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14 - Are We F***ing on a First Date?

2018-12-11 | 🔗

Alex and Sofia have different opinions regarding sex on a first date. Shocker! And the pros and cons to both. Alex also discusses bringing a guy back to her ex-boyfriends apartment, and what would this episode be without some good ol' fashion talk about face f***ing. 

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Do you call him daddy? Do I go her? Daddy call her daddy, Daddy's home, welcome back guys. It is called her daddy presented by barstool sports. I think at this time it's safe to say on wednesdays. We listen to call her daddy, absolutely absolutely so before we get into it. I want to talk about our new favorite game and it does have to do with sex, believe it or not, my god. I know everyone so shocked, they're like shocker- oh no pun intended to, but it is so fun. Ok, so this game guys, you may have heard of it. It's called that's what she said: Sophia you are more obsessed with like buying a car people, think I'm such a weirdo live and breathe, and Breathe Board Games Card games like I think it's so, and I think this is yeah, I'm not per
into them, but this was right up my alley for call her daddy. That's what she said. Yeah is raunchy nasty card game and it's amazing Sophia, and I time. We used it. We did like a girls night in with our roommate Lauren. We got some wine, we got some cheese and we started playing this game and it was we were like crying over a work because guys what ended up happening personally for us when we were playing that's what she said. We basically there's nasty cards and it's funny: it's hilarious sexual innuendos and then you end up just going off on tangents we're like it. What favorite first date, and we started talking about the guy we're hooking up with a hard game. Pretty much you'll learn all of your friends dirty secret legit. So exactly so guys this week, we are giving you guys a drummer, please obviously a discount code for that's what she said. This is a perfect time all over the holidays, guys you can get. This is like a little gift for someone. So right now our listeners get twenty percent off 'cause. You know we hook you guys up like that and you
it's going to go to that's what she said: game dot com when you use our code, daddy, oh my god, type in daddy go. That's actually sick, so use the daddy at that's what she said: game, dot, com and you're gonna get twenty percent off your entire order. Hey guys and honestly, this game really is as dirty is your mind makes it a Ok, when Alex and I are playing it- it's fucking disgusting- we should actually start filming ourselves playing this game here, guys this shit. We talked about last week when we played this on Saturday. I was like ok, we can use a self in our episodes, so guys hook yourself up with that's what she said. Game get raunchy and send us in some things you guys say during the promo code: daddy, daddy, okay, guys, let's get right into it: sex on the first date. Oh Sofia!
sex on the first date, we've all done it Robin manner. This podcast is called call her daddy. So if you want to fuck on a first date, fuck on a first date, absolutely do you agree. One hundred percent we've said that in past episodes, if you guys want to fuck fuck freely I've been there. Ok, there's passion, you guys have chemistry, you're vibing things are getting hot and heavy. You both want to do it. Do it with that.
Dead, people that sad, you gotta be purple Papa, turd, your father, we go Sofia, you've gotta, be prepared to never hear from this guy ever again. Absolutely and that's just the tea that s a t so well. I think you- and I have talked about that people right in there like holy shit. I got ghosted. I fucked this guy on the first day, I'm so upset. Listen, I think what we want to emphasize is that there is a chance, even if you didn't fuck him on the first date he was gonna ghost you anyways, and so it's hard for girls. Sometimes because would you be more but her if you walked away from that date? You hadn't fucked him and you like arial chalk. It up as a loss is ghosting me, but
girls get way more, but her being like, I fucking, spread my legs open. He entered me, he fucked me and now he's never gonna talk to him makes the stakes just way high way higher. If he doesn't talk to you- and you guys have not done anything, it's easier to brush that off right. Basically, you will rise fucked, my your
I heard a little, but the moral of it is that you'll never really know if it was because you fucked or because you didn't so that's hard to yeah. You know move on from. This is a really interesting topic because alex- and I have talked about this- our backgrounds with that yeah so different, well, and I think also just when we tell you guys this think about yourself to think about your past, because I think everyone has different situations with how it goes if they fuck on the first date. It also depends on the guy, but just read your audience and read your past like what works and doesn't work for you me personally on my experiences, I would say my last three boyfriends, my last three serious relationships. It started off us partying and raging together and then finally, like one night, we hook up, and then I mean maybe we like continually hook up but
After that, then we're like wait. We really like each other. Let's go on a date. Oh ok, I'm saying that like okay, I'm, I know already entered me but like let's get to know each other over this candle. It didn't legit you're like hi, we fucked and now it's time for some sushi, that's appropriate, but I mean no bond. That's we always talk about how we're we are a little different, we're so similar in so many aspects of life, but this specifically is just a little different for both of us, because so that's happened for Sophia and that's how a lot of your long term relationships have started from partying than hooking up. I am completely different um. Most of my longer term relationships have started where, like I start, texting a guy and then we start hanging out and then eventually will fuck and my whole thing and listen like I'm way. I make them wait and listen. This has nothing to do with being like a holy roller being like I'm saving my shit for marriage, no
