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89- "I F**ked the Mascot"

2020-07-22 | 🔗

Father Cooper is joined by a guest who is bringing the energy and a shit-ton of wild stories this week. Daddy Gang, give a warm welcome to Hannah Berner. In this week's episode, Hannah fucks a mascot, Alex lies about Chlamydia, and a man does coke off Hannah's tit. Are you READY?! Also, the Flirting Bible is revealed, the women dive into Hannah's time on reality television, her parents watching her have sex, and their commonality of both having been Division 1 athletes, and also their love for f*cking athletes! ENJOY #DADDYGANG

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I'm your guys so fucking happy. We ve guess this week. It's not just gonna. Be me talking the whole time. I know you guys like, as aren't we Have you Billy? Please stop talking know we have a gas this week. She is hot. She is sex. Well. I literally before this asked her how she wants me to introduce certain like five seven and I was like perfect pussy and she's perfect pussy. I'm guys introducing Hannah Burner. I am so honor to be heard. Your father and I just want to say you doing Marcello episodes like I hate hearing myself talk for too much to the fact that you can tolerate yourself for more than an hour is amazing. It's really do not like tolerate put. I have a job to local. You hearing yourself laughed like. Did you here's a laugh in the background of an answer story on you're just like who on this planet, so about everyone listening doing up for an hour, and then I
my own show swine like bitch. You are so not fucking funny shut the fuck up. You wish you can edit yourself impersonally after an awkward data, Knocker interaction. We like you see I like you too due to the waiter when he says that very few, like added that's what we, Canada Podcast, which is brilliant. So Hannah. Thank you. So much for coming on today also honoured. We Oh so how I found out about you is when I was talking to my dismay. Lasting ex boyfriend. He it was disgusting. You know. Sometimes we make decisions in life and we were granted to this day. That's one of them anyways! So talking to my axe- and he was like I'm watching this show and I like it tell me what shows we can bond in a quarantine meetings at all about what he's like you're gonna laugh, but I'm watching a reality show and unlike ok, what's the reality show any says summer House now: listen, I watch the card. Ashy ends. I watch some of these big
shows, and sometimes I'm not gonna lie I'm a little stingy with like what shows I pick and watch so I heard summerhouse like I've never heard of it, but I have, but I'm not sure, I watched it obsessed literally binge watch the whole fucking. What are they for seasons? Five, then everything. I know everyone's drama everything, so thank you for coming on and. Thank you. You house is is a drunken say Gordon, like that also goes out within your brain, so you just felt at home watching it literally me on a reality shall make all I do is like trying to fuck deeds and then pay in hot tubs, and that's why I set a blow in cropped up like I was going to say the fact that you're on a real and guys we can talk about the reality should show the whole time. But the fact that you are on a reality show I want to just quickly address like Hannah is there's a scene where you are full blooming moaning at the top of your lungs and although there not showing you having sex work, were hearing the sound effects. We see all of the people that live in the house with you
Well, what is that noise and what is coming out of that better like what is at me, I'm doing to hand out how does your parents feel about it. So my parents, they are aims they just want me to be happy and nobody knows about it at the point where there just so I want you with my motto, my dad and the sea, goes on. I just start going and my dad's look on food watching like that. This rule change you for life. If you hear the shillings out, I'm getting eat now like, let's just addressed the elephant in the room, pussy gaming in you, don't want to hear it. I I want women to embrace their like enjoy. There were always caretakers. Like me sure he feels good I to be like I give credit where credit deserved your tongue is, in writing the right. Then I'm going to make noise. I will make sure you know I fuckin like it has not. You and I respect you for that you lie there. I mean how was it weird getting on a reality? Show like convincing yourself to be ok with cameras like filming you make
out guide so funny, because when I was in the process of like interviewing, I was like I'm not you're hot mass he now I am like I'm determine I'm sporty, I'm independent and then press forward on, like I'm your fuckin hotmail, but I'm having a good time literally on the show Hannah issues like fucked up she's like hooking up with these guys. Living robust live. You really were like one of my favorites, because I think, although I do like some of this, go ones like I secretly hate, but you're, one that I like, so that your and that's why you're here on the show so Hannah, and I have little connection. We have something in common Hannah was all oh, a division. One athlete- and I just want to quit- You talk about it, not unlike the boring way but like. I want to talk about it because in the past on call her daddy and it was totally understandable. But my old co host obviously had no idea who, like sports, were.
And we always joke about it, but I think a lot of people look at me in there like. So you say you play division soccer, but You never speak about it, and so sorry, but we like can't help it not believe that, like you, never fucking play soccer bed mean all up until when I graduated that was literally my identity. Like I was a soccer player, I spent my entire life being a soccer player, so it's kind of nice to have someone here that gets it because you, what sport did you play tennis player we love means nothing like the one in love. We wait I think we're tunnel. Oh my god. We that those are the match point they had all forty love means here. Look at us teaching each have an isolated island, no about tenants, but I don't like know about tat, and this is like a good vibe too, when things come down like will go to the? U S open together in late, stood on a look put on alone could affect gotta would you really proud
you can't talk and me and you will get kicked out. Cause will start like talking. I arrogantly yes, okay, so anything like tennis player guys are high they're, so hot, but a lot of them. The other Ali above six feet, not too tall, though, but their cunning narcissist because it's all about them, you're, not a teams like I always pick. Nurses is anyway name that they make a lot of money. Can, but only the Qatar went right. I know in order and not all yes, I know those two yes heavy up, yes goes to. They both are married with children. Still you ever go over there and that our jails, if you wanna fuck a professional athlete, you have to understand the sport a little bit. So you know what the money coming in, for example, tennis he's through. To the world not making money, not making money same with golf three hundred to three hundred best doctors doing great, not with sports,
oh do you re so do your research like lacrosse you're, not making money and the sex is not content. You all know. No. Due for cross players are still re up like dirty disgusting Dan's, but also like you, have no here. You are making no money and there also all allow them under six feet. Yeah. Oh, me because the more sturdy at the ground not a hate, each other kroner white. Let me say something in college. I will give it to the lacrosse team, like at Boston, They were kind of the guys that a lot of us started to hang out with because they don't take the sport as similar, normally yeah. Yesterday, in particular I brows boom. Thank you. Ok. Now, let's go our how bout that like. Ok, we had certainly been sport. Now, ok, so Hannah you play division one. I play division wine and I think that
you grow into a specific daddy gang like I know that I sound like a psycho, crazy sexual being buffer. Amid priority of my life. I could not do certain things because, oh my god, this scholarships online and then once you get the college you can't post certain shit that normal college people can pose cause you're fucking Co. He's watching your every move. They use the scholarship to scan, The shit out of you scared the shit you like if you're leads to practice, you loser scholarship and all of us are apparent, invests in a three year rise. Oh you're like I want it was my scholarship, because I got hung over and slept too long. So our thing was we train all week and thence we'd have matches on the weekend and Sunday night. The hockey guys go to the K K. I went to his content: Goby Ledgers- oh my god, my God went to his contemplate hockey their yeah small world
small world and hockey's Falcon huge new. I you know shit about hockey, but my mom said to stay away from them. She said they have no teeth and are all older than you. We eye level. All of those things I love no teeth. I love a cd. Those thing I do love no tee. I don't know it just means that there are bad ass and, like I don't know, other guys knows how can do have like fake teeth. Veneering mailing looked grave, but I was like I kind of love the idea that there so like their constantly invite in there just like rough around the edge. I do like a guy looks like you could take a punch that turns around of your nose is prettier than mine. Where can I wish we're? Gonna have issues because you're going to make me feel self consciousness. I don't love to feel that way. Want you to be a little less attractive than me, I love being, the funny or one and then like have models. Ok, we sorry guys we're all relevant ways, but we're gonna. Have you ever jaded models? So I seeing a model on somehow, but he was half smuggle half athlete. He was like
hockey. Guy two's is a terrible combination, most models in New York City. Yet they love themselves. They don't like eyes, you take long to do their hair and eyes We have to be like no I'll ask now models. I want them to prioritize like living life and all these models are like do as in the morning groaning calorie. I have to be honest. Every single time on on Riah, I used to tell about it. I haven't. I realize you really hooked off who took over. I know you just can't I got whose on their ok got it still, I love you know that I tell you. I've done my research because I, like my fucking, show dude, I'm not enable today. Anyone at some point they people really know. We know you're talking models when you're show so every time. On Riah, Daddy Gang. Let us know if you feel the same, but for me personally, every single time I see a model. I press acts. He can be gorgeous model in the world. I know I just Fellow in my soul, I will never d amour all I know
that's on superficial of me, while I guess No, that's not superfluous! We'd know! That's not on shallow thing. We have resigned you're why you were only growing bribing. I want. I don't want him not because of the way he looks, I'm sorry, I'm being an actual billina. I think that they have no substance if they, if you're a man and your model you're so in love with you self, an idle I'm sorry, but I'm not attracted to a guy that takes pictures for living. That's so fucking asshole. But sorry this is ring hot mob guy miles are the same as how girls they're fucking crazy and they ve been treated. Differently their whole life because of their looks. Thank you so like with this model, seeing he would like say a stupid joke and the waiter would like Lou whose damn mine, like he's a fucking, stand up comedian- and I looked around like you know that that would be creepy if you were up and he's not like the most stupid shit and people are just like really amazing obey these people have not been treated by societal excited.
