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22- Condom Poker

2019-02-13 | 🔗

 The girls are here to discuss how to get over a breakup and introduce one of the riskiest games of poker ever played…condom poker. Watch out for STD's! They also get into the ‘double tap' feature on the iPhone and how you can use it to become a master manipulator. Last but definitely not least, the girls bring us a new sex tip to make sure your sex is hot and steamy and it involves flipping the bird.

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Daddy, I call her daddy call her daddy. You put your headphones This go we're here who daddy gang. We have had a lot of people reaching out to us, saying that Rome in roman swipes are actually working. They are actually working you guys. People are writing and testimonies about how they are having longer better sack. That's for real, brilliant, so Roman, we ve talked about it before guys. They are swipes that you swipe on your deck. Basically, before you are having sex and it will help you last night, I also think listen, it happens like guys. We are not shitting on you guys, but at the end of day, girls want you to last longer. So this is a perfect way.
If I was a guy and all I had to do was like a swipe- something maybe wipe it at all. My dear all, day, a whole take literally ones like a fag ten bitches again day so guys like we said it's three hundred forty percent increase in stammered after three months of you. So if you guys want to start trying to re packages, yes discreet packaging, I know somebody will feel weird. Like buying that shit. Don't flip it in your pocket next to the condom or go raw and they're so easy to you. So if you guys are interested eyes- and you won't last long about room- go to get roman dot com, slash daddy again, that is G t r, o em a and dot com, slash daddy, freer to day shipping. I Marie today ship it's wednesdays. If you data by fraud and then you can fuck twelve benches and weak and let's go turn up last longer and get harder, whew, daddy floods of guys, I'm here
Some type away today were in a fuckin mood. Today, a little Lucy Goofy were in the studio. We started our late because we ve been playing he's egg Soviet Bloc, her sunglasses on and we're just in a mood. This is gonna be be more of an experimental this. This one, maybe a little different. Okay. I guess when we release this Valentine's day, wouldn't tomorrow, yeah yeah, well, girls. She, your vagina guys trim those pubic trim up get after it. Ok, we posted a video of we mentioned last podcast thought I had taken a music video of a guy's genitalia what you call a music video. I took a music video and we posted it to the call her daddy.
Sugar, which no one thought we were gonna do we, I mean we tyranny Mogi over YO, his dick low, just because also like, had such issues in in the with our instagram getting taken down, and we We're like. I know why you can't just post of philosophy peanuts on What do you mean? She's, like we've gone in trouble in the past. We can't really get away with I'm pretty sure you're like Alex you're, trying to post porn no, but we straight up we're like I want to post this video because they want people to know that were being dead? Ass, like we stir, have these videos we're not lying about these worries of you and I posted the video, the guy's deck, for. Why, like I made you, keep it up, You want to put it up for five minutes and I started to get scared, but we probably had it up there for like fifteen minutes. The reason I brought it up is because people were more appalled by the pubic hair
oh, my god, they were calling it like Cuba, like I thought this was like to Bakas Dick, which I like thought the same thing. I forgot how much hair he had down there? I don't hair, doesn't we believe that was like a bushel like a man Well, I'm just thinking, I think it's gross when you're sucking Dick and you go down and like is half of it. You get like a hair brush or I yeah there. We go I'm kidding so I hope everyone's excited for Valentine's day, though I mean we're, not getting shit, no are we I mean, should we get each other or something? But I mean, do you think? A boy is going to send you shit, no me either. Why not? It's because we're keeping too many side hoses and we haven't anointed anyone in Maine. Maybe you know we got to do. We got to quickly do that before tomorrow, yeah, so we can get a gift.
We can just be like hey, I think we should ramp it up to the next level. We tomorrow night, like bitch. I know you want to give I'm like whatever all right. So that's just our little update, and so, if you have like ten boyfriends right now, eleven is really getting annoying. I need to fill my roster quickly double tap response. This, oh baby. Okay, sorry, sorry, so double tap responses, in the past, I've talked about red receipts and I didn't realize how many people were going to be like start using them, and I think it's really created a goddamn movement. So double tap responses. If you don't know a double tap responses, I'm pretty sure you have to have an Iphone to do this. I don't actually don't know what the fuck a samsung does. So, truly I'm sorry, if you're a Samsung user, do they have them. I haven't
You're asking me, I don't know shit about it. I don't know, but so you I know that the d The Iphone has these. So, basically, if you double top, someone's message list of options appear. I know you all know this, but in case anyone doesn't so the options are you can hear it you can thumbs up for, like you can down for dislike, you can haha to laugh at it or exclamation and then there's a question mark option. I want everyone to add the double, response to their goddamn arsenal. Can't anymore, I just I like watch Alex like maneuver and manipulate men and I'm like okay, so you hard then you are hard and then you give him an exclamation point, namely blood ran and go to sleep, and then you take the red receipts. I'm I share. It really is a game, but if you can execute properly your gucci saga, I want to get into a little bit of like a sermon about these double tap responses, guys I promise you. If
start using them. Girls and guys it's another way like red receipts, suggests finesse the game so red risk it's our so good, obviously for many instances, but the double tap response. I think, because there are so many options legitimate can fit in, any combo, depending on how you want to use them. So I mean it I like straight up examples that I was thinking well, let's say the king fuck boy that you're fucking with or the deceitful floor, that's being little disobedient slow. I worry, no worries our. Let's say they Next to you saying they miss you, the classic, the fuck boy, slides in luck, girl, slides in and in Europe Of course, you miss me back. There is where, if you want to keep the convo going guys because listen there are times if you want to leave them on, read because you're just like fuck, I want them to know. I'm ignoring them You can use the double tap girls and guys you're, gonna
leave on red and you're going to double tap there. I miss you with a ha ha, ok This shows obviously your reaction to it, but you're not going respond and therefore I promise you if you were spot, respond, ha ha to someone saying I miss you or like like thinking about you anything like that, they're going to be so insecure and they're going to double text. You, okay, Sophia, is like taking No, no! No! No! I love that guy, what about, if you give them a hard so that There is a difference between us so and I'm gonna get to that because the hard. The haha, is more of a mine. Fuck because he's going to be like. So why are you laughing it? Like? No, it's c a. I love that and he's like okay, but at the end of the day the ha ha makes him double tax and feel insecure. The heart does comments, secure if you want to make him insecure, because I'm speaking fuck boy,
