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119- WE DON'T NEED MEN (ft. Josie Canseco)

2021-05-05 | 🔗

This week, Father Cooper is joined by new LA friend, Josie Canseco. The women discuss Josie’s dad sliding into Alex’s Dms and a formal apology from Alex. Also, Josie explains growing up as the daughter of a famous professional athlete, her childhood in the spotlight, the bullying that ensued, and her journey towards establishing her individual identity. Josie addresses the topic of body dysmorphia, struggles with self love, coping mechanisms, and her journey towards happiness. The concept that, “you only fall in love three times," is explored, as Josie details her first love/ soulmate as well as her last relationship and why it ended. ENJOY!!!

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go to Adam and Eve dot com and enter code, her daddy for free shipping and discreet packaging. When it I am at your door daddy gang areas, your single father Alex Cooper with round, which is what the fuck is up: daddy growing areas, your founding father for another episode of call her daddy. Let's kick this week off with a little thing, I like to call fact of the day. Personable no doubt of the day, Daddy gang. I
I have not had sex in almost a month, thanks to you and your boyfriend break up. No, actually that's what makes it even solder. I still have a boyfriend, and I haven't had sex in almost a month and he is just fucking asshole the fact that he won't fuck me I'm as he does literally nothing to do with them and that again adds to the fucking sad part of the story. I have been set, just about work, and I will explain all of those things in the next two weeks. But I've been stressed with work, and it's so sad because my boyfriend wants to fuck me and I want him to public me. That's the sad thing is so. Why are you some would say, get to dick big, big wow, a big dick? The vagina will fix. You write up sweetheart, but you know why- and I hope he will can relate this some times. There's two situation, you are stressed a new say. I need to have an organ
some. I need that release are you on the other spectrum which I have been for the past few weeks and it's like I dont want to fuck. No they're talking this go around like I'm, not in the mood fuckin have sex and I feel bad hopelessly my boyfriend. The past few weeks has been like I'm ready to not feel like the goober each man, I'm ready to not be the delivery guy in the morning with their coffee, like I'd like to get my dick wet, and I look at him and I say shop fuck I'm getting very solid, pms thing. The thing is, I know that this is going to turn around soon won, because in the next few weeks I have clarity on work shit, but to bitches it's about to be summer, and this isn't just any old mother in summer this summer is going to be so provoking psychotic, so fucking out of control, I like everyone, is so suppressed
everyone is so ready to fucking get naked drink alcohol in fact- and I know, there's gonna be people that are like. I that's not right. We'll batches, I'm just saying the fucking truth, you know all of your fucking friends are ready to booty bump the fuck out of this summer. I Britishers Montoni that condom sales are up gay. I didn't say it, the condom sails set a k, a hook you to daddy backing, welcome. At another week of coal whom only billion daddy baby. We have aghast this week, who has now become a fast friend,
I've, never had somewhat on the show so far that come in and talked about so openly their dynamic with their parents and how its affected not only the romantic life but their life in general, and also, I think it's a pretty cool scenario when you have some on come on that I admit I had my preconceived notions and I thought certain things and I didn't know half of the story, and so I don't know, I think it's cool today in our social media age like we stop people or you follow someone on Instagram that you think you know their life and then I would go as far as to say from these interviews that I'm learning most of the time what you see on surface, yeah, it's not only not accurate, but sometimes it's almost the complete opposite scenario. So, let's have fucking fun this week everybody relax, everybody go, take a plucking share and then come back and be it a good bucking mood because this week it is fun
It's a girl talk, we're chilling, go grab. Of why and get yourself some tequila vodka Shaw classes, whatever you're the goddamn mood for a nice black out, nice buzz. I not judge here. Let's have a good time. injured, do saying, Jos you can say, go I am very honest. I never thought that I would have you on the podcast one cause we didn't know each other really like. I feel like I've seen your answer. I'm sure you ve seen and scrambled diagnosed everything you know we have. Obviously you crossed paths times and each other. I definitely you are and we ass. I was like a gas zubaydah, so random, and so I think I was thinking about it. Am I just to get right into a daddy gang, the first real connection we had on the internet without your dad DM two Oh my god. I completely forgot that that happen. I remember, did you two? We me about it or not. I think someone isolated therein is like a good you done so my dad does this year.
another thing he does. As I'm like. Please do not do that of friends. People. I know younger girls like war, and I wanted to first almost actually this is gonna private. Where you have, I actually want to apologize to you, because I feel, like I've had time to think about it and I feel like in the moment I knew he was beating with bar schoolyard I work with bar store, so I, when I saw that I my initial reaction- then was to pose stakes. I'm like oh, this tribute to my Danzig. What the fuck I ask you is yelling at like bar stolen, always try another fight and sadly I kind of arms. all right all right. So then I think, not moment. My initial reaction was like: oh, like protects bar stool, unlike this public post it, but as I've now not. I haven't really gotten to know you yet billing. Now, knowing who you are also, I wanted to say I'm sorry because I can't imagine being in Europe.
