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80- How To Keep Them Interested During Quarantine

2020-04-08 | 🔗

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we're gonna. Let you guys interpret that her rewire moving on moving on. We are in a really deep dark mental state, unwell, unwell, its Alex and Sofia Back guy for the second time actually to die. It's call her daddy, all her daddy. I figure was last week or two weeks ago we uploaded are episode. Amby, sound quality was complete share, so we how to throw that in the garbage rerecord it. This week we went to upload
episode- I felt really really good about it. Only to see that the file said zero bites be wide tee ass. What does that mean? I don't fucking now guy wait, wait according literally for the second time today, and it is like I can explain- the pain when I took out the de card, and I heard of it into my little editor. I went to start editing this audio and I said, while my audio is there a but Sophia's some I also feel you all around her. No, I didn't know you were up. I've got my microphone. I know because this puts me through pain to that. I'm sorry do that. So we're literally about to have two rerecord another episode and it's like don't wanna, let it out on Bam no like I cannot help but be for us. No. This is gonna, be a complete different bazookas. I can't fucking inherent stay. The same. For another two hours. Now that we're just gonna have to really go with this one hurt. I can't even explain it
Casper two hours and then you look and it's like yes, since podcast, let alone, whereas Sofia and the other thing is like when we saw the zero by NEO. We said what is zero by file. We spent the next six, seven hours being like ninety and we can retrieve. I was on the phone with Geek squad. We got on packing up or if were here, China reach out to audio technicians, and we were putting up her o money. You mirror like. We will pay you a hundred dollars out of pocket. If you can figure out what the fuck zero by but I don't fucking, know and um yeah nothing was recovered, so here we are back at it again for another motherfucking observed daddy, but it's all right. It's ok, the gum losing it. A little bit of your eyes are obliged you
gear Alex is doing especially bad. I'm not doing my best, I'm dealing with a little thing. I would like to call sleep paralysis. Why Zira lay I mean there are Windows Ali who use and I am fully browsers What is sleep, paralysis, Sophia, I'm going to take a quick nap? Should you let them know sleep paralysis? Is I've had it before? Okay, it's a common phenomenon and what happens? Is you wake up in the middle of the night and you wake up completely petrified and you can't move your limbs and you can't
sound yeah, any airline. You lay there paralyzed and everyone experiences it a little bit differently like for some people. It's like there's an evil. Spirits like up above them, levitating yeah. I mean what. How is it for you, I literally last night or two nights ago. I woke up, and there I believed was a man sitting on the edge of my bed just staring at me sleeping and I was so fucking terrified you guys. Paralyze could have moved the whole thing and then for the next. Like now few nights I haven't been able to sleep began his terrifying feeling of oh, my god. If I go back to sleep is going to happen, I gotta sometimes I happens, is if you I regret this. If you partaken partying like there
like drugs at the party you decide to partake. Sometimes you will have sleep rouses like a few days earlier, but I'm not under. Like specifically, I'm dna like a couple. The huge leader I dont know. Are you rummaging period of us. You know just how severe like so when I did. I'm DNA literally like all fuckin off my rock or a few days. If anyone seeking asked Molly, please be aware that it could happen disclaimer. China's lie that right by me Why bother and I'm fine by, I will say, a lot of people are having bad dreams right now, vivid dreams because of kroner. I actually to do about that, because I had a dream when I was asleep at all we had this dream. All of your teeth fall out. Yet I believe everyone experiences that- and I guess some guy row and told me that it's when you are experiencing extreme anxiety in going through a change either in a relationship or your jaw.
Then I guess obviously right now. It applies to corona to you'd like the unknown, so I guess will actually reminding me of young or your dreams over, though a few days ago. This is really weird. I had a dream that I was putting like living thing. In the microwave, and I woke up in the middle of the night. Like so scared and link healing horrible were put living writings. I like her. Why hang fuckers? from what I read them Bucky's calling on over there. But what I remember I sweating like baby, animals a guide, I'm, not a zero. I woke up feeling bad. It was very strange I don't know what's going on Wednesday, I mean I own blog with you anywhere, let's anyway anyways, so so in our thinking about this we feel really bad yeah. We feel really bad for all of the high school seniors. Andy college seniors because we see a lot of you
are not able to partake, urge grad school in graduation and all those spun, senior weak activity easier and Itzhak donating a lot of Europe sat like I saw these daddy and girls were prom on zoom, like they're, getting in their prom dresses and are getting on zoom in at fuckin? Sacks yeah, but I just want to say you don't having gone through high school in HOLLAND. And having made it out alive. I know it seems like the most pointing in your life right now but Laotse. It's really now we ve never really talked about. Did you graduate high school? Are you, That is why we have people planned and that we defend their d d, not heard anything wrong with that. But why do I think you got your g d You don't look at me in my eyes and ask you I graduated high stood we never talk about. I barely grab Erika vary so Europe,
Jenny in high school. I was so that what kind of high school did you go to. I went to a private catholic high school. I went to a with this was a fuckin to us. I went to a private, boarding school and I know people would look at me like. Oh you, rich bed, no, absolutely fucking. I've got a scholarship to go there, ok soccer, which sounds weird to place. We so boarding school. Yes, a boarding school so like we had straight up borders and day students and like people would like fuckin the dorms, and I would like a college in high school. If I lived in the door, firms in home. I owe you a doll. Might with those I wouldn't know the? U graduated, but barely I barely graduated in high school. I was like was the type of thing I started out with flying colours like iron bars,
I started out. I was like a p class. I visit how bad image I started. High school to math class is advanced from my freshman year. Gray, ok senior year of high school, I was one behind of everybody else fake. I don't even know how that have huge drop off his. You really slid back. You really. You really well now yeah That's great! So what about you? I I I didn't do gray in high school either. I remember my arm. Graduation, specifically, are dean of students had just like been so done with me, and I was missing mites hassle for my cabinet wearing the wrong gown and he just came up to meet users with so fuckin hot, and he came up to me and was like: where is your tassel?
