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This week, we begin the episode STILL in the fucking Hamptons. You thought things couldn’t get any wilder from last week? Oh, you thought wrong…get ready to meet the neighbors. Once Father Cooper finally makes it to Chicago she changes the pace up a bit and sits down with Lauren to discuss some therapist approved dating advice. Big Al and Lar chat about blocking, second dates, deciding what your type is and so much more. But of course, Chicago couldn’t come to a close without one wild night out. Father Cooper finally has her debut on stage and delivers an impromptu performance. Last, but surely not least, Big Al meets up with the daddy gang in Chicago for a LIVE questions of the week. Buckle up, because this episode is filled with surprises.

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Before we get into this week's episode Daddy Gang. You know the drill, no dad left behind. Okay- and this is the last week that I'm gonna basically be telling you this because next week I am officially only going to be found. on Spotify, Daddy gang start listening to call her daddy and your other favour podcast, but call her daddy. Only on Spotify, it's free, you just simply download the free Not if I up you sign up for free, You search call her daddy press follow and from now on out call her daddy only on Spotify starting next week on Wednesday July, twenty first.
What is up Daddygang? It is your founding Father Alex Cooper with call her daddy, thank God we're fucking back baby. What the fuck is up daddy doing. It is your founding father. four. Episode of call her daddy. You know It sounds almost like a broken record at this point, but once again I am sitting here before all of you happy to be here. Can live. Okay. I no what I did. I don't know what kind of fuckin karma I fucked with, but he's, got a hit out for me. Ok Sadie, gang the plan was to start this episode in Chicago Chicago. I love you, but that's not the case and that's not reality. I'm about to take you back to life.
last Tuesday night You guys remember lard and I had just uploaded the Hamptons episode and the two of us Tuesday, we're about to sit down and watch a movie and then a storm started raging thunder evening pouring rain wind. And then the power went out, which meant the wifi went out, which then men We had absolutely no self service because our house was nowhere near town. So an order for us have service on that trip. We had to either. be in our home on wifi or when we laughed wheat, fifteen minutes to get service. Once we hit town.
So, on that stormy, Tuesday night we had no car, we couldn't colony number. We were trapped in our home alive and in the pitch black in a house completely made of windows with no currents surrounded by woods and for other. houses and unable to contact anyone and we were freaking, the fuck out.
now now. Why requires screwdriver do not go down report come over here, let's just bucking dude. I thought how I hate this of us about ok, hello, high, We, however, is whether we have lost fucking power. Yeah able to put the issue of Karen give. I we ve gone through fucking shit. Where we haven't had power, we have no fucking service. We are in the middle of the Hamptons no service. no power, no car, he had no car and we have no way to fucking communicate with any one right now and our houses previously thought yeah giant windows everywhere in
no career always said last. Only last week I told you guys guys like those guys across and they can see into our house now answered creepy. We never met these men and there was a bunch of younger deeds. Now, there's like older dude, I'm assuming they have one got. There was one younger. I don't even though the situation there is men across from us, there's four houses drowning our house right now and it is getting pitch black rate. like this. This started right when it was getting dark. We have one candle in this land turn them. They did no fucking food, also cool, so larders sitting you're freaking the fuck out because we're off cigarette yeah. This is literally what movies start. I now think you thunderstorms out. Power goes out, and I and I want it like you know, self serving the neighbours are discussing. Looking
yeah. I wouldn't not carefully just lost power and the good of all yeah, and I would like to see my boyfriend like hey, everything's girder, like hey like. Can you tell us what the fuck do you got to learn only crack cracked, it just cracking just be like there's a man
What do you know why readings we still feel like? I wish we were able to say he was like high on your neighbor across the street outside the neighbours on the house knows across the street with matters neighbours of the people. Motor, have no, we have no weak. There have been men across history that we caught ITALY that are not just the latter end of ok. There are men that we ve seen, but their whole entire house is covered by like trees, and he was like because when the Czech, like did you absolute power like? Are you? Ok? What do you mean? Did you lose power? You can enjoy your house there's no light on. You can literally see in our house. Tat was no that's fucking, weird, it's like he like. Why
What do you think it's like you wanted to come over here because he's like confirming that one there to rules alone here do you should have been like? I feel we should have said something like stupid. Like oh, like a hold on, I think my boyfriend is calling. We should have liked act like a guy was here something I don't want to stay here tonight. Rival arena do or why we walk the walk out. I've been high, update worn, and I just we ve, been city. Well, I'm fuckin thirty minutes, maybe Lauren and I decided to barricade the house compare for battle to proved. We are officially losing a jack, it's not it's like funny, but it's! No! It's not funny bits. Bunny! Do you know where you're like deliriously lead? We can't
We are in built with aids better. It's like a defence mechanisms better to laugh about our death and cry about our impending day ass. So we took bedsheets. my bags. We know that we're gonna bunker down in your room. You dont need my room anymore and were we just took duct tape, and now we have completely hung up all the sheet over the windows, which is making me feel a little bit better, yet little less aggregating. Why? Yes, aim like that that you have a sliding glass door? I think you're you're, I figure yet my members to dollar rooms, you think it just like knocked out in her fuck. You say the man yeah, I think we'll get embedding cuddle. They wish those ourselves out with Lego, L sleep? Then we will be alert if they come to be alert, I'd rather be fucking out tonight,
good morning Alec Speed the bad idea. The idea is not say, did not worry Daddy gay. I am sure we all use, like Lord will know we were walking up to. I am because the power came back to answer all the light like jolted us away, you like war, and why you like, leaving on it tat I had to Why can't I woke up you? I am and aims laying there would be no. You are already on the child to weigh up the use Nick you gotta before that I didn't covered the other than I would have refers, affords us rail and be very clear. I don't just like p the bad it's only like every month. I do not give me a mountain means are acknowledged these, but I don't be too bad. I that after I was I was
Who fifty feet and I kept hearing noises stop? I was hearing looking says and I gave you ve happening elsewhere, serene I kept like in my sleep. Having night cares, you know how you think, a manager and because of obviously Hopkins care we were, I was so fucking terrify. I thought I keep hearing noises and in my dreams I was then literally having nightmares about our actual situation, and then I realized I woke up provisionally paying with large in the middle of hearing. I realized, I woke up even more scared, and then I didn't know to do so. I wanted to their men, I've used all the town at the end of our trip, so the only thing left with a towel and I walked up to my side of the bed. I didn't, or else you wasn't even bother to put on clean up into world flung off the floor.
