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2019-10-30 | 🔗

The girls get serious as they tell a chilling story that took place in Elizabeth, New Jersey. One they will never forget involving an abandoned house, law enforcement, and oh yeah, they've got it all on film (check out the CHD Instagram). Also this week, Alex and Sofia discuss a sex tip so scary they've only seen it done in porn... until now. Introducing ‘Scream' and ‘The Joker'- they tried it out for the daddies and are giving you all the details. Also men, you should be having the poop talk with your girl. We are telling you how. 

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slash daddy Daddy, I heard I'd, call her daddy, What's up daddy baby, it is Alex in Sofia get it again and since or shadow band, I'm always gonna be annoying is Alex Andrew Cooper and Sofia Franklin on Instagram go. Follow us bitches, Hausa popping. How has the policy has pussy? The penis has be a burial and how are the two hours, the asshole, how the Seamen house discharge houses, snail, trail, how's, the poop trail,
very nice. All my perfect bitches, almost any bit my big fella, my little fellow, I really don't know, don't proved once have guys it's one day. It's hump day, wake up and small that morning, Dick S house I ever about when so love, so tomorrow's Halloween, we're really palm too, were Humpty dumpty sophie. And I, however, want to just quickly really expose ourselves, because, while we were on twitter and we're scrolling and we were seeing the Daddy gang quote. Tweeting. You know some of the things that we ve said and pass episodes now You know, some of them are a little shocking and it's one of those moments in your life. We like no, I
I never said I said, and I think that that's just like a tighter than you only you guys from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes allies will re me back things that I said in an app is so no MIKE proves that died. It there's no fuckin way that they thought. I said that broader, so Read you a couple of these quotes guides, because this really, I think, is what embodies call her daddy, we black out and then you guys just do the due diligence of treating us what we said. Here- we are living in denial. So Sophia kick this one off, because this is thing you said, and I think this could potentially be one of my favorite quota order, all her I'm obsolete embarrass. You know it's me it's when your face. I want to put this on a teacher, Fear said- and I quote, I want bounce, subway, motel that we
I want up and down on that we are You guys are vital, say. Ok, I remember that when archly handlers, because we're talking about dirty talk like a bad levying sleigh myself talking about dirty talk- and I was like guys You gotta use words to describe the penis like Dick in cocky, using wiener, we and be leg abounds up and down on that we are I think now and it becomes a vendetta, re or you're dead, first of all to say goodbye, how about the you know you ve got a barely, then please, bigger slight that I think is cut off.
The air, while the guy, not God and in Chernobyl? I perpetually I've always wondered why there's no unlike picketing outside of bars, tool, Finger Valley and beggars lie. We have one It says If she doesn't it look like she's, been in a car wreck, water boarded fresh off a train wreck after giving head you don't water, I mean, of course, you'll still take the head, but you won't like her. You were men, no jokes about were like Warner poured we'll girls. If you don't like you got waterborne after you gave, had you not, but can re collecting, thrilling material yeah, there's another one of yours. I love the further record. I
always popular in high school. I, when I started sucking dick. I just called more puff Franklin. Lady category should ever ceases to amaze, as also there was one that you really it's as no one says anything, and it says Sophia comes in and says my defence, I was a drug dealer by mobile and be TAT way more common than you think, Alex like screams are like no one's is anything me. I was a dry dealer by defining guys. It is in any event was my fault. My friends were allowed in Munich, get pay. No, I think it's good. You are a drug dealer. Could I think it gives us a little like these do not always been just like. It gives us edge hollowing shoot out in the field of civilian, that dope cake Now you just Billy. I was there in fact your laws that without a little what about this one I mean it back here and you're Clare.
Will we be by vacuum? The clerk we may lie. How do we mean so here we may it's it's hard to explain right right, hardly is kind of like an insider hog. If you're not in the euro, you don't you know what I mean the maps, the alligator, embarrassing you're, not in the crew graver right. This is this is actually a serious one, but this was back. Episode, three and I will never forget it. I remember I said it if you are not sucks your man's deck, that's fine, but a hundred percent. Your decision- in totally fine, however, you are not.
S, King Guy, that's just like! I look over. You know like this for a long haul. With this is that figures, as I said, is a dinner parties before the men will like smile of matter. Although I run this girl, do you died, but it's true non filling ready to go. I feel really. My call her daddy element cleared TED's digs we're ready to go so in honour of Holloway. Honor of Holloway in work. It's how a story, a scary story that happened. Yes, this story happen to Sofia and I about a year ago, and it starts at my mother. Your mother murder
About, can tear sucking loud out. Ok, so my mom is a real her and she works for the government and she actually works with four closed homes. So when a house goes through foreclosure, the government seizes and then my mom will hire people to go to those houses. Take pictures like do various things and then shall take all about info and send it to the government so that can buy and sell the highest. The house got it, so my mom called me- and she asked me if I can do her a favor and go look at this house, because the person that usually doesn't couldn't do it for whatever reason, yeah and she's like it's in Elizabeth New Jersey, that's where the story starts at where the fuck story starts. So I am like yes, mom I'll, do a favor for you and I ask Alex if she wants to come, partly because I don't want to do it alone, partly be Alex wanted to backing. Go to.
New Jersey. Why did you want to do that? Cuz? I thought I would be a good chance to blog. You told me it was going to be in abandoned house, and I was like oh sounds dope. We can make like a cool video of it. Yes, so we decided to just end up filming our experience. We just wanted to like fuck around a little do weird ship per usual look around alone and because I kind of em a creep, I did low key hike. He want to try as they are right. Now right, yeah the minute Sophia brought this up, I like ok, so I'm absolutely not going on this trip with you. Thank you hard and mean I've always wanted to try it Party was like eldest, be funny right background with the US pardon me. I never wanted to try. If I can a part of you never want to ever. Do it so NASH. We, the weirdos. We are. We start like getting all these little tricks gets to bring and prompt and would like? Oh my god, this videos can be fucking ball, ass, ordinary searching for goes. We brought what are we end up doing as we went around our apartment and we try to just bring random shit that we,
pretend someone would use for a sounds, for example, it started off making signs a Bible yet handle classic. Then so it comes out of a room with a golden american idol. Microphone like ok, not not look into normal, but all right, then come out with my antenna. Selfie stick things or take in turn for the worse, but you know what I mean it was. We wanted to really get in the mere get in the Bible, and we don't have fucking say on should address grab anything we could. We were trying to make like also contraption too, like Hunt go right right to sell and getting like crevices yeah. We like attached a flashlight to the cell feasting and took out a right. Do we sound like fucking losers, we're like- and this was the best time that we are having the best I've? No, so we decided to do some weird chick like why not we had to go anyway so like let's just fucking make something fun of it. So we finally got.
