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77- Re-release (Corona Edition)

2020-03-18 | 🔗
We love you all, stay safe.
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A very interesting episode. This we were according from home. We are currently laying in my bed Sophia's. Looking like a four point: five, he's wearing fuzzy socks, little thong letter I would have to are you you look like apple over three Alex, you think so. Sake, you guys so guys. I am sick for the next few weeks. Obviously, because of what's going on the world, we're gonna be recording from home, which is really wild. It pills we were holding handheld, microphones re now, guys, Lange and my fucking bed yeah big what're, what it sound weird to you guys, but it's a very different experience. We don't have cameras in our face and I think we can just we feel more free to talk about creed. We do at its also kind like there's. No one telling us when to start when to stop like we can literally sit down and do this when ever we want cause the MIKE's are set
Pienaar part apartment, so so stick with cigarettes for the next couple weak because I think we're going to her getting very a little bit stir crazy. We organ. Introduce some alcohol may be may be drawn maybe drug Alex might bring in the we pay me. I will do my first like episode like high out of my mind. I think you should we just see what yeah right. You exerted we interesting but yeah. So I m sick. I do not have corona now, but I'm a pretty fuckin, sick and Alex, and I were like we weren't, going to release an episode and a because Alex's bedridden yeah and be because we didn't want to sound tone deaf and insensitive. All this A pandemic is how ugly and we realise daddy game that we obviously do not want to leave you guys hanging. I think the amount of people looking for some type of relief and something to take their mind off of shit right now. We,
here, you guys and I see ok, yeah and escape. I feel the same fucking way so we were like what can we do? I feel like shit, I can barely talk. I can barely keep my eyes a ban, but what can we do and we realized we need to give the Daddy gang a guide to Corona call her daddy style a guide to corona behind too Oh it's I'm any! It's just beautiful and before we got into just quickly you ok, millennials! I don't! I don't fucking get it now. I dont get it you guys are out on the town like there's nothing going on and I promise in this whole thing is over. The party will still be there get
buck inside you pieces of share inside I'm going on Instagram and I see millennials out their rubbing, their fuckin tips on the grill at these speed paddies day parties, and I'm done with it the cliffs or in the beer them and urges jacking off the Fuckin cyber. It needs to fucking can shrank spring break. I see people on the beach implored. Like I get it, you spend a lot of my I dont care faster. You will get inside the faster. This can all be fuckin, fair gas workers. I think- and I get it like a lot of you are all freaking the fuck out you're like will what the fuck am I gonna do inside hello, mother, fuckers welcome who the fuck and call her daddy show this week. We ve got your mother fucking answer. O o you ve got you in a way that you didn't even know you even see it coming we're like Carogne aboriginal edge, not me Corona Joe now. I think you can make it any jokes. You why you guys think that you have to be suppressed sexually during this
time, when really edges needs to revamp the fuck ramp, the flat you think, oh, my god I can have sex. I can't write egg. I can't touch pussy, that's kind of true. You can't it puts. You can't touch Del Valle. You can do so much more. So we owe you don't even know what you can do. Tat base time. Sacks sexting moods, you guys think they song. Simple and straightforward, they are not. They are the three pillars. Are people a little bit worried about keeping their fuck buddies interested? I didn't it's a great fucking question. Yes, I am not I personally gas really, I don't think people having nobody around worried about the LA person by you should be no. You should be here he she everyone, all your fuck buddies, they're, all forgetting about you by the minute you you're not.
To throw the pussy out and yeah. So what are you doing that? I really valid point. I think we will I've been thinking about it like every single guy will most of them. Then I'm talking to you, I would have to get on a plane right now to go see them. So I can, go. Fuck! Ok, Soviets always army. I kick this thing. I can't go fuck them so Fatima anyway, you are there things UNESCO coasts, coast, like what I thought you were cheerio. It's like number one like girls in May and I'm sure it's cross people's mine as like the quarantine sorts set in how the fucker you keeping this person interested. You can't go fuck them even people in relationship. Ok, I'm in a serious relationship and for long enough hurtful not for long, because he is forgetting what I look like by fucking mini ass, Ray
find him remind them, so we decided to compile all of the best parts pertaining to the three pillars face time, sacks nudes and sexting from call her daddy episode. Yes, here you go soak up like a spine. Take out your no book, you little many pieces of shit and get ready and get excited O. Also, you guys the audio might sound a teeny tiny, but we are in a few parts. That's just because you're trying to include all the high I think the audio is gonna, be the loss of their shocking were observed, enjoy guys hello, fresh hallo, fresh Well, if it wasn't for Hallo fresh, we would be dad dad. Dad day we don't judge the Fuckin Hors d head of acting more their dad. Malnourished lacking I demand an
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in free shipping based time. Sacks down how many people I have, we had right in so many people it's like, I think, big, Has it such a fucking hard top it's it's hard to do it is this shit takes a level of but an that's pretty enhance its try, know all the daddy's out there. You guys can do this. See until you may get out. You know you're fuckin make so we're here.