Maybe get on top of tat. I Why are we really come because I was just congratulated. I the Hague, rip off leaving the hand anything we left our mark here. You left your my list. I'm only like ready to get like soil like fifty dollars. Like they're gonna blame you little soiled into our matters. I pay my parents could buy him tat. I really think I we are packing up the next time you guys are here from us. I will show recruited I will be supporting the rush, underwear and diverted he's here and we will or leaving the hamptons we destroyed they obtained and then the last night destroyed as Goodbye New York. I love you pay me. The fucking break by profit. Hey: hey, hey baby, we're in Fucking Chicago. If the old gray, I feel better, I like the virus
a little bit more repeat here, yeah, I actually really like the vibe. I've been being in a hotel is making me feel safe. We have a door man, obviously the hotel and were world People can change that. She had often aren't I'm cutting off your microphone. We me alone as an ipod gas. I am looking good today. stunning, I put rush anywhere on earth, is the right way to go and dies I'm to get drunk tonight. We are going to issue nobody. Nobody. Nobody also inform you that I don't. I don't think that I only there's anything with nobody yet is anyways aware it's good cause we're staying at nobody. We're going to dinner at noblest maxim opportunity to get really fucked up. We undertake the elevator, like three flights now needs to be perfect,
see we're gonna get ready for that soon and we will check back in hopefully, tomorrow morning of law, wholesomely, I get a shocker a finger, the region at no roof. We ve been watching sex life, the show oh and Warner Fucking warrant we keep like next, which other watching this only looking over each other. Like I we're ready to get back to my boyfriend is getting disgusting messages either. Where did this compromise I am working around like worn. Why revoke getting really horny ok, get out of the bad news, is lying in bed together. We're watching porn, basically literally, ok, we're gonna get ready for dinner and we will keep a guy's update on how our night goes. Daddy Yang Chicago that again I will see you home good morning
morning morning we have our voices and me. I have sort of coming. It always is banned in the morning the morning, Daddy Gang voices and dignity in tat yeah we do. We did we really pretty good last night. I think, because I live here and I have like friends years. Look I don't want to. I grew my reputation. Oh, why right right, The alarm was like hey: let's not burnt down fully so the first thing we figure be Shelby, Tilby, chill lack yea. So, let's let left I'm even reach. Oh yeah, millimeter, killing a shower and then we'll get up. ok. I'm showered, I'm screw hovered observed clean, I'm lying on the couch m lot, watching larn open some guy. old fish, she's reclining she's, looking sack seen Edward just I'm actually not even hung over.
I want to watch Harry Potter and let's catch up, talk to me, big layer. Oh, how about this? Here's the fuck Update of the morning larn- and I both had therapy yesterday made it. We made a baby. We did not cancel We usually like debrief our therapy sessions together. No, it's more like hey like I know you have there. If you wanna talk about it like I'm, an open, sound brought like open, sound board for you, I hope you're good, yes and so, and then there are sometimes we're like. Oh I want to talk about. This are getting. This is interesting, so Lauren was like this morning. She was like hey like I was thinking about my therapy session and, like there's a lot of really entered, things that came from it like. I was a lighter one for me. Yes, there yo and user guide. You want talk about it like. I think it's interesting. I make sure like do you wanna to podcast out and she was like totally. I think it's like really relatable, so barn takeaway.
Their positions, excusing advice. Yesterday, ok, I'm ready, as I have no idea yet. I'm running you guys in on this we're doing another girl toxic meant were sitting on the cow. Yes, he altruism in this area, so I started my therapy session by telling you look so intent rain. I dont like staring into disorder me why you're so I started my therapy session by telling my therapist that I had made plans to see my axe. He last minute cancelled and I'll Julius, and I am the blocking him and lignite hold it out? I was like a hook, I feel embarrassed even saying, like I'm twenty six year old, wait: six years old, my block someone classic there what you think she said. Why are you married? I love it and we try to think about my there with and I was like. I don't know. I get feels like image or to block someone that, like I like that, I need that heart of abandoned treated like not talk them are like push them away, and just I don't know, I think that's like a thing that happened sometimes look when you're with someone in your lives or so entangled. Sometimes you need like that,
clean break, ok cool like making me feel guilty about like blocking somewhere and lesson number one like don't feel guilty about blogger guiding. If you have to do that, you have to do that. You dot reminded me when you, you also said like being embarrassed, saying it remember what I used to say about my therapist like I would lie I therefore pay asks. I was abating. Emma human gonna tell my therapist that I was gonna go meet up with my axe and then I blocked him. Yes, and then you were like we. Why? Wouldn't you tell him Why wouldn't you tell your therapy that- and it's like- I have always said this if anyone's in therapy? Like I don't know, I think because, like you still no matter, even if you're in therapy, you still have this want just like any one in the world like to promote it? Yeah presented certain Y yeah and then you're like we. I'm paying this person to literally listen to my issues and be non judgmental and to give me advice about it what you couldn't. I can only give you advice if they're getting the whole picture like they're, only an end like they can give you the floor. I said you're given them like a skewed version of the true exactly so it's like that was another thing