Ever told them to shut up and told them is stupid. Only one thing I learned early on. I had this like older teammate, who was fucking when the hockey guys he was so beautiful. But when the guys who is on the rangers- and he just left fuck, I loved dropping only yes, I'm his name is with the captain of the Rangers like two years ago. He was so hot brown. Air o k that why, hot? Where did he go? He he went to his constant anyone who is on the rangers. Try Mcdonough! Why do they not? that person. Will you marry area whenever we provide? So I was at the barn, I'm a freshman and he was the captain of a like big deal. My any like came up to me to talk to me and I to them, and I go. Are you captain of the hockey team and my friends ass grab by your shirt bar effort of though the fucking satisfaction that you look up to them. They are nothing do and from that date forward our friend his genius. She changed the game for me,
and from TAT Day for when you're, a friend of genius. She changed the game for me, unlike that, treating them like shit but like it's, not the bachelor, we're not China, them to get their indulgent. Now let them get your fucking attention. They include the fact that your friend, I would have been that friend, because I swear to God. I remember I was eighteen. I know you didn't know. I remember my when I was going on my recruitment Europe right before I went for my freshman year. I went and we were watching the women's ice hockey, I'm game and across the stadium, my upper classmen that we're gonna be my upper class and we're like guys. Those are the hockey boys you will literally like never speaks them, probably like they are are literally like gods, like blasted earth, elaborate on the patent, so I'm sitting there and I was a psycho and fuck in high school. So I'm sitting there listening to these senior say that to me- and I like so I'm coming onto the campus I do one fucking thing it is going to make one of these hockey boys fall in love with me. I get onto the abyss. I do just that. I infiltrate the fucking shit.
They're my classes and Love thy word. Infiltrate infiltrate, get stuck in their infant automatically. Why? Yes, infiltrate infiltrated in their phone in their heads in their where so I start hanging out with all the hockey guys and all my upper class metallic what the fuck is Cooper doing like. How did she say working time? Don't try to manage your like to say I can't be manage. You tell me what to do something. I will do it. Thank you. I was like bitches, you just want. Have confidence, fucking walk up to them and say hi, my name's fucking Alex Tang out. But the point is: what is the point? Those men are not campus. If you guys are in college or if you're out of college and we're talking a professional athletes. They get everything handed them yeah, they get sex handed to them. What Hannah said that that awful day at the bar or the night at the bar, where you right are you the captain know you,
don't even know he's late. I worry you ve, no idea who he is a? U don't fucking care, also you're busy, like you, ve places to go yet looking behind tat, two strategies: annoying yeah he's. I was his letter. Neither knew something about him of anyone in the barley. Curiously, also, I forget his name for guy's name on purpose like five minutes and just make I'm a guy, I'm so sorry, so embarrassing with your name on gas to pull that shit, it's not mean its letting them know you're, not unaware. Still it or not, I don't give a fuck. I want to ask you: did you have to worry about what your opponents oh yes or younger ones, because I posted a facebook profile pic that was so dope and I was giving a middle finger. I was like such a bad array and NOS nineteen to put in a thing The man, unlike tentatively, was like you have to take that down. I can just blurry and they really just stopping laws down those? I find you that's what I hope you will understand is like as great as it is to be an athlete in college, its literally a fucking nightmare and you basically, your whole life is control,
your owned by that your own, like that my biggest the hardest part of it was the first. Season. They give you a counter, that's as every single day for the next ten months, what you're going to do and as someone who, like hates bosses, controlled. I felt like I was in a hurry else, it's kind of terrifying. I I remember like my soccer coach lots of stories there when I die digging but myself, which was like could show up everyone's asses about social media, and I in high school was posting with all the red cops and people throwing that political parties like. I was a degenerate, and so When I was in college, I remember getting a dm from Barston sports and they asked me they could post my bikini picture a force most of the day and back then that was like a big thing. You and I remember, sitting in the cafeteria and being like holy fuck. Like do I tell them? Yes, I know
My coach literally is going to be like you're off the team, almost ethnic, not contract. You know, if nothing else, so I lied so technically they they have to get your permission to poster. So I give them permission bar stool posts me as most of the day, I am up, you have to do throw bygones- oh my god. Oh my god. I should. It was literally a picture in the Dominican Republic of my asking, I'm pretty sure was like so fucking like brush and it looks bad now but like back, then it was hot. Apparently, so they posted- and I know immediately, I'm fucked it was started to spread like wildfire and all of a sudden, my dm that was the beginning of the professional athletes saga, because my damn it it was insanity, so I'm on it from less than twenty four hours, and my coach calls me- and I am adding bricks. I'm like this is it. This is it she calls me scariest women live. She was like Alex. I just heard what I'm parcel sport. Take it down. I can't I'm like so I dont impartial sport, but let me heading contact with that. Guy David poor doing so, I'm going
shit, damning Dave like I'm like I don't know who this is like a high. I need you to take all of my picture like any disable, not porn bones. Now it's just my asshole. You look great self, but I got a contact with as who works at our. So now he takes it down lesson twenty four hours. I got so many fucking followers and became almost like a bigger story, because I did get down cause. I was an athlete, etc and after that picture of controversy around you at all times so anyway. So after that, I started to connect with all the professional athletes to Boston and that situation in college was not normal. When did you first realized like we? These athletes are not healthy. All the time If no one tells you that when you're younger, that's a really good question, I think I think I always knew like having. I grew up with my dad working for the end. No, I'm raising you around all these professional athletes, but they actually fucking.
I am raising you around all these professional athletes, but they actually fucking suck Alex and all I'm hearing as I love them dad. This is amazing and what what are you? I thought everyone. That's like! Oh you of a type. What do you say? spect when I was literally when I'm little I'm going to these stadium for Christmas parties with my family skating on the ice with these bucking hockey player escape yes then just stay sick. You do that's where I was on a hawk emails younger only go like. Why do you think I like fucking hockey players right so, but I always knew, and I think that from a young age I just never even let myself think about them in a but itself. Because your dad, the hockey player, who met your mom you're like oh hockey player, where am I gonna, get my daddy, he did it daddy. Never too should be able to do that. So fuck. You guys like I accept it so trail and my parents are the most in love. People like little been married for over thirty years, like m o, my god, but my dad today, on my mom's. Just like you find a guy.
