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BONUS EP - Meet Biznasty And His Uncircumcised Dick

2018-12-25 | 🔗

Biznasty talks squirters, flaps, and gets offended when the Daddy Girl's ask him to get naked in the studio. Enjoy!  


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Do you call him daddy. Do I go hurt daddy haul, her daddy, okay, daddy's? It is Alex and Sofia back at it again happy day after Christmas. This is such a sad ties. It's always a little bit sad, the day after Kurt, it's just a little anticlimactic, because it's like we lead up to all of that on and then you get your presence from San Daddy, daddy and now it's over, but we have God Damn new year's to look forward to thank the Lord, yes um, Yeah, so if you and I are going somewhere a little tropical to get our tan on, but this episode is going to be a little bit shorter because well sophia- and I are unfortunately she's in Utah, I'm in Pennsylvania right now, but we have we,
something we do have a little something a little more. I know you don't say is is nasty, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don't know what biz nasty means, because I know a lot of our call her daddy audiences, not even from bar stool, so biz nasty. Is this guy's nickname his real name is Paul Bissonnette. He has these spin checklists podcast. That is one of our biggest shows here are still raise, so what we were lucky enough to it down with him yeah shot with him. You will hear the interview. I think he was a little nervous. We had an amazing collaborate. There is some, you know uncomfortable moments, great moments. We laugh we cried we got naked, as you guys know, call her daddy. We are very specific podcast guys made. A lot of people can hang with the daddy gang. I think Paul did a great job. We're going to play the clip for you guys, 'cause, it's been so highly requested enjoy sit back relax.
Here is our interview all right, daddy game. We have a visitor, it's Paul Bissonette, that's a beautiful name, sir, for this podcast, so you don't get it absolutely so, today you're just going to be big daddy just on brand for us. So why do you think people think that we should collaborate like what was it.
Because I have a bit of the history. Okay, when I played I was pretty vocal about what was going on the back the behind the scenes. Okay, I talk. I told the story on our podcast. That was a little aggressive. I just have to be. We are you that I I do work with an NHL team and right anyone listening. I don't you know when I when I speak, I speak for myself. I don't speak for the team yeah and I I think, they're well aware that of of the things that have gone on in my life in the embrace they embrace me for who I am, but they also like you, know, you're, you can't be nice. No, I think that's hardcore adult this may get hardcore. Can we ask if this story was the house of no return? I I've told that, on on the the spin check, let's podcast long story short, we had a when I'm going to this place called Pussycat lounge. I ran into an old girl that I used to hook up with.
And brief brief, we had a conversation. Then, five minutes later some beautiful woman come strolling over and tops in the solar water girl. I don't wanna sound shallow. The hottest broad you ever see. Another one was a track that this one was like what okay? Why is a strange woman coming up to me like? Maybe she could feel the energy coming off or table, because really, I can guys out we're celebrating. Obviously we look like athletes and she went right to it. She said: hey, I'm such a such as friend like what you doing after and I'm like. Oh, like probably just going home and she's like no. Are you come over to our place? We have like stripper poles, sex toys, love that, like just like right into yeah, I was like holy soul. We had a drive in this place and and over and it took forever. It was like an hour away and it.
It was aggressive, there's like techno music plants. There was other girls that were not at the bar that were out the house like weeding love. It things escalated. Okay, there was like the orgies yeah like I I'm heterosexual, I don't I don't mess with guys. I don't know if it's for your guy any like guys, I don't care right at whatever you know very liberal when it comes to sexual mind set right and it escalated through the night, and the last thing that ended up happening was. I was on this big leopard print bean bag chair and the guy who was like, I would say, a common log. Slash married to the girl who came up the smoke show well, he was getting a blow job on the other side of this huge bean bag chair- and I was on this side by someone else, and the wife says he dan- is that okay and and I kind of overheard that and- and he said whatever makes you have.
And she came over and like gave the other one the shoulder to happen, I could I could feel his eyes in the back of my head, though, while she was informing and- and it may be, very uncomfortable, it did okay, I mean I I don't know he he's might be saying that I would assume just to keep her happy because you don't like it did not to sound shallow, but she was like a ten,
Right, well maybe he wasn't the task. What could you about like how kolding, like guys, think it's hard to watch like their girl, another guy in front of them like to think that was a situation or maybe you know why. I think I think that it was it was he gets to have his cake and eat it too. Okay, she wanted a piece of mine action and- and it was like you all like you get enough- I do enough for you now it's my right and where I didn't want to hurt him to feel like. Oh, my wife wants to do that right out of me. That makes me uncomfortable because you know I'm I'm not a mean person yeah. Well, you lose it that that was kind of awkward getting a blow job yeah other guys girl. I could see that yeah a blow job from another guy yeah. I was right, I was gonna say, were you uncomfortable, because I think there are some guys I wouldn't give a. But like you were kinda hello, that's about it! Yeah! I didn't last very long. I didn't got, I think, the or in the room had kind of change and every everyone was a little uncomfortable by okay. You didn't last long, you last longer really fast.