deceitful floor. Let me give you another example, so it's really clear, let's say you're talking to a hook up you ask them like a serious question and they completely I pass it and they just carry on the combo. How many times I also thought can happen like you send a guy a paragraph. One question can only answer like one question: responds like one common yeah, it's so fucking anew I will literally am. I have three things to say: I'll, send one thing into away for him: send the next thing wait for him to make sure I got everything like an hour. You have to either there just like being completely aloof, or they are obviously avoiding answering the question. So so you're talking to your hook up and you ask a question completely bypasses it. This is when guys you leave on red to whatever he. Answered, and then You want the Congo to continue. You
are going to put an exclamation mark on your last text. Does that make sat on the other Suleiman you're going to double tat. Is your last message, basically being like high national? I asked your question in that text answer. Is that similar, like a double taxed kind of from who, like I'm just saying like okay, so you text something and he doesn't respond to what you ask right so then you're going to throw the exclamation point? Isn't that similar to just being like you know, this is the beauty of it? Okay, that let as you do not send a new text, it's like you buy you putting an exclamation point, your own text message you aren't following up Asking again yards literally emphasise, emphasising it and that's huge, because then you don't have to tax Mcgann, both us and then he is forced to double taxed, an answer that question re, ok,
now, let's talk about it because you don't always have to do it in a fucked up way. Ok, let's say you're sexting any. Tells you how much he loves you giving him head you're going to read it, and then you can love it press the heart on it and then you can follow up. the fact that makes him know that you like one says stuff like that, like your man, no the guy you're talking to let the girl. No, when you like shit, especially our talking dirty like like that shit, let's say. You your fuck buddy text, you saying hey, I want to see you tonight, but you want to keep them on their toes a little bit. Okay, you're love that love that or like it down to down to fuck. Do you want to play bit the game, your blog, ok, yeah, sure, let's go he's a go see you tonight, you're gonna thumbs up it. You got a hard it. That way If they really want a day, have to then follow up with a double tax being like ok, so
do you want to hang out? They have to go the extra mile. I think this is the thing the benefit of the double Hap responses are that, unlike rather receipts it, it is a response, although it's out a real, reply. You have to understand that people are getting a notification. When you die, tap. It shows up as a message which red receipts aren't, so it can fuck with someone they're like. Oh, she texted me and then you fucking see an explanation point and you're like what the fuck bitch. So I think my point to this is like the possibilities are endless with the double tap and the double tap receive combo is undefeated like if you're really trying to fuck with someone and make them in secure. This is the way to go to also keep the convent. Going. I would not be able if I can keep up I it? I know I'm hoping I'm explaining array it's just like you have to keep in mind that, with the double tab there always get it
the last one. That responded, even though technically you're kind of the last one and that's huge it's like well, I want to see you late night. You laugh at it, you read it and you laugh at that shit. I usually use it. I actually have used it when someone doesn't answer the question I asked: is it yeah and then, if someone says somebody that doesn't really warrant a response, but, like I'm really into the guy lignite, my friend then I'll, give it a heart, yeah yeah, those at a pretty great generic ones, and I think everyone listening my point of this is like red receipts are so be it like you can throw those things on turn them off fuck with someone. This is just there's a lot of time. I think people are like we'll hot I know when to leave them on red or not. If you want to keep the conversation going or you even want to add a double layer of a mind, fuck you're, going to throw hi you're gonna, put an exclamation point at the end of the day. That warrants then.
Simply sending a double tat and that's the goal ray. The double text is the God, Damn fucking gullet, double top double text from the double tat Oh my god! Oh my god, it's a lot. They will double X, you because you double tapped God at you, your vagina inside inside and around ok Alex, didn't you say that, like yours, and set a nude guide. Double topped attitude. I can you m, he hearted it. She said. Fire ass nude and this guy hearted her fucking nude. When I say that I block people easily, I would be blah women millisecond I went on king doing. I would love to release your blocks lists on your phone. How many fucking guys or what? But no you know if eight listen Ladys, if a guy ever ever, fucking dare,
double double tap response to a fucking nude, oh my god that motherfucker is dead and gone, and I will not be hearing from you and you are gonna post that on your fucking story. Until you get the right, goddamn respond right, you're gonna send that new to twenty guys like that, is not a fucking acceptable thing holy shit. That's that's just not! Okay! No so guys we are here to introduce the bird and the reason, because we got to knock it off with the axe body spray. We got to knock it off with a back and bodywork secret, like girls and men, women. We should be using perfume men, we should be using Cologne. We don't need to do body spray, the amount of body sprays I have
in the corner of my room that I just get every inch out of, because I'm not willing to go, buy a new fun. I go to Walmart and no Fucking Dallas ourselves, no whatever so, basically guys. Sanford is a luxury fragrance subscription service for perfumes and colognes. So every fucking daddy gang member knows you are not going out and buy new shit you're using the same one. Every time you don't want to smell the same. Every time you go see a guy or go see a girl right. So basically they have four. Jordan. Fifty designer brands Prada Tom Ford. They thought they make yourself you ass. I totally love the Burberry one. That's like when we personal Isley use a juicy guitar. I'm not kidding every time That's what I'm saying every time I hook up with a guy. They think I smell great, that's the one I use so you one that tries to tell me I'm stolen seven Greek and you guys were always going to want to smell good. That's true! So if you guys find yourself never going and buying new perfumes, you can just do this and also colognes. So we have an exclusive offer for you guys. You can get fifty percent off your first month today. That is only seven dollars and fifty cents for your first fragrance. Oh, my God
