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37- Cheating Olympics & Apartment Orgys

2019-05-29 | 🔗

In this weeks episode, the girls tell a story of an unexpected visitor who showed up to their apartment…and shit got sexual. They also address what signs to look out for if you think your partner is being shady. Cheat or be cheated on! Lastly, they discuss hot, steamy bathroom sex, a serious tip to spice things up with your guy/girl in public group settings, and some hacks that could RUIN LIVES (Do Not Disturb, Reverse Phone Lookup, Uber locator). 

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Do you call him daddy? Do I go her daddy call her daddy? What's up guys? Is the founding fathers back at it again, it's called her daddy, be yeah, it is it's Alex and Sophia are presenting. Sponsor is roman Roman. You guys you take the roman swipe. You swipe it on your Jain, nor Miss or small day way, tiny, amazing, Dick and you're gonna last longer the bedroom, you let it dry and then you're good to go and you're gonna her brains out for at least seventy three hours or his brains out ten chile, okay yeah, so you guys you can only come backwards from ten for so long, roman swipes works. Okay, it's clinically proven to make you last longer in bad yeah. It's easy! It's effective, their discreet
unmarked packaging. So we always say it. You guys, can really put it in your back pocket right next to your condom and then you leave the bar and you go fuck it out and you're gonna. Look! So fucking long, so you guys when you go to get roman dot com, slash daddy! You can get your first month of swipes for just five doll hairs when you choose a monthly plan. If you use the link, get roman dot com, slash daddy, those guys loves g e t, r o Aman dot com, Slash Zed, Zed, Zed E guys. It's five bucks, nobody should feel uncomfortable lasting longer. I don't fuck around with guys that can't last no, I'm gonna start bringing roman swipes to my hookups and swipe it on before. We start a little bit because I don't care. If you're,
I think an hour. I want to we're sitting here we're running on two hours of sleep. I think that's the best time for us to podcast yacht. Besides being it I'm exhausted, I am mortified. Hey emeritus, extremely embarrassed. Why? So? Let me just go ahead and address that. Last week I didn't outside, but I I pronounce the word big day in her. Actually I pronounced it bid to at, and I felt weird when I was saying the dad I'm not alive, but that hell the way I found out that I'd miss pronounce the word yeah is because the guy I'm dating, decided to listen to call her daddy for the very first time in picked. That app is so. I was like, oh hey by the way, like you said, you know the word today wrong and I just looked at him
I was like blinking like what you're like. No. I said babies like you said that you made you might as well have said, but yet, like a bug at dude, I said Padgette like five times, It was like I fucked up once it was five times a repeated it yeah. I do want to tell you, but my mom texted me about that. She's like Sofia print I want to die. The thing is, is that I have. I was saying it with a spanish accent. How about that? How about that? I was saying what the fuck in spanish accent, so everyone get off or how would you say people realize that, like my parents are fresh off the boat not a lot of people, but are very foreign. Ok, so I'm doing my best out here. So you can pretend that you were saying it in a spanish accent: yeah, it's like ok, sure, anyways Alex and I are moving yep, so we gotta be so fucking sad to to see that apartment go. Were the Lord, where the landlord said he was going to shoot. Someone someone in the face
yeah! We live in a really nice area right now anyways, so we have like a shit ton of sex toys in our apartment, guys because you know where the call her daddy girls. Of course, we do we're trying something out every single night. No, so we have like a shit ton of sex toys that are sent to and we were like emptying out the box and there was like lube all over the counter. There was like a bug to womanizers vibrators on the cow, we were trying to organize them by like clip simulators here, his in her toys over your dildos over here yeah, and then we were also unpacking merge. So there was like a bunch of hoodies that led to great degrade me on the ground. We get a knock on the door Alexander like ok, it must be post mates, we open it. Lo and behold, it's the fucking mechanic guy that we asked to come like a week ago. We were not expect
him. He bus, saying pretty much in it's like I'm here to fix the window were like Sir Sir, we can explain it comes in and it looks like a flock fast like it actually looks as if we had just gotten done with an oral a huge. We literally live in a trap house orgy house and he kind of like awkwardly stopped and never like it's not bad window. He's like I'm sorry. Let me just step, over this giant Normous black dildo like hold on like? Are you can just move the flashlight over here and then the window is actually right. I think it's something like the clip stimulator starts going off between his toes he's, like God, damn it was mortifying. Was it and the degrade me shit? If you don't know our show and all of those values, shocking seemed to walk into the way and the way we are we look. A little like lesbian were on the couch together, like cuddling part, Collie, wearing hoodies and said I'm unwell. I know who that says degrade me and then I have like a fucking dildo
yeah and like daddy necklaces on there like who are the girls straight pornstars believable, I like it and I'm pretty sure like that, was right when Kendra Lust, unlike retweeted, something like, oh, my god. Kendra Lust has retreated as in this guys, like ok, so these girls work in the porn industry, I'm like Sir Sir Sir, Sir don't get it to Adair. Sir. I can explain: we are audio porn audio porn, so that was interesting. I think I would you consider yourself like a shady person. Why did you see that you know shadiest pursino aside for me, you're pretty shady oh wow. Well, I don't know how we've gone this long and we haven't talked about this before, but it's pretty pretty revolutionary have briefly, but we're really getting into this, and I cannot tell you how wet I am right now thinking about talking on this 'cause. This is my fucking Forte signs. They are being shady holy fun. There are a million ways to catch a cheater or to get
