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90- I'm Going to LA...

2020-07-28 | 🔗

Alex is going to LA for a business trip..../ potential date?! This week, Father Cooper reveals that she might for the first time be mixing business with pleasure. But is convinced it is worth it...lol. A man in entertainment and not an athlete?? We love to see it. She also discusses what is means when your boyfriend tells you to block a girl on social media *BIG RED FLAG* Also this week, HANNAH IS BACK. The episode continues the interview with Hannah Berner. They talk Hinge, the horrors of dating comedians, and answer Daddy Gang's questions in Questionz of ZEWEEK!!! Enjoy daddies :)

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gotta go in for another episode of call her daddy. I am in a great fucking mood today. Oh I'm, in a good one. I am in such a mood because there is nor drama highlight, but it's good drama. I found another man why Alex ok last week told you guys but I was in love with a man for a very long time. Yes, this is the truth. Ok bye, I do you also I'm not ready for a fucking relationship, so I'm dating and I'm gonna continue today and I think in the long run that will bode well. If the relationship with met the man is meant to be, then maybe it will be, but for now I need to day he's not ready to be an relationship.
Me either sore both enjoying our time K. So, who is the new man Alex? What's going on, tell us the truth, Daddy gang? I have a story for you so the other day I have a shit ton of meetings like back to back zoom calls and I'm in the groove have gone through a couple meetings and then my last meeting, the day. I look at my email and they tell me that they are going to be fifteen minutes late. So, unlike ok, great take a water break struck it's the legs a little. You know get the crap sow. Sing crannies, an ass You sit there, I fifteen minutes to kill and, unlike what the fuck should I do so like the mother, fucking business woman, I am I take too, go, and I search who the fuck is going to be on. This call with me at the time,
I was wearing a baggy t shirt not to queue and sexual looking. Why would I want to look sexual services, meaning exactly. Then then, I guess, called the main man that it is going to be on this call going to be a few, but the main one try, Google, his name just for shit. Single goals is wondering what this fellow is gonna. Look like in my mind. I was picturing. May A fifty year old man probably married couple kids, I put his name to Google. This man is not fifty, this man is gorgeous and in his thirty's and a fucking dream and I'm like. Oh my fucking
god I gotta go change. I literally rip my t shirt off Daddy Gang ICE wherein into my closet I put on my biggest padded bra and I put on this. Like super white type, t that makes my tits Le Jain and I get right beeper. My date, I mean I business meeting my day, my slash business meeting day. Okay, so I see he's beautiful. We get on the zoom call and he is looking bright and tie and right- and I am like I am so in love with you- I'm trying to keep it together. You know how and zoom call there's like a bunch of everyone. Hazard little square when he was in the upper right. Ok, let's just say the upper left that man got no love Arabs staring at this man square the entire time. I have no idea what the other people were. Staying on the call. I have no idea who haven fucking looked like not a clue. I was haunt in vain
a focused on my man and the right corner. He was so beautiful and so Chillun swab and I'm just like. I am so obsessive you can you tell me, I'm sorry, I'm just really cited. So this is where the story begins, because I've update that literally just happened an hour ago. Okay, so here we go drum roll fucking, please daddy gang. I am going to allay next week. Actually by the time, I pressed upload on this episode. I will be an ally, I'm going out there to do some in our views to get some fucking content. I went on my dick appointment and now I'm like I want to go somewhere. That will benefit the show, not me to suck my dick, but maybe I have some guest on sectors. Ok, I'm going to allay. That will be great. That's not the point of sparking story. The point of a story is that when I was on this soon call with these men they are based in l, a.
And they asked me if I ever come to allay- and I said a matter of fact- I'm actually coming in a week- you guys- and they said wow gray, while we should have been in person meeting and so ass. You can assume I like this man is no idea. Why is getting on a plane and coming for her, but then, of course, in Alex Cooper Fashion in my life, never going the way its planned, the guy on the columns of being like But what data are you coming? And I say the dates and he's like? Oh shit? Ok, I won't be an allay those dates, but my team. Well, so you can meet them I almost certain bawling my eyes on the comic
ok, yeah I'll catch you around of another time now meet with the rest of the team. Unlike K, then I don't wanna go if you're, not there, so sadness browsing whatever I'm still in love with him. I sold my eye on him we'll meet one day. Ok, daddy gang! Here's, a new update! So this morning I wake up and I check my email. And I have been email from him directly to me. No one else on the team is on this email. It's just me and my little buddy boy, and I I just about shit myself, I'm like oh, my fucking God, I'm pulling up my phone right now. He emails me and he goes, he sat. He says something about work, and then he goes you
coming out to allay or what and I go I'm coming. Are you even going to be there or are you going to be out of town I'll, be there are seven twenty eight to eight four and he goes. Can you come on the twenty seven? I'll take you to a delicious dinner smiley face. It's like my guide, yeah so I'm sitting there and I'm like wholly fucking shit. Do I change my flight, so
get out there a day early and do I take this? Do I take this business dinner, or do I wait to one day find him again and no, I don't think so patch we change the flight, so I sit there and I'm like wholly fucking shit. Let's see how much it is to change a fly. I ask in assistance. She gets it all set up, it's not expensive, and so I message him back and I go adieu. Lish dinner Dada seems like a perfectly good reason to change of flight deal. See you Monday, here's my number now I don't want to get too excited, but I am so fuck you. How excited I am that this is not an awfully. This is a new leaf for me. This is someone in the entertainment industry, ok he's so fucking high and listen up daddy's. You know I'm not exactly one to focus on the Horoscope signs, but, let's just say, being alive,