go to scent bird dot com, slash, daddy and use code daddy for fifty percent off again that is sent S c e n t bird b, I r d dotcom, slash daddy and your guy you're gonna get your first perfume or cologne for just seven hours. If she says I'm serious guys, this would actually like a really is what a layer in college and ever fuckin chopping go yourself and they come in the cutest packaging that I love my juicy. Let's go condom talk, oh that's the condom. I don't know that was an intro. If I've ever heard one we were talking on condoms and what the fuck did. You call it called it it feels like you're, getting fucked by a hot dog, drafted a plastic bag from your local fucking shop right, that's what all! That's like fucking, awful, such ass. As a true that I'm sorry, everybody would rather go fuckin raw dog with economy, but the thing is: is Udall a baby. You hadn't, gotten us tv show that thing I've
about how you are in all seriousness, guys like it's. Just crazy when use condoms anymore or no nobody. No, no one knows why not one like it, when you are about to hook up with a guy. It's not even a fucking question, really not even brought up, they don't even have in their wallets anymore, village, it it's. It is really crazy to me, like these older men super stably, successful and they're like in their fucking, thirties and forties and they're, not even bringing up condo. How do you know about that? Sophia you're, like what? No, I agree, any guy that I have a hooked up with that's older. I, like I'm literally mid Saxon. I like we
wait and it's like where's that thing that's rubber and then the nineteen year olds are like gotta put one on or there at least like they have them, and they like pay out of their pocket they're like should we use this yeah and then I would say fuck off, but like at least they offer a lease there. Okay, I've never told a guy to like fuck off when he brought it condom that would scare me as a guy if a girl was like get that out of my face. I'd be like okay, I'm putting two on, but actually that is a really good topic to bring up, because I was talking to milk hunter and we were talking about this thing called condom. Occur. And it is such a thing and people are like wait. What does that mean condom a game? Everybody plays, you, probably just don't know you're playing it. So, what's a little way in song, it's like safe sex is great sex better. Where laid text because you don't want to get that tax that I'm late tax, yeah lollipop. Nobody wants a fuckin sd, no, not many people that I know I want like an unplanned kid, but, like
just said: let's be completely honest, I mean Sophia, don't don't be a fucking liar sitting across from raw sex is better than fucking condoms. Absolutely thank you, glad you at least admitted. I can feel like a fucking. No, I think woman can't tell as much as a fucking guy sure I met a fucking. Unicorn of a man and the other day, and he was telling me that condoms aren't even that bad. If you just got the super ultra thin ones, and I was sick it to my core, a man who was that condoms aren't married marry him now. I saw the whole thing about the condom. Poker Milt Hunter yeah. He brought me the condom, poker because he said in a guy's mind which is kind of crazy, It's like on the guy, usually till I have the condom, which shouldn't be by their our guys that look at a girl and they either think I'm gonna fuck her raw or do I need to use it?
with it's fucking insane, because it's like like okay, so the guy, I see a girl that looks like an a librarian and he's just going to be like. Oh, don't need to wear a condom like shut the fuck up. This is probably the climate whore yeah, you never know so he basically gave me like a couple things that give a guy. The go ahead to use a condom or not. So he said first of all, the classic, if it just seems too easy, like, let's be honest, he said pussy makes guys feel like the man a lot of men get sucked in the hole like. Oh, this must just for being for me Boba. Meanwhile, he was like yeah she's, probably like that for the whole fucking football team, so he said, Are you guys? You need to pull your ego aside and know when it's just too plain easy? Don't chips down on raw sacks like it's just not issue, throwing the pussy you and the same goes for girls, girls if he is the biggest fuck, fuck boy boy folk, but the biggest
boy in town and he's just trying to fuck you here he smashes and dashes every night. You got to be smart about that. Okay, are you condoning this condom poker thing? Let me just finish my right and I'll decide turns into the whole investigating their their mileage. This is something that Hunter talks talks about its, So I can, I understand your hand if at it again so investigating their mileage, guys you should be asked mutual friends, hey Do you know any one? That's fucked her to know anyone, that's fucked him and if everyone like me and my grandmother, my sister, my cousin, arouse thousand interesting yeah. If everyone fucks that person that's another little inclination like just be weary. By to the next point, if these people, when you go to get down and dirty with them, if she asks Do you have a condom Ben you don't
use the kind legit if she asks if you have a condom or if the guy asks do you have a condom, then you Keto need to go because it's like, oh, so they practice it so this time for me- and I can't be wrong and if you bring a condom and the person says, get that shit out of my face, then you better put it the fuck on no. But it's true, we all jokes aside. I think this is the thing. Everyone needs to be smart. I'm not going sit here in fuckin front, everyone is going to walk around and be like condoms, condoms, no one's fucking using condoms anymore. So on call her daddy, I'm just being real with it. I'm going to say if you're try to have raw sacks. You got to look like I just said. Is it too easy, investigate their mileage and invest today, ok. Did she even ask if I have a car
or did he even ask if I can on me, go around in his night sound and which I can see and melt Hunter did say if she had the condom with her brings it out when you're about to fuck. Some guys would think. Oh she's, a whore right, I don't know. No, no he's had a smart guy who listens to call her daddy will know that if she's practising safe sex, then you're, basically you're you're good to go you're gonna go in raw buddy. I think. Listen! It's I mean. Do you agree with me that there are everyone's fucking raw yeah. I agree with you that everyone is doing that. I just like want people to know as much as you can like play condom poker, whatever every single time You have sex with someone without a condom you're having sex with them, and every person I slept with no end its listen. It is. I am not saying
don't use condoms. I'm just saying I am addressing that. No one uses them anymore. Had a thing be a little mindful yeah do a little investigation. Two guys could you dont want to fuck. Consider no one a sitter. The states are not kill a sigh. I they are not, as there are not called as cds, anywhere there s eyes. Why cause our daily useless, like not scared, the shit out of people are well. I just wanna talk about cities permanent got their national they're, not no, no, no joke and bear a big deal by Alex. I just want to address that day for most per hour, curable and or manageable, I think not curable remedy. Some of them are manageable. I think that's a great thing to bring up, and I feel, like people are so awkward talking about cds, the amount of fucking people in this office that have probably had one it is.