away with cheating 'cause. This is colour daddy and you know a fucking cheater be cheated on. Her cheater die almost like fuck There we go fucking cheater die. If you don't cheat you're, okay, okay, I'm probably the only podcast or just like the only people in America clean slate. She Queen Slay Queen, were just providing some examples. Guys being shady is this is it is sport and it should not be taken lightly and it is fun. Fucking should be a spy, the Olympics are alright. This shit is this is not easy and only the intelligent can conquer it yeah. So I let's get right into it, so we're going to talk about signs of being shady, whether something that you should look for or something yeah we do, we should be doing if you're trying to be fucking shady. Here you go. Let's start with the phone: the phone okay, this cell phone is what fucks every, and also. Let me just confirm that, like really just opening the can you all right and if you like you guys for got these no, no. This is just the beginning. Yeah we could do nine hundred episodes on the ship, slow and steady
erase bitches. So, first and foremost, I want in study, wins the cheating race. Ok put that on it smoking up your smoke, it up your asshole, so I want to start with my first favorite signs of being shady, because this is my favorite one I have being shady. Ok is the do not disturb feature on the phone? Ok, let me explain when I'm around the guy that I'm talking to you, I will turn on the do not disturb feature on the Iphone. This allows no text to a here, if you're showing them your phone so like you can be carefree as fuck, I'm showing him the internet or daily mail or snapshot- and I know God damn well. Ninety of my fucking side, hoes or not, they may be sliding in, but he doesn't see them sliding in anyone. That's trying to be shady do this when you're when your phone around put the do not disturb on and then, if you are trying to catch someone being shady pay attention to. If the moon
is in the corner of their phone yep every time but if I saw like a guys phone- and he handed to me- and I see that the moon is on his phone up at the top corner, I'm like why the fuck does Brian have is do not disturb on at two hundred pm in the afternoon when you're just hanging out on the couch. If someone hands you their phone and you see the half moon in the right hand core. It means there's gotta, be a change corner. They want to prevent anyone from text them and you seeing it yeah. Does that mean when you put your phone on, do not disturb you got no notifications coming in at yep, so like a snapshot notification No, no! So like you're good, my god, yeah like. That is why? Because this is the fucked up thing, even if you're not being shady like, you're dating a guy. Don't you sometimes just get nervous to show your phone, because you can't control but you I get scared to hear a phone over to anybody.
What, if that guy from two years ago, slides in yeah, and how is that my fault? But it's going to look. It's really bad. Look shady so guys if you're trying to be shady as fuck do not disturb feature or you're trying to catch again. Look for the moon, so let me just do another announcement. It guys handing you his phone in his hand, is fucking trembling shaking uncontrollably the weather, real, quick and he's like why here's my phone he's probably being stupid. You know what I mean. That's actually so quickly like keeps dropping the phone he's like what was sorry. Are you sure you need it like there's something wrong shit. You like, I literally just want to check the weather at my phones dead. I think such to someone's body language and healthy pay attention to the body link,
hand the phone? That's actually so he's like ripping it. You're, having like pulling like tiger or you're like Tyler, I just need to fucking check the weather and he's like yeah. The trembling is Loki like so fucking on point with these bitch boys. What else? Every single time I'm just gonna, use the guy's an example of a racing all time he puts his phone down It's face down. Oh, would never be caught, with screen facing up Dude. I love that one. If your guy or girl is setting the phone down and the screen is up, then you have a mother research angel, loyal bitch, on your hand, oil as Jesus Jesus, mother, fucker. Before your eyes, oh, my god, I remember I was dating a guy and I was the queen of always putting my phone face down and he started to call me I'll, be like hope, face down.
Again right away all the time. I do that shady mix shade. I have seen a guy literally set it down with the screen facing up and grab it and then flip it over and I'm like he is fucking said then colombian, prostitute, shady mother fucker. I think another one is like when they take their phone with them. King everywhere he's actually walking across the room to like grab his underwear, and he feels the need to like take his phone with him like you will never be left alone in a room with his phone. Without him in there, you will see a guy like on his way to the bathroom, and he realizes he forgot his his phone. He will one hundred and eighty grab it and then go back, and sometimes try to be like casual about it like go over the night stand and like pick up something else and then like on the way pick
their phone like. I know exactly why you're coming back is to get your fucking phones. The guy I'm dating right now has two phones which is so fucking annoying because, like hacking into one is already and and having to like make sure that he's not being shady on one now. I have to deal with two too 'cause, like the business ship, the work phone which I'm like what is work. Yeah, what is that by work? You mean work, your way into a bunch of like this is the phone you used to get pussy in this yeah? Oh, I don't like that. You have to also now go get another phone, so you can be on the same. You need to file getting three functions. That's what I'm going to do. And I'm literally going to go over to his place and he's going to make me dinner and minutes at all three on the table next to our lives.
