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Let's crews of Christian her three eyes it Alex in Sofia back at it again for another episode of call her mother fucking down so so I both went on trips this week, end getting come inside, Ok, why dragging me into that all its you're getting filled fully car. So are you zero both went on trips and I want to take this over were really were doing a one. Eighty here we're talk, melt Wertheimer, the airport and airport etiquette something happen, and I love, so riled Al Qaeda go and everyone. I mean people to right in and tell me if I was in the right. Or if I was in the wrong about two track, is lady down and fuckin time: her out all right. Little thought should be ok
I am in line to go through the security check. Point. Okay and I clear, and he s a type of fish easy as that for each oh I am in line and there is in older lady with her two daughters and they look like they were like college age. Al Qaeda has nothing it doesn't even matter it doesn't have anything to the story, but there in front of me and home one of the daughters crouches down and opens up her duffel bag inserts frantically. Looking for something I can only assume it was like her identification because you're about to see the ts aging who's gonna ask to see that got it. Love! ok, ok, she's romantically. Looking for that, so I walk around her as one child. Ok, I walk around this girl so that I can proceed
because there is a ts agent sitting there waiting for the next person to go through them. When I do this, the mother, Turns around and at the top of her lungs is like. Excuse me, you can wait a second life. So loud so rude, so Mean- and I In that moment I was so taken aback and I was like I generally We question myself eyes like we am, I suppose. Those two way for them to go through. First, I guess I d airport ETA care. So what I do we who's that gains she finds her. Indeed, they go in front of me and then, as we got to the front line, became so clear to me. Ah fuck! No,
Lady about is not how about were absolutely fucking know. No. That is not what Europe wants to do. If you are not ready to go to the t s age re, all of your stuff, then by bitch by packing you, the people behind you need to bypass. You cannot hold up an entire line and people please tell me, I'm not crazy. So, let's move onto our next, please sweetheart. I need you to tell me that I'm not crazy. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here and I'm gonna tell you you're, not crazy. No, it is obvious that you're not fucking wrong. I absent movie would have done the same thing. This is the problem with people I airport, you can't hold up a line who can hold up alive? We heard if you're not going ninety five and that left lay you get the fuck out of here now in kind of an. I would understand it more if there were like a bunch of people in front of us. The t s age working with, but the tea
ts, agent was just sitting there. Ok, my question is this number one wish she agree: GAD Sunken thought lie a fuckin too and that they are used on her way. They are on our knees. Looking third tougher Delaware really looks like you're gonna talk about. Oh that's what it why that's what it was like a slide didn't even know how to take dick here's the thing Sophia. I fear that girl, your Mama's, Fuckin, sly and as I had I am going deeper more time than I can count on our you started as a fucking blow job. I would add that, through your discredits, anyways back to the airport is the things opium. My question is: what did you do because you know me like those are the moments I live for. I would turned around and, like Fuckin tidies laughed at Sawyer S bed. What did you do because I think that first all agree with you yeah being in all seriousness. I think I was at the airports you I had. Another situation happen. That's not his traumatic is yours, but like there's something about
airport, that people say show on edge to get stuck in plain and they ve got nineteen hours and it's like God. They people like revert back to like their land animal riled way the animal is sick ways reptilian brain yeah. So what did you do? Did you watch her I'll? First? I was. This is like one of those instances that, like later on, when I was taking a shower that night I got I I would have thought that internal affairs, but I want to set up this like you know, it was one of those things to the first. So taken aback and she was so convincing in how rude she was to me that I was like what was that. Facto Slayer Mew. Should I so I was meal, but then, once we got to front in the line, the t s agent, the more was turned round talking or daughters and Don T say agent was still waiting and I was like you Go ahead. I'll bet I thought I'd in me. I wish I could have been more me.
I've gotta go to come up with a browser like the daughters. Were there like whores and like the who do you think it's actually knew the whole family of wars in front of you? You could, I feel bad your leg. Gave a little girl I'll know what we're saying, but now I think the airport is pathetic. I think that you are in the right and I think that everyone in the airport needs to fuck off in it. I have received over and I and airport. Let us buck impact. Will now I'm ready? No, you! Now! I'm I'm like waiting, impose. Some went to jail, he's ending route body up like Chester, yeah, so anyways. If you're in a year in any line actually whatsoever- and you don't have your stuff ready than the present behind- you can go ahead also, this is gonna be two seconds, but what I witnessed was there were these two grown ass men with family and one was standing in zones to and one was standing in zones, three ready to poor Mister Henderson looked up at Mister Scott and he said Mister Scott. What is your border
how to say what zone are you in? Mr Scott was in the wrong and Mr Henderson was like back it up Scott, my family and I are ahead of you, your zone for buddy and they started getting any blow zones? Will really fucking got simply for people get so TED Stevie willing. Why it's like we're? Ok, we're all gonna get Lazarev lie. You are not allowed to act like a crazy person unless your flight is out to take on it. Like a home alone moment where you are fucking booking area K. Moving on, we usually don't talk about what's happening in pop culture, the media, but there is something we wanted to address because there is major major drama happening between Jake, Paul and Gigi Deed, Jake Paul did it we kind of talking shop unseen.