Elizabeth, New Jersey we took the train were all excited. We get in a neuber, yes and be over driver right away, says What are you girls doing in Elizabeth and were alike, thanks for the warm welcome, sir and weed they really anything of it. No, but really thou was flag number one. Yes, that way You drive huge fucking red flag, anthem hides I now we know little did we know yes, so we put to the house and my guide under the ten scary, fuckin, terrifying, tat, terrifying? added terrifying. Let's explains than just like a little bit. We couldn't goes. The front door Jaso are real. Introduction to the house was us going through the back yard to get to the back door? Yes there this back yard berries they shed. That is straight out of a horror, fell it's like twenty feet away, so we can't fully see what the fuck is in it, but there is no door and it's just a you to see a blue
a hole in the shed and knew not what the fuck is in everything is completely run down. The shrubs are like overgrown like the thugs shit is like caving in then we turned to the back of the house. Look for the door. There is this huge metal, stair case? That goes up to the second floor and there's caution tape. All over this fucking fair game that should have really do offer up now. I think then, the next step is the backdoor Sophia. What was the backdoor situation, the back door, was not a door knotted door, there was no handle early, could just kind of language. Do a little baby tapping keen ethical flying opening you could get away. It was. Would you please just would block anything like the bottom. Half was missing. We were like a swinging on the door the horror story behind on wildlife in the base of death. We're ok
at first, it was fine new was Alex. I get in there and weird is kind of like walking on this. How do we realise its massive? there are there, there's a base, my aunt three floor so for floors really to ratify several times in this story. People are gonna, be like. Why didn't you fucking leave like. Why do you just leave people- are very clear signal. By really gallantly my mom asked me a favor. She had a deadline, firstly invested in the walk, so have you ever the blog, so we into the house, this entire house do not have electricity, no running water, nothing! So the time we got to the house, the sun was setting yes, so oh, my god, where we kind of entered it. It wasn't that creepy, ray and slowly as were making our well, it was but too, but the creeping factor went up tenfold when all of a sudden it went from
oh Sundown too, it was pitch fucking black pitch black. The only way it was coming from our phones and the flash of light and your fucking book like so we start to go up the stairs and we go to the top floor and it is like pretty fucking jarring guy shocking, every single Room in this house was painted different color gas, which was King weirdest yeah like one room was read, and I will never forget the red room. There. D roof was caving in there was water all over. The roof was all over the ground. Yes and the top floor, the third floor, the third. Or had all of these little tiny, like crawl space, that we're fucking tariff. Look you can fit a body in there, but they would have to be like hunched around yes and they were in the most Randy. Yeah places? One was like in the top corner of the ceiling. One was in the bar like any. Some of them have little doors to open, and now my god and like the wallpapers, like peeling off the wall, and when we talk to him
later: there were two families that lived there, one always that's why the hell, was kind? Is that I'm so stern? There was literally two kitchens and this place it was. It was pretty mine fucking, because you're seeing everything like replicated duplicated, everything is like why either to catch- and he was like a mind there are so many bathrooms are so many rooms are so many little crevices. So at the beginning, our journey in this house. We were just seeing this as like. Damn this is going to be so Kiev middlemen, you forgot one thing, o the wind I feel very top. We will pose this on our social yeah, so Vienna are leaving the third floor and we turn and we see there is a window and I think it was done with like lipstick or more like a nose and it just now see ya with an exclamation point like law, it's just what what what is I mean, what I don't know he eyed the afterlife ask by your dad so as Sofia and I were exploring the howls and you guys I hopefully
you'll, be able to see kind like the progression in some of the footage, because I fucking did, as I watched all of it in the beginning of this footage. See Sophie and I were just acting like idiots like this. It was fine and it was funny and like we were just fucking around, but slow We, as we were like committing to this whole like oh, it's do the same thing: the Fun really started to kind of wear off and feeling sort of turned from it. Creepy too slowly actual genuine fear like Joe the overall mood had just challenged out one point, although I would just like fucking around looking back on it now. It is no wonder why we started to really freak ourselves. The fuck out how one pawing I wait until like the living. On and I went into the centre of the room and I placed all of these objects in a circle, and I wait into the middle of the circle and I'm holding the Fucking Holy Bible,
and I'm trying to be funny, but I'm like reciting verses and like thing I like worship, C, N and I'm speaking unlike faked. Ah, yes and the only light shining army is a fucking flashlight right, so no Consumers scared, even though I was joking like I started, to create Mysel June. I actually had a moment I just remembered we have to possess. I remember I walked into the room and you Sophia was toiling around singing and I was like ok about a fucking die and again I want to reiterate that you just said the only light we had was from our flashlights, like I'm sure there are some hard owes that are listening to this story being like I'm, not scared of the dark. No, there is no one on this fucking Planet, It's not gonna, be fucking scared. I know people are scared when their own in their own fucking basements in the dark. So imagine Sofia and I being idiots out here thinking we can handle a four
floor house middle of a town. We have no idea where the right we are by ourselves and its summoning fucking go and it's a run down right, rickety hurry so the overall point we were just at this point per perturbed. We will over the games and we wanted to just pay. I was funny and then it was like not for young. We were like I want to find out. I want to get the fuck out of here s, so What we I think we were avoiding a yes, we, avoiding going to be the path which we I have to daylight get our vote will because every fucking whore frolic, like don't, go in the basement, so we're on our way and Alex gets a text from her mom her mom, who doesn't swear does not swear is like what the fuck are you doing in Elisabeth New Jersey, Sophia had posted on her store yeah she GEO type Elizabeth New, yes and my mother, ass being from the EAST coast, has obviously Sophia's mom didn't know. Elizabeth New Jersey, my mom, however, from the EAST coast, was like
Alexander, Cooper, Yeah Elizabeth New Jersey, cuz, I'm like my mom just logging. What's up she does Elizabeth New Jersey is. One of the number one highest crime, rape and murder towns. Yes in the United States- yes, please get fuck out of little fun fact that, don't you, let us know hindering the millionth right at the peak of our error and are being scared, kind was really setting, and yet so standing in the first floor, kitchen and Soviet. I get that text. I obviously share that with Sophia and I'm like so I at that point we're like we need to get our advice. Obviously my mom has no fucking. I know idea is living in a way tat. She has enough so we're like, let's just get the fucking pictures or the basement get the fuck out our I. This is only sir I've chills
We are heading down the basement. It is a wooden leg, Ricky open staircase like one, the actual like stairs is unlike the rest, no, would unladylike slabs of what labs and there is a all. We can see really meant hallway and a creepy ass, washing machine and then, like said then little black ass rooms that we have no idea and then there's an end to the hallway, and then you can turn right. Yes, Mozilla what were staring? Yes, I tell Sophia, sigh and our group will get your pictures girl I'll, be right at the staircase waitin, for you, I'm just filming her as she is going to do her due diligence. Yes, so aye, sir walking down the hallway, and I turned the corner and I noted
Is that in this like little room thing, there's all of these trash bags like filled to the brim trash bags? Yeah, I'm like this is very strange, like what the fuck is happening, and so I start to look closer and I see a blank care like it was like a blanket harp thing like a plastic blanket and its spread, owl and I'm like what the fuck is going on here. I was so confused. There's like a chair. There's like these fuckin stuffed animals like within seconds. I fucking realize that bears. Some one in this fucking house there, someone living in the Fucking House, and I lost my share. I daddy Gang Eyelike kills thing right now I did a war.
