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2019-08-13 | 🔗

The girls are covering everything from, “Is it okay to stay friends with your ex?” to the 'bonus nude'- a nude that is saving relationships one send at a time...milfhunter didn't even know about it!!! They also discuss dealing with your significant others parents (cue pervy dads), men posting shirtless pics/food on the gram, and the most insane way this girl caught her man cheating. Lastly, there is a consent app celebrities are using and the girls are giving you all the details. A full episode dedicated to the daddy gang. Enjoy!! 

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Do you call him daddy. Do I call her daddy call daddy What's up daddy, oh my god, it's call her daddy, Alex in Sofia, Charlene, Charlene, again it's Wednesday. It's hump day it's fuc day, it's Daddy Day Bitchez. After all, I hope all your Weiner holes are just so excited today to clans. Are purse berating purse braiding moist ill guys, we fucking love. You were back we're in the studio. We're excited we're so excited You look hot today, oh my god, you too, I thought you weren't going to return the compliment it. I was like oh you're supposed to say that I can't wait to take you home. God and our presenting sponsor is Roman Mann.
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Slash daddy, daddy guys so Sophia, and I wanted to explain something that happened with heavy hearts and in our broken hearts. Yeah. We were going to see a movie this past weekend and truly what happened to us. We honestly, harassment on a level that I've never experienced. I'm true still shaking I'm, so I'm sure, okay tellem, so we went to go, see a movie at a movie theater. Well, yes, those still exist date. Nine! You me a little finger under the skirt
You know it's gonna, be a okay, never mind that what really we thought? Okay, so we went and saw once upon a time in Hollywood, yeah that what it's called, I think so so, like any good American, does we stopped at a convenience store to get snacks before you walk into the movie you stock up? Yes, we went a little bit overboard. If this is the thing, the thing it was not to be a three hour movie, all right, these fill these movies are known Joking! I didn't want to fuckingg risk it. If I wanted savory, I needed it there. If I wanted sour, I needed it there. If I wanted to see if I needed chocolate, if I needed sour patch, gotta. Tell me twice. I need flaming hot Cheeto. You need almonds. Chocolate covered almonds. Ok, this crisis, you don't ever want to risk it, so we want to stock up lodis, so book style yeah. So we talking pack her bags to the brim to the brim.
We had over to the theater. Well, hi! Excuse me: we stop sucking panda express so if you're still doesn't get it like I've been in the movie Peter Daddy, going right in Alex thought it was okay to pop into pan express and get plucking chow main to take into the theater, and I was like do People are going to smell. That and Alex is like. This is different. Like people, popcorn and hot dogs, and they won't care and I'm like eat. My dad I'd like to show how pain is going to be a little bit. A girl wants what she wants. The heart can't fucking help it. So we get to the movie theater big line, big line, big line, big movie. Big line were like this is great we're in this bit. We start to get to the front of the line. There is a fucking lady checking bags like we look like right. The goddamnit
At this point, tsa- and I am like there's no fucking way I grab so is risk, I'm like Sophia Sofia. Sophia Alex I'm letting people in front I am literally walking backwards. I'm shoveling through people like that, Sir good Sir. I'm like I just needed a minute. Or like causing a commotion. Really just go ahead and go in front. People are like, are, you sure were like yeah yeah go look away by this point he's like what do you wanna? Do it? I'm like? Listen: listen, listen. We've got a game playing quick, quick, quick, like put it on top of this Catholic. Get ready like prepared like we're going to war sweetheart like we gotta, be ready when we get up there, I'm. Finally, we rearranged bag. So if you put your make up on top, I take my hat off. I put mine on top of my snapchat in this case
I think, we're good to go. I know yeah I'd like she is. She looking guys are right, yeah, right, she's, looking for snacks, it should be a open, the bag gland Yen, yeah, move on. We get up there and this one man grabs my may. Makeup bag and lifts it off? So Tell me a space you like no, she can everything she sees it all. She said all she starts grabbing my shyt one by one and throwing it in the garbage and Sophia sitting there sweating, like looking back at me like your next year next track and I'm sitting there with my fucking chow main and I'm like. Oh my god, do I read this is happening. I go up next time, like here's my moment same thing, snack after smell that we're looking at this point. We're like me, can you turn around and causing us
I don't like me. I'm turned your back at least turn your back, so really clear, causing a scene Malvern around like shut up like you are illegally bringing sexy time like come on. You know it's a pretty sucking emptying your bag and buy some by the grace of God. She doesn't fucking. Grab your chow main. How? How did you? How did you pull that up because she's probably fucking opening it like there's no way right away, there's no way in fucking hell that this young Not only would it bring in an entire double orange chicken, an rice and cream cheese wontons into this bucking theater along with snacks? I don't believe it. She,
she just she probably felt so bad she's, like I can't embarrass them this godly. I just feel like she like, there's no fucking way. So at this point guys. Well, I don't lose the child Maine! Thank God I was, she didn't see it. I guess Sophie and I lose all of our snacks. An I try to go into the theater and Sophia goes fuck, no, absolutely fucking, not so it makes us go back to seven hundred and eleven. With this lady wants play, Hardball will fuckin' play hardball and I will fucking put these sour patch up. My fucking vagina. I will put this kick out part of my asshole and, if He really wants to try and confiscate it go ahead, go ahead I got a lawsuit on stuff. So so we start. All the sudden, my teeny, tiny vagina! the carpeting, it's gaping, so I put I think, I'm wearing a hoodie. I put everything in the front pocket. We show up back to the theater. She sees us from a mile away, it's like a runway. She looks up and down. I both full blown through by list.
