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55- Body Count & The Social Vulture

2019-10-01 | 🔗

The girls discuss past sexual partners, how many is too many, and everything you've ever wondered about body count- including the EXACT number girls should tell their man. Also, they dive into the taboo topic of bad personal hygiene for women… men have been complaining about the taste/smell of their girl's clam (worst nightmare), but don't worry we have a solution! Last but not least, bringing you the social vulture. Everyone has encountered this wretched species. Tune in to find out more!

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Do you call him daddy? Do I call her? Call her daddy, hello, hello, hello, daddy, Daddy Gang or what is up in his Alex and Sophia back at it again. Just tell them our full name since were shadowbanned, and you can't find her Instagram page Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklin guys. What's up, how's it going on today so Alex, and I we hung out all this past weekend. We did, we hung out the dead and we went to a show, We went to a comedy show and when girls are getting ready to go out. Men don't shut this off. This is gonna, be like a three minute: fucking interlude yeah. It has to do with those looking like prostitutes, so get your bonus yeah and if you hate Alex now, you'll also include Sophie, and I are trying to get ready for the night and we didn't know what to wear, but what it
he came down to was, do we wear heels or just sneakers? This is this one of the biggest monumental moments for a girl when she's deciding to go out because, essentially think about it? There's two options: you go out and sneakers and then every bitch she was wearing heels and they looked dressed to the nine, so sexy and hollering over. You will still be. Yeah. I lose that. However, in turn, then you have the option where you, where the heels and you show up and all the girls are chilled wearing. I can sneakers just casual and you look like a yeah. You watch what you think. We look like you're trying so hard so hard, so we are Actually we were healed. We we are like five minutes late for the comedy show we are walking in and the comedian stops his fucking Santan and he is like. Oh, my god, girl
cause. It's Amber and Brittany Like says it into the microphone with the entire fucking audience, or it's bursting out laughing sharing it like these two little white girls, I'm pretty sure I was wearing Jean shorts too, and he said look at Brittany with her daisy, Duke that comedy show and I'm like. Ok. So, basically you're just saying I look like an actual whore and everyone just stared at us. While we stuck in Satyr asses down- and it was really embarrassing well, we were agonizing for hours, heels or sneakers, and this second, we get to the show the fucking comedian stops to show. So that was the first. Of the night yeah we downhill from there down. Our friend is friends with the comedian he's like you, guys can come backstage. Amazing can't wait much. This is this going backstage at something in general is a very slippery slope. As a woman, as a woman because people are automatically looking you're being like group, groupie groupie. Why are they back?
What do they want to do back here? Yeah, who you trying to fuck so to have that mentality mixed with the stripper heels Alex and I were wearing making out like sore thumbs at the comedy club we wanted to fucking die when we were back stage. I was. I literally was like trying to like stand in a corner. Not have anybody look at me. I was so mad. I was like shoving Sofia in front of me like no, you stand in the front, so it seems like no. Let's go to the bathroom like there was no a around to everyone was looking at us like a tuition, one hundred and one girls in the corner, and the thing is, we didn't know anyone, either no we're not talking to anyone, you don't know anybody, and then this comedian is actually married. So he wife is there with all of her friends and then two little she's that are in their twenties come strolling in it's a fucking disasters. It was horrible. I never in my life you wish. I was wearing sneakers more than that moment.
I promise you for the next couple of months. You will see Sophia and I only in fuckin sneakers. Oh my god, we are God, Damn sketcher shape up me to where I put on my fucking heels. It was embarrassing guys, and so we just wanted to sympathize with all the girls out there that you guys like have wardrobe issues quickly. Can we tell them, though, Ladies, there is a rule that so, if you know I always talk about that, you had not where this three part three part Tellem's you because I said this before when I was in college. I would wear enough cloth to cover that clean Clinton then tie flops in my vagina and like my nipples and then just like hi floss together and go out? I think you right yeah and I as I've gotten older. I just cover it more and more. I right it's a better luck by the three point rule three point. You cannot show leg midriff and
leave hell, no I'll can't show all three all three salute. It's just a little too slutty little a little bit for the imagination. Let's just try to get it together. It's especially as yeah approaching, maybe don't be going click to stomach, do you know any mean, let's try to really even pick like, even if you would like to start out slow, you been slutty from the beginning. It's going to be hard. Do you wanna, give you guys? Culture shock starts slow name the cover up the cleaning? Oh, that's a big. What do the crop top in a minute there you go there you go! So we got you girls. Yeah wearing a tight, long, sleeve turtleneck. That shows like kind of the outline of your It goes a long way along way, I be sexier than you know, having a local, not sure where there is like nothing left to the imagination, any pretty. Much knows what your tits look like by the end of the night and you got to like he.
