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88- The L Word.

2020-07-14 | 🔗

Alex is coming clean about the man that has been in her life behind the scenes for 5 years... and the L word is used. Also, A DADDY GANG MEMBER IS FEATURED ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!!!! Our guest is bringing you a very relatable situation- the 'in between' stage. We are discussing how to navigate it and calling her out on misreading some clear signs. Lastly, the topic of initiating sex 50/50 in a relationship is hammered into the brains of every woman this week. Alex provides 2 huge tips for girls that struggle to be confident when taking the lead. ENJOY!!

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How did baby we're back this week and so with honey? Do you like online shopping? Do you like saving money? The correct answer is yes, so it's a damn god good thing that call her daddy is presented by Hannah Baby. Guys, listen, honey is a free browser extension. You know the drill. It automatically finds you d best promo code and apply them to your card. You out it's your computer and then you should online like normal and then, when you go to check out the honey. Button drops down and it will have all of the applied coupons that they found on the internet. For you, you click apply, coupons and then you literally wait a few seconds and you watch as honey scans the entire database to find you coupon codes, and then it drops your price. I mean I'm confused, why anyone wouldn't download it it's free, okay and use
save money, so haughty works on nearly every online store guise of your shopping out, LULU Lemon Door dash the fora revolve whatever it is, so guys get honey for free. I join honey, dotcom, slash, daddy, that's, join honey, dot, com, slash daddy daddy. I heard I'd call her daddy, what the fuck is daddy Gang it is Alex Cooper, back diet for another episode of call her dad. He hurried- doing I miss you guys last week. Ok, here's a situation! We don't have time to go over anything, but this Alex. You are suppose to go, see a man and I did and now I'm here to tell you how low daddy gang. I am back and I did not pick door
number one and I did not pick door number two now the thing about it. Pod cost like doing this alone, I'm realising its really fucking weird, because you Finally, I would have a oh host, and she would look at meet him. She would say Alex. So where did you go, but I dont a co host anymore. I dont have a friend any more so by myself. So I have to speak for myself and for the audience, so I'm assuming right now, everybody listening to this in their ears, you're saying: oh, my goodness, Alex Where did you go, then? If you didn't pick door number one or door number two and four anyone wondering what I'm talking about? I'm fuckin talking about Narnia overhear! You like what doors! Last week I you guys that I was going on a dick appointment. I was getting
on a flight and I was going to acquire a dick kind like you see in those like shows great now to me, where the doctors get on the plane to go, get the heart. I was getting on a plane to go, get the dick and put it in sight of me. Now. I had two up and I intend pick one or two door number fucking three, who is door? Number three Alex I'm trying to figure out how to explain who the fuck door number three was and who I want to see this past week, wire use, oh, let's try to maybe I'll try to do different voice to kind of like what oh why're you struggling to tell us about this man Alex I dont know Daddy gang, maybe because I am in love with this man. What Why this is? this is a case where the Fbi- here's the thing, Daddy Game its Alex.
I'm to have a really honest. It open communication, Mattie right now through my entire time here and throw my entire employment here call her daddy Corporation. I have told you about getting a dick in my ass accidentally from my boyfriend incur, college. I've talked to you about slim shady, the fucking piece of shit that he is I've talked about the Canadian and is amazing DEC, I have never spoken to you. The man literally blows all of those men away. That literally brings me to my knees, not just to give the Fuckin Cooper Special, you, sick box, brings me to my knees, because he is everything
talk about wanting on this pod casper, every woman listening and I've got em, but I don't got em cause. I can't commit to it because I'm a psychopath when we break it down for you guys you as you like, Alex, let's take a deep breath and we take a drink of water. You guys take this in Alex Cooper has a man that she actually them no feeling for all of your like Alex. Stop, don't get weak on us. Don't I'm not getting fucking week, cuz you're going to listen to the story, but I go pee still there all right, everybody sit back, relax about to tell you a tale as old as time and when I say as old as time I mean
This goes back to my junior year of College administrative and say that again, my junior year of College, I met this man. He is beautiful. He is tall dark handsome. He is the definition of everything I masturbate too. In the depths of my fucking room under my covers. He is what I would consider a perfect specimen. I think that genuinely of any guy I've ever hooked up with he's the hottest ned I hooked up with so that's just through and through great fucking sack sky, then emotionally he does something too.