On yeah and I'm gonna have all of that, most Buzz buzz buzz at every moment. I work that's my personal life watt play like walking when, like guys, keep it on, like their belt you'd, like all three phones on your belt you're like hey, what's up like what I am going to set all three on the counter and be like. What's up what's up things like that, I have two: do you really need Three absolutely will be like. What's the third one for, I'll, be like none of your business, quiet be quiet, she stop talking, cheating, if you want it for cheating, this is my cheating phone. I actually love that. Ok, let me talk about the privacy screen and, if you guys don't know to privacy screen is what I'm assuming it's just like when you talk about it- makes me laugh. 'cause, I think, is it. Is this like thick dark piece of plastic that you put
on your phone, it's literally like I get look. Sixteen inch big fat butt know. So it's just literally a screen. You put over your phone. If you are looking, you know when, like you're sitting next to someone and you see them texting and like you can't help, but sometimes you're, just curious, just look over with your side. I, the privacy screen, allows only the people that are looking straight on to the phone to see them like. What's on the phone, you can't you can't see what they're texting from the side I've had relationships where, like the I has a privacy screen, and I remember one guy that had a privacy screen literally would pretend because, unlike the wider, have privacy screen, he was like just in case like I'm out at work and, like I don't want any of my coworkers,
see your nudes and stuff and he was like pretending. It was just for my new Alex as the fucking co host of call her daddy. Please tell me, you didn't believe the sweetheart I went on to find. There were many nude and I was not the only spread lip vagina in his fucking camera roll. Probably these fine was to protect your news as well as all the other mothers. So then the day that I showed up with the privacy screen- and he was a we. Why do you have a privacy screen? I was like pain, it's for the same reason for you, so I can just protect your new? That's right, just your your right to your tiny little shriveled up to date as- and he looked at me because I knew you'd like me to fly to the privacy screen guys adding that such good one if you don't want to be copying shading at a privacy screen, but if you're trying to catch someone being shady and they randomly show up one Wednesday and they're like it's so great,
have a privacy screen. Fucking, cheating, fuck that fuck you fuck em, all fuck their family fuck everything if you're horny, it's not cheating, ok, so I seven couple, even if you're horny you're not cheating, pretty soon we're going to talk about that. Our first episode view if you explore you like your like, if the dick, just like grazes the vagina lips, it's not even cheating that you know what you're trying to make me sound stupid. But everybody listen to me. Listen to me at me, yeah for some people and less it's dick inside vagina. It's like not cheating and for some people, it's like he watched too Girl, scissor on his computer, an like used loop and Josh Josh cheating like Marcus, you're, cheating on me. Her guy goes to a Strip club and she's, like I consider that cheating shut up shut up, no it.
Not Cassandra you're? So drama back the fuck up sit down and go to church with your mom, while your boyfriend gets fucked all right, let him live. This is a thing about this topic, guys it's up to you. What you want to do with this information. We have some people fucking, that Gms and like things is so unhealthy. Maybe there are some people that should be cheating yeah. Maybe the right thing for them is to cheat and we're going to support it honestly, most backwards I'm sorry we're not we're not in the help in whoa ocean in knocking. I too know comedy bitch, comedy cheating, funny cheated on today or cheese she or die okay, okay, okay, before we get off the topic, okay, uh. I just thought of this quick funny story. That was absolutely not fucking funny in the tone. Let me put it that way. It happened to you happened to me. Oh I reached out to this girl that I thought my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me way. Oh okay, Olivia, hey girl,
well. She was older than me. I my hands were trembling when I had to call her, I was so embarrassed. She was like an amazing soccer player and I was on the soccer team. Like the best player on then older than you and older an hotter, and I like one to die. Okay, we and you thought that your boyfriend is cheating on you with this girl. Yes, so I call her. Oh no and I my voice was like trembling. I was like hi Libby like it's Sofia and she liked me because we're on the same team right and I asked her- and I was like- have you I'm like flat out? I was about to say his name. I'm gonna call him George, but I would never date a George, no sorry, George, so anyways um, I'm like have you and George like done anything and she was like Sofia know like we don't like we haven't. I get off the phone. I felt
so fucking relieved Alex because it took me it took every bone in my body to like be able to muster up the courage to call this girl and you are kind of in. I was so in love with this guy an I really thought like something was happening so when she told me know it was like a weight has been lifted off of me. I was like, oh my god. I knew this man wouldn't do this to me. Like I love him like dancing around so fucking relieved. I remember it perfectly. I was in the car my mom isn't I was like mom see I told you like he wouldn't do that. Do you like when I get a call back from that? I get a call five minutes later from the girl, a Livia. She calls me and I'm like hello and she's, like he acts She fingered me like two days ago we have been hooking up. This is the word of the road are like Bob
and then it was worse because, like I just got to go from that super high hide to that low. I know the worst thing. That's ever happened to me because you got the biggest relief you're like way. Oh, my god d'oh! Then she called back actually. Has she yeah? She called back and she was like. You know what I don't feel the need to protect him anymore. He fingered me the other day. Wait! No! What? Oh, my god, just what did you say five minutes ago, she's like bitches she'd, be like no yeah Olivia come on. We both know oh wow Sophia, no, no, maybe
what turned you into the savage cheater? You are hey, you're like I'm, never gonna. I love it. I love that, for you, ok good, that's cool Alex and I do quite a bit of fucking. We shoo Semak robotics on our bed. We have sacks is what we're trying to say. I do you think they knew that. I don't know. I don't know, but the mattress that I have sex online Music House room actress, it's what I have in my room and it is unbelievable. This is the God. Damn truth, we got these. What was is three months ago: yeah they send them to us. We got rid of our old that,
as we put the men yeah and let me tell you we have tested well, you know we're doing up and down on those men sticks and we tested on these cats are about to. There are many things casper as a sleep brand that makes expertly designed products to help you get your best night. Rest yeah, you guys. So the caster mattress has a breathable design that helps you. Sleep cool and regulate your body temperature throughout the night. That's like huge for me yeah, I think also okay. So so, if you and I have two different mattresses, because they have all these different kinds of match that they have four different types, there's the
waived, the essential, the hybrid and the hybrid wave. So the wave is what I have and then Sophia has which one do you have you have the the essential one? Yes, so the essential has like a streamlined design and the price was amazing. You guys you can be sure of your purchase with Casper's one hundred night risk free sleep on it. Trialled yep, get fifty dollars towards select mattresses by visiting casper dot com, slash c h, d and use c h, d at checkout terms and conditions apply that season Kat Ages and Harry D, as in Dick Dick GO, have great fucking sacks bitches. Okay, we are going to talk about mirror sex sex.
