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4 - Nudes Never Die

2018-10-03 | 🔗

Alex and Sofia discuss sending nudes and an important technology hack they have discovered- one they guarentee will save the credibility and integrity of your nude. Also, they dive into the 'porn test challenge,' shaving your vagina at 3 am, and guys spitting on girls backs to fake an orgasm.

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Daddy. I heard call her daddy good morning. Every one is Alex in Socio back at it again for another episode of call her daddy. We hope at this point you are all calling yourself daddy in the fucking bad room, or at least forcing your partner to so. What's your quick recap of last week a little update on our lives, so I left Sophia unattended for a week and I went to Paris before we get into that whole Sylvia. How was your week without me and learn or other remain shoes in Iceland? So you department to ourselves yourselves: are you tell me about it? Go odyssey at this point I been single for so long. I am finding myself
sexually arouse by any one that will make eye contact with me for, like more than two seconds, I fell in love with a homeless man on the way home from work. Like really, I love you of a man, but let's led by the NGO legit. I don't even know anymore like it, I'm generally attracted to these people or not it's like I just I don't even know, I'm just so horny everything will know in its fine honestly, I've been taking you all over here. You are, if I fucking the camera, and Sofia Frivolty. I know what are you doing after that? a man like ok, I'm getting around that work anyway. So, like AIDS, that I was personally in Paris with a guy. You know your expected to fall in love when you go to Paris, except for the fact that I didn't fucking find that there is no fucking love found more selective
my vagina was drier than a fuckin drier. She, it was an extremely interesting trap. To sum it up, let's just say I left the guy and I a scotch aid to the fucking airport without telling him I would want I kind of one I love by the same tariff like it's to ripen. I kind of wanted just to sail yet to see or hear letter. Let's leave the details of the Paris trap to another on podcast. However, I know you worthing about me lie with impaired No current area, though Sophia tax me when I'm the middle, my parents, tribe- and I remember I- was lying in bed- may get attacked him Sofia and in all cops she's like emergency. You need to come home and I'm like, oh my god at this point
want to leave a fucking trip. So anything like you need me to make a taco for you, I'm there baby girl. However, you text me and you emergency, you need to come home and then you followed up, I think in the hospital and you followed up with. I need you to come. Take a nude for me. Do it wasn't bugging emergency like taking news, is no Joe, it's a form of our. It takes a village. The teacher is so easy. I get back to do in my eyes closed at this point. The ass short, however, Ajax Lex Ability greed devotees down in a concentration and while my girlfriend you Alex you were gone, I found myself in pain like trying to contortion my arm around my back, and I was just like holy shit. I need someone to take us.
For me, I need dollar dude. I I understand where you're coming from and I'm so fucking sorry was in their view in their time of need your irish knowledge. At the end of the day, though, I think I did help you out you dead, you dead, Alex. You sat me of you knew that you had stored in a new examples, handy in ready, baby Andean ready and you're gonna die. I was so desperate at this point I was like. I need to fucking learn how to use Ro shark is about to fucking color your blonde hair, brow employee, it always my own. I not lacking with you at that point. I would like, if I threw on any mode g of round here whatever on this big, sir, like what would think I do Finally, what would you do honestly geyser, so fucking nasty they may birth worked. Eigenvalue ok liked emerges covered by whatever I'm about to go, to
myself to my room and take care of my felt like I know I can lead to over one hundred words that I got a fucking like emerge. You like the Kazi pace and they would. They'll be like I'm gonna go Take care of myself, joggled driver baby, I'm trying to help me to point out a lot like. I would honestly display it off like being I was trying to be arts, yet I want to send you like any typical run of the mill meal. I love you. I love you hear largely over my fucking pays and it might as well be Sophia fuckin. Frankly, at this point guys rate this podcast five stars and leave a positive review and if you do what's it like a new review Levi's our climate, I learned police Angie renewed it. Maybe me maybe Alex evolved loosen up. I know you know, and this is something that will be, and I were talking about so when Sophie I came home and she's like you know you, I want you to take note of me. I'm wondering two guys: what do you guys think if they get a nude from a girl and clearly they did not?