took me a while to learn like you, need a lady or therapists like there are literally they need the whole truth and they're not there did not easy to justice agenda, but yeah wiping one is. Actually that like make me feel better like I've. Definitely it's also hard for me sometimes to block people cause, I'm so fascinate exotic want to know what they're gonna say so sometimes it's like. I should then have the strength to be more mature to block. Why do I care what that persons can aside in and say, if you're really down with it, then block them speaking Alex string that something else my therapist said she was like, I think, based on your past and like you feeling out of control growing up in kind of like not being a control. I think for you. That was your sense of like reclaiming power and like feeling and control the situation like hey like now, I'm stepping, unlike you kind of democratic control and you cancelled on me, and I now
something like red, claiming that control, which is something she was like you might have needed in that moment, based on like your past wows with a blocking was way larger than unlike want, is being like a petty bitch, yet it who are more so being like. No, you don't have the control la yeah fully in controlled my life, and I am the last decision as I was buying them right add I was like checking and like obsessing over. What does he do you make in the car? I had ass war and we were like. Finally, let cartoon whirling, both coughing sorry now learn thick. We were both. We were there. We were in the. Are on the way home from land is when the hamptons- and I was like, I wonder, like I've godlike, the weather was so shitting Hamptons. I wonder where it was like, like what was a weather like for your export
red and you're like IRAN, the whole time and also why accept one for the July, a pen the ring cleared- and I was really good, Lauren issues like I know how bad I was literally stalking that much I was looking at whether so I can imagine that really like yeah, it's raining on his brave I now so. Ok, that makes sense, like maybe the sense of blocking has more to do with, like an actual all sense of power, yeah yeah, but whenever it means to someone yeah, that's what it represents, but you don't. She was like you realize, like that. It's gonna come with ripper, coupled with repercussions right like wigwam like what and should like war. If you had a friendship and now he's bootleg, you ve blocked him he's gonna go to text you unreal, maybe maybe where I love your eggs and I go to tax to imbue like with your gun, blocked and like she's, a block it. She also sad like blocking, can be temporary, like maybe you block him for three months to kind of like get that
leaders like clear space Tafurs reminds call Turkey like and Syria, or at least not long ago, shut somehow by you saying what you're there possessing it's almost making me feel better. Also that, like maybe blocking, isn't that immature like a thing as a whole different thing- and here I want to talk about my thesis on- goes ok yeah. We could talk about ghosting, but like blocking, maybe is actually I would go as far again. Its situation over, like maybe a blot blocking, is a mature thing and then you could do for. I think I did this for myself yeah. Yes, my initial reaction was being a petty bitch. Yes, we heard you guess, I'm an idea which I know that things will have every time. You know I have every now and again now, I'm looking. I think it is more of a meeting that I didn't like the way that I was feeling after that situation.
Okey that actually makes we failed utterly. Anyone listening like, I think we're actually changing the entire thought process around blocking. I don't think we should so quickly jump to associate blocking someone as something that's immature and please don't get me wrong like it is absolutely immature if you like, it's your boyfriend and you're in the middle of a conversation, and you just like block him like no, you need to have that conversation. You need to be mature, not just block them, but if it some situation where you have that final conversations and everything is supposed to be wrapped up either you can't stop reaching out or they can't stop reaching out. That's where blurs lines and make things more difficult and may be blocking is the answer and that's the healthiest way to go about it so blocking in this case it can be good at times it situational. So then, like you, I know I've had a lot of talk about unfair. If you like this
for the first time we really talked up my relationship and that european, like, while yet wild, somewhat ok legal issues like diamond this, like, let's start like unpacking like my relationship. Let's start unpacking like my future dating history like houses. Gonna like affects my future dating history yeah I was like. Do you think I'm gonna be like the classic girl with like daddy issues and like it sounds like a joke, but I like am. I like she was like what you like. What have you got it in your attracted to, and I like. I think I want someone like older and very stable, but, like that sounds like I want like dad. Why I'm like? Do you think that, like I'm looking for something I never I like. I never had that stability growing up and I never have the guys at least I've always taken care of everyone that I've never been taken care of in my life and like and like and like his project that look for the wrong person based on something like I miss when I was growing up. Dude I make staring at a light therapy session. For me, we
Yeah, I'm always like jewels Laurens, like my therapist willing, literally go like an hour and a half with me, I'm like what the fuck the fifty minutes. How should I know she goes over me every time, that's fascinating yeah and she was like hold up. She was like one thing. I want to caution you with and I think caution anyone like when you're like evaluating your date. The choice is, or your past relationships its shoes. I don't do so in a judgmental manner. It's already good that, like you, value waiting yourselves? We commit yourself with judgment like you, don't need to judge yourself enough. People already judge you, as is lower in the fact that you have that inside in dating already is amazing, and I think that just highlights the or that you know yours. This applies to everyone, the more that you know yourself. A k, a going through therapy you're, then gonna be able to go through your dating experiences and able to discern whether you're like ok, I'm I pursuing this person because they got a great personnel.
