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2019-07-24 | 🔗

In this weeks episode, Alex and Sofia recap their staycation experience at an old NY hotel and it is TERRIFYING. They also discuss nonconsensual sex tapes, when to know and accept you're just a fuck, and groupies taking pics of the men they just had sex with….while they are asleep. Last but not least, introducing the PSTR-Post Sex Tape Regret. It's a wild ride :) Also, they surprise the daddy gang with an added iPhone recording. 

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Do you call him daddy? Do I call her daddy call her daddy? what's up everybody, it's called her daddy, ask at it again for another episode: it's Hump day is Alex and Sophia Sharla Mean and Charlene back at it again again, so just cause some fucking, ruckus and R. Anti Sponsor is roman roman swipes they're super easy to use. You just pull your dick out.
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com, slash daddy! That's g e, T, R, o m a n dot com, Slash Addy for just five dollars. When you choose a monthly plan there, you go hi everyone. Currently it wriggle working. This part of the intro on my Iphone is three thirty in the morning, but this listener question was too good to not have kick off. The episode bring some international flavor Take it away, Alex High girls, it's big, daddy G, all the way from Sunny England love the show I've been listening for a few weeks and got to say you, girls are great. My question for you both is, is eating ass, classified as cheating. I have a long term girlfriend and she will not. Let me eat her ass. She just says the thought of it makes her gag.
Feel sick. But me I love it. It's been three years since I last ate ass and lately since listening to your podcast every female, I see- and I mean every female young old chunky, skinny beautiful, not so beautiful any race, any color. All I think about doing is eating their ask. Would it be classified as cheating if I ate some ass, no pussy, no sex with my tongue going down to browntown many things, big, daddy g. Big daddy, well! Well! Well! Well! Well, well, big daddy g! You see! Maybe he set up like a gloryhole situ ok, uh huh, like he'll, go up to a wall and there was an ask hole and he's going to stick his finger in there and get it over with. I think he wants his face in there sweetheart he wants his. Oh, he wants to see the whole thing he wants his face. He wants.
Inside of the in the ask dad cheek to cheek to Cheek some browntown on his face when he leaves there yeah he's into it and he wants it. Is it cheating! I don't know, I meant to say it is cheating, but I'm also going to say, like your girlfriend kind of sounds like a prude and yeah and you should be like listen up sweetheart, let's say I will be putting my face, not at your gonna like it and that's final Then it's not horni if you're cheating so like do whatever you want to do right right right. The truth is, is that I think a lot of times. Girls get freaked out by it because they're so self, conscious that the boyfriend is going to be so grossed out how this guy done all the things he can do like. Let's take a shower and then they'd like has he tried, I mean in this girl? Is this girl really self conscious? It's one thing, because you exactly it's one thing: if he's asking her to eat his ass and she's, not into it,
but baby girl. All you gotta do is lay there. I can turn on the Netflix show put in some headphones and then go to town on that as whole wheat edit, your party, if he's bothering you this much with it, don't fucking clean it show that show. What are you doing for talking shut up shower for three days. I feel, like you asked for income massive dump, and he like you want. This is what you wanted. Then, let's go come on down to around town here little bit. Good deal, big, daddy G. Let us to give us updates. He was so much for that one. I'm excited, let's recap: okay, for the daddies, wearing a dress right now and my vagina is on the scene clip on the c, the next man. It comes into this radio station vagina. It looks like a masterpiece, don't get pregnant, you never know we're in Barstow. You never know what sperm is laying on hey. So, let's talk this past week,
Oh my god. Let's still that's take him back. Let me fucking tell them ok Alex and I went and stayed in a hotel yep. This hotel was in midtown New York, extremely outdated. It looked like it was built in the one thousand eight hundred, which is funny because we actually stole the company card to get this hotel, so you'd think we'd say like the four seasons we were mistaken. We thought it was going to be nice, it wasn't funny. No, it was so old
and you know I'm not a history buff, but I want to see the 1800s. Ok babe. We were making jokes all day about hoes haunted just little creeks and cracks were happening noises the vibe was a little off, but we weren't taking it seriously. We were joking right well, knowing Alex she was probably kind of dying. I have this horrible fear that someone's always trying to kill me Alex suffers from severe paranoia and he comes to that. Ok, so we fall asleep and I have my headphones. Then, and I wake up to Alex on top of me, not actually die in a hallway, literally backing up, kicking her legs out in front of her with a blood curdling scream
and I know Alex Mehr drama all the time and we Loan Robin ties. Everything in exaggerate. This is not an exaggeration like backed up on top of me. Woke me up screaming bloody murder and she puts her hand out in front of her and point across lost the hotel room and is like there is a man in here like there's a man in here. At which point you can imagine that I actually almost passed out by being so terrified. Look into the hotel room like Holyshit. There's someone in here, like all my god, I don't see anything so I'm like Alex, Alex and Alex like there's a man right there and I'm like me dreaming I'm supplies that, like no one came upstairs to check, yeah. So then I like, finally, to get there's no man. Finally, I still see
word of God either with the man in that room. I don't know why I saw your like Alex, but there was not like. I have never seen you and you were just like I'm so sorry so feel like I'm. So sorry, so at that point I was like I will not for the rest of the fucking night, so any normal person would be like Alex is having a night terror. Sleep paralysis. I get on my phone an I spend the next two hours looking at every single review of the hotel on Tripadvisor, Looking for keywords, haunted ghost man haunted ghost man, there's no thing I type in haunted New York. Hotels like I went down a whole of research. I love that you're that have a friend that you're not like alright, this bed just had a very bad nightmare. You're like she's, got it beyond
right, it has to be hot bath. How much I believe, I'm like she's, not mad, so mad when he was alive, are Cocker ago. It was. It was so bad that we had all these plans to get room service morning ended up packing up all of our shitan fleeing the hotel, guys Weibo we're like trying to pretend that we were going to get sleep at this point. It was like five hundred am and then finally, we both rolled over and I'm like- I'm not asleep. Are you asleep and she's like fuck? No really Hi Patty. I called down to the front desk and ask the guy if he had ever heard of a haunting in the hotel he was like excuse me know. I just started working two weeks ago. We go so you can't really do. I have sucked up his job he's going to have to like be closing something at like one hundred am and be like. I remember that woman called out guys. It was one of those thing actually I actually ended up vlogging our whole time in hotel 'cause. It was supposed to be a great experience when we stole the company card. We were balling out so that will come out in like two weeks. You guys can watch it were not fuckin' making this shut up.