Readjusting you're sure so that your aerial it doesn't like pop into your mashed potatoes, an aerial it into a pole, for all you are, is that didn't know yeah the plop into the mosque, potatoes guy, just in case that happens on the net Paul? No, I agree. I agree. I think it's super hot to wear a tie, turtle neck and then have it showing that draft yeah bill or you don't even off to Alex's like and then I'll show the somebody out or you don't have to be ordered. Yeah alright, guys are presenting sponsor is roman. You guys know the drill you can only think about a cactus hitting your deck and hurting. So you don't come so many times all right. All right you get it. Roman swipes will do the job. You don't need a cactus you just why this on your dick and it's going to help you last longer. Yes- and it's clinically proven it's not like, where is making this shit up some high end, Ph Ds level bitches,
I tested this out in the lab and it really does work also So if you guys are kind of embarrassed, don't be it comes in unmarked, discreet, packaging, and what is it? about lasting longer and I wipe something on his dick and he's like hold on I'm going to pound you for ten, more fucking hours Means Bisky needs business. I want that good, Dick, no matter how big are small, so guys, if you are in Did you want to last longer you're going go to get roman dot com, slash daddy, and you can get your first month of swipes for just five bucks when you choose a monthly plan again that is get roman dot com, slash, Daddy go last longer, so we got a big big, big, big boy for you today, a big bar body. Tell body count body count to you, slut your body count above twenty, you whore for those of you that don't know body count is the amount of people you slept with the amount of people you've, pork, the amount of people that have porked you amount of bodies, you've taken down. What's your kill
You know pull up my list. Oh wait guys. So every girl probably has or absolutely no one actually mature girls, don't a girls that work, visioning like with the list will be burned at some private. I feel do you have like a little? Let me too, I, like the you, said little. You I bet it's filled all the way the entire you've covered so this morning. So if you and I are getting ready for the show were like all right, let Let's talk about our body, so we want to tell each other our body count, I loved. Actually I don't fucking love. I fucking hate going down memory, lane If I look at the list, I'm like ok, so SF guy, that's really not really! Your gonna write is San Francisco guy! That's all you got. Here drive like grocery store clerk know, but there I'm. I have to I'm going to say this. There are one or two men on there that it's uh
scription of like the location name is not what I'm using to describe that. So this morning I was talking to Sophia Anne I'm like telling her my body count and I'm like listen. This is the hard truth. I feel, like a lot of people's body counts aren't even fucking accurate. I feel like people will be like it's really either thirteen or fourteen, and it's like well. Why and r? I think it's because but he usually doesn't count a body for a reason whether it's like no it didn't Philly go in or like. Oh, he was too small, like I didn't even feel it doesn't count, doesn't fucking count. I didn't feel it doesn't that sex wasn't good, doesn't how I've literally personally done that in high school. I was like. Oh no, like I didn't, have sex with him and it's like yeah. You did right, yeah, you fucking! No, I don't know my exact number. I know like the vicinity. I know where the numbers lives, but I don't know for sure you block out. I hope
I did have sex is over in the sex is horrible, and why would I can? Guy is guys I feel like don't really do? Actually I take that back. I feel like with guy I'm sure, there's some guys that if they hook up with and a yeah. So, like a two yeah, just like a disgusting filthy, they like paid for a backpage, ask or they're not going to count that really doesn't count or or if they're, like a blackout drunk all right. You guys are like I her because I was drawn to the cal dot dot. I agree, but also, I have to say men say: girls lie about their body count. I would argue: men lie about having more bodies in the action
we do. So really it's quite pathetic. Men are really could be worse than women because they inflate their shit. They, like girls, lie about being lower, men lie about being hired, they tried a holier, do we know you're, not fucking, scare old, Gerald, the captain of Math Lee? It's just knock it off. We know you're, not in the 90s. Ninety nine, okay and they're. You live in. Utah? No! Ok, when you're younger, let's talk about were younger 'cause. I do think that and you're younger it kind of paints the pathway when you're growing up and how you look at body count because everyone so immature yeah and there were so many like false myths. First of all, I would have yeah I met. I remember that's such a good point. I remember when I was younger when guys would be talking about a girl that had like slept around a lot yeah, they would be like she has,
fucked, so many dudes, like her pussy, is so tell me that you did not hit for the longest time. I really thought that was like the anatomy of a vagina and that it could get loose. The more people you fuck so true for everybody, the don't work that way? Well, you don't even know that till this so it was like. Let me just double check in Google it fucked up, but like I had to double check dude. That is. Oh, my god. I will never forget this. One girl, Sarah, I'm not going to your last name, but Sarah at my high school Sarah Jessica won't so this girl, Sarah at my high school. I remember all the guys, because she like slept around a lot all the guys who get yeah dude fucking. Like a hot dog in a hallway light in the thing is: is it's so immature, but because of the The guys talk to you in high school you're kind of terrified to take more than like a three,
excuse me please, it is my chicken stretched out use Parceiro over here, hot dog in the Big House, but marble hallway- and I remember, being younger and my friends and I like what it was, would be at like number: nine, like yeah, right, yeah and my friends freak out and be like. Oh my gosh, like I can't have anymore sex 'cause, then I'm gonna hit the double digit. Do that so fleet double digits or terrifying, terrifying, and why were they? Terrifying serves guys out here being like wow, I fucked her and it felt it's like when you go bowling and you don't put up the guardrail, it's like when you go bowling with a golf ball that there we go. They getting creative going English. So that's what you think when you're younger so fuck that- and you know what maybe the men I'm if I can put it out there. Maybe the men who are making these fucking jokes should look a little n word, because maybe it not the size of the bun that is too large may,
besides the fucking Weiner. How would you know? Maybe your weiner is not fitting in the normal size fucking bite, maybe you're not fucking around with a full on italian sausage. Maybe you got the little pigs in a blanket in order style, geyser size, looking mother plus size on a toothpick and you're over here, trying to blame it on the bun yeah. That is so true. You sick these knowledge. Anyways we're talking about body. We just lost a lot of anyways, so let me make it clear, because girls care about their own body count. Men do not care about their own body. Absolutely! That's such a good, many friends! I have that guys and the effect over a hundred girls and it's like well like they don't care. We don't look at it, surprised, they're, looking to get to that a hundred markets like they're a life calling it yeah. I got there by the time I die right you while girls, it's like double digits on my god.
Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my freaking out freaking out like it's so fucked up. So let's talk about it, though, because everyone ask that's body count and oh my god, what do I say? I think we should first set the scene of so if you do people even ask you, your body count when you start to, like date them out of the past five. Do that I have seriously dated not one of them asking my body yeah. I think that grown men that armature not little bitch boy, not little bitch boys. Do not ask that question guys, don't want to know so true. The most part exceptions. True, there's exceptions to every five minute agree with you, but also I did date, someone that was a little bit younger by younger. My age and he was a kind of like an insecure guy, and he did ask me essentially like what how many people have you slept with, and I
I think it's so rare that guys actually ask men. Don't care about your body. Count they're, really more concerned about your reputation, you, okay, so if you are known as the class slut, is in their egos. He could be so in fact in love with you, but it's really hard for them to see past that you have this reputation of sleeping around when they're sitting there at the boys drinking beers talking about girls, and he knows that every one either knows who Israel do or they have also personally around you yeah it's hard for many. I get past that. But if you are able to essentially keep your slutty nature more on the down low, then he really isn't going to give a that's a guy's dream literally, if you were sucked do guys if you kept it on the low. So no one really knows he's one not going usually ask your body count and see what he does. Fucking lie. So as long as you can keep reputation intact,
a man really won't give a about what your your number. I totally agree. I think it's all about reputation, but this is kind of like what your number translates to guys. Okay, everyone kind of assume that men want a girl to have a low body count right. That is not necessarily the true true, because if a girl has a super low body count, I sometimes men assume. Then sex is super important to her and like she takes sex seriously and then he's like well fuck. If I have sex with her, then she's going to take it super seriously and then she's going to be a stage, five clinger and turn into a stalker, and then I'm going to freak the fuck out and you're going to be latched to hurt so bad. I would assume that the girl is going to become obsessed. I think that's a really good point. There's like pros and cons to high body counts and low body counts for girls. I asked MILF Hunter. Actually, what is your ideal
body count if you had to ask a girl- and he said it all- depends on age and relationship, history yeah. So if you said, if you are twenty, two or above it, that generally means that you're, like out of college, it's a natural and regular to have double digit bodies were adults or something on the sax. But if I am dating her, I hop to it met that I would really prefer less than fourteen bodies gave us an actual actual number, which I thought was interesting, and he said men have the worst double standard. When it comes to women, men will think. Oh, she got fucked by John, where a strong minded woman could take. No, no, no, I to dry. The guy is like I fucked this many girls in that role is like. I've been fucked right and it's like no. I have fucked this many got so he did say, though here's the kicker. He said if she says that she's fucked, like two guys he said she's, either ugly super religious or been dating the same guy since middle school or
flying right door lying. Why are we? Why do people get so crazy about body count when it's kind of it's easy, second thing to lie about. I will world lie about I and II, and according to Mill Hunter for less than fourteen, so go when I I was going to say I would say, between eight hundred an like one thousand three hundred and fourteen. I mean, let's be honest, because I now that there probably girls listening that have in their mind ' 'cause. There is no such thing as higher low body count. Depends you fucking ask but in their mind, they're like oh, my god, like mine is so high or they have one way higher than their friends do not for a second field. About a girl. No there nothing to feel bad about it's part of human nature to want.
We should not feel shame about wanting to have so I'm glad you brought that up because as much as we joke, I really want to emphasize to girls that sometimes what it really just comes down to his you're dealing with a little bitch boy that stunted by I norms when really every girl should just be proud of your fucking body. Count just like men are ok we're throwing around numbers. We, don't I mean come on that point, is, is like we're, throwing around numbers like eight and thirteen girls were just saying: those are numbers that will shut men, the up, yeah they're, going to ask- and you know what I mean to give you every year right, apps to lie because being because these guys are being so hypocritical
for them, that they can do as many as they want, but they want their little literally, our p two to not be more than eight and I actually off. I'm not gonna lie, so everyone just lie about your body cal, I'm so we've established that guys. Don't really ask no at least older guys. You know. Do you girl, I? guys because a woman- and I am so so ashamed to say this- and I will change my way. No, you won't. I say it. I've asked that question definitely ask boyfriends what their body count I have to, and the thing
is in hopes that he asks bad and he never does feel like. Why did you care- and I'm like I'm like so do you want to know my knees like? No, no, are you sure he's like don't and I'm over here like? Is it seventy two girls or seventy two one slash two or is it seventy? Three? You can vote it's so true. I think I know we always generalize, but I'm not going to speak for every woman in America I knew the two people in the store in studio Sophia and I talking about it and I think we have like really big issues. We all know that already hi one of the issues is, I like, if I know that the guy I'm talking to has like like a specific girl. I have this sick thing where I love to pry, and I want to know everything and it starts with. Like the body count starts with n, that goes from there. It like snowball it snowballed, and you want to know how she fucks dude. I was with this guy the other day that I'm dating and I I'm pretty sure
I ended up asking him about his ex girlfriend and the size of her clip yeah. You texted me, and then I asked the guy. I was this size of his Ex girlfriend's clit Ordenador too. Ok, not a ride. He was like you're crazy, I'm like I will go, get a bean from the Kitchen AP quarter enough salt and a great Brianne you get looking point to whichever one you think it is Sophia is texting me as I'm with the guy. That's in town and she's like I just asked him what her clip size lesson like that is such a good idea, and I turned my again like so remember the Vegas girl that use to fuck like consistently. You just tell me the sides of her Clinton. Was it on the smaller side of daughter and do you like fatter or do you like smaller clips, and I need to know and what would you consider mine and they're like what wrong with you, not even asking if she was tight, we're not
I feel like you were flops were long. It's the clicks on the size and be specific. This thing is, is we're saying bye count doesn't matter again. I don't really give a fuck. What my guys body count is. I just ask him to torment him right. I don't really care what it is. You know it's fun, I don't know, I I mean girls. I think a lot of girls like I already know two girls on the top of my head, that are my friends that we have a ied. I then you too, so I do the real problems, but I do I don't know I get off on like asking guys about their sexual past hill. I think it makes a really uncomfortable. It's me being a total her. You know yeah and I wanted to her. I wanted to hurt me. I want to start crying and what that What is wrong with us? Why do we do hi yeah? I don't Let us know. Okay, you think that you want the guy to have a low body count want to dating no man horn, no as boy's block right right in real?
the the phone It's in your subconscious and you've never really realize this, but you want your guy to have a somewhat average or above average body count. You really don't my god I would, I would argue above average yeah yeah and people are like. What are you talking about it's so true. This is a perfect example. Go for it. I was talking to this guy. He was super super nice. Like really successful. He was like a total nerd yeah, totally fine, totally fine. I love a nerd situation and I was kind of into a kind of not like he just seemed a little bit boring yeah and one night we were taught King and I was like literally strategizing my exit plan, how do I get rid of all yeah, like I'm just kind of want to different, hey right? You know different pathway, yes top play, and we start, talking and slowly it starts to come out. He is fucked.