It is because I do talk about fucking everyone having raw sex, it's gonna happen Do you want to say that girl, I know we are used that it's gonna hopping. It's gonna have had noted I know there are people out like listen in high school in college and shit. Listen, you are of them. You are not going to die. For example, my friend got one and started bawling her fucking eyes out and started. Writing a will. Yes and she was like my mom's gonna get this My dad's gonna go, there's like you're, gonna fuckin die all got one college. My one of my roommates got clear and I number. I remember I didn't know what a classic you got her first Scd with Colombia that I say first like she was like when you answer back and right of past. Nor what are these I've seen when you got your period in your parents like your old man, does not actually refers as you like clubs to you
no one, so she gets declivity and I don't really know anything about it, and so I remember sitting in her dormer matter. Bawling, our eyes out- and we were just like this- is the end like this fucking sucks like they're going to die like was the sex even worth it, and then I think the reason we're bringing this up is because I know there are people that listen that are in high school in college and of girlfriend you're, going to survive, going to survive you're in Vienna see another day, most a will for the most of the moment cities like legit, I I know it's scary, we're not like downplaying them, but if you do an std dude, it's legit, you go, a parent How do you pop a pill and you don't have to tell your parents? You want to tell anyone to hell yeah so, but you should be taken seriously, obviously and using condoms, unless you know, oh, my god, mere diabetes, some fucking contradictory. They allowed. Actually
Actually, I have something that I want to say. I was hanging out with my friend and he was showing me his grinder and not as a I'm dealing upper the gaze of yours in no home, and he would show me like these people's profiles and, if buck in size, the last time you were tested and then it also says: if you are HIV pause, They were not on your dating profile. Why the? But why does and tender have that widely Ryan? I want I'm just gonna start putting that in mind what the weed that's actually pretty like brilliant right. The fact that you have to the last time you were tested- we didn't you all tell me that they put their position yeah yeah, they put it there a top or a bottom of their versa. Imagine if we have a call her daddy dating up because they'll put their favorite position. Imagine if you your favorite position was like the reverse side.
while Gluck United Back Gluck, like nine thousand performer or like a cool gobbler, prove dude? That's all we need our own dating out I'll, while minors fuckin lay. I know what the fuck I don't know why we don't have that. But the thing when I see you guys, if you find out you have one anywhere so embarrassing me like do not want to tell the person who gave it to you. You don't know. I I actually would fucking kill someone if they gave me an sd and I found out because they were cheating on me. The thing about a situation like that and cheating in general, can we live interleukin, don't listen. This sideways awry is that it makes the break up easier. I know that sounds crazy, but really does Sophia you just spit now
John my fear, you just spit it across the room, fucking brilliant it. So I need you to explain that cause. I go you're saying, but I want to make sure everyone else has when you have a tangible, valid reason to fucking hate someone. Then the break up is that much yeah we I fucking love this topic, the amount of people that remember like how the fuck do I get over break up yeah, let's go hammering now how to get over a break up by here somebody say you get over someone by getting under someone else, I'm going to I pull my eyelash. Nobody in the Daddy gang is ever allowed to say that fucking quote ever again. It's so active! You know what no quote, no quote: if you're going through breakup, you're not allowed to use a qua about. I, like that guy's, it's so eager right, fuck, the goddamn quote. You do yourself right
I'm in your d. I think I would rather see a quo Gandhi quo on a thirst rob than a fuckin depress dwell on a caption once you break a fine quotes, have gone through some shit out it on your wall and that's the truth, but I screenshotted it and like put it in my phone, make your fucking back catch me dead, going through a breakup and being like, if you can't can let me at my words users as hell doesn't deserve me at my ass, Now guys you look so fuckin, but her my main advice he get over a God. Damn break up is to be so up your own ass. It you don't have time to be up anyone else's organ of. Ah, what not on a Monday teach her baby, no seriously guys like I oh we're, never really serious by like in all seriousness, pulse getting over break up. There is nothing better. It's the whole like! Oh, like rebound fuck his ass, then do it or someone to get over someone. You know your main focus is no longer on this person because you know why, as far as you are concerned, they are dead dead.
