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2020 is the year for the Daddy Gang.... 

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will your daddy gang we're back tat it s really really is not really guys we're actually we'll pray, recording mass we're not with each other. I now low fears in Bore a boar right now and I'm on some dick somewhere in the past. I have, I dont know what we're better. I you know bore a poorer like coming on a day I don't know so guys. This episode Doing a one of our favorites we're gonna release for you guys right now again we're on a little hiatus yeah. I needed. We really needed then yeah before we take it off. For the actual, real, twenty twenty. We need you bitch to be fully caught up on every episode, because this next up is so that we can release the Daddy gang is getting elevated, judge. Changing, said yeah, I've got a little fuck and while we are those teachers by reach the night class unlike we're going to full three hours. You know what I mean
We, like you, know what you got a nice class in like your whole. Being that like bill, did earlier did like yeah heading toward I M p m in that teacher. That's like oh you'll, be released at night, he I'm nine p m or at least row leeway on new kind tat every single week after week, so that sixty something episodes at most a new sex move and every single one. Each of you should be ready to perform. Sixty mother fucking sex moves on sixty mother fucking dead and sixty vaginas, and I dont know if all of you are there yet right now, it's syllabus weak for toys. Twenty back in again to put all the old material out here we tell them, I'm pretty positive. There is going to be a little thing. I like to call a live show life shall I headings and live shows earnest are happening. There has been a year of full great fun content.
But so far our enemies? I agree on the right of fucking get hammered with the daddy gave yeah and I know he said in this impasse rose very premature and, like we didn't really know what the fuck we were doing and now officially we are moving into new year were grown, were krona swimming and we're ready to Fucking meet you guys, yeah, that's like one of our most, they, I think exciting thing or two in the new year. So for now you guys listen. This is again one of our most favoured up its own I've ever done and we will be back with some brand new spanking shit. Necks were go by. New notebooks new pencils a little back patio year year, New ourself fuck him. They are afraid of me you're, a fucking senior near about terror that, all ajar or the high school, wherever the piper, whatever aid as age. Okay, we love you, happy fucking knew your daddy's. We love you. We will see you officially next week. All right, it's ass, it is
if you and it's me it's me, it's the fathers back, yet it again more another episode guys. You guys love when we bring up our little encounters with the homeless population of our work. I love it. We were walking home and I saw quite the scene we were walking home and for those of you that live in Europe
or like a major city for those of you that don't they have like this area in between, like the outside and on the inside of the being young. So as a chase bank and where the ATM Tsar it's like this little closed off section. Do you think I like murdered right exactly so we are going to use the atm. It's not just you not completely outside in sums in a comment behind you'd love, the ok, we're walking past and I notice that it is like smokey in this area. Has authority, see all windows and I'm like what is going on here. Is this homeless guy sprawled? on his back chilling tilling hot boxing, the Fucking Chase Bay, literally a joy in his happened hot boxing, the chase bank, I Alex, didn't buy you any. We walked past and Sofia was I do there, which is a homeless man had cheese bank blazing up unlike shut, the fuck up,
No, I'm not getting you. I had to turn around here like this stoner I have a lot of what has been up to turn around and I walked back and there he is on his back gulags up against the window than he just below Oh how bear away, and I like it means Cheese Bank is going to smell like a marrow, and panties, however, is for ever left without a homeless. Man stands not of the homeless man stench. But of that we right I mean like us. This shit, we see, imagine being a homeless person like that sounds like living a lackeys. Swinging me yeah, he's he's got it made. And then we were walked home. We saw like a couple. People are getting carried out on structured, there's like someone screening. The idea is you're. Gonna love me, your yeah, about a favorite topic of mine, cheating, guys we get so much backlash for this topic. There are so many people that come crying to us like how can
you guys like talk about cheating in that way, it sounds like you guys, condone cheating, know we'd. All I know we like joke, so we're always like. Oh my god like if he He is doing this cheat on him. If she doesn't come home at night, cheat on her look. It's like overhead is imbued eyes came cheat always our go to users like just cheat on mountain, but were obviously joking raise a comedy. Podcast relax come you're too obvious three lake. I mean it s your horny, it's not really cheap. Of course, if your horny, a near significant other, isn't around, I am obviously cheat. That's fine ya, but I gave you weren't even now, worrying than is just factor right like your horny. Obviously g guys,
breaking it. He would surely will our cars already having us right I'll, be right back in their typing a wearing? Now, no ok! So, let's talk as you and I had been kind of shocking melick. Why exactly do you consider cheating yeah and you would think it so simple and it's not like it is not simple at all. Is it just like inner horse? Is it anyway, physical, like I had friends that are like oh, like it wishes, innocent make out, like I'm, not gonna, be mad at him or her own. I'm like yeah. Oh there are people about, say like sex is cheating and then there that those people that are like, oh, my god, he followed and like two girls picture, Instagram he's cheating right. So there is just like a very wide range of what constitutes cheating and I want to talk about it. Won't that's! Just like the physical ass.
Like day like there's a whole like emotional aspect of oh here. Why I have a good. I have a good actual. Will I dont want to consider emotional cheating, cozy girl needs, could be yourself into people's eyes considered than I I know you and I'm out ever saw I, when I was dating this guy and on my ex boyfriend, came to town and I went out for like a girl's night and I just really pulled one of those like drunk needed to see my axe moments. Ok, we're locked up does like. I guess I mean I think I was still in love with my axe. Bah doesn't sound like a healthy relationship, but ok you it was ass. Though relationship was fine, it was very convenient.
By relations higher avis is bad enough, but give it about it. You're like I, was in love with someone out now. Ok, so I was so. I went out with my girlfriend pulled the classic. Like all sorry baby, my bones, gonna die I'll, see you. Um yeah, I lied to him and I ended up going to my axe. Boyfriends hotel room We did not have sat. We didn't even more gal, I say hotel room and I'm like. I know it does a little now there was fucking sex going down, no I'd, we didn't even have sacking and we D sat there and we talked for awhile and talk to me. Our past in kind of like yeah shared that we had bet like look, would be an oversight. We love each other, all that leg dumb, but you say, and then I went home to my dear beloved boyfriend and healing, asked me like where the fuck were you like.