Position like having were the similar age and then had a highly topical socks. So now I am, I wish I could take that backs I give my lover usually like afterward. You like up obviously thought about it in depth and you're like while, maybe like I don't know she felt about it, could have heard her yeah. I believe it makes you feel better is okay, it did it. I honestly like my dad does whatever you want to do whenever you want to do. It is a public figure you tweet and does a shit. I normally have a say in outside this point. Just kind of like I take it as a car like it is where it is now don't really get affected by it. But I would also like this has been a thing that he's like he, doesn't really know who's. My friend exactly who is increasingly that well versed, would like social media interim, but he D, he's like damned allowed. My friends and sent the exact same thing come debate is here's my number of Albanos, like Father, that is my friend like he does not allow. Looking eyes were closed. Please note. People hang out Oda and felicity the thing that allow preventing illegal. Your daddy, I mean like
Are you in such a hard position? They like loud, a father is like fifty five or six now is like Daddy's of my girls are like twenty and twenty one. I will. I think I was thinking about economic people may buckwheat who what the fuck what's going on like. If they dont know you, if they don't know your dad, I think it's good for us, a kind of just like go all the way back to the beginning, a kind of just start with like where you're from who you are and obviously like your dad, is a part of your life and like why adverse you were like court, unquote, known and obviously now you're so much more than just and how they can Seko's daughter way more.
On that, but I have talked so much on this pot gas about dating professional athletes, Josie and it has been like I've seen, re actually socks. I've already did my did. I homeward had some take what my Dave's yeah: I'm? U have nickname for them, yeah, which I'm upset you further. Anyone like wings like little nickname, wig, very loans for you today, because no you'd alone. I would also like a street names which I totally wrong. I d rather not Gioia Retirement Josie left by so I've. I've talked about dating professional athletes, and I was sitting here like well like this is gonna, be such an interesting interview because I'm sitting with someone right now that is not isn't dating professional athletes, but the daughter of Wire and I've seen his dating life and how athletes perceive girlfriend relationships? And, yes, solvency, great right home. It's not it's, not! Ok! So can you kind of explain my growing up as the in that position? Like walk us through what that was
so my parents split very young, they met at a hers and my mom frizzy were need hooters into you, like this guy look moved out of outside it aims. To the first day I weren't you met my dad pretty much foul of insulating like took her up to Cleveland Ohio where they met, they were together, found love, got pregnant, got married and then there are the other four couple years, because I think there was a certain level of like toxicity and unfaithfulness between both of them. I think my dad kind of English. I mean he was an athlete in the row like back in the deep that era baseball like his level. Success was like massive. It was like really put baseball. Nemesis were And yet they just like a split, and then I was raised now lay with my mom seeing alarm kind of raise me. Your whole life mean her. That's like my robber, won't like my best friend on the planet, she's legs, the best person ever. and my dad just kind of always like so he retire or not retired. He got kind of like blackball
because for anyone who is now to steroids, unlike fuck agenda, baseball and wrote a book and gonna like snitch, don't people, but it was actually like the true and so my whole childhood with him. He was just kind of always anti sapling baseball. I kind of abruptly he just always kind of had to chase the next opportunity for money and success because he went from being the highest paid athlete in the world to having nothing like I've, seen my data point having like You know twenty dollars to his name, not knowing like his next meal and starving. Like he's really been through a journey that already interesting to cause, I feel like naturally, just to be honest, I think anyone would perceive you eyes being not like. I, people like you and public? Oh, she has it so easy. Like the railway lines, I'm right, everyone thinks I'm just like a red and can take those daughter. You have so much money. This man I'm like nor do they know like that, is not the case. So at all your raised by your mother, what was your relationship than with, like your dad, like do? Was he in your life?
So he tried to be here and there, like, he lived in allay for I'd, say maybe like four or five years total throughout my entire life today ever since then, he has lived elsewhere, he's been softball. I play baseball Little Lee Carnegie, like whatever he can get his hands on the plane, make money. You would do that and a lot of time at met not being around me finally- but I you know- I mean Here- did he had to make money to do some things? I kind of us, the United Kingdom, over respect for like hustling, but he was it. And really ever so. Basically, if everyone listening I'm gonna, do you can accept They now, like your most vivid memory of your father, is probably when this book came out. Yeah we just like the time where he was ply the most controversial he had. This was like the year after playing. We still had money. He was out no age getting into acting as I was like a play by man in writing I can he was like very controversial, but like still successful and so issues, he wrote. The book in the book came out. I got a lot of some heat
I guess it's. His daughter and lay curled allotted weird terms and like very derogatory, like was reasoning between yet the book was basically and correct me if I'm wrong, but he essentially came out and exploited. The M l b for Ex saying, like a bunch of these guys, are on steroids, end up earth. You got blackball because every room was like what are you talking about that's not true meanwhile, ends up coming out that he was slowly but surely lilies through this is true arrive at the United. We like to bring up Naples. Yet it was. because you know at first it was like oh you're, a fucking snatch because you're coming out and but what you're revealing the truth in the dark side of what at that time. The amount was in the guys we're testifying curbing like I have not. I never had this analogy. Margaret wireless report is like I swear it. I've never done it in its. but you more than I got was so bitter because he was the only one who my dad was obviously like not like