Give you the forgot, and so many of you guys have written in I'm in a long distance relationship. What do I do? How do I buy us up? Abysses, though this is a way of you're gonna randomly face time, her and hope for face, I'm sex? Oh no. I think the guy's need to tax them here earlier in the day and Big Bay, like I'm thinking about you, I'm so hard for you like. Can we face time later ill and then girls can do the same. Two guys say the exact same thing: I'm really horny. Can we please I'm later or convert geyser? You know ready to pull their dick out and jack off at any moment. Yeah, an so girls, if you want you, can just like the their surprise blow job.
You can do a surprise face time. Ah sack situate love could face he ninety Ike's! Yes, so, let's get into it so face, I'm fucking can be so high because a kind of combines porn with real life. Oh like it. I like doing on your phone, so it feels like porn but you're doing it with their significant others. So it brings like a real needs to it and it's almost like you're good. Friend, is starring in like a porn that your writing interacting. Or that, whatever you just said was so beautiful tat was like a thesis dude. I know it's sofa. I never thought of it now. I know that such a good point, like the girl can it's. Basically. This is like our time to become girls. Do I know I have always been a jury. I'm not gonna lie. There may have been a moment rise like should I I am really had a guy approach me like you, will be making like three to six thousand dollars the session and best Moonbeam laundered. Of course, I would people assume that face times
eggs is like sexting, it's not it's not at all. I think during these times x. You talk like Yeah, yes and normal, absolutely not. I mean it's way more of less than when you're actually fucking its way more of a visual thing. This is where you're going to really show off your body. Yes, burger. Rules and is directed to girls yeah. I you going to say the confidence thing again. We can't reiterated enough. We talked about the episode, about getting on top right it like an equestrian girls any one. None of us have the perfect body. Okay, if you have confidence, that's all that fucking matters. I girls, I can express it enough, like I don't care if you're like. Oh, I have that extra like winter chopper, like I'm, not feeling my best. If you get in front of a camera and Europe fucking walking around like you're the hottest by laughing and touching herself no guy. Is looking round that extra. What am I just want to say right now, the great thing
at these times, sex is like you're, usually gonna, be like laying on your back of your holding the phone by which automatically I feel like makes her body looks so high tat. She could anger in control of the goddamn camera. Okay, this is how you gonna start at first for years to start with lingerie on yup none. No, not even answering laundry but bra and underwear or, like slows just like a little tank top with like no bra on and you're going to give the guy the visual like this is about to go down. Yes, I mean, I guess it could be fun too faced I'm going to be naked already, but it is a little bit more ill. Last year. The build up is better serious start with that, and then I think you always start with your TED's. Do not rush it like teasing, pull down your tank top, and this gives him. You know the go ahead. Employer dig grab your Jergens lotion and I'll get after it then I would take off my bra and this has been a sound so setting aside some kind of weird and give its, but this I thought it was the hardest thing you like try to lick your own
You told me that before he thought it, which I d never known, was like that. So now seen he was like an if you kind of our doing that and you look up at the camera and your life, I'm like I'm your sly, like I'm being in love for you, you're learning something every fucking Eddie. I so basically, so you pull your TED up and you basically trying you like. I hide doing. I know so that's a good one girl! That's one thing you can do then, what I do, as I say, panting the camera down my body. Yes, so I'm an illegal show him my again, I'm going grab my head like grab both of them like just it just makes it more like a tangible thing: And then I'm in a kind of like put my hand in his heart sliding down my body and have a care Finally, I regained amorous follow my hand and also have underground and all have liked my hand, go into my underwear up and then you'll and it is late play around and then it's kind of hard to just moved the under
to the side is like this is also first acts too. I've had like allotted. I say that they think that so high, you just move your underwear to the side nor light. I I can't wait for you to get inside me ya like or lay yes. You know I've been a little wings on its like slipper panties of asylum as a great one. I agree. I think so when you do go down with your camera and with his fingers and you slip it in there have the camera kind of like d agonal underneath you're vagina, so it's like yea, ah well area, virtual re so and you're not going to town. Yet none I know you're. Not so, then I think you take off the underwear out. Are you kindly Plato theirself and you're still gonna contain a player, play their self, a kind of rob your Clare and just keep it like that for a while, You can't rush this whole thing by not that's what I need to besides you oughta just kind of take it I'm with the, I think, that's also the biggest thing like we had just said about the confidence. I think there are a lot of good out very letter last shot like two like you're thinking of
here like oh, my god, to see what is he gonna comrade? Should I just know on in an oh, you take your fucking tat, make it feel good free and you all cats he wants it also to be long like guys out like hurry up edge, nigh, haven't you two fuckin hoarding merrily and that should focus on pleasing yourself. At the other day, that's what's fuckin ha Dantes hurry and like put your fingers and start with your clear play with yourself so high. If you like start licking, unlike sucking on your fingers after, unlike be tasting yourselves up, then you are going to put one finger end up and talk He needs to see that vision. That's why signs? I think it's good to be. I was gonna say I rise in any case when your first going and university handheld yeah you're gonna, do one finger than you're gonna go up to two end like really show him your fingers going yeah and you wanted to be wet. So if you need lube or you need to spare, look whatever makes her toes hearing as if his it. Isn't your fingers yeah totally and also lets incorporate the talking you
