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The girls are discussing some hard truths- men only care about the face, people who only mention eye color are ugly, and their sexual history together. They also talk public sex…high school forced the girls to hook up in some WEIRD places, (church, tractor, Dick Sporting Goods Tent, etc.) Lastly, they analyze a phenomenon that will have girls cringing and men clapping- WHY WOMEN ASK MEN SHIT THEY KNOW WILL HURT THEIR FEELINGS (relayed by the worst offenders). And oh yeah, how to make condoms hot. 

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Daddy. I call her daddy call her daddy. I wake up and snow about morning, Dick here disgusts me, but you love the line. I don't think we need as they wake up in smoke, hoping you haven T, I think Do you deal with uncircumcised egg smelled more than normal, Dag Seattle thing? That's the thing we need to get into an ideal. That got it again. For another whole, its call, her daddy, it's Alex in Sofia, Father the author of sounding far There is those who thy shall call thy father died again, we're back in the studio, feeling a strain in a good time, and of course our presenting sponsor is in Rome,
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who, in our were back in New York. We just got back from our business trip to allay who business true like adults, resolve Porsche, assigns the right off the bat. I just want to get into something very interesting about the trap because we went into. We went on several, shows several interviews the question we received. The most was not how call her daddy got started an odd now, it's hot, how we match now how we feel about his successor collar daddy hell. No, I was have you in Alex Box. We really must permit. Is that a round the world or she shook ass? They would not ass two men, this question here, God Emmi Land, where they are more interested in. If we about sexual relations than anything and why do is
Acta. Why don't we so funny we're over your life? like? I think it's when you say Alex, like you just said, with a laugh in the face of adversity leg there, you go, and I know- and I use I do want to put on record, though that I mean we re, Never no mix business with pleasure ever you're. My My life on the roads will always a long leave and they may not, you know, put us in the same hotel every may not request one bed fuck the two queens. We want. One, big kin, diving aid. It is a huge age, our issue, but I don't really give a shit. No, no! Now we'd, all we don't know by it gets lucky. Guy gets Romeo, the road Dolly but observe turbine HIV? We don't have
in a jar department here, a bar. It also, I think, we're fine. Yes, we will confirm or deny whatever anyways the by catch was below can see anyone care about. Are we not What are you doing? The opposite, anyways anyways wow? I have a truth bomb men don't care about. I don't know it's all about the body these days, all of their right into a man. Don't care about the face arrive by we heard this guy fry guy friend told us. This do not shoot the messenger which is willingly and urges being kind and giving guy listen. This is something we heard from guy that the body is really what when you're fucking Thou rise, it's mostly way more when you're fucking. So if you're just bear Fer, you know look up situation, it's fucked up, but, ladies Spending money maker per eyelash extended list.
Filler you know allocate that money to your kids and after that's the only thing that matters, but it's a fucking. truth and we're saying it or I'll call her daddy, because that's the way we roll? What I think, okay, relaying the message back boys out here, I love women. I love their faces. I don't want you cutting a hole in a plastic bag. No, but the thing is girl, so you have to understand you always talk about how you're just a whole. This is the thing guys are really about the body and so will what we suggest that you do. Is you take initiative in these situations and when you're going for your fucking, your hookup and your one night fan, you put a plastic bag over your face or a paper you're, a fucking mass of rock bottom exerted cut a whole now? in case, that's the hole that he decides he wants to penetrate.
Not literally getting cut off the air we're gonna, get fucking fire to hole and, depending on their mood, they may want to penetrate that specific hole and that's what it is so we're Louder right now that we need a large? We need down. Ok, very go up, so thirty one we're done. None an old guys know to be serious, obviously not really seriously dating someone, and yet they care about that. They. So often when we say all men in the universe now here I stopped there obviously exceptions, but we're trying to say is men tend to care way more about the body than the face and they're going to hook up with a girl actually on Milt Hunter told me that, even if a girl has the prettiest space that he's ever seen, if she doesn't have the body tat, That he's personally talk to do he's not trying to fuck her. He lives it s. Why? If I can set area on a grandiose, he thinks she has like the one of the prettiest spaces, so beautiful behaves like, but she has the body of a fuckin prepares a healthier Some obviously not trying now
masturbating Jerry, I I Loki Kind every two years, you know it's a little Reva Mulberry items are highly well that, whatever that, while we have say about the orange. I know sorry, let me keep guy, oh I just I just remembered. Actually I I didn't even tell you this I'd like to hear you what using three speak for the masses Sophia. I actually went on a date with a guy. This was a first date and he asked to see a picture, of my mom shut up and if anyone doesn't know what that means a lot of times guys will ask to like see what your mom looks like, because they basically think that's what you're gonna look at your older, so they want to see if you're going to look, I snatched were. Were you offended, I feel like I kind of would be like. Did I thought it was fucking, weird like how did first thing we're done, but don't see I was like. I don't even know. If we're going to make out on- even if I like you be planning? I pull up a picture of your dad yeah you fucking loser. He was like and while you're out pull out your dick,
quickly got to the point I want to fuck it or not. Fuck you so that was interesting, fuck guys, alright, so men care about the face. What do you? Girls, no men, care about the body, wow men care about the body. They don't care about your face, what do girls care about money many, many valid moneymaker banking, I and all about writer money right you when he was. Let me see your mom usually like lemmings year following care, how through. I actually think it sounds fucking corny, but I don't really care about the body. I care more about his face, so it's kind of opposite and to top that off and people are going to be like Sophia, the fuck out of here and their personality.
