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2019-05-15 | 🔗

Alex and Sofia are getting into how to make your girl and/or guy jealous, especially out at the bar/in social settings. It's unhealthy but it works! They also discuss a little black (manipulative) book a guy left behind that got his d*** sucked, their embarrassing makeup moments- when a guy walks in on the foundation/eyebrow/contour phase, and a PSA from milf hunter on how he likes girls to ride it on top. Lastly, they finally begin to touch on Professional Athletes with a personal testimonial from Alex, a side bitch, and a cum rag. Enjoy. 

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Guy is is us to call her daddy in a dolphin all my god. It is a daddy gang bitches, the father's the hose. Why back it again with the necessary? It is we're popping today, who's trying to last longer in bed Alex every single guy on the face of the planet, every single guy out there trying to last longer. So, of course, you guys know Roman are presenting sponsor, is Roman, you guys there swipes. You wipe it on your dick, let it dry and then you're good to go you're going to be lasting longer in bed. You don't need to
there and think about some dirty horrendous shift so that you don't come thought just use these white and they're discreet packaging guys. So when you put it in your pocket, if you're going out to the bar put it right now, your condoms put it next to the fucking plan B. You already bought this bit and go in you're, going to suck her and find your inner writer until the morning, ok going to last so long, so you guys there's also free. Two day shipping, alright you're, going to go to at roman dot com, slash daddy, that's g e t, r, o m a n dot com, slash daddy and get free two day, shipping yep after it we are, should we just tell tell them about the review yeah so guys we had so much fun sounds sucked out, but we had so much fun. We were going through an Itunes, an reading, the one star reviews left. I honestly we probably shouldn't be promoting this, but some of
just just so good def, don't believe us once our views were not gonna. Read these anymore. Okay, let me read my first one: okay, go okay, the subject line, are the girls. Okay, and this is basically. This is a podcast by two girls who originally on popular in high school and then discovered that they could actually be popular with. If they slide it up and they Writing that narrative ever sense, embarrassing advice and stories that a normal person would take to the grave grave newsflash. It's not that hard to get to sleep with you? They literally have sex with anything, but good luck. Having info relationships in life. Girls wanna want to be friends with you just frenemies and guys on want to date. You they just want to bang you, okay, for the record I was always popular in high school and when I started sucking dick, I just got more popular. So that's that's! What's wrong with that. One. First of all, right I'm like shut the fuc up and by the time that were thirty, we won't have relationships. Why do we have to aspire to be in relationship like it? We disease,
yeah we're getting married to each other? Exactly this is titled, mean girls pod. I guess we're mean Girls Alex it says the hosts are kind of entertaining, but their personalities are not my type. Then it just they seem to be very into their looks blah blah blah blah blah. But this is what I loved about it. It says Also they advocated to charging drinks too and uh activated or zeroed out credit card on an airplane to get free drinks with the intent of not paying. This Bich was upset that we fucking gave them that tip a pilot for delta Delta. You know the delta makes billing the dollars a year- and I think it's ok
We decided to do extra svetka bottles here and there honestly we're doing charity work. We're getting people funked up for free ghost, psychic yeah. Ok, what about this one? This woman rd in this could be one of our last ones, but she was just like. I was really excited to listen to a woman for woman podcast until I listened to their sex toys and how to not catch feelings. Episodes this speakers encouraged young women to think of themselves as merely home just a whole day said this is horrible to think of yourself as just a sexual organ. Episode called just a hole that is, making amazing people not get that were saying she sarcastically, It is not sarcastic. It's like we're telling girls to think of themselves that way, so they can get some fucking thicker skin out here. This one says that she, like the host promote some really toxic sex relationship. Behavior.
Also bad gender stereotypes. An controlling slush paranoid behavior, but yeah we do but yeah be paranoid is stuck you're, always going to get cheated on him. You should cheat first controlling and paranoid is my middle name, and that was, for the podcast guys. This is popping. This is the last one. Ok, I'm ready, it says girls don't drink in podcast not trying to listen to two drunk girls talk over each other, do what you did in the first ten podcasts. You know it's. About one where you know Alex, and I were him or the first ten podcast we recorded yeah and have been completely sober and like the most recent one, yeah guys when we first started this, we had no idea. We doing we were doing, we still don't know we're doing, but in the beginning we would get hammered hey. I'm sit down. I think right now, yeah me too. No, I I I think that'll id, so it will be wasted. I feel like people arty thing for always up, though okay guys looking says so. Okay, maybe we
to tell him to go, leave a five star rating and review if you are not getting a leave us a nicer battle. These her old old hi, dad yeah users got fifteen growth. No, There are no fun prudes through you know. The people that write give us one stars are pruzan, have not had sex in the last three and a half years, or sometimes I think, they're the biggest freaks, and they don't want to embrace their inner freak. So they should on us 'cause. They don't want people letting out their secrets. We know you're getting fucking railed from five guys at a time Judy. We know yeah at the bucket down and listen. I will love you for it. Yeah we can embrace your inner. Prostitute. Let's episode, we got a quick a little typically typically on your dick dick legally. This is for men every single guy, a home mild. There are, if you're, a stock boy or even, if you're, just like a little slutty, not even slutty. What is it? What what could you say, and
a single guy, any guy that wants a girl to be obsessed with you and want to suck your dick until the sun says. That's a good way to put it. Listen! The puck up Sophia has a little tip for you. Guys, ok, Holyshit holy shit. This is ammo amen. Someone wrote in the best fucking daddy play a dude has ever achieved to get the. So. I have a friend who is newly interested in this dude. He had a work trip and invited her along. He planned this ship there in the hotel and he had to go to work, so she stayed behind in the room he accidentally in quotation marks a non suspicious journal, looking book behind and she being a in female could not help and investigate further to see what kind of fuckedup scumbag ship was inside classic I'll do the same. I would too thinking it would be a black book of girls.
