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54- The Walk of Shame

2019-09-25 | 🔗

In this week's episode, Alex and Sofia are giving health and wellness a good ol' fashioned try. You heard that right! The girls discuss the importance of “having your own life” in a relationship and where so many women go wrong- especially WAGS, (wives and girlfriends of professional athletes). They also discuss the most cringe-y thing a guy can post on his dating profile (no thanks), clout chasing, and most importantly WALKS OF SHAME. Otherwise known as a stride of pride for a true daddy. Enjoy! 

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Do you call him daddy? Do I call her daddy call her daddy sing? What's up guys are already being annoying, it's Alex, and so so it's Alex guys what's up. It was so yeah. It's Alex guys, it's so so he is out for the night yeah it's actually just opened yet today I'll be doing a monologue guy, your back or in the studio. We're here everything is fine. Everything is not fine. Everything is not fine recordings that I just want to warn everyone
right off the bat right off the bat. I don't know how this recording is about to go down yeah. This episode is we're just in a I'm fucked up, I I up. I woke up drunk still and I currently just feel unwell on fucking. Well, I don't know if I'm drunk- I don't know, I'm loopy, I don't know, I'm just tired rise, you'll all around fucked up, and so I just need everyone to know that and anything I say on this episode cannot be held against me. On the other hand, I'm feeling great- I went to the gym this morning for the first time in a while really getting that ass, where it needs to be got myself a coffee. The word I come stumbling in this morning and you're fresh the charm like did you go to the gym? You're like? Yes, you ought a Starbuck Clean, my room because I'm planning on getting fucked up this weekend, not in the middle of the week,
hello there's two kinds of people in the world is I love how I'm trying to get out really really really holy anyway. So we live in New York City. If you guys didn't now, and I think that New York City is really different than how people invasion, if you don't live here, people think that they're supposed to stay in the touristy areas like people are in fact in Times square and okay. Let me just to get a break down times square for people. Can we start there? Absolutely time square is fucking horrifying, horrifying and not can knock no cross the Ave without getting coming out with gonorrhea all over your body I don't think Donna real works. That way but day would that's why, when square elbow, pretty much just walks around time square and ejaculate NG on football over people and trying to sell cocaine underneath his little mass slowly
He calls it nose candy. I know it knows. Candy is Elmo and then the transformer is trying to kidnap her kid so in times square. You should all come by come see it, but so now that we moved uh, we moved on, we thought so Alex. I have complained about the three hundred and one more times than I can fucking count. Yeah r, I p were out of our old shitty rat infested apartment, so we saw we upgrade yeah we did. We upgrade in some aspects. In other aspects, we fucking down who created create it was even possible, but it it. Ladies and gentlemen, woah woah woah. I know what we're about to talk about and some people can be like this is the most in Thai needled preferred world problem. First world problems, fuck your hair, don't care
biggest issue in my life: dramatic, a listen up so back in our old apartment. We had to walk upstairs three flights, really not that hard. We were like. We want to upgrade to an elevator, Well, it's really good 'cause, we just fucked ourselves and I'm missing the stairs decision in my entire life. So if you outline with the elevator situation, is in our building, so the elevator in our building is actual torture. Oh, let's say I need to go down to the lobby and grab packages. Great example. It's a fucking forty five minute round trip round trip round trip trip we get to the elevator and you know ten minutes roll by fifth. Minutes roll by the button is lit up we're just waiting for the elevator Alex and I start profusely sweating looking at each other. We're like, holy shit. We start playing like mind games because we're like. Should we take this too?
I know we're on the 30th floor, but like should we just do it start to think about risking it all? We don't have air conditioner in the hallway, nor in the elevator, so things get a little fucking sticky when I say that the elevator proceeds to stop at every fucking floor, guys 29th, two thousand eight hundred and twenty seven like every single floor and it is moving at snail. Fucking paste it is so slow as if someone's lowering us down with a rope from up above a point also Yahoo, I'm pretty sure it's a pulley system there still wanted to see. The doormen is downstairs, cranking the lover, that's what it feels like guys, because everyone's waited for the elevator for so long when you get to like, let's say the 25th floor, that person is not fucking passing up this opportunity. They will squeeze their body into this elevator. If it's the last fucking thing they do so were all real.
Can come to real people are certainly what is it crowd surfing in there we got fucking babies on the field that is so funny. You can fucking tell the people that, God on on the 40th floor, like bye, time, they get to our floor and they have taken their shirt off. They have grabbed a chair. Like fucking sat down there like ringing out the sweat out of their shirt, kind of stops at this thing is, is we really notice like how we were kind of living like scum when we went to visit Lauren are old, roommate were so excited to see new place and we get in the elevator, and we sky rocket rocket ship launch. We were, we were at like the fish.
The in floor within milliseconds we were like is this healthy things are supposed to ride. I was like so I'm like. Ok, this parking spot and then Lauren preceded to tell us. Everybody knows that if you were going to move in New York in New York that if you are going to move into a high rise building yeah, it needs to be a luxury building where the elevators can. You know, move finesse and speed and glide sounds like we're talking about a horse. Ride through the air said that and we were like. Do we looked over with that? We literally had wide open like our eyeballs or just like blinking like I was like So so we upgraded to an l, leader, but because it's a high rise building- and it's not a luxury, it's just a fucking dissolve so Sophie, and I have just been like really in bad moods. Every morning, 'cause, it's just
and I don't know I don't know if we're talking about this and you guys like shut the fuck up. Where is that? will find you guys want to hear about the real drama New York? What's the rat infestation, you don't. I just said they want to hear about penis You're fine will give them the real shit, the racks and, like no one loves acid rings of rats. It's like the gangs of New York there right yeah. Oh, there are, there are rats and they are hanging out and they are hooking up, and I want to put this out there therefore games, gangs and they're fucking people so just be careful, of course our presenting sponsor, is roman roman Roman. Last week we didn't mention that thank about a tortoise, sucking your dick is not going to stop you from coming. Roman swipes will stop you from coming that'll. Do it pull your dick out. Hewlett, wipe it right on that big large cock of yours and you fucked that girl's pussy.
