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101- Boyfriend D*ck (ft. Harry Jowsey)

2020-11-10 | 🔗

On this week’s episode, Alex details her Cabo excursion with a man, as well as why she is in London with a man. Then, Harry Jowsey, an irrelevant one-hit-wonder reality television star, joins the show to talk ALL THINGS SEX AND DATING. They discuss girls over performing in the bedroom, the terrifying experience Harry had when he first got his ass eaten by a wrestler, and his first disastrous anal experience. They also get into the joys of eating pussy, his celibacy for 4 months, and good old 'boyfriend dick'. Also, Harry gives some great tips to boost women's success rate in the dating game aka stop going on dates at nighttime. Alex and Harry also talk dating apps for men and women, and provide a sure-fire strategy to land your target. If your dating life has not been successful, this episode is for you! Lastly, Harry addresses his ex girlfriend aka the only reason he is relevant and puts the drama to bed. ENJOY DADDY GANG!!!!!!

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most guaranteed anywhere you're shopping. It's going to probably work so guys, you're, going to get honey for free join honey, dot com, slash daddy again, that is join honey, dot com, slash daddy. What is up daddy gang? It is your single father Alex Cooper. We call her daddy, daddy, daddy, well, chip chip, Cheerio Daddy Gang. It is your founding Father Alan for another episode of CALL Hadad Yana, I'm in London bitches what guys I am currently sitting in a hotel room, and I am in London, Quarantine ing with a man. Yes
This is where we're at right. Now my microphone is placed on the bed. I'm sitting in our bed are come stained sheets, I'm just kidding. That's really not something that anyone wants to think about. Opportunities are endless here for my pooping life. I have two bathrooms. Actually three bathrooms in this hotel room, which is glorious. I brought my poop spray, so everyone do me being like, dear God, Alex quarantining with the man how the fuck are you gonna? Let one out don't worry. I have my ways been experimenting. Many different bathrooms, many different angles: the toilet paper up the toilet paper down a little water coming out of the sink little tick, tock playing. So I've got a lot of noises going. There's a lot happening, lots of strategizing, but I'm fine. My asshole actually feels fucking great.
Daddy gang you're all like so why the fuck are you in London and how the fuck are you there, and where did this all begin buckle up. Welcome to another fucking episode of call her daddy mother fuckers, I apologize. If I'm talking at a little british accent, I'm getting a little excited behave. I've always wanted to do a little role play and now I'm here doing it to you guys you're all like. I really wish you wouldn't we're gonna go we're gonna go all the way back to Carbo. Do you guys, remember Carbo,
It was one of the last times. I really gave you a personal update. I told you guys I was going to Cabo with the man and I was hoping for a couple things to hop in one I wanted to get my asshole fucking penetrated number two. I was looking forward to maybe dabbling with a three summer foursome and number three I was going to have this man take so many fucking pictures of my goddamn asshole for the gram that everyone on Instagram would be truly shocked. How close up that angle was gonna be to my fucking, ah, the ah okay now to anyone that has eyes and likes to rank the fuck off to my ig picks. Unfortunately, for you, if you go to my instagram page, you will see with your own two eyes and with your soft fucking dick, that I didn't post any fucking pictures of the asshole. What the
Alex. It's the one good thing you bring to the table: you're not fucking, funny you're fucking faces buses. The the least could can fucking do is hit your fucking fat ass down on the camera and give us a goddamn show of your ass. All I don't know of any one. The idea that to me but listen the fuck up here's your fucking reason your little brown noser here. It is the reason that I didn't fucking post and the truth is, and it sounds a little corny, but I don't give a fuck, because I think it's important for me to share this information at times. So I dont come off like a sterile fucking bitch on the internet, but has no feelings daddy Gang the truth is that I think the lack of content that I posted, I think, is a true reflection of how the trip, when I had such an amazing time with this guy that I was really preoccupied and enjoying myself not fully being on social media too much, and I Didn't take any pictures. I note
corny, but I know a lot of people can relate. It's like you go out for a night and you're like oh, my god. We had the best night. We didn't take one fucking picture, but those are usually the best nights and on some real friend gang daddy to daddy, daddy. I had a bomb ass, fucking trip and I had a really good fucking time and I would go as far to say, this was the best trip I've ever had with the man. Now I want to do a big thought PSA. It make something very clear: okay When I say that this was the best trip. And I do little quotation marks around. It- loves trip what I've ever had with a man, take it with the grad salt. Okay, take it with another fucking grain of salt, because when I say that Daddy Gang, I don't wanna make something very clear to you all my standard of getting on a plane and fly
to see a man and the success rate at which my trip ends up being happy and go lucky and Aok. is usually not a great fuckin ratio. I have had some unbelievable trips with men truly, but most of them involve some crazy, fucking psychotic drama. So when I am comparing this to my pass, what I'm really saying, as this was amazing, because it was a guy ape- is worth it seemed normal, at least for Alex Cooper. For the first time in my fucking life, I didn't have whiplash being like quickly block him run. Upstairs changed rooms, go to the other side of the island. Fuck his friend go to the dad fucking step up. It was like, oh, my god like it, was chill like we ate guacamole and we drank and we fucked, and it was good and I'm like whoa no drama no drama, so
I know I haven't maybe really express this in the past, but daddy getting. The truth is, is that on this show in the past we used to act as though, if you are not having sex nine times a day, you're a weak bitch. It's like no okay, you don't have to always do cart. Wheels to get onto the dick, like you can do. Missionary same goes for my life. I have some unbelievable stories, but also the fat fucking truth is shit, goes wrong and Alex Cooper's, fucking life, okay and usually, for some reason has to do with when I get on a fucking plane. It's truly psychotic, although I do put myself in these situations, which should be noted and talked about in therapy. Also something just came across. I apologize for renting, daddy gaming, please for the love of God. A story that I need to fucking tell on this. Podcast is a little story. I like to call Turks in
ghost! This will wrap up how my trips, with men truly go. I have so many, but this one is a true kicker. I thought I was going to an island me and my boyfriend's setting sale a little honeymoon retreat and when I tell you that I show my friend's pictures. Okay and I show them video footage I took, and they look at me dead in the ice and they say Alex. You were on vacation alone and I'm like no, it wasn't. He was there and they're like no. You were alone, I was on vacation alone and we all have we've all been there. You've been on a date alone, you've been on a fucking hangout Netflix and chill alone, you've been on a fucking dinner date alone. You've been on a triplon we've all fucking been there you're there they're not there, and it really truly fills your heart. It makes you feel like er, shit, okay, Turks and Caicos. I remember it fondly okay, basically daddy gang these. Entire trip he was on. phone. with another woman
when I say that It probably honestly would have made me feel better if he was fucking this woman. If this was a woman, he was like cheating on me with, but Daddy Gang was. The phone with his mom. It's so dark! It's so dark, and I am not exaggerating when I say that this man that I was dating ten phone calls a day from his fucking mother. This is a twenty eight year old, fucking man, okay, meanwhile, good old Alex I'm just trying to take a nice goddamn dip in the light blue ocean. I've never been to Turks. I'm like this is beautiful and his crazy psychotic over involved, jealous fucking mother, afraid, afraid of losing her baby boy to you know. Naturally his girlfriend, that seems to be the progression in life right you've got to hand him off he's got to go to a different woman. That's a great topic we haven't discussed on the show crazy fucking over
involved parents. I am sure that the Daddy Gang has so many fucking stories that they could also share on that one. We all have been there and its truly a fucking nightmare. The point is advocating. The trip was fucking awful and it really is a classic tale of like it's not the play. is that makes the trip it's the company on that trip that you keep. That obviously makes it know them fucking corny, but a really is fuckin. True, you can be in the nicest places in the world. This mother Fucker got us this private villa. We had a private shaff. We basically had a private beach, but all of that bull shit doesn't mean your guaranteed. A guy good time and happiness? take it from me, I would know- and that is when I knew slim shady and high or never gonna work Oh coming, full circle? What I'm trying to explain to you guys is that my,