I'm kind of hard to love and his sign just so happens to be one that is so sympathetic, go and instant patio with a LEO. I genuinely I'm so excited I've, never data to guide. That is his sign and I'm pretty sure it supposed to be the love of my life. So I mean, I know guys just then a good fucking mood, because I mean I know guys just in a good fucking mood because not an athlete his sign points to all the right size and I'm going out there and I'm going first. I fucking get there on a little thing. I like to call a business meeting and, let's just say I am not going to address in business attire and was then I know all of you may be like Alex. You need to protect yourself in B. Be careful, be careful. Mixing business implies
there is not smart, I don't fucking can't know, listen, I know. Is it? I've been to be smart, but at the end of the day I can go to this dinner. Have fun I'm young he's ha. I want to stare at its base and I think for one civility for anything that happens. So I need you guys to do, is just listen breed and support and don't fuckin report meet age are keeping you. Commercial calling out catchy attics swerve off the road. If you wear khakis, raise your hand, ok good. Hopefully, no one in the daddy gang is wearing Khakis, Hopefully, no girls are wearing those pirate boots icy. You there's clinking down to your ankles. I don't think so. Not your own call her daddy. How do we fix that stitch? Fix mother fuckers stitch? Vex is an online personal styling service that delivers your favorite clothing shoes and accessories directly to you. They have brands that you know and love. Once you go on the site, you
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serves dot com, Flash daddy's, dead, specks, dot com, flash daddy, I'm doing like little baby topics this week, because I'd I've Duchesse, there's a lot there's a lot of my brain and there's a lot going on. This won't be too long, but it's important Men and women all around the world's listen up. I've had personal situations of friends coming to me with this situation. And I have also heard Daddy gang right in so I was like- let's just go one thing very fucking, clear, when a man you are dating, I'm just doing man man? This applies due to the woman When a man tells you to block another female
It means that he is fucking, her ok, I recall the same page. Can I move on now? Ok, if you ever get a message from a girl, and she's telling you about your man, and she's telling you that she is fucking, your man. For the most part. If your man sees it and is like, oh, my god like what the fuck she's lying inserts, freaking out and tells you that she is insane and tell You two block her on everything, the color of the flag is Red Ladys, and that is the biggest fucking red flag you can have. He does not want you to have any contact with this person because It is shocking that person so
if you are the girl sitting there being like hey Alex, I got the message from news girl and choose a joy, invoking your boyfriend and then I just don't know what to do, because Brad was like baby. Hocker he's, fucking psycho net. But no Brad we're gonna, have a goddamn sit down with the three of us lie: detectors mother, Fucker Strap in no. But I'm telling you it is a huge fucking red flag when a guy tells you to block a girl on all forms of social media, and I know it Jedi. But I've literally watched it actually and I'm just gonna tell you guys what happened. A friend of mine got a message from a girl and the girl was messaging, her being like hey, I feel so? Should he right now? I had no idea that he had a girlfriend a K. You and I just found out. I saw his facebook and I just
wanted to have the decency to reach out and tell you that I would never have been having relationships relations with him. If I knew that you we're in his life in the way you are- and I am so fucking sorry so, I'm sitting now with my friend watching my friend literally start to believe her boyfriend cause her boyfriend is like that girl is fucking crazy. I hope with her once years ago. That's usually what they do, though, be like better. With years. God or they'll, be like. I don't know her, which is like the funniest one, but if they say it was you where's ago, it means it was literally last night years ago they just have a little brain, fart and he's like years ago as him thirty minutes ago. That's where I was, I didn't go to the grocery store. I was inside her pussy.
I sat with my friend and I was pretty silent and she's like no. This is so crazy, like this girl's out of her mind, look, why would she be doing this and I said, can do? Do you want my opinion and she was of course like what would you think- and I was like so to just get me outta, the gist of what happenings? he's fucking her and I'm gonna walk you through how I know that, and she looked at me and was like what the fucker? Why and I was like- listen to me the fact that your boyfriend is calling her crazy. Her message to you was very fucking respectful and fine. We can say. Maybe she is crazy if you dont message this girl back and just ask her for proof. You're doing here of a disservice to fine, let's pretend you're boyfriends being serious. Ok, let's go down that path together. Ok, so maybe he's telling the truth why the fuck? Wouldn't you just ask this girl for proof and
It's like! Oh, my God, Alex like Ituri being so ridiculous. Like he's telling me, the truth is promising on everything on our relationship she tax the girl back. She asks for proof and the girl literally send screen shots of the day before him, sending Dick picks to her being like. I can't we don't fuck you level, I am I Rand with like TAT, this state aid, but I was also like bitch. How did you not do this from the minute your boyfriend is calling a girl crazy that you ve never heard of why this girl reaching out to you if you further, dumb bitch, that's getting messages from girls that your boyfriend Your husband is fucking someone else. You can try to have loyalty and believe your husband, her boyfriend, but why the fuck? Are you not doing a little investigation, leg litter?