It happened, Sofia was verified. I was terrified here if I thought it was over for us. I just love that, like a normal person, would chalk it up to a nightmare and we're like folder phone exorcism of Emily rose happened in this very one room, yeah guys. I mean the hotel lamer the saying their name. I am so annoyed Meridian can I say the quesadilla thing she I there was okay, we ordered room service, there was a late night menu and we ordered at eleven thousand one hundred pm the late night menu. In two minutes, when I start to a fact at twelve yeah, I ask if they can make a quesadilla us Nota quesadilla it's bucket in the tortilla or tell her she's she's. A lot of people can make
Oh very simple: it's not that hard. It's not I called down, and I asked if they can make it. You know thirty minutes. For me the lady says: oh my gosh, let me check with the chef, comes back as I am so sorry, but we cannot make you the case Adea until twelve sofias he's on the phone looked at me like hotels, like they're supposed to try to accommodate go Sofia is like shaking Sofia was so rattled about this bucket Bay City. I want to be like. Can I speak to the chef and I'll tell him how to make it literally I'll come down? There anyways or arc so yeah. It was very interesting. We're alive we're fine. There was no man, there was no fucking quesadilla, we don't know we don't present a man. There was a man shot out Le Mridien yeah
if you want, I want to have a another. All that can actually make a quesadilla hit me up. Hit me up will come first vacation with you boo, alright, when to know an except you are justified. We have talked about how to not catch feelings. Yep yep Asod was called you're just a whole yeah, proud of that one. I'm really fucking proud, and then we've also talked about finesse. In a boy, but now we're going to talk about how to know and accept that he is using you for your absolutely Jesus. It's a tough! It's a tough topic to here. Yeah, it's a tough pill to swallow it it, but in It's a huge amount of the questions we get are from girls being like. I can't figure. Guy please help like. I think he likes me and it's like
Sweetheart. Do you like dear vagina, that's about not you! You could wear plastic bag over your head, not talking to Fuckin' front. He doesn't give a fuck yeah. I think the sad thing is girls are so fucking good at ignoring the signs and the thing is, it happens to all none of us know, are you mean absolutely not? I will never forget. I was a freshman in college and I started messaging with this senior. He was the captain of the high Boston University. So like hospital, yeah when you were having taken literally I'm going to start crying, so I start texting with him and I will never forget shout out to Boston. It was this bar every Tuesday every when it was like teased pub, tease, tease, it was called Titi Lickety. So I go to tease. I show up and I see him he hadn't been texting long. So I show up
He starts treating me like we're. Actually, oil gauge royalty Queen of England, bucking Kate Middleton up in this batch. Ok, oh so, and he's doing the whole thing I'm standing in between his legs as he is sitting at the or he's getting me? Do you like? Oh, I, like that he's giving me drinks shots. I'm meeting his friends and I'm like this- is so fucking, yellow fast forward to that night. We go back to his place. I'm like I am in in this bit. I don't sex with him, but we do everything by lame but lava classy bench, and so we hang out. It was amazing and he's: doing all the right things. Oh my god, let's hang out again. This was amazing, you're, so hot, oh, my god, blah blah fast forward to that weekend, stop do do do. Do I show up to tease pop, I see him I'd be lying for him. Like to let's so excited he's still
with another Alex two and I kind of like swerve little like it's 'cause, he didn't bucking, I just 'cause he didn't put out to everyone. No putting out is to keep his attention took off, I'm kidding. So no so I go up to him he's like oh, hey, literally as if I'm just like a homeo bro and he's like oh yeah. We're going to get beers like are you gonna get down to like won't pay for my drink? He asked you to get drinks for him. After all, I want to go get picture. I'm like ok and the whole night revolves around. Realizing that every Girl has that one night and then after that, type goes away and you're no longer that new Fun Bich, it's miss yeah. I literally felt as though I was a fucking clingy that's big, and I was watching all these girls that were it was raining Tuesday and now there are twelve other girls that we're now going to go home with him, and I was
so mortified and terrify for the next few months, you're like no that one now we have like that. Couldn't have been nothing really with the could not share with. There was a connection chemistry sparks flying. It's like sweetheart, that was four shots of tequila was for such a tequila fire on, like literally he was just trying to be with you in GHB. He put in your dream fireworks yes girl start clinging to anything anything cute. He does dude. I'm sure that someone listening has fuckin' caught feelings for a guy. This guy has her sucking his dick in his car yeah you're in his fucking two thousand and eleven Honda you're sucking his dick you're like this is the moment. This is what I got on to and then you never
next week with the new Bianca is sucking his dick little bit better right. She puts the feedback form, so we can really recline and feel it you didn't since when is it Dick in your mouth, the equivalent to like chivalry, I used to think it. I don't know I used to always give him like this. Is it not anymore? I'm educated, alright, Sophia, exploit yourself, Ok, got it embarrass yourself this, the sad thing is: yours was when you're in college mine was like a couple years ago. I feel three years ago. I tell us, I was just saying that girls cling on to anything cute. Yes, okay! So now I'll give you a exam. Did you cling? She clung. I was
I almost just said dating, like I'm still unfucking. I still haven't gotten over it like ok, we were never dating he's literally like please stop please, like Sophie's been five years. Why are you still saying? Well, we didn't have sex helix, we were dating, I was going to, but no ok, we were fucky, I'm glad we're just have fooling around and there is a night and he was like hey Sophia. What if we just like stay in tonight, an watch netflix in order food and just have like a chill night at home. In my mind, I was like, oh my god. Oh, my god, we're taking it to the next level. This guy really really Sofia the first we are doing the most couple eq