We are therefore no smoke up his Azra, but here he was like incredible at what he did. He was very talented and you know either the stairway era was like controversial. The sense of I did. Did they really work that horror leg did it? It was a just stare. Roy Juniper, but he was great and he laws just like that, his his passion and- and it was unfair that always other players can make it money in keeping the play and he did it when they were all doing the same thing. When did he like? Why did he stop playing? Why did he retire so so he got black baldness sends out like no one off in an ideal, like everyone, just kind of congregated and talked about the idea of like do. We want to play with Jose. Do your data on any of our team? You are from being like highly paid. Unlike entertaining and best players, not a single offer it owed would speak to him. No would talk to him. Mark Maguire has like bash rather boy like cut him off, like everyone completely like blacklisted him from the lobby, come as a whole, and I think it is obviously the organization right that was like no we're done with this Josie. Can you walk me through
your life when that book comes out, was their bullying etc. Yeah, I just like always obviously being Josie can say: go in having the named hide me like. I just always heard about my dad, but he was never really around. Like he tried to being try to be there. I try to be there for me and like this is when he was in LA and he was a local in the valley that I can see it or something and I see him here and there but like success in fame and money was always before me, and so therefore, like like, I was it's like for table like for, I was, Besides cheerleader for awhile, I can but a cheering and he would like not show up to my accommodations. There never was like oh Conseco's August. It gets out I'd, be like there are even now yeah yeah. I know he tried his best but like he just had along this play in maybe you know, I think sometimes people kids, when there are not ready or appropriate timing. So maybe that's part of it
you remember anyone like specifically saying anything to you a bow under like what would people say to you. They will just be like I mean anything they they could shoot at me for or like you're, your dad too fuckin Snitch, while blah fuck you and your family at the time my mom had also like, maybe like a year after them. Playboy wage would like, but back in its prime, like under the cover of full nude like hot as far like, but for so many reasons like go on, go on buffers only really were like yeah you're fuckin family fuck. This fuck, you, like our guys, a snitch like your dad's like worthless, is like and we'd I'd like be out in public with my dad and people like yell at him, like people had the audacity when we like walking and like a movie theater whatever I should to remember a time we're walking to a movie theater like him, and I together, we'd have like Daddy daughter, like writing whenever and walking out, and someone like you focus snares and, unlike I literally just like at this time, I dad wouldn't really educate me on much cause. I was so young, but I knew like something
too bad. I knew something was wrong. Obliged like didn't know what sells like. Why do these people hate my dad? Why is my dad like one of the most sought after spoken about kind of people right now, but I just hours just young, I didn't get it. I didn't get why I was getting hay for either and then Josie Pye is like the current, like I'm trying to put myself in that situation, because I feel like at a young age. That's not a normal situation to have as a child that, like you're walking into movie theater and people are screaming at your daddy. I like I agree. I can't even imagine what mentally that did to you unlike psychologically, because you are known
child right. Our only child, no, no siblings, Jaws. My duty! Ok! So like I was like just dealing with some family shit, the other we have been dealing with it. I'm not publicly talk him all right now, but, like I was thinking to our thanked my brother, I was like. I have no fucking idea. What I would do, if I didn't have my siblings, because I look back at really hard times in my childhood when, like my die, works with any jail and when I was younger, the H Alec went on a big strike into my job losses. Job- and I remember, like all my friends growing up were really wealthy and when my dad lost his job like I couldn't go to my parents make Hagen I'd that extra twenty dollars, a good like there was. There was a really hard time in my life where I was like watching my parent struggle, but I would turn to my city.
Things and they talk about it with them, because all you how right legally is a bit like family is like unconditional and it's a trusting in loving sigh, but I'm like I'll bring. You didn't have siblings, like who the fuck did you go to in those moments where you're like in California your dad's nowhere to be found in like your mom, is your mom, but it's your mom like you'd have siblings. Who did you go to in dark times? You? Don't you no one? No, not really. I just can't alike. I think that kind of translates into. Why have this like tough, shall right just like her, I don't give a fog, and I know and alike, shut off and attach. It was because, like I did, really have anyone to go to resort to. Unlike my mom's, upbringing with me, is also different story. She was around, but she was also gonna, like my dad, ok, some kind of comparable blouse and feel that he does. He never took care of us. Never pay child support, never nothing. My mom had no job.
nothing and had to raise me single mom with like nothing. So she was kind. You know she was hustling too. She had you. She had to work day, Playboy generating a reality shows that was like successful as well as she hustled. But that means that shit to be absent as well out of the time of the goods and loves, urges you know
we're all going to three now I, like I, love, and I appreciate it, cassettes always in private amuse do, but you I just I mean I just I don't know I just I couldn't even tell your friends maybe like I was USA, do look at your friends like with greater value like be there like your sisters. Some such I'm, such a loyal, rider, drag my friends. If I, if I love you and that's reciprocate in the respective quality, reciprocate Allah diver, you type shit like when I connect to some. Is it so important a mean it so rare and because I don't have brothers and sisters like that is priority is being an incredible people, I'm incredible person to the people who are there for you in love you like now, I have so many good, for I mean action. Something that gap, but I have a couple of really close people. I can go to for anything anytime anywhere in their there for me and I would like literally killed for them. Typeset commercial. You know
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it must have been hard to differentiate at such a young age of why you July, with acted all from me, but I had so. He had obviously steroids companies like you know, mood swings, allow bed and sound like that, and I definitely on me I definitely we saw in the Good NEWS on steroids resolve as you like public knowledge, our souls daughter. I saw no, it's going. I just don't know like to an extent exactly yeah yeah. I was tough was, he was. He was moody and he was he was all. In his head and he was bitter from you know. He was already had a reason to be upset me better much less yeah, you just curly
