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49 - Stop Ruining Your Relationship

2019-08-21 | 🔗

Girls get more insecure after they get into a relationship. FACTS. This week, the fathers discuss why this is the case and how it leads to women doing bat shit crazy things... including Alex's most brilliant/insane behavior yet. They also get into a new sex position called “Time Out” for all you naughty hoes and how to get verified on Instagram REAL quick. P.S- Alex and Sofia reveal their personal experiences with some serious stalkers

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Do you call him daddy? Do I go her daddy call her daddy? What's up guys, it is Alex and Sophia call her daddy back at it again all we missed you guys. Yes, we're recording early this morning, but we never get up before like new, What the fuck noon me eleven eleven anything below like nine o'clock in scary territory. Yeah! I think I'm just gonna black out this entire episode. I mean it's going to come out of my mouth, but that's totally fine, Sleep not even alcohol. This time how to view Sofia, Q I'm growing up and are presenting Sponsee. Where is roman Roman? You guys know the fucking drill. You want to last longer in bed, every man does. This is what you do when you swipe it on your dick yup, you let it dry.
Penetrate whatever hole, you're going for whole going to last longer and bad guys. No man, we've had so many people right in. Oh, my god, my boyfriend doesn't want them because he feels embarrassed. Why would you feel embarrassed if you compound that pussy? For I don't know I don't know thirty more minutes and also they come in discrete unmarked packaging. It's not like you're fucking walking around with a big suitcase that says Roman last longer. If I were right so guys if you're interested you wanna fucking last longer in the bedroom, and it also will not transfer onto your partner, so you guys can go to get roman dot com, slash, daddy and you're, going to get your first month of swipes for just five dollars. When you choose a monthly plan, if you go to get roman dot com, slash daddy. So so last week we said that we were settling into our new apartment, but we absolutely are not absolutely not absolutely not guys. We have now
ordered furniture to sit on, and we literally we brought the trash from our old apartments buy trash. I mean the furniture. You guys know that trash equals furniture. The furniture was found in the trash plastic plastic. I just disgusting. Why are we bringing that into a new apartment because we have actual issues, serious issues, making decisions? The moral of the story is the fuckin three hundred and one lives sweetheart fucking lives on my one. I love how he just like casually say three hundred and one. So, oh, my god, you just said her apartment number, one Sophia and I realized on now when we were live, in the three hundred and one we had some times, Daddy gang members would come drunkenly to our door and we were like. I wonder how people know we live here. It would be two hundred am and people would be
knocking just being like Daddy gang and like like love it, but also like, sometimes not in the mood at two hundred in the morning, but like love, because I thought I was going to get killed, and so I realized at that moment were like how do they know we live here. Sofia pointed it out that I one point on my instagram. I had a highlight real and it was called. Old, three hundred and one apartment, so Oh, you know, Alex yeah well and then. Actually, when you put your apartment number on your fucking highlight reel on Instagram, I think that was a major fact I also think I also think that filming an entire blah
I love the alarm in and of the outside, of the building in tiny tip them off. Yes and then also a few months later, I'm a girl did comment on one of my pictures and was like this must be their apartment number and I was like what could this picture be and it was a picture of you me and Lauren. Who was our other roommate and it just said three: oh one feels there. Is there a lot of things? I think we learned our lesson moving forward. Maybe not gonna give out the number to our primary right. We also everyone's been asking what what happened. To Lauren she's not dead, guys. We didn't like leave her in with her boyfriend. Yeah she's, like a stable, normal person, taking the next step in a room with Alex, and I are like Rama Noodle
roles and sitting on a Bosch, RAP House for life and just fuck 'em, all yeah yeah, that's cool, so anyways Alex tell the daddy, but you fucking did. I was sexually harassing someone not just kidding, I'm just kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding kind but kind of guys. I was last week we record a podcast and we were talking about lines to use when you're doing school, girl role play like squeezing her little butt and vagina, which I call her vagina. Unless you see it was like very graph, it was pretty disgusting, but amazing anyways. So I had to you know, update our editor on what we wanted in some of our videos just classic, and I was like ok, I'm going to pull some of like sluttiest grossest line, so we can throw open instagram and I'm sitting there writing line for line like I'm in it like. I can feel your tight pussy like squeeze. My cock when I'm fucking you I want you to like come all over my envela Ivan such a dirty slut,
and I'm like on Gmail like to do Gto and I'm realizing as I'm sending this email to our editor. No subject. No! No, there's no like hey! This is for the promos. It straight up just goes into dirty talk and I'm like hey, hey Sophia. Just a quick question: do you think if someone read our emails like they could okie say that this sexual harassment to Tom, like Poor Tom, like probably get it but I feel like you can't help open an email and it's like you're because is so what I'm like this looks like Tom and I are lowkey sexting via email like you- could get fucked in court. I could mom could bring that in and be like Todd. I don't need to save me. I save more. I'm like I'm thinking about your huge cock in. I don't know. I feel, like Tom has a very interesting job. Most men probably would love it, but I also can't help but, like think maybe
get a girlfriend or even his mother, a little amateur blower right, yeah, we're not the most subtle girls when it comes to how we feel sexually, I think just for next time, just make sure you put a subject line. This is intended for. Subject: line for sex, ok, ok, that's a good idea! Yeah fucking is the subject line. Alright, sorry, Tom Shadow to Tom thanks Tom you're, great Thompson, interesting job, we had it if it did Finley is alright. Ladies and gentlemen, listen the fuck up call her daddy. We always talk about being a savage, a fucking hustler, a God, damn daddy, but we're going to get a little into it here, because there is a moment in time that everyone feels little fucking insecure and today, specifically we're talking about the times when women specifically get extremely insecure,
sure when they enter into a relationship. I know it well, I know it. Fucking wells backwards sounds kind of weird 'cause. It's like well wait. You just got into a relationship. Why do you feel unstable? You feel stable, bitch yeah, but it's not nope. If you really break it down, it's really not. It obviously can start right away or most of the time, and I would love to hear from women, but most of the time it usually is around the eight to twelve month range. For ending the honeymoon yeah that year mark is hitting. It really starts to feel like holy shit. Things are getting comfortable and you kind of feel like things your complete senior can't. Let it get like that. Oh, my god, we're dating now, I'm no longer is the fucking. Cool girl, I'm no longer the new pussy on the old, the war. Now the worn out pussy just out pussy right, and I just want to clarify like a lot of times the guy does not.