the who what're they called the ACE family, the fucking, you two birds and all that shit when that guy came out and everyone's blaming him of like? Oh, he rape, those girls, wherever I dont know of that story is true, but what I do know for a goddamn fact. One of my friends- has literally fucked the fuckin, a sky and heat it's on that woman. All the time and pretty sure she probably gets buck Indians about all the time and the what the wife is obviously making a decision to like stay with the fucking husband. That's her call, whatever she's out like a family and child that's what you want to do your cup of tea whatever, but if you're in relationship and you're getting messages from girls? I would urge you to just just ask the other woman for proof. That's all just ask that's all that's just the Tipp of the day. When your husband or your significant other, is telling you two blocks. One cause you're, crazy and they're, trying to deny something. Why don't you give the other woman? Just the benefit of the doubt and ask her for proof was the harm in doing that
oh, oh, wait. The harm issue literally finding out the fucking truth that you're with a fuckin loser! Oh oh you don't want to know that. Oh then stop listening to my fucking podcast, that's fucking week show we don't do that here, like a really random social media thought by you have to say on the show, because I can't help myself compulsive, I have to say it I'm not even call up the woman because I think she's going through a hard time in her life right now, so I'm gonna to give her will break but here's my question because I saw this woman doing this the other day on the internet, and I was like what what is it? What is what is that? This is a common thing that I think people, this is normal, but I just want to talk to you guys about like. I don't think this is normal. I think it's fucking stupid. Ok, I saw us mom K, posting her sons, birthday
And she posted a picture of them together. She was like happy birthday, You are the most self lists, so we Harry him, young boy, like I'm, so happier my side yadda yadda, fuckin, yadda, okay, so the kid is literally like a toddler, okay, so to confirm, This kid doesn't have an instagram So my question is Why Why do people post happy birthdays or people that do not have social media now. I may sound a little goringe like but hear me out.
This child has no idea that his mom posted him. Ok to millions of people. The mom is say is sending a message to her child. You are so sweet k, so say you that to him, when you wake up in the morning with your fuckin coffee and no one had in his balloon and the other is the same thing, I don't mean to be an asshole. I promise you know, try me nozzle. When people pay, their grandparents, and you know their grandparents Donovan interim? Why are you hosting your them parents further birth, on your page. Why are you doing not? They can't see it. They literally there. Never gonna see that. Why are you doing not? What are you doing? I dont know I do think it so weird. I think it's weirder for the sun has maybe I'll go up to your grandma big grandma. I wrote your birthday message on Instagram and and no one on my instagram cares but, like I know you don't have Instagram say you don't care, but I just I just because just because
what you needed content like it. I don't know it's fucking stupid and I may just be hidden fucking mood today by no one really cares about your kids birthday. Your kid doesn't have Instagram your kids, not gonna, read that Instagram. So why the fucker? You posting it to make yourself with better nope dont care. You look stupid, guys, high, quick commercial break store. Being your klutz Adam and Eve chairs, you, I you not call her daddy, I'm saying so: you're not living you're, not breathing. If you don't have a vibrator, if you do not own lube at a vibrator, and it's in your little fucking nightstand and you wipe it out and you play with yourself every night. Oh, you don't do that back e k, you're not alive you're, not living, and why are you listening to this? Shall I love you? Everyone needs one need some sex race in their life adamant eve. You know the drill there, the best fucking sponsor here with regard to sex anything sacks, you gotta go to Adam and Eve
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Ok, Daddy's! Are you ready, Hannah's back and we're getting right back into it were discussing dating apps sacks, you know the drill here we are, I speak of men's flirting strategies. Have you been unhinge ever ok? So I actually I downloaded it for one of my siblings and helped him. Ok, him my brother, looking out of it because I had never been unhinge and it was found. Fascinating, because I was making fun of hinge for making you fill out these questions and I was like you- can get very funny with a but people that aren't funny. I'm like your thoughts years. This is my advice for guys. Yes, not say shit like I love good food or I like to travel, You went to Panama City, one, not the sort of like. I know everyone loves. The office of another person is like due to open. Still message me: the office is not a personality tray. Thank you. Thank you
I literally drive a fuck up, the secular do like our feelings office offers of widely accepted comma. Who doesn't like the other teach me anything about who you are? What do you like, breathing oxygen to reaching an I'm all this shit, and I was excited that hinder, might like seize him, his personality, shine. He showed me the inside of guys brains, miscarry. We I was I'm scared. You go unhinge, I don't know what's going on about a Riah, is like I realize guinea artsy dude through Tattoos who, like no bans that you don't know how or pressure happy to wield she'd on yoga, where they re offend more than ordinarily, I will match. I was gonna exposed him. Could I would like in the mood- and I, like matter the professional aptly on purpose. Does he like has his girlfriend all his pictures, and I like went with inscription he's, like literally in pictures with her most recent, and he message
he's ok, what's about like so do I who hooky expose the fucking should I feel like? What are you doing? Those guys and have no fox given like girlfriend is on the Firelight prairie fire you I dare you I'm like when I don't mean to be an asshole, but, like you just match with the girl that has the calling very hard cast why the fuck? Why the fuck would you heart me he's living dangerously is, I will not think hockey, mother fucker, and I don't like that. Some guys, I think are on in them. They just go. I just haven't deleted there right now, I'm like I'll, say I'm like bucket and then hinges just like a lot of fun. And browse who were actually hot. Tell me about dating comedians who has Bucky over Let's go, I met a comedian. And I fell in love with the comedian. Just like see it's all about, like the hang, means like after perform obloquy, maintaining our and just try to like. Maybe to them.
I think. We all know they like the funniest people in America. Why there's something so hot about their minds and how they work? I'm in there and people say media entirely deeply disturbed, ok, which they are, but so many We all deserve, thirdly, with comedians in a lot of them are narcissus in a way that, like it's all about them they walk round all day. Thinking of content of I mean now, describing ourselves, I like weeds about that. I'm ok right in I'm! No, it's ok, we'll lose massively wine growing up whenever there that's only with all these male comedians buckings. Nobody, I get it. In a room, and you are like day you get real Fourthly, because you make people laugh yeah and they don't only need till. I have you laugh at them. They need of America to think there and it's like a never ending chase for them to be funny. However, I've met in the most incredible people will mind, but I too have data comedians who yet like they don't listen to me.