trips with men specifically have been chaotic and drama, and so it has been so long truly to get a little deep here. It's been. Years. Unlike staring at the Wall Self, reflecting. Since I have had a normal ass experience, that was just who fuckin sailing with the dude for a minute Sometimes I would like to just enjoy a nice trip with a guy and there be no drama and, dare I say, really the only time that has happened to me on he'll Carbo was with, door number three when I randomly which I didn't want to do flew to Minneapolis to meet him their walked into the hotel room, never having met him and ended. Up being I mean darkly. What you guys him to be door number three, so I don't know I think I've. I've listened
preached about health and wellness, two thousand and twenty, and I'm trying to get a little bit healthier here. So I think that this round of going to Cabo, I was hopeful that it would be similar to that of the door number three era of just not. It does have to be love and deep and crazy, but just fucking stable and chill and a little fucking normal and that's exactly what it was. So I have to give the guy props. I mean thank you so much for putting your fucking credit card down and letting me fucking relax for a nice week. It was amazing. Now London. Why fucker you in London here we go staying right on track with the theme of getting on a plane and going to a fuckin place with a man? Daddy gave Are you ready for this? Cabos done then at the beginning of October. Get your fucking calendars out. a man had the audacity to
look me dead in the eyes and asked me sweet sweets Alexandra Do you want to go to London with me at the beginning of November? I looked him directly right back in the eyes strong eye contact like I was raised, and I replied to him, and I said you, sir, can go fuck yourself. You like what what I told him to go. Fuck myself due to the awful PTSD that I have from the infamous Paris trip that I took back in two seven team, I'm calling all! Oh gee, daddy, mother, fucking gang every one! That's been here since day, fucking one, I'm pretty sure it was like episode, one to episode, ten at some point in their. I reference that one day when I got the fucking gumption, I would in fact tell the Daddy Gang about the infamous awful.
combat ties in Paris story, if you don't the fuck I'm talking about at all her, like, I don't know anything about you or Paris, or what the fuck is going on. Basically I got a plain like a fuck. in India and your girl flew the fuck across the Atlantic. Ocean to stay in Paris the same man that I had never met yeah dope, dope yeah Alex no. We time, that's really fucking normal, not normal, so not normal that my therapist hasn't even gotten a bite to this one. My therapist doesn't hold Jack fucking shit about this one, really truly the only person that was full blown into the details of what the terror and the issues I was going through when I was in Paris, was my mother, and then heroically at the end, of course,
number three, but I hadn't even told my fucking dad and the only reason he ended up finding out was because my mom had to get him involved when I called them crying from the fucking Paris airport bawling my eyes out: okay, lovely memories. So I truly don't even remember this PTSD, but my mother, the fucking bitch that she is love your mom just kidding the sweet heart that she has said. Are you really sure you want to go to London,
do you not remember Paris and I also looked her dead in the eyes on Facetime, I said mom. I have no idea what you're talking about I've never been her she's like Alex, I'm like no, don't bring it up guys! That's one of those moments like you know when you fuck up so bad in high school college, it's like cringeworthy and you block it out. I blocked out Paris. The guy is blocked on Instagram. I don't even know where he is in the world right now and I will never speak to him again and I will never think of what happened to me in Paris. However, clearly I got on a plane and I came to London and let me break down for you what was going through Alex Cooper's mind to make that psychotic decision I just moved out of my New York City apartment at the end of October, so I don't have a place in New York City anymore. I'm moving to LA in December with Lauren, but for November lauren- and I are both fucking homeless. Lauren is staying with her friend in New York City because she has to go to her job every day.
but I don't have to go to a day job. Every day unfortunate. I get set out a fuckin desk anywhere, so my two options at the time were go to London and have sex with a man or go back to you're fuckin parents base me stupid bitch and you guys know I was there for a while. I started talking to walls down there. It was truly it was something that was becoming scary, so I was like bucket. I'm going to Fucking London, not to mention signs were pointing to the stars were aligning, and for the first time in fucking years, things were kind of going my way. So although the terror of the past was haunting me, I also was like listen. Bitch shooters thought a great buck in time in Kabul ride the wave ride the fuckin way. Maybe this trip with this man will also be a fucking success and not a pair this round. To
I also haven't spoken to my therapist in three fucking week. So, if you're feeling in your headphones right now or on your drive to work that I sound a little on fucking hinge, the truth is, I am I because I have been ghosting my therapist, my know doesn't know I'm in London to tell her this week? It was one of those almost when you're younger you're like I'll just do it and then I'll reap the repercussions. Later, I'm gonna call her from the London Hotel, she's gonna say: hey a: where are you and I'm gonna say hey girlfriend, I'm Fucking London, it's truly! It's psychosis mimosas, but we're totally fine, so anyways when I, I looked at my self in the mirror. To myself. I think The career wise, it's more advantageous for me to go to London. I'll set up a bunch of interviews, have some great people with some great fucking accents. So we can talk like this. The whole episode you're like no, I will literally end at all, Alex So that was my plan. I was like I'm going to go to Fucking London fuck. It talk to bar
all they start setting me up interviews I like this is gonna, be fucking. Amazing London could be a fuckin head, so the bags or pact this lights have been booked. Then, as I am in New York City, daddy, gang unlovely, Halloween October thirty. First love announces on the news that they are going on a month lockdown. Now I could have backed out I could have gone back to my parents and I could of diagram but I decided fine, I and two interviews. Fine, I'm gonna be in a fuckin hotel room. I'm gonna pick up my fucking microphone
I'm gonna go get the shit railed out of my fucking vagina and I'm going to make fucking quarantine content in London. Yes, does it fucking suck that I've never been to London? Everyone I'm talking to is like London is the best fucking place in the world, and I'm like. I can't wait to look at it through a fucking window who also the man that I'm cutting with he's been to London before he's being an asshole showing me swiping through photos. Look at this place, I would have taken you look at this place. Look at this eatery, my god, and I'm like I love. Thank you so much truly a very sad day for Alex Cooper, so we're the fuck are we now well daddy gang? When I landed in London, Tuesday and Wednesday, London, the city had to fucking days to rage their faces off before Thursday lockdown began and now officially the entire fucking city, and I are in full lockdown quarantine by the time
upload next week's episode, Daddy Ging, I will have officially been in quarantine with this man and his dick for over two fucking weeks. It doesn't, it doesn't sit right with me. I truly don't know where I'll be next week, where the mental state will be next week, but what I can tell you is you will be getting every fucking detail of how my goddamn quarantine with a man is going in a foreign country and listen. I ain't no bitch, but if worse comes to fucking worse, I will call one her number three crying for him to get me the fuck out of the country, the minute, my quarantine and because that is what I did in Paris in twenty seventeen, I called door number three animated fucking happen the fuck out roman hold on we have a commercial break. Roman is coming through hello,
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Get them for yourselves, go to get roman dot com, slash daddy and you're, to get your first month of swipes for just five bucks when you choose a monthly plan again that is get roman dot com, daddy. so gang. Please turn your attention to the episode because right now I am about to begin talking to a man, a man, but, more importantly, a penis and this man spirit of this week's fucking episode. He also has an accent, a okay and his name is prince.
