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115- K-Holes & Chlamydia (ft. Harry Jowsey)

2021-03-24 | 🔗

This week, Father Cooper is enjoying spring break with the one and only... Harry Jowsey. AND THINGS ARE GETTING INSANE. Harry immediately confront Alex about a man that is talking about her head game in LA.. drama. Then, the 2 discuss their experience getting chlamydia, uncovering if guys look at your butthole during doggy-style, bleaching your asshole, and drugs & k-holes. Lastly, Alex tell 2 college stories she has never told on the podcast before, one including a Patriot's player she woke up in bed with in Foxborough and doing drugs with her ex-boyfriend gone wrong. ENJOY DADDY GANG!!!!!!

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Had he gang go to Adam and Eve dot com use, or code. Her daddy and you're gonna get fifty percent off almost any one item on the site. Free shipping delivered greatly to your door. What is up daddy king? It is your single father Alex Cooper. We call her we're back baby. What the fuck is up- daddy, king, it is your founding father, one for nine episode of call her daddy spring break. It should be spring break time. It should be all of you, all of us if you're in college, If you're not heavier, does in them let it go on spring break in your forties. You're, never too old for good spring break our eye and
I want to get down right now, I feel you you wanna, get ratchet. You wanna hit the all inclusiveness you want to go to Cancun. You wanna partake in the way t shirt contest if you got those big ol teddy's? Even if you got little anybody's you wanna booty bump you hello foam action you want to do body shots off of the franc, boys. You wanna, fuck, the staff who want twelve instagram pictures and you want friends, black out by noon, but you can't. Because it what's going on in the world because of this virus that has changed our lives, daddy and it is so sad and this depressing. All of you. I feel you. You want to be bump in Panama City in Vegas Florida, Mexico the Dominican Republic, and I feel that, on a personal level, because I once too felt this way. Men. Years. Many many years before. Corona even came into the picture,
and what did I do about it? I got Colombia. This story about to share with you, Daddy Gang, is a testament that you don't even need to leave your hometown to fully indulge in the debaucheries mentality that is spring break how'd you get here, he fucking go. Ah, was Boston, including DNA. You know it was Boston. Twenty thirteen, I'm a freshman, in college. It all started with my parents: ass bucking, Ruby, oh sorry, it also my parents bucking me in the ass, making it very clear at the beginning of College Alexandra You are on your own when it comes to spring break. We will now. Be funding your alcohol poisoning figure it but yourselves I will mom look where I got you she's, like Bach I said: fine parents fuck, you too, I
need you, and so there I was every single year. I would save up all summer by working for that one thousand dollar shiny goal hold rest band. That was my coveted, take her to the luxurious all inclusive ratchet. Hell Hole specifically for me. It was the Dominican Republic freshmen. Off, we're your daddy gang. I had this system on walk. I secured a bartender job at the good Old b you nightclub embossed in all my boss in hose shout out, it was an amazing gig? And I fully leaned into the part. As you would expect, I pushed my tits out. Phillip nothing's changed. Colleagues, I push my too up to my neck? I will our waste Trina. I were a black dress, which in hindsight look like a black sure with hopefully be a guy poking out. I had white hair. Orange skin on fleet tits fur tips. Baby I was born
Pretending barbie! Ok, Basically, the mentality was, I don't give a fuck what I have to do, I'm goin on Spring break and oh, did I get there. I live for those all inclusive, buff phase. I worshipped the staff, I knew them by name Swimmer bar count me and I'm wet, and for two straight years I live that life until it all changed. The drama, like my whole life, was upside down junior year, mother fuckers, I decide Hey the bar tending life is in for me this year I dont want to work a K. A no spring break for you than Alex. So what do I do? I spend spring Break in Boston My mindset was all right. All my friends are leaving I'm not a fuckin loser. I can still make this a good time, so I call it my pal learn, learn I say: let's bring the palm trees to Boston baby and I said big owl. I thought
you'd. Never. I find that a gang of course learn sitting in the room. Listening to me record this little trip down memory lane. Thank you good bye. Thank you learn. So the bits land, and the party begins, be you was a mother fucker and they decided, let's have spring break in February, but lard, and I we slap on those hands and we say: let's go baby became ease. I don't give a fuck, let's club insert story veil, which was an infamous club. You go downstairs, you come out looking like you, just took a fuckin shower and that that is exactly. We well worn and I wanted on that spring break. So there we are, we roll up were standing in line were freezing our little tits off and here's the thing the girl, listening. Please pause for a minute, close your eyes and reflect when you are in line to get into a bar, a club wherever honestly, wherever the fuck, even a movie theater, let's say: you will do anything to didn't you turn into a different woman, you're willing to compromise your morals. Who so
there I was questioning which tit to flash and then all of a sudden, a man emerges from the club and standing at the front of the line talking to the bouncer, and I realize I know that man, how I knew him was because he was promoter slow. Bar tender lash, whoever threw back when I was working. Beseech you, the guy with the alcohol, the guy with the connect. Basically the book, Luther that you pretend so he gets you into the pudding club and the minute I saw him. We be line a tomb. He brings us down VIP from the next days lard and I realize fuck can't coon fuck the dominican Bob also apply to mother Fucking, Boston, baby. This is the best spring break of our mother. Fuckin lives, then I wake up on Sunday. Spring break is over and I am in this man's bed, I'm sitting and Southie, and I'm watching him slick his hair, her gel back
staring out his sleeve tat twos and his pray tat hung on the sheets, mixed with my spray tat and a little tier. Drops down my face real, easing not only is spring break over but all of a sudden the guy goals are off and I'm really staring at the man that I've been spending the passport days. Then I realized I need to get the fuck out of here immediately. The way I feel adults in that moments? I can try to equate to the way that most people, when you're in a foreign country or your on an island and it's the day you need to leave your spring break. Ok, you pick up your head from the bar at Senor frogs. You probably he slept there, you
call a cab, you smoke a jolly with your cab driver. He drops you off at the airport. He says good luck with life. You say what life I have nothing, have to live for you walk into the airport and the knowledge and the terror The events that just put took place are haunting you you, and to the security line, and you vomit at every single trash, been insight until who get onto the plain and you think about why the fuck did. I make the decisions that are dead and you go on with your if having a little less of a lever, a little less of a heart, and you lost a little bit of yourself that trip that was me. Ok guys. I didn't even leave Boston and I felt the repercussions of that spring break. I call an uber and I immediately call Lauren, I say: wake the fuck up Give one more mission to accomplish. Before I bring you to the airport. She jumps in. She says
where we go now, I say: we're hadn't gone over to student health. Sweetheart seven days go by and seven days, seven seven lonely nights go by ice However, at the thought of well, we'll life be like will the results holds for me, and on the seventh day, the Lord Romano, and on the seventh day I get a mother email, my email that says Alexandra be Cooper. You, my dear, in fact, have Colombia. You may wonder: do regret it now. I look at Columbia,
I wear it as a badge of honor. I've been honest about it. I told the New York Post. I have clear media, I told you I've clytia, I told Mister sexy. Do man of one of our first date Jesse. You know I'm very vocal to the community, a k, the daddy gang I've had clear media and it doesn't defined me but it's definitely something that has shaped my character: development through my on the dole ears, TAT again point. His people are literally gonna responders episode. Billy did out just go- tell us they get nasty. No, the point is, don't get tenacity and I will say kudos for me it was my first my last it was a badge of honor. I took it proudly and I never do it again. I learned from my mother fucking mistakes dotting the point of this story, I'm, in my own bond in Boston. It did not
Take me going down to can Coon to get an std and have a good old time with a mother fucking promoter boy. I did it right in the comfort of my own home and that's the theme that I see. Also in you guys you're like do not put this on us, Alex. We didn't get the as you did. Listen to me, I asked You guys to write into writing. Her best spring break stories and I saw a little theme diagnostic hamburger buck lie, none of your stories were like and that's where I met The love of my life and death That's where I one thousand dollars all Europe gotcha houses are the same mind saying that's the night that I backed by That was an eight that I got hospitalized my dad found out through the ambulance bill like this shit was dark grey realise those are the best knights. Those are the has memories the ratchet ones, because look at what it comes down to Daddy Gang is it's not about the place it's about. The people Sudan
King cheers too. You have your own goddamn spring break this Wednesday. You deserve it just don't get chlamydia like I did and if you did you pop the fill in you know a tiny gang welcome to the show this week. Here's the drill. I have a man coming on, because I figured in the spirit of us being a very, very hectic fucked up episode, which I really do encourage you to drink this episode, because it's going to be a while, alt. One I've been have a man on this episode. That is in itself the definition of,