Like like they talk, and they don't listen. I can imagine like today respect what you're doing like what Could I offer you I, when I first started like doing too pizza means it. It wasn't something that he was proud of. You like this is a great stepping so for you- and I want to say one thing to dad again now that I'm on IRAN Jaska that, like I know, we talk about fucking hot guys, famous guys, and you know what we ve done. It yeah most of them are fucking monsters, and I don't know- that's talked about enough dude. That is like the biggest truest fucking statement I always fun to brag polygonal, mainly, I know they're, not a ruin Narcissus nor sociopath narcissistic abuses, fucking real Yoda I'd, like your average dude who, like works incomes, production is normally not is probably the best fucking husband in the world, and they like.
Can I go over here know dude, you you're onto something here, because I recently talked about it in an episode like I love picking, guys that are going to be a challenge for me, I get bored sofa an but that's why I'm very similar to you and we're talking over. We should discuss this park. I, like I, love rectifying man and treating them how they treat us like when they talk We, I don't listen when they talk why do I go you're super annoying, like just turn on them nice. I talk about their height to make them in secure dude that I literally the worst thing to do to turn it on to them, and then you, you feel empowered, but then it's like, but they still empty dude. Ok, I want to kill the slayers backward their first and foremost. I think that's why I've decided, though, that it's ok, it's good to see. There's Eliza talk going on. I know by myself and my therapy enable ourselves can ok. I don't know
but you held her you twenty eight. Ok, I'm twenty five I do not want to get married right now, you shouldn't I know that rain is not fully formed. Fuck now also- so much to fucking. Do I know myself the minute I would get a boyfriend right now. I would want to be single. I just fucking know myself. So why I rather data guy that he's gonna, be like now is it good for me or joy wanted date, someone that's going to constantly form my game and the shit out of my game and I'm going to progress into this amazing person who yeah. I mean yeah another thing: it's kind of fucked up. I love I dont know I like the go, your nailing it because, as someone who's, twenty eight and much older and wiser than you think, I think you your early for your early twentieth, our food we're getting in those toxic. Everyone should be in at least one and I mean should but you're gonna get anyone.
From that you're gonna learn the red flags are gonna, learn how feels like to lose yourself enough to build yourself self back up and then the right do. Oh come and you're going to be so independent on your own cause. You been so worn out by deuce bullshit that you're finally is going to be like this. Is me, I'm exhausted in someone's gonna go way. Then I lie wine, but another. Having a lot of people always sometimes will sit on this pod Caspian like why the fuck do you always wise are always a game. I d always a game, and I also then can turn it around, and I have some friends that have been in like five year people always sometimes will sit on this podcast being like why the fuck do you always wise are always amides are always a game, and I also then can turn it around, and I have some friends that have been in like five year relationships. Our so fucking comfortable and are so miserable, but our like I've been with this person for so long. I do love him. I just wish, like I could take a little bacon, maybe go explore? And it's like think about that thing about that use,
a year and a healthy relationship any so good to any loves you and it's safe, but but you're literally also constantly bitching about how you, like, I just don't know. It's like? Should we break up and like should I go explore a little bit that I almost would think that's the most scary fucking thing to commit to someone stay along relationship and then you're like we ve, put too much sweat equity into it and, like I just there's so many years, I don't want to leave him and then you get married. And that was it. I feel like so many and you wonder what have so much time your early twentyth. How many minutes have you spent either getting a text? I'm your friend or texting from being like what does he mean by that? Do you think he likes me what's going on? I do now cause of riches enough time. Right is if your question, If he likes you or your questioning, you should be in the relationship. That's your fuckin! Our did you go to a psychic
wow you gonna take it should say my comment is gone too many psychics I've been like what's happening and I would really just keep asking questions until you they're. Like yes, you know the answer like to call the whispers when there's a whisper in the back, your head. That's just the true and you can ignore it for a while you're gonna get louder until it. It's like someone screaming in your fucking bay, so I think that I've been kind of like on a rat these past few weeks, trying to tell girls, basically just act like if you fucking, think forest Secondly, you shouldn't be with his person or Odysseus person like you get out. You have that literally that's your answer my god roman- is that you commercial break roman swipes guys have ever heard of this man, Roman he's a greek God, he's known to fuck women, for so long that their vagina, it gets so sore. They can never a whose getting ok guys. You know the drill, roman swipes men,
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our first month of swipes for just five dollars. When you choose a monthly plan again, that's got roman dot com, slash, daddy, trot, roof, hey young! It's time for a little thing. I like to get down and groovy way its little thing. I lacked call ain't, you lack to call and we all locked call, but some of you don't two fuckin! Listen to it, so just press mute bitches about a fucking go off with a little bigger, not to go who is strands about. Why comes mud about the work with
The Y know Ways Jones. The Y know guys questions at the weak baby. I'm read some daddy gain question hell yeah, I'm were keeping Hannah on four questions, because I read a lot from you guys me like. Had the gas stay on so we're gonna, try sending out. Ok, oh that with his body. If your english cases grow goes I'll, be the first to admit, I'm very and secure when I went through I've gone through eating disorders and excessively working out to be just what I thought my boyfriend wanted. I went through so much and it really hurts me that he watches porn. I don't know why I feel, like you just fantasizes, while everyone else but me, and it makes me even more and secure I feel like if he could fuck all of them. He would forget about me and leave. How do I get over this? Also, we ve made so many videos together, and he has plenty to watch of me