Me that is so disturbing, so intoxicating and it's this thing. That starts with an l, okay and it's not last took K. I know it's disgusting, but I'm gonna talk about it because the thing is it's the craziest thing, but I am a human being and I know, contrary to everything I've ever set on this pod cast. I do know in the future down the line I want a relationship, I'm not ready for one right now, but I want one one day k and if I was gonna pick some one to be the perfect specimen for that relationship. It would be this man. So no all of your asking Alex give us details about this man. Who is this man? Why have you never fucking talked about well. That's a great question guys thanks for asking I only to get into his profession, you guys can take that went away,
he is the first guy that I ever introduced. My parents he's older than me he's like in his thirties and very long time ago. This man told me that he was in love with me and I broke up with him Emil the minute. He told me that I was like cut the fuck off and that's not a joke and it's sick and wrong in the head, but I wasn't ready for a relationship. I met him when I was like I was too young, so we stayed friends. We continue to hook up and he hears the most self confident com stirred all in his own skin person. I've ever met, and he has. Let me know that he doesn't loosely over me data other people, because he's quite confident- and I quote- that no man will give me emotionally or physically what he has to give me, and he has looked me in the eyes, and he has said that to me. And I have looked him right back in the eyes and said I will prove you Rog like why
I do. I do that. I do not know, but there. I was on a plane this past week, door number three, any home Is there any laughed and we share too great, but yeah we have great weekend twas. Do they rather wondering I never had have a bad time with it? I never have a bad time, which begs the question: why do You spend more time with this man Alex I dont. How did I how to in therapy. So this is what happened. I had kind have been recently communicating with him. Sometimes we go in laws and the morning of where I was supposed to get on the flight to go, see door number one or door number two. I had been talking to door number three and he basically asked me what I was wing and I said well, I'm actually who currently trying to decide between these two doors Bobby
basically what up happening as he was like. Why don't you come see me how fucking, dare he I know an when he offered that all of a sudden door number one and door number two. They just looked really small, an insignificant ugly and you like a little unattractive. To be quite honest, so I get on the plane and I go to see the man. I don't know what the fuck to calm the man. The man and I have an amazing trip. It was amazing. I had amazing sacks islets guys have a moment of silence for Alex. I had amazing sex. Thank you. The whole situation is just. I can't think about a relationship right now. I dont want to fucking relationship right now. I know all want one down the road before right now I want to be fucking single, I'm twenty five years old living in New York City having a fucking time of my life dating a bunch of guys. A bunch of shit I've been spent? Philly. As of recent events,
that we all witnessed law. On the news I watched someone's career you're, essentially literally get ruined because they allowed a man to fuck with their bag and fuck with their money and fuck with their career, and that will never be me. That's never been me. I've literally wanted this. My whole life I've wanted to make my own fucking money and make something of myself. So, yes, I want a relationship. I have a heart
but I dont want that right now. My priority is myself right now. Are I don't need any fuckin, Alex's guidance YA to Alex's get no ads? Actually, the complete opposite. I've held off on a perfectly perfect relationship for five fucking years, because I'm being this thing in its called smart K, so right now putting the perfect little man, the box in the corner, occasionally flying on planes to go, get my brains fucked, but for now we're leaving our best lives were dating around, were fucking around and who cares? If I'm thinking about why person when I'm getting fucked by others, it's not have those people's business. What I do in my head, ok- and how I got myself to come- is none yeah, ok, Jesus Christ. Let's move on with the episode I'm sweating drew as Roman does hello, hello, it, roman swipes and guess what I have been swipe or your. We know whole guys room
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I'd so guys, roman swipes go to get roman dot com, slash daddy, to get your first month of swipes for just five bucks. When you choose a monthly plan again, that's got. Roman dont comes lush, daddy, ok, God. This is sadly just fucking episode in my parents basement just just hits different home and having my mom creepy, listened in on my fucking conversations with you guys, ok before we move forward now lower. Let's get the fuck out of our feels. I'm disgusted never want to say that, where love again on the show- but I'm glad I too share that part of my life with you all, have no fear Do not take men that we're suspenders. I will never allow what happened to you and the show to happen because I fall in love. I know, historically speaking, it's usually the father that leaves not
me- and I love you all- ok, ok, so I want to address a question that is so free currently asked any who noise the living shit out of me, because I keep seeing it and the ants is very straightforward and it's very simple. So we're going to put this to bed right now: okay, from a daddy gang member, hi Alex I'm twenty five and currently dating someone. That's twelve years older than me, I'm literally in love with him, but my friends think it's weird to be with someone that much older we're really happy together, but I feel, like my friends, are kind of making me feel weird about the age difference, even though I honestly barely notice it any tips on how to deal with this much love, Exo ACT, so you're, so dots are weird all I lose fucking hate people. Sometimes it's like. Oh my god, my friends are so worried about me dating it's a guy. That's twelve years older than me tell your friends to fuck off girlfriend. You have