MAX sacks sacks sacks. We are all having sex put it in my by okay, guys mere side yeah. This is something that is near and dear to my heart, and I want people are not doing enough and they're really not. I think, because it takes this sex up like ten notch. I think a lot of times, people also just get lazy. I mean it is extremely hot. I think one thing for guises, guys fucking love such a guy. I love to watch themselves. Biking pounding you in my eyes. It's the ego thing. They they, like the lights on and love it and, like traditionally people say like girls like the light on yeah. I don't really necessarily think that this is like similar. They want to watch. They want to see your tits bouncing ass, slamming gyrating on his dick, like they want to see it, and they want to see also like them like Sometimes when I used like fuck one of these guys in front of a mirror I used to like catch him.
Just looking sometimes Borat himself at some american psycho shit? Have you seen that movie did like he gets off on watching himself, be like alpha fucking mail? I mean I'm not going to lie sometimes like when I'm looking in the mirror. I'm like oh, So how would you is a girl like initiates, um good, mirror sex, okay. What I would d'oh is it I'm like fucking a guy, and I would probably be like come with me really quickly and I would like to take his hand and I would lead him into the bathroom and I would look into the mirror and be like. I want you to bend me over the sink and fuck me that is so hot so than I, so he would be fucking me from behind I kind of bend over so like my elbows are like on us saying and you're both and then he can watch me getting fuck and then the eye contact that you make with a guy like when you're looking in the mirror at each other. There
something so fucking hot about it's so hot this. The fucked up thing about mirror sex is like it's lowkey, so hot, and if you're trying to turn your guy on your grill on like I get it, but if you're so not into it you're just doing it. 'cause like you're in the relationship and you've got to be there, you're, not it's the worst 'cause. It's like a constant reminder. Doing that. Oh my god. Oh my god, hello you're, like you're, already fucking someone. You don't want to be yeah, and then you have to I know, but then you have to look in the mirror and he's like old girl, sweating girls best. I think in this position. If you really hate him, you should just have sunglasses on your head, pretend they were like on from when you were shopping and then roll throw the shades over your eyes. Hater blockers on in the milk. Those things down in front of your eyes are like poop. They fell down. While you were fucking me so hard, I'm just going to keep him on how we're going to continue to fucking, to pretend to make eye contact you, but really I'm going to close my eyes and block this whole thing like serious, drunk sex, and then you come
You or you come to life, and you in the mirror and you're like this is not. This is not what I should be doing on a Saturday. You throw your sunglasses on. I like that girls specifically like if you initiate this, a guy is already fucking creaming himself, EVA girls like I want you to, Can we basically on this countertop in front of this mirror like hi, hello, yes, and it shows the confidence level from the control, so I want to give all the daddies something that I've done in the past. So I did this with one of my ex boyfriends and he was like ok. This is really great for us and my dick ok, so I was in the bathroom with him and my
Hands were against the mirror, like holstering myself up for supports, like my poms were on the mir- oh my god, and then what I end up doing I'm going to try to explain this well, so everyone like close your eyes and visualize. So I left my right leg was on the ground like fully leaning on my right leg for support and my left leg I lifted up into the air. So I'm I'm like he's like looming yeah, so he's looking at me like he's about to fuck me from behind and my left leg wraps around his like hip torso area, so literal my leg is like wrapped around backwards around him. If that makes sense, and so with his one arm, he was just like holding my legs. Found. His little fucking Fanny Pack arrived, but it's around his back and then the right leg is on the ground. Stabilizing mean, and then I lean forward an with my arms. They were against the mirror. They were extended enough. So when he was fucking me, my hips weren't like hitting into the counter, and so
then I leaned a little to my side, and so I could make icon back with him in the mirror, and he was fucking me and first of all for girls. This position, specifically, I don't know what it was but like it hit my g spot so fucking good and for him it looks fuckin acrobatic, I'm like leg behind twirling like it was really hot and then what I ended up doing was at one point I pulled my leg back forward and I set my left leg. My knee up basic on the counter like a little spread out to like knees up on the sink and you're leaning forward and girls. I can't express like how hot it is when you are looking at, I'm in that mirror. You should take your fingers and like shove them down your throw or like lean back and like grab his ass or shit like just do a bunch of shit in that position. I've. I know this sounds stupid, but I'd like slapped the mirror and like pulled my fingers down it, 'cause, I'm like jet like I'm
yeah kinda gesture to him, like God, damn your fucking, you so good. That feels so good. I just think it's like a very under rated location. Everyone has a fucking bathroom, whether it's an apartment, bathroom house back there mode. So I can dorm room bathroom like lock the God Damn doors. I don't care really hot thing that the guy can do in his position is if you grab her a hair, pull it and then, like it, forces like her chin to go out like look back at your job, you know making eye contact via Mir. Yes, but like you're in charge of nearly gagged. Her hair literally guys they pulled her back and then also you can choke her. But I want to quickly address the mirror on the ceiling. Oh my god when you try to turn it on right now, I'm sorry, but so hot. When you look into an apartment- and he has like, am mirror on the ceiling that man five dollars that fun fucks like he is probably a fuck boy, and I am you for it, but like I mean he must have girls walking in and out
they're, like Bodega literally all day, all day, everyday I want to address something really quickly that I read a girl, wrote in and said when giving the Gluck Gluck are your hands moving uh? been down while you're double twisting, or are you just twisting this? What, in the actual lady hard, it is not like you're twisting us salt and pepper, shaker and you're. Just you just keep in italian restaurant. I comes over and he's like. Do you want and it just keeps grinding out and then I know you're going up and down while you're twisting the fucking soul and pepper shaker, ok, so doing it in the thing down up and down. Well, untrusted sides requests yes with your mouth, going in the same up and down movement with it come