For our not ours, ours, ours, a and everyone on the internet. That's a little nervous or I don't need that. Yeah you fucking do yes, you're, going to pound town for an hour. How about now we're in thirty yeah really stretched up pussy out all right. Yes, that's really. The goal is to stretch her out guys, they're also clinically proven they're easy and they're fast acting. You guys run into the fucking bathroom swipe it on there get that thing, fucking ready to go around it. So when you go to get roman dot com, Sarge daddy, you can get your first month of swipes for just five dollars. When you choose a monthly plan, use a link at roman dot com, slash daddy um for this topic. Okay, we're not known as the health and wellness podcast we've said it a one million times yeah, and we thought that that
is all fine and dandy, and we thought you guys accept us for who we are, which is fucked up individuals, but apparently I'm wrong in the head. Apparently sometimes people, some people have had enough enough enough with the crazy enough with the bullshit they want. The house like, I want a little health they, while a celery next to the donut, were the donut. They want the celery mix, it up all said mix it up balance one this podcast to get God. Damn balance your nine? You know but alex- and I are some multifaceted women and we're about to give you some health they were talking about girls that need to get their own fucking lives. That sounds that are you sounds unhealthy? No, no! No back it up girls. We really got to respect ourselves, yeah, so go ahead.
Alex all right. Let's get it started. I sorry: how do we? How do we explain it? Okay, we can't get healthy. Unlike what we do. Why don't we do that Alex? I just can't seem to get it right. Let's look at Octa Unhealthy, apparently too much delta. Take I'm and I'm going to start going to yeah Alex is a God Damn cleat chaser! No, no! No I'm kidding Alex is dated a professional athlete before that's fine yeah. That's really nothing to be ashamed. No, I think it's great yeah, amazing, great you going Alex professional athlete and you were exposed to the lifestyle of the wags. Yes, and we a wag is not a wagging on a dog for why for the girlfriends women, and women, and no it's wise and girlfriends a professional athlete.
Yes, so in this segment, isn't going to be about that out? Why didn't say, but it's gonna be a precursor into what we want to work for you yeah, I think killed so guys. First and foremost, I want to address that. What I'm about to say this is not every single wife and girlfriend of a professional athlete. No! No! No! I really. I did in all seriousness me a lot of great women that don't fit this mold, but I'm going to say, the majority. Okay, specifically, I'm just going to talk about baseball lives, because that's what I was dealing with, of baseball wives or girlfriends, dedicate their entire fucking lives to the men that they're with and they have no life of their own. So I just to read: stop Why? I'm just kidding? It's my dear what we're saying: ok, so baseball wives. So essentially these women are one hundred percent on their man's time. They can
sitter their career, essentially to be a baseball wife. I said in the past episode that they even introduce themselves like high I'm the baseball ball. Where Instagram Bio is baseball, wife, literary at Jeremy, Scott, You go whatever you get. The point I would say, there's an athlete named Jeremy's. Clearly so, every single day, I'm just going to kind of walk you through these women's lives every single day the men leave for the field. If they have a night game, they leave for the field at noon and the wife says there goes to a yoga class. Does whatever and then gets ready, does all over makeup puts on a fancy outfit and goes and sets at a baseball game for four hours? So you have the morning together and then they get home at one thousand, one hundred and thirty, or one thousand two hundred o'clock at night. Usually so you literally a morning, breakfast gather and then you're going to sleep. So these wives are just waiting around all day for these men and then we go to other fucking
die. Die die no offense to like a lot of the yeah. I mean my wrists hi. Actually, it sucks. I know these wives essentially live on their man schedule and then the husband goes on the road and they either stay home or they travel with them. And it's so sad because I know a lot of build wives will lead jet pick like a year, essentially that they travel to every single city with their boyfriend or their husband. So and they'll like post like this is our year we travel badly. Hey did either how many cities is this in a year based? Oh, my god, they go. They stay somewhere for two to three nights. In the go to another city. She literally dedicates her dedicates right here, you're an issue flying with these guys, absolutely not
do you mean she is getting on her the plane by yourself, not let my eyes on a private plane. Yes, the team is on a private plane and she's getting on so regular. So let me let me just get this straight because well, I'm imagining is this fucking girl schlepping around caring, her fucking roller bag and she's like she's. Like don't worry about feel like I'm getting in this fucking uber yeah, that's how it is, and it sucks actually truly sad. There is, though, one trip of the year that the wives and families slash girlfriends, get that they get to fly on the plane with the people, with the team and do they treat it like it's their fucking, wedding, Sofia and so they're like, oh, my god, I'm doing the whole thirty diet for third three days and people are like. Oh my god
like what's going on. Are you guys going on vacation? Do you need a swimsuit and she's like no, I'm actually traveling to Milwaukee, but I'm going to be? on the plane, the wives, when I was on the team, the wives fought that the girlfriends were allowed to go on the plane. Oh, but only if you were ring on and then there was an issue, one of the girls that was engaged. They said no because you're still not a wife like it's not official. Yet good news. Flash ladies a ring doesn't mean shit, you're all getting cheated anything. The girlfriend has a more secure situation than the. Why probably yeah this whole life? The id athlete I've dated has they explain their life is Groundhog day. Every single day is the same for these men, and so essentially, these women are apart of Groundhog Day and I hate to say it, and this is so fucked up, and this is the only unhealthy thing I'm going to say on this, but I lowkey get why athletes she, if they do have like why
sir girlfriends, because they're just fucking sitting right in the apartment work in those that are great, and so literally these athletes will come home and be like hey Babe. Like How was your day she's like ok, so I got bubble gum pink on my toe. It was crazy with the best pedicure ever and then plot ease. I was while and then he's like. Okay, so tell me like was the food better at this stadium or the other one like that's literally the gist of it, and so I feel bad. But these women by centering their lives solely around these men? They're not interesting, and the men are like holy fuck. I want something a little different and no offense. I am from Draper Utah, but like the going to the layman stir in Milwaukee cities in the were in Milwaukee hi, I like it's, not fun, and these girls are just like really tea king in Milwaukee this weekend, his fucking swap, is awesome. Honey I mean
will layout by the spa twitter longer. I know one of the guys I dated was like you're being so annoying sounds like I'm only going to go to a fucking city that I can do Shit Ila, one hundred New York I'll stay here, obviously or go to like fucking Miami yeah. You cannot pay me to go somewhere with nine in China, go swamps swimming. Another spot? I don't think they're going small swimming so anyways. This is the moral of the story you're all asking. Why are we talking about these women they give up their lives and their careers if they had one in the first place to become essentially stay at home, girlfriend or wife and a lot of times. These relationships are driven extremely by insecurity, and so they overcompensate by having dinner ready and have be getting crazier in bed for them? What women don't understand when the
power dynamic is off like this? Is by you cooking that dinner and being so up his asshole really, what you should be doing is doing the complete opposite, the complete opposite. So this isn't just for athletes, absolutely not for every feet out listening what we were doing is we were kind of just showing an example of like a very high. In version of this, the issue is not having your own light. The key to a healthy relationship is having your own life and still having independence and being super in love with that person. Agree we're not right, you know, and you can cook him a pie still absolutely. But what we're saying is you should be able to break up with them yeah if something were to happen and I'll still be okay, your lighter
should not be in fucking shambles. You like you, are a nothing without this per. I think that's such a good point to bring it back to the wags its like most of the time when these athletes cheat on these girls everyone's like. Why is she staying with him it for the money will yes, but to break it down. What it really is is these girls are setting their life yeah and they're like when he cheated like what do I do. I do the career right. I use all of his money and you're just Stuck all of these women feel stuck and I do kind of feel bad because you're like I've, I'm so deep in it. What the fuck would I do. I go to the field. Every day live his life. I don't have life right. What's my life with my identity and you're, also not going to feel very good about yourself, yeah completely on it yeah, it's true you're going to start losing, side of who you are like what were the relations you're right?