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in party without departing going down, I am party without the party going down in his pants first, you Jaime and twenty percent off plus three. Shipping with the code, Daddy man, scape dot com, twenty percent off free shipping, landscaped dot com code, daddy, I, like God, we had so much drama- also hope that fucking but you didn't. I I really like a squirrel behooves arousing I feel how stupid, because I remember because she was so angry like how they do they make an impenetrable guzzlers acknowledge fine. I spoke so of you and then all this shit went down. I was like, like fuck, that I look like a fucking idiot. We are we recording, okay, let's record okay, so there's so much
oh, my god, ok, first, ok, look a lot of its own! Remembering how are you ok, wait? My body gain! Listen to me. You already know here to do. Here's laugh his laugh, Harry Harry is back and we just reminiscing and then we're like just fucking start recording and I reminiscing they're like we share the last time. The EU is on the podcast Harry comes in and he's like. There's a girl and I love her and I could see something with our issues. Aren't you thought you'd apology, Bugsy right literally right as early as at the other, those girls boy, cheating on. If I remember we never got like say anything on the internet, without Lou, Daddy Gang was only God he's talking so highly. Who is that
but meanwhile she's fully cheating on you the day we were a fucking pipe like raw like raw dog and you're like oh okay. That was really sad, so I kind of had that was really sad. Her you anyway Perry. We need to get back into it. I missed you. I wish you do so. I feel like we had so much that happen since how long ago was that the November October. Without year Asia you moved here yeah he jumped into ass. I live in Latin, boyfriend. Now I do have a boyfriend, that's crazy! I know. Are you upset? Yes, I actually am okay, we are. Actually I didn't tell you something what I was having a conversation with someone at me and you both know, and he was like saying something he's like Bro Alex Cooper. She talks to talk, but she also walks the walk and I was like no
fucking way. What do you mean like in bed? Yeah? I guess I wonder who it is he's like. I literally only hooked up with one guy in LA before I moved here and I was like wow and I knew I didn't think you would talk that way, but at least it was cause I was like probing cause. I was like. Oh, we filmed episode like it was really exciting, and then I was like I heard They say that I wonder if the jet- and I added AEGIS, like normal, like grids, does what she says. It asked you about it a baby carried out, and I don't know, but I could see people being like this she literally make this shit up. She's like no goes on urban dictionary and he's like what a blow job that I come in here like rigor to take, see I'm the opposite. I talk her talk, but I just fucking fumble the back she's like flopping around ninety girls pussy one day, hopefully figure it out. This is so much faith in you are using all your single. I think, sir, wait why I lit
can I I've got putting a bit journal ever get others. I was just about to say deja vu, daddy. You not remember that. Last time Harry was on the I guess you literally said I'm like: are you single I don't know I don't know. Ok. You said that exact same time last I'm what's happening. Nor, no, Okay. Now we were speaking about this girl that I was like Harry friended in the room, tail yeah Abby, but we're speaking this hobby, that's, Oh, my god, I thought you are telling us the girl. I would never again you think you have a girl. She knows you kind of my car. She went down a fox Ellen. She fox someone else and then I'll eat your car She keeps your car the way you casually got to keep my car. Then I went down, but what what yeah it was so bad. I fucked up, it was my fault. Okay, wait come tell us. Okay, I deserve it. She was gone out. I told on whereby this chick by whereby this chick we need going down with. I mean he's going to
you're dead. No, I was gonna be like I was gonna like scheme. Something to try me funny. Other ended, worse than what it was, and I was like this is bad. The next morning I wake up my car, like at the gym, like cards like key or down aside at Cosby tank to get it fixed hold on. I just have to say for a bitch to KIA guys car is showing ten is Craig. You had to have like you that should always be on your baby model. I don't see any reason, maybe a lesson and like a serious committee, relations. If I don't see the reason to key guys car, so you were in a full relationship. No So then, why irreverence? You don't realize you well you d like to do the job this exit outside. I need to see other eyes like. I invite that out of you kind of like that, yeah I'd be like they get better like fuck. Wouldn't it be crazy if you go pregnant like why, like every famous NBA players got a baby mama, I just true, so you want
on a kind of you kind of Wanna baby Moby you'll want when I followed the blueprint right right because you're, not you you and I don't have the NBA by an annual audit and you don't you like literally, aren't there I've literally, like other beat the data gathered, tries it I'm like a close to roster you're once a week, are you compare yourself? Then I write about just shrug of the shoulders of your lordship. In the last I saw you. I don't know how to get here. Is I'm so happy that you're single? I don't understand why girls keen your car, but I have to say men, love the crazy and at least in this stages of you not like fully wanting to make. This is my wife. You love to fuck with the crazy when you're, just shading right cause. It's fine! That's why it's fun to like fuck. Men and so on is a kind of love issued to think she going up to the gym being high, but I wasn't toxic as far as well. I wouldn't lose nothing like that. Bad!
the better battling? I dont know why he just you'd like hired wrongdoing, her mom one. If you did, you know that it is binding eggs. They tell us the mind games. Can I think a lot of girls would love to hear so that they can spot it the guys doing it to them or shit. Ok, fuck, like out just texts, are the most like overboard whenever on board, is like the worst time any got its ever like interacting. We. I because, like all legit, just start shit out of nowhere, just like full blown, so I'm getting at and he we go. This is my love language in your like psycho to me, I'm like, oh, my god. I want a one year or our gaze at heart because I'll be bored and then I just like tech, some shit like or actually so crazy shit to do and take documents. Why have you ever board? Anyone like piss out of you? like I'd like the loading image- and you be like explain this. Please and you send it- you send it as I like, and I won't load and nobody what the fuck about that anybody look shut the fuck up and explained
and they're like I can't see it yeah, it's not loading hold on my car, the said you just keep going and they just like freaking the fuck out, like maybe your internet's whack, but explain it I'm getting pissed off and and use our gas lady Harriet had called ghastly. This is we hide like I am gas, so you enjoy that it was somebody I I do too. The thing is it's crazy being in a committed relationship? I really the first honest one I've ever been in and it's crazy because I felt like I had taken that playbook to the extreme. It's kind of nice, I'm hibernating for a little bit, I'm not being as crazy, like I do occasional things, but I'm nice in my hibernation, if he does anything those slightly off because I'm in a relationship- and I don't get the crazy feeling-
I will go psycho or actually. This is what I did recently I was like so down. I was just thinking about having site. I want I want more, I want more, so she flew to New York reference birthday. Ok, I made her like who flew out who you fucking negligible made her send me, like her hotel reservations, have flight details like everything you that who she's with em like send me video like whose around you just like those born, what I like, who you fucking added she's like fucking anyway, I'm in New York and I'm just like fine you're out there, fucking someone I'll go fuck, someone I'll fuck, ten bitches watch me and then six having a meltdown. I was like Harry, I'm literally with my grandma, like Grandma's Mamma fuck, you, who is he? Who is he who's? the grandma okay. So I kind of like it from what I'm thinking is Harry and you're a piece of shit, but also you're playing the game as I have always said, like there's nothing wrong with it when o
it stays around or a guy stays around for the crazy. It literally is just because you guys are fully in the not dating stages you're in the fucking around stage and the mental manipulation and the gas lighting is fun like you enjoy. Walking round, because then once it gets stable in normal unhealthy, it's boring Yahoo, unstable, enormous help. You, when you can, I fucking crazy. The Cardiff hand axes better and then it's more fun and it is a game. So I think that's good, because a lot of people wrote in a lot of questions safer. You which emphasised to get a girl, but something is in the air, and that is why I wanted to have you on today, because all bill. A little birdie by little birdie. It means me going on to you to be watching your newly pocket, what you deprive us of it he like Ah, I won't goes out that historic, suddenly, ok, tat any new park ass. They went on, I watched it was so cool your reasoning, fuzzy flower, Laura my heart view so happy for you didn't come on coordinating made. You only have really cause. He approached me
hey, what's going friend in the room, and you just said you got to come on the podcast I was like. Do you got to have your own podcast? You do you are really getting. You are really gonna talking. You are yeah. So we made any money. Are you still brokering over money kind? I would go out here we go and we got a big deal common in this week's. Although your stolen the decline you're now rounding the cord to the upcoming you'll go downtown, be I'd like a kind of like a little momentary flat Lynette you going to look like you have got label for without at least are doing something that you enjoy, while on the decline, as opposed to sitting around hijacking off. I think, that's great so anyway, I was watching and you said that you're sober yes, which is so crazy, because I Shows how do I go on the magnetic today because they thought Alex really think yourself right now? Who is the biggest degenerate and allay that you know and have that Harry?
