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39- Squirting & Ghosting

2019-06-12 | 🔗

The girls finally get into all things SQUIRTING. What is it, how to do it, how to fake it, are men into it? Give HIM a facial! Squirt or be squirted on. They also discuss some criminal activity they witnessed at the bar by multiple men, a serious Gluck Gluck update, and some new social media drama involving fake influencers. Lastly, listen up daddies, this is how you deal with being ghosted, once and for all. CHD style ;)

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chd woo guises, Wednesday Baby Hump Day, hump a tree hump a leg, hump, a Dick Dick, a vagina. Okay, alright guys we're feeling excited today, so I mean we're feeling excited, but I'm never going to do that like I feel sick as a dog yeah. You look so you look like shit right. I don't know why what happened but guys, I'm going to power on I'm a workhorse. She don't fuck with me, she's a work or we went apartment hunting fuck us. I wish we were MILF hunting, but we weren't. We were apartment, hunting very different, and it's it is. Let's just say it's a v a humbling experience, extremely humbling and when I say that I mean Alex and I were walking into apartment buildings and going to the front desk and being like, where is the leasing office and they were like? You can go fuck yourself. There's a
bus that will pick you up on sixth avenue and seventeen import town, you pieces of shit, guys we walk into these apartments. There luxury buildings were trying to fucking swing, something we're trying to get into one of these buildings and we would walk talk, is the lobby and Sophia would be like turn around turn around turn around get out, get out get out of there. So fucking it looks too nice. It looks nice, so there's a chandelier there's. There's marble: let's go, we gotta re dormant. We can afford this there's assu, so you're an electronic door. We can't get out get out. There's multiple entrances, let's, let's just suck it up as a loss. Still back on older woman walking with her channel back, I'm like fuck fuck, like trying to like high that I like a fake Tory Burch bag. Unlike Overwatch Tori, search bag, you know, should not not going well, not right yeah, so we were like feeling a little embarrassed, so we just kept trying and it's not working, stop fucking working, it's so fucking expensive to live in New York City and we just are trying to
great a little bit, but it's just not looking like it's happening going to be out on the streets living with the rats wrestling at wrestling, are at ok, really quickly guys we just we always to fucking, bring it to ST. We went out to the bar. The other night were always on. Our game were researching for you guys and we saw yet again, some more fucking, shocking shit, I didn't even yet again criminal behavior in the wardrobe department, listen up men Sofia, you should be arrested and ashamed of yourself for what you guys were fucking rocking at the bar Sophia. What did you see? Oh well, I'm like on right now. I thought that this was done in the nineties, okay, but I saw something with my own two eyes: okay,
I hook a shell necklace, no fucking Dick cited wearing a puka shell, necklace bouquet, who that's only in the movie like Aquamarine, on Disney Channel who are backwards, a puka shell. I used you that used to be my teeth in like six grade dish or when you go to the beach. I saw a man wearing one if any, is wearing a fucking pooper necklace right now. Listening to this podcast, you are not burn. Daddy, okay start a fire, throw it, we are never see it again. Take it all, no FUCK, you all fuck, no listen! It can be really hot when a guy wears a necklace slow. Ash chain situation, but ok, side? No, don't be the asshole that is holding up
your chain and if I can picture you piece of shit, yeah like when guys like, holding out from under me, outta here without water, no, ok! So! But here you go guys, there is a jewelry brand. It's called David, German or also John hardy. Ok, you can find yourself a nice necklace or a chain or like a dog tag. As in Expn I was like two hundred bucks because I swear to God I mean come on. Just stop. Buying Mcdonald's and we'd wood for like a month or two everyone's being cheap about not getting their little Gramma fucking weed? Why don't you save up and get yourself a nice specially 'cause tell me this. Isn't true Sofia don't count out that, like it might be that little fucking glisten on your neck. That gets her attention and get your fucking. We suck that night. You have no idea how shallow bitches are it's the small price you're going to pay for pussy, guys, yeah
guys are like. I don't want to shallow girl you're going on a shallow girl when your dick is in her mouth trust. Mouth shut, your house, your car, has shallow distinguishable fuck how shallow ca? Ok, so I need to talk about. I saw something at the bar and it got me Veria very old. I hate. When people get you aggravated. I saw a guy wearing a fucking g shock. No, you did it og shop did it when we were in fucking middle school, yeah rock that G shock baby fucking thumping around at gym class check in that I go for it. Uh grow. Own ass man. Even an apple watch, discussed Try to stop. Listen to me, a man wearing a nice wad. Let's tell them the hottest thing in it and you don't need to have a rolex like it doesn't need to be a condo.