It really is an imbalance in so if I could give women any advice and girls in college high school goes for all of you that you're like. Why am I so I'm just up my boyfriend's, if you, if you have a mentality that you don't need him, you want there, but you don't need this guy. That mentality is going to radiate into the relationship and make it healthier that reminds me. I was at a dinner not that long ago. Ok, I'm talking it was like an older lady and she had. She has the cutest fucking marriage, the best marriage. Ok, give us your tips there, both like the hottest couple. She like told me they still have like great sex Yadi idea We were talking about it and I was like do you have any tips and she's like sweetheart? There are no word about your shoulder tips. I give you can fucking say view or land you, a man that wants to marry you and I was like you're like thank you Can you tell me the goddamn tipping bitch 'cause, I'm to try to swing a healthy episode,
right and she told me she was like the thing is: is sometimes women get married and there Oh I'm sad, I'm good to go with a ring on my finger here. We go right and she was like the thing is: is I'm not scared of a fucking divorce? Oh she's, like I'm more than willing to get a divorce. If my husband is going to do anything inappropriate or anything that upsets me, I have no fear of getting a divorce. And he knows that and she's made that clear, she's made that very fucking qualities like she's like he doesn't think that he just completely. Has me that's amazing, and it's I can see how that would work. I think that girls, if you are so up your boyfriend's asshole literally he moves you move, he breathes. You breathe.
The minute he stops breathing you stop breathing! I would fucking cheat I'd be like I need a fucking break. I don't want the fucking Peach cobbler. I want to go to a fucking bar. Have a beer and rail a fucking two, that's not going to be fucking with her per Okay, hey merry Alex marry Alex. Nobody me understand, I'm just a fucking, I was getting imagine you are the breadwinner because I will be a low income, households and that's all I got to say but yeah but you're the breadwinner and every fucking day you come home with all this shit. That happened and you walk in and he's fucking sit. They're playing video games, he's like hey babe. How was work and I'm like great. It was great how is your day and he just does the same thing. Every fucking day you not fun because then you're going to start going to work events. If we had work events, you go to work. Events meet guys that are not successful in doing shit with their life and interest. And I would straight up cheat how about. I know it's not. I know it's not pleasant to say, but I would yeah.
Heathe there you go and I wouldn't care. I think we should start spelling, like you know how Parents will sell, so the child is another. Thank you and I should spell when we want to be unhealthy. The daddy game, these people in ticket passing that they were being unhealthy, cht. Eighty so like they can't spell guys. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, Allison I don't mean go out there and I have like the most badass job in like briefing ring in a huge income. We don't mean that you can still be a stay at home. On like a great mom and not have a career and still have, your own life does. Oh, my god, I'm like is this
it's something I know what Itunes go ahead and move us over to the health and wellness sex. Actually, ok, Sophia me is drinking my wow wow, you know your your good old friend Alex is always out and getting it. Ok, sorry, please dating app stating I am I K. I have something I want to bring up to you. I mean what is already looking up and they practice it to some. My thing you know I'm always out again. It did not take only a do not call out a K. A in my bed Del builds in looking down at my phone like cookie crumbs, I've seen my kitchen, I see now here's how the point? Ok, I'm not shitting on myself today, Sofia, I'm sitting on someone else. Oh, I was on the dating app and I saw Z
Pacaf RON shut up sounds great right here. You like this is really an opportunity for you didn't tell me, while telling you right now, sweetheart get ready. Okay, so I'm like wow. This is like. I actually was like a little shocked. I go to match with Zac Efron Notion and I'm like damn. This is like goals all of a sudden, though I go to click the heart, and I see that Zach's name Michael, like it'll, look like and I'm like. No, no, no, no, it's Zac Efron and I'm kinda like like, like he's playing like an alias like his, kind of Flex on us and all of a sudden. I do one more look at the pictured really trying to understand why the fuck Zach is calling himself Michael Ann. I realize, as I scan this picture Sofia there's one other person in the pic shut up and the fucking person standing right behind Zack Afron is
fucking Michael ok, no this man on this dating app has Zac Efron as his profile picture and he's behind Zack and he chose yes, I this profile, no idea you're about to go. That way. I thought you're gonna say someone put him to be funny with it. Ok was this guy being funny totally, not listen guys. Essentially, what I'm saying is this guy was trying to play it off like he in back may have been like kind of friends Okay, and I know what you're saying I have seen before on dating apps. Guys. Do it to be funny? I saw one. It was like a Kanye West picture. He was like with a bunch of people in a picture, and this kid was in the actual nose bleed background and he circled his own head with, like a red mark it and put it up as his profile pic that was being funny. I've seen guys do it. For those like caption it something funny they'll be like. No, the other one or like this, I sounded if they posted like. Ironically. I love that. However, this was not. I ran
This was data. This was this. Was this man trying to you Zach the way to get girls? Like me, Dumbass Alex was Zach, oh my god INRIA, it wasn't Akon riot. I am not going on a fucking date with Zack afron everybody. I can Michael, that was in close proximity to Zac Efron it when Michael two shoes trying to slide the two shoes. Ok, that is so embarrassing yeah. I need to say this. If you take a picture with a celebrity.