In fact numbers etc. She opened it. It was a book of goals, work goals being closer to his family, get his pilot's license, buy a plane and a shitload about all of that. Nothing about Girls or friends or anything of the sort this story. He this out on purpose and got his dick sucked. Probably fifty times The uterus was screaming his name by the end of the journal. Fucking brilliant tell gang, this is the fucking play for you suck So if you want to mature girl to fuck you and not further into anything else, suspicious left in the room book closed panties spread. The strategy shift worked. Let me know personally, if I then it guys room and ice. Well little black book. I would immediately go through it. No she
name nope and if I saw that it was a list of goals. Fine, cancel goals, career goals, family oriented goals when he got back to that room, I would be completely naked. With my legs spread waiting for him on the bed Sophia. It's I wish you great there with you dude you reading this to me like okay, so brilliant, it's so manipulative, and it's so going to work and every girl approaching that book thinks she knows exam what's going to be in there, so you're you're in your mind, you're thinking all my got a minute. Yeah pointed this is gonna, be so weird yeah and then it's the complete opposite every single gosh it would we don't have to do this on a trip guys have it in your fucking college, dorm room. Have it in your apartment, next to your bed in your door in your dresser, get on Google and fucking typing,
like gold white gold. Should I be studying and just write down in your book random shares, listen, I know guys every obviously you're fucking goal is to pound her pussy to town. However, this is going to allow you to follow. This is genius it every single guy that listens to call her daddy. You should be going and buying a fuckin' black book as I don't care. If you have no goals, I don't care if your goal is to fuch hundred girl, that semester? I don't give a keep that goal to yourself and your fake ones in the book and put it next your bed, this this will work. It will I would probably die because of that. He is saying this will words to call her daddy approved at get your black book. Can I just please get something off my chest? sweetheart, you've got the hottest chest in the game. Go correctly been girls every and saying I want to make my man jealous. How do I do it? How do I perfect it to craft? I was hanging out with this guy last weekend, my boyfriend
I would hang out with someone- and he was talking about how he was super into this girl and they had gone on about four or five dates and he was like. I was super into her, but things didn't workout and I was like why, because I'm always out you're trying to get the team. That's the deal that daddy game. Of course, what he's like. Why did this man lose interest in this girl and he was like she tried to make me jealous? Ok, I was like how did this said girl trying to make you jealous, and he said that she would make little comments here and there, and I was like like what he said that she texted him at one point and was like Drake wants to invite me to a party, should I go, I just clenched. My vagina wants to invite me to a party. Should I go get
the fuck out of here, that was one comment. Then he told me that he told me another coming so that this girl taught yoga and not she texted him and was like she said some celebrity like Leonardo Dicaprio. Let's say she was like Leonardo Dicaprio wrote me and said he wants me to teach him like a private lesson his house should I do oh this, which is out here fucking dropping sled. Listen, listen, listen, listen, Linda! listen Linda. That was probably her fucking name and I had to get it up Linda, Linda, there's, a couple things a you do not try to make a man jealous after you've been on three or four dates. Is this bitch dumb? Is she dumb in the first three to four days first bucking for months. You don't need to be looking him jealous. You are, you are still single. You are allowed to be doing whatever the fuck. You want
be fucking Leonardo? You don't need to be telling him? No, not you save the jealousy for when he's your boyfriend and you want to spice things up come on. Then you sucking make them jealous girls in a row, if you're trying to get guys jealous in the first like couple months, gather knock out here, it's ok be is when you're trying to make a man jealous. It is a thin line and it needs to be so subtle Alex this second you're saying Drake once you invite me to why should I go knock knock your name drop it to this man. It needs to be the most subtle thing we will. We will explain to people how to do it, but girls. You look so fucking try hard when you're, just like
so I'd like a less over like Diplo or like Skrillex or like Martin Garrix Marshmallow, whatever whatever spinner dipper or whatever they do, whatever fuckin' dt GJ, whatever dj is trying to slide the bucket and invite you to a party you're, not sucking telling the guy your talking to me Huh and ok, they invited me no there's a guy can see right through that, it's so transparent. Why do you think this guy lost interest? He saw yeah. It's embarrassing and he told me he was like when she was writing that stuff. I literally would just respond. I think you should do whatever you want go ahead, because also that doesn't really make sense as to why should be asking that question. Wasn't he literally doesn't fucking care about that shit yet so like stop forcing it on him, it's just so brilliant. It's just a very bizarre question: can you imagine the roles are reversed and a guy was like hey
blah blah blah inviting me to a party. Should I go, I would be like I don't care, really fucking know you and I don't really know your schedule really know your wife like do you have a mother hyper tell you if you can go to the party or not, why I fucking playing right here right here, sweetie people by twelve. What I don't give a phone- I don't care, does it involve me? Am I going to party? Well, then I don't care. So I go get address of outcome. Hardy yeah, guys, girls, you gotta, be really careful when you're trying to make a guy jealous, especially when you're in the beginning stages, the jealousy comes with just not knowing what you're doing the next day after he takes you on a date. There you go, you don't need to buck and be name dropping on Drake Little Fucking hoe Fuckin' Linda leave Drake out of it honestly leave it. Really wasn't that was Draco Malfoy, who is Drake from Drake and Josh. Are we so stupid? Alright? So, let's just tell them well, I wasn't planning on getting into it, but I want to get it let's. So,
girls. How you successfully can make a guy jealous yeah, and I think we should also just tell guys how to make girls shells. We have to start with girls. Okay, I think we talk about social settings jealousy 'cause! That's where, like I mean, obviously guys it's twenty fuckin' nineteen. We can make everybody yeah phone, but I do think, no matter what to the cord, the in public. I think I think social settings going to parties to a bar. I have the most fun the most fun. Both like that's when I know like I am about to pull out all the stops and make this man, but he's gonna, be Kerala. He's gonna go home crying you guys, my instinctively be like okay, so you go to the party and you get super drunk. Can you hang all over another guy talk, no girls! No! No! No always do that and they it up in the only way he's flirting and all this. No, you got to be so cool you with that. Okay, like we said, subtle, don't be like the girl that we do. Just talked about sending the fuckin' text that are ridiculous,
No, no, that's something she something she would do itch would go to the bar and she would get Faizan she would try an like fondle, a guys dick and give him a hand job in front of her boyfriend and her boyfriend her date. So let's talk about the Like party bar setting, so I think one of the best ways to make a guy jealous that you're without is engaged with there guys, but I have to stress that you're not doing it in a flirty sluti way in a fun way. So I do this all the time in college. I would talk with the guy I was dating. I would either ok one challenge a guy to chug a beer with me, be another guys, beer pong partner or be the ultimate wing.
Into that guys. Friends. So, like you know, why did girl? It's so cool? And it's like you know, like ok, fine I'll, be your beer pong partner. Do that every time that guys, having so much fun with you and the guy you're supposed to be there with his yo? What the? Finally you got, you show up and like I'll just be like. Ok like let's take shots and like I just say that till I got another guy besides the guy. In that way, I would always look at guys: let's go but chug excuse. Why did you look! Oh my god. I've never talked about. Ok! Wait! Guys did you say: bye bug, but chug wait. Guys listened as I used to do in college. I swear to God it's hilarious and all the guys liked it Is this a sexual thing com? I guess kind? Ok, ok, so what I would do is I would always joke with guys that I either had like a funnel or a straw in my purse, and I Would straight up be like YO? Do you guys want to but chug in the bathroom, and they were like what Anne I'm like you? Basically pour beer down the funnel and connected into our buttholes and we're going to get bucked up and every
single guy looked at me like they wanted to fucking marry me now granted. I know that sounds a little fuckedup, but they thought was hilarious. I actually did that is so probably not working great right. I want to like you that tonight like walking but chug and they always look at you and you're like well. I thought I forgot astrology have a straw: let's go girls, moral stories. If you want to make your man jealous, you take a funnel and you take another guy into the bathroom. You have him, pour beer up your asshole, I mean obviously brilliant that releasing Pdrpbrebr. He be our God. Oh ok, yes person, should I think also. Another thing is when you're out, just in in general, girls be fuqing, independent disappear for a little bit. If he brings you over it don't be on his arm right. I don't know, I think, like you can disappear so like and leave him alone. Five or ten minutes. So that he's like wait. Where is she and she doesn't need to be hang and then on any turns around and talk to other people? The party had him see you talking to like a group of guys and girls yeah either get your getting attention he's going to be like you know what the