be still watches plorn? Thank you, love you. I think you have to think about it from your perspective, like don't you still get turned on by porn right, yes and you're, not like. Oh, I want to marry that guire o Evergreen. I like put yourself in his shoes and like this. Also she needs to get away more confidence in her have where it's like, if you're getting jealous of a girl whose getting paid two hundred bucks to get rammed by random do yeah that'll. So your boyfriend has these guys. I get emotional connection to these days. Europe turned on by a fuckin rang, Gosling, try and be turned on by some kind of girl online. I think that's good advice. I agree. I think you need to get a little bit more secure cousin. The first question is like so wise: he with you yeah he's your boy so. Why is it with you and your saying? He would leave you for these porn stars and it's like no. He would in because, if he could go, Didn't you maybe he's cheating on you? Maybe that's your insecurity billing. If this year insecurity about porn, you don't need to be wary. Every man in America is watching fucking plan and for you to get insecure about
honestly. I gonna hottest girl with the perfect body in the world, her boyfriend's jerk. After point no literally, and I would honestly be happy that he's watching porn and doesn't help we can only fancy colony, subscribing to actual girl that he can like literature. I decided in fuck. Ok also. Maybe you should check that out. Kiev is, I swear to God. I would never be down for my boyfriend having only vans like Have a transaction cried telling them? It's got a lot of guys. Tell me that, like only fair they're fine like the first month, but then it's like they dont have an emotional attachment to the girl. How much of the same pussy do you want to see when you don't care about it? Sure you're, not even a fuckin ever know like unlike porn, is nastier so like. Why not just go for porn. That's interesting, I've done a lot of research on because I think a lot of girls where our turning onto only fans- and I don't you- have to put out a lot more your personality and only fans to make them feel that they get to know you or I could have you just put photos really. How did you know like you literally want to have a girl on that? Has one because I know a lot of girls are interested in India. It I think it's gonna, be a phase I just like
it's out his stomach yeah. I was. I don't do it unless I'm things are really are grill Dark agreed, perfect. Ok, this is interesting. Dear Father Cooper, I dont know. If I subconsciously heard this hung call her daddy, but I haven't. Looking up at this guy, I'm super into after riding him like the daddy I am, he came and I went in the other room to grab a towel. I went to hand him the towel but decided to throw the towel to the side, get on top of him and lick up his come. When I looked up at him, it looked like he had seen a ghost love you thank you. Father ok hold on no no wait whole line. This is the thing. In the heat of Tsar govern with it. That's not I personally wouldn't do that. Maybe we use his own Erasmus me, that's what's it to me.
Hear them. Both men when is dick is pulsating and he's about to come so hot. If you like, gimme a facial, if you swallow his come, if you're like cream, I my pussy, if you're like come all over my ted, you direct that man where to come. One of the hardest things you can do if you're, like a grass about where you want that man come even if he comes all over you and right away, you take some of that and you look it up a hot. However, the fact You asked me and delay and you left to get a towel, and gave him enough time to stare at his seamen and have this post not clarity and be looking at the disgraceful thing he just dead and he's looking down at his belly? I'm assuming its on his stomach where he came and he's like I hate myself right now and then you come over like the demon you are, and you start to slurp his shit up like soup and, like some good, eaten tonight, he's disgusted by you and your part of the posts, not clarity. You can't
now that I am proud of her media. Were living her free hurt, yes lie, and I do think that she should not be bad about out and out. However, you're just saying: if you're gonna do that work, do you Let me due to immediately break after it comes. They are Dick die. They are ass, yet nothing going on bade, you're vagina doesn't turn them on. Take us tat. You could literally put your virginias phase in these cases it out. Please it there don yes, so for you to come back and take he's come a matter. Are very specific about their come in the first place, so I just say in the heat of the moment: fuck aspect, but when you let that shit faster, it's like You leave milk out too long in its discussing. That's how they look at both her his children, his or her children and you're just knew just data on anyone even ask you to do it. No, I think you get a wet way.
I've had it over the towers. These grown men getting like their sh t, shirt and use em like just save your teacher gonna fuck in what way, but I think you also can I just ask: why are you getting the fuck up to get? Have you? Oh, do not what I'm way right required by Miss the whole licking become park. There was a wire you write like we. Why are you getting up its stomach? You lay the folk over. He should get up. You know that a clean become I restarted, alien to Athens, you with nine many times batch. Ok, I would reply orders. How will we get why I wouldn't even know where I am so listen women, I think number one most men, don't even get you a comrade! First ball. If he does, he loves you, but I can vote, never go get a man. Can come right now. We can do it himself, you're being way to Wifey. Ok, how God we all worked up
Well, ok, oh this is a good question. This girl was like opinions on face sitting K my boyfriend has expressed and he wants me to sit on his face, but I'm a thicker woman and getting on top of his face, it's kind of awkward for me any advice about how to do this, so why it's a good quality judge you the question by also just wasted. Probably a little disclaimer like you're. Actually too
see understands it s. A really important think, as I didn't know, that I would like sit on guys labs and they would be like out the fuckin whistle sit on your face. You that's all I got no you're cute, I can handle meals, wins guises, sit on my lab, like you're, not putting all your weight, urine pain, cause, you're kind of lifting yourself out of one of your lives. You're, never comfortable sitting demands lap same share when he's fucking eating you I'll bet you. If you are on his pays, you are lifting yourself up. I usually holdings like the headboard, wherever you are you're, not just like plugging down on his head and eighty, unlike annoying you than ITALY, has no suffocate that break his no absolutely suffocation by Libya. I grew up by I do kind of think like you, you have to hide of like lightly. Greater yourself down and then right when it's on his face like you have to know where you are, and you have to hold yourself up kind of yeah and if you're, if you're insecure about your way. Everything I'm sorry. But it doesn't matter how big Malerba it of the genius of the giant.