You're a fucking loser nope. No, I said that wrong. I did that wrong. No, if you take a picture with a celebrity trying to play it off like your friends when you are clearly not if you are a loser, guys Kim Kardashian there. There is a guy I've also seen on this dating app, and he has his profile picture with Kim. Oh my god now I know immediately he's trying to get people to stop and be like. Oh who, this guy. That knows Kim Kardashian, I'm pretty sure his profession said like he was a model. However, I already like shut picking right, but when I start going through his pictures dude all of a sudden, he looks way. Fucking younger in the Kim Kardashian age. It's been like five years since the game picture no still uses it at his fucking picture because he's like keeping maybe were tight. I know exactly. I can see right through that shit
To break it down for, like, I can break it down, he posted the picture. I'm doing a full analysis on this. Big psychoanalyst station on this bitch boy. He posted that picture with KEN. To try to be like look at how successful I am. I am so IST published in my modeling career, I was on a set with Kim K and it's like you were on the set with Kim K in two thousand and five, when Kim was like fucking push, skechers or like shape up shoes or whatever and he's clearly seventeen and he sat down next to her when she wasn't looking and then she noticed, you took the picture and she was like you you're, going to delete that right you need to sign in and you're going to delete that and he was like yeah many posted as his profile. I was like so over the top, but that's what it is
that's what it is. If healers Sasha the Sketcher add the model slid down, did self timer got the picture literally, he put his phone in like a discrete place and get the felony quickly like slid down onto the bench, took the picture, and now, when you go to every social media platform, your Isaac safe, you know it's bad when they use that exact picture as their profile picture for everything we're hitting up Linkedin Facebook in no no I met him on his bank account. Somehow we put the profile and you're like it's one thing to take pictures with celebrities, but to put it on your dating fucking profile. To try to like pretend, like you guys, are friends. In Cali right she doesn't know you. I will excuse people that are mega fans. I would love to be your one. Celebrity you'd want to take a picture with oh shit, because I know
I think mine would be oh, my god. This is hard. Mine would be baby, Alessi. I had you that I was going you're, either ugly Radicales gear like Bella Hadid maybe I could look like an actual one, one slash two on a scale from one to ten. Next to them. No thanks. Let's actually Let's confirm the other. When we were talking about the college shit, some people didn't understand the difference between when we were saying, like I'm, ten at ah homeless, shelter and a to Arizona. What was the example? You were giving you when we were sitting at home together. It's you know it's like he's held, but with that in there seldom I walk into a homeless shelter, I'm a nine to attend. Yes,.
The crack heads are matching up are making me look great. Thank you right and thank you guys well, because people were like, oh so Alex that and to be used. So you think so. You're are walking the homeless shelter. These fucking meth heads are not looking great they're making me look my best and that's what it is, and I look Candace Winnie Opal level, you're, a nine Candace Winnie Opal decides that she wants to go to bed go to the homeless, shelter. Okay, the world implodes, okay, were like what's happening. I quickly within Smilla milliseconds go from ten to a fee, yeah, because she walked in the room and it's like the beach front. Property has now gone Lyn and it literally has lost all its property value, and it's now nothing. The market has crashed and you're fucked. That's a good point. Thank you for clearing
anyways back. What was my point? Zero baby. Well yeah. You want to take a picture, take a picture there. What give me a one through ten if Lauren would, let me hold her baby dude You have us arrested soon going lie guys after last week's episode, when we were shooting on CO is being energy and saying that the baby had it. We need to keep it low, key, a low profile. This week there are just a healthy Thurs dude. I will were saying that a stripper was jizzing on a baby. Spain like oh, no, I could kind of see, whereas parent and doing like Coke, but we were nervous we were going to get sued so every time that, like bar, still reach out to us and was telling us like hey, we need to have a meeting I was like. Do you we're going to see while eating the brands reached out? Do you think that baby lots ease parents'? Oh my god, I remember it. I was laying in bed and Dave texted us and he was like you need to come into the office for a meeting asap asap in all caps, and I tie
how do I need my attorney president? and I was like me Sofia, don't send that, but also like Alex get him on We are now dude literally I was I then I called up and I'm like is this about being your. You know. We, like you, have a party when you're younger and your parents didn't know about it and then they're like Alex come downstairs and you're like is this, about the lamp in there like I can't like. I did some shit to the time you get. Your call I'm like is this about being energy and Dave's, like I don't what the fuck you're talking about. No, I wanted to thank you, but I was about this. Intern were like oh right, of course, wedding and right and then, like someone else in the office, is like girls. Can I just talk to you for a second we're like? Oh, my god, This is about being enerji, it's about being enerji, isn't it and there isn't it and they're like what is being out there like hey guys, we just wanted to get a picture for you for the Instagram and like all right way right. You know just ignore that paranoia out of fine it at its finest
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walk of shame 'cause. I have say it together, one hundred and thirty three up shame. There are different types of waka like I'm gonna, seen, paint it because maybe there's some amateurs that have not walked walk. I think they would be to read like that. No, I don't think it amateurs. I think it's a class, girls up block, hasn't done this. You know I'm like. Oh, you know like girls. Italic not just really put me in my fucking plays you're like amateur right. You thought you were going to call it a night. Somehow your friends convince you to go to the bar, you have twelve tequila shots, you wake up in a foreign place and there's a man snoring next to you, and you don't remember him
all and yes, you do not. You can't find your phone. You can't find your underwear there's a condom on your forehead classic, but you just need to get home. It is like mission impossible. You need to get home all operation, get the fuck out, get the fuck out or die some. This is a very great topic because I, as a woman of the people, can give a quick little per single story. That hotline is not too long share with the class the other weekend, I hi there was a guy in town, so I went to his hotel room, we're hanging out all we like hooked up and it's so it's like a good now I I was actually it was actually horrible. Oh my god! That's why I wanted to get out so wait. You told me about that: yeah yeah. It was that one, so it was one of those where I knew there's no way. I want to wake up next to this fucker. In the morning I creek open the door and
Flip the fuck out. I rushed to the elevator. I get the fuck out of there call myself an uber and come home now. The thing is that I to point out you will be able to tell yeah in a way of shame what situation the girl was in. Based on how fucked up she you looks you can tell by looking at a girl her walk of shame what type of guy she's fucked so In that case yeah. I didn't have a second to look at my hair. Look at my makeup right. I was all out below death sprint to get away from Batman that you risk look. I don't care some type of fucked up, I'm public yeah Sofia. I ran out if the hotel, looking like I had a fucking gunshot wound to the fucking head like I ran out of there like it, was a fucking Chinese fire drill and it was my one shot and it's all got baby and I fucking booked it and then
are the Walker shames you have where, like you don't mind, the guy could chambers, in necessarily with like a one night stay on, and sometimes you and look in the mirror and your left or right. I just gotta fix myself. I look like a prostitute, but, like you clean yourself up right, like I've, had believe it or not a class. The walk of shame. I know people are thinking, that's not a thing I left out for you like I've, had it where you know. I was I liked the guy enough, and I was close enough that, like you know I kind of go, cleaned up the eyeliner underneath my eye. Where I look like Jack Sparrow, I can't, even though I was wearing heels, you know, seven hundred am with a trench coat while people are walking to work right with the brief I still kind of looked somewhat but yeah right. It was kind of obvious walk of Shabba to put together one. I love that and I think it's very telling it's like you see the girls on you wow, like maybe that girl, not guy, like you know, are going to have a future right and then you see the other girls are like holy fuck. She just got
and she has no idea that there's common or her there's so the condom is on the back of her fucking leg and she was terrified of the man she need to get the fuck out. So I have ah personal story before I get into it. Okay, I have a question for you. Okay, I want to know what is worse wearing heels during a walk of shame or wearing his sneakers 'cause. I've done both oh I've seen you hey are both fucked up copy on Billy Sofia. Hudson come home in a men's size like thirteen sneaker, I have a size. Five one slash two foot by the way I have small feet and I look as if I am about to hit up the the local circuits for clown, trying Circus Soleil ok, here she comes clouded the year. Let's get it dude. She flops in and she's got like BO
shoes on your feet. Like bananas, fucking shoes on Fucking flu she's, trying out for the swim team, yeah yeah, I'm to say his shoes are ' better, I agree, heels are worse. I heels during the walk of shame, there're, walk of shame, heal and then there are like I'm going to work he'll, you know what I mean you cannot. You cannot blend in with the people that are about to like go to Citibank and Goldman Sachs. I know you got the lace all the way up, your fucking God. Bottom seven inches tall like it's so obvious. That's actually a really good point. I agree with you. I think the heal, I think heels are worse because you might as well be walking down the street with a sign that says I just got fucked fucked, pretty much locked. So tell us your story. You're trying deflect you've been saying all these things in your child she's. No, I'm not! Okay!