My wrist situation, lights up the room, slugs stay out there at least won't ever say it again. No, I agree with you call her daddy were not above a good deal. You guys can walk into Fucking Macy's and find yourself a decent watch. You just have to be careful that it doesn't scream cheap. I would rather you not be wearing a watch. Then it looks so fucking shitty hi it's so here hearing it from the Father, the father said. So we got a nice watch. Well I'll spread my legs for you. It's all. Taking ok, have a nice fucking silver water everybody have a great day great day, see you later. Ok, the Glock Clock has been a staple of call her daddy it's chain. People's lives, so many words there's no Bertha Glucklich has done it's amazing because
I'm like. Okay, all the men can thank us because we're turning these girls and their mouths and just yeah. I herbal luck century. I don't like it there and we're just turning girls in the slots in general, which I love, that's actually great put it. I couldn't really fit there, yeah girl than to click like performer. There you go. So what we have been. You know providing the man with the Glock luck from our female it daddy's, and I want to read something really quickly, because this is like the third week in a row that I have read: people bringing up the Glock Glock and still not fully understanding it, and I need to read this for you: how how do these people not understand? I don't know, but it keeps me up at night. I can't sleep. I see that someone goes the Gluck Gluck, nine thousand has been recalled, get the fuck out
My friend I know my friend was too embarrassed to send this herself, but I had to in order to help her and the rest of the daddy getting my friend is in college and one of the nights she got super drunk. She went home with a guy in a tent at the Gluck. Look on him, instead of go it going accordingly. She almost one hundred percent positive, gave his an indian rug burn. She left close at his place and she went up to get them the next day he opened the door told her. The clothes were on the counter and then went straight to his. Room founding fathers, please help my friend and all the daddy gangster. This tragedy will never happen again. Do you want to know how this tragedy will never fucking happen again at your friend gave him a fucking indian rug burn because she's double hand sing on his dick and nothing is dry as okay number one don't ever ever, Gluck
is being recalled without my daddy gang, so I'm gonna love. You anyways, I'm going to forgive you, but still indian, rub Durdana understand that the amount of saliva that needs to go on this penis could drown route, child a fucking baby child the amount. This is a poo cool, ok, his dick should be so fucking slobber Ask what it's like when a dog's mouth is so fuckin slobbery and he's chewing on one of his toys, and you go to pick it up and it's drenched. That's why his fucking Dick should look like to buy gear gold. All women feel like a nine being flooded, you're going under water, okay going under water. Okay, I just feel bad because it's like this is so terrifying that there are some girls that things are going in with the Glock like Arsenal and they're coming out being like, I gave him an indian rug burn. You didn't. You gave the dry ass, cluck cluck, one of the huge component of the Glock luck that we explain is the level of
sloppiness and slide without you bring in the famous words of three six mafia slob on my knob, like corn, on the club on. He is not typing over three, so God! Yes, it's fine whatever. But the point is: if you are out there, giving the Gluck Gluck first and foremost, the first thing you're doing is getting a huge fucking water spit in your mouth. You're drowning that blackout spit on it. I don't care what you have to do: okay, anyways, wow, sorry! Well, you Alex eyes twitching, but she's got she's coming back down. Fuckin a father's day is approaching day guys. Father's AIDS is approaching. If you have no idea what to get your father. He needs underwear. He called me, he texted me he let me know personally. He was like. I hope that my son,
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your dad for Father's day get him. Some nice fucking slacks his wiener whole. Let's go Alex and I were reminiscing. We love to reminisce because I'm here with each other twenty four seven so there's plenty of time to be reminiscing. Yes, and I was reminiscing on this guy, this particular man still my heart with his dick. You had a golden day. He did have a golden dick, I saw you did say it was good. Then it was really very fucking in special, like I seen I thought too. So. Ok, let's give them ok. So this guy stole my heart. Yes with his dick. Yes in my vagina, through my stomach grab, my heart pulled it. Out of my vagina, took my heart out with his penis. Okay, it was the best sex of my life, the best sex. Ever we completely hit it off like after we hooked up, he was like we were in LOS Angeles,
Let's give them the box okay way. He is getting heated because he's remembering the deck you having a post Eglin plus, I got you said over there. You read about the deck okay of the data. Okay, so we went to were in L a it was one of our l, a trip and Sofia, and I were hanging out with these guys and we both kind of were falling in love. Of course, there was alcohol involved, so like I don't know how much had to do with a border who cares so Sophie and I are in a hot tub with these two guys gorgeous LA guys, and we just start in town, I'm making out with my guys she's, making out his. We were like holy fuck. These guys look like Brad Pitt, like hashtag blessings 'cause. They saw that make up about God. Damn were nothing compared to the LA girls, so we start hooking up. It starts become this cute little orgy, but we're not like switching guys. It's just every room, we're all going into are all looking up so finally, so yeah is banging this amazing guy and I'm in the same room and I'm looking I'm like well. His penis is extra large and I saw her fall
sing a lot before my eyes, I'm like yes sweetie, turn out on that dick and then you are falling in love as well. I was so in love, so pretty much. We get on way. Also side note I was just thinking about it. I was like a little slower look behind you well. Sofia was fucking in this room. I was laying the bean bag with my guy and we're like staring into their eyes like talking heart to hearts, and then we would hear like founding in moaning behind us and I'm like yeah girl and like for some reason? It was normal that, like you, were getting railed either we like cooking in the same room. I don't really, but you know, anyways. Ok, the point of the story is that we got done having the best sex ever and he's like. Please stay here and I'm like I need to go back to when I was working. Nine hundred to five hundred and he's like no I'm going to like pay for you to stay yeah. I stay here, bagging yeah I mean they were both like to stay here, one more night yeah. So if you and I couldn't yeah, we end up going to the airport, we like hug and kiss the guys goodbye to like all my god, we're gonna, have to plan a New York track and what's happening on the fly Alex. The is high here, so apply:
home, sick. We ours, we have our had not slept that whole night went on and then we left for our flight at seven. At seven am so we had not slept, we get on the plane and instead of sleeping we see. Is it for six hours on this flight? Just being like? I am love, I'm in love- and I'm like talking about my let's just call him like Greg Greg. Oh my God, then my guys Greg this and then I was like Greg is great but also like SAM. This is this. Is them this and so feels like I'll crack, oh sample and was going off and we're like? Oh my god, imagine like our phones when we get service and we land in New York, like I can just imagine like the paragraph, novel novella love ladder that this man has is going to have rain like Sophia. I know, like your guys, is totally Moshi with it. Yeah guys guys gonna like ask if I want to come back like next day, like we kind of talked about it, so the fucking flight, we turn
on our were like no, there must be something wrong, let's just say crickets, let's just say radio silence to there was not one fucking. I thought big, I maybe had died, so there is not one thing well. First, we thought there's something wrong with our phones really couldn't just turn it back off and then turn it back on like double check. Maybe there's something wrong: there's a glitch! There was no fucking glitch yeah. We had no texts, the men didn't reach
out today. Nothing. I didn't hear anything. The next day I didn't hear anything. I thought this man was my husband. I heard from my guy Sofia didn't hear from hers. No so Sofia I was fucking ghosted, I was ghosted. I was ghosted. Okay he's got dead, so what we're going to get into his ghosting ghosting, because it happens to the best of the reason that ghosting is so fucking hard is such a hard pill to swallow is because I think a lot of times. You don't believe that you're being ghosted like you when this happened, let me explain to you the thought process.
