is too much for me. You want it ain't enough money in reserve and even though it was it got to be a lot. It was taking up too much time. And I was like- I had to be right now. This is dollars offensive in the day. It could be a hit show, but if I'm only making
the mountain hundred thousand dollars and there's no point for me to even be stressing over there when he's? Actually three hundred thousand right Nick, I rather have be stress free. Then that's three hundred thousand dollars that point in my life to whereas I getting about the money. I don't want to do things that make me happy and I want it network I wanted. I wanted to preserve our. If it were Amre, never more alike. Art is that our work? We weathers Amber Killarney. All these people arrested, I don't want to a day to day business? go on go on the discovery of a man of God The issue was on America got talent. I want to kill us all right. We. I will see you in times like that. That's where I step up as a family member. I would first in the house, but I was the one- may show a calmed all at a crate, crazy is now Chris started. Crazy and I I just to me about human life were, and so does at a time. Lightly, and I said the same thing lightly when somebody says they were
right themselves at eight o clock. He tried and we and we ve all been there. We ve all been to those dark places where we gave super depressing. We fill out whatever got you today point so I end she's a young girl, you know me not assigned her when she, sixteen years old and she was homeless name, it was already there it's amazing things as they are now. Has I'm really man you're lucky you only on or download their much absolutely able were all it s, nothing like what you can see somebody's passion, so my ass, some special I best in Mostar, How do you intervene with our relationships? Nothin, like a hater, I guess I just didn't. You carry mezzo a party and you have a big Broadway look. Man come on, I'm always cabbie railway and you see how I move and actually gonna cost effort when she was a teenager really running the paying attention to it, but now that she's like inner early twentyth online, I will shoot. Let me at least let No, how I see it and even those got you know, carried us Marlborough tools or as they it's it's. I have to say I gotta be a big brother. They went on until you would do. Do you really
like a father figure but do what you wanted, I never want to get in the way that she figures it out. You know I've had it covers if my daughter really fifteen, like I had to tell it like this, is what do you do? What you daddy, though it has its origin in different issue, back and say what Nick say and then I look like I have your daddy. Never more like you write the army's outside work and, as does the same thing we it must aim. Opinions Amber D like people, women come to me for advice because they Norma keep it all away a thousand, It is worth fifty million dollars by the way they know their website. I gotta get to see this dance movie. I went to see every barely Now don't affairs will run on Meda ART film, so is it was at Toronto it's gonna, be a Santa Barbara, don't get a bunch of places, but we actually got a really big in unique offered that You gotta be hearing about really soon that Canada on President an unkind
changing new media. How people one view movies, so there made the announcement yet, but the same way like when you go to a festival eye when they went to the first room, so these joint for seventy million and all we got me in that announcement that what about it makes it. What is calmer is out there right now. Is that what you got roman everybody now became a cell single baby on away went alone, cannot unilaterally runaway lousy guys. Could I want you to come adds when it may also Britney's drought? Is yours they're gonna baby underway for written about it. I've ever get this absolute. Ok, we put them out in a row that met you can afford it. Europe, Fifty million dollars gods. They be fruitful and multiply. Don't lords work on you all to pay you gotta baggage that amount. So next time you said you would join it as a k, a stout turban on the Ways Nick Canada is to breakfast lovable
the breakfast so bad. The report annually, eat breakfast, but a garden stay where years, where playing in Toronto ABC against their raptors, then it was great night and Drake was going at Katy very hard throughout the whole entire game. Trash talking him from his seat, and here is what happened in the. Post game interview about lives, although we played a good game after the first quarter. We motor basketball well
was about, and this is great night here and now he's the one who just interrupted us. What give it says that what the trash dog was like, whether what the interactions langwidere you're forty them down about them for ignite the audio? Don't do the video because drink shoves, Kevin Turann as you walked by during the interview nor an interview given the real statism now he's out. You know damn about. Oh dear Drink August. One on one of them gave you be to pass and drink got ya. They like he be suited to jump shots and people say I write well about you can't take place. Maybe after more one is your night in you, jerseys in and in all other than being or show him joking around each other? I've got a nose there and I was happen again. I was after you and they did when the worry is wine, so no high finance wanna go do put me in a bright to any citizen. Is nice to win Andre