Boyfriend Anne. She clapped back and was like Ella well cause. He doesn't referring to saying Ella well because he doesn't care to hang with you in your embarrassing crew of Youtube, groupies home alone, with his best friends like a respectful king, because he has me sweetie unbarred by your irrelevant ugly, ask go to bed We want to talk about this because something really really fucked up is going, on and what it is. Is it the fact you think she's even referred to her boy. Frank vein? As per respectful king, give up about the Jaguar food of a valuable between reality. Like a p, I say right now: world you're, the bitch out, bear Judy. I love you, but I'm sorry nor a girl in a relationship name. You are referring to your boyfriend as your king, my king not get.
But if the fucking thing off not get the fuck knock the one night, but three laughed out punch, knock it off my king disgusting, my prince disgusting, I'm dying under my king the same thing you when I talk about the other day when a girl is like my main man now MA bands? Don't know my man- and this is the thing about my man- we're gonna, real it back in various twin girls refer to their boyfriend. Is my man, the horrifying disgusting, stop when they I'd ass is more the z to me, and my man and man made you gonna go fuck with Mamma and you don't talk to my main man, whom I met. The pit star.
My king may prove my man, my man, my may I get off discovered allowed to under any circumstances in life you're fuckin Megan, Markel and he's in fact a prince, maybe yeah. Prince kids like he Loki years are, then you can get away with guys. It's funny an ironic at that point. Yeah aside from that stop it MA am. Can you imagine if I walked into like: oh no, actually, you You know you walked into the apartment you're like a God layer lomna. Who did you go to that gender weapon ideas that, oh, my man? Why would we do? I would backlog of our balcony and never talk to you again guys it's just a little piazza. We can
g g g, the bag was gray eyes and also urges and there's just something about like how they had broken up, and I think he doesn't even know I really like her and ride over you're trying to claim him back. My king yeah, we don't referred to them. Is your king unless they're track record is like one hundred percent as we never broken up new, never been shady, they ve never got up with any look. Stupid demands my king, my prince my world, even my world, my world universe, like my moon lifetime, my my stars, my universe, while will bats I can see that, please ancillary, that's what happens if he decides to cheat on your ass, then what You are, I don't know he's gone. Your world is crumbling, seems logical, real at the fucking know, keeping everyone accountable hearing in twenty twenty glad I got off my chest I've another random thing. I want to bring up. Ok, it's a sketchy thing: ok, classic!
but every daddy, gay member? I really want you to listen up quickly. This will take two seconds it's hard for you guys to be sketchy. So I was with a guy this past weekend and I think that it's always good to not be concerned that if you are showing them something on your phone, that they're gonna see guys, texting you or vice versa, guys right your buildings, I'm sorry, I'm so kind of any over my cold small winning hand, your phone too guy. I would never hands points both men real about ok, but if you needed to summary, then if I show whom I thought you'd, never handing over the following a guide, Oh that's, not true, said how do you deal with? I can boyfriend may block K ticket, oh you're, like Yahoo hot, You mean my man, no
you never had your phone. If you show your phone to a guy, you want sure that nothing polished up on the phone. So in the past we have said to put your should undue, not disturb, and we have said The Ladys and the man lower that little moon eyeing Han in the DAS right hand care that child's play. I got a new hack bitching our and people may know this, but I wasn't so sure this we go. When I was with this guy, I went to settings. I went to notifications on my Iphone and I went to my. Judges, and there are the notifications. It's like three options of banners, so it will be on your fronts when your phone is locked up, attacks will show up from someone yet and when your phone, it's open, there will be,
it will be at the top of the screen and then one other option. I turn all of them off. So, for example, I was sitting where there with the guy we were looking at goober eats on my phone. Dont worry guys. I did not pay. We were just looking browsing. Uglier k, we're looking at liberty, heat we're looking at goober eats, and I am care free, Carrie. Ok, ok, I am scrolling with no care in the world. Cause. I knew that shit chase of name change. I really like Jason and you know chasing someone Jason. I knew that J sin, Todd Robber and Karl weren't gonna come up on my phone, even though they were texting me. I felt my phone vibrating, which I could have turned off too, but I knew that that I know what caring world he wasn't Emil.