two girls. You don't really need to Linda. You can just say things here and there like. Oh, I like I did. He's so gun we no longer than your men. Like her, I mean, while you were here like I'm still a wire yeah. I wish I had your car tat is doubled, but you don't need to be talking holder and just obviously like it naturally has, as you would be doing. If you're masturbating on your own, you will be moaning you'll like out your tongue yourself. It will kind of honestly come a little bit. Naturally, I want you to see to focus on the body individual, yes, and link. The words usually will come along yes, So for me, I think once you do that hand held in and you take off your. Thong or whatever underwrite you're wearing. I think that's when you like leaned forward and you put the camera down and then you're like. I want you to watch me totally and that is when you get on the bed and get your fuckin toy. Well, I think big him both be hot, the there's prose to both the other wine. It shows your whole body. I like you, can use both in your hands. I think so
guys like when you're holding a camera, because it's more point of veto which attic how porn on us also its close Yes, you know yes, so there's about what is going to say, we always talk about you're, going to face time sex more than once so try out we're gonna die. Rate or get a dildo, not so, if you're trying to give this guy a Fuckin, Tony award, winning Britain I think they are so here, then I think bring enjoy and is so high degree of I read her a dildo, oh yeah. What have you and then I think you should incorporate the toy this same. We were with your fingers. Immunity is serious free. You can link put TWAIN. Your ass, yes and then like keep using your fee years on your. I was going to say also. I think, if you want be a freak, you can also like the cure. But the toy, a man and take it out and when your handheld bring the camera and based
We like suck on the toy as if it's a yak underlying we're gonna wishes who's. Your carver sure. That's really. Hot, oh yeah, why and it will be wet, so he sees like your literally sucking the way ass off of the toy ya and then, along with the dirty talk, I want to go back site really quick. I think this is a great time for you to ask questions. Ya say like do you want to see their like a like darnay on, like a yacht Alec? How hard are you like show me your cock and so removes the camera to its drag, etc. So I literally the I think the best one for girls had done what to say. I would like to you like up here. It's I think it's so hot. Absolutely! No then I think after a while doing not you will say: hey, I'm gonna come yeah lake why me like this is like so fuckin ha like I'm so horny for you, like I'm thinking about you, I'm gonna come I'm gonna come for. You belong to, and I want to come at the same time, babe ballooning, oh my god, yeah
and be doing whatever, I think also occurs when geyser are at that point, you should be ramp. Up your side of whatever, if you're using your finger or your toy or whatever and showing him cause, then he's gonna be Jack, off and moral. You could probably finish at the time yacht so faced Homesite being thought initiating face Times sex for guys. This just occurred to me. If you're kind, wanting your girl to do that. I know has to be on her own term, some, but not all the time you're in a relationship in your dating like and it's you ve done it alive than you can ask, but like if your kind of you and starting to talk, I think it's kind of like but I cannot, but I think what they can. You had similar to nudes, where, if you guys are faced timing and she's like inner better something Vila, really kind of sea, like you can ya or be like oh
what oh, I can connect your bra straw and then a shilling give you anything you got away off if, but maybe she well maybe she'll by and insular guys, really quickly Sophia. What do you think is the best way for them to set up their Cameron? I think they have to set it up. I agree because I mean they're: probably: can we using lotion right and it's there are probably gonna vigorously be using one here. I agree, and I also think for Girls- it's there are some Eyes out would literally just hold the phone in one hand and jack off any other. I think it helps girls to also see like he's heart. He asked jacking down like it's like motivate, shaken motive, saying orderly zone girls guys. I really hope I mean, I think, that's a great basic start up of how to face time sacks. Of your little outfit. I touch yourself lick, you're, fuckin, tat,
if you can Sophia that one at an no aware there are bigger than you guys you had this, I gotta go. Do you should always we rarely boulevard are ya. You guys. We will give you some more tips and tricks, but that's what we ve got. Four eight. Now I got a law. Numa knew you guys have bad habits, you're disgusting! You want to change those bad habits. You want to get out of that bad habit, living vibe ski noon. It doesn't matter what YE habit is new is a habit, change programme that uses psychology. You heard that Psych one o one to teach you how your mind work
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A lot of people ask us how to talk dirty unlike what to send for sex. I wanted I'm like a sweating right now that we have to do this. This is how much we love you Gaia, because this isn't funny. I know it sounds like it's fun and sound sexy Indiana, but it's not my mama, since these episodes ahead so I want to first start out with setting the sea and we understand that there are there's a big graphic that listen to this, there are some people that are virgins. There are some people that in college- and there like like fucking around, some people that are married there. A lot of different people. When we talk about these things, sometimes I'll, make sure you're not taking these word for word, because a guy you need to read your audience. You're a virgin. You obviously dont know what three what to do in a three. Some will explain, so, we want to give you guys some lie word for word- lie-