I texted your friend cuz. I think he kind of like you know something and we're, and I was like you know that you're crazy whatever and I just played it off and I took it to the grave and he never found out which he'd ever I was but say which he never well by here. I'm fucked, you throw you out a goddamn podcast and I know his friend lives like take that to graze stirred I'm like oh just in front of a microphone going on Itunes tomorrow. So so yeah that went down- and I was like down like obviously I'm taking him to the grave but like is I considered- cheating, yeah You know exactly meal school. You call me old school. I personally think that is a form of cheating, knowing you do it right? I live in your line, but lately, but so funny people are like bag. My girlfriends evade she'd. I, like you, know that pie was in the best thing to do. But, like
lay wean sleigh claim she Green come about the motto those twenty nineteen like we see Queen led thank God of bribes and like talk about it right, if a guy does it too, no, my girlfriends, I went to my guy frack. Then I will destroy you and your family and it's over top up your dog and little pieces. But now I agree with you. It is funny because we he chuckled give each other to double standard. Ok You think I cheated shut up shut up and I did it. But if you do that to me that was fucking Cheat Almah. If you do that to you like, I would make you break up, there would be the last time you saw him. Ok, let me paint a picture for you, love when you pay pics, there's a girl, your girlfriend Centre Party, ok, she's, drunk she's in a relationship with the man but she's islet during she's, sorting out like a little bit frisky.
She makes out with one of her girlfriends at the party. Oh ok grow on girl girl eyes. I know she stray ok, so she has a boyfriend and she goes to this party and make thou with another girl. Is that cheating, okay, so the whole girl on girl thing? I personally don't think that that's cheating, because I feel like I mean think about yours. I'm fuckin made out with a girl like high school dynamic. I want to turn the guys on priority. I think maybe pass your boyfriend. Ah, I know I think about it. All of your acts is, I think, all of my axes would be ok with me making out with a girl. Ninety yeah, but I know there are some guys, but there are definitely guys that, like they take it the same way as if like the girl had Mete out with another guy. Ok. Well, let's turn around, as we have always gotta play both sides. What if your boyfriend made out with a guide, a party drunkenly that Happy He he actually with ice with you,
Why I swear to God. I remember I was like out this parting. I was sitting in this room and my gave us brine came in. He was like you, don't even know what has happened. All too calm Jake, I'm ills that is being Jake grabbed me, underneath the stairs and like shoved his tongue down. My thrones are making out with me, and I like ok, fuck, you, first of all, as usual, we re best brow and should I be concerned like what's happening So let me that avoids any guire. Was he by to become my wife, my boyfriend attire? I I am like almost positive that use gave. I don't think he's. I came, got socks that he could interest me when will you re so, let's take it easy. I returned home gay because I'm not more security in your pocket or you're a fucking psycho yeah yeah by who I am
want to just do I love how you went right for the girl on girl? Why don't we just do a normal situation, where what would you do too? Would you consider it cheating if your boyfriend went to a party, got super drunk made out with a girl and ended up as a babe? I fucked up. I made out with a girl in a party meant nothing. Do you consider that cheating? I do consider cheating. I know I can already see like if I may, that that's not what if I can have sex or someone will be like you know why there was a condom. So there is a barriers that are wealthy machines. I'm totally finds leave me alone. God has involved a dozen cow. I think if my boyfriend mete out with a girl in a party, I would consider cheating, but I think I would maybe people if forgive him
not if you're ever gonna believe in the future, I dont believe it has gone in party and stick your town girl relation is that that is as whiling. However, we run is going to be more whenever any married soon as relax. I'm no. I agree. I do think that that's cheating do ok, would take it to the fucking grade. If I made out with a dude at a bar in a minute and adding you guys this, this is where some people get upset and it's like being unpopular opinion. But if you he'd ever do not tell
for years. They never another, are really only pod caused in the rural about how the utterly, but I dont care, like fucking, keep it to yourself. Ok, I think, there's a there's a specific way. To put it, though, I think that if you cheat once- and it is a drunken make out- unlike like you, have a king family with this person or if you ve been together for so long- and it meant nothing in it with lagoon genuinely fucked up people fuck up people make mistakes. I think you take that to the grave ass, though this is a consistent, ongoing thing. If you're cheating on some one fine fuckin be cheating on someone, but let the person can go and don't try to have your cake and eat it too, and keep that person around here. That's fucked up thy! Yet I, if this is the first time, call her daddy. That would be like you can't do that, but I think you got that
listen, go. Could then you're actually fucking with someone else's life, yeah, be a fuck boy and be a fuck girl, but just dollar make that person think you're not Chen again, we're not saying go out and cheap, but we are just saying like if you, make a mistake. He shut the fuck up, keep it all in ya. I hate when people like Ivy guilty go in there. Wrong with us. I don't have a guilty conscience when I did that, and I told I like its water under the floods Where are we wait to me? you like it's gonna, be fine. I can I ask you: we forgot to bring up, because this is a good one. I've had this happened to me. Do you think sexting? and sending nudes is considered, meaning that they ve never acted on it if they were only sexting and they are sending nudes can. Obviously, if we did it, it's not cheating, but if a Buddhist explained very well right, I kind of like its cheating. Eighty till I feel it
Colleagues are morals, everyone's hardly house soon. We can really amazing moral compass. We do you think that nudes are more cheating than sex. Thing or the other way around Nudes YA, Neil! It's because You are like full blown. Sherry. You are like exposing your salary an entirely out of the affected. Do the most intimate ways you can know you're right. We are giving people trust issue lay series labyrinth, exuberance, cheating like the girls that are like he would never cheat on me. The punch to the head die because this me off so much like we in girls are like. Oh, my man would never chee because he knows I would kill him. I'm sorry do you. Criminal background. Do you own a gun? Do you have a gun licence like what all this guy isn't not cheating on you can see things are gonna kill. Do thou, so by its when girls act, so ignorant laugh. He
mine would never yacht like itches, it's not possible. When I go into a relationship you go in giving that person, a hundred percent tries yeah but you're, not the eighty eight that sits there saying never in my wildest dreams. Could this guy possibly do something like that to me it's a bad idea, obeying guys, girls. I thing in this day and age: they probably do it just as much as guy totally I think all like it. It do. People have got him, listen up his life or in Lyons Ray you tell your best, cheating story and to everyone goes and absurd to having heard it breaks out her cheating. Sorry, no, but I agree with you. I think you could get struck by lightning bet, you can get back in cheetah and I remember being in high school and I got cheated on and rock. I don't know I don't you think laughing you ve gotten karma ARI! No, but I like rocked