hey so quick, serious, not even a question I didn't have a stroke. I didn't have to think about it. Like you did. Your podcast name fully was like hairy piece of shit, but now you're sober yeah forever. I don't know. Okay, I'm figure it out. Okay, but like that means, obviously you were going a little too hard yeah, so we're gonna. In the hard date, because I don't want to talk about sober you, although I'm proud of you and we can like round out to that at the end we didn't care about type of me. It is spring and I was thinking about it like don't you feel like okay, because of quarantine, everyone's looking forward to the holidays, so this will make quarantine better. Like we got holidays come out, you go to holidays like that fucking suck. Nothing was better. If anything, it was worse. Then we have new years and everyone's like new year, new ass? Twenty? twenty one Falk twenty twenty, then we get into twenty twenty one. It was like. We do nothing
change. If anything. Now, two thousand and twenty one is just as bad, if not worse, because we hyped it up and now it's nothing. But now it's spring did you notice everyone on their instagram accounts this past week? I feel like specifically shit change of like everyone's outside everyone's in pools, everyone's partying, because it's spring, it's crazy right and when I think spring I think about spring break and I know you've never been on spring break. So, I don't think so. He is enduring king. He didn't gone spring, break any brilliant college wisely here and get their own something I've. Always I learnt enemies, allies area that I should obviously pleased because we have no other option, is being so we're both of the borders of our wording on Monday. So we got no, I'm gonna call tat. Nobody knows you so unreliable and there's no thank you. I knew she would literally tax Munich seven days being like sorry, just seeing as I like you, too
so anyway. So I'm thinking and I'm like spring break- and I was thinking about how I feel so bad for everyone- that they can't be on spring break right now, and they can't be like enjoying the debate that is going out and getting fucking lit, and I was like why don't we bring spring Break, Harry and Alex Cool, but my fault sulphurous Alex are you and why don't we talk about like? I know you have let's uglier college experience birth because I know you said what was Yes, I was at university for two and a half years, yeah, not very good at it. Who was it? Do wait I like the way we notice you two years and what country is Ok, so is so different Okay, can you explain it to us? I feel like it's kind of interesting to me. It's literally like school, like you just go and and like there was no like big Parties are not in the icy that gets everyone's is getting lit. Doing the same thing, but I am you or did you like, like actually eleven adorn nor I lived rob I family, but a house rubber sonnets. I could live in it
Seven, I rose dig why my vote, because we will not be content to go to university I'll. Give you a house largely great, oh heavens, would obviously like Bobby. I do online. What are you? Are you dropped out two years in yet who decide what? How did you know? It's a sad story, three, what to go said house, really sad. Like odd sucks, just reality here I wouldn't get excited tat, go to tie greatly. My friend killed himself. That's so dark sad! Oh my god! Oh my god yeah! You bet one of your best friends, I'm so sorry! No! No! You! You meant dark yeah. I'm so sorry I told you no, no, it was like don't cry
okay, no, I was getting emotional that hit you. It was heavy, so I was like I was at university. I was trying my best. I get by do things and then my brother's, like best friend, the guy, grew up looking up to and everything like that ended up committing suicide and then my other best friend from growing up shot himself in the leg because he was like he was fucked up on hole, tranquilizers and I was like considering it right. So I was like what the fuck it all hit me just before, and there was some shit that happened with my dad, where he wasn't doing it. So it was like a lot samething yeah, and so I was like I was like shit. This is about to be before my exams. I wasn't doing amazing so then I'm like fuck it. I was looking on Facebook Reality TV, the application and I was like Sweet- send a photo, my undies in and they just like cool. We really want you on the is it. I flew out to New Zealand, then went into this reality. Tv show one hundred thousand dollars and I was like sweet you not I'm not meant to be at university at home and did a shit. So I was, as I have said, and as I fuckin by
wow that's how this shithole started. Zubaydah why I love having people on my show, because I feel like half the time. I have a whole conspiracy now about Brice Hall and all the emilios and I feel actually awful for all of them. Right now I have a cleat change of art and I just like we've talked out before in the last public nobody, nobody wants going through. You know like behind, but ok. So hey heavy, I'm sorry! No, it's really fine and I don't want anyone think of being disrespecting not staying there, but like this is gonna, be an uplifting moment. I'm so sorry for you, that's honestly so happen. I'm moving. So you you to leave college. So you didn't have a crazy college experience. I did that. I was a little. So like I was a bartender like at the university bar. I was doing as much as I could like right, fucking everyone. You were bartender, yeah. Oh, my god, we I was too little was just telling the story. My intro by I can quickly tell you basically a got calamity. Look once in my life. I literally I remember it so deeply to cause it's like. You deserve
thinker and b that girl and then like you're. That girl like work So I remember I was like in college. I was telling that again. Basically, I got this bartending job that I want, because my parents like fuck, we're not paying for spring break. So I was like how do I make money, so I start bartending at this club and it was like a in club, and I am bartending. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Half the time someone's getting a full thing of vodka someone's getting cranberry he's like I don't know what I was doing. I was like whoa. That's why I meet the guy. That's like the bar back promoter and honestly something about a promoter. When I was nineteen I was like. Oh, I was so horny for this man and everyone was fucking me had sleeve tattoos like so fucking hot. I end up fucking him like a couple of years later. Cuz. I see him in bar and I was just like I was the man that I always want to TIM, got comedian, and the moment I got comedia I was like. Was it worth it? It wasn't worth it so I was telling I was exposing myself about getting chlamydia on my quote: unquote Spring Break
Can you tell this story that, like really embodies, because I told you like we're talking shit that, like we really fucked up our lives, like tell me a story that embodied like your college experience, even though you didn't have spring break okay, this is actually disgusting. No, this is, this is actually horrible. I was thinking about on the way here and I was like Alex is gonna. Think of actually fucking discussion I love, I'm looking at you, my care, I've climate and you so hard eyes. Like I love I was like something is coming in, like Covid at university and university. We really like twice yeah, thank God we're Clam sister yeah. I love that. Yes, I was just actually fucking disgusting. Okay. I can anyone doing this so where I went to university. I was like two and a half hour drive from the airport on this drive like I'm a chronic sleep, but once I'm sitting down like I started like not off and like at that time, and I got still learning to drive I would always start like not off on a long drives and are they put music got lad and I'd like screen
China get energy about, have like energy drinks, nothing was working. Could you gonna fall asleep at the wheel It was agreed that as it is so that what I saw am, I bet it's a beating myself off shots so hot. Earth is rising in sitting on it gets way. Worse, change. The signs in Australia once a year, there's like apparently Harry has changed it. We got to do no jacking off and driving okay, it was so bad, so that was the only thing that was keeping me wait, cause that'd, be so focused like scream my favorite song, just like just beaten off into my shirt like crazy. So it got to a point where, when browse driving is right. I just get haunting his fork. The road He brought back memories like I've. Come back from driving away They don't get like it because it was dry, and this other girl? I spot it on a highway driving as well, and I was like I wonder if I could pull her over so I'm like driving down this highway. It's a two and a half hour drive by the way trying to get beside it. Look like a madman. I was like yo like so down like pointing
cod is going wrong. We're losing high, no terrible idea, Want that road, be there we go. I literally let's go. Is it like roadkill like we're driving, and I finally put it over like after half an ou, and she like what's wrong? Is I just put your number and I need to call you and when I driving on my little food fiesta, they go back to him That is the big night of my with about, and I like cooler, hey where you going she's like I'm passing through this place. I am going to see my grandma and I was like sweet. I was like I'm going. I live in this city, I'm going back after work in like twenty minutes on just come, pull crazy up shit, I'm not even lying so she comes like I pull up to my house. She comes she walks straight in. I remember I have my roommate and he's just like what the fuck cause this chick you're in college at this point, yeah yeah. This was like not the cute, but I was just like. I have to execute because it's just.
Now right, half to to call daddy five years time. You visit, you are lily, manifesting in that moment, pull the bitch over Bucker yeah, okay. So she comes into your house. So we cover the house and we're just like talking and I was like look. I only got like twenty minutes she's like okay cool and then we start like kissing. I take a top off ticks all up her tits and like neck, like like a fucking trail, and I'm like what happened here. You get attacked and she's like no. I just saw my ex just before I come and I was like that's enough for me. You were a little rip and closes. I thought you would see for me get out. That was like no way whatyou just go fuck, let's go even so coming out reports in your I'd really absolute will go this job so that we will we really deserve and sex secondly, to undergo area. I look we gotta go. I got work to put my little fucking Likud shut on an exotic, buttoning up and she's, a good guy sweet.