no one will don't worry? Ok, just I'm not saving. We should for marriage, it's in person, ok, but no! So I basically have this thing that I've been doing since college. I remember my best friend's brother, told me and her her and I, before we went to college, do not hook up with someone your first semester of college, and I took that shit, the heart and now to this day I still use it, because this is. This is what I d'oh. I just don't for my game. Personally, I don't like to give it up, I like to make them work for it. I'm not a fucking, tease um, but I never have sex with them in like the first month to two months. Okay, don't make him wait a month or two? Yes, are you
doing other stuff I'll be out of corners. What is the cover specials now? If I don't get it to you, no, no, no yeah and so like, for example, I absolutely in getting some BP in my mouth, but I'm not, but I'm not letting it go in the v and that's just and again I want to come I'm I'm not judging any girls that are giving it up on the first night mine's, not about being like. I don't want to let him have it it's early me being like. I know this shit works when I make a guy wait, the longer I make it weak, he just keeps coming back and coming back, and then that gives me the opportunity in that time frame to basically get him obsessed with me. So then that when we do fuck, I basically have full control of whether I want to take it to dating I want keep fucking very calculating. I am so in what you're doing I am more like. Drunk let's hook up. Okay,
lutely are absolute well, I think that's great um d'oh, but for I also think it's very important that I am hooking up with these guys, I'm not fucking being approved where they're like this girl's, the most boring bitch to hook up with, I am getting his dick wet, just specifically with my mouth on Dhe he's going down. Okay, but with that said, you don't want to pull out all the fucking stop exactly that's right,
like when you're hooking up with a guy for the first time, you don't want to pull out your LISA and perform absolutely not. They don't deserve that, and we've said this a million times you can have great sex without being a total free, yeah out, listen girls. There is just this double standard and it's like every single time a girl goes to hook up with the guide the for the first time. If you perform like a nasty asks freak in the bedroom, he it may love it yeah, but afterwards he's going to go up to his friends and be like they're gonna like how. How was it he's like amazing, fuck, she's nasty, is shit and then in their mind that I could never date her because they associate with nasty with having experience and being a lot which is really fucked up. It's so fucked, honestly, like they're. Judging you like, if you do a great performance, they're just automatically thinking like she must get a rail yeah,
wife, material fuck. You baby, I watch a lot of fucking porn and my vibrator is my best goddamn friend and I go to town on myself. So I write a lot of pent up sexual energy, but we just keep it real, you guys. So that is a possibility. So with that said, if you really really like this guy, then don't give him your great a performance. I save a little stuff for down the road. What girls do not lay there like a dead fish, don't get it twisted her? They listen to color daddy, Alex I'm not laying there like a dead okay. Thank you because good. I was just going to say from my perspective, if I felt like I wanted to pull out all the stops on the first time and the guy, like judge me for it, I also would be like. Well, then he's not the guy. For me,
oh yeah, fuck. I was like different way. What was that girl that wrote in tow us and she was like- I went to this guy's house and he fucked me and then, but I didn't come, and what did she say? She said that she like oh- and he said you never. He said you don't call me daddy like when we're fucking and after they fucked like she grabbed up all of her shit and she was like you are not daddy. I am daddy and I am not here to make you come something like that. Like you're here, you should be here to make me cry and laugh out, walk. I'm like okay hi. This girl needs to come on our podcast. We fucking love that shit so back to the whole thing guys if you're hooking up with girls, if you're hooking up with a guy on the first date, go fucking into it, give him a grade like seven performance, but don't I don't know, maybe go crazy yeah. That reminds me of the Glock lock. This is something I wanted to confirm about the Glock Glock. I know, ladies
I gave you the double hand: twist Gaga Combo, we're getting sloppy, we're getting noises, you're, getting eye contact, double hands, going different ways. Amazing, This is what I do, though, and I want to make sure you guys start doing this too, and I apologize that it's taken me this long to realize. I didn't tell you guys this. I don't ever give the guy the Glock Glock nine thousand, the first time we're hooking up a never because you don't want to use all of your ammo in the first go round. I agree like a match: because then what you know what I mean, so what I do is I always the guy that I was talk about Male ACT like three thousand. Yeah, maybe not even the three thousand, it's like the preview to the Glock Glock. So I always text my friend after I'm like giving head and he's like what was your performance an usually on the first? This is so fucked up, usually on the first time I give a guy head, I will go in and I personally label it like a