nightmare problem, a waffle company grosses you play too much time time. I will walk up to you and smash you in the face with a cake and think it's funny when all you another one of his friends, did that now bono's. Now I was gonna. Do more model don't get a new car not as has been drunk, then? Maybe that's our tools will, little fellow Bertram, Andalusia, doggedly news element, I re fifty said, has been nominated for people's choice, avoid any wants you to go ahead and vote here. Is fifty cent finding out as ever to get myself this be ready. Now did you put from among the lot of the time For me Jimmy I mean I know black in Power
It was only a right unilaterally I really love is good, but I did the new black was phenomenally season. Worker is analysed the measure you go ahead. For power power. Her love! For me, this is the people's choice was. Is the people's awareness is now like somebody has taken politics? Not. I have often people choice that time span pressing the button, and what can I get? Two votes just to be regrettable for office, where you gonna take for your p, choice. I really don't know nothin tough, when power was phenomenal to see large new black phenomenon is either camp right. Messy tv, how're array and javert oil is putting out his last album. Now he said is going to call coup de grace. I said what he says is that means a final below cause. That's gonna be his final album. He said, I think it's full circle for me. He said this is my last album veni very
she was. He came. He saw you conquer that was kind of like my intro, so it's awful circle wider. Why? Why does he want to quit? Now? He said that he's getting weirder as he gets older. Yes said this before and Jake you magazine, I just wanna be a relic loose. I wanted disappear, he said, and I did do our reality show, but he said I used to loving famous doping funniest thing, not anymore job. What uncle Bob Giralamo, why empty read a numbering Baghdad is reality showed and we thought it was great. I understand a weirdo, I'll walk man in New York. One day, My yellow my name and I looked up and saw, was just standing on like a rifle bodega. Something reading, no cameras, or rather I would like a little believed. They want to know Diana you why you sell it on a range of New York. Now man yap it's out of your job, I bear which I will use this data and of the Union
he did a foot long commercial, ass, Larry you ve wanted, would drive. I thought ass alone is well I'm Angela yea, and that is your room. A report are right, Missy Shot, I, yes, We give it up down. Do before half an hour is a problem. Ample or what I always tell you about. You can't tell some one how to react by you can call them stupid for their reaction, doc we're getting to that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast cloacam but Don T other day job to being a day a little bit of a mess. Adult a bridge I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The donkey other bay is a new way just told you today, for thirty November. Seventeen goes to the young, Man who gunned down Mitchell Mormon Junior outside of charge, barn and landed Georgia. Two things here. Why not tell you people all the time you do a say something
someone. You can't tell him how to react. So if you don't want to deal with all the consequences and repercussions that could come with offending someone leave will allow you to also tell you that no head of state, no president, can save you the same way. You can't save these hoes, that's Jesus job, but these presidents are symbols. What they represent: Chicken unite and empower nation are bring them around down and divides. Nation are present in the leg is doing the ladder. Now Mitchell Mormon Junior, is probably dead because of its sea shiny need a Walker TOAD W as Bt Tv that the alleged shooter uttered something disrespectful to her. She was on a date with Mitchell, Mormon, junior and ass. She went back into the bar armies. Had some disrespectful and Mitchell moment was angry, any confronted demand and they
again, arguing and Walker said: Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for Trump and less goaded. W Sb Tv for rested. A report. Police are searching for a suspect who murdered a father of three outside of a bar myself. It said he was having Paris for the Mormons mom and dad say thirty, two year old, father of three young is he was out celebrating a new job when he was shot and killed when he was looking for ever news support his children, and ass. We felt his loving father. A woman was also shot outside the bar, the busy quarter of Edgewood in Boulevard, less than a block from the king sent her she's survive, but Mormon was killed a person I wish some doubt street don't need. I can't believe Baby is gone now. I don't know him joking above board and her troubles were pushed his gotta kill Mitchell Norman Junior, but if that was the reason is what I mean when I say we don't need a president that build walls. We need a prayer
it s built bridge is not a guy will go down. Mitchell, Mormon Junior couldn't just been crazy, could have been on drugs. You could have been just a troublemaker I would simply be abroad is banning man than find it funny when people like are present in the leg are directing hate speech towards Mexicans. Hispanics in Lahti knows how quickly we forget. Transformation and Simon have incited hate crimes. Remember when the two brothers were in Boston and they beat up to it. You know homeless man in his cited trumps, anti immigrant message for doing it in and in trumpeting, even bother to distance himself from NASA Joyousness that he suggested that the minimal well intentioned and it simply gotten carried away. I think his exact quote was. I will say that people were following me: a very passionate they loved his country and they want a country to be great again. They are passionate. What does that even me? So when you know someone is that such negative hateful things to a particular group in his country, why would even play with them? Man like that