can I buy with them, or are you literally going after someone like into their personality and the trades about them, because its fulfilling something that you have been dealt with from your past, because that is where you pick someone in it's fucked up and it's not right. I also just respect you long like being openly. I think a lot of people would don't wanna go I've, daddy, just like the fact that you're being introspective enough to just like tell me Joe, I do I have already asked, but she was like. I think something really really great, that anyone should do when there's engaging as make a list of negotiable and non negotiable real? What is something that you need a partner and what is something you just cannot tolerate, and I think we have both. I know. That's me You both have one of the same, like this person has to have it. What is it P S eyes like. I think I need someone who is in have you been in therapy or is opened a therapy and is like what is willing to at least work on themselves, and she was like well. Why do you think you also in Therapy
here we go over. I know why did you say cause she's like you have to keep like deeper and deeper. What is theirs represent and they keep driving. You look to the core of like what essence of a person. Are you looking for and I was like, I think out. I want all the emotional intelligence like that, something very important to me and I, like I want sit down and like have a conversation, I I think like to make conversation is more important to me than physical touch. I agree like to me: you need to be able to like almost like fuck my find yeah fuck me yeah the ass, so many asked Amelia had a conversation waits or did you come to a conclusion of what your type is using smart? You can we? you told me that I had no. No, we can save many women's cut it out and tending about I know, you're, not an asshole learn, I think you're. So I came to her and I was like why am I like an education, snob yeah? I, like ever mandating Avenue Silicon Ivy League like ice like left, immediately, don't even read anything
Oh she shook me. You are not. She said why you like hold up, take a walk with me. How old are you when you apply to college? Oh, what sixteen seventeen so you're sixteen or seventeen, what a huge factor if you can in the college money dear parents, work in your parents afford to send you so she's like learn your judging people vision Sabre making when they were sixteen and seventeen, how much money their parents have you? Like all my friends, I go to Ivy League schools, a Joker, Ivy League schools is half There are legacy or bought their way in which
Let us turn next conversation, which I thought was like a profound point she was like. I don't want you to get caught up in that kind of stuff. I like, I think we will forget like to be in the moment like on their first year. Your first initial reaction on our first date is to try to make the person like you like trying to like to prove to them that they should pick you like that, like hey, like I'm worth your time, but when you are trying to get so like you you're not in the moment, are not attuned to how you're feeling in this person's presence, as a cool you, just rock my world, damn that makes me think and kind of makes like put a mere up to my face a little bit because I do remember like I used to date and I would go on first dates and be so excited for first stage, which I know a lot more.
Likewise, I don't get. I used to get excited, but it was only because I felt like I was playing not like a character, but I like knew exactly the lines I was going to say and I would go off of like whatever they liked. I would pretend alike, and I would pretend to be interested in and I was appeasing all their wants and their needs and their interests, and I wasn't even like being myself and then I will remember I would like go home and they were texting Afterdeck. I had the best time and I beg. I knew I knew what I was doing but, like I didn't even how enjoy myself. They do know anything really about me and it was like. Why was I doing that now? Obviously, through therapy and girt, like just being more mature and older, I get it. It was fun. It was for a purpose. I was pretending to be someone that I wasn't just for the game of courting in getting this person and make like getting that high of like I'll. They want me like idea now that I'm older, I am sitting here and I'm like. Ok, listen. I will not. I will never take back.
If you are someone, that's in college right now, and you want to fuck in day the captain of the Fucking football team or the goddamn guy, and though the hockey team and you're fake, it till you make it a little bit like pretend you're fuckin interested in what he sang because socially, it's gonna work for you. I will now what my therapist said: she's like when you're in college is like a popularity, think yes, like you're yacht in College, Lorens, okay! So that's why I'm saying like daddy going if you're still in the like, legit worldwide in high school, like it life different? Yet when you're in colleges differently, you have all these shared interests in the world like when you're in real world like out of college like it's, not you don't have that stuff, I'm ok! That makes sense, because get for social gain like gonna try to date, someone ended Obviously you'll break up if it is not meant to be by those, decisions I use to make were so yeah fur like status or for my favours lily was
its popularity, candidate or younger you girl up, hopefully rise, lay like a longer popularity contests, like moodily over and over week. What we kept saying was dating is hard and, while is like, but she was like you should look at dating as experience, I get to know yourself, better social good point, DIA dude, you two fucking good there. Oh, I'm not even done Hey me so much more wisdom. We. I agree, though, anyone in the dating game, especially, I think, coming out of this ban timing. Of course, love hawk girl, someone everything, but I also do get like. There are people that are coming out of this pandemic and they aren't just looking for hook up culture now. Another thing we talked about like maybe for the first time now I'm feet like in regard, so I think what you like like feeling like that biological clock like yeah Chicago I'm, the only one of my friends who single do it like that pressure, like, should I like be like trying to like date more seriously, should I be looking for someone know
no guys to you learn and everyone listening dating is not linear and its. Also. Everyone has a different path. Like you just got out of huge break up, no shit, you are looking around and people are in relationships, but they may have been single for so long. You haven't been, and it's not that you need to be single. If you find the right person, that's amazing, but people get way too caught up. comparing themselves to what others are doing specifically when your friends are all on the same page, you gotta, do it, right for you, and I think you and I have talked about right now. You need to focus on you and then your other