oh shame, man, we ve talked about it before man immature as shit. So honestly, my advice to. You would be to make fun of your fucking friends dating a guy the same age as them, and you should big wheel, honest, Karen? I think it's really fucking creep that you're dating a guy. That's your same age were twenty five, so that means he's basically sixteen years old, Cedar, Loki a Fuckin pedophile Karen, so fuck off. Many of the literally what I would say. I'm like your friends or dating big, a guy. That is the same ages them you need to call call them creepy. Ok, because essentially the God, it's twelve years older than you will have a little bit, may be made a little bit more maturity on you. If that's ok and I'm stretching the guy that I data. That was thirteen years older than me. I was still more mature, the men. So do you
what I'm saying and that's that that it does the tea they're, fucking weirdos, ok, ok, that is nothing. But you know what I'm saying it's kind of fucking true. I could never date a guy by eight. I don't understand the concept because I would speak to them and it's like they're speaking in tongues and by tongues I mean they're speaking in high school, good and I can't deal about so I want to do to get it. Seventy hey! I want a seventy about your croaked fuck, is maybe by then that man will a mentally hob, something that is like Some were able for me to grasp on to that is like someone mature, Kip lobby, clear that up picture this ladys picture close your eyes, everybody listen! Is it not the most amazing feeling, when the guy that you are talking to or dating, or your husband comes up to you
and initiate an emotional conversation like every woman's dream, all of your like I'm getting sensory tingles? Yes, keep going Alex, he walks! the room and when a man is like hey Baby Jonah talk, you seem absurd. Or stressed, or tense, etc. Dream dream absolute dream because we're on the same page, we know men, they don't exactly get Hoff by having emotional conversations and it is the one of the biggest problems communicative Lee that women and men have because women we wanted about our feelings. We want to go through what were feeling and men are like
oh in glass, bitch. I dont want to talk about that. What I want to talk about is something different. Okay and that different conversation's Ladys guess what that is As much as we would love that little Doktor Phil side of his ass, folder come through more you're sick if it can bird the man what he would love just as much as you to initiate something it sacks. Ah,. You know she D Alex. Why did you have to do that? What's your honor role, you are literally pudding men in the shooter. Emotional conversations with your girls, men who know bitches, I'm coming fear throats if you are not initiating sacks your man and you are leaving it for your man to do the goddamn thing, shame on you! I want a little honourable end
all in all a little internal introspective moment. Every woman this in two, We think about the last time you initiated sacks, not the last time you had sex, Yes, sloppy, ass batches, knitted l when is it time with you man that you you did, it sneak attack. You did a little one, two on his asshole and pinned him down and let him know it was up. You can your calendars our way I'll, take a simple water. My mouth is Dr. Did I just here s your Francine in two different aims. Are you in the back Francine Area for Indians, using our hand, what what? What did you say unseen, sacks in two hours while Francine? Do you have a boyfriend
so you're getting cheated. You still bread, bad guy Listen up. I want to. I want to talk about one of my favorite topics in initiating sex for all the women around the world. I'm gonna keep talking about it depressing issue: how to have it? healthy relationship, initiate sacks fifty two. My boyfriend show so much horny or than the owl ex whom guys. If you are not initiating sacks. Fifty fifty with your partner. How do you think that makes your partner feel? cook reaper her literally curry. He like literally, is you are a woman cuz, I'm sorry, but I was going to use women cuz a lot of women, don't initiate sex and then it's like the man's always horny or one, but I know that obviously their situations where the girls hornier AK with me and Savannah on
if you are a woman and he's a constantly having to dual tap tap I will hand down the pants low hand on thy detritus set the moon and you're like Matthew. Please, watching the card ashy and he began to feel like a creature that is packing creepy. Ok creeper in the night old, Chester Molest, ok, I'm assuming that's not how we want our boy friends to feel we do enjoy. Having exit them and if you don't do why the fuck were you in the relationships are first of all. Why are you sitting on the couch next to Chester? If you don't want Chester to fuck you by the way, is is there are a lot of women in the world and you should feel shitty. It's just naturally, maybe you're not as horny is a man. Fine
even it out a little, because there are men that right into me in there like, so I've never had my girl grow. For my dick, like I have to pull hop it in her lap and be please so I hope I don't know. I just could see that mentally affecting a man and I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm not trying to tell you're gonna get cheated on beer, a cheer you up a camp? No, I just yeah. No! Yes! Yes! I know Yes, this is what's happening Ladys. I have said in the past. If you're not psyche, romantic, that's fine, but houses cake. If you are not initiating sex with your man and you don't want to fuck your man, I'm sorry, but I will he go cheat on you. Keep your lily, not fucking him. I'm I'm saying this in some of you want to have sex with him right, and you just know that you're that kind of girl that kind of fails initiating sacks. I have a couple trick.
That I want to pass on to my whole daddy's number one I brought up as some are pointless. Episode, we're gonna, use it in a little different way K. I did this once Ok tell you: why did it is kind of backward, so I was visiting this guy, I can I knew he was gonna. Come home with me to gonna. Wanna have sacks terrifying, literally awful, no getting so I knew he was gonna want to come home and have sex and before he had laughed too If the house I was in the mood, then by the time I knew he was gonna get home. Alex's vagina was not as moist, but I wanted to hear Sex is just my vagina. Wasn't pulsating telling me I wanted to have sex so ladys. This is what I did. I put my headphones in I was on the couch was staring at the door waiting for its fat assed
get inside and I turned on the air Lamar Porn that I was talking about a girl masturbating, so I light Lee started just kind of time. King myself, I didn't even go inside of my pants. Just like lightly rubbing on the outside of my lodgings and I started to get turned on. Ok then he walked in the door and he got me masturbating any. No. I the car room room. I knew that mother Fucker pulled up skirts and when he walked in I was so fucking horny, because I hadn't been fully touching myself. I then wanted to have sex like if I had been by myself. There was no EL pressure, because if he came in- and I wasn't turned on by the summer by that point- fine- I don't have to have sex right there, there's not a being like you got