you guys can yield borrowing arena bring. So this is beginning. I'm not gonna say this is like a B in our status, but these are some like basic good go to sack, finds it you can hit them because we don't know your audience again. Yes, so it is either dumbing down or ex wrap it up. Ok, so delicious start with a classic the Mai he is absolutely chirping, went right now, thinking about your hard, Dick inside me class, a classic beauty all saying the word, you know like the procedure being where hard dick inside me. Yes, you can also go for thee. I want a ride. You and fuck all of your hard cock deep inside me until I come off all over your soaking wet deck. Perfect. And I learned loving its another one. Another one is to really extent describe the whole whip thing you
be like I love when you lay be leave, you laugh. They ve done calling flaps when your sex men and that's not snack. That's not liking q, but you can be like I love when you spread my lips as the Tipp goes in, and the deeper it goes the more I shake, knowing it's not even half way on all lie. That's like hot, because you're like you're not even half way, and I'm already shaking the lips like spread. My lips are guys think that's really highlights and just take advantage of that rely also think that's kind of similar to the whole like like, when I feel you and my stomach as I ride back or rubbing my clear, soaking Wet Oliver, you that, like us feeling him in at your stomach, means he's bag. Oh, but before I continue, can we talk about the big thing? I already know what you're gonna saw girls they go off. Unlike how big a guy isn't like how big he feels like it is
big, don't I can say that like they're, not done they now, we ve had guys right in. I know I will never forget the one guy was like. I know I don't have a small dick, but I do- oh, that I'm not fucking huge and my girlfriend won't shut the fuck up about how I M is Jain normal people he guys know it's like it like a tits and he's like your muscles heads and you like this very spot, the woman. I love you, I did you fuck, you know like. I cannot. I couldn't guidelines together. My skin, like like your nipple, like doubly booth in your dreams. I guess it's embarrassing and real right right leg. So let S liking calm down with the comments about how big his yacht guys more talk about how it's like how it's hard and throbbing like whatever? do you have other one, because
I do have one thing I think if you have fucked before, I think it's really for guys visually. To imagine like places you flogged and reference in your eye. So, like let's say, I'm yeoman encounter exactly say your places, the bathroom, and if your leg we should be in your bath and re now me bent over with you inside me and then I always think it's good to beg do miss that babe. You like the way, take your dick sides in anatomy, typos eniac, my home their last, oh because Romania guiding their imagining the exact location link that spurs, and especially the people that are scared to sacks, unlike they feel weird, unlike uncomfortable doing it like just mention things that you guys have actually done like awkward at all. Like remember when I got on top of you and I was riding you and I, like you know what I mean, it's exact, going back till I got what you reference of what you ve already done. I guess he's gonna say this is some great
This is some easy start. Writing writer, really basic generically an endless and again we're not cheating on you have used. These being all depends on your relationship. I use the right bar, but there are people about like have fetish is exactly right and the who three something Alex. I were talking others and like even you'd, never plan on having one I feel like you can still use it during sexting. Oh, my god guys re. It is what is that no, because I want to ask a guy, like you, my full on in sexting about doing something. I never plan on doing about back to know because I care now he doesn't know you can actually here you now one day, especially a three sounded like will be like we just haven't been able to find a third girls found my fall so tell them what you could suddenly I just watching porn. It's just so easy to me so easy yet so easy for a threesome. Ok, we're Talkin two girls, one guy, I would just say I the most.
Generic one is. I want you frank bugging me from behind, while I'm licking her Post Riah bill today I can get a great vision. Let's get a little more time yachts ramp at but you're going to say I want to go back and forth between our policies, I want her stacked. On top of me, your come dropping out of her pussy onto my amazing. That's so easy revision. Viewed both Hungary. No that's hurting you give. I can you keep it going, I'm a role as a gay. I why like your come out over her pussy and spit it back into her mouth and then I want to make out with her with my mouth full of your car love. Your come dripping down both our chance. That's perfectly! ray. That is guys, amounts A guy thinking about you eating his come out of her put making out and they can see the like the come kind of going to your out and he's sitting there on Billy
the bull, brilliant, every guys, gonna die of, I want to make out with another girl on your cock, a cognitive girl raise the ok for two guys in one girl. Yes, what which I think it's so weird, let us so confirm call her. Daddy has no issue with two guys in one girl. I know a girl rode into us. It was like my boyfriend wants to meet a like fuck, another guy and, like my my girlfriends, think he's gay. For that that's I mean in the what is it cuckolding yeah you I'd like a lot girl I've. I read a lot that, like guys, into that, watching their girl get backed by another guy. That is not gay right. We can talk about that. Another our sole hold hug holding, but ok, if you're doing choose either ok ogre into cook holding. You can just be like I want you to like watch me, get backed by another guy like come, Oliver's car right and see how good he makes me feel right what that's again as per
because I like, I wish you luck, from behind one second day boom. Just you guys, I mean come on. This is ever hard upwards, worn on now. They know how to ask, as we liberals we use. The word for word gave you line. So I hope you had your pen in pay by always lay everybody. If you didn't have your pen and paper you're, not writing this on your phone. Go home go back and is part of the episode and take no good at these are great, and I think it's great that you brought up the point of the three some and, if you haven't even Hata three somebody you in your boyfriend have like talked about possibly having at three I think it's very good to throw and occasionally with the sack rise? I know a lot of people have written into us and been like I sex my boyfriend