yeah immediately stirs up jealousy yeah for sure also another one is this is so fuckedup, but I've done this before I went out on a date with this guy he was so fucking hot. Do you guys want to hear how hot he was like no thank you. Just keep going here. Anyways! I just missing early touching herself just had a real time post Dick appointed flash where you got real excited right, so we went out a, and he went up to the bar till. I get me some a glass of wine sitting there and I was like I want. Try to come up to me so that the guy I'm on the date with will turn around and like see that I'm wanted Ok, let's roll and like Healthy- and this is the way to do it when you going to do with the guys spread your legs. Take your pants off, so he like turned around, went up to the bar. I sat at the table and instead,
it's getting on my phone and looking down and vigorously typing away. Yeah I stopped there. I like meat, I contact with every single guy that was in not restaurant. I sat there. I so approachable twirling, my hair eyes, really licking my lips. So when the client, I probably couldn ice cube on my nipple to like make it hard myself, I'm sorry guys I just literally keep going! Ok, 'cause, you're, rubbing noise, humongous, building, anyways anyways, so I was doing that. Okay, I this guy came up to me and he star. To hit on me and right. Is he come up to me and was like asking for my number. The guy was on the date with turned around with a glass of wine and saw go down and he automatically like got territorial and like came over and was like what was that- and I was just like- oh my god like no like nobody. No big deal
Let me just say you wanted to rip my clothes off and he got jealous. I was just going to say it. First and foremost, I commend you because everybody page out of Sophie's book here, because you just saying that when he came back he's like YO, what was that about most Girls would be like Oh my god. It was so crazy, acutely asked me for my number and he was like flirting with me, and it was so weird but, like whatever you just said, oh nothing. I don't know whatever you know how many girls would take a situation like that and try and do the damn
phone distress card and be like I don't know. My god like he was like harassing, is asking for my number like it was so he just said like I was really hot like he saw me: pull shut the fuc just stop! That's what I'm saying if you are subtle about it and you keep it to yourself like oh yeah, like I'm, not exactly what I did. I was like. Oh, it was just like you know, just saying hi and then he's immediately like YO. What the fox immediately he's like. I saw you put your number in his phone like you know, sweetheart, why it's fine! I was texting his mother and we're talking about you've had too much to drink, so I think also another one that goes hand in hand. If you can't get a guy like that to come up to you, I think it's so good to just lightly lightly. Flirt with the bartender, the waiter yeah you're on a date with a guy just like a little bit of some. If it's a guy girl whatever on it, doesn't even matter yeah, I think that's really good what else bigger picture? Okay having a guy friend if you have a guy friend that in itself to just like a term for
I had that one of my last relationships 'cause. I have milk hunters my best friends. I could really grind some gears an I would talk about him all the time. An a guy does I want his girl with any other man doesn't know. Calling it a friend if he say you're straight, and he straight then like yeah. I mean, I think, just mentioning something like you share with the guy friend like. Oh, my god, he and blah blah blah like we had this crazy thing happened was so fun. It was so amazing once again, This is called her daddy, and this is not the healthy shot. Now with that said, I'm going to continue with my unhealthy stuff. Please set that here. That's where I try your pen and paper right thrive. What else talking about your uh? Oh my god! Obviously that's unhealthy Sophia grace shouldn't! Do it? Does it work and make
a guy jealous when how to leave what would you say if you were going to bring up your axe to a guy that you were dating or just like casually five days, so I did this either because he did it because my sub conscious is so that's okay. I will talk to my therapist this coming Thursday about it, but This thing is is like I remember I was talking about my ex boyfriend. Okay with the guy I'm dating yep, and I was like you know. The relationship was like complete share like it was like really really bad. It wasn't great, but like this sex is like what kept me in it, a dagger to the heart that man is like not many like. I don't want to hear that man is like now he's like holy crap. I gotta help settle that is 'cause. I
preface it with. It was a horrible release that, and you said it, but I had to slide in there like, but the satisfaction thanks. So it's like okay, I honestly don't even know I do them. I think I came out of me. I also did another. No, I think, that's brilliant. I also think I've done this with on a guy. I was talking to you. I brought up my axe in a way that was just like yeah. Like you know what I'm actually like on pretty good terms with him. There's no hard feelings: we've actually like managed to stay friends, you've got your tongue sticking out his body. Soldiers left side he's like cute, managed to stay friends and he's been inside of you and seeing the inside walls of your vagina. Before I have he's going to freak the fuck out, so I think like what we're trying to say the girl, this less is more or less is always more. But when we say less, we mean take the examples we just gave you an you dabble in them, you're not doing this every fucking day, you're, not talking about your ex everyday. It's casual and little thing. Ok, let's look at how guys can make girls jealous? Can I please shut up? Please could always whatever you're asking you can do it sweetheart a man doesn't really
need to make a girl jealous now. In fact, would say men true two instead of maker let's try to not make her jealous and see if you can pull that off. This is an example you're sitting in a room with your boyfriend and their hot girl walks in Dallas, you're jealous jealous you're, jealous sucker sludge Thank you. You too, hot your boyfriend didn't do anything no and you're automatically like wow. I thought I'm so sucking battery. You he's like why you're like because Megan Fox just walked in the room, not fly dude. It's like what you guys. You go into a public setting with decently hot girls around and there you go. Your girls jealous boom man,
not you try not to make them jealous. You receive biches at parties with her man like lack latching arms with him she's, like all the sudden she's sitting on top of his lab setting, there's no music playing but she's like giving him a lap dance and he's like. Let me give you a quickie hurry, hurry hurry. Let me give you, let me give you a hand job or like he tries to go to bathroom and she's like I'll. Come with you, I'm coming with you and he's like babe, I just got a ps. You know you put like sunglasses over his eyes. Let's do I use the restroom here I saw like some cute girls. There's a restroom outside, let's go pee outside, but these sunglasses on blinders bad dude girls First, naturally, we get so jealous. We can't help it. I don't know why, but it's just that they need. Is he being green? I say I still around the apartment all the time I just want to give, though one real concrete example. I think of guys as much as we joke is. I do think if you are in the talking stages with this girl you're not fully dating If you go out to a bar guys. What you can do is be that guy, that's like oh off,
to get a bunch of people drinks, handing them to other girls. Talk talk to not in the craziest flirtatious way that you're coming off like an I do like a man, I know people right but thing, yeah, yeah yeah and it's super and I get out run leeway. This is worked on me because then I look at him talking to these other girls, and I know he's not being like super speakeasy, but then it give me on and I get jealous, I'm like no. I want his attention so guys, if you just don't stay by her side, the whole night and she'll want to jump your fucking bones and suck your dick, which is like always kind of the gold. You know what I mean little suck into the dick edge. I agree with you there. Good balance you have to have when you're, making people jealous again, like you said it's not the healthy thing, but what it? What is called her daddy mind manipulation. Finesse till you die, I'm here,
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to go. Get these pills you guys for just couple of dollars? You can wake up feeling normal after night of drink, so you can now subscribe and have dhmd detox delivered to you monthly every couple weeks and you'll save twenty five percent off your order. Soon, just head over to D, HM detox, dot com and use promo code, Daddy ate twenty, that's the number to. Also, there's free shipping. If you buy more than a couple boxes, they all know you're getting fucking hammered more than twice a week specialties in the daddy Games. Ok, something so embarrassing happened to me and I started to tell Alex and she was like you need to tell the daddy 'cause it's so fucking relatable, getting ready with your man. I went instead at this Airbnb last weekend I was getting ready and I is in the makeup stage, where I was doing. My eyebrows men
stop just relax. We're going to talk about this for thirty seconds talking about posting vagina. This has nothing to do with really naked sex in a minute, Jesus God just stroke it for a minute start jacking off horses, I mean so. Doing the eyebrow and all the girls listening, your eyebrows, you draw on the fact you know what I mean like if you're going out you're putting ship on yeah, so he walked in and saw me with like a dark pencil, and I had my eyebrows like outlined with the arch all check. It looks like Cruella Deville no arts to and it looked
If I was painting my face on Dan, he Alex he looked like this soul had left his body looked mortified like he was scared. He I think he literally opened it was like and then like shut it in laptop. Sorry, I'm sorry I was just. I was just testing out. We really talk about this guys getting ready, know an your man is around this. Isn't your make up on? I think they are going to be some beaches that are like What do you mean? I don't get embarrassed shut. The up Let me set the scene 'cause. You can't tell me you're not embarrassed when I I call it the Crescent Moon face when you are in the stages when girls are putting on the foundation. All you have on your face is one perfect shade of foundation covering your entire face, your lips cover your lips are white. Your eyebrows are not my eyebrows. Are your eyelashes are white cheddar looking up blinking at him and it just looks like a white slate with two little beady black holes.