share. He wanted to end with me. God like it must be getting like. Are we boyfriend and girlfriend just want to spend the night in? you know what a night in means. I don't have to pay for dinner for this stupid pitch. It means, oh, my god, This is amazing. I don't have to put forth effort and Sophia will still come over here I mean while you're like we were so close. We are close I like you, I would allow any girl he wants to lounge. Don't ever get take out, let him that that is how delusional and I like to think of myself. As you know, somewhat yeah, that is the thing girls. You have to pay attention to the stuff that he says he's going to do an repeat. Really doesn't. I think actions speak louder than words. If he's telling you three different times, I will go to this is sushi this and he is reschedule this date night. Three times sweetie, you are never
bring that California roll you're going to Taco Bell every night in his bed and that reservation, shrimp, tempura and it's showing up with the posting just back. There will never be a waiter in your president. You don't like that. So sad, but something to my past self, dumb, dumb Bich another example. With this same guy, oh Jesus Christ. My friend was coming to visit me in New York and it was going to be her birthday. And I let the guy know who I was hooking up with and my friend comes into town. We go and meet up with him and it was really cute and really sweet. He had a birth him and his friends all got a birthday cake for my friend who they had never met before like saying her happy birthday, a normal person would be like okay, like all really nice super sweet day, was like looking at rings on Pinterest, and I was like there.
I propose she's like hold on my ducking proposal like he did this for my best friend. What it's going to do for me about the ring is meanwhile he's like Bich. I know I took that and I genuinely was like. Oh my god, we are like Bishop together I'm not really sure later that night he went home with another girl and I was like cake. Ok, so moral of the story is, it happens to the best of us and we need to talk about this sign. Yes, if he is only wanting to hang out late night so after his night, his wrapped up and he couldn't fucking fine, shut up and a girl yeah exactly wrapped up? In fact, You are wrong house How much you care products and raw dog are that's a good one and also if he only wants to hang out. In the week so like Monday, through Wednesday,
yeah he's like come over and then, when the weekend rolls around it says, if you wear it, where did you Bucklebury ranariddh you're done you're like Jerry, doesn't tell you exactly also, I think a huge one is if it's always on his time, you so if he isn't answering you that much sometimes and ghosting you, but then all of a sudden he shows back up and he's like, hey sorry been super busy like you want to come over tonight. It's not planning for even tomorrow or the next day. It is always the a media on his time, all the last may. That is so true. Although and then, if you ever ask him like hey, oh my god, if you ever ask him to join you all out like some, type of work, event or family thing, and he avoids it like the player
you're just a whole. Whole whole whole. Let's talk about after you fuck, he promised you that you guys are going to spend the night and watch a movie and a lot of times after you fuck he gets up and he comes up with some excuse yeah, you know I think the boys are going to come over. I think they're out in the living room, I'm going to go like drink with them. You can obviously like say here if you want, but like I'm going to be out there and you literally, laying there with like, come on your stomach and you're like yeah yeah, catch up with you and you're like buck buck yeah. If he asks you to leave in a roundabout way. You are one hundred and fifty percent.
Vagina for him to absolutely ok. My ex boyfriend told me what he would do. I think I've talked about this last episode after he was done, fucking a girl. Yes, he would get in his car drive out of his neighborhood park across the street. Shots, look up an wait, stop for the girl to leave and watch an once her car left. He would go back home, another one! That's a little bit specific is if it's your birthday and he knows it's your birthday and he doesn't get you. Even a fucking rose, Petal, even a card yeah, anything you're, just a fuck so drawing it's. Her birthday he's going to make sure it's like you're, expecting like hey, like we're going out tonight for my B day and he's like oh happy, B day. Like that's fine like what are you going to do
and he's not trying to be included as he's not trying to be there with monumental moments for you, because he like ABSA fucking lutely, not yes, you're, not my fucking, girlfriend and you're. Nowhere close to and he's like in your vagina does not have a birthday so wait. I love that exact, pretty sure. Last time I checked the Chinese, don't birthday, so don't care that can grab. Can Gratz, see you next week, I'm horny at two a am M girls. Let's rattle so off, he never pays for shit ever like let's split this: let's split this quick: can you get this you kind of like avoids if you're trying to snapchat, he, like literally, throws himself over a balcony before he's ready to have like one of the benches. He's also sucking like follows. Your son said he's like he's like he's like. I know I'm not really celebrity, but there's this ruler had to lock up the phone when you enter my house you're like why, if you're over at his place and either his parents or his friends, call you by the wrong name,
tc and you're like it's Rebecca is broke. So how do that so anytime? A guy says like I'm going through a lot right now, just so busy with words like can't sorry can't commit right now, anytime, a guy says he's not like boy all like poor boy. This is the rule of thumb yeah. I well all girls here this. If you were questioning it yeah, he probably is using you for sex. I I genuinely like, if there's anything off yeah, because you will know you will if he likes you, should I read the quote: read the quote: okay, people are going to get upset, open quote from Oprah Winfrey shut it it really. I didn't know that ok, but doesn't matter. Ok, it doesn't matter. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away if he didn't want you. Nothing can make him stay. I'm going to cry.