two minutes you better get where you're getting fucked real fucking dry Alex now, oh my advice to all the data is around the world. Listen up turn on some goddamn esa mar porn. He could be in the house and he In doing the dishes like that, loser should be, and you on a initiate sacks well out expert, I'm not in the mood put on some fuckin fat. Headphones I assume that asshole some are that shit and then literally press pause and go fuck that shit out dear your boy, an or your husband or whatever so doubts my Tipp number, who now another tat reminder, I've said it before the surprise attack watching a surprise. Jack, our wall. That sounds nifty. Oh you Wait! Ok, listen up! This was one of my favorite things to do in college
men expect a woman to just be like I'm sorry, I'm just not in the mood he comes in. You guys are sitting on the couch. You say you don't feel great and you're just not in a good mood and you give off the vibes, emits your dick will not be getting suck tonight, so he he gets the queue tonight Sab than burn out right tonight is the night you're gonna watch sport centre and nothing is happening man, China, you took your little weeny between your thighs, maybe you'll get some. Tomorrow, so his guard is down the best. To attack a man is when he is least expecting it when he is horny he's in the mood. Anyone appreciated asthma. Yeah. It will get him off gray and that will be a temporary like he needed it, and then he got it. But when he's not thinking he needs it, and then he gets it. So
How do we do this Alex? If you tell a man that you're not in the mood and like thirty minutes later, all the fucking set in five of your fingers reach forward, like he usually does onto your thigh and you go and you rob your hand on his dick and you start robbing the outside of his pants or his swipe hands or is couldn't khakis no dog you if he has khakis on and then you look at him and then you get down, you're fucking needs a new Polwarth pull out his dick. I don't want him to have to do it. No, ladies, you are pulling this man's dick out of his pants, and you give him a fucking blow job. There are a lot of ways. Life people can fall in love But I am telling you if you do this to your significant other they,
Will re fall in love with you? You have no idea, what a surprise blow job does to a man. He will be re playing that situation over and over and over again for the rest of the week. I promise you if you can just be like today at some point, no matter fucking why I am, be the one that initiate sacks. I promise you you're gonna, save yourself in your head. Why don't I do that more? Unless in I get everyone sing. I get. Everyone has body insecurity. Okay and oh, I feel like I've gotta maybe belly bloated today or do I feel FAT Sam Funnel Chunky got some tangles, Oh, I didn't fully shaven prepare for this are oh, my hair is bucking greasy or old life bad, but well, don't have Saxo too bad breath, that's fucking! awful, but under the not all of them.
In securities, man, don't hair! man don't care her you're feeling bloated. They can't tell you HU. Thank you look a little extra pooty report today. He does No das think about this you're sitting on the couch. It's in the middle of the day, in your mind in so you wanna, be that spontaneous buck and how you're, like God, dammit I listen the collar daddy. I wanna be. It can come savage. I wanted just down on top of him, but I feel bloated today in its light out and we're in the middle of the living room and he's gonna see here, can see what I've been hiding under my hoodie. Why, just told you,
that a man is only going to care if you jump on his lap and fuck his dick he's not going to care what jumped on his lap and foxes dick. So why are you not getting on top of him get out of or heads now time you're sitting there in your election. I do what I do. What should I do? Oh my god. Oh my god, I don't feel confident are always economic. What the buck? No he's not going like what the fuck is, like. Oh fuck whole sock. Stop letting your insecurities Gatt! no way of sex. I I have had this ok? I remember in college I wouldn't. This was actually fair game because tell me of you, We have done this, so I'm a disguise place that I'm obsessed with this was the older guide. I would stating that was so much older than me
and he was that Red Sox player- and I was like obsessed with him- and I was a fucking- lose- are literally like pawning over every word. He ever said to me literally. I would have sucked his toes done. Anything I was obsessed, loser, learn lot from that one, probably why I'm, whereas today so I go over on a Sunday, so hung over. If you guys know me, you know that I like, to take tat a k and it looks bad Ninety nine point: nine percent of the time. This specific Sunday, I'm usually a lot of sundays. As happens, if Alex goes out and drink some tequila wakes, extremely unwell, the thing happens at the bar is at some point. I usually get a drink spilled on me and then I wake up and then Look down and I who and I look like a fucking, streaked Zeb
tiger, whatever the fuck, you want to call it. The spray Dan situation is disgusting. It doesn't bother women, it's a joke! It's funny! Man, gay men are so disgusted by his spray hands. So I am sitting there. In this man's high rise living the life. China angle, my body perfectly, as I sit on that couch chinese pop paying attention to me for shit- and I am thinking- oh my god, I should get on top of him and I should wipe out his dick and start sucking what a good idea right away. Here- we. Why can't you Alex? Oh I'll, let you know as I knew he was gonna. Take off my shirt hey and I knew that I had streaks through and through on my tits off my chest through my arms that looked like I was dirty
dirty. Ok- and I was so terrified that here is going to be like so so what's wrong like what is that The condition like what are we working with wire you, wise half of your nipple, are: So I sat there and I struggled- and I ended up waiting to go to the bed room where he had like these black algae, gold, and I ended up waiting to go to the bedroom. Where he had like these black algae and then I thought him but listen to me. Actually, now! One thing about it: I don't blame mice, would join mail which was taken your shirt off in the middle of that lay and let him looked in Streaky Tiger Alex think so so, ok, What was I do? What how did this? Oh, yes, Sometimes I can appreciate why you maybe you're gonna maneuver, two different location. Sin to initiate. We never don't initiate, maybe maybe