now does that justify Mitchell moment, Junior being shot and killed absolutely not. Once again, you can't tell someone out to react when they are offended, but we can call I'm stupid for their reaction in killing a man because they support Donald Trump, choking or otherwise is stupid. You can't let the devil will like that. You can't let that will get the best to you and you must always remembered and never take offence, because that was a friend. You only weakens you and creates the same negative energy that offended you in the first place. How many times do I have to tell you wanted a far greater it ok and is the one you should remember the most in situations like
If I understand we are all men, we have pride. We have eagles, but in moments like this, you have to simply ask yourself: is it worked so what he supported? Troublous less hypothetically say he was a real trump supported, as is supported. Trump were few thorn, your whole life away, absolutely not to meet Trump supported the terrible decisionmakers. They simply make porthos life. That guy who killed Mitchell moment Junior took offence to that and he decided to make a poor choice to what did I just say: don't take offence, because when you take offense, you create the same negative energy that offended you in the first place, poor choices, we get more poor choices. Now these guys, who has been the rest of his life in jail, simply because of a poor choice. Mitchell joked about being a trump supported. You could have given him a nice middle finger. Could a scream kiss my ass I'll! Even appointing a phase is better than what you chose to do, but who am I to tell some how to react to what offended them I can't tell you how to react, but I damn sure can give you a donkey for higher reacted. Please give the killer Mitchell Mormon Junior the biggest
Please in any one would information regarding the shooting has asked a cardiac Lana Police homicide unit at further Thomas I tried to pronounce many recent army right. Did you see our looking ride to pronounce the very opposite of what you think it is just so? What homicide? Diego homicide of narrow homicide family at four zero for five or six for two? Three? Five, if you have information rejected such four zero for five or six or two three, five ass, the man of police homicide. As I said a right yes now right, won't they give it a donkey today about tragic story. I condolences to the family of the man who was killed right when we come back. Ask ye eight hundred five, eight five one or five one. If you have any simulation, should advise. You can call ye right now she puts alive on air again the numbers eight hundred five, a firewall or five one is to breakfast logo morning was fifty cents.
One questions morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain ago. We on a breakfast club serve ass. Ye eight hundred foggy firewall or far war would learn. You wanna go to you to call it a right, hello, this Christmas because of you, but I love. What do you think? My ok, so you ever remember you're in love, somebody out IRA, Laszlo, duplex minutely below the girl, let's back at how long a period when your girlfriend for years for years? Ok, now how did you meet this other girl? Who is she were extra? Ok ex girlfriend and yeah broke up?
long ago, maybe woe over six years ago, and you never got over it. I will happen. No are our common got over it, but we we start talking again. As far as on a friendship levels is like our friends, you have never just blossom them. It was just a game. Great Britain, the loved his game by ok, so basically sound Emily was your friend. It was his only somebody that you did
as your current girlfriend noted your friends. Are there to renegotiate it of you know, friendship with your ex definitely of what they all know by their former glowed. I would address what and how to form our ears. You know so yeah per girlfriend who assume your relationship has gone. Well, definitely, go lousy, loves you. She trash you. She has no power. Would you be in France, which your ex road and you are betraying? I trust now by saying that you're in love with your ex boyfriend oil, you feel you got yourself a boy, but my main question is: why do we know out club much? Do you want to stay with your girlfriend? Definitely booth array within. Yes, you better! That's how can t x period my girl for like her too
Oh, my guy Mere waited is come in from the cabin with your bed. I put applauding ok. So now you ve been having these three sons and undecided quite feelings for the person you haven't, reasons will definitely have allowed. This sounds crazy your Glauber, your red, nose and a low god I'm. So you got some indication when you bring somebody s interior relationship. Things like this can happen, so maybe it's time for you to have to sit down and figure it out, because this sounds like a very non traditional relationship. Ochre, maybe she'll, be violated. Made movie. I would be together, but you just can't be sneaking gone behind somebody's back and you have to realise that if you come to a what does she has feelings for her and they decide to be without you