It's true. It's true, though you are guys, are so visual. They care so much about the way a girl looks and is what it is, but confirming because I could see people like no guys are like no. We do a no you care if you're trying to date a bit if you're just trying to get your dick, what you're just trying to fuck you don't give a fuck what her personality is because you're kicking her out after your fucking. Oh yeah girls are like dad bodies for the winner because they don't care they'd rather face. So let's get I'm lobby Clare. I hope Do you have any other comments about people's fucking bearance? We're really philosophers asking life's toughest question. We are it's money in your ass, that's it side? No, I have a theory or I I think you you have a theory, it's like when someone says they love you.
I get butterflies when Sophia says she's a theory, because I know it's gonna be fucking way out of left field. Here we go. So if you call your theory, this is so fucking random, okay, but I have this theory when someone is constantly trying to talk about their eye color or when someone is describing someone to you and all they mention is the eye color of someone that person's fucking ugly. What yes, yes, wait. I thought about that. Okay, my friend, okay, the second she's like talking to a guy yeah. If she, if I ask her like what he looks like and she, Does it mention anything, but she says the only thing she says is he has the most beautiful green eyes, like he's fucking, whose Hughley that's your the heathen he's hideous and not as the only thing she could. I feel like I've had people. This is action.
It's still in, I have theories guys and they are. I actually think that's pretty brilliant. I think that there are a lot of girls again. Everyone has a different definition of what they think is pretty and what they don't think is attractive. So don't come at us for being like okay, that, like shut the fuck up. What I wanted to say, though, is I feel, like I've had girls that when they describe themselves or they're talking about themselves, I always mentioned that. I worked with this girl who, in my opinion, in the end. Was not Angelina. Jolie, ok, go ahead as attractive to know, and I must say, I'm not fucking and try. Ok, how absolutely not by you, were largely by. I worked with her and she would constantly be talking about her eye color and how people always compliment her on her eye. Color and how certain clothing brings out her fucking blue eyes, and I, like the reason she won't shut buck up about her eyes, cause she's, hideous divergence, Marino, Judar, Yacht Allah
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revolutionary moment? Do we say that about what it is? Listen. We are going to talk about a topic that to guys men are not only going to appreciate the segment, but they are going to celebrate. What we are talking about and women are gonna, be a little bit triggered. This is the this is gonna hit, but, like every woman has done it, so they're gonna be already every woman. Can it has to doing that? Ok. So, let's give it to them women, asking men to answer a question that they know is going to her there feeling, oh, my god, bringing that down a guy. That means girls, when you ask him a more like harass him yeah to answer some thing: yeah that is undoubtedly gonna, hurt your feelings up an why you're asking usually is something else that is really none of your business
and be something that this man has no control over and something you have no right to be upset about. Oh yeah, but you're it ask anyways Alex give them an example of right. Here I go geyser like I know this. Well. Ok, for example, is when you're hooking up with a guy, and you ask him about a girl that you know he fucked yeah and you ask him wise this sex good I'll, how do you know where you were going to say because I've done it, a million five, he sits there and he will literally say, I'm not telling Why would I tell you that, what's the point you're just going to get fucking upset and you and the girl- there and you literally look in his fucking face and you're like what is the big deal.
I'll just tell him. I don't care, I'm not going to get upset if you convince him that you are not going to get upset and you guys go back and forth, and this can take our the worse hers until finally, u yours did you force it out of him and he fucking snaps and tag here. Yes, but sex was spoken, Where are you happy and then right You are a piper rationally and all the ground, all your eyes, glowed with serious time. Do you Ah motors skill, you're like oh wow, Okay, well
you got that or or what are you white or sometime you play in a different direction, which I am also die. Ok, no before he can even make like finish his sentence. You look at him in here like you have. Never more single goodbye. You will never touch me again. Why would you say that to me you clearly don't even care about you. You have never cared about me. You weren't supposed to tell me that why the fuck did you say that and he's like? What are you talking about force him to answer your ridiculous question? and was the answer as you like, So why would you say that and the worst thing is he's fucking sitting there, dumbfounded he's, like you basically put. A gun to my head bit and made me tell you and now after you promise, you wouldn't be upset. You are on the floor. Fucking
Open your eyes out or are you just pull the knife on me like the Ets? it's literally like you, sit there and you're like. Why? Are you being so? Weird just tell me about how to get upset and you flip it and it's the scariest thing and every single girl has done it. I am the worst where an answer, doesn't even cut it. Okay, it's like I need details. Like me, asking was the sex good in him saying it was good! No and no, no, no! No! I need a beginning middle and end and this shit that I have asked is shocking, like I'm like, oh my god, so how TI was she? Was she I wish you loud, which she is greater with versions guy only what he IP wasn't better than me with her pussy tire than mine languages, as you three like. I ask why? Wouldn't I liked her like a good sign or even of her me ever vagina like? Why are you asking do I like you- have any filmer audio from her. We ain't it
I get the full scope of why you were up areas of the fucking time when girls are asking these questions also was the sex going with her, usually a fucking, a girl that key literally was before he even met you. It was a girl who is backing for inland. Oh you're alive did No, you were alive like. Why are you crying yeah. This has nothing to do with my feeling rate. Do annoying aid for Iraq going out, and this can t think this is what I want to point out is a guy. I will start by saying I would rather not answer absolutely now you know, but when you sit there hours it's similar to holding out for the confession, when you're trying to get them to confess that they had done something wrong or cheat on you whatever they just want you to shut the fuck up at a certain point? They end up being like yeah yeah. I knew was grey. It was fine, great fine. Thank you I actually have done this.