these are just the lighting a little bare, ok, moral, sorry, stopping passive, be aggressive. Initiate sacks. Ok guys makes me proud, ladies. Get out there and go wrangle. Yours go wrangle yourself, a deck. Room room, bitches, put a vibrated or on your clear and have a little fucking thing. I like to call an orgasm God Alex Alex, we're Do I get a vibrator, Adam and Eve benches, Alex well vibrator. Should I get added many villages, they have thousands of products you can win. We go on. Read reviews go through pick, whatever you want, but Adam and Eve. The best part. Of staying at home in quarantine, mother fuckers is fucking playing at home. You guys, advantage, the downtime while we're in quarantine, you guys are gonna, get to choose almost any
one item Fergus fifty percent off and then, when you do that, you also get free shipping delivered discreetly, to your door, Alex I'm really nervous? What if my mom seas, I order plugs. Don't worry it Just great guys, Ottoman use the shit. You guys remember to use offer code her daddy. That's her daddy! check out and you guys are gonna get fifty percent off and free shipping guys Adam and Eve DOT, com. Gathered round the camp fire. You gather I'm about to ruin your fuckin lives. Why listen to me? I am about You introduce to you a little segment- and hopefully he hopefully, by the end of this. Make one person cry gives out means. I did my job, I hit you where it hurts and you need it here. What needed to be fucking said Daddy Gang introducing daddy diaries,
Let me know if you guys, like that. I just came up with that and I am unsure how we feel daddy diaries daddy gang daddy. Day care what no I'm not putting diapers on your assholes guys. I'm having a daddy member on this week and they are going to tell their story and she's asking for advice, and I think I pick this one too he's us in ok, it's a bit he related topic, and this lovely lovely woman has decided, but she to stay anonymous so power to her? So ever buddy, introducing, oh, my god. What should we call her well she's, John DOE. Could she wants to be a naughty so omega Should we call her Ani Ani not you ensure no Sir Ani guy number who know: Bitch, ok, Ani hit US
what is up daddy gang, I'm twenty two years old, I am Pretty- is pretty straight for the. Most part, I would say I rode in because I need advice on the in between I like to call it. I have an issue where either guys are way too obsessed with me, and I have no interest in them because then being so into me, really turns me off first. It goes the other way where I'm really obsessed with a guy, and he doesn't want anything to do to me. So I think this is a big reason why a really haven't found that perfect person a boyfriend and I just I need- help getting out of their essentially what happened when I was working, my job, I lived in a complex where there were two apartments, one on top of the other and the person who lived above me
this very, very handsome man that I did not me until, like eight months into my time in this location, I saw him here and there we never set high. But I met him after after I coming back from a run. I was disgusting sweaty at my literal lowest point. Why is it always happen and he invited me up for drinks and that same night, tensions arising, he might you know I got a little frisky slap. My eyes choked me out. Obey and we fucked I am planning on both the tension was their role, and so this when on, we would go back and forth. I would go up and fuck and here's I knew I was leaving. I knew I was leaving this place to go on a different endeavour and that a relationship and never ever be possible with him, and I made that clear up front and I was fine being that girl who lived downstairs.
Come fuck him at a wins, noticed at a moment's notice and then just leading just getting my booty call in that's all I wanted he was calm and in one more okay. So so far I like yes You are setting the guidelines your asses out of there soon- and this is just a hook up situation. Why do I feel like we're about to go downhill? Now? Ok, continue Ani, but here's the thing he would tell me first, all the time he would takes me first talked me. While I worked, I was working from home. This was at the beginning of the. Endemic. He would make the effort and then one day, I'm like oh unstressed, I'm really stressed at work This whole man, in the middle of the night. Brings me a teddy bear and flowers he jumped over. I had a brick wall balcony outside my house, granted. It was on the first floor so easy to get too, but this whole may on jobs.
My balcony just bring me flowers in his head. He got out of nowhere view just fuck bodies. I don't know where this came from, while so after that, unlike ok, this is, and then he starts going off on the. I wish you would Stay on such a good girl friend, I again, I'm not provoking him in any way I'm just there to chat, be friends, we're talking about the black lives, or movement or children were via ban human, putting out all these so one day I tax at him, and I worked overnight at my job. I worked long hours, so it was kind of difficult to meet up with him so one morning, unlike let me come over in the morning like us up to date. Well fuck, like I haven't seen you in so long. Let me just come over late at night he was like. Ok, I cant do tomorrow morning, like I'm, really tired. I want to sleep in whatever understandable I get my schedules weird. That same night, that's a night, this man,
Brings home another girl, like, I, can see them walking up to his apartment from mine, any fucks, her mind you. I am out work for twelve hours overnight, listening to this man fuck this girl upstairs and let me emphasis by saying when I first met him, I made a joke. Like oh you know, I can hear everything upstairs. I definitely heard you having sex before we met, but he knows he knows. I can hear everything. So he brings this girl home mind you three after he brings me the Teddy Bear three days after he brings me flowers in three days. After he's like we would be such a good girlfriend, I get it, you want your dick wet but I'm literally ten feet away ten feet away and you have bring home another girl, so wait. I wait to see if he messages mean afterwards. He does in a few days go by and finally, a given on with my girlfriends, and I'm like, I just have two fucking say something because I can't hold it anymore. Oh, no! Oh! No! I'm just passing right there. I already like doll.