the fucking. My link is a weird like do. Guy inaction is an ass shot. Whether thing I alone or not, you see by our unity mean, I really don't think they would care by you, a brown wig and we're going to do a photo shoe it's happening and of a guy on as he was like the Sofia. That's not your, but I will be like you, greedy mother, fucker. You got a picture of a beautiful. Bout dishes and give a shit I've. It's mine, have big rainfall, goodbye, grable mothers by right or you re through than ass. Take the Astor Leiva yeah. No, I could not agree more while we are on the topic of nudes. I know everyone's listening clothes cats who isn't sending knew that this point. Ok, Sofia and I have a fucking
public service announcement Lydia. If you listening before listen up now, we are about to drop some fucking knowledge that will change, lives right pause here we go, listen in nudes and the Icloud do not max. I state that because listen up folks, if you send an old nude and the person saves it, which city one thousand prevent, will they can see that eight that you are Reginald took the photo okay. So ok, if you took it back in December, they will see a new are exposed game fucking over folks. So, let's break into
a little bit more. Ok, imagine the situation. You are in bad you're, telling this guy or thinking about him and you need to send a nude, a sap. Ok, things are getting heated. You got your fuckin pimple cream on your glasses, are on lights, rout you're, ready to knock the fuck out right Sophia. What are we deal? We and everyone listening result to sending vow old new lad? Who knows Greece that everyone has that fucking old by your ass nude that they have ready to go what in buck and loaded our eyes are you find old Nude and to right, and then why right? So this is the most important part. Everybody listen up. It is fucking imperative That use screen shot the original nude and then proceed and go send the screen. Shotted version of the nude with the new date or the cloud will fuck. You well
ok, I think we're neighbors were you need a buggy explained to them bound building revelation out. How did we find out? They might even let me let me explain so how we found this out. As my axe called me, the fuck out, because he was basically said he was saving the peg. He was Savior to his ipod and then he went to look at it and he couldn't find it in that date because his shit within the memory option where it goes by. All I he's trying to scroll the fuck up and meanwhile I was no longer in that month, our tune in fucking January around ass, our them like oh fuck, and it was so fucking awkward, guided missiles, oh rob with horrible, and he was like what the fuck was that pig for another guy our eye, reusing, moods, blah blah and, of course, I'm fucking psycho. I came up with most genius response and me that idiot.
Leave me and it doesn't matter I write or now I think it so funny. You- and I were technologies have your day because guys have now sent me pictures and the other week. Specifically, a guy sent me a pick and I saved it to my phone and he I saw the poor guy doesn't know that were they see this is homes of young people, dont know where this psycho inwardly calculated something I had any effect and it was really hot shit. I'm like oh, my god, you're great. I see that in the poor guy I realized he Senate. He took the picture weak, for a well. God only knows how many girls got that goddamn picture within that weak You know what the World Series be. Fucking, careful watch your credibility. People act like dogmas lobby. Here people I mean I know half the people, Europe, you are probably sending it. Really also done. The brilliant, even notice, but protect your name other folks,
scary out there. I think it would be really fun to task there. So everyone go. I want you to save pictures that people have sent you even if it selfies etc, go click, the memories optional and might have you can catch any fuckin people that were faking that day. I want everyone to check and if you find people and your exposing them, please go right into call her Howdy dot com and let us by I'll do already we're ruin relationships Oviedo. We are aware that people are going to be like what the fuck my girlfriend took. That to fight come here and it's a goat. I love Venusberg in breeze, pass the fact that your acts was so open like hey, I'm gonna save this. If you think that you're nuth are not being saved to the eye had eye upon, my ipod touch my apple, what my Kindle the fuck
hard drive, do the hard drive back of the hard at the heart of the hard dynamically you're in it. So true, it goes back to the truth that guy's worship these things. Ok, they will never ever ever ever ever ever ever Ziegler De Mother, fucking nuth and I'm telling you this even and I I don't feel bad because at least we word we're fuckin jaded over here. The thing is girls and I hate to break your heart. If you're in a committed relationship, it doesn't matter guys, are keeping those needs and even if they send that shit because of your nosey girlfriend they're gonna send that folder to one of their homeboys and they're gonna got over his them, but at the end of the day, those It exists in their day, say harsh nudes never die like guys are literally, like God, Why not? I know my guy will lose his family photo albums government issued idea Social Security Card Passport birth certificate before he fucking loses and delete.