That's a top, and I say you are mourning the loss law. I know it sounds funny, but it is so I have a little have a little funeral session, a little room in your room bed and he's gone she's gone there dead. They are. You have to live your life, at least for the first while, loud they knew and because its guys like we, I was, I was trying to be serious for a minute. The whole thing is: if you go out and you're thinking of oh I'm in a party and I'm going to post. So many things on my story and I'm going to. He's so out there about how I'm living my best life. You just look like a fucking. Try hard the best way to live. Your goddamn fucking life is to be off the internet. It's like you're having too much fucking fun to even post, okay, so girl's a girl that think are more into this than guys were out there. We're showing our labia we're posting, which way
hell you to do to make a man jealous the minute you break up with a guy. You are Rio. Islands on media are of an guy, the I think, an ass cliches. It sounds. This is the time when you got a focus on your last ALF yeah is on you and that's yeah banned the best Rovaniemi awful you're. Also, no more quotes no more drugs out also, can I just say that I feel like a lot of people that are emotionally unstable. Automatically thing I'm going to go fuck his friend or I'm going to go fuck the whatever, and then you find yourself crying at two a m because he doesn't fuck like your x and I totally been there where I'm like. and I'm gonna find I'm mid hook up and I'm like. Oh my God is my vagina. So much better and it's like okay, no, you got to wait to fuck someone. If you know like this one. This is a very specific to each his own. If you
yeah very emotional person do not try to go fuck someone cause you're gonna, find yourselves bawling, you're fucking eyes out. While he's a maiden arrest, ray and use our cry like his dick was mean for me. Yeah I just like shut the no eyes. Guy might be a little bit different by can we tell them what what to do? If your ex contacts you blocked, block law, Lock, Clark, you are locked. What I get a lot can trigger finger. How do you know how good it feels bucking go? Look at your blog, less any it's just pages and pages longer than your text message. Amazing, it's your dude! I would lock you love to like screenshot the amount of people you have block, it's brilliant guy, I'm serious when I break up with someone or Sophia does the minute if they're trying to still contact you block the fucking shit out of them front last, like two weeks and and I get it like, I am that bitch
So it's like yeah, but I want to know what he says. Oh actually, this is the one time I'm going to tell them turn off the red receipts. It's no longer about being petty girls. When you are done with the relationship. chip and if that person is still hidden you I want you can do. Is you can turn off your eye message? First, sir, Mp ball. Knowing all of those tax will send his green, so it will look as if you blocked someone, even though you but you're still getting attack us, are you a scientist, I am I fucking love that right. So, basically, you can either do that or turn off your red receipts and just let them keep getting delivered. Were I used to do that? Actually, most of the time I'll just block someone but like there was a guy I was dating and I wanted to know so badly what he said and I was like you are getting fucking blocked and then I would just I am absolutely organised stealthy little do you know I see every so guys, yeah, that's it!
a little and we might be rambling but sorry getting under someone and like fucking. Now that's the same thing as like a lot of us. I know me specifically, I feel inclined to rage. Yes, yes, and I will just go balls to the wall and then No, it's not fun is when you fuckin sober up and your God and the now ironing really now I'm really? Listen, I'm going to give you a quick all Alex Cooper moment. Where I mean to say, everybody needs to just understand that the end of the fucking day we're all gonna die. And no one is willing to get in that fucking casket with you. Okay. So if you are not happy with someone or they fucked you over you're in a move on and basically find something that makes you fuckin happier, there's no time to waste fucking over bitch boys
over floor also Alex Alex and Wars floors Alex now we're talking about this like. There is no reason that the world should come crashing around you when you go through no people, men and women. You gonna have your own share, going on hand outline some preachy but like it should be the type of thing where it really socks and it's a hard thing to go. The Congo, through a break up it shouldn't, be like holy shit. I need to start from ground zero. Unlike thing all my life, I do the amount of times and I cannot stress enough I've posted about. Oh, my instagram, that I have gone through a break up I know it sounds corny, but the bad always brings you to something good. I wouldn't be sitting in this chair if it wasn't for a fuckin break up like it just propels better alex- and I were talking about this. The reason I'm in New York was because of a break up the reason I'm Alex's because of same problem is that the region I met. You was because an outbreak of a break
look where we are now and one bill each other, and now we're getting married. We sister every night we're happier than any dick could ever make found soul mate. Our breakup so guys stay positive and move on and also find a good friend I'm fucked, I staring at you, I'm a lesbian for you, billing, etc. If you find someone ass port, you through the hard time taught. Oh, you know right right when the breakup happens. If I can say you can do whatever you need to do to like kind of get over here, I am. So fuckin lame too. I remember being in high school. And do I was going through a break up, and I was so in love with this guy, and I said in my room and I was, I would play that reality on go. Aim to figure out why, when I learned over and over here, we're outta bride?
we'd like knock on the door and we like dinners ready, namely not eat. More. Do I remember it? Does the engine but I thought I was so in in high school and when we broke up. I shake You know I was so fuckin amateur and grows. I wrote love letters to him every single day, I got a couple months and afterwards to I'm embarrassed I was robbed the box of letters off at his house like he has those on me. You got it from the notebook. Yes Valleluna, like original thought. You I'm not kidding you alive today. I thought about you and I realize like we will soon realise like our parents are trying to keep us apart, but this is stronger than anything you can. You put the dye Alex die, fuckin rise, just think about yourselves.