I'll. Try to like Alice in our other roommate, had to watch me talk about Greg four hours a day yeah this went on for like almost a full month, then a guy will be like cooking chicken in the yeah and also you turn around with the knife you like. I don't think that I don't understand is why would you be a place for the night time back exactly so, Greg was a degenerate, Alex Cute, a full gorgeous man, serious issues very put it that way serious. So his friend would tell me, like he doesn't have a cell phone. He would ask his friend to borrow his Ipad to connect with other people. He needed he needed to be connected to Wi Fi and have his friends, I pad in order to talk to the outside world, so that was definitely a up a red flag. Yeah. I heard that one yeah, but I'm sitting there, thinking like okay so like maybe he just like, doesn't have a cell phone. Many. The degenerate, like all my god, maybe like you know he just like took
too much Cada mean in like went into a k, hole in my easy, just like tired and like eating out for ages a couple days and then he'll come out and that's the best. That's the best of the girls that date guys are complete Degeneres and like the excuses they made from there like. Oh, my god, he just you know he did way too much. Oh yeah, like he took a bump of like some bad molly like he'll, be totally fine by he'll. Come back in a few days like he'll, be back, I would have my high school I'm like. I know he was just like doing like sniffing aerosol cans like bits and stuff, like he's, probably just like high in the clouds right now, a few hours we'll be back. My friends like Alistair Booth in the hospital like it's fine baby like I'll, come see you anyways, I'm making up all these excuses, and I'm like there's no way he's fucking go see me he was ghost. He was going, okay, it's hard, because I think people get mind fucked and get confused because
they don't necessarily know they're being ghosted but once, but once you find out that you are being ghost and there's no doubt in your fucking mind Alex what do they need to be doing? This is the thing mourning a loss. Funeral funeral put on some black get. All your friends are all wearing black get the ceremony going find a priest or a fake priest or fucking Youtube it and have a fucking ceremony, often gotta cop, do whatever you need to do to make this shit believable, because that man has died. He this season ashes to ashes soul has left, planet or prison to the fucking Heavenly Father yeah? It is no longer able to communicate with you via telephone. Could you bitch is dead. This is just a big fat PSA and we have so many people writing into us like what the fuck do. I do when I get ghosted. This is what you do you
can act like that person died. I don't care too. I think that murdered ran over by car. You fucking killed him whatever you need to do. What were you saying the other day and you were like growing up, my mom was like and it was so brilliant. Okay, the psychologist mother told me Alex If there is someone that does not want to be friends with you, why Would you want to be friends with them so growing up on the? Ground Alex is hearing this shit, which is so healthy healthy because, honestly, if this guy is posting you why the fuck do you want to be chasing him back? seeing him trying to him to like you, why do you be with someone you got to convince toe like it is? Looking like you Rebecca. I know it sucks, there's a lot of fucking now in the world and he doesn't like you and some people are like you know what like I just like, really need closure like
no, I by using closure. No, you don't like you. What more do you need to know? That's the thing. I think that that's what I'm trying to explain to people is like. Why are you trying to make excuses. Like you were just saying, Sofia yeah, maybe he's in the hospital, maybe he's in a k, hole list. If someone fucking likes you, they will reach out and they will make it known, and if you are getting ghosted and you're confused, you need to talk it up as their dead, because moving forward they're going to look desperate is if you keep going after and it's like, I'm not answer you you, I mean. We said this so many times get a self esteem yeah and just you gotta charge. This is also the thing there were fucking millennials over here. I hate that word It's like you. If they're ghosting, you now take it as a fucking positive like. I want yes, because it's like okay, maybe it wasn't even going to work out a plan. He wasn't gonna work out honestly if they're ghosting you early on, which is usually when the ghosting, how yeah that is great.
You have not invested that much time that many feelings like gree, I'm gay I did early on there, someone for everyone out there and you're gonna find someone eventually, that's obsessed. You an up your in there like in texting you twenty four seven, anyone that goes to you good, bye, bye Day, Sir Dad today Dad dad dad dad dad. What do you put our shoes in a like a the cookie? You want to create them. We got like a vase thing like is it called, though honestly doesn't on the matter. The first is that a person so we're not doing the same thing, we're not bring them back to life. No, no! So let's talk about the difference in ghosting. So first of all there are people that meet on a dating app. You never me in person I mean like they're just tax. And then they get ghosted and they don't get a text from the person and they're like I got ghosted eyes, hi daddy gang. We love you so much, but a lot of you guys have written in with this exact scenario. If you're getting posted and you have not even met the person in person. Fucking move
the fuck on grow. The fuck up, get some balls and get a lightest and move the fuck on grow. Some tits growth the balls get a life at some friends and get some alcohol and move on with your life. Get a hobby yeah, it's true, it's like if you've never met them, move the fuck on. I understand that there are people like you said earlier, that need closure. When you get ghosted call her daddy is telling you there is no such thing as closure. The closure comes from knowing you're getting ghosted. That's it stop asking for answers. Stop double texting, triple texting sliding into the dms into the sweets into the football snapchat color. Daddy is saying that we under stand when you're, initially ghosted. What you want to do is sit there and dissect every little thing and be like what happened. This was going great, we're having great conversation. He was super into me, the minute he
ghost you, he is showing you his true colors and what he wants and he doesn't want. You doesn't doesn't want your doesn't want you in future. His dead he's on you, fucking know, bitches we're out here and there like, there's no fucking way like what the fuck they're looking at Local obituaries are like he's gotta be here somewhere, he must have fucking died and it's like. No, he didn't die. He just doesn't like you bitch, so then you know what the guy that go. Listed me Alex, who came sliding the fucking a year later, huh this man that ghosted me who didn't respond so girls. So out of you you're getting ghosted, you will have your your vengeance,
you're gorgeous fuck his daughter, fuck his friend. He will be back yeah! Ok, I think that also we can't be going into relationship not even relationships just talking to people and looking at them an listening to them after one day and be like. Oh, my god, he said that he's, like literally, never met a girl, I'm so glad you brought this out. I know when you're dating I'm not telling people to be it's a mystic or cynical, but honestly nine out of ten times it's probably not going to work out. He is going to be your husband yeah, and I know that sounds horrible, but it's okay. Yes, It's ok, it's gonna be October leaf. Lane were good and when a guy is sitting there and saying like he is super into a crazy about you and likes you and all this shit take what am and says with a grain of salt. That's all we're trying to say, especially when this man's dick is
about to enter you. You know what I mean. I've said it before if you're about to get fucked and all of a sudden, this guy is like, oh, my God, you're, so chill like you're, so cool like oh, my god, let's go like this summer. We're going to go to ITALY and all this shit sucks you and then you never hear from again and then you're in your fucking apartment. Your friends in yet, but he said no because you're being a dumb bitch and you believed everything out to say he just wanted to know pussy, no so girls and I guess it over go forgot camp, for example 'cause. I just want to give guys also advice where I have gone on a date with guy and my when I go on a date, I'm putting on the same performance for every single guy. Basically I act. Go into a full attention, flirting laughing happy and buy the time the day is over. He's like, oh my god, she's so into me,