Anyone was texting. Ok, so you coming, I just had a really bad job of explaining what you, what you do is you turn off all notification, and so essentially you guys can sit there and you can act like a princess or you can act like a saint and they d. The annual anyone's tech rail, so I think that a very great way to stay, not. To say sketches day, undetected, undetected, and I also think maybe like when you're when you are with the hook up. There are times that I would want him to see that the someone's texting me. I evaluate your situation this case. I think it was. I really didn't want him to see diet other guys texting. I think it's really good. You brought up because people now note look for the icon of tat or- and this one is less when you can really fly under yeah. I guess I don't have any tax and then also it it's great, because what you can do is you leave your phone? The slim shady always calls me out for having my phone face down. That's one thing that he thinks that is really bad about
and I am sorry, but it's a habit. So now with all the notifications turned off, it looks like I'm a full blown loser. If you click on my phone It says I don't have any terrorizing really. I could have dry, so it's going so you're never spoke to hand your phone over by a few need to four summaries. Then then, make sure tat all the notification off before you do. Yeah rallies text messaging whatsapp. Anything urban shady, oh yes, boom and there instances. We need. You have to hand your phone over like when, please let me talk about the airport. Here we go She has they woman I had to. Let you see, there is a lot of drama the airport and I had to go back to customs to ask about something nice in Mexico. I don't you get into it, but I had to ok, Mexico. I had accidentally left my cell phone in my purse and I left my purse with the guy was with us. I ran to customs
frantically started. Looking for my phone, I thought I had on me. It wasn't on me, so I had the personage customs call, my phone. It rang the guy was with was for my bag that had my phone in it, he grabbed my phone answered myself on was like haze. Everything are you getting everything worked out: ok at in that instance had my phone and he was alone with my forward shortly because when you answer phone call, it doesn't open your phone survive idiot captain What have you knew my password? But what you know your password? Ok now I know we all hold on. You know your past. Now then we know but listen, you know your pipe. I know if I and notifications he would still see that, like Carl
Peter onward taxing these have by no yo. But if you now, if you ok, I'm gonna be like bears out one there's, not too there's not through with our format and sliding into night it's hard for me to be right or not. Fucking one is like its work, its word, you don't have friends at work. You work with how class, so that makes that nobody is zone. But do you see what I'm saying if you do had, then? Ok, so here we go so their wits, We noted the geisha, though, if you had the notification thing, you're good k, if its turned off in your good, unless the ink mere has your fuckin password would there was a little pink rose cheek that have and then you got a little. He know how. No, I would never in a million years, but has he Maybe like looked over my shoulder and mean seem a little one to seven. I dont know
We talked about that if your phone is on the lock screen and if someone's finger is a little bit dirty, you can literally see whether typing in the code. Yes, it's just something that I remember back in the day with my axe, I will look at his ipod and I would tilled the a certain way and the light underneath this like one in the bath and the like. Kindly shine perfectly. Wow marks. I wish there were good out of it. Yes, sometimes I get come down my face. Yes, sometimes I like it, but what I dont like is when the maid, gap comes off. When I rub the come off urban decay all night or make up setting spray. Let's go bitches backing get into it, because this spray actually works Alex. I both
can spread on every single time are going to a dick appointment and I'm just the way go guys. I used to use settings raids, actually think I used to use the wrong one. It was like the Green one and then I remembered Daddy Gang wrote in and there were like the purple all night or setting mother fucking spray you're in this bit. It's like glue Kay, yeah, and so you end up looking amazing in the morning. You go to the club, go to the you, go you go to the car the out of the forty eight hour I and it's amazing, and so when you go water boarded from the dig, it doesn't even looked like you got water boarded and that's the goal yeah,
you guys it makes your make up look last longer up to sixteen hours without melting feeding or settling into fine lines, so guys we're gonna do is you're going to use promo code daddy for fifteen percent off if you're gonna go to urban decay, dot com! Ok, that's code, daddy for fifteen percent off urban decayed dot com go get come dawn are guys. We have, we have kind of the update of the century and we need it for real. Ok, everyone buckle up, get your coffee, you get your vodkas aright, MRS Alex speaking. So last week I explained a series of dates that I went on that were a disaster one of them. I quickly explained that it was a man that I went on a date with and thirty minutes into the date,
he. Let me know that he was engaged so lots of drama. I gave pretty vague details about this. Man said he went to Harvard Seti Bullet. Like a couple little d out, I thought we were keeping him anonymous. We upload the episode the next day after the episode is released, I'm going through my dams and I start to see a few. You girls, sliding in questioning if it is bubble, blah right that I'm referring to write like in the subject liner had his near his name and there like. We are you talking about law and they go to tell me that he did these same exact thing to them that they didn't know. He was engaged that he either flew them out some of them. He flew out some of them. He just took on dates in this. Say that he was in for work, so fuck and then they found out. He was engaged after about six girls reached out to me guys I was like hold the fucking phone.