For your eyes and he walks into Coraline Coraline. He won't see reason middle of you doing your foundation, an you look at him and you want to fucking die every when there is a fine, I use all features on your bath. I think number one, the foundation stage of make up is the scariest. I agree: contour holy I've had a guy walking Kardashian shift contouring! You look like you. Dirt on your face and it looks like you're actually drawing on your bones. Your picture you're painting a canvas on your head and he walks in mid artwork and you're. Like it's not done he's like I do, to buy it. But you look like fucking shit and you have all this shit all over you the outline of your nose and he's like you drawing on your face. Have I ever seen the real Sofia you're like she's? Please you slowly closed early like leave me alone. I think Denver is Bob
about when you wake up in the morning after when I stand, or even just like a hook up what I'm doing a lot of times. Also, if you went out drinking and then come back and you guys fall. Can you wake up your ships right? Ok, fake eyelashes? If you were them out ones like on your eyebrows, pitos rip it off, ok, rip it of, but like here girls and I've. Seen this that they like get to guy's house and they're way too comfortable in there, like, oh, like what crazy night. They whip out there we've like put it on a hanger. Hang it up take their eyelashes off like set them on the night stand and I feel like brushing their we've front of him, but, like that's, the type of shit guys are scared of that stuff, terrified, so scared and you gotta, just gotta ease them into it. I actually, when I was living with this guy, I he left our apartment, and I took off all my makeup and I was like exfoliating like
popping shit. I don't it and I I swear to God it all of a sudden. I hear the door open again 'cause. He forgot something and I'm like no like my face is funked up yeah and he walks in because he's like. Oh my god babe I just had to get something comes into fucking kiss me. I can hear you and you will come in what did I do I'm fine. I just pulled the classic. I put a facemask immediately all over blocks. All over my face was like a black tar. Really can't do it. I got it from the stupid Hannah Montana. So I watch I was younger. She hit her head into a wall and there's like cream cheese all over her head, so they don't mind all right, so you hurry and through a face mask on, though you like yeah, I know yeah and then I kissed and I'm like. I have a good day, a love so little more. I would do anything to do that. Yes, I would not thing to do. I think, the have you ever had a guy come back when you're like up doing it didn't in fact I know many like, next or just like he
after need to come back, I mean I've hung out with guys with looking like an absolute dump, your fine hair, numerous in your axe. I have an issue with that, so my God, okay, I remember my ex boyfriend, told me that he used to this girl and he literally had to stop fucking her and like could not get to the next level with her, even though he liked her so much because of the makeup situation. He said that one time it was like the next day he had accidentally left his keys in her room, So he like came back and like knocked on her door and was like hey sweetie, so sorry like can I get? Can I grab the keys? She opened the door open like a tiny little crack chucked, the key, through the cracks slammed the door shut, so he couldn't see her face without makeup. No, yes, no, that's you guys got it. You guys have to own it. Do I look like a fucking?
troll. You didn't call yeah yeah, you don't really, but I would rather do that than in. I would rather die and I think men would rather that then they wake up. The next morning and you come out of the bathroom with a full face of makeup and they're like Christ. What's under there literally what's Jesus, I know that we always have said we always we always tell guys if you really want to know what your bich looks like the first day where they taking them? If you take them swimming, you take them swimming on the first thing, so you see what the fuck you're actually working with. She lies and it's like. I don't want to go and you push that bench in the flying. Poulan weed she arises. You will see what that pitch is working with really drop a glass of water on her face at dinner. Watch your milk see what you're working anyway. What did milfhunter tells about make up? Oh my God, Milfhunter said that when girls wear highlighter
he is the scariest thing he's ever seen. He said that girls they overlook like a strobe light, a he. They look like a melting wax figure when they have a bunch of highlighter on. He said like Nikki Heaton, always that girl that singer she blocked me on Instagram too, but everyone Blocks- I don't know. I, like said something rude when I was in college or someshit about like crazy- I don't know, but Adriana Lima, please on me anyways, but she it but Milton Drake into their profile from mine or my take account. Always dot com accounts. Don't worry, but girl. Be so careful with highlighter guys, look what is happening. Why is her her cheek in her nose in her upper lip glistening into the God? Damn son, it's a yeah. I could see highlighter being a little a little much so I just I mean girls. We feel Are you guys just be supportive, don't fucking barge in when she's trying to do or make up give her fucking personal space? Yes for some
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slash daddy, ok, this is, I just want to quickly get into this because I'm from Utah, on my car. Are you more men? Lol? That's the first question. I always get that's a good people last night conservative. So there is an instagram page created called honor code stories. Okay, hey the Bio says: we support the church and we support B y. U and we created this platform to promote positive change within B Y, U's Honor Code Office B Y, U's Brigham Young University, if you go there, you're LDS, which Alex a note that was church of Latter Day saints, which means you're, Mormon, okay, okay, glad you clarified for all of us: east coasters. Yes, so there's a bunch of students that are releasing these stories on this instagram account talking about how the honor code system is extremely corrupt. We honor code system.
Pretty much like there's a board there and if you are doing anything outside of the honor code, they like encourage people to tattle tell And when I say outside of the honor code, I mean having a guy in your dorm room, I mean like listening to certain types of music like crazy, okay, so I just want to read. This is Also for- and I feel like to so many of I know like I I'm always so interesting when you talk yeah, I think I don't get it so. This girl row, I was home visiting for the holidays. When Christmas, when the honor Code Office called and left me a message, they called to ask if I still wore my garments. Does everyone know what Garmin are so if you're part of the Mormon faith, you have to wear these garments underneath all of your clothing? They like cover your shoulders. They they like go down all the way to your knees ball, a blah because they want you to be covered up. We. So what? If you're wearing like jeans, you wear them underneath your jeans, so they're like pan
but they go to like your knees. So if a girl sees a super cute tank top okay and she's Mormon she's, putting that tank top over a White T shirt, we, why over the garment, you can't show your shoulders. You can't show your belly. You can't show your thighs like shoulders, so the scroll written, I was home visiting for the holidays on Christmas, when the honor Code Office called and left me a message, they call to see. If I still wore my garments up here. At least someone had seen my instagram and reported me id. Even know that underwear questions from your university were legal as soon I returned returned home from the holidays. I was asked to come into their office and was put on probation this girl post The picture on her instagram, not wear
her garments, which is essentially your underwear and bra, ok, ok, and so this, which could have just been wearing jeans and at shirt yes or like a tank top. Yes, someone saw her instagram wet entitled to the honor code, people which is encouraged, and then they had to question her about what kind underwear, she's wearing this is her school and now she's put on probation for it. How is that legal? There can you. If we got called into barstool and Dave was like what underwear, where were yesterday, actually it's it's actually insane. Let me read like another one: okay, someone saw that I liked one of Alexis runs bikini pictures, so Alexis Randolph, like the hottest Instagram model and the screen shotted it and sent it into the honor code office. The honor code office called me in to ask if I was addicted to pornography shut down.