and then I get home half the time and I'm like. I don't really feel like seeing him ever again and then he'll text me a bunch of times, and I ghost him and what that's, what I'm trying to tell girls is when you have to think have you ever ghosted a guy and then you have to ok, so when he goes through the valve in his shoes at his mind, think of when you've ever ghosted, someone and you're like wait, but I acted like I enjoyed the whole thing. That's the same, thing that they're doing do they may act like they're, so in love and then all of a sudden they just never fucking talk to you. Yes, oh man, the fuck up have funeral and move on yeah. I think I can sucks out roasting sucks, but there's too many a more opportunities. It's so easy to walk outside and find another person find a girl find a guy yeah. So don't get hung up on. Ghosting is what we're trying to tell you guys and honestly, if you guys have just started talking, I do not feel bad for you just stop. I was ghosted, you ghosted by your husband, then maybe I'll feel about. I also want to say, though, if it is a one night stand and they don't call you back. That's not that's not a ghost. That's just you! Reading the fucking Situa
wrong. You got played you ate everything up, they said and now they're not You know they fucked you! That's all they wanted an now that calling you you're not getting ghosted you're, just an idiot. So just man up grow, tits grow some balls, poo poo, poo poo all right bitches, so you guys know we're always trying to hook you guys up we're trying to make you guys, look better we're trying to help you guys out where you should be shopping. Lord knows you guys need some help. So stitch fix is an online personal styling service that delivers clothes shoes accessories to fit your lifestyle badiane budget. We know all of you guys that don't have girlfriends you don't have sisters or your mother is not helping. You 'cause, she still fucking putting you in your gap jeans, you guys don't want to wear also. Ladies. Some of us need fucking help as well, and we kind of you know don't have time to keep up with the trends. I'm not fucking Bella Hadid. I don't have someone helping me so stitch fix dot com. I'm also has amazing stuff for women. Two. You got to try on clothes pay only
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so back, relax and listen to this fucking caption of this fucking picture guys. We have talked about people on the internet, making their children in Belleville. They'll know this. Second, I start reading it. So if he is about to read, caption on Instagram go ahead. Hello world me and my grand entrance six days ago and wow it's bright out here, a couple of things. First off it's way easier to type on this Iphone so much more room than last week, and how good is milk can't get enough of it? So many things to take in, I finally met my mom and dad the whole family as well, and my room is so cute.
You going right now I sleep in mom and dad's room and when I wake up in the middle of the night I catch mom and dad staring at me. I e looking at is so thing this morning I gave them a small smile. I think mom even cried now. I know what you're all thinking well. I keep posting, of course, every Tuesday I'll fill you in and hopefully dad can get my angles, because when you're this young, you never need the pretty filter. Ok, everyone time for more milk chat, soon hold on hold on hold on hold on. I have multiple things to address here. Are you fuck? Why are the
posting every Tuesday hold on? Who came up with that wire Tuesday what's happening on Tuesday? Anyone that has no idea what Sofia just read. There is a couple? Did she say who it's it's a couple from the fucking bachelor who was the everyone like pretty much already knew it was like the guy Hillary, everyone hated Lauren, Lauren, Loison, Dick Dyke, Ok, ok, already from the bachelor and his wife they have a day. Had a child that she was pregnant and while she was pregnant, she was writing. Russians, pretending, like the child in her womb was typing. These captions now child she wasn't. She was impersonating, her own unborn, fetus, child and now the in poor child was born. I thought the post would stop me too. I thought that once you know this wasn't like a fictional character just in outer space in her belly, just fucking hanging out. She would be like
now that this is an actual human in the world like I'm, not a right have some. I can I going to continue in bear seeing my Lord Jai Alai child to this horrific decision I now this baby has popped out of this lady's vagina and she is continuing wow milk tastes. So good, are you out of your mind, it's way easier to type on this Iphone guys the babies to be on the Iphone. It's a fucking child prodigy. Someone totally shit literally born what like two weeks ago and then he's talking on an Iphone. No, I want to know at what age the parents stop doing. This like is kid gonna be like fucking sixteen years old, seventeen years old, walking into like his high school cafeteria and his friends are like Yo Dude, like why the fuck are you posting that shit on Instagram you fucking Loser and he's like STAR
You guys, like my mom she's, still hung like a count for me. I'd like honestly when, when do the parents like knock it off, oh yeah like when, do they give the account over to the kid it's? They don't have to give it over to Lee's. Eighteen, do that so fucking true, he walks into school and they're like hey, you fucking! pussy. I just saw you said you were fucking baking cookies, the other things like guys, it's my mom's talking at literally the poor kid, yeah, but you're, right, white age for five one thousand and sixteen twenty six guys and getting married today, mom and dad are getting old and get it when they conk out little but my instagram once they die, though that will be fun like. Can you there's just no words? I don't really know what to tell their arm, but I'm saying but yeah still guys, every single fucking, Tuesday, every Tuesday I wanna hear from baby whatever, whatever
my email account name, alas, field Loy, Indyk, L, U Y e n D Y que wow. Let's see I'm so sorry buddy. Is it a boy or girl? It's a girl has about okay. I think I've been calling it a boy this, but but whatever oh sweetie sweetie am so sorry you are not. I mean I I assumed it was a boy from the way the mom was right is already trying to make her daughter in a basic out influencer and it's horrible. Let's speaking of influencers, how do we get out of this go here? We go here. We go. I wish so badly. We could say this girl's name but like Alexander trying this new thing where we like don't put women down and don't copy, allow. So it doesn't matter if it's a woman demanded man, it's a don't. I don't even matter matter. It didn't talk shit where we wanted to so guys. So we
I want to talk about influencers really quickly because listen, you can't knock the game there, so many people making so much money on Instagram. It's amazing. What we really want to focus on is the people that are pretending, they are making money on Instagram and they are pretending to be influencers. It's influencers that are posting things and they will put the hashtag add add. So it looks as if they're getting paid to post and there's no fucking way that these people are getting paid to post and I want to give you a fucking a concrete example. Here we go tangible, tangible evidence here this bitch that Sophie and I both follow she's about one hundred k on Instagram she's, one of the worst engagement rates, I've ever fucking seen she gets like hey, B five,
one hundred and two thousand likes no shade on that. I'm just trying to make the point of like I'm about to explain to you who she's saying is paying her. Yes, I'm gonna lose my ship. This girl is wearing a man, Chester, City, Jersey, okay, here we go she posted on her page. Pretending that Manchester City paid her to post on her one hundred Titan k at Manchester City, mind you has twelve dot eight million k on Instagram. This is her caption planning to celebrate man. City title this weekend, together with my bestie, follow Man City for exclusive updates about the team and the game, Hashtag man, city hashtag, add she posted in another one congrats on at man, city on winning the Premier League title