How are you wearing the wrong? I don't know, I don't know, I don't care about your sisters. I don't like better project, I don't. I know it's fucked up and he just looked at me and was like. I don't care what you do anymore, Alex just fuck, Roger way. Why one in me God Iraq say you want well, although kind of that obesity in college. What was your college situation? Did you go to your college graduation? I do it by it wasn't like what every one imagines it to be like. I literally was like pierce the hold high links that, through the whole thing- and I looked through my diploma in the back of the coroner's like- can we get? Can I get your dude college graduation, especially if you go to like a big universe. You remember not wanting to go to my only one for my parents. I act barely graduate college to ok, guys that that's another one started off with flying colours started. This is using wonderful college outside of San Francisco, California Ridable ended up at community call.
Can you slept b we love this year. Why? What happened? Degeneracy yeah, just like ping, I gotta get a ticket for underage drinking. I don't fucking! Your mom was like come home, the ash. Like I'm, not paying this tuition, I beg we had very different college experiences. My college experience was like I couldn't get in. I had to keep getting in trouble on that. Low, because obviously I would have lost my scholar I got in trouble. I couldn't get an under age. I couldn't like all that shit. I will never forget I for a final exam. I was really struggling in this one class and I knew he was a huge fan. A teacher, the gas and one of the big guy was aiming at the time. Enough was a fresh loudly and I bribed him, and I got him, assign ball and check it and, in exchange for me to not have to take the final examined for an a
like how pathetic am I like come on, come on, Alex Low showed up with a little bag, you all in spirit credits and these. Here is a ray. You fucking, that's I dunno. Maybe the craziest thing I've, her out of your way. You guys are you gonna do yeah right, well, back professors, probably getting fired. No, like he's a great guy, we so Saint hijacked by then with the rest of my college experience. I know I have. I have never talked about this, but will you know but the daddy? He doesn't fully. No. My experience with college. I hide a full scholarship to play. It you ones accurate boss, university, you know thrown out browned brag Edward, my whole life for it, and I played only for three years, though my senior year, I got to keep my full scholarship, but I did not have to play. I'm getting and well now dies a story
another day. Ok I'll say like why now, as I know, no reward will tell a story one day by yeah, so I mean Why my college high school light goes, I did I I mean way, almost flunked out of high school and college who look at us now really degenerate podcast their loverlike show your parents us now look at this through, like no doubt the opposite of what our children to a fine. I know right every periods, whereas aim at their like doktor lawyer accounting, pod past or no no podcast welcome back to the show both. So I don't we just wanted to say shouting of you guys are happy. Graduation get fucked up with your parents. Get fucked up on
other and yet all worry, you'll look back and you'll be like whatever so much fun. Graduating Andrew soda rubbing are moving on, people are getting horny, everybody is masturbating, cause we're staying at home and everybody is playing with themselves at home. They are an you're you're in a play with yourself with Adam and Eve Adam and Eve guys. You know the drill, they have all the sex toys, all the lube anything you can possibly imagine Adam and Eve has for your sex life, whether you're fucking, your partner, you're fucking yourselves, Adam and mother fucking there is lotta masturbating, going on so Adam and Eve right now, you can choose almost
one item four, fifty percent or fifty percent off mother, fuckers plus, when you do you're gonna get ten free gifts free again free, so you guys use offer code, her daddy, that's her daddy! I check out also guy save thousands of products, so you guys can go shop around and sixty whatever you like. I know some girls, you probably don't. If you don't have a vibrator getting starter than if you buy their entire into those annul. Beads go get yourselves. Some fuckin anal beads Adam unit alarm, her daddy Zog, about. Let's talk about something else here, a little something: that's pre, spectacular, ok, here's the thing! This segment is for people that want to keep their love interest interested during quarantine, yeah! That's what it yeah! That's a big problem, a problem for example
My cousin was talking to me actually about the other day, so my cousin met a guy at a bar that she really hit it off with a few days before and she's extremely picky, so this was like a really big deal. Ok and now, naturally, she's freaking out she's, calling me and she's asking me for advice on what the fuck to do right about this guy, which which I gag, has your cousins wondering like? How do I keep this connection? A lie. Because right now for the foreseeable future, like we don't know and will never see another human and she's no fucking idea what to do right, and you know what I
I say is I think a lot of people that are in the same boat are having the same anxiety and the problem is that, because of the anxiety, bear overdoing they're scared. This person is going to move on, and so there like blowing up that person's phone and making sure that bear in constant contact without her. Then, and that is the worst possible thing you can do right now. I e the words. Were yes, daddy gang if you take one thing from this episode, be, whereas so so motherfuckers while the Falcon daddy, I did a lot of trial and error. We did research extensively on my life using near the guinea pig, and we believe that the answer and what you I should be doing is disappearing disappearing and I know a lot of you unhappy
you just hearing that either during my rowing, their phone? Yes exiled? He went through the real ecstatic attack, explain its them. Ok, but I actually have an example from my house. I remember it was a few years back. I met this guy during Sunday. So for those of you don't know what that is its a film vessel. They having you talk, so it was the second I met him. It was like fireworks. We ended up spending. I think it was like three nights back to back to dine together as you five colleagues can kiss in TEL Aviv groups why why tell us I did hold off until the second like I held up for twenty four hours immediately. Go when you please. Let me ok, so sex, great, it was amazing. Then he had to fly back to the east coast. I was stuck in Fucking Utah's, so you can imagine how depressing that was anyway.