All the news in the secret album on his phone? It's just like doing like we target today my Fuckin acts told me the first thing he did when he broke up. Is he deleted my new? putting out, I literally mule, to say regarding about sexual reconnection for a hot minute a few months after, and he sent me a picture of myself and he wrote and he was the only thing. I think this is my favorite unlocking one of you You are my bit. You betcha was guide, try neutral on forever and fuck that shit. Ok, the boyfriend I got on achieving line, although you always plug, go, listen to it. In fact, an amazing he came across, went away, nude and guess what it brought him right, the about he's, like my god, I've never himself. Sophie again. She sparking stop.
I remember now. Ok, let me Tags ROE head so fucking, true, ok, let's tat will return under the bee, who live even Laguna, behaving like okay, so the other week, sofia- and I were talking about- I think every girl- specifically listening to his podcast- will be able to relate to this end. Guys are probably going to maybe. Shocked, though we're talking about that you got your going on a day or you're going out. It's not a single decision, collective decision between you and your girlfriend's, my shaving v tonight, or not it's more like an announcement you're. Just like guys. I refuse to shave then, because I will not be hooking up with someone. You really cool thing about that. Is you end in a random persons, shower at three p m with a razor fucking
maybe not set off in a black out that happen. Then you fuckin wake up in the morning. What's not do that you wake up in the fuckin morning, you're like did that have all shut you down. It's a fucking, bald eagle down there like well. How did that happen? How many girls please right in and what do you know you have been in that book and shower finding that fucking dirty ass, random, ass razor, it could be a guy's reaper and you are taking it to dvd like a champ cause, you know goddamn, while you like. I have a mission I'm gonna do this tonight, and I don't care what my sober self with thinking. It's going down, wake up the next morning, you're like oh, I don't think we hooked up and then he looked down there and its peculiar. All I'm saving you like, I, now, ninety nine point- nine percent Shores everything went in and out guys, don't understand like we use it almost as a protection shield. It's like pure strategy. Once you have hammered user to forget your world, it like and then all of a sudden, the bushes. What
brings you back home, we gotta poetic, the Bush pines you back to remembering away. I promised myself, I'm not gonna fuckin hook up with this guy. We lead thing about it because we know we have a kind of like fifty fifty listeners. How amazing is it we're sitting you're talking about that? There are no, fuckin guy in history he's shower and getting ready for a day or night out and he's in the shower like, No, I'm not going to shave that shit. I don't want to get my dick that tonight. I dont want to move that that I don't wanna fuck this but like die I now know guy a guy like, I literally just worked out back and watch the Sahara Desert. It's disgusting down there in there still, and can I put it in your mouth budget. Biogas thought that. But I think honestly, the difference is between guys in girls. At the end of the day were the ones I can go back and I'm sorry, I'm just gonna be on it. Let's get kind of rules, we can return more condoms.
I feel I can guess I say we I mean I don't even know how to answer that. Are they still around? No exactly condoms? Do they even fucking exist anymore? I don't know some of you are talking about this God. We talk about so much worse, so inappropriate, sometimes weird goaded. Ninety nine cent pizza. Out Naomi start talking like. I hope people know that this podcast also translates into our everyday life. We must show folk now David, how we talk and we talked a lot about a two in Laurens, like not idle, think We are really. I got real life. Oh my god! Are we really going to go back of were go the other day we were meeting with? No, why Don T you ignore meeting with someone- and I left the meaning and we were getting pizza- is like? Oh, my god doesn't blah blah have a huge wiener and without hesitation
Alex skulls. Absolutely like I wasn't gonna. Why should anyone like what's happening in Riyadh zero? Just like yeah, we'd eyeing the minute we meet guys we're like bigger smaller between even we ve said. There is no way he then between he's either tiny or he's bugging packing. What is wrong with a very brilliant absorb large enlarged, like yeah, we're like Laurie can do you know like when you're fucking, getting pizza pizza man you obviously size up his dick re as you like. You know, I honestly don't do that I've! Really! Ok now, are we normal per Norman Migratory, normal thought? Ok, so we need to really into any of the funeral talking mothers other weak with regard to condoms, it's crazy because all right, so you and I we ve both dated guys thy- are older in like there are thirty five range and then we compare that to a guy, that's more in our range like in their twenties older guys. Usually well.