Younger, and it's just basically like escalates when you're older. We just had a little bit more mature and don't write, love letters are saying, take a bow, but it's the same. Fucking shit make you feel better. This might make you feel worse. You got about twenty more break up for that. One came from so true drew and think about the guy that use cry. Werner Langen on I think Brigham's can be fun yeah Em out, I can well you're. Not a joke knows way absolute that revenge. Even just like there's some satisfaction into like having to live your best life. It is forces you to me on and it's so anyone that's going to break up is about to go through a break up or if you wanting to bed breaking up a someone, yeah duet positivity up in this bit an endless into our podcast yeah, we're here for you so well, why you know it kind of crazy that, on the twenty second episode we're going to touch on this because,
call her daddy Bejean. We went straight to enter coursing oral and all that great stuff and we skip to ride over fingering like we just forgot the basics and we're like so when you're pegging your pitch and when you're fucking sucking his asshole. It's like what about just like me like a finger in the vagina, what a concept we have apologize for skipping over that one, because it's fucking important yeah yeah? I actually do. Pray, how important it is so Fucker often come from getting bigger and again so our boys, Ladys general, I think that the first thing I have stable fingering is just put out there. The jacket the God. It's gotta start it one I gotta stop knock. He had knocked off guys it is the honor. Play the most terrifying thing for a girl. I think sex is one of the things is the jackhammer boys
going to refer to you as boys, if you're using the job cameras, so I will never forget, I was so excited to hook up with this guy. I was in college and he was not in college and I was so pumped he's so hot whatever we get to hooking up and he's going down to finger me and I'm like ready for it, he puts his fingers in like the gun position so like index finger finger bitch going in fuck? He takes his index and middle finger when I tell you he didn't even fucking, like lube lube it up. He just shot up up there and he was when our rapid speed like a fuckin fingering, the like, like so fast and hard and one speed, and I wanted to die no, it well it. I know it well dramatize into me, and it's terrifying. And I'm swatted his hand away like a disgusting fly. One
to take my foot and kick him in the head. It's insane and be the. How did that feel? Because that's how my vagina few guys, it's that system. You are I don't like everything with a girl. You need to ease into yeah. I don't want to hear about this shit anymore. No I'd! I own extreme. I've, Hesse, hydrothermal vents dragging to do what they need, but do the amount of people. This is a thing guys yeah a finger. A girl is, one of those things that, like, if you're good at fingering a girl and your Maybe your stroke game isn't as good like that. Can look like holster you up for a little bit like if you're good, at fingering a girl you're in yeah, so work on you're fucking game, yeah lease I, for my vagina, mean a thousand percent mean here we go here. We go. Listen up, listen up I've set at once and I'll see you guys focus on you,
still there stay with me again quiet. I hope you guys know what that is it pisses me off? No people just like keep forgetting it. How do you forget it? It's like the fucking, beat to the pussy. Oh, my god, you are. You are on some shit today. You, your fingers, should not end inside of her until you have played around and on the cliff, I need so it's so important to focus on that shit. Unlike Sophia said boys you, not fucking going in. Like I said earlier, the guy did with two fingers. You start with one fuckin finger. Ok, but abiding backup. Ok declare your right. Ok, your
you're innocent. Most of your time, I would argue outside of the giant. Yes, one hundred percent you're gonna rob her clear. Yes around the vagina and you can kind of like spread her lips and like use that whiteness and bring it up to the clan ass. A guy who's threw him ok, this is life too yeah to get your girl wet if she's, not what our asian? I went already two options. First of all, you can shove her anger shove your fingers in her mouth. Yet that's hot and a lot. Guys like. What do I say you don't say shit? No, you take your two fingers. You solve them down her, throw all now still no she'll put some. Fucking slobber on that shit and then you go down to her pussy and you wipe it on it and now that shits looped up number two, if you nowhere that well, and you don't wanna, be that aggressive with it. Then you yeah,
and either I mean I don't like when they spent in their hand. Guy, like I don't mind a guy, I think you'd like lick your hand, you put it down their fingers. That's what I'm saying I don't mind spit, but I know some girls. Don't love it by Spain second hand and get her. Why I'm I'm down with ok good? So when you do decide to go in a one hundred and one or two or three or four or five you're, doing a fist You know what you're doing, what do her? No you're doing one finger to start blown and that's not one finger one and then after then, in an odd. This second want ass. You can program, yeah. You start with one fucking finger, no fucking call her daddy man is going in with three fingers in their desire to know, and then it should be slow and once you're
doing that. You should do a come hither motion. Yes right Tom had around for the g spot fish around, now I have to say that the issue with a lot of people, a lot of guys, is they do the same God. Damn thing the whole fucking time right, and that is the thing that pisses girls off. Can you please imagine boys, look down penis right now is you're. Listening, look down at that, little guy and say: would you Would you like it? If a girl gave you a blow job and did the same thing, the entire time just up and down same speed now mix it makes it the buck up with that? neither motion I all like when a guy does like a circular motion, yeah summing science with the middle finger, we talked about with a middle finger, Let's talk about that. Little move. This move, this okay,
I called Alex the clockwise delight the clockwise delight and you guys think that you finger a girl correctly or you been fingered correctly before no, no, you haven't. This is what you're going to do. This is after you have played with her clip for forty five minutes. Alright, you are going to insert your middle finger into her vagina as deep as you can go like straight up home, taking a dildo to the back. You are shoving a, but it's your finger and it has to be the middle finger. It has to be and what you're going to do is you're going to kind of squirm your finger around, but the main thing you're going to do is you're going to start going in a clockwise motion. Okay and you are going to stimulate her g spot like it has never been stimulated before guys. I don't think this,
cannot be stressed enough, like we said, fingering is so big for girls. So when you specifically there's just something about the middle finger and when it goes up there and like straight up your it's like touching, your poem is facing the ceiling. You put the middle finger in you kind of do to come hither motion. You squirm your finger around and then you start going around and then occasionally guys when you're feeling like okay I've gone around like four times, then you move it forward in that. Come hither motion. Towards her visa and hid it and keep doing circle yes and makes it up and then yeah then and then, while all this is happening, you're like okay. What else can I be doing? This is a perfect opportunity for you guys to take your thumb and you're going to put it on her clips, and we can't stress enough that you're not
putting it on her clear and like moving yours. Now is your letter linking just leave like the contact of your thumb on her clear without even moving out. Your thumb is basically just lately hovering over her glass super easy right and this this position guys. I swear to you the clockwise delay. This is something that you incorporate. I think you would do it like once she's wet no way through fingering her. This is don't start with this right. This is forty five minutes after you've been on her clip boom. Okay, Rita. The other thing that we wanted to touch on is why your face. We do while you're fingering a girl. My God has. I just figured. I have caught a guy watching tv before what I have been getting things by a guy, and he was watching tv and I dried up like the Sahara Desert and he never fucked me like get the fuck out of here. So you know what I actually like is when a guy like continues making out with me, and it's not like he has