This oughta know where she's like ok, so all the time you both gain twenty pounds overnight. Fupa and she looks at us, she look this up and down and she was like just go in just go ahead. Just go in like this. Got it. I literally see it the Rollo hanging out of your ankle man, but let go ahead like I'm. So, done, and at this point honestly I'm not going to lie, I was kind of Pist off that, like ok, so now you're going to let me in and you had to fucking take my other snack right. This is the thing I am from: Utah they do not open up your mouth. When you walk in the theater. No I mean we were in Brooklyn. Who cares who went looking for Buck Brooklyn now we're never going back to Fuckin' Brooklyn fight broke down. If a kind you are looking for a gun. I don't know why it was really sad guys. It was one of the dude. You know how people are probably thinking like. Oh my god, they've got a weekend story. They got black fucking dp. Do you were like this?
were confiscated, we were compromised. And then I couldn't focus the whole movie. No, no yes yeah the movie, so I was taught that movie theater lock on Fox. This is a cautionary tale of your coming. Your can, you think, you're gonna watch a movie anything you're going to bring snacks in think again. This week is going to be a little bit different yeah guys this week is specifically fully fully fully dedicated to the daddy game. I don't know. What's in the I don't know it's because mercury was interaction. I don't think that's. I don't know that we're all on well in the had all that I don't know what it is, but the amount of questions I've been coming in guys they draw I'm a guy. We need to dedicate an episode to the dad. This entire episode is going to be for you guys. I'm pumps I'm ready to answer some God Damn
I'm going to give it a real real grade, a effort shot and I'm going to answer these questions, as I would answer my own child coming to you with the same. Oh, I don't know turns your like Fuckem yeah, talking, honey, yeah guys were about to do or but the pop, the fuck of with a little course you without further Ado questions of Civic Lee Jones in cyclical boost questions of civic Vivi. Let's fucking get it oh here we go high, Father's, quick question: how to deal with your boyfriend's parents, which you have not talked about I was at a family party and my boyfriend's dad was checking me out. I was just standing around in my cute outfit. My boss make up any said, Julie, you're. Just average
his dad has also slapped my ask multiple times and made me feel uncomfortable help. Please. I don't know how to tell my boy, really fucking kicking it off this week, Sophia Holy okay. What first of all the the issue here is when it I'm too sexual assault This girl, when he slapped her out, she should turn around and grab his dick in really hot, just average oh I'm average. So are you your dick in my body like Sunday and then grab him by the balls? My grab life by the balls ha ha ha dude. What the fund that would be the first step is right. There's just grab his general and we do a more serious answer. Yeah do that! This thing is is when it comes to your significant other's parents.
It isn't such a thin line. It's tricky because, like a grounded, my mom is not. You know yeah grabbing robbing the guys any balls yeah, but I feel that you know I feel like it's really you're in a hard position to, because I also think I imagine being in her position and going to her boyfriend yeah, I need to tell you something that dad grab my right and I'll. Hopefully I mean the guy will believe you, but it's also like that is a pretty aggressive thing to do is it is, I think you know you do you risk your boyfriend getting upset hello. There are some people that are like. I know right I hate people like that, but this you got. This is so inappropriate that, like I said about it, guys I have had nightmare Oh, my god, you should eventually actually tell yeah. I have. I have some crazy. It was horrible, but I was dating a guy that was like literally a mama's boy
those are the words I have not I've only dated one mom is weighing his mom was so chill. So I cannot imagine so. This one was like one to soccer on Sunday that level you're like hell at that level like they're, basically talking inside and so I would have moments where, like how much of a mama's boy was he doing she? call him about five times a day and if, if he didn't answer no, she would text him being like. Why don't you love me anymore, like you've chosen your girlfriend over me, like blah blah an dude. I've literally had it to the point where like if it was the third phone call that he missed. I actually had one time right after we had just bought we're like in the sweaty stages, like you, don't even have a comrade, literally not even though he did not tell me, he answered the phone. The phone was ringing he's like I'm sorry, it's she's going full time before getting you a comfortable Liverpool chooses the mother me nope. Everybody
you? You are getting the come back before any phone calls or answer one sucking you I'm the one sucking you. I deserve the fucking rag before your monkey matching his mom the whole. Probably so. Guys, you got our vote. Those I'm sorry girl, though yeah absolutely absolutely tell your boyfriend, though a guy wrote in and he's got a tip. Some girls, so babies get out your bucking pen and paper and listen to suck up about this in little nude hack, hey Father's. I just wanted to write in with a little tip to all the daddies and it's called the bonus nude. One girl that I'm seeing always will send these amazing news. It's like a tease news nude! So what she will do is she will like cover her pussy a little bit or her nipples. An the bonus part is that she will send the nude with the live photo feature on it. So when I hold my finger on the photo, it plays two seconds of the video
her after she took the original nude, and these two seconds is where she will remove her hand from her pussy, and I can see everything it is the hottest bucking turn on. Do. We can see everything but like just for a split second, so you know how you get a live, photo hold it down so like she has her finger on like her nipple an then she moves it in the live part. So it's like like a video, but it's also comes off as a picture. Unfortunately, ladies, we can't fucking face tune or we can photoshop those nude but feel free, especially your pussey. It's not like your photo shopping. Your pussey go down have your hands on your clip or even if you want to take it a step farther. I think it would be great if finger finger fingers in and then you do live video and you're pulling it out, and it's going in and out So I want to try that excited to try. I'm going home tonight need to do it together, yeah we'll send them to each other, absolutely rate them. Yeah a BCS yours you'll be top notch, so how