Viking, we're all, like, I remember, being like sixteen or seventeen and be like idle, I didn't go in your body ass, an issue like this sire relax, sweetie your whole life I'd like to ask the Daddy gang because you just mentioned high school. I dont know if you guys would be at all interested in Sofia night. Talking about our high school in college days getting to know that part of our lie. Let us know right into our insurmountable problems that may be the most ratchet Gabriel I want to move on to a big thing: I've seen in r amp d, and that is like an actual fucking, brilliant movement, and I dont know the first person that did it, but I wanna shalt them out, because Milt Hunter also is doing it dating ops, ok, yeah. Everyone is riding into us being like what the hell do. I put in my bio guys without tooting. Our own fuckin horn over here yeah, put call her daddy in your tender
bumble, grinder, whatever add io, and here s how here s, how ya it's not just ass being like I'll throw collar. Dinah now tell me that that is not the best conversation starter dude. Having call her daddy in your Bio initially gives you two things one. If the person doesn't know about the podcast call, her daddy is a very interesting yeah, so in immediately a girl or a guy's gonna be like what is that if a girls he sat in a guy's bio, I would be like we call her daddy we're who is this guy and then vice versa. Fur girls, like oh shit, this girl's boss. I read an if the other person knows it's like a done deal match me. You will only apply in sight of her when laugh about just stay and girls you'll be getting the huge gobbler combat ray. You guys will already have so much to talk about exactly exactly so. It's a conversation sworder. If they don't listen to it or if they do Us- and it is a huge conversations are now so I think
we single daddy gang member in every single, dating up that you're on yeah in you bio. You could even just do like hashtag call her daddy yeah as simple as that I like that, starts a conversation I just someone's I indifferent and automatically you your own right. When they message do you have a go to use? I hated you see my bio, if they don't mess internet, you mention your bile total. Did you see that deals an ipod Gaza and then you start I told and eat, wait, a Jaguar right into fucking us talking about dating off. Yes, so I need to mention the UK. I over the breakers hang out with went away, gave friend slow and he told me that he was on grinder hunt. Was messaging. The phrase do grave me start! Oh, if you listen episode wine. You know that degrade. Me is nearing dear to my heart.
And he was sending it out- and he said he- I, like a ninety percent success rate withdrawing that eggs. We saw how is so funny because it was a drunken mistake and now it's just like it's a goddamn like and do it.
Vat is amazed, though so everyone, oh, my god, I everyone. We know we have a huge gay community that ends o k, guys put back in your fuckin by Allah scale. All her diary. Here's another topic. I wanted to bring up, because people on dating ops have been asking us. Ok, so we match on the dating up and we ve been talking and then we said way to texting. So now there on texting terms, people are asking: when is the appropriate time to follow the other person on Instagram yeah? If you they don't be like hey, let's follow each other, because there's a lot of guys really. I ended up following her and she didn't notice or their like. Did I do it too soon re this is my take on it opts, are all different forms of flirting. At this point, yeah people get laid off a Viking answer. Him I've gone laid off against ram. You have it's just what it is. So I think if you
matched on a dating app and you guys are texting. You should leave if you can follow each other on Instagram leave it leave it for a little bit go and follow that there's so many people that jump the gun and they, like you, imagined- and you will follow them to take me to Know- and you don't want to come off like to know and and the best thing is, is literally following each other on instagram- is now another part of your relationship as crazy, as that sounds because you're gonna star DM each other means and you're gonna to start sending each other pictures etc through Instagram DM, which- and I know I'm a psycho with red receipts. If you know dams have read receipts on that, so that is another. Way, you can also play a game and brings it actually, and I know it sounds crazy, but you guys should be if anything hold off on following the other person on Instagram. I think for as long as
you kind of can yeah being opened. It brings another dimension to the relationship. I totally agree one about this. What I am interested to hear you say about this one guy. We have had a lot of girls asking so I matched with him on a dating up were texting. We ve never met in person. Yet when is the appropriate time to send nudes and sacks to this Secondly, his phone number is entered into your stop dear no, no, this is my take on it. Ok, I think, there's two situations. So if say you say the person lives in New York. Like you and I'm out with someone in New York, I would never ever sent nudes or sex them before I meet our no, I wanna get taken out on a day. You hang out of parties, accept your orders if you're a long distance, auditing, long descent, if the person lives in
play and you're texting and everything, and you know it's going to be awhile right, where you guys see each other in person or planning a meet up. You want the person to come fly into you or you go there. I think it's so much better to test out the waters and send a god damn dude sex a little bit and see if you have any type of chemistry. I agree. Girls Sophie and I've been looking on Instagram a little bit and listen. We can all have our study moments in college. I dress like a goddamn fucking for it, but I think you we both say you can't wear. You can't show leg ass and tits out. You can't do leg midriff, yeah and heads you can't you cleavage, yonder crop top and be showing most of your luck is thus in college. I was always like we I want them to know. I have nice tits in a nice ass, a whole
oh shit. Warring know you're be exerted were like a forever. Twenty wine to size is too small to dress that would like disintegrate on my body and then and up, as does the shirt you know, I think girls listen just just try to keep it like One thing is sure I could it in you. You aren't you or you can just pick way little did I get older. I get I'm turning into a grandma. More than I am you learn rituals, essential rule you want to be healthy and this new year, because I know I do up ritual essentials. Have the nutrients most of us do not get enough of from food yeah geyser ritual essentials. It's also really research vitamin for women, so you're gonna take too easy to take capsules and it's gonna provide nine nutrients that you need
help you get healthy, they are vague and friendly sugar free, Non GMO gluten, free allergen, free all of those good things, and you guys it's a subscription service. Its delivered here doors, so it so easy to start. So you guys visit ritual dot com, slash daddy, to start your ritual. Today, everybody loves a fucking ritual. I know I do and you can get ten percent off during your first three months. Are ritual dot com? Slash daddy! Let's talk about day You thought. I'd! Never really gonna write her Alex I was waiting for the day that you would talk about sacking and dick, and here we are who knew this day. The new. I never talk about that. So, ok guys. I was reminiscing about the Gluck luck because listen, how can you know it brilliant change lies and actually heart, which is doubly shit, so I mean the testimonials of