way more than I like. The female has done this and you know what is the worst is when you do this with a guy that eventually you do it so much that they start to catch on and they're like no more yeah, not answering haddock. Now, there's uniting without bolstering John. I literally did the other week. Ok, my guide, I asked the guy I'm talking to. I was like so when's the last time you had sex and he was like Alex. I'm not telling you What's please stop yeah. I do this and that you get upset and I was like I am not going to get it done answers I don't know it's not my business, but he knows the game so he's like I'm over without doing it, and I just continue to pester him until finally, just to get you to search but, like you had said, shut the fuck up. He snaps and he's just like here, three go last person I and then so he actually ended up telling me for that. Him him, and he told me the last slept when how how did react- and it wasn't me so immediately. I was like
any like here. We, go it's guys, it's the worse, because if you don't know the girl that he fuck yeah and you don't know her identity, that becomes your next mission. I want her. I want to send her to you, so you can see if she's hotter than me, I want to know, I'm hotter. I want to know where hobbies I want to know where she is, and you start talking. Oh my god, and then you try to get the name and then that's a whole different come and it get the name in the eighties. According you its it, this Unblock, I hope this makes sense, because- and I want to just make a quick point I and and and honestly there is never a right answer. I was just saying: what are we looking for? This is a thing if I ask a guy about a girl- and I asked him was the sex good. If he tells me it's gray
I'm going to cry in a break up with him myself, and he tells me that You know it wasn't that good. It was all right. It was okay, liar liar is way better than way better than me. You know everybody. I there you're in love with in love with. Why do women do that you're there's, never a a good answer like we're massacre like like we get this. Crazy to get with her dude. It's like we want like sabotage. It's so true, because you're right when you just said, if he says yeah, no, it wasn't good. We called him a liar, but then if he says it was good Then we think fuck you. Why would you even tell me that I want to know that he's like you just put an actual to forehead
you know what men never never would do this ever ever fucking. Do that that makes me want to cry ever. They know better. They know that. So I don't want to hear about my girl fucking another guy, and I don't want to know if it, was good, and this is one of the rare instances where I'm going to say men, you're, smarter, yeah, you're, better equipped to that every guy smiling right. Now that I know it's crazy, I actually quickly was thinking and help myself oh obsolete. The guy was just referencing that I asked her and he was like no now and then he told me I was like flinging myself now goodbye. I will ask him all the time. Yeah questions and I like have this sick. You desire for him to ask them back. Why don't you ask me and then I end up looking like a fucking asshole? Sometimes I'm like well whatever, because I bet mine was better.
I don't care who you're fucking our like your dick was a in laying that's what I have to say. I don't want to know yeah, so I think girls, every girl is like fuck. We ask these questions because we have this sick need like yeah. We want. Get her and we want to be disorder or we wanted to sabotage know what it is grown. Man I would say I'm in a work on this: oh fuck, it's talk, it is really really toxic and Alex like we said: men love the crazy, they love crazy. So maybe we should just keep doing this. I mean guys thanks for being the mature,
ones by I watched no one. Does this thing we're everyone in Amerika, every female behaving girl girl, the vagina. Now I yeah. I think I hope you guys Norway and guys are all sitting there. Loggia brow sex abuse. Man really does all right. We need a quick, I can t say, because every guy, I think we talk about this in a previous up. Zobeide hull mean many help you will. They need help with a lot of things, but this is one of those guys are asking. What are you guys like four man's keeping shaved, not shaved, and I mean down by the balls in the deck, not your face ray. I do love scruff on the face of what are you who all love? What are you what you think about downtown region of the base area, I think, trim? I do not like a naked mole rat situation. I don't like naked mole either. I would prefer a bunch of hair to know hair yeah. I don't want it completely. Groomed like you, went and got waxed with
oh yeah, oh and I like a little bit a hare guys and then because you know what, especially when you're sucking Dick and you go down there. I don't want fuck a mouthful of like a here. Oh, like a hair, ball yeah. I don't want that. Guys. I would personally I mean again, this is just Sophia, my preference. You are looking up with the girl, ask her like what do you like, but if you're up with Sophia or I in the future, Alex I just for heads up podcast very Is there a line? We do our research. My friend told me that its actually easier for girls to come when the guy has some hair there, because they like adds friction honour in class. I never thought about that. Yeah, I'm quickly, going through my rolodex haunting me every time. I said that I think. Are you really are you cause? You feel
So I put that in your pipe and smoke it smoke that should all the way to pound town, okay, great so yeah guys have a little bit of hair, not too much, but do not be a naked molerat. Alright, this is a segment. Actually, a lot of people have been asking us to do, because I think it's like it's funny and it's interesting and we all are immature in this way. When you talk about places you have had sex that are weird a baby. Leland, meaning to talk about, but I think it actually sparked because guys we were on. I was on Twitter and I sent soviet. This video, let me said the ASEAN. This is a place to have really words ex these people are on a jet ski. The boyfriend is sitting on the Jack Ski the girls. On time
of him and she pulled her bathing to suit to the side panties to the side. I think that's an every little went. She pushed the panties to the side. The boyfriend took off his swimsuit, put it down to his knees and she's literally fucking him on top of and the waves he's ever in go is like a wave and it jumps he's like bouncing up and down on his Wiwi like and so what he was doing is he was filming from his pov, so we see his dick and her and just going up and down in the waves cry. It was honestly pretty. Like q goes a beautiful little around new Roman, where it where's one place. That comes to mind quickly. I mean we, we all have like personal stories course the main line. I remember, because when you are in high school I you can't just be having sex in your
unless you had the mom from mean girls, which I did not no either. No, you got to sneak around. You bought a sneak around creative went to a movie theater classic, but we didn't go in the movie theater. We were just in the parking lot and we had sex in his car classic it was a red. jeep, Wrangler, okay, you're, like honestly red! really actually while you actually was bad. Neither here nor there so we were having sex and then someone knocked on the window the worth- and I on into die and they were like. Ok, we need to call your parents, your parents have to pick you up. So what did you say? on my aunt pick me up: did your mom ever find out no burden this day
To this day my mom has no car mom, so I got caught in the car. What about you? I actually got caught in a car too. I was thinking about that in college. I was driving on the highway with my boyfriend of the time and the car broke down, so we called a a and you know what else are you can get do to pass the time waiting for triple because those mothers take a long time take forever. So we run a jeep and you know how those are kind of like They kind of email me big, Cyrus, fucking him on this. Side of the road on the highway on top of him and we were fucking and then AAA man they fuckin AAA. Man comes to the window and knocks on the fuckin window and obviously like we're naked, I'm fucking him and he's like I'm here. You want me to start like did not give a fuck and just sat there and I would like all I was ok. Can you let me Jesus Christ, so that was on the side of the road AAA. I ever a all right. I just remembered another time, but I had sex in a public place
I am ashamed to tell this story. Don't I my end of cutting this out cause it's like really bad in this region, are really really bad. Ok, go! I was in high school again shot out my boyfriend brought puts. Let me take that a little floody. We went to Macy's. I love me Are you going with this? We went into the dressing room I fired, took in some oral Sophia fragrant guy. We urge wiped his scheme one of the shirts that was in the dressing room, no I know our old Martha comes by by this or I you Well, I really do I really really do. I'm sorry me see that so messed up, that was, I was young and in love and many anymore, never Ivan again bags.