raid six in my repertoire. That would be a sick, so it's an above everyone else is to our that's affected, stopped whining, so no! No, so I give a guy a blowjob and it's a six, which means that shit was an above average blowjob for sure I would never walk away being like oh fuck, I could sucked it better. No, I believe there with feeling confident but. In my mind, I'm like oh, my god, I have this I can bring in. I didn't even double him twist to shit. The sloppiness wasn't even disgusting like I, you know that you build up to build it up because then, if it's an above average they're like holy SH get this girl knows how to fuck and suck dick, but also they're, not like that was the nastiest fucking thing that, like she looks like a porn star by your fifty when you whip that shit out there, like ok. So, let's get married because holy shit, I'm in love- and it just almost looks like
you- are trying new things on him: little did they fucking know you've been able to do it. The whole time you're just fucking, holding out I mean brought to you by the mind, Alex Cooper, the fucking mind, fuck, that she is it's really great. It's really brilliant! I want to say guy. Is this does not pertain to you at all. This is not pertain to you every single time here in the bedroom and you need to be pulling out all the stops to giving them your one hundred percent. Yes, so if you don't get a say, I like make this all. I don't want to give her all yeah, I'm not going to rest too hard. I'm not gonna, throw out to different positions. Now, because, okay, you and I were both saying that it's like and like we were, you know I was. I say we were both about to come in here being like all right like what? What can we tell guys for the rule fucking on the first day, it doesn't fucking, apply to God. No, no. No! What guy on a first day, is like trying to like give the girl the buildup and not pull out all the stops and he's like
we just go down on you. No sex Dick in there also, we don't even want to tell guys if they should have sex on the first date or not looks like you just said, because what guy in their right mind, goes on a date with a girl and the girl is ready to spread her legs and he turns it down and he's not ready to spread yeah he's like it's just not the right time, like I'm, not ready. I'm on my myriad like what the fuck like. What can they say? There's no excuse, and so I just think also for guys being mindful you better be pulling out your fucking stallion performance every single time because, like we've talked about in previous episodes, there are Gd Rs and there are Bdrgdr equals a good Dick Review and a bdr equals a bad dicker
you and if you do not perform your first night and make her fucking wetter than anything and make her fucking calm or at least attempt Thio she's, going back to all of her home girls and she's like that, guy can't fuck, so full of fucking pull out. All your cell, I mean coming back from a Btr. Is nearly impossible but doesn't have fucking suck like guys just get to go full ramping it up every goddamn time and we're over here like okay, so I'm gonna give him the six and the next time, maybe seven and one slash two and then all of these games- these don't apply when you're older. Oh, this is for like people in their twenties and in college and stuff like that, even Alex Dyer approaching an age where no one in their forties and fifties is like okay, so I'm gonna go on the date with him, but I'm gonna hold out like this.
Don't have time like going on the day and if it's going well we're fucking or moving on yeah we everyone. We talked to that's in that age and they're like if I'm wasting my Saturday or my Thursday, to go on a date with this guy. If I like him, I'm fucking him, and if I don't, we know so many people that are like I will leave after appetizers and be like you're, a great guy. I just don't think the chemistry's They balance exact. But we know that our demographic also like a lot of you, could be in college, and that is such a different scene guys because it's like you may be fucking someone and then you know that, like oh fuck, if I fuck them on the first date, they're friends with this person and that social there's always so many more layers to it. Yeah. I even feel like we're approaching an age where, like he only got so yeah, I guess we'll be doing a lot of on a first date. Yeah say yeah, but we just we're just saying
on the first date, if you want, but don't get fucking nasty nasty, don't like get on the bed naked and like dangle your head off the bat and be like come stick your dick in my mouth and like fuck, my yeah, I I I passed prefer there is, there is no face fucking going on a first day, fucking face fucking. Can we talk about things like go? Fucking face fucking throat, fucking God so beautiful they are. That is what that is what we love here out called her daddy. Let's fucking talk about face fucking, so well. Actually I feel, like a lot of girls in the Daddy gang, have reached out to us and said guys. I don't know what to do. I have such a bad gag reflex and like they're, like brushing their teeth and they like almost throw up, really sticking their
rush back to try to practice for that night and they end up hurling over I've. Been there brushing the back of my tongue and I'm like well, I won't be doing the collective anytime soon. So with that being said, listen face. Fucking is like not for
everyone so like I'm not on here, like girls get into you guys, like I know some guys are just not in in yeah yeah. Well, I don't know on but so face. Let's talk about face because I have a position I want to talk about that. I think is really really good for girls and really good for guys. So you just mentioned the head over the bed, which is not it, but we can talk about that in a minute. Okay, girls, envision yourself, laying on your back like you're, going to sleep, and you get him on top of you. Thank you pull him up, basically to your face like as, if you're, when you let go, and they say like sit on my face, like he's basically said, got it it's important that you have a pillow behind your head. You don't want to be completely flat on a mattress, so you're here, head on the pillow, the guys on top of you and his date,