I just didn't know what the fuck steroids was like. I don't know exactly how much she was taking like finding out that he was taking like way above the appropriate doesn t get to a certain point of a certain build your eyes. You obviously also on top of that being public. It was public that some of your dad's relationships really volatile and intense. How did that affect you at a young age and like how has it affected you with men? I I like it's very that's a very public topic. I knows probably very sensitive and we don't have to talk about it now. I'm I'm just trying to make sure the way I am obviously articulated is is the way I mean in them to getting my point across properly Gazelle and aroused her language and is rising above us, ah, ah, you think that having the dad. I did whether I was watching him with girlfriends what the cheating, or than you know,
I don't know if he's ever, you know laid a hand or done anything like these. Are things that kind like out of sight of mine? I don't. I don't really talk about those kind of you don't know, you know I mean who, but I think to seeing how he was as a partner may we have this bitter taste two men being like. I will, ever be that girl I get like played and leg. I just can't. I move with more of a masculine energy. I think I'm just like. We're not just knock em like stress about a funk boy leg. eat leg, just the way. Treat them like I'll. Have a thing with a guy in a leg, be talk of them did able even sleep with them and others like you know like login! This now will hang out and then done boom over eight like almost one day, things will change honestly like onto the next typed. It may be that from seeing my dad be like that and be such like a fucking, I kind of like the inner workings You have a man and how many of you I mean greater my dad's pilot
great example, all my guys, but not that was my example. We don't mean that was that was my father figure going up so deftly made me move in a more like cold kind alike. A lot of guys had been likewise, the girl version of me, legal other guys. I've like hung out with our data bank, while you're like literally mean girl for around, like I know I know because you're going about it, I kind of I that's I not that it's out of its healthier, not but say very little writer. Hundreds life has made enormous hope for Toby. A yeah, I think, like I've, said at times to women better looking for advice on like there are so many guys at are playing me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong guys are like that. Guy's moved away like I kind of move now they just like talk to a girl, get our hopes of the rugged feelings and then they bail like right, I'm on the other, and that now I, like you, got feelings me. Please please, yourself out. Please don't call me, I don't tell me, like Also when I fall for somewhat ironic Mozart like you, so one has to be reciprocated. I'll, never be the first one
like I'm never than eighty one, I'm never the one. That's like only call you ready, Above all, I know it is even a game which can like how I am with dating. Like I love boys, I love dating. I think it's fine, but I'm never that girl that visit pray, swine or like go on my way to like really be with. Why on earth? Have you ever dealings guy? You loved him. First, yes, yes, Frida Lee, as my my last relationship wow hard for you. say that it was hard as the first one way said, he didn't say back but he's interbedded like a weekly, rightly, however, but what was outlet It was. I saw it when it was an appoint, roused comfortable. I have to say it because I knew that we loved each other. We are getting so close to a point where I'll just I know he like loves me and has love for me. We're just interested scary. to say explicitly thing for him. It just like you know a moment a humpty get over and
No, so what I said I didn't I regard just like that is issued feeling I don't feel ever go, but I'm I'm as we like the older, I get, the morn does like happy. I'm just like down to express myself. If I feel a certain way about you and let you know I'd there be an open book, then play games and light. earlier on, I mean, like I feel I'll, tell you my ride. I actually agree with you in the sense of like. I would never say that I love someone first, unless I knew it going like I knew it. We have a good deal about a yeah yeah. I know you weren't like out of nowhere the crazy. I love you and it's. Why is growing awareness of their rights? I feel you doin. Here we go you're Scorpio. I wasn't ITALY, reading up on Scorpio used to tell me if this is true, I'm a very cliche Scorpio, so umbrella and I think so, yeah ok, they said Scorpio women are universally known as the sacks goddesses Zodiac.
Dorothy, only applied renowned for their passion, there strongly vetoes and their exceptional prowls as Lubbers Saxons, extremely important to these women and sharing a sexual connection with their deeply bonded lover is necessary for them to feel completely fulfilled in life down. It was sad Scorpio, don't really love to sleep around, nor do they take sex casually sewing early, fine, theirs Oh match. Scorpio can feel a little adrift without a partner that true e g ass, the first half a little but also like in achieving around since as well like it takes, as I have a rule amid among so many Mama month of of, telling someone gained no lemon like if I'm seeing some are talks, a minimum amount to two months opinion like how close we get out quickly before and up sleeping with them doing anything with that alarm. Ok, what I posted on my answer on the other day, which I was dying, whose so many women were like relating-
I've heard that before I have heard that yes, I've heard it so typically having as ought to talk about it, was like someone like public speaker just like a TED talk, type thing being like your first love. Is So you want to say one word. Ok, so I came up good. I was looking for books and, like I think, you'd be fascinated start reading books and an relating to the podcast because we live, we educate yeah. The book is called you only farm love three times and apparently the three people is number one. Is this for me and the sole me introduces us. Isn't it first love yeah? First love: it introduces us to the dream of love, but somehow what seemed like it would be. Happily, ever after wasn't mental
Robert out, your soul me and has highlighted as ryo extending recently palm thinking of the person like Jan, and they just showed you what love was then the next is worse so consumed with making the karmic love work that we often fail to question whether even should work as painful as it is to accept this love that felt so right in the b, Getting is actually all wrong for you until a lot of girls, Sprite Alien doesn't go applying antibiotic life. I've had to people that I've been leg in my room the head over heels and love would like it would marry them type shit while and so, unlike my thirds nags in that, Thinking about that. I'm just like nervous you because the house looks like you're like where is he? I know the third one guys is the twin flame comes into our lives, and often we don't even know it's love because darted out it's too easy. This is the love who helps us to accept ourselves, just as we are because this is precisely what they do. I broadly ouses fucking car