yeah her, I know make sure it's wet. Ladies. The sucking daddy game coming out with the fucking hacks high call her daddy huge fan. I don't know if you guys notice this, but recently I've been seeing guys post on Instagram and Snapchat videos of them cooking. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish or who they are trying to impress. But I'm sorry when I watch a twelve step story of them, cooking, a concoction of God, knows Waht an then them thinking it looks appetizing. They need to knock it of. I don't want to see your combination of chicken nuggets. Mcintyre Jesus Christ. That was an example of something a guy posted the other day. I wish I screenshotted it. Sorry, I don't know if you notice this, but for me it's a major iirc and turn of Xoxo daddy game. Oh boy. Oh my god. I completely agree with this crime upset I'm upset. This is what I seen it's usually guys that are like personal trainers, yeah fitness yeah guys and they do the whole like
meal prep in like look at how I make low sodium chicken and broccoli, it's like no handling doc in containers like unless you're making some like duck. Confit comfy souffle source I'll do quite well blizzard, I agree. I don't I no one wants to see you know stuck in showing you there like two steps. Is that how to make their goddam like proteins? No one wants to see it we're focusing on the finance people, because I was proud that I actually I'm thinking about it now and I have seen just regular ask guys cooking showing like their MAC and cheese. Okay, I know wants to see that now here's a thin in yeah men. This is a big fat PSA. This answer is literally for you, there's just certain things about Instagram that girls can get away with, and it's like
whatever she's ha or like? Oh whatever, like I don't care about that, and then there are things that men do where it's like you look. So fucking no one wants to fucking see you cooking, like you, unless you're a chef and you're making full set Lego boo, I don't know if that means once you get it, then no one cares. This is going to be a little US air with here we go the other day. I was on a dating app and I was swipe skiing around. I was like yes, no, yes, no, and I find my I found myself falling into a pattern and and listen. This may not be every girl, but I just found myself so men listen up. Who was pressing acts on every single guy that had a shirtless picture as their profile picture. Specifically, also guys that were like ripped with really nice bodies. I don't weird that I actually am right there with really ok.
And let's explain why, because I think there's something about a man that put that as his profile picture. First of all, he's so in love them self feeling involved, and then my first question is: do you have a job? You have a job, How do you have time? Yes to be in the gym, yeah hours a day? How do you post? What is your first pictures issue and then, like the third picture, he had a heart, his six pack yup down for the count, let's go baby out, but when you're first picture is Yasser list, I can't help the p like one derisive. Yet do you have a job? Do you do anything other than working out and then to? I just feel like it's a little do stop throwing up time, flip
I did not hold back door. Am I am, I don't know what just came over with. I don't know how to wire in Texas all of a sudden. I'm sorry and I feel like men in Texas, don't do that. I am far went up a first. Try it, but it's true thing: girls can fucking throw up their straps all day. It's a double standard that works in our favor. We throw thought he thought picks up with Arkansas Bikinis going to complain about a girl posting. Actually, not you don't have to take
I'm just saying from girl to just be just thought. You wanted to get your dick sucked, that's all yeah! We I thought you wanted the Gluck Gluck, I guess not uhm. I want to bring a little bit of a cheating one God. I thought you'd. Never do it. This one really just shook me to my core: should we bring back that shook the ok I found out? My boyfriend was cheating because I was vacuuming his house one day the vacuum wasn't picking things up, so I went to cut the hair out of the bottom bristles the way I usually do it, my And so I was tangled with a ton of brown long hair. I have blonde long hair, no, never expected a vacuum to help me catch a cheating man, but it were shot buck up shut the show wow. I got some shithole e fuzz. How do you explain that one? Oh, my you got it. Can you
Imagine I guess, ladies, if just feeling a little fucking insecure in the moment, you're like gone through the phone fun through the laptop he looked through the bed sheets. You look through the closet, you set up security cameras and you can't catch him ghost Thank you. What good hack? yeah well, kill! The this question is a fun one Alex we're gonna have fun with it. I'm excited not for the reasons you think. Okay, this guy wrote in hi girls, important question: what do you do when you snap shot a girl innocently but don't not your girlfriend to tweak about it. For example, this girl and I were snapchatting each other videos of our dogs and, while I've never given my girlfriend a reason to worry in the pass, I don't want her to start worrying. Now, listen up, listen up, so I can Johnny Johnny Johnny Fucking, Johnny Timberlake
Click Johnny two shoes, listen up, Johnny Johnny, listen to this, and I have had boyfriends like in the past: okay, yes ex boyfriend. Emerald? Why is it so important, to him, to and the video of his fucking to hey girl if he knows that he could potentially upset his girlfriend. That's what it is put Johnny, I'm sorry! You thought that we were going to answer saying like oh, my god tell her to fucking call Johnny, fuck yourself, it's getting your daddy again. I love you, but like Loki puck off listen to this bullshit. This is what I have to say about this. These are the people that I fucking hate.