And it's gonna be right dead centre. In his eyeballs, so he's gonna go right to pound town in and you don't have to worry about your thighs Orson cellulite or whatever the fuck, your working with that your insecure about dumping, yeah Antonia smack your ass. What do I owe smacking rabbit grab grab some of that whenever we're ok, ok, This is a constant issue. I've dealt with it before with a psycho acts. Ok, I, like pussy, occasional bikini picture Instagram along with other third thirst traps on snapshot and tiktok. However, my boyfriend so pissed at me for doing this and tells me I'm acting like a slut aims olive oil to him, and I do not want attention from guys. I literally do not respond to a single one of them and the only guy ever tax or snapshot with is my boyfriend. I just want to show the world that a page, and I want to show myself off who is in the wrong here. Have you ever had a guy be controlling of your social media? I'm like I'm not that wild unsocial me. Why don't you ok host, I most tweets,
I'm a guy's shut out. Go look at my last week in a bikini eating noodles like I take it, so I get there. It was so I've had man, I'm slimming shady support, like actually he's the one that I every time we break up its literally because I've had enough. I'm like stop telling me what, to post on social. Many of your angry voices. You are not my if, when I start talking slow, that's when you know pitches man did not listen to me. When I speak to you you stupid convert he's like I'm a man like Europe. Can you have a joiner and it's fucking undisguised? Does that is a fucking loser, sir, and I personally I love our guys and I love to see other girls like him yeah. That turns me on to I don't wanna guy that I lock up in a basement. No occasionally talk to you. That's why I literally like I just think men not get upset about Once again, I saw in secure and like they always
the go to like will who're you posting that for myself also be like you clearly can handle girl whose hot right so get out of your language, is get out of your league fine break up with me and then what you're gonna? So what happens when you data how girl right go date? Some girl, who hates haters helmets dared to show real, better turn our backs up. The asshole like go, find one bit not gonna. Be me fucking, clear on the ground. Still, economists, her neck and he'd still have initiating you. Could the tits were to round in that one? I swear to God. I hate me like this: any guy, I got it illegal agree that a guy's gonna see it thinker hot and then looked steal you from him to it so weak dude literally, is it is so in securing it pisses me off so much I posted up. I think it was the picture if you guys remember it was the one where I was like it's my ass in it's like I'm, wearing like these little booty, shorts and bulls on the back, and it was like it was a it was a hit. My butt looks nice. I took a bunch. We got the right one. We posted on the ground. Slim shady called me basically crying being like. I just don't understand,
and like are you trying to get a demands attention, unlike so we're not dating he's, but still a you know, I love you and I'm just like I'm just feeling into coming, so we are not dating he's like this, though play professionally. Yes, he's a fucking. If you like so you're, pathetic they also you're fucking other girls. I literally said when we started this relationship again. I said we both have to understand we're both fucking other people. We both have to be ok with that for this to work. He was like. Ok, I agree- and I said, if you ever say one thing about my social media: this is over he brings it up and, like you are your bet, you are treading lightly. Stop commenting on I fucking social media. What is I have to do with you, you're? Not my boyfriend. Would he actually comin over? Oh, my on my actual put Pia. Oh my god knows we did it. We don't follow tolerance or media.
Now, so it is a very fine line of when men do. That, I think, is the biggest turn off. I can never data guidance. Can I love of little jealous meaning lava? That's like a level of like? Oh you, don't think you're good enough. For me, at your show in secure that you think other men are gonna slide and I'm gonna answer like Nintendo, I'm with you for reason, and if I didn't want to be with you, I wouldn't be with another party or career dude. It's only world are the algorithm asthma. Jeffrey. Sorry, sorry, ok talked Instagram job. You haven't. I show you think what authority or do you show like I posed by tat, and then they go off into the episode its mouth right there. It was being able to see Bach nobody. I agree any girl, that's dealing with theirs. It like think about Doolittle Self Reflection like you're dating a little bitch boy. I love a guy that can get like a little jealous. I like that. I like a little tension, but, like I do, I would want like little just to know that he wants not jealous to feel control controlled yeah, that's that's fucking whack! This is just a comment that I guess we love to to share the wealth. Do you want to
back. Your man, question Mark Daddy Gang leave your air pod airports in his car and track his shit. But what, if you want a music player, speaker left. This is more important than we can you track your airports, I'm I don't replied them a loser Look I'm doing what life, but not that will allow had I hastily games in the same room with you. Why? I think I killed. I hear I hate them. I hate them. I always that I'll break it. No, I lose them all the time and I regret ever having someone get them, but this is interesting. Can in your may, if you can, I don't you know you can track them, which I did accidentally take a man's airports. So probably knows I have them. He's like, should give due in part to like what the fuck yeah. Ok, that's minding is, if you don't trust the guy enough to have two track em, you cannot trust
not to steal your airport and always seriously a y know, that's true! If you can drive off them. Ok, look abrogate left refunding airports are I'm taking them. I will never leave my airports with him, but that's very Trysting, it's good to know who to know. I feel it if you're feeling crazy, like why not yeah? Oh, oh I want to ask, is this is interesting regarding lube high Alex and Daddy Gang, I bet with my boy from for two years. I've always want to have sex with him and usually we kind of finnish quick, because you know we're parents, but sometimes when we go for longer. Longer facts Ash I kind of get dry and it starts to her. After a while. I know you're gonna be like use lube, but how do I bring that up? the boy friend without him thinking, he doesn't make me wet thanks Father, so I have had the situation before and use blamed on birth control. I personally am I pay my birth control them.