all that right in and our like, I gave my man, the Gluck look, nine thousand in and it literally changed is life. There are so many girls at said. I've never gone my boyfriend to come from had before and I gave him the Glock lack any literally came and, like thirty sat colleagues please tell me that there's about rugby luck, like two thousand, I just don't think I have it in no. The next drop is the Cooper special, but we ve gotta get like one million subscribers or something and then I'll drop it. That's literally what it Can you take one million? Well, ass so I guess you'll never find out what the hubris partial is no, but there is the aim is to bring up in the next couple of besides called the lollipop pop, and I want to bring it out, but I'm not gonna do it's opiates. She likes throw haggle January, so we ve, given you guys the best way to stock dick, and you guys have in her that episode episode three. This is what I have to say, though we ve talked about demean necessities of the Gluck luck. Now I want to talk about kind of like the before that
hold up of blowjobs guys. I've said at once, and I say it again guys will literally let you give them head at any time and their animals at I'm driving agree shock at a zombie apocalypse up in his bedroom heads recital routed through vital you get two hundred so, but there are specific moments that you can give your man a blow job. That wool stand out in his mind. That will make it to the group chat without if we could only be so lucky, I hope and pray I make it so that group charge. I a girl who I think I have so. I think girls forget how much guys love blowjobs like yeah. I know the guy's love them, but I dont think girls are capitalizing, I really want to go to fall in love with you who arrive. Today, ok Valley of maybe the whales,
help you, but I listened like I said it episode three if you not sucking your man. Stick, that's fine! One hundred per se Your decision? That's fine! But if you are sucking your man staying someone else is boom, So get on the dick alright, so I wanted, talk about my favorite way to surprise a guy with a blow job this has to do with, and this is like a classic, but I just again guys a lot of you may do this, but I just want to help everyone out there so the morning and middle of night blow job is something near and dear to my heart, the wet morning and and middle of the night blow job. Oh my god. Ok guys die. So I have a specific instance. That I was dating a guy and it was the middle of the night. We had already had sacks like a couple times the night before we were exhausted
and he was dead asleep, and you know I was just stealing in a god, damn giving mood savage move I woke up in middle might go p and I was like you know what would make my man really fucking happy is if I gave him a goddamn blow job Oh, I get underneath the sheets, an idea, you know the wake him up a little bit, o cooper style and go is. He was so tired and out of it he wasn't saying no, but he was I pay babe, like only- and I literally look at him- and I put him down, can you kindly leaned forward? I pushed him down and I was like you're gonna. Just lay there don't worry close your eyes, I'm gonna do all they wear eyed, the I'm pressure every guy. Listening to this is like I am going rings thought being right after this attitude is what ok, girls you hot understand. There is something in a guy too. Obviously, guys like like me,
in fact some down, but they can be tired at times I said guys, love blowjobs at all times, but they retired with alike hold on. I need a minute if you tell them like baby babe, don't worry re relax. They don't have to pull your hair by They don't have to look. Yeah literally lay there with the organised close. Let me do work. Let me go to work bay. Huts so amazing and charity work over. It is so girls. I want you if you're trying to think of ways to speed things up with your man. You know waiters up in the middle of the night set of Aachen, timer hydrant what it is and just literally go down in your man and suck him hard item up here. I get this because, for the most part I mean, maybe this is like a generalization yacht. Guys are usually ones initiating sack YAP initiating stars. So just right, I'd away? Just u initiating a is huge up, and then you fucking surprising them when they leave six Baghdad. I'm surprised likening come in your mouth. Is I got an update, will
and that exactly this is another one I want to bring up. I just have a couple examples. Sorry, if I'm like going to go on a little bit of a Cooper ran job, but I think I they gotta be totally fine, we're ok, the second one is, I really love to do this in its a little bit of a tea, but before I get into that, in part. I want to let everyone no call her daddy does not fucking endorse Bluebell, Absolutely not we don't buy. I retain, I was gonna buy unless they deserve it and give him a fuckin sandpaper hand, job fuck that it, but we don't endorsed if it's like unwarranted, so you're gonna start by teasing him, you go into a hang out session and you verbally express to the guy like hey Babe, like I'm just so tired. Can we just hang out like kind of make clear
you're, not in the not in the mood for sacks like really tired and verbally express at him you're exhausted. So the guys, like, ok fuck me whenever I guess we're not gonna fuck tonight, but whatever wolves watch a movie will cuddle girls. This is a huge opportunity for you to get a guy to be fucking infatuated with you, because the guy gets. It is mine that you're not fucking, then all he can think about is fucking high ism, fucking manipulate it in and I'm a fucking into an downport right, oh my god. So this is what you do. You're say it's it's! You know a cuddle session, your Lang you're watching movie star, rubbing but the little bit on his lower stomach chest area, your guy your hand there and automatically, like I said when you tell the guy you're, not you're, just tired babe he's gonna, like I know, she's not trying to fuck because listen guys and milk Hunter always says this. There are so many girls that our talk a big game, but they will not actually go in for oil.
Fuck you like designated do is to you and then you show up and it's like. Ok, you talk about game, but what the fuck you never initiate sacks, never trying to speed things up. So this is something that you make them think guy you're in a totally catch him off guard so again hand on his chest. I would suggest I love this move user pinky finger and your ring finger. And kind of slighted in between there waistband yea, actually kind of having their and a little tease. But then at guy is naturally gonna, be ok, fuck, her now she's just teasing me and their hearts could you dont, be afraid. You're, crazy, Decker little bear out of fuckin nowhere. Girls he's probably gonna get hard. You were gonna whip, his dick out. He is gonna, be like We what and you are going to initiate ok, you're, gonna, literally whip yardstick because it You have your hands kind of near there. Your fingers are in his ways. He's got his mind, is gonna, be racing in our agenda
grazes dick and then your eventually gonna fuckin whip it out, ok Ray what the point of this is. A guy is can actually be like this bitch is my bitch now, because no, guy is anticipating a girl to fuckin, with this shit out right. So girls get. After it go down suck his Fuckin deck hill and no I'm not kidding you windmills Hunter was telling me a girl. Did this the other? At the other day, he was like I'm not kidding you if a girl pulls this she's instantly getting invited Ariane, potassium! Oh my way, I don't recall that wives, unity, that he's like, oh, he said I am emotionally attached to a girl for at least a few hours if she'd pulls out a few hours a week, Oh, is your yes, I talk to you about this yeah and you said you don't do that yeah. I introduce you out. Ok, nobody is good.