I think your pussy is old. I is not getting over yet just some kids, all in your head absolutely, and I think a lot of girls are terrified of becoming that statistic where men say: oh, she was so fun before we dated now she's a drag she's, not fun. We barely have sex. I agree, and I also especially in healthy relationships or when things are going super well for us. You can't help but start to get a little nervous, a little anxious. It's like you're, waiting you're waiting for something bad to happen. Here is this thing that women do, and I am the Fucking Queen Bee of this shit, and I could really understand why, when the relationship is going great, I am like how do I sabotage fuck outta. Do it true? Why is it doing well right? And I also think with that point: it's like all the longer are Lation ship goes well. The more I feel like anxiety, builds up because it's like holy fuck I'm.
Committing myself to this person, I'm making memories with them their meeting. The people in my life were growing together. They know my family, they know my friends and they're, like you said, there's more at stake, I actually have a personal situation where this happened to me. It was about the whole getting insecure around the year mark. So when I is dating this guy. I went to a party in the very beginning of our relationship. We were having crazy sex, it was fun, it was new and there were actually Victoria's secret, girls at this party. Now, naturally, you know you can feel pretty shitty about yourself and you see a six foot amazingly looking value, yeah, you're kind of like all the fuck myself, but because we were so new and fresh in the relationship. I didn't give a fuck. I could have wearing a fucking hoodie and no makeup. You just felt like the hospital because, like we were still trying new things in the bedroom- and I didn't give a fuck yeah fast forward to about a year later,
went to a similar party. Similar girls were there and, I have to admit, I'm not proud of it, but I found myself feeling insecure. I fell like he was all my god. Is he right on them? Is he looking at the metallic? I tracked it to them, I'm pretty sure of, like all it's Sandra Ambrose COO walked in. I would grab my copy by his balls and like to like him across the room and be like we are over and he said he's like. It just happened. I, like you, know exactly what happened. He comes over with the vodka stories like here baby. I got you're drinking your like you. What do he's like we anyway, you want to join it's not about that. It's about the fact I choose here and you're, not fucking, making
you're here I'm here. I cannot see the whole thing. I don't know what your fucking talking about. Fucking Adrianna Lima walks and she still has me blocked on Instagram, I'm like so you're following her house. I'm going to make us go to Barnes and noble on the way home and get some self help books 'cause, I'm I don't know where you're going with that, but I'm pretty sure that there are some people listening right now that are like. So I don't I don't feel bad at all Lee in secure, but I feel like a lot of girls feel that way. I completely here you thank you. I heard he is a real thing. It is, and I didn't you switch the roles hot guy hot guy walks in what boyfriend to be like, God his shoes. Look. Oh my god. His outfit is perfect. I should have worn different jeans. No God
He feels that way. I know if you hear me. Oh it's so bizarre yeah fuck! No, so I completely hear you, the insecurity is a real thing and the shit that starts to happen when girls feel insecure. Is they start to act crazy? Oh sweetheart sweetheart. They started to act like straight jacket, insane asylum out of their mind out of their mind, yeah, and there are two types of crazy. I just want to clarify that. Okay, there are like the girls that fucking, key or car and poured gasoline all over your fucking lawn in light your house I'm fired about one love. Letters like this super sneaky manipulative crazy, where it's like more understated, but it can almost fuck with a guy more like you're like baby. I don't know how
like these boxers got in our room like I have to be your like. There's no way he's like those aren't my boxers like E. I would do something like that. Thio manipulation, one of my favorite tactic and so tell me about a time that you've been fucking crazy. What I did with that guy specifically, is because I was feeling insecure. I felt like he had the upper hand in the relationship. I didn't know what the fuck to d'oh here's an example for you, Sofia. Okay, some nights, you know spice it up. Okay, some nights. I would get a call around like three a dot m and I would keep getting calls three: a dot m three hundred and ten, three twenty and the thing is Sofia is those weren't calls. Those were my alarms that I had personally sat for my shot and I would cheat dude. I would change my alarm tone to make it my ringtone. So
he's straight up- would think I'm getting a call at three hundred and five three ten thousand three hundred and twenty, and he eventually like who the fuck is calling you and I'm like babe. I don't know I'm so I'm so like. Oh my god, I don't know. Meanwhile, I'm a psycho bitch pretending someone smoking. Only my jaw has dropped to the fuck. You you're judging me, and not even thought about doing something like that. Psycho psycho. She has again, ladies and gentlemen, no it's so very sick. What if he like, went to grab your phone and and there's not one? I can watch it down the toilet. I know I'd be like I don't know amber alert, Amber alert. I told you baby, no was calling me and he's like. Why didn't I get the employees like since, when is the Amber alert tune like you? Did it it to do? e! No, no yeah! It was more! I'm like I don't know like it was. He said I would try to make him think. Maybe, like I have another app like. Oh my