and then your friends. Clearly, there are two different stage in their life and then like we got onto the top like second date for some like I feel like I'm like really critical and like harsh, with like second d, just like I'm waiting for that moment, I think a lot of people do like, and we have this assumption that, like you, should see stars on the first day at my therapist laughed in my face when I said that she's sweetie yeah, she was like honestly like eyes. If you see stars and you become a fat infatuated on the first day, that's dangerous, because you're gonna immediately put up blinders because aiming this person is like an idiot ignore so many red flags, and then you really get five months enemy like buck, I'm in deep and now these things that I dont like shit, so she was like a jubilee unless the first day is a complete wash rear like yellow my gosh. The shit shows you like. I urge you to give the second date wow yeah. Ok and oh my gosh, you know you go, yeah like wow. I feel like I'm in their possession right now, so
She used the term roster. She are you really deal as an accord? I know just tell me, like I think, in regard to giving people second date she was like in doing so. You also need to have a roster think what you like. You Alex allows you're like ours. Are you might that what's Y yeah cause you like one? I think you can get these blinders on in these like seeing stars too fast regret tunnel vision, and if you have more than one person two to three people, you can compare it's any comparison. Do I feel mark as indicating you're always putting yourself first? Do I feel better in this person's presence or this person's presence, and it gives you like its haste, use like you, gotta get like a taste, you gotta build your list negotiable and non negotiable and, like it was hard me to sit there and thick like in the moment. What are
negotiable. What are my nonnegotiable so, like you learn those through experience so through dating multiple people? Maybe you'll get something like. Oh, I love that one. You like that guy hadn't really want that. That's a member at my list and like what are your non negotiable. I definitely no one of my main ones that I learned through pass relationship was like. I can not be with someone TAT has a temper. I I was literally up this same exacting it triggers me like a gig writers, me too, like something I talked about in therapy like it triggers mean to the point where I shut. Down, and I can't converse like I can't speak like I literally em like I shut down mine- is that so interesting as I could I go for you is the opposite. Where like- and I know from my own shed and like my dynamic growing up mine, is I get to a level that I dont like with myself
someone. If my partner has a tempo you'll match their, I will match it and I will I will shut down. You will manage ass so that what other non negotiable? What is another one for you? That's a non negotiable. I said republican or we can put them in the podcast. I can not. Taken before you make I'm following you: aren't I you can follow. This is fascinating. I now daddy make you're, me, I wouldn't have your lives and maybe I'll get some more things out to my less ya, like the last like big things like left me with, she was like, I think, the biggest thing you need for like soup on and they keep in the back of your head, and I think the
you're more reliable aspect of this is like evaluating. Not just your pass relationship like like romantic relationships, put all relationships in your life, because all relationships are gonna have some type of similarity, some type of like cohesion Ike, as is the right word she's like Shiva hot, valid, the relationship I had in my name in job creation. Should I had my family, the relationship we have with my past boyfriend slacken all those relationships they weren't great, but you stuck in their way too long and, like you, ve, been better than you that, like you're good at weathering like bad storms and like I know exactly what like danced to dance like what stones to step on two like move around two like be fine and a bad thing and she's like. I think it into know that, because I think moving forward You wouldn't get out of that relationship that quick enough. So I think that the fact that far walk is probably the falcon food. We do. You were just having a man man wow well,
Lauren is going to the food but to wrap this up, cause we're about to eat breakfast and then we're gonna go on a trolley. If you guys where the other week we were like we going on a trolley and we will be wearing Shin guards because it's called a shindig any to coercion guard on your fucking shin, but to wrap them. by kind of him, like ah deftly inspired. Thank you are in, and I feel like I'm now also going to take this into my next therapy session. Now, it's time to ramp it back the fuck up time to drink time, to have fun and time to take the shit out of anyone's shades that don't you this trolley with a pair of fuckin shit guards, see around town, Daddy's will be cool, will be crews and ensure in the morning
morning good morning. There's a man next me again, a man who lost his voice law now lost her voice. Do I need to go back I'll leave please. Last night I wanna be so clear. learn I left here to go on a trolley and we were like we're just gonna go on the trolley for three hours,
We're gonna come home and we're gonna watch like Harry Potter into a little marathon running a dude we're gonna eat. Some, like cats, were food wearing like cattle and relax because we have the live event today. What are you guys think happened? What do you think happened? Larn and I got off that trolley after Laurens Vagina and size were wrapped around a man's head as she's straddled him and was on the trolley bobbin and hop and honest fuckin shoulders that meets extra care. How can you imagine where, like then, we accidentally took shrewd again hell? We then get off the trolley and we go to this bar and everyone's out. This bar and law in our light, were like now.
there are not enough, and so we leave the group, and so we're like, let's go and find the most pop in bar. There is an let's try to get in, zoos are running through the streets of Chicago, and LO and behold we find this one bar that looks pretty great. A really long line, and so what do you think I do? We take we paid again and we go and we go by a drink, something comes over me that I'm feeling so ready to re like I was on a different tailed and learn you at first for good you're like oh, should we go home and I was like not enough and I start plotting, I'm like who is going on that stage. Ivory wrapper know he was a country singer Iraqi left. They fuck me hey country, knew there was a country singer come
onstage and whose name was Scott? All of a sudden? Can I open a little too much liquid Kurds and like can I please open first car and introduce Scott so there we are. So I look at large and I say Lauren oh just so you're just so you're onboard you're, coming on page with alarm, looks down at her soon guard sites teetering a fine line of black out at this learns like what I like you I bought going up there. I need you to at least be standing there for like a moral support like I'm not going up on the stage, but I have not planned people prep four months to even like intro likes this table show me: I've got going up there alone, so Lauren,
videos. You save me on that stays from that ninety judged to be bored zooming in on your foot. Casing guards were why is learn onstage with Jean Short sneakers and shame guards, and so, I just start going, I'm just an honestly. It was so dough because Daddy Game was just like hype. The fuck up there, like I barely needed cessation of room, was just like it. If I can move we d like a ten second chug together, I obviously gave a nice shout out to the Gluck, lock nine thousand, and then we we left and we manager drove us throw it was so fucking fun.