On call her, daddy and Sofia knows this world. We can talk about it, but on call her daddy, we we always how girls that you should never reach out if you're, the other woman, yes and he ended up cheating on his girlfriend with you. It's really not your place to reach Selina, however, refer in this instance beak as they were. What about aren't bay legs? They were scheduled to get married it. Oh I spoke to one of the schedule I scheduled challenge. They were on schedule, so I spoke finally answered one of the girls who had also been in a similar situation to me, and she explained to me that they were getting married in a month. Literally from now today the state are getting married in March, a shield We know that via their wedding registry is online, it's both of their names. There's pictures, there's food, there's all they're getting guide in a different country like there's all this shit going on. So knowing that there is a girl-
that is about you walk down. I all you. We in a few weeks walked down the aisle and get married. A serial cheater right all of the cap all her daddy advice we give in kind of went out the way he'll, because this situation is very different. Guy, the reasons being a she's getting married to disguise. Yet, even if it's just like a girlfriend and a guy dating it's kind of idea, if they were just boyfriend, a girlfriend like out whatever the jagged seeds a bunch. Unlike it's none of my fuckin business right, don't give a fuck right, but she is about to marry the eyes. Be you have it not one not to not three, but I'm old Zappala may sliding end up. So you know this guy is just doing this lake right. Galicia and consistently, and then all There was a the last point. Is there was a common theme that that the girls all talked about how he talk so much about his
I got pisses me off the million the me to one hundred percent, so fuck talking shit about her wired, even bring her into a right. So this is what fucking goes down. I'm home, I call Sophia. I call my mom. I talked to a couple of my friends and I my guys I'm having like this moral fucking crisis. U I reach out to this beyond, say woman, or do I stay at my place and not tell her up and every on social media is telling me to tell her Sophia says she thinks I should tell her. My mom is like Alex. You could literally change the trajectory of this girl's lie as much as she's going to like it's a nightmare. In the moment you really are gonna fucking save this girl from a lifetime of living with a guy that is actually a compulsive fucking liar disgusting. So what Why do you slide into her dm? Are you a class lane the whole situation? You were super nice about it and respectful, and you told, and the next step is sophia- and I were prepared that maybe this girl maybe this girl, and I am sure that he could not get away with that
now not level of joining without her knowing and not. Maybe she was just kind of engagement ridge, maybe or maybe she was again over the money- didn't really give a foggy idle little in denial cuz. We know that a lot of times when the other woman reaches out the girl doesn't believe right. Finally, I got a message back from the fiance and she was shot. She had no fucking clue guys, no idea guys the fact that she was so blinds. I broke my heart. I would like there's no fuckin way. This girl doesn't have some idea. She had no. Why should you not a clue? She was like what a fucking pig like yeah. So after that happened so far and I went into by your role of like women are not shit. Guys are like. Why do girls act so fucking, crazy? There you go there, you go. There is a perfect, example of why act like a crazy, but absolutely so much so that after this
in Shanghai I got off the phone with Alex and I walked into Superman's badge room and I was like wow suit me, not how to get to the story like wow like so let me see your fucking phone. What have you been doing you up to saying they're all innocent like what are you doing he's like what happened? You're like there is a man that just cheated on his fiance to serial cheating and he's like what is it at Would you like your basically him? bad. You would highness guys I hate to amend this. I was like. I was genuinely absurd and genuinely fell as if suit man had like fucked me over no dude, I'm not gonna lie. I was kind of being a little awkward with the guys I talk to that night. I wasn't pissing me off for what reason baby like John, yes gusting, so here I mean the whole situation, guys while its wild. You can't make this up. It feels like a fucking television registry was taken down. Radio a couple.
Where's after I told her, the wedding registry is taken down and Can I ask you, Alex you single handedly change goods reject her. He of like five people's lives. How does it feel thinks you're like you lucky, No, you, I already might put a stop to an entire worrying and everyone's flight or complete really can. Obviously I'm kill it was. His ball knew no oil and his. While I'm glad you brought that up, I think for a while, I I you saw me. I was feeling kind of weird cause. I'm like I I believe did the right you had by this. This guy brought me into this jewish and where'd. You that involve you Eddie Ray and can lead us discuss that for two seconds, because a part of me it thinks that it was not just a coincidence that he decided to go on a day with a girl?
with that amount of followers and that reach a popular pod cast, There wasn't some self sabotage like wine, you go on to date, will you I was talking to my goddamn mother, about that. My mom said the same thing she was like. I can't help but think the way that this man talks about his fiancee to all of the girls. Now that you have these testimonials from all the other girls, He said the same thing to you: it is one thing to go on a date with those girls, though, yet you go on a date with a girl of d call her daddy podcast run. This is the shit we talk on a day to day basis looked like entrust. You are presiding. What anymore, and really, I do believe Us Senator like Sub Conrad is trying to do some because clearly he was unhappy and I think going on that date with me, was like that final moment where he was willing to risk at all and I think subconsciously he kind of new like will fuck
she'll blow my shit up, and maybe I won't have to marry this girl, also cheating us so fucked up like you do want and cheat we fully support. We might as well. I couldn't you just cheat like a normal person, not bring up the fact he was engaged weak right. She, I wouldn't know. Maybe he thought like bringing it up right away, could protect him in some way. I know no note the bat he's about cheater. He not us Legatee, I'm he's felicity work out a respectful. She not respect, and now we will not have. This is one other detail that pisses Sophie and either Buckshot. Why cause worse, why do you? Girls have to have an engagement ring to say hi, I'm off the mark? ring he's not married why'd, you girl. Have to have an engagement ring to say hi, I'm off the market but men Oh, I didn't under