I know I actually commend you for that. I would probably do the same fucking thing. I've probably done that you're welcome. I was now thinking about school shit and I don't know so I don't know if you guys know. I went to Boston University and the hockey team. There is really good, it's like D one hockey and they usually win and when I was there the year before, they won the national championship and everyone knew when they won the national championship, all the guys they broke into the rank, the ice hockey rink. And they threw a party on the ice and guys were just fucking girl, name, the totally box the ice, and it was like a huge thing. At b, you everyone's like holy fuck. That's amazing kind of like savage. That's amazing, We were still another side when they got year, aware bugs slutty guy doc, I had a flash back and I am pretty sure that I hooked up at the church at our school. I went to private school.
I'm gonna have to kick you. No, no he's not in the fucking pee go God. God for one of the rooms because either I do Is that messed up? I don't know. No, I support you, the movie theater, okay, let's slow it down. So many people hook up in a movie theater. I don't get it. Why pay for a ticket? This is the thing I think when we're younger, okay, everyone fucking sit here and close your eyes and think about yourself in fucking, high school or even middle all three of those things that I have mentioned we're all in high school with the same boyfriend. So maybe, when you're younger? just you'll, be desperate to five I mean yeah, that's true, you're, the movie theater. This is why, when you're younger, you obviously like you said earlier- you can not fucking hook up in your base made her anywhere herons, like hi, guys doing down there mom I'm just trying to get a bit go to so you go to the movie theater, because it's like a neutral place and your
They cannot tiny. Do it say neutral, it's not really a very powerful go to the movie theater and every girl has sat there when they know it's about to happen. Oh my god, you you sit down in the theater and the whole time. I remember this you're waiting for him to put his arm around you, dear darling, for him to put his hand on like you're not even focused on the movie at all, no you're reading, sitting there trembling waiting and then after a couple you know scenes you're like where is his finger going and then we are going in eye, and then it goes in the pan and before you lock in no way outside of the theatre. Flip, your fuckin flip phone call, guys I got fuckin fingered further Is that your geyser yard
a phone, I kind of fuck, that's when you're in middle school high school. Would you do that now or no like why fucking up at a movie? I really struggle with that because I think sometimes it's tacky, but then I think there are a few references. It will all few rare instances where it can be sex. Also, can I just say I'm poor so like I'm paying thirty fucking dollars to be there. I'm not trying to fucking Miss the movie for my ex boyfriend. Okay would hook up in the movie theater all the time and he would always ask me to do and he'd be like my sex. I would do it gap where, were you just said, your ex wife and I must say I have all the facts about reforms you crawl in through the window crawl out through the window. He told him to be her with a hanger. Well,
we do not fucking. We do not let on domestic violence here, I'm not. I don't know that's what she wants just right. What do you want? Anyways? He had a anyway anyways, he had a sex slave okay and he said that they would go into the theater in one time there was like this really old couple sitting down like a couple seats down from them and she just hurried and shoved her mouth full of his deeds. And would not like time when he said it was the hardest thing ever because it was egg song, I d or unlike idle, I does not make it was, then I think that hooking up a movie desert is kind of stupid. Downstairs don't get. How are you fucking in a movie theater? Oh shit he's ever China and how you guys? Who this lane care? You take a bleeding giving you which, in itself, I saw someone taking a fucking blink into the theatre. Unlike you guys are facts. Fucking and which is allowing top of him. She just sits on. I just sits on his life
and just kind of turn around, I feel you'd be able to start smelling that shit. How about on the topic of sitting? I have one for you. Let me know if you've heard of this one, one of the guys I used to date, told me that his ex girlfriend before me. So already I'm triggered, unlike what somehow see now why they got you write a guy. The wizard did. I wasn't. He told Neither I actually forces out of him. I assume the weirdest face. He had sex and he told me tat when he was driving. She fucked him, while the your call was in motion no arriving over reds. She got on top of him and wrote him in fact. Feel like she had kind of throws her head over his shoulder. So he can still see this. That was, safety has no, but I was over there like. Okay, let's go Alex is like we got to go.