Harry I'm just fucking kidding. Can you imagine I'm like introducing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? No guys his name is fucking Harry Jose. You may have no fucking clue who he is, and that is fine. If anything. Nor should you because he is very fucking, irrelevant his entire career on the deep line I joke, but I don't joke guys. Here's a situation. Harry is a reality. Television star and by star I mean one hit fucking one and don't get it bucking twisted now, I would usually never fucking have on anyone from reality. Television. However, I watched the show
and I saw that he had a lot of insight on to sex he's super open about his sex life, and there was a lot of male perspective that I think he showed on the show that I was like. Oh, I think the daddy gang could benefit from hearing him talk. I'm gonna leave talking about the reality, show and all the drama that happened with him and the girl that he dated and people say he cheated on her, and then people say that she was an score and all these things there's a bunch of drama, I'm gonna leave towards the end of the episode, because, obviously I know some daddy gang members really want the tea and then others are like. I could give two fucks, I literally don't care so without further ado, let's bring on the man let's bust his balls, but, more importantly, let's here from the man who claims that he has that boy friend Dick all right, we're rolling Harry jealousy. see is that how I say it in
the end Harry was late to the goddamn interview, because why why I was having sex, I thought it was gonna be quicker, but it was. You have a girlfriend yeah, oh, no, what no not official like officially but tell us the teeth. Oh no! We just we just! Is it Lara Pippin? No, everyone thinks it is, but it's not well you're going to dinner with people. So it's just like a little things. Are you? Are you star fucking over there? No, no, there was five of us said. Do that they just decided to pick us and put us together. You walked in together. You are fingering her I the table, so I literally thought no, I'm just kidding. So you went to dinner with Lars and other people, but it looks like you're fucking here so to confirm your not know. What would you like? I'll, give it knocked over five zero, zero girlfriend or not.
not really, but I kind of I don't know how it is. It's like still like early days, early days like how early like, the way we do it or what we can do, but we need together at every single day. Oh what is it like seas, the best that she's very successful? Oh, it's very motivating arena guys go we about it in they get scared to go that a success. So what's he like? hanging out with her and like seeing out. She operates. Just just motivates me and tends to be on wait. That is actually really hot that you like that, because I feel like some guys can't handle. Oh you why did you with a girl at success folder and then, when she like, makes more money than you or is more relevant than Yale Kisser you're, I've been here is that you have just getting I literally put on its Graham and damaging every time I was like how should I wrote him people are being mean. Yeah people are like call him out like why the fuck are you hanging out with like young tick, talkers? Okay, so for
I'm actually the same age. Look a little bigger, well yeah, because the little like american guys on line yeah yeah no way the same age is like. I realized in america- or I don't know if it's in the scene, but everyone views relationships as like transaction like what they can get out of it. I love everyone around me and there's a lot of people that I'm like that. I hang with that I dont post about people on in the same people who do not? following stuff like that, so it's annoying people like China's put me that level see. It is like he hangs out with him, but I hang out with everyone. Just those the people that I them and do stuff. Okay, that actually, there, because I like I have a lot of friends that I don't post on social media, but obviously they're not on social media. So people like do you like no fucking friends, I'm like know I do I just don't post them. So
are on Tik Tok, I haven't looked your tik tok, but don't worry, it's illegal, exert less negative hunting, Amre yearly! Look at my wiener pretty about ok, you're, making the most of your opera Jesse. You think you are, moreover, right now how'd, you get me but we also have given it. We occupy cars, yes with its. Not I don't know It's still like in limbo, like we've, been been spending every day together? Like I don't know the kitchen, it's so you want a girlfriend. Yes, I would love it. Sorry yeah, oh my god, you're like hungry, for it like anyone on the street could be like Harry yeah, so she's, just like she's different, and I keep telling her I'm like you're, really rare, like you're, not like. Oh god, you're like any other girl, but like this one? Okay, so you she's rare, is she your physical? go type
Yes, yes, she ever think by no no He doesn't like anything. I think you like girls with fake, but I look. I like I'll, do anything, but I've attracted to energy. Just sometimes don't say anything. I'm attracted to anything! Energy, good, energy. Okay, so, like you could literally could have a fake out. Look like I drop pumpkin and I don't think so. The bullshit I'd fucking dog fuck it, but you wouldn't date it okay. I have questions for you. Do you prefer blonder burnetts? you'll be done soon. I promise you, along with disabled. It burn out why
I don't I just give myself, oh because the girl you hook up with one just got to my light blonde brunette, whatever she is, the minute you dumper, it's like blonde. That is your past, but I feel like brunette Francesca was a brunette. Yes, she was yes, okay, correct! Yes, you have eyes Alex. Do you keep a list of girls that you fuck yeah? Yes, so can you explain that to me? Okay, fucking, great, it's gross! It's great! It's gross! What the list is gross! It's right. I say my God now is actually just like we're talking about something that she's like oh gross. Who would keep list and I'm like yeah you're, like honestly, that's to soda string is like really more than ten people, like meanwhile you're like pulling out an entire book, I'm like it off my notes on my phone. No, I get saved on my laptop, I'm just crazy crazy. I don't know so it's very long. No, it's! No! It's long! It shut up. Okay, okay, it's a lot of luck on it.