a true champions. How shag man, city, hashtag, add hashtag champions. This influencer is sitting on a couch wearing a man city, Jersey, pretending that Manchester City is paying egg well in the United States with hundred K followers and the worst engagement rate in New York City to post. A Ebony Manor Station Manchester United, which other city Manchester City, with twelve dot, eight million followers was like you know who we need. You know who we need. We need on our team. We need fucking, Christina Georgian ST that's her name. We need we need Christine, enjoy urgency that lives has one hundred k followers. She gets too thanks to the masses, people listen to her she's taking over the world. We need her on our side and on our team. Please chill see
Sina help us! Please, please post on your couch that you're going to watch the game so that everyone else does, because if you don't we're not get any of you, we don't know. If this reparation can continue Christina you don't fucking, get your fucking village apartment on your twenty dollars, fucking couch with your fake out flowers and he gas, friends, hashtag I'm city, not mad city, not fuck, you any in order, know go watch their fucking hate. This is occupy was like go Yankees like everybody tune into the Yankees tonight go to MLB hashtag, add hashtag io. Aren't you explain why? Or no I'm trying to understand what's happening? So is this girl reaching out to me? Sun City and being like. Can I please post in your
Jersey. This is what usually happens. Now it's happening, This situation is very specific in different. Usually what girls will do that? Have no fucking the following: are they have right, have like they'll reach out to fucking estimate and be like? Really, please and they're like finally, will send you a shampoo and conditioner for you to pose yeah, so they basically asked for free product in return for a post. These girls are not getting paid, most of them, which I understand the hustle of some girls. You have to start doing that in order to start getting paid, but this specific situation she has a fucking Jersey. She put it on and pretending to do an ad? No one is sending her free free to to post bow. So this situation, like this girl's lost it guys, there's also more I feel like Man City is like please leave us. Oh, please, delete! Please leave. Please leave us alone. Why are you putting ad okay? What were you about to say so yeah? What was the other ad? She did the other day.
Sub sub? She did an for seven hundred and eleven, and I don't know if you guys are familiar with what seven hundred and eleven is, but it is a gusty shit. Is it is a place that you pull your car up to fill up the gas tank with gasoline and I'm pretty fucking positive, I'm pretty positive that a gas station It's not like that is a multi million, or billion dollar company was not like. Oh my hey guys we gotta drive traffic at most, people are not driving as much as I used to people are using electronic cars. Tesla's fucking us over. We need buying gas, get fucking, Kristina posting now to her one hundred K followers she will drive this company forward. Docks are plummeting get Kristina on this now ever post she literally posted a story walking into seven eleven buying
something I love him. She has also posted in Walgreens. Put odd, but she didn't like. I know for a fucking fact. Now, I'm getting pissed Walgreens was not like please get on the Kristina on the Kate. No, this is the thing I understand influencers you're making money and like that shit, fucking bomb, it's like God, damn all I have to do- is posted a bikini picture in this bitch is going to pay me a couple. Grand amazing when it is so obvious that you are an influencer, you are not getting paid. You don't get that many likes fucking. This bitch did one for Panton. Pantene is not paying her to do a campaign. Teen is not paying. She is one of those girls that just getting a bunch of free ship and posting it and anyone can really do that and listen. I know people are not doubt shit on everyone, but I'm like I'm sorry, but when you are acting like Manchester City is paying you and, quite frankly, shitting on people is funny.
Yeah, sorry, but you get a sense of humor, like we always say were in the comedy section, not health and well there get off our deck HI square. It send. Little bitches, let's go squirt squirt squirt, squirt merger good morning. Oh my god. We not talk about squirting this hi Lester. I want to get up on this table and squirt all over this equipment. In this room I wanted to shut down. There was so much I quit yeah. I should do at this caution when wet. Let's get those yellow signs and place them in every way out in the middle of the office and just started squirting everywhere: okay, guys squirting holy where to even start what is courting for those that don't know squirting is when the woman is being aroused sexually yeah and blew it. It comes out of her yeah. I know, but it's not like your regular
kind of discharge type of sprite. It's like a full blown. It's like a little's waterfall stream coming out, yeah, like of learn to p similar to p but p. But up here is it here. We go So many people we put it on our instagram, asking you guys questions again. If you don't falls in Instagram, GO falls on Instagram called her daddy, but we were asking people like questions you have about squirting, and the main question is what the fuck is it? What the fuck is it and the thing is, is hip. Head is a little bit of people that funny thing is, is that there is no evidence that says exactly what squirting it there. No answer. Bitch is there are some like articles that were saying like it is kind of p, but it's not p but like it comes from the same place. That p does but, like the substance is not actually urine and then it's like. Oh there glands in your vagina, and it comes from the glands in it
usually not pee more of the stories it doesn't fucking matter it doesn't. Wiseass Coreanus quarter is a squirter and some shit is going all over guys face and they love it and their fucking here for it, and that's all that matters. So, let's get into it squirting squirting. There are a lot of girls, squirt and there are a lot of girls that don't know how to squirt. Let's address both okay, so there's girls that squirt mix squirters, there's super soaker super fucking with a blowhole. Do shampoo blowhole, squirt, squirt, central bitch, so super soaker, that's amazing! So these girls, every below, so pretty soccer. Ok, okay, okay, ok out black shoes, okay, oh juice, yeah, okay, so girls that squirt a lot of girls, I think, are insecure about it. Yes and then obviously, there's a
Girls that are like yeah bid. Well, I think this is what's really funny about. It is there's girls that square and they exactly what you said they get embarrassed, or I take your brother, squirting and there's girls that do not squirt not feel less than yeah they're, like guys things wording so hot. I can't do it so in my out of pocket feel left out it's kind of funny. I want to get on on yeah, okay, so why are girls in secure Sophia? Well, I think usually it's when girls are squirting a huge amount right? Okay, so that when we're talking about supporters, I'm talking on the girls like you need to like change the sheets after the mattresses so yeah yeah, basically guys mess it does, and so to those that don't know like how intense squirting can be basically like. You can literally stain a map
we've had guys right in being like this girl squirted. So much that, like my thing like you can ruin furniture, Lee ruined, Bruin yeah, take it down yet. So I think when it comes to squirting a lot of girls that squirt road and were like, I squirt every time I have sex, and so I just feel embarrassed because I think, like this guy thought it was hot, but now that it every single time it's exhausting for both of us because we're going to have sex and it's like here we go, the sheets are about to be ruined and the cleanup process is way more than just a little bit of fucking jizz on her belly button. It's like this shit is rocks your fucking world yeah. I think that's such a good point Alex nine out of ten times. I think men think squirting is so hot, so hot. So with that said, my advice is if you're a girl- and you know that your huge squirter- I think that you should bring it up. I agree before it's going to go down before you're gonna fuck.