One of those things where I could not stop thinking about and I started freaking out, I'm like then I know this is my husband. He doesn't know yet, but like I really think this could be the wine, the love in my village. Then you know your laptop he's. Like Y know, he felt it about where right, oh god, oh of course so anyway. So in the beginning, when he flew back, we were texting, ok and then obviously we, yes and then what happened was a couple months would go by and then, I would cite in or he would slight in an every time it was like. We picked up right where we left off. You too, hey Uniform and the thing is is that I did not see him for the next. I think it was year, maybe two years alone, and he slid in one day and was like hey you're coming here, You come visit me, I'm buying your plane ticket, I hopped on a plane and where and spent the weekend with it. That is so good
what I'm saying is we would only talk every few mine yeah. I did not see him in person for a or to two years and we still like rekindled, thou old flank, so brilliant you little quarantine. Bitches complain you out of your lives. They got out not such a good fucking point Sophia, yellow you lived here, you breathe and there can be a fuckin month. There can be two months yank day like you, you're gonna be fine. I can cite the fact back. And that I think I want to highlight- because I think specifically during this time, the alternative to disappearing bits of time. It doesn't have to be as dramatic issue as is talking to them every fucking day. With nothing substantial to say. Ok, what I've been noticing is right now, every single day is ground. Hugged always
every single go. I can't answer back and look at you. I, like you, look the same every days. Well, I know it's true guys. It's like you're doing the same shit over and over right now, and I can guarantee you motherfuckers that if you don't talk to these people for a month and then you pop the fuck back in and you ask them the same question that you ask them a month before he was up they're gonna, give you the same fucking answer there sitting on the same couch cushion reign, the same bag, a fuckin Doritos, why the same goddamn Netflix show yeah you're, not going anywhere so you forcing dumb conversation every day every day it's it's dumb diluting the relationship, diluted, in their relationship. I that's what it is. I'm dealing with this right now and you know it
hard. It's I'm lucky. I know you're dealing with because we are dealing with the gas, so I'm dealing with this right now. I am talking to this guy from allay, and I don't really think I've talked about him on that. Jesus, how do you keep trot no hands? This guy can't media good? I hit how for any a guy. Oh my guy, We ve got an l a guy now, so I have to say I'm I'm crushing on him hard. I he's like D. I think my ideal man yeah I've, already talked about this and we were drunk from the physical aspect to the personality like he really is the full package and were really vibrating, and so I began talking to the sky, and we were at that point where the next that was for me to get on a plane and go see him yeah you're about to buy a ticket, excuse a he was about to highlight and then Quarantine head.
I love everything kind of got fucked up and now, where I met right now in quarantine, is I'm just trying to figure out how to balance talking with them and then not overdoing it so Ray? I want a kind of share, techniques that so few and I have created for this is that its work is working. So I am doing the pop in and pop out every few days technique, I like that. So, but only when I do pop in I'm sending something of substance. That's interesting and that warrants conversation, I'm not just texting this other fucker hey what's up every morning, hey, I'm so glad you brought that because listen if you
You are a bad texter. I really need you to like looking word and realized how about yourself and if you are a bad texter than you absolutely need to be the go yeah. You need to be using this old disappearing occasion totally and actually, even if he is about texter you should ghost business thing, is that generic conversations you're end up shooting yourself in the full, and it really does take two to five tank right. You as both need to be interesting, cause, that's the thing and- and it's not like he doesn't like you- were you dont like him. If you're bad tax are there people that are so good impression.