lot. We always there, you have it in a locks, know this guy nobody's getting anywhere. I just the thing is I just like to know where have been of the big, not acknowledge, shrunk, idiotic! God forbid. You forgot like multiple, and most boy, hundreds about got now battered the hundreds jump. Shy, sweetheart, it's okay, not Ian's, gonna love it! You fuck, I mean listen at least. If you own it right sure. I think it's okay for you to admit that, though you had a fuck boy stage. Oh yeah, I was very busy. well especially we're very busy, especially when I move to LA it's like a handshake to go out and really are you australian and I was like okay so before I even had any sort of following anything like that, leaving hide. This was like
was skinny shit. I look like an asparagus. I was so gross, and I was talking to my friend like that, and this trick walks out and she hears me talking. She goes you australian and I was like yes she's like. Where are you going? I was like home and and I was like, where are you gon she's at home, as well as like going to get in your uber? I get an uber go to her place, all I remember she had a g wagon and that no playing christian christian music. I saved our voters. G wagon go at a legitimate. I gave this shit is thinking of entire life and I I try to roll over she's like you cannot stay here and I'm like, oh so I was like in that, and it was just like that she was like. I just wanted text by yeah. I don't know. Maybe it was,
terrible just get the fuck outta we shall lose hope. Would you know how it is that is. Is that usually how you perform all full of terror so obviously include our foot. So there is a good one. You should not us know why what is you're like what would you say that your sex style is like one like extra friends like what did they say about you, a lot talk shit about me now because they hate me it's one of those things when you break up with someone. What do they say you can't explore? I don't know I this is not about in the bedroom. You dime for sure I've. Why filling the first
Guys do when you break up with him. I, like small, Dick, comes quick first thing I say, but that's also, then it's also like cable. You were fucking with him for that long, so heart. So what the fuck does that say about you bit exactly and also you're, probably just laying there like Beca it takes two to tango bitch. No, I hate when girl say that, because I'm like well, that was your boyfriend, so sweetheart that says more about you than him yeah. So what was the body like, what's yours style with my girl right now, it's very dress of two tat tat work is through your session. Like that's gonna, throw away like you! Well really she's gonna Blas be what she is. No, no. It will be good. She she's gonna, get your great. It's very aggressive tsar, pretty much like like like I'd like to just make sure that she's being told what they're doing oh and I see you're dominant, I talk about that's hot, like today. I was at the gym and I was just textiles like your front door unlocked as I already said these my orders, that, as I did
front door unlocked. I want you in making your bed playing your pussy by the time of walk. I Harry was very aggressive, very aggressive, wait, but that's kind of hard did she like it yeah did she respond yeah she's like we meant to be going to your place, and I was like fuck you cause. I was in the gym. I was getting very angry. Oh I was walking around just like grunting. I like fuck, this I didn't get out of here around oh seriously. A juice has a meathead done. Are you at the gym all the time? No, I have to go every day because I'm getting like skinny fat right, oh, like like skinny pass, but sometimes I feel like girls honestly. Sometimes I feel like those guys fuck better than the guys with like rock hard app, so maybe have it an in between yeah okay. So you go home, you like to be rough and sexual. What's your favorite position honestly, right now with my tongue? I just gotta pick her up an air carrier out like that. Could then she is she let all literally com move soundness of Europe.
Second, you can't move it stays in. You look at, oh, my god, so she's a little earth well you're huge yeah, so I guess that's kind of hot yeah. I love spinning and mouth as well. Some reason I'm really into that right now. I think. That's a very, I think it's very hot and I think a lot of people don't get it, but then once you get it, I just like dirty. I I literally just spit him out. I'm like okay suck, my dick with it. Oh no, I'm sorry hi your own color just looked around and goes I'm. So sorry, I'm like no tell us more, but I think I think that's super hot. I think when a guy it's in my mouth, it's supposed to be messy. It's supposed to be messy. Have you had a lot of sex with girls that are like, I would say, like performers, that it's not as hot, because you can just held her like and you're like. Okay, like I didn't, even tell the CLI okay, so they tell me there's this girl that my best friend's been seeing so he's like my roommate a lot, so he lives right beside my room right and he's like I need you to be home for when this girl comes over because its
fucking hilarious. So I'm not oh shit? Ok, look alike laying in my bed a little wholesome boy staying at the ceiling, and I can hear I can hear this chick and I'm laughing, and I could hear him log, but she goes oh, please please, please, please, please and then just keep going like like the whole time- and I was just like like how do you keep shut the fuck up? How do you keep that up like it's like a fucking parrot like relax? Actually, I feel like that's why I feel like bad, because I feel like girls know that there are supposed to be the more at times, vocal one which I just want to go back to. How could I heard you were saying, like you like, to be vocal for sure I think the biggest thing I've ever talk about this pod causes like it so unattractive like I've. Fucked guys before that, unlike okay. So like are you awake like? Are you up there? Like you haven't, said much anger, their mute a guy? That's me there's nothing more on a tall, I'm like I'm so bored, I'm talking to myself! So your your friend, I guess
why, like girls, sometimes think that they have to like overperform, because some show guys are mu. However, ladies, if you're hearing what he's saying like it's so unattractive, when you, I guess the parrot, that is pretty good, shut, the fuck up. He should knock her out and keep going legit just put your fingers in the mouth of sin, exactly yeah, so you're, vocal yeah for sure I, like communication, is big everywhere and I feel like my me in bed, is a different harry, it's like that's Well, I just thought I'd like to think it is that, because I was saying, do shit, that I would never do in public or like in front of anyone. So I'm just like I kind of like turn in two different animals. yeah for sure so, unlike
I really appreciate it. If I'm not hitting your fucking g spot or on your clip, tell me cause my four arms gonna cram in ten minutes like oh, I got to know where I am sweetheart's dark, like I'm just trying to choke you from behind where the fuck is the shit, I feel like you're good at sex. That's what I'm getting from a serial gone! Don't waste your time! Okay, but do you think the girl that you're fucking right now is please Yes, I think she she does very well, she does well. What does he do? Well, like she's just little champion like she literally. She takes a great dick, no she's, she's, very vocal she's, also dominant as well. Okay, so I'll be fucking her for a bit and then I'll get a bit of sweat in their mouth and she'll, look up and mean I'm like sweat, sweating and she'll just be like fuck. You flip me over and then like so when she can tell that you're getting tired she'll take over yeah.
No she's, the energy that really gotten she's. Always I you know it's really attack the Fleming when a girl, like you, touch your leg, I grab your dick not a lot of girls. Do it of girls will like if you're horny. Blocking all show it like put the short, because sometimes I do too robots in limbo, they just like how do I? How do I initiated, but if you're really like girls if you're listening what is going to turn out sex, so if you're if you're horny and you want him in your gut. You literally go grab his leg and you just fucking tell him what's up. I think that's so nice to hear from a guy, because I've been saying that for so fucking long, I'm like. Does anyone stand that man's not gonna like punch you and had to get away from her perpetrator like no. If a girl goes up and initiates it, and I think that sometimes a lot of guys start to in relationships feel like fucking weirdos, like they're molesting their girlfriend, because it's like how many times can I initiate and you're not going to and it gets exhausting, and so it's nice
for once in a while for the girl or not once in a while. It should be fifty fifty that you're, like attacking your boyfriend or the guy that you're fucking and like you're, initiating it if a honey? Just just do it. If you want round two fucking do lap that thing on your face: wake it up! It's it's game time at in your mouth. Would you say that? Would you be uncomfortable if a girl did that like in the morning- and you were asleep- I don't know- I had a green literally just about to say that one hottest thing that always get mad at you do and say that that's like you're, taking advantage of someone in the are you serious? I don't think that I think there's like a level like we can like say that's like fine yeah. I would look like if you actually like, if you don't know the person you're sneaking in the room and put in that dig in your mouth like hey. We do that, but I think like it was probably on the hottest thing. That's ever happened me as I woke up, and I was just like what the fuck is going on. I look down and she's just like go on.