A shuttle married hundred girls, men like we what and I'm like what? Where did this come? and you know what and you know what I wanting to fuck him so bad. Lee and I stayed there the whole night- and I was like I am so intrigued now and I want to have sex with this person that is so beautiful it is so beautiful. This thing is is, and I know it sounds fucked up, but it truly is so much hotter, knowing that this guy gets pussy and he fucks and now you're the chosen fuck and knowing that he's a wanted entity in the social fucking world and he's had his time and girls have wanted to fuck him and now he's with you, there's something sickly attractive about that. I think there's multiple things I think. Yes, it shows that he is wanted
and then I think people assume that the higher the body count right, like the more skilled they'll be in the bedroom. Right is not true. No, it's not, but you just kinda automatically link that so I'm sitting here being like this guy, like a sex god. I'd have that done today. Yeah he's done it over a hundred million times right now and then there's the sick part of me that likes the challenge. Absolute and I'm like. Ok, I want to set myself apart from these broads I fucking get in the bedroom yeah you gotta have like a competition here. It's like that sounds really so image, but no, but it's true. It's like oh he's, fucked, so many girls I want to be the best. Girls, always love the fuck boy. It's similar to that lady. You kind of want to know that he has a fuck boy, Pass: Anna FUCK Boy, Dick yeah and you're like so he's disgusting. What the fuck were, but look hello on that low low. Not I want you in of me yeah, it's true. I
want to go back to the point you made, though we can wrap it up here. The body count doesn't always mean good in bed, and I think that was such a because there are so many girls that may have only had sex with two guys and yes, some guys are going to be freaked out by it, but a and if that girl, one of the guys that she dated was the biggest fucking freak, not her. So much and therefore let's say fucking, Shannon over here is going to way better bitch bed as opposed to fucking, Francesco who's, the class that has like one hundred body, all average sex quality and then quality quality versus quantity liked rules. If you want to run around and spread those legs and just fucking squirt all over every dick, you come across absolute belts around it yeah we infiltrate dick to Dick. Have him fucking bounce you on to someone else is totally you, but if you're looking for quality Qua
sex for me for me personally, I need to like do it with the same person you the more come all you get with someone you're going to learn how to come with them and then you're coming every time, yeah and then you're going to come. While you're doing a handstand and then you're going to come while you're on the fucking shower head, while he's banging you in your butt hole like those are the little cheers up that you get when you have more consistent sex with someone. Do you know anything You lost me a little bit on the shower head bump right when you got where I was glad. People just need to stop even talk about. You were done because, honestly, it's like you can life yep? It does not start your, as I found out this morning, the anatomy of a vagina wrong world, and it does not make bad back. You like what you said. If you had one sexual partner who was a total free yeah and they taught you
all their shit, you can now be a free literally, you could be the biggest one. That's such a good point, so guys body talking about anything we're done and if you are anyone what their body count is unless it's your friend yes, then you're a fucking loser. Have you ask your boyfriend 'cause? You just need to know he's lying he's lying to you ask your girlfriend is lying just lying boom great great We're like you want here, live, though, for Africa Way, fuck him the other day man got on one knee and he proposed to me. I asked him why he said the fucking perfume you are wearing has hardly with an erect penis for the last. Tryna half hours an, and I need to marry you so I can smell this for the rest of my life, and you know what I said. Well, I sent bird were guys.
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Com, slash, daddy and use the code daddy for thirty percent off your first month. So I just bear with me on this intro here I am watching the show entourage right now. Are you watching it? Okay and there was an episode that really sparked something in me, let's tell them what an tragic oh on trash is. The show is actually based on Mark Wahlberg's life, which I didn't know until recently, which is cool. It's like his young life in Hollywood. So essentially entourages about this one guy vents and he is in a list celebrity movie star. Ok, so I'm watching in one of the episodes they are at the club and all events is friends that live with him or like Yola. Back, we're going back to Vinces house we're talking all the girls telling all the girls and they are pulling in 10s, and a lot of these guys are actually like force except Vince is a ten. Yes, oh my god he's classics so hot, oh, my god he's so hot. So they go back to this mansion and their part
hang in there all hanging out in the pool and turtle. That's like his nickname is one of the Vince's friend not good. Looking and he's talking to this hot ass blonde bitch and he looked at her and he's like come on like let me get a little make out and the blonde looks at him and he went. She was like turtle, I'm just going to be honest with you, maybe, but I'm waiting for Vince. First, if I can fuck Vince I'm going to fuck Vince and turtle looks at the girl in his like sweetheart Vince, just left with two other blondes thirty minutes ago. An if you want to stay at the house. I'm your only option now and she literally looks at him and she's like finance or to me, hang out with fucking turtle, so you're all like ok, Alex so glad you're enjoying fucking on charge. What is the fucking point star from a season? One episode, ten minutes in the point of the story is that these guys, Vinces friends, reminded me of this culture