Never heard her again. I don't know, I don't know what what she is where she's, what she's doing? No idea. It was a most bizarre should ever thank Heaven. Scots. To give our know how much like all I'm thing is shoutout, whoever you are road beefy. Then she never texted you. I have so much respect for that girl. Why I knew what it was. She knew what it was imagine if she tried to text you and like hey like what do you do after work. You would have been like Buckshot unit up the fact that she knew better and was like it was what it was and it will be what it is. I would go and like maybe she saw you on your show, and I was like. Oh my god, like I fucked him, but she still has your numbers to do it. He did wow there. We go honestly the fact that you were jacking off while you're driving, I'm picturing. You like going to touch your stick shift and you're grabing your Dic and that you're like oh fuck, wrong one, and then you pull a girl over. It was hard when you're having a good, not and your eyes start to close our like twitching and were like oh shit, Harry the fact that you come and call her daddy and you're, like oh yeah, like this wouldn't time in college, and you pull out that out of your asshole, the
Tell me about it. You didn't tell me that on the first episode, so unbelievable that you ve got many stories and you're like just the one broad that I pulled over inside a fuckin road, Sarajevo, breathing cannot answer. When you see a hot me out on the road next time, dogging try Harry's trick and masturbating make eye contact. I contact you can make. Your majority is different. It is normal eye contact. So I really appreciate you telling us that story hurry, because it honestly Lou dismay maybe on this day. My way give me my boys, like DR into that city, would always like put always be that girls going, that we have a single schools, so one finish school. It's like the biggest party ever so, if like we're going up and there's always like cars and stuff would always have like numbers on notes and like put them in different cars, because it's away like bumper to bumper traffic and we're like get out and like give girls our numbers and just fuck these bitches, that's so smart. The fact that you also had a house
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like I've gone on, but one we did with our moms and adding. This is from you and she said. Needless to say, one of the night things got a little cry: The and someone walked in on my friends mom sucking one of the guys, Dick in the launching of the Congo, the mom your daughter got into a huge fight when the mom got caught. Can you imagine you're, seeing your mom suck off a guy and also she was fully married Emily. Who would you ever go on a trip like that but your mom there's not after hearing that story Harry like I want. I want my Bob's what you while what's it like. I would, though, would be crazy. Mom get these. What good boys in your immigrant, crazy, gout, you wanna what you have to have a good time. I just don't know seeing her on her knees like that. I won't. I wouldn't want to see it, but I want my money back blown out that certainly vinyl. I actually kind of agree with. You know that she's getting here, have you, because I was thinking about you,
like you. I guess you had your house, but I was thinking about people in spring break in how they're like it's almost the best days when, though the most rapid data right now, you're flying down when you go to like Miami in and you're hang out with rich people's you're hanging like a huge fucking mansion, but isn't it kind of the best when you're? and those like little condos, there's two bedrooms with fourteen people in them shit, it's disgusting, so bad, and so when you look back at, I guess your college days, it was a little bit more ratchet, but do you think that your sex has stayed the same, or did you enjoy being a little bit more ratchet back then? Are you happy grew up at? I got no right now. I don't want to do is way better. Yet idea when I was at college like it was signed, I'd have like my friend would have a girl on like the living room and like should I come into my bedroom and then I go back and forth like the git with the girl would go back and forth between yeah. It was great because he's in the budget that he'd, like fucking ass, an online you go into pussy. I abstain away so nicely you guys we're like providing for her in different ways.
You'll get earth yet so much fun. But so can I ask you: when did you? When did your parents know you started drinking cause? I was trying to think like Wendy. When did you start drinking lie? Probably like sixteen seventeen workers relic sophomore high school. I don't know what that means. You dont Minero, going to high school I'll do it. I remember like the water bottles and like drinking unlike taking my dad's whisky, but Daddy gang like the the theme of over drinking was just so apparent and everyone spring break days and just drinking in general. I hopped region the story because daddy, I will get this. Maybe you don't get. This have to do never drink from full water bottles. No, oh, we have goon bags in Australia, Witter Goon bag. So it's like a gallon of wine. It's just the cheapest shit. If it's like ten dollars and everyone has it, you have the worst hangover bodily daylight hours, you're drinking wine. Ask any israeli it's legit a good bag. It's fuckin ruin you
crazy. Are you just walking around with like red tea? I always go back to you. It's like white wine, red wine, anything you need, but it's terrible. That was like four locos in the United States. I remember in seventh grade my six friends and I drank four locos and we all had the different colors and all of us were puking in my front yard. Different colors yeah, that's been great. I was like YO bitch. You are in seventh grade my brain, not fully developed with what am I doing. Listen to this bitch on the daddy and you have to respect it. She goes hi daddy. This isn't that crazier ratchet of a story first spring break, but it's for laughs. Back when I was a dumbass freshman in college. I went to Scottsdale for spring break with some of my friends from high school back in the day, I thought it was really cool to chug vodka and black out people have different party tricks. Mine was chugging straight alcohol for, like ten seconds
which, upon reflection, was not a party trick. It was just fucking, dumb Jesus. I remember doing that in high school being, like I'm gonna drink so much, and I would just drink to blackout. I didn't understand, like hey, like they're social drinking, you just drink and you black out. She said it's funny, because I would black out every time I drink and I didn't know why. Anyways we end up going to this guy's mansion in the desert. My stupid ass is trying to impress this done athlete, and so of course I chug a ton of alcohol thinking was really cool because I could drink. I was starting to brown out and decided to go outside and, like the gas, fireplace lion, is it a lighting? It myself? They turned the gas on and I stuck my entire head the fireplace there was a small explosion buyer the room immediately smelled like shit burnt, hair. I turned round my eyebrows we're singed. I burned off a solid about of hair in my head and it took four years to grow that her back now. Again why volunteered lighter fireplace or chug alcohol to impress some guys, because it is in fact not impressive. Wholly. Do oh shit
the fact that she put her head in a fucking, fireplace she's, like I got this one guys why? Why would that impress it? He was, I think, when I think back to my high school days and I think about myself getting finger blasted in the basements. I think about those high school parties and I didn't understand the concept of just drinking responsibly. Do so many people were asking me, have you ever dated a girl or have you ever been the one because I will say daddy gain? I fully take responsibility. I have at times been to. It was more in college, but have you ever been been the type of guy that soap fucked up that you get trigger finger happy with texting or call I'm the worst. We really I am so fucked it bad. I feel like guys, aren't that bad and the or worse you're bad, tell me no legit just be like okay, I told you did. I tell you last time where I have like Algeria like ten and then eleven on what No, I didn't say that you, I don't think so or about Indonesia, probably didn't we. What do you do so like
like this makes me feel better, though, because I think a lot of girls like why do we always get trigger finger happy and God, God I'm making? You feel apparently apparently Harry so date, hair. If you want to feel better about yourself, okay, that will be like this out of the nut and I'm just like do a little blast. Like ten p m, not ten, a m ten p m, I have a little blast and then come eleven I'll start to narrow down the list and then once it comes like two or three I'm just like I'll start them cinemas vulgar should like Ireland guy like I want to marry. You like, I am just so lovely what I've fucked up like I'm just I'll, be saying that the crazy shit like our China, I'll tell everyone, I love them and they want to marry them, and then I should like first pickings, whoever that replies vessels. We're gonna hurt you do you feel I get an issue and you're telling girls that you love them, division for them it did they. You they're like what the fuck is going on with ARI, but did they ever say a fuck and it's awkward cause they get dude the FUCK man ever is fucked up, and it's like. I love you and you're like me to
Thank God. You look like you're super. He was, he would literally not being on. Who is going to get some person we, so you said that you, girls, made setback honestly what did you fuck If you like, I was kidding, I said I love your policy that they are not yet forgotten here. Ok, so hearing I don't. I've never had a guy like that, and I always wanted to go out Felix. Nothing, you don't let go. I wanna be we're back. Ok, so you are. What is a night that you remember that you are like down, like colleagues thought my life up from doing, For her cries like how can I know y know, I ll back in the day like like somebody like down like I, like, I really woke up my wall and ever gonna arrest, ed. Yes, like schools was legit so bad. I was so fucked up this girl in my hotel room. While the boys I get and let us be now shut up in in the room
she's like I need to go, I was like sweet. Let's go walk downstairs. I was drunk the boys on the way out. Everyone was just like hey good stuff, like clapping me and then I started like. Oh, I have a shot, so I banged three or four shots. As I went out- and I went downstairs three in the afternoon because schools in Australia is like fucking mental three in the afternoon, I walk outside she's waiting for an uber and I was like drunk lit started like ripping. This like plastic of this war turns out, as I was big promotional thing, that comes out of the thing I like drunk like ripping. There's like plastics, dig up this entire like store front in the middle of Gulf Coast and then like secure. Guys come on like what's your name, I was like I'm not telling you fucking shit and then they're, just like okay, we'll put you on the fucking ground boom, like I'm, arrested like leg there, just like what the fuck going on disguises like what are you doing other additives, and then I got taken an hour away with no money? No, while it may not nothing and our way to the police station locked up till I won the monies
all the parties, everything I bet I want my legs. I miss all the party that we do so everything we saw your jail. I fucked up, but I was in there and is all these forgive drug heads are common. Just like that. Talking to me that crazy, unlike seventeen like frail, I got like a rip showed on an unjust synergy. Like anything coordinate accede like less buck your money about how do I look I love it out, but that happened that I had to like fucking run back like an hour. It was like an hour. Yeah run. You got a car. No, I didn't have any money I started running. Who did you call? How did you get out? I didn't when the drum take also you can get out of actually do it, but I will leave. It was like what is it you're, gay you sobered I'd like your good, like they contact historian, I've got a guy like it was so bad, yet he was so upset and, unlike look I'm sorry, I Cosby shabby among the common he's, really soil
didn't mean it like all this stuff he's such a good boy, you're, the good boy you're like no mom, I'm not yeah dude. That is so I've never been to jail or into the drunk tank or anything like, I feel like I've. Just got really luck I remember in college, I've never told a story in color daddy, but basically I, like you, had to swipe into the dorms and it was even sober. It was hard to swipe in with your card, like so fucking hard people in your sober they're like I can't get in, but when you're drunk it's three strikes and they called the ambulance and it's like so fucking on why the fucking it's. I don't know why. I think it's like state rule or something in Boston. Like I don't know what the fuck so half of us were always like: it's not there, we're literally sober, and we can't swipe in so when I'm fucked up? How am I supposed to swipe into my door Joe, meanwhile, being on the soccer team. My coach made a clear like it. The ambulance gets called your literally kicked off the team, so all of us would like wrangle together, make sure like who ever was like the most fucked up, what we have to get them in April to swiping liquidity tape it to their hand,
bright, Whaley, hob them swipe. No one. I got my girlfriend, who is my roommate at the time, and I was like texting this Patriots player, like oh yellow I'm thug Alex like ready to take down the athlete and he wasn't like fully on the patriots yet so he drives into Boston from Box boroughs where they live and by the time he gets to the club, I'm too fucked up. I don't even remember him getting there, so my roommate sorts flirting with him. We hang out and partnership. We have to bring out back to the dorms I get to the door. Am I at the time I really was only five one, so she's carrying me into Lindorms like swipe. I swipe Icewave, the man the guy goes were calling the embryo knowing like holy FUCK one. She can't. I don't give a fuck my Daggett bill. I kick, I'm admitting get kicked off. My team So my little by one roomy takes me over her shoulder Russia's out the planned the guys. I come back in like what the fuck, like I'm calling the evidence right now. She shoves me into a Bush might like here.