time. We belong distance relationship. How do I spice ray you gotta go for the fan honestly, just like enlightened just to get em all you ve got about whatever it takes, lacks vision that genocide I hired right. You're done sexiness be like I want to make your come out of a girl's, pussy good night good night. Well, I think that's a great point, Sophia the whole ending of sexting. I think that's also one of the really weird awkward points of sexting. If you guys aren't straight up saying ascertaining cause that's easy. You'd say: oh, my god they rose came so hardly that's a whole fucking thing whatever. If you are both just talking leading up to hooking up or talking about what you wanted you to each other yeah how the fuck do you an sexting is a lot of questions that people you see if you guys are both
supervening while you're doing a busy Samuel. I just came, but so I think the best way- probably I don't know just literally just saying like baby, I'm so horny for you. This turns around so much and just peace. I tell him, like I'm gonna, think about this in touch myself to it later, or you can just say like that- was so fucking hot. I can't wait to see you again exact. Why? Because, then it's like! Ok! Now? What are you doing there us today? I'm going grocery shopping I get awkward or it's like tell him. You're you'll send him a video later. If you doing a boom, o beautiful guys ritual we're not talking about the ritual when you and your friends put on black hats and black pointy shoes, and you sacrifice an animal in the middle of a circle and practice wicked. Where talking rituals where you are like every fucking Monday morning. I will get a facial from my boyfriend's dick all over my face. Oh, I love no weak going. Stick with us ritual vitamin gag eyes ritual vitamins, for
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Women ritual by demands, a small step that help support healthy foundation of your mother, fucking body, or a visit ritual dot com flash daddy to start your ritual today. Again, that is ten percent off during your first three months: ritual dotcom, Slash daddy who d s noodle noodle pay noodle guys this is. This is a highly her cause the topic and I think, we're I think, we're equipped it. I did all high and I think it's time in fact girl. We're going to tell you exactly perfect. I knew I dont already podcast are going to be not, but here we are first and foremost Sophia. What kind of nude are you first being on a guy? Well, we ve talked about this before, and men have said they almost prefer an implied nude o worrying ingenuity.
For you just hit him with the guys. Inside of your ladies and gentlemen, this is so fucking important when you are in the beginning stages of a guy. If you just go full blown, send him your Libya, which you can you can absolutely but as far as is the thing tat use this, almost a way to tempt them more. If you full blown, are sending full nudes right away, will what happens if this weekend you're trying to slide and has already seen it. I agree heap a little mysterious and slow lowly take, I think, loathing I think the trajectory is be implied, do up and then votes hits Hurrah yacht, which we can talk about more up and then maybe you knew and then I do videos right China is a website with the implied me, though, the implied Nude, my most implied nude, like I think, there's at another up. So I would have liked a little baby tank. That's it could be and I dont have a bronze. You can like basically kind of Alex
the outline of the checks. Maybe some nips are hard and then like in little booty shorts and there you go it's like you're laying and you send it to him and they're like oh, my god, fucking take off your clothes okay. Then you pick between tits or ass and Alex you brought up an interesting point. What did you say You know the strategy they take. So my strategy is, I always feel out through dirty talk. You can tell if a guys and ask ire, moreover, tat guy they may be both, but usually they have a preference a little bit more. So, if he's an ask, I then first tempt him with TAT. I don't give a money wants for Sophie likes tits more. I send a more of my ass shall go that way. Then you still have Yengeese use that, like big boy in your arsenal, where, like he loves those territories, gonna see my ass very high vibe. Yes, that's about boob duties. Ok, I think it's fuckin stupid when girls will do where they cover couple Jesus. I can talk today where you cover one nipple.
Then you have the other went out with a final point. I was in high school. I wish that I still have access to them. Today we can die soon. I remember that I would send one build while million worth of one boom, and one nipple like that you're home there playing one is that like White What is the olive oil? You have? Actually, let's go down memory lane. I want to die in high school. I remember there is this guy named Tom, Todd. Otter, editor. This was in high jobs, you Tommy, and he asked. For a nude, a picture of my breasts fitzpiers your Bradley to call sometimes guys will hit you with a specific me. I'm going to hire tat yet and me am I to friends, we were like. Ok, let's all
your picture of our tat. Now I will pick the hottest. Why don't you go again? You ever has a better rack and send it his. I would use the time- and I am thinking fashion and I'm like a soul when I hooked up with him and I like entail as yeah yeah. Would you be like these are not your bill. You, like your nipples, varied moraine. Do that actually do not you not Cuba, back to that in the booby nudes Knight, Sir, I fuck and love it build nudes I think it's really hot if you hold them together with like one hand, if you try like bring them together, that's how I and one of your thumbs could be maybe like kind of covering one nipple looks way less try hard. Then, if you just straight up cover Nepal with your fuckin hand, low hold them together or if you have
brought on pull down the once one side of the strap and then have kind of like you pulling down that side of the browser like a nipples out. That's how I was at the beginning of Bobby boobies answer hot guys, but you gotta like make them. Look big and blood hold them so pleasant day Alex I was trying to. He can ass shot and I know dude I know you're dying. I had a really done them that mine, and so I reached out to my friend, Alex and you'd me. I remembered clear as day you were like put on little tiny, booty short that have your ass hanging out yeah and go and hear room. I've really did in front of you. I swear you did and you angle the camera from the bottom and from the bottom up so you're like taking. Picture almost have underneath your ass, you?