Sorry I got to choose. Johnny chooses like foxes, question of Redmond. We love you but Johnny. Listen up! This is one of those things. If you truly love your girlfriend, that's one thing and we're going to address it like that 'cause, it seems you do, but if you're trying to t that's another reason, okay keep going right, however, you're getting that this is right here, right, you're, acting like I I love my girlfriend and I've never given her a reason to be upset so like. Why can't I snapchat this girl? Well Johnny, you see because your girlfriend has expressed that it makes you upset so You are saying that You are willing to risk your relationship with your girlfriend just for some harmless dog snapchats, No! No! No, no, no all over baby motherfucker. It smells like a big pile of shame. If she, if this girl at your snapchatting means nothing to you, then it just don't do it just don't. Do it so simple, it's going to make your girlfriend! So just don't! Do it right, right, Johnny, right, no Johnny, Johnny Johnny trying to get his dick wet!
girls, one dick. I don't think so. I don't not today, Johnny Josh. But the bass you shall live. Those are the things where, if you're in a relationship, if it means nothing to you, Johnny just stop yeah, but we put I can't oh, my god. Oh you forgot to mention that you're also sexting Miranda and you're also trying to find Miranda said video of your document, video of your die as in your wiener dog, as in your Weiner, ok, now and that's the tea and that's the illusion and that's what was important guys. Never expecting writing like ok, never know, but then
your dog dog eat dog meat, but can we whole yeah? We now yeah, god it okay. This is just a quick tip, tip politically tip of the deck. Okay love you she told me she loves me. I hope your sex okay and like the now she said pro tip for period sacks. My friend told me about this years ago and when I heard the episode about period sex, I had to share if you drink straight gelatin, water and gel TIM powder about two hours before having sex on your period. You won't be bleeding at all or very little for the entire night, thanks Xoxo very interesting. We I have never heard of that one right in and confirm. Also I always just want to do.
PS says I don't know. If this is do research yeah some girls cannot drink way too much gelatin and talking skins going to change. Color like what you hear the message: what is this movie zoomy? I really want that. I read yeah yeah. Don't don't do Charlie and the chocolate factory. Yes, the girl turns into a fuckign the bubble gum. Pilot pilot but see I want a squirrel. Ok, sorry! that's really interesting, I would I really love. I have have heard about sponge. Sponge Like a sponge out to kind of a loss, you do with the you know, Lasik Classic. I love that yeah there you go sent birds bird guys. This is actually one of my favorite is sent. Birds is a luxury fragrance subscription service, so basically they have over four hundred and fifty designer brand, a legit there's like Gucci Tom Ford kind of cold
juicy couture. So what you do is you choose a cologne that you want to try and they send you a thirty day supply. So that's literally one hundred and twenty res, I like to switch it up. Yeah, you want to sell the same so guys go to SAM bird dot com, slash, daddy and use code daddy for fifty percent off your first month. Again, that is s c e n t bird dot com daddy free to tie your first cologne or your perfume for seven dollars and fifty cents how to bring up to my boyfriend that I want to watch porn together. Tink did thinking. Well, this gets me all wet in my panties, her name on on every single television, the house, every law, toss around Town Yeutter Screen Bluetooth around sound. I need you to take out of your room, any room I'll be in this one Matt
stir beating yeah and impersonating. What exactly that porn star is doing. Sweetheart questions like this I'd just find a little bit confused. Okay, because I personally have never encountered in man that is do not down. Watch porn would be like. Oh, why? Why are you told encounters men that are like, but can we do it right now hurry up, This is what I think I left and I understand we have some younger people listening which terrifies the out of me, but I do you think by listen, one of a really good way. I think, to spice it up if you're having trouble bring it up to him, because maybe he has a little bit more reserved what I would you is, if say, if you're at work, you're at school you're, just not together, you can find some porn that you think is super hot and you are going to send him the link. And then you can say something along the lines of like babe. I want you to watch like the first like
minute of this s, and then, let's watch the rest later tonight. I can be so hot or if you like, outline something like fast forward to minute, like one thousand six hundred and thirty five like I want to do this on your dick tonight, like yeah. Let's watch this later and I got perfect it for you, that's so fucking hot. I think a lot of questions. We've gotten this we can. I think we wanted to touch on this quickly is the amount of people that are not feeling secure enough to initiate something whether you're new at something or you're dating someone new, and you haven't really gone to that level with them. This is called her daddy one hundred and one if it something sexual. It is, to be hot to a man. Oh my god, you can do anything that you're insecure about yeah. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter. Someone literally wrote in and said how do I look up at my boyfriend when I'm giving him head now, first of all moment of silence 'cause it really like it up. How do I look up at him while I'm giving?