neural swirled a tongue around, get it in, get it slide gag on that shit, choke on it die, come back to life, keep going! Let's go so yeah guys, you're going up and down it's not just twisting back and forth. Thank you Alex. I just wanted to clarify just in case all of my dick suckers out. There were a little confused, absolutely the Gluck Gluck, performer okay, so we have like a lot of people. I know we did like a poop segment the other week. We had a lot of guys writing in being like uh, like I get it like my girl poops, but like now she's fucking farting, and burping in front? No, yes, no, why taking a shit with the door open. Do you have the morning paper and you have a little squaddie potty? Let's go potty potty baby gotta hit that no can you imagine a girl grabbing a fucking role of newspaper and be like I'm gonna, be a minute. Can you touching pearl I'll be a minute babe
no and listen, I understand some things are involuntary things can happen. Sometimes you may happen to you know let out a little fart. But farting. No just in front of him like it happens. Sometimes, but like all I got barking spider. That's what I always say why you called for a barking spider, no body, no girls. Just that's ridic! starting in front of your man. I don't think it's really ever acceptable like if it happened. I don't want a guy farting in front of me no but like if a girl does like I get. It happened. Oh it happens. I will never forget Oh my god, you are not about to hey this on now. You have to now you have to
and then we're just gonna end the podcast after got it so good. So I started hooking up with this guy. Oh my god, and he was a public figure. Let's put it that not if I hate that word he was an athlete. He was really hot. It was like one of our first trips together, but not guys are things not be? No, No, not right! Now! Ok, ok, ok! So I'm in a hotel at this guy and I'm like freaking out he's so hot he's, one of the hottest guys ever hooked up with, and I'm like. Oh my god like we're, going to have sex soon, like I'm, so excited blah, blah blah. I'm on my game. I am sitting in the bed with him. Oh my god, we are just watching tv were having a conversation and also I let out little silent, fart and in my mind I was trying to squeeze it between my thighs like there's. No way it's going to come up, there's no way he's going to smell it work good, we're fine, just a clenched for a little bit
sink into the bed sheet. No will ever know what live in fifteen seconds I thought I was good and all of a sudden, this this guy flings himself off the bed. It falls onto the floor. Look stepping into Spay. I looked in my eyes and ghosts. You literally just shit in my mouth you live. Really just shit in my mouth and I sat there a moment of silence. I I looked at him, Actually I want to do. I want to die too. What do you say I was like, oh my god. So it wasn't loud. It was a silent but deadly disgusting stylish running the fact he called you out and said I shit in his mouth. You literally goes Do you need to go shit, go to the fucking?
No, no god that ruins the mood. I don't like so rough fuck me now. I don't even want to fuck me now dude at least at least yours were in like sixty nine years, so hopefully fuck, oh my god, and you actually, that is so right. It really is honestly so embarrassing and that you can't Alex White twenty. Let's just say for that one, I don't think we can recoveries. I'm actually think that the way he went about it is better than you guys just sitting there like a stench marinating I did I agree, but what I tell you, like you literally in this case, couldn't sit there. I had to move. He had polluted the air
you had to? We literally had to walk about. He was on the ground. Crawling, see other side he's like holy fuck like June. Who I still talk to him talk to to this day. He never forgets. Is actually asked me. Have you set on your podcast, yet that you should in my mouth, I'm like? What do you say like that is disgusting, but yeah Where you go, I mean you and what I did is I just tried to laugh it off. I'm like I literally have no words like you that you be like. I don't smell anything. There was a girl in the bathroom You know you can't use the use the line. I don't anything like. That was not me. That was all you. Guys, I believe, ok, moving on holy fuck, ok, typically dicale tip tip tip of the top of the mountain, or that
with his dick. I don't know, but either way times are going to say that joke we have a little tip to spice things up. Ok, so I feel like I do this all the time and I catch myself being horny and thinking, and so I do it so this is. This is text your partner when you're with other people in public? Ok, so when you're in a room with people yeah, especially like, if you're hanging out with friends and your your guy or your girls in the room with you sending them text? Yes, so I think this is like so under rated because there's we always talk about how people get so turned on by like the perversion of things, but people also get turned on by like the you can't do something like when you, I think the you can't do something like it would be inappropriate. It's, but also, I think it's hot that, like you guys, were sharing this little intimate thing that no one knows about. Yes, okay, so um, specifically, I'm gonna. Give you guys an example, because it's happened to milk, one hundred
other day and he was like. I was fucking cheesing, and then I got hard Winter is getting hard over something like we like, I started by smiling and then all of a sudden I was hard, so she texted him first and she was like. I wish you were laying on me letting me play with your hair and he was like Cooper. I, like smiled at my phone. I was like ok, like that's kind of cute and then all of a sudden she followed it up with or even better wish. I was feeling every inch of you inside me instead of watching this boring movie and he was like the fact that she's sitting over there and I'm looking looking so innocent right so there in a room with a group of people and they're like right next to each yeah and just texting nasty. I love so I think when, like you are wisp as you just gotta text Alex thing that you just I see something sexual overdoing, the part I did that
not right over my head for a minute Sofia, just text me saying she wants to eat me out upside down anyways, so guys. I think this is like such a good one, girls and guys, especially, I think in college setting, since it's huge when you guys are hanging out in the dorm rooms, etc, start talking nasty to each other over sex, send a dirty, we, whoever you're fucking when you're in a room with other people, it's hot. Can you imagine what? If accidental e, you like send it to someone else really going to text the guy in, like you text your mom who's like upstairs and you're, like you don't rail me from behind it.