stand not until you broke down for me. Ten times. Think about now have to wear a ring. The second they got engaged men. Don't men can keep fucking during that pretty much means men have a free pass, the buck, anyone they want until they will not him the wedding zau. It's not a free power. No, no, no act up worth changing. No, we are, if you think, I'm with you and I I think so that is the other guys fuck, that guy honestly, I kind of like India. I don't feel bad for you involved all these other people in your situation. You brought us into it and therefore- and I know it is not about me- and I mean I am personally upset. I am too because now my trust issue the level they are at a level nine anchors. He decided to devote too I am saying now. My trousers use are added twice: you're fucking, everyone else being those they all without being said Sophia
I trust issues up the was you can't even fuckin believe one thing that comes out of a guy's, not that has appeared. I think ninety nine percent of women suffer from trusts issue. So a dna thing is we trust is uses once you have them. They don't just like go away. The cunning kind of perfect example Me myself and I read, and by that I mean me Sylvia with enough, don't forget to Hungary to its with suit man. He is man Mary Sue man, I'd that's what it is renowned suit me soup, He is so fucking good to me yeah yeah, I dont even know you like them to be like I one hundred percent positive, that he is not shabby and does not cheat Army bunker like, but if no, he is here he's on it. I dont know suit me. I can hear
we're fuck, you no eight thousand gray example with suit man. I know the bottom of them, they are, in my view logical thinking down. He is really really good. Me and does not disrespect mean, does not cheat on me all those good things he's faithful, whatever the I'll buy, it becomes as of stories like there's yacht has like my personal experiences, that I've had in the past with other boyfriend. I still, like a crazy bed. So, even though I'm with a normal, healthy, stable guy, do trust. Italy reading me with love Sofia and it's so normal, because we ve joked about how every girl goes in his like. I have trust issues and we joke about how it's a girl shut. The fuck up, don't say it out loud, Absolutely, no that we all have trust issues. If any little thing has happened to you, trust issues, and I think it's normal that it is playing into your new relationship with IRAN, and I have
to say like cause. I was talking to Sophie about this. The other night currently being single I have a few we are at it it's kind of working. True, we come to vote. I like, I feel so bad for so comes of everyday. I, like your values. No, but I wanted to say, because I've been in relationships, I've been fucked over at times. I've had rocky like sketchy moments with men being fucking piece of shit. And of course, one day I'll get into another relationship again, but for I now with our show- and you know, like our careers and we have our own should going on. I m yes able to rest my head. My pillow knowing that no one I see the army and knowing that I'm not setting anyone by cheating on them, like I
the old. I re write that pretty much worse thing is like guys if you want to avoid getting cheated on stay single, no wait around. You literally word and no end, and I dont want to sound heartless, but I mean everyone I'll. Do it in a relation? job I feel for you. I am so fear, I'm here every step of the way and knowing fuckin sock guide it does so well we're trying to say is it's kind of just a raise two who can cheaper and win, not raise? That's Higgs, Zack, really what we want. It's you to take from this bucket episode sheet. He cheated on win the race cheek, Queen Queen Buck Queen Ann, that's, divert her daddy array win that cheating rays,
Imagine this growing cheated furs. Oh, she would be fine, hello, fresh guys, Sophia. I dont cook. We only cook when we APOLLO fresh other than that. Its take owl bore me. Do hello fresh: where are we like. Why? Don't you do this more ray and hollow fresh is the only thing, that's kind of somewhat keeping us a little bit in shape. You can chew. Low, calorie vegetarian family, friendly and obviously we're picking the low fucking calorie guy's going. The grocery store is straight up, grossly mountain germs and disgusting. Not little children not run around plus the grocery store takes on average. Forty one minute thinks HOPI ugh hey. So let's now go to the grocery store. Let's use hollow fresh yeah guys. It's also way easier to just get ready for meal prepping inhabiting because they put everything into little pre ingredient pre packaging, and then it takes like thirty minutes. Guys. Hell is the America's number one meal kit makes cooking at home, easy and affordable. They send they send you bunch of food and in your fuckin fat unhappy, but not because you can do locality.
So you guys go to Hallo, fresh dot com, slash daddy, gang ten, but the number ten fourteen, three meals, including free shipping. Damn free shipping, you guys it's fresh dot com, Slash Daddy Gang one, zero yesterday actually Alex. I were sitting there. Alex for real. These asked me the following question so yeah does sperm die and it hits the air the question now I was going to start making fun of you, but I don't know, I didn't know one hundred percent but I shall I was sitting there and I like how the fuck do you to us how they pod cast about sex in relationships, and we don't know if sperm dies once it hits oxygen. How do we not know that
we're talking to the masses- about sex- that scary the thing is buried for other reasons, and the thing is is sometimes, I think it's better to live life, in the unknown, because that way you put it back inside of you and I think it's dead, some not gonna get pregnant and I put the come. Let me look at every level, not just the reason. I would ask that we still don't know what the reason I was asking Sophia was because this past weekend I was having sex with one of the guys at em. Hooking up with and he had just come all over me. Ok and we You know how sometimes like a guy will literally just get like his dick will go small and wilful flop over in the sack. Yet at this time, specifically, we were extremely horny and he stayed hard These data are, after he had Jackie, I that so many I am gravitated back towards his dick, took his dick and stuck it back inside of me, and there was
Definitely item dialogue, Billina arising, that's really sketchy. I just looked it up. Ok, sperm K, no oxygen does not. Spur oh. This is a myth that many people believe Kafka. But it is not true once the sperm dry, it is dead and cannot travel to fertilize. An egg sperm can live for three to five days. It is in a warm moist environment such as the vagina or uterus of a woman or my belly or your belly. But that's disgusting scoop
how did it get out was for all of you guys, Kafka again, fucking athletes, land on your belly valley by a hybrid, your belly by keep your war, were warm moist, go into the restroom scooped out of your belly, one sick! It up your vagina, you get pregnant. You have an atom baby atm baby, yours that for life, that's it that's the show. Will you go to your first? I'm listening. You like what is wrong with these girls. Ok is about good to know. The second point I want to bring up is gonna, be something I think everyone is going to agree with in the world, and this is the least controversial thing will probably ever say on this podcast. Everyone can hold hands and be like this. I agree I like him, I. Why do I feel, like you re, very conscious and I'm very scared. I this, Why are you know me so well Wyatt?