Music, so fucking dry. Lately I want to use lube and also you're, not lying. It is hormonal. I feel I agree there are sometimes of the month. We like, I feel like I'm having sex. I will be so I can get so much better, but there are literally times literally just what your body is doing like you're, not gonna, get as well I'm having a full blown orgasm in that very fucking minutes? So if I are you just incorporate lube literally tell him. If he's your boyfriend, if you have a boyfriend, he's could be the closest fucking person to you so bring it up and like babe, I want to use lube like my boy, I'm so fuckin horny, but my vagina is saying otherwise, because of my fine yet happened about you never make about him and like right, I finally, I feel right beloved literally. Could again you don't want him to make like we wisest. Is she not turned our largest Billig? I think takes grown late her to hurt you. I need a little less corruption and other basic gun
a boy, no highly energy using big, oh, oh, I love men are going to go on as they would question the as long as these fucking you, you should be fine. This is me interesting. They put yourself in a situation where you were interrelationship. There's grow goes hi, daddy, loved the pod cast. I was wondering how would you feel about your boyfriend having a bunch of super hot girls, whereas their best friends. I know it comes down to just not being in secure, but before we started dating, he told me he thinks his girlfriends are so hot. There always comment: but each other's pictures imposing together and up to its annoying because we're long different. So of course I worry he's being shady so I initial reactions that is like I. I do not think that if I had a boyfriend- and he had all, Hot girlfriends dns boyfriends, I'm sorry, but like
I know if you are attractive and there is another attractive human being and it's the sex that you're attracted to they are thinking of each other's actually. If this, if your boyfriend has all these hot girlfriend and their that close and your long distance, I personally would like not about it. A wooden work for me. I I'm would consider myself a very chill girlfriend, but for you I understand why you're being in secure, because if you dont fully trust that man, it's kind of like what, Why are they best friends with you yet understand your son, there's like women. We are always right, yeah if it if it feels rob, it smells like a fish and it looks like a fish
so that before I bear me that I bet it's in there and I was sent yesterday and Asia and maybe it off, maybe it often or its yeah, it's a piece of shit and it's a snake. Also, I wouldn't know individual likes situations, unlike you dated her. Why funds, while them have updated her riley? I wanted no cause of yours, a straight you having tons of Ben. Are you? Are you straight away that actually true? I want to know the actual details yeah. I think, especially as your long distance, if you're feeling in sick her about it, especially to their commenting on until those pictures and there. I think that you have every right. Also, why aren't they dating? You will gather something. They know that I dont know. Why haven't you guys data like do you have dead bodies in your base? No letter, no value what's wrong, what's wrong with you like yeah and then are
hey cool with you like our they open that radio. You exist right, there's ways of this working but like it sounds like she's no information and the lack of information is what makes me out. I agree with you the lack of information. It's like you, don't have enough information about these girls in his relationships that second big fat red flag. Ok, oh, I would love to hear from you on this because I think you're vocal, when look with what you want. So this girls, like I, have a problem with this guy. I've been looking up at the sexes good, but he super rough like trying to be hot rough and it Billy and hurting like I can steal this man's teeth when he eats me out and fingers me so hard during foreplay others, the worst I've been trying to do. I'll, be gentle, go slower and sexy ways, but it doesn't seem to help any suggestions. Do that fuckin socks! That's where he that's a fuckin word as when you just have to be like it turns around so much when you're like aggressive with me, but sometimes I love like a lead up where you go really slow
and then we like and then keep doing that and then forget about by Russia and then don't touch me. Never do that again, so slow mo. Ok, god we like I'm so sensitive, my little clannish so sensitive sends you treat it like a little like baby. I can't go through Harlow brain like my little, but, unlike just be very careful with they're gonna, be like ok and if he doesn't get it by then, and you gotta dig him. I'm sorry. Guided, goes in their fuckin jackhammer with the fingers. It's not worth it. That's fucking hurts northerly, did every girl up to that point. Just let him do that. I do. I know oh women, that let that happen and unlike it hurts and I get It's scary and the moment angelic. How do I speak up? How do I say something? I remembered this guy that was fucking professional hockey player. I thought he was the hottest guy was about to hook. Up with this was when I was in college. I lay down on the bed, he sorts fingering me he was going in there like buck. It was the.
Worse thing: I've ever showing you the job, job, job, job job and I was like out and I've been fucking bleeding and I literally didn't have the balls and I was younger. I think my freshman year call it. I was too scared to say I mean it. I'm, like, oh, my god, he's love my life so hot and I never hotel with him again and now he hits me up because he plays in New York and I never interim so like. I know what you do to my pussy in her. You don't trust the guy too, when him like pushing you, and but stuff, it's not always ha dude. It's not also what you could maybe do it if you're a confident badge you could write when he's about to go finger. You be like. I want you to watch me finger myself, and I want you to mimic this and start fucking yourself with your fingers and make eye contact with him and big. Now you do it and see if he can fuckin do it. I agree like
I would also be like slow circles, so certain laws or could have laughed so the right down to the two girls you had to speak of you. I got a new man. No, it's true! It's like I'd almost rather like a new wide and later train workers that social know dude. It's a researcher. I I think it really is something like if it got a job with the right temperament. Think think you don't try to train when these. No, You don't get it out. You don't need that kind of pressure. You need you just relax and enjoy yourself. There's a lot of men out there that can finger you why the fuck are you gonna do under like literally hurting her pussy, a hundred percent. We don't need energy. And if you feel so awkward that you can't even like tell him how you feel it yet, but again it I said what I look when you go slow, who I like, when you tell me, what am I going to grow low harder than stop and that never do yes and then Spock you sound encrypted ahead when you just shut the fuck up legal bags links you think out here following when you put your clothes back on any walk outside, I literally also no seriously. I agree
so Grover adding being vocal is, is the key. Ok in your life to be like, I don't like, and I don't like him. Yeah egg you'd you'd always have to fix things. You told me just sometimes you just never have to answer them again, a never see them again and another one You have that power if it's a free. I think this is air. Oh hey girl, zoning advice me in my acts have been hooking up, except only when his roommate isn't there and she's a girl by the way I met, and hung out with her when me my backs were together, but ever since we ended things, he literally, we will only let me come over when she's at work. What should I think of this? Are they fucking? Is he hiding me? Are they together now they're they're, like kind of getting back together? I think that he's hiding you, I bet he talks
how much shit on your asshole, and I bet that the girl he lives. Where he's like embarrassed to let her know that you're fucking gun into, I think he's hiding you I mean, who knows they could be fuckin to cause us? Oh yeah, I would cause. I was really a super weird, but we only have sex right, we're not around literally when she's out work really were basically planning our schedule. Ransom. That's not in this relationship, so I'm just feeling a little off. Capua conflicts tell maybe if he says like I fell back as I touch it. We ve broken up and I feel it she's gonna judge me and then click ok to work through yeah yeah and have any engine together, and let's have a conversation about that. But the fact that I love a threesome workin ideologies have like a little by little three, some of you like the tab I get in there. I agree. I think I think these situations, if you, if you ve, also dated this guy you're super comfortable him, Bulgaria, why the fuck am I only coming over when Balboa writers who made a hot girl? Yet that's not it s out of how did that even haphazard that happen.