Always have a condom on now and then the younger generation fuckin forget it later. They don't know what a condom. They don't know what I'd owners. Our know how to put one- I know. No, meanwhile, you are so over here like we can get to. The kind of talk is we're like ok, so we added day we had one date, which means that we can go to burst space, and now like how long until we get to second fade- and I know people probably like there's no way, but the fact that we know we still talk about bases, Can you imagine if, on the fourth day you and then I go back to his room and you fucking poor little lotion your hand grabbed his wiener and you're like this is about to feel great an ear
like ok were hitting second base, I hand job, that's how you gonna get law suit me Y know about where the fuck up, no one has given a balcony and jobs and ninety ninety nine ardently. I would love to hear people's comments on this. This is a topic about condoms that Sofia and I have been with a kind of talking about it for a few weeks now so girl specifically. Do you feel this way with guys like? No one is really bringing condoms around anymore, like fucking idiot and guys? Do you have a reason asked why you John don't fuckin right in and say because it feels better. We know that, but I mean logistically, like we ve heard from some guys saying, like you, don't wanna come off
as the minute you start hooking up and then you with this fuckin condom out. It's like ok, so bids you thought by Europe obviously would like spread. You relax out. All girls get all freaked out because they're like oh, so you brought economy. So you are prepared. So you thought you were going to fuck you because I thought we park now its transition. First and foremost, I think we should answer some questions. People wrote into the site again. We love, including you guys into the pod cataract of DNA, have will first of all we're fuckin brilliant. We love having their little own moments, but you guys really make it buggy
enjoy of all the questions. You guys right, an eye genius I over that. I mean that we lay there in bed together. Can we read them, and so, if you guys want to be featured on an episode of call, her daddy go to call her daddy dot com, and you can write us questions. Writer stories were really anything that comes to mind is right in and we will probably hopefully feature you on the next episode. Yes, oh so this is from mega the guy that I'm hooking up with its constantly asking me to eat his ass. He also where's the man purse, I'm like a hundred percent sure he may be gay? What do I do to find out for sure my answer right now? I know my mind what you guys into I know. You're jealous, I threw it you the poor and Tom, with important, as is the piano porn test. You literally find the hot is gay porn. You can there's a lot of.
Are you guys and then you get it on your phone. You go over to him. You press play you raise his dick with your hand and if there is any movement, why I'll use, lodging map worn, he's gay dad it's my job. I will never get Sofia and I were in a different stay. I wanted for him because you know you are they love you from the pond guys? We really do he's not turn hook up with you. What's going on, we go into the fuckin bathroom. We, we're about the poor and this poor guy like what's going on the the Italian. I didn't realize you guys like there's. No We live no material. They he passed, leave high price
A guy guideline, colors are next one of the lessons from let's see she sighed. Do you think guys think less of you if you fuck them on the first day, I'm going on a date with a guy when really attracted to, but also want to be taken seriously. I have a feeling he's. Of course, going to ask me to go back to his apartment. Is, is a bad idea. Help ok without being linked to Syria is really as women. We need to stop that you stop being so much, as is on the guy lab Irene you're in the mood of your feeling it and it feels right, like go for. I've, had relationships that, like just started off his fine young, they ended up being like my serious boyfriend to me.
Also and then there's the complete retrospective of I've also guys have been like ok, we're on our tenth fuckin date back up. Can you show me what your met climb? Look like like? I am meaning you go back in lieu and then you know we basically could you have the fuck you want Young either. Do it on the first night do at three months later makes it makes it over. Think it because at the end they are guys everything he die ones but the buck, and then, if you like, each other, keep going whatever. Ok, I'm in a hurry, this memory of this line. To put me, over the edge like I was laughing about this for our jack. You are my hero. I once you marry you gimme, hang out. Ok, Jack thoughts, ongoing many rounds in a row as the guy, I'm really concerned with one round, but some girls want like five rounds in a row. One time I even spit on her back
bree timing. The com, because I was all brain- does allow your fucking ear, got your husband, I'm sorry, we buy We know that is blocking incredible. I am sorry because amount of orgasms girls fake, while they're getting fucked I'm I am putting out their girls, you know you feeling out there we all honestly Jack. I applaud you and keep it going next Ryan said I found the law heard organically me. People now and when I do match with people on dating ups, I've been told my internet isn't full of fun, picks, ridden brands and that's a red flag. How important eating social media dating cutting you up. I know if that is the case, that people are looking for him Friends you already know. I am never getting you fucking date, because my instagram has zero fucking friends.