since the craziest thing so like there's like your eyeball, so yes, these eyeballs, and then you you do this thing. Where you look, you can look down, you can sideways and then they can. You can look up No, I did not write, but then you don't. I did I took myself back to when I was younger and I understand what she's saying you're nervous later this because she's, like I, I'm nervous to look so bloody and I'm nervous to like make this like an intimate moment sweetheart. When you have a dick in your mouth, it's not an intimate moment. It's the sexiest hottest thing you could button. Do you could have killed him? damn dog and you stick that thing in your mouth and he's going to be like I fucking love it and I'm telling you when you then add the look up Yuma. As well get ready 'cause he's gonna propose. I think we said this before sweetie sweetie, think of the dirtiest thought. You've ever had hey, you thought of a little girl on girl who couldn't help yourself the shower to door. Boyfriend has thought of that
ten bowls Hines, absolutely when he wakes in the morning when he's eating cereal men are filthy disgusting. Their minds are constantly in the gutter they walk around with boner's. You do not need to worry about coming off dirty at all. I also think what she can do is say. I watched something last night that got me. I really wet, or that I touch myself too and there's a fat chance that he's going to be like what and what is it send me the link right now holy painted and he is going to play it on, surround sound and he's going to have it playing girlfriend guys it's all about. We always say fake. It till you make it and just gaining that confidence. You wanna fucking go crazy on your man's dick, but you don't know how fucking get crazy on his dick he's not going to be like you're going a little too crazy fuc. No, no he's going to be like yes, such thing yeah do the amount of that right in when they try to Gluck when they try something and they're like okay, he's literally in love and half the guys are like
you start watching porn like. Where did you learn this? That's the God! Damn goal you got a girls just get a little crazy on his dick nasty I want all the girls turning into nasty little slow, man you're welcome, yeah turning girls into crazy slutty, amazing opportunities in bed for you and girls were regaining that powered daddy's. So my ex boyfriend bought me a Louis Vuitton bag that I've been. There is, what's his number his number, I know she said x, so I've been wanting I've been wanting for a long time for my birthday, but we broke up about six months ago and now I'm dating this new guy. Is it weird if I keep the bag that my ex boyfriend bought me? I've always wondered this, or do I throw it away, throw away all the gifts that I love and use all the time
and once I break up with him, sweetheart sweetheart, I ry, but this really needs to be slapped around a little bit. I mean the bucking wake up. I don't give a buck who bought it for you. I don't know what to do you gotta God dam nice designer bag. You keep that shit and you flex on that's it. You can protect. You bought it for yourself. If you are able to just I mean listen. If there's like an emotional attachment, you, you start crying every time. You pick it up. You you your act, then maybe throw it out give it away or sell it, but if you, if you're just like feeling guilty because your new boyfriend doesn't know where you got the bag Material yeah, I yeah absolutely are your Louis. Be back, is not not sentimental about pictures of you in right or like hidden brain, your name on it or something right. I acts on that bought me like a cartier ring. He was gonna in grave, like my name in his name inside of it and I so we'll get to it. Let's just not do that soon! 'cause I was like sweetheart. This relationship has I'm alive and I don't want you, on my fucking hand,
it's similar to a tattoo. Don't ever do all fuc know everything ever get your bucking persons name on that ship know. Alright, this one is really exciting. For me, okay about sex and deck about soccer same thing. I guess! Ok, so no! It's not about soccer! It's about sex! I'm just kidding, hey dad! please I am on the soccer team at my university, and so is my boyfriend. We've been together for six months and I recently found out that he had hooked up with an incoming freshman. That's going to be on my team when she was in town for her orientation. I me we broke up with him and he cheated on her. Yes, ok with a girl, that's going to be on her team. I immediately broke him and he's been telling me that they're just friends, but I know that he cheated on me. I have been on this. Be on the same team with this girl and I'm not going to be able to not be a to her. She definitely knew that