An eighty and I have never scream so loud. I have never ran so fast temperatures shoved off the ground. Thank you full force from my peel, be I'm looking at Sophia. Does one look the right sees whatever the fuck she saw and she starts screaming sprinting at me, I'm looking like she just saw goes am looks like a go through. I was worse than thing ago it. What a yes absolutely is all of a sudden, I'm like thinking I'm like we. Are they in the house right right to remain in this house who the fuck is? Indeed, how is he an indifferent room, Etienne this fucking Baker Anti going to come back and so so feared? I fled. We got the fuck out of the house. We ran like four blogs. United, not stop running screaming, but Finally, we like catch her breath and we're like ok me to call the police and we need to call my mom Europe, so we give a little phone call the police These are on their way. We're just fucking
India on the side corner lying like hookers? Yes, oh well, yeah. Actually, I think, as we were waiting for the police guys. This is also something that fucked us. We were. We Ben so Hyper focused on what was happening in the house. What has just happened in the house that we neglected to eat, really pay mine to what my mom had just tell us about how we were in any kind of started to hit us and we were like hold. I, when we were on this side of the road and Elizabeth New Jersey and there's like once right, landmark, fucking tits out and we, while we're standing there. I think Sophia, I kind of hit us we're like we are standing on corner at the time of one of the highest cry rated towns in America don't know what scare Wick scarier right. If we, if we say in the house or stand on this fucking corner. Yes, I think it like. We had an even focused on our actual overall environment outside because we were so focused on ass. I am, I know this
actually could be more dangerous. We won't, we would be safer in the fuckin. How, yes said- and that's fucking Ikey S back so ok please show up yes, and we tell them that, like we live in Mannheim and in their level taking the train station explain what happened? Yes, and so one of the officers goes to the house and then like one of them drives us to this station. We like go home here. We go here, Rio, Bess, ok! Here we go my mom, causing the next day till I update me on what happened. She had been I'm cooperating with, like the police, letting them know. First, all we had authorization to be an how they're, probably thereupon, I like you too little hooker link with the familiar prostitutes right and so the police end up telling my mom that there was in fact a man found in the house. Tat night great are
p dope Alex. I freaked out here I like the young about my mom I'll grab Dalai Lama and we spent the next twenty four hours. Going through every fucking scenario. How was this man? First of all, able to avoid ass the entire time you were there was he going in and out of rooms and like up and down different levels, anxious like sneaking pastor, which was totally plausible. Considering we had explained to you guys it was this low income housing. There were multiple, staircases, because there were multiple families living ire, so like a family was living on the second floor I so there was an entrance way out, ran all the way up. Yes, I can fly ass, so the man could technically have been
and we're going up to the second floor easily. He could have gone owl and taken the outside staircase down and gone back into the basement. There were so which is so fussy whole culture that you and I are walking up screaming our financial and he's sprinting outside and going into the shudder into the basement thing is, is like there were. So many like. I had a moment I was like? Did he do hide in one spot and like watched us like did he like? hide himself in a closet, and just like watched ass, like through, like slit in the closet door, did he hide in the attic You know what I mean like what is he stay like he probably knew that how so well right we're only new like little places too high, and it's not like were creeping around being silent. It's very apparent where we are so probably easy firm to pick a fuck, inspire hope and nowhere she's was hiding in that fucking shied was he hiding.