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he fucking likes you, you have no quick. In about it, because this is the thing men don't play games really with girls that they like, and let me explain that because we tell you guys: girls play games, play games, play games, but men play games when they're trying to finesse, get your pussy, so they're going to do things to get in when they like you. Guys aren't like okay, I'm not going to back too soon and then I'm going to like blower, tonight. No, no! No! That's girls! Girls are crazy, guys that, like you, are not fucking playing crazy games with yeah. So you will know if he wants to fucking wife you up. So when you feel like he's playing games, it's because he doesn't want you to find out that he's using you for your fucking voodoo claims, bucking. True that voodoo clamp Pussey, let me see you
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yeah, should remain private story. Is we don't all all need to really know certain things? The other day I was scrolling Instagram, and I was looking at this girls Instagram page- shows like seven eighty six hundred thousand dollars decent polling without drop dead, gorgeous drop. That is why I look at her profile yeah, so I can find king feels like she cry at night and she posts a story and it's of her boyfriends end of her son, okay, that she had a different man, not that it matters. Okay, this story is of the boyfriend and the sun and they're playing a game at the fair okay. She writes on this story, and I quote I am so turned on,
on right now, watching this and tags her boyfriend an throws it up on to her page. You know, let me go. Ok. Let me check out here help me go up go up queen. I don't think that someone should ever ever post for sexual arousal over and let me just point out the kid is old enough to read and understand. What's going on so with this child, is going to have to see that he is hello out. There is getting a little wet downstairs because her boyfriend is playing a fair game with her son. It was a mom cool that is so in. Proprio why why it's should be part of it? Do you the world doesn't need to know how, where they really doesn't. No, I I just so when she writes that what I think is I
I'm so turned on right now, so she's standing up there with her right, there's a perfect murder masturbating watching your funny boyfriend, maybe if she's saying she's so turned on. That means that her vagina is getting welding in wet and swelling, and the client is getting bigger and she's ready for a penis to go inside a wouldn't want to think about right now to mean Obama Vagina, while she's at her with her son you're supposed to be thinking about.
Care bear and the fairest and everything but your land. Yes, I don't know. I think we could really do with how you can say this is so cute. You do not need to announce that you're turned on. I don't yeah, I don't know yeah really thin or knock it. The off. There's another really follow and she will post a story with her had placed on her husband's shoulder: okay Hill, I'm in it, you know what I mean like that's so cute they're in love right. She adds no This is my safe place. No, this is my new, that's so fucking stupid. Why is that your safe lane, ugh find the Kinoki cookie bookie. Might my little nook? Oh my god People act like this on Instagram stories, it's the equivalent of when you're in public with someone and they're doing a flat out Pedia magic.
If you were at a dinner with me and if I had a boyfriend and my head was resting on him. Like he's my note, so looked at me, He said he's mine are my little. I would be like came by the way Alex cheated on you last night sabotage relationship and tried to get crack a bottle of wine over his head. No, I like how you get mad at you know. I agree with his glasses dude, no way, no key, safe major safe place is his armpit like the equivalent of a safe room like create walls, an alarm system like this someone. If someone went to rob her like my safe link, quick armpit, know, there's a murder she sat there shrewder give me that arm, pick that up it baby. Let's go! I'm safe, bulletproof vest up in this batch made little Nikki Wiki I don't want to see it. I don't I fucking God
Now, where is yeah? You know we don't know. See that's likely. They lose sight of what yeah posted, probably even they did around bios, it's like when they're talking to their their partner, and it's like. Do you guys want to just write this in your diaries or like write a letter to each other and give each other cuz like when they're like this past year. We ups and down trials tribulations things have gone wrong. We found love, we've seen the world, we try and I'm like their names personal for you know Becky that follows you, but she so in high school you haven't talked since Becky doesn't want to know that she then, and then the boyfriend Texan is like YO. What do you mean? We've had a lot of ups and downs like we talked about, we, she communicates with him more on Instagram and she does in real life ohmygod. So sad, the in. Bios. We talked about it last week, so don't even fucking get me started the girls that right wife of