Maybe someone calling me on a different claim. That's odd, yeah, okay, cool! I like that one line. I thought you could just say like. I have no idea and then he would probably just assume that you have deleted the man called so it's a wind baby. I didn't even take it there in my mind. I would be not smart, but now I'm like holy right and then he'll grab it down and he'll be like. Why is there no there's, no pool like this right here like I've, no idea, and then you like, looks at my alarm, go back to sleep on me. Go back to sleep honey, but I don't know just trust smear hallucinated did Larry we're breaking Gaslight the man fucking revelation just came to me. I love when you get revelation. He let me try to break this down. Ok just saw Jesus wow,
eyes, swell micro. Don't think I'll tell you you, okay, so girls in the relationship start to feel insecure because of how secure their man is. Feeling. Okay, right, yes, yeah hear me out. He knows he has you a k, a there's security in the relationship for him, a k, a complacency. So when that happens, you wanna ignite like feelings of insecurity in him, because when he's insecure he's pursuing you, he doesn't know what you're up to he scared of other guys. He scared of losing you Sofia yeah. So we don't actually such a good way to put it when the girl is feeling insecure. It's because he's feeling secure and in order
for you to feel secure, you make him feel insecure, yeah, and then that makes you basically flip. The role of control Anki, you feel secure. You've got the power now what the fuck is wrong with us, I don't know how far is the most fucked up dynamic ever the, but but it's true there's a dynamic shift that you try to make in order for you to feel better because then, all of a sudden, if he's like we is she fucking someone when you mentioned, oh my god, randomly there's a pair of box or, like oh, you smell a little bit like cologne. You do this because you want his attention. You want him to pursue you, instead of just feeling like it's an everyday hi honey. We're boring like let's go to bed kind of odd. I'm trying to think of a time that I've done, something crazy. That shouldn't be very hard to feel. I don't know why you're, ok, I'm trying to think of something I've done. That was like super conniving and like could
strewed and thought out. But again I don't know why that's hard for you to think I don't know. I have a lot of those by trying to pack which one I'm drawing a blank right now, but sometimes it's a simple as like, if I'm starting to feel insecure. Yes, I will call up my boyfriend and I will be like remember that thing you did two years ago, and he's like. Are you really trying their exact weight? There's no way you're bringing this up? like we right now, but there's no fucking way. What's going on. You know like in sixty five days times two later. Do you remember? Yes, we're going to hold just try to start a fight, and I will look like a psycho path and it's just fully stemming from insecurity dude. I have another one. I've had nights where like ok, so when you get in a relationship and he's going out for boys night the thing that sucks and I get where Med always
have sex in their mind, so I think that's why women feel insecure. It's like men want to fuck at all times of the day, so you're constantly feeling insecure. So before you started dating, you may have been a part of the boys nights. You and your friends were all there and you have a group of girls. They went out with now that you're the girlfriend he has boys nights and you're usually not involved in every single boys night. So if is going on a boy's, not going to think you're like a downer yeah night out. You can't bring your girlfriend so say: you're, not invited and you're home you're just chilling and then you're starting to get insecure, whether you're, just in your own head thinking about what could be happening, and we just like quickly say that half the time that girls start to feel insecure is 'cause there board to my like. If I, if I working, if I'm out with friends, I'm doing shit, do I get insecure? No, if I have like more than an hour
go to my selfies when it started it's true, so you're you're sitting at home, you're bored and whether it's just out of nowhere or you see like one of his friends stories, there's a couple girls in the picture and although you trust him you're getting a little secure I've had moments where I will be so drama and I'll text him something that requires him to shift his full attention to tech maybe like babe and come up with something that happened. I I I'm so upset like something just have and with my family and he's like babe. Are you ok? And meanwhile it's just it's really just so gives me attention kind of trying to fuck up his night. Absolutely I fucked I have gone that route, whereas the like I'm having an emergency. I don't feel good or tell me you haven't done this out of nowhere. You're like I am so fucking, like oh man about your party and even a guys night and it's
just are: am I wet times it cream on and I'm like cookie crumbs, all over my ted, but I'm in a row- and you said in like an old video of you, fingering yourself like me, right now come home he's like whoa. I do that because I just kinda just wanted, like turn the attention to me like no ones at club fingering themselves right now, but I'm home fingering myself, you make the choice. Would you want? I agree with you once again Alex let you say it together, men love the crazy just. Do they just fucking, do it so fucking troll and I feel bad so, the more this story story. I don't fucking know is we're absolutely in says we're all fucked we're all fucked. Good luck. I just kidding I'm so there are healthy really out there, but I think it hello! Well, but I think it's. I think it's very important for men to hear this sentiment. Men, if you don't want her acting out and acting like a lunatic and keep car or calling you in the middle,