I that's the scary thing. You never know it is a guide. I think that's just the tip. We want to bring people because- and you always ask us how to spice things up as a great one, so Alex had a tip and I have more of a grievance. I have something that really pisses me the off, because I had to deal with this first hand. Okay, tell me so there is this phenomenon where girls get turned on from the challenge of a guy. Having a girlfriend, let me explain: I was in a relationship yep and
the guy that I was dating. We were exclusive seriously dating he shocker whoa. He was exclusive. I was right. There we go there, we go, keep it alright, good anyways in the relationship he Hod. You know some of the riffraff come in and buy riffraff. I mean girls, he used to fuck or higher up with whatever that would text him, and he was so great that he would text them back and say: hey, I'm sorry! I have a girlfriend okay, this particular girl Alex. Oh no. She texted him and said break up with your girlfriend. Then 'cause, I'm bored, I'm quitting, I'm put in my headphones out. I'm quitting good God! No girlfriend kissing bug bite. Look like genuinely that like hurts my soul for for female in the world. First of all, if a guy says he hasn't
girlfriend, and that's like your follow up. You look stupid. Second of all, you're, quoting Ariana Grande. You look stupid third of all every single girl, this is a public service announcement, stop making your caption Ariana Grande so embarrassing. Any there are so many girls that are like break up with your girlfriend on board. I think it's like cool and I'm like you, look so fucking stupid. Thank you. Next. I've got to stop started to slide in and text the guy being no break up with your girlfriend on board. I know shut the fuck up, so I consider myself and you Alex a little promiscuous. You know like we like to have fun, we don't we don't take ourselves too serious. No, I like I like the way that you describe that I'm usually pretty open to when girls are trying to be.
I don't know maybe a little like a little bit yes, but I personally don't get the alert of a guy having a girlfriend. If I reach out to a guy and he's like, I have a girlfriend, I'm like totally understand have a great relationship. Gotta go. I think the other thing is- and this is me talking from my like fucked up pov when I was in college. I have to admit there was something really fucked up in in my head that, like I, never went for guys with girlfriends, but if they did end up having a girlfriend and telling me that there's something sometimes sick in girls and in guys where it's like it's a challenge. No, I think, there's the challenge aspect and then I think, like they almost do it for validation. Yeah, I'm not feeling they don't consciously recognize it, but I think a lot of times are like I'm not feeling that great. If I can this guy yeah fuck over his girl? For me, like? That means like I'm something
that's actually interesting 'cause. I was. I asked MILF Hunter said with this specific situation. He said when I was a little bit younger. I would go for girls that had boyfriends 'cause. It was just ego booster fun if they would like cheat. So that's interesting, I think that's a little bit different and I don't mean to go off on a tangent go. Then there is one girl. It did the Ariana Grande. There was another girl who said I'm so happy for you guys, like she's, a little girl, something. Oh yeah stand up. Woman twenty minutes later was like. Are you sure that means we can't go? No, Did you like stand up girl, yeah you thought I was dating a guy once and when we like made it official, he had like. A girl sliding in and he was like hams I got to you know I have a girlfriend and one of the girls message:
him back and was like lol. Good luck with that, but I'm going to continue to send you nudes. If that's alright, with you to remind you when you're missing out on Nikis slimy, slithery slither and she fucking put the sorting hat on and she went straight to slither, yes psycho, so I think it's just we're just into to hear you guys dm, I I personally am not like that. No I'm, not your guy, pretty much has to like active session yeah exactly yeah me too. So I'm kinda like I would rather a guy, be single. Why am I going for a guy that has a girl that doesn't turn me on? No, he has a girlfriend and also because, if he's going to be shady to towards her and like like come with, you he's going to do it. She's gonna do to you maybe I'm so psycho, but I'm like if he has a girlfriend. That means that he likes someone else better than me, which means fuck off I'm the best that would have ever happened. Silly
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questions of the week of the wake viber. Oh bye, bye. Class Jones were back, did you just? Do the country accent
We questions are like okay, guys, okay, so I'm going to get right into it. Go this go, go, go, go, go, go! Okay! My roommate is one of my best friends and we one day had the serious conversation of what we're supposed to do. If one of us were to end up in the hospital it's morbid, we know each other's passwords to our phone. So if we need to get a hold of their parents or something we can, but we have a rule that our phones will never end up in the hands of our boyfriends or our parents. My roommate literally has a will on her phone with specific instructions of what we should do with her phone. If anything were to happen to her morbid, but we think ultimately necessary, since our parents and boyfriends do not need to see
the the nudes and shit that are on there? No sense disappointing them when we can't defend ourselves anymore. I will in like her notes, app like for her friend like daddy, that Larry I actually great idea. I know for a fact that, if knock on knock on wood. Bucking was conked out anything baby girl, yeah mom, my mom snoop through my phone 'cause. I just think that's the thing it's like. Obviously I don't really have anything like crazy, hide, but I would prefer that you go in and get rid of mine have a sex tape or something oh yeah, absolutely, and- and so I would. Rather you go in and delete all my horn nasty fucking vibrator in the vagina, videos did like also you're fucking dead. So like does it matter, but they
saying like, why are you trying to prove to be a disappointment to your fucking family? Your dad, your dad, your dad, your dad Ding Dong, the slot is dead. Right, but I kind of like it. So if you you're the one that's going to go I believe I said I absolutely way, although I did, I would put them on my phone and right now I would do stuff with the They would want me to do that. Wouldn't yours, of course, would give me her blessing one another, but to masturbate to your stuff. You can do whatever you want, so this studying member wooden said in need of a pep talk to my own slutty shin. I drunk slept with my brothers hot best friend. Unlike me, he gets around a lot, which makes me feel shy that I am not as I am not crazy enough, but I wanna fuck him again. How do I hit him up?