Third is up in the air and she's waiting for the patriots later come back. She called him. The guy comes. He picked me up physically puts me in his car drives us all the way back to Foxfire Otto any that's why I wake up in the morning. I am in head to toe patriots training. Gear. Ah, I remember nothing while like who like was it like a key one vast? No no hold on who'd want to get worse. I wake up, I'm in like on a on a couch, there's two doors, my left in my right and I'm I dont remember anything my room they're like I'm a what would happen only remember meeting the guy, oh shit, I open the door is gonna like left or right. I opened the door. There is ay. I don't know his exact. We like three hundred pound mappen, lay in the bad. We, like his click, watching tv Goethe, hey. What's up, I bought my eyes out
the door like I fuck that ban. Let me I'm like trying to feel my vagina legitimizes whirling, sorely buck that luckily I learn sleek. If I know I run into the other dork as I'm like with a buck any to hide from this man, I don't know that mean I owed the door and there's my roommate in bed with the other patriots player that I got enough and I start balling Why, though, unsheathing from upset? Could she like fucked? The do who did not like. I woke up economic, I'm so happy it was the worst side of my life and I ended up throwing up all over his new car and throwing up all over his patriots gear and the saddest thing was he literally got cut that day. So not, and you went back to Ohio Kneeling, a normal job, so I threw revolvers Arthur lowering screening gear ruined my life and I was like I used to show from drinking firm and why liquids? Omens! Writing crazy, like I can explain now opening that dormant, like see not man
the shame baggage like I don't think I mean that decision, and I really cares. What does that's crazy? I was. I really really upset with myself for a minute, but then, when I write I did it. I was feeling better to get governments. Ok team was everything. Nobody found out thing is, is like then, and one of a girl ended up getting like hospital he's very drinking and sure didn't get caught, but my coat, I didn't like me, so I would like, if I did get cut, you totally cut off those allocating ample along shit commercial. I wanted to quickly give you exclusive offer from liquid IV. I feel like I need an iv after this week's episode, so liquid the daddy gang. We are really trying to hit hard and twenty twenty. One bottles to the peace, okay, but what we do Wanna do is have a hang over. So that's where liquid I becomes in. If you guys want you put liquid ivy and sixteen ounces of water, and you got two to three times. The amount of migration is plain water. They have amazing, grace of labor. They have watermelon lemon line, passion Bruton, they recently dislodged strawberry, which I love the most. Basically, why
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as I want to hear, like your experience with learning. Jos. I've been, oh, I don't know, I've been not open, my show about it, but I guess, like I can't get arrested for talking about it, but my experience would like partying, unlike party favors drugs, like I never really dabbled. Like my high school experience, I like try to smoke weed and announcing a yellow, that's great, but like then I went to college and I couldn't cause. I was getting drug tested for Zaka, so I never did drugs in college at all, and so I would just like drinking and then I always said I think they moments like disturbed by always. I want to try cocaine. I said it to my mom. Wonder she's like Kay thank you, but I was like. I just want to try it she's like okay. Thank you all. Thanks for letting me know, I always like. I want to try Coke. I want to just see what it's like, but then I never really tried other drugs, and so, when I got out of college, I did- try coke and I was like heroin.
Dabbled with heroin. I was like no, my vibe return me. No, I really never tried anything other than coke and then- and that was just like it, but what is your experience with drugs? Actually, you said the first time I ever did Coke. I was in Spain. Oh one was seen and I was eighteen, so I did my first ever party drugs at schools and they called pinges in Australia like nurse twenty dollars a pill yeah, it's crazy, so you have it and it was actually nuts. I thought I was the fastest man alive. Like I I was running like crazy here now I get not look at me. I'm a fucking string being elegant, go fuck it long telling we wait. What are they call thing is pen. What are they delegate? Just like crap, like pills, is little pills you Papa like because there the hired again Shelly. I. What do you think it's like what is like ecstasy and how they like someone like different complexes of Ogilvy RAP poison like it, I was glad when the all the old favourite right, but the first time ever the cook I was in Spain, and I call my mom and unlike mom, I'm fucked up. I tried cocoa
it's crazy. She does bring me back some, I'm child some white yard at I was like mom. Really I'm really fucked up like you want me to pack some she's like no harry you fucking Idiot, but she's like you're, so stupid, yes, but like no she's like if you could get some like. Oh I'm trying to lose some eight, I'm like mom. You need to relax. You are in our business. Don't you think that, like when you have parents that are more, I'm not gonna say the parents that are like here: here's cocaine, the ones that are not like. If you do drugs, you will die and I will kill you. Those are the kids that go to college in the first week there in the ambulance. Could they have never drink another light they ve never done anything as opposed to the parents that are more like accepting and early glistened like. If you do it smartly. I want you to do it in the house. I know that you are so
Oh, I just feel like as a parent cause, I'm pregnant and here's the news everyone I'm pregnant. I just think like I feel, like those kids are better off in the world when not again providing your child to handle and be like have fun Becky, but just being supportive, yeah cause it's gonna happen. Did you like Coke, the first time or no yeah? I was crazy. I had the most let's acts. I thought this chicken elevated squatted, all all who I've lived over two hours in a hostile was crazy I guess he was so much fun, so fine days has uncovered, but actually so I grew up my parents home about when they did heroin like they tried harrowing, not even fucking, kidding back Cosette, my pet, my family family, one. Please don't try heroin dead, no, don't do it. Who do what's so? Have I never do it now, but it was just like my family so transparent with everything he has our cause out. Tell my parents- and I look like this- what I want to try this. What I want what I want to do, cuz I'd rather them know and then certainly see me in a year and I'm like in Hollywood
cracked down on the side of the street it must be tomorrow. You want to take. No, I got what you're saying you can be open with them, yeah yeah, so they were living in London. This is like when they're like in their twenty s and they're like oh before we dive We want to try everything like wow they're like oh. We want to do everything they're, like thinking. Maybe we'll give Heroin a shot right, so they fly to Thailand, bcause they're, not going t do in London, it's fuckin shit. We're gonna find time ahead. She equality air when one of the goods they go to tighten the guy like the poppy fields. They get like a place on the beach for two weeks and like we're just gonna try for two weeks and they will go absolutely cold. Turkey, crazy story ever like my pants, a young and in love like in these poppy fields, to thinking and doing heroin with each other. They absolutely as it does love. That's that love! I don't know what is poppy fields heroin and then we're like we're gone by okay. This is where it's like fucked up my dad thought he killed my mom right. This is like this. I never told they're, probably gonna be upset, but whatever I love
mom and dad? No, it's a great amazing day, great story, so they were at breakfast one day and they ordered like this mushroom omelet, because obviously mushroom sachets get you really fucked up, but it's for four people. My dad goes to the toilet as it's like coming out. He ordered it my mom's sitting there Hungary's fuck eats the whole thing and then my dad goes sheet in that whole thing. That was for four people. She's, like oh well, goes on the fucking trip of a lifetime she's on the back of his scooter like passed out like legit, just like in like in a calmer type shit. He thinks he killed her so he's in the ocean dunking my mum just like trying to bring her back to. Nothing's happening. What does my dumb dad do shoot her up with heroin to try and like bring her back to life? He's like? Oh, we need to like John revive. Nothing happens I legit, but you can't. I have just had a great time yeah, she was just a man, fucking dude. I love it. Like nothing happened. I'm like right wait because your mom is alive. Okay, good now, dude, what that's like a movie! Your parents would sell that for a movie script. Yeah,
hate each other. The happy ending puppy field didn't fucking end well, but I saw they never did heroine again. Never so I throw a photo of my dad smoking on a pipe like in the poppy fields and his eyes are cross eyed and he was just- and I asked them, I said: what's it like it's just like your body just feels like warm honey and you just feel like you're, just like honey like floating around. I was like that's crazy. Thank you. Never do it and then please he went. They went back to London. They said it was the hardest. Like month, their life like trying to not do anything like they locked themselves in, and they would just completely fine line, we'll never again everybody listening to this podcast. Do not fucking try heroin any drug, notably seriously blow his? Oh, my god I would like I've watched. Did you ever see the committee shallow May movie he did with like? Oh my god, it was so good. He was like a. He was a real life story, not him being addicted heroin, but I gotta know is good movie go watch it. I don't even know it's called cake. Anyway. I'm thrown off course. We're talking about here want to call it already work. I'm going