In the basement, and he just happened to be in a realm- that we like hadn't, entered yeah thou, makes me colonel one fucking die. Thank you Sophia, yeah, guys, It was pretty fucking terrifying, just like being confirm gap the entire time we were in that house. There was a man, yes and the entire we actually I mean we went through. Best believe we were so hyper obsessed with this for a little bit. We went through all of the footage, oh and over and over again looking at the film being like you are going to see anything as I like. Did you see that shot was that? Oh man, I think we were. We had talked about it Sophie and I sang like there were times Obviously during this thing that we were kind of rigging ourselves out because of the financing we're doing. We had heard creeks or cracks and we were like yeah. Oh, what was that
and now in hindsight, lay oh well with him literally fucking doing a lap a priori moving around going downstairs. Graham had not, it was just one of those things were like it out. It was spoken creepy and I know a lot of people are listening in their like. Ok, I think, is pretty clear that guy was a squatter, hopefully which not a squirrel let us not score squatter yeah, regardless of what it was dude it is, so terrifying. Actually, my mom, I can just quickly say this. Her friend genes got the same job in Chicago. Ok, armor. He till my Mama story He went into a house that was flooded. It was like a foreclosed home, but it was flooded ray and there was no electricity and something like brushed against his ankle and he put his flashlight down and it was a dead body shut the fuck up, what the fuck, what
like, like this career- is never permanent. Ever Fermi go. Take pictures of a Fuckin house absolutely, never again. Never my fucking life do that. Scary. It so scared, wow, so happy, fuckin, Halloween, moving! to sexual sexual sexual spooky sexual? Why actual spooky, I guess sex cambyses scary me. A little scary would like to live on the while guys that this week we're Talkin blow job. Ok, I usually Alex spearheads the blow job, I'm in a fucking kick. They saw this back in sit down in real robards. Here your vodka tonic and let's get going right Sophia I was doing this. I was going to see the other day but, like I dont need to share details like bats. Are you going
this morning I was just telling us it may perhaps I was giving this a blow job, and I decided to try something a little bit differ on this, being, I decided to try pretty much made this man turned me after and say I have never experienced a job like that that was the best blow job. I've ever receive ok, Phyllis Usually when you go down on the penis okay, we ve already done for play. We pleaded the balls you done just the tear blue, ok, ass and now we're getting into the blow job in use, when you go down on the deck with your mouth year, wrapping your lips around the shaft and had and the day yes and your kind of non US early suction, but you're like sucking. Yet only your grouping it nicely with your mouth. Yes,
I decided that I kind of wanting to leg teased him a little bag and I wasn't gonna give him that lake. Nice section. I was looking for a head on with her, and so I opened my mouth is wide as I could and I went on on his dig with my lips kind of like bear, Lee touching like this. I had so your mouth like open as wide open as I can and I go down all the way like that super slow and I ll The head of his dig hid the back my throat. They ain't, no bed, I'll betcha larynx, let him know area and the Fucking Tipp. The penis were hanging out idea. You know each other in July, on being and grinding, ok thing known layering vague at it, and then I can backup super super slow again without giving him like that tight grip or section of my mouth and I kept doing
over and over super slow and he was was driving him fucking nuts, he would going crazy. He was like all my I'd like like thing fuck as I was out. These Sophie be Sophie bees. Sophie means obedience, winds of using a particular Sophie, be so fucking proud right now. My proud centres are tingling. Wow. Ok, ok, let's break this down, because this is so fucking smart and I'm so happy about. It up, we always talk about teasing out. You can incorporate into blowjobs just like me to get our pussy eight men also like the teasing. This specifically, I wanna call this. What's the hollowing character like the screen that bad dream now build hollow, do not build no issue, so I know ok, so
terrifying as the sole sucking you're about a wise pleases, how's job, though I think that's really smart, because the scream mask like how the guy's Malta's opened its. Basically I'm going down this guy's dead. There is something a bow not touching his dick until all he really feels is If you're throw in the towel in connecting you buddy looking out you visually and seeing half of his penis or more than half of his penis is disappeared. Riders of seal much other than the rank of that chunky. Nice throw back there. I think that's brilliant and I dont want Soulier Thunder, oh boy, ah guys sorry we're moving on and, let's God, no I do want to add on how our Alex, no don't tell me. You're gonna run up it's just. I thought just go it's fine! Honestly! It's fine, ok, daddy! I my expertise, you have your savings genius
idea and mine is laying their my eyes? Preying is overseen ok. Railroad, go his sleeve midway going. Ok, so, as you're, going down on his egg? I do think that we should were keeping with what you're saying you are not really touching his dick all your mouth is wide open, you're going down YAP only part, that's hitting it is the back of your thorough. Yes, what I ve done in the past is brought this up a notch. In this kind of like shit? You would see I'm like porn and stuff. We gotta use its sparingly and I and I feel like because if you do all the time, then it loses its lustre, but maybe like a drunken night or Holloway night, you're gonna instead of just going down you're gonna. Take your time you index, fingers or your to middle yours, whatever fucking finger, you prefer and you're gonna put them in the sides of your mouth.
And stretch your mouth out wide, while your mouth is in the wide open. As I still like he's my I judge, Ochre Youse literally broker Joker. You are putting your fingers in your mouth and I knew how my point of view is out any stretch, your and our wider than you literally or he's watching as you us to a man. What this is signalling is like one Ok like your cock, is big and I'm about to go down on it and then to he's watching, as you are, stretching your mouth open. Canada and sit like you're really trying to take as much as possible in re as much as possible ray, and every time I have done is to guy think it's kind of one of those like what is she doing momentarily and sometimes you can even let go of one of the fingers and just have one of them in your mouth, pulling it to decide. But there's just something about you. Adjusting
her mouth and yeah walk in use. Andrew watch your mouth thou I mean I was raised. The everything's all right out of that shows a man also signals to him that, like you want yes to fucking his old, how you don't care if you look like an absolute free? No, you don't care of you. Look like the Joker doing Ireland. This isn't. It feel good. Let's try and it's like every girl that does that to me that insinuates we always. How are we that's our line die for that yeah you're, so nasty you're staring at the singing you're wondering? How can I there is nothing you won't do yeah for that, take two x
load seamen into your mouth. There is nothing you won't. Do you want that thing to the back up can throw, and if I have to spread my fucking mouth open way, I'm gonna do it. I'm trying I went in and in girls if you put your tongue out a little farther than your actual like bottom lip. So when you have your you're out of your cheeks pulled back the tongue, the tongue is out and then you're going down on his dick. You can kind of had the tongue on the base on the back of his neck. Going down the dorsal, the dorsal, the dorsal the dorsal so listen. Ladies It's fuckin hollow wean, yeah, rising, try, Lucia creepy share, but also really hot fucking shit. It's just another like we say we always bring. You got a job to right and you know what we started. This pod costs with the Gluck luck has changed lie, but I am here to say that there are still so many fucking girls yeah lame.