mother, ok, the mother of I'm, going to let it slide. Ok, I've never had kids, I'm sure, maybe once I have them hold like that, But I you know I have to say, though I the only way I disagree is when they say mother of, and then they tag there baby or they tell their dog because they have a dog. Can you say, wife of? Can I go off for a minute? Please please wife, We all know Alex, has had her days of dating professional athletes, cleat chaser there we go. Ok, so I'd! Listen, I'm not trying to throw shade, but I get it it's ok. Alex a massive dump on these a lot. A lot of professional athletes, wives yeah- I will live surely say in there Graham Bio, wife to
and then they tag their husband who's, the famous one and a lot of times the husband doesn't even have the wife. It is no! I okay, so she's like this, or this is what I like. I swear it. It's like sweetie, sweeties media at a party. Do, I also thinks is putting it in there so that, like maybe people will not try to fuck your husband or boyfriend. It's just like uh. He has never stopped absolutely if anything it's more attractive when I got it already, but I think that that in itself is so embarrassing because these girls I'm like, can I ask you a question? of course, when your, when your boyfriend was playing up sport, a sport, yes and you were sitting with all the wives, yes and you apps that when you were like hey, my name is Alex. Oh, my god. Hey! I'm! Jason, Mraz wife. Are you to coming up with these names? Jason Marazzi guys
a huge NBA players? You go check him out, don't exist, but that what they do hey, I'm so, and so's wife sit back, relax and enjoy this. Ok here we go. I will never forget, Oh my god. I was at beauty and Essex. It's a place in New York, guys go check it out. They have good food and I was there with a group of people. I've been recently starting dating this guy, so I was kind of new to the group. You know ok and one of the wives. I was awkwardly like kind of subjected to sitting next to her, so I'm like I'm, going to introduce my through this I put you in that situation going to be summer bucket. That's why we're fucking Theos is don't ever fucking put it next to a fucking hoe, so so so so ok, so I turned to her and I'm like Hawaii, I'm Alex like nice to meet you and she looks at me and I guess we'll use the name Jason since you're getting off on that name today. So she goes
hey, I'm Jasons, wife! No, and I know I'm like ok, so I said, I'm Ali know what the fuck is. Do you like guys, like hi, I'm Jason's, wife, and then I just looked at her nose like do you I literally I go so. Does your birth certificate say Jason's wife, she changed it legally ship holidays. So I looked at her and I was like oh right and your end your name. I just said that was so awkward and she was like. Oh it's Kelly and I was like oh nice to meet you and she goes, what do you do at the time I was working at the magazines I was like. Oh, like I work at this magazine like what do you do and she goes home. I try not to fall off your chair. She literally just goes. I am a baseball wife she's, a baseball white and he married to a baseball understand and her name is Jason's wife, Jason's, wife
spell Waifu her doing Jasons. Why? Ok, so when she she, when she walks around with like a name tag, it says: Jasons, wife, occupation, baseball, wife boom so Dan? I ask that question. Of course is so what happens when they break up? Where is she Well, Jasons Xy, Xy, X, baseball life and they're, like so now, watch like retired baseball, why things didn't workout? So well, dude! That's what I'm saying it's like. I understand that they're! Listen! Everyone don't share. I get it. There's some people that are going to be proud that they're married, let the photo speak for themselves post with your husband he's not a part of your actual anatomy in rise. When you asked her like she was like I'm Jasons wife and then you were like
ok, what's your name? I'm sorry! She doesn't like doesn't matter. Doesn't matter, doesn't matter just know, Jayden, Cisco, Wi Fi, not like Jason me, no name that doesn't matter Jason for Maine. One. Look at my bio. I've got him in there. That's literally, It is sad because you need to have your own bike and identity up and listen like we said I get that you if you're proud or you just got married or some I don't fucking know, but you do not need to have your significant other bucking. Why going to? If I, like click on his name, how to make in your bio- and I to and I go to his profile and you nowhere to be found. Sweetie sweetie the way values. If your boyfriend is a professional athlete and goes, and he has a thing on private and because
asking him to post pictures with you, because it's actually recently happened to a couple that I follow right, New uhhuh and they just got back together in the girls posing him again and all of a sudden. He will right 'cause, I know she was like you need to post mean he's like ok, I'll post you leave a private. The witness protection program is like ok, sweetheart I'll post program to protect him, so he can still thought girl. Pork am oh, accountable. Girls try to stay strong, you don't need to. Actually have the name of your boyfriend as your name as you introduce yourself and you don't need to have it in your fucking. Bio obviously do whatever you want were just here trying to advice of how not to look fuckin' stupid. That's it! That's what we're trying to do is try to make the world better fucking place. You want lube, you want a vibrator 'cause. You want to have an orgasm, because your man, not giving it to you or you have a man and you want to wear lingerie. Where are they going to get all of the stuff Adam and Eve hi?