probably had around the nobody? Do drugs do not do drugs so fucking know. Don't you you fucked up, you will like fucking losers. Don't do don't do it? Your parents, fuck you, no okay. So what you have tried? Cocaine experience with coke everyone, Coke, like what the fuck are. You guys talking about this? What was the spring break episode and people were like- never have I ever like done coke on the industry. Asshole and I was like okay. I've never really talked about dabbling with drugs, and I think people are probably like. Oh that girl's a coke addict, because I talked to a fucking fast. I always thought you probably not that when you have a lot of truth in the birth I tried Coke. I was like a cool but like I was like the coke turbid down your throat like this. No, if I was like, I actually feel like, I am so energetic. I dont need that year by my worst experience was. I hadn't didn't dont know what Ketamine was all gone. Ok I'll show meritocracy, therefore give rabbit lays okay, so I
didn't know, you had a mean was, and I remember one of my old roommate would always talk about like a k hole and I was like what is the k whole, unlike what is Ketamine India, and so she would dabble in ketamine and cocaine a lot, and I was just like I just and not interested, but like totally do you, but also like your kind of scary when you're on it- and so I remember her saying like a k, whole ketamine is like horse, tranquilizer, fucking bad, and so when you go into a k hole, you literally cannot move your body. You cannot speak, you're, just like out for the okay. Also, have you listening? Please do not do city! No! Just last thing you should ever do it's actually fuck yeah. It made us bad, so I'm like reconnecting with an x in New York City, and this was like a couple of years ago and I'm at Casablanca. If anyone in New York shout out, like Casablanca, was like this place, and so the bouncer was like friends with my ex and they were like yeah come downstairs like we have coke and like I will do coke. If it's like one of those nights it like it's like New Year's eve earlier I'll, go very specific moment, like I'm not doing coke every weekend,
I dont need? I don't give a fuck about it. So, unlike everywhere everyone's about to do it I'll o downstairs, so we're downstairs and they have like a metal straw and I'm like okay professionals and this dude is like here you go. Take two bumps like one in each nostril, you'll be good to go, and so I watch my ex to it and I'm like. I don't even really need this. Like okay, fine fuck it I'm not gonna, be a pussy which, in hindsight, saying that you are like I'm, not gonna, be a pussy, then don't do it, because it's like what what what do you mean you're, trying to prove what you yeah, so I was like fucked up like whatever and half the time. Coke will almost sober you up in a strange way that I was like all right. It's the end of the night, whatever I take one hit in my left nostril, and I remember being like I see a little weird, a little weird function. The guys like here put it in your right nostril. Here you go like take two and I was kind of like, and there was so much in the straw wow I take another hit in my right nostril. I don't even make it.
Up the stairs and I am like I grab. My axes buys epidemic. That was not cocaine like there's no fucking way that was Coke, like that was enough for it like to be Coca was a lot. It was ketamine so to take them. Not much ketamine into fucking nostrils of nine oath breeze. I get upstairs and cause a blog is like this. Like underground take place and I'm on I'm, like literally out of my mind sitting there I can. My body cannot move. I feel one thousand two hundred out like terrified and ever paranoid, and I can't move my body and I can't speak and I won t like I want to leave, but a part meals of didn't want to leave. Because, like to the thought of going home to a wide apartment, was even more terrifying like be kind of in that environment was like. I was the worst I to my life. I just remember, but I don't ever do fucking cat. The world needs a worse fucking. Also. The worst thing is: if you try, if you're trying for the first time and you're around sullen, say your friend is
judging you yeah you away from those people that you need to be thy comfortable like it on my own. I like we're not preaching anything, but if you are in a position where should like that may happen, don't be around, someone is gonna, judge and feeling it's like make. You feel out of place because that's the fucking worse. That makes it worse than anything we have. With someone? That's just like legit saying: oh, what are you doing more like? What are you using yeah like this so bad? I agree anyone younger that's listening. That is hasn't done any of this and you're like oh, should I don't try it. I'm literally sitting here telling you if I had to go my entire life with either drinking and doing drugs or not doing it ever again, I would pick not doing it's not even that worth it, I'm not the one you're like yeah, so amazing not worth it yeah. That's why I've been so clean, cold turkey from everything, because it's like there's just no point and also I was looking at the scene in Miami and LA who does with this shit,
no one's millionaire, like none of these people, have kind of like millionaires or like change the world or be positive, so I'm like fuck. I need to pull the fuck away from that because that's not gonna benefit. Anyone see myself. I love that you're saying that, because I feel like we've had our like fun moment It's a talking went hunting. I watering bring turkey, as I know I don't like it. I feel like I don't like. No, I think it's going to talk about it but like it is crazy, because I feel like you're right Harry, like going through college and not doing it and watching other kids like doing all crazy shit. I was like oh damn, like I M kind of almost happy that I'm like putting this little bubble that have to be here for four years greatly protected me. I also agree
I feel like I'm trying to be riches fuck, I'm trying to make my fucking money. I want to be the biggest podcast or in the world I wanna like he building this brand like I want to be successful and to do so, you can have knights. Were you enjoy yourself, but to be constantly putting your body through that, like so bone nor names when you wanna, like wake up on a Monday, we're fucked up on a Sunday, unlike why so at especially that I found that a disconnected from myself like yeah, that I'd be like completely servant, led back in my in my body into my head relays, shit I was pursued pulling. They really move, like soul out of my body by existing fucked up, and I can tell you that you kind of go Norman. You go into Saigon, like you drank, and you like do whatever work out, whether daddy you going like ninety five or whatever the fuck you're doing You just go back to raging and you never have enough time to be. Like I'm going to take care of myself, I want to work out today. I want to get a good expensive. That's so to save that money go on a holiday, you on a go trip and just get fingered by something you what
once a year, big trip go for instead of every fucking weak and going you're stupid brunches, namely that I imagine how good an italian fuckin sausage would be between your by ah, like say by EVA, say: love have Alan high quality sausage and not the little wiener dog, not or hot dog. In a bio, though, we did with a lot of closely and we know that, but why is it that well. I don't know my friend that by regular force get is like roasted, not believe that it is now I say Mosaic, but What is it TAT star? I know we always have arguments about it, because why I growing up like in Australia a lot of dudes still have four skins. Like it's a big deal. How did your parents decide? Are you circumcised around yeah, yeah? Okay? How did your parents decide to clip you up? We actually don't my dad. Was eggs beaten outward looking like a toddler that actually to actually go there? I just think by Nobody has always haven't like this argument. A grown up. Look it's a sleek design. It looks good as new
you ain't? Ok, you any odd man, our old really had a half the yellow and will now like. I made my fucking stumbling wrangle. My army fuck it circumcised brine ever got out the wizard ads, amazing way to look at it. Whilst the EU must be so at first, like you had to build competence or your penis, because everyone around you wasn't circumcised. And you were like, what's my shiny toy down there, why is he all going on? I was like where's my little hood and then you came to America and you said: oh look at all of you. You guys have convertible two, the top one, that's so crazy, but do you have your friend said anything about? Do they think they have better sex with it? I actually don't know. I just know that he just always says it's better: to beat off cause these loop, but he and ass. I looked back again teaches out, but a flock off the attitude that the interests of the extra skin honouring a fucking elephants
start. Harry and anger he's not like every girl has a different vagina. What was a thing trending on take talk that was like girls. It had no, that there was like the considered in our dna. Any further Jain are the other. Guy gets girls. You know that I was twenty baggage slew. The younger generation college talk the girl that would the one time my friend was broken is gonna living room rise. You come around us in Europe, but I was still so United Europe double dipping together through my boy truth from Gulf Chagos Guide, but out because I don't know I was doing- and I remember that goes very scared. Me nervous, and I went down there looking when she gets hold of you not hitting it, puts a finger down by a flap and looked at it and she discos flip flips over the sale of skin.