Ray shitty tax job. Maybe taxing isn't his strong soup, but he's like a fucking excites me yet greatly that either way just disappear appearing is better than having super conversation. I agree and- and I want to give you guys- I concrete example. So what I was saying was when I do decide to sign in every few days what I'm doing as I'm coming in with entertaining shit rang. What I mean by that is, for example, the other way Sophia and I we were playing scrabble. I remember it on and you and I hide spelt out. The words like sluts lie: sex you do a classical or a Gaza gall, her Daddy Scrabble Board, and so we were laughing our asses off. We were having fun and so what I did as I took a picture of the born. In those words- and I came up with a funny joke and I sent it to him- and there was the Joe I kind of Bulgaria and then he ended up sending me back
a picture of what he was doing and it was a great rambler station. I'm pretty sure that use then that picture with the joke to multiple men in your phone book right I remember I did do that, but I think that more so it just save the brain power. There's only so much content. They could around these days rule you got it. You gotta maximizing oddity, Evan people, re copy and paste that shit, don't waste energy. I've thought about another ten right do make sure. However, to talk about what you, are going to do in this whole quarantine is over a good one. I just know that you're like putting that out into the universe and like you ought to be detailed. You can you seasonings them like oh, my gosh like when this is over. We better go for a walk on the water like Jesus. Walk across the never wanted to talk to you again. You can see may I say no organ eggs does try it again.
Ok, you you guys. Can come up with something better, but you got my bowling alley baby. You got my point yeah. I think that that is specifically smart in quarantine. If you have one conversation about that, it allows you, then almost even more leeway once you do kind of dust peer and fall back a little bit from dry them, because it's like you, let them know you're interested, was quarantine out for right. Now, I'm not interested in having this conversation. That is the same every day. Yes, I, Oh! This is super hard right now, because everyone is sitting at home board, and so I got that, but honestly pick up a fuckin hobby. Instead, you fucking her pussy your fucking, her pussy, your like, don't come, don't come holy It's coming, it's comin out like law, but you commoner pose you come into being at her pragmatic. You end up with a kid you weren't even expect and like that spy. But the issue is that you came in fuck and under thirty second rate, a share re, not with roman swipes baby, guys clinically proven,
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really happens ya of us. So you can see and you don't want your boyfriend or your girlfriend or the personages hooking up with to know that you either a happiness, tv or be gave it to them. Yes, in comes the three some trick everyone lit by Sink Enver to sack three, some threesome, some ta of blue versions, her manners over them we really hit I'm usually. This is where I would say: you're all swerving off the road, but no one's on the row. No worse off the count you like yeah, that's right, the three some tap, listen motherfuckers! This is being is beautiful and we always say it's: ok, delights: okay, to manipulate you're, honest pod cats. Are you the one in your life getting financed or even asking people
call Daddy work financing. So what you're gonna do is all of a sudden when you find out you that std you're you're gonna go baby. Something just came over me. We gotta have a threesome threesome. I want three some and I want it now and I want it to night, yeah, because God forbid, you go and fuck him and then he fucking goes and gets tested for some reason ready, easier chlamydia. It's on you Bates when you ring that. Third, in what happened Sophia now, you gotta play to arrive at least on that for a party that you invite it s so far too many people are like, MRS, so over the top, I mean call her daddy liked real it back in. But let me phrase it this way. You decide to do a little cheats Gutenberg. You cheated on your pointy fries? No, please I think she's Gilbert you cheated on your boyfriend and you got the clap what's worse
you having a little three, some with your boyfriend and blaming it on the home or you having to go to your boyfriend and say: hey. I choose did on you and I gave you a city of a girl had I been three sum up in this in its bid- and this is the beauty I can see people being like, but I want to normalize three sons. I don't want him to think. I'm gonna. Do that all that's fine! This is a perfect in and out move right here when you, through hook, you persist movie you throughout. Pussy. You got. The three sub area throughout the two policies. Are them and then what happens? You got its people
She gave you guys both in ass. He d, you say we're never having a threesome again fuck that fuck they re remind that, was to resume back to the two of us, lock the door, guys no one's ever allow back guys. You came back pedal after three yeah, but what you can like India, backpedal after you, find out that not even Fucking committee. I know right there's a couple things with the ok ass. So it's a very serious US tv, like a life, yeah you're fucking with like HIV. This, when a go ahead and say absolutely not dying there. Yet you can solve, would like a pillage the minor on tv, as second thing, some You might have to do her three, some bad night. Ok, you made a whole being our sex for two weeks. His you're, like my god, I am about to give him HPV or whatever it is you re right, so you have to hire an escort yeah like it's. The only way, the only way
yeah. That's why you're gonna get a last minute girl to come up or guy we're your poison. You could you three somewhat two girls, two guys would I resolutely your boyfriend might be like hey. I think we got a wrap it up and use a condom respectable guy retrospective, yes, but totally fucked your plan up it buddy you. What do you do? Let me just say something a guy he's never is vulnerable Alex. You can agree with me on this as when he is hard and he is horny and he is about to a jockey He has never as vulnerable as our own. Ever you quickly whip the condom and backing slam your purse. The presence of a deck is like one, I M all right with China and Dick is the like what you go right. You wipe out the column you down, and then you put her on his dick and then he doesn't and he there won't know more apes,
If there is no way you can get away with that right and you're, not a smooth the sum of the rapid, Lincoln Smooth like us, then what you can do is- and this is so fast because I know every guy I've ever hooked up with would fall for that. Ok, baby babe, her pussy feel so fucking good eagerly fingering, her pussy out great. It feel so good. I want you to feel her and then you could even turned to the bench and be like, I want you with your mouth to take his condom off turn into sexual. Foreplay turn it into something sexy find he is moving the condom off and try to get up and block it up like a balloon and flicking it out of the window and Wall LA there. You go, you all got chlamydia and who gave it to who we don't know, and it's not on you anymore and is done. A little