be very simple, it's very simple! You text him and you say I would like to have sexual intercourse please and see what happened yeah, what these there's so many girls it right in there like. I really want to up with this guy, like I don't know how to do it. Like you, You litter the man yeah he walks around with a hard on he is. He has a dick he's he walked. Around and he's like. Can I please find pussy for my dick? If you text him, all you literally have to say is like he hey. What are you doing later? I want you yeah like I was just thinking about you yeah like want to come over. Yes, grilled! Stop overthinking built what it what it, what I don't This girl means do. How do I do remember ISI I slid into one of my ex is when I was drunk and I literally put the booty emoji and then the phone emoji. You know you put a p apiece yeah. Peach emoji, which looks like the butt a phone booty.
Call get over here, let's go, the class is a classic. You know any time it comes to a man and you wanting to fuck him fairly soon. It really is. You say I want to you, even if he's married, yeah, maybe but little difficult, but even still that you can yeah girl, you got it slide in okay. This is really scary. I'm here to tell you a little who were hacked to catch a cheater. We love catching cheaters by we also of cheating, yeah, and we were setting. There is an option to you in definitely share your ride status with someone for safety purposes in quotation marks, huh so get your man's phone at the bar to Colin Hooper. They also share his rights with yourself, so you can know if he's sneaking around to unknown locations, when you are in around love, you daddy, is Oh my god, you literally will see every single uber ride he takes from then on out. You want
every year in the mood you can just check up on him and where is he going yeah he's going to Becky's house? There you go, do it Why does he keep going to eight hundred and seventy three lakeview? You that's not my fucking day every night like Gary? Yes guys, I mean girls and guys. That is something if you think your person is being sketchy, and that's also so
easy when I feel like because, like you just said being like babe like I look in your phone, all calls an uber and boom Bada Bing Bada boom. Damn damn daddies out here are getting smart, smart and try fucking with the daddy there you go. I love being unhealthy to God, damn it, it's no fun. If you're healthy luck, no where's the fun in being a stand up gal with morals ill, oh fuck morals. I can't well we're going on soon Tanja now that okay, this girl, wrote in and said help a guy has never ever made me come. I have been able to do it on myself for the past five years, but no guy has ever done it and I have had multiple sex partners. I have told my boyfriend about this and he has made it his personal mission to make me orgasm we've been very vocal about everyth.
In communicating, and he has made me close but still has not done it. Everything feels good, but I just can't finish. Please help give me some tips. I can't figure out if it's all in my head or I can't physically do it. So what I want to say about that is. If this girl can come on her own, she can come when we die yeah. So my advice is whatever the thing is that gets you off yeah. Do it in front of him? Have him do it with you? If it's a vibrator have like hold the vibrator yeah, you know, especially once you do it and you get off with him. It will be easier, but I think also it does have to with a little bit of what's in her head right now, not happening she's freaking out a little bit, so you channel like yourself when you're masturbating, while you're fucking. Well, that's a really good point. Is don't go in there putting so much pressure on yourself to come. 'cause then you're not going to come, go in there and be like this is fun.