Are you? Are you doing right now? No, but I read it is, and I was only got an Josie damned me and was like. Oh my god. I can already think of the two of them long. Can you walk us the rule again we're not an enemy names, but I think you kind of walking us through a relationship that you knew all my god. This person is like my soul, mate. I love this person and it didn't work out and how you walk away and kind of dissect. Just like some of the pros and cons in all. The thing is, I think a lot of girls are like we, but if it's your soul me what the fuck, I know it's what you think any work you works. I promise I'll go and enshrine had the puff eyesight stupid you're lucky. Yes, my first release you. My first love, like my first like real love, was four years and he was with his musician, who is like always on the road. Always travelling opened the studio working touring whenever they kind of that that the musician life a liking girls in the bargaining for having either not, but we or so in love and so obsessed, and it was, I think, I've just colonel leg. It started off a little rocky. I think the trust wasn't always there, because,
both of our jobs and what we did. We were young. I was eighteen, he was like twenty five twenty six and we just like we're so in love but like in a controlling way like I just knew like we started off. We like formed bad habits. We didn't know how to break as the as we progress more and more like years near down the road, and we would just like fight all the time and what I learned also is like. So we would party a lot because he was like I like a party boy now because Branda whenever an and we travel the world together in party, but we would argue only party and I think, because the alcohol intensifies the emotions and environment, the girls and throwing themselves at him. Whatever it was like it wishes. It was hard because we were so the law, but we are in one of the most toxic environments for what our love was and for what is needed and we are also a young- I was learning. I was growing up like I'd, like my Kobe mechanism. Speck therefore like back then for heartbreak we're a lot differently. If we were superadded after every break up I'd be like one. now now lay like do. There's this guy's after party and be around these people by bug you type shit
more spiteful like toxic behave, absolutely who's your younger, unlike exact, while I know I'm just like a time and then he just kind of so so. My process with it was that we never for years and we fought. so much and just kind of couldn't we try to make it work. So many times was like: let's try this. Let's do, let's make it work. I love you enough, like I just fucking, do it eventually, I fell out of love like eventually I just kind of was like how it's not there from anymore, like I kind of just thought, a loved loved him. to this day like love him to death, will always I want the best for him, but passion, wise and like for me too, like continue to be with summarize it just wasn't there anymore and and even then I tried to stay a little bit longer. I think we both dead and because you know what faulty and love, and that unconscious the idea of unconditional love in marriage is like you go through hard times like how do how popular marriage like fifty six ear, you faring heart when you like how, because I'm sure every eye like every couple does you talked about probably merit,
in babies and all that they all day. I think there is a point. We're using about delay propose me we talked about like we weren't like we had. Thomas rings in this, and now we are just like so in law, but so young and and yet So we just gonna like eventually one day like something popped, often like I'd, buy Marilla going on his phone and finding something that I really bothered me- and I was already like. I was already re. Two girls, like one more thing happens and like I just see myself like having that switch in its flipping. It's done right and in an eye than that happen, and I just color was like I gotta go. One of us has to go right, bad one of us has to go and if one of us doesn't go we're gonna painting each other and, like
bowed his care. What have they about myself and establish selfish? Finally, so when you talk about leaving because that topic is that there are so many fuckin layers too, that the amount of people women men go fuck who it is, when you make the decision to leave something that you were so in love with someone, there's history there there's years there and that, I think, is a lot like people are obliged widows four years of my life, I can't leave them it so hard to see like what life is gonna be like. Without that person did you were you the type of person that then went like? Did you guys, keep texting a little after the break up like how did you handle moving? on because a lot of people write and being like it so fucking hard to go from being in bed with someone everyday through best value, love them and in what you're not supposed to talk a little bit more yet ass, a cat you go, how did you go about it so obvious?
there was a bit younger, my break up our Susie woke up. I was just like I've tried to replace him. I tried replaced it out just kind of like dating I started. Seeing someone like go even go to a place where we like exclusive kind of I'm. Alright, it away right away, while I may not right away but like right away. Like pre I would also like to keep in mind. I was already had been checked out of this relationship for, like maybe like five six months ago at least he was just kind of like waiting to like us to finally separate and also when I was younger, and maybe the stems back to like you know not having a father figure always like might buy one figure. My one's sense of stability within a man had just collapsed after four years. Someone a thousand for my life, was it all collapse. So I was like I need maybe it was another sense of like love from from a guy or a man or just someone like me. You know you. Yes, let go of a male present just to make me feel happy in good and complete like when I was younger for stepping back like dad ship. Maybe I
thought that that's when I needed- and I've learned Now- that's like so nod, so it so within a levy on your own for exactly go through that healing process, and we don't we talked about. We would. It was more toxic than we argue because he would hear like. Oh you, with this guy or you with that, guy blah blah like what Doing you fuckin ho. You thought. There's not. You know me like the fuckin giant loan ever not yeah, so we fought a lot, but then there are times I we know where we would try and hang out a little bit, but is It is really like even like you know,. not recently, but like we all up until my last relationship, we kind of dislike doubting with the idea of making it work again, maybe or hang up every time you did. It was never me I just wasn't it wasn't. Ike than fire. Was there any more easily resolved but taught you what love is, but it is not right. Yeah. I guess I do think. That's fascinating Josie because, like now as you ve got an older, it's interesting is now you're almost like you. What were now in a relationship and now you're single and instead of running to a new guy you're.