Maybe they are, if I don't make love to have so many questions, I'm so sorry girl, you're, fucked God, damn it. Ok, listen to this hello, single father! Recently I started sleeping with a hot all alpha mother fucker. He has opened my third I'd most adventurous eczema life look on. He actually showed me this podcast and has definitely given me the coop gobbler combo and made me squirt best part. Is he has fulfilled my. I wrote own feel ya, bitches missing a leg. Yes, he takes his prosthetic off to fuck, Who for king hot I wanted to do they fuck you with it. I don't know It seems like something's happening with that leg when he takes it off. I want to ask your opinion about a fantasy. He shared with me about a certain vegetable. Am crazy for being willing and too, ITALY turned on by the idea of him shoving an ear of corn in my pussy and fucking me with it loved the show is the corn
what the council has been or not. Where are we issued he's gonna get sharp she's gonna get fucked in shock at the same time bit. Well, I don't know I'm personally, I'm this. Are there bugs on? This thing? Has it been washed it as it is? You know, sanitize putting corn up your pussy, who knows what the come could be. I personally have never have you ever Never ok, so any cut had been vegetable setting always make sure your sanitize. Clearly, this man is into some kinky shit, which we love, like that's amazing, He's like taken off his leg and linking Mewks Sideways area. Who knows? Maybe he does Parker at the prosthetic? I don't think it's. The only thing you're you're asking me is, if you should feel weird that you're down, for that is always no no you're, not we're if or like being weird,
is the cool thing it is. Eight is go. Have vanilla SEC are your cooling all you got to walk into a room in your fucking party favour you're like so I guess I've gotten fucked by an ear of corn ones. How about you brow pennies, like? Oh, I just I
Use Magnum condoms shut the fuck up, nothing! I used the corn literally you get to flax. I was good loves to understand the. Why behind the right or mile, and why the flagrant did something weird happen to you as a kid with court did you're like mom, make you weren't or right and what is the corn? What symbol is? Is it? Is it the movie of like the corn field? Elam thing happened: a cornfield, yes, I'd love to understand him further and right. I'd know like this psyche behind and I believe you could pretend use or if you did scored on it, then he could eat the corn with square on little dressing. Up in this big left, ok, yeah girl, honestly anytime, you right into collar daddy. What do you expect? No, that's, not what you don't go fuck by that corn and we have no I'm upset now. I wanna hear have invested right back in ok, Daddy gang hi. It's your father, I kind of like we can all agree that Hannah is the text and I fucking love her. I had so much fun doing these efforts,
but whether it also makes me so happy because she- literally lives in New York, I'd like everyone's in fucking allay that makes this type of content. So it is really refreshing, like not only do I have a person to podcast with and come down the street and hop on the fucking. MIKE with me. I also have a new friend which is really exciting, went ahead and I met in the studio we could immediately she's such a fucking cool check, and I am just like happy that you I liked her. I read all of your dns like an actual loser, no life. I can't how bad, but I want to make sure you guys, obviously loved the show and from what I see you guys loved her, so I will definitely be having her back on it. Because she's gonna go quarantine. I think for on summer house the show so I'm excited, maybe we'll have her back on and she can explain to us what the fuck it was like being locked in a house for six weeks with a bunch of people and alcohol and camera crews, I'd try
We can imagine, although I think, owed Thriven that environment. I do also we like them named. It may be better for me to just be alone with my microphone all right. He ain't got. Is it for this week, I'm so fucking excited for me to tell you guys about my la trip. I really think. Sometimes I sound like a giddy good old girl going on these days by it really what my life is right now I just have to go day and get content and it helps a lot when the content is literally someone that I'm like panting over. So I mixed I will keep you guys, updated Ibis shit and a people that I'm gonna have on that. I have set up an ally and I've tried to pick really kind of people like Hannah that I just like things are going to be really good with the Daddy Union. Can act and again I just wanted to like say thank you guys for being patient with me. I know this format is different: every fucking weak, it's like K Alex,
like what are we listening to you? But I hope you guys can here, I'm really trying to make sure the show is the best that can be, and that means just trying a bunch of different shit and seeing if it hits, and by hits I mean if the Daddy gang Fuckin by I'm. So I love you guys so much I'll try to post a couple snaps of the man dinners you guys can catch a look. Getting you going to. He me want hear this episode. If you guys want go, follow me on Instagram is Alexander Coop. Sometimes I posed nudes on there. I don't know I'm Oh call her daddy and I think I'm going to hopefully be uploading part. Two of my apartment, tour blog. I have a new apartment in New York City and I've uploading not to Youtube so go follow my Youtube, Daddy gang you psycho fucking savages get after it this week.
And get after at this humpty go humping dick, go ride your own clay, whatever you're into just go fucking. Do it that's what I'll be doing in our this week, all right Howdy Gang. You know the fucking drill. I will see you fuckers last day.
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