boys and I am being like I just drew. All over the house. Take me to the hospital and then you get there and she's like hi, I'm fine, fine and then don't even for a second second. Second, second, let this girl feel insecure under no, circumstances ever no matter. There's a gun to your head. It doesn't matter, never you're rolling out the red carpet every fucking day for this bitch yeah. You got a job and you better do well for the rest of your life. Yes, you don't have an off day. Is your pussy getting tighter, he could baby know. How is possible babali fuck. Did your tits get bigger this monster after body? Who are you your Benjamin button up in this bitch? You look amazing and then, if you sweat- and let's talk about now, two ladies listen if he is actually doing something to make, you feel insecure, like tangible shit
run, but if it's just in your own head, I want to announce to women. We always say a man. Let the crazy- and I stand by that, but do not let the crazy be driven by in security at let the crazy be driven by you wanting to spice things up and keep him on his toes occasionally, because that is driven by and security it's going to eat you up, you're gonna find yourself do anything going to up your release. Absolutely you know and, ladies list, obviously the call her daddy and me the cluck cluck of them all. I need to let you know if you know they are going to go through these insecure stay. Which is in you're battling with your own fucking mental demons? Make sure you increase your oral dick intake? Okay, because it can Only take the stress off him while he's dealing with your fucking unpredictable emotional ass, he's like why is she always crying? It's a balancing act. Psycho you put the Dick
I put my dick in your mouth you're loud talk. Psychosis, simple is the simple equation in Jesus Christ. That's not very healthy, but it's true. It's a fucking truth guys, it is pool party season is bachelor and bachelorette party season. It is fucking summer weather aka go out into the sun and take seventy three shots of vodka to the face raid, your fucking, just what it is very healthy Sofia. Thank you. Dhmd talk you! we talk about it all the time, it's part of our drinking routine. Now it's our go to drinking buddy guys. Everyone knows what a fucking hangover feels like right. You want to die it's the worst. If you guys want to avoid the brain, fog, nausea, headaches and Sunday scare ease, if you just take two capsules of D, a Jim Detox after your first couple of drinks, it works. It breaks down the toxins providing liver support
which I know daddy's need. Can you won't have a fucking hangover? Yeah, absolutely fucking need that yeah guys, it's basically a vitamin for people who drink. So, if you guys want to get it, we've got you twenty percent off your order of th EM detox, just head over to D, Jim Detox, dot com and use promo code, daddy, twenty, that's d, a d d Y and the number two and the number zero. Also guys it's a risk. Free pie purchase if you don't feel better in the morning they're going to give you your money back. So you know this is funny. I'm already laughing. I sent you a picture yeah buy a screenshot of someone very, very brilliant, a very brilliant thing. I sent you a screenshot of someones Instagram who had dm to me and they have a podcast and I went to look at their page and I found some
very interesting about their peculiar here? What is it Sophia? What is it that I saw, and I shared with you this guy photo who shot a blue check mark on to his profile, You can't make this look like. He was verified on Instagram. I don't know if it's really I don't know if it'll area, I don't know, if he's being serious about he's, kidding and out, there is no fucking way that he was kidding. We. I want to clarify that this fake blue check mark was not done, ironically, like he was literally like trying to full blown get away with guys. It's ok. So when you have trying to bamboozle us all he's trying to check us guys? Imagine you look at your profile picture and what he did is he photoshopped in the very like bottom right,
yeah. So if you quickly glance right, like it's a quick little like one to action, you may for a minute, be like oh he's verified like. Who is this yes, but the try fell for it, I don't for it. I was like oh okay like what what about the can you remind me to see that it's fake, I'm like its cover the bottom part of his arm Sofia, like there is a blue check mark and his profile picture. Can I ask you this 'cause, I actually in the works with Instagram. The blue check mark does not go. On the profile, no Sofia! No, I don't believe it's sort of no If I just don't pay that much attention, trying to get away with, like I'm extra x. Ok, try to appeal the idiots like you that will believe he's verified
you'll, be building me up always building up just to tear me? No, this is listen. I feel like this kind of reminds me of the how people on the internet can kind of do whatever the fuck they want and can kind of like a catfish situation. It reminds me of the Instagram girls that public figure on their instagram? Now I just want to clarify for everyone that doesn't know Instagram as well. Anyone on the internet with an instagram now You can change your instagram to a business account and you can choose what you want your label to be here, just for fun, public figure, yours scientists, because it's like joke like it. Obviously I would rather die than have public figures is like media or some shit. Let me just put it this way. A public figure is not puting public figure. Thank you.
I am unless you're walking down the street and you've paparazzi tripping over themselves to get pictures of you you're, not a public there and I feel bad because all these instagram girls are putting public figure and I'm like. No, you know, I think it's a bit. No one is saying it is, and you can tell who is the real public figure because they don't fucking, put it George Clooney's, going to make an instagram and public figure. Men are Dicaprio FUCK, know Selena Gomez. Absolutely no! I don't know guys. The internet is getting crazy, guys photo a fucking blue check mark on Tuesday I mean people are photo shopping. Everything else. Why not fake tits, big asses big faces through on her feet, blue check mark bug is shit. Fucker I missed Tommy John Tommy John is so high.