just like a little Tipp that we wanted to give you guys know, but like actually straight up, if you are really scared, I throw a threesome out your boyfriend, a girlfriend yarn and boom who know and you blame it on earth or if you like newly talk. Someone telling him that you got an S dirty digger, derived China a month until I dating ass. Not a good luck. You no one is a great look. Threesome do show him you're a king who bear so what you got k next, let's talk about you shoals, I A bitch is in the dm's: Hey Hager, hey girl during how exactly? Can you tell us what my face is supposed to look like? I, my body is look like when I'm a face. I do I receive a facial in the best way possible and its, and I respect you all for really wanting to give your man that show so here we are he's jacking off or your sucking, his dick, whatever the fuck it as he got to give you a facial. Yet I want to make sure everyone understands open. Your mouth
think when a man is going to come on your face? You open your mouth. You were, to make him think that you are hoping that you get a hated all ice cream. You want fuckin good ass milk. Ass. You want it. Ok! The second part is, I suggest you put your tongue out. Well far is up to you. I personally just kind of habit cover my bottom lip a little bit like only put it out a little bit. I I'm not, do you have a wagon tom? No, not the wagging peace sign like YO. What's up I'm in seventh grade again, but you could I also it depends what you, where you are, if you're on the ground or what not, but what you're gonna do with your hands is up to you push your tits together, you could take your hands in my kind of pull your hair. You could lean back on new super hot, so there what you're gonna do is close your eyes close your eyes,
and now you're all wondering, but when I'm pretty sure it's pretty again, you can see when a man is about to count. No one hears about you, No there's pulsating in the data. Moaning is getting a little more his hand. The minute you think he's about to come closer. I and a lot of guys will announce the island yeah- and I think that thing that some girls are super self conscious about- is like looking down like weeds, I'm putting my tongue out. I'm closing my eyes and I'm under his dick looking up, and this guy, like also girls, make that noise. Ok, I too hot. Let me ask you this: what would you, rather God, goals or what would you rather use? They bear with your mouth closed eyes. Blinking enough tat back waiting around the hives lie in a fucking eyeball. I don't think so. I don't think so. So you guys mouth open tongue out, eyes are open until you feel you about the common, then you closed them. The thing is, is like go watch porn if you're at all views, it's gonna be a way more intense virgin. A lot of them are going to keep their eyes.
And these are our they want a risky but girls. You will never look more beautiful to a man when his com is glazed over your face. Re Donna Crispy creates serious, be muzzled. Aware you feel about that. Donor is how he died out veils and then once he's finished, take your fingers wipe the come up put in your mouth, yet I am look at you and then you can go. Take care of herself yeah. I rang either. Sometimes girls are like well, is this was to shoot it into. My mouth is he's to shoot at onto my forehead over all for all over and urges hoping that a little drip nose into your mouth have what it should lie. Yet they know better. That's a tip number three in number mother- and this is Gonna- help- you spice things up during corona if you're already, unlike this sexting game with the sky, there is this thing that you can do
It does not involve your vagina, your tits or your asshole. You guys like what in the world What could it involve? It involves your fingers and, let me explain hey you sending a video to a guy, a quick little clip of you licking your fingers and sucking on them, like you are just imagining it's a deck is gonna him over the I'd light over the way that I've done ass. Well, I might think about it and I sat a video like pretty early on with suit me word. I like horror that loud, that's how we aim how I've done it is. I won't grab two fingers again. This is like a creative, I know so: girls. Maybe you want to stick your whole fist in your mouth. Let him know you can take it to the bright. For me personally, I like to do the two fingers. I take. The point or finger in the middle finger and I'll hold them up and there will be like a little slit in between like read between the lines,
she got it and I will lick the mid. Also, you can kind of see my tongue poking owl. Then I will go back down onto both of my fingers with my entire mouth, like it's a blow job and then Saki Backup Use, we're going to want to make sure your fingers are wet before those young, for example. If you want to kind of easier way into this or come up with a reason why you're sending this video, what you can say is baby I've been thinking about. You and I've gotten so wet and I'm gonna lick my wetness off my fingers. I want to show you so hot something like something like that: The media make informed love, make involve Le Corona love me found love, Baby Labour Magazine, love baby. We want a wan like the fingers. Ok, I think that's so bugging Smart Sophie and I appreciate
and I don't think it's very common for girls to do it. So I'd like yours. I owe you, but try really hard to make sure that your fingers are wet and I at another Tipp last, for this one is, I think, sometimes girls get in their heads kind of similar to the facial thing. Taking a video sucking your fingers, my big guy suggestion is, we always say fake. It till you make it, but in these situations you can buy it you can actually be like genuinely turned on yeah that will show through in this video and in your facial, except ass, though, if you're getting a facial and you need to be rubbing her clear or if you're licking your fingers and you need to be me- reading: rape electromagnet acting method. Acting, I mean the Joker through ago. Yes, Joaquin Vena. Yes, he fucking got into that
Your daughter so hard core that he went a little crazy, ass, this is where you channel your inner porn star. Make yourself believe only that if your fingers are a day, You know me ass, because it will play off differently if you're looking at it like that- and I think that's brilliant, even you are a merry bath. If you're a sweetheart, you can still turn out to be a free and your finger out. You know any means just believing is seeing kind of like the Santa
the you know we're on our way, and I am personally Santa Claus Aways moving on ok guys. This is I'm excited our last tab and this is the biggest one we saved the best for allowing this is a big fat, huge reminder for you all that you are just a hole at the end of the day, you are just a whole. That sounds harsh, but you are just a whole. Specifically your three. You are just three holes and he's trying to, you're out which, when it put it and we ve set at once, I will say it again: why are we bring this up Sophia? I would say the majority of submissions we got from Daddy Gang are from a girl saying my fuck boy is just using me first sex right now. How do I make him? One? A wife me up
The thing is you, don't you down you don't? Why are we get? What what? How have we saw? You know, we taught you know guys you Joe you dont, then, if you want him to if there is any hope gotta even also act like you. Don't want him to link if you're acting like you want your. If you have the mentality that you want. Your fuck boy to wife, you up, you are trash nothing out of the fire fighting had guys. This was kind of also brought up, because on top of daddy gang writing in Sophia and I were watching a reality. Television show Vanderpump rules. Yes, I want. This is a little homework for you guys. Alright, you guys are going to go to season eight of Vanderpump rules and you were going to watch the first two episodes in the season episode one and episode two season eight and you are going to specifically focus.