goes in your mouth, okay, right, perfect, yeah, ok, great! I figured it would go in the mouth perfect, so once he's in there. This is why I love this position. You're gonna have your head up a little bit where you got your neck. It could get cramped a little bit, so you can go back and forth off the pillow a little bit, but you raise your head a little bit off the pillow and he's going to start face. Fucking you basically, but you're gonna put your hands on the back of his thighs. So to him it's like holy shit. She wants to take all of me like that, so hot and you're basically going to control, his rhythm of the thrust, and that way this is a position you can really fucking almost throw up like your gag reflex is because the angle yeah
yes, so what you want to do is with your hands on the back of his thighs. You are almost he's, gonna think it's so hot, because you're you're taking control of his speed but at the same time you're almost helping yourself out because you're controlling it. The minute you feel guys like you are like holy, I cannot take this thing anymore? I am out of breath. I can't breathe, I was gonna say like curls. You need to know your limit. You know like I've been there before. I'm like, oh my god. If I don't like well! First, I can, I get my hands in blue start. Turning blue, I I'm turning blue here I go throwing up like I, girls have gotten oh for throwing up on the day well and I was gonna say it happens, and so, when you're doing this, I need to be prepared, like okay girls, while you're thrusting him forward the best thing to do
why I'm telling you to have the pillow is the minute. You feel that you could possibly gag you pull your head back to the pillow so that you pull out of his dick a K. That's why I told you if you were on the flat mattress you're fucked your little getting so have that little getting taken. So make sure you backup and then what's going to happen? Is you will start king the side of his piece go down to his balls. Like start licking the tip- and this is the position- girls, I know- sometimes we say, don't always keep eye contact. This position is one hundred percent eye contact when a guy is king down at you and he sees his whole fucking in right now, and the opposition like seeing your eyes looking up in in a day, it's like a banana shoving into you know any need. Are you going to do so? Hot in Guyana? You listen. You just need to make sure that you are taking it in see,
ways and you're. Stopping when you're ready on a guy is going freak, the fuck now and the more sloppy you can get with it better any blowjob, but China's just be I could throw. I was thinking about the position where you like, lay flat on the bed with like on your back, and you have your head dangling off yeah and then you that is like actual face. I wear like you literally just hang your mouth open, like literally and down like spider man kiss exam kissing his dick. You're kissing is wiener instead and like that, like you can actually the pass out and that's a full school fucking situation. I was going to say that is like I personally don't like that position for girls, because you at that very moment. Ladies lose all control. You like he's, actually fucking your face and you can't pull away
Like you have, no, you have no room, you can go left. You can go right, you're stuck in your taking it. That is when you throw up on a day. That is when you throw up on a dick, which is so common and that's what I want to tell everyone. It is so common You guys are like you, it's so good. Those and I'm like it can happen. If she's trying to deep throat you like an animal It's like when you're having anal right, like you, might get poop on your dick, and that has to be the risk you're willing to take because you're trying to fuck her up just fuck her throat like some throw up my butt. It is listen. On the guy's poop dick throw up days are comical about a middle school. The throw up scene, guys, listen! Girls, I'm going to get you in a minute guys! I understand it's fucking nasty, again get it girls. It has happened to the best of us
you throw up the difference in the throw up. There are some girls. I literally have read people writing in and being like. I fucking hurled, all over him. That's a full through yeah. That's when you need a pop up and be like. Let's go to the shower yeah I was gonna, say yeah, you gotta, you gotta almost there. When guys. If something growth happens during sex, a lot of time guys are like what the fuck do. I do that. That's when you grab your man, you don't even give him a chance to freak out. You are able to shower come on. Let's go to the shop. You can freak out later. He can freak out there, but get him in the shower. But if it's just you know a little bit comes up for three years off a guess and into your mouth just use it blue that it might be a little chunkier than regular little bit warmer than lube, but you just gotta do it, and if you can you just slurp it back down and you just keep going at it like the chance that you are because
a coming. What are you going to do really at that point? No listen like like when you're younger, you know how you like cry when you throw up and you need your mom's like rub your back baby, I just hope he's like bitch get the fuck out of my face. I have a fuck you throughout all my dick that happened to the mill yeah male x, male fun, the man the myth, the legend. He was telling me a story guys. He said he fucked this broad oh great, they were passed out. Basically she was a come savage, a psycho. She got on top of him right after and literally started sucking his soft dick and she was like We want it again and he's like alright. Alright. Here we go, I'm not really in the mood, but ok and she starts sucking his dick until it gets hard and she's going so ham. He was like this wasn't even a Glock Glock, nine thousand this was like a suction. I don't even know what the fuck you would call it and he was like it was