many of you guys it's a great company. We love to order things off of this site. They have so many options, Daddy Game, you guys you can select almost any. One item for fifty percent off and then Adam and Eve loads on the free stuff. If you enter code heard a d h e r d, a d d y at checkout, you get ten free gift, yeah guys one for him, one for her and then the third item is for both of you to enjoy and then six free,
I see movies and what's the biggest pain, free shipping. Okay, guys again, that is her daddy eighty r d, a d d y at Adam and Eve dot com, okay guys. So we had a very interesting story that our friend recently told us on he's a public figure he's pretty famous, and we were that we want to tell you guys a story because we've, actually, I don't think we've ever talked about this kind of topic on color. Yes, so go ahead of you! So this story is, He was traveling abroad, an he hooked up with a broad, oh, oh, oh god, new stuff, I'm sorry he was traveling and he hooked up with this girl and he woke up in the middle of the night to a flash coming from her Iphone camera, meaning she was taking a fucking picture of him sleeping after they had sat yeah,
so he like freaked out, he's like YO. What the puck are you doing. Has she tried to play it off, usually kind of props to her, like as it's like in that moment, with the file studio, but she was like. Oh no, I was trying to take a cell Sophie and sorry. Sorry, sorry like little bit, what do you mean you're, trying to take a fucking selfie in the middle of the like card over him. I would like I'm using my flashlight to look for something. I lost something I think in la I'm, making sure the condoms don't like what the fuck bed yet we tried to play it off and he was just like it was the weirdest fucking thing I like took her phone and I made her delete the picture and when and of course obviously guys went remember whenever you go and you ask him to delete a picture
and then you have to go into the deleted. Pictures. Do not forget to do that. I think it's the crazy thing, because people not may know who I'm talking about but dot. Similar thing also happened to someone when I was in boss university. This is professional athlete in Boston had just won the Superbowl, it's a pretty famous story and he slept with this girl and she is in the middle of the night when he fell asleep. She took a selfie with him in it her awake, smiling him behind her sleeping, oh my god that we did the punchline. So it's so creepy right Anne. She tweeted the picture, an the craziest thing which he tweeted it fuqing
Ok, I did not know that yeah. So this story- you take it to the next level, where she put it on social media and what ended up happening is Boston is like such a strong sports city and all these people rally behind this guy and they were like Yoda, so fuckedup Ann will end up happening. Is this girl literally was banned from every single? in the city. Almost every restaurant, like this girl literally couldn't play in any orderly Blackley Boston. So when she thought it was like. Oh my god, I'm fucking like this really famous athlete she sucked up. She posted it and now she had like move, life yeah? So it's like it replaces rowing. I feel like that's kind of okay. So what are these rules trying to get What kind of clouds are there trying to say? I let this guy famous guy put his wiener penis he'd inside of my vagina Hickory Pakarati Humblebrag, from
door Bragg here great. Why are you bragging minutes and then every other girl in the internet is like? Oh yeah. I fucked him last week too, but I didn't take the picture. The girl took a picture it was a selfie with him in the background yeah. What face is she made is she smiling, is she doing it duck face? Is she holding up the peace sign? We I like literally World CUP right now. I don't think there's any face you can make that doesn't make you look like a fucking creep, Oh, my god, look at the fee, she's half she looks like she also she is talking dead. Well he like easy dead or is he kind of vibe like? Did it is killed. She looks creepy I shed right. She should have at least had her whole face right, early put her in it or some. That is not a good book. That's in the air is seen my and she put a fucking caption on it. Just fuckd bleep no lie, I don't know
no like guys like he's in my bed, is actually really really funny. Oh now that I'm seeing it it's kind of bugged, but like kind of like you- also need it's hard because it's like It's kind of like my conquest, well trophy throw it up like here we go this bich. Why took down left right? We also took down a super bowl. I just took down his dick and it's like Hobeich, but then at the same time, so it's like that you kind of look funky. Those were sitting here, saying we're so creepy for doing this guys, don't necessarily take pictures of girls, while there sleeping maybe they do bill buck and take pictures of them when they're sucking their dick in my car when they're having sex without the girl. Knowing you just gave me a post, Doc Appointment flashback, I'm going to start crying and I told her, take appointment. Flash got a good one, it's not a good one. Somber Sophie oversized. Looking have tears in my eyes. Tell me
I see a little twinkle, not a good one alone. It here! Ok! So this is what happened. Ok, secure your seatbelt! Oh my god get your popcorn and your tissues for me. Oh wow, ok, ok, so I was talking to this. Guy was like a few. That was terrifying. Does anyone hear that guys down here? Did you guys just want us thunder thunder? Oh my God, Jesus Christ, sorry guys were getting off shop. Ok! So so I was talking to this guy. This was about two years ago an we were getting pretty serious. He came to New York to visit me. We were in the hotel room, we were hooking up had been drunk and I was giving him that Cooper Special, like only the men I love deserve. You know I don't give it to everyone, but if you're lucky- and he was lucky so I
going down on him. I'm giving him like great head sloppy head an. I think I was so fuckedup. Usually I make eye contact when I'm giving guy head, but I just insured to draw. I was so fuckedup. I had to focus on one thing at a time they take her. If I look up and throwing up so I was focused on the dick and then he finishes an he's laying there and we had ordered food, so he was falling asleep and he was like babe I'm going to fall asleep, so he gave me his phone and he was like I knew he wasn't talking to other girls like I could go through his text messages. There were none, so he was so open about his phone, but up of course, because because I am a fun for me for fun and it was more what I can do so he's going to sleep. I have his phone, I'm waiting for the breeds to call and I'm bored. I start scrolling yeah and then I decide to go into the camera roll sweetie sweetie Alex he has not only a new. Review. It is a full blown video of me literally thirty minutes ago, suck yeah and I,