I mean you're like I'm, not only our x, you, there, you see DMZ Threeg, I've got a new life. You know I'm being better about like I'm out here, like sleeping with anyone. You know I'm making a very clear that I'm a pretty emotional available in the sense of just like really wanting the best myself and our as soon as the way I look at a edges. None of these people, I've been worth. How are my person and I and I find closure and nine itself acceptance and I'm dislike? That's cool eggs my dad Tommy growing up whenever I lay beside about a boy like I'd like a high school love, and I like thought I was in love what it was like right, we're like fourteen fifty. I wasn't real and I would like to stress- too bad. I just so upset my dad's like Josie, you gonna, fall, loves only time here and I have so many like romances and boyfriends relationships like do not do this, and I to this day, that's ticked with me so when, at any rate, everything falls apart, I'm dislike
I'm good. I've guide were guy, whether I have somewhere. I myself, like I love myself, so my drawing on I'm so proud of myself were getting to this point of you know just completely supporting myself being strong, mentally liking, o being very independent in you know, getting through those, you know, unhealthy coping mechanisms that I used to have an unjust like good know that interesting, when your dad told you, because it is so true- and I think it so hard to tell people that until you experience at length, I have been in love before, and I have a boyfriend right now and like those people that I was in love with, I at times right after may be. I would beg oh, I regret that, but, like you now to the motion, right, you're, better, miss them, and then you ll, I fuck them in and you're like a neutral and then you're like holy shit. Thank God that happened. The real men know it,
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oh yeah, I just yeah, because I think a lot of slavery. Kids are you know A law they have a safety net, something to fall back onto they don't wanna like buster ass in work, and that was where the k is like when I foresaw modeling I was I had like maybe dollars a week to spend any organ. doesnt model apartments. Words like six girl shoved into like three girls per bedroom, Rollin twin beds and just like coexisting with Colleagues, the girls- I don't even speak English or they lag or smoking in the apartment like I had nothing and everyone was like oceans can say, go wild share of this, not only because I don't have they dont higher. I don't have that, but I felt like I had to always make it seem like I was ok. Look I loved, like not vague, do you make it but like I can tell you, make it like poetry phase and make it work and get acute style on going to castings and serve and play the part that so crazy. Do you think about that leg? You? Everyone has a part like an image that they think you are like.
You have read: yeah you're beautiful, oh, my gosh she's got like the greatest life and then you're saying I get actually was kind of the complete opposite endeavours of highly yeah, and so then we'd, so you were in it with them and what what it's I'm seventeen eighteen and then I would say with whom I was nineteen o Connor like had enough for clientele, was making up whenever I should make it like pretty good bank. Like the rest, I actually like gave up but they also mauling his cousin having full time gay like some reasonable job lighted were massive big those rashly, unlike the fashion industry over in New York. We that's amazing
I know a little money in your Leanna sick with which all faith in our just like I just I worked in work to organise and I stayed within I just to New York and I just stuck through the model parliaments- and I just like I want it. I will admit I wouldn't say now but like prior to educating myself more on what models go through. I feel, like a lot of people are probably like listening there like K, like you, so fucking easy like give a perfect body, and you like, knowing actions, can you explain a little bit, though, about like what really is the truth about a modeling career, unlike what it does take and and body image, and what you go through day to day basis of trying to keep and maintain a certain age, because I think people think it so easy and I'm gonna see others at stake rapidly or you model, like whatever would actually like and also it, also like don't you think you are you're not, then you have no talent and it's like what yeah like I think people think, because I think they because the insight, the grand model has shifted now
like a blurred line of like what actual model is by having the more traditional way. That was just like the grind to get there and not having much was hard and its drive me like four I also want to be like a sob store. Let me know by now I came over the last month alone to mere and was happy with high, looked because of because of industry and the competitive nature, especially New York City, when all the girls herself back in tiny high and they go. above and beyond, to be that small alleys is more traditionally back in the day when that was like what you had to beat. You think you are due to an agency. They put a measuring paper on your ways, your bus and your hips, and if you don't The right number is you're, not getting at. You know even meeting the directors of it whatever like it was incredibly incredibly strict- and I was hard for me because I was an athlete- knows a dancer. So I'd like a foreigner bill. Naturally, I'm just a little bit, not thicker but like, the flooding I led a year exactly it over There was a lot mentally in the sense of like what it
as to you and you know you see you get told no, no, no, no now, but it gets hold. No so many times that I can only imagine the I'll get out a feed it here and then a New York with all the girls are outdoing like drugs and she and party it so easy to get dragged into life in New York, especially New York, has all the guys, like all the more can go wherever whenever I can allay- and I mean we're all going to have argue our union told. No, no, no new start going in fort spiralling that dog plays its like. Let me lose more wait. Let me try to figure out how could I than we think as they are also so for causing for show you in a room, and there is like a hundred girls there and you ve been there for like six hours, waiting just to walk in a line forecasting doktor, because of how important that showed me fear Where is the show you just walking incitement to campaign? You look at you so shows. Also like you, don't pay shows pay like five and it always but show are so important for the Razumihin Fashion world not just like walking for Gucci is like they don't really pay, but it's like eating offer.