So uh! I went to this place. Okay, a warehouse, so scared to tell the story that I'm is already tripping over. My tell us. I got invited to go to this really fancy event with this guy really liked, and it was fucking freezing in New York and um. I was putting on tights and they completely ripped and I had two seconds to get out the door, and so I ended up leaving for this event. You were there in a dress with no type unlike a shorter dress, with no tight and like open Tokyo. It was was one of those days where the weather said said, like unhealthy conditions like to go outside of that, like even even completely covered like not burka and like moon boots like it was still unhealthy and, I hope,
yep yeah! You are right, you look so cute meanwhile, hey. I went to that event, and- and I was I'm like super into this guy in a lady- comes up to me and she was like Ma'Am are you? Okay. Are you not completely freezing I hate and I want to die because you know if you know what the question is, is wow you, Who really are that much of a slut that you're willing to risk being fucking freezing in that outfit? That's what that is sensually. What their saying dude. I fucking hate those people that are all when they ask. Are you cold? Yet was cold and have a fucking jacket, and I have great but also a guy. I am cold, but also I drink myself, a sweater and I took seven fireball shots get the fuck out of my face before I, your saggy pity, all right so anyways anyway back to know the episode anyway, the guy witnesses. The whole thing go down. I'm like horrified the next morning, I'm like I need to get the fuck out outta here.
Also, another reason that sometimes you want to flee. The scene is 'cause, you really like the guy and you don't want him seeing some type of fucked up fucked. So you know what I mean: yes, yes, yeah, so I'm like I need to get the hell out of here. I pull out my phone and I get an alert and it says the cold stay in New York, legit wing day in New York, the weather forecast it was like this is not the most cold it will get in the city of New York that he will people weren't having to go to work. That day, like New York was closed as New York was how to frozen over, and I was about to go, have all around your with my vagina hanging out. Ok, so I call an uber, and I cannot, for the life of me, find a way out of this fucking neighborhood, and you know what's so funny about the fact that I'm telling this story right now
is. I was talking about this specific neighborhood to someone last night and without me even saying anything. The person last night was like. Oh, that place is a fucking maze, so that's just can learning how this neighborhood is. Okay, you little, the naked around running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get out of the neighborhood. It took me thirty minutes there are women and children like people on their way to work or people dropping their kids off at school, and I look like a full blown prostitute full and it's freezing and it's the cold. Anyone or anything, and I got borderline hypothermia and that's not a I almost was just going to tell the uber driver. You know what so you might as well just fucking
ready to mount Sinai. My my toes are purple at my fingertips are purples. You guys will bring me right down to the hospital. Is this bitch is right, walked out when I got in the uber the guy goes. Are you ok like? No? When someone says? Are you okay? Worse? No, of course, I'm not, I know well, I am on well, sir. That's what I actually did it we can for about I'm so sorry I like just got. We held the line about it. Where can I confirm, though, yeah all of these options? I'm gonna have to say the worst is when it is no, where near Halloween time, and you went some some fucking themed party, the middle of fucking March, and you walk outside in your themed party outfit. Looking like a fucking yeah leprechaun
fucking, leprechaun, continous, says kiss me, I'm irish on your asshole all and your sticker is ripped in the back well from side to side and every time you move they get a glimpse of the asshole with kids. Hi rich of my castle and everyone kind worried, Kesha Green glitter, all over your pussy and your face, and it's like you're wearing literally a cough, and you have the gate, making everyone's going to work, no rezone reason that you should be looking like a leprechaun and the thing is is like in New York. You could you would hope that you would blend in with the, homeless people, but even the homeless people are like what the fuck is wrong. What's going on,
eyes, the worst, a walk of shame from a themed party and there's just nothing like it is the fucking worse than a child. So all my leper con all right Alex. You tell us a lot of shame: okay, there's God! If you will college ten, of course you could mean. I mean you're on the soccer team, big fat. You look. The way you do going to be know like the lines were ran. Okay. No, I actually, okay. This is actually probably the worst one that to me. I at the time I think this was like my sophomore year well. First of all, I want to bring up that the worst fucking thing is when your phone is dead, when you wake up with a guy that you don't fucking like, and you have to ask them to call you an uber and they call you the
burn, they say, go ahead, it's downstairs and I've had it. Where then I go down with my dead phone. No and then I can't find uber and he can't get a hold of me, and this happened to me. I was just in like a very like fuck it stage trying to hook up with someone outside of school. You know how you get the little rebellious moments, so I'm hooking up with this guy that lives in, like fucking, downtown Boston So I end up in his apartment. Naturally- and I remember I went out on a Thursday and I had an exam on friday- and I woke up- I asked him to call me an uber I was freaking out is going to be late for the exam and I'm I'm gonna have to show it to my exam in my going out outfit, but at least I didn't wanna scope. I know so he call can you run downstairs. I can't buy nuber uber. I sit down on the curb in my stripper heels. Just start bawling my eyes out been there a man and his son came over and he was like a you Okay and I toilet like freaking out. He ended up being so nice
call me an uber. I got it directly to my class and know. If I had any fucking bit of luck, it would have been a gianormous lecture lecture, not today sweetheart. So I taking my sign language exam which had a total about, I would say, like fifteen people in the class wow, we all have to sit with the desks in uh you. So we can all see each other signing. Oh perfect Alex takes a seat clips on the see I've got my little mini dress on a stripper. He really was actually on the scene. It was this time you probably left my underwear at his house- oh god, so I look down. My legs are actually orange and white 'cause there street of my tanner 'cause. I spelled. God knows how many miles does a tiger and class started Professor Anthony shout out, he would go around and say all of us hi. How are you- and you just have to give a quick explanation of how you're feeling and he gets to me and instead of asking like you, did every other person? How are you he signs to me? Are you ok
No, I'm not! Ok! No! I am not old Kate. I think that might be the worst class to have to go too well, then, and then imagine this time's up. I have to walk all the way down e campus in my strappy. Stripper outfit, as I pass all of my peers, multiple teach, on their way. Hello, professor hello, professional hoping to hello, professor blood Lynn. Things are fine, we're working out, it's fine I'll, be there at three hundred o'clock, just need to go change my outfit and maybe take a shower like woo. Turtle