The second he met me. He changed and like you're the exception the rule of law, we wonder why I can. I tell you a theory have because now that you're in the club with our parents are still moving around under, I think it almost boxes Up more because our standards- and so I think you in today's all my friends. Their parents are divorced, I'm I'm like. I am. I the only person that has parents, it are still love into gallery one who is who know literally. I grew up in the most healthy, stable environment, Stifler Nitwit literally they are so in love, like my dad is so obsessed with my mom like insane and I'm like. So let me just tell you folks something fuck you I always held them. Isn't like you, I suck because now dad there are no men like you. So I'm looking at the two of you have this amazing relation
I can't find that anymore, dad all fucking Buck and she and their discussing twenty percent rather be single than stuck in a relationship that makes me feel like crap the same women that same relationships were there getting cheated on like. So how do you do that? How do you in a constant day to day basis, know that he's fucking around and you just stay for what? or why, how much self worth do have they say happiness like the the lonely ass you could be, I guess is single and then, like the saddest, you could be as in a battle Nation tat was so like. The sad issue actually are is now in your single it's when you and about relationship that actually so fucking true cause. It's like you, have it you're supposed to have its Busby gray and its backing Dude, I swear to God. If anyone's listening to this and toxic relationship. I know it's easier said than done, but get the fuck out commercial. The broom is back pitches guys. My hair is looking fucking lovely as guys functional beauty. If you are looking for
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any person off she gonna go to function of beauty, dot, com, slash daddy, so I preferred football guys and I like them big, like I was dating this six. A dude I Wisconsin but funny to when you did. You went athletes that they have so much high pressure. He asked. I also was definitely arm like his brain. Didn't work. Like you, tell me, he'd get hit and justly colors all the time, and he once it's ok, baby, I'm here for you up here, his associates you'll execute bow text me once he spell the word, isn't I asked I anti nose like? Did you know it's, how it spelled music on time? Go you not add a letter, you to add a letter, and I know you there. So we also media and hot though, and the problem to you and I think it's like he was on tv every week and the Ganges Pierre. I see you watch the game and you just be like. Please don't be the one that loses the game for us. Yes I'll be like too much on me as a girlfriend,
and then, like then date than they do want to come back and party and like it ruins your whole week dude my mom to this day is like ten. You stopped eating athletes because I will watch him pitching. I will watch him in the game. Fuckin state around on the ice and I'm sitting there and my Saturday night depends on it. This mother, fuckers gonna, be in a good mood after this game and I'm literally like scream yet the tv like don't fuck up, you fuckin loser, and this time. It goes wrong. I swear to God. I am a little of his bullshit adder girlfriend calling his dad and talked him anymore pasting. You, we hate you you're not going to party, do not a fucking, I'm. I will watch that motherfucker pitching or skating or do whatever the fuck he's doing, and I'm sitting there and like so he just last week and I swear to God, I'm a black cloud along athletic. I swear to God. I can't be I've even speaking entering this ends, I try to hide it every fucking, firstly, that I date something they get injured, something happens them I swear to God. I'm bad luck for them, but I mean it cut that out
they need to live when it's twenty. True, it's a truth. It's these truth I'm trying to open people's minds. You really want to didn't know about. Is the problem Alex guy? Are you ready ass? You are. Playing the game so hard that you don't even if you actually like him? Yes, thank you. So I Eliza I've did guys up like this one guy outstanding who had fame seven months in after one over Gwent medicine I look in the mirror. One Dana go. You hate him, there's, not one part of him and that's why I so do the stand up routine. That was like. Do I actually like him, or does he just wears hat backwards? Oh my
God, I'm now are dry, come up upon now that you're, ok! Well, I wouldn't my go too is do I really like him orders his Google network say that it take above five? No, I'm let me, but I'm sorry, it's kind of fucking q. When you see the millions in you like high baby, like I haven't amounting to make these guys by me shit, but I just like our. I may then there's a little things like do I like him, or do I just like when you clinches his John and makes that little muscle movement in the back of his all keep going way that such a good one, oh my god when they like nice bone structure and I have a terrible rule, the amount of and chairs, a guy is above six feet as the monumental stay with him. After
discovering his achievement of the waiters again we I know I'm fucked up, but you you're, like three six, eight we'd eight points. According to my calculations, we have eight months that should be good girl that our bike, but can be democratic. I'm I can tell a guy's height from across the room, oh yeah, and do not come up soon. Billy I'm six through, namely giving me- and I have not always we are just stop. Let me get up my tape. Guy starting this applies. That's all I hear fuck you but my create. When my wildest nights for d1 tennis, D1 school, you probably some wild. No one was I had it. The complaint man, like you, know those nights when you go out and you already have a dick appoint. Madam, I got a scrape, so I was fucking these big football deeds, and I I wasn't having fun anymore, and I said I need a fuck. The next thing closer soon athletes, but not an athlete and that's the mascot. I agree with Bucky Vow Jerry and he's has spoken.
Yeah. I don't appreciate you right now. Are you ready to say I'm? Not, I don't really they gotta you like. So I'd like the mass God. Are you? Why he's a bad journeys? Plucking adorable? I think that's the lowest low He wears a mask on jobs. You will love Bucky people who go nuts bucking. What is this? Skype is a b c or beer I'll, be you re a terrier two fucking dog, ok, we'll mine was badgers like the african honey Badger, the most scary animal we're all right. I read that a new to sweat right that has you can NATO summit. I would I'm an idiot, I'm ok, to use our backing. The mask. I'm gonna, try not to judge keep going. One see like was like. I fuck you with the mass no and I was like as I can't live. No he asked me so is the intellect for each now. People dress Auburn like like, where that kind of shit to actually fuck you do you
it is when those things sometimes guys do it just to tell their friends that doesn't terming array, unlike if this is where a story brow like go fuck a stupid stacy. That's like a buckle down twine economic S story for Amelia. I dont want abandonment. Now that per no. I am sorry, but I dont think you wanted. Like till I got stuck mass, got any wars, but you know I don't think so. I don't think that's a nightmare for the rest of my life of like huge TED. What we are trying to working inside me, that's only a nightmare. Ok, you know I had his take employment and I love going out and you ve no stress of trying to find out. I like he's, like afterwards Himmy up suddenly again this party and I see again pro before he's not awfully, but he was like a manager and the basque Walter you think I wanna Ribeiro god- ok, but he was he was older. His his name is Tucker The social security number eulogies interim says: I'm gonna cannot. Let me look, he was so hot use, my brother's frere and he was older and I always thought it was so hot and he had this. Like you just be line towards me. Ok we're Florida.
And we're talking in areas like we, I wanna fuck Tucker, not the mask the mass gotten, ITALY, Damascus or the basketball manager guy, which one is worse. I dont know keep going where in a dark place and we don't entire yeah. We try your ex thing positive and he's like to my place. So I'm like yes, go back Can we go to his his little room in back? guys and have meant oh yeah, of course we're in dorm room. We heard it only gothic, and hissing in it so high and I'm just like- oh yes and then he takes his pants off. I take my pants off and before even those and me he goes shit. I just nodded. And you don't like, do you laugh you like do? Do you like, say it's ok, droopy like new you're joking or do like check to make it on her literally like decent this. What your dad romance reloaded doing call editor. Let your dad be proud of what the fuck are. We doing here.