in real life. That applies to real life and I'm going to call them the mail, soul, social voice, sure and essentially their dick decried, there's on their successful friends, doing entourage. First of all, I love how turtle does not. My need to pay for like right right. How would you feel if you were sitting next to a guy- and you like wanted to hook up with him and he's like? Oh, my god, I'm really just waiting for Alex, but, like I guess, I'll fuck you would be like get out of my house turtles like thank you then. Obviously the pussies, the put true, except for the fact, also doesn't like turtle, would never get that great first place. That's what it is. I know exactly, I'm so glad we're talking out there too. So you have the main guy yep the main, and he has a ton of status, an all The girls flock to him and are obsessed with him, and he will always without fail. Have a friend that is the vulture and the
friend has I like a status by association. Of the main guy and the friend is literally the path you have to take to get to the main guy dude The folder is writing the main guys dicks so hard he's like a little hard, so hard harder than any fucking bitch would ever ride a dick, usually Sudan. Also, usually the vulture doesn't really have a career. Isn't success Well, it's only sometimes they don't even fucking job because he is living all of the pure lychee litchi, the guy, with all of the status chance without having having to do shit, dude, it's so true and the thing the thing is, though here then, is a scale of the vulture Anne. How creepy the vulture is. But the issue is that most of the time, regardless of how fucking creepy girls are going to hate the vulture, but you
no. You need to be so God, Damn nice to this fucking vulture and maybe thrown a little fucking flirtatious manner, because he essentially is the way that you're going to get to the mains can party after party thinking it. This way, the main guy is the castle and you're the dirty. The vulture is the moat around the castle and you need to get across this fucking boat to get to the main guys so fucking true, I had ok, I had a specific situation in college when I was in college, I was talking to a guy. I've mentioned him in the past. He was older than me successful and he would party a lot, an the I would get so blackout and essentially let his vulture really make all the calls about. You got to come to the after party and the vulture would go around similar to entourage and he would cut go to girl. Saying like hey come by. Back to the rich guys place, like literally legit pimping out this guy's name in order to get these girls to come with him right. Almost
I like it's fucking manager right and it does so. There is say that the vulture is like the main guys like bay. Babysitter, slash assistant and also like his talking peace, yeah, look, the bank, Just sits there and usually has like a couple main girls on his arm will be other girls that are like the lower class system in order to get to the Catholics. In this story, I, like they tested me some flirting with the fucking vulture here the thing Girls- and I know this is such a random topic, but I feel like it's so fucking related to any people just think right now who the vulture is another fucking. True yeah we're talk but maybe like rich US, guy professional athletes or actors. But this is the same in like college when you got fucking hot football and he's like a knowing loser fright and flee yeah. I know of any like in trust their friends so much that they let the friend call all the shots yeah. This is the thing I want to say. The poll
point me bringing up entourage was girls. You have to have uh very specific tactic when it comes to the vulture yeah, because you can really fuck yourself, you can really help yourself. Do not under any circumstance suck the vulture, do not know the bold, the voyeur, you are literally wrote. A beef. You There's no more road. Hillsboro cultures go out early. There was a good girl yeah once he fucks you. Is good. There is an end point. Your guys are not getting married so once he actually decides he's done. Fucking you, then you no longer, getting invited at all because you're out yeah, it's completely out also, if the main guy finds out that you fuck the vulture you're, not you're, going to head to the main guide to you fucking, the vulture is really fucking your chances of not even the main guy but just getting invited to the Fucking party. But but it is a delicate dance, because
the vulture is under the impression that you will never fuck him, then you're getting invited to share absolutely not it's like this delicate dance. You have to flirt with adult you're on now and let him think that they're, not Angelique one now you might have a you know to to kill, is: are they not should have any you? Might? Yes? You know, but I do think this is you're right. You have to flirt, but if you flirt so hard that all your attention is on him all night and then at the end of the night you don't fuck him he's going to look at you like you're tease. So what you got out you would you got to do the little flirts and then all of a sudden he's got a little too comfortable shelf back in front of you and you run the other way and go get yourself a drink yeah. He light flirting make him be interested, but don't be the main for the vultures and kind of play up like the friend so
cool you're, going to be so friendly regarding hot girls that you can kind of play that throw in essentially metaphorically you need to slightly suck and tickle this guy's dick, but don't actually suck I just so it's so funny. I remember because I saw this not that long ago, I knew this guy. You know him too. He was like a billionaire billionaire with a the and I remember I like went into this table ones and his friend the billionaire's friend they're sitting there with like seven girls like on him with Fucking palm tree and really great, no and then the vulture he was the most. Disgusting, gremlin like he like sweating problems so gross, and I find myself looking
flirting with him, hoping that I get invited back to the party, and it still is your only way more. If it was your old all morning, he's so creepy, you can see it, you literally see it. It's like the main, the billionaire guy will take up whatever girl. He want right, or maybe two girls me knows whatever isn't yeah, he takes them up and you see the vulture and he's just in the corner salivating and he's like what road kill what didn't make it upstairs that I can somehow tackle down daddy at first will shit begins to seek out his priority. Three flies down to swoop on the prey and have the cock is for dinner animal plan.