This girl named Sheena Shea Sheena. Shea is the definition of everything we do not want you to do here on common definition of a walking whole pretending she's, not a walk. Google, you see in her mind, believes every word that every fuck boy said and then, when they fuck her over she's the girl that shows up at the bar crying thing Jeffrey work, but you said that
me. He wanted to fuck you and he wanted to fuck you right and then I got annoying as fuck and you got clingy and you got in your minds that you got that you that he owed you anything other than did so much so that the guy's, when the cameras are turned to them and she's, not they're they're, all talking about her she's a stage, five clean, green. Ok, can you imagine if you were being called a stage? Triumph cleaner? That should be our goal in life to ensure that you are never called. That is, I think, of men that could be may be, possibly the worse fuckin soul, endless in we're talking out Sheena shape. We're talking about the daddy again, I I I have you got in my place in this world. Is Absolutely I I've. I been in a situation where I've tried to convince myself that the real relationship with something more than it was I've done. It Alex has done it, we ve all done at yeah, but this sooner than you can accept that you're just a whole, the quicker you can move on
to a guy. This is me being on India, a guy that will see you as a whole with a face a whole with a regulates XO factor, but it so balls blow attic in beautiful you're like he may see you ever phase always a glorious for all of us Daddy gang as it so fucking. True guys, one of the scenes in the fucking show this guy. That was a car, is a complete fuck boy fox, like the entire staff at the restaurant. They all work out. She got Sheena got emotional and Sheena believed all the sweet. Nothing's whisper. I I I I just care so much about rang she on in this scene, she's. She pulled up the text, messages and started reading them back to that she's like, but you said this yeah, they literally like no, I did, and yet she search reading a fuck boy, the things that he was saying and, and you almost one
shake the girl and the like. He said he like too, because he was right. So far you blame out a little more ass, well Bans is this guy starts texting you stuff, like I've, been thinking about you all day. I can't stop think you're you're differently the other girls you're beautiful. I just why may issue I miss I may see. I love just Lange and chilling with you, like your celestial fun girl and what happens. Is these girls take comments like back and think that there is all of a sudden, a future and unfortunately, What it is is its them wanting to fuck your pussy fuck, your posts. That literally at guys, will say anything again a girl's pan Milk Hunter has literally told that, in the absence of the milk Hunter episode, we go we're. Ok, what if a girl says that she loved
the EU and he thy eight. I say I love her rang and we're like What he's like, I'm not ready to lose the pussy I'll say whatever I need to two inch. That I got the push these men are throwing around the ala v. Men are only willing to lose pussy on their terms, and so they are going to continue to say whatever the fuck they want in order to keep fucking you, and it is your job to me. Sure guys that every single thing that man says to you, in one year and out the other selective hearing, laxative, hiring you I'm not kidding until this guy city, down and is like. I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to be exclusive. I wanted to be in a committed relationship. You gotta everything else. He says go in one year and I'll be absolutely I I think that, especially in quarantine, I've been seeing bitches writing in life,
it just so knowing he only answers me when, like I sent him some things actual, if you can't get it's fuckin text back and corn, you are not share o bottom. All other fuckin barrel you're like a whole, you half of a quarter of I'm just be very open and vulnerable and honest here, be This is what we do here on call her daddy when I was a sophomore Abbas University here we go here. We go here, she goes, I've now ripe. I've heard this story, so I dont forget how goes it so far I do not fully recover the bow with no well. You know that you- and I want everyone. It is good to encounter. Because and a lot of times? You can encounter them, but there will always be that one that literally change the trajectory. How you look at me. And sometimes you need that to wake you, the Vidal, so I was off war and I started dating a red Sox player
that was her years older than me third wires older, then little sophomore Alex? I thought I had it all in my mind, we're we're too. Other living in loving and cherished inured to gather every day. I'm sorry to say he was a professional baseball player on the Red Sox and you are sophomore in college and you thought I thought that you guys were something I had not something I had nothing this is the thing like I remember that experience one. I understand like it hard, sometimes as women, especially how emotional we can be like yeah, when you are in fact she waited with the boy really hard to fuckin, see shit you blinders on here and I have been there and Sofia and I are not better than anyone know what I have done as we learn from our experiences and that's where we have the out. It has
I remember her with my fuck boy, young. I was the girl he would taxed every he broke up with his girl I'll act higher with literally just be there waiting and unify about british hi. How remember. I've really believed I was like over one or two. Time that all be the grow. I just know you're like it's coming and it's like. He hardly made seven girls girl crimes, not you so that Probably not gonna hurt your party how yeah and at the end of the day, until he looks you in this phase he says be my wife, be my wife be. Might let's ok, we condemn it. A little me my girlfriend. I, when I they that I need you to. You need to be you're about please be. My girl
it leads him. Your baby tenth tying asks if he really fuckin means yeah he's gonna work a little for lasting avenue, say sometimes you just gotta. Take the l and move on take the loss move on because a lot of times too, with fuck boys, if you disappear, your chances of the bug boy coming back around our way, fuckin higher than you being the annoying ass. Contrary fuckin leave aside and Visa yeah Jesus Christ. I could run this bitch overrun. In my view, is right. Johnny, no joy, tissues, fuckin hates you! Yes, Dont, don't want to give you guys false hope, but if you want even a fucking fighting chance Ben you gotta disappear goes down while temporarily take the EL hello, fresh, hello, fresh, hello for ass. I mean I don't think there is a better time for a hollow franchise. Hollow fresh is America's number one meal kid. They are just sending us food to our door that we can cook because we can't bucking go outside and we don't want to go to the grocery store. Thank you.