This is the last day of their and our guys I wish you could have seen because Sophie is going in and out of her room she's like we would it. How does this one, I'm a nun and are you gonna get Morven angle? So we can my kind of sea like a little bit of your policy, any thy, the greater and more you already was. Actually, a video night is kind of like yeah, my back quickly, which, if you you're gonna do a video I I almost say something that could have completely ruined the relationship with this man. I was angling, the camera, my ass, looked grave and then, of course, I had to bring the camera back up to turn off video to end the video and my face. Looked like gall on your mouse. You got, you didn't realize that died. The ended the lady Helen early, Lord of the rings, like all than I bring the camera up in my fucking pace. Beak but when you are sending videos that you are
edit in them and curbing yeah? I want to talk about that our sharply quickly, because I think this is a really great opportunity for girls, so like great opportunity, a great opportunity, so I'd psychotic, the ass, looks maize. I is angle I re how transition from and ass shot to us, video ass Shaw. Is I usually here take a video then of my hand. Squeezing one of my ass cheeks? I met a laptop and it will jiggle, because what a guy wants. Is we always appeal visa? A guy wants to envision themselves doing that. So, like me, robbing it and slapping leaving a mark of my own ass in sending him that video at that Angola, it's like by God, like this is the last thing. I've ever seen, it's all about the angles, o a thousand percent, let all about about. Let's talk about some wet okay, so this
girl wrote in- and I want to read it because it was so hot air and she said that she was gonna. Let us know about her. Boyfriend's most favour it. New that she's ever taken love as this is a serious knowledge intel, I'm spreading. Ok, she said why take your bubble bath. I grabbed my phone and pulled my body up out of the water a little bit. You wanna have your team. Out of the water, and you can tell your hips to show your pussy too. Without totally out of the water, the bubbles can sort of frame your body and you can use them to make your waste look smaller. Now to mention not just being in a bathtub. Is sexy and the way your skin looks all wet and Sophie is so hard to guys. I mean men love when you're, where I hang well about your several several watches anytime. You anyway, I Sophia
this to me this morning and I was like one of the ass, nudes, I've ever taken a high showed it to you. I do mean Ex way ass, you literally holding a towel. Its showing some side bits of the side of your body ass? It is, I can actually hilarious thing. It is other side of Alex's body a little under that alot. Still I nearly yeah, so it's showing the outline of your eyes like the left side, IRA, YAP the left side of your tat yap and then there's water, trickling down my body biology, by then you're holding metallic high average, like I'm kind of covering the towel. I love I was able to explain. Do that yeah right, so I think anything girls, if you can take that. Like the shower out of the back there in the bath Buckingham. Those are the Go to tools like that. I think a lot of girls forget that, to tee
you wanna talk about vagina shots really quickly, because those are risking a giant vagina shots. I think girls are like terrified of taking them I think too- your vaginal acute cuter, you should have something in yet which side it before. I like air and mere fingers a toy or something like that, but also you can just owner and it's a vagina and send out where you want by They were talking about this a video. The eye think. That's so hot videos take things to a different level that urges can be so now seen discussing. Could you can be making noise is all your while you're fucking yourselves, hopefully the deed noise. You show a bunch of share o my so high now. So that's like the next level of a nude yeah. So man, you thought we forgot about. You dig Peggy Sucker redid waiting for at about you, man,
really gonna be mounted you for Zonia, Dig Peggy, Hell Alexander we're talking out this like what are they you, gonna send a picture of their pictorial muscle. Is there quite simply by the men tat. We ve got the ash outdated job, the visa, the face shut backs up of its. We have options. Men, don't know it's a deck and then like why, their body if they like nice by labs. Well, I don't even see then even let's just get into it s, okay, so Most girls say that I dig pig is always grows and they don't want. When I disagree with that per, I disagree to ok, I am glad we are very glad. I mean people are shocked there, like the calling daddy girls like dig, makes who thought its unwarranted now now. Listen.
First of all, because I put it out adverse sent in tee, I or my fuck out of here. I blocked blocked and blocked knock at the fuck off absolutely not now locate number in a million years, not you're, not for not going to happen. I ve never, who neither the gun to your head. No note of our families. Life depends you're, not doing it you're, not noon today seriously. We are, however,
eight situational earlier he's a flaw said Dick have her because I am not even though I do you my axe. One time sent me that was saying why I don't really know probably was I get it hard, ah my trying to make it how I go after active, plus alarming having any new article. Maybe I know you like download anyone setting you're fucking placid honestly. I think that may be a better way to get a girl's attention in the idea of using Yahoo take than a hearty. That's never warranted, don't fuck, it's ok, but I thought it was situational. Let's talk about situations, so my ex boyfriend- and I we data for a while and I were I find it really high when he would be like a work of art, or at a dinner or something, and he and we're like high and talking dirty or he just like. I was just
thinking about you and, like I'm hard thinking about you and he would take picture like in the bathroom stall. How we were like just kind move his paddling taken nature. Why? What kind of into even like sending showing the outline in his pants lie hard about, allowing sometimes he would send the outlined in my kind of beholding you yeah yeah, see. I think that this is a thing is what you have to understand about deck text. Is girls need, like we always have said kindly, girls obviously need to be way more, mentally, stimulated so well you're telling me that, like I heard you on and therefore you got hard at a work event? An you show me that that turns me on version because, like it is, situation, where I just did that you, if its unwarranted it hey sometimes but there's just left
Is that a guide to get there? I mean what it really comes down to. Is men arduous waymore, visual back women? Yes, like there has to be like something that you are also saying when your show heart, I also just want to say. I do personally think it's hot. If I'm a guy, and I are talking dirty and he's sends me a video of himself like jacking, often finishing till it, what we were saying naething it. Ah you I owe you a and I'm like. That's how, because you are sending out to me, I mean they could be sent here to twelve other girls. I would never know yeah yeah. So I think it's high guys just be sparing with Dick pigs and no one is the right time. Don't send unwarranted, she's fuckin driving with our mom to church and all the guys, we're off the fucker out and then also this specific picture that men taking them use break it down. Ok, the Christopher Columbus Ohio K. Listen up Chris stuff Fur coat
lumping you guys. Remember, have you guys around right? No more! names to Columbus, they'll be ocean blow Sophia. I'm sorry, a scholar, its win, the guy roadside. What what Christopher Columbus, Alan Christopher, a good picture of his dick in the history books. He really cool by it did have the new impersonal, I'm, ok, ok! So what is its when a man and How many girls are going to be like the guy is in bathroom. Ok, he had his one foot the toilet like Christopher on America an has like the sun they hand on the hair with big dick, like the hard dick out prefer.