ladies and gentlemen, specifically Ladys. There is this thing. I truly wholeheartedly believe if you can get a guy, that your hooking up with two come inside your pc? U own his DEC and I think that it is. I am so wholeheartedly believe in this statement, if you, if, if a girl, has the power to look at a man when your fucking- and you tell him to come inside of you and he does- and he doesn't freak out after words about like weeds go when you run. If you can get a fucking man to come inside your pussy, you own that Jack, and I don't care what people say. I know it's fucking unhealthy. I know the pregnancy rates organisers guy rocket after this call her idea, I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck Kay an coming inside your pussy equal. They fucking love,
replacing they love you. I love you. I love. This is going to come to a shock, but I wholeheartedly agree with a guy it. You can get a guy, I too straight up Jim, is inside of you he healed I you a lot more back. The rest of the girls, if here inside of you and he starts freaking the fuck out the melt down is like I m. Dragging your ass to Walgreens right now, getting you a gatorade you're, going to take the plan b in front of me. We're never doing this again like. How could we do this? Why would you let that happen? You are at the bottom of the Odin? Pull any does not like you had so at bottom of the barrel item of the bear, and I think that on this podcast agree Sophia, we always say that you're just a whole and the thing
oh, is that if he doesn't come inside that whole then you're, nice main bed, then here you know now we're all holes. But what China who are you are, you are filled up whole. Were you a sunken in not so filled up, whole and you're, so that's kind of like what we wanted to talk about, because this is the thing, coming in a girl's policy for a man is their favorite way to come? Yes, it just as it is one hundred percent every single manner this planet, ignored by it guys are not going to risk that increase. Annabelle, amazing orgasm with any girl. There are only going to risk it with a girl that, yes, I love. And the thing I would argue absolutely the thing is: is him coming inside, you doesn't necessarily mean like I'm willing to have a baby, Bit, but if you ve got a lineup of women and you're the one who's coming inside of getting that not right open that John, he looks at you in a different way and he's a little bit clouded by
the night in that moment and fine knows that issue, but I would risk it with her right yeah for the night, and that means that you are a little fuck indifferent than the other betcha talking to you are the main. How you can get in your pussy sounds fucked up, but is also key. If I may that you home it's not kind of innocent, Maisie, like you know, you will never feels powerful array lohmann right, you're, like I own, this big come in this pussy bit. I'm telling you of your having sex and you are trying to be sexy and he's about to come in your like baby. Just come in my place, so me up and if he stops thrusting and is like, I wouldn't come to you if there is a fucking aka He sat inputs among them. I think they are discussed indicating how you gotta know where you stand on the total. In your letter, we sinking at the bottom of the Fucking Ocean bed, K, K so yeah besides it like reality, you hard of hearing many moments when collar daddy, where you're sitting there you're eating your twitter.
And your listening to us as you I'll fuck, I did ask him to come inside me and you literally told me Oh fuck, myself. I'd rather die right, so girl If you want to try this thou nice theory, I think you absolutely should the next higher hooking up with your fuck body, and you want to know how it feels about you be like Babe come I put my puts the end. If he does, it then guys my having a future ahead of you and if not, then you need to kind of value revaluing yeah. If he won't sell you work, then you're not going to feel fulfilled outside needs. You re evaluated. Right to fill up. Your pussy think about the pussy is the cup and if he won't fill your car Ben last have full glass at the ends of the entire fell to the brim. Right now I can still pillar coming out K guys most. Do you,
This protection believe got pregnant, get omber. It can draw the holy fuck. Ok, great great, kick off to the take off your island. We read an article. The other weaken this woman was like call her daddy is dangerous and outside level wilds out, but she was saying Madame she saying that word dangerous, because we tell people things and sometimes argue can be lost on those and they don't know if we're serious or not I'm dead, ass serious, I think. Sometimes we it's cuz. We have dry humor every once in awhile and without wet and dry humor. That was honesty. It was without it was like honest see, but like don't purposefully, try to get pregnant right, you eggs, leave their real. I absolutely of income in your purse haven't come in. Your put.