Bet you lost it, but the problem is like as a girl. I just liked him and I also guys when you come fast, giving good shit about it, but we are also deeply flattered. We are deeply flattered and also there is something about it that, like you, know, Oh he's insecure and that moment. So, if that happens, you should take advantage of him being vulnerable and you can literally because if you treat him, and don't make him feel shitty. He will literally be like we, actually really like this girl. She handled it really well and as embarrasses, why did you have in your safe around you and this you're? So right, you are a mental terror literally, I believe it's ok and then that kind of the passage way shedding there. We end up like talking in line and we're talking shit, and then my phone starts to blow God, it's the mask of nice. Guys like goes, I'm in your Partly your roommate, let me and I'm in your bed waiting for you and I'm like fuck fuck fuck,
We I'm so cunning the mask out, but I'm very into this guy right here, but I realized, like I have to debt service. You can get day, I go, I have to go and he goes. Can I please walk you home and I go Oh no! No! No! You can, I can't ask, are actually he's coming, but when you come back he's out by a partner to go, you did you, I'm sorry, no, and you could tallies like feeling rejected right and what you're, but then part of me is kind of like why, like a rejected whatever I should deal right and I leave when I go home and I like MR the bucking, I felt some naughty, but the problem with this is, is I never heard from Basque will manager again because I think he felt so region. Did when I was actually so into him. Dude, I'm sure o my god. Every man listening to us listen to Hannah right now. I swear to God that makes sense because he was so embarrassed and
I'm trying to be like don't walk me home. I don't think she hates me she. He was like she literally things, I'm a little. We need, and I proved to be just that what I sploosh doll over the carpet k like the law. We any girls are not as picky as do thou ridden do the billing. Oh, I dont like a hip to waste. We share o her pussy was like slightly not whether have no girls. We just fall for that energy of you and like we will improve Dickie yet, and also like, like you said, it's almost kind of like a compliment. If a guy like comes out before you mean you touch about an extensive me actually, so I think it's really sad. But I think a lot of guys need to hear that, like he probably was so more defied and especially cause you're. An athlete he's worry about its reputation and I'm so he's like. I can't even go MAO's I've a huge. My exactly knows: I'm gonna stay on upon US years later. Hundreds hunger is in his answers, you're right you're right you're doing I stood bug Tucker TUG review out there that yet
oh see, Endlich. That was your only impression of him. Let's talk about flirting strategies, only gonna love, because I kind of like going back to basics some time on the show like. I think that we can talk about five sons and cook holding. We can talk. Relics sucking seventeen other people in one night, but flirting is probably like my my favorite things do in world. It's the only thing that brings we join life. It's the only thing is the one thing that I hold sacred. Okay. So let's talk about like what would you if you Can I give you my my classic approach, Joe okay? This is bar seen. This is what you do at a bar. I forget what it's like, but this is what I do know TB team to be settled and strategy. You will Always know that if he wants to fuck you He will talk to yoke with this strategy. Al Qaeda
and, if he's not into it, won't work and it's okay, cuz you moving into next month, so you got to bar. You see the hot guy. We know within a second if you are attracted to him. So the first thing to do. If you talk to his friends, you walk by and you talk to his less attractive. Film, brilliant, so your face. Could it so much easier to approach anger? You ignore him. You dont make eye contact your very friendly, your com, you walk, but say he has like a Yankees had on you just go Turkey's like say some. To get a reaction that is that very, like observances, only specific to them That's why things don't work when you like Hugo, go, often works as anyone. Finally here, weird tion ago, color Blue, on blue on you and let him react, have little fun and then get out of there you're just visit along game. You guys, but I know I have time we got a bar. I have oh I'm in its fine you're doing it with multiple people. Oh yeah, I'm a no. This is really
until terrorists here this is great then we get make. They can do so the guy. So now you guys are friends. So now, like you, walk by- and you see like again to low point, lay as my friend yeah. That's the point he made me think like that you want to fuck me. Doesn't matter you don't that's his problem, that's absolutely is called and you're going to go up again and you're gonna talk again the guy is finally, if he's into is gonna be like. Why is this girl talking to all my friends, but me you can talk to other friend your the group now and your fucking, ignoring them, and at that moment, if he's into you, he will say what's up here, we can his paws sovereign can take notes Hannah. It's a methodical process word for word: move from her move. Its parliament told me that it somehow ran in this book like the like all of it, I just so consciously sir doing out its. If you dont give the guy attention that you want to fuck, it will bother the fucking shit out of him. If he's attracted to you you're so right, he will say
but I can be so warm with his friends like now lucky and exchanging numbers yeah, you like I I mean like he's, not he's really so you made I contacted me like do even notice. I'm here aren't I just want to change, are not going to chase when you're with your friends at the bar, haven't you have to put out there like a first kiss, you give him a little opening and also with flirting I go to ways. I have been nagging where I'm like a bitch, ok, but like a bed in a very ill You can say something as many as you want. As long as in your sexy voice. Other end is being overly complimentary, with dead eyes oak. You literally go now. I think, I'm in love with you and he's like he doesn't get it he's, like. Obviously like you, I kill me, like I'm glad you're saying that what you were doing- oh yeah, so handsome if so handsome
but he has yours, you being sarcastic, yet he doesn't know cause if you actually like forty tenor like yours, so handsome he's like he's like a real aim, she's interview, you come in with feelings of anyone. He knows you're fucked me with him. He so confused showed no two. Do you also can turn the next second and be like? I think, I'm in love with your friend like? just don't make sense, being inconsistent and don't make sound. I literally have in my notes flirting strategies: and I have one bullet and it just says inconsistency: literally my game to a fucking tee and I'm so happy? I have someone sitting here worthy of the daddy gave that you get it. You gotta know where it's it's refreshing, because I think a lot of women listening you're like How do I even go up? How do I even approach and what Hannah saying is like, men are out of bar to meet women. Women are at a bar to meet men. Unless your lesbian and gay totally fine, then you're going to be mad. Women would ever fuck. So you going up to a group of men,
If you are in their eyes the slightest bit attractive, you can literally go up there like Hannah said to be like. Oh nice Mps have buck, you and then let's go to the bar and then like he's like staring at you like we. What who is this bitch and then you go back to your group of friends, any Caesar with like six girls, five girls to girls yourself, who fuckin cares and then also on their radar. Men wanted two women at a bar. So if you go up and if you're the one I love initiating with a man I buck love it because it gives you the hour. I saw it so good and I think what am I like, the power that you gave. You can easily take away so you're like putting us about raising, know those. I'm sorry you don't like it. You can reach that aid is not literally, if you then rejected ok, hookers, who cares one? sing the that again needs to remember cuz. You have a lot of empowering Sefton keep girls like not going distracted by boys like eyeing, focus on their shit,
you don't actually like him. No, like I'm gonna put this back the beginning is when you're like. Why would it be a consistent? I wanted to get to because you don't like you, don't like her in that effort until eight months and when you actually do like himself. At times. We get hung up on these guys when it's like you, Don't worry, I don't like him, you don't know. You know what we literally met him once he standing over the bar you like the way he looks, but you re elected his entire life. Aunt em. If you don't know that he's a secret family, then he's gonna put you in therapy for four years girl prior, ok like it so far, in true. I think that my I think my flirting strategy depends like I go the sarcasm De Grau Eliah soon and I love to make men feel insecure, but you have to do it very delicately to not fully crush them that their like ok, can handle this. Oh, but I kind of like two mentally manipulate in like I'll, be like hanging out with him and if its towards the end of the night or