I think a lot of girls don't do this today. I am. I bringing you a new fuckin thing, because this shit needs to be happening. What is that girls. I talk to you about sucking taken every man loves it? Why our girls not incorporating sucking Dick and having sex yeah together? Right? those are like I'll, give him a blow job or I'll start air to rapid and ensuring their like. Oh I'll, just do for play an emerald, FUCK Nineveh. No, this is, favorite one! Ok! I truly believe this is the sealer. This is the sole snatching combine and make a guy falling in love with. Here we go there weren't you every time. So when you guys are fucking girls, you at one point obviously ramping up you're gonna, be like don't stop! Oh my fucking! God, I feel all view. Please keep fucking me just like that. One
You know something obviously to get his blood racing, while you're fucking as your kind of into your mid fuck. I want every girl at some point to literally say: oh my god, you're making me so where I wanted to haste. How were you make me? Ok, so at second ha fuckin hot yeah, immediately you're gonna basic disengage from sacks and you're gonna start sucking his dick and when I tell you, you're gonna start sucking his dick you're not going to be giving him regular head. Ok, look You are trying to literally suck the wet come off of his dick, like your own whack. Yes, like you are trying to get em last re, lucky that laws that you're a nasty bed now they're gonna die Bucky, but I promise you he will be in shock trying to just comprehend. What's happening, re, ok, girls, when you say that line you make me so where I want to taste part you make me a guy,
he may come right there so bug, but that a huge one guys because I'm gonna be pissed off. If, after this, every after this up, owed every daddy gang female member is not sucking deck mid, sacks Ladys when switching positions. It is so important to ok, for example, say he gets up and he gets on the edge of the bad yeah to fuck. You like doggie, like you know how that's a great, betray the minute you're switching possess, and you should suck his did yeah I was gonna. Ask how long should you be doing it because it's like, I believe, you're in you're in the middle of sex and times a beer sucking end like it's a comes I figured you're giving a blow jai now and the I don't to fruition. Exactly such a great question Sophie speak over the massive influx of to day?
stop it stop. None at that's a great caution. So what you're gonna do Ladys is say or switching positions. You are going to make eye contact with him. I'm your crawling to the other side of the bed till I got me into your exposition. Make eye contact with him put your hand on his peace and literally basically do a quick, a quick version of the glass clock like you're gonna, his dick. I contact Ladys because this point your fucking year, intimate you're, doing it make eye contact start sucking his dick leg up and get it super wedding. I like this is a good time to kind of make like a sound, Yasser licking ya, like yes, Yak Sophie I got them. Guy in the studio going master dude is true because, like I said guys, socking his dick and sex are
two choo the man's favorite thing into different sensation. Why not exactly one not combine them a guy getting his dick sucked is a complete different. The milk hunter literally says: half the time. Sometimes I'm just tired, I'm not in the mood to like have sex specifically, but I do it because Wanna get my dick survive, but I am in the mood in the mood and I won't I gotta lotta. You know what I'm really good at doing getting I decks saw Parker, I'm fucking getting. I sought a hooker, so Ladys that is my little tip for today is like we should be sucking, are guys dick. Fuck and it does not have to be long. You don't want to ruin the mood, its literally like a little transition when you are just quickly getting after it make it sloppy, make it
or like spit honour and like have the spit kind of like be attach your mouth and his dick and pull away and look about him. Looking all that sloppy shit and now and then transition would like you can transition with a hot word or like its phrase, to get back to fucking. Ok, want you back inside me, like guy, I mean like bill orally, your back totalling your bag. In the game I like pigs, I mean guys- I'm not kidding milk Hunter literally said. I know this sounds. Alexander. Like those things you re out, the sounds beckoned to you. I said you have never. I mean a fighter laid Avian hereby how about like I've. Never done it like that and I'm about to I'm going to anyone any day. There's one! So here are your eyes. You so beautiful Dana covers aiming at however, is that we all love our sleep, buying times you're, not so comfortable or your cold. And guess what Buffy comforter
Betty Finn guys what is bad for you guys Buffy makes burying that is super comfy and super sustainable. Let me explain: it is softer than caught in It is sustainable in the sense that they use recyclable earth friendly solvents and its bill is made from one hundred percent recycled water bottles. You heard that right. It feels even softer than down it softer than kind. The whole thing is fucking, amazing, so guys, if your interested, you want to come
What are we gonna? Get you guys at twenty dollars off your buffy comforter. If you visit Buffy Doc, co and enter daddy again, that is Buffy Doc CO and enter daddy, and if you don't love it, even though you will you can return it for a full refund, so you promised gonna try to comfort her for free return at no cost. Our next topic face time. Sacks down how many people I have. We had radio in so many people. It's like, I think, because it's such a fuckin hard top. It's it's To do it is this shit takes a level of confidence, unites, pretty intends it's true. I know all the daddy's out there you guys can do that is observing until you may get our day. You will you fuckin, make it so we're here to give you the figures, and so many of you guys have rain in I'm in a long distance relationship. What
I do. How do I buy things up? Abysses, though this is no way if you're gonna randomly face time, Hearn hope for face, I'm sex. Oh no. I think the guy's need to tax them here earlier. A day and big bay. Like I'm thinking about you, I'm so hard for you like. Can we face time later ELM and then girls can do the same. Two guys say the exact same thing. I'm really horny can be phased out leader or he's convey geyser. You know ready to pull their dick out and jack off at any moment, yeah and so girls. If you want, you, can just like the their surprise blow job. You can do a surprise, face time sack situate the good phasing eyes tags. Yes, let's get into it so face. I'm fucking can be so high because a kind of combines porn with real life. Oh I like it's. I like doing it on your phone, so it feels like porn but you're doing it with their significant others. So it brings like a real need to it and it's almost like your girl friend
starring in like a porn that your writing interacting. Or that, whatever you just said, it was so beautiful. Tat was like a thesis dude. I know it's sofa, I never thought of it now. I know that such a good point, like the girl, can it's. Basically. This is like our time to become girls. I know you always better during I'm not going lie. There may have been a moment rise like should I I am really had, a guy approach mean you'd, like you will be making like three to six thousand dollars the session. You know you best, Molina pondered, of course I would people assume that face time. Sex is like sexting, it's not it's not at all. I think. During these times x you talk less yes and no.