I mean let's get in the car I'm over here I might go on. We really worry. I won't. Let me get on you were driving to CBS Dude that, but can you imagine fucking guy well he's driving a car. I don't like battling tat. One bear no The road out right, I don't wrote the car is a class I'm a living car. That's interesting! I know people do it in the power of the park, which is, I think, is interesting to I think a lot of times. People also try to do it at that lab and let me confirm I know one of my ex boyfriends we went to it was either avenue are low in New York City dissociate eighteen We believe that the no vote, so we were we were dating and he had like a bodyguard with him at the time, long story, but like he had a bodyguard and so day he asked a bodyguard to bring us to a bathroom brought us to the public that the review is like fuck. No, your bring us to deprive about them, so there was a once one private bathroom
went to it and we fucked in there and we opened the door and there was like the longest fuck in the line, and people were like being us, like, whatever I've been there before, I think actually that can be kind of hot. If you're at a party- and you guys go and a quick fuck. What's not you Fucking Porta poured when people now? A port a party die? I seen I've seen pictures on twitter where people opening in the guise of balls in a girl on the port upon. I go ahead mile high club I've. That's actually something I want to do before I die. So have you ever seen me on an airplane? Let me know: come fuck,
but you oh yes, I think I could be fine cause. I heard the altitude makes it better. Really. Oh I've never heard that turning something every day and hold on. I think, if you're in economy, which we are you can you fuck in the bathroom yeah and then, if you're in first class, though I know one of the guys I went on a date with recently. He said that he was in first class with this girl and they ended up just putting a blanket over and she turned to her side. They were in like the like bed situation when you're going in an international flight, and he just like fucked her like from the spooning possessed. And which still I do like when they were in those pie. Yeah. I still still what about when the guy alive the guy had on your head is like bobbing up and down the flight and setting comes by she's like I don't we. Did, the girl go and what it just doesn't make sense. I want to rattle, Also Daddy gang. Let us know your techniques, techniques, if you have done mile high club and like how it works,
I want to rattle off some Daddy Ging stories or guys wrote guys wrote. I was like how yes, so these are places that you guys have had squired sex, the backseat of of a car with my boyfriend, while his mom was How I don't understand when people do the stuff when their parents are around my friend, I got so embarrassed because she got cognitive, fingered on a boat and her parents were there and her grandparents were the what they say to me. They literally texted her to not embarrass her and be like. Please stop please stop getting finger bank. Sarah, war guy as far back as one in display ten ten other sporting goods store. When I was five now savage, why deliberating border guards one of those That's a shed during a pool party. I I lost my virginity in a closet church there. He goes you're not alone in this statue of life
birdy, no savage in a booth in a subway restaurant Why, sir, why, however, who, for five hours Oh there's ways we got to the car at the way the airplane bathroom. When I was fifteen, who the fuck it to that guy or girl is a savage at this point mile high club, a fifth one in a bar bathroom, that's a classic Ferris wheel at Coachella? That's a great one. Has I'm sure I have as well from what I remember in a hammock in a public park, dicks sporting goods, fitting room on a tractor, literally literally in the forest, on the ground, with twigs and leaves up my butt hole in a Emma Terry and up in a hotel lobby how I dont get,
A hotel was willing to risk at all. I don't year ago, right there is no judgment we daddy gave you guys are fucking Thou, savvy array. I like that. I love that share sex and awkward places beautiful those beautiful. I want to bring up answering the phone during sacks. Oh you're, trying to stay on the theme of like shit, you shouldn't be doing our where I should be doing is forbidden nests of that all pigeon fruit which, as you know, what gets a lot of people riled I like is knowing its naughty and should have been. So. Are you bringing this out because you did it to me last week or would you throw me too Call you out you fucking piece of shit. I'm not even want to ask you how it was wont to set Guys- I called Sophia the other week. She was with a man during the week. She was taking a break from work activities and I was over here
slaving away at the apartment, I called Sophia, because I had a business quite again, partner and Sofia. Answer the phone and I answered the phone completely ready to listen to your question and I was in business mode and I had all ears on you and all intention. The thing is, I know you so fucking. Well, because I've heard you have exact. So I know your sex voice sparked, but whatever so Sophia on a start on the phone completely normal and then all of a sudden towards the end of our conversation her voice, just changes. I bet, I'm like I don't think I make you feel that way about business. Why are you giving me your sexy voice Sophia as long as like Alex? Like that's a great idea, you send me email, I send the email like? okay. I knew that very moment this guy was. He said that it was the biggest turn on EV, like in work mode, he was
trying to take my appearance on for twenty minutes and finally I knew that our climbers they issue goes right. They asked oh, sir, I really did when I knew I was. There are big eyes like fucking, fine eyes, I try and swam away like a fly letter. Just like the tribunal. Go, you say so strong. So if you think I'm really did you say so strong dude and then finally, I know one day I'll be on the podium you'll be now that I'm not in love, I respected ok. So so maybe the harp and maybe not, who knows who found this guy wrote in and he was like guys like me, crazy. We know, and he said that he was hooking up with this girl who loved answering the phone while giving him had and she would answer the phone to everyone. Specifically her parents. Mom with its weight in here with his dick in her mouth yo. I, like your mother, that's naughty
God is I'm really not all more worry. Do guard you pretend you're gonna high water rag story. I'm eating, get your lighting, let Jesus where honestly He that it was the biggest turn on. He said it was such a turn on men love the crazy. I was an I kind of agree with it, but I can't I think it can be a little too much. Sometimes I do it every fucking time, you're answering your mom. It's like Jesus, try to fucking relax like let it go, one don't be try hard about it and if you know is going to be a quick conversation and hurry and do it I kind of think if you guys want to. I just had the thought if you a girl specifically, if you want to get really sexy with it, I think it would be hot if you're on the phone- and you know you're kind of like wrapping up the phone call and pull your guys pants down and like start kind of licking it in between when you're talking or not that's fucking hot, because you know then so you're going to hang up and then you can give them a full