And I'm like you're like whoa good morning, I was like okay, so you are really having good sex. Do you tend to get? Are you nervous, like you'll, get bored of sex with her, though no not at all? So I I think like the opposite, so I'm already like it's been a week right, so I'm already like trying to bring toys in and shit. So I bought like hog ties and and all this other stuff and this company that's trying to sponsor me. They sent me like a fucker sex toys and, oh my god, companies at me all the time. It's actually the one. I liked it when they said it's so good, but dude, okay, what affect, one is a guy's, a genuinely scared of using poison the badger. I I don't know like I've told you guys are really like you want to play kind of toys. Are you bringing like? I literally just buy vibrator like oh there's a we vi, little clip things. Have you used these games
just resting both parties so good. That's a slut, all its uncoordinated sat out. We virus not there. I believe that, actually, by supporting today's once you get about that's one thing about you so you like to use them, but are you into ass play? Marshall? Do you own a braider. Do you oh, have lube on your night stand and do you own a plug? Add up and Eve Ex Words Adam and Eve? Is the best working please to get your sex toys your vote, Vibrators your lube, your your ray every fuck thing. You need when you think of sex, Adam and fucking e bitches. It's free shipping its delivered. Discreetly too,
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always the way these here that a dive at this chick is like she? What are we to punch in the head like love like see, abuse of access is how, in individualistic punch me the blocking chain, and I'm like I'm interested. I have a little bob boy like I don't think so. It was scary. Like I'm fun, I find it. I was like. I know it's for you, but it's like fun. Do it she's excited even I'm like I'm sorry. It was like scary. Isn't it scary, as the guy when a girl asked you like fucking hit me you're, like I just want to get in writing that, like that's, gonna, be okay, a guy that is kind of really intimidating, and I know that, like I like when you guys rub with me, but I also know that, like men are terrified to do certain things like One of the head is like a little aggressive of. I could see you being like. I don't think I'm gonna do that yeah! Okay, so you didn't punch in the head. No, so I was a little bit skin, but it was like we're out of club right at the time to
no UBS coming pick us up, and I like oh, my places like like twenty minutes, or so it's like after big that out crust, musty walking or the right home and we get there and we start like getting into it and I didn't shave back there. I didn't prepare for any of this and she's just like the back like a fish, lakes up, I was like what's going, I was junk, so I'm like naked playing around on the bed like what the fuck is going on and she's like back, then I was just like we. I was so like flopping yeah. I was like we were you on your stomach or like. Where were you I was she said to give me a head and then she just dope. The tongue just started like getting adventurous, and I was like hey, hey, hey we're getting very low there. Well, lo and then I was like trying to push her out of it and she just locked in like a rests us she's, like this assholes mind legit, just wedded like a fucking boo dog. I was just like wow
crazy going down there. I haven't shaved her anything yeah, so you, but did it feel good? Oh you recom amazing, but look I probably have fingers in there why I think, you're being a big. I think I am happy with that. Lay why at is I just the guy you're too young you'll get there are really. I think you I'd put things in us. Oh my god, I promise early my favorite last time. It's what I do all the time. Everyday, hedge, your boy. Oh my god, I put what you think. I will finger in every guys, I've I think it's. The best thing I think, to put anything in it. Ass is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved was business relax. I like end, therefore swipe up local hurrying does know. We need to talk about this because that's upsetting to me, I think, you're missing out Look. I probably am, and I'm more than happy to miss out on some things
kid. We can't have everything, but with the other, with I got a feeling she tried. Actually she was just like. Oh, let me let me wash it back in the shot this morning and I was just like okay and then she's finger, Usplease OU know because it's scary, if all of a sudden, it's like one minute, you don't constantly in there in the next hour shoving it in yes, but I do think it kind of harmless for like a girl, the ear ass for sure, but look, let's look. Playing this the event you ever done at at once and we didn't plan it with my ex and it was a shit show. Oh, like literally yeah, it was like a little skunk come out of it. I I was like I was bash and I was like sixteen. I was just like. I was like what the fuck is that
smell. I said it. I was like. Oh, I forgot to either as a harry and your dick was covered in shit. Yeah no and she's like I did, go the board experience. Yes, all of that annoys me and guys you're, like oh, my god. It was so gross. I'm like you. Will you put it in her fucking ass? What did you think should come out? Is it attractive? Like I don't know, I've got one friend that can only not from putting in girls are, but I just think it's like a dominancy like I. I honestly the pus is good for you. It's self lubricating, taste good? It's designed for exactly what is meant by hey the other, how you shooting out of no that's true I agree that I personally am not like. I need anal. Twenty four soderman die. I think what I'm saying is the ass play aspect of not anal.
but like the licking and like an occasional finger like a butt plug. So that's hot. If a guy's like, let me put this butt plug in your as well. I have my dick and your post and then is rubbing my clip and then, when you have an orgasm, it's like this amazingly, feeling that, like I can explain it to me. That's why it may be for your girl usually get about plug, and yeah oh, oh, I got yeah. I got my hog lock like I'll look at Noi'Ll play with it. Do you will yeah you just don't want it done to you? No I'm chilling. Do you like eating ass or no? I love eating pussy like that. Like legit, just went around the question now Harry. Let's go back to it. If you like ass. I asked yeah. I know you like eating. Well, I prefer the pussy yeah yeah, but like if there's an asshole in my face, I will put my tongue on it. Yes, I mean listen. He held against my will and you ask me I will absolutely die. Okay. Do you think you'll do anal with the girl that you're look if she really wants it's most like I just points, and I love trying to make sure they have a good time. That's think! That's a big
This reason why I love eating pussy is because I know that they're having a good time and it's like a good way to get the wheels the wheels rolling things in motion because it will eventually come back to help you because then she'll be enjoying herself and then she'll be more for you then she'll enjoy it legit, there's nothing worse than someone is just looking around the room. Just gonna write on you. Have you answered a lot of girls that side in your dms? First yeah. I have a couple, but I just find it just like I'm the worst replier. If I haven't met you and if I'm grand, oh yeah ice, like the West Reply, like legit ive like I've, I've had of the hottest godlike into I'm goes its most famous person, you're dams, Those two great forty million follows, but not more like I'd. I start applying like I see the thing is, is again
Take a man will I I just know the worst like with this girl, I'm seeing now our apply in seconds. I come right. Legit is yours: accidents by my phone, I'm just like checking it like that, so obsessive, she's, amazing we and if I can, the car for accurate and pocket mom, please I've by, like other girls like if I, if you dear me, I'll, be ok, you fucked girls that have yonnondio. Yes, I believe so. Up the fucking listener, we know you're a fuck you like yeah, I mean I don't really reply but like somehow all a sudden they've been like in my bad or something I don't know. Ok you fucked girls from Sir. I am actually actions to the emergencies. Like I looked, I look like your excellent. we tell me, look like your ex. And ass, I saw the request that ours is a cool like relaxed. a boy over that stage or moving on via she finds me at a party.