Can Gucci right over there? I could, then it can get you a huge exactly. It leaves a bigger and better. We are. Sit there and all ear to sitting here and like half the girls would speak English I ve never met anyone does hundred girls in the room and you're, just like it, All of them are just like so her faked in tiny in their walks and you're. Just like I'm. What looking at these girls, I'm picking myself to pieces, picking myself apart, looking at all the girls like their thigh gaps and and you're fat on their stomach there like they have not, unlike the right way to go along with this, is not the eyes just like that. Does you mentally because you see the girls who get the part and that's that girl and you're like focus our? It is our duty to do to book this role, because you want it so badly that feeling of booking a shower booking campaign in getting a thing. You like were aiming for a spore when you finally, a twin delivery board like Hold finally walked the rush hour or something I don't
Oh, I, just like your body is more of the eye. Just girl, I don't know, there's always something between fix and I'm I'm I'm like progressively working at getting to a mindset where I'm ok, I'm I feel beautiful, I'm conferences on confidence. They item deafening. Like I love myself, I love my soul. I love mentally were gone. I've gone to this point like men. Australia, would it such a dark spiral, because these are good all based on what you look like. Like nobody gives a fuck about your personality. You know our biggest bucking bet. You could be a sweetheart. No one really cares. No one cares. If your educated, No one would and that's why I don't speak at all your speaking when you have a conversation, if you do, they think you're too friendly, so they're like next also. It is more like because new yeah, I don't know, that's all. We before we started talking Daddy gang, I was talking to Josie and I was like I watched you on Youtube and I thought you were so articulate and choosing. Thank you because I feel it. You don't get really an opportunity to
use your like it's your branded, obviously more. Your model. Lingering pictures are perfect that your Meda and then it's like to hear you speak it so cool because you have so much anymore, we always get nervous because I'm gonna break now that shall and being spinning and allay now again in being part of people who are so public with their lives and in need of being on you do whatever may be like I'm getting used. But it makes me nervous budget with how accessible information is right with people and candle culture alike. I get nervous delay in government. If you don't have the the opinion the majority, then you're like shunned. You'd arming on Rebecca, even like politically like it just issues, headache, and I do so hack, their ragtime say out of it, because I d try and stay my Alain Yan. person? Unlike all definitely not I mean like talk about topics unimpassioned avow, unlike Andrew conversation, unlike pretty opinionated, but online, total thing there is a point to leg. I get influencing people, but I just it dig its. It is always something a response, a tweet likes wherever it was like. I have. You openly talked about dealing with depression and Ngos
anxiety. Ass, not does early depression, because I mean I've. I've hit those points. I hate like really cause, I can be emotional Scorpio, so I can in my field and I ve hit those points but like really really try so hard to not get to those points, because I'm disappoint I myself just the things I'm I do think some people on. I am like in the dark place and I try and say incredibly optimistic. You know the glass is half full or half empty and look at the bright side of things and I've learned took a while to train your mind to be this way, but could I ask you- and you can say no but like when you were saying you you see, like you recognise when you're like going down that dark path like? Could you give us an example for us that may big. Oh, I do that too. I just like it's hard to say, like warning, steer a lay. One specifically is a domino effect of like me being hard on myself as I'm such a fuckin critic on myself.
Could I get so hard Amazon, like I'm saying, like black hammer, we lost Honolulu Mere was like satisfied with what I look like not cool right. That's not right! So now I see myself having those thoughts, I'm just like Jos, like you're good. this is like a domino effect of like oh, like like this- is this? is wrong in this is wrong, and oh, I gained this wait this week and all they may skins dry whenever inspired my family and then financially in what? If I'm not a me like the eminent spire, everything's art, I just think like I have like a door for the most part. I have a door and, from those borders closed all things that are out of my control and things that will bring me down, but something- the door is cracked, because mentally whatever I'm going through water, it, whether it be a break up or family issues like that door opens up and I'm in a vulnerable plays things fuckin poor en masse. Dynamite control. Imagine my anxiety, kind of like some days is like crippling like I don't want us Social Isaac Ivan Super introverted lately to like really not have been too
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that amazing, if you guys, go to traffic dot com and use coded dad, you're gonna get fifteen percent off site wide and free shipping again at its trough tee, are you F, f dot com, you're, gonna use coded daddy for fifteen per an off site wide and free shipping. Have you ever been in a situation where your hooking just exclude like not exclusively your hooking up with someone, but you don't know if their hooking up other people are now you're. All of course. Of course I mean wool yeah yeah yeah. I have an because we only had the conversation and- and this is the thing also like I'm- never it takes a while for me to be the one to like bring it up here, because I'm cool too, like uncle with us, do their own thing. But once a feelings grown and been like a couple months of us doing the same thing talking every day and like tutor, Montcalm lying like we haven't done anything about it than unlike.
you ever ask yeah. No I've asked I have ass a vast. How do you ask our dislike findings? Iqs Lakers Grill, random yeah? No, because it's like, I think it can really turn people off. Just like I've had guys ask me and then I more turned off well yeah. It's weird of your question and it's just kind of like it's hard to if you're enjoying yourselves and then someone asks but like I get why they're asking and I've asked that sometimes, but it has to be. I don't know what time When did you ask? Why was it was three months of talking? come on every single day. We are pretty public at the time, also an, but we had never had they like exclusivity conversation and so eventually out just like yeah. So it was actually like Valentine's day the next day- and I was like didn't know of, like you had a plan or why we were together, lay before another castle wall,
is, what are we doing here like? I would just like to know, for my sake, as I also like, I think, sometimes go to clarify what it is, because God forbid, like one person slips up or if I were to go Deucedly hook up with someone else. No use, I prefer, you you did that by lay out clarify, so it's healthy and not like a message. Duration has always been that middle area with my feelings, but no label is always like. Oh absolute can get hectic, and how did it go now good? He he's he was like this is all I have to give right now. This is like this is this? Is it this is like I've, but I can't do anymore and I disappeared from his life, I dislike goes, did full blown because, unlike that, also in the way he went about it just kind of like run me there are. I