That sounded so weird. Do not tell this to this side, and then I was like that again that I was like Asmr and my ear is really good, but I was like oh there it is it looked like you're Fuckin robot before you see that's the thing girls. I remember one of my friends said like I think I want to get Libya plastic motorcycle come on. Thank you. I would like it if that's the case who gives off, it's a vagina yeah, it's doing its thing yeah. So any girl, that's considering! If you are that here we go just clarify like you, don't give a fuck, no vaginal I don't care as long as it. Tasted smells good, where'd. She allowed me down there like licking, sucking, eaten away
having no fucking Mary old travelling whatever down their yanking into your mouth? Yeah? Not picking like? Oh there's, an extra part here, you don't get it look at I'm. Looking up at you, my fuckin hater, I make sure you have a good time. Oh that's nice name, general commercial bra. To you motherfuckers by dude wipes or what, but what a bucket dude wipes well, listen, dude. We need to have a serious chat about your bathroom and hygiene habits. It's time to quit. The shitty scratchy toil paper and switch to dude wipes due to high hopes are extra large flush level wipes that are made with plant source fibres designed to keep your dude regions clean. Think about it. When you wash your hands your face or your body, you use water to get yourself clean. So when it comes to the dirtiest thing we do taken a big ol shit
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wipes dot com and use daddy for fifteen percent off your entire order. Dude wipes dot com and use daddy for fifteen percent off. Your order as much as I am laughing. I am also considering getting myself a pack of matured wipes because now thinking. Why do we wipe with tiny toilet paper anyways back to the episode, dude wipes dot com and use daddy for fifteen percent off your offer? Love you guys. I have so many questions from the daddy gang that I'm excited, because when I asked them to write in questions like some of these are fucking good. So we need your man advice. Oh shit, okay, a lot of girls, it was actually daddy. Gang was sad because I saw a lot of themes of like. Why do guys go to me and like? Why is this like whatever, but one of the questions was, do you look at a girl's? Butthole
I don T and are you grow stout by it? Do you care, if it shaved or not, do men prefer bleached assholes that a lot of questions of break it down? Why do you stare two girls by whole in dodgy I'm usually looking at their waste in the bomb I oughta, thereby I look at the whole experience like irresolute with their heads dawn if it's up can appended downright what's goin on sometimes of looked down and seen the gullible, but a hare, beluga bump love Oda, and are an obvious argue. Not my eyes are going up now what they call a bum plus. What would you call a bum about whisky. Did you just say over the little bub whiskey,
I've. Never that was good. No. I did fuck this chick recently and I would pick her up and I looked down and I was like okay. I see that acknowledge it and said we respect each other, I'm not going to keep looking at it got it. You get eye contact somewhere else. I ask cheeks the wave and you look away from the. What did you call it um um whisks, we'll call you would prefer that it's not, we prefer that it's a little cap. I look just quick raise a totally, but I find the whole reason. But, like some girls is a note, do you prefer a bleached asshole or you don't care? I dont care. However, like do you think he adds in most hit you wife,. Because even it's bleached, if you don't want it, then I might as well not be bleached. Yeah
hey so you're not staring at her butt hole and that's the thing like. I think that girls get so self conscious when you're fucking doggy like, but I feel like it's like look at my ass like this is an amazing experience like girls. You should own it and be like this. Is the hottest fucking position and you don't have to look at its base? Like that's a great experience? Hill, don't be fucking focus men, love dog, I always a lot still boom. So why would men care, and even if they do look at your ass home literally my boyfriend, sometimes like? Oh, my god, they push it out. Like I love your ball like I, he loves my ethic. I'm like that's great, that's hard to me. That makes me while I get nastier yadda so girls, no, the endogenous us up Oh yeah,
if a guy flakes or bales on plans, but always insists to reschedule? Is he just not interested I've? Given him and now a few times like saying all go you seem busy Ehrlich joking calling him a flake and be like. We don't have to risk as reschedule, but he always insist for contacts. We ve been talking for weeks and only hung out twice now, but this keeps happening again. It still fresh as well. So you should be Tobler Proteus Bulgaria uses a week's you. You should be like number one on the priority that we should be making time. I agree the position I was going to say. I think when, if a guy say with a girl, if you want to see a dude, you make your husband do. So I feel like a lotta girls wrote this ending like guys kept
the baling on them and then rescheduling to hang out. I allotted time. Think too. That means he's got a mean that he's like seeing and he started talking to you and, like maybe he's like, I don't want to lose her soul, keep rescheduling cause. They may actually undermine intend to hang out with you that, but every time it comes to the time there's was hang out. He probably has like. I want to go, it is other rich or he just too tired. Could he was just what the other Brittany does want to see you legitimate president. I had a girlfriend in Australia and I made my top priority when I first Mozilla. We're out major that we could see each other like every other week like if you want it lit, I want it, you'll get it that I go traps. The thing like, if he's like, there's no there's no excuse for ever beyond, says twenty four hours and right, you think, she's, a hanging out with Jesse come on You saw it won't daisy working got hated on beyond that will have. On the other hand, though, you have let it ok
Harry Loud embryos. I remember last time the girl you are talking to her. I remember you being like she's the tape, a girl that I'm finding myself like. There are people, the literally made time for like you're in a business meeting on Zoom, you will look down under the table quickly. Said attacks like thinking of you in the middle. The most important do of your life. If they don't care about you, they're not even texting you when you get up for their fuckin lunch break that you can make it happen. If you want to make it happen exactly so about that, that's fuck, fuck, fuck, him user guide. We even see each other for six months exclusively sex dates, etc. He says that he is not ready for a relationship, so is trying to give them some time to get there, but at start worried when it this way, I think he should know whether or not he wants to
a long term with you he's told his mom about me. Even yet, I'm not his girlfriend. What should I do? I'm confused him for six months, six fucking months, I'm going red again. Why am I say red on this six fucking months, six months and he he told no, he told your mom told his mom about you. I know my mom about a guy. The minute I match with them on a dating app. The minute are talking to dude ever and my mom knows everyone you're, not special. Do you it's, no its bags muds. If these obviously did not put a fucking ring pop on it at six months you are one of a handful. You one of many. You another notch. You are not an end. You gotta recognised there are not genuine leaning to knowing not back that. He is telling you you're. Not. Let us try to join the euro that only through every now and then we're getting angry Sadie gang when you're ever in a situation we like it, he said he
not ready for a relationship when a man is obsessed with you, he will want to skip the relationship like I'm ready to get married. Yeah like you, gotta get out you're getting fucking run through raw. You need to go, This helps on how to play with the balls during a blow job from Europe, but you're not able I was thinking about. This, of course also loses goes suck. My dick and the We edition was, is she put a pile of a hand and was again lazy? Releasing out both can actually go back inside us. So don't do that. If you ask, if you are giving us head, don't put the palm of your hand and apply pressure like that cause they'll go inside and see it pop up beside my dick and I'll freak out.
That's just fucking terrifying. When you see you're, not beside you cook it, it's gross, you know it's not fun. We don't wanna do that. She pushed up yeah and I was like. Oh, I grabbed her. I was like yo it down. Yeah boy come on wow, so she ran about pushing up yeah and when a girl does that, though, I feel like girls are so nervous to do something wrong. Like. Oh my god, I'm too nervous to even touch the ball, because what, if I do that and then is he unattracted to me? Like I fucked up, I wat are you. It just takes a bit to communicate, I think, obviously giving head and then taking a break when there's all the saliva on there beating you up, while sucking not insane great, not it's always good to like nuts, honestly
like you, really care about, but I give you hold them just idle them like a trout, yeah, that's funny yeah, I just I don't even like put a little bit of like holding them like little baby. I get my details in that year, gatling just in like a little scooper. Let them plot there and you can. I buy Burg, Yad little baby birds together and then you just kind of like pull like pull them together little bit and hold them there and you can like maybe move around a little bit like you need to do much. Some guys, obviously like a little bit more aggressive you're saying just as first starters, girls were literally take your hand and just cup that ignores the their Bialik, less hurried home of them. Eggs and saliva haven't jacuzzi, yes, but you could almost take your Europe
thumb girls if you want to get a little crazier and just lightly just start, then rubbing one and the other, but that's like we're just that's advanced yeah, but that's not that it's very, very easy. Girls like one is on the Dick One is around the balls and a light thumb action, and that's all you have to do that single handling could just like bring your blow job game up a little bit.