and dumb, and it was amazing, so shouted the daddy gave. You literally made it so easy to go up there. You guys we're just like boffin and screaming, and I was obsessed with you and are so you all now ass a start and we all strap throw tonight. Ok, I'm about to do something that I have never done in the history of call her daddy. I'm about to do a live questions of the fucking weak baby and the people that are asking the questions. Are you daddy gang? The daddy gang of Chicago is meeting me at a secret pop up that I put together at
it's called luminaries. It's an eye, conic deep dish, a pizza place into cargo. They were amazing, they're, giving us a secret room. Absurd amount, adapting I'm damning right now they answered a question on the internet correctly, I'm damning them. They are gonna, get a code word when you think the Fuckin code word is its Henry. Of course you got to the security guard, you say Henry they let you into a private room and there I will be doing alive questions of the weak with you, let's fox the girl, ok, so I'm sitting here editing the pod cast an eye we need to take a little disclaimer doing my first alive in person, pod cast note to self the dad, gang and I were so fucking out of control So loud moving forward, podcasting equipment is not going to cut it, we're going to need stadium What I mean by that guy's is I'm listening to the hood
of the live show. It is so who how'd screaming. So I apologize, I am so happy honestly with how it went- and I wish you could have all been there in person, but now in hindsight, real thing that you guys like listening in your airports. I apologize for the noise. I tried to salvage the the questions that sound more like a podcast rather than an actual live chanting cons so the daddy's that were there with me, you guys literally, were the finest of time, and I wish everyone listening could have been there, but for every one of us losing the podcast I tried I saved. I was able to salvage some of the audio and I hope that we don't hurry your ears just now. Oh! It was a great fucking time. The idea, the was there and dumb stadium equipment is on. Is it May Amazon? cart just hang in there and
Turn your audio down a little bit name, we got high. Ok, what's your name, diva boyfriend, yes you dear! I don't that's my question now give me the t, so I bought my boy for years desire, I wanna up and leave my life go to Chicago right now they want my boyfriend, whether anything, we're doing long distance. Ok by one I like spice it up, I want to be a nasty It's time you strike being buried interrelated I want him to come here and like beyond his little leash. You'll want to combat. We love Billina, like here, is already trying to come every weekend he like, you feel at ease billing and secure because he Irving you're as he is he's like a little bit like way. I want to be a part of the day we these I live here. He's like this is amazing. Boozy awesome. I want that, while this, for you were hard to have a conversation with him that you're moving now he's
are supportive of you can actually really healthier suit. I was about to say I really do feel scare given our year. No now, if I relationship know soon the advice of like how to space it up while he's away and then, when he comes in how to play yeah. Ok, my number one thing that I will tell you that I've been doing recently, which is like fucking nasty, but I like it I've done all I've done The South Ladys so like the classic, like which I think sometimes girls, get freaked out. I think guys, like obviously the classic, when you send him your underwear and like Santa dirty tax to with a friendly. I write it down, but let's LE wrap it up a little bit. I recently have been watching porn and I will
literally tell him a specific time code of at porn clip is it's too much on ok, but I like it is a way to get. I read a messenger big. Is this my girlfriend like yeah yeah, ok, yeah, yeah yeah can be like I'm thinking about you right now and I'm watching this and I'm like masturbating, and I literally want to do this when you come here, you're almost like combining being away something good for you, but set a time code when there is like a really hot position during like the porn while there are in Don T or like its sucking some a girl like a hawk sucking deck and you're like I want to do this. You or I want you to do this to me, sent in the time code of the porn and then have him watch it and then start dirty talking while he's watching the poorhouse yeah. are you from how old are you I'm I'm from Michigan originally but live in Chicago twenty? Three, almost twenty four tv boyfriend. I do have a boyfriend actually he's moving long distance. Ok, so we
What is your claim? My question is: what would you suggest for people who want to space of their sex life, but our on antidepressants? that suppressor sex drive like I'm in the best mental phase of my wife, yeah like that, like in Tanzania modes, just really now, let's drive and he gets that totally understands abortive. He does not push me are anything but, like I said, to have cycling by my body is just like. I know we're like worse. Oh com or sonar ages. I mean I M the happy I've been on a right by like the one thing that is affecting and he doesn't even care, but it's just like I feel way now, I'm twenty four I'm not really having sex as much as I used to, and it's like, I should be in another, so shut, but I know I get it also cause you're saying like you want to address. You feel your body. Is it I'm telling you I know its, not air and like he doesn't want to push me because he's a great guy Don't I know you want to come on to me and then get turned down when I'm just really not in the mood. So we kind of her in this site imbalance of Ike Sometimes I want him to come on to me.
let me in the moon- and you should be doing this, but then I like, then he doesn't want to get too
the ways over in right, weird like well now. The first thing that makes me happy for you is like the fact that you're saying you have a partner that is like so onboard gas with your situation. What comes to mind? Is I never want to speak from experience idiotic, bent on antidepressants. I've had friends, though, and I think it's like my suggestion would be finding things that would put you in an environmental like mood. That again is elevating. The happiness is elevating the romance between use, like maybe you set up like a really really cosy night, where you're, like you got all this, like good food, you got a movie night. You are lighting candles until it's almost like the environment is like acting up that you're saying your lacking as you're, almost like giving yourself like sensory things around you that make you feel sexy, like maybe go shopping that day, it's all about like every step of the day and again you may make, but we I thought I wanted to do it tonight, I'm not in the mood great you can
Might the candle the next young? It's not like it's like one and done like it's almost like put not put pressure on yourself but put moments that allow you to like feel sexy, feel romantic feel connected and then maybe, and even if it doesn't happen that night right then reduced cuddling overhanging going on inside and yet and it's like a little bit more foreplay towards you eventually wanting to do it. I also think I heard you saying, like there's nights, I don't want him to come on. Two weeks, I don't want him to feel like rejected, but then there are some moments work. When I do want to command me. I think it sounds like you ve really open communication. Yes, you could even say like hey, it's a call.
You'd like a code word, but like I've been there before. That's actually a great idea code word so it doesn't go. I have to come on a hammer yeah, it's kind of idea. I like say, like Otto Bamboo, I may have my way you're exhausted away by DAS, because, like you want to still have that like courting thing and like you want to feel right on you yeah, it's gotta be he's like we'll. How am I supposed to know you? I think a code word. What should the code word be Ok, ok, you're, like Papaya, we I feel like it should be something that's not like own awkward like you lately bacon, unlike needs to be something that's like. Almost two budgetary and it could be something that's what yeah yeah. Oh you haven t. Yet the mood
who does nice or oil like that will lie like the moon is now I kind of like this mood is nice and you are almost saying like now, not a weird thing, if I can say he's talking to black, like any gets the queue. Yes, perfect, yeah. Ok, I love you on my website ok! So I'm a little nervous, sticky situation. How now, when I bus freinds was standing up in a wedding and she was a maid of honor in the bus man and her started going on to its end. you know, whatever so she comes to me like later on, like they've, been together for like a month and then so she's like. Oh, my god, let me show you on my instagram like right: will you tell me, is Instagram going to creep so I'm keeping his tagged photos off of Tagged. Photos are with a girl that used to be security in college, so then I creep her. They ve been dating for two years in an apartment and have a dog together.