Threaten to take away my elders quorum, calling which is just like a really high up position within the church hold on God, help that office He liked a bikini picture on a social media platform and they're. Like are you addicted to porn on the fact that someone saw I in screen shot it it? It's like get the and then the fact that they had to ask him he's addicted to pornography. I don't really understand any you guys do this on his instagram page is insane 'cause had like a random thought about the garments in the shoulders. Okay, I went private catholic schools. I wasn't really exposed to that. Much Mormon stuff people at the catholic schools, like you, no one was not really there, maybe like three Mormons in my school, which also meant that if you went to a private school every single person, there was a fucking party and more or less so weird 'cause like I went there and everyone on the east coast of you. Go to catholic school you're considered like less crazy
Public School and this is completely opposite. 'cause. It's like a counter culture and like it's like my school was wild that people were doing so in the bathroom, whatever oh, ok I know you're telling your drugs in this yeah this guy. Invited me this problem. He went to public school, which means like the majority of people. There would be more men, ok and I didn't know that it would be different. Necessarily so I went in with a strapless dress and when I tell you that I walked into that prom. It was as if the dj had like cut the music Three single person turned around to look at me and the like looked at me like I was an alien. We could use your shoulders were showing us because I was wearing a strapless dress up the up. Every single girl have their shoulders covered and like a dress to the floor, and like my my show, every single one of those guys a because you your shoulder? It was so crazy. Did you did you dino. Did you take his Weiner
so we probably would like sucking on your fucking shoulder. He looked more so hot all, I'm going to know I'm not shoulder all night Alex. He was Mormon, so Poophole loophole, you got it you didn't you know not what the fuck is, that yeah loophole or well is moral. Orel is morally dude down, in the Valley of Utah, it will be soaking haven't. I talked about soaking on this podcast. You literally stick it in and you just park it you, he don't hunger moon when when they do, they really believe. If, if you do, anal doesn't count as sack there's poop hole loop there like some people that are stuck in that, but you didn't do that 'cause! You are like put in my vagina, instead virgin you're a virgin, and that's all I have to say back to suck up anyways. If you guys wanna hear more about some warm and she'll. Tell you why wild that. So
Can I take your god? We, you must go home, and this this is nothing against that religion. I of like family. That's right right in there's great people, but this honor code system out, be why you like it's it's crap, it's! wow, ok, okay, let's move on! I want to quickly tell girls I was talking. Some guy friends, recently doing journalism. You know journalistic research and I want to announce this to girls. Girls hop onto a guy's Dick get on top. It's like rabbit. Ask when you're like grinding your hips back and forth, it's much easier for you to get off in that position, but it ' kind of sucks for a guy. So like do you know what saying when you got there, there is scooting a chair getting injure and we've told them to their like a palm to being they're going back and forth, not up and down right right. Writing. On the other day, all
these guys are like most guys. Some guys are like it, but I would much rather girl bounce up and down and then occasionally just like go back and forth writing it, because what happens is when you're just sit, basically on his stomach grinding back and forth for a guy especially if you have like a little bit of pubic hair, it legit like hurts them because it like pull their hair. It's it's like they're. Getting rug burn like it feels like rug either. If they have her, they don't have her there. An the one of the guys like a chick will be like in Furbish Lee grinding on my fucking stomach, basically, and the skin to skin friction eventually starts to hurt it's nothing crazy, but it's just not the most enjoyable position for us so girls II. Then I asked milfhunter and he was like listen. He was like listen work I put girls through when I'm them are
usually don't mind, especially if she put in work for me. I don't mind: she gets on top of me, and it's like that's going to get her off all suck it up, but in no way shape or form, and I ever like- oh my god, yes sit down in like scoop back and forth my dick on top of me, I would much rather see a girl with the bottom of her feet on the bed going up and down doing the squads it just doesn't feel great to a guy. It feels great girl, and that's why I think so, when you're in that position, you can do it but, like we said last two weeks ago or something if you lean back a little bit, get a little bit of distance off his dick and art yourself, tiny bit back, and you rub your clip. That is better girls. If this is going to get you off and you're grab an orgasm, do it right, but like mix it up, and it also does feel good for a girl to go up and down, and I never going to bounce up and down get on the feet on your on your knees. Child sweetheart get up, there
Go so high. You hit your head on the fucking, telling you about some right back down on his dick, yes, athletes, athletes. I want to fuckign athlete how many girls is ok, island in Please stop, going. But I, actually I've never had sex with an athlete. So I'll get you hooked up, don't worry this segment. We are talking about professional athletes. I mean I have thank you for clarifying professional. I think people think I'm talking about like the fucking high school lacrosse coach. That was once an athlete. Ok, so we're talking about the big lead to Big Y Mlb, the NFL, the nhl- oh, my god, I'm so proud of you for knowing that. Ok. So so, if he doesn't know much about sports
she does know about robotics. So this work- I know about soccer, okay, great we're not talking about soccer today, sweetheart. I just want to give a big public service announcement to all these girls that are trying to fuck out I'm going to try to quickly break it down. For you guys, 'cause we've had so many people writing and asking so I'm going to give it to you first and foremost they're going to you know there is you know, so I can pull it out. Yes, so I want to tell Every girl little inside information, because I've been there and I I know a lot of these people- I like this, so in each state uh the athletes usually have a girl. So what they call, they have like a Chicago girl, Florida girl, Detroit Girl, California, girl and so what they call these girls? Is they call them road? Beef You heard that right, full time road hold on, they called him would be road, be fee and
I guess it's better than like road kill yeah. So do you still like when they show up to let's say Maryland or whatever? Okay and their boys will just like you know you got any road beef you come in and and so what that means, and then they describe the beast by she like prime Rib or, like obviously like a fillet or do you've got like some like sloppy Joe me coming in only ground. I should be offended by like that. Is that if I start talking about guys like that literally I have been with a few athletes hanging out and one of them looked at a guy and was like YO. It may be ground beef but it's big beef and I'm into it yo I wanna start being like was he like in italian sausage, like a mini dog, no Hawaii is actually really like that. So basically girls, that's a deal so every state they usually have a new girl Anne. If they don't have a girl in that state alot of times, then they'll be flying in a girl cat state, 'cause they're on the road
how they, how are they finding the girl so what they do like? How do they use like walk out of their hotel room in there like who wants to suck this dick? I just one. That's a big game, last name on the game. No, that's the thing! So a lot of these if you're, especially your high profile, you can't be going out and doing that, so what they do is they will look up tag location. So a lot of guys so you're out in Chicago. I don't know why reason Chicago, but whatever you're into I'll go and you will look up like you know city of Chicago Tags and you go through and you start scrolling and what they do. Is they just find a hot girl and they go to their friends? And that's already there ok well do is all these guys have the blue check, so all they have to do is slide into the dm. They don't even usually slide in what they do. Is they just press follow an then the girl sees the blue check mark and share ideas or pants off she's ready to go so basically, each state new girl. The thing that's really fun.