He hates me miss out of nowhere as she's. Just like a dm do and as closely hi hello. How are you what's going on so one attracted like hi? I have you are and you're like. Okay, I was like I really didn't answer. Yeah I was like which deal was it she's like? Oh the one we said it looked like your ex and I was like oh shit, that was you nice cool stuff and then wouldn't leave me alone and then end up Eddie digging out, because I felt bad kazoo Pity- takes the phase out in the matter. Fearless of their words, footage globally enjoyed it, though chasing for cloud you'll have clouds what out of court of sort of like sociable, arranged in no event, you'll be back in a few years we have seen at others. Show you answer girls in the dams, which is good too now. Would you care if the girl you were dating had an only fans. No, that's like other hot ta, get you
fucking bag, take advantage of these get your bag, because Harry doesn't have one, so he needs to go back one. Would you ever subscribe to a girl that only fans are? Are you plenty o plenty yeah, really yeah? I did okay. So when I was in my fuck boy stage, if it goes I hit me up and is like the links You know by I'm, like click only It's got out and see what the fuck is only a they aren't you I'm dealing where I send you a data growth and only then the shore, the girl that I'm seeing now like only and no no, no probably a bit better, but she just posts a risky stuff and I think it's hot I'm like yeah, do your shit. It's like that's so off, because I feel like there are so many guys like. I don't want a girl that I post on pictures ground and it's like I'm taking those pos, I'm gonna get your cheeks out come on like if you want to pop a nipple like I'm here like this, but do you so you that is interesting because then it's like who is she posting them for is always the guys like. Why are you posting that
I'm your boyfriend, but I'm like if you feel sexy fuckin, do it ok, see more men need to be a little bit like you harry. No, I honestly diet guys. I am now that I gave you this whole fucking. Absolutely you don't care about only fans. Yes, do you care if a girl fuck you on the first date? No is it and you date her? Yes, but no I'm just thinking. I was just thinking about the gaps now, but we didn't fuck the first day we did everything button. It was like very hard. It was very steamy. Okay, because I would see my goal was to be sullivant until the end of the year: okay, yeah because I wanted, I guess, when I first moved away as bit crazy. Okay, so and sell them for four and a half months. Oh because I want to focus on my business. I want to focus on getting my ducks align, make sure everything they could to go right so far, myself like slipping into a bit of it that go fuck poise states only focusing ampler yeah recently it was just like a full time. Job- and I was just like this- is gross- is boy so I'd be at a party and like girls. I hit me out
I'll, be oh, whatever like come back, so was just like kind of just like this isn't this. Isn't what I'm laughter like I genuinely want someone like to be in my corner. Could look one night stands suck the boy. You don't know anything about that person. You don't know: what's gonna make them squirt, you don't know. What's going on yeah legit, it's just like a jack Haman you're, just like trying to I'm here. For me, I don't give a fuck about what's going on here, I'm trying to get this in for me, but when you care about someone yeah you're, just like okay cool, like I want to take my time, I want to invest my afternoon in your gut in my afternoon, in your guts and there we have it folks, a cool thing. That's honestly, pretty beautiful. I agree with you. I think a lot of girls like what would your led because so many girls they feel like stink. Oh my god, I have to sleep with him to keep him interested and then they never get called
back and they are like what am I doing wrong and I'm, like, I think, a lot of times. People just don't read social cues like if you're going on a first day and he seems like a fuck boy and you go home and you fuck em, you shouldn't be surprised at the guided the fucking call you back. The next day was angry and it like people are so but hurt, and they cry about it. But I'm like red. The fuckin ruled like wreathed ruined the biggest issues. People go on dates at not so it right now stop it. Nighttime leads to nighttime activities. That's a fact: that's a hundred percent proven go to dinner at night, and you a few drinks a little bit tipsy. They try to open your radio that had not on a coffee day, pitching the executive branch picnic beach pick, get your shit sorted pop out a picnic tell the biggest knots up my fucking thing,
pick bitch. I actually think that's really smart and like if he won't go on a mother, fucking picnic with you, it she's a bitch and he only wanted to fuck. That's what we asked we go. Do you want to go on a picnic with me Harry and is Harry says it's so crazy, but I can't do that today. But I'll see you at dinner, no block block fuck his best friend fuck is dad. Oh, my god. I always ramp it up here. I actually think that's a really really good. How fun is it advice, every woman listening if you feel like you've, been just having unlucky opportunities with the dating game Have you been on dating ups? I wasn't road, a bit but mud and boring, so awful, eighth, really awful an eye. It was actually interesting. My brother gave me this bit of advice for guys and I maybe you think it's true too. He was like the biggest issue with to do on like updating apps. He was like some of my
friends we'll just marinate in the dating up and you're having conversations with girls and it's like paragraph some paragraphs in you're, talking you're talking and then it chile fades out the minute you matter the growing you think she's, hot guys and also girls any taught get the fucking and go right to texting because, like that way at least, and then you set up a time to see each other like hey. If you want to go on a coffee day, blah blah just fuck the talk like all that should obviously, when I know you kind of vibe but till marinate in the fucking dating up and talk about like yeah, like my child, trauma and it's like. Okay, now, we've talked through everything and I'm onto the fucking. Next, don't play all your fucking cards on the dating app guys will send fucking paragraph sometimes which it doesn't seem like you're doing, but I just feel like that actually than they do, you think we're answering Harry, but I do think guys and girls if you slide in you say like hey, like let's here's, my number: let's grab a drink this week or now, in this case coffee girls
that way you're being initiative in you're taking action, because my brother was like when a girl does that me, rather than the other girls like hey. What's up he's like shut up it naturally, so I think just be smart but you're dating up so you're, not getting any one know no general, I just think that like this, so I guess it's there, I so it. I was fellow like hey how I away from car arise, boring thought of you lucky let ok I wanna see spread. We wear your hat. You spread in the fuck out next dude. How many news do you have on your phone and where can we find them and where can we tell your girlfriend to look for them? I have I. What is your app I actually have one of those you're like Alex: they don't have them, I'm on the photo volts, but oh photo vault yeah, very smart yeah. How many there's just one? No, no I mean pictures in just one. I actually don't know. I haven't checked it in a way like a lot yeah. I put my needs in them most. You put your it's in there. You have it safe it's over.