actual Walker cheap out, open facts in the olden days in a walk him. Shame all dead good day, Sir, like it was an entire, almost Mylan. If anyone want to be you, you know, like the mile strip, I had to walk it like there were multiple because threads going talking about like did you fucking see that whore I'm like laughing, but I also couldn't laugh because I'm Jen only feel about having you kind of want to give younger Alex a little hug guys so lucky they all of the men. You man, you don't even know how. The closest thing they have to walk of shame as if they like lose their fucking shoes. I also want to add. I love girls just wake up the next day and they are fucking entitled to any any of your ward so that they feel I need not. I dancing. I have gone home
in a guy's shoes. Socks, pants shirt and hat. Yes, you like thank you and he's like ok, so that's like kind of like three hundred bucks and you actually through never going to see them again. All my gosh he's love happy did thanks for the night right. I mean to sell them on Ebay, literally, it's kind of incredible guy, I'm sure men don't love I'm sure the daddy Gang has so many while I'm sure you've had this. I'm sorry kind of in a guy text you the next day and he's like those are like my favorite sweatpants. I need those back and you literally like laugh out here like you will. Never you never never see you again. They were a baby. You'll see them on my instagram story. When I'm cuddling at home, even popcorn are not with you, you won't be wearing them, Jude the walk of shame in college, I thought was bad, but really when you're out of college, you go through that stage where you're like why the fuck am. I still
Julia. Why did my am I doing the right college years about to honestly walk of shame anyway. Never end. I never I may never end fall is Apanas. The leaves are changing and so should y'all. Oh, so yeah. That would be don't wait for New year's resolution. You guys, let's get our her bodies, fit Titan right, you guys it was summer. We want to stay in shape because then, all of a sudden, it's going to be summer again we're gonna be like what the fuck I was dead or whether I was packing it on an now. I don't feel great, so guys open, fit Sofia and I have actually been trying to go to the gym recently? Yes, I try to get back on track, yup an open if it helps us so much. He takes the complexity out of losing weight and getting fed. It's a super simple streaming service that allows you to work out from the comfort of your living room or in the gym, for the
is ten minutes a day, yeah guys Sophie and ice arena stream it on our iphones. You literally just have it on your phone and it's super easy, so guys open, fit you're going to text code, daddy, two, thirty, three thousand and thirty- that's three three thousand and thirty, and you guys will get full access to open, fit all the workouts and nutrition info totally free, again just text I thousand and thirty thirty standard message and data rates may apply. Let's move
want to quiz. You move baby questions, though Dwight question questions of old questions of where would the bottom? Alright? Here we go. Ok, please help. I have never came before and I am not interested in masturbating I like sex, but as soon as it gets intense and I feel myself getting closer to climaxing, I want to push the guy off and stop. I don't know why I have this problem. I wasn't raised religious or taught that female pleasure is wrong, but it's like my body really doesn't want me to orgasm for some reason I feel like I need to go to sex therapy or something LMAO have year olds ever heard this kind, thing before? If so, do you have any advice? Okay, that breaks my heart. I know exactly what she's talking about me too, because sometimes- and I think, a lot of girls do that when you get close to or
orgasm, you get in your head and you kind of like freak yourself out and you stop yourself from coming yeah. Why is that? Because we, I feel a pressure to come. I think it's like something about women and because it's already hard to orgasm, it's like you get so in your head and you start over thinking it and then you're like. Oh, my god wait and then it's gone. I I can't do it now. I know this may not be the most healthy advice, but I actually, I think I was in college. I was going through like a dry spell where, like I wasn't, I wasn't having orgasms like with the guys I was talking, was put what the fuck is going on and literally I would smoke weed oh masturbate, and what happens is when you smoke weed your body gets just so fucking relaxed and I was just immediately. I snapped out of it right back in one masturbation session a little high and I was back to life. Actually fucking love
yeah. I think it's great. So if you do smoke she could, but she did say I'm not interested in masturbating, ok, which I don't understand. Then yeah. Then I do that's that's strange to me 'cause. That would be the go to that. I would yeah so she's, just relying on sex with men to masturbate to come well, I would never rely on a fucking man for anything anything let alone in organize an orgasm that at the top of the list, you can't rely on a man to get your fucking cup of water after you, fuck he's got himself a cup water. Not you right! So if I were you, I would get interested in masturbate yeah. I don't get why she doesn't want to, and then I guess my advice is, if you really don't fucking want to, for whatever reason I would make sure you're having sex with the guy you're super comfortable with you and stop putting so much. Sure on coming. So what if you don't cut right? I still feel the maze, Lou and you're good to go boom and also just have sex for three hours. With this guy make him go down on you make him. Do the whole
shebang now and you'll probably end up coming at some point: shovels haze down there, keep him down there lock and load yeah okay. What should I do if I d M a girl on instagram- and it says she hasn't seen it yet, but it's been like two weeks. I have been waiting. Two fucking addresses for so long, because so many people ask this goddamn question and let me tell you exactly what it means, because I do it to every fucking guy that I'm trying to ignore when a when a girl is avoiding open in your dm. It's cause. She doesn't want to, fucking talk he's she's, not even opening it yeah. You got to take that as a sign it. It is a loss and move on yeah. It's a lot and less. She has thousands and
yeah I'll reason she did, but still no, because if the girl cares about you like, I get quite a few d ends, and I know the man that I actually care about that or do you have any I go and check if they've even dm me like, I think, for the people, if you are, they look are leaving you on scene. That's a message, but I do think almost not opening as a bigger message, did you see them active on Instagram and then they're not opening your shit? It's because they're like oh, my god, I feel so awkward. I don't want to open their shit. Cuz like I don't want them know I ignore but really what it means is there ignoring you more than ignoring ignoring yeah. Sorry, I completely agree with you unless a plus this person has tens of thousands or hundreds. Thousands of floor they're really bad instagram. I was not to it out loud and Instagram, somehow you're looking at right here, My dms are fucked up right now, yeah, I was gonna say sometimes I say:
Judy EMS and I keep looking and you don't read them and I'm like. Are we in a fight? And I didn't know it's just that, like my dms are fucked and then I'm like screaming across the apartment. So if you helping your fucking dms and then I go Sir yeah, so maybe they're about Instagram, but that's probably not the case. Actually, there she's actually probably disgusted by yes, she probably thinks you're literally disgusting, and you should probably just move on actually just deactivated, absolutely fucking. You know you should deactivate your instagram yeah. You should really enter the witness protection. Gram and change your name, that's fucking. That is so embarrassing. Who, though,
this is so embarrassing, hasn't responded, hi, Daddy's, love, you guys so much. I recently started seeing this guy after we bonded over the show, and we have some bomb sax, but he has a mole it. He loves, it any thinks it's hot, but I think it's very ugly, myself Alex. What would you suggest you dated someone with a bullet having you, we Sophia literally took my mark motherfuckers more and more. When I swear
We were fine bullet mark. So I've never fucked a mark. That's on my to do list, but if I did The guy or I was fucking shit, had a mullet cut it the fuck off and goes to sleep, not tell him to cut it off, like you, op scissors, no put it off of in the middle of the night after you guys get fucked up. You literally get him so fucked up and in the more yeah, oh my god, I did a whoopsies. You know how okay good yeah I mean I did a poop seat. I did a whoopsie an eye. Accident cut off your. Like in tag, alter sure accidentally cut your entire mole it off, but that's really the way to do it. Mullet mark help
I'm getting played. We don't like that. I started fucking this athlete three months ago and I've only been fucking him and he made a big deal about me. Only fucking him saying shit like you know, I won't fuck you if you're messing with other guys and he's very serious like he doesn't fuck around and it's kind of scary, almost lol anyways, he says he's only fucking me. I was helping him clean and I saw can from the night before with lipstick. On the top side note the night before he went out, I was supposed to go over and he was too tired. So then I was like, oh so he's fucking other girls. So when he left for practice in the morning I went through his trash and found a dirty makeup wipe I couldn't confront him because I went through his trash not so crazy, right lol. I brought over a bunch of condoms the first couple of times we fucked. Now we go raw and I also saw now a condom wrapper
the trash. Ok. How dumb is this fucking literally? How do I confront him? I left a rapper there, so maybe I could freak freak out on him. The next time I go over. What do I do see? I don't think she confronts him, I'm trying to think. I think fuck that go ahead. I don't know I I don't have the answer yet, but I'm thinking I'm like this was me. I think there's two ways it can go down all right. Look, I'm gonna, give you the two ops all right. Let's lay it out, she could grab a poster boy word: ok, she could grab the makeup. Wipe condom. Can all of it. Fucking super glue it to this poster board super glue, the poster boy, to his front door and be like you're fucking dead. To me read reasons: you're a piece of shit and then all the little things are stapled on every single thing is there all the evidence is. Oh, I like that he will freak the fuck. He walks in his entire apartment is trashed yes, and
install all of his like belong better, very expense. Absolutely you deserve that girl right! That's yours! Now! Can you take that? That's yours! Yes, yes, the better way to go about it. There's a better way there is. Is he will never fucking hear from you? work again yeah and it is going to fuck with such chills it's going to fuck with his head in a way that I can cannot explain it in a way that nothing else could fuck with his head more yeah. When you show that you're angry, you show that you care and you show that he has a chance yeah. I can disappear and this guys so mind fucked and he's like. Where did she go? What's happening? I'm worried
what's going on. That's when you're really going to fuck with him, ok yeah! I have chills as well. It's just too good. It's too good. I don't even need to say anything, that's the answer. That's it that's what you do. I would go with plan B right he never hears from you again. That's so right! That's why we have this show since I'm time to it chills down. My spine, I know, will typically typically yep girlfriend you got it good in Todd, daddy love, I'm curious about your sexual experiences with the european men last month last semester I studied abroad in Berlin, and let me tell you those dudes are kinky. I was talking to this guy on tender, and he asked me to see
spit in his face, for money is not even weird. Why do all the time I ghosted him, but is that even a fetish? I also hooked up with another dude in a club bathroom, and he bit my Click that hurts when people say that anyone that I think I just have bad luck, but I'm sorry to say now: I'm scared to hook up with foreign dudes, so so interesting. This is very interesting because last night I was hanging out with my friend who said german guys are like the kinkiest fucking guys ever I can attest Well, no, okay, so I never fucked him uh, so guys. I went on a date with this guy that I matched with on Riah and he was german and it was the weirdest thing because I have never really dated a foreign guy, and so I was like you know, I'm going to expand my
call it, and I remember I went on the date and within like ten minutes, he was talking about how he would put me down on table in rail me so good and how he knew how to fuck women- and I was just like and it wasn't it was hot, but then the way he talked about his sexual experience was just so yeah. It was very open which I did like. I was like. Oh, you have a type of woman and he was like I like a woman with like big tits, globally said it like big tits. I like them to be thin and tall and long legs, and I like blondes and I'm like wow. I can you you, you really spit yeah and then he was just like yeah and you know I'm going fuck you and I was like what the fuck and I came home kinda like stunned. I, like kind of turned on he was great at making out he
is a little shorter for my liking, that I usually date, but I was still into it and he took me on a couple dates and he was like calling me baby and like just super lovey and then for our fourth date. He wanted to take me like two. He was going to get like a house for us up in like the mountains of New York, and I with my fear, you know me. I thought that's where I was going to be killed. Instead of I thought I was like. Oh wait. He could kill me like Friday. Why would I go up to the mountains right now and like? I was just something about a guy you to do anything that just that just killed my blog and the thing is, is not only, I think, are the german band super sexual, but they're also just very. Oppressive. When I told him, I wasn't sure- and I joked about that- I thought he was going to kill me because I told him he wrote me a two page email of his background and why I should go with him and said you should show this to your parents and right