This feels good an regardless. If I come or not like it's going to be like an amazing experience feels amazing, yeah and even if you need to just get yourself off on your clit like you can rub your clip nothing wrong? That is enough to do the work on your clit. You can for a little bit. If you know exactly what gets you there right when he's going to get, you off l52. Okay, here we go. This is this is actually to me really I wish I had known this when I was in a relationship- okay, oh god, so we mentioned the Google password hack in a recent episode where you can like find out basically all of their passwords. This is an equally savage. You ask your boyfriend or your girlfriend to use their phone because yours is dead or come up with any other innocent excuse that will buy you enough time. Thio. Add your thumbprint into their settings
So you will never have to worry about passwords again. It works every fucking time all you have to do every time you pick up your partners. Phone is put your thumbprint down, but you could have multiple you asking thumbprints. An fingerprints on an Iphone, so like bitch, is literally are thought for the rest of that guy's life without phone. Her thumbprint will forever be in there. Yes, and he will never know. I did not know you could have multiple thumb. Oh my god yeah, because sometimes you do the index finger and thumb print. You can erase one of his like do the index finger and you put yours in do. Do my God dude, oh, my God, girls and guys like again, very unhealthy, a very genius, a fucking genius wow guys you want to do the facial recognition. I think that's the only save Beth. I agree. I agree right even still
like hold up a picture of your face again. Has anyone ever tried that there's no way I don't know? I can't even do with your eyes closed right. I don't think so! No okay! So this is a very interesting question. I think we've kind of talked about it before but hi. Ladies, what is an acceptable way to ask your boyfriend to delete pictures on Instagram of him and his exes? We have been dating for six months and there are still multiple picture is with girls on his social media? This is a tough one, because there are some guys and girls that use their King Instagram for Instagram is literally. A collage of their life yeah like it's a scrapbook. You know there are some people on Instagram we're like literally every single person they ever dated it. You scroll far enough you're seeing their high school like in that hollow, so we're to name. I, sir, do you guy and they were still pictures of him- is acts like call me petty call me. Maybe I don't give a don't
really care. I believe print print out. The pictures put him in a book. Archivum um archive like uh, and it's also kind of like. Why are you why, in right past right, I'm now, if it bothers a person, with now. Why can't you delete the person in the past for that person? That's in the present I mean I think I you, bring it up and just be like babe. I don't mean to come off petty but like in so, Graham is petty, and so when people go to your profile and see that shit like it doesn't make me feel great that, like I'm on the with another girl as well. So if you could just respect me and get rid of those like, I would really appreciate it also, depending on how many ex girlfriend she's, not, I don't think it's a great got no January, it was rude back and that February was Serra yeah MAR it's like a you thing, all the way, so you're about to be gone. Riley yeah! I
thing I don't like that at all, but I don't give a fuck be petty and grab this fucking phone and deleting Kim D activate his instagram. We are bitches, listen up number one pro tip. If you have a ratchet weekend, like obviously every fucking daddy member does, if you're giving your number out you're drunk you're out of bar whatever, and then you get a text the next day of the person saying like hey. What's up and you're like, I have no fucking idea what that motherfucker looked last night, or vice versa, guys if you're like it, was that bitch literally a tube up my beer goggles RON, there is an app that you can download on the Itunes APP store. It is called reverse phone look up
hose hose. This is Sophia here and I'm coming in. You can put a phone number into this app and it will tell you the owner of the phone. Ok, how many fucking times have you been like? I just got a prank call yeah, you don't even need. This doesn't need to be a for ratchet now. This is for anything no Sophie, and I found this out yesterday and we were sitting there going through all the calls we've ever gotten from random numbers. Like you said, the prank calls, or if Adam calls Year, was this random text. Yes, there is this guy that has been like harassing me for like the last month and we'll just text me yeah bullshit- and we can't figure out who it is was so now now. I know guys straight up you press search once you put the number in and you have the person how many times it Well been like I wish, I know I wish I knew who this number belong to and it's like. Well, you can guys there's a fuck
reverse phone. Look up app. Your life is forever changed. Yes, okay, guys so open. That we've talked about this in the past. It's summertime everyone's freaking, about out there like how the fuck do I get my beach body really quickly. What am I going to do this? They have a thirty day challenge happening right now. So, if you guys don't know open fit is basically open if it takes the complexity out of losing weight and getting fit. It's a brand new super simple streaming service. Yes allows you to work out from the comfort of your living room, yes, so Alex, and I we hate leaving our apartment. So we just do this and you can do it as little as ten minutes a day yeah. It makes it so easy to work out. Yeah everybody's bodies were different and open fit, obviously understands that, which is why they do personalize um training sessions and they have a
easing trainers, sports illustrated people are on their the fittest. Athletes. There's legit asked people on this app that air doing these classes. That's cool yeah, you guys, and you can access this anywhere any time soon. Have you on your computer tablet smartphone? What have you- and I think one of the biggest things here is that you can lose up to fifteen in just the first thirty day. Yeah, so like say, you guys are freaking out. It hits its June and you're like ok, I need to lose weight started June first or July first and get it going and you're gonna be good in about thirty days flatten your abs shape your body etcetera. So if you guys want to join this journey with us right now during the open fit thirty day, challenge listeners will get a special extended thirty day free trial membership to open fit you guys free, where you can lose up to fifteen. In thirty days, when you text
body to thirty thirty and thirty. Thirty, that's three! Three thousand and thirty totally free guys go get fitted spa, just text daddy to that number. I guess that's it! We love you guys every Wednesday. I know we say it, but if you guys could just give us a rating and review subscribe and unsubscribe and then subscribe and then unsubscribe get your friends with I take your grandma's phone star Review, no, a five fucking five and grab everybody's phone, everyone if you're like walking past on the street just take their phone and like make them subscribe? Keep us alive, actually just thought of that. That's actually a really good way to talk to someone at a bar. If you have no idea, to go up to a girl or a guy. What, if you literally just go up to? I know this is so random, like I need to use your phone for so yeah like. If they can, you can watch me a can. You pull up your podcast app, even let them do it. Can you type in college id? Can you subscribe What is this boom.
He's, not actually great sorry ice breaker and we right well, hey guys and girls can both do it when the guy sees the picture of Alex night. He's gonna be like this. Girl must listen to like someone of a slutty podcast right there for she's. In a lot of my, therefore I want to go home. We love you guys, every single Wednesday. We will see you next week, bye.
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