if you like, making out the whole time, like I saying, oh, my god, ok guys when you're fingering a girl, it so much different than eating her out when you're down there. You don't need to be down at her vagina. With your face. I you can straight up. Have your body still kind of on her be online? The little bits of the side have your finger doing the work and then, when you're, on top of her, you guys should straight up be making out with her, kissing her neck sting and content. I think the body contact AIDS so high land to be decided at exactly the guy just talked about that did the fuckin in Jack. And remove on me. Oh my god, I was down there and I fucking. This is all coming back bad memories, PTSD! It all comes back. He looks up at me while he's legit finger. Fucking needs and he goes yeah yeah you like that yeah, you feel the hell yeah hell yeah. I said hockey no get out of your guy you my words, I am sorry but like everyone's, like, oh my god,
they're, going either talk about fingering fuck we're gonna talk about fearing because I almost got taken out the other day, like a guy, almost took me out to literally by fingers it writing that she was bleeding yeah guys, don't know how to and ger important. I wanna say guys also going back to your dick cuz. I think it's helpful when we like do a little comparison. know how sensitive your dick is guys after you finish, and she keeps sucking on it That is how our clip feels all the time times. Ten. So don't you dare go ham on that shit. You can also move up to the hood go back down to the clinic fucking just chill out on the Clinton you you're all right, I totally agree so do think. Also. Another thing I want to say back to basics is guys, please the cleanliness. Is a necessity clip your fucking finger
she doesn't want you carving, hydrolytic, on her walls with those fucking talent. Okay, what okay and clean not they have to go, get a fuckin gel manicure, but like cleaner shit, so fucking behind heads were- and I mean if we in Europe guy you're an expert at all of it, though this girl devoted about you and your seriously guys, if you take anything away from this fingers segment, spread the latin and focus on the fucking cleared. And if you don't what the he out, there hang she'll Netflix and chill with that clear. Yes, please, yes, Jesus Christ, knitting Sweating are guys before we get into questions. We're gonna talk about a little thing I like to call care of this is a care of is a monthly subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamins. And supplement packs to your door. Yes, I am sorry mom, but I'm going to call you out. I never fucking took vitamins and I was young Is there any two people on this earth that you're taking vitamins, especially personalized one? It's Alex.
My amount of alcohol I drink and the shit that I was so many for every test. I never wash my makeup off like I need vitamins that are precise. So let me just tell you guys. The truth is, is that it's really fucking easy and I'm not gonna lie. I don't go to Dwayne, read or cvs and buy vitamins. So what you do is you take an online quiz. It takes like five minutes, okay, and you basically can pick what you want to work on. Personally a right now. I am a psycho and I'm working on getting my hair longer and I want my skin to be better you're working on your nails and your hair, which is great and my liver, your liver, okay, you can pick whatever you want. You can do an energy booster, you can do sleep et cetera once you take the quiz, they have. People basically create a pack for you that last eight months and it is sent to you full of all these vitamins and they're cute. They have your name on it and it's like personalized and I fucking feel rich. When I use them, they are really really cute. So if you
You guys are looking and you need a basically a vitamin service that send it to you. I know your lazy piece of shit and you're not going to go to the or we should all be reaching our health goals now. Should I actually really like that? So so, if you guys are interested- and you want to start on this journey with us- try to get healthy, not all about the it's. What what you're putting into your body, you can take advantage of this month special year New Year offer bitches it's fifty percent off your first month of of care of vitamins going to go to take care of dot com and enter daddy. Fifty again, that is take care of
dot com and enter daddy fifty to get fifty percent of your order and that's daddy five, zero, five, zero bitches. Let's let I had a healthy, let's get sexy! Oh ok, let's get into question so I am in a long distance relationship at my boyfriend is always asking me to some pictures of my pussy. How do I take a picture that are not absolutely repulsed? By do I use flash a house, Do I spread what's a good angle? Please help me. Oh girl, see it by not till go to advice is like fuck. The pictures only send videos, like I mean honestly, obviously you're going to send pictures of your pussy, but, like a vagina, is hard hard. One vagina is a tough one and my advice is to have something in there have a good sum in that, I don't mean a cucumber, I doubt it could be your fingers, yeah yeah you can spacer, I mean you can have an benchley if you're sending a bunch just put a bunch of different it in there for my
for my desire, storage, you sorry, I know I think I think it can be high. If you send the picture is, I know, girls feel weird spreading their lag and taking a big. Ok, I think it's really high. I actually saw this on someone's phone once they accidently showed its me. A girl was I've, never done this. A girl was standing in front of the mirror and then she squatted down in front of the mirror, with no underwear on in heels and took a picture with her pussy just like spread in the mirror. Would you do I think so kind of hot? I think I can say hi, I'm that actually is really hot. When I say to use your fingers, I mean there's two ways to do everything That's right: twenty out in you can actually put them down there and like have your lips bride. You they, like bears great Lagarde, has been totally Salem. Doings is about you're like using your anger entity, ok or to have them actually inside totally agree, unlike haven't beware like so he can act obscenely the flowers do know no fuck it! Now we all agreed own again. She came
God. I do think those videos guys like if you want to ramp it up a video is the shit. If you're like using your vibrator your fingers and send him like a quick video of yourself touching, okay, can we educate the daddy's on keg? any guy I've hooked up with has gone crazy over it and came within seconds. He never talked about to do. We could do a whole sign, I'm doing them right now. Okay, me too, wait they're, hard Their last keyholes further, you dont know he holds during sacks arse, so good. While I know your car you're doing them every day. It makes the sack so much, but I am your orgasms bad. It's true. Girls also like. If you are basically You tell him like as a joke to colleagues stop per minute and if you are so strong with their key goals, your basically
pulsating on his dick and you buy your tingles on him especially say you're on top okay and you lean forward and you go to kiss him and you stop basically riding him up and down or side to side, and you do your goes on him, while you're like making out with him and feels you doing not on his Dick golden genius beautiful. love marriage, children, success and is so much better for the girl, because it gives you like more control over your police floor, because people think eagles are just to make your vagina tighter, which no no, this should can be used during sex. Yes, my fuck buddy and I had some bomb ass sex and he's super chill to be around. He suggested a few kinky things to try, while hooking up and so far so good no complaints by any means, but this dude keeps asking me to fuck him in the ass with a dildo and then and use a double dildo to fuck each other in the ass at the same time, and am honestly horrified and don't want to do. Please help a double sided. Dildo adult we saw the
Dildo goes in both of their asses and their back to back, like they're, both on therein lies the only way I mean unless is going in her report. I I don't think that would really were so. They would both be getting fucked. And it would be penetrating by them both going back and forth on it. It's like that scene from Requiem for a dream if anyone's ever seen, I've never seen it. What happens? There's like two girls really I guess repaid Heroin and these guys think them use the devil's idylls out great movie, great fill, get some heroin by getting sucked in yes, I love that. But how do you feel about Could she do it? I think you
what we told the daddies if it feels good, do it and if you want to try it with that said, if you don't feel comfortable doing so, don't do it exactly if you want to experiment, if you don't like it stop, but you know that would be a very interesting thing. It would be like reverse human set, upped, you're just going okay next next fuck. Okay, this was a story, one of my friends, worked as an urgent carner and she had a woman come in complaining. vaginal odor and heavy discharge. It was bathe. The doctor nurse came out of the exam room dry heaving. It was fucking. Disgusting, so this chick I understand what the issue was and was like concern. I was in fact, in law. Sorry shore of fuel. Prior the bitch. hammered and hooked up with this dude.