together as well. Should I ruin her life when she gets here or just try and forget it and be friends with her thanks daddies, you guys are the best love the podcast. This is what you're going to do. Listen to me. Clearly, ok, ok, you are going to Tonya Harding this fucking bitch. Ok, you are going to hire someone to break her God dam kneecaps shithole she will never play soccer or just getting word is I'm actually happy because I had almost here tell me good job on that on your heart, though that was pretty good. If I can go on, but no please don't do that. Please don't do that! Listen! This is my. I have actually almost the exact same situation happen: and when I went to college for soccer one of the older girls, someone in my grade hooked up with one of the older girls boyfriends before we got there This is what I have to tell you. I got such sludge. This is what to tell you and you're not going to like it the
older girl. If you act but her that you got first of all. We always say it he's your boyfriend, he loyalty to you now. However. Obviously this girl, knowing she's, going to be on your soccer team, Loki Phuc her 'cause, that's fuckedup up. She knew you and you're going to be on a team, but the girl that I went to school with was the older girl. She acted so, but her and looked everyone was like do come on like she's younger. She doesn't really know you. It's your boy, and so what I to say is: if I were you, I would because this girl about to be on your team also like that, would with team chemistry. I would make a joke Look about like listen! Let's get this out way. I obviously know what happened. I'm just hoping he felt you better than he sucks me 'cause that Dick is so wack like naked joke about it, and then you could obviously slide in a joke and be like if you ever cross me again, you're fucking dead, but other than that.
Love. You girl and move the fuck on yeah that joke about it got such a good point. Also. Can I add you don't really know what your boyfriend was saying night, because, let me tell you, there is a fat cannot check. This girl was like. Are you with Jennifer and he was like. You know what Jennifer you're on a break right else. Generator just landed on and let me add, interviewed so true know what I mean. Don't true so girlfriend I I know it hurts, but sometimes the best way to go about it is to just look so not by hurt, like you, don't give a because at the end of the day, the girl is probably scared as shit right now and if you act chill as fuck she's going to have way more respect for you and you guys will be like honestly team up against him and like fuck him as opposed to it being this awkward
agreed or just go, have a threesome with him and her yeah baisali. Would it comes down to that will really be healthy for it, cheater, hack, cheat or hack, cheat or hack too? Ok, so guys I have a great phone hack to catch a cheater afew years back. I was dating this guy who I did not trust, not that I trust any of these men and I always go through. I would always go through his phone one day I decided to go into the app store on his phone and see what apps he's been you here is what you need to do your going to press the update button at the bottom and then the profile button, the top right corner and finally, you're going to press purchased. Here you will be able to see all the current or deleted apps that they have had on there.
Phone. This is how I found out that he had recently used the tinder app and will delete it when he was around me. I re downloaded the app and signed in using sign in with facebook and boom. I was in messages on messages of girls. He was, cheating on me with in the end, I stayed with him and just cheated on him tenfold, but Never got caught. Also uh wait. Wait to see if any of the current our apps are also hit in photo vaults for the new keys, hello. This is pretty brilliant. It it it it because every guy, that's being shady with the beating up, they just deleted up and up and the a re upload it when they're, not your so girls or men, if you're feeling a little something is off, I think that's a huge one is so good. I wouldn't know how else to find out even look for maybe separate messaging apps like whatsapp. Maybe they deleted it and then they re download it when they're not around you. I mean that she can fuck you up and also it's lowkey genius. If you're trying to cheat
pair of you guys. It is a subscription service that delivers vitamins and supplements customized for your specific health needs. You take a short quiz and answer questions about your diet, lifestyle, fitness and health goals, and then they put together a personalized plan. Just for you, I had to say that I have liver failure from all of my partying and care of is also offering protein powders. Now, for all you little gym,
I can't relate, you guys got hot and the I get in vegetarian option. That's huge for twenty five percent off your first care of order, go to take care of dot com and enter daddy, so my boyfriend got super jealous when I talked to guy friends or guys that I work with. He says he trust me, but yet he always makes it a point to say who's so and so, and why are you texting him when it's literally about work or something so innocent? He says it's suspect and I shouldn't be texting guys from work. I would season secure about it and it's getting really old to me and it's not attractive. What can I do to make him confident about our relationship? Now? I have to double think about texting, my guy friends when it means nothing, oh god. This is the thing for men. Listening to this question that this girl road in yeah, when you start to act like this, this is when they.