Look. What you're setting off take pigs D, Amato, Christopher Columbus, got married Lycra climate justice, discovered America is putting enough lag behind in all my years with open on the Rock Plymouth Rock shit he's like my dick the miracle. Look look what I got men non now, the fact all and again see flat on his ground? That's gonna be like the monster for this purpose. While I've got a knock it off with this, one are kids. I fell back on both feeding to be on the ground. If you're gonna be trying to take the that. Yes, we don't lie, we dont want the foot up on the toilet like no. No, no, no an icy goes for girls to cause. I seen girls it out there trying to link this spread lips, spread Vagina Alec, one foot on. Oh, no, no, I don't, I don't think actually went away. Let really needs to be part of
picture at all in the round. I think at the forefront of both at the bottom of your phone. No, I ever uttering a toilet ever needs to make an appeal to shit. I can say where the shit are shy, not in a goddamn new totally agree. I think that's an amazing point. Christopher Columbus really hitting a hard facts. Racers Columbus, you're done you're done, I think, all crisper Isaac to save a history being and like I'm dime will. As I take Christopher Rape, and I'm pillaged all these villages and fell likes stop and I make you actually by Christopher Columbus. There is big theory. They can't even get America, so it there's a really big haunch, ok back to dig pigs, jeez! That's what I wanted to clarity so men. Basically, we want to talk about your dick pencil. You can't do that. I've had to that my second one years and mice bill the last time to bring its the man's peanut the man on the man decides to include in it
it may object next to the penis so that you can, you know, get a full understanding of the girl and the length of said Pierre Right Rohingya, giving more men I buy women, don't want you don't want a beer all women barely want the dick pick on certain occasions. So to add in like the Rambeau right or the cucumber array we could do with our just wanna. Focus. On the actual penal, and I don't really want to be there and be like ok. So the cucumber is this big
the Tipp of his dick is hitting this part of the cucumbers. So it's gonna be bis, big and tell him. I put the eminent come this way. I like London, the measurements and like could take it whether you are wasting my time as you're gonna do with an object. Putting put vibrio or put the rule of law by have other if you're gonna do it then get a ruler. I agree with you saw making us do. Math no fucking know, unlike what, if we, what if I spread my pussy lips exposed the whole of my vagina, a quarter of an appendage I stood some girl wrote it might be advisable diamond IRA, Dinah, I'm so tired by its be equivalent arise due to know about all road. It was like, I said, a guy a picture of my policy, and I was holding a taco next Thursday Nathan, which talk Do you want to eat tonight? Would you ever do that. There should not be.