I know you so what just got in the corners, while all the girls are like far? Oh, no look and usually one person ends up Buckingham yeah and then they hate their life for the rest of the time. The more the story. Also, guy, that's always like drink more. You have another drink eat a shot, here's the line! That's so true! I just had a revelation. Actually the vulture shop he's the only person who doesn't know he's the vulture every single person around him, no rating, the main, including the main,
because you know what happens all of girls go up to the main and they're like friend, is so creepy like yeah me, and you know what happens every time then Maine makes excuses for Friday. He he's always like you know he just he means well, and I know you're right trying and it's like no, the vultures creep, while you sure bull sure he has no clue. I aspire to people that are blind confidence that the vulture ha. I think that's such a good point, because the vulture essentially doesn't know the voltage, because all these bitches are faking till they made with him. We all know we're talking behind closed or you just fucking said it yourself, Sofia, you flirted with the God, Damn vulture ones. I did too, and so it's like he is no idea. How would you these ten,
or do I mean if you want change? He would maybe no because he's literally just take writing right Ryan. But, like he's blind, I mean he's naive. That's a good point. Victor, the volts her very through the vault Rick should've pulled out landed. The thing is also- and I was just thinking as we're talking about fucking animal planet. The girl as the night goes on and it gets like later into the night and it's kind of like who is he going to end up with the more the girls start to get cold feet and scared 'cause? It's like oh shit. It's about to go
sounds like he's. Gonna try to pick one of us right and it's like it's like when the lights turn on and mice like squirm and run into each corner of the rules like under the power gap, scurrying away as fast as they can the vulture on the move when the main leaves and they're like. Oh it's going down to police Currys Currys. That's it perfectly really! Nice curry, oh my god, they're all like oh, my God, emergency hurry, rush Brown go find a place to hide in, like the last one that, like trips on your heel, is the one that he like grabbed like Wanna come get. It drained, she's, fine, wow, but I do want to say to, and they ask where to avoid any genuine investment with these kind of groups, because the main guy, if he has a guy, like that those are kind of shitty people and you're never going to actually have a stable situation with kind people. I tried, and I end up hooking up with
name, and eventually the vulture got to upset that the main was kind of getting booed buy me, and he flung me so far. Catapulted me so down Boston, cottons and was like get the fuck away from the main. That's that's. The scary name is the vultures kind of have the main as a puppet, and they like pull the strings to how the main is going to behave and if the main has a girlfriend, then the vulture is not getting these groups of women vulture and the girlfriend or like no I'm going to pull this treason. They owe my god what our struggle over the vulture and the main and the girl ever like. Are they talking about animal planet? You guys go over saying interesting. I don't know fuck the vultures! No, but not literally ship station
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At ax. U S p s and even Amazon Fulfillment, and then you just choose the best shipping solution for you, and you said your customer yup. It's the number one choice of online sellers so right now, caller daddy listeners can try ship station for free, F, r e e for sixty days. When you use offer code daddy, there's no risk. You can start your free trial about even entering your credit card info. Just visit ship station dot, com boom. Men have been writing and- and I know this is like a female's worst fear, literally worst worst fear. I know I am worried, like I'm tearing up right. Yes, I'm shaking shivering me too, people are like I tt is like no, no No guy. Is there been a few guys writing in being like? I love my girls so much. She is so sexy, but I cannot deal with the taste and or smell of her put See hurts 'cause all grow.
Get so self conscious about this dude that, oh my god, I want to cry for every girl that has a smelly pussy or it's bad yeah. First, all. I want to say there are probably some foyers boys that just don't even know how to put. He is supposed to taste or smell and they can just go shut. The fuck all all vaginas are going to have a as melhores, of course, learn to love it? Yes, how? However, there are times there's some I wasn't, gonna make the shares comparison here we are here. We are. There are times when there's something actually wrong okay, yeah and I'm not talking like you haven't showered you're kind of sweaty, I'm not talking about like you wear the same underwear to do in a row or, like you, have like leftover over like other semen on there, and he's wondering why, like kind of tastes like his own ship, like you know, any mean yes or like it's before or after you,
getting. You still have like. There are a an right, but there are times- and I have had this happen before- where I no one now that something is wrong, absolutely and clearly, according to our God, Damn research from the mail daddy, yes, many women don't know when they write every time I read so few this question it will be out by being like hey. My girls smells like I don't to do so few freaks out yeah. I like how the fuck do you not know if your smell right, I don't know if girls are just in I'll or if they really really tall and their faces are very far away from their vagina cold for the past two years. They can't knock. Yes, I know when there's something off and like I need to see a doctor men. The reason we're bringing this up is because we're going to try to help you, because guys are like what the fuck do. I do how imagine if a guy was like YO, I'm sorry can't you out your pussy fucking, taste horrible.
I will I would die. I would really not be well for the next couple of months of my life and and then the girl is going to be freaking out forever ever so so this is going to Philly, pissing people off and love? I actually brought this up at a dinner. You know I brought this up and I was talking about it in this was like. Don't tell girls to do that. That's disrespectful men shouldn't do that and I was like shut the fuck up bitch it's going on my podcast, tomorrow morning you fucking rancid pussy ass. Where are the smelly, pussy bitch fucking, Bumblebee tuna. Why? I don't care? I think this is. I think this is a perfect way to let a girl know that things are
not smelling or tasting great down there without saying it to her face, make her taste herself, I it sounds fucked up, but it's a way that you can pretend that you guys are just being king yeah and your feet. You can finger her and then put those exact same fingers in her mouth around her role and let her know what you look here. You go. You like how bad taste just from yes, usually you see any sexy way this time it might be a little bit more like do you enjoy that, then do you think I would because if you don't, why would I write? Do you not think that this is brilliant sweetheart, because one of them intellectual moments of how to color daddy and I'm here for, and I respect it very proud of you- I love it. I think that sometimes girls
reason, they're not taking care of it is because they don't know, and the reason they don't know is because they are very he separated from their. I do that's so funny smart guide to slop them around with the place. Did you on there drink that? If, for some reason you're dealing with a girl that isn't a complete kinky free and she doesn't necessarily like wanna taste. Her doesn't listen, call daddy right right right, like the girl. I was at dinner right that kinda girl. Then, if you go down on her direct like within seconds going make out with her, but your tongue down her throat, yeah 'cause girls? Look at you kissing them way, cuter than you shoving the absolutely maybe she's like I'll end up to like let you know that he loves me and then all of a sudden, she could aftertaste herself that ways that raw melted out for five day tuna fish