So not only easy dating. What am I try? the day when my boss, Randy's, also currently dating for over a year ago, on my story. I don't know I like that, by when you came up really. This girl's got some fairly. I way of FARC, ok, you're, the wedding I wasn't there. She was my thus runs stood up in the morning. She regarded of honour and he knew it Man and then they started dating after that there is an ongoing on dates whatever and she had no clue until I was creeping out like way. I reckon we and on the girls page, are there all couple pay sure yeah authority yeah, but she's private, sell the other girl couldn't see. So I followed her issues in my sorority. Ok, What is your questions? I have so many things happening here. I don't wanna go about their. I almost billing do hang out with the one was a maid of honor alot. Yes, you let us round the girl. My story, I don't like to talk to any more. Do you have that your best sort? You have the teller yeah right?
About as beyond on Instagram back. Oh my god look at this girl from my old sorority. We isn't that true. whenever a name is. Tired, sir ground, with her boyfriend. I know I get it like to be real, unlike more sensitive, I'm sure that moment, you're like a fucking tact and you're like yeah. I was about to say first of all, like spa, I think this would like Lauren and- and I have just ass- she starts dating a guy what you're out of date. Anyone here we are now? I did I buy it this happen. I think you literally genuinely cause. I think she will be more her if she knows you are sitting on this in didn't tell her. I think you should literally the next time you were with her, be like high cater whatever her name. Is it ok,
I'm gonna, be really honest with you. I was just peruse in the ground and came across this girl for my sorority and I need you to see her her profile and just hand her the phone made out the girl. My sorted, I tell her fuck the girl you're sorority for a minute story because we could yield here in a minute like it and she's not doing anything wrong either. You first have to take care of your immediate best brand, because this is gonna, be like fucking awful for her to hear you can't you can't take care of them both right away, like you're talking to the emperor but hey my run, is dating your boy ran and, like maybe don't blow it up. It was slow play with this thing, like a dress like who your closest to hear and see her reaction was, then I think once you guys talk is maybe she's like I'm just never gonna talk to this dude again here, then you could turn around India and the girl from your seller or, if she's, like
I wanna, go catch this mother fucker in the act that actually get in the car and then you're like a fact. But I know that where that, like the girl in the sorority, maybe you'll give her a heads up that you're conspiring to ruin his life and ask if she wants to be a part of it. So I think you're only go hey your psycho. Sorry, my wheels are turning on my. I really just think it always like it's. You have loyalty to your best friend, not that I'm not saying you goin to do the other girl, yes girls than literally nothing wrong. It's just. I think it's always better to address something had on and not try to like move all the pieces, all at once like see what she says, kind of take her lead on it. I've seen. Friendships get fucked up because its approach and a wrong way like I've literally lost a friend, because I told her boy from cheating on issues like no he's not. I hate you. What am I
what I do. I don't worry about your boyfriend. What do I have it? I have no skin in the game. I was telling you but girls. I think it's hard, it's because it's embarrassing feeling and then you work from like a different place when you're, embarrassing, Uk Offensive definitely should just be loving, its hand or your phone vague design and likes it. There is like trying to outdo I slowly, man, ok Bob, we thought we were losing our jobs because ugly about your name just so that we really can. We were, like I and drinking I've been out about it. You cannot have indeed bender along in someone I think, ten days at this point, tell me what's going on your life, our relationship is happening. I am, I feel like I'm like the opposite of everybody else were like I've, never been in a real relationship okay and have only been in a whole phase.
Now that I'm in a really serious relationship- or it's like we both have said like you know where to hunt- will probably be getting like we're like each other's dino person, which is so fucking cheesy. No, it's not it's cute. I kind of I'm going through an identity crisis where I'm like. Well, I'm in a relationship like what can I do I can I not do like am I become boring like a my hanging out with my friends enough, like it just feels so weird, and then I don't have like that freedom of just like you would have thought you was, and I feel we the good thing like we? How long have you guys been dating five months, while ok, we and you. I know you want to get married minute, but we both of leg and it's going amazing. Yes, really God. But yours like a fully like I actually and Burma who the fuck am. I
You re right, you guys is great but like what the fuck? Yes, ok, I actually think that's really normal. Everybody is always wondering like when you're single you're, like I want to be in a relationship unless you're in you're a situation where you like. I want every single mainly but like once you're single for a while you like, aren't I want it we're human beings. Naturally, we want to connect with another human being now natural. We aren't like simply for wanting to have a fuckin boyfriend or a girlfriend, that's normal. I think, though, now than when you get into it, I've had that we're like then, once you are in a relationship and were in our twenties were still in that weird phase of like watching the single friends. But then I'm like talking alarming and large. We now all my friends are relationships and amusing, one like it so much that we can never win.
every woman you're in relation to probably like I'm so happy, but I also want to be over there doing like ho girl share and it's like there is never a. There is never going to be a moment. I feel like until we're like hitting that peak of, like once all our friends are now married with fucking children. In the meantime, before your friends get knocked out, what we can do to mitigate the damage is, I think you have to find like a balance, because you don't you're gonna do sorry to like he all of it. If you fully like, I am housewife, hear me move like sitting the couch every night like girl? You can still be how we like listen. I've said it's my boyfriend like that there are some, maybe adults, you get so like innocent. We were don't wait when you're out with your girls, like a bible wing woman too large and I'm not gonna, be like. I have a boy from please do not look at me.