In July and she came in and he's gonna drown in your circle or any idea taken to the hospital. I am really proud to say I don't know how to swim in the cost me a whole load, so in the order hello, quick thrown the or like. What's the thing they throw out the legal Bria noodle with you were so those stupid. We're done no, but I want to point out, though, that we did ask a lot of guys because the girls want to know what the guys think we did ask a lot of guys. Do you think squirting is how we ask guys in this office that we work at and they were like holy fuck that so hot, but if you're one of those girls and you can't control it honestly, I think you bring it up. I think that but you should
harp, put a plastic cover on your bed, like I don't know what you gotta do, but like just do it, you don't have to worry about it. While your truck is so true like if you've ever fucking seen what is it the Netflix show. Have you ever seen the show Dexter? The guy is a serial killer before he goes to kill someone. He puts tarp all over the fucking room to the It doesn't get everywhere. Well, that's basically how you have to kind of go with it with the score very curious, cute computer yeah. So, but I just think like if your squirting a fuckin juice box at his forehead every fucking time, you're fucking, like you got, a little bit there there has to be preparation, and this kind of I think it kind of takes the Spahn needy yeah how you can't buy it. You can do a quickie, right here you can have a quickie in his car honestly, a quick. I know what you do is you have a quickie on top of his car put the windshield wiper, on squirrel windshield cleaned that Jenna's is beautiful
honestly. So what so? What you can be a spontaneous is like some other girls who fucking can forfeit your unicorn. Yes, you can squirt, that's fucking hot guys like go through all the poor, I'm looking for squirters. Ok, there's been an hour searching Pornhub, an honestly find yourself, a guy who doesn't have a problem with that. If you find a guy, that's little bitch like I ready as an issue by bitch. Get the bike out of here. You little bitch boys, actually something so fucked up any legal that I stopped myself, but I would get that man in trouble with the police. That's I've! Just okay, so, okay, so girls, if you're squatters, relax, enjoy yourself and find a real man that can handle it, but just hear a little bit give him a little heads up. You don't have to be like I'm a squirter, escorted ready for the super soaker coming on your face. You could like live. You could be like like just so. You know like I get really really really well yeah and then boom
fucking, Waterfall Niagara falls upon his fucking mouth and you drop that bitch anyway. Ok, I know the girls that can squirt. Ok, so I guess there's girls that squirt, but they can control it into you again. Hats off to you, fucking bitch, you're, amazing sensorily escorting chameleon. They can really go either way screwed over those girls who cannot squirt. Let me tell you: we have options, God, damn options 'cause this is collar daddy and we will never have left out. No one, never lead you astray. I think give me my options. I'm like nodding my head over here, like yes, optionally, one fucking like this girl is chamois without a blow hole. Can a you, don't have a blowhole. Can you start calling vaginas blow holes? That sounds like a wide gaping
little right Oh okay, you don't have a blowhole still a whale. What do you d'oh? Okay, if you're a woman and you don't squirt, we have- we have several options for you. Eh is trite, square. Okay, I can say know I'm not going to say me, but I know someone very close. I mean it's not Alex, but I know we're very well with photo a few times. Okay, I handful of times ok room. That's both of us have experienced yeah, someone! Yes, that is not a squirter, but she has squirted before so. She squirted, like maybe five to ten times in lifetime, right
okay, and she said the times that she did were when her g spot is being seriously focused on have the guy focus on the g spot, while also stimulating your click, which either way you should be doing. Is that role feels amazing, amazing biggest feeling you have when you are about to square? Is that you're going to pee? So if I were you before, sex girls pee go into sex and when you feel that p feeling you just literally unit got it fucking go. Let it go, can't hold back the square anymore, squirted out all ready to come, anyways so ok, if you feel that I think also we've talked about like I know a position that there's two. I think we both talked about it when you're on top- or I think also when he is fucking you with kind of your legs over his shoulders, but instead put them on his
chest so they're like bent. Okay, then some like that angle is going to hit your g spot right and put the pillow underneath your butt and it will. It will feel pretty great. I'm also going to add that you can square, and it doesn't even have to be sad total. I think, maybe, if you're really trying to maybe getting fingered. I agree is one of the best ways to do because you he can really control what part of your vagina, like he still yeah and not to mention. Let's just get the fucking guy out of the equation. Girls, if you really want to try to square oh yeah in your God, Damn bed bedroom get a toy and go for it, because I do think if girls really want to try to squirt for the first time, sometimes it's with the guy 'cause. They do something. You've never felt before that. You haven't done to yourself or if you want get in your bedroom and like try it out work on your clit work on your g spot. Unlike fucking go for it and like make it your god Damn mission, every night, fucking shit happens some other things. I think eagles
Eagle. You like, haven't, really talked about those bubbles are huge that will really help you squirt girls. If you try to do it the truthful way, the honest way an you can't drink a shit ton of water, oh no and not game key on this man. Don't eat asparagus, don't drink soda drink. Kind of water, so you know that's coming out clear and it's not to be yellow whatsoever and fucking pee your dead, ass, serious, I'm so serious. Why Well, I guess it's actually kind of really smart not be so high. I mean the day yeah. He is so clear and are in people on the internet,
being like squirting is pee and like we don't even really know so. Why not so why the fuck not compete all over that bed. He on that man shower even think it's a squirt shower, but it's a peach are basically you just gotta make sure that you are so hydrated and show clear yeah and that it's not going to have any smell or anything any. This man will think that you squared it. You know, you know or know what to expect on call her daddy ever gonna leave this episode- nine, oh my god, never known this week and it's like so I'm going to get soup hydrated and pee all over this man space and he's going to think I squirted everywhere Wuan into all of our guys that listen to call her daddy, I swear to God. If any of you are being a little bitch when a girl squirts, never God, I get it if it's a bitch about like she fucks up some type of furniture in your house, but don't be an asshole to because that can just be like a very it's like a personal thing and girls feel fucking weird about it. Sometimes so be a soldier don't be a soldier on soldier on.