Don't get pragmatic and that's up to you like figure that global we. All right jobs, but why has shot by Bulgaria his questions of the week? This is a little bit of a link. These stories landing and everyone to just buckle, an ok but we just talked about trust issues and Lord Jesus Christ save your Marian Josephine. Let's just go, ok pay fathers, so I just fucked in NBA player- and I wasn't expecting this- he was visiting my city and hit me up. My roommate
hit up a t me and came with so I didn't go alone. Her in her guy had a totally normal hook up nothing like mine. We were eating dinner and his phone rang, he told me You shut the fuck up Donny eating. He then answers. His face, tie and says hey, Be I almost spit out my food. This may I was on a base time with his girlfriend two feet from me. He may bullshit lies on the spot and hung up acting like nothing happened. I So many told me she was his baby Mamma and they're kind of engaged quotation marks. I had no idea even worse. The baby is important and this girl is pregnant. You so casual about it. So we still facts this. Second, he came. Viscera gets really good this second, he came. He made me gotta
up and go sit on the couch. He still haven't cleaned up, become or anything, and I am ass naked on his couch. He then curries inter of all his lights gets under the covers an based times his beyond, say again, legit one second he's back Walls deep and my pussy and the next he's telling is pregnant growth and he's heading to bed and MRS her he was wing king and licking his lips. It me on the phone then fuck me again after he hung up so fucked up. It was Loki a major turn on. Let me know your thoughts. Girlfriend I've driving and address the fact that your total home rigour in this type of thing turns you on Bobby I'm about your things. Giles whatever this is. Why why better are crazy? We need any fucking episode and are you kidding me? This is the thing is when people do
the face time Alex tell me you haven't been in this situation when you data the guy and when you get The fees time call it three. Ah, you think everything's, ok alienating baby. That's how long there's something about the bees time. That puts your minded yard and I M here to tell you: I should never be at ease they girl sitting across Bremiker with covered in his come when based times you on that quotation, marks guys trap so I'm never trusting man again breaking up with sue me, I'm all right and lesbian on hold on. I need. I just need Furthermore, it is on that ok they're, firstly, I always think it so funny when we get questions, aim guys tell garlic shut the fuck up like I've done a lot of girls anytime, you shut the fuck up or like we're member.
Well did funding any hee, hee hee freaked out on her, oh, when he was cheating or something I don't know what people expect of us just shut up. All we ve got. I love that. Never till I get no margin being on a date with a guy. When you were telling me that he got off the phone and would like that's my baby Mamma. I thought like ok like he's, but then he said really kind of engaging. I thought you re not together, but I am raggedy like as a kind of sounds like this is Loki Trust in Thomson liked. Try WWW, then goes back and then she fucks in which you know again your decision yeah, hopefully sheep, I mean that also just goes to show that, like these men, don't even need to be like lying to their side. Who writes that? That's it you have you ever those like jokingly. Like I remember one of my boyfriend's, I used to make him a bit.
Kay now show me the room was no me under the ban will bring it out because one eyed put aside like open the closet like baby you're, crazy, I make don't buy anything, as is all do it and I'll play off like I just want to see the hotel room, like God, you're staying at a merry no way showed all me thou rules. Only that bathroom show me like, like in Mahogany knights tat. You think it's the same. I'm like, let me see lying all marryats are the same I'd like to know this. Wouldn t like it takes the cake. Show me so That is also just ok and then getting older than I mean this is I really like that at that is so fucking smart girls ask him to show
Oh you, the ends, and out of that room, ask him to take the phone out into the hallway. Go up the Earl Mahal you and then go back in back. Ok, there's a question from a girl that sad question, though, when you guys hook up with guys, do really always call them babe, or do you just say that on the podcast, because you can't say their names to us, because if you really do call all the guys, you hook up with babe, wouldn't they think that that's weird like you does she think we're dating already like clinging much? I dunno serious question, though, so that's a very interesting question because I feel like I've had a couple people dm us, because I think in one episode we were like cable, each if you're just certain cup with him in your like high baby, like high Bay, like its weight to like oh, my god, you're, actually gonna fucking relationship and only K raised I've cling like. I also sees pat regular right. What what is it
Is is we use the word baby when we know for a fact, in fact, that we are in control of that Asia, that's when you can use their willy nilly whenever the law obscenely. You know that the guy holds the power and he's gonna using you for your pussy. If you hit him with like a baby. B I miss my honey sweetheart, he might be like stage five cling. You're gonna get the fuck out yeah. It's like a competent thing that you have to know where you are in the relation re like, for example, with the Canadian I use it extremely condescending. I've heard you on base tunnel yeah you're like baby and angels guy you're fucking. Are you out of his baby number three minutes because you hold all the power exactly so you have to just like a valued situation. If your literally like waiting for this guy on Saturday night text, you and you're up bucking calling him Beethoven's AV but like if you are the one that I call on the yes, you can say that exactly are you ok, so it was last week, but on one of our recent episodes,
a girl road and in she was like how can I read this guy's tax messages without em, knowing without him, seeing that the message was open and we came up with I'm really brilliant shit like turn c off and you say it malfunctioned thro his phone away after you read, I let you thought it was yours like our aims were greatly by. I had multiple people right in and I think I need to use, they did have some. I sought to you and I think it so smart amply we didn't say I mean to listening to your current, cause the question about Bala. If a text comes through, you can go
to the messages press and holds the convicts, and you can read a lot of the conversation and you'll have the option of keeping it unread or responding with a quick reply. Boom done, bats gray, obviously wouldn't be able to see. All of the message is a manager, students yeah. So there's there's your answer. One goal, then we. Why did I know, That's so great. I know Oki great so guys if you are going on to your man's phone right- and you know why I am now you're going through the phone there. He got very go boom. Ok, it is annoying on Instagram, when girls are private and then have their vis go in there bio. It's like they're, trying to
act in a sin and like a mysterious and then you go in there, vis go in there, but holes are out. I want to talk about that. I have seen as too there is this. I think it's like high school in college people right now. There is huge fad going on where it's like. I'm gonna have my instagram private, because just like you, not see my packs, but then in their bio you click on their unity. Notivus go is right. Yes, I've heard of the term biscuit girls yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, ok, and then you go on there and there in their bikinis, and you see every single put fucking part of their body, and it makes a wiser instagram on private right and maybe it's just like a following thing. Like they act, as I know like private, you can get more followers. They have stalking year, I am or maybe they're hoping that, like their families are so like out of the social media, I lay won't think to click on the lean right right, but I just anything else do bed like I don't know. I personally am like. Why have two forums?