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time out and it goes perfect with our schoolgirl discussion guys this fucking position is so hot. You are fucking on the bed, fucking her brains out. Your brains, fucked, you grab the nearest pillow and you suffocate that bitches face. I'm just kidding. I'm sorry, sorry, I got excited These jokes are funny to me out another funny Danny. That's what it is. It's a joke to joke you grab the pillow and you toss it or you walk it over to the nearest wall. So the pillow is up against the wall. Yeah. You grab the girl crab. You can pick her up grab her by your hair
your eyelashes grow by your belly button ring that shit better, not be dangly girls. You heard it here, you grab her, I you stop saying you clobber, you take you, you take her. You walk over the pillow and you say, get on your knees face the wall. My god, this already so hot girlfriends girlfriend girls. This is your moment take your position and you think this man for being chivalrous enough to supply you with a God, damn pillow. I hope it's Tempurpedic bitch and you Who is a fucking asshole? You should probably plan ahead and bring your god damn. Kneepads helmet in there may be some gloves, a full blown bot fuck. You because you never know. Yes, I would will point out in this position for men. Listen the fuck up! Also your body position in this. You can really do a lot with it. So when you're
fucking her. Obviously, when you're on your knees, she's on her knees, you guys are super close. You can have both of your hands on her hips. You can put one of your hands up against the wall. The other hand like grabbing her ass on her head yeah. You could even put one hand, her neck and choke her out. While you have your other hand up against the wall, you could wrap your arm around her in. Like rub her clit, clit, while your other hand is up against the wall, giving you like that stability and then girls in this position. This is one of those positions. We always talk about how like girls, you don't always need make to make your body fucking. So in position positions. This is one where it's like you're so close to the wall. You can't really arch your back in that much so you're kind of just subject, it's like taking it in this position and that's hot, so hot does something to the subconscious that it's hard you have nowhere to go. You can get away. You have to kneel, also you're kneeling exactly
you are in like accusing church Neely were going to God fucking you, and I also think for guys it's a hot position, because you kind of have full control. It's like she's, like a fucking, object, right toy- and you kind have all control of whether how close to the wall you want or if you pull her back a little bit. It's as if this was in trouble a ziff she's getting punished it's as if she's in time out and girls. I want you when you're getting fucked in this position. You can turn your head to the side and kind of like put it up against the wall and start talking filth. Yes, like fuck baby. That feels so good. Oh my god, I'm so tight. Like all such a fucker slide. Just like punish me. It men obviously make sure you don't fucking go so where do you pound her head through the God, damn through the dry wall through the drywall? Someone walked it up like this. Girl's head is literally through the wall. She like keep going I've.
I would like PETA Pussy up at like don't you want her pussy, just number! Oh, my god! I love that for everyone, yeah don't beat her up, beat the pussy up dude. Can you imagine if you're in this position and you both lose balance and you like kind of talk over together. I think, and then you just keep walking on your side like little worms on the side. I love when people are having sex and some this is Val and well, someone loses balance but like under no circumstances are they going to get the penis taken out of the gym like we fuck until I do just keep going to die over upside down. I don't care if he fell into a river were here, for it listen Linda in my day we know we know sweetheart, we know. Thank you. I'm in Angel shop, I've had some fun, but it took until I was twenty seven years old. Twenty seven years year was the first time that I was exposed to this moon. That's unbelievable! So
understand that very, very, very few men are out there doing this guys and if I had to guess a majority of people, listening are probably hearing about this now for the first time, absolutely don't take advantage of this monumental moping advantage of this bitch, I'm just no. I totally agree with you men. I cannot emphasize enough that, like you, need to take advantage of this moment and of this position and go fucker in this, because I promise you just like Sofia didn't forget the man that did this position. She's not going to looking for get you on your dick. If you pull her over to the wall yeah, it's an unforgettable moment. It is an amazing opportunity. I mean I oppose dick appointment. Flashback from that all day, all day, all pending right now, all day son, I have an app. I want to bring up it's a basic one, but it's the series. Well, you are basic. So how
Sunscape? Oh no people are going to say we have growing tension, we're fighting fighting the collar daddy girls are fighters, maybe reddit thread like did you hear Sophia call Alex Basic, my god there's beef and not the beef curtains at lobby, giant vaginas. They have 'cause they gank ule. So really I just bring me into Teoh it's the truth. Okay, so SIRI. We all know SIRI love, how bitch what a slug owl, what a time, what a fucking gal. So I was doing research because I was trying to be sketchy actually did it to your phone. While you
in the bathroom. Oh okay, so I mean I'm pretty sure you know my password, but I was just trying to be trick. Okay, I was just trying to like see if it will work so supposedly there is this thing, so everyone that's trying to catch their boyfriend, girlfriend cheating, listen the fuck up. So what you do is you can take someone's phone supposedly and when the phone is locked, you can hold down, or you can say, SIRI and Syria's gonna answer: hey Seer, hey SIRI K, even if it's locked and you can you've gotta play around with it. But specifically you can basically just be like hey SIRI. Who is the last person that I called and even if you,
phone is locked, SIRI will be like the last person you called Waas, John Seymour, ok, and so, if you think your boyfriend's being sketching has been making some weird house phone calls and you're like hi SIRI, who have I called last and he's like Candace Johnson, okay, I have I remember this. I think you can also be like hey. Who is the last person that texted me, but you can also say what it is the last thing I texted to sad person, so you can literally make Hey SIRI. What's the last thing, Sophia Franklin
texted me and I'm gonna, be like God. So, even if it's locked ok, so if you think, like your boyfriend, cheating on you and he runs, he goes to the bathroom and his phone is logged and you're. Like I swear to God like he is talking to Rebecca US, you can say: hey SIRI. What is the last thing Rebecca said or if you just know, he's definitely been probably texting. Her and you're like in app doesn't work. You can just like hey SIRI. What the last text I sent Hey SIRI, who would my phone and laptop are going fucking nuts, though there? Oh, my god, do my laptop in my phone are like having aneurysms 'cause. We said: hey, SIRI, sometimes anyways, but listen. This is the issue. Is you've got to play around with it? You should practice on your own phone, but there is a thing in settings that you can turn this off.