I'm just waiting for them to GE leaked I'm like I do for everyone. I think we need to see what his boyfriend Dick, what what boyfriend Dick is. It's actually I put out my twitter. I was just like oh my abs coming back and it was like gray, sweat pets and you can literally just see my meat who did it look good yeah it looked okay, it was a feedback. There was a little like Harry. This is not about your abs, so girls like that. Yea looks good there. I guess the site Release your own dick, I think it's good to hold the power like you were the one that released it not like an x because exactly, but it also worked out for you yeah, because girls were like whoa, it's a good looking dick. So you have a like you, everybody listening and you don't watch the show. He calls himself that he has boyfriend dick, which I honestly think is pretty brilliant and you had a lot of good term. That you brought to the show that I think was what he also there's a possum in order to oppose them out. I call people weird names, so like a psycho people, like a little food naughty little possum. Also. This is if there's dudes listening the best way to come a moment ago, is like a little. Freedom are low, sunflower.
Hey my low sunflower. Although chicken it's different, they lie at its little they cupcake work yeah little bare you're gonna make you. I said it eventually take this bill. I mean you walk outside the bedroom. Like me, little cupcake what'd. I tell you order covering a wide range of activities. We are, though, a very bad sign, apparently partly really work as well to propose now. Maybe that's what it's like sexual area, o noble hello by little sick area, but I hope you have a blessed station positive, like we
in Gemini was bad, but I also have never dated a Gemini yeah. Maybe I would hate you well, what is your sign known for? I don't know, I'm still trying to figure it out when I first went to LA you, don't know it's personality, I just I don't know what on I'm like, Stan myself with the bear like what's wrong with you, but when I first moved to LA, I was at Ep Nlp at a bar and was seeing that and I order a drink. This girl walks out to me. She goes what's your star sign and I was like Gemini she's like gross cuticle, and laughed and also you can like a fuck, I'm scar say I'm sorry. Do I make it out, like my sagittarius may yet be anything which is why you have voted,
personalities Harry well whoever's, listening Gemini is write me. I didn't know you guys fucking sucks, but also. That, probably is why I haven't dated. I could've swore my ex was a geman in. He definitely have multiple person- commercial, commercial, commercial, Piper, Lou, piety Popery Piper. Lo, if you're doing anything that you want to customize and design, because you have something that you want to say and you want to put it on a t, shirt or a cup or whatever, on a tumbler piper.
allows you to basically create a special design that you love, that's like, maybe for your family reunion or your friends, your college reunion or whatever it is, and then they customize it and put it onto that and then they send it to so, that's pretty dope. So anyone if you want to put your name on a fucking shirt and hand it to your boyfriend and be like bitch. You wear this to the fucking bar and it says property of Martha. I swear to God, if you guys do that I'll, never talk to you again, but guys if you're interested and you want to customize something you guys can go to Piper P. I p e r. U L, o com and you're gonna use code daddy to get buy one, get one free on everything site wide for limited time. So again, that is Piper COM use code daddy at checkout to get buy one get one free! Is there anything that you don't like? I'm trying to think for girls like first from you as a guy's perspective like if a girl
isn't as confident about like her body but like fish like? What do you? Can you give a girl advice? So this is. This is the best advice that I go to high school from one of my best friends away because he was so skinny and ages had so much confidence and I might hey what's going on what the fuck is going on, what the fuck is going on. Are you more confident in me yeah, I'm like no, I'm like yeah. Let's do me that's my personality and I don't walk into a room like yeah and, like you go you're not to hang in when you walk in this room and he had the hottest go at high school. His name was Rody by the way shout out Rody Rutherford and he was like to me he's, like you know what I'm stuck in this body for the rest of my life. I don't get another body, I don't get to be anyone else and if I don't love myself. If I'm not in love myself, no one else will love me. I am so confident because I fucking love I say this is me like I'm. I mean this bitch la. Is I'm not going anywhere so ladys listening later legit yeah, like ladies releasing haven't chocolate,
look yourself in the mirror. Remember who the fuck you are and love yourself be confident it so taxi. When goes a confident, thank you. I'd, say Don T, but It states that it is actually backing really laughingly. He said that because it so fucking, true, it's via the. What are you, then? They do you God's work out and eat healthier but like it is what it is. If you don't feel confident at all like will. Then why have you not radio that Canada about looks it's about like animality exactly a year, you ve been saying thousands put ring it like look someone's gonna small nipples anew. So if you have a big but who gives a fuck, you you write and that's it. Oh that to be competent grab that dick rather like a flock of eight and cannot be complaining. Just girls is due credit. We harry, I feel kind of lasts, do
but not do she. I really dont lose. No, no, you are no. I was gonna say I like your less piece of shit. although I can say that you ve said Emily personable like I want everyone listening, that's. Why are you here him on you? I can tell you're not a bad person, but what what's wrong with you? A lot like I love asking like what yeah I don't know yeah. What's in there, I'm trying I'm trying to figure it out now this there's a lot for sure, as my x like, if you get, if you get it on, I'm sure I'm sure the whole podcast will be both on together. Oh my god, I would hate that, but she
You have a lot of dark shit, because I saw on Logan's podcast. You were saying, like you were dealing with a lot of family shit and friendship, and I think that that's something that everyone listening on the internet. I understand you can sit here and people can be like why the fuck are you having this person on it, but I also think that sometimes with I get it, these influencers people just sit on them, but like we're all human beings- and we all read the comments- and I get such negative comments- sometimes about how I look or what I'm doing and I'm sure you do too and as much as you are a really outgoing guy, I'm sure there are some times, where it's like, oh you're, a fucking, pussy and you're, getting all gay and all this shape, I'm sure I could get to you at time. Yeah and I think, with the take dog audience people sell. right, being negative soda, I can negative comment: duet, someone and now, like fucking Rossa, my celebrate that on tick dog, I don't get it so legit or if you're take on or in my comment section, and you say something else, I just delete it, I'm just like yeah. I see a lot of influences that just leave it up and I'm like who gives a fuck about
He's a nine for seven. I tell you that you got a fucking like skinny ankles, who cares for their thereby there a fuckin loser, lay I'm sorry, but people that are trolls on the internet and you're a fucking loser high behind a username, because you can't that, like you would never say it's Harry's fucking face fucking drop you or no and that's. I um, I remember, like some of my friend, was telling me that she was choosing classes right out. You would like there is literally a article that she had to read and they were studying and it was like the death suicide rate, conversion of people that red comments on read it and it's like, I think the same goes for Tik Tok. It's like the amount of negativity, it's cool to troll people in its call to be mean, and that is why it is. turning, I collect when I look at these younger girls that are getting famous on Tiktok, everything has to do with their appearance, but remember Madison Beer, like everyone, so hyper focus on the girls body and does she fucking at it