Hellofresh Hellofresh is a subscription service and they will send you meals that you can make in about thirty minutes or less. You guys can also customize. If you guys want to do the low calorie option, you can do vegetarian and there's also family friendly recipes and their five star recipes. You guys can cater if you're going to do low Carb, except for you can go on and pick what's best for your dire. Yes, I'm so done with buying salon trow and having to throw out the salon trial after I used for leave to go. I'm saying I totally go. Yeah he's, hence So you guys what you're gonna do is you're gonna, go to hello, fresh dot com, Slash daddy, gang ten and use dad. Gang and the number ten one zero for a time free meals, including free shipping. All right, let's go. To a little a little trip to France. What we're gonna do, a little being identical question,
glass. You love the Y all questions of the mother, folk, awake, ok, ok, here we go this. What I'm gonna kick it off? I thought he was busy, all God daddy's I've got. This is a quick little hack for girls in quarantine. I thought this was q and I think I've done this before she said sometimes on days where I feel, like my body looked gray I'll just grab some of my hottest, underwear, brows and stuff like that and I'll take pictures, and each
the nation of the laundry stop or just cute little outfit, that look good together and then I'm set for pictures for weeks and corn teen. I don't have so brilliant. I have been so mad at myself at times. If, like I got a good spray tat, I got my hair done a mug. Why the fuck wasn't? I am I a laundry taking pictures he slides in it too. I am and your sexting and your ready to send him picture and you look like a fuckin yard enter it discusses yeah, you could just go back that so I think that's a really good idea. If you especially currency quarantine, our brain re, pink, one, right now. A lot of us have a ton of time on our hands. We was just sitting in our room right. You have a little photo shoe. That is such a good, such yes, stuck up greeting poppies. I need some advice on dealing with ego issues. I guess my axe I broke up after two years in December, the break up was amicable and if anything, I wanted it more
heard. He started dealing someone new at the beginning of the year and was happy for him. However, I just found out he's quarantining with this new lady because he posted a picture of them both together and she is they knock out ten out of ten Victoria's secret. Looking bitch I got so jealous and instantly obviously hated her. How do I deal I'm really tat when you pick up with someone, I think that you should unfollow them. I agree so that you don't even need to worry about something like this happening out of sight out of mind and obviously that for some reason cuz, I know some people that would create a lot of drama. You can mute people's posts and stories. I can never see their shit
I really am going to be doing that at least yes, then, on the flip side cuz, I don't want to be a complete hypocrite and I both have been there. We're. Not only do we still follow them, but we go and look for the new girl that they're dating up I've done that before, and you just got to be ready for something like that, because if she went and looked at this girl and this girl would have been busted Spock. Would you care what you laugh you would lie. You would feel better that you would feel better by the Judge Gary Shock in hot in itself, and I mean also girly you Missus, Barry superficial. So why he's with legacy role it will ever makes you feel better convinces all that she saxon bad and she's in ITALY or in his book, and also everyone in fucking quarantine, rain out their quarantining with someone that they're not like fully in love with I'm sure that relation
and regard either a break. I gotta be bored and also to just think about it, like you know him so well, you know what that girl is getting from him and it was enough for you. So it's probably who cares what she's getting kind was enough for you? Unlike that's that I and you
gotta. Just like. Oh, not unlike go focus on yourself, but I get it it's. I knew at any stock like motherfuckers and it can her and then you honestly talks the way Sophie and I talk about it, find a friend that will let you just fucking talk about it in the ground and then you get a move on yes, yeah hi daddy gang. So I have a new hack for the lady if you're insecure about the waved haste when a guy's going down on you or want to taste more sweet, there's ease, vow general melt that you answer inside of you and they mill and leave your vagina smelling and tasting great for hours. It also gives new lubrication from the oil. The website is called Somali from now
and they have so many labours to choose from guys. You spell that s e M, a l, L A why so I looked up this website. Kolocha is actually sums fucking, cool cats who doesn't want their fucking, portray amazing and it gives you lubrication ray. I read reviews. Obviously I was like nervous because, unlike is, is a fucking I know a meeting waiting to happen because I guy like that I was just as I read as many refuses I could and a lot a majority of them were positive People being like holy shit, I'm in China would like so where, unlike smelled great tasted, gray, ok something to try this I'm gonna go by that. I literally have on my computer and I wanna go by it. The reason I love this is because I've heard of pudding sauce
on the outside to make it tastes. Good district of girls in the angle indicted MEL out, so you guys have to like lay on your bed and it's almost like yeah you're, just waiting grant it like a little bit before your dick appointment yeah the night before, and then you go in there and its loomed up and if I can smells gray. I meanwhile amazing okay. This is so smart. Ok men need to us in this growth and at high daddy's, just wanted to say that as a single girls swiping on tinder, when a guys and next to a taller guy in one and the pictures it makes him look short it the matter of he, six wine envy your guy, is six that then the sick, one guy still looks shorter and it's not attractive. I've swiped left on.