What else we talked about just side note about squirting before we move on is like this squirting and porn? Oh, is, I want to say most of the time fate await. You explain that to people like they put something there either doing the pee thing that I just said right or they're just talking on it like I know so, the last time I was doing porn, I said so, or they have like these little things. I can't work there call, but they put it up there vagina and when they clench their vagina muscles it like breaks open this seal and water comes like gushing out. Okay, so it's like fake. Yes, I mean guys. I don't want to like break the news to you, but a lot of porn is fate. Yeah, so like when you watch porn because I've seen it and it's like holy fuck. That is an actual, like you said, a sou,
per soaker coming out of her vision. Eah yeah, like that shit's sake, so don't be discouraged if, like maybe your square, isn't as cute as squirting what I'll square, what square bitch! That's all I have to say about squirting. I like it, I love it. I love, ah so you said in the past. You know we're lazy. Fuckers were very lazy and there is no god damn in hell, but I'm walking my ass to a cvs or pharmacy and I'm going to get myself some vitamins so care of guys we've talked about it before care of is a subscription service that delivers vitamins and supplements customized for your specific health needs to your door, guys summers approaching, let's get healthy and let's get some,
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say so, for twenty five percent off your first care of order, go to take care, dot com and enter promo code. Daddy, take care of dot com enter daddy bitches get after it wow we get into questions. Questions is a baby hey. I know you like when I do that: okay, okay, Sofia, yes, I'm gonna go first. Okay. I deserve that. Oh right, you're, like please, stop. Okay, my boyfriend loves but stuff. Don't we all sweetheart when we're sober, he can stick a finger or two in and it feels good, but as soon as he goes to stick his dick in me, it's so painful, but when I'm drunk I can do like just the tip of his dick. I really want to surprise him. One day, bye,
being able to stick in his whole, Dick any advice. Also, I love you guys bench listen to podcast K, love you daddy, when you're masturbating get some butt plugs and like baby. I know this sounds a little aggressive but like as you're doing it on your own girlfriend, if you're trying to figure out how to one day show up and be ready to take that dick up your ass from your boyfriend, maybe practice slowly like each night that you're trying to like masturbate and stuff put something in a little bit farther a little bit farther and like like to start getting your hole used to. I think, but anything like so. She said that he's been putting two fingers in there. I think that's like a great start, the tip for the death butt plug. Argh amazing, yup, Lou, Lou hi. I am a little better, but a little bit about like you can yeah. I hope that this girl is like right, making sure that he can play. He said his should be a wet slippery seal and then just slowly ease into its route up straight up: okay, okay,.
This ing member on in this is probably psycho and I'm unwell, so that doesn't help, but I'm going to be taking plan b for the first time I'm in the a m and I'm freaking the back out, and you guys girl and you guys bring it up often on the podcast. So any words of encouragement advice would be really helpful because I feel like I'm going to die immediately. Oh knocking it. We got a first timer ring out of popular everybody, give her a round of applause whoo. Personally, I'm sorry, you are not to notice shit from family. It might make this will be a taktak sweetheart. You pop that thing, you won't even remember anybody can add it to your vitamin regimen sweetie and you are good to go. No, I'm kidding girl, you do not to be worried. I'm happy that this girl is practicing yeah, not
my blue say, but like safe sex in our book called body book. If you take plan b that save stack lucky on him, but Papa Plan B old. Well, we like conserve my upload yeah. We do, but maybe we should also get sponsored by. I know we really should day after no but listening girl. I know it's scary and I know people are like: oh, my god, you're going to fuck up your organs and you're going to do this. Listen! If this is your first time taking plan b, sweetheart sweetheart sweetheart
There are many women in the world that have popped about an entire fucking bottle yeah. So what is not? Gonna hurt you, okay, ooh! This is a goody Sofia get ready for that. There is a boy started talking to unhinge a while back, and I learned quickly. He was pretty kinky and into just about anything sexually. I played along and got comfortable with him pretty quick too. It was super casual thing. We would hook up a few times a month. The sex is great and it's always a good time. Occasionally we engaged in face time, sex and one time while face timing. I decided to just have fun with it and go for it. He was about to finish and asks me where he should come without missing a b. I said in your mouth, he looked at me and said: oh wow, that's hot and proceeded to angle, his dick to where he then finish finished and aimed the come perfectly into his
mouth he swallowed, so this guy ate his own cum. Ok, there's a couple of things going on here things going on! Ok! This is how powerful the few seconds before a man comes are. I bet you that this guy doesn't even want to eat his own cum, but the fact that he was about to come and she asked out of hand like ok, fine right there. He was like five minutes. She could've been like cum in your eye and he's like ok, fine, fuck, actually, actually should've been like pull your dig up, shove it up your asshole and cum inside of your body. I don't like. Ok, ok, so that's one! That's such a good point. Yeah! The other thing, though, is Menan eating their own cum. I am never going to judge I'm never going to say, no gross. I don't fully understand it. I feel like if it's for a guy. If it's coming out of your body, poop pee come like don't try to retrieve it just like kind of like
try to put it back in yeah you're right. I think. Let me think about this one for me to how would I feel if the guy that I was just fucking instead of like trying to imagine if you come in my mouth babies like no fuck, I wanted to go in my mouth and I don't be selfish. Let me swallow two. I'm like! Oh and I'd be perfectly honest, sweetheart always kind of would kind of would rather I want. No, I kind of would want to see him. Do it not for the fact that he's eating his cum, but for the fact that like can he really angle who that Dick and we go home screening out that perfectly in his mouth, like a dolphin catches. Can you think for this drug jumps up in touch when you throw a little fish in a dolphin there like that 'cause? I kinda want to see that an act? Okay, yet yet, no okay! This is a this gonna long answer, but there's a lot of layers. Well, I I agree with you. I really would honestly love to see a man score his own into his mouth because that's