On a it's just me and my fast buck and head so the gay I'm single for, like I, honestly, no aside from that guy's with Instagram, I always look like what are they weren't? You could tell me guys have all patients them. Jobs are not as attractive. I like thing he rather our all easier. I'm having a revelation girls can get on Instagram inches Pope blows the reality. Then being hotly eyes now, would you guys you answer? Growled pains me, I remember it went and when I'm on this new dating up that I'm not allowed to speak about when I see pictures of them in their like posting selfies, I immediately click. Me the thought of a guy posting selfie. I dont know why it's like his mental stately. I've never created a guy. Everything is demanding those natural state. What is he doing? What are you doing? You I'll, listen, think about it. You and I are sitting on our fucking out in our apartment and, unlike due to this guy hot, What's a thing you, I know why you always? They do but how hot its friend is.
We started around and we go yet. Let's go hang out, though we get mad. If they take selfies were then we also dont like when they fucking composed a picture of the fish that they cause. I came to remove or start taking a fuckin picture of your car nagging you're a b, I beg I do. I dont want to data car on the year on year and dig up. Ok next, one at this anonymous girl has written and she said please help me in all cops. I've only had sex three times with three different guys and I'm twenty one. I lost my virginity like a year ago, so I feel I must starfish, like I cottages, lay there and take it. How do I not do that? Ok, ok, Sophia, honest Roma girl up! Ok, I mean these years again,
You'll never be I'm all in my field today allow when we get her there, we know as well as our Grand Prix carrying out a glaring sacks is was very enjoyable for you, home girl, like honestly ass usual How can this Hagen resides masturbate? You know, but forget, saying, true, like people. Awkward about the ice like the mastery touch yourself, see what feels good to Yale and then incorporate them into fucking sites like that. What it should be like stop focusing so much on the guy focus on yourself in what feels good. I know and then on top of that joy, ray on also bought out back in role that Albania, we have one more I'm changing. It know why we go lads. Further, that's coming on to the pod costs. Back to me. Ok, rugby,
rang in M Sophia's mom well. Fuck em law allow new mining. I love you so much bumblebees, though rather weak teller tell people were Oh, I know exactly when I recorded the first episode my mom really contemplated disowning me she with a little bit in a state of shock. She was like. Aren't you you would like severe what the hell are you doing. I, like you, know a mom taken up we're moving on. Oh Sophia! Is that work one day, I'm at home? She puts us in a group: challenges has girls, don't it and I'm ready to get ripped new asshole me about your horse. You doing this We need to eyes. I realize you try blocked my mom blocking when I walk my mommy slide the fuck in and she goes girls. I think I need to be a gas. Podcast sooner rather than later,
but you weren't support over the back yard. I want to be in and around the world loud well what mom fable gets. You will get to you I want my bags. We were laughing because, obviously everyone, that's only global your parents, think about this. When you were saying we're doing within, they all want a piece of the big Ah I being I've been, we gotta ended there. I shall we Rami. I know you promise people, we want to talk about, revive an old etc, and we were gonna talk about how to give the girl Gluck like three thou then. But let me just say something with regard to at least anal gates were in the beginning stages of this relationship. This is absurd for were like.
First base approaching. Second based, like you know, just hold him a the sloppy. It's like a blow job in the downtown region by thought me right. Ok, so, anyway, things are actually listening guys. This is worrying to do. We really need you guys to rate this podcast. Sars, but I mean I'm going to tell you how many stars buyers hold up your hand, how many fingers five viable, okay, so rid us five stars and then also give us in on its positive review- and, I repeat, honest positive reviews. You have you guys can slide down. Honoured Channel had only actually know what it does, but I think it's a really big deal if we get great reviews, and so we can keep making this point. All we know heap explaining ourselves right is rated by right. Do revives. We can really talking about Degen Anal and when IRAN also we're gonna be giving away. A call her daddy sweatshirt. And I M so we're gonna go through all the comments and whoever leaves a comment that we really fucking, like you're gonna, be sent a call, her daddy merged sweatshirt. I Valley
The fact is that, when a match us everybody, thank you so much for listening to call her daddy episode for, and we will see you again- listen every fucking me day why're you may I make great again baby. Oh you out of your league by eyes.
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