Girl is gonna, start hiding ship from you yeah. If she is doing nothing wrong and she is innocently texting guys from work yeah, you need to realize that you need to you know, look in word and yeah, like I'm just being psycho yeah, because if you keep going after her, she will start hating ship from you. So true, it's like when you get into relationship with someone that super possessive and or get super jealous over and doesn't have any shows no faith or trust in you. That's when other party, because this goes the same for girls when they do Sir Man yeah, the more you show. You don't trust this person you're like who are you texting? What are doing that's when, even if it's not eighty yeah- I just to high tech because they don't want to deal with you right, Ching all that right and then I will turn to being shady exactly and they're scared your data that over and yeah, I don't think an honest see you start to push them away. True also, I think a big two is like when you start
push them away. People tend to then talk about their issues with those friends. About your relationship and then she's going to get closer with these people 'cause your little, pushing her towards them. Yes and then she's going to be. My boyfriend psycho trusted blah and then she's gonna find herself a king deleting text to her dad I don't even know my dad's got a peanut. What if he doesn't trust me to invite her advice for this girl is, if you guys, have a super healthy relationship. He knows how much you love him and he still acting this way. It might have to be a deal yeah. You know I mean you have to sit down you to be like listen. I love you. I if I wanted to be with someone else, I would be, and I'm not. I love you I'm here for a reason and then, if that doesn't change them out, maybe got a yeah I think, it'll work. Are you then actually make his dreams come? True,
not be able to. Actually I am going to go fuck them now, 'cause you're, so concerned that I am thinking am I might as well just be fucking them. You always have to be sensitive if your partner has like an insecurity flair. Yeah, but when it's like this show- and you can't talk to co worker, it's like no that's what I get to knowing that's what I read on Twitter once and it was like Jordan. Woods might as well have Tristen. After all of that, it's like with like Why don't you just saw him like what the fuck you're like fat healing it be treating you like? You're fucking your coworkers like well, not so good, oh god, helpfulness, gotta love it. This is a story. Time because I want to read this and I everyone to get excited and listen up. Ok, 'cause! It's funny! This girl wrote in
story had my entire cheer team cracking up and they've been begging me to write this, and I love your podcasts and of course I thought it was only right to share with you guys in the rest of the daddies out there. So one night, my boyfriend of found my finger tip vibrator and asked to use it on me, which I responded. Absa loosely. He slipped it on his finger and he proceeded to put it inside of me. Things were great. I was so turned on and enjoyed every minute of it about five. Minutes later, when he pulled out his hand and it wasn't on his finger anymore. I started flipping through the sheet and I lost my shin started to freak the fuck out. I shit you not. This vibrator was stuck so far up my vagina that I couldn't even feel anymore and I was convinced I was going to have to go to the er I stood up I started jumping. I was walking around like a fucking bumblebee every,
step. I took company by a light buzz coming from inside of me. Oh my god, I would freak literally walking vibrator the idol back down on my bed The only thing I could think about was: I did a full spread, as my boyfriend tried to dig the vibrator out of my after ten minutes of trying to do. I have absolutely going no, where I finally did the only thing I could imagine to get it out. He lifted up both of my legs over my head. I grabbed the back of my heels. Wishes are healed and started. Xing after the whole reading berkshire. After about three pushes, I gave birth to my fucking tip by greater all. I really have to say to all my daddies out there looking for a way to spice up your foreplay is fingertip. Vibrators are not a fucking way to go about to fucking to push it out, like a God Dam, Fuckin' baby. I love You guys
lodging a bumblebee, you stand up and it's like I would freak out. I would freak the freak out. It would be like terrified would be stuck in me like regular. No I've had that happen to where I've had something stuck up in me and it's so not a vibrate. It was just a condom, but the guy had to like I was legs spread and he had to fuckin' shove his fingers up there. It's just like not high. I remember I had a tampon stuck up there and I had to get it removed from a guy. No doctor talk that would be hot Thank you, but do those are the moments where it's like you just said. You were just like. Please get out of me that is such a nice day. So it's one thing to feel something up in you, but for it to be constantly vibrating God you're like what, if I can never get out holy ship, I would go crazy about me just like go to sleep with that. I wonder if it's all good, though I know like when she kinda having like, oh god or so. Don't really got a low, not only in my like a no it's not, but it's all good. I leave.
I feel like. I would rather something stuck in my vagina than my asshol me too, I will say yeah, but then again you could just like kind of push it out. Yeah, I don't know. Let us know daddy is interesting, interesting, what's up Alex and Sophia, do you guys think it's possible to remain friends after a long term relationship we broke up pretty amicably and still want to be friends. We want to leave the door open to see if a relationship might work in the future, but we both agree that it wouldn't work right. Now. Let me know what you guys think of much appreciated. This is fucking difficult and I think a lot of people are always wondering like. Can you be friends with an axe and sends this relationship ended pretty amicably? I personally think. I want to hear your thoughts, but I personally think no and yes, I think there needs to be some type of distance in this relationship before guys go right into going out together, yeah yeah, you can't just be like okay.