it was so fucking Pist off because listen, I'm always down for a good fucking little like tape. You know I'm saying give him what he wants. You guys can watch it when you're, not together, it's hot, but the fact that I was so close to this guy and he didn't like he did not tell which I also I have to say. I was also really upset with myself that I can't. Over the fact that I didn't look up one self with my slow job. I contact was not. Where was the head game like who was I Buckeye anyways? So what happen is I being a psycho? I am walked into the fucking room, fuqing flung the phone right at his Buckethead it hit above on the headboard. He woke up, I'm like what the fuck is wrong with you. I freaked out at him an he ended up actually crying. This is taking a shirt as he showed I'm like you're fucking disgusting, like what the fuck like. Why didn't you tell me an he chalked it up, to which I like kind of understood he was like. I never get to see
we're long distance, I'm so sorry, I'm fuckedup and I just wanted it for later. Like I love you blah blah blah and I was like well, I don't like and love you he needed to tell he needed to tell you so you could have given him the fuckin' hikind backed up and said some dirty. She would have been sloppy or have done some nasty or shaking, oh, my god, ok, so anyways. So I deleted the video and it was just like a weird moment for me, but I think in that moment, aside from us, always being savages, I think, like I just wanted to say to the color daddy girls like it. That was a pretty violating experience, because I was just so caught off guard and I just can't explain. Opening a phone and seeing basically sex video to me like a verbal agreement between the two of you being like? Yes, because it really sucked me when I looked at that, I'm like what the fuck like this was just going to be out there. But if it's can I cloud attacked yeah then I'm on Pornhub. I wonder how much I get paid for that? Oh, my God you know what the fuckedup thing is that I do ok,
I have to record them. Yes, I know I have like the the regret that sets in after it's like the post. Sex tape regret. The post, Dick Appointment, flashback, there's the posts paper draft. Tell me you never had the I am. I can't, but, first of all what God bless your soul for calling it that I fucking love. My second of all, I cannot believe, we've never talked about. It pstr, who are hooking up with a guy and he's like This is so hot. I want to film it and you're like when you guys are in the middle of your. She is so hot, so you want to keep it going so you look at it up. You look at him and you're like yeah yeah, let's film, film away. Yes, I can. Let's go you film. The whole thing, God Dam Gopro on my head and you act like a crazy, crazy, porn star, but not too much, but in that looks awesome
then talk a little classy with little sounds a little ok, edgy? I thought you, let him filming I'd like we take the same site. Why do we have lines that we were doing with both ok and then it's over guys both have your orgasm whatever and he's like babe, it was so hot and you're like hand the phone over and the fucking phone over. You know what I'm talking about and you're like delete that right now and then he's like what is it? What does it does seem? My life in your leg, fuckin' photo, but now he's like I don't understand like I haven't even gotten to watch it. Yet why is he's like? I literally haven't even enjoyed it. Yet you give me the fucking phone Doctor Jekyll Mr Hyde, where was this Two minutes ago, literally, the thing with the post sex tape regret is when you're in the middle of having sex-
tell me more step by step. So this is like what I do so I take off my panties. Ok, when you're, when you're having sex with this guy yeah you're, not worried about if you look hot, no true daddy gang girl. You don't give a shit you're in and I'll go yeah. Okay. So when you get ahold of the sex tape you made sometime you look at that and you're like you are a fucking animal, discussing like you, like my hair is slicked back. I like twitching, you know hold on. You just said your hand hold on. Full by this is not what I look like during. That's not what I meant but you get what I'm saying every guy just going to boulder computer saying that we take our panties, so ok,
like my hair is matted to my face. I'm salivating foaming at the mouth, my invisible Falling out of my mouth, making grunting noises were like. Are you babies like what's happening no but seriously Sorry, tired, sometimes you'll. Look at this at Cape Ann, be like God, I look hot or your leg or sometimes you're, like no dude. I have had positions. Sometimes I look back and I am girlfriend that is for you and you only want the guide her right. I know that in the moment with me in it, but if you watch the video from a different angle, he's going to see the fuckin' boot
look as high as when he was fucking you from behind tile at the belly? Hang when I was getting booked for mine so now that he's watching this video, I'm like oh man, he sees the truth, yeah, I let it hang you're like no. No, let him just use his memory. I don't need him having it. Oh, my god, I'm sweating need him having access to something that he can pause. Rewind screenshots, like you know what I mean. But the other part of it? Oh, my god, I'm like shaking right now, thinking about the videos of me out there saying fuck me, girls, girls or guys needing to get a gift for your girl. We use tampons yep. We use path, liners and wipes yep Lola, L o I don't know if you knew this Alex. The FDA does not require brands to disclose the list of ingredients and their feminine care products. So God knows that so
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biodegradable all natural individually, packaged and you're ready to go so guys if you're interested you want to hook yourself up or just go check it out. You guys are going to get forty percent off your first month subscription by visiting mylola dot com an enter daddy when you subscribe, again that is mylola dot com and enter daddy. It's quiz show me I baby quiz so wrong. Well, when I found out the why go let's get into it. Okay. This is a really interesting little hack that this girl wrote in, and I think it's like kind of psycho genius. Okay, that her boyfriend is doing to cheat on her.