her photos or whether I don't remember what I mean by his remember, like the amount of people that are like go, fucking, kill yourself and, like I'm sure, she's a very nice yeah I live yeah, so I think everyone daddy gang like we don't need to be trolling. Anyone on the internet for me, except for Harry, rose everybody. Please don't here fucking page and just try wait Harry. I think we had a lot of fun today. Yes, we did. Is there anything else that we didn't cover that you want people to know about you? How about that? I feel like it's a good like what do you want people to know about you like? Truly okay, so my biggest thing is my ex was saying that a cheat one right, okay, so she's been and, like every comments, section she'd been every fan. Page group chat, saying all this stuff about me cheating on right. So on you think, like I broke up with a two times, because I had to the first thing was the Vegas situation that you spoke about earlier when I found out some stuff- and I also had like a lot of bad family like traumas that's going on my meeting my best friend I she couldn't be there, but escort
in Vegas. That kind of sucks like like I'm having like really bad like in my family she's like baby, I gotta go, get this cash. I gotta go escort you're like she's, like literally I was like, oh. Why couldn't I contact you that she's, like I had my phone on flat, nine I was with like means people didn't want them to think that I'm like texting, I'm like I'm a boyfriend you're like I'm, also your boyfriend, but also now it's kind of crazy. Like months later, you're realizing like she's escort and you're, like that, even sucks more but at least her back. But you were going through real hard and she was in Vegas yeah. So the first one no shade to you Francesca go, do what everybody does in the back. You were in a situation where you needed your girlfriend yeah, and she chose to be escorting instead of like helping you with your family shit. But yes, I obviously rental than that, because it's done but went on Logan's Bulgaria, I literally said just wanted to build start. As friends and build our way up and they go from there because we didn't get that opportunity because we train or tv show you found- love like it was a most insane experience and as a horrible. How gross it's been since then like how toxic it's been like I've only
want to look at the good memories with her, and I only like, if I ever saw I'd, probably buy a drink and give her a hug and hope she's all good, but so this situation that sucked the most is we had this pop and of how we were gonna like now the break up and don't probably actually made that egg like a little keep memories. Video to postal might took an instagram and say: hey guys. Sometimes things don't work out and then go into about it, but the thing they have semi was we broke up and then she said that Harry has been like she, a of utopia that went when in on me that happened. She dropped this video and she's continue to push this narrative the achievement and I make Francesca I broke up with you number one I couldn't. I wasn't didn't have that feeling for because of what happened when we first broke up, because I was so damaging torn and I couldn't look at you the same so difficult and the rate and the thing that annoy me, she's, keep saying this and other fan pages in my like left
everyone's asking me or what's asking why he cheated so didn't cheat on her. No, never and that's the thing that breaks my heart, the most like she's in Vegas. Doing a thing. No one knows the truth. I've Videos her turkey's induce. I got screenshots all this stuff, I even got like screenshots wits liberties that she sent me to like make me feel like a like it made me feel so Oh, that's, I'm getting like, no upset, I yeah but anyway so that happen and she will affirm pages I continue push push narrative narrative. How is a liar How did this in that, and even when I announced like I went on an instagram live, I had like fifty thousand people and I was like no nothing bad happen Francesca if you're watching this with your friends, if you watch it back out on Youtube? I literally was just like your friends there. Please give. Public, make sure she's a good back. I genuinely care about her, but she's been running with this narrative and yet she wanted. So I do think it speaks a little bits, your character and again like I would love to
get more of her side, but I for sure- but I in you I'm sorry but, like you never came out and you're like hi to the world. Unfortunately, Francesca currently escorting in Vegas and I'm breaking up with her, because I'm also going through shit with my family like a whether it's true not whatever that's what everyone I mean in LA and I'm sure she'll clap back after this and try and say shit. But this thing is that frustrates me the most? Is she you say that like she's got screenshots himself out of me, today. In my eyes, what is I am like put post them, whose ago telecom forward like if this money does so A genuine was cheating on you with. I remember there was on one person at a hit up once we broke up it. Was this check that I used to see when I first moved to La- and I was like- are you in LA and we were talking for a little bit and then she was are you with Francesco that no we broke out like a month ago. We're just continue in a common wages photos because we don't. We know to do the plan we want to make it like right seems possible so that happen and then she started running with that of friends put in Utah?
We are saying I did this in that she com and everywhere continuing like essentially like canceled me, and I and I still still to this day, haven't even come forward. everyone they. So this is probably the first time well you're you're not fully even coming fully forward. Could I understand what you're saying about like having a lot, a law, a lot of shit that could completely destroy the narrative that she's coming winter, it that's the truth, and I think that, like I would love to almost use, this episode is like everyone listening understand on the internet. Nobody knows the all, fucking over. So when people only when one person in a situation decides to come out and tell part of story whether lie or part of it. If you don't ever hear the other full story from someone, you have no fucking idea. What's going on behind closed doors. The thing is, I always found the people, you don't need to defend themselves. Are the people their time yet exists,
the so like she said led this and she wanted a online battle yeah and I started like going in podcast and like feeding into it. I me fuck, I don't really care about it like bad and it's bad fucking, energy, yeah and you know the truth. And then it's like everyone else, can fucking speculate on the internet, but at day gossip will. then you and another job will come and this will be irrelevant exactly and the thing is like we only have one life yeah only one chance in this bitch. I know you only have one and you want to continue to focus on negative shit and stuff. That like brings you down and brings you back. That's why I'm like literally I dont keeping a dead horse. I just wanted to be done. I want her to be happy give me a line. Let me do my thing like that, because I believe that the day I don't, I know you know you, but I don't think like it takes a lot more energy to like hate people, and it's not like you hate her. So like you can sit there and try to. Like put out every fire or you can be like I've got a great fucking girl. I want to go, live my life boom. Thank you. So much for coming on call her daddy. That was super fun, daddy,
I hope you enjoy that go. Show Harry some love. Go troll! Him everywhere. You thank you for having me thank you for coming hello, daddy dying. It is your father. I hope you guys enjoyed that, a couple announcements for you, which is very exciting guys number one is next week there is going to be someone coming on the show and now specific, some one. Is it Said it here, member, so get fucking excited for that? Also, if you guys want there are ugly Christmas sweaters, I knows crazy christmases come out ugly. Christmas. Sweaters Andy
you call her daddy bar stool store site. So if you guys want go cop that and then go make sure to follow me on Instagram its Alexander Cooper and then call her daddy on Instagram, it's called Her daddy and then also want to keep him relevant. Oh my god you don't have to, but if you guys want to go, follow Harry its Harry Goose, it's J, O W s e y. Thank you Harry for coming on and daddy king now, week to a lot of people's disappointment. I will we're doing a questions up back in weeks Lothar okay, daddy again, you know the fucking drill. I will see you fuckers next Wednesday.
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