yeah. Well, I'm goin, I'm like talking to the guys in it that I get my fixed from that of like going out with my single friends. Don't look at your single friends like you, don't want to hang out with him is now you're in a relationship, and you feel like the odd man I'll use. It is like they give you that so I hope still you like, like and still how it up a little bit here and I'm gonna go and I'm in a talk to the guys that they're talking to you to salve like sector deck Iranian. We can cut, we can cut the line to yourselves, loyal, nobbing, faithful you're, so getting a little bit of that whole moment like go out at all, just totally actually like physically hold here just mentioned that yeah wiser once you gonna relationship. All these guys like come are the fuckin would work in her. Like a madman s, ear and relationship like, are you free? I knowing? Where were you? But again, I always think about this long term short term cool. To have the attention the moment up. Do you wanna be sitting with that? Guy how'd, you do, you think, would be the connect exactly how it up
just not physically. You still haven't a new tagline knows media To be honest, I very pressured now all out, as you heard I'd like all of you, also by the way have been so amazing. They opened up and such like an amazing way, and I tell you that you have been so vulnerable and I really respect you guys for that, and I hope that You can feel my ass personal, but I think I will reach the male crowd o me. So well that has taken a damper on all of us and stuff like that, so our all getting out and go out again, but the elegance been neglected in the podcast. Your opinion still stand true of no khakis
my guide MIKE. It's crazy, like someone in person like staring at me asking. Why can I not where cocky I've ever since twenty nine zero Tunisians, I threw them all the girls? I have another. Basically, it's I feel like for maximum opportunity eating gotta dig why it's not defer woman adapted, pulled out a cow, like we don't like I'm. The cat, like a lily, kills bootlegger thing. You're buzz. Word should not be like bacon like when I'm like a man of so horny in that, unlike Margo ii- it something and listen. Maybe your fine, I don't know it, give us something sentimental about khakis you out here.
Hence I found my shades of black and blue hats. Honest. We two men listening, it's nothing personal, I'm always trying to maximize like you, you getting factor. You have a good time. Are you looking your bath and I just that no man has ever walked into a room and I've been like goddamn This may wearing parking cards like it. It's true and I just it is they real would then save. It argues for the culture of happiness of blocking out he's ever. Ok, let's hear we're a long story short came, so this guy unhinge. I am like danger on mother's going, and and we taxes rob. I never met him again. Had my right
so go in and I was like okay. This is getting too much. So just stops texting him. We never met. So I was like whenever his profile as average it was high time and then me, my friend whence you dinner one day, and I was like all I should like eyes: I'll fucking heart like that to meet him. That's my man! until then he you haven't talked to us very little, and I was like I think, is I guess his name. I there are other. His name was name that I thought it was hardly how the fuck do. I know this person and unheeded introduced himself and then went back to save his athwart friends. So then we are like ok now we need to go to his tables to keep talking. So we I too has able and all we're friends we're like do you realize that you are the one who go see him like a couple months ago, and I was like it was the hinge guy. Don't look anything like his profile. It clearly looked similar. We buy highway Lego hot in person. I think it was like a fire
ten unhinge but like a loving out its hand like in Paris and- and I was like- What is this guy doing, whereas I like me, and you can tell him I was off use. I gathers birds like I can't tighter. So then you should have been like blood, I know you are not a good salesmen. I know like I know so we talked for like a week after that then he goes to me so you're, like a guy, were now we're talking again. We went on three days now, but we're getting to the point. This is the case. I'm trying to ask so now I, like I received this whole time. There has been like tension of like me like him, Him like me above all, right now, we're like actually gonna dates, but now that I actually really like him. How do you about legato unjust, fuck him look like I've had a whole face like I've been there. We have. As I see it, we ve done other things, but I am still biologists
like not like I'm not really read it, has what how do I casually go about like hooking up not going there, though without seems like I don't wanna go like. I want to buy arms like you're, trying to slow play, yeah yeah you're, not looking out there's like he's just like another foggy, I and other dude you I like literally one year. If we make this more yes exactly, I think that's great. I think I always with guys like that. I think, like you, like you, said you're doing other things. Yazzi like been acting like he's like Are we having sex? No, not really, but you can, like. You just feel the tension when you were like hooking up in fact that I was like how do you casually be like? ok nigh idea. You can. I think you can play the relationship and I think you can use it and you can joke about it. Like I don't know, like. I don't want to get ghosts it again, yeah yeah, let's feel the mood. Does she always like? I think that guy's got insecure when you're, not that we o them anything like this is why I am not having sex with you, but guys when you just keep pulling away after
the fingers when there are long- and I don't like- why are we looking out at everything, but I think you have to light, I showed you say it before. You start like hooking up making. Oh, I think you eyes sometimes do it when you're making Lickety hooking up beyond the couch like it may be getting hot narrowly and then will you can tell he's trying to do more, kindly push him down and like lightly be laughingly like I'm. Just not ready for that, like I'm, just too nervous are gonna, goes media and make a kind of like a game then that almost can linger longer here and then obviously you're probably gonna want eventually have sat yeah, oh yeah yeah. I get we're saying you wanna, like gate like have a little time where you do so. I need not joke at the relationship, not in an so emasculating way, but ya know more of like a playful like old. I don't know yet like flirty jailing, yeah down, I don't know, what's happening
we can. I don't want to get goes. Did a fingers enough go back to making our young men you'll, feel that you're, like being playful, but also your leaving it open for the future me ass, like being careful and then they get a little nervous gillig. Wait. Why? But you're still on top of them, and then you can continue to make out within a you're giving vibes I made was that still not just the shell young and then a guy's, an egg okey doke, and if anything that is making like want you more love that thinking I love you. I love you so much for having I'll. Never forget this. Why Oh, ok, daddy, gay, not only is this episode coming to an end, sadly, but the world tore it actually, her coming to an end. Lord staring at me he's a please let it come to an end were putting the world took on pause, and that is the best thing for my liver best thing from high relationship, I'm flying back to allay my boyfriend's. back to allay I'm going to be reunited with him Henry
a couple. Inner views in allay that I'm very excited too of reveal to you and then the next trip that is on the world. Tore list is either Carbo or, and this is the big ship- Bang Bang. This is the big bang. I think I'm getting a big group of my friends and we will be going for my birthday. In August on me on a p j, two fucking very guess, Daddy mother, bog, Daddy mother, fucking gang. I will see you fuckers. Wednesday, again only on Spotify were officially exclusive next week.
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