But I just want to put into perspective and listen, I'm not trying to like anyone over here, I'm just trying to like give put embers by yeah. So a lot of married guys. I know this one guy. When his wife will come to town, he will have and his single his single teammate. His second self, and say: ok, I need to pee like burner phone and he's like. I need you to keep this for the week and my guy friend that, so he would be like this. Fucking phone is going off all can we get. I want to answer the call and be like hi he's not available when it comes to right, but so there is, I mean, do it it's fun I mean there are the husbands that our athletes and they have bucking. Second cell phone, I mean we've, talked about trying to be shady before I kinda yeah. Second final, that's my god yeah! You know I mean okay, so and then this is where it's just crazy, because I remember when I was dating an athlete I was down. I was
down in Miami, and I was sitting in the stand, a game, and there were these like really really the hot girls sitting behind home plate. I am head I'm so past, I'm that rare hall you're so hot. So there were these like for girls like hair and make up done out sitting behind home plate a I. After the game. I was talking my boyfriend and he was like, oh my god. It's so like so fucking crazy. I'm like what happened, one of the guys in the dugout I did. He really thought one of the blondes was super cute, what his phone number on a baseball and had the ball boy go and Send it to her bubble Blah's interested text him once I get back to the hotel that night guess who I see walking through the lobby, I'm go blonde girl. I didn't even think they would notice girls in well. I think it depends like, for example, when you're in the dugout. Baseball's lowest box. So you like it's really it's really cool 'cause you pretty much. What you're telling me is athletes. Are she
b and cheaters, which everyone already fucking, knew that. Obviously there are exceptions to everything. One hundred percent exceptions. Absolute, I'm not saying this is everyone I'm just getting Generi common yeah? Is there like a particular sport? That's worse, who is the baseball player more likely to do it? Then, like a soccer player like a hockey player football player, I don't think we I mean. That's like saying like. Oh can is an accountant more likely she than a lawyer, but I don't know. Definitely not a lawyers. Will there likely to cheat actually, but so, for example, like the NFL players You cannot have a girl, even if it's your wife, you can't have well in your room, forty eight hours before a game. Hello, we only have like what sixteen games of season so their way less likely during the season, maybe but so they're doing. If they want to do it or if you could, you get suspended if you get caught with a girl in your room, wow all this insider info AL, I know, I think that I think ha
you guys are a bit more normal than baseball. Guys baseball is the worst schedule. In all of sports festival. Sports. There's a lot of fucking money in baseball. There's a lot of road, be there's a little bit of road BB and they had about one hundred to two hundred off days a month only single day, they're playing a game, and so it's it's like Groundhog Day every day. So it's just like. If you lose a game that is like right. The game tomorrow take things to like their flying in girls. They've got the money like why not all right, so it's kind of crazy. That is totally crazy. Dude I have, I mean I'll, just keep going, but Gossip gossip gossip, give it to a spill. The tea the endless I'm not throwing shade 'cause. I have some really good friends that I made, but, like the wives and girlfriends. Okay, the wags where is that even stand for? Why and girlfriends of it's man made no, I'm not kidding what is wives and girlfriends of sports. Maybe I don't fucking know so. Ok, so like there is a
family wives, section for everywhere you go yeah and on. My wives will sit, in the stands and it's the funniest thing, because some times, one of the guys yeah. I will invite one of their like side pieces two and their wife. Is there well yeah, that's the up thing. So what happens? Is I've been in a situation? Okay, so all the wives and girlfriends they're too good to talk to the girls that are coming in. I was going to say like just from watching the show wags like the read, women frown upon the girl friends because, like they don't have a ring on their finger that so I can only imagine like if you're, not even friend you're like the guy you're dating the guy. Like the probably look at you like your dog, do you do you? They do not even look at all the mice like all right. He looks, and so I've been there where okay, so this one girl, like huge, amazing, fake
tips like this blonde bitch, sits down yeah and every single wife and girlfriend is just staring at this girl trying to figure out who the fuck who's girls. This who and there weren't that many single guys on the team and they're looking in looking and then later it was his side bit, I found out his wife was in the sand stands and he invited his side bich also to the game, because he knows that there's no fucking way that his it's going to be like hi. How are you here with that is so right? Well, first of all, you're not talking to her 'cause she's, the fucking know right now, she's like don't talk to anyone. What ends up happening, is the lion be like? Oh, I just babe, I gotta go. I have a dinner with my agent and then I'll be back and what he does. Is he gets his side piece. A hotel room goes in Fox her and then goes back Oh yeah, it's Holly like a hotel room like down the hall right right like waiting, so actually I've actually gone to a game. When I was on an, I brought one of my like single girlfriends just because I wanted to go to
with her, and the wives made a point to talk to my boyfriend and say Alex should not be bringing her single friends to the set the fact that screams, insecurity and self esteem issues so loudly and that's so embarrassing, it's so critical attractive. These girl are over there. Man, where I'm like. Listen. If he's going to fuckin' cheat she's gonna, cheat so many women don't understand that and they spend so much of their time. It's one thing to try to catch a guy being shady, as you think, he's up to no good and he's done certain things to make. You think that it is a completely different thing to try to prevent. Oh, my a man from cheating and vice versa. You can't even go, wants to cheat he will he will have the girl crawl in through the bathroom window, suck his dick and crawl out.
Access system, just what in is true and especially with the athlete like pay paid fly. The girl, in a like you know it definitely it sucks, because I think listen. I have met so athletes where I'm like. I am like holy fuck like this is this is a unicorn like he is very different. Didn't you tell me that, like 'cause, you were dating this guy, an girls would send him videos on Snapchat themselves like, it's hilarious, a toy in their vagina and then like his jersey on or something okay. So he in his answer, and by like a little slut, will put his snapchat and my god. If that in itself is Josmar, I've made him. Let me go to hit on his snapchat and watch this shitshow. You open his snapchat and it's literally just free fucking amateur porn. These girl will add him on Snapchat they will be sucking them, so
so the toy or masturbating or sending nudes an they will caption. It say his number is like twenty five will be like this could be all yours number. Twenty five like invite me over baseball, your brains out. Are these girls? You know, judge me, I don't know, I don't think it's crazy. Puck bunny is clean chasers. That said that it's crazy, so really insane. I think what I all my I just thought of something we can wrap up here 'cause. I know I'm rambling, but ok. So this is like a definition. And listen, I'm not like I'm not even throw shade on this girl, I'm trying to like lesser something: ok, I'm bored, let's go so the point of this story is throw the shape on me. Ok, so the point of this story is like girls get like her eyes when they get invited or to flow. Get flown somewhere by these guys, I mean it sounds like girls just get way, yeah and get a hard eyes when they just see professional yeah, yeah yeah. I don't get it okay, so, okay, so on one of the
okay, so during one of my relationships dating one of these guys, it was this like Joe so every time it mean my boyfriend would fuck. He had this like really ugly robe. That was made we'd like a shower robe that we made for him in it had like his name on the back with his number, and it was like a team, ok, so kind of looks like a jersey that was a razor ok, so throughout our relationship, we started using it as our camera. Home, my god. I would always wipe myself down keep me or him wipe off whatever, and so it was already JO can we were like I'm still keep honestly, so romantic babe, you guys, should freeze. So it was our ongoing joke like we're, never going to watch this thing because it's like a joke and he's like I'll, never wash it whatever fast forward. We broke up whatever and I get start getting dms of this girl. This girl sucked him after we were broken up. She goes. She sucks him and
she posted a selfie on her instagram story. Turned around wearing the robe, no mirror Selfie post guide, and I'm sitting here. Looking at that thing, literally being like you are wearing my comrade are covered in MIKE Icon in my car and his clothes desperado moves over everything. That's bucked up, as I know it too. Well, I know that she blocked him, probably from her story, so he couldn't see it, but the whole point was basically to show everyone hi. I just fuckd insert last name and your showing his name is on the back his number she just liked him and I bought it while I'm sitting over there in, like you literally have my company might crusty ask come in his come yell over you. I basically just had a threesome with them. Pretty merry go, oh my god. So, like so crazy, the point of that is, like, I think, don't go there and being. I even think that you're going to be the one there's a one hundred of you, one hundred of you, you just you just don't be naive,