To where? Why are you about two fuckin saith of data? I hereby brand ok keep going on here! message him like do you want your teddy bear and flowers? No! No! I don't even want to hear the rise to why? Ok! Ok, ok! I'm sorry! I'm sorry continue! Do you want your Teddy Baron hours back, apparently you have some other bid. You can give us all on my God, no they're a kiss, but why would I want you to take up and unlike well, you know now that I can hear you fucking other girls, like I m kind of gross down, like MRS Nasty I figured you would probably hook up. Someone else, but I mean they hear it, especially when I'm working- and you know I'm working Why do men do this? Why do they talk all this game, especially when I'm I wasn't one being when you like? I wasn't
being like. I was in a relationship like I fully was just fine being friends with benefits, and then he was one to cross these lines and bring me guess talk about how I would be such a good girl, friend and then proceeds to bring another girl home. Ok, hold on tat I love you but listen to that statement. You made it clear that you didn't want a relationship and he brought other girls home? Well, that's think about that. What else do you want him to do and mind you days after this another girl, a different girl a few days later, a different? and then there's like this same girl coming with her little rat white dog. She brings the dog in they probably far sillies. They walk the dogs who can shit somewhere in any kisses her good bye. What what is happening right now like are all these girls, farmers were all these girls.
Flowers on what is going on, but essentially the point I'm getting. I is why why do men do this? Why do they cross these lines, especially knowing I'm leaving in making me feel some type away just Suck it all up so Alex if you end up hearing this, please I would love to have a discussion about this in between stage okay, Daddy gang. First of all, thank you so much for fucking writing in because I think that a lot of people can relate to this. I don't want to be discouraging here, but I'm going to walk you through where you're you're a little off S. Ok, you establish. There was zero percent chance for relationship. You were moving your fucking out and you're just down to Bang, yes, okay, so why the fuck Are you getting upset that he was fucking? Other girls well Ani says that he was giving her mixed signals. No, he was in. This is the thing when he brought over the Teddy Bear
the flowers to you he was making the move he was making and just saying that he was like oh you'd, be such a good girl friend. Had you taken those You looked at him and you said I want to spend my last. However, many months or days or weeks with you I guarantee you? No other better? would have been walking up to his room, but the fat You literally took his gift and he felt like fuckin loser creeper for even doing it. You said it yourself you. Why is he doing this, but I think it's also kind alike. You gotta internally reflect emotionally. It seems like this hurt you probably because you are a little bit in your feels and that's fine, but look. We all have the motion that completely fine. But you gotta recognise that you were not giving him anything to work with. So it's like how much longer did you want him to wait for you to leave oh so he should have waited to start fucking more girls. Till you laugh why it's not like you guys, were boyfriend, girlfriend
not even like you guys were exclusive. You made it clear. This is just sacks So I'm confused, when is the part where you guys decided you're only fucking each other. You say that's what you were doing, then. Why are you getting mad about him with other girls? Daddy gave Missus ay an amazing topic and I'm not trying to shit on you. I just think that saying fine with just a fuck than you have zero right to ever comment and get, but her about him fucking. Another girl, and I think that when you call pulled him out. That is something Daddy, I guess you never Call a man out that you're not dating what what is thy. If anything, what I would have tons Is due this psychotic adding Lindsey Low handed you by yourself, flowers and you buy, myself, a teddy bear him. You have it in Europe.
Our main bite him over and its different than heads and its next to his absolutely placed place right nexus and he's like. Oh you more and more like a hits from its from my other friend in it's like Oh so there's more men either do that or what about? If you don't give a fuck, why don't you have another Guy over, that is the message, attacks message: bitching him out to know the message: is you getting fucked by another guy? If you wanted to like kind of play, the game that would have been you go, you're gonna fuck it I'm gonna, listen to all my guess, Wyatt Bitch! I will raise that vote ten fold you will not be sleeping for the last month. But I am in this complex mother fucker. Listen to me, moan and square on this guy's dick. If that's how you wanted to play it, you totally could have, but instead you sent a really emotionally charged tax for. Why he's not your boyfriend? He doesn't! Oh you anything, and you made it clear.
You don't want anything. So why are we even upset daddy? I love. You are right, I'm not trying to ship, but we got to be real. We got to keep it fucken straight, I'm so happy that you wrote in though I hope that gives you some type of clarity, but never- and I repeat, never ask a man if he wants his goddamn, fucking flowers and Teddy Bear back then, and now Nintendo, have a man that your fucking com all over the Teddy Bear, and then you leave and put it out in the fuckin trash can and when he walks outside and sees the Fuckin Teddy bear that he bought you covered in fucking come till now. They'll get impacting heads up or I'll daddy. I love you stay savage. I wish You well on your next endeavour. Let me
Oh, if you guys, like tearing from Daddy Gang Member, go easy on our daddy gang members, their easing in their getting comforter bulwark, getting comforter ball. Ok! Ok, as you guys, listen to this podcast you're, probably listening with headphones. Oh my god Alex you. Ve never had a headphone sponsor. Oh, guide, guess why I drew fucking now bitches guys, re com is a new sponsor lesson of we want listening to his pod gases. Looking to get a good deal on wireless ear, bides, you guys can six hours of play time- seamless, blue tooth pair bring more base boom boom and common. To dine that gives you a nice noise isolating fits when I'm talking about disgusting things in your ear. It can be right up close and personal pitch guys re cons, wireless, your brother, very comfortable. I have them. I have a pair for myself. They have multiple color.