one where you're a little slower than the other and the slide here, one your technically making public re liquid. The is that I? Don't? I don't fuck with Fisco, I don't fuck with me. Scope either, and that is yeah. People do that was snapped chop, it was snapshot, it makes say gag has now I e on there and then had to goes away in twenty four hours, but this go. It's kind of like another instant ran right. How however, I actually men take all of that back. Ok, every girl, please keep your if you move this go keep it in your bio, because I have had multiple girls, I've wanted to stalk and I'm like goddammit they're, fucking private, and then I like, like squint my eyes and unlike is the head of this go in there. I want I naval Alex being a crazy yachting better than they have all their fuckin pictures on there and it's amazing so I don't know, I just think it like it is. We are here if you're in a show your asshole on one platform, that's public, just show it on show out all on all yeah seminar in and said: can ya
doing episode on how the fuck to handle Mean Kuntz. The only reason why I am saying this is because I got put in a group chat with a group of people being called nasty because of my body count, and I got call gross and a whore by the guy. I fucked an a bunch of girls, help it not arenas, though sometimes unlike ooh, but against his colleague. What girls, it's just like a fuckin like going around having sex with everyone's boyfriend than she's, like I dont, like girls at our meeting handling. Everyone in camps is like heavy, gives Europe a bug in horror and you're no by if I'm just taking this we're face value their shooting on you for your body cow who the FUCK errors. I she was playing a group, a wailing guy she fucked and a bunch of girls who know in person. She got called growth and a whore by, one, the guy she felt. But then she got put in a group chairman of a bunch of girls and they were calling her nasty because of her body. How
Ok, they must have found some than our. What yeah there's probably more to this story about, let Hague take it at face value. Your body cow was not matter, does not matter, does not define who you are. I like, whether its four or four hundred lay. I really doesn't fussy about good thing, I'm I'm assuming that you're in high school or college, because when I'm in New York City right now, if I go on a date with a guy- and he like nose like one other guys dated or something New York is and being outside of, college is different, because that I too not even know close to what my body cry, whereas in college girls can now, because you fucked Josh SAM, I'm Roger Ben, Dementia Rinaldo Franklin am cheeky respectable himself. They like so that's ten right there, I so If I were, you, though, like the thing is, is nothing bothers people more? This is a saying my father always told me and my siblings growing.
He was like if anyone's ever feel, like your body tells, but I think it is you guys gift fucking. Together, I didn't it's a bunch of slots in this house. We hide that under the mat let's go to church, no, my dad would always say of anyone. It's bullying you on the playground. If anyone had ever making, you feel like shit if they're saying something rude about the way you look the way you're whatever it is. My dad's, as my line, is always what's your point. I know you're a lot. That's great! Ok! What's your point? Your points, your point, that's great! What is your point? beggars, sly and you're like an and what your point I like that, only eight shots, pull up and then they feel stupid, and then you just keep Oki. What's your point of because you're Fuckin horn,
your homework, we're ok! What's report, I am living my best love by a grey zone, guys I think, whenever someone is making, you feel like shit. Whenever someone is bullying you, like you guys, remember the fuckin voicemail thing I had happened to me. Just get people out of your life that are fucking talk here about is what it is, great I'll is who listen? We know it keeps saying, there's a true he'll hear hints to the trail on the trail will become more apparent, so just stay tuned ed. I live in love and laugh enlarges the report, s love us. We support you go love. You know follows on our instagram. Mine is Alexander Cooper out with an egg Cooper with the sea. Has, though, view frankly the why our prisons in rooms are where the trail will like really come to fruition. One day, you're gonna go on there and there is going to be a black screen on plans women's day. Here is what
betrayal, meme and then the second page will be wet bandit without tell you right now, but we love you guys, love you! Daddy is have a great day happy Wednesday by.
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