And the other realtime you've got a real genius. Analysen looks ok, so this girl goes. Oh my god dude. I just caught my boyfriend taking screen recordings of other girls nudes, except he started screen recording on a different post. So it looks like a video. I would never care to watch. It was like a video game or a sports game, and then he scrolls or goes to either a picture or video of these pitches. My relationship is over, but you come for the tap so big. I love it. It's not a it's, not anything. So, basically, you guys and girls if the, if you're, trying to save nude but you're scared right behind them, don't save them as pictures yeah and such a good boy. You like all these, like NFL, highlight reel jacking. If I click on that in your boyfriend's phone and 'cause, we always play both sides bucking check. Every single video this person has
every single video every photo album, even the check their family sponsor friends owned. It's got to be some videos. No video is safe, daddy in member wrote in should I delete my instagram photos of my recent acts. She broke up with me, so I don't want to seem but her by doing it, but on the other hand, I also don't want new girls. I need to be weird it out by all the photos I have of her and us okay, first of all, if they leave she broke up with yeah you'll come up is by her. You got your ads dumb scare, her and move on to get another bit on I always think I mean listen. You can do whatever you want, but I personally think if you're trying to get new Puscifer trying to get your dick get the rid of, It does your ex, for if I can res, then you got to weigh all the pros and right what are the pros and writing it up there so that this so that you don't see, but no fact that archive that shit, screenshot
save it for like. If you're like on a rainy day, you want to cry your eyes out your pictures that have in your camera roll, but no one wants to fuck them or not still hung up over their ex. I actually fun fact when, on a date this past weekend, for another day for story. It was but anyway, so we actually were on the day an I was like talking about how it was annoying that I couldn't stop him before the day. 'cause, it's profiles on private and he was like. Oh well, you can look at my profile and he was showing me his instagram and we scroll down far enough and he had multiple pictures with his ex. Oh, my god, I just looked at him and I was like I can't review self pictures that your ex like dude, it's going to be hard for you to pick up girls once they follow you and he was like wait. What an I told him all about. I was like you, gotta get rid of it and he actually ended up deleting all of them in front of me. Well, we know you can archive them. He deleted all of them and now I've ghosted him- and I haven't talked to him since so this poor guy just got rid of well. If his picture to this, actually, though community service,
there you go cherry charity were helping him yeah. It bus have a date. Least, I help him with his profile yeah. I can, I all and then goes to them or guy or a p. I p and I also allied dot if you do not delete the pictures. The new girl you start dating is going to find them is going to stock up whoever it is yeah and I think, that nine times out of ten, that's not a good thing! No, because that yeah there is wrong yeah. I was self to her like he put a secret. Absolutely if you can okay just quickly. I just want to throw this in there because I'm always we always want to help people out with their dating profiles. We had a daddy right in and just be like, hey guys, just wanted to update the daddy king. I've had called her daddy, my bio for awhile and I just recently added free hash tag, free Sophia, so a lot of girls that
I don't know what call her daddy is, but they see free Sofia. There'll message me first MLB Mlb like either what is that or if they are really daddy gang they'll know exactly what that means. It's really high and low yeah. I think it's so smart guys. Just like you, don't know what to do on them or, like I said to them, it's like there. You go put something in your bile. That's where then messaging is yeah. I would only be like what the hell yeah, I would slide into a guy's first. I thought something like that. He looked at it said free Sofia, if you guys want to really help me out to hash tag. Expunge Sophia's records so we get off the internet, you like don't hire some listen. Could you please pick me up? I'm dead serious like I'm up, so that I can get it taken off my record. I need to get it expunged, so I'm so I'm so sorry, sweetie, please help me. I threw up on a guys dick that I'm really into what do I do now.
I'll. Do it I'll do it? You swallow Jackie sweetheart up, old, Alex Clam Chowder? Ok, I guess I'm not going to be in for the next hour. That'll girlfriend. Listen, listen! Listen! If it ok. If it was just a little bit in her mouth, no big deal, and he doesn't even know. Swali slurp, it back up really swallow back down like it was your breakfast absolutely if it was an explosion, Jack Tile, vomit all over again made it with his it way it went, and I, some things in the air. I was going to say I was going to say if it made its way all the way up to his belly button. Like that's how bad it is.
I stuck in the car, then throw up perimeters get that. Do you know yeah I. This is what I think. If I was sucking God's Dick and I threw up all over it, I would immediately be like. Oh my god, don't move. I would run to the bathroom. I would get a wet towel and a dry tell and I come back and I would like clean him the buck up and be like, and then I would be like, I'm so fucking sorry. I was trying so hard to deport you like your cock is SIRI Boom, oh my god and then like. Let me try again babe yeah, let's go for around two hundred and he's like Jesus Christ. Is girls function as Babbage. I want her to sat on my fucking cock, no matter Wat forgot to invite him out. Let's go I know you're right, but I think you should care. I could tell ok, ok, next Daddy Gang RD in Sofia would it be lame to caption one of my vacation pics with my outlook away message. Is that to try hard? Oh so like they were going to
out of office yeah like something like that. I think that's! Okay, I think that's, I think anytime you're being funny. It's fine, yeah, yeah yeah! although I will say when someone is being funny and every pre funking hash intensifying over. I agree, but I actually was just thinking about this. The other day 'cause we were helping a daddy gang member for everyone on Instagram. That is like struggling really hard with trying to figure out like when to post their thirst traps or even just went to post like that hot picture that you've been sitting on, because I know a lot of times, especially if you don't have as big of a following, and it's just like your friend, some girls get super and secure like post topic, because they're like yeah, I friends, are gonna, be I'll, see you yeah yeah yeah, so I want to give the daddy gaining the excuse for every time you have a autos picture, throw it up. On Wednesday and Tag Sophia and I and write some caption about like wednesdays. Are then yeah yeah call her daddy, wednesdays or whatever blame us and like cooking,
even I sometimes when I'm about to post a thirst trap. Unless I don't know, and then I'm like That's not call her daddy, I don't know if the default or use of a king quote. That's boom daddy, gay Okay, guys is that it, I think. That's it. We love you so much. I think we had a lot of fun this week. We did God? I love you guys. So we love you guys. If you guys could leave us a rating and a review on I tunes. We can't tell you how much that helps us and like Soviet. I say it. We know it's our theory. I don't know if it works, but if you press unsubscribe, and then subscribe again to the podcast. You guys, I do it like multiple times the daily too I'm like peeing and I'm like unsubscribe and resubscribe. It helps so much here right guys every Wednesday, Maybe we will be back next week, see you guys bye, bye,.
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