Multiple guys after thinking their faces were q, because I was afraid they would be shorter than me. Just me: love the podcast, keeping vaccine amazing, lady, brilliant brilliant. If you as happened, the other wrangling, even if you're short guy or a tall guy, it's all about ratio and do not stand next to your fuckin basketball player, frat you'd. We literally set it to girls. On the other end, like don't fuckin, next to your friend that looks like mega far and you look like a troll bridge, less maybe pick an uglier friend or just by your fuckin cell s, guys it's so funny brought this up. I was on that aiming at the other day and I, though, get disguise first picture was him and he looks really cute, whose a hockey player no fuckin shocker. There grew London, an ex picture, he's walking down the
rink hallway and there's two of his teeming with him and was now over and I'm like whole undeniably, like he's so again, there's only short with there's nothing wrong, there's nothing short restore guys. There's nothing wrong with short guy on the issue is: is there it's not making you look man we manly emasculate AG. Why are you picking a picture ray you that you look like the little guy? I let him come on when you're on a dating up in all superficial at first and put your best put forward a pay. I agree just that is a good day for guys, not just as being on yeah there's absolutely nothing fucking wrong. With short guy knows just don't over emphasise ray it's just that would just pen and if your six one you're gonna, look like you're five five
regular standing next to, like you know, that's Lebron James. I boom high fathers. This question is honestly so grows, but I desperately need an answer. I spend the night at my boyfriend's house at least five to seven days a week democratically lived there. Usually, if I really need to go about the room, I just go back to my apartment and make an excuse. However, there's times where I just can't, specifically, obviously in corn teen, as is usual in us, to embarrass about, but because we have been together for so long when it's the day after drinking or even worse, I'm on my period. We know how bad that can be Ella. Well, There is no way around it. I know everyone shits and it's not a huge deal, but I look you want to die whenever I have to go at his house. I just don't know what to do. Can I get your guy? thought how to go about this. We talked about the infamous poor situation,
males places, but I can imagine you never heard of any easier ended, post, drink oh yeah, so I'm not kidding you weeps, we ve talked about it. They should fucking sponsor us the poop hurry spray. Yes, I actually ordered some off Amazon that are many per size ones. Nowadays I go there, the guy. When I tell you they were smell, it smells like flower, all smack flower lemon sent, and I obviously girl I mean like, haven't we ve said Lightwood fuck. What, if they're like Why does it smell like Malaysia? Would you rather whom smell lemons or your alyosha yeah, and will leave that up to you? That's all but I will go ahead and sail strawberry, fragrant yeah fewer than a little bit of die. Area and you gotta just be patient occurs when you're supposed to do a spray of into the toilet before you drop it
and then spray off road. I mean listen especially pose drinking. I like to call it the the code red rum. Bore the code red pull the gutter. Rumble is something that does it matter. If you're trying for dear life to hold back in who, when you gotta go, you gotta go, and if you ve got this presume, we have done what you ve got his prey swear to God. Yet all you won't having Siam and maybe turn The sink on my friend was telling me that she will lie a man. I think that's not completely. Through the smell and I'm like redoing, I'm like that? Is your ass you need to be like we're You burning something in the Bowery lighting up in the bathroom. Without eulogy, I need to get so fucking high before I fuck you, because, my god, our yeah, that's, ok, we love you daddy. We feel for you, think God, I'm just with Sophia in here. Ok, but I'm not paying for my comrade rumble code red rumble, I've been meaning to time. Ok, all right, dad Oh my gosh, so go follows uninstall.
Sophia than offering another. Why Alexander Cooper? You heard the beginning of the episode and We know that tuna that visa tuna next week at the outset that we love you tuna next week we fucking love, you guys. Fathers were out.
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