Absolutely not! I mean it's way more of a bit like less than when you're actually fucking its way more of a visual thing. This is where you're gonna really show off your body, yes for girls and is directed to girls. Yeah, I'm going to say the confidence thing again. We can't reiterated enough. We talked about the opposite. We talk about getting on top right it like an equestrian girls. Anyone none of us have the perfect body. Okay, if you have confidence, that's all that fucking matters. I girls, I can express it enough, like I don't care if you like. Oh, I have that you're like winter job or like I'm, not feeling my best. If you get in front of a camera and you're fucking walking around like you're the hottest bugger thing and touching herself, no guy is looking round that extra. I just want to say right now. The great thing about these. Time. Sex is like you're, usually gonna, be like laying on your back of your holding them.
On, by which automatically I feel like makes. Your body looks so high tat. She could angular in control of the goddamn camera. Okay. This is how you gonna start at first, when you're gonna start with lingerie on No, no, no, not even answering the laundry but bra and underwear or like clothes, just like a little tank top with like no bra on and you're going to give the guy the visual like this is about to go down. Yes, I mean, I guess it could be fun. Face, I'm whom be naked already by high. It is a little bit more ill, love ya, the build up as butter serious art with that, and then I think you always start with your TED's. Do not rush it like teasing, pull down your tank top, and this gives him you know the go ahead. I implore you dig grab your Jergens lotion and this is why get after it then I would take off my bra, and this is gonna sound. So setting aside some kind of weird and give its, but this guy thought it was the hardest thing you liked
I too, like your own nipple. You told me that before he thought it, which I d never known, was like that. So now seen he was like an if you kind of our doing that and you look up at the camp raw and your late, I'm like I'm your sly, like I'm being a slot for you. Dude learning something every fucking Eddie, I'm! So basically, so you pull your TED up and you basically trying you like I Hague doing. I know so. That's a good one girl! That's one thing you can do, then. What I do is ice are panting the camera down my body. Yes, so I'm interlinked show who maintain again eminently grab my head like grab both of them like just it just makes it more like a tangible may are and then I'm an account
put my hand into start sliding it down my body and have a camera fall behind the camera, follow my hand and also have underground, and I was hot, like my hand, going to my underwear and then you'll kind of just like play around and then it's kind of hard to just move the underwear to the side. This like this is also for sex to I've, had like a lot of guys say that they think that's so hot You just move your underwear to the side agnor light. I just can't wait for you to get inside Amelia like we're late. You know I've been a little wings on its like slip. Her panties decided at the great why I agree. I think also when you do go down with your camera and with fingers and you slip it in there have the camera kind of like diagonal underneath
you're the China. So it's like yea, I well area virtual re so and you're not going to town. Yet none are no you're. Not so then I think you take off the underwear Otto you kindly. Plato, theirself and you're still gonna contain a player yourself years, can a kind of rubber Clare and just keep it like that for a while, you guys, you count rush this whole thing like that's, that's what I need to emphasise. You oughta just kind of take your time with them. I think that's also the biggest thing like we had just said about the confidence. I think there are a lot of our very letter last Cyclic too, like you're thinking about here, like oh, my god, to see what is he gonna comrade? Should I just know gonna know you take your fucking tat, make you feel good free and you all. He wants it also to be long ago.
It's not like hurry up edge, nigh hands. You two fuckin hoarding mariner in that should focus on pleasing yourself. At the other day, that's what's fuckin ha Dantes hurry and like put your fingers and start with your clear play with yourselves so high. If you like, sort licking, unlike sucking on your fingers after and lengthy, tasting yourself up, then you are going to put one finger, up and taught he needs to seek out visual. That's why sometimes, I think it's good to be, I was gonna, say rise in any case when your first going in reality, handheld yeah, you're gonna, do one finger than you're gonna go up the two are end like really show him your fears going yeah and you want to be wet. So if you need lube or you need to spare, look whatever extra tools. Hearing as if his dick is your fingers yeah totally and also lets incorporate the talking you don't girls, you don't really need to maintain that you can just say things here and there like. Oh, I, like I taste so goodwill
knowing your men, like our I may well, you were here like I'm still a wire yeah. I wish I had your car yeah is settled, but you don't need me talking holder and just obviously like it naturally has, as you would be doing, if your masturbating on your own, we'll be moaning you'll, like as your time yourself it. What kind of honestly come a little bit. Naturally, I want you to see to focus on the body. Individual, yes and, like the words usually will come along. Yes, so for me, I think once you do the hand held an you take off your thong or whatever underwear you're wearing. I think that's when you like leaned forward, and you put the camera down and you're like. I want you to watch me totally, and that is when you get on the bed and get your fuckin toy. Well, I think big him both be hot, the there's prose to both the other wine. It shows your whole by.
I like you, can use both of your hands. I think sometimes guys like when you're holding the camera, because it's more point of the animal which I like how poor us and then also its closer on your yes, you know yes, so there's pro about what is going to say. We always talk about you're gonna face time. Acts more than once so trial, multiple way, you'll get a vibrate or get a dildo. Not so, if you're trying to give the sky of again Tony award, winning production. I think they are so here and I think, bringing a toy and is so high agree a vibrator a dildo. What have you and then I think you should incorporate a toy the same way. You were with your fingers. If you want me to serious freak, you can like put a toy in your ass, yes and then like keep using your fingers on your. I was going to say also, I think, if you want to be a freak, you can also like fuck yourself with the toy and then it take it out
and when your handheld bring the camera and basically like suck on the toy as if it's a yak at a delay, we all know that it wishes whose or carver sure that's really hot, oh yeah. Why and it will be wet, so he sees like your literally sucking the way ass off of the toy ya and then, along with the dirty talk, I want to go back to that really quick. I think this is a great time for you to ask questions. Say like: do you want to see them like a like Darnay on, like a guy? like how hard are you like show me your cock and so right moves the camera to its drag, etc. So, literally, the I think the best one for girls had done. What to say is that like? Do you like that beyond its? I think it so hot? Absolutely! No, then, I think after a while doing not you will say, Okay, I'm going to come yeah like do you want me to come like this is like so fucking hot, like I'm so
horny for you, like I'm thinking about you, I'm going to come, I'm going to come for you, but I wanted to come at the same time. Babe I'm going to come. Oh my god, yeah and doing whatever. I think also like. When guys are at that point, you should be ramping up died of whatever. If you're using your finger or your toy or whatever and showing him cause, then he's gonna be shocking off and moral. You could probably finish at the time yacht so let's face times being thought initiating face time sex for guys. This just occurred to me if you're kind of wanting your girl to do that, a kind of has to be on her, own terms, some, but not all the time you're in a relationship in your dating like and it's you ve done it allowed than you can ask, but like if your kind of you and starting to talk, I think it's kind of like.