then I'll be leaving school. You sure. Well, so my god look stupid though, but anyway maybe I will be happy together our now. I can answer that, but that is the danger, bring somebody us into your relationship. You never know how is going to turn out, especially somebody. You have feelings for previous lunar, so ever error, as sounds like it's time for you to talk to decide, take em, you want to say which our group in, and you feel like this could ruin your relationship. Jani too that out, but it's time for you and your girlfriend havin having a nice it down and sad about his sounds like she's very open to let you do sir and join you in there and things, so she shall have no problem How do I move forward? Will wash out America with loud alike, because you wondered girl at you and your wife was having sex with broke version. That more will you girl friend? You know I've been unfair. We took on the guy, but live Yes, we have large man on Thanksgiving. Do you fall in love with the stuff in more in Turkey
loaded with the french Fries Morton mistake: a hamburger bro. The man who buys you my leg, her more than him pseudo November domain is what I'm tell another lie. Some people, I know, have a relationship where their happily together and they have another person that they both love. They call it have in it. Your wife or something I don't love times, but I agreed the aim body. So I've never done that. But maybe that's worth you haven't accommodation. You got to have your sides which remain grower. Ok, you don't Have you sides without germane whose germane to me in whose, given you re, you intimated middlemen, Roma, whose main may ask IE eight hundred five, a five one, o five one, you gotta pornography colony, was the breakfast locomotive everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club when a mill of asking
Eight hundred five, a five one and five want allows, is clear from your infected, nay model yeah. Oh Angela, about a trail bounty hunter. It was my actual ever get ready with my own he's your ex now my ass. Now you haven't you broke up yesterday. Ok, yes, over a five proposed is worth. It was a meme about how black what MRS Coppin believe and here because natural it everybody and doesn't we made a com is then I can work only for myself. I know where we are aware that we have to do it about was the editor of a woman. I write. He is not only a technical that ignore. It probably do represent yourself like that. All faced with one of these is possibly more,
well, ok, or even understand that. Neither do I look like I don't like Nuclear Beth. I try to reason with you. I haven't like let it go sounds like he was an avant away at it, a relationship, and he came up with any excuse, Galina treasure which animals booted. You remember for you. What are you or Facebook? That's asked about the you really want to be with somebody. You got a walk on eggshells around because a your facebook pose there was harmless hell. I have you been together. Were you together? We work for seven months, but the thing is we worked together. I see him every day and we often we have wake up about three months ago, because I added his echoing in Jesus Christ. They said you knew her already now, because we want to be the rebate that part of the other day about Mars trash. My first about why Don T you like this are social media. Now you ve got it just popped up on his newspaper question me about it and got real like mad about it. This
There's a further by this whole relationship are ready, sounds for seven months and annual work together, Santa low messy. All I is draw Puma s ass. Messy way. That's, because you be a nosey checking on his ex girlfriend he's breaking up with you over a facebook posts. This sounds like is now go work, somebody block, they got no group on it. Whatever side, when I had sprung up the fact, but I guess not randomness That means I got silly reason a break up as somebody and I feel like isn't as an excuse. Virginal trash like I can't be. The only reason is thirty. Eight and forty four is ongoing. A different to add? I don't know, I don't even understand you, young New Box dress, Lord have mercy. Well, that's all I know is essential. Those by a have you over here, adding x's and that, like that, on his back, he China man, what you do, and social media and telling you what's appropriate and what appropriate at they may be. I did have a real big difference of opinion may be, is just not meant to be
boxes. Tat broke attitude as it sounds real harsh you re doesnt, Cheek Ozma. I guess you, I get you something you guys you be able to discuss here, but a break up with somebody over as Facebook posters, not that serious doubts as to Berkeley any press me about a thorough work. You like I just hate anymore, the groundwater. I may act like a kid. That's I'm crazy veal, followed your vagina plus. You don't really seem like him damage anyway, I'm level you block. You pulled on Twitter? Nothing! I just don't feel it boy, I'd idea, I love them. He will vary and so on. As you just gotta see him, I work every day, but you dont want to bring their energy into the workplace, either. Good luck, but we were seriously
I was one of the political groups. Are you calling them reckless grab a badge Ellen? I business carry me and unhealthy. Listen! Every morning I was so. If you ok chairs, you call from terrorism as the EU is, if Emma your instigation, Charlemagne natural thing going on, I should enjoy a good jewels got cancer is the same and that you ve always happen again at last design, definite Blackstone LAX or my furniture cargo deleted I'll kick about no time, I'm not small birds. I've. Yesterday, you knew you wouldn't believe it proposes to smoulder lived black sea small smoke. I know where lives is naturally black. Something like nine low you, bigger, forehead boss thousand combine Mama, got a pretty girl wherever that entire other critical?