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Millions of fall are like guys text me. You can text me. Tax this number and we can havoc intimate texting conversations case. I know I shouldn't have to say by just one egg. Is it like really shocking to you that people actually do this so you're not texting Alexis Run, but you're, not you're, not texting dig although this is nigh, that's not funny thing. You're late really getting body message is ended, using this thing so that they can get your email address in your fucking phone number could thereby to come out with something so solid Alexis run. Do it and then all of a sudden she came out with that work out plan, so they automatically all of a sudden. You have like a fucking email from then, which again listen You got a hustle in like you got it, make your money in your. You want to get people's information, so you can reach out to them to let them know new dropping shit, but to do it this
I am run as little like nineteen million fuckin followers and she's like yeah guys text me Walter we can have a one on one convoys note nuclear lily. Not yours You'd! Never gonna talk to access rights. You guys are. You are on the same page so who everyone listening when your favorite influencers like ice text me quick old chap. I hope people aren't that fucking. That they're, like guys, I'm texting Alexis, ran this using my jacking off to her text messages. So we are. You're, not no! No! No! That's not a number that they ever will be taxing you from its some one else, and it's just to get your information. Ok, drop down, Blair, Lily, Rufus still do portions of the week last week- and I know I know, took I know.
That you all fuckin Misty mother fuckers, introducing your favorite segment, my favorite segment, all of our favorite fucking thinking the lid. Do then I lit do looking good, who is your job. So wake up Bible clash, John, why consumption, but ok guys, of the week, he daddy, my Michael, is so sensitive when I'm masturbating, so I can never finish it can even her. After a while from the sensitivity can you suggest a technique to help me get off or even a vibrator that would do the trick o sweetie, you ve, come to the right fucking place. Yes, I have an amazing mazes gadget for you, the womanizer it basically is you hold on to it at the top.
There's this little opening and it like blows our air onto your clear and yours postage lightly hold it. There said the lowest Lois lowest setting. If you really sensitive clear, it would probably be the best for you and it is the light air and it feels really good. Then, if you want you can wrap it up a tiny bit. And the air intensifies a little bit and then it will also pull say a little bit on your clear and it's really fucking amazed.
So if I was you yeah, the womanizer is the tests I have won and I'd never used until recently announced. Like oh wait, shit like I love my vibrator, but it's nice to switch it up and it's like a very different sensation. On my clear- and I like- oh my god, this makes me so sad, ok, guys with a potential cheating situation, listen to the story dad again. Let me know what you think, as I like. I feel about this girl about his girl road and she goes help something super sketchy happened. Last night I was on my boyfriend's house and after we finished having sacks, I got out of bed and on the floor was an on wrapped condom. We ve been doing for over a year, so we don't use condoms anymore, though I do know that they are in a box in his room from the beginning of our relationship. I would obviously like why the fuck is there a condom on the floor. He came over to me and picked up the condom.
And coolly walked about them to throw it out? He held it up and was like. I don't think it's used and tossed it in the garbage who is really confused and could not give me an answer as to why was there? He literally insisted that it wasn't him. I brought it up again and the next day he still insisted that he had no idea where it came from. I asked him if maybe he jerked off with it and was embarrassed or if it was one of his friends is playing a joke, but insisted. No. I know there is no obvious sign of cheating, but it just seems so. Unlike him, it sounds so fucking narcissistic, but I know he really likes you know what you just know that a guy really cares about you. I am so confused when I try to talk about it or call him out on anything that bothers me. He gets defensive and he just turns the argument around by making me feel bad or calling him out for calling him out. Dear God, help okay My initial
all reaction when reading this story is. This is a really bad sign, so just to quickly clear your sister and number one no guy, he in the world is willingly gonna, jerk off with a condom on their deck. That's just like that's not the guy's hate condoms, Dick still there alone, and they can just not have a con like that. It's not were not that's. Never in the equator pay. So, let's not happening part, two guys. Friends. Ok, don't joke kingly, put condoms in their friends rooms on the ground. That's startling their past time. It's not really something guys think to do as like a funny joke, especially if their friend has a girlfriend K says, does not really it's. Ok, we covered them
the fact that it was on wrapped if it was just on the ground, and it was in the package that we would be humming different conversation, the fact that it was unwrapped? Why would a fucking condom b on the ground opened? It literally makes no sense. I think that the biggest red flag is that he's being super defensive and won't have a calmer station about it. I ate so manner so dumb, but men are so fucking easy to read sometimes with this, if he hadn't, if he was not trying to avoid this conversation, he would like babe. I literally have no idea. I am so fucking. Sorry like what you think I cheated. I didn't. I swear on my life. You can go through my phone. You can go through everything on God. I didn't she. Don't you he's not doing not so I feel so bad to say this, but I think he's cheating on you. Why, if I were you,