I can, but I think what they can do it similar to nudes, where, if you guys are faced timing and she's like inner, better something Vila, really kind of sea like you can ya or be like. Oh, oh, I can kind of your bra straw and then a shilling get you anything He got away off out if, but maybe she well maybe she'll by additional guys really quickly Sophia. What do you think is the best way for them to set up their camera? I think they have to set it up. I agree because I mean they're probably can reusing lotion right and it's an air brolly gonna vigorously be using one here. I agree, and I also think for girls. It's there are some guys out would literally just hold the phone in one hand and jack off any other. I think it helps girls to also see like he's hard yeah jacking down like it's like motivation, motor, say lordly zone, girls guys. I really hope I mean, I think, that's a great basic start up of how to face times
x. You have your little outfit. I touched yourself lick your fuckin tat. If you can Sophia that at an no aware there, bigger than you guys yeah this I got your go. Do you should always we rarely bolivar it? Are you guys? We will give you some more tips and tricks, but that's what we ve got right now I've got a law yeah! I want to get into story time. I think we always yoga story tied ill, so so Vienna were reminiscing and I want to also first say that on call her daddy, I've had people. I reds it's very there's not that many, but there are some people that right in and legit there, like. That's, not or the haters are like. Torreon, I is so true and you know why we have parades river.
And I think we'll obviously we're not going to release it. But I do things like people. We are never going to come on. This podcast now makes it up ever so. Let me set the scene. I was talking to this guy and he lived in LA and I had been talking to him for a little bit. Things are getting a little serious and he had come to New York to visit me and then he was a card. I want you to come to LA to visit me. Naturally, I was ok Sophie is coming and naturally he paid far flights only lets her dress up over. We go into yeah, I'm paying for flights Girls have written in and sad. If a guy pays for my flame. Do you think that I need to fuck him? No, no. This is what I do. Ok, ok, tell her. Every learning- guy noise. Now, if a guy is going to fly me across the country reply you anywhere yeah Amy anywhere, I'm going to ask, do
I have my own room. Yes, I have my own bad because pretty much, if you don't and he's like work, enemy, sharing a rumour, a bad, then you're gonna, fuck em obsolete. Do that's why it and in order to bring a friend one one thousand most bringing a friend I give any like yeah right after her, whatever has its like there, I'd like hi guys like all like no weakening share my bed like Billig, we won't do it thing. You're all ship all share is gonna put a pillar, but he has now yeah yeah. So girls, if you are feeling pressure like the guy, wants to fly you I'll, which too I'm listening. That's never hurt like or heard of that, but they only thing prostitutes. Yet that is so fucking common work eyes to offer to fly you,
somewhere shut the fuck up, but we go to allay when we show up. We literally had no idea where we were stay of was insane into the house was grief or eight, so one night they throw party which we had no idea what's gonna happen so severe garlic, while this is dope like this, is really cool cause. There's no house parties in New York, so the party was great yeah. I was logging a little bit. The party are, we are at the party I logging. We go down to the movie, theater room YAP and we're like children there. I remember this perfect I would like an outright where something from your leg blogging, I'm just like kind of in the background hanging out band. Someone I remember vividly was like Shaw, is how can I linked to exact Girls- and I am where we both like- ran upstairs his we're fuckin alcoholic gonna run upstairs we're taking shots. Osborne too, are way here. Oh, my god, we're on the plane Alex and I
Naturally, I always go through my foot. We're sitting next to each other were going through her footage, we're just like sitting there Connally clicking through a mailing loudly. Sudden. We here, like moaning, porn a straight a porno and I like why I'm like Alexander Gray, whining guys, if you ve ever seen any movie like I'm like literally It has cameraman lived an Ipod indicted bug guys and I tell you I'm looking at the clip of me when I was doing my outrage- start. Fast wording is my eyes clips along Faye Low, when behold my guide to people- After we left the movie theater room, yeah walk into the goddamn Fucking movie theater, they shut the door behind them. You guys and based are going, add it like fucking rabbits and that's not the crazy part of the story. No, it's not, was one of the few famous people at this working party. So let me just
Lloyd, imagine yourself, yeah and on the fucking plain back to New York, we a camera and I am watching a fucking celebrity fuck on my god. Vodka and actual porn of a famous errors and its back crazy. You guys do you. I wish I could have logged our reaction. Cause Sophia an eye on that goddamn. We are we going to do. I mean I'd like to do. What are we really? I think that the most fucked up thing you can do, but you better leave. I like how much money could get for Sofia, and I we are friends with those guys and allay and their friends that person didn't wanna fuck them over. So Sophia I've been keeping us all secret relic. This is really the first time we ve talked about is at work, and we are, I think, one day we're gonna release this name, the latter is leading to a million subscribers or a million some shit. Yeah dude, why you guys? I think that this is one of the things we want to share with you would like
You can be set up on collared audio, make this shit up and also its so crazy out. This blog camera, because we have had, anything even as closely as crazy as this up and on your wife. How fat lady crazy, Alex Wilson intensely that thing on, unlike we'd like her, we like over her What kind of talking about us that you'll hydro, green eyes, when I blog at par do you think I'm just blogging myself and I'll leave that should in rooms and like yeah, we girls one time literally talk shit about Sophie Array, and I have it on my fucking. Now it's Kyler inveighing, it's kind of insane. So all I get from this is I gotta keep logging loud and I'm getting furnaces. People literally are not going to hang out with those of you who are now we're gonna get fucking, Richmond Acres, we're going exposes celebrity or we want. We don't bug eyes. It was so while it was that footage is in our apartment, wishes so funny like us on the plane, and I swear to God like Bellini next to us. We have this.