blown Gluck, nine thousand yeah. So I think in India, in land, in the formal line of work, and I think that hot in a little bit of for paying it can't be too. Could then it it's there so much attention sitting there and low having a full blown conversation while you're getting real. No lady, Harriet somewhere respectful, is not the first time there's fires morals. I have okay, a great topic. I like that, you break it up. I want to bring up every single girl. I think we all have that moment when we're going to hook up with a guy and usually usually the girls clothes come off first, getting into sacks right now has its like. We waited too long sex. You I like ball like. Let me go. Let me release of bodily jaculation. Ok, ok, so sometimes they target group
you actually, I was just thinking. This is a man senior by the highly likely me I'll foggy. I dont get out. Ok, so what I M saying is a lot of times the girl, usually either whether he take your clothes off or you take your clothes off. The girl usually has their close of first okay, so I want to set the scene. It's kind of that awkward moment where you get on the bed and he's trying to take his pants off socks up and your kind of just laying their legal beach Twa you're like you're just kind of waiting. So I think today, sofia- and I want to talk to you guys- we want to give Girls- are really good. Fucking go to of what to do the hard sex tip, yeah you'll ever hear, and it is so simple. So I do not think girls are out there. see how we were gonna. Lotta girls feel awkward. Yes, you know you just lay and you don't know what you're doing
Adele! Here you go once their naked girls. You are going to get onto the bad or the cow. Or the counter or in the freezer, where the port pot here for the movie theater or their church or the church, wherever you're fucking, okay, you're gonna, lay down. You are going to spread your legs and you're going to put them with your knees up. So the bottom of feet are on the surface on the bed and what you're going to do is you're, going to start rubbing your clip you're going to lick your fingers. You're gonna start rubbing your clips start touching your cells, you can start putting a finger in. You can start putting one finger in two fingers in and you're gonna start making a facial reaction when you're sliding your fingers in and out, and touching yourself your other hand. While you're doing this, you can be rubbing and squeezing your tips and the
entire time. You're doing this you're making eye contact, look at him and I think that you should be talking to start slightly moaning while you're you're, starting it and then soon. When you see he's about to be like ready to go, you can be like I'm so weren't for you come here way. I campaigned for young sign come fuck, namely that in itself I I do think that, like their Arnold the girls that would do that in itself will already have his fucking dick so hard like holy fuck. This girl is a straight savage, taking care of herself and if you have a sex toy laying around boom baby boom baby. Dildo and shove, it shove it up your ass hole and get it right Oh all of our little degenerates out there. We know you guys drink just as much as Sophia's liver is about to fall out of her but yeah. Just like you know, and all these people coming off of a freaking Coachella week.
I know goddamn. Well, you need your day jam detail. Guys de age. I'm detox is dear, go to drinking body; ok, you're, not gonna, get a fuckin hang over. It prevents hangovers and also every morning you wake up here. A cloudy feeling yeah. Nor did I eighty that's not happening in our no more Sunday, scary and all you do. Is you just take two capsules while you're drinking and it will break down the talks and provide liver support, which
I will end here yeah. I see you guys you can develop and take another pocket if you're having a really big night. I guess you could technically can consider it like a vitamin for people who drank you re. So there you going a little did Jenny's if you guys are getting after it on the weekends or the weak. Odd. Who will I mean this thing is part of our drinking routine. It is so guys, hushed two cops souls and you wake up and you feel bomb. So if you guys are interested, we got you guys. Twenty percent off your order of data detox just head over to De H, M Detox, dot com and you're gonna use promo code, daddy, twenty, that's d, M do dot com, promo code, daddy, twenty two zero, the number, the number ok for under three dollars. You can wake up feeling normal after nine of dreams and it's free should allow free shipping. Let's go baby, no more hangovers. What's on condoms, what are those
I don't. What are those? What are those you think just kidding? No practice save sex on caller daddy. They like Loki, go to the condom poker up. So what we're like fuck condom, no save sex is a thing. So it is the thing that I've heard of that people. Talk have talked to me about that. I've never went mythical tale. I've heard so kidding kidding Those of you that our hooking up with a new person and you're trying to wrap up this is a quick little sex Tipp, also to keep things hot and heavy. It were basically trying to give you guys that, like awkward moment, buff right before you start fucking your go two's, so something you can do to speed things up is listen. Every girl, you're, like ok, kind of feeling, a little slutty or a little bit of a horrid vibe when he pulls out economy, he's busy getting ready in your lying there. This is what the call her daddy girls are going to suggest that you do. You are going to take the condom out of his head
you're gonna, either shut them down on the bed or, if he's standing and you're gonna, throw it in the garbage and face, but we don't need. We don't need this. Raw sex is best sex. No PA no come here this one I'm trying to be fucking blow it up like a balloon tight in and not flick it out the room and say: let's go RON Ron the only dog damage done. Are awesome and roses so say if you're about to you, push them down the bed or if you standing at the edge of the bed, you're you're to crawl on all fours, you are going to
to take the condom out of his hands. You are going to put it on the tip of his dick and you are going to use your mouth for a little bit of it. Try to go as down as far as you can to basically slide the condom down on his dick. You can absolutely even use your hands if you need to if it's too hard to like slippery, and you need to help himself out and the entire time that you're using your mouth in your hands. You are looking up and making eye contact with him you're putting on that dirty floody face and your fingers are finishing you're putting it on guys. I promise you a guy is gonna, look at you and be like this. Girl is a fucking freak and she wants my dick fucking, God that she's like, let me put hiding out, we can fuck we're making condom sexy than lot about, is right, yeah, endless and obviously I know a lot of people like yeah, but like I'm in a taste, the lube in my mouth shut the fuck up grow up here