But people don't even really know that, so only if you're really sketchy as fuck. You are looking up. Every single way to not get caught, cheating most people haven't turn this setting off, but if they have your fucked, but you gotta play around with it, because I've done it a couple times on my phone and you gotta find out the right way to word the questions 'cause. Sometimes it doesn't work so literally sit in your room practice it on your own phone and then, when Fucking Steven goes to take a massive dump, the lattice phone. For some reason, that's awesome, I'm thinking about my ex boyfriend and the amount of fucking girl, rules that he would claim to be best friends, and I always just like wanted to see just a conversation just to see if it was flirty or if it was platonic. I never, and I could literally pull up my phone and say hey SIRI. What did Stacey say right? What's the last text? What's the last text e c? So, oh, I love that because people always right in because they're always trying to get into peep
Phones right they always right in like oh, you can either you're either cheating or you're getting cheated on cheater be cheated on, so just accept it mother fuckers, but one of them is the facial recognition thing. Everyone always says like hold a picture up to their phone and it will. Been which cocaine Alex the other day. Alright, we were going to Try this I was excited, I didn't know I was excited to because I've all I've heard some people say I think it works with the SAM son yeah. I don't. We work with the Iphone, but you pretty much can use a picture of someone to bypass the facial recognition if you hold up their face in a picture. Your end, so Alex comes in and she's like hey Sophia, hey Sophia, and I want to try this like. Could you just give me any picture? You have lying around love yourself, love yourself and I'm like
what and she's like yeah. Just like any pictures, you haven't really clear you staring at the camera mouth close eyes open, but like yeah, anything and she's, like I fucking zoomed in high quality, photo lying around. I like Alex know, I feel like so far. No, I don't make sure of myself a porg I walk in his. The huge blown up picture of herself. Can you imagine like crazy, ass girlfriends that are like hey Babe, I just want to take a pic of you really quick. You look so cute right now. If you could just face forward eyes. Open mouth closed, no expression on the fame. I just want to take a quick big, then you print it out and every time you go to your boyfriend fucking place. You have this huge giant picture of him in your person. When he's not looking you whip it out and you open his phone shocker by thing is, is like we're getting so like nickel, technical and tricky with it yeah and it's like, if you really want to be a fucking crazy, Bitch, put security cameras in your house.
Oh it's true and fucking film him you can fill in putting in his past were zoom in on him film, right, yeah, it's true! Fuckin, spyware museum and get insane that stalker by that's actually scary, have you ever had a stalker um and I've had like someone who liked wouldn't fuckin stop texting, but that's not
so just like your ex, but I did like right. You know that's just about ex boyfriend of yours I thought of so. I did have a guy that it was like a hundred the text messages, but then he stopped my mom. I remember this is actually a really weird story. I just remembered tell us when I was living in my old house in Utah of this guy. I think he was like working on our house or something okay and he like fell in love with my mom. Like was obsessed with her check and one time I was putting on my underwear and this guy. I think it was like painting our house. I don't know how to roll. We sharpie all over me and my mom's on
like sexy, Mama Mama like so so, like your wet. Like I love you do it like actually scary, and then my mom was. This guy would call my mom from block numbers, random numbers and just leave voicemails of himself jacking off shut does up yes, and my mom would like sometimes answer the phone fucking stop it and he would just sit there like breathing. Why yeah, but I've never had a full blown stalker how much just fucking serving up he's infatuated in WO, the closest thing I had to a stalker you do you remember that there was a guy that would not stop calling me from all different numbers and block numbers and he would just put his phone up to the computer while it was playing porn. I remember you like in my bed one time and I got a call. I encountered it it and was like like Bing
then he would pause it and in a very, very low tone. He Allah oh, I remember that was really creep. That was creepy, but also like. What's the point, what's the point? Actually, what am I talking about? I am a full blown locker full blown. I don't know that, but I feel like you have a start. Wouldn't you okay. I just mentioned how a guy I know you're fucking, stopping please elaborate. Okay in my last relationship, I would fucking call this guy and yes, I had to say fucking before emphasize. I would call him until his phone would die and you guys are thinking like so. What's the big deal, you would call me shit ton. The thing is, is your phone is out of commission honey when someone keeps calling over and over and over and over so views like CALL Coco, that's way too. I would call hang up, call hang up
what, if he blocked you and I would just sit there, I don't even look at my phone just keep pressing and if you block your number, the horror star, sixty seven dial, the number I have it memorized because you can't block a blocked number and I would just do it over and over and over. There is like one time that it had been. I was doing it for over like two hours and he had to turn his phone off. He literally turned his phone off for the night, 'cause he's like what's up and having my phone, I can't use it. You can't use your phone and someone keeps calling you over and over and over and over again You in front of me is an actual
call genius. I will call you until your phone dies, we doesn't terrify will come. We sue shadow to every crazy, ass girlfriend or boyfriend. If you think your person is being shady are just not answering in general, you just want to get ahold of him and he won't answer you ruined his fucking night and put his phone out of commission and just call it until it dies. Evil smirk right out of verifying alright. I love that Sofia, ok, locked function of beauty, function of beauty guys. Do I need to bring up the no Alex is Harris to look like a broom. She started using this. It looks like a silky horses. Mane. Damn beauty queen up in this bitch guys function and beauty is one of our favorite advertisers. You basically get to customize, shampoo and conditioner. You get to pick the color, which is super cute. You get to put your name on it, which is super cute Secutus.