get over bathes array of looking beyond? Would you agony, eyeball, good boxes, angered box man, I'm tell ass anything. I have aimed at giving our rules on away from a genuine Amelia Leszek about his penis among ourselves. Let's talk about the Jackson family. What are they thing about these allegations agenda Jackson has a secret China, out there somewhere. Ok, we'll get into all that we come back even laxity breathless programmer. The breakfast club the gas at the Reul report libretto glove. Why not? We talked about this episode of growing up here, pathway, James, the buyers who is Deanna Jackson's eggs had been. I had them to say about the rumour of them. Having had a child back in the day that sea secretly hit all these years. Here's what he said
idea tat. It was time in this the truth. Inflamed when it comes to decision innovation? It was Why do you believe it is too late? Is I mean citizens do anything. I know I was here whisper it he was trying to talk. Like JANET Jackson, I think he was told there was no baby bay when its believe it was too, but it is very easy to say that there is a baby out. There were not be anywhere be fully grown. Adults waterway only richly why babies, ok, I write well evokes- have defined the baby to carry on taxes as source from the Jackson. Family is saying that that is a hundred percent false. They said this is a disturbed individual or a publicity stunt, because it's just not true, so people are saying that JANET Jackson's niece Havana has very uncanny resembling
to her, and they been posting pictures of her ever since then, as well, will join with me in a pretty girl geology right, here's another. When I mean I so I guess Do that Angola right now is the right answer to me. I mean they could still has some similarity lot. Maybe she don't know Sudan about like she long or short overtime. She came out no develop area. Where he's one of us remember vagina, with your mother that it is true
he's not a woman. Oh you! Next Louella affairs, you mom and you don't know his penis enow impregnated de facto bats speaking a penises there's gotta get into genuine, apparently all astonished when this one are ye leak area has been talking about it listener. Everybody came in the room just to look at the pictures. They were crowded around the laptop to see genuine means, penis, water, european of Pablo Facebook, that's right and our premises like Carmen Fraga toilet. First, let me save his penis still trending, but he treated. I everybody keeps talking about pigs and also why we are trust people at times that we should, it won't name most say names as of now stay too and so he's not denying that it causes faces in it. But his hand is so we don't know for sure. But it looks like you know: it's not a bad luck are about to have a tv challenge to all the member states.
Genuine is currently in the Lee tank derision of next? I really know what you wanna see nomes given him, and I really do put your money I thought about it was about. It was like thinking how Turkey is this question and know that your question anyway. I could even remotely answer the low now. Can you get a guy like you exactly what had the biggest penis in tv I'm, not gonna, let us take a look at God and think about happiness that do guys compared to know someone's penis picture leagues. You don't let me live in our view. It looks like in comparison to mine, just now Charlemagne ass before he said he had before. We need to think about it. Inside of you see that you have you watching a porno you like them. You know that I beg you know my hand out like that, all right enough
come on family should see. If I see one language, the natural comparison I think about it. I re wrestling legend, Big Van Vader, that this is a sad story. He announced on twitter that he has less than two years to live. He's a former Debbie Debbie EAST. I also played an affair. He said told by two heart doctors that my heart is wore out. I have been given lessons. Who years to live. I am only now allowing this as part of my reality. We rarely to gotta be like certain EU law. No ready said he has congestive heart failure biggest all alive to borrower. Any also did say that this is part of him having. He said the doktor told them it was from playing football, infamously
that's. Why the ways by me too much about the way in which it was always big, lad away. Let a pressure on our right. Ok, when I'm Angela Ye- and that is your room- a report or rain waiter- and it would have done an phaedr all right well up next to people's choice- makes you when he has something at dj envy and shout to our family at revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody request eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one is the breakfast club good morning, his Ot Genasis cut it.
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