you gotta just suck it up. I've done it before and it just like what I come. I you got you hours, things in your mouth shut your planning. This have a little fucking like a piece of something. Putting your mouth right before you guys? I like that Tipp it alive. It's so fucking hot, when girls take initiative and guys will fucking love it and that just makes a condom. Sexier yeah there you go a condoms on your dick guys, click items on with your mouth, I can take you certainly when you say four guidelines finger yourself when he's taking close off your y yeah, like changing positions instead, anytime, there's like Ray Hutcherson yourselves and be Teddy, You have to run to the other room. If you have to answer the phone call to his parents, touch yourself, your master and touch yourself. I don't care if he's in the room or you're getting yourself off regardless of whether there or not. He should just be happy to be a part of that yes boom question
the questions of the wee. I wee a southern accent. Last week last week inside they miss my french acts and bring back the friend Jack loose even so, it allows as we are. I carried out o Sophia O this one relates to something we are talking about. Yesterday saw I pulled this adopting member wrote in and they said what is the deal with guys and their balls during sex and a blow job. I have a few guys who go crazy, when I fondled their ball during sex and a few who hate it. He came up with a theory and we are initiate says we are Harvard grad. I know from the sex Harvard school wherever that is that's where we graduated. The theory is guys With smaller ball, like a little clicking away. All fine deleting a little by little action, guys
your balls. I ask where they're just more sensitive or something and they Joe enjoying it, is much easier boom boom. Who I dont know. If this is, you know, dude, it's crazy. Sure, but I think it's crazy, because two of my acts is back to back some thinking of one and he had bigger, like looser dangling vaguely. Strangely all and the other one had tighter ones and it litter yes, the tighter one he liked it looser ones, didn't get all Roma. Our theories are always re, as you were right, so kind of like IRAN who know, though, ok, go. Ok, this studying member out any was a girl. He said: can you do a segment on outfits for a late night? Booty call for some reason. It takes me forever to find something to wear and get ready for a bit
We call sweeties Theseus use of eighty three, Ms Mann. Once again, you are a hole in care of you shop in a fucking. Potatoes literally follow up with a fuckin hoodie, no brow underneath wagons and no panties castrato, Yellow guide the stuff. You can we got in and out you're goin? railed and act accordingly. It doesn't matter, something that easy to take off the fact they said it takes her a while to find something to wear. No, no body suits none of that bullshit. You show up easy access and get down to fucking. Okay, so there's this boy that I matched with on bumble and he slowly started asking me if he could venmo me money to buy to buy me food. He would tell me that I should get more and that the price of the food didn't matter and that I should not go to the gym.
He would also ask for pictures of my belly and thigh no harm to find out. He has a fetish for making others gain way and watching them grow. He wanted me to gain three hundred pounds shut up that can I please get back, Number I would like you want to watch or others grow plan. I want see you grow into the big girl you can be, and the giant that's fucking, why old, she's like wanted me to say a time a man that you marry cause. You know you can just let yourself go after Mary Pictures ever been with you. That is like really creepy. I like that wow next, okay, oh wait! While you're finding yours can, I just say someone send in and goes you can send fun nudes by using boomerang.
Get out of my face, you're sending a boomerang fucking new out. Oh no, no, no, no you're. So what are you you're either going into the Instagram up report? going to the boomerang app to make your net no send a fuck, a video or a picture. We're not fucking we're not doing that. This girl wrote in and she said, am I a bad person for getting mad at the guy? Have a thing with for texting his ex when I just got fingered by a potential sugar, daddy silver. a box in his car na sullenness. Hope you all right. I guidelines to be your friend is coming out with eyes. As you know, we ve done it. We
In the past episode your sugar, daddy and the guy you're talking to are two different entities, two separate entities. They do not need to know about each other. Okay. So if you tell me, if you agree with this, because I never actually thought about this one, okay sounding fathers- we have a problem. Men are posting photos with their male friends or friend, as their first photo on dating apps and here's the thing the second. You see that group photo. You pick out the hottest one and you hope it's him and then, when you swipe through the other photos, it's never the highest, not one and they have played themselves. These guys are losing on swiping were on swipe rights because they literally are having us compare them to hotter guys. This shit is. I think our guy of brilliant. Ever guy. Your first picture needs to be a solution or you cannot even girls, even their own four goes for girls shot, no filter yup. You cannot give the other sex or the same sex. Hope no
that you are someone else in that picture. You know what I'm going to say, something even more fucked up. If you are going to post group, photos make sure all your friends uglier than you home, thereby use energy. The gods who bugged drew out the tea amounts. Would it reads as our you post me: Fuck you, okay, this person wrote in and said I have a cheating tip warning. I love my play. Both were ok when the daddy needs to know apple tvs, heavy photos up we're all pigs on your Icloud can be seen to turn that should all go to settings accounts I caught in turn off. I called for and shared albums she's at. I just realized that all my pigs were on my apple tv, with no pass code or protection available for anyone to see who is on the Apple tv. I've have this apple tv for five years and didn't realize this until good until tonight, what the glad I've hunter for my boyfriend, Sir,