you, should every time you're eating her I'll be telling her? How good that she tastes? Like literally every time you're eating at so that will help you when it doesn't smell as good or it taste or doesn't taste as good, all of a sudden she's, not getting that verbal reassurance are usually giving her, and that is a polite way of kind of communicating to her and letting her connect. The dots like we. Why babe, you taste so good right, what's different today, listen nobody's dick and pussy is going to smell good twenty four slash, seven, three hundred and sixty five days of the year, which is doesn't fucking happen, but I re do you think, while we're cheating on women, men can be just as fucking bad? Oh, my god give them. I mean we're not talking about it. We can talk about another episode, but some men don't even wash their balls. They don't groom themselves and bitches end up coming off their dick from giving blowjob and they're pulling God damn lint. Out of. Do you shower whoa? How, grow, I mean it. Girls have written in being like I want to give my man head, but his dick smells like
in trash. Also, if you're comfortable just ask the guy because I've been especially with boyfriends, I straight up. Ask them like. Are we doing okay down there hi girls. You know you're comfortable. I don't like that bad, and so you would say what would you say you have a girl, the line, because I got high times I would just like. Oh my gosh, I think things have been a little bit off lately, like double tax. Me no I wouldn't say it like that. I would tell message a can of litter on. Let me know when you come back up: I just sounded so no I've done that before with the guy that I'm dating like if I was just had like my period or something and I'm like all, if he's trying to go down on me, I'm like babe, like I don't know like I don't know and he's just going to be like it's fine, I'm like ok like let me know, though. Yes, I have you on that too, and I do like the cute, but the problem with doing the cutesy thing. Sometimes then they're scared to tell right they don't want to come back to my previous alright baby. We got
be alright. Baby, alright toy Story Movie Jones of then click on a rule of the VIC Zoom particular will, let's get into it, here's one for you. This is actually not a question, but I have to
off the bat daddy is. Do I have a story for you. It starts with a little something called Bluetooth. Cheater away to find your boyfriend is cheating on you. My boyfriend and I recently took a long road trip and I had him connect his phone to the Bluetooth in my car when we got back from our trip, his phone was still on my bluetooth op, so I decided to use it to my advantage. I had suspicion that he was cheating, so I told him I was out with the girls, but instead I sat outside of his house in my car when he was home and I proceeded to connect his phone to my bluetooth. Well, I could see every phone call and text here is
eve boom. He was texting three other girls love. You girl, hope you can share with everyone else, because the bluetooth it's easy to catch these cheaters. We we so she dropped him off and then just like stayed near his house. So the phone was still cannot so essentially his phone with my naked. In the first place, and now she just drove up to his health connected it bill, I mean do you. I was scared because, like I'm connected to my dad's Bluetooth on his car, like God forbid, Alex, said a nasty share. Some new teeth value. Now I won't even be able to help my son. No, no, I don't even have a Troy yeah. You gotta you still connected like I'm, going to sit there for seven hours, every fucking, girlfriend or boyfriend. If you want to catch a cheater, you connect to the God, Damn Bluetooth and that's just the fact, and that's just the team that we're going to do or something so luxurious, an amazing about being able to look at
he's doing on his phone without having the pressure of time without father time. You know if you're stealing his phone and quickly putting in his paw password. While he's in the bathroom you you'll have time, you got the the way you get are a lock the doors recline the seat, put your sunnies on and go to town. It's like get some snacks at the gas station and chill wow good for you girl, thanks for that. Is it bad to get mad at your boyfriend for something he did uh? long time ago, so sometimes I'll just remember what he did and either just give the silent treatment to him or pick a fight, and it always comes back into the fight. Do that is so I need it so us it's so easy. Is it and me so funny, I'm telling you I! So if you have bad problems with this, so bad, I do it too, but I think you're worse. If I am not keeping myself busy. If I have like three
the minutes to myself to sit at home, I'm like wait. I need to start something. I need some, how some way number that Sunday, when you didn't come home two hours? What are you doing he's like he's like like last Sunday, I'm like? No, Sunday of twenty seventeen bill this Sunday at like baby in your life. Just the question and then all the sudden, like I don't know and then you're like a so we're cheating on me and all of a sudden. It turns into a fight. It's honestly hi hi, I don't know if girls are as crazy as us, but I have told people dudes right in and be like. I'm just so. You know like that's. Not gonna work for ever in my guys are gonna if you I've, never had it. I love me because of the crazy ever never pisses them off, but then there's this sick attack which meant that they have you that they get to it and it works like
or maybe you should bring up those sides, all the fucking God damn time and quite frankly, when you see a girl getting crazy and she gets out little glisten in her eyes and her eyes kind roll. The back of her head, you kind of get aroused that's a a little bit arouse. Yes, either girl acting. So absolutely so girlfriend. I would keep doing what you're doing you're asking if it's normal, No, it's normal that the two of us do it. So you got two people in the world that do what you do and it works so keep it up great work, great great work work! Oh ok, the guy that I've been fucking for almost a year doesn't make out with me anymore. When we have sex. When I brought it up to him, he said that sounds like we're dating. I don't know what to really do, because making out turns me on so much and it's a big step for me too obviously engage in the nasty I don't like fucking other people, because I've gotten so comfortable with him. So essentially,
not fully like boyfriend girlfriend, but they're like consistently hooking up and now the guy that she's been for over a year, just won't even kiss her and he's like ill like angel. When I brought it up and he's like we're, not dating yeah, I'm I think that's so weird. I can. I think it's the weirdest thing. I've heard this before. I remember my college roommate. Her boyfriend in college would not make out with her ever unless they were about to have sex, which is the ob. I know that's okay, yeah I would I'm just like. I know kissing is a little bit more of like an emotional thing. Well, I mean the movie pretty woman she's an escort, she's a prostitute right, and he like has a roles like feel black guys will like won't kiss them right, and I totally get that savage love that some people think it's like an emotional thing, but I do think it's kind of weird. If you like started by kissing you and now he doesn't kiss you anymore, I think that's kind of weird. Maybe I think you know