Sure there are so many rosier. Oh, don't know how to give had. I'm guys like this really evils that your partners, also so I do want to mention that you're technique is such a good opportunity to make I contact you. I can't tell you how hard it is when, because you drive Jack and I looked down all the time of the girls doing it. No, when you look down at a girl and her mouth, especially, this position is why, I'd open. Taking this guy. Like an you look up at him with like your eyes, watering he's unbelief. It is also I'm pretty sure in porn land or just like Inland lampoon porn plan or in like the sex community. The Joker position is also known as fish hooking, but it's called the Joker, but its fishing village elder more ever to because its hollowing up. So I want to add one more Tipp to me is not really a tip, but because I was also doing mass away when His dick was in high MAO visualize
I just like the Ohio, it would take an hour. I re time ideas, Pie Catholic. I still we'll get shot just all shop. I wait shocking tat. I know you have my grandparents here this like I'm, so am I would be dead yeah, that's! Ok! So when it Digg is in your mouth, is doing. Tiny bit of dirty talk with your mouthful NL we talk, drop Lisbon High, we paying stuff like I'm yours. Law shall it sounds like thine and feels weird, but a guy fucking love thy Bootblue yeah. That was the best thing I've ever seen, and I want to end the absurd here. Dude that
so fucking high, and it's not a time for you to really dirty, although all hell is make out like a bird and then keep going out like a socially when you're, like, maybe still towards the Tipp and you're going down out when you can kind of like get one word out or something I boom yeah swing, even in its hard to get the words out like one can. Do I just I don't know guys are discussing and they like I'll everything that's discussing on his dick he's happy about. While so we ve got this scream and the Joker and then a little. The learning talk on that Yassum scary taught I like I'm it sometimes is it we're when I do this, podcast like I'll, get a little horny and like I want to go, do now, but I'm here and if you're running I'm horny and we live together, go no brainer are a move on its catchy season. Bitches. I I see you. I see you fucking out
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and you're gonna get an extra twenty five percent off. When you keep everything in your box again, that is stitch fix dot com, sash daddy every guy. When you are getting serious with a girl, you need to have the poop talk, wit outer girl. If you dont want the fuckin poop talk is listen. The fuck up grab your pen grab your paper. Stop driving stumbling on the elliptical. Stop! Stop sucking if your midsummer stop listen up! Guy approved talk is such an important part of a release Instead, it grows that trust and intimacy. It really lets you flourish die that you never needn't flourish. No, it's! It is really important and most of the time guys, a girls can like stop it, but really she's gonna, be so fuckin. Really. So really why you just sing the word poop and acknowledging that sheet Jose yeah, literally her spirits will be yet arisen, obviously has to come a time. Be please bring this have on like this.
Every day I neer like she thinks I gotta give we're rather than you know you can go you now you can go job. Some are not. I won't be absurd. Let me know I wasn't very ill yeah you're getting more serious with a girl if you are able to in some way and knowledge awkward about a dress it, because I had this conversation with my brother when he was dating a girl. I was like if You do not have this conversation with her at jokingly, bring it up. She's, gonna, be,
running to see vs wreaking night, because you scared the shit outta targeting phone calls. Baking me our lying to you, and I know who knows where the lies will guide. You start lying about the poop she's lying about gene and about was in her the night before not really heard ethically that's absolutely out of school. I totally agree how the poor talk and like it doesn't mean to be of the way we describe it approved the particles have long talk and we will be happy if you're, one of those guys sitting there being like. I know, girls, don't pew and you just Pooh L ladder flies in fucking, glitter fuckin suck your own dick suck, your own death, but your own dick and sit on it and tore alone because you're not getting it's, not fair. It's not funny. Ok, it's not funny! It's not it's! Not! I dont think anything. It's funny. I think. Maybe you know who I am. I talking about area, it'll, amateur, better toy! Think it's funny, I'm anyway, I don't pay. You know what's funny, I know I know you are in middle school and you have never guy your dick sacked. That's what I hear and it so it all. I know what to say the word hot, but its very attractive when a guy mature about it and bring it up to the moral, the fuckin. Sorry for men is, you need to have the poop
with women up women. It is really you fuckin hard when you are going on vacation with the man. Are you going to visit a man and planning that prove schedule we ve talked about before it's just. Rippling it is, it is not fucking while trying to figure I'll I've had it where I got on vacation, and I literally do not allow myself to go near to annihilate men. I come home and I look like I'm like seven months pregnant and if I could cite INDIGO ridiculous informed about backed up so we want to help all our girls out custodian. Our talk. Mothers like strategizing for our trips Sophie is gonna, be in a hurry. How would the man- and I am going to be in a house with a man? Ah I am our failure figured you'd, be a house where, if you're not in a hotel, we on this side of the role of both? So few of you know tat, I will be you under rule climate change out, so every girl, it's be in a hotel with a man. Let's talk about the hotel rooms,
that's going to unite eyes, be gang horse. You can because I have traveled, as everyone fucking has an depending on the tell you are ah: oh, he hotel room bathroom can actually fuck you, and I literally like want to see. To every architect or every designers, is ever done a hotel and been like what in the world of work. Why this bathroom bathtub in the middle of the hotel room. Like I dont understand that such a good point, some hotel rooms are so a me like. Why is oh and in summer the past some of the best son have like you know my favorite hell us
go in and there's a door to like a massive bath blue eyes, and then there is another door actual toilets and you are locked in. He can largely loaded yeah, there's two doors covering you has you're going to do your blog and try to get through to a lot here. What's going, I as yes, the ones I see as in Vegas alike, as big as their like people are here. It is thought, long coat, gambling and obvious foreign yak and three sons, whatever right. I've the ones where it shows the silhouette of your body. Jesus cry like shows the outline of your body why it's like a fine, if you, to do that when I'm in the shower and how about a dildo, loving knowing what? If I had a huge breakfast, I'm not in the mood to suck in like ok, then visual me the toilet, hunched
Were we like my shoulders on my knees and like my head, whose shoulders on your knees like bent a hundred years, I've never poops like that, but like first summary, there was a big who are what, if you like, needs like your concept, so you need to put your feet on the toilet. See squawk I hardly ever John there's on your knees and then put your feet on the top of the fuckin toilets. He never have. I done that focus I am. I am waiver Amber told me that if he was consequently he would put his feet fly on the toilets teenage squatty party ass! Ok, I know you're saying I'm trying to just pay and visual like there should not be a fuckin silhouette about no, especially because a lot of times when you go on vacation, its kindness was to be sexy time. Usually, what is actually ok, you like pact a little lingerie. So what is
go to of you're gonna, be in a hotel. Its help. The Ladys out my go to high is the shower. Ok, so I'll be like ok, be like I'm gonna take a shower. I too in the shower on I'll, go in do my thing and by the time like I'm out of the shower and all that stuff it does, its best smell is gone. Ok, I think that's a gray one, so girls of your at a hotel, the guy, wants to shower and then try all you can't do that any fuckin our the day I don't know you can just go shower right, leg, you're about to leave her bag quickly shower. It's like put your dress for making an area. Where have you think you could really get away you're, like I'm finished, wash my body or link lengthy or some such a mill? Ok, I've been a wash out, as I hope to get an hour scrub. My I thought the borders are evaluated later. I ve started quickly, rub my ass. I thought about something something else I ve done is I returned
to do my hair and I've literally turned on the blowdryer sat the blowdryer on the ground, no leaving their running and then do mightily. Yes, and then do my genius sits upon me. Yes, do you can't hear Sherwin Blowdryer Round must be so funny when you're taking this way and I lost rises, lugging living out blowing everywhere ass. Another thing that I have done and I wouldn't suggest as one but you can't do this one. If I know I'm about to leave for an abandoned, I will fucking my poor until it is it so side like man is holding its really take. He lay but like if I know that we're going alone can have a public rushed through my life, I'll hold it in their survivors guy yeah. I feel that my a hotel room tactics are a little bit different. I usually veer towards the more like lying side try to, like my I've, never trying to do it in the vicinity of them being near me.