the word and keep up the good work glad I found my kids hide your wife hide your apple tv. Okay, no seriously! Glad I found it before my boyfriend knows it cheating, oh, that was a close one like Jesus Christ. savage that guys as a good tat is. It is thank you for sharing a okay. Ok, you are are always Hotmail unsolicited Dick picks. Well, I've got one for you an ex hook up snap chided me out of the blue, the other night and I innocently opened it thinking. It would be a dog picture or something normal. But, to my surprise, it was a video with flash on of him fucking his girlfriend from behind with the caption wish. This was you were here. I think actually love this guy gives no fuck. What do you think he told his girlfriend she's like what are you doing calm, saving for later worse and we weren't wishes- which you may say I want to jack off to this later. Meanwhile, it's going
but his little acts hook up here, lives, God. I would be so pissed wow eyes, so as I do that the means do that spot. I like that. I have another one June and on the other guy this where's, he wrote in and said what do you guys expect girls to do when they like a picture or multiple pig fears on the girls Instagram page, like you guys want, is to message them first and say: oh you like this picture from twenty seventeen. If a guy's interested message me, don't go lagging seven. Oh my pictures in our own expect me to make a move guys. Utopia say on this. I agree so do your thing, so it's what she saying is this guy goes and likes a bunch of pictures, but that's it. There's no follow up with a d or a no. No! No! No! This is what you should do. First of all, if you go in like a couple of her pictures and she doesn't reciprocate and you want to try
even after she reciprocate you absolutely site it absolutely and if she doesn't reciprocate, if you really want to try it go for the dm exactly you have to you absolutely I've had that happen, a lot where guys just going like a bunch of my pictures and then I'm like now what What do you do know? I'd Rossa, Vulcan Balls ends it in you? I see aided it. Let's go totally totally. Ok, I'm the last request from my friend friends with benefits. Has me shook? Not only does he want to take my annul virgin and EU, but then he wants to give me a the lady beloved begin it literally, he asked to fuck me in the US and then eat me out while I shit afterwards. Is this a thing so a blow
when they're on the toilet right. Usually it's going to be eating her out, while she's going number two while she's dropping the kit. This is while she's taking the browns to the super bowl was. That taking the brown to the Superbowl dropping kids off I've heard. So your mind is in places that I don't really want to go. That is a wild. I could not do that. Could you do that? Oh! This is a thing. This is what I was just thinking about. And I well bad. are true yeah. So this is what I was just thinking too guys with their dicks. It sticks out, so a guy can be shitting and you've got his dick, a girl's vagina. We would Loki have to kind of shift forward a little and and lean ourselves back His faces, like literally gonna, beat your right at least when I meet his whole Hank. We ve done, oh,
I leave only given a guy a blank in his dick protruding, all right. That's what I'm saying like this done or Alex's down I mean I would be kind of gross out to let a guy I don't I can enjoy but list if you judge me here, it's caller daddy about that, and do you want to take your lady blumpkin virginity go for it, it feels good. Do it. Let us know how it goes. Report back alex- and I are super excited to talk about function of beauty. Okay, you guys it's shampoo and conditioner, but it is not your. Typical shampoo, conditioner this heritage, not glowed up for no good reason so function a beauty. We guys we started using it and basically, every time you go to the drugstore you're buying a single shampoo that like it's gonna strengthen or it's gonna volume eyes this you pay
Did we get in her always watered down? That's fucking shit to basically function of beauty. You got to choose up to five hair goals. Yo add to your formula recently creating your own shampooing conditioner right. Is I totally customize. I know it's mine I did for lengthening. Yet I really want my hair to grow up that thick and eating and that my here so freaking frizzy in New York, where it's so humans, like aren't, I Frazier and I added color control cause. I got highlighted yeah you. Basically you personal lies it and your also cause you're gonna Loki Kind of ill read. Your name is evil Murat it on the bottle, hack, a gene dollars. You eat cutest thing, I've ever see, it actually is, and you guys it's beginning cruelty free with yes that matters to the matters. A lot an you guys
save with natural ingredients champion, commissioner always has sole fades. Para bans all of this shit. This is completely clean. Why think also important as half the time I'll admit, I would go to the drugstore. You buy shampoos, you don't really facchino it's in them, so this is great because your customizing, exactly your knowing exactly what's going into shampoo and your conditioner. So if you want to look as snatched as ass route, listeners will receive twenty percent off their first custom formula. Ok see you guys, go to function of beauty, dot, com, slash daddy and take the quick two minute, hair profile, quays and design your one hundred percent. You need champion, commissioner formulas again. That is a function of beauty, dot, com, slash daddy, that's tough, it daddy gang. We love you, nice, autism, doubting people and allay that was really glad. That was Joe,
is actually really cool. I love when you guys come up to us. I actually saw someone when I went home this past weekend and we hugged it out. We are going to do a daddyin meta, we're planning it very soon, so you guys don't follow us on Instagram. Y yeah call her daddy and so on. We have on private, could sometimes repose inappropriate of utopia. Your answer is public. Its Sophia Franklin and mine is Aldo, interfere with an F and Franklin with a why minds is allocated to try and complicate thing so guys falls on Instagram we get a little rowdy, sometimes yo, some shit. Yes guys. We love you every fucking, one hi guys. You love you guys. Were there any you know the drill lie it down. I know you like. I call that Israel, the drill you gotta Itunes, you press, subscribe, you press unsubscribe in then you press recent scribe. We do not know if this actually works and help us might have a theory and, as I said, our theories are always right. So let's go then and if you really really love us, which you really want to keep us in business or rating in a review or leave twelve only if it's five,
but only thank you guys guys go please back so guys every Wednesday. I hope you guys are just going to get after this weekend. Gluck, look it up. Coots gobbler! It out you know the drill layer warm and doing the cool carrier merge to the bar. Do the amount of people writing envying, like I word the degrade near the call her daddy, hoodie and people has come up to me right making friends I mean since its working, so have a great day. We miss you daddy. We love you guys you next week.
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