it's on like our third day or something I am constantly dropping the line of just being like. Oh, my god, you need to relax like stop falling in love, and when you verbally tell a man, no you're stop at your falling in love and unique likes relax. He starts if you like, but not know, not what he talking up and then put in his mind and then you are making fun of him for falling in love and he and even thinking up and now he's into care, because I know it, I don't know I'm falling in love me why such a sick, fantastic, but it works because I've done that's, almost everything I've ever invaded and then all of a sudden there always let me there enough, as your brain can not register none negative, so they just her love love. Thank you and then they like we're. Ok, I also think the physical, tough, if you at some point when you meet this man, if you just make physical contact right off the bat with a guy he's going to love that feeling your touch for two seconds, you say: oh fuck, this bitch is like
my fucking space don't be aggressive to the point where he's like I'm uncomfortable. Where he's ex, please stop cubby. Might my dear Mary, he like so much has to go here like our, like all my tech stop don't over. Like doddering and a no fucking, don't touch his hair to actually what were first after quarantine, was around some guys, and I was like so horny on my mind. Yes and won. The guy's was q and whose being really shy and you're talking to me in the night can. I smell your hair and he thought it was so they can enjoy. Your hair goes, ok, go and he thought, obvious thing ever and he never forgot that. I did that. He fell in love with me after that won't subtext him. He turns out not enter. However. However, when I don't be afraid to do weird shit you haven't about, as is the thing. I'm gonna go ahead and say: do it, but don't do it
you are no doubt you're a type of girl that your confident and you're like weirdness, working and like I definitely could do that to guide it would work. But then there are, the girls are like way more reserved and on the normal track, yeah, and if you like, can I smell your hair and the whole night? You have been a pretty corporate ass bitch he's doing so. This bitch is out of her fucking he's coming with me. He knew I say something we are to start hath added, we're, ok, commercial. I love when I can sprinkle in like a little quick, healthy moment here, guys ritual vitamins. Oh my god saying the word. Vitamins on this show literally just gives me like a breath of fresh air, we're like sex, pussy money. Oh fucking, and then, like guys, vitamins, ok will we all want to keep our bodies healthy. Yes, check, Alex, stop eating so many goddamn sour patch, but even if we're fucking trying to eat our Caille salad and
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It is news. It's only a dollar a day to have all the essential nutrients. Your body needs delivered every month, no strings attached. So guys, if you are interested ritual, is offering the Daddy gang ten percent off during your first three months, you're gonna go to ritual dot com, slash daddy, to start your ritual today, that's ten percent off during the first three months at ritual dot, TK flash daddy, I'm actually about possibly should other seas and somehow congratulation and when you have guys you're talking to you right, before the show it so hard because you have to be like oh just map or would you found are quite so you're. Ok, wait you're getting quarantined in a house for six weeks, possibly and no new men can come in. That's what we don't know and I haven't been fucked since December cause,
the girl did not know there was, can be acquainting. I would either paired out back that. I would hide me name actor boy right right right, but I just take now may tell us about it. Yeah actually had the hottest day. We that's amazing, but I think that we're both in good mood, can be both a headache, appointment, we're glow and tell me about it. So he's older he's forty four! I am whacked we that I'm not kidding you that age to me, just something. Does it right, cuz, it's like you're, not going to be like fully like you're not going to marry this man. Maybe you will but for right now all that screams, music, good sex, will these twenty year old guys are squirrel brained and also their only as good as fucking as their last ex girlfriend and she's a fuck?
does she doesn't know it happening, but yeah he's a fucking? U migration bugging you! I know what the different is. Ok, guys know, twenties are like scared through, like you want to come up with guys. Therefore it is like I've. Seen too many Tatum lifeless fanatical Linley, desensitize he's just going to actually have good fucking, yet guys know twenty that girls can smell. Fear data, you're, gonna com and two seconds, I want you, about. I want to be like this in the best thats not you're, ever going to bed early like slowly like get ready page thirty. Second fucking come immediately and internally oversight, licking my pussy Riley House, but the guys like I look up and make sure your making up there. Are you? Ok, you think I'm gonna com, they love those names, Jerry, I've, never factor. I'm gonna go onto the forty four story, us so we weren't sheriff. We should do the kissing thinkers of the condemned. However, he was tested. I knew I was good really on the beach and would kiss, and even though this guy I've ever kiss was thirty SEC,
So I was afraid I was attracted embryos but if a kiss him it feels like I'm crazy, merely creepy older uncle yeah, oh yeah, like you're, wondering what's gonna happen. Is it gonna be sparks related like terror yeah? But I was. I was into it then we start kissing and then he was like. Let's go take a shower and there is like an outdoor shower and shower sex. Difficult. I will try to anal when I was nineteen in the shower, which was one of the biggest regret. I was going. Are you ok, I'm not. I know you never recovered either. I literally Haiti have never join email. Me either. Ok, great work that we have literally out fucking posting back in the shower. First of all, get a good temperature. It's hard this hard, but then get away from the shower, get just like this. A little shower hitting you but you're like weeds,
to be getting water border while we're fucking. It's us. It's like. I don't wanna Blake and I'm not going on your dick, I'm guzzling. There's like water filtrate down my fucking, unlike I can't breathe. While I get keep fucking me doing so very Bang went over and we start having sex, but you girls, twenty eight. Your girl has laid tennis, along the glowing with joy, and you know when you try to Perker prepared by proactive way, asked about the pact, the booty pack, the booty and you worked up and then lower back. It's our ten, and then I turn to Moscow. Sit down, for there is no place for the condition and shampoo sits down is like where much of this package. Nor can I don't they fuckin foolish. You shouldn't, like I like to be on a similarly bossy, like you, don't have to be like complete, dominatrix Hulu com the leg out on me. I'm a victim vehemence, Meanwhile, I taken an umbrella case. It down. I sat down and then I took my time
quite Zella legs and I went up and down on his egg. I pushed myself pass that level of your burning. I'm burn you like, I pulled my quiet, but here we go it's worth it get that not bits get back out here. We go. Oh, my god. It was so much fun and then he because I don't know if he's forty foreign like I'm, no, he just wasn't coming He knew what to do to like not com, and then he was in a good way and he was like us finishes in my bed and then up and then it was yeah, this game over and then ask illuminating. This is like some of the best actually had. I hate to say that. It gives them power, but yes, but yes, because yeah users, you so focused on reviewed. Now I want to fuck a forty four year old. This is bad news grid. Thank you, MR eyes. As he told me, oh, my god. I wonder what he moisturize is where I know no sign up why bother to co, sponsor we ok. First and foremost, I wouldn't give you a big fat kudos, because I,
tell the doubt again if you can squat on a man's unemancipated, it is not easy. You have to push through. It is fucking heart out their industry are going to feel burn. You're gonna feel better. If all had clear media before any way lay exactly you keep all. They know it's so true like when you can, take a shot and you can handle that burn. Can squat on UK squat on this day and listen bitches. It's not easy and I think the worst part sometimes is like I gotta be in the moon because I know once I get up there do the level of how much you wanna squat on his day you're ready to be done after, like five six fucking not been downs, so Demi quartered done. However, We aren't no bitch like we are the doubting, like we fucking fuck, like we're going to fuck the living shut out of his deck. So I black out every time, I'm on top, that I am writing healthy, but I don't guess and great
wilt, thou and that's a week. I we came for the great result. We get the other. You inertia, girls, you can slow down. That is when it is. If you come back and then you stop and illegal or circular feeling healing grandiose him in the club go slow, fucking. I think that you're, like pink so fucking sexy when in your head, you dislike salary to literally ok, we. This is good advice with Daddy game, because I think they love the shit girls. We ve always said when you're, when you a riding deck. You don't have to be with your feet on the ground. You can do your knees, but then I think you kind of a man so leave his body. The minute I always will like get up and put my feet on the bed and I go in the squad position. A man is like oh fuck off our grid like a frog, yes, but also know like no. My pussy is right.