It there. Why the whole party in ITALY I didn't during the morning wow and this lady next to us, I swear to God. He was watching guy. Ugly selling comes one as like honey. You you know who that is. I learned a lot. You know I'm com. Ok, we share yeah stories in time for this week. I hope you guys. I love that one. You guys, her hearing. It everywhere you go. Everyone is talking about how they want to get in shape for the new year, so we are going to talk about new yeah guys at numerous gonna help. You pick goals that are right for you, whether it's like you want to feel better enclose. You ought to have Salmon keep up your busy life like you want to tell you that busy busy embed thirty seven M bed, you guys, if you want to change your life change your goal to be healthier for twenty slash, twenty Nunes, where it's fucking at new. She uses psychology to tee,
you how you're mine works? You can understand why you make the decisions you make and feel empowered to change for goods yeah guys it also in up. So it makes its super easy to get all this information, and you can just do it for like ten minutes a day, you can create the tone of the programme. You got personalized coaching its super greatest for, like your overall lifestyle you're in a sign up for your trial today at noon. That is an as in knots, oh as in orgasm, always an orgasm and am as in motorboat dot com, flash daddy again, that is new dot com, slash daddy In short, your trial to day are, let's get into questions our favorite time of the year zau. Oh, this is there's the quick little story. One time my best friend and I were in the car with these two guys and we decided to have a little competition and we started sucking their dicks to whoever could come first. One.
Alex. Have we ever given something that I dont believe we're? Not even that close to two girls, two guys, one car their boats, the deck law. Ok go southern! a race to see who can neither guide auxiliaries it on four who's. Ever neglect like nine thousand, your winning fur thou goes to you. What do our name? A better, do I'll, always really our aid ago. Okay, this is from a girl. Can? U S talk more about porn masturbating for girls? What should we be watching? Is it normal? The watch porn with your boyfriend is if we are to be attracted, turned on by girls important, if you're, not even a lesbian names needed hey number one watch porn with your boyfriend that I'd all we're that so hot and so fine and you guys are going in bulk and horny and concepts of each other yeah. I mean point though, however, I dont know if a lot of girls, no, this listening by sometimes the hottest thing to watch, is girl on girl and that's first street girl dude. I
its growing Gore girl. You are growing and watches it like, and it's just hot to wash, because honestly porn is geared towards. Exactly so. You know I mean there's this website that actually my friend, whom you out but LISA, B, L e S, a nine I had known but this is not in your eyes. I ways we argue amazing, there's a website in its porn geared towards women. You guys and on issues like after girls. Like a girl, you know you're, not watching girl on girl porn, give it a try, cause it's really fucking gray and its good girl, who knows vagina better than a girl? He said: do you set a beautifully? I have so when you're significant other ass for the number of people that you slept with, do you tell them further? Do you lie on a way to keep answering? Oh, my god don't fucking. Why? Oh you don't tell them. You say that's a really immature question and that's not something I want to get into a we shouldn't have to moving on if they won't leave. You you lie, lie Why? How much like what number should they lie, though
I am more or less fucking less out of it. Like ok like two people. Now, no one can say to you, Obviously, this very morning, Lambert five guys be like ten lie to his face: a Giovanni Juno if any call her daddy person listening ever asks again. What someone's number is you're, not Zadig member could that is just guys. You can't be that in secure an immature comes off, we're just don't ask and you're, not gonna, get but honest answer to your asking to be lied to your face again, who ok, the next one who had this is weird. This guy thought it was so high and use slapping. My boots back and forth so hard over and over yelling yeah like thy shining, have joined a stick his entire hand. In my vagina, I had to kick him how awful night? That's all words that will not put up I've ever Vulcan her. I don't know why its funds bring my dates back layers trying to the leg stickers, For our mind. What are ya sounds terrifying. Ok,
read this one really quickly about red receipts guys. I just want to really lay this out really quickly, because I know I told everyone that listens to call her daddy should have their red recedes on when they're talking to the opposite sex. Someone said: do you have to turn on your red receipts immediately when you start talking to a guy or a girl I will from now on, but am I I'm fucking with this guy right now I've been taxing for a while, but I haven't had them on. Is it too late daddy gang? It is never too late to turn! Your writers, he thought, if anything, it's better, that it's out of nowhere. The lot of people ask me, will what do I do as they confront me about him? Listen to me, girls and men. I if they ask you why you turn it on first time overtaxed, you completely ignore the question and you just keep the Congo going without answering. Like all I'm on my way to the general court you up to literally come. You are completely ignoring them. If they ask you again, why did you turn your red recent seat on you're gonna hit them was something shore and make them feel insecure. Your little gonna tax them
L L relax like what you up to. Whenever I tell a guy to relax, they immediately feel insecure thing: hello, relax. What are you up to a girl, and men. You do not answer when someone asks you why you read receipts on. They do not need to know that information if, as far as their concerning could be for someone else, they don't need to know yeah, so girls, men turn you write a receipt, but it is never ever later, randomly do it and when they ask you not fuck and answering them ever to lay ok, fucking love that question Is there any way to recover from a drunk text, snap or dm you guys, you set a one some will say it again. You are one with the Lord. The next day, if you drunkenly, say this person something you do not acknowledge it, that's the worst thing you can
he was the next day being like. Oh, my god, sorry like I was so hammered. I think they'll be able to tell by all the misspelling. Absolutely like an exclamation like Sylvia said guys. You're one with the Lord of birds are sure, be rapture. I think it's so good. If a girl or a got will usually it's mostly girls cause we're fuckin emotional ship like if you send that embarrassing crippling tax ladys the next day you can ever, even if you have like ten text to him from the night, nor You can just hit em up, hey baby. What's up your understanding an ever higher and you may look fucking crazy and you know what guys love their valuing their results there you go so it works out arrangement all feel like. You can literally go right back at them TAT morning and pretend, like you, didn't, do shit yeah boom boom boom guy anymore? No, I think that I have one ok go. I have my lastline and I just want to address this because it breaks my heart. This girl said I have never come before.
Why and how listen to me? I know that there are girls listening to this, that never have you can, and you will say- These girls need to get it out of their heads, guys gonna come by and he's gonna do it for them. No girls. You need to get to your own body. No yourselves spend time. A grey, you doesn't happen right away. You should get yourself a couple toys. Every week you should be trying a new toy a new thing. I, like we said, watch on girl our get yours on us and when you can do it yourself is when you can also do it with a partner again what we do yourself for, I was going to say, I think a lot of times, because if girls have never come, you guys are over thinking it in your heads in your life, their newly ok, it's gonna happen. No, I rely ass. You gotta relax, stop putting so much pressure on it was so it still feels good and if you dont like having Org
in my view, to marshal of untie exactly so relax, try a different stuff. Gatt Lou get a toy bill and it will happen. That's right, baby aright! eyes new year new you call her daddy. That's not a joke stay tuned for next week. We love you guys new episode for real next week. Let's get it poppin poppin. We love you too, sweet to you guys by.
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