acrobatic shit. That's like a literally I mean tell telling it. However, I'm going to say that I personally don't know if I would be living for the moment that my man swallowed his own cum You know. I've got a mouth, it could always go down my throat, but if you're into it- and you want to take It- then like go for it. If you see this is different for girls, girls, taking their own cum is hot hot sexy sexy sex sexy butt then do it. It's not fucking double standard. It's fucked up it man, it isn't it man. Can you write in as men and tell us like it? If you would ever be down to do that? Or is this just like a specific artist that some other guys have fetishes are fun? Okay? Next I have a tip that is gonna rock some world tip of the day. Like some people up get some people later get some people pregnant. Yes, all right got a tip for you guys. Credit cards are important. Guy is king,
a fake no limit black card by ordering them online and it comes with your current shitty credit card numbers. Anstr upon it. So you pull you pull out your black card. It makes a good impression, big black do you see a guy pull this out. You think he's rich. He literally has seventeen dollars in his bank account. I wanna fuck him as if he's fucking bill gates. God do this is like really fucking with. Blueprint to when Sophia, and I go out we're likely to watch and look at the credit card on his one hundred dollars bill in there yeah the black Cortana fuck us. I know so. Girls know once a penny. No one save, I guess that's one way of catfishing, like girls can do a bunch of like plastic surgery and makeup guys cannot big black cards. God damn
sorry, but I'm going to tell the data being how to get ahead and how to get laid. You gotta you gotta watch out for that shit. Okay, all right! I want to quickly read two of these things because it's like this epidemic. Okay, so basically this one girl was saying that she feels betrayed. I received an anonymous tm on my instagram from a fake account, basically asked me if I had interest in sending nudes in return for money, so I'm not a dumb bitch, but I'm feeling pretty fucking dumb right now. First of all, what a stupid question, of course I'm interested in money, but he said I could send something casual, even just like a booty pic in some booty shorts. So after about one slash two hour of shamelessly chatting, I end up sending this guy, but pick seconds after the photo had been sent. Buddy had me blocked and his fake account is deleted. I was trying to do. The poor guy is solid and help him out in return for three hundred and fifty dot zero. Should I be scared or humiliated or pissed that I got scanned out of three hundred and fifty dollars and sent a butt pic then I had another girl
I didn't saying that I was trying to get a sugar daddy. I sent this guy nude while I was in a relationship with another guy, because this guy was offering me like a hell of a lot of money for pics, and I figured why no, I wasn't gonna tell my boyfriend was going to be a one time thing ends up that the sugar daddy stalked me found my instead and found out. I had a boyfriend and sent my boyfriend all the screen shots of my nudes that I was sending this guy. My boyfriend broke up with me and the sugar daddy never ended up, paying me and blocked me, and I don't think he was sugar, daddy, okay, girls. I want to do a big fat public service announcement to the daddy because we care about you. Why are these girls sending pictures without getting paid for? Thank you but listen. This is so fucking common. And I want to get real with you guys, and I were always joking, but like every fucking girl listen up, it is one hundred percent normal. It's not
No, but like it is normal today's culture, for, like girls, big, ok, I want to make like five hundred a one thousand dollars like yeah, I'm going to fucking send a picture. Make sure your face is not in it. Please girls, but you guys have to be so fucking careful the amount of scams that happen of girls being like. Oh he's, going to send me this shit, and then you send me nude and he's gone disappeared forever, like both of these girls got gypped, and so, if I am you guys and you see a fake account their messaging, you get fucking paid. First, I mean at the very least, have them, then? Will you half of it have a very yup yup? One hundred percent you have to be like will go? Have you send me half I'll, send it to you. Send me the other hand, I'm going to say I'm sure, maybe even the majority of the time like they're, trying to fuck you over to one hundred percent oh whatever, but I'll just pick that PSA alright go ahead. Sofia staying very interesting, very ok! We haven't talked about cheating this episode. I come on what the fuck this question is it
considered cheating if you send Nope new, never cheating. If you send nudes, Slash, sexts back and forth with another person. That is your boyfriend colored eyes and no like, but like yes, yes, that's it yeah, I'm gonna say weather flat out flat out. It's not wrong. No federal, cheating, it's cheating, but it's not bad sweetheart, doing if I could want absolutely like. Let's not kid ourselves. No, that's cheating, cheating, cheating, that's full blown hard core. You bring up worthy cheating, you sending a text message saying I want your cock in my pussy and here's. A photo of a spread will Jaina with a dildo and me I made lemon. I'm gonna stay at some good old fashioned, cheating sweetheart, but you do you. Do you? Let's? Let's not pretend we're not doing things that we are
You mean like like: is it cheating? If that's not cheating? What is cheap but good for you? Sweetheart slay Queen cheat queen. Ok, this is a quick little one. This is a fun little opportunity. Revenge story, my ex cheated on me, so I put up a Craigslist ad of his dick pics under men seeking men an put his phone number, not sure. If this is illegal but fuck you, mother, Fucker, dude, fucking, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy guy, is getting dick pics. The rather he's got to change his phone number. I fucking love. Every the gay, in on in whatever state. There is like, I hope, about this facebook. I hope this guys fucking battery life is a piece of shit now from the amount of Dick PICS Emosi with any women because he's about to get dick down by the entire state of North Carolina amazing. I love it good for you,
girl. No, I don't know she's like I don't know. If it's illegal honestly, who gives a fuck he'll never find out. Who cares? Ok, I think that's it. Oh my god. Daddy gang that T game. They love you so much. That was pretty fun. I hope every girl out there is just starting to squirt it up. Squirt up squirt down swim all around pull Rand, I sort of got if you guys get fucking ghosted, that they're dead, they're dead, Ding Dong, they're, dead, Ding Dong, the little bitch is dead and it doesn't matter and your daddy so you're onto the fucking next, there's always bigger better out there. So we were I just talking penis were talking. Bank accounts were talking everything bigger and better. So guys. You know the drill. If you can just take a second and leave us a rating and review unsubscribe resubscribe. That really helps us a lot. It keeps the show going, you know,
you know you never know they were also talking live. Show talking live, so let you know, will let you know yeah it's coming. We promise, we know, we've been saying it awhile Hump Day, Hump Day bitches. It's time to. I think it's about time. We go get ourselves a drink, so. Yeah, oh yeah, one thousand two hundred and forty eight p dot m time to go time to go, love the daddy trying to get the fucking hammered. I hope you guys have the best day. We love you guys so much every fucking one, say call her daddy, bitches a little relaxation on that.
I hope you guys try it with us. Ha: okay, okay, ha ha ha
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