It is, and it's I if you guys, are looking for like a gift to give someone. This is the fucking go to you should also hook yourselves up. Every single bottle is based on your hair type, her goals and preferences. You want longer hair stronger, less frizzy, whatever you want and they are vegan and cruelty free and they only use safe and natural ingredients, which is huge, so listeners will receive twenty percent off their first order to redeem head to functionandbeauty dot com. Slash daddy, take the her profile quiz, and I get twenty percent off your custom formula function, beauty, dot, com, slash, daddy, Klish June is v v v questions. Let's get it alright! Daddy's! Here you go. Here's the first one Sophia! This is going up,
not you I'm a girl, I'm already in a bad mood. I'm a girl and I've noticed that my other girlfriends will swear that they do not masturbate and almost shame me for being open with them about it. Can you please normalize this? I'm upset some obsessional e fifty dollars there. So sorry embarrassing. I remember I brought this up to you. Sophia act yeah a couple, and I was one year and yeah yeah yeah I mean you, you didn't believe me. I don't on your pretty bloody friends. I guess because, like growing up, I did not have one friend that was awkward about talking about it. All of my friends have my one of my college. Roommates actually was like so judgmental of everything sexually, and I remember one of my teammates on my soccer team would talk about it freely.
And the girl was so judgmental and would talk about her behind her back like we just like. Don't need to know that and me Well, it's like God. I wanna know what vibrator you're using sucking Washington girlfriend. If I were you first of all, get new fucking friends or to have them start list, to call her daddy say that I was going to say that also what people need to take this stigma away from like self pleasure. Yeah healthy! Why? Why are people so awkward about it? You need to yeah. You should not feel in any way that, like you're in the wrong people that are fucking, weird like that, like fuck off okay, like you, it's your body. You should be doing it then you're going to enjoy sex more yeah, and I mean, if you're, ever feeling a little alone, because you can't talk to your friends. Fucking turn caller dad, yeah, absolutely we're here for you, we absolutely
don't masturbating sweetheart five times a day, get it in okay, hi daddy's! I love you in your show. Question keep me anonymous or call me Carly, or something like that partly I didn't even notice hello, Carla, ok, my boyfriend, I are doing long distance and he asked me to send him dirty underwear. I said I'll think about this. Is this weird? I thought this was only something old, creepy, guys in the deep dark corners of the internet paid girls to do lol. Should I do it if, yes, how, if no any ideas of something to do instead ha ha ha. Thank you that's so normal. I want the most normal thing in the world, but you know if your boyfriend, how do you do that? Would you do it yeah but it would probably be like a little like specific and maybe like make sure they're like kind of clean, like
dude the girl on my soccer team in college. We would finish like the longest practice and she would take off her underwear and put it in an envelope and she would announce it to all of us like look what I'm doing and we'd all be like what the fuck that girl from The other question needs to hang out with the early and I was like fuck like she's such a savage. She don't give a fuck she's like no, the earlier the better while she was in a long distance? But that's the thing Alex is you, like I'd, make sure they're kind of little clean, but you know what I buy. You the guys like that, where this underwear for 40s, because if they're asking for it it means they actually want dirty on Diggs ACT like it's not like he's like send me. Your underwear, I know he's like dirty, send him the fucking flop, long. That has been up your butt crack for four days and with a little snail trail talked about
If you don't know what a snail trail is, look it up up, but I mean No! No! No! You have boyfriend he's into it. Send it to me that's great party pooper get it in okay, listen to this pussy gods, founding fathers! licks and Sofia S o s. I love that pussy God. I have a dilemma. I've been tossing around in my head and I know a fuck ton of others have probably shared a similar situation. Long story short my ex boyfriend broke up with me a couple months ago and although and although we're civil, we don't talk, get all my 21st birthday rolled up this last July and I didn't get a message: little bitch boy. I know it's not that I was really truly expecting a big message, but it does make you kind of think like damn. You couldn't even just send a blunt Hbd to me. So my question is: do you text your ex and say happy birthday or completely ignore it?