You can say hardly ever know it like a like kind of like how it was very good. So I couldn't tell her to stop writing that she finally realized he wasn't totally down with it yeah so that it was back to the switch okay. That's a great story I'll we we've we for God, the ritual. When call her daddy, had a guest on you have to it. Can you can you please pull your dick out yeah. I don't like waiting time. And I mean it's: it's not aesthetically pleasing when it off is it? Was this a segway tour, my foreskin, you wanted this fucking sad guys this guy. I know I'm so honest to God. I'm so fucking excited to talk to you. The only reason not just kidding. That's not the only reason you're here, but Before I have never seen an uncircumcised dick unless I've googled it- and so the reason you're here is because of you rejected purposes, you can just flash it. You know I'm going to No yeah? I I just know it's not it's! Not it's
cool she's kidding, she's kidding, she's kidding everybody get naked and without your cock in front of check when it was soft. Isn't that will throw up some porn? okay. So I I actually had a buddy who did the what's the ESPN, body magazine, okay, yeah! They pose naked hill, Joffrey Lupul he's a fucking handsome guy's name he's a handsome fella and- and I was like damn it. If I went to that, I'm one hundred pop it one hundred popping Cialis before I go. I need at least some blood need at there. Some these guys, like their cousin, yeah, sure a little chilly like I'm fucking, I'm a grower, not a show. I got all the good that I love that yeah, that's great to know. I'm going to carry around all day. Just when I need it's a go, go gadget deck! I it's like it's, not it's! It's like an average okay, it's a month! No! I love that. So the
Can I have some questions for you, one just. Ok, the uncircumcised thing, Canadians typically don't get circumcise more so than than maybe Americans. Ok 'cause. I have a lot of friends who are not circumcised and I've heard it's better sexual pleasure for the guy word for the girl. I don't know, I don't think the girl would really even be able to tell so is the Joker make french tickler and stuff, and my Jesus Christ so we have a lot of people right in obviously mixed reviews. I've joked when I was younger and immature and like I wouldn't know what to do with that thing, but I have a chew for you like with bubble gum? That's what I figure. That's usually what I do to a turkey right right right, just a little bit extra meat, so so
have you ever gotten a reaction from a girl being like what it? What do I do with that? I've been with a couple girls, that they say that I'm the first person I've ever been with who has not been circumcised? Okay, do you like to walk them through it? It's it's no different like work when it gets hard it just kinda like rolls back. Okay, some p, I I mean there's different types right I mean some people have longer than others. What about so? Okay, China flock, let's just scare you if they're like super long. No, no! No, I'm! I don't I I don't know, I don't really discriminate liked all shapes and sizes. I don't beautiful yeah so like if there is, if you guys had big lips or is that like yeah, I mean? Is it frowned upon of the female community? She's got huge lapses like they were born with huge lips like who cares like that yeah get surgery to trim off right, yeah, so many girls right in that are really embarrassed and secure about that that I know okay well, because some guys are do
six and they're like holy, like she's got like roast beef and I'm like I don't know, I don't know why guys are into you. I know some guys are obviously more into like the hot dog bun thing that you see in porn, which is totally like the humble brag that you don't have a. I am working with the hot numbers. Getting let me look up some questions. Have you, ladies listening and you have like beef curtains or roast beef? Don't be embarrassed, that's great yourself. My aunt says guys: fucking love it's like x for me right. She, okay, I love your own. Can I ask you:
how often are you girls that have our likes quarters? I've? All right. I mean I've had a few in my day, the dom I've never dated one. Okay, we've had girls. Sometimes that say like they literally try not to come in like square, sometimes because they're still embarrassed about it. What do you know what I mean guys? I I v as you can see a marine barracks, the boat yeah. I think I could see why some girls may yeah. I mean they also might be having sex with a guy and squirting in front of him. That has never experience that or even seen that way out of it now with the internet these days, that's maybe a little bit on likely the right ever at least heard or seen it so well, there is there's a girl in Vancouver And- and you know, she's she's been with a lot of guys in and she has a nickname call. The super soaker okay die. She acts
has a one bedroom apartment, but in the living room she has a Murphy bed and on the Murphy bed is where it won't gas likely to she's like the female batman like right, like Wilford comes out, he's got the towel and I love. That means at least at least she white. Oh god, that's good. Do you have like a certain type like you have a
type of girl or I don't discriminate all. I know you don't discriminate, but like is there a girl, like you know that you're, like more into like? Do you like a certain color hair? Do you like it? My last girlfriend was a blonde okay. I don't know like what kind of girl do you go for like at a bar like personality, wise all man, I'm thirty three. Now, if I can full bowl conversation with someone, I don't want to even of course yeah. It's all it's all! It's all mental yeah. First, obviously those initial traction yeah. You know I I mean I guess some is it. Would you consider me shallow? If, like I, of course, I love a beautiful woman? No, no, I'm not. How do you pick up a girl in a bar yeah? What's in our own, like you can ask for Now- and I really don't I just kind of stay in there yeah, but I don't I'm not really like it is less than used to well I mean I would say I'm like a soft. I I would say a hard six and a half you say yes, I was like a big nose like a fairly big years. Well, we have to see the whole package and then we