because you found literally evidence right there. I would ask him if you could see his phone and, if he's like, no fuck, you, like literally get out of my fucking, face You have your answer there and also, I am so sorry even asked you to ask for his phone a little in disgust myself, I even just hold you to ask for the phone. The phone will have nothing. You sit on the bed and you say I think you're cheating on me and I need proof that you're not because I don't believe you A second and then you pull out his ipod you tell him to open it right then, and there you say open your ip right now and hand it to me, and if you don't, this relationship is over and I promise you he's going to turn white as a ghost, because I've done this to a guy before and I'm so sorry, but you're, probably going to see exactly who that condom was being used on any honestly sent it didn't look like it was
She probably fucking took off mid fuckin just kept fucking her. Oh my god. I hate this I'm so buckings are you deserve better, but Buddy listening to us, if you found the sign like this and you are sick to your stomach and you don't know what to do. You cannot continue to have this in the back your mind in wonder if their chief aim with this kind of interesting, ok, daddy, Alex my two best guy friends, always talk about how they want to equal tower a girl together before they graduate College, and I really want that girl to be me any tips on how to be Eiffel Tower. I have one year to make this happen and I wanted to be the best sex they ve had in their life. Okay. So
This is interesting. I think that if you are there, like lady friend and your two guy friends, I'm in a go ahead and say that they have no fucking idea that you want to do this. You listen to them. Talking about this in most girls would beg you ever fuck grow! Stop it! So the fact that you're like I want to be the girl I wanted to be may choose me pick me. I think what you do is you I'm sorry but like not to condone alcohol, but you need to be fucked up kind of for this. Ok, like you, I need to be drinking. Without your friends you're not doing his leg, Eiffel Tower situation, sober cape. So
hang out with them solo, just you guys and have a good drinking night play some games, have the lights down, set the mood, and then you need to say something along the lines like you know. What's really funny, I know you guys always save all the plugs your goal and I've always wanted to be that girl and then you kind of need to in maybe you go in and start hooking up with one of them. The thing is: is that neither of those guys is gonna initiate this with you you're, literally their friend or not thinking like you're gonna be down, but what I I can tell you is: there is no way that they wouldn't be down with you see you gotta be the one to initiate and then on, and then Joy. I mean that's gonna. Let me know how goes I'm interested oak Oh! This is a good one. Ok, so I have been with my boyfriend for a year, and I can out on one hand how many times he's gone down on me. I constantly
have him had whenever he wants. I even wake him up in the middle of the night or in the morning. By giving him had I've brought it up a couple times, but nothing really changed. Is there something? I should do or do I throw the whole man away. I'll bet, you're, you get rid of them hey or I may think about this. I feel like it, so we to me if a man expects his dick to get socked, then why the fuck? Do you not think that me, you need what your head down there and go to town on my clear like I just don't a dozen doesn't really make sense to me. So if I were, you may think about this. Ok,
here she comes crazy, crazy, I'll eggs. This is what I would do. You say you ve brought it up before nothing's changed so now you got a ramp it up and torture. This man start almost like initiating sacks and you start to literally go down to give him had. Okay and right when his dick is hardest. Fuck you're only going to lick the tap a little bit like the old, timid, tease legal lightly lick on the Tipp of his deck kiss it even just a kiss guys Willow Chris Yoga, then stop look up and say never mind and then get up and walk out and he's gonna be like what doth back in your I'd like I dont get mine, so you don't get yours and guess who's gonna be sex from now on and then just walk the fuck out of here. To get the message. I promise you then, if you,
I heard you sometimes you know men of selective here we can talk a lot. They know really hear much, but I promise you of your mouth is to go down on his dick and you stop midway and get the fuck up and leave that guy with his hard dick in his own fuckin hand, he is gonna. Look at you. And be like bitch laid down, I'm in a fucking, your pussy, because there's no way if he enjoys your head? There is no fucking way he's going to allow the head game to stop just because he is not giving you yours cause it's not like you're asking for something crazy. It's your little trying to you're asking for something fair, ok, it's like you get yours I should get mine. Sacks is mutual butler. Why am I not getting any fucking had you're getting hey why bag had k? I click more important than your fucking stupid, all right, daddy. He! That is it for this weak point boom we're back in act.
And I have some very exciting shit. Coming up, potentially a little trip to potentially go have some guess on the fuckin show. I'm excited, I think its interest because I want to mix in Daddy Gang and I want to mix in other people and am not even I don't even want to have like celebrities on the show. I'm looking at people that I can find that, going to bring something to this show for the Daddy gang like. I want to know when I'm going into these interviews that this person is going to connect with you guys in some way and like you're gonna leave, having felt something from the episode. I'm not gonna. Fuckin have like J low on to have jail at what the fuck would jail. Oh say on the shore not knowing offences, yellow you're, amazing girlfriend, but, like you know, I mean so on. I'm so excited too, because I officially It moved into my apartment. I've never had Saxon this apartment, some enough to Christian it,
and who am I gonna Christian it with? That is the biggest spoken question of my life. Maybe it will be the man because he is coming to town soon. So I will keep you guys up did and on that I love you guys go far beyond social media. Alexander Cooper go follow Collar, daddy, it's call her daddy Baghdad, Papa Poppy. Ok, I love you guys so much. I will see you fuckers now, why.
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