So I'm always I'm always trying to like find a way out my go to Europe that terrified that, like you literally will not do it in the hotel room. Tell me right now: I've done there. But by a girl who knew voice like my all time, favourable to ok, I'm sorry! with him and I will make a phone call, and it's usually you haven't life cry, making another priority so few. I always think I'm be most. We are really doing it's. Ok, I gotta make Angela ties: five writers hurry he's like yeah, I believe so. I will make a phone call, unlike sorry like Sophia's, having like a mid life crisis with this vote, the rigging- and you say you share your torrent or nor be like. Serbia is having like guy issues, I'd I'll, be right back so
I start talking to you, pretending I'm talking to you and I will leave the hotel room the men and I leave the hotel room, I am booking it to be. Elevator I'm looking down to the lobby. I am booking mommy battered and I'm blowing thing out. No one fucking know where that saying it's like a tree falls in a forest in it even fuckin palm that's me did our adventure. I think I did, and I say in the lobby at I grant you walk ass reception by boosting the tax up here and I'm pulling it ever like. Why do you need to leave no dude? It's girl time guidelines. We heard about area, I might break down and I come back and I give the great a performance you know I can you don't like God, so see and her die right. Now it s a mass refugees. May there's so much going on gas into the fire.
I don't know who you are now working up, whereby yesterday you like their bad of tighter and others at night, like there's a so I go off and it really works because at the end of the day, what man is going to sit there be like war. We work tell me more about drama. You come back here again, you just look at them and give them that, like don't even and then you sit back on the bed and your ten pounds later I dont like dropping off loads of timber. Moving on Alex, let's Agua your situation. Please when you're in a house with a guy there are more. The poor bathroom ray and you get a pic which one fair thinking this is grey by Alex. It's
fucking eyes, not because you can't just casually use the bathroom upstairs go. That's dead, give away that you're going pay. If you dare step on the fuckin stairs, while you guys are on the first floor, he'd like there, she girl, she's shootings, lay a massive job and you're like so actually yeah this. Second, you don't use the nearest bathroom. You might we'll be like going I'm trying to think of my strategy for a house, and this I'm so fucked up already know what I do well, I'm assuming include the lie in a phone call. I'm not kidding. Riding life movement, listen, listen! This is where ok, I will. Make a phone call innocent in a situation by its different than the, call you do in the hotel, I pretend say: we're sitting on the couch watchings airline
Orpheus fucking calling itself. So no. I will pretend that idea. Call I dont announce it I'll just answer. I found I will stand up I will casually begin to just like stroll around the house, pretending him on the phone. My girlfriend, I'm like hell, it's a girl like what's up, I will pretend for a little bit Two aimlessly walk around each room, just wandering on the phone. Meanwhile, I don't fucking goddamn well, my destination is the goddamn guest room in the side of the house, bathroom, ok, you're headed toward the west. We and you know what you're about to deal here, you're going bigger pretending. So then what happens is walk, my us into the bathroom. I would be scrolling parents around whatever, but
I will continue to pretend I'm on the phone, so I've straight up talking to buck and Jessica about boozy brokers are not totally to anyone. There's no jessica here, like skid, so love while retaining their zero at the wall. Talking I'm pretending to talk, I'm you continue the phone call when you're sitting on the, because God forbid he walks pass the bathroom God For then he knows. Oh Jesus just she's on the phone, but I guess she's just fairly quickly. It's insane I swear to God. I know it sounds crazy, but it works every fucking time because the conversation gives you a reason to go to the opposite by around about room. You stumbled upon I've done this tale. When you sit down, I don't think I can pay right, ok, desperation! Oh, you need to just do it. In the bathroom next to him. What can they have that? We have not talked about poof spray, hello lar in our older remade. Actually brought this to us and I think of them
very common thing. Lauren Laurens, like please clipping spoke, would imply that about you, like Lord made sure to bring that three apart. We sit here and I came home with working day. Like you, too, you were aware more alarming. Is the ordering sit up of Amazon one day and she got this thing. Tat could be good for our liking. Three o one be back in the day. One of us is that we all fuckin smell so guys if you
We all know about the poop spray, its poop hurry. You can get it on Amazon, not fuckin, sponsor by actually like. If they respond to end this poops pray. Let me tell you yeah, you know even know right. Why went down in that frickin toilet that rain? Also, good! Ok, can I say a couple thing. Of course you can work number. Why hasn't arrived? There might be something that does worry me a little bit because we are women and we are that Psycho is, aren't you ever like it? Will it smell jagged, give away tat. I went to allow some like fuckin. Let me why you know I am I might as well. I mean why do you need a spray out? Are you? What are you covering up right? You're me, you're only spraying after pills to give away by. Would you rather that? Wouldn't you rather him smell some flowers, then fucking, what you earlier. I salute me, you just had sacks.
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for how long he got into air are a quick Sophia. Given We also made this girl wants to know what is the best way to tell some one that you ve, never fact we're you're gonna fuck them that Europe squirt or watch I say, and one should I say or show just let him find out heat of the moment bring your scuba. It's going. You like, hey, baby scuba gear, do meet tonight, gather and ready and get the tar pow cause among zoo in common your way of guaranteeing our baby. Let's get a hopeful fire hose to bathe. Where do you want me to plant that shit? You come on my faith Marty. While my com he's like who Albert, Thirsty, Gavi traded. Today, you gotta get that third grudged
all we are image or no quickly. If I were you, I would literally tell you could even tell a little bit ahead of time and be like hey like I, and I got really the dream of disease. Korea. Usually I got really really why or I got extremely well or if you want to be like sexting little beforehand and you can be like I like know how to square, and I want a squirt for you and then, when you got there, just variety of metallic Wanna put it down. I know I'm gonna get so what you flavouring, I is, can you like? I just came up my pen. I writing that that's fucking right now, every time a girl is supporting, it can get a little tiring for guys, maybe if you're not taking precaution and putting shut down. But if this is the first time you that superbly land land girl be elated totally huge fucking. You hear so many girls writing this in it. Pisses me off. Ok, I'm due miss sky. It's pretty new and he's awful at foreplay. Whenever he finger me: it's God awful and he does not go down on me, but the actual dick is bomb Hoddan.