a lot. It was a tornado on my dick and all of a sudden. He was a cooper I feel on my dick. My eyes are closed. I looked down and she has her mouth is like a chip unk. It will all my dick is warm. I feel some chunks and I'm like this bitch just threw up all over my fucking piece. And when he said she he was like in this one. Just like a little bit like I've- had inclination, sometimes that girls have throw up. He said this full blown was a mouthful of throw up she swallowed it back up like fucking, clam chowder got beautiful and- and he said after He literally got up. Was so mortified. He said. Thank you. Please. Let yourself out He ran to the bathroom, he said I stew in the shower, for over thirty minutes with my forehead
against the wall, and I contemplated my thai higher the existence of post, not clarity, the post we've talked about this. The pot's, not clarity, is a real fucking thing. It's after a guy comes and his entire life flashes before his eyes. Everything becomes crystal clear, two thousand and twenty vision and he's just like wow. What the fuck is, how what just went down you guys have to understand. The PNC will call it. We should make t shirts of that post that clarity, The post night, clarity, guys every single guy halves has after they come like, they literally sit there and they are just in a diff. Dimension. That is why I sometimes like girls get butt hurt when your guy gets up and he walks to the bathroom. That's happened to me before, where I'm like, I had just gotten done. Having sex with a guy and he like rolls over and I'm laying there and I'm like this bitch- is not about to not giving attention after that. Just went down, but it's true like they
need like one to two minutes to like sober up legit actually know the opposite is: are the most sober, that's true. They like seeing everything there it's like when they roll over in the bed, and they just need a minute or the girls like like coming cuddle. No, you need to give them, that's why I know girls freak out when they do go to the bathroom and they shut the door. Girls are like what the fuck was that bad, and then you know it was probably could have been amazing. It doesn't matter. That's also when guys this ha. Since this is not specific to you. Every girl, it literally opens when they let you jack off to porn literally after they. Anytime, anywhere, is in the Mason jar in your vagina in the sheets in their sock it doesn't fucking matter they're going to have the moment where they need to be alone, and if he's standing up and going to the shower girl, you should to go to the bathroom and pee. So you don't get you yeah. I saw it on I'm still loosely, so don't freak out when they have the post, not clear. I think girls have the post, not clear. You too, though
Absolutely like not, obviously it's bad, but it right. It's there, the post, it note story the post. It note story only your friends 'cause, I post that cleared. He like I've, never seen. I got to ok, I'm actually really. Okay, guys all right! Sorry! I just forgot about this shit all right. This is called the post. Note story. Yeah, let's get into it, not posted. No, that's beautiful. I know This is what the post it note story is so my at the time it was this about a about. A year ago I had a friend in town and she and I each seen each other. While we were super excited, I at the time was dating a guy and I was living with him. We shared an apartment, so he was out of town. She was coming to stay with me. We go out one night. We went to catch
hello, hi, I'd like any good about, but yeah catch is like a restaurant. Slash turns kind of into a club at night. If you guys don't live in New York, so we're I catch and we find this group of guys and you know their q they're. Talking to my friend they're talking to me, I'm just fucking third villain over here, but I was happy because I wanted her to get it in. She was in town, you know, so we start talking to these guys. My friend starts hitting it off with this guy. They start making out and we didn't. I didn't even think about it. Like a weird way. She was like he's going to come back and I'm like perfect great yeah bring back to our apartment. It's funny what alcohol will do to you know for sure. Absolutely come on back, but also because she was in town she didn't want to go like a Rando's apartment, so I'm going to bring it back to the apartment in the car we get back to the apartment. We walk up to the apartment I thought it was like a threesome, ok I was going say so I will always walked up there with your boyfriend. Also, since you your friend in a guy,
and your drugs you're, probably like all over him. The doorman's, like all the doormen, are staring at me like what the fuck is this slut up to do. We need to warn her boyfriend, I'm like no, no, no we're good, so we walk into the apartment now guys, let me Talking to you that the apartment I was living in was not a normal New York City apartment. It didn't have the rug. Sofia Nix, there is no ruggedness, there was no poop and pee coming out of their bathroom, and it was just. It was a way nicer. Like a museum yeah. How would you expect it was like it was like borderline penthouse, Just this high rise gorgeous the views or incredible of all of York like no twenty, something year old girl is a can afford to, There is no, there is no fucking way. I was that was just my place, so the guy comes up. We walk into the apartment and he like stops in his tracks and he's like what the fuck he was like. Do you guys live and I remember being like yes, it's like
our police, just two of us. Meanwhile. Meanwhile, the decoration in my apartment, at the time the memorabilia like there were, like twelve pictures of your ex boy, friend like jerseys, like it wasn't like. It was literally a museum of all of this like athletic shit I probably look like a fucking great, a psycopath like bad. Like the biggest fan you like, I just love sports so anyways, so he sees it whatever we ended up saying it was our place. They go into the bedroom and the guys shoes and clothes were like. Why do you have all these men's clothing? I, like that dress like a boy missing on, so they go in my fuck.