His face and my tits are here in like let's just roll with it. I think you got to just not think about what you look like cuz. What I know is when I I watch as I get an obsession. I always watch the man's face because every fucking he's like Jesus fucking Christ, it's funny when you feel insecure about yourself. You'll get your head. Your own share because that and you look at his share in italy- is telling you every bad vrie. You can ruin it for yourself, literally no language that ain't, you look at him and he is eyes or in the bag was had. He can't even think straight so, but daddy- and I recently I guess it depend like, if I'm being a little lazier what I have done, and I do think it almost just as hot as I keep one me. On the mattress, and then I put my up my left leg. Usually I don't like to my left, but my left leg and I put that like it's about to get in the squat position.
And then I will kind of lean backwards. A tiny bit and like put my hand in between his legs and lean back and go up and down or then you can lean forward and take your hand daddy and put it on his like chest, stomach and use it almost like you're pushing up off his chest to go up and down on his dick. Recently has been something I've discovered and it's been working. An amazing Tipp guys write that down right down because it also saves your legs and if you want you good kind, almost switch them out, maybe guys don't go to the fucking Jim K. Neither go on his dick into one need down one leg up, human switch. If you get sore, we got exactly and then just like rub your clear while you're doing a transition, so we went out just rub your clear that even if you fuckin trip over yourself here on the floor arrive your class can eat like all mandate, so hot think literally so hot ok rub the clay when in doubt, broad declare not that's all it's kind of the best advice. I think we're
we'll die unless you. Why are you wearing out, rub declare he's gonna, be, like others really high, like you forget, to take them back as your fucking. His friend just wanted you to your brother: do those actually really good? Do you have a tie, My type is like athletic great sense of humor, but I'm trying to figure out. Do I want the party boy or the mute guy, because I, Neither the one you like over rotation. Then I'm like without good, because I crushed that numbers is because I have just one hundred unready, mangoes myself so much. I was having the time of my life. He didn't get a wording, but I honestly such a good time, I don't agree or is it do it like the party guy who's kind of like me and we're the same personality, but we step on each other's light. They say in relationships now we're getting two metaphors, but there should be a gardener and a flower what the fuck,
listen to go out there? Twelve? While I love this share, o gazing only read this from yours, I gave I'm. I do know where radio deftly wasn't anywhere legit, let's go figure, so these are facts, so the guy. Nor is the one who's like hold shit down whose calming who and then the the flowers us whose like, shooting up looming, doing crazy shit, the gardener loves being the gardener and flower needs a gardener, the gardener neath, the flower, it's also outside. I actually broke up with one of my axes who I've been referring to, who had some fame authors watching a doctor, Dray document whose doctored raise like epics. How successful account the rap game killing production whenever I have everything so his wife goes on and she goes I'm the rock and he's the balloon. And she's. Again, that's how this functions like I she's like he would be. Nothing without me hold on hold down and I'm watching ago I'm not a fucking er. I am not,
Fucking Logan Pebble. No. I am air balloon up in this mother fucker and I am now in about and he's gonna try to keep a really the rope and, like literally reeling fuck, I'm air balloon with helium go in fact everywhere you yeah, ok. I have so many thought her, ok, first and foremost about the rock command yet, and I think we're both in word the balloon and we need a man. That's a rock! The wet, though I think, when my mother told me she knew that door, men door number three was the man when he met my parents use of one of the first, as it only met my parents, and I was so terrified for them to meet him. It was a good family, Christmas Party thing and we are leaving and my mom College assumed this bitch is reads: people like a fucking book and we're leaving we're gonna go to like a bar after dinner, and I guess he was talking to her and she later told me she was like Alex he's the one I'm like, ok, mom, no fucking pressure by the way broke up with him. Could you tell me you love me
what the fuck but my mom was like. I knew he was the one into this day. This is like five years later, so says it because she was like. I looked at him and I said what are you guys? Gonna do and he looked at my mom and was like MRS Cooper. It's her show on was live in it and put in the most big in his own writing and- and my mom is like Alex. You are not going to find a lot of men that are so confident themselves can be like. I love that bitch. Big in its own right and and my mom is like Alex. You are not going to find a lot of men that are so confident themselves that can be like. I love that bitch, let that bitch go and I'm right. Is that your family is like. My family's like a hand, is fuckin crazy, ass. It turned out we're living in. We support her would, after we have our own lives, but, like ass, our Hannah, that's how I have raised the Alex guide us. I don't want to guide it. That's all it's hard when, like this thing. Are you afraid that disguise the one and because you're like taking your time that, like hell, meet someone or you'll meet,
Why are you afraid you'll lose each other, or do you think that your energies are met for each other? And regardless of what we're fucked up shit happens? You will connect. Spot she told me she wondered ass, her some cause she's regretting, although I think that in my life, right now, I I am not at all concerned about him, meaning it another me. No one will ever fucking be what I unto him already fucking know I just thought I was gonna. I know I know it's at I know it's like very. Have been like being like that call. Why are you scared? So you live together because I'm too, like I'm too young and he has his career girl, you're in a blink and you're gonna be thirty tale. I know and listen Journal child Brian like no. I I really no you're right. I don't know that once you start it, I did I I understand, and we both have said that, like he's like listen now, I'm not ready either you're, not ruggleses you're dating him. You might. I hate us girls, whatever you,
we do to never. Never let a guy distract you feel like you might have. But on the come up with this package, if you were like lending never, so you may even know I agree when last time you were in love, my colleagues have you ever been Alex. I've been known for like two years, because I I did this like guy, who really fucked you up. Fuck me up, which I think was so helpful is after that happened. I had to build myself up, like my body was tell me to get out like I couldn't I a nice girl. I always I was having like little heart publications I got out and then I had to realise had a. Why did you end up with a guy like that? What did you want that? Why would he China, like overcompensate, for why are you always loved dating like hot successful guys to show off. Yes, like I'm like a dude where I like, want a little boy, candy, a boy candy. That's me! I love boy. Can I'm in therapy for our right now. I know
Clearly what you're describing rain on like that was one of my relationships and I was like how did I get into a relationship with the narcissus and save your sensitive person, which I think we both that they latch on to you, and I think that once I realise that base my only goal was to be myself again and then, instead of being worked out superstar? I want to marry this all we wondered. Who is, up and not be depressed. Do that some deep and one I just had that goal like shit stirred to align for me and then color daddy I did when I was amazed. Do no doubt is in deep shit like people talk about going through break up in my eyes when you're in a relationship with something that is a narcissist you get so fucked running encircles, trying to figure out how to make it work? Why is it not work? how do I do and I started to question like our funny. I just ignored after more successful and then you
our questioning, like I'm being myself and I go to my own anxiety spirals of like am I sabotaging, though you change your cell, so I got a fuck out. It took a couple months to get out of that like dark. Plainly, the dark passenger car whatever the rebellion Roma, that I've been kind of known where it's like, I'm focusing on my career scared. It's like getting a car I should getting in a car again yeah, so I've. I do these like six month, things where they dont want it. Oh yeah, so it thank you, never even throw it out there are we it just like National, you keep seeing them, and then like six month and then I get bored and then it's over an, but also I dont like random fucking, I don't need to be dating you. But I want to know that you have the motion for me and you, like me, cause I semi randomly fuck the lacrosse player got Clytia, see that's a kind of shit. We don't need around here. We need
I can handle it just a pill but like we don't need and we don't need clear media when I was the first time I got Clem here I was actually the for. Everyone gets it by the way where no airline committee- oh, it was literally, it was the first time I ever like kind of fucked a random dude you in college. He was this. He didn't go to my college, whose older and I was a bucket like I wanna- be adventurous. I'm gonna go fuck him so fucked him, and then I went to hook up with door number three and I went and got tested, and I had clear media and I knew door number three do not give it to me, and I realized it was the skanky ass fuckin loser that I fucked in Boston and Blamed it under a number. Three any link was like ok, I'm so sorry and ask you gave me fucking limit yet me. While I knew I gave him the media, so I always turn around on them. Never met to giving some uncle media by when I got
Body has hello about with covers all my god. I'd like to stop giving me over the guy. You literally gave me I've been quarantining by myself with a pocket. So, but when you get familiar, it's fine guys, we you take a pill. Did everyone gets on? Everyone gets a totally vine by you. Don't worry, he's been use economy but condom sex. So fine, a guy that fuck I wouldn't get cut off the air. My mom's like. Why can't you tell people They use condoms Alex, and I like it. I like a kid it won't come on. I'm out at me down like Hannah. Do use condoms nose like what you want me to say. Do you have any time you want to hear actually goes hand it? If you're not wait. To have sex remarriage. Obviously, so maybe like wait to get exclusive with the condom like use condom against the oh- and I was like that's genius, if I had self control back, it's it's so bad and and listened. I'm gonna give one condom piece of advice. Ok, I gotta guided me recently. Well was so fucking high? Ok, so you know that It is like she's, a condom everything its awkward.