He ended up shoving a basketball sock up her vagina. What and it had been here for week what I'm talking like a long striped thick? basketball start with seventy style by going on there Had a horrendous infection because of this and had no idea It was up there to add insult to end it Andrey. She was programming that is the matter One dollars on why were hurled, basketball Sarka Bear hold on. I, this bitch big shadow, full blown sock up shoved in her pussy, and someone was like. I think I got an infection, you think the guy was using. The sock is a condom dude. What. He puts a sock over his dick and fuck her and fox it endure. No, I could Loki see. Ok, this is all I can think of. Was their fucked up he's fucked up in the head. And he puts the sack. Why, though, Vision me
I don't dude wait. How does that get in there? Ok, I'm picturing is he puts it at the vagina. Unlike so like slowly like pushing it in until about an end, then he I did and I he does it forth her eyes, hissing has gone to me. I don't see how big is long. Average o Connor was upset it's behind tadeusz alarm. He had to use a basketball sock and then it got some up in there and a girl just didn't remember so my act, and I were in Hawaii with his aunt and his grandmother. They were away for breakfast, so we got down and dirty right in the middle of the kitchen floor they came home and they found us in sixteen. I owe my legs worse wrapped around his ears covering them and he didn't you're, a single thing when they walked in. I was
him telling him to stop, but I had locked around his head and he was holding me so hard he's, always on and grandmother just stood there for a solid minute or two. He just thought I was so into the oral by pulling him in slapping and telling him to stop. I was trying to get him to stop any one and it was a most embarrassing moment of my life. Do oh, my god, so she was trying to be like get. The fuck off, mainly loves it. She like big, stop, stop it. He's like oceans about to come on my face. We any was her grandmother. I back flip office but can face. Do that is nightmare I'll, buy back that it like she's locked in she couldn't get up right. She could not Do anything she likes to be married. This place like looking at him like, I also feel like sixty nine is way worse than just actual sack right caught. Doing We shooting or the fact that, like you,
like ass, is in a face and, like you know what I mean. Oh, I pray for you that for grandma, I'm suppose drop dead. Would you rather your parents or your grandparents, walking on you, I like low keeping my grandparents, I kind to you like one degree ever damn girl? I am so sorry for you hopefully came those in evil lab. Like I'm sorry, in the fucking grandmothers phase Jesus Christ. I can't access. Ok, listening. I'm so twenty one and I got the part where you were wearing a ski mask in a sex tape. You guys joke about. Well, do I have a fucking story for you, I've been with my boyfriend for seven years now, maybe one hundred and twenty two and we were laying in bed and somehow started talking about the website, chat roulette
but later restarted, hooking up and, to be honest, I'm not sure who even proposed the idea, but we decided to put ski masks on set up the webcam and continue fucking on chat roulette. While random people watched us. I don't even think I ever. Look to see who was watching the sex was so good thinking about who was watching now probably gives me the creeps, but whatever good experience wait, dude, that's like low key fucking, savage wait! I'm me too first of all having sex with Scheme Mason seems really fine. Greece and you had as a joke in Ireland, I went away I and also the fact that leg. Nobody knew they were yeah and they were fucking on chat, roulette and people just watching them and MIKE nobody can ever find out who it was do that's like who keep a congenial is. Should we try I want to turn out like savagery, lazily, being, though I think it's just. Guys jacking off? Well, that's what it always was, but I get Let's get I put beyond the little perverse thing. Words like knowing
someone's jacking off to you guys, fucking. I bet that's like Loki on turn on. Valentine's day, nine jeered. I go, that's fine. What we're doing for Valentine's day guys is call her daddy and chill yeah you're gonna listen to our episode, you're going to get horny you're going to get down you're, going to turn on chat, elite, you're, going to put ski masks on and you're going to fuck, like rabbits and you're going to enjoy. Every second of that is call her daddy and chill and call her daddy and chill is going to get you laid ten times quicker than Netflix and she actually, Do the amount of people that say they listen to our podcast, then MID podcast are fucking and Yasser China yet laid turn it when you're hook up comes over ass, savage, oh dear, I am, I'm I'm sorry
the episodes over, but guys I am so happy because I literally going to run out of the studio. I think I hit menopause because I'm sweating hot is like flashing before my eyes- oh my god. Okay, so I guess that's it! That's it daddy's every fucking, Danny Wednesday, guys again make sure to write in so we can feature your questions and again, these are real. Fucking questions were not making this shit up like these are legit in writing in a tube sock and rolls. I don't think I'd even be that creative to me touch it up so guys we love you. Thank you. So much for listening episode. Twenty two love you guys see next week.
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