In the morning, I'm sound asleep in my bed and my friend comes in she's like knocking on the door she like outside I'm like well uh she's like I need to come in. She closes the door. She locks that she gets into bed she's naked, I'm like what the fuck is going on like what did he do? She's like nothing? It was unbelievable great sex, but I just don't want to see him again and I was like wait what just like I. I do not want to see this man again, and I'm like, ok, but what the fuck do like this guys in our apartment, like what are you going to do? She's like no, I took care of it and like what the fuck do you mean you took care of it she's, like I wrote on a post. It note- and I said thanks for last, I sorry, but I need to be alone right now. You can let yourself out, and then she left her number at the bottom. Put it on his head. You do that. You put the post, it note on his forehead and left him in the.
And came in here honestly. It's not that crazy, because if you, if you need to make sure that this guy sees the post it not like, where else are going to put it on his day, exactly she was like he better know and he'll, let himself out so we're laying there and we were freaking out, though, because we hear him get up and he opens the door we here. This point I'm like this is about to steal, point I like this guy is just having a shopping spree he's walking out with Jersey and I'm like honestly take what you need and will just right. I don't think I can get the fuck out so that part of the story, you guys this man wrote in to call her daddy a couple weeks ago, a year later, a year later, I'm sitting in my bed yeah. I am reading the call her daddy questions, you guys right into the site, yeah and I scream in our apartment, I'm like so I run into your room and you're like the guy that hooked
up with my friends in my ex boyfriend's apartment that got the. Post it note on his forehead row in so good I want to have to read I I took yeah, I took a little snippet. He basically told the whole story and ended up saying towards and he was like. I was sober enough when we got back. I finally recognize who you were which athletes apartment I was in so it turns out. He did know he he knew buddy. He did know he fucking knew if you went inside apartment you would know so then he said funniest part was. I woke up alone completely naked with a posted so on my head, saying that the girl needed to be alone and went into the other room to pass out to top it off. She only gave me six digits. This leads me to my question. Can you get me that last digit from the girl I plugged over a year ago thank you for the memorable night. Shit was epic.
She will be love six digits, there's a missing digit. Should I text him like what the fuck she like? Honestly, I don't even know I was so fucking hammered. Still whatever that was the funniest fucking thing and like the fact that she had the post, not nightclub in the morning she's like I don't wanna fucking see, am I don't want to talk to me ever again. I mean I'm surprise she fucking last until the morning I mean my post nut clarity is like a guys, I'm like literally after I'm done the guy goes to get me a glass of water when he comes back, I'm like putting my pants on and I'm like. Oh my god, my ubers, outside thanks for the water gotta go you, okay Sophia, you literally well. I think it was like three months four months ago. So few was hooking up with this guy consistently oh and you would be out like going on a date with this guy. I'm like okay, have fun you're going to sleep there. Sophie is walking in at three a dot m. Five. A M twelve like every the night that she went out with this dude. She, rolling in fuck. Are you not staying? That was that was for real, like I was,
out of there. One time I was putting my clothes on to leave and he was like no, he was like nope. You are link shut down and like you were spending the night with me like this is getting out of control because dude like you at that point, I feel, like you kind of take over control, because the Jews like alright, I'm fucking you and it's the whole thing. We say when high five to dude and piece of luck out and they're like what, You know what it is, I'm not trying to be cool, I'm not trying to like play a game without guy. I don't want to sleep in add with a guy, I'm not comfortable with. Can you agree with me? Do you remember at absolutely? Do you remember the guy? I was kind of hooking up with a few months ago and he we were I wouldn't say, we're about to start like dating, but we were more serious, and so I I don't know why the fuck! I did it, but I stayed over one, I'm like I'm, going to stay You know I sometimes I feel obligated right. He's. Buying me enough dinner. Is he taking me out enough? I got to sleep right back to slumber party.