You're, not gonna, bonds. Yokohama doesn't ask me right and then, like I don't even know what I think does like do evil I do they didn't like his dignity on. Why do I look to have too far away to feel robbery and there I don't like it. You hope it. Then he is Skype literally like took my hips put my face. I mean my for my vagina on his face, like I sat on his face and was like riding him while he took both his hands and was putting the condom on while I'm writing his face in the second like I got like really well, You just put me on the condom and it was like the hottest smoothest clearly do not add up man. You need to do that that up with the awkward lagoon who'd you moved no literally admits like here I got to get fucked by dolphin life now reverie added rose and I wanted to focus Tupperware really literally we'd. That's actually kind of amazing because I feel like that would make my vagina less dry. If I didn't see the planning process, I always come before sex. Unlike you already beware,
and you'll feel so good. Ok, we told you I'm your home. Is that? Can you quickly describe your sex life to us? What are you like what I do yeah guy, so I like to tie. Yeah fuck. You sit there better watch, Mitterrand, your dick. I liked cares but I love you. I love to kiss making What is so under I later to use a little I like to I'm boss I like to be let Billig not annoying Basi. Just like his facts, yeah, you know it come on I'll, tell you how to work my body and then I liked being fingered. I think Lingering twenty twenty, I love, so my doll dies finger more mucus, a tartar? Maybe? But I wish you would if your listening out there, any one finger me I think people so much. I oughta that everyone's guys, you go down the Naboth lotta girls like need, like it's more simulation when it's like the finger. Sweden want what you do with your time
and also any guy. That's like you just do the ABC D of Jews that tonight we may go called, are going down in her seat, opposite subduing police like actually feel when you're going to this. The unlike out here comes the d, and I like Jesus Christ. We, like you just skipped, always out only the thumb at EU level, it ever carried out the back to life. Telling geyser in their heads down there like does. I would there. You go down there, so bad as I'm happy people like me. You know I can sense when you're stressed unlike, but I don't want him watching my face voice. Fingering. Oh Jesus Christ hike. I dont want this to have please look away
look away, sometimes literally put my hand of Rome advocates of I'm so turned ok, yeah or, if you I guess you could like mad cow or like throw your head by what I d like as I like him to then my kind of suck on my left at local level on his nose sensitive, also echoed directly into the black eyes like that. Yet they like me like this, is how my body works. Like just my left. One turns me on thoroughly on the knowledge test them later and they feel like accomplish it's a little things. Men are simple: we that's really interesting that you tell them a specific nipple yeah. Can't one of them is just one more sensitive subjects. I can the nipple fingering me. Let's go and if I can get it right than I've trust, And then, after that, and I go go inside me and so it's like, I literally go the second. I come like Malta and Gozo that guy in Austria, the axe, commercial, ok, I know that none of you watch porn, ok, daddy, giving no one watches porn right, but just in case you have any friends that
Do you want to pay attention to this? Every fucking watches pointless him to me right now. We have a new fucking sponsor and it is express v p and Ok, when you are on the internet, we all fucking know at the government is tracking our assholes, we type something in and then all of a sudden it on all of our computers and its on our phones in its popping up and it's fucking everywhere there listening to us so expressed BP, and it gives you an internet connection that is re routed through a secure encrypted servers. You can surf the web. Not mislead without them, fucking catching you with your hands down your pants Johnny. So I know most of you probably use it in the private motor incognito mode so that you would you like? Oh no one can see that I'm watching too bitches bang each other you're wrong. Ok, your internet provider, like Comcast or eighteen t, can see every single website you visit and if you live
on camp is or used to share wifi. Your network administrator can to Kay so you guys protect your privacy today, get three months of Express VP and for free, ok, tried out visit express the, as in Victor P, as in penis and as in nipple dot com. Slash daddy, that's express YE acts, p, r e s, ass v, he and dot flash daddy for three months free. What can I tell you, my former professional athletes may God. Yet this is my daddy gang Stoa like guys I can you ask me I was like ok is hindering us baby. I'm excited. Let's go, let's go so he's a former I like former, Ballplayers players because they're not traveling anymore they're not like as cause they were, they have their money and they lost it. Shit turn of wake. Is there not either like tons of calories slimmed down for Bob, ok, I've. I really rarely ever hook up with football players,
I highly recommend Thailand. Ok here, title alright, I doubt islands are great prevented my out, so this guy here, light blue eyes, like six sex check check, I miss a lotta red flags when it. His tall and we're gonna go through what I messed and then what happened because of its ok, so Buckler we're buckle up gang, we're buckled. Let's go every body, let's go buckling. Well, I got our first, the back and forth. Very queer: did you meet him? Pinched got it so like to messages news like it's robust Sunday, S watchful Bob, I loved so well. Don't take a while to like Eliseo personality. That means they don't care at all. So but I was he's told? Yes, let's go, let's go so again. No the place and it's kind of a little too nice and those like no one. There are combined stuck up ass is like oh, he thought of nice, the Sri Lankan E g. If you want to sit down with me, it's way like no it's. What are we write by his apartment?