he decided to not text me. Well, I look pathetic by showing at least one of us is a decent human being and tax them about it. Love you guys right! This is going to hurt your feelings. This is going to really hurt. This is really really going to hurt you but girlfriend you are so off on this. This is like not for no nigger accessible but, as we said about birthdays, pretend, like you, don't fucking, have pretend you never were fucking boy moral of the story. Secondly, I'm kidding Kinley Girlfriend, listen up, he as you abso fucking lutely nothing. He could go fuck your best friend and review and that's that and you can't but well yeah, not your best right, but he did go fuck any girl. He wants in the world right now. So for you to be sitting wondering why you're not texting you on your birthday, he's not concerned with you anymore, even notice, right. You should that's the thing and,
the sexes are x is for a reason: listen am I going to sit here and act fucking all holy and, above everyone absolutely not have. I had moments after a breakup wondering if he's going text me ABSA, fucking lutely, but am I upset when he doesn't you can't be you know all the strings are cut. He owes you nothing as far as you're concerned. He was in a fucking twenty four hour, fuck fest with six girls, and he didn't even have his phone because he was on so many drugs fucking in a fucking, whore house yeah. He owes you nothing, yes, people, issues with that. I think, like understanding that, x. Let this just be a blessing
in disguise, he is moving on the move on the better for you in the law. I know it hurts, but when you're saying like one of us should be a decent human being, it's all whether it's a decent human being the relationships over. If you want to tell him happy birthday, do it? If you don't do it doesn't fuck him out? I wouldn't yeah gotta get your ball sack a little heavier their girlfriend love the show my boyfriend and I have tried almost every sex tip you have given love. We just save saving marriages and relationships one day at a time through sex yeah, okay, I told him about how you guys said no high waisted swimsuits and he thinks girls shouldn't wear high waisted anything. He says guys think you are
just trying to hide your fat or stretch marks, and it's so much hotter to just wear normal short shorts and be confident how you look. Oh hermie. This hurt me this for me visiting the God damn fax this morning. Ah I this is what I want to say: okay because I were had, I had say that your magic but she's magic. Oh, my god, you guys remember that ok, Roback Throwback, I wear high waisted jeans all the time. Why? Because that's what's in right now, why because fucking Gigi Hadid was wearing them and, if she's wearing them, I'm doing Emily Ratajkowski were high jeans with themselves doing hello, she's doing Molly in the morning, I'm doing my in the morning yeah a style style, but I will say that I do not wish for them because they are flat. Yeah, because I know God damn well damn. Well, my ass, your ass looks like an elongated saggy.
Long, saggy not shapely hanging, fruit, I don't know, but I've described Miller, died on Hwy Stag Licious leaking fucking oil strength pizza. So describing my just describing my like your normal Wednesday. No big deal! No, I I have a really bad announcement to let you know. Milf Hunter said the same thing. Her high waisted bikini girls said to never wear them. I genuinely just don't think those are key. You know, and I know that girls always come out us know like what it's like. Oh my gosh, like I I'm not comfortable with my body, I literally said a one piece can be so fucking high thing is a one piece is hot: I get it if you're feeling, fat or bigger or whatever that day, you're feeling bloated and you're like fuck. I don't want to wear trust me. I have my moments where one piece there's so fucking.
Guys think one pieces can be so hot women are always listening to this like. Well, I don't dress for men, that's fucking, if you don't want to dick in your pussy or ass that night, I totally understand rock those hygiene. Okay, I'm just gonna quickly read this one comment: okay and then I'm going to read a question, because this is just so funny: okay, I found out my girlfriend was cheating through her period tracking app. I didn't know what the app was until I was looking through it and I saw that she logged unprotected sex. On the I was out of town Oh my good dude that is, that is so fucking funny girlfriend. Let the pier
in Tracker things slide for a month like you do not need to input your like unprotected sex on distinct, give the best blowjob on this date swallowed. Two loads of semen on this stage ran track eyes. This girl should fucking never cheat again because she obviously doesn't know how dude it's so funny, though, we've always talked about the amount of apps that you can get caught. Cheating on your fucking period, tracking now I never thought. Okay, here's a question: okay, okay, yeah. How do I mentioned to my girlfriend that the nude she sends are good and how do I tell her how to make them better sure I can rough. I would never ever ever suggest to do this, but I will your about to Never under any circumstances do this, but what you can do got love a good, but I would maybe do a double top.
I may be word I maybe would and kind of make her feel little cure, oh you're, an asshole. This is what I think you should. Actually you know I'm going to comply Really take that back right because then she's never going to want to spend time you ever so. What I would do is, I would just text her back and be like that so fucking hot. I want more exact. I was going to say if I were you dude, where I would text her almost if you're sexting or something and again this is kind of like stupid, but almost outline for her. What the nude should look like like literally like. Maybe I want you to like spread your cheeks and like have your finger, you're in your butt hole in vagina. At the same time phone at this angle, maybe if you instructor, then it will be easier for her. I think that's really more. On honestly. What have go? Listen to our episode, where we describe how to talk, how to take nudes yeah, not the worst id
listen to it with her yeah. Well, you guys like cooking dinner, throw it on like oh, my god, I would die if you sent me that yeah boom. Well, I was going to say I mean, depending on how comfortable you guys aren't open your relationship, like maybe send her pictures of like we think, is hot yeah. You could. I need. Some girls. I don't my ex and I would send each other pic yeah. Look how that turned. I swear that relationship daddies. Oh my god, fun! It's been depression highs. We've had some lows: we laughed we cried and now it's time to move on guys if you are not getting fucked in the timeout position, you're not living you're, not breathing, you're, not driving or not surviving, and you're, really missing out on an unbelievable opportunity.
Your dick and your vagina absolutely agree. I'm excited to hear what you guys think about the position. You guys go. Please really pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top very cherry Harry subscribe to the podcast and radius five stars that helps us a shit. Time really means a lot to us, we're trying to buy a couch and it's more expensive than I had planned It's really hard over, my god daddy. We love you guys so much get after this week and get fucked up get fucked. You know the drill we will see. You later. I daddy gang.
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