My parents and I kind of him liking this stuff, though I kind of think that you met him. Remember and you were like ok he's also fucking racist. Well, yes, you did make an interesting comment, so views like what the fuck, oh, but but no so my experience, I haven't dated a guy sense. That's foreign, but yeah. This part you're going to say I haven't dated a guy sense. He really fast bike. German yeah, I only fucked her. I, like a part of me, wanted to fuck him just to see you if I can buy and that's something I want to also know we have to talk about it in an episode uncircumcised at all. We do and not whole thing, because that in itself is a different ball game
and it changes things should yeah not for the worse. The bass is just I yeah. It's a different ring. You got it. You got to go about the dick. A little did you do you do. This is an interesting one. I don't know if I totally agree, but I try to read it so dad again. Listen to this. In my experience, the best way to return to an old person that used to hook up with or used to just talk to, and you want to make a comeback and everyone always awkwardly- doesn't know how to reach out. What I do is I make a joke about us not being in contact for awhile, and I blatantly ignore the fact and what I'll do is say I haven't snapped hurting them in months. I will send him a selfie saying sorry, I was gone, my phone died or like something stupid like that. Like sorry, I was taking a nap like I was in the shower and guys always think it's funny. They eat that shit up and boom. You get to go, fuck them again, you're welcome and it's funny and it's a funny way to slide back in. I don't know about that exact example, but I agree, I think, if I am going to
shouts out like an old hook up, I would probably do something funny yeah. I love that I think that's really great and the snapshot thing and even if he is like did you mean to send that to me like absolutely, I, like that yeah my phone's been dead for literally five, my yeah, the crazy thing anyways. What are you doing sizing up? So what are you doing today? I loved so daddy. Getting if you want to you know rekindle the flame yeah, that's good! I had a guy that I didn't respond to him like four ad vert at and he sent a follow up message. That was like, I hope, just haven't responded because you're really slow read, and I thought it was a lot of money and I went on a date with him build them. My boyfriend has a female friend and her profile picture on multiple social media sites is with him. While she always post kind of touchy pictures with him people from school comment. Things like you guys should get married or dating yet we've been together for a
long time, multiple years, this really pisses me off. Am I crazy psycho, or is he probably cheating? It is time to cut that bitch. I don't necessarily think he's cheating, but I think that she fondles his balls on a regular basis. He may not touching her, but she is definitely touching him in a little econ. She got her fucking hands down his sweatpants. This. Would all drive me. You know saying that if you have made it to your boyfriend that it bothers you and the girl is still do doing in then you nobody cut the cord yeah your done to cut the cord and put the it's either her or me yeah. I saw my right now. Ultimatums aren't good, but good, but Senate yeah is absolutely good they've. Can you imagine you literally have a boyfriend and a commenting where people are commenting. Commenting, my god, you guys married
yeah! No, you, my god! I would freak the fuck. I would go and report the comment. Instagram slider hey slide into the girl dm. They be like in your car is going to be keyed. Your car actually has been key. Yes, yes, no! I girl. That's the thing. Tell keying cars yes, yes, yes, I've actually never done that either. I want ok will know the thought of milk, but if we need, I can do it for you. If usually we say like to go after the guy I think in this circumstance you absolutely bring it up with your boyfriend, but if this girl is his best friend, she obviously is going to know that he has a girlfriend and she's shown in blatant disrespect by posting those pictures. I would like probably say something to her. I was going to say the thing is: is we always talk about the other woman when they owe you nothing right? This, however, is different because
it's his best girlfriends that she should. I respect for you, respect for you and also be one of your friend. Absolutely so if she doesn't, if she's not being sensitive towards your feelings, then again, like Sofia, said in the beginning, she is fondling. His and they are on the pike bugs not fondling her, but she is fondling, absolutely so, get it right and get it wait, get your man in line and, if not thrown to the fucking curb I would let you do that Mary, I don't you go ahead and post a picture on your social media with the guy that such down your throat. Yes, power to the fucking pussy
that one guys we're talking about Lola. Today it is a female founded company. They offer a subscription service of organic cotton, tampons, pads, liners and all natural cleansing way. You guys, I think, we've all heard- and I know it's like scary, but we've all heard about the toxic shock and like some tampons- are really fucked up and they're, not FDA approved, because essentially the FDA doesn't require brands to disclose comprehensive list of the ingredients in this shit yeah, so essentially, Lola is the ultimate go to when you are ordering your tampons or pads airliners yeah, and I mean
A lot of us have a period every month. Yeah. Why not get your self on a subscription service? Will you sign up? You have a month, and it just sends it to you. You get to choose the mix of products that you want, the number of boxes, frequency ex cetera so, like whatever you want, you can essentially custom your order. Yes and I'm always dealing with allergies. So I just want to say: gynecologists approved this and they're hypo allergenic. So right now, Lola is offering cleansing wipes that are safe to use in your body like after sex. You can use it. It's really good and it's gonna call just approved. Huge point, so guys, if you are interested, you guys want to sign up for Lola Visit, my lola dot com, Slash C, h d, as in call her daddy and enter code c h, t to get one box of subscription wipes for five dollars and see fifty turn off today. Alright, daddy Godaddy. We love you so much what a world every Wednesday it just gets better and happier and stronger than hotter and sexier and run
sure we talked about some crazy shit this week, but all I know, we did one healthy segments that were good for the next. Like twenty episodes. We don't help any time for me to go. My hangover is kicking in yeah guys. We love you so much have the best fucking once ok, I hope all of you have great weekend plans. I hope you guys pregame to call her daddy and also everyone say you guys should be like hanging out with your friends and how it's like a book book club but call her daddy club and you listen together. I fucking not listening, so. I read someone's comment on the internet shots every single time. We say word dick pussy oh you're, going straight to the hospital red son. Someone on the internet was like. I was on my way to class and I forgot my headphones. So I am streaming call her daddy out loud on my phone just walking to class, and I have no fucks given that's the kind of fucking daddy gang enerji. We need alright guys. We love you so subscribe Against ours, if you can, if it's going to be a one, get the fuck outta here
love! You daddy, love! You daddy's next week.
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