also like it, took so much in meat, even ask that question and then to be yeah, rejected and then and then I'll, just like fuck. This like this is not what I'm die respect. I do think it's like if you, if you are cause, I think a lot of times people get in a situation where they want to know, but even no matter what the answer? Sometimes they're, not gonna walk. Yes, so like your listening and you want to ask him like hey, what is what are we and he's? I say: oh I'm, just not there right now, wool, what I know what you want when he gives you answer Abbe of horizontal times, girls go into it now like what are we in he's like? Oh, like I'm, just chilling and she's like ok, ok I'll meet you. I'm just show India and then she's already everywhere. I already right yeah until they let you go home in your crying and it's like. If you go into it, I that's my one advice. If you're gonna ever ask someone what we are no kind of like Josie New like if he gives you that answer
you knew you were kind of gonna walk. That is where wars are eventually I've. I mean after three months time and after, like you know of your like travelling with this person like we're like pretty much fuckin like we do and what are sleeping together only like together and then when it comes down to him, be like I want, our relationship is like that's. It you're, fucked boy thing that I'm going to put up with zone. I deserve something different. I completely Greeks, loud just like younger, came back room. They always coming. They always lacking, as they always come back around its vast area. All of them when you act like that, when you like, ok, like you, you don't really hair, we decide all really care, I'm not going to stress all right like Josie how to tell if someone wants a relationship or does the hook up the amount of women that right into his podcasting like I can not tell if he wants a relationship if he wants a hook up. I feel like that. Question in itself gives you the
sir, but like? Let me tell you just vicious being like color, it hiring a room a little, but you have to. This is the thing you have to know guys. You have to know how to play there gave when you have to know how they move in order to kind of now when they won or lost when they don't. But the thing is that some guys you're just like they're like lead when the two thinking that that's what they want, which I've learned to spring up front from the beginning. If you wanna, that's all you're looking for be honest about it. Is that what you ask guys like you? Would you be up front and ask a guy that no, I'm the one who says it I'll be like like as a recently like five like dating, are thus not undressed like. I am not looking for a relationship I suggest you don't get feelings, I mean I don't know why. I'm just like this. Why you're on the show? I live even movies, while you're here Josie? No, I do I don't. I said to the reason dislike Dole, I'm telling you I know I'm not a place where, like our you're going, we safe with me, let me say that before he's, or indeed in your last ex boyfriend,
and are now know, because I wasn't in that place- I'm I'm I'm in this place is on fresh outbreak of. I don't know, look until I replaced if you can when you I'm just like on my own, she had bought, I think, we'll four hours. I e s. I think a lot of girls will say that, but don't mean it you don't really well. I don't know relationship and, like my friends only recently got out a break up and she's been saying that two guys and they don't believe her there, like, oh yeah, sure hollow you're, gonna go for love and she's like I do not time Warner red. Sadly re now do t, righty and your life. How do I make it so connectivity game they like wanting laughter even more, that oceans motion unavailable she's in care. Watch me like maker, followed on light. I warned you right up I really not the word, but I went. I think that's good to be up front about it, but I do think like if you're on the other end of it, you can't tell if someone wants to be in a relationship that I do think that
And if the answer like Julia, I will now, if someone wants to be with you, they will be with you. Those show it within their actions, not just words, and I think- and I think that you are now and if also it just has to be like reciprocate like everything kind has to come together as one and you'll feel that connection and typically, if you have a feeling a red flag in your gut red fire, you're gonna, here's a drive likened the gutters are not lying among. I guess I owe you say you know, there's a red flag. You should dislike. You know be aware of those and be aware the workers are capable I like emotionally, they work differently than we do and just kind just don't prioritizing like. Let it happen organically and don't be like oh does. He want does he want it like just play a cool, see that overall I dont be to needy, don't be too up his eyes like. Let us focus on his work and let him come to you right. You know- and you do same like loungers, on your view that independent boss badge you like, doesn't isn't looking for a man, but if the right at the cards or ino or played properly- and it happens,
because I don't like when, when you feel yourself chasing around someone and being more in their shit, it's like pause and like you need to be so up your own asshole that you don't have time to be up somewhere and like a fish. It goes right like so we have so much work to do in someone's leg someone's grows like internal personal growth. Yes, like ladies of your listening to this, like an you, find yourself constantly wondering if what he wants, Did you not focusing enough on? I guess that's why you're making kindly very pleasantly clear? That's probably not the guy! You want to be with you. I was if you want to be with you he's gotta be, are they going to call you and see you and talk to you? It's gonna call you languid. It's not sought that hard and airy. Jos area, have what is it? What is an extra you you're going to shoot em in Mexico? Yes, and wind and excellence with days of sampling day when mixed HANS? I never the weakness. You discover that I can't do. It is grass I had about Yahoo site, also its legal Maxine, trip and your single right now. I am single, very sing. All I really just focus on me from a long doing. American last, while I think
when I think I don't know, if it's kind of hard to tell I just don't let your mind advent, blame I've, had people's yells and my last relationship that I like really cared for really got really close with, but I, like I said, I'm just like. I can't give myself up to a partner the wide like two right now like I have so much personal growth to go through, and I have so much. I want a complex and I find myself being way more focus and motivated without a partner like getting my shit down and like some very comfortable interrelation shaping you. You know cunningly you like. Oh, I have this eighty to have this love and this person you, don't really crush it as much as you should be, crushing it in a hurry, so yeah, I'm saying, oh, I'm silverware want Aymara my I've generally very values upon which our Josie thank you. So much for coming on line running really thank you Ok, daddy, Yang bad. Is it for this week episode. I hope you guys enjoyed jerseys story
The insight and just her overall vibe is fucking amazing and I'm so fortunate to have at her and been able to sit down with her and avenue friend. So, thank you. Josie again go show her loving the dams daddy gang next week is a power honestly. I don't even I'm not, even They try to explain it all you you need to know is next week is fucking therapy Time just tax week. We are really looking in word, and going to have a lot a lot, a lot of introspective moments, because if you follow me on social media that you know, I've been recently obsessive, the show called couples therapy and bitches therapist Blue Cross, the motherfuking country and she's coming next week to sit down, with the mother fucking away, I can say, without getting chills, dirty game. You know the mother Fucking Joe. I will see you fuckers,
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