sucking Chloe Kardashian should have reached out to us before I could have told her Chloe sweetheart. He got fuckin' cheat on you. I was going to say a couple. I was going to say, ladies if you, this is a moral story. Laser listening If you want to go the athlete route you're going to get cheated on and I hope but if you're going to go the professional athlete route just in it for the money and you're poking a hole in the condom and you're getting pregnant, so you can fucking be set financially. That's all. I have to say what is wrong with that. It's true so funny. If I'm stuck in a professional athlete ongoing raw dog food, so she didn't come in my I'm spinning the come out into a turkey baster and putting it up inside. Do that's. Actually. I think I've seen that a lot. I will try to keep the come and then insert it later, make themselves pregnant. Listen,
this. There are athletes. Could fuckin' marry you one day, but you have to understand that a majority of them are basically twenty one years old, you have an unlimited amount of money and they go and play a sport every day and they go into this career and every guy, that's older them in the business is like yeah fly here fly her there and it's just the culture and it's totally fine I mean I fucking wish I was doing that for a living, so you know guys gotta love it listen. Athletes are a great time, go double if you're interested girls, but when you're like, oh, my god, like I want to go to his I can't believe he's inviting me is: there's probably two other girls in the stand that he invited as well. So just be cautious. I love it cautious,
Oh all, those ladies out there getting their pussy pounded all the time, you're getting Uti eyes a lot of the time. My god, you t eyes, are so freaking common. It sucks, but you wake up in the morning or you it's just the worst and you're like ok. I just had a lot of times. It happens after sex you up in about one in five, women will have re occuring one yeah, it sucks it's the worst. It is the word it really is so you guys there's a great news. There is something you can do to prevent them and it's so freaking easy. We talked about them before you Cora it's a drink. It tastes. Amazing I've tried it and you take it right after sex to prevent Uti eyes, you just mix it with water and drink it yep. But during sex I could chug it while you're getting sucked. Why no help from behind again men how high when you're, hiding other water bottle with the crushed up plan b, also adding a you, Cora packet and she'll, be ready to go, not preg and without
teen center on our way. Imagine if your boyfriend had you Cora on his nightstand and right after you thought he's like here, you go baby, just get it you do you ti by would be like guys all right. Also, if you core it just so, you guys feel comfortable it. How it all now, natural ingredients Every girl, I know out in college, would always beg. Drink. Cranberry doesn't know, doesn't work so it girls and men men. We buying this for your girl and girls. If you want to break free of the endless cycle of Utah, is all those antibiotics guys the offer is going to be thirty percent off yeah you Cora dot com, slash daddy, that you, Q, O r, a dot com, slash daddy for thirty percent off. No more, you teach eyes. No more! You tease, you dis this junk ware shoals of Zoey questions out like clash. Don't like that one day me and said they like it, I like the french one. Well, whatever accent which is french, ok,
let's just go all right. Okay, I have one. So this is like fucking, brilliant dude, okay, okay, I have a great password tip if your boyfriend or girlfriend won't give you their laptop password. When I spend a week at my axes apartment he was, work and I called him and said his Netflix log owl and I needed the password. He told me a password I said nope, it's not working that can't be it. He preceded to list eight different path words over the phone as I was writing all of them down all of them down his netflix? Never, working logged out in the first place, and now I'm able to get into all of his social medias thing. Daddy's Holyshit. So you just kalagayan pretend that you're locked out of something and just passing good babe, I'm so bored like if you're at his house, like I can't get into the Netflix and then he tells you not working, will try this one. Try this one and then, by the time, he's gone through, like
five this bit. It has writing down all of your passwords and she has all your passwords potential. Oh, my god, dude that's really fucking smart 'cause Netflix is harmless but little dizzy, but you know. So if you have your girl calling and asking that you better say, sweetie sit tight, I will get back to you with the past week that I will be home in five hours and we will binge together. Yes, He stop wow genius. This guy wrote in and he said y'all had a rant about relationships and how, if someone shares locations etc, ya, will I fuckedup in shared my location with this girl, I'm talking to back in February during Mardi GRAS, so if she gets lost, etc, never turned it of so sometimes I don't feel like telling her what I'm doing we live in print cities, and so I literally want again use my old phone change, my location to be shared on my old phone and not my new phone and tell I'm going to bed,
you do whatever the heck. I want it's almost better than not sharing your location. It's a fucking hack, This is I'm home and I'm not lol good stuff. Let me know if you like this shit, oh I had a friend when I lived in Utah who said up, so that the Ipad was where the location would be it and every single night. We did the same thing we would. We would set it up on her Ipad, leave her Ipad, it like what destination, and then we would fucking go balance out and her boyfriend with whom she was at home. He's like oh she's, being such little cute little bit, wait Do you tell me that you did this in high school. Guys will tell please tell us when I is dating this guy. He was like a drug dealer. Slash let just did generate any any. Him could have gone a long right. Okay, he was like he was like sniffing aerosol cans in like fifteen. Drugs like whippets yeah. He was like so cool like had a dui the first night I met him. It was like amazing, anyway,
so my parents obviously were like no you're not going to do it, and so they don't love him. So what I would do is, I would be like. Oh my god, I'm going to Anas House 'cause, my friend in Highschool Anna. She was like so Respon not trusting it Anna towels. So what would I would do is an it sucks, because I didn't have the Ipad should at the prices like years ago. So what I did is, I would leave my phone in and, as mailbox Colin, I would go to parties, and I would use all my friends phones to like tax people and stuff like I would give Anna all of the phone numbers we needed for the night, because I you we usually without getting us places. I'm in my mother would check on me because she was like this bit and to make She sound asleep bananas and it was in the. I don't know why I left it in the mailbox but likes that is actually really really smart, yeah factor people, you can share your location. Now I was going to say this guy I, that you just read that whole thing, the guy that changed with the two phones that is fucking genius. He is right by saying that I would be
way more way. If I got on my boyfriend's at home, rather than got doesn't have a location, I thought it was a girl friend, mind at ease every single girl or guy. You should start doing that if you got a like a crazy person one hundred percent. You know your location yeah, like a separate phone with like that, has WI and then just up. Ok, I have a really good one. These questions are good this week. Okay, so the guy I'm seeing and hooking up with Israel. Into bdsm. He likes to toss me around timing up all that dirty sluti stuff. So one night, I walk up to the front door and he made me drop all of my clothes before entering his house. We walk he walked inside with me and started. We started fooling around four play and such it's dark and I had been drinking prior to meeting up this time. He tells me to go to his junk drawer an grab a marker out of it and demands. I go to the bathroom and write words all over me. Yes,
actually words that I want him to do to me. So of course I write lick me in between my legs. I mean I go all out. I write daddy's little comes law under my valuable. I write suck me on my asol out all over my body over. Might it's on my neck, etc however, when I shamefully went to crawl into the shower after hours of fucking you realized. I had grabbed a permanent blue. Barbie, no just a normal marker, so I am fucking scrubbing with nail polish remover duramax I'll call you it. I was trying it because here's the kicker, I was going immediately to a fucking family beach trip the morning. Needless to say, it was a complete loss and I actually ended up lying and say I came down with the fucking flu in May. I don't
why? But I think this is like such a good idea. I have never heard of this. No I'm not, Obviously not the sharpie part, but I've heard of a lot of kinky stuff in, like writing, shut all over my body. I've never heard of that. I like it, it sounds hot. Imagine like writing it it's like one is like bite me like. Yeah and then like you're, asking about your apple dude right. It's like a game, but the fact that she was not to go on a beach trip, imagine her walking in her parents or like gods on her bikinis daddy's little come slide on her out. Whole is like, daddy's, I kinda think it's a really good idea, like you could text her man to be like I want to play later tonight. I want to play a game with you and then you show up with doctor or sucking hot ok this was a very interesting question. So