So I sleep there and I don't sleep a fucking minute guys I am laying there like the little mummy in my casket. I'm like that. Do I'm like counting the hours I'm checking my phone and looking at me sleeping so I remembered you the one day I texted you and I'm like. No fear I am losing my fucking mind it's six hundred. Am I need to get the fuck out of here. Alex text me and she's, like you're, going to call me and you're going to say, you're locked out of the apartment and I'm an answer, the phone. So I can leave and I didn't even touch your back. I was like hey Alex, I'm locked out of the apartment wanna come by me, while I put my phone directly next to that mother fuckers head put it on loud, and so it goes off and he's like, and I'm like. Oh, my god, who's phone is at pretending, like I don't know, god damn well, I just fucking texted you and you blow me up and not the type, I don't think guys would ever know girls do that. I mean, oh, my god. There is nothing more irritating than when you're laying there and the guy is sound, asleep
You know that you will not be able to go to sleep like it. Pisses me off on a level that is not normal for something. That's so not troll, the hot. Why do girls do this and not guys girls, and I don't know if it's just a few nights like it's every girl, you need attention. I don't know what it is. I don't want him to be asleep until I thought. Oh, my god, I am like laying there and I look over and he is sound, asleep and he's making that little peaceful face. Fucking punching that like this, this is here you go Sofia I used to do this with my ex boyfriend, like I would do the class. Like kind of like smack you a little bit like you like is no. They do stuff. So you, like you like that. Well, like whatever to wake him up, that's not enough! It wasn't enough. Never, and so what I started to the who
Jesus Christ. What here she comes guys, I bring it. I would be like Babe babe babe. I just heard a noise like I'm terrified, there's someone downstairs. It was so scary like please, please go check. And he would be like babe. I must sleeping it's fine, please please. Like. Oh my god, please. So he would stay up so go downstairs like look around and so by the time he's back up to our room He had gotten up with walking around the house and he's awake and you got away and it will take him way longer to fall back asleep. Then, if you just like they did a little slap
Should I be? What do you have to watch? A movie wanna play a board game. Oh my god, I'm like you're awake. I like me too. Why couldn't fall asleep either like what should we do is put on a show he's like? No guys. That is a thing you have to get them to stand up stand up. Babe. I heard a noise baby, someone's in the house. It doesn't matter, they gotta make him do a lab. You will write it all back to the room. They are awake and you're, like my boyfriend said that he started to get here. This is fucked up he's already starting to get you going to around What, because He knew how bad it pissed me off like he said that he would fall asleep. Like after he'd been asleep for like one to two minutes like he would like hurry and like look over, and I would just like these laying there like staring Sofia that's like the craving an easily we like we came. We like came to the middle.
You and your family before you. Let me know outside of the best thing, for the both of us was for me to fall asleep. First and then you can fall asleep and that's a relief ships are all about finding some middle ground. That's what we did. Doonan guys are going to be listening to this and be like what the fuck, probably guys, don't understand the things girls do when we fuckin lay there when it's like a one night stand or you just don't want to be their annual review all full another level. But if I'm not comfortable with the guy, I'm out Audi. I'm goodbye really plan the uber before we hook before we like ok, pick up, twenty minutes from now. Here we go. Let's get a quickie, ok holy shit, that's actually beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your psychotic shit. I think everyone loves that I mean we all. Have it right all right question Let's get into the question Quiz Jones,
we we we we list. I think- and I need to go to sleep too. What are you living in of okay? Okay. First question: to the first question: you guys were talking about sending attacks to the wrong person I did that, but with my mom Christ, I was sexting my boyfriend, some really filthy disgusting nasty shit and I accidentally sent it to my mom, he was mortified and I thought is still texting, my boyfriend, so I said something like you don't like, that baby I uh yeah. I really think it was a mistake. It was to my mother. I want to die dude. That is the fuck. Word. I remember one time I was like in high school or assumption I was doing. Should I should have been doing all got blackout in. I ended up in a guys bed and I texted my friend I was at the party with me. I'm like dude, I I can book full blown naked in this guys that I need to do to like
get me outta here and I text it to my god. Damn fucking, mother and she's like Alexandra. Are you ok what's wrong and I'm like it's over? Ok, I'm sorry, but I don't think that's as bad as in full on new, no sending a nude that shit, can you imagine sending a full blown ved a little nice vedy I've up in the clip an octave? Oh ok, I am so sorry. Thank you for writing in that shit. Is I'm so sorry about that situation or the next one? So you know this guy. He throws a condom on. He starts thrusting. I was a bit confused at his over exaggerated moans, because his dick was underneath me between my sheets and my ass. I wasn't sure what he was going for, but I just went for it with a minute for a minute and then he fucking team in my sheets. Shortly after and he told me my pussy was tight. Really he was fucking