I guess men don't need it as much yeah. I know personally, I need. Oh, my god, I'm a. I would stop fucking someone who wouldn't kiss me right. More play I really able to so. I would almost make that clear to him. Like listen, I'm sorry thought or I would be like I'm sorry and I don't mean to like burst your bubble. This has nothing to do with us, dating our emotions or anything. In order for my John I to get wet, I need you to turn me on and start making out with me and slowly ease into you lacking. I need some for play. I can't just get hard and stick it in something so making out, is for place in order. You fingering me put your fucking tongue down my feel, like don't flat, literally to fire. I don't have any fucking attachment towards there's nothing. I want to get wet right. I wanna get all need to be well, I want to. I want to fucking come and if he's did it by making out with her his slowly started to stop, I feel like he's. You know, maybe slowly start to see you as more and more of a whole yeah. I really
I didn't say that, but it's kind of true and then you just decide I distilled off yeah and not make out than to stay with them, but if not get rid of them. Yes, okay, this is so funny because this is so me and I think it could be you, okay, I was into this. Am I the only person, no sweetheart them testing? Who will straight up lie about my let's say nine to five work schedule, so I can get myself a plus ready before Dick appointment. I've been hooking up with this guy and he's always done hook up when I'm off work, but I will straight up, lie and say: get off work at seven when I really get off at five. So I have two hours after work to go home. Get ready for that. Dick last week he told me I wanted to take you to a hockey game, but I know you work until seven on Tuesdays. I get up at four on Tuesdays haha. It is actually self sabotage or normal
not my favorite thing about hold on this. Have you done this? I've done this so many times. We've done it together. We've done it together. My favorite, is you tell them the flight landing like hour later than it actually land? So you go into the bathroom. You get fully ready and you're like hi babe. Like I just landed, you been landed for an hour. You did your entire. You beat the fuck out of your face. Why, when the guy is like, can you just send me the flight info? I'm like I landed this time? Don't worry literally dude. I forgot. We did that one time we went to LA and we literally did the whole thing, but I listen he's really hot guys ever were going to pick us up when we like we get in it. We get in at seven
really we got in it for exploit our face on the planes. We had no makeup on and we needed to get it ready so girlfriend. I don't think it's self sabotage. I think it's self care and your understanding the best way to go about. Looking like a fucking ten. I think it's so funny. It's like you know you shouldn't lie, but you can lie about that. That's fine! This thing is you have to keep your life ST yeah 'cause. I have done that and then, like I got off work at three hundred and he's. Like you told me, you got off at seven and I to be like. Where did WAL? I met this poor girls like I'm, see all the hockey game. When you start doing little white lies like this. You got you got to build out and yeah yeah. You do keep in little notes on your phone. Just remember your top. Please be more! On top of your lies. This guy wrote in what is your take on socks
and sandals. Also, what's with these clowns and the Kodak pose, call me out? Okay, so I don't know the Kodak poses but socks, and what do you think our answer it? You see, I would rather rob there or nope I'll. Let you know I mean is that okay, David guys wearing basketball, shorts and slide? Okay, like the dieting sorry I would rather him where that music box me too. Actually, I agree, then. I just don't think many to show told their toes like actually hideous gusting repulsive, never need to see Embry, though no I'm never the shelling. However, if you're talking about like the burger king stocks with like belt buckle that flops wool. Socks would be better. I agree with you girls now, but I do think that, if he's wearing now, let's say cargo shorts and a little Burke stock action with some fucking white Sox capital, I can't khaki pants.
Are you trying to talk about Alex it's khaki pants season and I know all of your whipping him back out. Lock it old Navy gap, it's making a return, it I'm not here and I'm not going to have it. However, I would prefer you don't do Birkenstocks. I think the slides are honestly fine with the fuck else is a guy anywhere other than sneakers like. If he's just hanging out, I don't really care it's Justin. Bieber does all the time I would suck Justin Bieber's dick, maybe also like yours but like I would make it like a well yeah, yeah yeah. I wouldn't do all the time yeah and all of you can he addicts- I just well. I know this is not I just stop. I don't you know you need help. You have an addiction. Your whole body is her support group, the khakis speaking of khakis. Don't do it. Don't do it don't know what to wear then stitch fix is here to help you. You guys stitch fix it's an online personal styling service and it delivers your favorite clothing shoes and accessories directly
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full time. Okay, the last thing she wrote a couple months ago was one time I farted during sex and played it off as it with a quick for him at Cleve, even though clearly it was, and we both knew it because in staying quite at and so you we tell them to play it off like it's agree. If it's going to smells you can bring your own eyes. It's not like eggs. This girl also wrote a couple months later. He died. How do I tell my boyfriend he's, got the class, clap is the media I like going to whoever it already you are all pulling in that good yeah. Well, how do you tell me got the clap so you these days? What do you say we go for? You don't make him, smoothie and put the pill in the movie yeah during you even need to fucking keys like baby. Why are you being such a homemaker? Yeah you're? Like I love you, so much.
Are you straight up? If you want to actually tell him you just clap in front of his face he's like he's like what are you doing? I know like tell me what I'm doing he's like you're clapping and he I'm clapping and you're. Clapping and you've got the clap and let's go get our Medison sixteen year old, we club. That's honestly, oh you do it now. I think the smoothie way this trick of the smoothie way, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have sex for like a running time. Then all the sudden, you got you fake that you have a yeast infection. Babe I'm out for the count infection infection too much sex got a love. It big good, Dick, also drink. Or if you want him to know that he has it you're going to be like. I can't believe you did this This is and he's like. I was a virgin before I met you. You know you are an immaculate conception, immaculate, clap, conception. Honestly, this is truly public school and this is fucked up because I've never fucked anyone else so and you're always in the wrong, so shut the fuck up and be quiet
oh my god, what a good last guys Halloween costumes are coming, and when I tell you that every man is going to want to bang the Alex and Sophia at the party. It was kind of funny Alex and I were talking about then I'm like if you want to go as a threesome, just fucking weird these Alex Sophie. You go with the guy, you guys are you guys are up also it we apologize for them taking so long. The point is, is that so, if you and I were coming out with these little slutty dresses and they gave them to a- and so if you know I tried them on, were like not slutty and are like not letting the asking out the tip c l. If you have the right angle in a man's kind of sitting down, he could potentially get a whiff of the clay yeah. So we wanted to shorten them small now, and so we shorten the dress. Is that they're coming out? Soon? Don't worry, but the
is it for this Wednesday at Daddy's. Uhm leave us at five star review. Subscribe unsubscribe subscribe again go follow us on Instagram, Alexandra Cooper and Sophia, with an F Franklin with a Y I I would say, follow us on call her daddy, but you may not find that page. I do love you so much get after this weekend. I hope you guys are going to have some good sex. Alright daddy's, Do you so much? We will see you next week. Call her daddy.
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