Teach them to be better at foreplay. Also, a lot of girls are saying that, when their hooking up at their hook up the guidance and eat them So this is a very reoccurring. Gatt! No bad luck out of his mind has wherever manner you what the fuck yeah I like. I don't understand. If anything were the ones that neither foreplay more guys. Not you. Thank you. What are you doing? Yes, where's your head, get your head in the game will succeed. She's complaining that she's like lightning, and I understand as much as we're always so confident call her daddy. I understand girls, may be a little nervous to bring something up that they want in the bedroom, especially if you don't have that communication yet and if it is like a friends of benefits by, I think especially when it's a friends with benefits. You should even feel more and copy. It's all about? These are all about bizarre fuck and make it more about I, if you're in a relationship you wanna hurt your partners, feelings, yeah, maybe more comfortable. But sexy. Acts of the front door. What would you do Sophia? I think and
That of seeing the word for play say used. The word teasing tell. Tell him that when a guy teases you before he ends up like actually going and via the kill and by kill, I mean fucking back to that Teasing is like were really gets you and makes you come harder than anything. I think that's so smart. I think a my big Advice is, do not try to do it in the heat of the moment. Let hey like Can you finger me? You know what you re, no it's too late, because when you are in the middle of hooking up with the guy as much as we love to believe that their there'd also kept us off when a man, it is hard and you guys are doing. For re. Really all he's thinking about is when the fuckin I put it in total, literally Lancashire Pork. This bass so Do this outside of the bedroom, and if I were you even if you're talking like your sexting or something, I think you should like you said a drop hands but even say like babe like next time.
Look I'll be I want you to go down on me and like eat. My pussy, like it feels yoga it and that's how I got super, whereas I mean to have such a good or goddamn it. You eat me I'll, make it something sexual absolutely be like you could even be like. I want you like this next time to like you almost got me to the brink of coming. I like, don't let me kind, then fuck me again and then, when you're in the bedroom, Billig no nine you'd like actually Lawiya going on. I will attach to this this past week and I had a guy that was like teasing me for Twitter. Did thirty minutes before he actually let me com and it was orgasm I've ever see every girl, manly singing in old testimonial from Thou Sophia Franco. You know ankles strangle steam go the teasing, will gotcha Facebook market place, hack, ok, ok! If you are a man search Facebook,
market place. Do you know what the market places you can like Self United Search Facebook market place four wedding dress is will show recently divorced women in your area from there. You can search bible size of the women through their dress, size, love. You anything go fuck yourself up. Ok, I love you bad scope, ural, sociopath and I like me like I want now he told us that fact ourselves. I like him all right. I like him, already he's searching women who are vulnerable recently divorce and not only that search them by their draft as others, milk hunter would do. Yeah he's a little like a kind of also note motorway to find mills. Tommy
Why is it showing divorced women? Well, it's women that are selling their wedding dress, though, unless they're doing bad in money, Riley Grooming, when women want to get rid of that their last, some should have been yeah I'll Oki grew drills really pulling in the facts are so I guess men here we ve told you Barnes and Nobles and accept our yoga clauses. I guess it's a really another way to find a mill ya. Elderly shoe. All I mean if they're looking at wedding dress is. If this guy is, I guess why do you look for like kitsch My kid toy people selling kids closer something I lied in that kind of pre we enter. I didn't go check their profound, your husband and, if you know we're inside, you live the fuck em fucker, while our kids are in the playroom you'll get right off, yeah, that's brilliant! Okay! This is so interesting to me. It's catfish situation, sit back, relax and get your popcorn
I was totally catfish this weekend and I am not sure if I should be mad or impressed ho I was at the bar over the weekend and I started talking to this guy aspect, to know each other. I learn he's a professional athletes, or so he says the entire your night. He does not skip a bee, even his fur and are in on the story wanting ledge, mother and I wound up back at his place and shit got kinky as I'm leaving he's telling me how him his boys, deleted their instagram one eye but insists on getting my handle before leaving. So he can follow me when he re downloads it in the morning. I decide to look this guy up and see what he's actually about except his name does not exist. All my there no professional athletes under this name and me where it very quickly became clear to me that this guy used a fake name, an story just to get some pussy. His mistake was
picking me because the crazy ass that I am was still able to track down the real him. Now here is my question and uses like an average jobs. Average ass Joe wow Ngos do I leave the and let him and his friends have this crazy story or do idea him and let him know that he got busted. One pardon me thinks it would be totally creed I I'm? Having considered he told me a complete life lie, but another part of me things that would be funny to let him know that he's not that clever as he things. What would the fathers due to. That is why all bodies so amazing can see it's so amazing, on a both ends so proud of her for finding the real him yeah. Actually kudos it is guy for Joe, is friends. People care fish from there, Finally, I do like throws them face to this guy full line, catfish train person in the flesh, like you forget
people can literally just make up an entire la girlfriend. Knowing me you run to the bathroom you type in the name and Europe would not worth is always naturally he's not gonna come up he's not me I'll, be on me MBA about like where the fuck is this guy, and you would have known you always gotta. Look at that baby I sent you did in. I think it's one ball or on their own fuck it to get some pussy good for him. I would actually happened. Ass Alex that's completely fucking liar one about earlier aims of back. I mean, if you, but it's fair enough that like well, I wouldn't have thought him if he wasn't road and put a pressing issues enemy shallow. However, I would probably dm them, but I would make a joke. Yeah I've. I worry you whatever. He said that his name while ya, you should d, I'm him and be like. Oh my gosh, it's the craziest thing. You look exactly this professional athlete I like other weak, but his name is barbaric la right. You could use a view
it's fun, even FUCK India, by Europe's that maybe you the d, I'm him and be like, thank God you. About. Why in your back pocket, because I would not have some regardless, you should Vienna because it it's it's hard to of me. Wants you to not. Let him think he got away with that could as brilliant this plan, was you fucking daddy and you went crazy. You fuckin found him. That's ball. Or that worry I want to do this. I would be very my fact and also never believe men when they say that they dont currently evidence ram, because your man they want for any man, don't believe women who may they matter. Guy he's like my name, is Dave it's no! It's not it's not, and also if he says he doesn't have a specific up, he does but he's going to? U every thing that comes out of their little hot idolize leave nothing yes fortune! I ever ago life, not your dad! Not your brother! Not your dog is a boy! No none open with tape. I have a quick, this comment that I want to make?