reeling my nylon bedsheets, what the fuck she goes. He panics right after because the condom broke implying. He thought he was inside me for that short ride. What the fuck, if you are listening to this podcast, they call her daddy podcast, and you don't know if you're in to vagina or if you're between her ass and a bed sheet, go! Oh, what the hell! What guys? Listen something about this feels so good babe. This fucking pussy is so tight. You, like your fucking, my sheep. I would just want to fuck with me, like, I think, I'm pregnant later the pregnant, who is freaking out the condom, breaking I'm like dude. Oh my fucking idiot
moving on. I don't even want to give that guy. Second of our time and less he's like in middle school or high school, I mean yeah wait what age is like? Ok, so if you go, this girl wrote in and she said what is your advice if you been fucking a guy for about a month casually and now you're over it and don't want to fuck anymore, do you say you're over it or it goes the fuck out of him? Oh, my god, so many calls right into us and they're like hey, like I've, been doing this with this guy, I'm kind of over it like what do I do and I'm like. Why is that a question you? What do you do you? You go see the out You literally leave he never hears from you guys guys. Why do you? here. This is a thing I think girls over think some things way too much. There is no approach unless you're in a full blown dating relationship. There is no appropriate way to be like hey, we've fucked,
full time, and now it's my time to Askot Bay and I'm over it I'm going to go, find new dick! Thank you for your services, but thank you for the orgasm's, but it's time for finding the right wing right? No, I mean totally it's boyfriend girlfriend. That's obviously, if you guys are fuck buddy, you do not owe him anything. I mean if you don't want to be such a dick. I think also the best way to do it is just slowly stop answering that you kind of ghost in then you kind of don't in your responses. Are just bland as fuck and you always blow up the plan. I he'll get the but I do want to also address that we acknowledge there are some people that are in like college settings or group settings. I get it's a little bit harder if you're fucking with the guy, that's like in your friend group, because you don't want to ruin a relationship or like split up the group, and I think that more so is what we just said start kind of like waning off and just
it must be yeah like I think everyone's going out tonight. We can hang out there and then just don't go home with him and just literally Wayne off the fucking but girls it again. If you're done be, fucking done just like guys are yeah, I mean guys fucking. Do it all the time girls and we start you goddamn dowdy well, this may be one of the only podcast telling people to go swim. That's okay! Go um! Last question: how do I tell my boyfriend that he's not good at eating me out? Oh so, first we got to bring up the cooch popular we gotta bring up, bring up the coop Mount Gump baby. All where is mentioned in episode. Five, if you can have him, listen to it with you without his feelings getting her I say, go for it. This is how you don't get his feelings. Hurt. Girls, you blame everything on call her daddy. So what you're going to do is going to say holy shit babe. I am listening to his podcast. An this, though
a couple episodes one. I have so many things I want to try and you for a blowjob. I found this new technique, but there is this shit. I want you to try on me. I think it's going to be so fucking hot I'm so horny. I want you to listen to it and, let's you tried on me tonight: oh my god, like a pause, But if reinforcement like excited, you got to approach everything basically mind: fucking them. If you want to tell them something, you bring it positive, you're nice about it and you're like this Cooch cobbler babe, you do mommy. I can't even fucking amount right. Then he is going to be like. Oh, my god, my girlfriend's wet over this podcast. Listen. I've only dated guys where they wanted me to tell them what I like like. They wanted me to literally tell them verbatim like what I want to go, but then I've told you I know, but I guess there are guys out there that get their egos br. I had a guy a friend that was never really like wanted to go down on girls, but that he was just kind of fucking because he said I know I'm great at fucking. I know my go to positions but eating a girl.
Is something I'm not as confident in, and so I stray away from it and I think, listen guys have a lot of guys and their egos get bruised so easily, especially when it comes to sexual things. So, girls, if you want to tell your guy something you can't, so direct with them, because imagine if your dude was like you fucking suck at giving head like that's not what anyone wants to hear sexual shit 'cause then what happens? Is the man He then goes down on you. The next time he's insecure thinking. Oh my it does. I think this one sucks. Positive, you want to switch it up and try something and call daddy and show them episode? Five, the Cooch cobbler combo. I mean baby. That shit is real and you will be wetter than ever guys. I think that's another Wednesday down Daddy game. I mean it's December. Oh my god,
getting close to new years, there's so many episodes we have coming up, there's so much content. We can't wait. Thank you guys for listening to this episode. We love you guys. We will see you next Wednesday bye, daddy games. I.
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