yeah, then will really negative, six, we're talking about body count yeah. Can you just tell us huh and I don't want ok. So let me ask you 'cause. We always talk about on our podcast, how we think it's like so annoying when girl 'cause. I was a good joke. We don't yeah? I think it's so annoying. It's like girls. If you want to be lied to ask a guy his body count, what the fuck is, the point of girls asking. What do you say when a girl asks you that? Do you ever like tell her number just um? No, I just think it's like it's like you're bragging about how many chicks you've had sex with. Like I, like you, know, I've experimented with women. I went through a phase where I played professional sports and I was single for like half of that time. Right and yeah, I'm just I'm very, very think it's an image I don't put sex. I don't put sex on a pedestal. Some people do something like. Oh, my gods discusses may get one life like I'm gonna live it whole right, my brain! Stick it where you
and but it but have you okay, so have you ever had long term relationships? Yeah I just got out of a three year result we are often on. I don't really want to get into that. I know you'll have to water, respect for her and she's got a few kids, so I wouldn't want to you know yeah I talk on the did. You ever have one while you're playing hockey yeah. Did you ever cheat on any of your girlfriend that I don't want to get into the. I mean okay, yeah yeah, it's alright! I I mean I I've. I've been a bit of a dog and not not proud of it. I mean gosh, we have to know, we're over here, like I know, like cheating- happens, to move for with, like do you guys that you've been with that our famous, like, obviously, that was a pitcher. I forget. No, no, I'm just kidding yeah. What about is easy upset that you're you're talking about his the you and him on here like that is out of sight. The biggest issue, I think, is everyone assumes every time like my acts, they're like oh, my god, it's him and I'm like I've dated people seriously send around down here. Oh, I see oh easier Playboy,
hi there, I'm just kidding, that's a joke. So it's funny. You say that we were talking at the the yak. Is that the word the act at the bar still radio yeah, and I had done you know I- I hooked up with Davy Jones she's a she's, a porn star, okay in Arizona
and she got with Rob Gronkowski as well. You know how she took the picture with Rob and she posted it. I went through a phase. I think I was like twenty five of the time my old porn star, wow, raising right and so the radio station who would ever on. I would go on as well and they hooked it up so we're gonna date. We obviously hooked up. She asked me to post a picture and I was say whoa like no, not not down yeah. I don't want people knowing my personal business. Well, because I didn't post the picture, she was a little upset. She went on the radio station the next day to fucking tell the entire Arizona Valley. A Phoenix Scottsdale Valley that I had a small hammer was bad in the wrapper and one of the biggest game of the season. That night, my phone's blowing up from the radio station station tell him to come on and defend myself and I'm like holy. Can we ask you like what it was like to fuck a porn star? It was very,
underwhelming, very underwhelming, her boy, so she her phone was ringing the whole time and it was just not a great experience. It was like she was there to like go on the radio the next day. I wish she answering the phone she's got a couple big bay by mid phone. Some guys think that's hard with a girl answers and she has like be quiet. She's getting ready. I don't guess who was calling her boyfriend rob. She went into the studio with the next. It's a. I think she I think she's got two or three kids all over now it. It was just like I I mean I I think are the team obviously knew because on the local radio station right general manager, new- and I mean nothing really much- you can say to me at that point- that's that's my personal life that some right redial like I had no control over yeah. You can get like in trouble for that. Okay. What I think we are we're done yeah! I have any quick questions you want to add. Before we wrap up. I was gonna. Ask you if you've ever done a dp on a girl, but you know free, you don't have the I like double punditry yeah, like you guys,
I'm way too aggressive. All right. You really trying to get me fired like right off the bat. We hide. We didn't answer it now. Could you ask me about Questions like I want to ask you guys at least a few oh okay, but you have to go. I think got bigger places. Next time you have bigger places to be, but if you have any questions, you can ask one. I'm gonna ask one favor yeah that you guys don't put any of this on Instagram or twitter for, like, like, let's say, like a minute, clip I'd rather than listen to the podcast, can hear me speak throughout the entire course of the episode I was going to say. I don't really know when we're going to post this. You don't have to worry about that. We're not going to. We won't post any videos for good, I feel like they need to listen in order to hear it yeah. I don't want someone else. We'll be talking about like my deck. No, no, I'm not here to make you look in the notes as we we aren't. We only want to put ourselves on Instagram. Let's be honest, no one else is getting so I can any attention, but I know, but thank you so much for coming by
And that is that is not a party of Jesus Christ, yeah! Okay, thank you really weird, or what yeah I mean yeah after talked about content. Okay, well. That is the interview. Yes give us a couple more sexual story call her daddy style, but thank just a little nasty guys merry Christmas happy New year's. I hope you guys have a safe awesome new we miss you guys, will see you next year Oh, my god guys we are. I don't think we can express how excited are for next year. This short year with you guys has been unbelievable. We thought. Love you guys so much for everything and we can't wait for next year again be safe, be a God, damn daddy and get after it. This knew!
where's. My daddy gangs.
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