Breaking and then oh, what are you doing this weekend? No, I think a lot of times when people go through a breakup if it wasn't something double how they want to say the friend thing, because it helps them with the brighter like, but worst well lately Reno like we're not seeing each other in the wild, but half the time, that's more unhealthy than it. You almost want to have someone do something so horrible, so you can discuss yourself and move on yeah. It's true, so the whole friend thing is: it's like. You really truly need to break up an until you fool, We have like gone through the break out in the morning and like moved on right, then you can maybe like come back. I agree because I also think that there are some couples that try to dive right back into it and say you go out one weekend. One of you is going to get jealous. Oh you're, not dating anymore, so he can talk to another girl. You can talk to another guy and then all of a sudden one of you is going to feel that jealousy. I also think last.
About this question? Is you possibly are also going to be giving off vibes and you don't even realize it that you're open to finding other people. You're still hung up on someone, that's in your life or your still making room for them that no one else is going to be able to come in. Even if it's just a casual hookup, I would say that until both parties have found, someone knew you can hook up. You can't do the friend thing, because it's going to feel good and you're going to get comfortable again and you're going to be horn either just going to want to go back to it, but if you guys have both completely moved on and found new p all men, I think you know, and the level of maturity has to do you a no there so many times I feel like people are like we do. They yeah we're going to be friends, and then one party ends up at home, like at Fuckin'. Two hundred am bawling her eyes out, like I thought I could open up another Diane, it's like fun! just be honest with yourself, be you want absolutely well?
was that our first like healthy as advisor dollar, Dabba, TAJ, ok, Quick Kirby's, best friend suck his dick, I don't know, ok, hi daddy's! Have you heard of this knew consent, whole. I have actually it is an app, so you can consent to sex, meaning that you can pull something up on your phone now, and it says yes, I consent to this an will be having a physical relationship with this person or no. I do not consent to this and the person either presses yes or no does a little signature and you're good to go. What define wait. What in the actual fuck is happening How does this work? How does this work? So, let's set the scene. This girl's hammered black. I
Eight. She and he's like you, know, press yes, press, yeah, right and she's like yeah these like side and it's like little really able and then they and she doesn't remember it or yes, or if she presses. Yes, when they're hanging out Netflix and chilling and then thirty minutes later She decides actually know saying what I mean. Is there like a countdown on this thing, Yes, you have thirty minutes or else what there has to be some type of time frame. What this guy can, go grab her three years from now and fuck you. Oh you're, married with a family you're sitting there cooking pancakes for your kids and the guy that you consented with on this app from fucking five years ago shows up and you're like. Oh, no, he's, got a fuckass, sorry, sorry guys the pancakes will be put on hold. I need to get fucked like what
Timothy stay in your highchair mommy. Kid needs to go, get fat in your. She left her husband she's. Like sorry, babe he's back, I don't know what to do about it. I pressed yes right when I was young and naive. I don't do that. That's not a fucking really fast. I don't Gazera timecode. It's like countdown of thirty minutes. How? How not sexy is that where you really take your pants off, we have twenty minutes. Sorry, I do you have to press content, yes again and his wife just to make it just simple: how do we ensure that it is her pressing? Yes, an not him! Oh wait! That's such a good like couldn't he just select yes like does she need to film
like. I am ready riding my pony. My saddles get sucked and they're like ok, we get it. You can just say that we keep saying we, but even if she was to film herself pressing the button, he could still have like a gun up her butt hole like he could have a gun to the back of your head, always think about dying. He could I can't help but think who the buck is, on the other end working for this app receiving these consent? Videos, you imagine the sucking videos these people are receiving have to look at it. Such a bizarre thing like I know that there are probably people that are like. Ok, here's an example: there's a girl she's been drinking a little bit: ok, she's hot off of a divorce he's about to get fucked for the first time she has to make justice submit this video saying she can and she's like hey. Not only do I can but
I just can't fucking wait I think, Jake into the sunset like I've been so worried, really sucked me. I don't know. I think this is a good one hanging bathroom right now, I'm getting a little nervous, but I'm excited I consent to more said not only do I consent, but I'm fucking ready to roll baby, and it's like it's like they're, just going off on how ready they are and how much they consented to it. It turns into like a confessional. You know what I mean. That's actually such a good fucking point. I kinda want to download it, and just I kinda just wanna fuck with someone I kinda honestly want to have it on my phone and go to hook up with someone and pull that up and be like has bro and be like. Is it gonna be a yes or no and they're going to be like? Who are you like? Yes or no? You got thirty seconds, make it quick right, wow huh,
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Alright, daddy one! Eight hundred call her daddy. That was talking fun. I really hope we gave some good, but I feel like we hovered so much, don't you kind of low key feel like we were like a little healthy this week. Like a little I mean we did tell a girl to grab her boyfriend's father's penis butt but like other than that, their work done. Yeoman yes moment, and it's all about them. I mean there is no need for therapy animal list dial into one but can you imagine if we look alive hotline? I would let us know if you guys like this. We love, guys. It's Wednesday. I hope you have fun. I hope you get hammered this, again. I hope you got fucked this weekend, I'm probably going to get really drunk this weekend. I'm feeling Amor hammered camera.
Do some bad decisions, so we can tell the Daddy game what happens to us? Yes, you will we'll see you guys next week.
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