This girl said: hey call her daddy. I gotta fuckedup question for y'all. I love, but I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and I'm having doubts about whether or not I should stay this guy is what dreams are made up. Ok surprises me with little gifts takes me out for dinners by buys me clothes ten out of ten, treats me like a great partner? The problem is, I want to be fucking spoiled like I'm talking now paying for a single damn thing: have him at my Beck and call and be treated like a Viking princess? That's one part of it, Ok, this is the second part, so What does my stupid mind do to solve the issue? I make him think I'm cheating on him so that I make him insecure and get even better treatment. So far, I contoured my body and gave myself boob hickeys stomach hickeys learn some new sex positions, and now I do not know follow through how old do I make this guy? Give me
I want, or should I just look for better? This guy is pretty good to me already. I just have a high fuqing expectations and I want more power. This is a level of psycho that I an he therefore kind for I'm always going support the daddy totally totally, but wo her keys to the two on her own body. This girl one the guy, that's going to spoil her, I don't I don't get how cheating on a guy's gonna going to, I think girlfriend. I think I think you got he's really. Good to you and you, like your sex, keep it and you got to just get on seeking arrangements and get a sugar daddy, and then you don't tell the boyfriend about the sugar dot. Yes, that's the plan to separate entity. You know what this is. What you're going to do? You are going to be going down on him. Kinda work, Buckingham yeah and you know he's about to come right and you have about five to ten seconds he's literally about to have any lowest load all over and you're going to say
invite me Chanel bag and he's going to say yes, yes, yes he's about to come and that's where you get them and that's how you get the back sure they can't really say anything. You can't say no right further about to come out, but you should really do if you want to take it to another level, is going to get his credit card you're going to put all of his info in on your online Chanel bag purchase you're going to hand him the phone right when he's about to come here and say, press confirm press from funk. I want you to cut it right when you press confirm, and then he presses, from because he just wants to come in your mouth. That's really done! You guys help us and all that so easy. Okay, this one get ready for the crate this packing story. Ever the girls were clubbing bongs were smoked, drinks were passed and the next thing we knew this crazy, fucking dude was like hey. Can I rip my jewel out of your coochi and my friends hell. No and I was both my eyes. So anything sounded good to me, and so I was on board. We went to the dirtiest bathroom ever been in, I spread my legs on the toilet seat and the next thing I knew this guy fingering me with his silver jewel, thank God
It wasn't mango because that makes me nauseous. That's sweet mint filled Aaron goddamnit Hunua Jewel, could feel so fuckin'. Could God dam she fingered her with a jewel or was he blowing smoke in her vagina or smoking out of her vagina? He took a hit out of her vagina, so we put the jewel halfway in and took a hit. Then he started fucking her at the jewel, which kind of felt like a finger. I guess I guess that whip Fingerhut, and I love how you say. Thank God. It wasn't mango yeah. I hate mango. That was a whole different level. This is like these mutherfuckers, with these jewels he's just puff puffing out of looking bad. Oh my god, I know what you're saying, though, like it could be kind of fun. I wonder if yeah, I know what you're saying if he took the hit and then he blow it in her vagina could be fun. Ok go ahead! Ok! railroad in and she said I've been spending time with the guy for over two months. Dinners movie nights pool walks, but we are completely
platonic I'm into him, but I've no idea, if he's into me and my friend zoned. How do I find without embarrassing myself, sweetie to me. Listen to her heart, listen to her if you're hanging out with a guy all the time and you're getting in the pool and you're going to movies. And you're going to dinners and you're doing all of this Shay and he's not trying to make a move on, you he's probably gay or beard, or he doesn't find you attractive, well, but no, because I only spend that much yeah, it's not going to spend that much time in enerji with a girl unless you're like really rich. Are you like paying for ship for him? I was under the impression he was paying for it. If he's paying for it, you're not you're a beard he's gay there's no way, especially even I mean I've talked to melt underneath, like I have girls that I don't really find attractive, but with I'm hanging out with them and I'm horny I'm going to suck them it's like. If yeah, I won in ninety nine after two months of hanging out like that, it's not going to try to knock you, even even if he doesn't find you
I try to try exact, there's a good chance. He will yeah hi this works and you have a giant and he's going to want to try to you at some point so he's he's probably gay and yeah you're his beard, which is totally fine? Okay, I have this. I met a guy over the weekend. We were texting for like two hours and then all of a sudden. He text me and tells me that when we exchanged phone numbers, his phone was dying, so he had been using Friends phone. So then he text me from a different number, claiming it's his real phone, which I found kind of sketchy but ignored it. Whatever we've been talking everyday, pretty much nonstop, now, but I notice whenever he sends me a video it comes in as a link. I looked at the. U and I finally googled it to see that he's been texting me from a free number generating out. My god. Do I call this mother out? that is so insane and rating. So basically he used his friend's phone
for his friends phone texted her and then switch to a free generate. Ok, this is the thing So I'm assuming that it wasn't his friends phone number, but it was his his phone number, but we got a girlfriend short quickly. He switched transitioned over to a new number and now he's using this. If I were you uh huh, I would call him out in like a funny way where it's like one day you send him the link to the site and you're like? I know you use this to be shady, I'm trying to be shady too. How do you set this up? I can't figure it out, so that would be hilarious and he like almost itself 'cause you're, not only like. Oh, I obviously know you use it 'cause. I don't know who you're being shady too, but I was trying to do it. How do I set it up like? What's the best free number generator right 'cause? I know there's multiple language app. Should I be with you actually like this one. You like. What's your problem, I left and then he's going to shoot himself and like yeah so awkward. I love you have tax so chill about it, but like bye,
confronting him so chill he's going to actually die so fucking crazy that he's doing that. Yes, this is just a closing remark. Ok, it's a question, but it's just short Is it cheating if I'm just lining things up in case a relationship goes home, nicely to do. You know how many times, God, not all, and then my not my thing now, my doctor. Now what we mean by that guys, if you donors or saying it's like when you're in a relationship and then you kind of think it may and like you, you keep you kind of string, some other guys, a long glance lately, I've just so what, when the brake up, maybe hopping yeah like ready to go or you like, hit the ground running. What I did in one of my really should This is like right. When I knew it was kind of ending yeah. I felt it. I started reaching out to old Pedia and even new people.
You just kind of start getting your roster ready to be filled again. Just in case I mean I think if I was dating someone that could potentially be my husband, that's not going to happen, but, like you know how many nation ships, I've been like this is not going anywhere. You can't ever totally cancel out your roster, even when you're dating gotta always have usually answer their snaps. You know, keep it rolling eyes. I love that one Sofia, yes, ok, Daddy Gang, adding what Wednesday no Hump day. I hope all of you girl, hump it out. I hope all you, girls out there are going to start being stripped check with your athletes start playing games, don't let them on the first night. That's always a good thing, not be subtle when you're trying to make a guide gel absolute guys if you don't go out and buy a black book this weekend and fuckin' fake. Your glass leaf can fuckin' make give it to you
got damn mom and have her right, which she wants your goals to be for two thousand and nineteen and headed back to when you put it in your fucking room. Yes right, if you could, while we're all sitting here, let's take a moment, don't leave us a one star review if you guys were never going to read it again. We would really appreciate if you guys, could go and give us five STAR review and just write something nice about. You know anything about us. Anything. You find it in your heart. Just one thing. So, thanks for hanging out with this daddy gang, we love you. We our close certain closer each day to meet up yeah, Baby alive shows are talking about a live show find out like we actually talked to get start getting booking your fuckin' flights and come to New York and yeah baby. It's gonna be a fucking party, a party, it's not alive, podcast, it's a party! It's me fucking naked! It's going to be big or g. It is alright, so will keep you guys, updated on the date
for now, every fucking Wednesday guys hey Daddy game? We love you. So much daddy, see you guys next week.
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