I know like baby you're so spoiling me he's like I just wanted to do this. I do not put on my good you either slippers come wearing, I got out of bed ruled out about China. Get might not be shut up. Guy keep going, so we're sitting there and starts off where I notice he kind of laughed a little too long. You know only laughs done and they keep laughing nearly two at the start. Another love! What right you're like we're all what're you doing here is watching him laugh at you and you are you're like a case how that funny, I dont funny about now. Let me live on these up. Then he was like bragging about how his parents had to tennis courts in the Hamptons, and I was like no one needs to tennis court fucking weird and I'm yeah, that's weird! Then he asked me if I party he just I do party was due party and I like kind of an atm like as a former ethnic identity, you're right, I don't know about you, but I can't you cocaine or I'll. Ok, my brains, I know you're, so I had never done I'd like smoked. We didn't high school and then in college,
literally couldn't do so. I would just drink alcohol and then, for the first time I ever did cocoanut. They got out of college because I was like oh my and I even told my parents are my mom and dad. I wanna do cocaine at one point in my life now, like ok, Alex it's really good, that you're telling us that, and I did it like I'm such a hyperactive person like I don't even need it, so I dont really do it now good sometimes it's there and then went on. I did actually do in was ketamine. It was like the war situation, my entire life I'll, take it that story another time, another time, another time here on the case stories. Ok, you going! he's basically, but my really like not really like I'd, I drink alcohol, but I'm not really into drugs. You know I used to be, but now good announcing, our wine. You tell me that good chat. So we ve had enough that if I ever get dates going, liver frameworks are further Jimmy's. It's like
like a Friday bar Oak bitch, she's bar tending so Lerret. If it's going we'll be like, let's go to another spot and been shook him a strength. She'll tell me if I should like it or not, we die so John. I wanted you that next time I like my colleagues, I wonder who would be like or should we like? We that's so fine, ok love and hey when he's there with you and we have to throw open when things are, and I also says that, though I was like: let's go any goes we one SEC. I need a charge, my jewel so where, flag, number, seventeen artist point like fun, I'm I would fall to chair back flip like oh, my god, I'm so sorry, but I think that my grandma just died and he's like I'm pretty sure. I saw neurons room your grandma's already dead at my giving she died again. I gotta go back what George came back to haunt us energy package? Will you please but again he's a gorgeous? So whenever athletes I'm late you're running, I didn't hear that he's a jewel yeah because he's gonna When I go, whereas any goes. Oh, it's it's on this block Oh my god, I'm stupid
like all making send somebody sensory go upstairs and he has exposed bread and if you know me, you know that if you ve exposed break, I will fuck you we're ready to fight. I need a five year literally naked. He turned round by allowing sorry not expose wrecked, I mean they can make a means and expose my baby. Let's go a little its back on the brave people. Then he like, went in for the cap. But he did in this fuck boyish way where he may make eye contact before I go fund kisses like make. I can't I, although, like wolves, learning ninety hand thing I don't know, there's a growl yeah, but then he picked me up. Oh fuck and he's tall and EAST lady, and I know
felt like a little dainty flower. Oh my god relate to thy love being picked up, as you can tell sometimes, when a guy picks nobody can handle it anyway. I know not fat but like I feel as though I you know it already, I'm sturdier literally and then you wanna be like you wanna, given the outbreak, NATO, you can put me down, but when the man can pick you up and you literally feel like yours toe bag. You like this fits right. I'm like his qichen, his and he tosses me on the couch and he continues kissing me and then he paused not my shirt and he goes hullo one second, and this is like Sunday at eight p m like Football Sunday. Ok look! So it comes back lorries, his head and snore. It's a line of cocaine. My tattoo shop Alex this is Sunday date. This is shark tank. Watching time we going to see MR wonderful tell some twelve year old that her granola recipe shit. Like I said I want to do on Sunday. I don't need a dude, snorting cocaine off my tit after he tell me the party. I immediately lake like
I chose economic and I are not. China do so immediately we're like what just happened. Then he goes. Oh, it was so bad. I just want on dominate guts Sk Dusty and should search turning and then he goes on. I will show you something so this book, a car movie shit where you're like don't walk the walk toward you're going to die and unlike his tall, let's go so I'm following him: into this kind. Like writing my nails during the story, unlike nervous for you hold out a box full of lake chains, thought Whipstock, Hancock unease this is what I'm gonna do nobody you and I go Jack fucking, please, get the fuck out. I'm the only you know what I mean died again now have to drive us dead, rendezvous aids, crazy. She keeps coming back that it holds video hd Gloria. I you know, I they keep you back to life now. What do we? What the fuck did you? So I just I'm too. This is hard when you're like a tour caustic person to suddenly go serious by what I need you, friend I'm so sorry I gotta go. I left
when those things we were like. I've really hope is guide us in tax me, like, I hope, the he's How we could he gay literally and some people might have been into that- I'm not saying he was like a psycho, but like I was, gimme a vibe know, and you had never hung out before and he had literally told you he doesn't party and involves and he's doing, a line off your head and then you're gonna like so, are you a couples, wire Erlich? Why the fucker, in especially it we'd better one thing if you had been lucky, I party, because maybe you have gone revive our environment, a party let's go barriers that you don't lose like. I do what, in his brain his fuck a brain is called professional athletes. E T brain, you know bitterly codes. You know me girls, he brings there and then they're. Just like he's a professional athletes dinner the fuck. You know I literally children to me he's like doing that to me and I like to convey our shared by you tonight will now not end of story, Norfolk. Next, AIDS Monday, I go to the office back in those days. Turn on my computer. Nine, a m, and I got a text from him fuck I open it up and it's a porn website, and this guy clearly has no idea like accurate things
to do at the right time so either immediately looking around. I believe, unlike what the fuck ten minutes later, he text Jenny goes sorry wrong. Person wheaten Oh no! This is someone that just like literally mentally, like not there now not weep I and unjust, I'm trying to think of what I would have done situation like maybe those who draw my instagram story, because I like someone just live in this with me like live in this nightmare. What is wrong. No doubt is why dont date, football players stomach their brain damage, and I mean I know, that's so mean he's definitely brain damage that I'm and I wanted to raise awareness that all these girls, really I wanna fuck a professional, maybe what a little monsters- and some of them are even I couldn't do bad so like So what kind of like? What are we doing here? That's the worst, when you really so excited fuck, em and then you're like who let you do there's no way Are you so bad at fucking know literally
some of them. I like cause he's good. Looking guys are these profession, I think I've never had a girl look at them. Go honey, honey around and I didn't come. That's why Maybe some of these, like financed, rose unhinge. We can consider dude, I'm not kidding you like with ILO average. I agree with you. I ve Cecily grab. My brain are now it's gonna. Take me a minute You're gonna end with two or three anyway, so have fun in the meantime and do shit for the story. That's what I was thinking just really put Ivan out there. If you had cast yes stay up in the charts. That's just seems really normal to me, but I think that your experience that is how you ve been speech, nor have Have we gone too long? I dont know What time is it for thirty? We killed the Hannah
the last word I thank you very much for coming on. I literally I'm so happy thy feeling this when buying a second chance you I think we could keep talking for our nose, but maybe he'll date, this forty four zero men, maybe an ip post. Your parents know yeah today my dad just jokes he's like heavy. Is by pressure like what you do is wheelchair hung out. You gotta just keep an eye on him. Had islands is curfew, toys to play with all my ground because how much older than twenty? for six green. Ok, I actually think that's a good age. Let's go they're like him. I die early and, unlike while being an independent honour of his estate. If we, then we loved, I, like all his fucking money, everything he's worth, take it yet Hannah I love you. I love you. I read one go listen to her podcast plug yourself. What your and our ally Instagram is being burns, BT, iron G, p, r and d and then and then twitter to than burning and how's my mental comedy package. I love that Alex on eyeing Deaf when you too, to there is a lot
we have to delve into oh yeah and watch summerhouse on. Bravo, I'm not kidding you like its addicting guys. I've been shit like I went through all quarantine, ended all forces and five seasons for more foresees and end. It's fucking meeting its really got. Thank you. So much farther love. You guys. And a last word from your father, Daddy gang to haul, silent sufferers go fuck yourselves there will be no questions of hell. No, not cash, not fuckin. Happen this week, guys there's no questions of the week this week because we ran out of time but Hannah She stayed in the studio, and I convinced do questions of the weak with me. So I will be giving you are answers to a bunch of your questions at, and of next week's episode, so silent suffers. You can relax, take a deep breath, but I will becoming fer, you knacks fucking,.
I also have a shit ten of updates coming your fucking way. I have a little surprise, I'm going on a little trip and there's a lot happening so stay tuned for next week, Daddy gang it's getting his fucking wild, it's always walking wild here. I love you guys, you know the fucking drill. I will see you fucker is next week.
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