girl, wrote in and was saying I finally was giving man head, and I was thinking about, Alex and Sophie a new guy. While I love by, I love your honor. My loki, I'm glad we're there through in spirit no boat. She watched her point was it she said, die she was so in her. About ok she's been wanting to look about her man when she's giving her head. She's been so fucking nervous to make eye contact with him. So she was like I had you got. Voices. In my head being like a fucking. Do it look up at him? Look up, I did not send and she said. Finally, I was like fuck it. The song There's told me to do it and she said she was sucking her man's deck and she looked up at him and continued to sucking, go up and down at making icons,
with him with the Dick, normal, ok and he came in ten fucking so casually would like I, I don't believe it. It is long now, I'm so proud of it. Like I broke the barrier ass, I wanted to bring this up because I know we always talk about it. Collar daddy can be crazy, but this a very simple fucking move when you're giving head- and it literally has to do with your eyeballs shifting the upward direction right and it can literally make a guy go crazy, totally it so fucking out on a guy sees you looking up at him with taken your mouth, kids egg in your ma. It's hi dad Boeing's me. So how do I imagine as I go to the devil, and so I just wanted to point that out I like by I actually have something about milk hunter, its milk hunter impostors, someone wrote in and said: Daddy's it's not a fucking drill. These men are taken
shit way too far, I was out at the clubs with my girlfriends is past weekend and this bitch boy had the audacity to introduce himself as mill punter shy. Yap a fucking tried to convince us. He was the real deal like no You know what he sounds like first of all and you're acting desperate as fuck with We know the real mill punter would never do. He would never go around brow. Getting that he was milk Hunter men out. A knock at the fuck off that is so fucking crazy people are trying to liberate hand, but I'm I just brought this cause, I'm so proud. The daddy is so fuckin smart, like the fact that these budgets are how hammered at the bar run, they know nope you'll have the voice
and also to milk Hunter. Whenever act, this well milk fund are not using the mill hunter status to fuck girl no tried out. So if you guys me any impostors out their daddy's, never billina me, while my husband and I got married young, we have amazing wild passionate rough sex and always have for the past nine and a half years. My guide for the past few months. He has been bringing dildos into the action and wants me to suck the dildo like I do with his dick moving back in Fourth between his dick and the dildo. Usually he pretends this. Other person is touching me when he does this passing her back and forth to get fuck type of thing. Don't get me wrong, I love it. He says things like. I see you writing his dick and will ask me: do you care if he fucks you, and so on so kindly a couple tabling such ass him. He says he just like see,
the angles and taking the visuals Anne had I tell if you want an actual threesome now I've asked before, but I feel like he's just nervous to mention it and a real person in here. I want to be able to fulfil his desires. Also don't want him to think that I am not satisfied by mentioning us having a threesome. What does he want? Ok, first and foremost, that's a very interesting lit. King there. That is interested him to want to watch you suck a dildo, It was very interesting. I get it, but I think especially if he's the one that's been initiating this, it shouldn't be hard for you to bring up a three sow. Also, sometimes I get confused and people write in vain. She has been with this man for nine and a half years. I M just a little bit confused how you don't feel try to ask rail has obviously at one point recently they she said this happened in the past couple months. Modestly, he had to ask to bring a dildo yen asked
you to suck a bucket suck it so obviously there's an open communication there. If I were you, you can say like baby, I love how you get to me like with like sucking the dildo fucking a dildo? Do you think Yes, it's a start to swirling. Would you want to bring us into the bedroom totally by nah yeah and then, if he freak sound like wool, do you I think you just say honey This is something that, like I, this kind of wanted to talk to you about, like I'm, not completely opposed, but I'm not necessarily comply or babe. We are obviously spacing things up. I love it. I think we're having an amazing sacked. I just wanted to know, don't ever hold back if you in a ramp thing we should talk about it and I mean start by asking him what he likes. About the dildo aspect about these getting you. Ah, if it's the visual or if he likes the idea of having to pass you back and forth hello, that's the purple
opera, two or three so yeah to man be led woman right and then be like. Ok, so that's like kind of what's getting you awfully good, you ever want to try and on the flip side, don't ever get upset about your partner, bringing up like a signal. Anyone know, I think, there's an illicit opium early since, if your thumbs, I'm not like at all no waiting at such a goop, wait like don't ever think die, then drawing up a three, I know so many girls, like my boyfriend, is thirty one to three sound like he doesn't even like me, and now I was anymore no reasons and shit like that. We always say our fantasies and can mean played out. So it's really does that thinking about a fancy that they really know that they would want in real iota, don't get insulted, yeah, embrace it jingle of bows
Bang man's bows Robin laid at a holiday, Russia's coming, oh baby, you guys wanna, buy merge. You know how we sell out the murmur ships station, dot, com, bitch Asian, its the fastest easiest and most affordable way to get your bars will merge in time for the holidays, guys, ships, they should help us get orders out quickly. We do not want grumpy customers, Do I have any type of company or you're just selling something from a website like Gauze Amazon shop. If I square space at Sea ships station helps you bring all of your orders into one simple interface: Jai helps you figure out the best way to ship every package and creates shipping labels for all of the top carriers. You're gonna get ships asian for free for sixty days. When you use offer code daddy, that's two months, free of no hustle stressful, holiday shipping, see guy's going to go to a ship station dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in daddy that ship station dot com
and her daddy, our eye guys will. That is all I am terrify, I'm terrified, but I'm excited, I think, hollowing is going to be a great. For for the daddy's. Yes, you guys, I hope your dressing up. If you don't have a cause. Doom, you know its last minute Alex and Sophie and I could be the founding fathers. It's easy to all these two unique value, your wholesome charisma and our will to fuck em your goods are a girl traders. Five stars, please, if it's one get the fuck out of here, leave us a rating and review please, and we will see you next Wednesday, daddy by daddy, happy Halloween, happy Halloween yeah.
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