Any other meetings in the boat? No an essentially food. Not tomorrow, not least, where are you going to get stuck? There was no guys behind a part. Just needs to be the focal point. I agree. I don't want to see your dick next to like apparent no ok, so I have on some daddy girls wrote in about the whole thing about, like oh, they pushed annexed to their dick, and one girl would like he put the peach a mode g at the top of his dick. We got the Tipp of his dead and he was like this could be you about a slight it might just ass well to go down. Oh, my dear, is the peace suppose we like symbolic of her ass and not like you to do a little shove, my dick so far passant. No, I think it's probably doing reverse cowgirl or some shit. I don't think we the per annum Oji, because
I do, but when they covered a part of their dick with Ebay right is that's worse. That's where I just use the top hat. Mogi Europe take a little ha given. Will extra grow like given a global or put like the fuckin yield exhaust all back whether he could be like you, don't even know how I could not wearing a ha. You don't know how much longer egg I don't fucking do that Europe, what emerges less roof, shooting sorry. We can pass it, but I think the point is his Jaculation school magic. I've got hey. I hate that song so never put an emotion in your no new notion, rising girls, you that where they cover their air allowed, she then there was. This is interesting. There were a few of these girls wrote in saying a guy sent them a video of himself walking like towards a mirror with his erect penis, and they would put some
thing on, the Rex penis, like one girl, said a guy, a tissue but like he put his dick inside of who tissue bar and we like waterways, who regularly so the diggers like holding holding up petition back. There is legal gator, a bar guy, try until life, is like the equivalent of a guy, the gym trying to show how much weight is peanuts. He's like look at the mass murder of fucking pounds. I can hold a light up his dog. He does fucking like big legal, could look like his dick curls leg, curled to curl. Sapping is it's one thing: if he's trying to be funny and he's your fuckin boyfriend? Oh yeah, I bet you that these guys are trying to be sacked Ojo the girl on me when I look at this moment. Clean gobs learning from this my my walls, it all my dear can hold up a tissue, but imagine what it can do to your fucking visa. Is there
I have every hope like no, no! No. What is wrong with men, why wrong man they're so immature, and there are like wow. My boy can. Do you know how many times have you forgotten a guide that you're like close weapon? It's not in his actual way. They send you. These slow of video of them, whipping their peanuts from United as you and I don't know, I've seen the windmill when they like how to guys? I'm? U video! I wish I oh yeah. They come back from after reduce fucked and there like flopping around only ever boyfriend. I've had my math, that's what I've got. One of my boyfriend's would send me guys you should have her boyfriend. Do this slow now circle around the windmill and flapping and onto his thigh lines, girls who do Whirling. My men are so mature, in my view, the way where a boomerang, ok, ok, I can nobly people fuckin wrote that shit,
Well, yeah. I think every girl listening now you're, like ok, see you guys are saying what are some of the weirdest dig. Pigs girls have gone, and I also wrote some of the weirdest nudes men said they ve gone women, can label sideways and ok. I want to hear the share daddy gang men, rode in and do this was one of the most frequently written in an all makes me want to cry for women. Why a lot of men said they ve, gotten nudes from girls with, say it would they were like spreading their pussy lips? They were bent over, so there was toilet paper in their ass little pieces of twice or even like my house,
setting up Ben over picture. I looking at those for an hour before I got out. I don't get it. Are they not looking at the new road before they Sunday like? Are they not sending this new to their frankly, not zooming? I cannot imagine sending a nude with a mistake that big in right now. Let's learn how to why entitlement all draw you gotta. Why all the way a thorough might imagine if you go to a hook up in you have some asshole, oh my god, I'm into any goes think finger your, but not like a nice little like India, paeonies budgeted fingertip. So that was a huge one. Girls I didn't know we had to tell you, buy obviously make sure you don't have twiller paper stuck up your by whole another one. Was the tampon stirring, she's trying to hide the truth, ponds during Bucky like sire, stop like stop stop aid so this girl really was too late.
If you take the tampon offer the picture you couldn't as rapid out like you're, not going to have fucking. Now you can do it for fuck and thirty second child I'll, even fuckin a toy with China hide it like behind, like what did you got a little piece of paper and try to hide a highly sweetener flout? are you do the way, I'm dead theories? Where do trying to hide the string behind the law flash why I do not now appointed like what a white share. Your flock like what are you going I than he does. I guess, shut the stirring up her vagina girls take the fucking eye upon it. Now there was a lot of men. This was another, have fully written. They would do a mere picking the bathroom, but in the background there was the toilet and there was blue. Now I like how now no ok, we do Discuss, do not have the toilet in the picture makes there's, no way
the rules, be I'm the girls are sending. These must be no facts, they take me it's for a living there, like last off your very good luck God guys we live you so much. I know this is kind of like a weird time right now to have with corona and, like everyone spilling kind of isolated and don't worry because we're going to be back next week, we're gonna have the fucking. Weird is episode coming for you, about four right now again faced times extending nudes and sexting is really all we can be doing and spending time with them all right. I understand that a lot of you right now have had to go home to your the house that you grew up in with your parents with your family's. Your kind of going stir crazy right, and it's weird feeling too, because you're getting stir crazy and you hate your family and your worries me
you wanna get fucked, you wanna be getting fact, but then, like your fucking, dad is creeping unlike looking at you and your mom is over. There does like whipping up the Paddy Ray and you're like I want to masturbate, but there in the room right now we re now is time to get created now is the time to push through now is the time to fight that strength with guide, to really rank up in volume on your movie and take your hand and get down and give yourself a nice little Karun machine. I'm assuming that is code word for master. Yet I thank you bear or not I hear you, click click, click taken new out Absolutely! I absolutely not now try to walk in fat law on that door. Yeah! I'm! Sorry! I'm just taking a fat now yeah ever heard a pariah mom. You figure it out. All we figure and you'll figure it out, tell them your gun
in down into the basement, as you want to find the little Kool aid package gives you feeling a little makes drink you down there, you poor faith time a fag in between the cupboards can and not. We three. Do you not even in the base spring up its words, no go to your room door that I, like some of them, build up the basement anyways. The moral of the story is guys we got you there's a lot of ground that can happen. Yahoo time take advance yeah, take advantage. We love you guys so much daddy gave strong. I am, I am genuinely so excited vernacular I'm so fucking excited. I literally Healy. We already ordered alcoholic we're ready to fucking go and our plan is because we have this. Recording equipment in our apartment were literally just gonna pick a time that we feel like in a good ass move and we're just gonna sit down and hold these microphones ngo yeah some kind of air. If I'd, I think it might be our best up so yeah John focused
The trail right now focus on getting on both the universe and the World Healthy animal get back on that trail. Yet we love you guys, love you die every fucking Wednesday.
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