Right to acknowledge the balls are there they want to come to the party to that end like they don't need to be. They attention, they're, not gonna, be the star, but they want to be a backup sing, assume that in the back up, singers need a little bit alight. Yo Anita sing a little bit bows, so hopeful of ok. Here we go yes, I am hooking away too. I notice. Oh, do you care if girls shape their vagina, not shape their vagina? You do like, like yeah like if you ve got a fucking forest other, it's at Amazon come on sciatic you're, like a guy and against the pussy loathing, is like I love eating pussy and if this hair, in the way that that scares me, I gotta, know floss my teeth like I'm trying to go down there, like wine, the cliff
it's already a fucking mission right like we're going down that way. Digging in do you care if there's little landing strips? Oh, that's cute! That's cute! Right, yeah, just gonna! Have it on your asshole, just make sure it's in the right area down there and it's not on your ass. Okay, that's fair, I think, sometimes a landing strip, I agree, can be cute, but then the rest can be shaped. Yes, okay, I agree beautiful what is an extent? What is an acceptable way to not swallow? It hurts me to say that too, because that's against what I believe in and my religion, but I and there are some girls that are like. I just wanted to say religion. My religion is what I birthed this podcast I had a girl spit, might come back on me she's like gross. How do you like it and I'm like I- can't control it you're? Like my pay yeah, I felt I felt like a little slot. I was laying there. I was like oh my god make it like blazing around. I cook and I was like my come all over me. I was like. Why would you do you're? Like a
growing you're really come all over our heads? We did you. So how do you see? I ve had girls, though not long ago, but I've, yes, that what's a guy like, if you say a classy waves, this girl actually did. She took it not like a champion right in her mouth and she just nor did. I me gotta wended bathroom and I think she wore her mouth out without water, ok and then they did it like that, and I was like fine with it, but I would prefer aren't licked his Are you fuck? I am afraid that it had not in your mouth out kitty right. I don't care. I don't have time I wanted. I say what I always now yeah like one hour to make sure I dantes like fucking salus get ass just like other. Sending your die at the same time, a perfect may not also global jack, I'm like Andre, regiment, leisure you're, not gonna, who swore you, ok, that very go girl and you don't want to swallow the best way and that's it. I would think, as I keep it in your mouth run it about.
Run like book it to the rather like, but now you can use like. I don't make your way to the author. They get it he's a fog wage spit on his face. Absolutely durable at all over his body and then get the last bit right in his head. Like peace bit, bunking beside you. Do you know
by claiming that even come about that's great as we gotta get invited. Ok, do you ever come when you really coming in your lacking up? Do you think of someone's oil you I'm in the way it is mode with this shit right now we, my roommate larn, was just tiny about issues like every single time. I masturbate I, as I'm like climb acting in the moment. I think it like my brain like shoots to someone and genetic. Sometimes it's been like weird revelations. I, like immediately think of like someone I work with, unlike what the fuck but like like thinks of people are legitimate users, whether buzzer swimmer, but usually look I'll be watching porn got an elegant, imagining it with some one person. Out of this guy said he was like I'll either be sore.
Through porn or going through Reddit nsfw gifts. Yeah. I know that's good. Oh that's g yeah! This could be this. This is me I'm like. Are you like Harry? I'm like oh yeah. I wrote that because I want to talk about it. Okay, so and then he was like and then he said, then I open instagram to a picture of a girl right as I'm about to come. Have you heard of this before I'm the only one who does this? So no Harry, that's normal but when I'm about to not like you, don't pull it in around him. No, I'm usually like in the moment. Do you think? Oh yeah, or just like? I don't know like if I've got a no that's normal there, but just thinking about that person have you ever had a girlfriend and while you're jacking out out of a different girl, yeah okay hold time. Totally Harry wait, I didn't say Harry Harry, remember I can call you Harry Potter. Last, yes, wait! So what are you? Do? You have a podcast? Yes, you should come on it. We got what we talk about the right. Now. We don't want, like everything that is twenty four
the exposure ideas expressed. I now, oh, my god, I know it only gone Emmi Pie cast by you highlight going over people's pockets. Could I think I can like chill? Not not your house hosting is hard sometimes used to it. So you haven't Europe new POD caused so much wrong without EU, a vibrant and in with Harry job. Would so God? What can we find it on everything here, which are the average user, o average user? Let's go yeah. It's doing really well so we're top fifty trending top twenty to twenty nine. Oh yeah we're doing the man. How are all your other ventures doing? Were you telling me you were doing like tech and yeah we're doing the most we're very busy, but I'm trying to get this boxing shit right now. I just called out Jake Dude. What I know is so bad! That's why I kind have a girlfriend as well cause he will fuck him. Is it Jake Paul finds out who you're dating you watch I swear to God.
Fucking every go. Someone in this room is probably a rap before I release this. Whoever you've been fucking he's about to start fucking her tomorrow. He actually did the Emma like a while ago. I can always ask you off camera who it is yeah. Okay, wait so you're doing well with your life. Tell the daddy game. You love them. I love you guys. Thank you! So much for all the nodes as time- that was crazy. Oh I forgot it so honey. I was like. I can't reply to daddy again cause. I was like cuz I'll. Give my something a scared, though you would wait. You mean absolutely. You can't come back on cause. You fucked your daddy A did. I tell them to send you news last time. No, you did it and then they started sending me news that crazy and then I sent you like a message like hey these nuts and then you post in your story and then I just fucking doubled down like every minute like ten pairs of titties, and I
holy shit like the judges. Are you getting knows how to do it or fire dying? I love you guy, that's really exciting, for you know what to do. I'm happy Harry Josie. Thank you so much for coming. I think you are a fan favouring now at first when you came on, people were like why the fuck and then went that first, I've ever do yeah totally. I still do, but I think that you've really turned the corner and I do love you and I think that you are such a personality, and I love having you on here. I love you too. This is a good. Thank you. So much I have it be again. Thank you Harry Ok, daddy, gang vat. Is it for this week's episode? I hope you guys enjoyed it honestly is so fun to record with Harry, I feel like we have such good chemistry, and we haven't hung out since the first ever recorded. That's literally the second time that I've ever seen that kid in real life and You just have such a good time. I hope you
I enjoyed the content, I feel like we just had a lot of fun with it talked about a lot of good shit. Next week, I of off, ironically, its quota quotes. Was the Mai Spring Break of thoughts, even a thing power. Casters get a spring break. There's I'm gonna be an episode next week. I didn't want to do myself, I'm excited so I'm having my mom come out and she's going to be staying, knew it with me for the weeks that will be really exciting. I have seen her and so long I guess it would be. I didn't had to go home for Christmas yeah, so I haven't seen her in a really long time. Some really excited to see her and said You see my house and she's gonna seems we're sexy, zoom, daddy, I'm so my boy a whole cringing, because she's gonna meet his family in that's gonna, be the entire situation that, yeah, and so it's going to be a situation. I've never done this with a boyfriend. I've never had my family,
need any one's family like this, so I've kind of no fuckin ideal, I'm doing and He and my mom were the ones that were like yeah we're doing it, so I'm basically getting held against my will and it's happening we're just going to go for it and I'm going to blackout not no not buy alcohol, just just meant in smile and the Fagin vigour. Oh, no, no, I am sure, will be great and also it is Laurens Spring Break next week, which is funny she is actually two weeks off, which is wild so before and I am sure there will be a lot of stories with lorry and Lauren and will Laurie Home to sleep, some knights, and hopefully we will get some amazing stories because Lauren is back from Chicago. Lauren got covered and now she's. Finally, back to get stuck there for nineteen days, which is wild, theirs, what's happening, and I'm really excited, because when I come back, already have a guest locked in. I am currently picking the location because I wanted to a very, very nice
environment that this person is comfortable to talk about their life and because this shit's gonna get in Hence I am excited. I dont think you guys will ever be expecting this person on the podcast. Daddy game go make sure you follow me on Youtube. I'm gonna be posting of log content. Why? I have off from the pod cast other than got daddy gang. I love you guys so so much and if you're bored go, listen to old call, her daddy Episodes I guess I will technically. Sadly I hate to say it see you fucker in two weeks. Instead
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